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Tea Party To GOP: ‘All Votes Are Being Tallied And Remembered’

June 3, 2011 by  

Tea Party To GOP: ‘All Votes Are Being Tallied And Remembered’

As the 2012 election season looms, Tea Party activists have their eye on the Republican Party. And what they are watching most closely is the debt ceiling debate.

“What we’re looking for is real control of Congressional spending, not some fallacy they invent to make the electorate feel good for a temporary time,” Mark Meckler, a co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots, told The Huffington Post.

The majority of Tea Partiers, Meckler says, will not be satisfied with simple spending cuts — they do not want to raise the debt ceiling at all.

“The vast majority simply say (sic) don’t raise the debt limit,” Meckler told the website, saying that prophesies of economic catastrophe are largely overblown.

“That is a lie. That is an outright, total, unadulterated fabrication… We bring in over $220 billion a month in revenue. We owe roughly $11 billion in interest payments on debt,” he said. “My math, and I’m a pretty simple guy, says there’s plenty of room to make those payments. So that would be a choice to default on those payments.”

Meckler said the Tea Party is very concerned about the big-money alliance of special interests and the effect those interests might have on Republican votes on the debt limit. But he assured The Huffington Post that the Tea Party will be ready to bring errant Republicans to task at election time — in the primaries.

“I don’t think any single vote is going to cause anyone to be primaried but this is a major one. And I think all votes are being tallied and remembered, and come 2012 when it’s time for primaries, I think you’re going to see a lot of folks who didn’t expect to be facing primaries facing primaries.”

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  • Albino.

    Ha…..” We owe roughly $11 billion in interest payments on debt,” yes we do with an intrest rate in the range of zero to 0.25%!! What happens when the fed starts moving it back up?

    • Richard

      Interest rates payed on bonds is higher, and isn’t controlled by the FED but in public auction. The GOP will easily fool the Tea Party again, it’s too easy.

      • bob hubscher

        Well Richard,You dazzell yourself with you math wizardry I will stick to principle. I have been a GOP guy for a long, long time.There is a 95% chance that I will be one of those nasty old T party members by the next election. Reason; I am sick and tired of the idiots in the democratic party and the compromisers in the republican party that will not fight when the chips are down. I do not want go down with the ship.None, I repeat NONE of the great change ideas have produced anything and we cannot go along with business as usual. With ALL of the taxes we are paying we are not getting our moneys worh. We, as a nation are in trouble. We are fiddling discussing meaning less issues while the nation if failing in everything.Pick a subject. I, for one am afraid. Any citizen with a brain or common sense should be also.

        • mikeallen

          Hi, bob. i’ll take your place. Fall out!

          • Rayma Dorsa

            We all should be afraid of 2012,that is why after much research I have decided WHO I will vote for.I have followed politic since I was 21, I am now 79,I never missed voting once and I learned the most important thing to do is look at who you are considering voting for what he is upto and where he came from.Perry was called to the EU several months ago (another G.Bush,probley bought & paid for.)I understand the EU really wanted McCain,but Obama got in and they aren’t to happy about him.the one thing I know is they HATE our CONSTITUTION thats why Obama,and even Perry wants to change it.NO ONE SHOULD TOUCH OUR CONSTITUTION…that is what is keeping us safe…if it goes, then we are gone…I decided I will vote RON PAUL, he will abide by the constitution and turn us back, while there are somethings about him I don’t particularly like, he is consistant and I don’t think he can be bought,I believes he loves AMERICA think about it…!

    • meteorlady

      Most of our debt is short term US Treasuries. 61% of all the marketable Treasury debt held by the public will mature within four years. The means that the US Treasury must either repay or refinance more than $1 TRILLION in existing debt each year while covering additional deficit spending of at least $1.5 TRILLION so to avoid default the US Treasury must borrow or refinance around $10 TRILLION IN THE NEXT 4 YEARS, which would DOUBLE the count on US Treasury bond currently trading in the world’s markets.

      With all that said, I can’t figure out a solution that ends well for us, can you?

