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Tea Party Knuckle Draggers

August 16, 2012 by  

Tea Party Knuckle Draggers
John Boehner said if you oppose government bailouts, you’re a knuckle dragger.

The Republican Party has a death wish.

Weeper of the House John Boehner found it necessary to use Fox News Tuesday to take another gratuitous ad hominem swipe at Tea Party members who deigned to oppose using their money to bail out banks engaged in criminal behavior simply because those banks happened to have board members sitting at the seats of power. He said if you oppose government bailouts, you’re a knuckle dragger.

So just when the GOP is beginning to enjoy a rise in enthusiasm for its ticket after Congressman Paul Ryan’s selection as Mitt Romney’s running mate — though why Tea Partiers like Ryan (who voted for TARP, the Medicare Prescription Drug plan and Alaska’s “Bridge to Nowhere”) is beyond me — Boehner reminds Tea Partiers why they despise the party’s elites.

If you think the Tea Party is irrelevant, look back to November 2010. If you think the Tea Party is irrelevant, ask Senatorial candidate David Dewhurst (R-Texas), Representative Cliff Stearns (R-Fla.) and those in Georgia who were advocating for a 1-cent sales tax increase.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • revnowwhilewecan

    I’m not sure if I’m the only one having this problem but when I try and use the Facebook “share” option, many times it does not post to my page. If this is the case I would suggest to the PLD bloggers that they copy the link of the article they want to share and post it on their FB status instead. This always works and assures your articles are shared with non-PLD readers. Thanks again for your tireless efforts in spreading light and truth in a media world where it can seldom be found.
    Jeff Santos (RevNowWhileWeCan)

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear revnowwhilewecan,

      Thanks for this information. I will let our tech team know about the issue.

      Best wishes,

  • JimH

    I was wondering why my knuckles were so scraped up.
    I also opposed the stimulus package, so I guess my knuckles will never leave the ground.
    I believe there should be budget cuts. (real ones)
    I believe in the Constitution and The Bill of Rights.
    I say the reason we are so far in debt isn’t because we are under taxed. It was wreckless irresponsible spending.
    I and many others will drag our knuckles to voting booths all over this country and take them off the ground long enough to fill out a ballot.

    • Ken Porter


      • Mike in MI

        Me too, “Amen.”, Ken.
        It would be good if everybody who is in Weepy’s district send him a little missal reminding him he wouldn’t be Speaker of the House if it weren’t for the Tea Party – and he might not be Speaker or anything except tending homefires next time he says anything derogatory about Tea Party voters.
        That’ll make Boner a limp sister.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        I think sob sister Boehner needs the Tea Party to send him handherchiefs.

      • JeffH

        Nadzieja Batki, better yet, send Boehner packing.

        • Gerry

          Better yet.. Send ALL the Democrats/Socialists/Liberals straight to HELL. I need a job, not a handover, I am not a bagrant.

    • Bill Newton

      Jim H. You are hitting the nail square on brother.

    • Ted G

      Well said, I agree!

    • B rian


      The constitution….. You mean that old piece of paper that has the sole intentions of tellin the govt what their responsibility is and what their extent of power is!? I read it one, or two…. Maybe 3000 times!

      Why again is that old piece of paper so important? Oh yeah!!!!! I remember!!!!!! So we don’t end up as a nation where we CURRENTLY ARE!!!!!

      We need to stop hiring lawyers to represent us as a people…. Lawyers tend to use the letter of the law, to work their way around the law, instead of WORKING WITH IT!

      By the way….. I need someone to explain what Obama has done for me personally….. And then explain what he has done legally for me….. And how I have benefitted in any way from him being elected! Really! Cause I’m not seeing it!

      • Del

        Your not seeing it because he hasn’t done anything FOR you. He has done a lot to harm you and everybody else in America. Four more years will be devastating.

      • B rian

        del…… That’s my point…. What has he done for anybody including his voting base….. They seem to be looking at American funds as monopoly money…. He has literally buried the country financially….

        Every person in this country is now accountable for 46,000….. Every man, woman, child, landed immigrant, illegal alien, and elderly…… Doesn’t matter your race, age, height, political view….. Per capita, you owe 46000! That doesn’t not include the fact that it is interest bearing, and still climbing! Or the fact that mr transparency keeps adding govt agencies that need to be funded….

        So thanks Obama…. Thank you for taking away my liberties! Thanks for not keeping your word, and destroying the constitution….. Who needed it right? Thanks for empowering the people to continue to do nothing to help themselves….. That are currently doing nothing to help themselves! Thanks for breaking our economy….. Now we actually have something to fix! Can’t just look at it anymore and say,”wow… Looks like it might break!”

        Big shout out to Obama!!!!!!! Thanks for redefining the American dream…… Appreciate you letting me keep at least some of my paycheck! It’s very nice of you! But I’m sure there is still a single mother somewhere that you can give the rest too! Only doing my part as an American citizen!

      • Mike in MI

        Well, B rian -
        You clearly don’t understand how he sees the Constitution.
        Remeber a few years ago – if ANYTHING he said back then is still a dictum in effect this is probably it – he complained about OUR Constitution being a document that limits the powers of government and ddoesn’t delineate what the govenment can do to the people to help them.
        So, your statement is improperly phrased. Democrats no longer think in terms of, “What has the government done for you?” or “Ask not what your country (government) can do for you, ask what you can do for your country (government).”
        Now-a-days under Kenyan rule the thoughts are, “What can we do to them today?”

      • Randy131

        Your sarcasm and irony have not gone unnoticed! We have two political parties that are diametrically opposed to each other through their philosphies and principles, but the problem is that one of those political parties has been infiltrated by some people with those same philosphies and principles of the opposing political party, which we call RINOs. Until we weed them all out, we will have comments from them as John Boehner made in his feeble attempt to defend Paul Ryan from those who want to dig up the mistakes Paul Ryan made as a Congressman. I don’t understand why they just don’t man-up and admit a mistake when they have been proven wrong, for the world’s, nor the USA’s, economy would not have collapsed if TARP wasn’t approved, John Boehner just bought into a falsehood that helped rob the US Government of billions of dollars, which now can’t be shown where it all went and who got it, they didn’t keep records, or are hiding from the auditors where the largest amount of TARP went and who got it. Sadly these are the facts that are still relevent today, most of that money is unaccountable for, and John Boehner still sticks to the the lies and propaganda that got him and Paul Ryan to agree to vote for the TARP bailout. If John Boehner and his political party had stayed true to the US Constitution, TARP would have been voted down, which is what the Tea Party wanted, and for good reasons, it is illegal to do under that old piece of paper that has the sole intentions of tellin the govt what their responsibility is and what their extent of power is, the US Constitution.

      • Mike in MI

        B rian -
        Now… about that 46,000..
        You don’t actually expect that he intends to let you ever make anywhere near 46,000 again in your life do you? If you did you might in some way discharge the debt or teach others how.
        No, he clearly wants everyone under the debt thumb of whoever holds the note. Whoever that is , you can bet they can’t afford to allow anybody space to wiggle free.
        That’s probably why he’s wanting to make the “rich” pay whatever he determines is “their fair share”. (Rest assured that “fair share” amount will put them in the poor house, too.) The “rich” are the only ones who still have their heads above his water and might be able to re-establish a free America. He knows they are the primary ones who benefit most from a free, Constitutionally defined Republic.
        Most all the founders were wealthy men (and WIVES) who understoodthat a rising tide raises all boats. Also, primarily it is God that generates wealth to those who operate His rules and laws for financial strength. That’s how we got where we are(were).

