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Taxpayers’ coalition: Obama’s first 50 days ‘devastating’

March 16, 2009 by  

Taxpayers' coalition has called Obama's first 50 days 'devastating'Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) has set out to systematically expose the Obama administration’s failure to live up to his campaign promises on taxation.

It pointed out that although the president had promised not to raise taxes on those making less than $250,000 a year, on February 4 he signed into law a 156 percent increase in the federal excise tax on tobacco, a hike of 61 cents per pack, to take effect April 1.

Furthermore, on February 26 the White House released its draft budget outline which raises taxes on individuals, capital gains, dividends, and foreign source profits of corporations while eliminating several energy tax credits.

In particular, the group estimated that two-thirds of small business will see a higher tax burden.

The coalition also blasted the administration for maintaining that the $787 billion stimulus package does not contain any "pork barrel" spending provisions.

Finally, the organization noted the tax problems of many of the new administration’s officials or nominees, in particular Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner who was confirmed despite having failed to pay over $30,000 in taxes.

ATR is a non-partisan coalition of taxpayers and taxpayer groups who oppose all federal, state and local tax increases


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  • Wm. Burns

    The bail-outs can not be considered as anything but socialism, and will never succeed
    due to the nature of the human. Socialism has always ultimately failed where ever it has been tried.

    • Long Legs (Mohawk Indian)

      Wm. Burns, you need to get your head out of the sand. Medicare and Social Security are Socialism programs. Do you want to give up the right to have at least basics in your old age. Look at all the 401K’s, Retirement Funds and the savings that were depleted by the few. Do you think the few should get all the benefits from the blood, sweat, and tears of those who are just trying to get their basic needs met. What would these Mungers do, if they had to do all the work that creates the commerce?!!!

      • Gremlin

        Yes, Long Legs, Medicare and SS are socialist programs and both are bankrupt. You may thank an earlier socialist for plundering the SS in 1969 and taking SS funds out of the lock box and place the money in the general fund, so that he could balance the budget during wartime. So, when you arrive at the age to receive your hand out and the SS system is empty, give your thanks to Lyndon Baines Johnson, another socialist loser.

        • http://Wm.Burns Dane Orf

          No, Medicare and Social Security are not socialist programs because they are funded by those who receive those retirement benefits and no one else.

          EVERYONE who works and has SS taken out of their payroll checks, but who may later work for the state or federal government is still entitled to receive SS when they retire.

          SS is a pension fund and has been expanded to help out families whose bread winner died, so that a child can receive his father’s, or mother’s, SS amount at time of the death of the parent bread winner.

          SS evolved into a pension fund and that keeps the nation off welfare which is what socialism is.

          Medicare has a hefty premiium attached to it, and there is an additional premium for Rx.

          Medicare is NOT paid for by anyone else except the SS participants, so it is also not socialism.

          There is such a fine line dilineating socialism/welfare/independence that it is easy to just forget the important nuances and shrug it all off as ‘socialism’.

          What Social Security/Medicare have done is set aside welfare for a good percentage of Americans who could not afford saving accounts or investments.

          Having the benefits of paid-up SS/Medicare in lieu of welfare is why SS did not “sunset” but evolved into a permanent entity because it was seen as a sound investment for the nation to keep the nation off welfare socialism.

          • Ken Brown

            I would ask why are so many that have never paid into the programs being given benefits…yes illegals, and 3rd generation welfare recipients, how can it not be socialism.

        • Lynne

          Social Security and Medicare ARE socalist programs, yes, you pay into it,
          but you HAVE to. When you reach 65 try NOT paying into medicare. Tell your emplorer, no I don’t think I want to pay into Social Security. Ha!
          This universal health care he Obama wants to push on us will be the same.
          You’ll pay for it. It will be with drawn from your paycheck. Wake up fight it!
          Just say NO!

      • http://Wm.Burns Dane Orf

        You are out of your mind saying that SS is a socialist fund because it is a retirement fund whether you like it or not.

        Workers pay into that SS fund toward their retirement.

        It is a safety net in case investments go sour, but it is paid for by workers who receive part of it when they retire.

        They do not receive all they put in because their funds are used for those welfare socialist things you are talking about, of which Medicare is not one of them.

        Medicare recipients pay a hefty premium every month for that medical coverage.

        Rx coverage costs more of a premium.

        It is people like you, ignorant of SS and Medicare and probably a lot of other things, too, who play right into the hands of the fascism of Obama.

        • Roger

          Yes Dane you are correct in that SS was to be a safety net but social security was established as a short term fix that was supposed to sunset once the economy was stronger. Once the politicians pass a program it will never be abandoned.

        • Valverde

          I can’t let that one pass. Guess why Social Security is broke? Because the sticky fingers in our Congress couldn’t keep their hands off it is why. As originally planned, it was an adjunct to one’s retirement. People were still expected to fund their own retirement and Social Security was a little safety net to keep people from going broke, just in case. The money in there was still the citizen’s who paid into the fund, that is until our stinkin’ representatives got their fingers into it. Medicare never was anything but Socialized Medicine. The first year after it went into effect hospital bills tripled. I was there, I know. I had hell paying for my third child because of Medicare, which was just enough to make it hard one a family. When the government gets its fingers into anything it is a cluster**.

      • Roger

        Not quite sure where you are headed with this one Long Legs, but if you are addressing equality for everyone, and that is the politically correct viewpoint; then the Congress and the Senate should make their Medical Coverage a- vailable to every American. While they are at it why not make their retirement plan available to all Americans as well!

        • Wendell

          Better yet Roger, put congress on SS and watch it get fixed in a heart beat.

      • Oh Geez

        A report released just recently: Medicare is said to run out of funds by 2017, Social Security is said to run out by 2037. Now what were you saying about socialism? My husband and I are screwed…

        • Ann

          Look what the Democrats are sending out:
          Dear MoveOn member,
          Amazing! After news broke of Blue Cross Blue Shield’s new campaign to defeat Obama’s health care plan, MoveOn members responded in a huge way. Together, we smashed our goal and raised $270,000 in just one day. (Thanks!)

          But the HMOs and insurance giants are just getting started—and we know that their attacks are only going to get uglier and more deceiving. With crucial health care reform decisions being made as we speak, we can’t afford to let opponents of bold health care reform go unanswered even once.

          So we’re setting a new goal: reach $350,000 in the next 24 hours. If we can hit this mark, we’ll send a strong message to the entire industry that if they start trying to block Obama’s key health care proposal to cover everyone, we’ll be ready to fight back—hard.

          If you have $25 to chip in, please click here:

        • Roger

          Actually Ohh Geeze, we can make a big difference by actively participating in the 2010 Elections……do our homework elect only those individuals that support lower taxes, uphold the Constitution as it was written, believe that Socialism is merely Communisim and has no place in America!

      • wbfrank

        You can trace socialistic tendencies from FDR forward. That presidency would have become a dynasty had he not died. After his death the Dems had the sense to get the 22nd Amendment ratified 02/27/1951.
        Socialist Security is truly socialism at its worse: and we should have gotten rid of it long ago. You can take that money and invest it and get a better return. Two other socialists H Humphrey and Adlai Stevenson. Born before their time.
        Any time a government takes control, needs be a Constitutional test, you and I have less freedom. This administration is doing more to devastate the Constitution than any other administration, other than Jimmy Carter and FDR, in the history of the USA.
        Before our next general election we need to put in some kind of mental ability test before anyone votes.
        Shoot, Rush Limbaugh is very liberal… to me.

