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Tea Party Takes Center Stage At CPAC

February 11, 2011 by  

Tea Party takes center stage at CPACThe Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) will have a significant Tea Party presence this weekend, even though Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has declined an invitation to attend the national event sponsored by the American Conservative Union Foundation.

According to ABC News, Representative Allen West (R-Fla.) — a Tea Party favorite and freshman Congressman — has been selected to provide the keynote speech on Feb. 12. The three-day conference commenced on Feb. 10 at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel in Washington, D.C.

West's appointment to talk at CPAC represents a new era in conservative politics. A member of the House Tea Party Caucus, West is an African-American Republican and a former Army officer. Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh, two prominent media personalities, delivered the keynote speeches over the past two years.

Driven by the Tea Party movement, the GOP notched sweeping victories in last November's midterm elections, gaining control of the House and adding seats in the Senate. Representative Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), the chairwoman of the House Tea Party Caucus, was scheduled to deliver CPAC's opening day keynote speech.

Palin, a Tea Party favorite, will be the most notable absence. Former Senator Rick Santorum (R-Penn.) recently criticized Palin for skipping CPAC, saying that she must have "business opportunities" that are keeping her from attending, according to

Santorum was referring to Palin's paid speaking engagements that have helped her accrue an annual income rumored to be as high as $30 million per year, the media outlet reported. 

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  • s c

    Though I have doubts from time to time, this is still America. If Palin doesn’t want to attend or can’t attend the CPAC even, I’ll live with it. The idea that she somehow MUST do this or that has the stench of the pc crowd.
    I want to hear more about Allen West. It sounds like this man is poised to become another Clarence Thomas. That is, some cretins want us to believe that no black man (or woman) can be a conservative.
    Shucks, folks, many women in America aren’t feminists. And, while I can’t prove it, some people can know the difference between @#$% and shinola without having to be a progressive. How about that?

  • jopa

    $30 million a year for Sarah Palin. You go girl that’s close to a million a week.Won’t be long when you do this for a few years you may become another Oprah and have all that power.Allen West would probably be more of a presidential candidate than the Supreme Court and it makes the Republican party much more colorful and perhaps they could lose their negative image when it comes to race.

    • kate8

      So what. Clinton and Gore also command millions for their speaking engagements, and have been doing so for many years.

      • Fran C

        Is Obama getting paid for his speaking engagements?

      • s c

        Kate8, think of Clinton and Gore as conservatives (a stretch, I know, but bear with me). ALL rich people are bad (right?). Conservatives can’t be trusted to do anything right, especially when they’re getting rich the EASY way (they might be screwing poor people in the process!).
        Now, are Clinton and Gore being TAXED properly for getting rich so easily? Hmmmm. Food for thought, eh?
        I find it so very interesting when only conservatives are put under a microscope, while progressives are RARELY subjected to the same frickin’ standard.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        yeah Al The Bore Gore was worth a reported 300 million plus within three years after leaving office!!! He must have taken the Hillary Clinton investment class and aced it!!!

        • kate8

          Point any of this out to a liberal and check out the glassy (does not compute) stare in their eyes.

      • Lastmanstanding

        and both of them are immoral bastards…

        • Stephen The Great

          Very well said! And so True!!

  • http://Persoanllibertydigest Jim

    Retired Army Col West is a patriot and now a congressman — He’s a frank and no non-sense leader, and is truly the future of this land — As a member of the tea party, I want free thinking men and women to run for office. — Not Republicans or Democrats — I don’t want to be in either party– Both have done enough damage to our Republic — I think its time for both parties to fine the common ground that puts AMERICA first and also follows the Constitution. It seems like every time some one attaches a political party to ones name, it becomes harder to seek the truth. Sarah — is a common person and a great American, plain and simple.

    • Warrior

      Agreed. A very few have not been co-opted by special interests including their own greed. Ron and Rand Paul have it right as well. The current repub congress is extremely disappointing to say the least.

      The current members of the executive and legislation branches need to all be sent packing. They are a disgrace!

      • JC

        Of Interest:

        February 13, 2011

        Dear Fellow Patriot,

        You could hear the arms breaking all the way from Capitol Hill to Arizona as victory slipped out of Obama’s grasp.

