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Tea Party Won’t Back Down If GOP Leans To The Center

May 31, 2011 by  

Tea Party won't back down if GOP leans to the centerThe result of a recent special Congressional election in New York has raised concerns for some GOP officials.

On May 24, Democrat Kathy Hochul pulled off an upset by winning a district traditionally held by Republicans. According to The Hill, some GOP officials claim that Jack Davis, who ran as a member of the Tea Party and who received 8 percent of the votes, prevented Republican Jane Corwin from picking up the victory.

Senator Jim DeMint (R-S.C.), who is a member of the Tea Party Caucus, has stated that a Tea Party candidate may emerge in the 2012 Presidential race if the GOP nominates a centrist candidate.

“It’s a real danger if we nominate someone who is clearly moderate and not espousing conservative views. It’s a real danger,” said DeMint, quoted by the news provider.

DeMint added that the Republican Presidential candidate should endorse Representative Paul Ryan’s (R-Wisc.) budget proposal to cut Medicare spending. Conservative lawmakers are hopeful that the GOP will nominate a candidate who appeals to the conservative base, instead of playing it safe by choosing a moderate.

According to The Huffington Post, Tea Party group FreedomWorks has organized a campaign that will attempt to derail the political aspirations of former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, a likely candidate for the GOP nomination.

“Romney has a record and we don’t really like it that much,” Adam Brandon, the communications director for FreedomWorks, told the media outlet.

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  • James R. Maxwell

    Either the GOP pulls its collective head from its anal passage and
    gets away from Left Leaning Centeralist or it will go down as a foot
    note in history. People are tired of mealey mouthed politicans who
    will cowtow at the first sign of a fight and surrender. This is not
    what mate our nation great and we are sick and tired of it. We want
    our nation back to stand strong in the face of advrsety and be a
    beacon of freedom to the world. Our nation is in great peril due to
    the cowards in politics who surrender to ever radical group that pops
    up and demands somethign for nothing. Our nation was build upon the Blood, Sweat and Tears of our forefathers standing side by side to
    protect and defend our nation and buile it up agains all odds. Today
    the politicians have forgot that lesson and want to return to the
    days when Socialist and Liberals destroyed nations with their lack
    of morals and lack of conviction of purpose.

    • Harold Olsen

      One of the many reasons I am an Independent and no longer a Republican is because I’m fed up with the cowardice of the Republicans in the two houses of Congress. At the slightest criticism they will back off and let the Democrats tell them what to do. The GOP needs to field a TRUE conservative in 2012, but they probably won’t. I’m willing to bet that they anoint Mitt Romney this year and the party sheep will obey their masters and support him and he will be the candidate. I don’t believe he can win. He will criticize the left for Obamacare and they will counter with criticism of Romneycare, which, no matter how he spins it, is pretty much the same. If he’s the candidate, I won’t vote for him. Maybe the TEA Party should field their own candidate. He probably won’t stand a chance of winning, but if the GOP fields someone like Romney or Gingrich, they’ll be giving the election to Obama anyway and he will be able to finish the job he started to destroy our country.

    • nax777

      Both parties are kicking their own butt.
      George I, Bill, George II and Barack have all lead us to today. The era of fear continues and our children are going to grow up with government workers shoving their hands between their legs because this is the America you want and did not grow up in yourself!
      Or is this the kind of national defense that you wish you would have grown up in?
      Too many people or more brain washed by the media than care to admit out of fear! Speak sound bites and wear a leash is the new motto that Dem and Pub supporters live by today.

      I am out of patients and will strive to have words hit like a ton bricks and let the chips fall where they may!

      Replace the powers with citizens that can be immediately removed by citizens and never serve for a life time. We must take control ourselves. Please join with us at you might be able to click on my name. This will take you to my link page that links to, and

      P.S. Have you heard of “you cut” @

      • Matt Newell

        nax it’s good to see that you know how to cut an paste. I do wish you would write something different each time or at least change it for each post.