      • Marcia

        Who are you kidding. I worked long hard days and nights and paid in Social Security and Medicare. I worked pleanty of overtime and did all the things right and I am a conservative and on Social Secuirty as I am now in a wheelchair dealing with a dr.’s mistake that put me here. Or else I would be working. I am 70 years old and I earned every penney and It is not Socialisam. I am not spreading the weath around I am trying to life in $900 a month that is all I get and I resent anyone saying I am for Socialism I am not.

        • Lynne

          Honey if your Dr’s made a mistake in your health care you need to have them pay for your inability to work. Monetarily I mean. Social Security is definately a Socialist program. Just because you receive it does not mean you are a socialist.

        • Marcia

          Honey you have 2 years to make a dr or hospital pay. I did not know that and so I cannot make them pay or else I would and not be on SS. I was making over $50,000 a year and now living to support myself my cat and dog on $900 a year and I live in horrible pain. So do not tell me what I am getting I am getting nothing. Try living on $900 a month and see how far it gets you.

      • BOBO

        Yes Social Security and medicare is socialism and they are failing, ask Obama he said so about three months ago and a few times sense. The only socialism thati know of that is exsiting is the Military asnd the VA and that is because the Government is out of it All theydo is give them money tooperate on adn Government does not make decisions for them<

  • george langevin

    Your poll proves the majority of people prefering conservative solutions read your site.

    George Langevin

    • Tom Lee

      Interesting insight!
      But – questionable logic.
      Do conservatives only read conservative sites?

      • Scrapper

        Unlike liberals, conservatives are avid readers… whether it be liberal, conservative, independent or libertarian websites, blogs, newspapers, magazines and books. Nine times out of 10, liberals use their ‘feelings’ instead of reason and/or facts and their God given gift to think; i.e. brain.

        • Don

          A Socialist never let a fact get in the way of his opinion. Nor have the socialists ever given up on communisim. The whole movement was to improve on communisim. More importantly remember what Nazi stood for in German: “National Socialist Party”! There is no difference. Tthey all rely on:
          AUTHORITARIAN SYSTEMS-Obuma, Nancy & Harry are there:
          Bills passed that elected representatives don’t read.
          Ignore immigration and border control so millions of your future supporters can be given amnesty and vote for the regime and the largesse provided
          CONTROL OF THE MEANS OF COMMUNICATION-fairness doctrine
          INTERNAL CONTROL OF THE PEOPLE-label the opposition terrorists and take away their guns and ammunition – Bill 45
          SET THE MORALE STANDARDS LOW – push all Judeo-Christians behind closed doors and demonize/criminalize faith issues that conflict with your supporters – abortion, gay marriage, teaching Judeo-Christian morality in schools even though it is the foundation of all western civilization legal systems.

          Stop sweating the small stuff and focus on what is happening and WHO ON BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLE IS SUPPORTING IT. They need attention.

  • http://Google;s Johnny Gonzalez

    The Stimulus Package Put forth by Pres. Obama has tripled the size of Government
    and will grow larger by the years until all businesses will belong to the only owner the government; If we the people let them.. Will it come to pass? Wake up..

    • http://comcast Cheech

      The Democrats are ALL communists.And cowards.If we get hit by another 9/11,they will do NOTHING.Carter was a coward.Obama looks like another carter.Carter CAUSED a depression.Reagan got us out of it.We need another Reagan.Rick Santorum would be MY choice.

  • Donna Lou Graham

    I am so enraged at what this administration is doing, I am probably going to be sick. President Obama is a complete socialist just as his father was. Like Father like son…..Oh my God, what have we done!!!

    • Paul Hamm

      We let the Media elect our President and now they will not police him as they did President Bush. BHO has appointed his cronies and the people who got him elected. Politics as usual except with an emphasis on Marxism ( from those with the greatest ability to those with the greatest need).
      Review his campaign promises (rhetoric) and see him for the liar he is. We are all in trouble!

    • http://- dorothy

      You the people voted for him and now we are in it for four ugly years. I hope this teachers all the american people to pay attention to what is going on in their country.
      Most people voted because he went to Harvard, was half black, and was a good orator. What about the company he kept and his ability to run the country.

      • David

        So true. People want to believe lies, it is just that simple. Bush told the American public the truth and what did he get for it? He was vilified by the press and the Democratic party. We need to look at this entire situation from its psychological base, and not reason or logic. Reason and logic don’t work, and the Republicans have to wake up as to HOW to get their message across.
        Not an easy task, I know. We are up against a very formidable enemy; the enemy within.

        • Roger

          No I think you are wrong David, it is not the fact that most people want to believe the lies; but rather the fact that todays philosphy believes it is ok to lie as long as one does not get caught.

      • Cathy

        Wow Dorothy…you hit the nail on the head! My friend said he was voting for him because “he’s organized and he’s a great speaker.” (So was Hitler!) And regarding that Harvard education, why can’t we see his college records? Who paid for this? Duh…

        As far as the black goes…they promoted him as black and are still referring to him as the “first black president.” What a crock! There were five previous presidents who had just as much “black” in them as he has. (Jefferson, Jackson, Lincoln, Coolidge, and Harding)

        But most people don’t know that. Heck, many of his voters didn’t know what party controlled Congress, who the speaker of the house was, etc. But they all knew that Sarah Palin’s daughter was pregnant and that Palin had spent $150,000 on her campaigning wardrobe. The dumbing down of America continues…

        Unfortunately, we are all suffering because of it.

        • Vernie

          You are so right about Obama, but what’s driving all the nonsense is the main stream media. It’s disgusting what they’re doing and will continue to do. We can only hope the so called, Fairness Doctrine never gets approved.

        • Oh Geez

          I couldn’t have put it better myself. Someone buy this woman a cocktail!

      • mary

        Truer words were never spoken….. thank you

      • Vernie

        Dorothy….you did hit the nail squarely on the head. I could go on and on, and will another day. What we have here folks is, an Obamanation. Do I need to translate?

      • Valverde

        Social Security strictly speaking isn’t socialist, but it was allowed to become so by politicians who couldn’t resist digging their stinking, greedy fingers into the pie. The topper was when they took the cap off Social Security and started putting those funds into the General Fund. It then became a huge Ponzi fund and kept getting worse and worse until now it is going broke. When Lyndon Johnson rammed his “Great Society” through a compliant Congress and then we had, to all effect, Socialized Medicine. I remember when my wife and I had our first child. We had saved up for the event and paid it off without government help and I surely wasn’t making anything like a rich man’s salary, unless you consider $1.60 an hour in 1960 rich man’s wages. Didn’t feel like rich man’s wages, but we did it and the government didn’t get into it at all. A couple of years later and the “Great Society” swung into effect and within 6 months, hospitalization tripled. How’s that for a “Great Society”? That’s true socialism at work.

      • Valverde

        Good liar, you mean. Just like his poppa, Clinton. He’s way better at the lie than Clinton ever thought of being, though.

      • American Citizen

        Don’t lump us all in with those who voted for Obama. There were millions of us who didn’t, who were intelligent enough to see what he was up to. People thought they were going to get “CHANGE:”. Well, they’re getting it all right. I wonder how they like it. I know we conservatives don’t.

