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Tax Extension Proposals Fail In Senate As Deadline Nears

December 8, 2010 by  

Tax extension proposals fail in Senate as deadline nearsSenate Republicans have blocked two Democratic proposals that would have extended the Bush-era tax cuts for all Americans except for the wealthiest earners.

According to media reports, Senators voted on two bills related to to tax cut extensions, which are set to expire on Dec. 31. The first was for individuals with an income less than $200,000 per year and married couples making less than $250,000. The second was for all tax filers with incomes of $1 million or less. Both failed 53-36, falling seven short of the votes needed to pass.

The Senate's vote came on Dec. 4, two days after the House of Representatives voted 234 to 188 to extend the cuts for families earning less than $250,000.

President Barack Obama responded to the Senate's decision by saying that a compromise between Democrats and Republicans is needed before the lame-duck session ends on Dec. 17. According to The Washington Times, Obama said that "no ordinary American" would pay more taxes in 2011.

FOX News reports that Obama, while still opposing tax breaks for top income earners, may be willing to make a deal if Republicans agree to extend unemployment benefits for another year. The GOP is hoping that negotiations with the President will lead to an extension for all Americans.

"I hope now that [the vote] is all over with, that there will be some resolution of this," Senator John Cornyn (R-Texas) told the news provider. "Because the last thing we need to do is raise taxes during a fragile economic recovery." 

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  • Norm

    The great tax compromise is a free ride for everybody. Tax cuts for the rich, poor, and businesses. Extended unemployment comp. – every body wins.
    The problem is the deficit grows and grows. The Republicans are as quick with the credit card as the Democrats.
    Doesn’t anybody have the b*lls to admit that we can’t afford this. Doesn’t anybody have the brains to see that the give away programs and near 0 interest are ineffective and as habit forming as any drug.
    God bless America.

    • EddieW

      and….we thought the republicans wanted smaller government…we have been decieved again!!! Hmmm I wonder if they even support the Constitution??

  • TIME

    As far as I can tell this should be stoped ASAP.
    I would rather everyone pay higher tax’s then to agree with this shame of a deal.
    Hell ~ if I did deals like this I would be out of Business after the first deal.

    To spend money we don’t have is beyond crays, 13 more months of Unemployment payments, just absurd.

    But to add to this crazyness People 2011 is the starting point of the Governments new HCR bill, so with the deal struck it will be funded thus it will start.
    Thus side stepping what Mr. Bohner has stated he would do, shut down Obama Care, now explain how thats going to work when you agree to fund it?
    Kind of like tossing crap up in the air and then standing under it.

    I can see this is going to be a long hard road.

    • traderphil

      Once you realize that 45% of eligible americans PAY NO TAXES at all! THOSE are the same folks Obama and co. fully EXPECT TO VOTE FOR HIM!!! Works well for him, doesn’t it! NO-ONE on the GOVT’S “payroll” will want to stop their free incomes now will they!! It is working as it is designed! So much for the “LATE GREAT USA!” How very pathetic you allow this to happen. Make sure you don’t miss McDonalds( USA’s idea of healthy food, HAHAAHHAHA) on your way to pick up your cheques!

      • eddie47d

        There are alot of fat cats who don’t pay taxes with all the loopholes they have in their bag of tricks. Were you referring to them?

    • crystal

      I have to agree with you and I’m not even considered rich by anyone’s standards.

  • Tim L.

    You can always count on the republicans to do whatever it takes to protect the wealthy, probably because most of them are millionaires.

    • crystal

      You mean like Ted Kennedy was?

  • Bob Wire

    Once again, “O” proves to be a pragmatic and not so much the idealist many attempt to paint him as.

    I confess, I broke my “no TV” watching promise.

    I had to see and hear the response to this! I watched all channels last night. “O” was bashed on FOX by many, mostly the foolish ones, the pretty women that have $hit for brains, Hannity and the like, light weights, it’s been their job and sole purpose in life to tear down “O” so they continued to draw their pay. Bill O’Really was more mute on the subject, not sure what to say.

    Rachael Maddow, went off on “O”, greatly disappointed, ending her show on a sour note, claiming it’s all a bad joke! After all the progress that has been make for her fairy and fudge packing friends, I’d expected a more thoughtful response and maybe so gratitude.

    Chris Mathews and Bill O’Really surprised me, ~ I think they both shared some appreciation for the job of being the President unlike all the other talking heads.

    He seems to have annoyed just about everybody but Mitch & John with this move.

    The Democrats are fire up mad wanting to fight on.

    “O” thought it too important and wasn’t going to play games with the American people, too much was at stake.

