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Tea Party Targets Senate’s Longest-Serving Republican

June 29, 2011 by  

Tea Party Targets Senate’s Longest-Serving Republican

Utah’s Orrin Hatch has served six terms in the U.S. Senate, making him the current longest-serving Republican Senator. Now, some Tea Party activists are saying six terms is enough.

“It’s time for him to go home and retire,” Darcy Van Orden, a Tea Partier from Utah, told POLITICO. “Isn’t 36 years enough? He truly hasn’t been a proponent of liberty.”

About 20 Utah residents, including Van Orden, staged a protest in front of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) headquarters on Monday, the article reported. The protest was organized by FreedomWorks, a Tea Party organization, with the goal of getting the NRSC to not support Hatch’s 2012 re-election bid.

The Senator has been attempting to court Tea Partiers, most recently going on Fox News to promote legislation to prevent taxpayer bailouts of foreign countries. However, the activists protesting Monday said Hatch’s long-term record is less demonstrably conservative.

“Tea party activists say the six-term senator’s record is too liberal: He’s voted to raise the debt ceiling; he helped create the State Children’s Health Insurance Program; and he was an original co-sponsor of the immigration reform bill, the DREAM Act,” the POLITICO article read.

However, NRSC spokesman Brian Walsh told POLITICO that the organization “respects (the Tea Party’s) views just as we respect the views of others who are strongly supporting Sen. Hatch’s reelection, including Mark Levin and C. Boyden Gray, who is the co-chairman of the FreedomWorks Foundation board.”


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  • s c

    If the people of Utah are tired of Hatch, they should be able to organize more than 20 outraged people. If Hatch is wearing a ultraliberal mask, then dump him and send someone to Washington who has the will to do the right thing.
    What concerns me is the idea that it took the people of Utah so long to understand that Hatch could be a potential Arlen Specter. Once again, the idea that career public servants need to be ‘elsewhere’ is an idea whose time has come. If Hatch got rich in those 36 years, the people of Utah shouldn’t have to be told that they (and America) were “had” in more ways than one.

    • Patriot

      Is he a member of the CFR or Tri-lateral Commission? If so; just another reason to bring in someone new. His record speaks for itself, next! Term limits on all elected officials needs to be instituted.

      • Flynn

        With Barack Obama, we have enough inexperience in government now. Term limits would only add to it. Orrin Hatch is one of the few senators in the Congress who has sufficient experience to find his own office without an escort from his staff. Barack never found his office. He chanced on the White House and said that would do.

        • Wayne937

          Flynn, I really do not know Orin Hatch very well, but my advise for the Utah Tea Party is this; if he is still doing his job, and serving the people well, why would they want some one else who may turn out to the worse that Hatch. Of course they are in a position to know him better than I do, so I guess I should be quiet.

          • DanB

            Even if he is doing a great job, you have to consider seriously whether he should be re-elected.

            Think of it this way, if he truly valued representing the people he would gracefully go. He might put in an argument that he did a good job and feels he can still serve us well. But as he’s giving his argument, pay close attention to the details.

            Is he saying that he’s “brought home the bacon” to the state? If appropriations are your motivation to re-elect an official, then it is the greed of the people which is a problem. Those of us who believe that appropriations is one of those cogs that bind Americans as slaves to a strong federal government, then we have to be willing to fight and toss off the chains. Right now, we don’t need a good representative. Now that the Tea Party is shaking some of those more committed to the Constitution out of hiding, perhaps we should exchange a career politician for a citizen. The problem is that we look for career politicians to rule over us on the false assumption that this “experience” is for own good. Then we end up with rules and regulations that shutdown our small businesses and leave us in unemployment lines begging for food stamps, and we assume that we need more experienced representatives? Perhaps we need to rethink our representation. If our representatives HAVE to return to normal careers, they would not pass laws destroying those same careers. In our current system, they don’t have to return to normal careers…. so whatever your view of Orrin Hatch, perhaps it is time to send him home.

        • Dons621

          After 36 years he should be able to find his way to his office. He and Diane Feinstein are at the top of the list for receiving the most campaign money, that means they have been paying their dues to the Lobbyist big time. Also he has been smooching The Tea Party, could be he has seen the handwriting on the wall?