    • mary

      why didn’t you people do your homework before you voted?couldn’t you see this fake you voted for wasn’t who he said he was? you let your hatetred for Bush cloud your thinking, you listened to the media and now look at the mess we’re in! thanks people thanks for nothing! may God help us now….and may God Bless America

      • Claudette K


      • Colleen

        When Obama was campaigning, his slogan was for “Change.” At that time, did anyone run into a Liberal that could explain what that “Change” meant? No Liberal that I know could define it, but they were infatuated with Obama. I hope all of those Liberals are real proud of themselves now. They wanted “Change,” well, “Change” they got & it’s NOT a good one. I can take pride in knowing that I am NOT responsible for electing him.

        • Pat

          I knew not to vote for him.
          I’m so glad also that I don’t have to worry that I helped him get in our house.
          I didn’t feel at all at ease when it turned out that Obama and McCain would be who we had to pick for president.
          I done my homework as best I could; all I could find on him was not good.
          Plus the last two elections the Lord told me who to vote for, this time The Lord was silent. Given that; I made my choice with no guilty feelings.
          The people who got him elected are probably not feeling very good about their choice right now.
          So we shouldn’t keep reminding them what low lifes they may be because of it.
          After he was elected I wanted him to succeed, and I still do.

          There is one little thing I want from him now; and that is a fully certified copy of his birth certificate.That’s all.

          I will help my leader in whatever manner I can.

        • Valverde

          The change was the few coins you would have in your pocket.

      • Rick


      • http://comcast Cheech

        The press did a hatchet job on Bush worse than any other president in history.From the day he took office.Trouble was,he didn’t fight back.Reagan would have crushed ‘em.

    • Claudette K

      Oh my God what have YOU done! I did not vote for this administration!! Look out, we are not going to recognize AMERICA if we don’t STAND UP AGAINST THIS NOWWWWWW!!!!!

      • Mark

        We will Claudette, we WILL…. The TEA PARTIES are just the beginning!!!

    • Judy

      You’re right. What have we done. I voted for Obama because I believed what he said. Turns out he lied about almost everything. And that cabinet he picked! MORON’S, all of them.That’s what I get for believing anything a politician says. I guess they’re not all bad, but most are. I’m no longer a Democrate, or Republician. I just want my country back.

      • Valri

        Judy, you obviously didn’t vote with your brain. All one had to do was look at his record and the outcome was obvious. The peope he considered friends IE- William we should have bombed more Ayers and Rev I hate America Wright alone should have been a wake up call. You chose not to see the truth. Now thanks to people like you we all have to pay.

      • Genie

        Judy, I admire you for admitting that you voted for Obama and now you are sorry for it. Most people who voted for him will not admit that. I did everything I could to keep people informed about the shady associations of this man and no one wanted to hear it. I was accused of being racist and spreading lies so I know how badly people wanted to believe in him. It is a sad day for our country but rest assured there are hundreds of thousands of people who are standing up and are ready to take our country back. I just hope we are successful soon because the clock is ticking…

    • jow

      You probably voted for Obama because you, like so many others didn’t listen to him. He is doing what he said he would do.

    • Lynne

      If you didn’t vote for him you haven’t done anything wrong. Now we must be like the Grinch and stop this thing from coming. ( A second term that is) We have to get more Republicans voted in the Senate and also the House. Pelosi (goes)
      Harry Reid (Goes) Chris Dodd (goes) Charlie Rangle (goes) Chuck Shumar (goes) Rhat’s what our focus needs to be NOW!

  • slim gym

    if the goverment is allowed to pass this so call bail-out pkg,s the u s a will forever be in debt..our childrens , childrens will be paying for as long as the eye can see..we the people have done a wrong thing in making one party in charge of the goverment we should have put some grid lock in gov.. we will pay for it now. so in two years we better split washington parties 48 to 50 the rest independent.. let,s take the country back ..

  • s c mailen, jr

    Under normal circumstances, it would be wrong to view a new president or a new administration with automatic suspicion. In this case, it would be insane for any rational man or woman to want Obama to accomplish his “goals.”
    For the great majority in the real world, Obama must fail. It’s freedom or slavery. It’s THAT simple.
    This is a war on American freedom. God help us all.
    The enemy is alive and well in the White House and Congress.

    • Valverde

      Mailen, you are sticking your neck way out. Rush got nothing but vilification for what he said about hoping Nobama failed. That’s what the dumb butts in the media and the Dimocraps thought about him. Just be prepared. I’m with you, man. 2010 and 2012 can’t come around soon enough for me.

    • Lynne

      You hit the nail on the head! Way to go!

      • BOBO

        I guess if we get a Chinese or a Russian running for president in 2012 the people would vote him in in order to keep from being a racist, well the people put a Muslin in office so why not a full fledge Commie??

  • Nansays

    I believe that Obama has awaken this nation to just how corupt our elected officials are. Not that he wanted to, but every American citizen has learned from his first 50 days. God only knows what the rest of his term will do to us.
    President Obama and First Lady Michelle have a Universal Slap coming. We don’t have to do anything — it is coming!
    I can only hope that voters have learned to investigate the candidates before voting for the biggest lier.
    The lies and the cover-ups are our nations biggest problems right now, it’s time for the administration and congress to come clean.

    • Uma

      That’s so sad! for our Country now. I did not vote for him but I told many many of My neighbors about him, well they don’t listen to me! It’s too late now et so said.
      I guess pure water no fish like to swimming than.
      hope and prays for god to bles. us all.

    • Roger

      Well Nan you are absolutely dead on, Obama does deserve a universal slap. Un- fortunately it will cost more American lives.

  • s c mailen, jr.

    Bob, I suggest you make some serious comparisons with Obama’s first 50 days and FDR’s New Deal. FDR almost became an American dictator, extended and worsened the Depression, trashed contracts, blessed union violence, crippled businesses, and did his worst to pack the Supreme Court with his freedom-hating flunkies.
    It smells just like Obama’s plans for America. Please, Bob, tell your readers what our useful idiot leaders are doing to our future. We can’t afford another FDR. We couldn’t afford the first one.

    • Claudette K

      I feel that what is going on with this admin. is intentional. We are being brought to our knees so that the unsuspecting, unknowlegeable, younger generation will be absolutely dependent on the GOVERNMENT for their every need, with out realizing what hit them. Then THEY will say “OH GOD WHAT HAVE WE DONE?” when they grow up and learn about ‘THE WAY IT REALLY IS WITH POLITICS AND POWER”. They will realize their reason for voting for this adfministration was so un-educated!!!

      • jow

        Who do you think are still supporting him? The same people who think he is doing a superb job. We cannot stop him because they voted in a democratic congress and senate who are rubber stamping everything he wants. The 2010 election gives him two years to establish a socialist govt. which he is doing. We will become a country where everyone is poor except those who have govt. connections. This is change the US population does not want. I think Oprah is happy with Obama. I used to watch her but not anymore.

        • Lynne

          Oprah and the B**es on the view are all on my do not watch list. As are many other Hollywood idiots who call themselves actors. They are acting allright acting like Obama is Lord

  • Patrick

    I am afraid….. being one of the 48% that did NOT drink the koolaid, (vote for the current president), that the end of prosperity as we knew it, is gone. I can only guess that we are not only stuck with socialism, but bankruptcy too (coming soon). I wonder what our dollar denominated assets will be worth after the rest of the world finally cashes out of our markets, (or trades in their treasuries, and purchases the better companies (at depressed values), and moves the machinery and intellectual property out of the country) especially after the devaluation of the dollar (through monetization). The other attack to wealth will occur with taxation rising to extreme levels, such that even realestate holdings will also crash (again). Our congress, along with THIS PRESIDENT, will take (steal / rob) from you, everything you’re capable of earning, and saving. It won’t be long before the word “Politician” is used as a sware word. This is a case of Government on steroids, and turning our currency into Monopoly Money. This is absolutely crazy, and I am absolutely beside myself.
    How do we pull the plug on this?

