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Tea Party Leaders Warn Of ‘Consequences’

Tea Party Leaders Warn Of ‘Consequences’

WASHINGTON (UPI) — Grassroots Tea Party movement leaders are saying Republicans may pay a price for their votes on the “fiscal cliff” deal.

Amy Kremer, leader of the Tea Party Express, said Thursday she was “outraged” about the deal, reached by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and Vice President Joe Biden, that allows tax rates on upper-income earners — families earning more than $450,000 and individuals earning more than $400,000 — to expire while making permanent tax breaks passed during President George W. Bush’s Administration for earners making less than that, CNN reported.

“At some point, we’re going to have to come together and do what’s right for America, but do the Democrats have a mandate to go and just do whatever and just spend into oblivion? No,” she said. “And that’s evident because the Republicans still control the House.”

The fiscal cliff compromise passed the House 257-167 Tuesday, with 85 Republicans voting in favor and 151 Republicans voting against it.

After the vote, Kremer posted on her Twitter page: “I’m extremely disgusted with what happened in the House tonight. There will be consequences.”

The Tea Party Patriots had urged the new House, sworn in Thursday at the beginning of the 113th Congress, to select their speaker by a secret vote “so members can vote their conscience without fear of retribution from leadership.”

John Boehner, R-Ohio, was re-elected as speaker.

“Through this ‘fiscal cliff’ crisis Congress has demonstrated once again its incapability of actually cutting government spending and preventing tax hikes,” Jenny Beth Martin, Tea Party Patriots leader, said in a statement. “Republicans who stood on principle … should not be impeded from voting for a speaker with whom they have confidence will help take the country in the right direction.”

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  • Warrior

    So more “trial ballons” were floated all day yesterday by the “progessives” to include more “revenue” in the “debt ceiling debate”. Seems like the only ones that can “stomach” an actual cut are those paying the “bill”.

  • rendarsmith

    I think it’s too late. No legislation at this point is going to make the country “go back in the right direction”. Revolution is the only way.

    • Fed Up

      You’re absolutely correct. That’s the only thing that these politicians will understand.

    • John

      Revolution is the ONLY answer. If we keep falling for/participating with this fake two party system they will keep winning. No matter republican or demorcrat…. the tyranical trajectory is THE SAME. The tea party will suffer along with them for laying down with the communist republicans. REVOLUTION NOW !!!

    • SJJolly

      “Revolution is the only way.” You mean armed revolution? Unless your revolutionaries are able to enlist a significant portion of US armed forces, without the government you’re plotting against getting wind of it via NSA mass monitoring of communications (good luck!), your fighters will end up being bulldozed into mass graves, along with your cause. You’d have better luck with a social revolution — selling the US population on the need for specific changes in the relationship of citizens and government.

      • Steve E

        …selling the US population on the need for specific changes in the relationship of citizens and government. It’s not going to happen. That is impossible.

        • John

          So VERY TRUE ! Liberty or death….

  • http://yahoo Melody LaForce

    We have to all vote for the HR 25 amendment and abolish the 16th. No more I.R.S. This will help the people.

    • Right Brain Thinker

      Glad to see you back, Melody. After all the hairy-chested men climbed all over your posting yesterday and you got quiet, I thought they had driven you off. They’re good at that—-mindless attacks to try to stifle discussion rather than dealing with the substance of what someone says. Ignore them and speak your piece..

      Sorry to say that your return seems to show that you have let them beat you into submission. I say that because you seem to have taken up “their” cause and are perhaps even outright pandering to them. Perhaps they will now pat you on the head and say “good girl” because you have espoused a “destroy the government” and HURT the people idea.

      I almost came to your defense yesterday because you said some things that made a bit of sense and your attackers went over the top on you. Can’t support you here though.

      • Steve E

        What’s wrong with destroying an evil government, shill? Are you afraid that your nanny gov’t. will be gone and not nurse you anymore? Your weak mindedness shines like a light on this site.

      • Deerinwater

        Well you lead out Steve, I’m behind you all the way.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        What’s wrong with destroying an evil government, Steve asks? It happens to be the only government we have right now and a country of 315 million that lives in 2013 can’t just be disassembled like a jigsaw puzzle—-didn’t happen in the 1860′s and it won’t happen now. I’d rather see us try to fix what’s wrong with it before we destroy it and go back to the dark ages.