      • B rian

        well randy……

        Republicans haven’t produced a non RINO in a long time…. Who was the last republican president non RINO, reagan?

        The dems are united….. We can’t do anything ourselves to make our own lives better….. And their representatives lead their sheep right to the polling booths! “with the explination, that there are still tax payers out there…..”.

        Seriously….. What happens when there are no tax payers left….? Serious question!!!! I have an aquaintance that loves his gig! When I talk about taxes, he replies,”I pay taxes too!”. So I ask him…… Let me get this straight Carl…. The govt gives you money for nothing….. And then they require you to pay some back…. He replies yes! I’m like…… Dang!!!!! That’s what they do to me too, except they don’t give me money up front, and I have to waste 240 hours a month at work! Just think of all the time I miss away from being high, x-boxing, and hanging with the boys……

        And would you believe this…… I have to take a drug test to get a job, so I can spend so much time at work, so I can pay excessive taxes, so Carl can live….. And he doenst have to take a drug test to get paid for doing nothing….. When everybody in town knows Carl is a drug-head….. And there is nothing any of us can do to put him on the spot or remove him from govt assistance….. Where is that govt agency?! The one to report abusers!

      • B rian

        Mike from mi….

        My line 2 on my w-2 usually says 7000
        My line 4 on my w-2 usually says 2100

        This is per year…..

        I’ve been working 17 years…. Have no kids, single male, homeowner, taxpayer… The math is simple…. 7000 2100 = 9100

        9100 times 17 years = 154700

        I’ve paid that 46000 three times…… And I have another 30 years to go until I retire!

        Really….. I don’t mind paying taxes…. But I hate feeding other countries, paying off their generals to give up war, good ole fashion corruption, paying these lazy politicians to destroy the American way of life! I don’t mind paying for the roads and bridges that I didn’t build…..

      • DaveH

        Randy131 says — “one of those political parties has been infiltrated by some people with those same philosphies and principles of the opposing political party, which we call RINOs”.
        The problem is, Randy, that the Republican Party has been populated by RINOs since their inception 160 years ago. They have never really been what the common citizens thought they were (same true for modern day Democrats).
        The Republican Party was founded on Mercantilism. Read this to learn a little about it:

      • Steve Lupton

        You answered your own question, the same Republicans and Democrats are voted back into office year after year, so nothing changes. I blame Congress more then I do anyone, instead of bickering party polotics, they need to get down to business!

      • Louis F. Poulin

        AMEN brother. Like they say in southern Russia “Tough [expletive deleted] to Obama and shame on Boehneer.

      • TIME

        Dear B rian,

        Laywers really don’t work for you, even when you hire them. If you do your home work like all of you should do, what you will find is that they are {First and formost working for the Court System / the De Facto Gov.} Afterall they are noted as; ” Officers of the Court.”

        The only real reason you really need a Laywer after 1860 – is they understand the way the NEW system works / proper procedures. After 1871 – All Laws in the US are based on Admirality Maritime laws, and you will note they work by “PROPER – Procedures.”

        Thus if you defend yourself and don’t use the Proper Procedures then you loose; its really that simple, even if you have stacks of evidence that proves you have been wronged. You still loose!

        Until we either go back to the ” Original Constitution” RIP as of December 20th 1860 – or start a totaly new form of Government, if not then we are saddly bound to the system that was built during not only the “RE-CON-Struction era.” but the new forming of a Government era { 1861 – 1878.}
        Again as I keep pointing out thats something most Americans still have yet to figure out.
        Thats a bloody shame – even after 150 years Americans still even with the age of Computers can’t get their gray matter around.

        What we have now is a “Soft Fascist” form of gov. as of 1871.

        But hey lets just put in a new motor again and see how that works out, so far over the last 150 years its been a bust!
        But who knows perhaps this time rather than fixing the flat tire a motor change will do the trick.

        Let me know after June 2013 how that works out. I would bet a good amount not a single thing will change, oh wait, no – as of January 2013 we all get the special OCare starting up so the American Middle class will have to fork up a NEW – TAX Burden of nearly $500 Billion.

        Anyone for another laywer in office?

        Peace and Love

      • ron . r

        I will if you can tell me what Bush, Romney Ryan , the drunk of the house and the tea brainers have and can do for the country.

        • Gerry

          They will make a lots more better that Socialist Obama and Company (Democrats).

    • Paul B.

      And if that doesn’t work we may be dragging our clubs from storage in the cave. 4 more years of this administration would kill this country who is gasping for air after only 3 1/2 years.

      Boehner is not a good conservative leader. Maybe he can be replaced after this election with a more suitable choice to represent us.

      • Paul Wells

        Paul B.,
        I agree John Boehner (and Mitch McConnell, while we’re at it) are both setting the party back. Neither one will take the gloves off and go after Obumass and Holder as they should. They seem just a little too comfortable to not rock the boat, and to go along to get along. Thus, I can see why they don’t like the Tea Party.

      • joe seven

        Unelect John Boehner. Unfortunately only his district can do that and I fear that won’t happen.

      • Gerry

        About Lawyers….Some one told me that They are like bananas…”You can NOT find one straight”…Now I need a contribution to defend myself in Court for “libel” Defamation”, etc etc.

    • Average Joe

      JimH ,
      I believe in those same ideals and I am glad thier there are some others that also hold those ideals…..
      But, most of all…
      I believe the the Unites States of America is about to become relegated to a very small section in history books as a great experiment in self governance that failed due to the apathy and ignorance of its’ own citizens.

      PT Barnum once said that there is a sucker born evey day…seems like 90% of the folks that I meet and talk to…were born to be suckers and fullfill Barnum’s analogy with everything they say and do.
      These folks aren’t going to the polls to “Vote”…they are simply taking up space and “casting a ballot” for Mr. or Mrs. Right Now …they will worry about tomorrow..if and when it arrives…. poor deluded fools.
      Those folks will follow the herd over the cliff and vote for the lesser of two evils (whatever the hell that is) and finish off a once great nation.
      No, I will not be happy with thier choices…but it seems that we are outnumbered by non-thinkers, willing to sell thier souls to get thier slice of a non- existent pie.

      I have gotten to the point where I don’t even wish to discuss politics anymore…as we get closer to the election…the comments and stupidity spewing from the mouths of most folks.. gets more nasty and less intelligent.
      Goodbye America, it has been nice knowing you….the people are trading you in for another model.

      Good Luck,
      Best wishes,
      May God have mercy on us all

      • DaveH

        Don’t give up, Joe. We need you.

      • Gerry

        Karl Marx, Obama and Democrats KNOW very well……THE MASSES DON’t think and they are very good at taking advantage…..We need a LEADER(S) that are not Marxist. We need to Unite and do something, but I do not know were to start and whom to trust. (sight) May be on my next reencarnation all be better. For now I just claim to G… for mercy.

