Teach Kids To Handle — Not Fear — Firearms


In “Just Say No To Firearm Ignorance,” NRA News commentator Billy Johnson said he doesn’t understand the typical response to accidental gun-related deaths. He believes it’s wrong to teach children to be afraid of guns.

“What baffles me — what I struggle to fully comprehend — is why, as a community, our response to accidental gun deaths is so different from our response to accidental drownings,” he said. “When drowning is the threat, we equip children with the tools to be safe and protect themselves — even children who don’t have pools or live on lakes. As a community, we believe it is our responsibility to make sure all children learn to swim.

“On the other hand, when gun accidents are the threat, we call for gun-free zones and we teach our children to fear guns, rather than to handle them safely. What disturbs me even more is that swimming isn’t a Constitutionally protected right.”

Johnson said teaching children firearm safety is the proper response.

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