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Tea Party-Backed O’Donnell Says Her Senate Loss Was Result Of ‘Republican Cannibalism’

November 17, 2010 by  

Tea Party-backed O'Donnell says her Senate loss was result of 'Republican cannibalism'The Tea Party notched dozens of key wins in the midterm elections despite losses by some of the movement's most high-profile candidates.

In Senate races, Republicans Christine O'Donnell of Delaware, Sharron Angle of Nevada and Ken Buck of Colorado were trumped by Democratic opponents. Moreover, GOP Senate candidate Joe Miller is believed to be trailing incumbent Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), but The Wall Street Journal reports that write-in ballots are still being counted and the winner may not be announced until Nov. 29.

In a gubernatorial race that garnered a lot of national attention, Andrew Cuomo (D-N.Y.) defeated Carl Paladino, who was supported by the Tea Party.

During a Nov. 3 interview on CNN, O'Donnell blamed her loss on insufficient support from the GOP, which she called "Republican cannibalism." She claimed that Senator John Cornyn (R-Texas) and political strategist Karl Rove were reluctant to support her candidacy, which she believes cost her a victory.

According to CBS News, the candidacies of O'Donnell and Angle may have prevented Republicans from gaining control of the Senate. The news provider suggests that the moderate politicians who were defeated by O'Donnell and Angle in September's primary election would have fared better in the general election. 

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  • Peter P

    O’Donnell is correct. The NRSC pummeled O’Donnell via the Press and assured Angle’s defeat by infiltrating into her campaign staff and purposely sabotaging it with their operatives. Same thing in Alaska. They always wanted the RINO, Murkowski, and they figured out a way to keep her. The NRSC is the best friend the establishment candidates in Delaware, Nevada and Alaska ever had.

    • FlaJim

      In Alaska, top establishment Republicans gave support to Murkowski and the primary winner received little or no support. Here in Fla, Cronyn was gung-ho for Crist well prior to the primary and the RNSC threw all their weight behind him. Crist has now proved to be the worst of RINOs and was thoroughly trounced, running as an independent, in the general election.

      Rove has proved to be completely establishment, not conservative by any means. We should disregard him. His lack of respect for the primary winner in DE, along with the loser’s, was disgraceful. Their actions amounted to pouting.

      In NV, the loser in the primary there worked tirelessly for Angle but the NRSC was MIA.

      Time for a shakeup in the NRC, NRSC, and NRCC.

    • gracentruth

      The election is not over in Alaska. Please check out Joe Miller’s website ( Because the state is supporting voter fraud, he is forced to go to the courts – who also support voter fraud. Alaska seems to have a history of voter fraud. In 2004, the Democratic Party filed suit to recover public voting statistics (discrepancy in Lisa’s votes was over 77,000) – they still don’t have them. Anything that the people of our nation can do to put pressure on the State of Alaska to conduct a proper investigation into Lisa’s voter fraud might help Joe and the rest of us Alaskans who want legitimate votes counted. thanks for your help.

      • Warrior

        Where’s Sarah on this issue? After all she was the governor.

        • Bus

          She’s on TV

        • who cares

          half a governor and not a good one at that.

          • Allen

            Well lucky you “who cares”. Your opinion implies you live in Alaska and now will get to live happily with 1/10th of a Governor…. Murkyowski.
            Palin may be 1/2 in your view, but she is effective and deserves a lot more respect than the chauvanists give her.

  • http://none Mike

    Canabalisim or cronyism either way conservitives lost in thoes races because of sabatoge. Guess the good ol boys in the republican party wanted to keep their drinking buddies with them in congress. I say keep right on pushing politics as usual and let us get a third party. Republicans are just way too corrupt when they would eat their own just to keep power.The republican party is just as outdated and out of touch as the democrats are. Its time to break up the frat party in the goverment and send all thoes a-holes home. Mike L.

  • Laird Wilcox

    I think the Republican Party leadership was frightened by the specter of candidates they couldn’t exert complete control over, and Karl Rove was particularly frightened. They would be much more comfortable with a Democratic Senator they understood than a Republican Senator who was, in a manner of speaking, their own person and not beholden to the Republican apparatus.