      • Average Joe

        Iti isn’t so much that I’ve given up, as mas as I am tired of trying put put the truth out there for people to see and having those people ignore the truth and the facts presented.
        I used to hear people say “Put garbage in, get garbage out”, now it seems that with the liberal mindset…. if we put knowlege in…they still spew garbage out.

        I think that my biggest worry is…What is going to happen to America on December 24th, 2012? Why that date? On Demember 24, 2012, the 99 year contract with the Federal Reserve ends. If you have read “The Creature from Jekyll Island”, then you should know what I am talking about.
        For those who don’t know:

        In 1910 the US Corp. had run up a substantial debt with several rich families that had been financing US Corp. schemes for years. US Corp was short on money (being the spendthrifts they are) and could not continue to opereate, nor could they pay back thier debt to those wealthy families. Being the big spenders that US Corp. was and is, they needed more money to play with, so they approached thos same wealthy families and asked for more. The families laughed at them…”you can’t pay back what you owe….and you want more?….LOL…NO!” …”But, but, our nation will falter and die without more money”, cried US Corp. “please tell us what we can do to appease you, so that we may continue our addiction to spending money” they begged. “Well then”, says the wealthy families, “maybe we can help you, if you are willing to let us have control of the issuance of your currency and provide us with some guarantee of the return of our money”.
        “Oh my”, cried US Corp. how can we give such a guaranty without arousing suspicions from our citizens?”they pleaded. “Don’t worry your pretty little heads” exclaimed the families, “We’ll work out the details for you”. “You fellows are just too kind” replied US Corp.

        So, the families secretly met on thier private Island and hashed out all of the details and submitted “thier” plan ( and what a wonderful plan they had…for themselves).

        On December 23, 1913, while the majority of Congress was sitting at home for the holidays, a small group of men gathered to sign into law, the Federal Reserve Act.( with a 99 year contract) They signed into Law the 16th Amendment on February 3, 1913 assuring the families that should US Corp. fail to make thier payments, the citizens would be happy to make those payments for them through taxation….wasn’t that nice of them? Next, to make sure that the people wouldn’t wise up to the “scheme” and repeal thier handiwork…they Passed(?) the 17 th Amendment on May 31, 1913…changing the way our Senators are placed in office ( before, they were appointed by the governor of each state and subject to immediate recall if they didn’t do thier job). While we have the illusion of representation,in actuality, we do not. BTW, we haven’t lawfully seated any of our representatives since May 31, 1913.

        Now, here we are. US Corp. is in debt to the tune of 16 trillion dollars to the “Families” and the contract is about to expire. What happens if those families (AKA Fed Reserve) decide not to renew that contract …and demand payment in full? US Corp. must then relinquish all assets to the Families….that would include District of Columbia and all of it’s territories and holdings…Fanny and Freddy ring any bells? How about GM,Chrysler? Anything that US Corp has holdings in…must be reliquished to the Families. OH wait…all banks are also tied to the families…guess what?…Do you have a loan on your house? Car? business?…guess who will own those as well? I am guessing that since they will pretty much own the nation with few exceptions…well then, they can tear up that pesky old Constituion and run the nation anyway they see fit….after all, it is no longer our nation…it will be…. thier nation…
        End Game? You betcha…. Proerty paid for? no problem…they will take it by force…
        Don’t like it? Too bad…meet thier friends from the UN….see the big guns? Submit or die!

        Best Wishes,
        Good Luck,
        May God have mercy on us all

        • Gerry

          You are damn right…Now one question, ok some questions:—-The new owners of US and USA need to name a figure, what He be called” Emperor, King, Fuhrer, CEO, Chairmen? Dictator, or Comrad”? Maybe SAVIOR? or they just declare him GOD? Take your pick, but forget it about to put the new name for a VOTE.. They know better, WE are just sheeps, take it or prepare to be kiled. G… have mercy.

      • Louis F. Poulin

        I agree with you 1050% and to say the least, people voting on a straight ballot when they know it is not in the best interest, they just as soon stay away from the polls. Obama cheating butt allowed for one million and a half for amnesty for illegal children and students in the US to get votes for his butt, but I personall think he should be impeached for Criminally ursurping the Constitution.

    • Rachel

      You got that right!! I will add my AMEN too!

    • 45caliber

      And what I believe should be “real budget cuts” are cuts in the EXISTING budget – not cuts from a proposed budget ten years from now. In fact, I think we should cut enough to not just balance the budget but to leave some extra there to be used to pay off our debt.

      I can remember making orders for office stuff many years ago. I KNEW my boss would cut at least one item from any order we made. So the last two items on my requisition were always things I really didn’t want or need so he could feel good about cutting them. Those are exactly what Congress will cut from any proposed budget – things meant to be cut so they can get everything they want. And it saves no money at all, since they still spend all they want and planned to spend on things they don’t really need.

    • Sal DiIorio


    • Glenda

      You are so right. No business is too big to fail. I want responsible conversatives representing me in Washington. No more bail outs, hand outs, cash for clunkers, welfare, food stamps and so on. I want Obamacare and Dodd Frank repealed ASAP! If politicians are ask to vote for legislation that is convaluted and polluted with ear marks then don’t vote for it. Demand that it be rewritten or tabled all together. Demand that our government representatives reduce the size of government and only vote on legislation that is trully a SOLUTION and not a band-aid for our serious problems. Enough already.

  • http://charter jo smith

    He should cry for what he and other have done. Don’t blame the tea party blame the ones in washington. We need the tea party to oppose these people wh are to smug.


      You are absolutely correct. Notice I didn’t say “RIGHT” as it causes some people to become anxious. The “POLITICAL ELITES” in Washington are found on both sides of the isle. T^he “Teaparty ” has recognized and is following the correct path, that is, electing “CONSERVATIVES” whose values are consistant with traditional American political thought of a “Constitutional Republic” exercising “Enumerated Powers” to benefit the people and are not acting more to preserve the encumbents power within the political parties..

    • http://Idon'tknow john vance

      Boner is so namby pamby it is unreal The old school repubs better watch out they too can be replaced

  • kd powell

    the Republican party needs to shed the weak kneed Boener and mcconnel
    the old dogs of summer need to go
    and i am not a tea partier but an independent
    God save us

    • Joe

      One hundred % percent correct! When they take both the sen and oo they need to get rid of John weeper!

    • bamanana

      Boehner & McConnel must go!! They are just as guilty as the socialist democrats. Join the tea party to help get these ball-less men out. Boehner/Ohio McConnel/Kentucky help with donations & volunteer to help their opponents defeat these “RHINOS”!!!

  • daniel

    I could give a rats sphincter what Boehner thinks!!! If it was not for the Tea Party activism he would still be polishing Nancy’s shoes. This male of the species that is supposedly known as a deal maker should be given the title of Sir Fold a Lot. He snaps when the pressure is on to stand up for principal. Did I say I did not care for the man?

    • The Blue Collar Man

      Isn’t there some mechanisim to remove this less than intelligent Speaker? Now, not next week!


    comments coming from this turd is hardly credible. He has shown this Country his worthlessness in Congress and as Speaker. Anyone that has been paying attention to his actions knows this. I’m guessing his days in congress are numbered.

    • Winddrinker

      “Bend-over Boehner” is worthless. He and his but-buddy,obumscum, spend too much “golf time” together.