      • mikeallen

        Hangin there girl we are only getting started….

      • Lost in Paradise

        If we could return to the manufacturing base we once had, we would be on solid ground again. Of course this is only a dream, and with goverment what it is and the UNIONS, we have little chance at being the world leader in Manufacturing again. We probably will not survive as a service only country. So, I guess it would be safe to say the good ole days are gone,and never to return. TOOO much government.

  • nax777

    I can hear their boots shaking.
    It is irrational to think that any single payer social program will work. It is irrational for nations to tax its way out of poverty. It is irrational to help overpopulated poorer nations by becoming one. It is irrational to believe that a power convinced that you have nowhere else to go will do your biding.

    A true Conservative and a true Liberal agree on one thing though for different reasons. Any single payer social program is a nutty idea! Now each believes that it’s not so nutty as long as their side is managing it. Pubs and Dems call rational people cruel, heartless nut cases. Rational and irrational also no longer hold true meaning.

    Replace the powers with citizens that can be immediately removed by citizens and never serve for a life time. We must take control ourselves. Please join with us at you might be able to click on my name. This will take you to my link page that links to, and

    P.S. Have you heard of “you cut”


    Everyone needs to hold all of these politicians feet to the fire, and let them know that we are watching. The apathetic dumb masses have let Obama lead them into believing him faithfully, not realizing he is performing a mass hypnotism on voters, in the same way Hitler did in Germany in the thirties. Obama has so many skeletons in his closet, you would have a good sized graveyard. People need to pay attention to Dr. Jerome Corsi and his research, regardless of what the lamestream media says.
    There are some people backing Obama and his minions who do NOT have the best intersts of America in their hearts, and will gleefully rejoice when we go into financial ruin!

    • Gary

      I agree with you when you say, “Everyone needs to hold all of these politicians feet to the fire”. All I can say is, “it’s about time you woke up”. We democrats were trying to do just that very early in the Bush years. We objected to a tax cut in a time of war. It was the first time in the history of man tax cuts were put into place in a time of war. We said, “it will explode the debt”.

      We objected to medicare drug bill rammed through by Bush. We said that bill will explode the debt. We objected to the deregulation of the financial markets. We said corporations will get greedy and steal everything. We were right. We objected to the lowering of the Capital gains tax. it will explode the debt. It was not funded. It was put on the backs of tax payers in the future. We were right.

      We objected to waging a false war in Iraq costing 100′s of billions of dollars focusing on the wrong target. The national debt exploded. We were right. During this time we Democrats were warning America of the consequences we all suffer if these Republican policies are allowed to transpire. No one listened.

      I reality, we were called traitors to America. We didn’t love our country. We were Liberals who wanted to see America fail. I remember well those days. We were spied on, wire tapped and fired from our jobs if we spoke with any common sense.

      Finally, after all those years of Republican failure and after all those years of name calling, the Tea Party has finally awoke from their brain dead support of Republicans and all of a sudden they are concerned about our debt. Sorry guys and girls, your concern is a dollar short and a day late. Looking back on your past performance I find it hard to believe you are really concerned about the debt. I can never support you. You called me too many names back in the days when I was correct on everything.

      • JUKEBOX

        I am 72 years old, and under your wonderful “LIBERATOR”, I have had to go to work on two jobs to keep any kind of fair lifestyle. That’s how it’s orking for me, how many others are in this position?

        • mikeallen


      • Cliffystones

        For nearly 2 years the Democrats had control of both houses of Congress and the White House. Did they vote to repeal any of W’s BS? No they just threw gasoline on the fire!

      • Cliffystones

        Let me add that I’m no fan of (either) Bush. But just like Bush, the Democrats and Obama have continued to fiddle while the US burns.

      • Thamera

        What planet do you live on Gary? You were bugged and wire taped…really? And the dems were against the medicare bill huh…somehow that all escapes me because it isn’t true! You must be smoking some pretty powerful stuff is all that I can say…wow.

