Syrian War Could Be Most Unpopular Conflict In Two Decades


A Gallup poll released Friday reveals that American support for U.S. intervention in the Syrian civil war is “among the lowest for any intervention Gallup has asked about in the last 20 years.”

According to the polling agency, 36 percent of Americans favor the U.S. taking military action in order to reduce Syria’s ability to use chemical weapons. Fifty-one percent oppose such action, and 13 percent of respondents said they are unsure.

Via Gallup:

Among recent past conflicts on which Gallup gauged public opinion prior to U.S. action, support was highest for intervening in Afghanistan and lowest for the 1999 conflict in Kosovo. Americans were divided about U.S. participation in the NATO bombing in Serbia’s Kosovo region about a month before the NATO campaign began. The similarity is noteworthy because some analysts are comparing a potential strike in Syria with that military episode, in terms of scope, duration, and purpose.

The other three military engagements Gallup asked Americans about before they began — in Iraq in 2003, Afghanistan in 2001, and the Persian Gulf in 1991 — were all on a larger scale than what President Barack Obama proposes to do in Syria, and involved sending U.S. troops into foreign countries. All of these proposed military operations received majority support before they began. Notably, all of these conflicts, in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Persian Gulf, were authorized by Congress and/or the United Nations at the time of the polling. Congress is currently debating whether to authorize military force in Syria.

Meanwhile, on MSNBC: Ed Schultz explains that Americans don’t want to go to war in Syria… because President Barack Obama is black.

Despite agreeing with people speaking out against Syrian war, the pundit believes conservatives are simply being racist, saying recently on his show, “I really believe that everything that we have said on this show are reasonable, patriotic reasons to be against another war, another strike, another act of war–and that’s what it is–but hatred of our first black president is not.”


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116 thoughts on “Syrian War Could Be Most Unpopular Conflict In Two Decades

  1. Ed Schultz, MSNBC, what a heel, what a square; Americans know why this clown wants this war…Credibility that he has never had and never will have and worse yet…Martial Law to bring America totally down…that is my story and I am sticking with it! Have a real good weekend you all!

    1. Obama has been unraveling the USA for 5 years. Good grief
      look what we’re following! OBAMA, HOLDER, McCain, Reed,
      McConnell, Nanny Plopski, Boehner, Kerry,,, a damned garbage truck loaded with maggots followed by a tribe of cretins who think the crap leaking out of the back is steak!

      MARCH ON DC – demand impeachment – or prepare for the likes of Sodom & Gomorrah! BO wants our navy sunk in satan’s backyard – it’s why he sent them there! Follow a pathological lying killer & we’ll all die for doing the WRONG THING.


      If BO, Kerry, Holder, McCain et al want to go, give them a free ticket there, AK’s, ammo, & a flashlight, so they can find their brotherhood! If they get shot off their camel by 70 virgin lesbian whales, maybe it’s what they deserve!

      1. Podunk 1; thank you for your reply; I am 100% with you as are millions of others; thanks for writing; there is an article in the Trumpet magazine entitled, “The Terrorists are Winning.” How can they not be? We have a Brotherhood Muslim in the W House that supports them in all ways, even down to allowing them to march in the millions and pray on the W House lawns but denies Christians and Patriots the same access..of course we have to be guarded and of course the Muslims have free reign. BO, bad odor emanating from Our House, that is very true and he is the worst terrorist on this planet and also a queer and also a psychopath and also is fueling the racist issue every chance he gets. Americans are good people; MLK did a lot for the cause of the blacks (we Indians lost out when Means tried to help, which was not exactly the way he should have, but the mission was worth and right in his heart), everything that MLK did has been undone and relatives are not helping the cause that MLK fought so hard for. Wonder why Kagan has not been killed; she is an open Lesbian.

        1. Interesting thought if the indian notation was American indian – if I recall correctly, reservations have a sovereignty covenant in them (???). Is the reservation required to pay US taxes etc??? If so they have a 55% wage advantage over all US employers (roughly 25% employee + roughly 30% employer tax – ref US averages USBLS & Wikipedia) If so, it’s a huge cost advantage that’s even greater comparing NYC wages etc. to rural & outer areas where cost of living is as 1/2 or less than the big city rats’ nests.