    • Penny R. Freeman

      With all the outrage currently over the way our “leaders” have been leading this country down the wrong path for years it’s time not only to get rid of the dead wood in Congress, but to demand term limits for every member of Congress and that pay raises for the members be approved by public vote not passively being approved by Congress when it’s never brought to the floor to be debated. Yes, if you didn’t know already,that is exactly how Congress gets their yearly pay raise. Unless a member brings the issue to the floor to be discussed every member of Congress automatically gets an annual pay raise. How many folks in other positions do you think get that benefit? Personally I’ve already stated my position on that to everyone in the GOP that I know. I’ve also told the GOP that it’s time to get rid of the RINOs, Republicans in name only. You do know that if one of the RINOs, Olympia Snowe from Maine, had not added her signature Obamacare would have been a bill that died in committee. Just like the president is limited to two terms, I think every member of Congress should be limited to two terms. I keep getting told that the longer they are in office the more they can do for my state. I believe the truth is that the longer they are in office the more corrupt and powerful they become. Two examples-Nancy Pelosi who has over the years used her position to funnel government contracts to her husband’s business, Harry Reid who has used his position to funnel money into his family by having his sons and son-in-law come to him as “lobbyists.” There are plenty of other examples like Charlie Rangel who forgot he had property so he didn’t include that in his income tax return, but he was reelected. And Scott Brown who was elected as a tea party favorite but hasn’t voted that way since he’s been in the Senate. Let’s hope they get rid of him after one term. There’s one Senator from my state that I like, the other needs to retire. Not only does he vote against conservative ideas and bills, but he’s nonresponsive to calls and emails from the public. Yes I know why I never hear from him. I’m not a person who can vote him out of office because I don’t live in his district. The ideas in the Constitution that both Houses of Congress should be able to set their own rules were good at the time, a time when honesty, decency, and honor were values generally held by the majority. Over time the goal has gone from doing what is right for the country and the public to doing whatever it takes to get reelcted so you can find more loopholes in order to fill your own pockets with taxpayer funds. If you ask me the corruption the Obama administration has brought to light by their actions has been an albatross around this country’s neck for more years than I can count. No I’m not saying Obama is trying to weed out corruption. I’m saying that because of the internet and so many other ways we have now to get information we couldn’t before the public has become more aware of the corruption within the Obama administration. This has also highlighted how the mass media have mislead the public for years and slanted the news in favor of the party and persons they want to get into office. All of this has caused more scrutiny by the public of our government. It’s past time for us to demand our government be accountable to us not their own best interests.

      • Bev


      • Wayne937

        Penny, thanks. You stated your case very well. We do need to get rid of all the driftwood in Congress who are drifting aimlessly about, and spending our tax dollars to get reelected. They all do it. Democrat Barney Frank, and Democrat Chris Dodd were the ones who were responsible for taking down Fannie Mae and Freedie Max which has caused the current condition that we are now in. I believe Dodd was embarrased by it, and had decided to retire while Barney Frank was voted back in as a Congressman. Most of the Congress members don’t give a damn about their constituents. They butter you up right before the election to get voted back in again and then go right back to the same old thing, wasting our money. You do not hear from them again until it is election time. The folks who vote these type of people back in office are only looking out for themselves, not for the benefit of the country as a whole. Since Congress represent the United States, they should take the responsibility and represent the country, not just their own district.

        • Rock


    • morningglory

      I should hope (that if these who are basically asking Hatch not to run the next go around) that they have a better alternative in the wings! I agree with an earlier comment, that you certainly don’t want to replace Hatch with someone worse. Common sense & strategic thinking…

    • Bob from Calif.

      The people of this country have not paid close attention to politics for decades. They have just believed the little hand fed spoonfuls that the media has given. And as long as they were not affected, they never looked up to see what was going on. Considering that the public is just beginning to wake up to what is really going on with this country, that gives me hope. Because we are already beginning to see movement in the right direction, at least on the peoples part. Lets just hope that it is not to late. The powerful bad guys have been working behind the scenes for a long time now.

      Biblical prophecy says that there is another world empire coming that is going to ultimately fall into the hands of the antichrist. You can see this forming as we speak. But he will not have complete control of the entire world. There is not much said about the U.S. in prophecy. This could mean that the U.S. will not have a significant role to play in the end times. Possibly we will become so weakened that we can’t do any thing, or another possibility is we will be taken over or destroyed. Which of these is hard to say. We will just have to wait and see what happens.

      In the meantime we stand up for what is right and true. If you are not a christian, now is a good time to ask God for forgiveness, the way to do that is to accept his son’s sacrifice on the cross for you. Its a gift all you need to do is accept it.

      All of this trouble in the world will not last too much longer. We are in the last days of the reign of man on this planet. It is going to get much worse before it gets better. But, I have some good news, I read the end of the Book, and we win.