    • Stunned at sunset

      Jukebox: You’re right! I DID pay attention. It would seem that a violation of the Federal Constitution by someone who swore to uphold it is not important enough for the citizenry to cry out for an impeachment. Now we got Dick Cheny telling everyone that Hillary Clinton would make a great president…doesn’t that strike you as odd? A “Republican” endorsing a “Liberal Democrat?”

      Maybe its just the “Age” we’re living through. Lots of strange things are happening…UFO sightings, “Earthquakes” DIRECTLY under nuclear power plants. Uniformed Police Officers confiscating cameras at a public gathering because they were told “…it was the law.” I don’t know. Go figure.

  • jopa

    The Republicans will not disappoint Wall Street and they will vote to raise the debt ceiling.

    • chuckb

      i hate to say it, but i agree with you

    • Thamera

      Wall Street is not partisan Jopa…there are just as many dems as republicans as well as independents and libertarians for that matter that are heavily invested in wall street.

  • LiarsMustBeDefeated

    Wake up to REALITY. Inflation is picking up because of spending and money-printing in Washington. Inflation is a TAX. Washington is devaluing the currency which amounts to STEALING. The crooks and criminals need to be ousted from office. The sooner the better. If you believe the LIES coming out of Washington you will get hurt. THINK. Think for yourself. Don’t be a dupe.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Confoundme once but not twice

    If THE People Of this Country do not know by now that There are many of Those who are entrenched in this GUVMT. who are only After OUR total downfall and Ruin… Then We might as well Throw in the “rag’ Now. Be Diligent to a fault. You can`t be over-zealous in this respect. These are Most Surely the most perilous Times this US of A. has faced..since we were Thrown into WW2. Be WIDE Awake. Be aware you can`t afford to take anything you hear coming out of this Regime…at face- Value. How many more incidences do we need to know Total Diligence is Required. NOT blind faith. Take a good look at what kind of ”candidates” are, thus far, being pushed forward in the “Run’ for the presidency ! Throw-backs, All. My hope is that These missfits will be Dispensed with in short order.. And the Pool being filled with people Not lacking in Dedication to Saving this Republic, not in trying to Finish us off. My greatest Hope is that Ron Paul will be willing to Step forward. He is the only one who has shown the Integrity That is so Sorely Needed. There MAy be Others..But so far, Not made themselves available to ‘public scrutiny !’ Waiting for the Zero Hour Might be a Mistake. WE Need to be able to Get to Know All About them…Before Nov. 2012 !

  • Freddie

    If our Congress wants to impress us American citizens, they should stop all retirements for Senators and Congressmen. Why should they get 100% of their pay for two to six years of “service”, but the military gets 50% of their base pay for 20 years of SERVICE? Think about how much this would save annually. Hmmmmm.

    • meteorlady

      Sorry to burst your bubble, but…..

      Congressional representatives pay into the same retirement fund as a postal worker. They contribute their own money and have to be vested in the plan (5 years) to draw out. Then it’s a percentage of what they have paid in. They also contribute to Social Security. For the new retirement plan most congressional representative get about $37,500 per year on average. Of course it’s more if they have been in office for years and years, but most of them die there any never collect.

  • meteorlady

    I subscribe to and watch every single vote my representatives make. I write when I disagree and when I want them to vote yes. Either way, they get my opinion. The ones that aren’t doing the job they were hired to do for me will not get my vote no matter what they say, I look at what they do.

  • Gaye

    Americans, look outside America and see that the same thing is happening in EVERY democratic country… WHY???? the money being deliberately wasted is horrendous, I say deliberately because NO government even with half a brain could be this stupid unless it was deliberate. Could it be that once all the Western countries are totally bankrupt that someone else then owns our countries and not the people, they will then control us, and can do what they want with the people..
    Another thing we should be watching, is that EVERY democratic country is having a tsunami of people totally different cultures, with totally different gods, and totally different ways…. WHY ????? and we take in very few people from cultures the same as ours… WHY ??? ..
    It couldn’t possibly be because they are not only wanting to enslave us through dept. but get rid of the white races world wide, could it.. well!!! why is it only the white races who are being forced to take in these people..???
    For the past 35 years or more, the left and some in the right, have said that Australia and New Zealand will be Eurasian.. half white and half Asian and of course eventually Australian/NZ white people will be no more.. and with the massive influx of these people every week, it sure looks like they are right on line for it, and don’t we see this happening in all white countries.. They control what we say and think by calling us racist if we object….