          Wouldn’t that be something if the indians sucked the wind out of the imperial progressive monopolist wind bags & made stuff for half price or so by just sticking a needle in their tax gopher balloons. It’s almost impossible for a citizen to start a business because of TAXES & REGULATIONS & Bloodsuckers crawling out of the woodwork if someone wants to be productive!

          If so, keep governments lousy hands off, or they’ll kill it before anything good happens. Can’t think of a patriot or good citizen that wouldn’t help in some way if it’s possible.

          Wouldn’t that be something – like switching positions on a leash!

          1. Yes, indeed it would; I used to be able to keep the micro info stored properly, the accident is catching up with me; I will do the best I can to respond to your questions of my people; notate this and every European should know it..if my people would have stayed together, joined together, instead of the Plains Indians going their own way, we would have won the war and hence the USA! Things would be different or would they? Priests taught us about the God we already knew and loved; yet, how we prayed and what we believed in was wrong, we had our firewater but the liquor that came with the Europeans was different and reacted differently on my people..not that any of it is any good when abused by anyone; consider the diseases that helped wipe us out that were brought over! We did not know how to take care of ourselves to get well, killed hundreds if not thousands; think of the vile ways they treated MaMaka and what our planet has become; then we had the trouble of losing our “habitats,” ie the availability of obtaining enough food as well as a safe place to lay our bodies down to rest. Yes, we warred with each other but only under certain circumstances, those circumstances changed both the reason and the frequency after the European started creating propaganda and did things against one tribe and blamed it on another. Enough of that! It was either HW or Billy boy that tried to “erase” the Indian of today; in doing so, they would not have to pay out BIA funds nor help with medical. People yell and yell, we get so much (I receive nothing for I am not registered), yet, most of the medical attention we get is poorly administered and not followed up with; our BIA funds now…if we get help for anything like Rx and food beyond the Food Programs, which are mostly commodities on the reservations, we have to pay it back to the government. The Papas, the Black Hills that is, are still ours but the government took those. The ILK in office gave us a lot of our money back that was owed under treaty and/or taken by white agency personnel, gave us back some of our land, and now he is trying to get it back and doing so very quietly. As for taxation, it is true, we are not to pay taxes if we live on the reservations; however, GW and his legislature introduced bills that would null and void that. They gave us land and a great deal of it, that is true; however, you cannot grow anything on it; so we built casinos and most are doing very well; the Indians are seeing the ability to take care of themselves, send their youth to better schools, even trade schools, or universities ,(which I do not promote because of liberalism taught at most), well to end this diatribe, GW and this ILK have been trying to get legislation passed to tax the profitable businesses that we have put up around the States.
            I am both ashamed and hurt with what my people, regardless of tribe or clan, have allowed themselves to become..drunkards, caring about nothing more than the next drink, most of us are very smart, perceptive and talented but we waste it. The Europeans have never kept one of the treaties that have been put in place and that takes in the last one of 1868!
            I am both proud and excited as I see more of our youth getting a better education as many tribes are educating again on the reservations, they are also promoting and teaching our native languages which is important to keep our culture viable. We are building and making small businesses work on the reservations; those that fail, we have to take another look at..try to do something differently..just as it is with the whole world and the matter of sink or swim. I am hopeful I will see more “swimming” from the tribes and less “sinking.” Thanks for the query!

          2. Thanks for the fascinating info. Had not thought about it but the reservations appear to have sovereign state status that opens the doors to
            freedom from collective tyranny. If regulatory agencies can’t “protect you”, you’re free to protect and provide for yourself – something 1/2 of the US population LOST but are fight to regain.

            Citizen employers pay 30% wage taxes & regulation & workers pay 25%. A 40 hr BLS avg. wage costs employers $64,300 and the worker takes home $37,096 after his 25% taxes. That same worker and output will cost the reservation $37,096 without taxes – & that’s a $27,204 advantage no competitor can beat!

            Look at it this way – illegal aliens are working here for $6/hr cash no tax – that’s $12,480/yr. Their criminal employers pay no tax either, as tax avoidance is a one way ticket to jail and hell. That criminal employer nets $51,820 for every illegal employee – more than enough to pay for protection and make unimaginable tax free illegal
            profits. They avoid many more very costly employment & process related regulations.

            Get some good ethical numbers & process people together & start bringing manufacturing back from China. Rocks make excellent
            foundations for metal processing and many other professions, crafts & trades that progressive monopolies like GE moved to China.