    Great political play as far as I’m concerned, playing the ends against the middle. A dangerous move for any reelection hopes to be sure. But as he’s said many times, it’s not about him, and this recent move should offer everyone proof that he means it and it’s not idle talk.

    As a president, he’s got a lot addressed and throwing the national debt in the laps of both parties, basically telling them, let their deeds match they words. If the GOP and the DNC is really concerned with the national debt ~ prove it!

    “O” can count to 60 without taking his shoes off, it’s time for these shy Senators to step forward if they really want to address the debt as they claim.

    If the DNC has got a secret weapon that “O” don’t know about, it’s time to roll it out.

    • Warrior

      The ONLY hostages that exist are the American Tax Payers. What a charade this whole production is by all concerned including Barry .

    • S.C.Murf

      Bob I too listened to what he said and at the same time giving hell to the left for their response. It sounded like he was stumping for and putting himself in position for 2012. then at that time he can stand before the american people and say that he tried to do the right thing but both parties fought him. I don’t know but it sounded like he was jumping back and forth over the fence. You picking up what I’m putting down?

    • traderphil

      BOB WIRE!! Hello????? Anyone home????????? Talk to me in 2 years and see where your non-American “president” has taken you and your country after he shows his real colors!!! Like i said, SHEEPLE ARE EVERYWHERE aren’t you BOB!!?? Name me just 1 thing that obama has kept his word on ?????? I’m waiting!!!!!!! He has spent/wasted more in his short reign ( with his CZARS!!!!! so American , hey, the use of CZARS in Govt!!! ??????) than ALL OTHER PRESIDENTS to date combined spent!!!! Keep up the good work by keeping the blinders on BOB. You see what you want to see, don’t you!!!

    • Vigilant

      “Great political play as far as I’m concerned, playing the ends against the middle. A dangerous move for any reelection hopes to be sure.”

      Bob, it was the ONLY political play he could have made, and that’s why he was still hostile in his remarks concerning the Republicans. If he had stuck to his guns, everyone’s taxes would have gone up on Jan 1. He traded the one thing he had, and the one thing near and dear to the far left, taxing the rich, for extension of unemployment benefits.

      The far left would have held their ground and cut off their noses to spite their faces, and everyone would have had to suffer a tax increase. The compromise isn’t perfect, most are unhappy, but that is what “bipartisan compromise” is all about.

      The difference is that when the Dems had unchallenged power, they gave a lot of lip service to bipartisanship but never sought it out. Now that they are negotiating from a position of weakness, they’re finding out that their words are coming back to haunt them.

      As for re-election, two years is a lifetime in the political world. Who knows what can happen.

  • Warrior

    Hopefully, after Jan 1, there will be some big changes in store. Like STOP THE SPENDING! TELL ME MORONS, WHAT IS THE PROPER TAX RATE 100%?
    Possibly you think the guvment should give us all a daily stipend to live on. PROGRESSIVES MUST GO, they are thieves, liars and traitors.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      I’m not a moron or a progressive, but I would say, knowing them the best rate for them is 105% when it comes to the rich!!!

  • Mack

    I have no problem Paying taxes. My problem is what my taxes are spent for. I see people everyday that are on Govt. assistance that are as healthy as I am. I am a conservitive and am against throwing good money after bad as the Government is doing with all of the bailouts.

  • barbm

    once again, democrats and republicans can be democratic, but only one can be a democrat. “Senate Republicans have blocked two Democratic proposals that would have extended the Bush-era tax cuts for all Americans except for the wealthiest earners.” that should read, two democrat proposals. stop confusing the two.

  • Bill

    My friends, people who work for a living do not create jobs, the government does not create jobs, only the wealthy people amoung us and private enterprise create jobs. If you take away all their money to pay for more controlling government, then there are no jobs created. Simple!

  • http://com i41

    Try and get a lame duck or any f–ked duck democrat how the “tax cuts” are costing taxpayers, good luck getting an answer. I called my dorr knob Sen. and askedhow their mouths could pump out such crap? Taxes not paid in, democraps think it is their money. The staffes tried to tell me the government needs the money to function, point out to these college morons citizens want to keep our money in our pockets, not send it to beltway idoits. See if you get a different or any answer from the socialist democrats, parroting their marxist muslim moron leader.

  • Ray

    Heck I no a few people that dont want to look for a job as long as they can get unemployment benefits. Why should they? Republicans DO NOT PASS A LAW ALLOWING MORE UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS or you will be considered the same as the liberial democrats.

