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Taxpayers Union Group Backs Sharron Angle For U.S. Senate In Nevada

October 29, 2010 by  

Federal government puts anti-bullying onus on schoolsThe National Taxpayers Union Campaign Fund (NTUCF) has endorsed Sharron Angle over incumbent Harry Reid (D-Nev.) for U.S. Senate in Nevada.

The NTUCF, the political action arm of the 362,000-member National Taxpayers Union, is supporting the Republican candidate because of her pledge to reform the tax code, limit entitlement spending and end the abusive practice of earmarking.

"These promises are refreshing and admirable at a time when fiscal discipline in Congress is so low," NTUCF president Duane Parde said. reports that the most recent polls favor Angle heading into the Nov. 2 midterm elections despite the fact that she has been criticized for certain statements made during her campaign. This includes her suggestion that unhappy conservatives might use "Second Amendment remedies" to protect themselves against the government and her defense of the view that the Constitution doesn't explicitly separate church and state.

Most recently, Angle drew ire from a Hispanic high school group when she said that some Latinos look Asian, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports. Reid, the current Senate Majority Leader, has criticized his opponent for avoiding reporters and not addressing her controversial remarks.

According to the news provider, Angle's campaign officials admitted that the candidate is keeping a low-profile and playing it safe in the final days before the election, employing a strategy typically used by an incumbent. Battling criticism over his involvement in the passing of the Federal stimulus package and healthcare legislation, Reid has been more aggressive on the campaign trail. 

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  • Dan az

    reid- who needs them anyway I still have all those undocumented workers in the casino’s Besides who pays taxes anymore anyway!

  • Jana

    She is being endorsed because of her pledge to reform the tax code, limit entitlement spending and end the abusive practice of earmarking.

    “These promises are refreshing and admirable at a time when fiscal discipline in Congress is so low,” NTUCF president Duane Parde said.
    I wholeheartedly agree.
    Yes, she has made mistakes, as most campaign novices might do,

    ” Angle drew ire from a Hispanic high school group when she said that some Latinos look Asian, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports. Reid, the current Senate Majority Leader, has criticized his opponent for avoiding reporters and not addressing her controversial remarks.”

    Reid ought to get the log out of his own eye before trying to get the little speck out of Angle’s eye. (As if he really cares.)

    If thinking hispanics look Asian is the worst that they can say then they are certainly desperate.

    • Dan az

      Jana you think that their running scared just wait until the libs and progs get in this one now thats what you call scared.No more free lunches No more sitting on the couch that four letter word is going to come up that they hate so much ( WORK ) bummer!

      • Jana

        That will be fun to watch.

      • Robert S

        The Republicans should win enough Senate seats to displace Harry the Weasel as Senate leader. Which Republican weasel will replace him?

        • http://none Mike

          Robert, Maby we will get a Beaver insted of a weasel they are a little more industerious. :) Still a furry vermin though. Maby if we keep voteing up the food chain we can get a chinp and then a real human lol.(See Michael Savages Political zoo)Mike L.

  • s c

    Harry “15% unemployment is good for Nevada” Reid needs to go! He’s not good for Nevada OR America. Did anyone from Nevada ask Reid if he included Nevadans in his infamous remark about summer tourists in Washington?
    Reid’s chief talent is in sucking up to those who can help him get and keep job scurity. It’s great for Reid, but it doesn’t make America better, and it sure hasn’t done anything for Nevada.
    Reid will never figure it out by himself. It’s time to depart, Harry. You’re a liability to Nevada and America. Pack your bags. Go EAST, old man.

  • Claire

    The world of politics has gone mad. Tighten up the seat belt, we are in the ride for our lives.

  • Teresa

    The Union is under a lot of scrunity at the moment for its political donations, please keep this in mind. And the voters fraud charges swaying towards the democratic party has got the public in an outrage. I am interested to see how the ruling will end in AZ with no legal documents being shown to vote, if it will be overturned.

    • Bleh

      If AZ is serious they will do it anyways and pass some additional legislation so their State and Local police can jail the Feds if they interfere.

  • pat

    All you idiots! Don’t you see how these liberal, democratic, Obammy boy loving, hippocrats operate? In the news yesterday, AZ Gov’n Jan said the 9th circut court of appeals overtunred yet another STATE law, saying that illegals can vote! What? AZ demanded that one has to show proof you are a true US Citizen by showing a birth certificate, drivers license, or a passport. The Judges said no they don’t have to show anything. Folks these things are going on everyday in America and we must stop it. If not, we should begin to plan for another Hitler, or Castro, or Stalin, or Chevez takeover. If you haven’t noticed lately, it has already started. Why do we all question daily why these things ar happening? These issues should not have even gotten this far. It tells me all our politicans are failing us. It is like the airport/airplane security issue, stop the problem before they enter the property, not after they are in the airports! But as an innocent bystander, I watch daily as many the people are being led to watering hole for their daily dose of bullshit. It is sad to see the young uneducated members of our society buy into these lies and deceits by Obammy boy and his crew of crooked czars.