  • chuckb

    gaye, in this country you can thank the bleeding heart liberals, they have deliberately changed the curriculum in the schools, they have deliberately placed minorities in front of whites, they have used sports, they have used quotas. guess who is there instrument in this procedure, the aclu and the southern poverty law center. they have practically destroyed christianity in the schools. there is definitely a push for the muslims, slowly but surely they are getting s foothold on the other hand zionism has become a major power in our country. if you speak out against either you are immediately branded a bigot and racist. those two words have controlled the whites. easy victory.

  • revrat

    Just quit borrowing money to give away…Help America First before funding other nations..Really Giving away money to nations that despise us Come-on!!!

  • C.P.

    I hope the Tea Party Movement is not about to trust the Democrats. Their policies are worse than the Republicans. That is why the Movement must become biparisan to end and pretty much weed out big-gov’t views in both parties, or the movement will be vilified as being too aligned with the GOP. Thank you and I hope no one is offended.

    • Lost in Paradise

      The T-party is conservative and would never align itself with the liberals or dems. The real truth is we need a new government , a totally new one with no dems, and no rep.

  • JimRed

    Why on earth would Meckler bother to talk with anyone from Huffington Post? They are the enemy, pure and simple, and will find a way to twist whatever he said into someting that will frighten the uninformed.

  • http://ByGeorge By George

    Obama (peace be upon him) told a questioner who asked how could he afford to drive his SUV with rising gasoline prices, was told “buy a smaller car!”. Perhaps the Chief Office Holder should fly in a smaller airplane. He wants us all to sacrifice, doesn’t he? His economic plan is a socialist one and he’s succeeding at it. My question then, is why, when we know this to be true, does everyone feel like they must obey and participate in our own self-destruction?

    There are only two political parties in America now. One is the Party of Big Government and the other one isn’t. The Party of big government is made up of Democrats and Republicans. The Big Government party has failed in its obligations to the Constitution; in its oaths to protect the Constitution and its duty to its citizens. It has sipped from the cool-aide of advanced stupidity by embracing the feel good philosophies of the ‘left’; of mother government cradling its babies into the protective embrace of its bosom and, of course, to pay for it all, a small tax to defray the burden of lifting the yoke of oppression from our shoulders (those who earn over $250,000). Go get ‘em!

    The second party has formed in the trenches. It is the party of the people, the party of those Americans who still believe they should be governed by the Constitution. It is the party that once trusted the politicians sent to represent them, but no longer does. It is the party that feels the sting of betrayal, that now knows their trust has been viscously betrayed with sweet words and unfulfilled promises, a trust that will be difficult to regain. That lost trust goes by many names and in many disguises but mostly as weaklings, sycophants and worst, career RiNOS’s. Yes, we are watching and taking notes.

  • Bruce Rubin

    Extreme views from the left or right are not what this country is all about.
    What we are is a center-right nation and we need LEADERSHIP that has not existed for the last decade and until we get it we will continue on a path that will end in a place we won’t like.
    Until we get a balanced and realistic approach to reducing spending and without the typical accounting gimmicks that we usually get.
    If getting the debt under control there are tax increases needed then let’s do that.
    All things must be on the table-social security, medicare, medicaid, defense, foreign aid and taxes.
    There must be a common sense approach to fixing these issues and those in Congress and the Executive who are not part of this type of leadership approach definitely need replacing and let’s us keep replacing them until they understand.
    Remember at the end of the day we are all Americans first.

