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Tax Foundation Analysis Shows ‘Fair Share’ Not Paid By All

February 22, 2012 by  

Tax Foundation Analysis Shows ‘Fair Share’ Not Paid By All

The idea of a what constitutes a "fair share" when paying taxes to the Federal government has come into question, as an analysis by the Tax Foundation showed that half of the working population pays no income tax at all, according to Fox News.

"The top 10 percent income earners pay about 70 percent of Federal income taxes," Will McBride of the Tax Foundation, told the news outlet. "The bottom 50 percent of tax filers have, they pay almost no Federal income tax. They pay about 3 percent of Federal income taxes."

The "fair share" idea has been championed by President Barack Obama in several speeches and the State of the Union address, but many people who do not have to pay income taxes end up also receiving credits that lead to refunds from the government, Fox News reported.

"Right now about 70 percent of Americans take more out of the tax system than they put into it, according to the Tax Foundation," Arthur Brooks, head of the American Enterprise Institute, told the news outlet.

The analysis from the Tax Foundation came after the President released his FY2013 budget, which would see Federal borrowing rise to 76.5 percent of the nation's GDP by 2022, according to Fortune.

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  • s c

    Once you get past the idea of ‘fair’ and ‘fair share,’ it might be possible to get close to a system that actually works. The main problem for now is a government out-of-control and bent on pretending to care about a chunk of the populace that pays NOTHING [and gets away with it].
    When you pay NOTHING, HOW can that be be either fair or somehow close to a fair share? Even if someone was so strapped that IF they paid as little as $1 in an attempt to be fair for having paid their “fair share,” it’s better than NOTHING.
    People who pay NOTHING are being used and abused by a power-mad government. It is a disgusting form of class warfare, and it is consciously being waged by those who hide behind the idea of ‘too honest or too qualified to fail.’
    I don’t know much about the Tax Foundation, but I do know that as long as we have a prez who talks about jobs but refuses to do anything constructive about jobs is playing with a stacked deck of faked cards.
    Man up, Mr. prez, and at least TRY to honor your “sacred” oath. Anything less proves that when you talk about hope and change, you really mean you HOPE that America will never recover from the permanent CHANGE caused by your America-destroying schemes that perfectly define your administration.

    • Lcar

      “Fair share” is liberal code for tax and spend. The politicians (both Democrat and Republicans) do not want to curtail spending. So their solution is to tax our way to a balanced budget. As the Tax Foundation has shown, this is not a burden on 50% of Americans because they do not pay income tax! So 50% do not give a rats a$$ about increasing taxes because they think it does not affect them!
      It’s the spending stupid, not the taxation!

      • CJ

        Just as voting should be a prerequesite to complain about the elected (if you didn’t try to vote them out, don’t complain about what was elected), maybe paying taxes should be for voting (if you aren’t ‘paying’ for it, you shouldn’t have a say in it)??? Just an idea.

    • http://yahoo Rusty

      I worked in the public sector for over 50 years. I paid income taxes at the state AND Federal level EVERY year. Some years I would get a ‘tax return’. NEVER did I recieve ALL of my taxes back. I estimate, that by adding all the add-on taxes that all of us are forced to pay, OVER HALF of my total income for those 59+ years went to TAXES.
      Do you suppose I paid my fair share? I don’t think I ever rose to the so called ‘middle income’ status. Just wondering.


      It’s absurd to believe that half the population pays no taxes because they are large welfare families on the dole, or that they somehow have big loopholes that exonerate them from taxes.
      The facts are that the deductions for medical expenses, mortgage interest and real estate taxes bring many families into the no-tax zone. They pay taxes, just not Federal taxes.
      Others are unemployed or on social security.
      If you want to do a fair article on fairness in taxes, you have to look at ALL the taxes.
      How many ways do you want families to pay taxes on the same income?

      • sally

        My brother as taxes for a living and this article hits the nail square right on the head. All people complain about is why they are not getting an even bigger refund. They are getting more back already as it is then they paid in. When was the last time your refund was more then the taxes you paid in?