    • Teresa

      Yep, and we’re the crazy ones…this has been going on for years Pat and the left Keeps pushing for MORE government, less border control, more taxes..yada yada yada…go to the UN website, watch the NRA website updates, research the bills being introduced, stay updated and informed…do your research people for our future and very lives are at risk and our childrens!
      I suggest to everyone they read the book mafia media for our nation is already worse than you can possibly imagine!

    • JC

      pat says:
      October 29, 2010 at 10:17 am
      All you idiots!

      Nice intro… Drop Dead!

  • http://charter howe

    Senator Reid has been the Congressional Senate leader for almost four years and in that capacity he gets to decide what legislation will be be introduced on the floor of the Senate and he can influence practically everything that appears on the Senate agenda, so why are so many people cutting him so much slack for allowing job killing, budget busting, radical legislation mostly in opposition to WE THE PEOPLE. Senator Reid has always been a socialist democrat who finally got his chance to throw his weight around by abuse of power and he has violated the trust of WE THE PEOPLE by supporting radical legislation like Obamacare, Stimulus and Cap and Trade etc. Senator Reid unlike Obama does not even understand all the damage he has done by working the backroom deals and subverting the Constitution and the will of the people. Reid has brought a new level of corruption to the Congress of the Untied States and should be impeached for treason, but I will be satisfied if we can just retire him. I have listened to his gaffes and dishonest talking points and believe he is living a mindset that wreaks of bigotry and a complete lack of understanding for constitutional priciples. He is in lockstep with Obama and Pelosi with the notion that big govt is not only necessary but also knows best for everyone.Big Brother syndrome is dangerous.

  • charles

    How’s that ‘draining the Swamp thing’ going?
    Or are you placated with the Hope & Change that you’ve seen.

    • http://none Mike

      Looks to me like they draind it stright into D.C and are swimming around in it. :)And they dont even realize how bad it smells.

      • Bleh

        DC needs an enema. Put that swamp to good use.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        when they smell worse than the swamp, the swamp smells like room deoderisor to them!!!

        • http://none Mike

          Have to make a funny about it sometimes. Right now these guys make me sad enough to cry. There isnt an ounce of integrity in the whole bunch. Mike L.

  • s c

    RS, expect a knock on your front door at midnight. You have violated the 1st Progressive Protocol. You have dared to call Reid a mere weasel. He is so much more than that.
    He is a skunk’s skunk. He is a toilet-dwelling dark force. He’s anti-American, and should have been deported years ago.
    By the way, how long did it take to see yourself and all your friends as weasels who are somehow obligated to protect each other at America’s expense? Your ‘standards’ are unique. That’s without a doubt.
    Please be so kind as to disappear when Reid can’t stand the heat any longer, and “decides” to retire and sponge off America for the rest of his unnatural life.

    • http://none Mike

      SC, I think people like Reid and Pelosi see us as a pesant class. That being said I keep getting this vision of us pesent’s standing outside the castel gate (the White House). With our pitchforks and torches in hand. The PESANT’s usually win thoes fights (the vote) when we turn out in mass ready for the fight(arena of ideas). They have really riled up us pesants this time and we are gathered and ready to go.Mike L.

  • Francis

    Some sober thinking on voting for Democrats is that in the first session of Congress, a Liberal Path to Citizenship or Amnesty will be instantly addressed by the Senate, and its main disciple Senator Harry Reid leading the pack. There has been no mention of costs of Amnesty to the taxpayer, from this administration or the radical progressive press, which remains silent. You need to Google–The Heritage foundation and learn of a sudden hike to come in your taxes, to pay the $2.6 Trillion dollars for all newly processed immigrant subsidies and settlement needs once legitimized. Barbara Boxer or any named incumbent has remained silent to the added abomination of giving these subsidies. This will be a new inventory of foreigners coming here that DEM’S have promised access to our Social Security. Full admission so those over the years who illegally worked here, can apply for their ill-gotten gains even after procuring or using fraudulent Social Security numbers.