    • Maurice Jackson (@mrmo57)

      Don’t count on getting rid of him soon. Just look at Harry R., Nancy P. and Maxobsein W.

  • braindeadus

    If ever we needed a replacement in congress it’s this cry baby.

    • rocketride

      As H.L.Mencken observed:
      Politicians are like diapers. Both need to be changed frequently– and for the same reason.

  • Gerald Smith

    Weeper in chief is an apt title for this loser. We handed him an overwhelming mandate in 2010 and he has all but wasted it, caving into the democrats every chance he gets and worse than that, insulting the Tea Party. This is a textbook example of why the establishment types in Washington have all got to go.

  • bruce

    let bonehead cry a river. the republican party needs leadership and knuckle dragger john aint it. time to change as there is no hope for this fossil

  • William

    I saw the interview and watch the video above again, not sure I am seeing the connection this article is trying to make with the tea party in general. There will be times on certain issues and votes that members will have to go against there philosophy that benefit the country in the short run but then resume with following there core beliefs. To me what Boehner meant saying the Knuckle Draggers are the members on both sides that will vote the same way no matter what and not take in to consideration that sometimes there may be votes like the rest of us have to make in general elections where you have to hold your nose and cast it for the benefit of everyone and move past the problem. This probably contributed to Obama getting elected, to many didn’t want him and decided to make it a protest vote because they didn’t like McCain and just didn’t vote.

    • DaveH

      So it makes a difference if a Republican takes away our Freedom, instead of a Democrat taking away our Freedom?
      For Limited Government, Free Markets, Personal Responsibility, Individual Liberty, and the PEACE that accompanies those — Vote Libertarian!

      • William

        Nope, that was not what I said, just commenting on the subject of the article.

    • DaveH

      Principles can not be compromised. If you are willing to do so to make a deal, then you didn’t really have Principles to begin with.

  • Grease


    • DaveH

      Honestly Establishment Republicans.

    • Average Joe


      Who are these “TWO HONEST PEOPLE ” that you referring to? Are you referring to Ron Paul and Gary Johnson? If not, you are simply deluding yourself and have not done your due diligence in vetting the candidates.
      Best Wishes,

    • nc

      Grease, have you read the letters that “Honest” Paul Ryan wrote asking for, actually begging for STIMULUS MONEY , to create GREEN jobs in his state and then saying he didn’t ask for the money AND THEN ONLY MINUTES AGO ADMITTED HE DID ASK FOR THE MONEY! He actually voted for TARP for bush but condemned it for Obama and then begged the Obama administration for it! “HONEST” MY BIG FAT BUTT!!

  • G. Smith

    I’m ok with Ryan if he was the real deal. He voted for every money pit spending bill during the bush years, most of which were not even accounted for let alone paid for. So he’s just another big spending politician. Now he has this budget thing getting a lot of at-a-boys with a lot of fuzzy math in it … filled with more assumptions than facts. I agree in his dislike for scammers and gamers of the system. I agree that loop holes need to be closed but his boss at this moment is the commander and chief of loop holes and shelters. While they are legal I have to ask who made them legal? Certainly not we 99 % er’s and you can bet that those loop holes if closed will soon be replaced because short of making it illegal there is no attempt to deal with lobbiest and easily corrupted politicians that will fill the void with new ones.

    • nativetexan

      Have you ever considered a remedial English course to try to help you over the government school instruction you obviously received? By the way, what is your point?

      • DaveH

        I found his comment to be very insightful with a minimum of grammar errors. Who made you the board Grammar Police, Native?
        Perhaps if you’d learn a little more about what’s really going on, you would have understood better what G. Smith was saying.

      • Deerinwater

        I found his posting dead on myself David. When “nativetexan” does not “approve of the message” he turn into the Grammar Police, finding himself unable to offer a sound rebuttal I’m left to believe.

        All wind & beans. When he dies , his family can give him an enema and bury him in a cigar box.

    • Liberterian

      You are correct what a choice between Romney, Ryan and Obama. They are all the same spenders but not payers and flip flop when it comes owing up to it. The only real choice was still Ron Paul.

      • bamanana

        I agree with you that once again the party man will run for president. But this time we independents,liberterians & republicans have to vote Obama out!! We cannot stay home or throw away our vote on anyone but the 2 that are running. This will surely put Obama back in office. Please Ron Paul supporters our country will be no longer if Obama gets re-elected. We are stronger in numbers we cannot be divided or the marxist will win.

      • DaveH

        I’ve been hearing that same tired excuse, bamanana, for 40 years now (from both sides). How long does it take you to catch on to their game? Evil is still just Evil, lesser of not. Many of the same Crony Capitalists support both statist regimes. They don’t care if it’s Republicans aiding their Crony Capitalism or it’s Democrats aiding their Crony Capitalism, as long as they get their aid.
        It’s nigh time that people wake up to the game and quit rubber-stamping the Elitists’ chosen candidates.
        Read this book to start getting a clue about what’s going on:

      • Andy

        I agree with bamanana–it’s like knowing the gun is GOING to go off, but you have the choice of moving the aim from your heart to your leg. We are still gonna get shot but maybe, Lord willing, it won’t be fatal.

      • DaveH

        No, it’s more like pointing the gun at your lungs so you can die a slow ugly death choking on your own blood.

      • Patriot38

        You’re right, Ron Paul would be the better choice. However, he can’t beat Obama in our present screwed up voting system. Obama believes in the Golden Rule, or at least half of it; Do unto others! But what do you expect from a guy with only half a name; Mouthah. If we don’t get him out of the saddle this time, I seriously doubt if there will be a next time. Have a nice day!

      • DaveH

        Patriot says — “However, he can’t beat Obama”.
        And your proof for that is where?
        I say he can better than any other Republican Candidate:

  • Theodore Gager

    Liar of the house Boner must be getting ready to retire soon. Lets see to it for him okay Ohio?

  • Theodore Gager


  • dan

    I’d like to scrape my knuckles across that suntanned /smug mug of that compromiser/RINO….grrr

  • SSMcDonald

    Establishment Republicans like Boehner and McConnell fear losing their positions of “leadership.” My belief is the sooner they lose their leadership positions, the better for the USA. RINOs are unacceptable in any Congress.

    • jim

      It’s time to register the “Tea” and have a real party.

      • Rob (StGeorge) Manwiller

        In 2016 the Tea Party might be big enough to kick all the big government politicians. But if O-Blame-o stays in office, all bets are off. Won’t be much left of our country, unfortunately.

      • DaveH

        There will always be the “lesser of two evils” choice pushed on the American people by the elitists. It’s time we all wake to the scam and start voting only for Principled politicians who don’t say one thing but do another.
        If Ron Paul doesn’t run, there is another choice — Gary Johnson. But he doesn’t have a chance until Good people through off the shackles of the “lesser of two evils” paradigm and start voting for Principled people like himself and Ron Paul.
        Isn’t it time to stop being led around by the nose by Crony Capitalists and their Crony Politicians?
        Let’s quit wasting our votes on Evil, lesser or not, and start doing the right thing. Or just sit back and wait for the inevitable tyranny that both Establishment parties will bring to our future.