  • Deerinwater

    When you own and control 80%, a 70% contribution sounds understandable.

    • Ted Crawford

      When you take out more than you contribute, you aren’t just part of the problem, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM! Class warfare is devisive, counter productive and immature!

    • A.W.

      The top 10% paying 70% is not understandable. I don’t have a problem w/people not paying taxes if they earn less than $40k. I have HUGE problem w/them receiving money back. I know someone w/4 kids, earns $45k/year and receives from the FEDS a check for $5k as a tax refund. Refund, he didn’t pay anything in, how is this a ‘refund’. It is welfare. Gov’t needs to stop the give away programs and get back to what the Constitution says they should spend money on.

      • http://BELLSOUTH.NET unique

        TAX ON FOOD
        TAX ON GAS

      • Ellen

        Unique, Everyone pays those taxes and they are not a part of this discussion. We are talking about the main taxes that fund our country. Part of the reason 50% don’t pay taxes is that we’ve created a welfare cycle that people repeat. Why do we have so many poor people in the US? Our percentage of people living in poverty wasn’t really impacted by the recession; it is an ongoing problem. Everyone has been pretending that poverty is sad and we should pity these people. The percentage of our ‘poor’ who really fall into that category is minimal. Most of our poverty is from choice because people can game the welfare system. 40% of all babies born annually for the past 10 years have been born into poverty. That is poverty of choice and welfare abuse. Why are politicians not addressing this issue, as they are the earners of the future? History already tells us nearly 50% will drop out of high school. Most of the boys will become incarcerated and most of the girls will have illegitimate kids. We are creating a 3rd world country for future generations. Producers are quickly being outnumbered by welfare dwellers. This costs the US over $1 trillion each year, which we have to borrow. It’s insanity and it’s the Democrats’ dream of a society dependent on the government. Unfortunately, we’re running out of people to fund it.

      • http://povertylinge Smilee

        Ellen says:
        February 22, 2012 at 9:09 am

        You clearly do not understand welfare, Today we give different welfares to working people all based on their income on a sliding scale. First let me say when I was young the minimum wage kept you at or above the poverty line, today the minimum wage times three gets you at or above the poverty line which leaves 47 percent of the income tax filers no longer making enough money to be required to pay income taxes and making them eligible for earned income credit, food stamps, medicaid, child care subsidies etc. Today 47% of those receiving food stamps are employed and working, 44% are unemployed people the other 9% are disabled, low income retired and low income students making the largest number being employed, earned income credit and child care subsidies all go to working people, many on Medicaid are working people. Why is it so hard to realize that the problem is underpaid employees in large numbers. This drives up taxes for others and poverty for many. Corporations lobbied hard for these programs so they could then pay low and inadequate wages and thus at the taxpayer expense rake in all the record profits that have been so common the last thirty years. It is indirect corporate welfare. Your taxes would go down dramatically if employers paid living wages and then working people would no longer qualify for these benefits and would themselves pay some income taxes. That’s how it was when I was young we bought all these ourselves from wages. I first filed taxes in 1962 and have filed every year since and paid taxes everyone of those years. Being in a union helped make this possible as they kept the wages at living wages when the non union wages started dropping in the 1980’s. Corporations felt if they got these government welfare programs for working people then their employees would not go to unions when they started paying slave wages as they did prior to the riots that brought all the new labor laws in the thirties that gave employees collective power. Corporations did not want heavy unionization to reoccur again so they lobbied in the nineties to change all these laws drastically to include working people in welfare programs after getting many laws that weakened unions enacted and if everyone again voted in unions giving them strength then they could not under pay their employees as they did before the thirties. Weak Unions have done this and will continue too at the expense of 95% of the population. Working people would prefer not to have welfare and people making enough to pay taxes would benefit with lower taxes that would automatically go down when wages went up without changing the laws by making most ineligible to receive these welfare benefits. Welfare that you hate so much did not come about from those receiving these benefits but had them forced on them by the heavy lobbing of congress by corporate lobbies whom made so many of them poor.