        Last Tuesday, legislation to extend three controversial provisions of the so-called “PATRIOT” Act was DEFEATED in the U.S. House.

        Because the bill was put on the “Suspension Calendar,” it needed 290 votes to pass, but thanks to your quick action, the vote failed 277-148.

        This legislation was expected to easily pass, so don’t let anyone ever tell you it’s hopeless to fight for your freedoms.

        You won that battle, but another vote is looming this Monday. And this one will only require a simple majority to pass.

        It is time to double down and continue to contact Arizona Representatives who voted the wrong way:

        Here are the Reps and how they voted (for extension)

        Flake, Jeff (R), AZ 6th – Yea
        Franks, Trent (R), AZ 2nd – Yea
        Gosar, Paul (D), AZ 1st – Yea
        Quayle, Ben (R), AZ 3rd – Yea

        Giffords, Gabrielle (D), AZ 8th – Did not vote, nor is she expected to on Monday

        Please contact your representatives and let them know what you think about them voting for the Bill of Rights-shredding “PATRIOT” Act.

        Let them know you do not appreciate Republican House leadership ignoring debate, amendment, or committees as they return to business-as-usual Washington politics.

        Let them know there is absolutely no difference in the methods they are using to extend the “PATRIOT” Act than the methods Pelosi and Reid used to pass ObamaCare.

        Remind your representative that Obama has abused his power and exploited the “PATRIOT” Act in order to partially nationalize industry and banking. This has cost our country tens of thousands of jobs and is impeding our economic recovery.

        Tell your representative that a “yes” vote shows America that they have placed their trust in Obama and his Justice Department not to further abuse that power.

        This fight is only beginning. The three provisions expire on February 28, so this is not the last you and I will hear of extending them.

        You and I have kept the pressure on Congress, but now we have to turn it up. Another vote is expected on Monday.

        Thanks for all your hard work to ensure victory. I look forward to many more triumphs to come as C4L continues its mission to reclaim the Republic and restore the Constitution.

        For Liberty,

        Shawn Dow

        Arizona Campaign for Liberty

  • GenEarly

    Allen West for President!! We will only be the worse for delaying his nomination in 2012.Time has already run out,even a Constitutional Conservative like West is probably too little,too late; but hope springs eternal.Note to CPAC: grassroots conservatives are moving on,as an organization you have lost your morality. Politics without Morality is worthless.

  • kate8

    I saw an interview with Palin and she said that she didn’t attend last year, either, and no one complained.

    What’s the big deal? It’s not like showing up for these things is going to change anything. It’s a personal decision, not a requirement.

    The media just jumps on ANYTHING Palin says does, or doesn’t do. I’m glad she just brushes them off like the swarm of gnats they are.

    • http://naver sook young

      I hope she runs for president. Thank you.

      Sook Young
      Wife of the Samurai

  • barbm

    palin is not the favorite of all tea party members. i will not forgive her for backing the rhino texas gubernatorial candidate rick perry while we had a great candidate in ron paul backer debra medina whom she should’ve supported.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Did you ever stop to think maybe she might know something about the candidate that the public might not know? After all, she wanders in crowds that you are not privy to!!

      • barbm

        what i know is that perry is now embracing the property rights laws – one of the issues on which medina was running. medina was the head of the ron paul campaign in texas, so how can you get more tea party than that? palin thought she and perry would make a good looking couple for a bid on the whitehouse in 2012. aint gonna happen. too many people don’t like her, and he’s a rhino.

  • chuckb


    get over it, palin will be the next president. the only complaint i have about palin is she talks too fast.

    most of the tea party people i talk to all support palin.

    • barbm

      that’s a big old crock of crap. she doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hades of winning. i won’t vote for her. i felt sorry for her when she ran with mccain and gave her the benefit of the doubt, but then she screwed us over with perry. she’s just another rhino.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      There ya go! If barb won’t vote for her she don’t have a chance!!!

  • jopa

    Palin for president is like a child behind the wheel of a school bus.If she was smart I would say take the money and run and I believe she will do just that with Todds advice.The Democrats would love to see her run.