  • TIME

    How about getting rid of Dickie Durban…

    • Freedom

      Definitely Retire Dickie DumBin

      • C130 Gunship

        ‘Little Dick’ Durban

      • Wayne937

        Along with Durbin, vote out Barney Frank, Charlie Rangel, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, and many, many more. They all tag along behind Muslim Obama like litte dogs with their master.

        • Carlucci

          You left out Sheila Jackson Lee. My dad used to call her “gorilla face”. LOL – !!

          • Wayne937

            Carlucci, I left out a lot more of those idiots too. I just didn’t want to sit at the computer for two, or three hours typing all their names. Ha. Thanks for including this Socialist Communist, Sheila Jackson. I believe she is one of the idiots that told one of the CEO folks from the oil companies that the government could take them over and have the government run them. Can you believe anyone would make such a stupid statement. I guess if the government can take over the health care, and the oil companies they may decide to take over all private businesses. Why would anyone vote for a Congress Member like this? It is really scary when we have people this stupid, or of the same mentality…

  • Louie

    Hatch’s first term was (more) than enough. He’s never done anything but add to the downfall of the USA!

  • wandamurline

    Maybe we should advise Mark Levin that he needs to get on board to removed all of the “old dogs” from congress….we can all get together and stop making contributions to his organization.

    • Gary

      I like Mark Levin but I think even he should see Hatch as a “big dope”.

  • Col Roger L. Cooper USAF (Ret.)

    Military sevices have mandatory retirement based upon years and rank.There should be a similar system established for elected officials.

    • 2WarAbnVet

      Yes indeed! Otherwise they become entrenched in the “Washington establishment”, and only seek to please their contemporaries. They forget they are supposed to represent the folks back home.

      • Flynn

        How is it possible to represent the folks back home without pleasing the folks back home? The fact that Orrin Hatch has stayed in the Senate chamber for 36 years indicates that he is rather good a pleasing the folks back home. We should stop focusing on Orrin Hatch and start solving our country’s problems; the principal of which is making the country solvent again and living within our means.

    • Flynn

      Yes indeed! But not six years! Or even 12 years!. How long did it take Colonel Cooper to make full bird? I bet longer than 12 years!

      • s c

        F, either you’ve never been in the military, or you just ‘don’t get it.’ People in the military don’t concern themselves with selling their arses to get elected. Plus, incompetents tend to get weeded OUT. Get it?
        Politicians couldn’t care less about being qualified. Politicians don’t put their rumps on the line to protect America. Politicians tend to be self-serving weasels who should be neutered and kept away from the public. And, they should be DENIED a fat, undeserved pension, especially after they’ve SCREWED America for many years. Get it?

        • Rock

          I share the same frustration that you do. I have been disgusted with our politicians for a very long time and especially their lack of character. The left uses tactics through lies to create tension to divide so power can exist for them and the Rep. can’t fight back. We need 2/3 majority in order to save this nation that I love and we need it for a long time. Even with our short moments of having 2/3s the Dems have held their power over us for the last 50 years. If the Reps. had it for 20 years you would definitely see positive transformation in our nation. IT will take a long time though and that is why I am afraid. Because it will never happen if the hands keep changing. It is no joke that our nation is in serious trouble. And I think your right.. there is drift wood hanging around but we can’t forget the root cause which is this spending spree that the dems have shaped as the norm. The reps. have certainly done it too but that is not in their nature.

    • Wayne937

      Colonel Cooper, a lot of these morons in Congress have never served in the military. They are making rules for the military personnel to follow. Look at don’t ask, don’t tell. I’ll bet the majority of the men in the military did not want this to change. It seems to me like it is the minority leading the majority, or the tail wagging the dog so as to speak. To be honest with you this makes me mad as hell. Military rules should only be made by Congress Members who have honorably served in the military. Look at John Kerry, he is a poor excuse for a Congress Member. He, along with Calamity Jane Fonda were some of the ones who were responsible for getting troops killed in Vietnam by their silly actions. I don’t know how a man like John McCain can serve along with a moron like John Kerry. Look what is happening now. Muslim Obama is drawing down the militarty from Afghanistan against the advise of the experts who know what should be done. I believe that General Petraus knows a lot more about fighting a war than Muslim Obama. Why would Muslim Obama goes against his own military experts. I think the reason is political. He is trying to appease the cronies on the left. This same thing happened when General McArthur was fired from duty when he wanted to cross the 38th parallel and finish the job in North Korea. If President Truman, a non military man, had let General McCarthur continue his advancements into North Korea, which he saw fit to do, maybe we would not need to have approxomately 38,000 troops still over there between North and South Korea.