  • Fearfull Ralph

    I think that it is a crying shame that according to The Tax Foundation the bottom 50 percentile of the US working population make so little that they don’t even trigger an income tax payment requirement. There is something drastically wrong with a country where so many people who have jobs are earning so little. I can remember a time when everyone I knew had to pay income tax and I remember having to scramble to make up the difference between what was withheld and what I owed on my $1,800 annual income as a staff sergeant. Of course, that $1,800 bought a lot more than $18,000 does now.

    • n2woods

      What is really sad is the amount of people who enjoy a nice house to live in, food in such quantities that they have to continually try to loose weight, entertainment every day of the week many even while “at work” and still have time to complain about how horrible their lives are.

      You’d think we lived where housing is sparse and many times doesn’t even protect you from the elements, where food is so scarce that you’re underweight and malnourished, and seeing the sun set over the horizon is entertainment. But no, they compare themselves to others and believe if only the rich didn’t have anything, then everything would be fair. Really? I don’t much care for those arrogant jerks who have more than I do, yet I enjoy a pretty good life. Yes, I struggle with where my income might come from or if I’ll loose everything, but I’ve lost it before only to get it back again.

      No, what you’re really complaining about is that you don’t have what others have. In reality, if we all had what they had, we’d be the same arrogant jerks they are. Actually, if you look at lottery winners, the results are very strong against the poor become better when they get wealth. What is it, 90% of large lottery winners are in worse shape than they were before winning the lottery within 7 years.

      Our system has proved itself many times over. It worked. It created a vast and successful middle class. It was the tool used to get us from mud huts to glass houses. Yet, without God it is still meaningless. Go ahead and believe your own rhetoric, but we all know that you’ll be just as miserable rich as you are poor. You want something for nothing in the guise of “fairness.” You don’t deserve it either. As it is, you’re going to destroy this system and replace it with one that will take us all down. No thanks.

      • http://BELLSOUTH.NET unique


  • Durham Ellis

    Zero is the fair share each person should pay to fund the thousands of illegal (unconstitutional) programs our DC employees authorized.

    The problem is not taxes; the problem is spending.



  • Paul

    “Right now about 70 percent of Americans take more out of the tax system than they put into it, according to the Tax Foundation.” This pertains to Mexicans. Most of which are illegal and a bunch of leeches.

    • Fearfull Ralph

      I find your comment very interesting since people who are here illegally are paying taxes (unless they are working off the books) but cannot file a tax return because they do not have a legal SS number so they are out of luck. In addition, the majority of people on welfare are Caucasians and, oddly enough, most of them argue along with their fellow TEA party members that the wealthy should not be taxed.

      • Ellen

        Fearful, Many do get paid under the table. For those who do pay taxes, they get ALL of their taxes returned, along with any credits. So, they don’t pay taxes. Unfortunately, they actually cost society extra money. They have babies and go on welfare, which drains money from taxpayers. They send their kids who can’t speak English to school, which causes huge expenses for school systems. They fill up our prisons. Over 50% of federal inmates are Hispanic and taxpayers are paying to feed and house them. About 49% of them drop out of high school, meaning a life of crime or welfare. We have to fund that, too. What benefit do they bring to our society? None. We have millions of uneducated people already who can do the jobs that politicians claim only Hispanics will do. If you cut off welfare, people will have to do those jobs. Why do you think they come to the US? Do you think they intend to do menial labor at a low wage and live under the poverty line?

        • Fearfull Ralph

          My goodness, Ellen, you have just explain the whole problem with our prison system with your statement that over 50% are Hispanic. When you add your percentage to the reported 36% Caucasian and 42% African-American inmates we find that our prisons has over 128% of the prisoners. (the actual percentage reported was 22% Hispanic). By the way, they are coming from all over the world to work in the US because our below poverty line wages is untold wealth in their countries where they are lucky to get a dollar a day.