  • Ron Obvious

    Boehner is the reason why I won’t donate to the RNC. He and McConnell are post children for when we need Term Limits! I’m from KY, and just waiting for a good conservative to run against McConnell in a primary to get rid of Mitch! He is an old man, who should be put to pasture! It goes to show you how much folks believe in the people of this country, when they stay in office, term after term, rather than step aside and allow someone else to come in. Career politicians are the bane of this country’s future, as well as it’s present’s. Until we get term limits and put limits on Supreme Court Justices service, this country is doomed to be ruled by power-hungry old men and women!

  • Norm

    Along with 90 of his House Republican colleagues, Paul Ryan voted for TARP four years ago. At the time, he argued that the bank bailout — initially estimated to cost $700 billion — was necessary “in order to preserve this free enterprise system…if we fail to do the right thing, heaven help us.” Ryan also voted that year to support the auto bailout.

    • DaveH

      Didn’t Obama, who you support Norm, do the same?

      • Norm

        I think the bailouts were unfortunate but necessary. It’s the Ryan hypocrisy that bothers me.
        Romney has been on both sides of every argument that there is, and now Ryan is following down the same path.
        Ryan’s alleged “great love” for Ayn Rand is another big joke.

      • DaveH

        I would say you fit the Hypocrisy label pretty well yourself, Norm.

  • Liberterian

    Romney is still trying to deny Romnycare, the mother of obamacare. Tax, penalty whatever they are exactly the same. What Romney or Ryan say they will change, will change like the big flip flop sound, if and when they become part of the Washington establishment and walk a mile in their shows. No one will be able to tell them from the others.

    • Rob (StGeorge) Manwiller

      This is soooooo not true.

  • John

    This statement below is causing most of the problems we have.

    There will be times on certain issues and votes that members will have to go against their philosophy that benefit the country in the short run but then resume with following their core beliefs.

    The statement above is pure CRAP!

    If the budget that is proposed is over what is received in taxes what would you do?
    A. raise the debt ceiling and go into debit?
    B. Remove items that are not accentual for the country to remain strong and serving the people who’s money is collected?

    Bone head Boehner would vote to raise the debt limit. And you William probably would too.

    Principles are something that makes a person who they are and what that stand for. So if you waver from your core principles then you’re selling out.

    For instance our governor is crying that we need more money to repair bridges so our school busses can cross safe bridges.

    But yet takes our tax money and gives it to illegal aliens for medical, housing, food subsidies etc and then the federal government take’s and gives illegal aliens $2,500.00 per child supposedly living in these homes. Most of the children are not even living here in the USA they are in fact living in Mexico. Which by the way is where most of the $2,500.00 for each of the 8 children is sent?

    My area used to have two trash days a week. But now because of so many give-a-ways we have been cut back to one day a week. And let me tell you when you keep your trash for 7 days in the summer it stinks real bad!!

    I also live in an area that pays higher taxes because I live on the water. But instead of paving our road which is in bad shape the county sprayed tar on the street and then put stone chips down. Now when our kids fall off their bikes instead of road burn they have hunks of skin ripped out on these sharp stone chips. But go to a government project housing area and the streets are paved and in good repair. I wonder where they found the money to do that.

    Then there are the lobbyists. Talk about an atrocity!!! These folks are doing whatever they can to get our congressman and Senators to spend “We The Peoples” money on things that mostly do not benefit the people who’s money is taken for taxes.

    Now I don’t know about you but I think the government should not be involved with charity. Charity was always something that the churches and local business and the wealthy have supported. Or at least they did until the people of the community were taxed to death and had no spare income to give.

    Let’s face it. Anyone receiving a penny from the state or local government and not working for it in some way needs to be stopped or they need to pull their own weight by doing something. People in government housing do not even mow their own grass for god’s sake.

    In closing let’s just say that the people who are paying taxes are supporting people who do not help themselves and will not unless pushed to do so.


    • William

      Hello John, you make valid points that I don’t disagree especially with spending more than the revenue taken in and I think that it is currently way too high. I don’t think they should be raising anyone’s taxes on the rich or anyone else, they should be cutting spending and I think they should have refused to raise the debt ceiling until a budget was passed. As far as roads we pay more than a dollar on every gallon of gas that should be repairing them and I would like to know where that money is going. I am not advocating abandoning core beliefs and we do need to clear out the congress we just seem to keep aiming at the ones closer to what we believe in and not aiming at the ones that are trying to turn us into a welfare state. Unfortunately we don’t have a qualification test at the ballot box which I am sure 70 to 80 percent of the voting public would fail, which reminds me of who I dislike more Obama or Holder? Followed by the senility twins Harry R and Nancy P

    • mark

      Dear John,

      You do realize that to balance the budget in one year you would have to cut our current budget by over one third. That would mean massive, unprecedented federal and military lay-offs, and one-third cuts in all current programs, Social Security, Medicare, Federal, and military pensions, Stafford loans that keep 60% of our current college students in school, etc. Such immediate draconian cuts would throw the United States into a depression that would dwarf our current troubles and probably double U.S. unemployment. Only complete idiots and Tea Party nuts want to do this. No Tea Party candidates elected on the promise to do this will actually do this because even they have a tiny modicum of intelligence and responsibility.

      So what do you do, you raise the debt ceiling and put in a ten year program of more moderate and responsible cuts to get the budget back into balance by the year 2023 not the year 2013. Your solution is suicidal. And as bad as many of our current representatives are – none of them will be a party to committing national suicide as you and the more extreme Tea Partiers would. By the way, you would no doubt be among the first one to complain when your Social Security pension, military pension, and Medicare was immediately cut by over one third of its current level.

    • Andy

      “Principles are something that makes a person who they are and what that stand for. So if you waver from your core principles then you’re selling out.” Amen! It’s kinda like being a “little bit pregnant”.

    • DaveK

      I agree with you , John, that people should be doing something for the money and services they receive: getting job training or at least parenting classes so they could do a better job raising their kids. One thing yo fail to realize is that our federal taxes are lower than they have been in a long time (fifty years or more?) That more than the spending is why we are having problems.

  • Chester

    Gentlemen,all of you. If Mr. Boehner had “caved in to the opposition every chance he got,” We would NOT have received even ONE downgrade on our national debt status. It is because he, and his Tea Party companions, refused to compromise in any way that we have not only gotten that one downgrade, but are looking at some serious cuts in a number of areas come January 1. Well, that is true unless lightning strikes and a whole bunch of people on the hill get religion and see their way to working with each other rather than standing back and saying NO to any possible compromise while they call the other side stupid and other choice words for not going their way. My way or the highway doesn’t work too well unless you have the power in place to enforce it, which, thank goodness, the Tea Party doesn’t. All they can do now is act as spoilers, keeping anything useful from getting done simply because they disagree with either who started the bill, or some small technicality in the bill.