        And you call ME a shill? And talk about weak mindedness? Sorry, Steve, YOU are the one whose weak mind has caused YOU to suck up all the horsepucky that the greedy rich have used to get you and the rest of the mindless to be THEIR shills. Why can’t you folks see that you are being used and that you are working against your own best interests when you spout your anti-government crap. Do you really think we can destroy the “government” without destroying the country? Can’t be done. We need to TAKE BACK our government and I’ve had things to say about that—-can’t remember you saying much about that.

        Like deer says, “Well you lead out Steve, I’m behind you all the way”. I want to hear your PLAN, though, before we go much further down the road. What should we do? Secede? Impeach O’Bama? Stop paying taxes? What? What do you plan to replace “government” with after you destroy it? Let’s hear it—-I spend too much time trying to have intelligent discussions with folks on this site and too many of them are like you—mindless “believers” that can’t even articulate what it is that they “believe” in. Put up or shut up.

        PS If there’s any “evil” afoot in the land and in our government, it has been bought and paid for by the plutocracy and the corp[orate oligarchy—-that’s what we need to “destroy”.

  • Right Brain Thinker

    And off we go down the same delusional path. Lots of “quotation marks” used by warrior, presumably because he is using some sort of “code” words that the “enlightened” will understand and appreciate.

    I’ll put it simply—-we need to BALANCE our spending and revenue, and the continued mindless rantings of people who refuse to live in the 20th. century is not going to get the job done. As long as the TP and the Grover-butt-kissers keep screaming and threatening retribution to any who don’t go into their dark little corner, the country will be held hostage. The majority of Republicans are still unable to “do the right thing” for the country. I say “good for them”—-keep ripping each other’s throats out and showing the country that you should never be returned to power. The 2014 midterms are coming fast—-hurry up and get some fiscal Akins and Mourdocks out there to lead the way to defeat. Make sure that taxes DON’T rise to the needed level. Keep helping the greedy rich STEAL more of the country’s wealth from the 99%.

    Bring on the ONLY revolution that will lead to real change—-the revolt of the 99% against those who would turn them into serfs. RendarS talks about “revolution”. I wonder which one he means? The “secession” thingy that so many were “hot” for a few weeks back? Maybe the “tell the electors to ‘nullify’ the election” thingy? Yeah, right—-it may feel good to sit over in the corner and talk wing-nutty, but the only revolution that will have lasting impact and may not (I say MAY) willk be to break the stranglehold of the plutocracy and corporatocracy on our electoral and legislative processes. Overturn Citizen’s United, reinstate Glass-Steagall, tighten campaign finance laws. In the meantime, rendar, keep your powder dry—I am—-I wish you could tell me who to shoot when the time comes, though—-I haven’t got enough to shoot everybody.

    PS I will say, however, that the crybaby whining tactics of the sore losers HAVE worked somewhat, since O’Bama has caved in some and not raised taxes as far as he should have. Could it be that he is in “cahoots” with the Repugs and plutocrats and really is a sort of “manchurian candidate” for the Wall Streeters and the greedy rich? Could be—-we have four more years to really see what “forward” means.

    • Right Brain Thinker

      PPS Sorry for the failure to catch the error—-it’s too early. I meant to say “…the only revolution that will have lasting impact and may not fail like the secession/nullification movements (I say MAY) will be to break the stranglehold of the plutocracy and corporatocracy…”

      • bfree

        you are a a hoot rbt, obama should purchase more clones like yourself. I hope i can see how thrilled you are 4 yrs from now. In the mean time, stay on your medicinal kool-aid.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Glad that bfree is entertained by my postings. Nothing better than being called a “hoot”.

        I hope I am still around 4 years from now to see where the country ends up. Never said O’Bama was anywhere near perfect, but I bet on him with my vote to do more of “the right thing” for the country than Romney and the Repugs would have done—-lots of folks agreed with me—-too bad you can’t get over losing.

        And O’Bama didn’t buy ME—-I actually sent $$$ to HIM and lots of others around the country from ME to MA to WI to MN to ND to VA, and to lots of committees and PACs as well. Money well spent.