    The Republican Party is not inherently conservative in the pro-American or nationalistic sense. Rather, it’s a rhetorical style they use to attract votes. Take John McCain, for example. He could just as easily have run as a Democrat with very few changes in his behavior and these would have been largely symbolic.

    A third party is not the answer, however. The Tea Parties have done it right when they decided to operate as a bloc within the Republican Party rather than as a political party itself. To have done otherwise would have been a return to the Ross Perot debacle.

    The best strategy the radical Democrats had was to actually encourage outspoken, incautious or easily stereotyped right-wing candidates like Christine O’Donnell or Sharon Angle by showering them with publicity and giving them money. A similar strategy for the conservative Republicans would be to encourage extreme leftists within the Democratic Party, secretly funnel money to their organizations and so on.

    Having a good candidate yourself is a great boon, but your opposition having a loser is almost as good. Think how great it would be for Republicans if Van Jones were to get nominated next time around.

    • Richard Pawley

      You may have hit the nail on the head. My gut level feeling was exactly the same. Establishment Republicans did not support those they felt they could not control and I really felt they left Christine O’Donnell high and dry. I couldn’t believe they would prefer a socialist Democrat to O’Donnell. They will change and draw closer to their roots as conservatives or in time the Tea Party could replace them and I agree with you about McCain. He could run on either ticket. Sadly, we are headed for some serious economic problems, what I called “The Greater Depression” in my 2006 autobiography and it is still coming. I heard someone say that by 2012 things are going to be so bad that anyone could run against Obama and win, and that to may prove to be true. I fully expect a couple of hundred percent inflation as a result of all the money that the 111th congress has squandered in the past four years and the 75 thousand million the Treasury and the FED is creating out of thin air each month from now until June. Haven’t they ever read what happened to Germany in 1921-23 when they did that? Of course that money may be used to prop up the stock market and to profit off the volatility of gold which the owners of the FED suppressed for so long. My advice today is to get ready for the inflation because I cannot see the average American willing to pay the price that preventing the collapse of the dollar and the economy will cost. We cannot unspend money that has been wasted but if the government would get out of the way and allow free men and women to solve the problems we have it could be done. Otherwise we are all going to end up worse than Harry Reid’s Nevada with the worst unemployment in the nation. May God help us because no one else is going to do so.

      • Allen

        Well said. Is anyone listening? hope so.

    • Allen

      I think you need to get over your sexism and elitist attitude. There was nothing wrong with Angle or O Donnel serving in government for a return to conservatism. You are stereotyping them as kooks. Pelosi, Murray, Maxine Waters, are worth criticizing for their radical ideology and skanky appearance. They are bottom of the barrel while Angle, Palin and O’Donnel are refreshing and presentable. Who cares if they don’t speak as perfectly as you think you do?

  • TIME

    Karl Rove is a 100% Total Progressive PIG. And if that bothers you Republicans to bloody bad, I just call them as I see them.
    Rove is no better than Barry Soetoro and the rest of the Progressive PIGS just like him.

    • Harold Olsen

      Rova and Obama: Twins separated at birth?

  • The Shrimper

    What happened to Christine, Sharon, is just another example of the STUPID PARTY in action. The GOP will NEVER see a dime of support from this conservative, as long as they continue this circular firing squad insanity.
    Next….. registration change to independent.
    To hell with Rove, Cornyn, and the rest of the idiots.
    Support your local Tea Party.

    • Harold Olsen

      I used to be a Republican and have, in the past, donated to the party. But not anymore. I am constantly getting letters asking for donations, greeting me as “Dear Fellow Conservative” or “Dear Fellow Republican.” Well, since I no longer am a Republican and I do not believe the GOP is conservative, I shred them. Until they become a TRUE conservative party, they will get NO money or support from me.

      • Claire

        Harold Olsen:

        I agree with you 100%.

        • newspooner

          Don’t support the anemic Republican Party. Support any good Republican candidates directly. Help get more Libertarian candidates on Ballots everywhere.

          • Allen

            Individual conservatives….will support. Libertarians are too into legalizing drugs. They are bad news candidates.

    • J.M.R.


  • J.M.R.

    well said all of you i agree with you we still have repubs that don’t get it, they think they wil never loose their jobs but i got news for them i will vote against them if they don’t wake up. no compromise and no surrender.