    • DaveH

      Chester says — “If Mr. Boehner had “caved in to the opposition every chance he got,” We would NOT have received even ONE downgrade on our national debt status”.
      So you have experienced the parallel universe where your path was chosen, Chester? Otherwise, how could you know what would have happened?
      Do you think rating agencies will continue the sham of ignoring debt increase after debt increase for long? If they did, they would lose their business in a hurry. After all, their investors aren’t going to continue listening to their advice if it is wrong-headed.
      That was the Tea Party candidates’ only way to stop the out of control Government Spending that they were elected to stop in the last two years. Instead about half of them caved and went the Establishment route.
      But thanks for reminding me, Chester. Here is a list, Folks, of those Tea Party candidates that caved to the Establishment:

  • Ray

    We get the government we deserve. For far too long now we’ve voted Republican when we should have voted Libertarian. But I guess things will really have to go in the toilet before that lesson sinks in with the silent majority. Hopefully that day will come before the Republic is destroyed. Most of us have pledged allegiance to “the flag, and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands.” Unfortunately our Republic has been transformed into a Democracy–which as any student of history knows–will only stand until the public realizes it can vote itself largesse from the public till.

    We need to restore the Republic and that means restoring the shackles on Government power enshrined in the Constitution. Since the mainstream Republican and Democratic parties will never vote to restore those limitations on their power our only hope is the Libertarian party.

    If you will not vote your principles, how can you expect them to be upheld by those you elect?

  • Rogue Elephant

    I may still be a registered Republican, but this is merely one more reason why I refuse to follow their “leadership”.

  • CB

    Boehner has been a dissappointment. He’s all talk and little action. The Republicans need to appoint a new leader. One who can actually lead.

  • William 1

    Boehner has been —”bought”! RHINO and almost as dumb as Biden!

    • Del

      No, I disagree. No one can be as stupid as Biden.

      • Rob (StGeorge) Manwiller

        “RHINO” is the actual animal. RINO is Republican In Name Only. Learn this to keep your credibility stronger and longer!

      • deerinwater

        Then a CINO is a Conservative in name only.

  • MIKI

    to David H None are so blind as those who refuse to see. History proves – if you have lived long enough that when there are elections and to break the intent to oust a candidate – all that has to be done is have 3 candidates. Two always end up short — the third who in this case we are trying to oust — WILL WIN (for your eyesight) Please turn your zeal to reality. We can’t have the best perhaps, but it will be better than what we have!!!

    • DaveH

      History has shown that Government just keeps Growing and Growing and Growing, because too many people like yourself have drunk the Kool-Aid.
      But as Hitler said — “How fortunate for Leaders that people do not think”.

  • murryblue

    Serious? Gary Johnson even stole his ending joke from Rush…….what makes him so good? Where did he go during the debates? Didn’t hear anything excellent from him at all.

  • FlyOverCountryJeff

    Boner is a douche. I have despised him since he became speaker. Let the Tea Party take over the house and we can get his arse out of that position and get a principled conservative in his place.

  • rick

    When all is said and done, we must pick one. Otherwise, we leave it to others to pick for us. I am not happy with the RNC Presidential Candidate, somewhat happy with the VP pick, but definitely looking forward to future races where I will work harder for the principled candidates.

    • DaveH

      There will always be the Lesser of Two Evils conundrum because foolish people have allowed the PTBs to get away with it by not voting for Principle. If I sound a little upset, it’s because ignorant people have been running my life for 62 years now, and I’m just a little sick of it.


    Does anyone have this *ssholes email address? I think this knuckle dragger has a few choice words for him. Why do Republician think it’s OK to insult other Republicians/consertives? You know we are the people who voted you in office…..

  • D. Smith

    Paul Ryan is going to turn out to be a horrid choice, but I’m not voting for rMoney anyway, and I’m certainly not voting for Obozo, so it just doesn’t matter. I do believe the tea party has some plans which they haven’t yet uncovered, so we’ll see what time has to say about that statement of Mr. Bonehead, who is the leader of the knuckle draggers if you ask me. He pretends to oppose this, that and the next thing – and then the following week he’s all of a sudden in support of the same thing he opposed the week prior. He needs to put “pick up spine” on his next shopping list. I like Bob’s newsletters, but this business of supporting Paul Ryan has me wondering if I’m wise to keep subscribing to the nonsense.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear D.Smith,

      You write: ” I like Bob’s newsletters, but this business of supporting Paul Ryan has me wondering if I’m wise to keep subscribing to the nonsense.” Where have you seen anything to make you believe we are in the “business of supporting Paul Ryan?”

      Best wishes,

  • http://Yahoo George

    How did a foreign citizen get to sit in our President’s chair?
    How did the person get to SEAL his background?
    Who was in charge of protecting the Constitution while this evil action was conducting?
    When will the Trials of the responsible people conducted? By whom?
    As I observe around this country, everything seems to be pretty ordinary in Public Affairs.
    Am I missing something here?
    Did I take a Nap and woke up 50 years later?
    Who’s in Charge?
    Or…I awakened and I am Insane!!
    Someone! Help ME!!
    P.S. Hasn’t someone checked the water? The cause may be just that simple!

    • DaveH

      They will get away with whatever the apathetic citizens allow them to get away with.

  • mohican

    I often wonder if Boehner is an idiot, or lives in a bubble, or is a coward, or just doesn’t care. Or some combination. Everytime the RNC calls for a donation I tell them that as long as he is speaker of the House, They’ll get no money from me.

    • jcrawdad

      I agree with you. I think Boehner agrees to much to be the speaker of the House, and he wants to make a compromise instead of standing up. I thought the Tea party was wanting to remove him for someone that would make a stand. Where did that go.?

  • All American

    Boehner loner the turncoat…

  • Tom Tooker

    Dear Bob, …..” Why TeaPartiers like Ryan is beyond me…” ? Perhaps it’s because you just repeat what you’ve heard. No effort there. I have heard the same and similar comments from my fellow T’s… And many times they too never checked the reasoning behind the votes. So , here. Read, consider. All your commentary will now have to taken with a grain of salt, ,, and here, I would rather hear Ryan’s reasoning and be given a chance to agree/disagree than hear negatves without explanation, without research….There are many, many reasons to like Paul Ryan. And with his selection, the majority of us couldn’t be happier. Any problems with his reasoning..? You were free to make those assertions in your article, where they should have been…

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Tom Tooker,

      You write: “Perhaps it’s because you just repeat what you’ve heard. No effort there.” You’ll look far and wide to find someone who puts more effort into researching and understanding what I write about than do I.

      You write: ” And many times they too never checked the reasoning behind the votes. So , here. Read, consider. All your commentary will now have to taken with a grain of salt, … I would rather hear Ryan’s reasoning and be given a chance to agree/disagree than hear negatves without explanation, without research….” You have fallen for the big lie. Ryan engaged in a feat of linguistic legerdemain and you bought it hook, line and sinker. Here is some reading for your enlightenment: Also, stay tuned for our analysis on Ryan tomorrow. In short, Paul Ryan is a fascist.

      You write: “There are many, many reasons to like Paul Ryan. And with his selection, the majority of us couldn’t be happier. Any problems with his reasoning..?” Yes. You claim to be a Tea Partier (sentence 3), but I suspect you’re more a “compassionate conservative” ala neocon warmongering big spender George W. Bush. I’ll take your comments with a grain of salt.

      Best wishes,

      • deerinwater

        Good for you Bob Livingston!

        I wonder what it is about an “Empty Shirt” that makes them find themselves so appealing to each other?

        Paul Ryan Track Record in politics speaks for itself and indicative of how leadership has failed Americans and there is nothing that you or I can say to make Paul Ryan appear less appealing.