      • Ellen

        My statistic of 50% was from 2010, the year Hispanics claimed the highest percentage in federal prisons. I don’t know how old your statistics are or if they are from a specific state, rather than the federal system. While it is true that our minimum wage may look like a lot of money, it doesn’t take long to realize our cost of living is too high to live well on minimum wage. I have friends from Macedonia who made $400 per month there as architects and lived well. They obvioulsy couldn’t survive here on that income, but they didn’t need to because they earned an income that matched their skills. We simply don’t need more unskilled laborers and they can’t make a better life here without skills.

        • Fearfull Ralph

          The statistics I have are the US Federal Prisons population in 2009 and includes women prisoners as well as males and I really doubt that enough whites would have disappeared from federal prisons in one year to swing the Hispanic segment from 22% to over 50%. Considering the rate that the US has continued in locking up African-Americans it is extremely unlikely that there are fewer African-Americans in 2010 than 2009. I rather suspect that the over 50% Hispanic prisoners reflects the percentage of Hispanics in the Federal Immigration holding centers which have a very low percentage of Caucasians and a much higher percentage of Asiatics compared to the traditional prison system. I also disagree that the below minimum wage that illegals get will discourage them because their cost of living is extremely low and they can send hundreds of dollars home every month. Face it, it costs very little to live in a card board box or under a bush.

  • combat seabee

    Durham Ellis,
    Thanks for pointing that out!!! Now if all the freeloaders that this country has would realize that, we just might get somewhere. Unfortunately , we are stuck in gimme, gimme, gimme land!!!!!

  • Sirian

    The entire problem of who’s paying and who’s not paying could be solved quite easily. It’s called a FLAT TAX. Eliminate the present IRS monster and implement a FLAT TAX of say 5%, across the board, no exceptions. Fill out a small tax card once a year and send it in – simple. Most people have enough between their ears to handle that. Most. Uh oh, forgot, think of the thousands and thousands of people that would be put out of work if the IRS is dissolved down to a point of near next to nothing. Uh Oh, forgot, think of the number of tax attorneys that would no longer be necessary – they’d really like that wouldn’t they? Uh Oh, forgot, think of the number of people that would be put out of work for H&R Block and various other such businesses. Uh Oh, forgot, think of the number of people that would be put out of work – CPA’s, scores upon scores of them. Oh no, we can’t do something so terrible and destructive to so many people’s livelihoods. Really? So What! We have been pushed into a wonderland of deficits galore as the 535 continue to play with all of us – they have been having so much fun. This entire area has been jawed over for years and look where we’re at. We’ll take care of you, spend – spend – spend, it’s so much fun!!! Sound familiar?

  • Evelyn Henderson

    Yes, this ‘fair share’ is rapidly becoming a nauseating drool out of Washington’s mouth. Another attempt at diverting attention away from money grubbing idiots there.


    Most of this is in the name of ‘fooor thee chiilldreeen’. At least, that is what it appears to me. It may not be actually spoken in these scolding diatribes from class war mongering politicians, but that is the underpinning of handing out money, whether in the form of welfare or tax ‘refunds’. Any attempt at cutting the entitlement, both of the welfare mommies (a title handed out with no consideration of actual ability) and of working parents, is met with the braying of outraged liberals and folk who want their breeding subsidized. “What about the chiiildrren?” ..Gag me with a spoon. Sadly, the outcome imo, (and what I have observed most of my life) when what children REALLY need comes into conflict with what their narcissistic parent(s) desire, the child LOSES.

    Mankind, it’s need and wants are like unto a black hole. It devours all available resources, never fills up, merely grows larger and demands even more.

    two cents ¢¢

  • Barbara

    Most of the above is true. The “Earned Income Credit” allows people with a small income to “get money back” even though they have paid nothing in. And I am talking about “thousands back”.

    As a former tax perparer, I find most have heard of the EIC, but because it does not affect them they don’t know much, if anything about it.

    I was preparing a return for a girl working to put herself through college. I checked the EIC and she did not qualify because she did not have a child. If she had had an illegal chilc she would have qualified for several thousand “back”.