  • jopa

    Kate 8; Yes Clinton and Gore get well paid for their speaking engagements but the differance is they have decades of public service, top notch educational backgrounds, with a lot of wisdom desired by the masses.They are in demand for speaking engagements around the world and everyone wants to be seen with them.There is even a documentary coming out called “Clinton President Of The World,”They are in totally different leagues than Sarah with two years of learning to be a governor.

    • kate8

      jopa – That’s your opinion. As far as I’m concerned, they are legends in their own minds. The only people who worship them are progressives like you. Sure, they have many years in the political arena, finding ways to fleece the people by milking the system. Some folks judge a person’s worth by what they stand for over ‘experience’, and Palin has proven herself to be willing to do what’s right. Can’t say that for your boys.

      Which brings to mind Obama, who has FAR LESS experience than Palin, and a LOT LESS integrity. Yet you put him in office, where he is clearly demonstrating gross incompetence and arrogance.

      BTW, arrogance is a sure sign of lack of experience.

    • chuckb


      please explain al gores top notch education.

    • Sallybe

      Good grief, jopa!!! Both of them are rapists!!! That’s all I need to say.

      • kate8

        Sallybe – Excellent point! Just goes to show, if the media lets something drop, so do we.

        Why are these guys not in prison? All they got for their crimes is a momentary bump in the road.

        Again, where’s the outrage?

  • http://com i41

    Palin, Backman, Webb, and maybe afew more new ones on the scene will fill other offices, Webb sure would make the (black voters) show their true colors, and how they don’t think and vote rote for the soros socialist bent. Sarah is doing a wonderful jobs driving dems and rino good old boys nuts. Backman is real problem for the GOP elit cub slubs. We have had enough of the compromise and spineless pukes instead of standing hard on core values. Huckabee, Thune is too much a compromiser, and when he didn’t vote for Bolton as a UN abassador proved he is an idoit,Rommeny, a smart businessman, but healthcare will choke him, the rest are too insider good ol boys. We need some hard core tough new people. Hope more of the life long slubs will fade out and leave. The rub between the muslims coming here and trying to change our lives with their crap Shria laws. Their goat abusing beleifs, and not abiding by our laws and norms, sooner or later that is when the conflict will happen. It will get bloody as hell, betting on a time frame I would guess in 5-15 years since the democrats and the marxist muslim is really working at destroying the USA. The next 3-5 years will be the telling tale.

  • Maureen

    What? what do I hear? CPAC is co-sponsored this time by a small radical homosexualists movement that calls itself GoProud. I hear also Sarah Palin is not the only conservative who will not attend this year. So, ask yourselves – how conservative is CPAC? Who in CPAC is the betrayer and who are the ones who allowed this scandal? You do not have to shine your light on the obvious enemies of U.S. conservatism. There are wolves in elephant guise right in its heart. Shame on CPAC for destroying the principles of conservatism and the true values of the vast majority of Americans.

    • s c

      Maureen, experience tells me it’s a waste of time to use good intentions with politicians. At some point, those pathetic rockheads have to surrender to the power of common sense (rare, yes, but they have to do it when enough pressure is used).
      If vermin ‘Republicans’ are planning on using GoProud to create a ‘Republican’ version of a progressive ‘Big Tent, then a pox on all of them. A wide, open door that attracts all types of wackos to get easy votes is nothing less than a ticking time bomb. Look what it did to progressivism.
      Can it be that ‘Republicans’ still haven’t figured out that progressives have hard-wired their own brains with a self-destruct switch? Can they be that STUPID?

      • kate8

        s c – Can it be that we are being “nudged” into being two factions of the same party?

        Oh, wait. Yes.

  • Deep River Rat

    ” Herman, Herman, Herman!” The “Hermanator” Herman Cain for President in 2012

    • Deep River Rat

      For more information, go to

  • http://com i41

    chuckb, jopa is another numskulled idoit who thinks any booktrained jackass is the wonder to morons. Whorehound Clnton, Goofy Gore, and pervert Onumnutts, were diffently book trained overeducated idoits, lived off every one they could scam, none ever ran a business, had to make pay rolls off their companies honest earnings, but off of taxpayers or off of crime. These pukes are of the same blend of hard core socialists and suppport a totalitarian government under a dictator. We all have to remember all and I do all democrat are socialists and support different degrees of marxist communism. Most all Congress persons and all our past democrat Presidents are hard core wanna be dictators socialists.