  • Dean Bartlett

    What we need is a candidate who will say and mean it, that they will work to reduce the size of
    the federal government. The press, experts, and politicos need to realize that the problem is not just social security / medicare, to say as Rand Paul an others do that we need to fix that is putting a band aid on the problem. The Tea Party and many other groups are saying that we need to
    After we do that we then limit the growth there after.

  • Cawmun Cents

    “We must insist on good character and integrity in our leaders”.-CC.

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Randy 131

      The Democrat only won because another Democrat got on the ballot claiming to represent the Tea Party, in order to split the conservative vote to allow the Democrat candidate to win, which is what happened, a good plan and good execution will win every time, but do you think this shows good character and integrity, somethings that the Democrats gave up a long time ago when they became socialists and communists, which they now public procaim they are and where their loyalty lies.

      • http://??? whoosh

        You people must realized that America has changed, the Genie is out of the bottle; the horse has left the barn. There isn’t any way you Tea Partiers can change where we must go. You’ll have more of a chance changing the course of the wind, than changing America back to where ever you all cry about “taking it back” to. You had your chance
        at changing this country in the 60′s and you did. Now it’s our time, enjoy the ride.

        • lizanne

          Well, whoosh… the genie CAN be put back in the bottle, and the horse CAN be put back in the barn. Just as Hitler & his cronies were defeated & overturned by the people, so can America defeat it’s enemies if it is strong, diligent and determined in it’s actions. Most people I know have had enough of this destructive “change,” so hopefully in 2012 “we the people” will make changes of our own, take back the country & get it back on track again with true leadership. ;)

          • Jazzabelle

            There isn’t any genie, and there isn’t any bottle….what you people are calling “government” isn’t really government at all. The “U.S. Government” is a privately-owned corporation, not an actual government. (You can see the legislation that incorporated it if you look up the District of Columbia Organic Act. The government’s Congress created the corporation by this legislation in 1871.) Since then, the political offices–Representatives, Senators, President–have fallen into disuse. Today there is no President of the United States of America….just a president of the United States. He’s the president of the corporation, not the country. And the rules that the corporation makes–all its regulations and statutes–only apply to persons who have signed contracts with the corporation agreeing to follow the rules. Those aren’t Laws that apply to all of us.

            So you see, our government isn’t really socialistic, corrupt, and overbearing. In fact, there’s nobody in our government offices doing anything! Those people who know the history and the law can still live in the kind of liberty that our Founding Fathers intended, by choosing to live under the laws of this still-great country and NOT signing away their rights by entering contracts with the corporation!

            I’m learning how this year…

            Live Free!

        • Push comes to shove

          You may be right, but not from a lack of effort on our part.

          The Unions and liberal hacks will probably do what they did last time and cross party lines to vote in the repub primaries to hopefully get another John McCain running against the ABOMination.

  • http://ByGeorge By George

    The Democrats seem to think that one special election in one small New York Congressional District, which ushered in a Democrat Representative, was a stunning citizens repudiation of Paul Ryan’s budget and said it would destroy Medicare. The Democrats, to their peril, believe that this one single election stands as the final word on Medicare and that Republicans should do what they always do, bend the knee of fealty to the wisdom of Socialism. They totally ignore the November 2010 Tea party tsunami that rolled over them. Too, the NY Special Election included an alleged TEA Party candidate who was a socialist ringer whose only purpose was to kill the Republican candidates chances. Democrats say: if the Republicans can’t hold onto Jack Kemp’s seat, it’s all over!” But, the pointedly omit saying if the Democrats can’t hold on to Ted Kennedy’s seat, it’s all over, never mind last November.

    The Democrats take on the NY Elections is nonsense of course, but for some inexplainable reason Republicans now actually recoil in fear at the possibility the Democrats might be right. They are are not right, but our side seems ready to concede the argument. Republican have a budget. Where is the Democrats budget? They don’t have one at all. For some reason we continue to allow the Democrats to set the agenda, identify the parameters in which political arguments will be set and define the terms of debate. No, no, no! We cannot continue in this vein of fear, appeasement and conciliation. We need to attack!We cannot allow them to select our candidates either.