  • David McCall

    The whole idea that people should be able to get more money back than they paid into the tax system is badly flawed. I can understand those who do not make enough to get pas the lower limit getting what they paid in back but getting more is absurd. Then you have the people who try and complain that the sales and state taxes should somehow determine what they get back. That is another flaw in the system. If you want to get money back from what you paid into the state then you should be talking to the state. Spending must be reduced before it leads to the kind of currency destruction that lead to WW2.

  • Elz

    Ron Paul’s ideas are here for the right time in history. We go back to being a republic where everybody has a fair shot, or we continually cottle the losers while badmouthing the achievers, and stealing all we can in a manner to discourage growth of the private sector while creating that greater shift towards dependency, the dependency not being adequately recognized since it is paid for out of borrowed money.
    What a perfect recipe for catastrophic failure Best to batten down all the hatches, last thing to do is squander anything as “an investment” since the government as it is, may now use military power to come in and steal your stash, no matter how well hidden, simply by deciding you are a terrorist based on anonymous statements by unknown sources. The whole situation mandates full acknowledge of the importance of the 2nd amendment. Exercise those rights now, before big business who controls the manufacture of arms, cottles to the whims of an overbearing dictator with a distaste of freedom for the achievers. With our military strength as it is, there is no safe haven…..fool yourself if you wish, but the corrupt are many in number and cowardice.

  • RichE

    Its math, do a bell curve. You’ll see the top has more income. If two people are in the same tax bracket, 25% and one’s taxable income is 1 million and the other’s is 100 thousand then the first pays 250 thousand in taxes and the second 25 thousand for total revenue of 275 thousand. Even though both paid at the same tax rate, 25%, the first paid 90% of the total revenue and 2nd 10%. The top pays more because the make more.

    • Fearfull Ralph

      Oh, RichE, you have made the all too common mistake of confusing the issue with facts. When Republicans are discussing taxes they do not let facts get in the way of their belief that if the super wealthy and huge corporations were not taxed in any way then the US would be wealthy beyond belief, everyone would have a well paying job, and the US would be debt free. It just confuses them when it is pointed out that when the top rate was in excess of 90% or at 50% there was a surfeit of jobs but that now when the top rate is 35% (and most do not pay that) there is a shortage of jobs. They do not wish to be reminded that the job creators are busy creating jobs in cheap labor countries such as China instead of in the US.

      • RichE

        What? Me confused.
        Continuing on… increasing the bottom to 10 tax payers @ 100 thousand and leaving the top @ 1 million the total revenue would be 500 thousand. The 10 would pay 50% and the 1 would pay 50%. In order to reach parody (fairness) we need more bottom payers.

  • http://personallibertydigest gottaplenty

    Boy I get a laugh out of some of the lap dog logic. Talking about the welfare grabbers paying taxes.. That is just recycling govt booty. In order to pay anything you have to have produced something. You ca just stand there handing a 1000 D bill around in a circle but nothing has been accomplished, Except wear out the bill. Remember Every thing is like MaMa obammas left boob, taint right or it aint fair..

    • RichE

      Did you add anything to the conversation?

  • Michelle

    Wrong the bottom 30 percent of the income tax payers do not take out more in proportion they they put in. One in order to pay income tax you have to have an income. No income no taxes. The problem is the the very wealthy have huge incomes from many different sources many of which they pay no taxes on. The huge expenditures on the military is spent on protecting the property and income of the rich. Most of the Federal spending is spent on regulating the wealthy’s business interests and protecting certain business interests at the expense of others. Social Security income and Medicare has been paid for by taxes the individuals receiving the benefits paid in. If you paid nothing in you get nothing out. And in the baby boomer generation many times both spouses paid into Social Security and Medicare unlike our parents’ generation. We will be less costly because we are healthier and one person’s pay ins is not paying to cover two people’s benefits like in our parent’s generation.

    The baby boomers have paid the benefits for the Great Generation and I being at the forefront of the baby boomers like President Clinton and President Bush have only begun to collect our benefits. So all of the programs included in Social Security and Medicare were there for the Great Generation who fought World War II and in Korea.