      • rmax

        Only military should make policy for the military. Well this is a idea that is fully supported by Hitler, Stalin, Norieaga, and many other Dictators from Ceaser to Kadafi. George Bush The 1st a noted military man would not persue a gulf war and brought the troops home. Bush the second a fellow of questionable military experience, put us in a war that has distroyed the economy and the US credibility with the world.

        • Wayne937

          rmax, at least the military commanders on the ground should have some influence. It this case Obama went against his best hand picked man, General Petraus. Do you really believe that Obama who has never been in any war training would make a better decision than General Patraus who probably has 25 plus years in the military. Remember, Petreus is a trained military man. To me this would be like going to a practioner if you needed heart surgery. I know where I would go and I thin I know where you would go to. I would personally go to a heart surgeon who had done this sort of thing for several years.

  • sean murrey ILLInio

    yes get rid of that ass durbin.

  • Dick Minard

    Get a life… wake-up focus on the raging liberals who are dragging us down to no-mans-land. I agree he’s been there too long but nobody is perfect, except maybe you, wasting scarse resources going after Hatch is DUMB DUMB DUMB.

    • GRusling

      Unless, of course, you happen to be from Utah and have to live with his decisions… Then it might not be such a dumb idea…

  • Brian Lynch

    More rules, regulations, laws, etc. will not do the job! Rules, regs, laws, etc. can always be ‘gotten around’…TERM LIMITS! Make everyone able to serve one term and that is it in that job – if they do a good job maybe they can get elected to another term in another position – or not! And to all the people that will claim that we won’t have experenced people ‘up there’ – that has really worked well so far, don’t you think???

  • Bailey

    After you have asked yourself why a city council would mandate not saying the Pledge…why permission must be gotten to mention God in the funerals of our fighting men and women….why the dollar has collapsed…why the family nucleus has fragmented…why “the making of things” has moved to other countries…why achievement, ambition, making money, and accumulation of individual assets have been demeaned, demonized, and given over to collectivism, union approval, Marxist aspirations…..why are wild fires allowed to consume thousands of acres of forest land, allowing threatened destruction of nuclear labs, etc…..why has a State not been allowed to protect it’s citizens from rape, murder, and pillage from illegals…why have we completely lost the middle east, except Israel, and cold water being thrown on their shoulders….why has the oil reserves been tapped right now, in face of the fact that we have much oil of our own needing to be extracted…why has the population fell for a propagandized, deceitful, bunch of utopian, unreal, far out set of lies and promises? Once you have answered those questions….or attempted to do so from a realistic frame of Constitutional, founding fathers references….then you may question why one of the most level headed, Conservative Senators, filled with genuine love for this dear Nation should continue. Could it be that out of the numbed up mind, utterly distracted by the glitter of a historical first….we overlooked the facts that he was raised by a Marxist, atheist, critical thinker philosopher, with communist leaning grandparents….two Muslim fathers that indoctrinated him into the Islamic religion who also had communist aspirations. A fruit does not fall far from it’s tree. I can assure you, that Warren Hatch falls no where near such a tree.

    • Wayne937

      Bailey, you can blame the folks who voted these morons in office for this. I hope that they will kick their butts out of office at the next election. I have never heard of such a silly thing as this. We need to all get involved in our country and throw these retards out of office. This is so Un American I can’t believe this sort of thing is happening in a country that was founded on these principles and which has served us very well for over 200 years. This is the type of think that is going to take this country down the tubes.

  • James A. Olson

    Enforce term-limits. Vote them ALL out. Being a politian should NOT be a career.

    • Wayne937


  • Harold Olsen

    Although I favor term limits, until we get them, it’s up to the people of Utah to decide whether or not Orrin Hatch must go. The TEA Party has no right to decide whom state do and don’t elect.

    I’m not so sure I support the TEA Party any longer. I’ve never contributed financially to them, but I’ve supported them in spirit. Recently, on Fox, a spokesperson for one TEA Party group said they will support whomever the Republican candidate is in 2012, no matter who it is. A few days later, a spokesperson for another TEA Party group criticized the first group as being nothing but a mouthpiece for the Republican party. However, when he was asked if his group would support whomever the GOP candidate was, he dodged the question. I took that to mean they would.

    I always thought the TEA Party was a conservative movement, embracing people of all parties. But, more and more, it seems to have become a mouthpiece for the Republicans. They have gotten to the point where they feel they can dictate to people and states as to whom they can or can not elect. No, I don’t think I can support the TEA Party any longer and Utah needs to tell them to mind their own business.

