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Tampa Seeks Gun Ban During RNC

April 30, 2012 by  

Tampa Seeks Gun Ban During RNC
Tampa officials are worried about people toting guns to the Republican National Convention.

Many Republicans are ardent supporters of 2nd Amendment rights, but those who are planning to attend the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla., may have to leave their guns at home despite State laws favorable to concealed carry.

Tampa officials are worried about people toting guns to the RNC, and they want to eliminate their fears by executive order. The City Council voted Thursday to ask Republican Governor Rick Scott to help them temporarily ban concealed weapons during the event.

The city leaders have already proposed a host of banned items including lumber, hatchets, gas masks, chains and “super soaker” water cannons but are prevented from outlawing concealed guns because of State concealed carry laws. They say guns must not be allowed because of the political volatility of the event and the chance of large protests.

Charlotte, N.C., is expected to pursue similar anti-gun initiatives for the Democratic National Convention in spite of that State’s laws that allow for concealed carry.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Vicki

    What if the RNC threw a convention and nobody came?

    Easy solution for the Republicans who truly support the 2nd Amendment. Don’t show up.

    • Sirian

      Now that would be a good one for sure. HA, about an eighth of the total show up, then what would they do?? Boy the MSM would have a hay-day with that one Vicki :)

      • dan

        There are more than enough RHINO’s to fill the house and the MSM that films Romney events will pick camera angles and shots to make it look like as lively as a Ron Paul ralley.
        The question should be : what should the majority of (Paul supporters ) do when they try to railroad a Romney canidacy….walk out enmass ?

    • Sirian

      Hmmm, on second thought, an eighth the number to show up may still be enough for them to adjust the rules real quick and call a quorum. Guns banned or not, they want Romney like a heroin addict needs his needle.

    • Big Woody

      What if the RNC threw a convention and everybody came with their gun and a copy of the Constitution?

      Easy solution for the Republicans who truly support the 2nd Amendment. Show up by the thousands. Call it the million man march on Tampa.

    • carrobin

      I can never understand why some people are too afraid to go anywhere without their guns.

      • sidewinderaz

        I can never understand why people feel so threatened by people who carry concealed handguns. After all, if you can’t see them what is there for you to fear unless you are a criminal?

      • James

        Because you never know when you’ll need it.

  • laker1

    Just when a citizen needs a weapon around the protesters they want you to be defensless.

    • Congress Works For Us


    • eddie47d

      You should be more concerned about what get’s said within the convention instead of boo hooing the inevitable protesters. The message of those protesters will once again be lost and those who have the real power within will again have you by the tail. Not only that why would anyone need a weapon inside a convention unless you fear your own committing acts of violence against each other. It’s odd that the Republicans have banned water pistols (oh my) but eagerly welcomes a Glock 9.

      • Opal the Gem

        Typical eddie twist the facts until they have no resemblance of reality. It is the CITY that has proposed banning super soaker water cannons not the Republican party.

    • THG

      My question is ….Are the protesters leaving their guns at home ?

  • James

    So they support the 2nd amendment, but not really?

    • James

      The Second Amendment is a restriction on the federal government to refrain from infringing on the right to bear arms. Everyone is favor of that. It’s where they carry their firearm that’s up for debate. (I did not write the comment this is responding to.)

  • Gary from Ohio

    If the protesters don’t threaten anyone with loss of life or severe physical harm there should not be any problems. Put the onus on those who need to control themselves, not the legal carriers of weapons that are to be pulled only in the gravest extremes of danger to the carrier. This is why an “armed society is a polite society”.

    • coal miner

      Gary,I agree with you.

      • wt

        I think it is Republicans who want to ban the guns, like last time they had a convention.

        Solution??? Move the convention to Texas where they can have their guns.

        Last Republican convention it was the Republicans who said no guns.

  • don

    i hope the democratic convention gets another 1968 style protest. if i could i’d be right in the middle of it. obunhole and the democrats deserve it after what o deserve it after what they did in the obunhole years. nothing will wake up this bunch. they worked hard to wreck the former great country, the united states of america the home of the downtrodden, only to get worse with 4 more years of obunhole.

  • smithington

    VOTE FOR RON PAUL 2012!! If you want to save this country!!!