    • Uma

      I have an idea! we should all stand up! together and walk to the white house tell all the #44 administration get out from our Country!!!.
      But, first we must make sure our Military behind us. because they are protecting and our home including their families. ( My family also in the military too)
      Thailand did and its works!!! That’s waht we need to learn from Thai citizens they love their home. Leader no good that’s why they did!
      Soud stupid ha? Let re-read many times okay and you may not think is stupid!
      I agree with your posted. I appologist My language in advant for some people.
      America’s also My Country too! Hope and prays for My free of speech!

      God bless you.
      thank you.

    • mary

      How about inpeaching Obama? I won’t call him “President” he doesn’t deserve that title, but how about “Lier” yes that’s it,” Lier Obama.”

      • Henry

        Mary, I have said that the other two imbecibles Pelosi and Reid together
        with that Bolshewik Obama, who indeed does not deserve to be called
        our President, to be impeached.
        All three do not honor the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
        God help us all and God bless Amerika, Land of the Free because of
        the Home of the Brave.

        • Roger

          Please don’t forget Murtha, Schumer and Franks Henry.

    • Ray

      It is time for every American to turn off the television and stop listening to their lies.
      Taxation without representation? Worse than it has ever been.
      A politician said, (Sorry, I cannot remember the name but was on one of the popular talk shows.), Television is the best thing that has ever come along for the politician. People are divided and politicians can run free, promote their programs and never have any opposition from the public.
      Not quoted as I can no longer remember the exact wording used but I do remember the context and have never watched anything political since.
      Down the tubes? We are already there and the current slate of fools is digging our grave and just waiting to throw the dirt on top.
      Are there any real, truthful, honets, brave leaders left? Are we stuck with the liars, cheats, thieves, killers and fools as is running the show?
      How many of you have lost a home, job, car, lifestyle, etc? How many more thousands will lose out before we stop this insane runaway government.
      They continue to give everything away to countries filled with hatred for the U.S., but threaten to cut our medicare and assistance for the elderly.
      Perhaps crazy Pelosi wants an increase to give to the illegals! She, in my opinion, is insane!
      The Constitution went out the window with this regime. We have an illegal, non citizen, holding the highest office in the nation, backed by associates that have openly stated their hatred for this country and waht it stands for, the first spouse, for one. But they don’t mind spending millions and millions, riding all over the world in AF ONE and visiting our enemies and giving them more aid.
      If everyone knew just how much they have spent in the first few days in office, would they be shocked enough to get out and do something about it? Doubtful, and that is just what the fools want.
      Can you imagine someone in this administration, calling out the troops, AMERICAN TROOPS, to stop any attempt to lodge a massive protest of their actions? American sons and daughters, to kill our own folks to protect these folks.
      Sorry folks, but I am an old timer in bad health and probable won’t be around much longer but I truly pity the younger generations that will have to function as robots, as sometimes seen in the sci-fi movies. How sad.
      I have told my wife that I wish I were in my 20′s and could become active.
      All I have left now is to sit back and watch them cut any medical assistance and soon probably, retirement for all of the seniors. I suppose we are over the hill and not worth a second look. I will continue to pray, with all my might, what little I have left, that America survives and returns to the ways that led us to greatness.
      I pray for you all. God Bless.

  • Uma

    This is very greatful informaiton that I had / have received in the weekly and sometime daily. I think Mr. Livingston should share with Foxnews, to urgen more taxprayers to learn and play more attention for their day of living lives.
    I said this is because some people don’t have a chance to read on the internet. For some people just can’t read and understand every words you have to say it in here.
    And for some people may have not have time or budget to buy the papers, or internet fees.
    In addition to that for someone else maybe unalbe to read, but understand when he/she have heard. Speak with My persoal experienced. I like to listen on T.V. when the foxnews on. Because while I listen and I can paint My T-shirt and make more jewelry prepare to sell when the economy pick up for future.

    again, thanks and god bless you. Mr. Livingston

  • pageantry

    It is not a matter of politics; it is a matter of survival.
    The American People have elected to the office of the President a “Pied Piper” who draws his power from the “dark side”.
    He and his followers are well on their way of changing America from a freedom loving, constitutionally bound, entrepreneurial giant into a dictatorially controlled nation.
    Our Founding Fathers through our Constitution gave power to the “people” and limited the powers of the elected few.
    Under President Obama, power is changing hands by way of new laws and inordinate taxation of the family unit. He is driving future generations into the slavery of massive taxation without representation.
    There are evil people in every society that must be contained. We are now in the “Perfect Storm: of envy, greed, immorality and class warfare, conducted by Obama.
    He is the master of deceit. His tools are the lie, spreading fear, the false promise and the rewriting of our Constitution through the judiciary.
    Like many despots before him he has little regard for the sacredness of life. He has many, many enablers: the Media Dupes, the political “want-to-be” and the naïve who have not studied history.
    His acts are immoral clothed in positive rhetoric.
    His goal is a socialist paradise controlled by the elitist few who have no regard for religion or justice.
    He is doing everything in his power to encourage dependency on government.
    This is a personal job security program for politicians. When you look at his acts and ignore his false rhetoric, you see the evil of his intent.
    He is seducing the foolish into thinking that he is: “their messiah” who will end their suffering.
    When in truth, he is leading them to perdition.

    • http://comcast jow

      You have t write to your reps in govt. They may not listen but if they are up for re-election in 2010, they will listen. There are many DEMS up for re-election. I don’t know how we can stop the bleeding because our young voters have no clue to what is happening with the new administration. They weren’t entitled the history with Hitler and all of the dictators that permeated governments in Europe and Russia.

  • http://google Patricia,, DC

    Where are the new leaders we can elect to stop the rampant socialism invading out country in the name of Obamanomics?

  • erbare

    Where are all those sign carrying people now, do they still have their heads stuck in the sand. I voted for Mc Cain, not because of him, but for sarah Palen. I still think if she had a shot at it the country would be making a turn around like she did in Alaska. Remember that this is only the begining,we have four more years of the garbage thats being thrown at us.

  • Joni

    All of us who are posting on this website need to join the grassroot efforts and go to the TEA parties being held throughout the Country. We have to help candidates who don’t have a lot of money behind them because they aren’t tied to special interest groups. There will be elections for legislative offices in 2010 that can get the conservatives and true Americans back in office to try and fix this mess. By then, I am very concerned about the condition that this Country will be in. Obama wants to make all of us so dependent on them, while taxing us to death, limiting our financial opportunities and spreading what little we have left to the people who got him elected. Remember at least 45% or more didn’t vote for him!! Also, he will limit our freedom of speech and other Constituional rights if this continues. Pressure your representatives regardless if they are voting with him. Make them feel the pressure and we have to keep it up until they get it!!!!! They work for WE THE PEOPLE!

    • Roger

      Hear Hear Joni, very well stated!