    Another reality is that any illegal alien can apply for Social Security, even though they never paid into the system. It’s beyond anybodies imagination that rewarding people who intentionally slipped into America, then gaining entrance to every kind of government benefit. Our country is slipping down a financial mountain of a $13 Trillion dollar debt and we want to make the 12 to 20 million illegal aliens feel at home? But then Gubernatorial Jerry Brown, Mayor Gavin Newsom, Antonio Villaraigosa have approved Sanctuary City policies and are tied to the same brush of most if not all Liberal politicians to pass AMNESTY. Sanctuary refuges have brought along with poor illegal aliens– criminals of every persuasion, from the gutters of every cesspool of the world. Sen. Reid stated there are no illegal aliens in Nevada, so he must have been sequestered in his home in Searchlight prior to the construction boom in Nevada?

    Every comment I have read says that the state is overrun with illegal aliens. As for California– That place needs no explanation? There is a Liberal majority seated in Sacramento that keeps silent about the crammed schools full of the kids of foreign nationals, distressed emergency rooms and an uncomplimentary jail system full of alien criminals. But Sen. Boxer, have allowed the illegal population to propagate. Only patriotic citizens such as Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, State Senator Russell Pierce, in Colorado Gubnatorial Candidate Tom Tancredo have seen the invasion for what it has become and not remaining silent about it. Too many other politicians will not speak out –as they have been intimidated by the Liberal extremist “Political correctness”. They slink around Washington or State Capitol areas, scared of their own shadow. In additionally all citizens and taxpayers must be on guard of foreign nationals, voting in any election, to save their Liberal progressive saviors from becoming a number at unemployment agencies.

    Our nation is being slowly Balkanized, by a mess of foreign languages and special disbursements by the Liberal open border zealots, to give away this nation to the worst of foreign nationals. The Tea Party political candidates will smoke out all foreign aliens, using such newly advanced tools as permanent E-Verify. Big Business will be held accountable with prison sentences for hiring illegal’s, and will not bow to either the Liberal progressives or the ideologies of the wealthy GOP. Remembering the new immigrants who arrived at Ellis Island and Galveston, Texas, during the 20th Century asked nothing, but acceptance. But the last decades have brought to this country monetary nationals who are demanding we knuckle down to their rules, demanding Amnesty, schools for their numerous children, free health care and public welfare. None of the richest countries in the world can afford this unnecessary fiscal strain; nether can we?

    American taxpayers have nowhere to turn right now, with the repossession of their cars, the loss of their homes, failing health Care and a previous and post governments that have failed the people. IF AMERICAN PEOPLE GIVE INTO ANOTHER AMNESTY, IT WILL BE A SIGNAL TO EVERY POOR PERSON IT’S ALRIGHT TO BREAK THE LAW. THAT THIS NATION WILL WELCOME YOU AND PROFFER GOVERNMENT BENEFITS TO ANY LAWBREAKER. We need highly very skilled legal immigrant workers in our future and mandatory temporary workers for agriculture, but no more foreigners coming to pick our pockets.

  • chuck b


    thank you, for your very good comments

  • http://GOGGLE vaksal

    After the tea party throws that gungrabbing left wing communist out on his derry air,maybe they should focus on california,where the real left wing thugs live,but since the only people running against the dumocrats have shown that they are corrupted old guard rhinos,self serving people,that will never happen,and it hurts me to say that about those who should be the finest canidates,i am tried of all these elites that have tryed to buy their offices,and more than fed up with the left wing anti-CONSTITUTION bunch destroying this nation,we need honest tea party canidates in this state,why? whoever gets the majority vote here,has 37million voters of those 11% are unemployed,as a large population base to get the ball rolling to depose the left wing faction that has pushed for the total overthrow of this (CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC)and has pushed the liberal neo-com left wing communist agenda to the point of totaly destroying the very trust of the american citizen,to a point of the voter trust noone running for office,and who can blame them,its time long over due for the party to look more closely at who is running under the parties canidates.i would have voted for a good honest tea party person but their was none and i refuse to waste my vote on self serving elitest type folks.all i am posting is what i think,maybe this outlook will be looked at poorly,but it is just the outlook of a voter that is sick of the same old bussiness as usual bunch that seem to come out from under every rock,when election time rolls around,where are the real americans that believe in the american dream,THE REPUBLIC as it was founded with the constitution and the bill of rights as the supreme law of the land,where we the american voter have control over these elected employees.i am glad that the tea party is pushing out that scumbag reid,something the old rhinos in power could never do,or didnt want to do,and i will want to see what happens if the old guard trys to corrupt the tea party elected canidates,there will be hell to pay and thats for sure.


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