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Tea Party Favorite Takes Stand Against Repeal Voting

May 11, 2011 by  

Tea Party favorite takes stand against repeal votingRepresentative Allen West (R-Fla.), a Tea Party favorite, has voted against party lines by opposing a bill that would repeal a provision of President Barack Obama’s healthcare law.

Last week, Allen was one of only four Republicans to oppose a measure that would eliminate $100 million in funding for the construction of school-based health centers, The Hill reported. Although Allen is opposed to Obamacare, he doesn’t see the logic in approving legislation if the Senate and the President are going to ultimately reject their efforts.

“He questions what the goal is of chipping away like this if it’s almost certain that the Senate is not going to take it up,” said Angela Sachitano, a spokesperson for West, quoted by the news source.

However, on May 3, West voted in favor of a bill that would strip funding for the State-based insurance exchanges that were created by Obamacare. According to the media outlet, Sachitano would not clarify why West supported one repeal vote but not the other.

According to the National Journal, the Congressional Budget Office said that the legislation to eliminate spending on State exchanges, if signed into law, would reduce the national deficit by about $14 billion.

White House officials have indicated that Obama would veto the bill if it passed the Senate, which is unlikely.

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  • newspooner

    He seems like a good man who is mostly on our side, but as with all of them, we must make sure that he is held accountable, otherwise he should be replaced with someone better.

  • Jack Taylor

    I really can’t figure Allen West out. He says one thing but sometimes his actions don’t coincide with his words. Maybe words are all they are. Hhhhhmmmmmm.

  • friend of freedom

    Allen has some explaining to do about this vote. I can’t wait to hear it.

    • wandamurline

      To but in bluntly, he sees that this is a waste of time…the Senate will defeat this and the president would veto it…so isn’t there other important items to consider? I personally think they should wait until we regain the Senate and House and White House, then they can pull a vote on the first day of the session and repeal the whole damn thing.

      • Kate8

        wanda – That sounds great, except that O’care is being implemented further every day, and by the time (and if) that happens, it will be too late to repeal it. When has any entitlement program ever been repealed? Besides, it’s pivotal to the NWO.

        Congress has made it clear to us that we are getting this control grid shoved down our throats no matter how loud we protest. It appears that this issue (by decree of the PTB) is non-negotiable.

        Mr. West is right; it is a waste of time, and accomplishes nothing but registering another protest vote on behalf of the people. The PTB will keep Congress reigned in on this.

        It’s going to be up to we the people to refuse to comply. This will take some educating about our personal sovereignty, and it will take real courage on the parts of all those who oppose this. We have to be willing to suffer repercussions. If we wimp out, as we usually do, we are stuck with something that will prove to be far, far worse than we can now imagine.

        • The Other White Meat

          Can’t we all just join the Christian Scientist Church and exempt ourselves?

          • Carlucci

            I was wondering the same thing. I just joined a Christian ministry that helps Christians help each other share medical bills. They told me it is exempt from Obamacare.

          • Kate8

            I do not use allopathic medical care. Haven’t for over 30 years.

            If I could join a group for accident coverage, I might look at that, but no medical doctor will ever treat me for anything but an injury.

            These idiots have said that healthcare is a universal part of the human condition, so we all must join. Well, no, it isn’t. At least, not the kind they’re forcing on us. But then, we all know that our health is not what it’s all about.

      • Dean

        What could possibly be a better use of his time than representing the people that put him there?

  • Ellen

    What’s up with his spokesperson’s statement question voting on things that the Senate & president will kill anyway? The reason is that the Repubs need to show Americans what they believe in. That’s why they stood firm in the House against everything Pelosi pushed through.

  • thuff

    Is school healthcare such a good thing? Will your daughter be able to have gynacology check ups without your knowing it? What about free abortions without your knowledge or consent? Look at the schools track record with free condoms (that at best only work 25% of the time). What are our schools teaching? Schools aren’t about family yet there involved in it too much. They need to go back to teaching the 3 rs and some of those need to learn them. Have you not seen the socialist and anti christian agenda they are leaning to? Do you not notice that they accept all religions except the christian religion? Can you find anywhere in the constitution that freedom of religion is stated? The statement was taken out of a letter from Thomas Jefferson in reply to a Baptist Bishop. Can you find the law that makes abortion legal? It comes out of a Supreme Court ruling (opinion) on a civil suit. There is no law on the books. We don’t need to fund the school health programs or abortion!!!

    • wandamurline

      Actually, she can get her mamograms, pap smears and proctology examination at her local airport without charge complents of TSA.

      • Patty


      • Tom S

        Oh, that is sooooo good!