  • debbie

    Well Folks!THEY said THEY would get us from the inside out and THEY have.THEY said THEY wouldnt stop until THEY destroyed our way of life.THEY have just about succeeded. THEY said THEY would bankrupt our country and we may as well face it THEY have. THEY said they would fly a MUSLIM FLAG over our White House and as far as Im concerned it is. Just in case your wondering who THEY are. THEY are the best neighbors you ever had.THEY are the owners of 9 out of 10 gas stations in America. THEY are the owners of 9 out of 10 7-11s ,Royal Farms,donkin donuts and many other convience stores in your neighbor hood.These are THEY the Terrorist who have all the money in our world to use as there funding to destroy us.THEY have all the time in the world to come up with all of these not so secret ways to destroy us. You see THEY told us that THEY where gonna do all these things. BUT instead of watching informative TV such as consevative programming and reading books on terrorism and listening to FOX and conservative radio everyone is being brain washed and propagandized by liberal hollywierd. Yes californication is where all eyes are glued.And can you blame Hollywierd? NO! Because CALIFORNICATION works. Its clear to see when our nation picks someone to be president that 10 out of 10 terrorist openly wanted us to elect as president.

  • Diane

    I did not vote for this president. If people had paid attention to news about his connections and the things he was saying, the handwriting was on the wall. All his speeches abroad indicate that he is antiAmerican. His economic policies and foreign policies are going to destroy this country. I’ve talked to various people about this guy and what has been going on in this country and the trouble with most of them is they are in denial. They don’t want to listen to the news stations that tell the truth be cause they can’t handle it or don’t want to do anything about it. Other don’t care as long as you throw them a peanut every once in a while. A lot of young people you talk to think this guy is great because this is the kind of endoctrination they get in the school systems. I think all of us conservatives need to try to talk to as many people as we can and make them see the error of their ways. It’s a big job.

  • Steve

    Obama promised he would change America, he promised change and change we got, it isn’t over yet. In a years, those that fell for his pied piper routine are goning to cry right along with those that saw through his bull. Were only about 100 or so days into his administration, what’s the next 3 1/2 years going to be like? Oh, by the way, we leave a carbon footprint (CO2) when we ex hail, what are they going to tax next, the air we breath?

    • http://e-mailnewsletters joe

      yeah you got that right. it ain’t nothing(double negative,i’m bad) but propaganda mainly by our buddy al gore and theUN. they want to rob us of more of our hard to earn money(soon to be worthless). how large ius his co2 footprint? from what i’ve read ,seen termites and watervapor account for more co2 than all of mankinds’. the UN wants to depopulate the earth by 3 billion by 2012! it is on their site. they also call cristian ministries” moral genecide”. how do you like that? we are in deep shit, the people in the middle east know whats’ up and it not that they are jealous of us , it is about the money changers and creation of israel. joe

  • Ed

    We cannot allow the present course to continue. With the unfair, and possibly unlawful, bailout of many corporations in the private sector being “rescued” with tax payer money, the burden on the American people is tremendous. The administration has appointed nothing but crooks to run our government and with the present congress our freedoms are at a terrible risk. The change Obama campaigned on is a change from a capitalistic democracy to a socialistic state where we will be nothing but servants to the government. He has undone most of what some of our greater presidents and the American people have accomplished in the past century. We as Americans must stand up to the present administration and congress and let them know in no uncertain terms that we will NOT stand for the change in course now being made.

    • alice

      It is unlawful. Last time this crap happened we passed the glass/seagle? act that says if a bank is broken, just let it go under. That is what we have bankruptcy laws for. They made laws back then to prevent this from happening again. And they ignore this just as they have ignored other laws in this country like our immigration laws, for one.

  • HarleyBUD

    All these Bailout are simply to benefit the Insurance Industry who is the main beneficiary of them all. Even the Big Three auto makers are Insured and if they failed that Industry would have to cover it all…even down to the workers that would default on all their loans from the Insurance industry owned Banks….wake up people…it’s all one entity….Insurance!!!!
    Think of it this way…who will benefit the most if no companies fail? The industry that would have to cover those failures in the first place.
    I say let failing companies fail and let the Insurance industry fail along with them.
    I’m tired of living in a country that one Industry rules us all. That Industry is the Insurance Industry. Want proof? Look at who the AIG beneficiaries are for the Billions they have already distributed…banks, HMO’s Hospitals, drug companies, lawyers, various other insurance entities.

    Nothing Obama is doing is any worse then what every President since Roosevelt has done…but especially since Reagun..grow the government with fake money…Dems do it with social services and Reps do it with defense…I’m part of the social group as all of you are…even though I occasionally work in defense industry building aircraft.

    • HarleyBUD

      After reading more of these posts…this site scares the hell out of me.
      I can’t believe the misinformation most of these people are expressing in here.
      You should all get out and stop watching network news..there’s a reason they call that stuff press releases…and not real news.
      This government way back to the beginning has used the same tactics to control everyone…first make them scared of some enemy wheather real or made up (like now) and then divide them into smaller groups so you can tailor your lies to fit the small groups your talking to at each event.
      This did not start this election but way back from the start. Jefferson first warned of this and it’s never stopped.
      War Mongering (fear Mongering) is the main control of this country and this is just more of that.
      Good luck with your bomb shelters they are not needed except to hide from this government when they decide to crash this entire system and declare martial law ..that ought to start something fun to read.

      • Kevin

        Personnaly, I am very angry at what this adminstration is doing to this country of ours..
        I am not a democrat or republican, I am a patriot, I love my God and my country.
        I am in the armed forces. If martial law was declared, I cannot, will not follow the orders of a man who is not qualified to hold the position of commander in chief, yet alone president..
        I ask, those who are military, will you obey an unlawful order? even if your commander repeats Obamas orders?. Closing GITMO, illegal orders, retreating from Iraq, illegal orders. This administration is becoming an Obama-nation, wait i spelled that wrong, this administration is an “aboma-nation” and every one in the executive portion of the federal government needs to be impeached. I say get EVERYBODY to stop working for a week, go home and do nothing. from wall street workers, mall workers, gas stations, grocery stores, big and small businesses, truckers, stop at the nearest truck stop. wallmart shut down,(take that chinese imports) Nobody would lose money, cause there is nothing to spend it on, cause everything is closed. no airports, no buses, trains, nothing, Have the entire American society protest this time, for we the people have a voice, and we have spoken. if the govt does not listen, we will talk with our God given powers, the power of freedom, the power of free speech, the power to unite. I want to see the courts vote with what is right, not what is easy because of a few who think differently. I, no WE the people demand to see Obamas long form birth certificate. If he cannot prove his eligibility, then we call upon the power of the courts, to declare him ineligible, and have him removed from that office under federal marshall escort. the secret service( part of the treasury) can not protect him from that. Obama is not above the law, He may think so, but he is not. We the people demand that justice is served to those who violated the Constitution of the United States of America. We the people must demand these things in order to form a more perfect union. a true republic, where all men and women are created equal. We the people need a government to protect this nation, We do not need a government that tells us what to do, We the people have the right to recall our senators and representatives if they do not do what they were elected to do. This will not be an easy task, but it is the right thing to do. No matter if you skin color is black, or white, or yellow, or red. It does not matter what religion you are or what God you pray to. It does not matter what your sexual preference is. AND We will start by shutting down ALL businesses for a complete day, I ask all shopkeepers, clecks, factory workers, computer techs, taxicab companies, wall street workers, farmers and ranchers, illegal aliens, airlines, mass transit, rail to stop working and go home. This will be our voice, not his, This is OUR voice for change. This is not only for us, but for our children and grandchildren. This is how we take back our country.