            You may have the last laugh (???). Make ethics & morality a driving force within the people and they will win. Don’t let your sovereign treasures erode or be sold.

            The bad guys are winning because they can divide us. Like it or not, it’s one country & nothing good will ever happen if we don’t
            recognize that, and the fact that together, to preserve freedom WE WILL WIN!

  2. I think this poll is rigged….Who did you poll, single college students or low info. voters? Try asking some vets or family of serving military members. Even AOL has 76% opposed….

    1. Of course its rigged the real numbers would show something like 80% opposed to doing a useless bombing. So they used gas on their own people but the verdict is still out as to who used it there is even more evidence coming to light that the rebels did it to get the US evolved it benefits them more than Assad any third grader with half a brain could see that

  3. Leave it to MSNBC to bring out the race card! I could care if he is Black White Pink or Purple. I DON’T WANT TO SEE ANY MORE OF OUR YOUNG MEN/WOMEN USLESSLY KILLED! Remember, Viet Nam started with just advisors and look at what became of IT!

    1. I’ll tell you what. I’ll support war in Syria if, and only if, when there is boots on the ground, and there will be boots on the ground, Obama and all those idiot politicians who voted for it personally lead the troops without their armed protection, putting themselves in harms way. Let them put their own lives on the line for once.

  4. What was that sentence from MSNBC? Did I miss something? Americans don’t want to go to war with Syria because President O’Bama is Black? hahaha So now we are racists again if we don’t agree to do what President wants? Same o, same o !!!!! Ed Schultz is an IDIOT!!!!!

  5. Of course, it’s gallup! Weren’t they caught rigging the primary debates results? Don’t they claim to provide an invaluable service for the million or so “global leaders” in their prospectus? Yeah, we should really trust these guys.

    1. I’d say the outcome is a given. They’ll side with heir god and messiah. It seems to be an unwritten rule for them to not do the right thing. Actually, the right thing to them, is what’s best for them and the best way to screw the American people.

    1. Actually I think he shares a brain with durbin. piglosi, biden, oblama, lurch, chucky, wiener, boxer, axleweed, dr. jerry, chrissy, julia, mrs. pants suit, sharpton, deano, mr. climate change and the rest of the “collective progressives”. Sad, but true!

    1. five days to the 1 year anniversary of Benghazi.remember, one of the many reasons to impeach the half white muslim president.

      1. Also why was there no acknowledgement of the 1 year date of the deaths of Seal Team 6 -Extortion 17, which occurred one month before Benghazi.??????????

          1. Agree.. Syria is a False Flag incident to divert the American people away from something even more sinister. In God we STILL Trust

          2. He did a blog on Islam-Nazi in the W House…pretty interesting and gets one to thinking, I mean really thinking. You might consider a search engine and find it..

      2. Again, as others state: this Syria thing is to demean the Benghazi tragedy so we will forget about pursuing the truth and punishing those behind it..ha, the House and Senate will never do that; w/Boehner they will do nothing; If and when they do find out, they will laugh it off as they have the other six or seven counts of treason and one of attempted Sedition.

  6. I think that we should stay out of Syria and let the Unitd Nation take care of it
    this World does not belong to Mr Obama and he should stay out of other Country’s affair’s and neither does the United States of America the People
    that fought and died for this Country are the ones that own Amreica

    1. I think we should stand down, close our embassies over in the middle east, and close all of our military bases. We do not need to run a world wide empire.

    2. That is being said by many of the countries, the Constitution does not allow for money as foreign aide; it allows for us to be friends and give a hand up. What we do now, is pat their hands with money, money, arms, etc., then we put conditions and demands on the “good” we are trying to do. I smell a rat…a big one that is and growing bigger..

  7. This is a phoney ape guano poll and if anyone actually thinks this poll is worth anything they are fooling no one except their own feeble mind and comprehension if there is a shred of existence to show logical intelligent comprehension … Don’t ever post any more of this crap from right wing wacko’s. Get over the presidential election loss, your candidates were dead from the neck up, much like who was on watch from 2000,2008. Deal with the two wars that the farce down in Texas never put on the books. LEARN IT, KNOW IT, and LIVE IT.. When these wacko journalists stop spreading their Human ape guano then post like this will stop!!!!!

    1. Hey, Lie breaker, there is no room for truth, facts or reality around here. Have a drink of the snake oil – as a small price, of course, you can’t be a true believer without proper tithing.