    A friend of mine reminded me, there is no going back now. They (the Socialists) are too close to final victory. They can smell their sweet smell of America in ashes. All the pitiful nonsense of “taking back the country” is nothing more than the wishful thinking of romantic fools. Sixty years of one methodical goal, battles carried out on a dozen different social, political and economic fronts. Two steps forward, one step back, Never relenting. probing, testing for reactions. Kent State, Ruby Ridge, Waco. They finally have inserted the right man, at the right time. A President with chromatic immunity from criticism. It’s perfect. So, bye, bye Miss American Pie.

    Our politicians, the ones we sent there hopefully to correct the errors and bring America back into its just roll as the leading country of the free world, appear to be stymied in their pursuit of returning America to its constitutional roots that the Democrats have so happily trashed. It will do the Republican Party no good to waste its time on old politicians with old ideas. Let’s face it, Romney is out, He has no chance. Newt is out. He has no chance.

    If our side keeps screwing with the prominent names of failed Republicans as potential candidates, then the TEA Party will rise to the occasion and put up its candidate ending the nonsense that has brought us to this unhappy state. If we cannot focus on what a real conservative leader should be like, then my friend is probably right and the odious philosophy of socialism will be imposed upon us. By then it will be too late to resort to firearms.

  • Kaleidescope

    “A friend of mine reminded me, there is no going back now. They (the Socialists) are too close to final victory. They can smell their sweet smell of America in ashes. All the pitiful nonsense of “taking back the country” is nothing more than the wishful thinking of romantic fools. Sixty years of one methodical goal, battles carried out on a dozen different social, political and economic fronts. Two steps forward, one step back, Never relenting. probing, testing for reactions. Kent State, Ruby Ridge, Waco. They finally have inserted the right man, at the right time. A President with chromatic immunity from criticism. It’s perfect. So, bye, bye Miss American Pie.”

    BY GEORGE, that is the absolute truth of our current condition.

  • Bob

    The headline implies that the Tea Party movement is right wing…… nothing could be farther from the truth…… the tea party folks I know are politically in the middle….

    When you use headlines such as these… it exposes your agenda……must be getting cold out there the left.

  • Dennis

    The republicans need to nominate a conservative, not let the media and the left determine their candidate again. Anyone remember McCain? How well did that work?

  • HWLone

    The teaparty does not want the GOP to select someone in the center? The Teaparty is the center everyone else is leftist,socialist, radical, and anti-traditional USofA

  • http://msn Thomas Lee

    The tea party is one hope we have to regain the FREE AMERICA we grew up in and, hopefuly, want to leave for our children. The tea party ,in my knowledge, only wants, responsible,caring, and lawful duties from our politicians and the bureaucrats that work there. If anyone goes to D.C,. they will see mostly foreign people that do not live there just there so, as I was told, so they would be heard by a captive politician in a cab,cafe, or other place they corner them.

  • http://??? whoosh

    Go Home old folks.

  • Bob from Calif.

    If these politicians don’t do their jobs and fix this country, then they do not deserve the job. Do what’s right Mr. and Ms. politician our you will be in the unemployment line, with the rest of the people that you have betrayed.

    • Lenny C.

      You are wright, as much as you are wrong.

      It’s the American people that need to step up and do THEIR job. Freedom is not free. We need to all be vigilante, and hold those that we send to Washington D.C. accountable. We the people are the reason we are in this crisis. How many times have you heard someone say, “I can’t be bothered with this (politics).”? In 2010 we saw a bit of a political awakening in America, with the forming of the Tea Party. But yet we still had only about 63% voter turn out of eligible voters. Voting is more then a right, it is a duty. It is also the duty of voters to be informed about their choices, not just vote by party or who they are told to vote for.