    • 5StarTexan

      tHUFF, YOU are right and hit the nail on the head! The arrogance of schools and the Obummer Adm is sickening and I do not want them to have the right to be messing with my grandkids. My grandkids take their problems to their parents who take them to their private doctor if needed. Medicade takes care of kids who cant afford doctors. If the truth was know more than likely it is Planned parenthood who is trying to get clinics in schools so they can market sex so more kids will get pregnant so more will get abortions and PP will get more government dollars!!!

    • Carlucci

      the only way that’s going to change is if people took their kids out of public schools. That won’t happen as the vast majority want the schools to babysit their kids.

  • John Thorpe

    So far, I mostly like Allen West, first term Congressman from Florida’s 22nd. district. As a first termer, West is likely to make mistakes and at times, act/vote inconsistently. I would agree with Friend of Freedom: Mr. West needs to explain this seemingly inconsistent voting record.
    It is troubling to me that his spokesperson would not/could not clarify West’s voting rationale on this particular issue. We The People have the right to know.

  • John Thorpe

    I agree with poster “thuff”, on May 11, 2011 at 9:36am.
    Get the government out of our schools. Period!!!
    Student’s health and health care is the sole responsibility of the individual student’s parents.

  • 5StarTexan

    Are they nuts?? We do not want “health care centers in our schools.” This will set into motion a lot more control on our kids from the government! Government already think they own our kids. The thing about it is that with a clinic in the school they can brain wash a kid, coach the kid that having sex at any age is okay as long as the come in the clinic and get birth control and tests, then because of ‘patient privacy’ never report any health issues to the parents. It is a move to take the child’s health care out of parents hands and to help promote homosexuality, abortion and getting more into the private lives of families!! I have 12 yr old granddaughters and I don’t want no school clinic calling her in and poking around her private parts and asking her personal questions. We are a close family and if she has any problems she tells us and she goes to see her personal physican who in turn tells us what the whole issue is!!

    • Carlucci

      then why put kids in public schools? People who do that are just asking for it, and worse.

  • Charlie

    Dont you think it is about time that we eliminate senators and representatives who are lining their pockets from all the lobbists and let the people run this country. We place a person in a political position based on their speeches and promises to the public but after they are voted into office they forget their backers as long as they can line their pockets and vote for what they are paid to vote for, not the majority of the public. The senators and representatives milk this country for every dime they can, they exclude themselves from laws that are voted in for everyone else to abide by.
    Why repeal laws and fight for the people, they make more money from the lobbists so money talks

  • rollin

    I like West a lot but think he is straddling the fence on this one.

    I don’t like it when a politician tries to have it both ways, even though that seems to be the nature of the beast.

  • Charles Bancroft

    The only solution for the USA is for the military to take over,dissolve
    the Congress fire the president and set up a three man board to govern.
    Only problem is who would be on the board.

    • Kate8

      Charles – It is the duty of our military to protect us from all enemies, foreign and domestic. This is one instance when they can Constitutionally be engaged on US soil. Where are they when we need them here at home?

      O has stacked up foreign troops on US soil to insure our own military will be kept in check. Not to mention his youth corps. No problem with foreign troops and O-worshipping kids firing on Americans if so ordered.

      Concerning our military, I think our only real hope is the Oathkeepers. Foreign-born and ill-educated American youth don’t have full knowledge of understanding of the principles put forth by our founders in protecting our nation, so we have to either educate them or rely on those who have made a full commitment to uphold and defend the Constitution.

  • John Joshua Sweet

    Congressman West has just stated the facts of the issue. Why waste effort and time on something that is moot? Spend that time achieving something where you can. It does no good to bang on a wall with your head when you already know the out come, so instead hit the lesser issues that you can gain on. I like the Man over all a true warrior with a true bent on following the Constitution and his oath of office, not at all like the Marxist and other Communist in the Obamaommunist controlled political system that are out to ignore the Constitution and the laws of the land. Perhaps we should focus on the true enemies, those communist that are out to ruin us and not be diverted by minor scrimmages where victory is not assured Just like Congressman West is doing win the battles you can.
    “ the People of the United States are the rightful masters of both congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the constitution.” Abraham Lincoln

  • Laura

    We are living under a tyrannical regime
    google spys on us for them
    all of the federal agencies DHS, FCC, FTC, EPA, IRS, ATF, DEA, FDA, DHHS (and whatever else I forgot) liberal activist judges are against us, yes I would certainly say we are living under a dictatorship already.

    I say B O O M!!!

    • Tom S

      Yes, it’s getting very close to that.

  • http://yahoo Fred Hammel

    If the House of Representatives is serious about not funding obamacare, all they to do and since all spending of money is spend by the House. all the Republican have to do is have a vote. Those in favor of supporting obamacare vote yes, those against vote no, if the no’s win then obamacare is dead, and their is nothing the senate or king obama can do.


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