      Did you see the mus-representation of what Ed Schultz said on MSNBC – he played a collection of clips from conservatives and republicans from 2009-2012 urging an attack on Syria because it is a puppet state of Iran. Yet, when the President is ready to attack, they CUT and RUN because they don’t believe in OUR COUNTRY, they are in it for themselves. (Ed never said it was because he is black – though I think he asked it that was so.) If Obama likes it, they gotta be against it. Just like many, many, many people around here that post.

      I give Bob Livingston credit and a lot of respect – he is consistent with his beliefs. I agree with some of his beliefs, disagree with others. However, his “fan club” around here seems to suffer from Obama Derangement Syndrome.

      1. Perhaps situations have changed or circumstances; heah, many of us realize that Boehner and O are tied at the hip and we realize that we have a “do nothing” House in DC…it is not about common sense anymore, it is all a game to those in DC and now the game has turned wicked, very wicked. We do not need another war, we need the racist, terrorists Regime out of offices, all the Exec branch in fact.

    2. In other words you are openly admitting that you support attacking a country that did nothing to oppose us? You are truly a troll who is not

      reading the article. Even several of our servicemen are wise to this so
      called commander in chief. (they pledge mutiny against this illegal and
      unpopular aggression). There is no way that this war would make any sense except turn an otherwise secular population to accept strict sharia
      rule and that is just plain wrong and so are you!

      1. Amen, this Native is with you all the way! Indeed a troll; this Arse went to our military and asked them, “Would you kill your fellow Americans if asked?” Twenty four per cent said, “yes,” and they became the first of his Naitonalized he is recruiting in our schools for “brown shirts.”

    3. Also, you support blind military aggression on a country and a people who didn’t want anything to do with our movies and our culture. You support cruel war on a people who hate us for sending over entertainment that corrupts their youth. You’re nothing more but akin to King George the Third, but without being a king.

      1. Gotta give Lie Breaker credit, another supporter of the liar in chief which does not say a word about his credibility either…always easier to blame someone else for something you are doing or in this case, your Regime!

      1. Hillary said… Yes people are dead, but what difference could that possibly make now! Another president we don’t want or need.

  8. Barack Whoisinsane Obama has caused any hatred anyone might have all by himself. I do not dislike him because of his skin pigmentation….I dislike him because he is a communist/Marxist/socialist/Muslim who is attempting to destroy our Republic. And, the last poll I saw showed 79% of Americans disapprove of an air strike against Syria. These war mongers have lost their minds….maybe we need to round them up and have all of them psychiatrically evaluated….they are just plain crazy.

      1. Write? Call its quicker and hearing the phone ring for 8 or 9 hours a day might be better than waiting for snail mail to deliver a bunch of mail that won’t get read until after the vote – if ever.

          1. Have already called both Senators from Florida. Thanked Senator Rubio’s staffer for his vote in the committee against attacking Syria and expressed my desire that he continue working against it on the floor of the Senate. Had to leave a voicemail for Bill Nelson (D) asking him to please reconsider his stand and to vote against attacking Syria. Tomorrow will start calling the 27 members in the House of Representatives.

          2. Good for you! I email my Congressman in Missouri about once a month. You can request a reply. I am not a thorn in her side side, but would rather consider that I am a squeaky wheel.

        1. If they get enough calls and enough mail and e-mails ‘maybe ” they will do something. Next election vote all his co-herts out

          1. 3 weeks to get snail mail looked at! With that said, an aide in one of the Senators offices that I have visited with on the phone, said it was the most effective as far as being attuned to the contents; email is often not looked at personally and P/Cs are just that; messages passed forward but do we know from what desk to what desk before or if it reaches a Reps/Senate desk?

      1. Reid said he was retiring after this term now if we can get old Pelosi out that would be a start. But we need Valerie Jarrett and all the muelim brotherhood s that he has put in his cabinet out

        1. If his church was doing its job as is in their doctrine, he would have been brought up on charges of negating his responsibility to his job and not working in the best interest of the country; with that said, Young, stated, at one time, paraphrased, that the Mormons would control the you see a conflict of interest here? I do!

          We have a huge job ahead of us; sometimes, I have wondered just why if they can’t get *()__ out and Jarrett is running the show, why is she still alive? If the Muslims are in offices and they are and in our Senate, why is Kagan still alive? Deep thinking gets me into trouble; heck, at my age, thinking period can get me into trouble.