      • BOBO

        wow we think alike, everyone is talking about the elections, i say that when it come to it he will declare martial law and then there will be no election. It will be government from top to bottom. Curfews and patrols to enforce them, and then most of all there is no rights for anyone but the top dogs, or cats. I have been told that he can not do that, i think he can. All he would have to do is say that we are going to have a major attack on the USA and everyone will be ready to give him the Martial law. Then we are socialism country he controls all that will happen. Sound like Hittler and the other three, i can not spell their names.

    • http://e-mailnewsletters joe

      hey harley bud don’t you think it is deeper than just the insurance company? take a look around , this 2 party system doesn’t work, people who think it does have rocks for brains, they work for someone or thing much bigger than that and it is not just here it is world wide, it is the central bankers, ( money changers). check it out the only” terrorist” are the countries without a rothchild controlled banking system,huh what a coincidence! my mom told me about this shit some 30 plus years ago and here we are in the end game and people think you’re nuts when you talk about it but at least i’m not living in somekind of fairytale, it is reality. they have mastered the propaganda and bs even better than hitler. joe

  • http://e-mailnewsletters joe

    can’t the people of this country see our system is a facade, it doesn’t work and they don’t work for us. there definitely is somekind of conspiricy going on and it is not just here, it is nearly everywhere and it looks like the central bankers are at the core of it. the UN is a big player in it also and obama is a soldier for them. did you ever wonder how a one term senator can become president, if he wasn’t selected to do the final push to the NWO, we better wake up real soon and do something to derail this disasterous path we are on. i mean look at the bush years he had it so screwed up the democrats were sure to win just like they had it planned, so now look where we are headed. i thought bush was thge worst president in history or at least my lifetime but i might have to change that. thew war on terror is nothing but propaganda and bullshit, used to steal our rights and liberties(patriot act) what an ironic name, if our for fathers read that they would shit their pants after all they did for this country and now we are sitting on our collective .asses and letting them still it from us. shame on the lazy,ignorant americans. joe

    • BOBO

      Joe I do not think it is so much the bankers ands such, which they may be the roots of it all, but the main culprit is the LOBBIEST If we chopped off a few head of the Lobbists there would be a better chance of them listening to us. I SAY STOP THE lOPBBIST AND IT WOULD TURN AROUND, That is if we bring God back into the USA> Throwing away God is a very bad deal.

  • HarleyBUD

    I do agree it’s much bigger than simply the Insurance Industry but if you look into Who that industry actually IS you have named most of their arms in your comments.
    They ARE the banking industry and all of the Helthcare industry and the lawyers and mortgage bankers too.
    Look at who AIG distributed the Bailout money they got to…that will give you an idea how far they reach into our lives.
    The whole thing started in 1913 with the creation of the FED…a group of private bankers (not a federal agensy like you might think) the Rothchilds were one of 4(Rockefellers as well)
    They print and “loan” the cash to the Government then sell the loan papers to anyone with money(China and Saudi for 2) but anyone can buy this paper and many do(Warren Buffit (Hathaway Group) I’m sure owns some of it).
    Your also right it is the “System” thats broken and it is nothing like what it started as….they have hijacked it and run it like a money laundering gang.
    Freedom in this country is an illusion…you can do anything “they” will let you.

  • Metalchemist

    strong textBuilderburg….C.F.R. W.M.F. WORLD BANK WALL ST.
    —————————————THE FED IS A FRAUD——————————————–
    ————————————-THEY R All Conspirators……….. ————————————

    ——————TO FORM THE —–N.W.O.—–NEW WORLD ORDER————————

    ———————OBAMA’S A CULT OF PERSONALITY.—————————————————————– FABRICATED BY THE ABOVE ———————————————-

    —————– WAKE UP AMERICA! BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!——————————-

    LISTEN TO JOE (ABOVE) #20 ” KILROY LIVES” An American Independent

    —-A MUST SEE OBAMAS DECEPTION—— YOU TUBE—”Believe” it or “NOT”!—

    • HarleyBUD


      Do your own research and you’ll figure this out by yourself without having to listen to people with their own agenda’s.
      Some of what you ranted about is funny (if it was meant to be) but I think you actually believe it…that makes it very, very sad.

      The whole world is screwed up but they are not ALL out to get “YOU”…their just in it for the money (mostly).

  • http://None James E. Morgan

    Are you ready for action? Then adopt this strategy: “VOTE ALL DEMOCRATS OUT OF OFFICE!” Yes, I realize that there are some misguided Repuublicans and yes I realize that there may be a few good Democrats. But remember this – All Democrats, good and bad voted in lock step for the pork laden “stimulus” bill containing only 20% of its money to be spent in 2009 and full of feel good green and pork projects funded for 2010 and 2011, WITHOUT EVEN READING the bill! Only the Democrat party has a goup of admitted socialists. 39% of Americans agree that the US is evolving into a socialist state, according to a recent Investors Business Daily poll. 63% of Republicans see this, only 13% of Democrats admit it is happening. The ONLY way that freedom and the opportunity to succeed will be saved in this country is to VOTE ALL DEMOCRATS OUT OF OFFICE!

    • HarleyBUD

      Nobody reads any bill…even the ones they “write”…the party dictates which way a party member votes….
      I say make it illegal for Lawyers to work in any part of Government.
      Make Lobbyists a national “Wild Game” and make anyone that can raise 100,000 signatures their own Party.
      Did you know the FEC(fed election commission) is only staffed by Dems and Reps…what a gimmick.
      They are both the exact same sort crooks.
      Both parties grow the Gov but in different areas..Dems in social services and Reps in Defense….everyone I know and you included benefit more from social services than defense. Even if I do occasionally do contract work for the DoD.

      The work on the bill your bitching about was done all during the last administration by both parties and not just one party..thats not even possible.

  • s c

    People see Obama’s bail-out abomination for what it is – finally. Voters must stop being useful idiots for every political hooker who goes to Washington (McCain would not have been better). From now on, let NO politician become a career politician. Obama is already planning on getting re-elected (for doing what?).
    How could we possibly make life worse by looking at every politician as a one-chance con artist? Either deny these self-serving prostitutes
    any chance to become career politicians, or get used to being a slave in a third-world country. America, it is absolutely US vs. THEM.

    • American liberal

      Sc…I’ve seen enough of your opinion to know you don’t have a ” clue”…. But I’ll ask you this question anyway…. Which Presidents Name is on the ” Bailout Bill”?….

  • HarleyBUD

    When democracy fails start voting from the rooftops…the worst is still to come.
    Belize is an english speaking central American country…lets all go there and start over.

    • Freakazoid

      I’m sure the people of Belize will be delighted with your arrival.
      Please, go.

  • Jackie

    Write, call, or email your Senators and congressmen constantly. Don’t let them forget that we are watching everything they do. Make sure to tell them you are a registered voter. Let them know we are sick and tired of these people spending our money on whatever they want with no regard for what we want or without a national debate, such as on global warming? Why aren’t both sides of this argument being heard? There are many scientists that believe global warming is a great hoax! Why is it that, when challenged to a debate on global warming by a scientist who disagrees with him, Al (I don’t practice what I preach) Gore simply dismissed the man by saying the science is in, we don’t need any more debate. If the gov’t plans on further punishing businesses for carbon emissions financially, which ultimately will be passed on to all households through increases in their utility bills, then why don we have a say? It is sad to think of all the people who have died so that we can be a free people when we have, for too many years, allowed the minority to dictate to us how our lives will be. The democrats and republicans have failed us. This country needs a new party, one that truly represents the average person who works hard for what they have and are tired of gov’t taking it from them!!! Thomas Jefferson said that a gov’t strong enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take everything you have.