    • Dagney

      The Tea Party in Utah IS the people of Utah, duh! And, the separate Tea Party groups are just that, SEPARATE! Each group comes from different areas of the country with their people in mind whom they support or do not support. That is what each of our STATES are supposed to be, too. So, what you are describing is exactly what they are supposed to do! Why would you NOT support it? The federal government was NEVER supposed to impose laws, give money, change anything about the way each state does its individual business. They were only supposed to “provide for the general welfare” which means protect our borders and stay the HELL out of the way! That is what each Tea Party group is all about achieving, getting the federal government out of their business and stop stealing our money. How they want to go about it depends on their INDIVIDUAL needs!

    • Dagney

      By the way, anyone who thinks that staying home this time (or voting third party), NO MATTER WHO THE REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE IS, will help this country, is a fool. We WILL NOT survive another term of Barack Obama. It’s just a fact. So, if you stay home or if you vote for the Democrat operative who lies and says they are Tea Party and runs on a third party ticket, YOU will have the DEMISE of this country on your hands. ANYBODY BUT OBAMA 2012!!!!!

    • Cheryl lynn

      Sorry to tell you Harold but the Democrats do not stand for Constitutional government,free enterprise, low taxes or any thing American so how could you vote for one of those guys. Republicans are still the best choice even if they aren’t perfect.

    • Wayne937

      Harold, my commom sense tells me to vote for anyone opposing Muslim Obama which I will definately do.

    • kodster

      It’s this divisiveness between the individual groups that will bring the downfall of the Tea Party. Even when they held a national convention 2 years ago in Nashville, TN, there were groups that protested about the fact that there shouldn’t be a national convention, nor a cohesiveness. They don’t realize that this just weakens the movement, because no one can focus in one direction, so, it’s like a bunch of monkeys grabbing all the bananas they can… chaos.

      I’ll continue to vote as an independent. I will vote for the candidate who best fits my personal viewpoints, not who any damned national convention endorses, or even my local Tea Party. Not every candidate represents the best of the best, because they simply aren’t running. But the one candidate who best fits the needs that this country needs, in my own viewpoint, is the one that gets my vote. This is the way everyone needs to vote… and maybe we’d get all this damned deadwood out, and get representatives who truly represent us from the trenches.

      • Wayne937

        Kodster, I am with you on this. I will vote for the man that I think will honestly run this country using the Constitution, and letting people be more free of all the stupid regulations. I don’t like folks tell me waht to eat, what insurance I need to buy, what kind of light bulb to buy, and etc.

  • CSense

    Orrin Hatch has been one of a small amount of protectors of our rights to heal ourselves using supplements and alternative treatments. I would hate to lose him

    • kodster

      Hear, hear! I second that statement!

  • http://n/a Walter B

    The question is: How will Hatch vote on S-679, giving Obama the power and authority to appoint UNION BOSSES? May the God above help us in our infirmities…

  • Scoot

    Experience hath shown that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.
    - Thomas Jefferson

    I’m always amazed that some believe all of Americas problems started 2 years ago with the election of Obama and if we could get rid of him and all the Dems, replace them with Republicans everything would be great.

    • Flynn

      What simplistic thinking? All of America’s problems started with the American voter not excercising the proper duty to vote or voting irresponsibly. Orrin Hatch has served for 36 years in the Senate. I bet a few people from Utah have put him there and will likely keep putting him there for a while. He didn’t just “hatch” full blown in the Senate chamber.

    • kodster

      You’re so right, Scoot. This all started with the tenure of Theodore Roosevelt, our first “progressive” president. From that point on, we started having our rights eroded. Some can even put it as far back as Abraham Lincoln, who was a proponent for bigger federal government. So, we’ve actually been on the downhill slide for over 150 years. It aint’ gonna be cleaned up overnight, because it didn’t happen overnight!

    • Wayne937

      Scoot, you are right. Both parties have hurt this nation. Let’s vote for the individual who can look us squarely in the face, and tell us what he intends to do as a president, or a Congress Member. I think our problem has been that too many folks vote for their own party instead of the man. My wife and I vote for the individual, not the party. I guess that makes us Independents even though we are registered as Republicans. I want a person who will tell you what he intends to do, and do it. I don’t like to hear all the rhetoric from anyone, a presidential candiate, or any Congress member telling us what he/she is going to do. I want some one who say they will certainly try to do what they say they will do. So many time you hear presidents say, I am going to do this, or that, when you know he is lying through his teeth. The president can only do what Congress, and the Constitution allows them to do. In our current situation I believe the current Democratic Congress gave Obama too much.