  • Michael

    As long as the Republicans in Texas allow Cornyn to stay in office, the national Republican party will always be the good old boy network that cares not for the voters. I will work as hard as I can to ensure he does not get reelected out this way and the rest of you should do the same for whatever RINO’s run in your states.

  • Joseph C, Moore, Cpo USN Ret.

    The neo-con (big government) Republican party is precisely why I left it many years ago to register Libertarian. I have grave doubts that the Republican party will ever return to its true consevative roots. The leaders have once again proven themselves to be – canibals.

  • Art@Delaware

    to TheShrimper:

    the only problem with registering Independant is that you can”t vote the RINO out in the primary.. at least not in Delaware.

    • Paul

      In NY too. I was a registered Conservative and wanted Lazio for Governor, voted conservative but the Republicans put in Paladino. Needless to say he was trounced and I believe affected many of the other tickets in the state. Not sure if Lazio would have fared a whole lot better. Seems the Republican and Conservative “machines” in this state are poor to say the least.

  • Crystal

    I remember when Obama made fun of the “Tea Party Patriots” in front of an audience. I continue to watch the media underestimate and foolishly guess what the “Tea Party” will do next. I remember when certain Republicans didn’t take the “Tea Party” seriously. This is not a small group. The fact that the “Tea Party” was able to break more than one political election should change the way present day Republicans are thinking and behaving…

    …but it won’t. There’s a lot more work to do.

    • RoBoTech

      I remember a video of when Gov Crist was asked what he thought about the Tea Party not supporting him.
      He LAUGHED!
      He’s not laughing now!
      And I would suggest everyone who cares, to email him and ask if he’s laughing, now!
      I just did and hope many more do!

  • Kinetic1

    Do you really believe that O’Donell and Angle lost due to a lack of Republican support? Angle got the message early on that she was setting herself up for a fall every time she answered a question off the cuff, but then she turned to running from the press! You folks go after Pelosi for saying the bill would have to pass before you can read it, well what about Angle refusing to give her policy positions until elected? OK, I might give you Angle since she was up against Reid who’s popularity is in the toilet, but I think she could have pulled it out if she had just taken control of her own mouth.

    O’Donell, she sunk herself. No amount of support, monetary or otherwise was going to get this one into office. Look, she has a history of making absolutely crazy statements (mouse/human hybrids?!) Se starts a campaign add with “I’m not a witch.”, and she makes a fool of herself in the debate thinking she has cornered Coons while the nation laughs at her. I understood her game, but all the average person saw was this smug, grinning face asking the same question over and over. She failed to strike the last blow (she needed to point out that the words aren’t actually in the Constitution), but even if she had, she failed to notice that Coons was on to her. He didn’t just say “it’s in the first amendment”, he explained what it says and how years of judicial ruling had solidified the concept of separation. Without addressing his response beyond “it’s in the first amendment?” she just looked stupid. I’m sorry folks, the TEA party threw this election away and opened themselves up to guilt by association when they backed O’Donell.

    • Doug Rodrigues

      Angle lost that close race because Harry Reid had the Unions and Las Vegas Casinos in his back pocket. The Unions were driving people to the polls and passing out free McDonalds gift certificates. Casinos were bussing non-English speaking voters to the polls, but only if they said that they would vote for Harry Reid. The Casino workers who said that they wouldn’t vote for Harry Reid were declined a ride. Then there were the voting machines which automatically checked off Harry Reid’s name, machines maintained by SEIU workers. Not surprisingly, exit polls indicated 80% voters for Angle, but Reid still won? I smell corruption and cheating.

      • Harold Olsen

        You forgot one other item. Reid’s son works for the department responsible for the voting machines. The fix was definitely in.

      • eddie47d

        There was never any poll that said Angle had 80% of the vote. Closer to half of that. Both Republicans and Democrats drive voters to the polls and in every state. Nothing wrong with that.

      • Allen

        Exactly. If Vegas is that dumb they can have the crook

    • Allen

      You are full of it. She had the race nailed until the GOP ruined it.
      If you think she didn’t make sense, read your own post for an example of glibb and disconnected utterances. Pelosi is disgusting. She looks like greasy stringy schizo that has absolutely no hygiene. That is the best part and the worst is when she opens her Marxist Mouth.