    • Cathy

      Don’t know who to believe about this global warming thing. I do know, however, that the biggest producer of greenhouse gases are slaughterhouses, but this is NEVER mentioned. So…all I can say about Al Gore is he’s a gigantic hypocrite since he continues to chow down those steaks on a regular basis. And his home uses around $10,000 worth of electricity a MONTH! And then there’s his private jet. Sheesh…

      • D.Russo

        Al Gore owns factors that make specal lights he says will save the earth. Hog haven for mr Gore $$$$$$$$$

      • Freakazoid

        How important is it to you to know?

      • BOBO

        Global warming happens every 10,000 year or so. What we do is not of any matter to the end. God is in control of the effects and he will determine who will and who want. He gave us the ability to choose and decide what is MORLE AND WHAT IS NOT. You do not know?? then start reading the Bible every day.

  • David

    Reply to Roger.
    By disagreeing with me, I don’t see how you have addressed the listener, you have only addressed the deliverer and have brought up a philosophy of it being ‘okay’ to tell the people lies.
    fair enough, I don’t disagree with your statement, but my original comment was the reverse, I keyed in on the listener or the accepter of the lies rather than the deliverer of the lies. I stated that the listener (the general public in this case) wants to believe the lies; if I were to edit my statement I may remove the word ‘wants’ and simply say that the listener ‘does’ believe the lies. Again, I am back to a psychological cause, of which I have no answer and only the observation that this is indeed happening, daily, right under our noses.
    Thank you for your comment.

  • Cathy

    Unfortunately, my kid sister and her husband voted for Obama. They even had an Obama sign in their yard. My other sister told me this when she went to visit them before the election but didn’t say anything to them. I WOULD HAVE!!

    She told me that she had thoroughly researched his platform. Now I highly question her intelligence. All three of us are high on the IQ scale, but her choice truly confounds me. I don’t even want to talk to her. She said she couldn’t vote for McCain because he’s ProLife. She’s going to be 50 this year, don’t think she’ll be needing an abortion anytime soon. :) But she does have a daughter. I say, so what? Stupid reason all the way around!

    • Joni

      Cathy, I understand your feelings. I have some family and good friends who are so snowed by Obama. I am so tired of their comments that Obama will fix the economy, yet they really aren’t paying attention to what is really happening. When they make one of these misinformed statements, I shower them with questions and then include the facts since they can’t answer them. Then they respond that they don’t agree with many of his policies. It just shows how important it is to do your research. Many people who voted for him believed the hype. We didn’t! We did our research…..he will destroy this Country if we don’t change the majority in 2010.

    • D.Russo

      Obama said his plain was just doing a fly shoot, maybe he is waiting for orders from Al Quida to make the attack, he did bow down to the moslum leader instead of a hand shake.

  • Disgusted with the deception

    Last May or June, the question of obama’s eligiblity for the presidential office came up. According to the US Constitution, he must be a “natural born” citizen of the US. He has spent millions of dollars sealing all his pertinent records, his Occidental College records, Harvard records, actual birth certifacte, etc. while he was demanding that McCain and Palin prove their eligibility to run for office. The national news media did not cover this, and the question is still there: Why haven’t you shown a true birth certificate, not just the Certificate of Live Birth from Hawaii which only states that the child was born alive, and is available to anyone living in Hawaii who requests it from the Health Department. He has sealed his birth record, the Hawaii Dept. Of Health says that “they have seen the record and it is a legitimate record” but they have not said that it is of a Hawaiian birth.

    Obama claims he found his birth certificate in a book, but has never publically shown it to prove that he was not born in Kenya as his grandmother states. What is he hiding? More info on this at

    Over 350,000 people have already petitioned the Supreme Court to hear the issue; if he can’t even show a legitimate birth certificate, what else is he hiding? What other rude surprises will be coming up in the future? What will be next week’s gaffe or mini-disaster? Or even worse?

    • PAUL

      COVER UP!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you really think that the mainstream media will search out the truth????????????????

    • D.Russo

      He is waiting for orders form Al Quida for the nexted desaster to happen, the naval base in the great lakes, fort dix, brocklen bridge or golden gate.

    • Freakazoid
  • tony

    If we dont win in 4 years and get Obama out then kiss this country good bye. We have given the country away because of all the people we let into this country and they will make it their own and America as we know it will be no longer. TG

  • susan

    I see so many people on message boards that are upset about Obama and what he is doing to this country, yet whenever a new poll comes out, the approval ratings for the president are good. Personally, I only know 2 people that like Obama.

    I don’t understand the polls showing such high ratings, unless they are basing them out of the east and west coast, and ignoring the rest of the country. Does anyone have insight on this?

    • PAUL

      YEP, the polls are false. They are run by the mainstream media and you know what the NY Obama Times, NBC Obama Network and MSnbc (LSD) did during the election. It is so sickening!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • D.Russo

      When they voted in Nov look at Phily the black panthers blocked the people from going in and voting unless they voted for Who? no one else but Obama blocking your way into the pols.

    • D.Russo

      When they voted in Nov look at Phily the black panthers blocked the people from going in and voting unless they voted for Who? no one else but Obama blocking your way into the pols.

    • BOBO

      they poll the ones that is for Obama– or they only publish the one that voted for him.BOBO

  • PAUL

    *Face it all, Obama is the ANTI-CHRIST. GET READY FOR 666 BURNED INTO YOUR FORHEADS. He is pro abortion, pro socialism, and even a one world currency and one world government!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is putting us at risk to be attacked by his Muslim friends SINCE HE IS A MUSLIM NOT A CHRISTIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *

  • gigi

    Thanks for all the CHANGE Obama! I HOPE I can still afford to pay my bills!

    • BOBO

      he does not want you to pay your bills–then you will have to relie upon him for the money, or you will not own the bills any more- in fact you would not own anything you wabnt be able to pay for it. I amging tohave to sto this internet soon because of the money thing. I am 75 and this i use for my inertainme nt.I have to quot this the fonts are too small for me to read and corect it. BOBO

  • Bob Omaha

    Let’s make everyone happy. Repeal the 16th amendment.

  • forgiven1


  • http://MSN Ron

    Long Legs.
    Do you know how much the feds owe to the “SSDF” Social Security deposit Fund?
    Did you know they continue to borrow from that fund and replace it with chits.
    My dear freind these programs were not designed to take care of the poor and needy. they were designed to give the Feds a free place to take additional monies to fund pork projects.
    Why do you suppose they are telling us the program is broke.
    I suppose they can socialise you to death and you will be right there with your hand out. Gimme, Gimme, Gimme, Let me have , Can you spare,. Every time I see you, you have your hands in the air.

  • Nortonio

    It is time to stand up and take back our country! We can not wait until 2012. Congressional elections in 2010 are the starting point…We must retire Nancy, Harry and all of the socialists now in power. Republications/conservatives must come forward and oppose all of the socialists. We must unite and remove these demons and move forward. Common sense must return to our system or our children & grandchildren will pay for our inaction!