  • Silas Longshot

    Nice snubby like I carry in the pic. 6 shot .357, ported 2″ barrel. Goes ‘bang’ real big. :-)
    But to the point.
    Whyizit that the politicians (particularly the leftist anti-gun rights crowd) ALWAYS want to disarm the probable VICTIMS of crime? Do they suppose that X-thousand gun slinging right wing extremists are going to take over their little city? (Hmm. Come to think on it, might improve the place, a lot!)
    Instead of disarming the intended victims of hate filled, leftist, democrat party mobs, why not make it known that anyone attending the thing, with proof they are ‘really’ attending like a ticket, can carry whatever they can conceal in the interest of personal safety in the face of planned violence and disruption by the left?
    This is clearly a democrat party ploy, incremental surrender of the right that keeps all other rights intact. Implies they WANT the planned violence of the left to intimidate peaceful people to avoid participation in the proper electoral process. Tell them the hxll with their idea, where’s our protection by the cops to ensure we can peaceably go about the business of the republic of the USA without the violence of the socialist left interfering with the process?
    STAND UP, TAMPA! If you let them ‘temporarily’ suspend your 2nd amendment rights, for ANY reason, you just gave them a crack to pry on towards PERMANENTLY suspending your right to self defense.
    Click the name

    • DaveH1234

      The local Tampa Gov’t. is more Republican leaning. Having a problem with disallowing Water Pistols but they can’t stop real guns. Not some Left WIng aganda. Cripes, not everyting is a conspiracy. The local officials, police , etc. are trying to block guns.

      • Rick

        We might consider leaving ours home if the Tampa cop leave theirs home as well. It’s not legal carriers that are the threat, and the illegal carriers do not care if you ban them or not so yes it is a political conspiracy with out any real benefit for anyone but criminals.

    • Steve

      Stand your ground LAW !!!!!!!!!

  • john

    Stupid maggots are running scared, and for good reason. Tic toc….tic toc.

  • dan

    the REAL confrontation may take place WITHIN the convention…

    • eddie47d

      So true!

  • mitakuwe

    The Romney rank & file really DON”T suppport the second ammendment. It’s only lip service to get elected! They are politicians first & formost. Urinate on em all!

  • deathtononbelievers

    “ban all guns” only law abiding citizens will obey that. criminals, anrchist, communist, socialist, and just plain killers will all have guns and bombs and will use them. we do not need any more “gun free zones” for law abiding citizens. criminals do not, and will not obey any laws. if i was the govenor of flaorida, i would give a hand gun to every legitimate participant to the republican convention.

  • enough

    go armed and if they try to disarm you, shoot them. The 2nd amendment exists for a reason and THEY ARE the reason.

    Executive orders don’t mean squat as they can not override the constitution, period.

    You may as well get used to fighting for your rights as the left and the rinos are out to take them away, any way they can.

    • Steve

      I agree 100%

  • joe

    You can’t carry concealed into a sporting arena in the state of florida. As for concealed carry to a public speaking event, I believe the event sponsor makes the rules. You don’t have to attend. If I can’t carry, I don’t go!

    • Big Woody

      Amendment II.
      A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.
      The Feds, The State, The City and the convetion authority need to read and obey.

  • Pete0097

    They should require the attendants to the convention to carry. That will prevent another Trayvon Martin retaliatory incident. Also, if you don’t know who is packing heat, you will be more curtious to all

  • Big Woody

    Amendment II. A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

  • wt

    It’s up to the Republican Govenore, isn’t it?

    My hope is that demonstrators come armed and exercise their rights

  • wt

    I want to carry a gun at work, but my Republican boss won’t let me, go figure

  • Big Woody

    With the recent passing of NDAA and H.R. 347, why on earth would the City be worried that there might be problems at the convention? Americans can now be jailed indefinatly without charges (NDAA). AND The secret service can forbid protests in an area they are protecting H.R. 347. No reason to worry about the citizens carrying personal protection weapons here. Do you think? The NRA needs to set up a gun show across the street. Florida gun shows are so much fun.

  • jopa

    This is Romneys show now.He banned guns in his home state and now Florida.Just think if he ran the whole show and banned them in the entire country.

    • 45caliber

      As if Oblama isnt’ trying to ban them!

  • DavidL

    When it comes to Republican safety, THEIR answer is to ban guns? Wow, what a bunch of anti-American, anti-business, anti-gun control, anti-woman, anti-immigrant, socialist, Muslim, foreign born, liberal wimps. Ha!!!!

    Lock and load boys, but may I suggest you do the country a real favor by getting in a circle first. I want the old Republican Party back. You know, the party that would allow Goldwater and Reagan to be a member.

    Ron Paul!!!