    • Lost in Paradise

      There is an answer. Short term limits(1 only) No attorney’s None. Common ordinary citizen volunteers for congress and the senate. The bulk of Americans becoming involved in government would help in spades. First a government needs to be contructed, and then the old one completly removed. It will take millions of true Americans that are very angry, and totally fed up the all the bull crap we have been handed.

    • winperk

      What kind of extreme do you expect from Obama the C-o-m-m-u-n-i-s-t and everyone he [ut in government. Don’t you understand that communists kill people and break things. They are the scum of the earth. Live with It or change them out.

  • LarrWayne

    I believe everyone that votes to increase the debt ceiling without stopping all overseas gifts first, will be remembered next election and forever afterwards. Stop going along with the 0bama and the insane gang.

  • LarrWayne

    Vote no for any debt ceiling hike or get put on the remove from office list.

    • winperk

      Good idea!! You should ask your representative why he she has notcalled for Obama’s impeachment. Their answer should also requie them to be on the non-elect list.

  • Lost in Paradise

    We as a citizenry are being abused from both sides and made to believe in the falacy that we are a nation governed by the people for the people. We are allowed to believe that VOTING really works. It does not work any longer, as there is too much corruption and dumming down of the people. Our constitution, and bill of rights tell us to remove a government like we now have. It tells us it is our duty to do so. What are we waiting for???? Total take over and loss of the bill of rights??? That is where we are now headed, unless we stop argueing about dems and repubs, which is playing right into their hands, and making fools of all of us.

  • Liberty19

    Ron Paul is the only presidential candidate who knows what CAUSED America’s financial problems, which means he is the only presidential candidate who knows what to do to start correcting America’s financial problems – because nobody can repair anything without first knowing the cause of the break-down.

    Ron Paul is also the only presidential candidate – and the only U.S. Representative – who has a 100% voting record in defense of our Constitution. We must not pass up opportunity to have the first ‘constitutional’ President our beautiful country has had in more than 100 years!

    It really doesn’t matter what political or social issue leanings any individual has to be able to support and vote for Ron Paul, because it’s not necessary for us all to agree on everything – it’s only necessary that we all agree that everyone wants to be free. I realize there is a large contingency of American voters who have forgotten or, if they are young, have never known the prosperity and strength that freedom has afforded our nation in the past. It is by the rule of law (the U.S. Constitution) and freedom that made America the greatest most prosperous nation in the world. It is returning to the practice of the rule of law and the liberty to live as free people that will make America great again.

    Ron Paul is not only the only person in Congress who has a proven record of respecting the rule of law, but he’s the only Presidential candidate who respects the rule of law.

    I am an Independent – someone who does not pay loyalty to any party (because no party can represent 50 million plus individuals and their personal beliefs), preferring instead to choose my candidates based on who they, what -and who- they represent, and their documented past records. Based on this criteria there is clearly no better choice of candidate that Ron Paul. If you don’t believe me then try to prove me wrong. But, you won’t be able to because Paul’s personal and political credibility, his character, his honesty, his consistency, his love of Liberty, and the fact that he is not nor ever has been “for sale” is very well and historically documented.

    Ron is about as “perfect” as one could expect a candidate to be. Yes, he is on the GOP ticket, but it’s true that Liberals (no wars), Conservatives (Fiscal Responsibility), Libertarians (More Freedom–Less Government), and a whole host of people like me who have voted for the “Lesser of Two Evils” for decades, and bitched about the results for the next 4 years, would ALL be well served by voting for Ron Paul.

    Do we really have anything to lose by doing that? Satisfied with the results of the same ‘ole, same ‘ole? Surely your aren’t!

    P.S. If it’s based on any “social issues” that you may find yourself in disagreement with Dr. Paul, then remember that “social issues” are what we consider when deciding to vote for STATE AND FEDERAL “REPRESENTATIVES” = law makers! – NOT the office of the President. The President doesn’t write or vote on ‘laws’. The President’s job is to ‘enforce’ the law (which no President has been willing to do in my lifetime), and as Commander in Chief to DEFEND our country – not lead her into aggressive geo-political war games that are bankrupting us, and causing people around the world to resent and hate America.


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