        I feel real good that the majority of them won—-it’s a real “hoot” when good people get elected and you helped..

    • Warrior

      Glad to see you enjoy being a “plantation” worker. Me, not so much.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Take the time to read comments, warrior. Read them as many times as necessary to really understand what someone is saying before you fire off a reply. If you had done that, you would have seen that we are in agreement about not wanting to be “plantation workers”.

        I put quotation marks around “plantation workers” for a reason—-to qualify the meaning, because I envision that the corporate serfdom that the plutocracy and corporate oligarchy envision for us will be more benign that what the “slaves” of history endured. There won’t be “plantations” as of old except in the figurative sense.

      • Warrior

        And you rbt don’t seem to understand “Taxed Enough Already”! More Balance my a$$. Time to get the scissors out and start cutting or an axe if you prefer.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Warrior talks about the same old tired “Taxed Enough Already” thing. Are you a rich person, Warrior? If you are, are you GREEDY rich? If Warren Buffett, a REALLY rich guy, understands that we need to look at revenues as well as cutting, why can’t you?

        Sorry, but the fact that you BELIEVE cutting spending is the only way to go because you have some deep seated NEED to believe it is not enough. There are facts and figures out there and we’ve been watching them accumulate for 30+ years—-that’s what should guide us, not Grover Norquist and a bunch of folks who want to take the country back to the 1800′s

        • John

          Its MY MONEY. I have a right to be stingy. You and Gov. DON’T have a right to steal it from a rich person or a poor one. You and Govt. are theives !!! Warren Buffet is free to give all he want to hos preacious communist cronies. THAT AIN’T HAPPWNING !!!

    • SJJolly

      B.H. Obama is a far more complex person than far right loves to believe — an anti-Christ out to destroy the USA by a wide variety of means. He’s “leftist” on such as national health care (something most all other industrialized countires have), but also panders to Wall Street and to the Pentagon. A disappointment to the American left, and gets NO credit from the right for his administration’s record number of illegal immigrant deportations, and for support of national security state legislation.

    • deerinwater

      American is not having another Civil War, if you can’t control a few elected officials what makes you think starting a war that I know you can’t control would serve you or me an any way?

      The Tea Party at this point is all but irrelevant on a National level ~ only at regional and local levels are they a major force to contend with. What political equity they had gained on the national stage they have blundered and lost.

  • PBerry

    Each state government should take back their control as it is written to be so in the Constitution. Within our own Constitution, each state controls what happens or not – and not the federal gov. We should be reminding our elected officials that we, the people, are not the ones that are of service to the country, but THEY are serving and representing US. This has been a downfall by the masses – and the masses have chosen to be complacent in reminding our state level gov that they are the ones that holds the ultimate power. Phone calls, email and letters daily will get their attention – a wake-up call and reminder to get their act back together and do what we want done to cease the take-over by the dictator-liar-in-chief. We still maintain the power – but with suppression by the media – many people are not actually aware of being duped daily by O’s underhanded dealings. As long as we sit on our hands, it will continue = worsen.

  • peter

    There comes a time when all good men need to stand together and resist. How many good men are left. Not too many judging by the hypocrisy we have just witnessed. The 9 may be commended but heck, that sure is a small minority or what? Is there any hope left or are we doomed after all?

  • Gilly from Australia

    I’m sure I said it last week, the Republicans should provide a list of cuts to government spending that wont send people begging onto the streets and dying due to lack of medical care. But I have yet to see a list prepared by anyone…why? i bet its because some of the Republicans donors are making money out of government contracts I bet and they dont want any cuts which might affect their lifestyles. They keep calling for welfare cuts….but i never hear them say lets cut out some new air fighter planes which are already out of date now your using Drones. You could cut the military…but i dont agree with that…though I do feel you should cut into your police numbers because many are proving to trying to create work by arresting or fining children for piddling in their front gardens, or people selling lemonade in their front gardens to name a few silly time wasting events. I’m sure your returning military personell would appreciate to be given police jobs to reconpense them for their military service because I think they are smarter than your silly police.

    I also suggested your government started to sell some of its prime real estate assets and move into cheap rental locations. Why should your government departments sit on prime real estate locations, I ask you?