  • Lisa King

    What’s wrong with a state children’s insurance program? Most of these kids are not welfare babies as you might expect. Let the babies die, be ill, you say?

    How does the Tea party propose we deal with innocent ill children who need medical care?
    Someone answer that please.

    • Wayne937

      Lisa, we do need to care for those who cannot care for themselves by no fault of their own. Children and Injured military veterans fall into this class, maybe others as well. We cannot do enough for the families of the military men/women who died for this country, and for those who came home wounded from protecting our country. All abled bodied men, and women should be able to make their own way in life. This is what they had to do back in the old days before this current give away government. We don’t want to see a Greece happening over here like it is in Greece. However, it might happen when all the goodies are taken away from those who do not need it.

      • Rock

        I agree..
        How about this?
        Freedom to complacency to Apathy to dependence back to bondage. Hopefully not but if so We will build again though. This may humble us, strengthen us and bring back strength that we have not seen for a very long time. Yes we will always have those in need which creates a healthy dynamic for us citizens to be involved. Its a win win. That dynamic is what brings back a healthy spiritual strength. The government is not helping! Our individual spirit that gives us that aspiration to own up to responsibility is being run down by those with political agendas and its infecting our children in the public school system I believe.

      • Lisa King

        Wayne, yes, children, military personnel, veterans, our beloved seniors and aging parents and those who cannot take care of themselves need to be cared for with regard to health, especially since even basic health care and health insurance has become so preposterously unaffordable in our culture. Have you been to an ER or urgent care or doctor’s office lately? I have insurance and still the charges are near criminal.

        I believe that while all able-bodied citizens should be able to take care of themselves, the reality is, some are not able to or capable mentally or emotionally or situationally. It is a notion of idealism, and a false one at that, that allows us to preech to a society on the premise that “all able bodied people are able and will take care of themselves.” It simply isn’t true and has never been the case in any contemporary structured society, only in indigenous cultures, where there is an intricate system of interdependence.

        The problem, I believe, does not lie in our providing health and well-being services to every American regardless of stature. The problem is that we are now all fighting over the same piece of meat. Corporations, taxing structures favoring the very wealthy, corruption in government and in the medical and financial industries hoard the lion’s share for themselves with little recourse for the average American citizen. Those that currently do not have a secure footing will never gain one, no matter how many jobs are created, until the true nature of greed and corruption is exposed from it’s sources beyond blaming any president or political party. It moves far beyond that.
        If the high level robbery and criminalism in our country were in check, we would not even be having a discussion about resenting the homeless person who was treated at a clinic for a painful foot infection. It would not even be an issue. There is enough good will and basic services for every American. Why do we not stand for this rather than continuing to point fingers at the human being next to us who we perceive as the problem?

        • Wayne937

          Lisa, I am a very passionate person. I agree with everything you say. We do need to take care of those less fortunate, those who cannot take care of themselves. I would not have it any other way. The ones I was referring to was abled bodied people who are just simply to lazy to work and want the taxpayers to support them. I also worry about all the people who are out of work being no fault of their own. I was watching a show the other night about how some of the kids in one particular city in Florida going to be hungry. This really upsets me to hear of this happening right here in our own country. If Obama had put more work in getting jobs created in his first two years in office, we may have been one the road to recovery by now. No, he had to waste the first 2 years in getting the government insurance, and the “Cap and Trade” Bill passed. He got one of these two passed.

  • http://Personalliberty Tony

    To Lisa:
    Right on!! Orrin Hatch is , actually, one of the few decent senators
    left. Granted, i do believe in term limits but these fleabagger types
    in power would be preposterous!! As mentioned upteen times, these
    fools would take our society back 40-200 yrs. No rational person wants that. Lets hope the Repubs and most importantly, conservatives,
    have the wisdom to dump the fleabaggers into the gutter where they belong. Thanks!!

  • James

    Time was when Orrin Hatch was my hero, but time has taken its toll. Now, he’s more of a go-along-to-get-along guy.

  • Billy

    6 terns is enough…I want some one to bring forward a bill which will adjust/REDUCE Congress retirement benefits along with Social Security and Medicare. The pain should be spread to all americans including those who robbed the system. TERM LIMITS PLUS BENEFIT LIMITS…NOW!