  9. It is my opinion that if the American public was given all the information as to who launched the chemicals on who…then minds may change. If the public knew that the so-called rebels are a bunch of radical muslims e.g muslim brotherhood and Al-quida (installed and financed by Saudi Arabia…amongst others) the view would change. If anything, the rebels need bombed away for gassing the Syrians and burning christian churches and beheading them, not the current regime.

  10. It is my opinion that if the American public was given all the information as to who launched the chemicals on who…then minds may change. If the public knew that the so-called rebels are a bunch of radical muslims e.g muslim brotherhood and Al-quida (installed and financed by Saudi Arabia…amongst others) the view would change. If anything, the rebels need bombed away for gassing the Syrians and burning christian churches and beheading them, not the current regime.

        1. Last I read France is in favor of US doing it, but they have no plans of actually supporting the effort. Par for the French who haven’t won a war since the French Revolution and that doesn’t count since they were only fighting themselves. Wonder if the rumor that to graduate from high school every French child has to be able to say “I surrender” in four languages other than French and English is true?

          1. It is written in prophecy that America will never win another war, so look at Nam, we did not win in Iraq truly and we will not win in Afghanistan! I, too, do not think that France will join in the war, if there is a war; rather it wil lbe verbal support.

            General Smedley Butter 1935 the most decorated American military man
            The French lost in Vietnam (one of their colonies)
            SO DID AMERICA, (Based on a lie like EVERY WAR) Without the French fighting the American Revolution America would still be a British Colony (unfortunately they are still covertly in charge) They also created the State Of Texas I will not mention Louisiana which they Sold to the US in order to raise money to fight the British, Napoleon Bonapart refused to borrow from the Rothschilds he knew what these Skunks were up to, Unfortunately America accepted the creation of our infamous Federal Reserve (a product of the Rothschild’s)
            CHARLES BONAPART Created the original FBI as well
            Their BIG mistake is to follow blindly American policies in the Middle East witch are controlled by the Israeli Lobby at the expense of the American People but do they have any choice they R stuck with NATO (another mistake De Gaulle was right to stay out of it).
            American idiots make me laugh when they make fun of the French about WAR…The life expectancy of the average French is far longer than the Americans, which
            is in POSITION # 50 IN THE WORLD.

          3. General Butter was, until his death in 1940, the most decorated American Marine. Yep used to be on the globes as French Indochina, and included Cambodia, Laos and a couple of places that don’t exist anymore. The French assisted, did not fight, the American Revolution. Their greatest contribution being blockading Lord Cornwallis so he couldn’t flee and regroup. If Britain was still in charge why did they say NO to Syria and our President is still saying he wants to? Or were you saying that the French are in charge?? Actually Spain would get credit for the creation since France only had a colony there for three years since La Salle couldn’t read a map. They were supposed to plant a colony at the mouth of the Mississippi River but missed their landing by 400 some miles. According to the chart I saw the average French life expectancy is 82, US is 79, not far longer and our rank is 33 not 50.

    1. Muslims will be Muslims and O is one so, does that clarify anything more for us..yep it sure does? He is also a racist and plays the game to the demise of the blacks prospering as well as our nation.

      1. Buzz, Ed would murder an old drunk like you. I’ve met him, and he’s a good size guy. Used to play football. You might be able to take Rachel since you’ve probably got 100 pounds on her, but you’d probably need George Zimmerman as your wingman. As for the others, well, let’s just say you’d need 50 more IQ points just to be allowed in the same room as any of them.

  11. Over the last week I have read most if not all of Bob’s and other post about the Syria situations and as of yet I haven’t heard one good reason from any one even the Bimbo’s that want a military strike for doing it none just a bunch of hot air to take ever ones mind off of what is going on at home the piss poor job of fixing the USA, I know Obama want ruin our beloved country but why in the hell do the other dim wits want to help him.
    If we could really count hands I would bet over 80% of Americans doesn’t want any part of bombing Syria all of those fighting there are our sworn enemies when we leave they will hate us more. On top of that were is the money coming from?

    1. Laura Ingalls, sp, had a poll on or info, kind of not paying attention, half of the House is against the war and most of the Senate are for it??