  • Eric Lee Shively

    boehner needs to drop dead

  • 45caliber

    Boehner is one of those GOP members who have been in Washington far too long. He is so used to making deals with the DEMOs to get what he wants, he simply cannot understand the principal of saying “No more!” He is willing to vote for some big thing they want (like Oblamacare) in return for some small thing he wants that might get him a few more votes. In fact all Congress is trying to do over the last fifty years or so is buy votes rather than actually govern this country by passing needed laws. Any laws they feel might be needed are left to the professional – and permanent – bureaucracy to write and enforce. A bureaucracy that is political and belongs to the political party that NEVER leaves Washington – the “grow government” party.

  • Joseph Jr.

    I have little respect for ” Boner ” . He has been in office way too long and has never been a conservative. Tea Praty calls them RINOs. Republican in name only. Losing them to Democrats is nothing. Them believe in socialism just as they do. Is this a mark against Romney and Ryan ? Well, no. They will have control of who does what and when once in office. The amount of ” RINOs ” will be way less after Nov. Tea Party candidates have been winning alot of primaries and will win the House , Senate < and White House.

  • Rick (Marquand Missouri)

    Ya know I am an Independent Voter! I try to see both-sides of the fence! However, This election 2012 makes No-sence! I mean hear ya Got President Oboma Wanting another 4 more year’s of self Preservation and asking America yet again His need for change is what we want? His action’s and his change is slightly diffrent! Now Romney has No-clue! His Rich out of touch with any American making $ 200,000.00 or less! They Both are in the election for there selfishness and Greed! Do you really think Both of these men Give a HOOT to your circumstance in life? No!!!!! Romney is planning on Taxing the hell out of Middle class America and Preisdent Obama His idea is the change of power too changeing Laws to Government Control over every American! That way They can take what is yours! They are No-longer wanting a Tax they want your ass too!

  • MIKI

    Opinions – opinions – opinions — Everybody has one — as I’ve read these messages it occurs to me that the Democrats are laughing all the way ‘to the bank’ — again history proves, divide and conquer’ works EVERY TIME. If we don’t stand united – we’re going to FAL:L and I can hear the whimpering of those who were SURE their candidate would have saved the USA — We have a team that has been selected — we either support them – or accept the consequences of 4 more years of the same only worse from this administration.
    Our only hope is to plead with God that he will give us another chance by His grace to use some common sense and quit the ‘juvenille bickering that conveys ‘I know best’ instead of recognizing that first we must unseat the evil — then we can work on correcting the problem.

  • numbers

    Isn’t he the nuckle head that made the Drive us off the Fiscal Cliff deal with the Democrats? Rather a nuckledragger than a Nucklehead.

  • SomieTx

    Obama cannot be re-elected. Too dangerous for us and the U.S. Did you see the movie? 2016: Obama’s America The Movie “asks questions the media won’t ask” says Breitbart. This is the only investigation into Obama’s past and America’s future. The American people want to know about Barack Obama. Check out the website for theater listings or Fandango

  • DaveH

    I just caught a glimpse of a news program where the reporter was saying there was a new health care alert for baby boomers and that the Fed is saying we need to get tested for a new disease. Anybody know anything about that?

    • Gerry

      Nope.. Were you exactly here or see that?.. New disease? Dont believed. According to the farmacologic labs. if they find a new drug, they invent a new disease to sell the product

  • SomieTx

    Let’s face a reality; “we must ensure that ‘the other party’ wins the next elections! It may help if we can motivate ourselves and others to vote. A vote we don’t cast; will favor the oposite party & that’s a no-no-no! I trust the new party will be excellent as they already know what’s urgently needed! We know have heard Gov Romney has the experience creating doors for people to work and will do it again. The field is wide open and their desire to improve our economy vast. We must extend our vote of trust to encourage them because we care. Healing comes with the victory of our party. Our part is to make sure that “the party that is in now; “is replaced with the party that is out”. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow will be full of many spendored things!

  • SomieTx

    Dave and Gerry comment concerning the new thing… it would be just that – a thing to create fear and offer a vaccine they must have ready for ev erybody. Except that according an article on the health group on Newsmax; the best vaccine is the one “we never got”; meaning don’t get alarmed. I’ve never being vaccinated and have been healthy all my life = not even a cold. This admin moves people with fear – stay clam. Please stay well; your vote is needed.

    • DaveH

      I saw a little more, later. It was about Hepatitus B. The little bit I saw was sounding like mandatory testing. Since when can the Fed dictate that we get mandatory testing? Is this what we’ve let ourselves in for with Obamacare?

      • Gerry

        Yeap Dave. If Obama get reelected, WE have to do what He said OR ELSE.. And I do Not want to imagin what the Or else” will be.

      • Whit

        I believe the warning comes from the CDC in reference to Hepatitis C:

  • Jay

    The politics of the United States are actually quite simple. There are two major parties, the Communists and Fascists. Every four times the Earth makes it all the way ’round the Cheese, both of these parties hold a National Convention.

    At these conventions, the parties nominate Uglo-Americans to run for the Presidency in an erection. Also at these conventions parties create what is known as their “plank,” named as such because every politician wanted to be a pirate when he was younger.

    Once upon a time, these “planks” involved stances on controversial issues, but more recently they have been shortened to a single-sentence about loving freedom or some other nonsense, to accommodate the shortened attention span of Americans since the invention of the internet.

    American Politics is fairly simple; you too can get started in just ten easy minutes a day with my self-help video!

    Whichever party is in control of the Presidency is correct, unless it is the Democrats. In Congress, the occasional healthcare bill is voted down so that more billion-dollar bridges can be built in the Alaskan tundra, while the minority party takes every chance it can to filibuster every important issue the majority party might actually get to pass, unless it is for billion-dollar bridges.

  • Susan k.

    Time for you to step down John. The old Republican establishment is dying. We knuckedraggers are energized and the likes of you, Rove, Cheney and other “good old’ boys” are about to eat our dust. Enjoy your last thead of power. From the grass roots up, we are moving to restore Constitutional principles and remove by vote those who have prostituted those principles. That includes you.

    • Gerry

      You mean that Obama and Biden and Pelosi are going out too? Because they are the ones that been s… on the Constitution. , Remember,Obi say that the Constitution don’t let him govern the way he wants.

  • Jay

    John Boehner is the Speaker of the U.S. House of Reprehensibles, a Congressman elected from western Ohio. In the role of Speaker, he has the power to name Members to committees, and evidently to “take away our health care” and send certain of us to the “showers.”

    Boehner’s last name is German. Your UnNews Audio anchor-people pronounce it “boner.” However, propaganda on his official U.S. House web site “recommends” the pronunciation “BAY-ner.” The correct form of addressing him is, “Sieg Heil!”

    Boehner brings diversity to the Republican delegation because, due to his affection for tanning salons, his skin color is most often described as orange.

    The Republicans in Congress were outnumbered in 2009-10 and Americans seemed to like deep-tan people who called themselves black more than they liked orange people. So Boehner necessarily took a minority role, saying “Yes sir, Mr. President” so often that his party became known as the Party of “No.”

    Back in 2008, John McCain had understood the need to be civil and not call attention to negative aspects of opponent Barack Obama, such as his full name, his country of birth, and anything he was proposing to do as President. (He merely smiled and referred to children as “smart-asses.”)