  • http://?? Joe H.

    for any of you that want to check out Duncan Hunter go to

  • Pete

    Sarah Palin has “business opportunities” ? Who does this Santorum guy think he is ?

    This Santorun conservative sure doesn’t know how to talk about/treat a lady …..

    Hopefully Sarah will do the right thing. The right thing for her to do is 1) Make as much money as she can (Fees and honorariums for speaking)
    2) when she can (right now while the demand for her is high !)
    3) and get financially independent ….. like Trump is …

    Because these loser conservatives probably won’t come thru for her when she needs them too ………..

    Are those loser Republicans going to run another Bush (Jeb) ???

    • kate8

      Someone said that trump took bailout money. He also admitted to voting for Obama.

      I would think these are big enough offenses to bring up some pretty big questions.

  • Ellen

    Sarah Palin’s greatest asset is her ability to get a crowd cheering. She is great as a party leader and should stay in the media as much as possible. She was probably a large part of why the Tea Party was so successful in getting unknown candidates elected. But, she lacks the intellect and sophistication to be our president. People love her because she’s folksy and call things as she sees them. That is refreshing in the world of politics. The Republican party would be smart to get keep her in front of the crowds bashing all the foolish things Democrats do because people listen to her. As we saw with the 2008 election, many of the voters aren’t smart enough to see reality. Instead, they get caught up in hype. Hope & change, anyone?

    • kate8

      Ellen – How do you know anything about Palin’s intellect? Being folksy doesn’t mean being dumb.

      She seems like a pretty sharp woman to me. Just because she’s not speaking DCese only shows she’s not part of the insider’s club. She accomplished some pretty gutsy things as governor, things few in politics would ever attempt, like going against the good ol’ boys. Point out anyone else who’s done as much.

      Sure, maybe she could use a little polish around the edges in order to impress people who find that important. Just look at Obama. All groom and polish but no substance. A frontman. An empty suit.

      I rest my case.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Just look at Minnie Pearl. You couldn’t get any more folksy than her and she was an author, was college educated, and died a rich lady. She was very much loved by her fans, as well, I might add!

        • kate8

          Joe H. – The truly smart people are very often the most humble. You know the saying. Those who can, do. Those who can’t, talk about it.

        • http://naver sook young

          I saw her many years ago on a show called Hee Haw. Thank you.

          Sook Young
          Wife of the Samurai

  • jopa

    Ellen: Hitler was a crowd pleaser and got them all cheering but you need a little more than that.Romney at CPAC is going the route of being the opposite of Palin and claiming to be smart opposed to not to smart.Who would win?I like her folksy way but presidential material I don’t think so.America needs intelligence at the helm like our current president.Thank you

    • JeffH

      …is that like Obama,s un-intelligent supporters?

    • JC

      Our current “President” is a globalist meat puppet who’s every word is written for him. Intelliigent? Well compared to a house plant I guess so…

  • Sallybe

    Jopa, you are foolish to think that a man is intelligent because he can read aloud. He reads words from a teleprompter with his well-coached and rehearsed “authoritarian” delivery style. (sigh…) Have you had a look at his academic records/grades? No, because he hides them.

    Obama was a cocaine & marijuana-using druggie who dealt it on the side, according to those who knew him. He got picked up as someone with a nice, deep voice and marxist beliefs by radicals he met in college and in Chicago. They groomed him, covered his tracks and quickly propelled him to this spot with Saudi and Chicago mob money.

    He has fooled some of the people all of the time, including you.

    • kate8

      Sallybe – You go, girl. A woman after my own heart.

    • http://naver sook young

      I also agree with you. The liberals these days just are like confused children walking blindly in the dark. Thank you.

      Sook Young
      Wife of the Samurai

      • JeffH

        sook young, please give my best to Samurai. Nice that you continue to represent your hubby so well.