  • chuckb

    if the republican party keeps going the direction it has chosen we will
    see another four years of ignorance and betrayal of america which may be the end of our society as we know it and more like a third world nation, this last election seems to have amounted to nothing more than putting the old republican guard back in charge. the new memembers are cowering inj the corner while weeping boehner and the rino’s finish us off. the ryan budget is nothing but a cover for the republicans to raise the debt ceiling. we need adjustments now, not twenty years up the road.
    our only out is to back the tea party and force these rino’s out of office, we need a clean sweep in 2012 and we don’t need to raise the debt limit. medicare can be repaired and then throw obamacare out the window it is nothing but a large tax increase and payoff for the insurance co’s. it will lead to a single payer just like the failed
    canadian and european health policy.
    we can see how disastrous this democrat regime is and with the rino’s the american public doesn’t stand a chance or the cou8ntry either.

    • lizanne

      I agree with you about the democrat regime & the Rino’s. IMHO the Rino’s are what’s wrong with the Republican party, which is why I stopped considering myself a part of it several years back. But as we work to sweep those rino’s out of office, we need to make sure that we are not replacing them with democrats either so we can undo all the damage (or at least minimize it, if that can’t be done).

  • s c

    Face it, folks, ‘Republicans’ have their own status quo mental disease, and so do the ‘Democrats.’ A motivated, dedicated conservative group (like the Tea Party) has the potential to rip ‘Republicans’ a new one, and cripple ‘Democrats’ at the same time.
    We’ve seen what fence-sitting dolts and hardcore progressives can do to the country. America NEEDS all the real conservatism it can get. If the ‘Republicans’ don’t want to act like they give a damn, then it should be made clear that the GOP is out-of-touch, anti-American and will be treated like the closet progressives they really are.
    We no longer have decades and generations to sit back and let SCUM destroy America.

  • Jazzabelle

    He’s right, there WILL be a Tea Party candidate if a centrist gets nominated. And I will vote for that candidate (especially if he’s Ron Paul). And the result might be four more years of Obama, but you know what? I’m OK with that. The elitist socialists in the GOP have lost their ability to scare me with the bogeyman of “somebody worse.” At the least the rank-and-file Republicans in Congress have the sense to oppose Obama’s idiocies; I can’t say whether they’d be smart enough to oppose Romney’s or Gingrich’s. History doesn’t indicate a favorable answer to that question.

  • Rennie

    I think this is more of a cautionary tale that the Tea Party has to be very careful they don’t end up high jacked by the leftwing running a liberal candidate disguised as a conservative. Yes, Republicans should fear a MORE CONSERVATIVE Tea Party candidate if they don’t deliver what the people want. But the Tea Party has a responsibility not to run left-of-center candidates, or else, they are no better than the GOP.

  • Wayne Johnson

    Believe what I am about to tell you, Republican Party. Choosing a “moderate” or “centrist” candidate is NOT the safest way to run in 2012. You will get little $upport from Tera Party types.

  • marty

    America, can you wake the heck up, maybe read ‘What’s the Matter with Kansas’ or ‘Shock Doctrine’ and figure out that the Tea Party is a cancer on the Republican spine that ought to be cast out and have to form its own hard-right party? No Tea Party idiot has ever done anything but spout the party line that makes the rich even richer while the rest of us get poorer. Centrist Republicans at least can admit that you have to leave something for the middle and lower classes but Tea Party jerks are all too ready to sell us out to big corporate interests. Yeah, great…shrink the government, privatize everything and watch the country slide even further down the commode…take away anything that could benefit the population so you can add to your political ‘war chests’. Thomas Jefferson, A REPUBLICAN, warned against corporate oligarchy over 200 years ago and tried to get parts of the constitution set up to PREVENT that from happening. Ike warned us too…what the heck went wrong in the GOP? They let shameless carpetbaggers in. Someday, the public’s gonna catch on and heads will roll…it’s happened before. Tea Party candidates are starting to look a lot like Marie Antoinette…you know what happened to her. I sure wouldn’t want to be a Tea Party member if people get organized…


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