    • Daveh234

      Yep, the local Tampa Republicans are fighting to prevent guns near or in the convention.
      Police is requesting and there really are no liberal types involved in this thing. Florida is run by Republitards.

      • 45caliber

        If thast is true, why do the Demos believe they can win Florida?

      • Daveh234

        It’s true, Florida is legislated by a powerful Republican majority. Damn whatever the citizen is really wanting. Cutting Education, trying to privatize risons, drug testing any and all they see fit. Constitution be damned.

      • 45caliber

        D: I fail to see how any of those things are a Constitutional issue. Education is not the responsibility of the feds and neither is the rest of those items listed. The state can do as it wishes in those matters. Don’t like it? Move north where you will like their laws.

  • DON

    IT APPEARS THAT THE LEADERS OF DNC AND RNC both have something in common. The two cities’ Mayors/councils hosting Conventions oppose bad publicity that may threaten our 2nd Admendment rights. Mrs. O’leary and her cow lives on in history (ie, Chicago Fire). *Accidents do happen. Trust the Secret Service to do the job.

    • Rick

      Don are you sayiong there will be hooker there to keep the Secert Service busy and occupied? I trust myself for my safety not other especailly any federal agency that is part of the Treasury Department.

  • DON

    The other issue is there may be NUTS in the City and State Elected Officials. So instead of drawing attention to elected State and Municipal people, everybody has to leave their weapons at home. It’s the Communist thing to do.

  • Keith

    As per Florida law, it is ALREADY a violation to carry a weapon at a political ralley.
    No new law neccessary.
    It’s also against the law to carry at sporting event, a bar (resturaunt serving alchohol is ok), or in to a school.

  • Dens

    The Tampa city council is chock-full-o-lefties. This is their way to put a national spotlight on their efforts to assist their comrades in the Obama administration and Congress in a concerted effort to disarm America. Problem is, they are casting a negative light on Tampa as just another wacked out leftist city to be avoided if you believe in 2nd amendment freedoms.

    Governer Scott has already lost a lot of the support that got him elected because he decided to kowtow to the left’s demands regarding George Zimmerman. Scott appointed a leftist prosecutor who gleefully filed trumped up and phoney murder charges against Mr Zimmerman, a concealed carry permit holder who shot and killed a black man who was attacking him and could have killed him.

    Under Florida’s Stand Your Ground law Mr. Zimmerman had the legal right to defend himself even if he killed his attacker. Scott did not support Zimmerman or the law because of pressure from black communists in Congress who along with professional black agitators like Sharpton, Jackson and the New Black Panther Party were threatening violence in the streets aganst whites if “somthin ain’t done”.

    If Governer Scott rolls over and plays dead again for his political enemies, this time in Tampa at the expense of many of us who supported his election, he can forget being re-elected for anything.

    • Daveh234

      SO, you think Zimmerman was right to stalk the kid in the hoodie? Who attacked who first? Idiot!

      • 45caliber

        Martin attacked Zimmerman first. Zimmerman was only following Martin. According to Martin’s girlfriend he was talking to, he planned to “teach Zimmerman a lesson”.

      • Daveh234

        Zimmerman was only following Martin? Zimmerman called in and reported suspect activity. He was told to back down and let police handle it.
        The kid was going home.
        So I can stalk you and if you try to stand your ground I can kill you?

      • Dennis48e

        Last I heard he did back down when the 911 operator asked him to and that is when Martin attacked him.

      • 45caliber


        Martin followed Zimmerman back to his pickup after Zimmerman went back and then attacked him. I don’t think Martin realized Zimmerman had a gun at all. And following someone is not an attack. It might make you nervous but that’s it. If Martin was nervous, he certainly didn’t breathe a sigh of relief and leave the area after Zimmerman quit following him. And Martin was NOT a child, not at 6’2″ and in trouble with the law and school several times.

      • Daveh234

        Zimmerman was the vigilante bad guy here. So MArtin was the one standing his ground from a perceived agressor. It went on for a period of time, if Zimmerman backed down it was after his aggressive stalking.

      • 45caliber

        The press are trying to say Zimmerman was the bad guy. Evidence says the press is wrong.

      • Dennis48e

        45…Daveh234 most likely only believes the doctored news reports.

  • 45caliber

    It is the ones who aren’t convention members they need to be worried about.

    Or maybe they simply don’t want the GOP members to shoot back.

  • Eugene Fife Jr

    Either you support the Second Amendment…or you don’t!

  • James

    All States have the police power to determine where firearms may be carried. Even if a State has authorized concealed carry, it still can limit such carry in certain places or events.


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