  • FlaJim

    Hatch has been sucking up to TEA Party groups because he saw how effective they were in deposing Bennett. When it gets down to brass tacks, however, he’s like McCain, Graham, and other RINOs who sound conservative every election cycle and then betray those who elected them. To label them as duplicitous is about as mild a term that could be employed. They’re liars.

    • James

      I agree, when a senator stops drawing fire from the left, he is no longer a Republican. Senate terms should be limited to two.

  • Cheryl lynn

    If he is doing a good job and is not afraid to speak up for the Tea Party then we need his experience, if not then it’s time to replace Him.

  • Lisa King

    When my family and I eat alone, my husband and I provide for the food and all associated expenses.

    When we gather as a community, each person brings a dish to share and chips in with the needs for the group, etc. Some eat more, some less, a few, not at all. Some contribute more or less, a few not at all, according to their ability or their temperament. Some pocket the food, others give selflessly. And the dynamics change with each gathering. Everyone’s needs, ultimately, are met. No one suffers or goes hungry. Some bicker that their contribution was more valuable than anothers, mostly though, everyone is satisfied and in community as is its purpose.

    Our country and it’s people are like this, could be like this, too. We cannot survive or thrive under any circumstance as a community of Americans without each contibuting. This also means that there will always be some who do not have the means or the temperament or the discipline to contribute. Still, we go on our way, prepare the food, tend to the needs of the community, and each receive what we need. We can feel blessed if we have good means or sense to contribute. We are one.

    While I appreciate the good information provided by the Tea Party regarding medical health and well-being, the reality of government corruption, etc, please remember that in the community of America, we cannot blanketly turn our backs with righteousness on those less fortunate or sensible than we are and remain sane and whole ourselves. This is un-American. We are One nation. We are one. Let us look to that rather than division or isolationism.

    • Winnie

      Lisa, I totally agree with you. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

  • kodster

    Actually, Orrin Hatch is one of the strongest members in Congress… he’s not afraid to make a stand for the right thing, instead of cowing to the majority. He is one of the ones that exposes the truth to the American People, when he asks direct questions in his service on the committees. I’d rather he stay put. Arlen Specter, et al, were just dead wood, putting in their time, and doing anything they could, including jumping parties, to stay there. Orrin Hatch has not wavered in his stands or viewpoints, and he is probably one of the more honest Congressional representatives in service.

    I’d rather that he stay, and as it was pointed out, there are only 20 people in the state that were involved in that protest? There’s something to be said in numbers for a state that has been leading the way in a lot of anti-federal government laws, and recognizing the trends of the future (i.e., accepting gold as legal tender, gun-ownership laws, etc.).

  • bill

    I kept wondering why law enforcement refused
    to look into many criminal allegations and
    then I ran across the Senate SubCommittee on
    Crime and Terrorism
    Majority Members (Democrats)
    Herb Kohl (D-WI)
    Dianne Feinstein (D-CA)
    Dick Durbin (D-IL)
    Amy Klobuchar (D-MN)
    Christopher Coons (D-DE)

    Minority Members (Republicans)

    Jon Kyl (R-AZ)
    Orrin G. Hatch (R-UT)
    Jeff Sessions (R-AL)
    Lindsey Graham (R-SC)

    • kodster

      Yep, and the 3 that are the most hardest in asking questions to expose the truth are Hatch, Sessions (my 2nd cousin, by marriage), and Graham! (even though, Sessions and Graham are somewhat wimps, they still are more pointedly aggressive in asking the right questions to get the truth out)

  • http://Personalliberty Tony

    To Lisa:
    Good last post. However, i do agree in that people have to help themselves and can’t be depended on outside sources forever. Furthermore, this view leads to the welfare state that has been one
    of the greatst detriments to our society , especially to people of my ethnic group black/african americans. Thus, we need to place a policy
    of self help. Now in dealing with the fleabaggers, they need to be seen for what they are a bunch of reactionary losers. They, obviously,
    don’t have a clue about responsibility whether it’s political, economical, environmental, social, or even personal. In addition,
    they talk about peace of mind. That might be bright and dandy but it’s
    unrealistic to people who don’t have chances. The reason for this is because they never had it. This idea is just an alien concept. Alright, enough with my rant yet there were some good points you brought up. Thanks!!

    • Lisa King

      Dear Tony,
      Thank you. Please see my above response to Wayne937.