    2. The number ONE reason most Americans don’t want this is because Oballah is not capable of leading America and is not trusted to handle this situation in any way. If (when) he screws up on this one the middle East could turn into charcoal and melted sand glass.

  12. The lack of leadership, character, integrity and fortitude are more than enough reason to deny this still unknown potus a chance to do more malicious harm by policy, act, and intent…..

  13. This sourkraut Hitler’s arse Ed Schultz is really sick. I heard that syphilis had get into his brain since he had been a regular client in the gay spa club with obama and chris Matthews. Al Sharpton is dying with aids and soon will be the sourkraut Schultz.

    1. We can only hope and pray that the Lord will deal with these !@##$% and soon; if they are queers, so be it! Gay used to mean happy, joyous, so, in my book it is queer because it is queer and abominable to be queer. The average age a queer dies, I read not too long ago, government report, was 42. My, must be a lot dying elsewhere other than DC or perhaps it will hit all at one time. God will take care of them, that is for sure.

  14. So the warmongers are all retreating into their cowardly shells. True colors of the Republicans who started Iraq and Afghanistan are yellow. And Honorary, you should stop writing idiotic things and join the services so your cowardly ass will have to fight wars your buddies start. And most of all, yellow belly Dick Cheyney, Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly who during nam refused to go by kissing the buts of the people in power, are now yelling that they don’t want to do anything to Assad. What a bunch of wusses. Election coming up let’s not rile the feathers of our constituets. Typical!!!

    1. “So the warmongers are all retreating into their cowardly shells. True colors of the Republicans who started Iraq and Afghanistan are yellow.”

      I’d say just the opposite is true. I’m taking even money the Repubs will go along with Obama’s plans.

  15. according to the poll here is clearly says that if we go to war against Syria we’re in big trouble because other country like Afghanistan, Iraq, is for it the Reason why they are for it is because, those country hate Israel, and my friend if that is the case get ready for world war 3

        1. Just an oversight Jeff; I have posted before, “how can they save, protect, his credibility when he has none and never has had!!! Thanks for drawing this to my 1/2 post!!

  16. I wonder what the polls said about American involvement in Europe around 1938? At that time, Hitlers agenda began to be well known but there was a large Isolationist position held by mostly ‘conservative’ types who were wondering if we should join Hitler in his fight against the Bolsheviks.

    I’m hoping that our president, Mr Obama, continues to push-off the decision onto the hostile Congress that has fought against him since he’s been President. Maybe this will be the first ‘constitutional’ war since WW2.

    1. Denmark, I lost the story of, fought off Hitler, we need to fight off our own Hitler which is the twit in Our House..we pay the bills on it..he is not a Prez, respect the office, not a queer duck that is more white than black playing the terrorist/racist role that he is..he is a psychopath and diagnosed as such by more than one or two ….

      1. When creatures from another galaxy finally get here, if your post is all that is left of human civilization, the visitors will conclude that no intelligent life ever existed here.

    2. Gee do some research and report back to us.

      Assad is not Hitler, and Hitler was not involved with an internal civil war. Any other “parallels” from history you care to share?

    3. I would say that the polls changed once we were attacked but at least in WWII we had a positive idea who are enemies were–here we have no clue and even worse neither does the government. Not to mention the fact that even the President has admitted that there is no clear evidence of any direct, imminent threat to the US. How constitutional will the war be when Congress says no and he does it anyway?

      1. If congress says no, I think,or I believe, the President will do nothing. The whole point of this ‘debate’ really has nothing to do with Syria, as much as the desire of each side of the isle to make the other side look bad. What if Congress says yes and he DOSEN’T go?

        1. Him not attacking Syria IF Congress says yes would never happen. He has already said that if Congress doesn’t go along then he will arm the rebels even more.

          1. What would show the most character on the Presidents part – him going along with congress, or opposing congress?
            I really have no Idea. As an American, this situation perplexes me. I can only hope for the best. However, if our president, Mr Obama manages to make monkeys out of the A$$holes in Congress, I’m all for it!

        2. He knows. He just won’t admit it openly.
          Aside from saving face and trying to act like a tough guy against a weakened opponent (instead of someone his own size like Iran) his goal is to weaken Assad so that the Islamists can depose him and establish a new base for Islamic revolution – with access to chemical weapons and WMD. Which makes Obama a collaborator with our enemies.

