Syrian War Could Be Most Unpopular Conflict In Two Decades


A Gallup poll released Friday reveals that American support for U.S. intervention in the Syrian civil war is “among the lowest for any intervention Gallup has asked about in the last 20 years.”

According to the polling agency, 36 percent of Americans favor the U.S. taking military action in order to reduce Syria’s ability to use chemical weapons. Fifty-one percent oppose such action, and 13 percent of respondents said they are unsure.

Via Gallup:

Among recent past conflicts on which Gallup gauged public opinion prior to U.S. action, support was highest for intervening in Afghanistan and lowest for the 1999 conflict in Kosovo. Americans were divided about U.S. participation in the NATO bombing in Serbia’s Kosovo region about a month before the NATO campaign began. The similarity is noteworthy because some analysts are comparing a potential strike in Syria with that military episode, in terms of scope, duration, and purpose.

The other three military engagements Gallup asked Americans about before they began — in Iraq in 2003, Afghanistan in 2001, and the Persian Gulf in 1991 — were all on a larger scale than what President Barack Obama proposes to do in Syria, and involved sending U.S. troops into foreign countries. All of these proposed military operations received majority support before they began. Notably, all of these conflicts, in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Persian Gulf, were authorized by Congress and/or the United Nations at the time of the polling. Congress is currently debating whether to authorize military force in Syria.

Meanwhile, on MSNBC: Ed Schultz explains that Americans don’t want to go to war in Syria… because President Barack Obama is black.

Despite agreeing with people speaking out against Syrian war, the pundit believes conservatives are simply being racist, saying recently on his show, “I really believe that everything that we have said on this show are reasonable, patriotic reasons to be against another war, another strike, another act of war–and that’s what it is–but hatred of our first black president is not.”


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