    • Allen

      kinetic hair ball
      I am sick and tired of your types attacking decent normal dedicated women. There is something very sick about those who put pelosi and feinstein, h. clinton the inside trader and murderess, and that tennis shoe murray hag on a pedestal, then go on a vicious personal attack of healthy sane decent women.

  • http://com i41

    Well now we can definitely say Del. really does have a coon in elected office. The other area, was the thug unions she didn’t have and Reid got back using the oldest democrat standby.

    • Angel

      Can’t resist those racist statements, can you? People like you turn sane, rational people against the conservative movement.

      • TIME

        I42, I agree with you as well disagree with you at the same time, I know how bloody odd is that right”

        As an American with a bill of rights you as well anyone should be able to say what ever they like. Thats what Freedom allows.

        On the other hand one should also use some form of common sense.

        And yet still one other point is the guys name is Coons so that alone opens the door to old silly name calling. So lets just set the record straight, Coons is a little man, I mean very little man in all respects an for an added Bonus he’s a NWO Marxist too.

        So those folks got a great deal on a slightly used 100% total little Butt Wipe as a rep.

  • Max

    It seems to me no one really gives a rat’s foot about the people of this country. I had hopes that the screwing we have received at the hands of the democrats would at least have united the Tea Party and the republicans. However, it seems the Republicans are just as stupib and vacuuous as the Democrats. THe nation is only going to go further downhill since the Senate is still controlled by the liberals. I say enough of this party crap. I did not see one candidate that dealt with the problems. I only saw all candidates too busy throwing mud at their opponent to be able to address the real issues. This country is run by self serving greedy politicians regardless of their party affiliation. Screw the party affiliations and get someone in there that really cares that this country, in the past 20 years has gone to hell in a handbasket.

    • Harold Olsen

      The biggest problem with this country is that we elect only politicians and not statesmen. In fact, I’ve come to the conclusion that TRUE statesmen are an extinct species. In my opinion, the last TRUE statesman elected to either house of Congress was Fred Thompson.

      Politician: Someone who is out to get whatever he can that’s best for himself.

      Statesman: Someone who is out to get whatever he can that’s best for his country.

    • Claire

      Max—Thank you for your comments–I agree wholeheartedly.

  • http://com i41

    142, did that ruin your veiw thru the rose colored glasses, what a serious pced anal liberial mind set. This is just a laugh for crackers or white eyes only undrstand. You probably will not like the new mass transit system being put in all big cities, it is green and non polluting, the government is planting trees for vine transportation!

  • jopa

    The unions and casinoes got Harry elected?Casinoes are about the only game in town and the unions represent the working men and women of Nevada.Perhaps big business Wall Street Medical giants and Pharma were unable to vote for Angle and that is the reason she is a loser.They did throw tons of money her way but the working men and women of Nevada won.

    • ValDM

      everytime you post you give truth to the freedom of speech…..that it’s necessary so that the rest of us know what we’re up against. Do you not know that SEIU (union) was in charge of all the voting machines in NV? Do you also not know that casino employees are union? Just how little do you know?

    • Allen

      Working men and women of Nevada? The only precincts that supported the dumb dem was Vegas….they don’t work in Nevada… except the streets.

  • jopa

    Time;In reference to the last line in your response”So those folks got a great deal on slightly used 100% Total little Butt Wipe as a rep.”Are you saying Coons is a TP-er?

  • Harold Olsen

    For the most part, the Republican party does no support TRUE conservative candidates. This is because the GOP IS NOT, contrary to popular belief, a conservative party. They claim to be, but they are not. That idiot Michael Steele claims to be a conservative but he wants to lead the party toward a politically correct brand of conservatism. There is no place for political correctness in TRUE conservatism. You have established GOP “good ol’ boys” like Karl Rove attacking O’Donnell and Angle because they fear what they stand for. Gingrich, in the 17th District of New York backed the LIBERAL Republican candidate(and he admitted this)because she had an “R” after her name, instead of backing the only TRUE conservative in the race. Then when the Republican dropped out she turned around and endorsed her Democrat opponent. Not all TEA Party candidates, though, are true conservatives. Take Scott Brown for example. They backed him and when he got elected he turned into another John McCain, voting most often with the Democrats. So called conservatives like Gingrich and Hannity are still touting his win as a conservative victory. Rand Paul campaigned against earmarks and now he says that some earmarks are okay and he’ll support them. No, the Republican party does not want TRUE conservatives to win. It’s one of the many reasons why I am now an Independent and no longer a Republican and will vote ONLY for those candidates who I am convinced are TRUE conservatives, and there are not many of them, though many claim to be.