  • traderphil

    This is the way Communist/Socialist COUNTRIES start off, the masses unemployed and on Govt assistance, so they “vote” for the ruling govt only to find they gave up their freedom, self respect, and DIGNITY!!!!! To get to that point a country like USA MUST import/allow LOTS of folks into the country who will end up on Govt assistance, ensuring they get to stay in power! Why do you think they are more than willing to NOT enforce existing illegal immigration laws?? SHEEPLE WAKE UP!!!!! Your very quality of life depends on it, literally. .

    • Bleh

      While at the same time they are not willing to enforce the law they are more than willing to sue States like AZ who try.

  • crystal

    It must be where I’m living, because I still can’t see where earning $250,000.00 is a lot of money.

    • eddie47d

      If $51,900 is the average income then $250,000 is still a very good “neighborhood” to live in.

  • traderphil

    I can’t believe you folks are allowing this to happen to a ONCE GREATLY RESPECTED COUNTRY!! I do NOT respect anything about your Govt’s Foreign Policies, in particular, and see them as Global Bullies!!!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      I for one don’t care what another country thinks of this country, only what the people of THIS country DO about what they think of it!! I’m sorry, there isn’t one country out there doing any better so it’s kinda like the pot calling the kettle black!!

  • http://GOGGLE vaksal

    WELL looking at the same old picture,the dumocrats get spanked in the midterm elections and the answer is (DIVIDE AND CONQUER)i am so far from being even moderately well off that i wonder sometimes if i should even give a darn about all these snake oiler peddlers in government,but being for the welfare of this nations free structure in guarding the very freedoms of all this nations citizens weather rich or middle class or poor,we as americans must be willing to protect everyones rights to good government,and this to me is just another way the dumocrats want to make class warfare and the end result may be that these rich folks may not want to create jobs here in the U.S.A.,because they will be raped by these pro-neocom liberal communist pushing this divide and conquer agenda,but in truth every voter must ask this question in their minds,what good would be taxing the very rich,when the national records show that the very funds the government gets are used to steal our very liberties and freedoms and those funds would be used as they have in the past to fund their (NWO)agenda,and that it to destroy this very republic and turn it into a communist police state,where not even the rich,middle class or the working poor have a right to prevent these liberal neo-com thugs from doing as they wish,the point is we are safe from this communist liberal agenda only if we all stick together,and by doing this we are sending a message to this liberal communist crooks,that we want their divide and conquer deal to take a big fat jump into the no deal trash can and the signal to the very rich would be we are your countryman,invest in our well being,for by doing that,we would help bring this depression to a halt and reasert our control over would be tyrants in this nations governing body,and what i am saying is liberty and justice for all,everyone,to hell with this left wing move to divide the very movement to get these crazies out of everyones pockets,but that is just an outlook from a older tea party member,and if the rhinos or dumocrats try a fannie albright on the the voters this coming year,they will all find out what voter rage is really about,and as france found out in the 1780s,and its not good news for americans we must use what we see as the real purpose of this dumocrat move,and that is to destroy anyone that doesnt do as they dictate.

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    The Democraps seem to be hostage takers!! They’d rather see the unemployed lose benefits and tax hikes on everyone rather than let people keep more of what they earn over $250,000. In reality, there are not enough millionaires or billionaires to pay for the democraps’ addiction to profligate spending. So they have to keep lowering the income level at which you’re considered wealthy. If the democraps really hate the so-called rich so much, why don’t they just raise their own taxes to, say 90% of what they earn over $250,000?? LOL!! These phony rich democraps won’t do that!! Of course they’ll pay the lower Bush era tax cut rates if they pay at all!! We know many democraps are tax cheats who get away with it!! And I’m tired of hearing the class envy game being promoted by democraps. Thou shall not covet, but if you do covet, I say covet the phony rich democraps, who refuse to give up their own wealth. At least Republicans (normally) don’t condemn others for wanting to be successful. And while it’s easy to envy those who have more than you, ask yourself – what good does it do you to see other people’s money confiscated?? It won’t make you any better off. These democraps don’t want to ‘spread wealth around’!! They want to spread poverty and misery around!! If they get their way, only the elite democraps will be wealthy or well off!! And don’t forget how some democraps got rich. Al Gore made millions by peddling the global warming scam. JD Jerk Rockefeller inherited most of his wealth instead of working for it in a real job!! As to the unemployed, they should understand that, were it not for the policies of the democraps in CONgress over the past 2-4 years, the unemployment rate would be far lower, and there’d be no need for all these benefit extensions. Don’t blame the GOP for the millions of jobs lost. Blame the democraps, who will not take responsibility!!


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