    Boehner saw the success of McCain’s approach and shielded Obama from criticism, both after Joe Wilson blurted out “You lie!” in a State of the Union speech and after Joe Barton accused Obama of shaking down BP over the oil spill. Both these ordinary Joes are now in Boehner’s broom closet with duct tape over their mouths, as Joe the Plumber is too. This results in a 2-vote handicap for the Republicans, which means that any legislative accomplishments will be all the more impressive.

    In September 2010, when Obama opposed extending the Bush income-tax cuts, Boehner came on CBS and told Bob Schieffer that he might concede that part. It’s not clear when the anchorman became President, but Boehner’s masterstroke simplified negotiations with that other President.

    Boehner expected that the Republicans would pick up seats in 2010, because the opposition always does, and Boehner’s Republicans had been uncommonly polite to Obama. Then a movement called the Tea Party gained strength. Before Boehner knew what happened, his party gained 63 seats–all of them perfect strangers with a mandate to shake things up and see some results.

    Unfortunately, the businessmen who paid good money for the laws just passed are entitled to see some results too, and Boehner is smack-dab in the middle. He has promised the Tea Party an up-or-down vote on rolling back some of the laws of the last two years–but says he might be out golfing when it happens.

    Given the current state of the Democratic Party, Boehner’s non-ideological theme for the 112th Congress is: “We’re under seventy.”

    When Obama addresses the Congress in future State of the Union addresses, he will know there is a boner standing right behind him. However, if it were not for the Tea Party, the Speaker of the House would be Barney Frank, a man you do not want directly behind you on any “issue.”

    Along with crying, laughter is a hobby of the Speaker’s–like that time he claimed he was cutting $39 billion from the federal government’s current-year spending. What a card!

    Boehner is in touch with his sappy side, bursting into tears at touching moments in the nation’s history, notably the moment when he realized that spending his “whole life chasing the American Dream” had paid off and he was going to take over the national legislature and have personal control over dishing out trillions of dollars of loot.

    Crying in public is a gambit that has immediately supercharged the careers of American male politicians, from Edmund Muskie in New Hampshire (though we all know those tears were actually snowflakes, right?), to Bob Dole, to the quivering lip of Bill Clinton. At least Clinton was faking it.

    When not bathing in bronzing solution or kicking puppies, Boehner “has a taste for” white wine, white bread, vanilla ice cream, and mayonnaise.

    CBS’s Schieffer noted that Boehner still smokes cigarettes despite the notorious health effects. Boehner deftly responded, “They’re still legal.” (That other President smokes too, and that is not a scandal.) Prostitution is legal too, in some rural counties of Nevada, and UnNews is preparing a blockbuster scandal after just a bit of additional fact-checking.

    • deerinwater

      Your best yet Jay ~ You looking to bump Ben Crystal out of work? That was actually humorous.

      Boner has the David Hamilton disease, pigment challenged disorders coupled with the fear of the Pat Boone disease, death by acute clean living.

      • Gerry

        For what you say about Boner, you must be Decomocrat/Socialist/Comunist. Are you? Whit all that dirt trowing, Yes, you are.

      • Deerinwater

        You don’t know me, ~ best keep it that way. Evidently you don’t know humor either.

        ” I had to work nights at every dirty job I could find” (spoken in tears)

        That is a Boner statement that made me realized what kind of man he was.

        For as a young married man of 17,18 and 19 who worked third trick on a 500 pound bomb line, and later machining transmission parts for Bell helicopter, averaging 60 and peaking at 76 hour per week and glad to get it. Then I went on to serve a 12 month tour of duty in Southeast Asia, in a place call Cu Chi (Ho’s hometown) on call 24/7 for 12 months, you will have to forgive me if I fail to find sympathy in Boner’s Crying Game about dirty jobs and working nights as a young man.

        Boner’s idea of manning up and my understanding of manning up are vastly different regardless where I’m a socialist, communist, republican , democrat, baby killer or tree hugger. It was this statement that made me realize I probably have little in common with most of you that seem to delight in griping and complaining and take offense at damn near everything.

        Never once did I consider my lot in life worthy of a single tear or feel I was being put upon. I had a job, a purpose, a responsibility and a duty and no time for play or think as a child of being mistreated.

  • Rick

    Would it be possible to redraw the U.S. map, so that the states that continually send all these RINO’s to DC would end up in one corner. Then we seceed them from the union.

  • chnsaw5210

    Things like this, do not inspire me to say the least. After the 2010 election, I was sure that Obama would be impeached! My hopes began to fade as time wore on. Now we have a flat out criminal laughing at us from the White House and a treasonous Congress refusing to uphold their oath!!

  • diamond1957

    MR. Spkr, the tea party isn’t a union trying to wrestle away someone else’s rights, MR. Spkr the tea party isn’t a political party or rather a centuries old club of good ole boys building their high places, MR. Spkr. the tea party is more likened to a big stick that the American people will use to beat dumbass politicians back in line or out office,

  • http://embarq nick d

    Stupid is as stupid does. how can so many people get twisted in their own thoughts and not think rationally? Yes, we need to curtail spending, and eliminate needles programs. This doesn’t reduce the principal on the dept,which is the core problem. You cannot shrink the footprint of goverment without attacking the core problem. You kid yourself and only make matters worse.

  • deerinwater

    August 16, 2012 by Bob Livingston

    “The Republican Party has a death wish.”

    Excellent opening statement Mr. Livingston, short and sweet and to the point.

    Funny how it eluded some, ~ what you are attempting to convey.

    Not to offer offense, but I would have inverted the last two paragraphs and closed with
    “— Boehner reminds Tea Partiers why they despise the party’s elites.”

    A much cleaner, stronger closing statement.

    GOP leadership has became disconnected from the average American and what they contend with ‘day in and day out’ over the last 34 years. This gap in awareness has been created by the disparity of “earning” , gated communities, private schools, prestigious neighborhoods that higher earning offers to any person that enjoys them.

    The number of Americans that enjoy such earning have been in a vertical fall and making it harder for them to enjoy representation that can win elections. These events have turned politics into a thriving Industry of it’s own.

    I don’t see a quick solution in sight, ~ it’s eat or be eaten out there and for those that fail to understand this, their future is looking rather dim.

    But clearly, the GOP must change while it’s leadership show us no intentions of doing so.

    • http://embarqmail nick d

      The tea party is a loosely knitted band of patriots, who only want to take back our countryand restore it to our core principals.Unfortunitly most of the money that supports the cause is provided by a small group of people who have their own agenda which runs contrary to most americans We need to ride ourselves of big money and the propaganda/lies of Fox news and the left leaming distortions of NMBC.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear deerinwater,

      You write: “Not to offer offense, but I would have inverted the last two paragraphs and closed with
      ‘— Boehner reminds Tea Partiers why they despise the party’s elites.’ A much cleaner, stronger closing statement.” None taken. Your editing suggestions are good ones. Sometimes, as was the case here, I’m writing and/or editing several things at once and there are so many other things going on that I’m unable to massage the prose as much as I’d like. Need a job?

      Best wishes,

  • Dad

    Can you hear me now?

    Guess not!

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