    These are just the few ideas to help reduce your deficit instead of cutting welfare which keeps people buying food and paying for rent, mortgages and car loans so you dont have a much worse banking crisis than you already have.

    So Tea Party…lets hear some real savings ideas and not ideas which create more enermy voters…because thats what you Republicans are sowing now…leading to reeping less votes at the next elelction. Think smart…dont be dumb.

  • Gilly from Australia

    And another thing….whether taxes go up or not is irrellevent because the deficit remains a CONTINGENT LIABILITY which all asset owners and income earner will need to pay for sooner or later…because your taxpapers still owe the money to the lenders. The problem is that the poor and the destitute cannot be taxed because you cant get blood out of a stone…but the only way your suggesting your poor and enemployed pay is to starve them to death buy cutting out their welfare payments which in turns help to pay for your rental properties, your food from the supermarkets and in turn so the smaller business men and women of America can pay their bankers who pay the wealthy their interest on the deposits many investors have washing around in the banking sector.

    The reality is that everyone relies on everyone including the poor to keep you in the lifestyle you have all become accustomed to. It really means that the rich are relying on the welfare that your government pays to your poor. Stop that and the rich will lose out too. Pretty simple but Tea Party cant do its’ sums…better get out your old Texus Instrument guys….lol

    • Right Brain Thinker


      Now you are getting to an idea that the plutocracy can get behind wholeheartedly.

      Starve them to death!!!!

      And it worked for the British aristocracy and corporatocracy in the late 1840′s with the Irish, so why not do it here? I have finished reading the book I mentioned a while back—The Famine Plot by Tim Pat Coogan—-a good blueprint for what you suggest.

      By the way, the ancestors of many Australians were “transported” there by the British in the early days, and many Irish emigrated there to escape the Potato Famine, just as many Irish came to the US at that time. What was the experience of the Irish emigrees in Australia? Did they find themselves under the heels of the greedy rich in AUS the way those who came to America did?

  • dan

    a prime problem is the aggregation of money/power….and the political tyranny it engenders.
    The fact that the corporate money lenders control the political caste matters less than the reality
    that men have and always seek to control others for their advantage.

    • dan

      can the tea-party ameliorate this tendency as is proposed…perhaps,as I’ve seen several good ideas,but the problem is always implementation /execution. To control the chaos of government run amuk by the chaos of revolution or to slow (let-alone reverse) it by legislation is in doubt….
      however, it is plain that what we’ve been doing hasn’t shown fruit. We must find a radical solution to an endemic problem….and only by exploring the subject will we find it.

  • Hedgehog

    I am a Canadian. I have posted this quote before: “Give nothing to the state, take nothing from the state, the state does not exist.”. I am still unable to attribute this quote. However, in the light of what is happening to you in the US, I would like to modify the quote. Take nothing from the state, (not even abuse) give nothing to the state, (except contempt) the state does not exist. It has been said, another quote I can’t attribute:”There are only two legitimate ways to change a government, ballots and bullets!” It would seem method number one has failed you once again.

    Better luck in the new year!

    • SJJolly

      Hedgehog: Department of Homeland Security would like nothing better than to have an armed, active, bunch of “terrorists” to act against. Domestic ones will do fine. Something to hold press conferences about, and lobby Congress for greatly increased funding.

    • deerinwater

      That’s a very over simplified view of matters of national interest. ~

      One month the gov of Texas was talking about succession and the next month b1tch about the CDC slow to come forward with the antidote of Swine Flue.

  • Harold (@HWLONE)

    Tea party leaders in their own mind we have much bigger concerns than that vote on taxes, it will pale in comparison to the 2nd amendment and immigration battles coming up. Those are the real liberty battles we cannot lose

  • SJJolly

    If the Tea Party succeeds in making the Republican Party a 100% conservative party — one far to the right of most of the American electorate — they’ll find the GOP winning few elections, and sinking into political obscurity.

    • http://midcontent range rider

      That is BS, the socialist/marxist and his socialist/communist democrats always over reach on government control of USA citizens, there will be a back lash of the contant congential lying will sooner or later is bites, the numskulls. That is why term limits must be impiemented.


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