        Keep up the good fight…for GOD and country.

        • http://naver sook young

          Thank you.

          Sook Young
          Wife of the Samurai

  • mark

    OBAMA, will win in 2012! I hope the Republicans run a real Conservative. I do not believe that the American people want to go back to the days of Segregation, 12 hour work days, women not being able to work and control their own bodies, no public education, children and adults going hungry and with-out health care and senior citizens having no retirement (SS) and health care (Medicare) which is the path that the conservatives want to take this country! CApitalism is just another form of slavery!

    • kate8

      mark – My goodness! What century did you just pop it from? Or maybe you just immigrated from the middle east.

      That was one of the most moronic things I’ve read yet. Is that what you kids are being taught these days in public school?


      • JeffH

        kate8, sounds like the hairlipped dog is barking again…mark, mark, mark…

        • kate8

          JeffH – Glad to see you finally showed up!

          I miss your input when you are away.

          • JeffH

            Thanks kate8. Was out shootin’ my new shotgun just to make sure it works…it does! Gotta take a little time of once in awhile to refresh the mind, recharge the batteris and clear the cobwebs.

          • JC

            What’d ya get? I’m looking for a Benelli 12ga. semi auto.
            Expensive though.

          • JeffH

            JC, I bought a New 20ga, 26″ Franchi Highlander side by side, got it for a steal of a price, $1079 delivered to my FFL dealer. The MSRP was &2799, Franchi discontinued them in 2009 for lack of sales in the US. Cheapest I could find anywhere is $1499.

            Now Benelli…you’re talking my language…where do I start. I currently have two, my original HK/Benelli Super Black Eagle 12 ga 3-1/2″ x 26″ I bought back in 1989 and a new 3 piece modular Benelli Vinci 12 ga x 26″ I bought early in 2010. I swear by them. I had 2 others but sold them in my down time in 2007…A synthetic Super Black Eagle that my buddies son shoots and a 20 ga Montefeltro another friends daughter shoots. I’m one of those guys they’d use in a Benelli commercial…I swear by them.

          • JeffH

            JC, best place to look is Can find some real deals on M1 Super 90′s, Montefeltro’s…sometimes in the $600-$700 range. To me, far superior to the more complicated gas guns.

          • JC

            Interesting stuff Jeff. I was considering the Berreta Extrema 2, they go for about 15, 1599 in camo, but the US Army rejected them as too high manitenance (gas) and went to the Benelli’s. I prefer mechanical action as ports can plug…now to find a good one in semi auto. :)

          • JeffH

            JC, were I to ever buy a gas semi-auto, it would be the Beretta Extrema2 or the newer Xplor 400($1600) but I prefer the Inertia action of the Benelli’s. They are just plain simple. I can easily dissassemble, clean and reassemble my SBE or my Vinci in under 5 minutes. They are simply the best, most reliable semi-auto shotgun on the market. For 2011, they have come out with a new Super Vinci 3.5″ model.

          • JC

            Thanks Jeff, I’ll check it out.

  • chuckb


    obama will be herding goats with his muslim friends before the next election. hillary will probably be nominated.

    however, i doubt if barry will be able to handle the goat herding, probably be more suited for organizing goat herders.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      That’s above his pay grade!!!

  • http://com i41

    Mark, you definitely a moron from squirrel land. Over 15 milliom umemployed, 12 million under Onumnutts and demccrats complete control of everything. Unemployed people do not have health insurance and depend on doctors donating their time and training at no pay, churches having people dnate their time and mmoney as well as several pharmacutical companies giving meds away. We all know you elitist democraps donate the least and give very little or nothing. If I have a day off from the business I go and volunteer, wheater helping people fill out forms, getting food to give vistiters from people who prepare and prepare it. You soros socialist ca not even donate your limited attention span because the first words out of a progressive liberial well there ought to be a government program for free money. Where do you dumbazzes think the money is cominng from, the jug eared purple lipped marxist muslim morons mouth? I have shot and dispossed of smarter brain damaged beef, than you or jopa every were or will be. But either you are both union dinks, or welfare generational slubs with the motivation of a maggot looking for a dead carcuss. Onumnutts will have problems gathering the goat herser together because how will hepower his telapromter, his speech writer will probably be Mohamid ben-abusing BoobaLuba. Hoprefully Obamee cab get the addicted to fried chitllans and basketball. football the pervs would want to chew on it for the rind feeling.