    Baby boomers have not burdened these programs yet and many of them are still wage earners when they can find a job so at times they will still pay in. And if you don’t pay any Social Security or Medicare taxes you do not receive benefits except through your spouse who has paid taxes and if you are a minor child of a tax payer.

    Almost no money is being paid out in cash by welfare anymore and food stamps are for everybody in times of need and benefits the who food industry and keeps the population better fed and healthier and a smaller burden on the medical industry.

    The Federal government insures that our economy is nation wide and not just in small pockets which also helps the rich get richer. The poorer people are a labor pool for the rich and they have a very basic standard of living and own very little property. The poor through rents pay the property taxes of the rich through their rent.

    The rich are not thanking God for their bounty but are greedy for more. Just why are the rich envious of the poor. If their great wealth brought happiness and generosity then the rich would be begging to pay more taxes in appreciation for all they have. What is wrong with the rich??

  • Lance Brofman

    The original income tax was 7% of all incomes in excess of $500,000. A hundred years ago when the prohibition advocates ( the social conservatives of their day) pushed through the federal income tax to make way for prohibition (prior to the income tax, excise taxes on alcohol provided 40% federal revenue). Obviously, in 1913 99.9%+ of federal income tax was paid by the top .001% of the taxpayers.

    Depressions occur after investment bubbles burst. It is not just a coincidence that tax cuts for the rich have preceded both the 1929 and 2007 depressions. The Revenue acts of 1926 and 1928 worked exactly as the Republican Congresses that pushed them through promised. The dramatic reductions in taxes on the upper income brackets and estates of the wealthy did indeed result in increases in savings and investment. However, bubble overinvestment (by 1929 there were over 600 automobile manufacturing companies in the USA) and excessive improvident lending caused the depression that made the rich and everyone else ultimately much poorer.

    The 10% and 15% Federal tax brackets should be temporarily reduced to zero. For married taxpayers this would exempt all income below $70,700 from taxation. This would be a $9,735 tax cut for all couples with taxable incomes of $70,700 or more and less amounts for others with less taxable incomes. Additionally, all personal payroll taxes should be suspended. As with the current 2% payroll tax cut, the treasury should make the trust funds whole. This would put $6,120 in the pockets of a household that had $80,000 in wages. Thus, proving about $15,000 to the typical middle class family. It would increase the deficit. However, with the current levels of interest rates and the actual profits made by issuing t-bills at negative rates the long-term costs will be less than they were in WWII. When Obama was campaigning for president he called for a $1,000 middle class tax-cut. On the day he took office the correct amount to end the depression was probably close to $15,000. Congress passed an $800 middle class tax-cut as part of the stimulus package.

  • richbrat

    Wow, the entire point of this article is to get the people scrapping & fighting with each other while the banksters and globalist corps and majority of US corps who pay zero taxes, go scott-free. Word up, your taxes don’t pay for diddly, it’s a token sum really, meant only to harass the people and keep the value of currency artificially high, while Helicopter Ben depreciates it’s value by giving it to EU banksters, who after all, are major stock-holders in the Federal Reserve (private) bank. If the Fed can buy currency for cost of printing, mere paper & ink, and then lend it back to US @ face value, what percent do you think your taxes really pay for, out of $16 TRILLION! But if you really want a “fair” tax, here’s an easy way– ding money transfers, 1/10th of a percent on all goods sold in USD, domestically and internationally. To give you an example, in 1995, $555 TRILLION dollars passed through the FRB of NY in ONE YEAR, and now you can be sure, is so much more.
    1/10th of a percent on hundreds of trillions, is a lot of money, and no one would even feel it, everyone would pay, and the banks are already set up to do it, all that needs to happen is Congress pass a law and instruct the banks to with-hold it. But it will never happen, because it makes too much sense.

  • Elz

    Everybody worries about everybody else’s money. While the people in government raise their own pay, print the money to pay it, we should be arguing about our own money?