  • http://com i41

    The only lab rats that stay constitent are the NMCDUP idoits and the their one minded mantra. Turn everything over to the UN and destroy the USA, it has been ingrained in every democrat since its inception. The GOP party was sliding left anytime a NY or Mass canidate is elected. Rockafellers always are democrats or rinos at best. We will see how the worms turn in in 2 years. We know the socialists and the pistol gripped, jug eared, marxist, muslim, moron in cheif will never change. These idoits are keeping the same pukes as leaders, so there will be nary a change, so we can only hope the Tea Party will stay hard core right.

  • Cape Conservative

    You can bet there are no checks being sent to the ‘establishment’ Republican organizations from this household! Senator Jim DeMint was the major recipient, and I believed completely in his judgment for supporting TRUE conservatives in their campaigns for Congress. I am SICK of ‘establishment’ Republicans and will never ever ever send $$ to them again! We small-government patriots who gathered all over the country for the past year and a half will keep the heat on our members of Congress…and it appears that even Senator McConnell was able to ‘LISTEN TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE’ with regard to the earmarks ban. Let’s keep the faith, folks, together (WITHOUT a national leader) we can make a difference!!!! This is definitely a LOCAL movement and as such, will function more better LOCALLY!

  • jopa

    vaIDM;Yes I already knew what you asked what’s your point.

  • Ellen

    Republican cannibalism: very apt description……that’s what happened in Color-fornia in the governor’s contest. A candidate was elected in the primary and they then proceeded to destroy this man for an R who voted for the PATRIOT Act, Homeland Security, and TARP. This split the vote and the disgusting Agenda 21 D got in. God help the people of Colorado. It sucks to live here.

  • Claire

    I would not have voted for O’Donnell. The GOP really did not back her, but looking at the overall picture, I don’t think I would have backed her either. I don’t care if Palin endorsed her or not, I try to make up my own mind about the candidates. If I see or hear something on the “flaky” side, a red flag goes up immediately. I try to remember that people endorse other people if they think it will further their own gain. During these chaotic times, I will try to form my own opinion. After years of listening and watching the candidates, I have learned to “listen, really listen” to what comes out of their mouths. And I have to admit some of the stuff I have heard is rather goofy.

  • Allen

    Republicans (GOP) have a very long way to go to regain my trust. There is no excuse for their sabotage of Palin, O’Donnel or any other individual willing to serve a conservative agenda. NOTHING is more disgusting than Rhino’s S. Collins, Olympia Snow. They are not worth any GOP dollars, and even if GOP had a majority those Rhino’s would sabotage it. They have been doing it for years. No more $$ from me to the GOP for them to waste it on the Rhino’s.
    GOP either get back on your platform and get on board or get the heck of the track and get out of the way of true conservatives.

  • Briansz

    And she is right witches have more respect for each other than republicans who eat their own, burp and then turn around and try to destroy the middle class by telling them that they and the poor benefit more when the rich get richer and pay no taxes. It sounds a lot like what Alice had to put up with listening to Humpty Dumpty, a fat cat egg in Wonderland, sitting comfortably on a wall double talking his walk instead of walking his talk.

  • Nezheres

    Teat Beggar Christine O’donnell sealed her fate her stupidity and idiotic comments. She can’t blame anyone but herself. She’s simply in denial and so are all those Teat Beggars who refused to acknowledge the truth about her integrity and character.

  • Juan K

    O’Donnell claims that ” perfectly functioning human brains are placed in mice cranial cavities” And y’all really wonder how on earth she could lose?? Like another trounced colleague who used the “lemons into lemonade ” analogy on forcefully inseminated rape victims having to bear this “issue”, and Paladino’s “Dignity Camps”?

    So the ” Personal Freedoms” of who exactly are we so concerned about here?


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