  • s c

    America “owns” Detroit. Is it an improvement? The dollar is being strangled by “leadership.” We want to bailout the known universe. Self-destructing pension funds, smoke-and-mirrors health reform, interference with legal business contracts, a paranoid approach to dissent, we must apologize to everyone for everything, and career screw-ups in Congress are not held responsible for creating bubbles. If you voted for this crap, enjoy.
    Are you safer? Are your kids better off? Is the economy getting stronger? It gets worse by the day – unless you hate freedom.

  • bruce

    we need to impeach him now stand up america take are country back now

  • http://aol. e. martin

    i am most shocked by the number of people calling themselves chrisians and then voted for obama… he sat in a church for 20 years with a pastor that said < ” god bless america? no no no no ! god d— america. you cannot tell me that he did not agree with this… anyone i know that is a practicing christian would get up, walk out and never return if they had wandered into a church and heard this come out of the pastors mouth… i needed nothing else to tell me where he was coming from.. and kiiling babies? before or after birth ? and call yourself a christian? never going to happen… not now, and not ever… if you voted for him without considering what GOD himself thought about him ???? you really did get what you asked for… you don’t put someone in charge of a country based on the color of their skin, their gender, or anything else other than their qualification for the job… somewhere in there , honesty and integrity should be a consideration… has anyone learned a lesson over this ??? the only thing he will ever really fight for is one more vote…. legally or illegally ., it makes no difference


    The guy’s a frigging Marxist, if you can’t see it and he needs to follow the law and show his credentials to even hold office for one thing. If he can’t prove his birth and his school records show his finacing was askew then everthing he has messed up can be reversed but the lawmakers won’t follow the law.

    There is going to be some major problems within a few short weeks in this country and you had beter be prepared.

  • Doff Trolio

    after reading all of the above just how many of you will fight when the chips go down.
    1/3 are asleep 1/3 do not care it is the other 1/3 that keeps The United States free.
    I will never run from a good fight.

  • http://AT&T Carole Nemy

    After reading all the above, be aware that just discussing the issues will get us nowhere. You all need to badger your representatives in the House and Senate…email, write, call, etc. Tell them exactly what you feel and urge them to get the truth out however they fight as they have never fought before. To stand on the steps of our Capitol and hold press conferences, buy TV time just as Mr. O does, etc. If we will do this and remember that Congress faces elections in 2010…let them know they need to be worried if they do not listen to their respective constituents. This country is in danger and we must band together..all of us who hold conservative beliefs. remember that FREEDOM IS NOT FREE..we must and will fight for it.

  • Stan

    It is a traggety that some of those energy tax credits were eliminated. For example, the company I work for promotes a current 30% tax credit for the installation of certain heating and cooling systems. Without those credits, some people can’t afford a system at all and in turn that hurts the economy.

  • s c

    It’s very interesting to see what libs avoid. They see criticism of b o as personal attacks. They won’t defend his actions. Are they children who refuse to grow up? Valid criticisms deserve answers. Do b o backers have ANY standards for performance? Who can believe a prez can do whatever he wants? How can they defend b o and queen pelosi, when they demand legislation that wasn’t read? It seems that brainwashing got b o elected. If brainwashers haven’t considered the cost of this, it needs to be said that no individual or cabal ever estimated that cost accurately. May such devolved freedom-haters and slavery lovers live in ‘interesting times.’

  • Leslie Tribolet

    A Kauai story…. I used to work next to a guy who owns a hot dog stand here in Princeville, Hawaii. Before the election, he told me that he was going to vote for Obama. We had a talk about why etc., and he basically just said that “They are all crooks and at least he is different!” HUH? So, I often wondered what he would say if I ran into him and asked him how he was feeling about his Obama vote. I got my wish last week, running into him at the grocery store. This is how the exchange went…. “Hi Robert, how are you?” “Hi, how are you?” (me) “You still glad you voted for Obama?” (with a smile)…. Him – “yeah” I then said, “Really, with our country going to h-ll?” He then says to me…. “I don’t care about any of that crap!!!!” I looked at him smiling and said, “Really, you don’t care about what is going on in our country?” He then blew up at me yelling at me and walked away… hum… I walked away too just continuing shopping and back he comes to let me have it… “What is the matter with you! Why can’t you care about how someone is instead of politics!” I just looked at him smiling saying and said “I can’t believe that you are getting so mad!” He continued to yell at me in the store… I just said, “Wow, you sure seem to be awfully defensive!” He walked away yelling at me as he left and I just mumbled “Typical liberal” even though I know he didn’t hear me. So my friends, this is what we are up against. People who just don’t care and that is why Mr. Obama the Socialist is in the White House! I will not be silenced and if I see him again, I may just have to ask him the same question just to piss him off! LOL

    • American liberal

      Leslie… So what’s your solution?… Go back to the same republican policys that got us here?… You people on the right like to say” how do you like Obama now”… When it’s the policys of the republicans that put president Obama in the position he’s in to have to try and prime this economy…. You call it socialism… So here’s a question for you… How do you like the economy that president Obama walked into?… You seem like you get somekind of pleasure at the mess this countrys in while avoiding the responsibility of answering how it got this way… Here’s another question … Who signed the bailout bill?.. And why do you think that was socialism … Your party ran the gas out of Americas economy and now when president Obamas trying to put some gas back in the tank your calling it socialism.. You seem a little to happy at the state of our economy just to try and blame Obama …

  • American liberal

    Socialism doesn’t work?.. On this very site theirs an artical on ” why Americas enemys are thriving”… This artical is very inaccurate…. This countrys problems are that Neo cons ran our economy over the cliff so like children caught with they’re hands in the cookie jar want to blame someone else…. It’s going to take more than a year to even start fixing the mess that the rightwingers left this country in….and cigaretts… They should raise the price another dollar a pack… You can’t even measure the damage they do…

  • American liberal

    It’s always the same old story with the rightwing…. But you can’t fight two wars and revive an economy that’s flat broke without some taxes… Bush got his tax cuts for the rich and ruined this economy…. If his tax cuts were such a wonderful thing ” why didn’t they work “?.. Now were gonna try and give the middle class some tax relief and let the tax cuts to the rich expire…. The rights argument will be, it’s the rich that create the jobs … Nonsense…. The Average American doesn’t have the funds to buy the goods…. Results … We’ve had the tax cuts to the rich and the economy floundered … Republicans always favor corporations over people… Time to try it another way… Were going back to what worked and that’s the fair tax rate of the 90′s…

  • American liberal

    This is typical rightwing logic….. You break the country and complain about the way someone else trys to fix it..

  • American liberal

    Think of our economy like a big house… And house with no food in the cupboards and no money in the bank… And the reason the owners of the house are broke ” due to republican economic policy” cutting taxes on the rich” while spending and borrowing from China… So the big winded republicans blow the house down with bad economic policy… Then we ” the people” elect president Obama.. How does he rebuild our house.. The lumber and materials cost money and were broke…. What’s he do?.. He either HAS Too raise taxes on someone or borrows the money from China like Bush did to find his personal war in Iraq?…so Obama has to let the tax cuts on the rich expire to have some money in the bank to rebuild the house….rebuild the house( our economy) that the republicans destroyed…. Now since were flat broke , what would republicans do to rebuild the house?.. And don’t say go back to tax cuts for the rich, we still have those and it didn’t work because here we sit… What’s your solution?… When president Obama took office I remember telling my friends that anything Obama did would be opposed by the very people that bankrupt this country ..


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