  • jopa

    i41;Isn’t it great to finally see those numbers for the unemployed that were created under the GW administration finally turned around.It is not the doctors donating their time and money for the uninsured it it the taxpayers that foot the bill for the uninsured in the emergency rooms.Nobody in America can be denied emergency medical care and the taxpayers are paying 70 billion dollars a year it is costing those hospitals.They are not giving this at a reduced cost that an insurance company would receive.HCG or not either way we are going to pay for it.The only differance is it would be negotiated at a cheaper rate if it was a law such as the HCB.PS: Can you see Sarah Palin giving the SOTU with only two hands to write on.Just a thought.I know I’m just kidding she also uses a teleprompter but don’t tell the teabaggers.Have a nice day.

    • JeffH

      “isn’t it great to finally see those numbers for the unemployed that were created under the GW administration finally turned around.”

      You mean the “fake” numbers = 9%. Since when can +36,000 jobs “drop” the unemploment figure .4% when it is well known that 150,000 non farm jobs have to be added each month just to keep the level at 9.4%.
      Gotta love that White House induced math.

      According to Gary Steinberg, spokesman for the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, which reports the national unemployment rate on the first Friday of every month, the jobless rate is calculated based on survey data, not the unemployment insurance rolls. Roughly one-third of the nearly 15 million unemployed are not receiving benefits in the first place.

      “Each month the Census Bureau conducts a survey of 60,000 households,” Steinberg said in an email. “Each household provides labor force information on each member of the household. Everyone unemployed is counted as unemployed, no matter how long they have been unemployed. The survey does not ask about unemployment insurance benefits.” The survey does not simply ask respondents to say if the are “employed” or “unemployed,” either.

      The connection between the unemployment rate and the number of insurance recipients may be the most persistent myth with the unemployment figures.

    • JC

      Right jopa…and how many of those jobs are “Government Jobs”…that produce exactly “nothing”?

  • JeffH

    Unless I missed something, Sarah Palin has never spoken at or been to a CPAC conference. As for Santorum’s comments about Palin’s absence at CPAC, more than anything else I think it was a better opportunity for the media to sensationalize the comment for their own benefit than anything else. A lot about nothing is my take on the matter.

    • kate8

      JeffH – That’s all the media does anymore. They make a big deal about non-issues and cover up the things we really need to know about.

      • JeffH

        kate8, some things will never change.

        • http://naver sook young

          I think that they pay her so much attention because she is a strong woman. Liberals don’t like strong women, they only like Hillary. Thank you.

          Sook Young
          Wife of the Samurai

  • JeffH

    Herman Cain recieved the loudest welcome and applause with his CPAC speech “stupid people are ruining America” on Friday.

    “It’s sad,” he said in a speech at the annual event before going on to take aim at the left side of the political spectrum. “The objective of the liberals is to destroy this country. The objective of the liberals is to make America mediocre.”

    Herman Cain – “When Liberals Answer Conservatives, They’re Guilty of SIN”
    When a liberal tries to reply to a question posed by a conservative, he commits a SIN. SIN is an acronym and I’ll explain what the letters stand for.

    “S” stands for “Shifting the blame.” When a conservative points out something that the Obama Administration does is wrong, or what Congress did is wrong, a liberal is quick to shift the blame. “If it weren’t for the mess that Bush left us….”

    “I” stands for “Ignoring the facts.” That’s the next step in a liberal’s argument. The liberals say that Bush raised the National Debt by $3.2 trillion, but there were two wars being fought and this increase happened over the course of 8 years. Obama will have raised the National Debt by 1.2 Trillion on the healthcare bill alone. He’s only been in office less than a year!

    “N” stands for “Name calling.” Finally, when liberals see that they’re getting nowhere with their conservative friends, they resort to name calling. Fear-mongerer, war-mongerer, greedy-capitalists…..

    How true. How true.

  • http://com i41

    (offensive comment removed)


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