          1. Been reading too many of those Tom Clancy novels?

            When Reagan was supporting the Muslim Brotherhood because of their anti-communist stance, there was no mention of the possibility of our support for Right-Wing fascist governments backfireing on us? The truth is, conservatives in America have created every enemy we have fought against since 1990. Sadam’s Iraq was a total creation of American Conservatives to prevent Communism from establishing itself in the Middle East. And now a Liberal Democrat has to not only fix an economy raped by Conservatives, but fix a world broken by the fear of Communism.

    4. In WWII, once the balloon went up and America entered the war, we had a clear objective of what we wanted to achieve. The cowardly ditherer in chief has no idea what he wants to accomplish.

      Any action by the US in Syria will JEOPARDIZE US national security, not enhance it.

  17. I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist to figure out why the majority of Americans of all political persuasions are against going to war in Syria. For one reason, we’re tired of war and the way our idiot, and I do mean idiot, politicians handle it. Second, why should we side with our enemies against our enemies? That’s what this amounts to. One set of America’s enemies fighting another group of America’s enemies. Obama picks the side that hates America most. He’s going to arm them and then they will use those weapons against us. Just how much more are the American people going to take from this lying, racist, America-hating, Nazi scumbag?

  18. Only when the egotistical Obama learns how leave politics to effectively fight the moral war against abandoned children born out of wedlock will he learn how to address immoral religious warfare abroad.

  19. Only when the egotistical Obama learns how leave politics to effectively fight the moral war against abandoned children born out of wedlock will he learn how to address immoral religious warfare abroad.

  20. I just found “A letter from Putin to Americans on the net; it is addressed to the sheeple; you will be amazed at and with what he says to us of what our government is trying to do not only to us but to the whole world!

    1. Unless you are a troll, no need to vote down; you read, you think, you research and then you think some more, posted by Before it is News.

  21. The Obama haters don’t realize that he is just another puppet serving the Israeli lobby who dictates our War policies in the Middle East. So wether our President is a Democrat or a Republican a Conservative or Liberal the policies toward Muslim countries wiil never change…BOMB BOMB BOMB as long as AIPAC, JINSA and other similar Zionist organization will control our Congress & White house, These powerful Organizations are ALL in violation of the Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA) any foreign country can lobby in the US as long as they register under FARA preventing them to give political contributions for US politicians running for office (buying political influence) Of course it is not a coincidence that AIPAC or others NEVER registered under FARA ,while representing 1% of the US population they give 90% of political donations, and you wondering why our Government is so eager to bomb or invade every Muslim country there is out there for one reason or another (not to mention that most of our Congress men & women owns stocks in the Military industry)
    It is not a coincidence that our Congress has an official 11% Approval rate (most likely less) THEY NO LONGER REPRESENTS THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, NO PRESIDENT WOULD BE ELECTED WITH THIS RATE…
    It is time to Americans to realize that we have an elephant in our living room : The Zionists who manipulate our Middle Eastern policies have only one Goal in mind protecting the interest of their “sacred Cow” Israel, even if it means destroying the United States in the process, the main agenda here is to Knock down Syria & replace Assad by a US puppet offering NO RESISTANCE when we will attack IRAN which is the Zionist REAL OBJECTIVE while risking WW3 i not to mention American lives and the killing of Iranian Jews who represents the second large Jewish community in the Middle East (beside Israel).

    1. And what, in your demented opinion, is in Israel’s interest wrt Syria? While the Israelis aren’t exactly fond of Assad, do you really think they want him ousted? Israel is far more interested in stability than in democracy in neighboring countries. Do you really think Israel wants war and possible refugees on its Northern border? But then thinking would deprive you of reflexive anti-Semitism as your world view. So much easier to just say Israel is behind any development in the world you don’t like.

  22. Did you all see, “Before it is News,” post…dead children that Obama had posted killed by chemicals? HMM. this is from a week or so ago! This BAs d will do anything to start a war to get the Credibility back that he never had..except for being a Marxist/queer/psychopath, etc. all nouns/adjectives used by other media to describe this worthless piece of….!

  23. Apparently liberals see race as being not only the first thing – but the only thing. So who are the real racists?

    Last I heard, Mr Obama claims no more African negro in his heritage than he does American Caucasian, so where exactly does this “black president” BS come from? And why is his racial lineage important? And who keeps bringing it up?

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