  • Mike

    Although Democrats whine about the top 2% not paying enough taxes they never mention the bottom 98%. This of course includes the 50% or so that pay no income taxes at all. Republicans have stepped in to protect their base, the top 2%, and everyone else is thrown in as an after-thought. Those complaining about people not paying income taxes should realize that it is the Bush tax cuts that are most to blame. One component of the precious middle class tax cut is the child tax credit. This along with the personal exemptions and standard deduction shelters about $51,000 in income for couples with three children. This comprises about 50% of working Americans. The Bush tax cuts should be repealed, all of them.

  • TIME

    Your TAX dollars support only the “TRIBUTE” we all pay to the 13 BLOODLINES.

    Thus there is no such thing as “FAIR SHARE TAX”, nor is there any real need for any Income Tax. You don’t owe anyone anything!

    Please wake up people..

    Why in the name of GOD would you wish to exchange your old chains for new chains. Really is that really logical?
    If you say yes, then would you please tell me in what world would that be.

    PEACE & LOVE my Brothers & Sisters.

  • Todd

    I agree with Mike. I assume this is where this bottom “50%” pay no taxes comes from? I make $45k a year and pay about 9.5% in federal tax, 6% in state and 7.65% to SS. $45k has to be somewhere near the bottom. I have no children, single, etc. Instead of rewarding people to have children (in my school district it cost $9,500 a year to send a kid to school) they should be penalized, not rewarded. The world just crammed it’s 7 billion’th (spelling, I know) person onto the soil. In 1955 there were 2.7 billion. How long can this go on and still be able to feed everybody?

    As far as the taxes, if a family making $50,000 a year, has 3 kids there’s $28,500 in expense to school the kids They get 3 tax deductions plus a mortgage deduction, etc the government probably sends them extra money in April yet they cost a fortune. Don’t penalize us hard working single people, penalize the people costing all the money.

  • ranger hall

    Flat Rate Tax is the only way to Go.
    Jobs we Need them, Jobs that Produce Something.
    We would need these jobs for the People that Produce Nothing, Which would happen if we had a Flat tax for evey one, Including Corporations. No deductions,Min Paper work, The IRS would lose its Power over the People
    Amazing how it would Produce more Money for the Country.
    Only Citizens or Legal Aliens would be allowed to work and draw Govt Benifits.
    Mexican Govt. Helps People come to the US because of all the Money that gets returned to Mexico ea year. Less Mexico has to spend on its People.Not counting the Millions we send in Aid.
    JOBS is the key Word, People need jobs to pay their share.
    SPENDING by our Govt needs to be Controlled.
    USELESS WARS need to be stopped, But it will not happen.Afganistan, Iraq, The pay offs. Leader of Pakistan, Leaders of The Northern Alliance, The Kurds. Millions and Millions and Millions of tax payers money to buy their Friendship. Not counting the Millions to pay for the others in Afganistan and Iraq. But its OK WE paid for these scum Buckets. I recall these Friends for Freedom RENTED us Horses and Saddles, Prices kept getting Higher, So we decided to help our Friends and give them 1000 US saddles that cost the Tax Payer 1000.00 ea. SO much for People that want to Fight for their Freedom.Heck we will fight YOU just have to Pay us.
    IVE come to the conclusion that WE are our own worst Enemy.

  • Scott Greene

    The current Income Tax system has been falling apart for years!

    The fact that the code is almost 75,000 pages long is bad enough, but that number does not even take into account the hundreds and hundreds of thousands of pages of tax publications, instruction booklets, revenue rulings and tax court cases.
    As a result of all its massive complexity and contradictions, the current Income Tax code has proven not to work and the problems it has are inherent within the mind numbing code itself.

    So at this point it is next to impossible to fix all the inequalities and contradictions strewn throughout the code.

    The only solution is scraping the whole thing and starting over and finding more sane ways to tax people.

    The current tax system with its out-of-control Alternative Minimum Tax and all the different rates and deductions and credits, not to mention all the countless and mind numbing rules and regulations covering every single movement of money from one person to another, is not going to be able to sustain itself much longer

    Something has to be done before this whole Income Tax system collapses on itself and the American people.


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