  • Bart

    When Orrin first ran for this office, he did so on the platform of disposing ‘career politicians’. The hypocracy is obvious. He is a Pennsylvanian, not a Utahn, and was installed by the national machine. He is a RINO and an “establishment” power broker, not what is required in office. I will be fighting his re-election just as I have for six cycles now –

  • Bus

    OLD Orrin has been towing the conservative line since his buddy in crime B. Bennett got the boot at the state convention. But like any career politician it is all for show and to ensure that he keeps his job. Where was he on these issues the previous 34 years? The seniority system in Congress is the root of much of the corruption. Get some people in there who will pass term limits or lets call for a constitutional convention and get them in place.
    Of course when Obama cancels the 2012 election it may not matter any more.

    • James

      Bus, I agree. It would take a constitutional amendment (for Art. I, Sec. 3). I would suggest a limit of two terms.

  • http://None Gary Smith

    Soneone mentioned that Harry Truman was a “non-miltary” man. Truman was a Captain in the artilary in WWI! History, history!

    • Wayne937

      Gary, that was me. I apologize for the blunder. I was thinking of some one else. I should have checked this one out better. Sorry about that.

  • i41

    Time for the life long smucks to leave the scene of the crimes. We don’t need wimp compromising rino idiots in office, that are calling themselves conservative. Since they will not attack and go after any SOB with a D by his name. As for wondering about the TEA Party, they are only hope, the nation has in kicking back at liberal rinos and the marxist/communist democrat Soros lab rats. Same goes for Linsay Graham who is a compromising real rino.

    • rmax

      So you would take away the right for the people of Utah to vote for whom the want? Not a Marxist just a Fasist eh. Or maybe a Stalinist supressing the right to choose your own leaders!

  • chuckb

    gary smith, you are right, truman did serve in ww1, however, if he had any brains they were left in france, he was an egotistical ass, controlled by the pendergast machine in k.c. missouri. but, compared to what sits in the white house now, he was a political genius.

  • Dale

    It is starting to become obvious that the NRC is courting a grass roots party who’s ultimate goal is to destroy the nation. Listen very carefully to what they say and how they say it. Conservative is one thing, but they are working their way into getting elected and creating a Totalitariaistic State.

  • chuckb

    dale, what grass roots party are you referring too?

  • Gary

    The TEA Party is confusing me!!
    Not only did they begin by wanting to rid Congress (and, ultimately, the White House) of career politicians, whose only objective was to raise taxes and cause the American public to become poorer and poorer and they also wanted to support innitiatives, such as the fight for the lives of unborn children.

    So, during the Republican gubernatorial election, in Georgia, Karen Handel, who admitted to being Pro-Choice, was supported by TEA Party charlatain, Sarah Palin, whom I thought was pro-LIFE and who lost my support because of this.

    So now as they begin targetting Republicans in the Senate, it reminds me of Perot’s real reason for running for president — to get a Republican out of office.

    So, I have lost faith in the TEA Party, thank you.

  • chuckb

    gary, it sounds like you are truly confused.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Wiselady


    Senator Orin Hatch has been there too long and often comes in as a,” come lately Senator”, to explain his side of the issue just before the vote but never from any strong formultation of his own ideas on why the bill should/should not pass. Listen carefully how he speaks when presenting his views. He is a wimp, especially when it comes to being against the debt. He has been there a long, long, long time. Has he ever pushed for a balanced budget, since Obama kep on spending? Where was he to say. ..enough!. He plays it both ways.

  • chuckb

    wiselady, amen!

  • Kenneth D.

    Hatch started out well but over the years he has become compromised. One vote that I think justifies getting rid of him is his vote to reauthorize the patriot act for another 6 years. That vote alone is a betrayal of his oath of office to support and defend the constitution of the US.

  • American Citizen

    It’s time for all the entrenched in D.C. to go on permanent vacation. The longer they’re there, the worse off we become. Voters, term limits for Congresspeople depend on your votes.

  • Bruce

    All my best to the Tea Party!! Yep, it’s time for the American people of Utah to vote this socialist out. Mr. hatch has had his fun and did the damage, see how he voted, to help bring down America. He is a millionaire and doesn’t have worries like the American citizen tax payer. Wake up Utah!! You can and do deserve better.

  • oldtimeyman

    Another RINO who we desperately NEED to un-seat is Ariz. Sen. John McCain.

  • charger john

    The article failed to mention his strong anti-gun stance. He almost lost last time because of his anti- 2nd ammendment voting record.

    He is the typical DC inside the beltway scum. If UTAH and Salt Lake City need some immigrants we have plenty down here in Miami.

    So lets recap, A neo-Con, Anti gun, pro illegal immigration, fiscially irresponsible, A Member of every globalist group that will have him.

    If you sheep re-elect this scum then we are doomed as a Republic.
    Charger John


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