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Syria And Iran Dominos Lead To World War

August 21, 2012 by  

Syria And Iran Dominos Lead To World War
World war centered on Mideast nations appears imminent.

Almost three years ago, I wrote “Will The Globalists Trigger Yet Another World War?” on the concept of the deliberate engineering of wars by elitists to distract the masses away from particular global developments that work to the benefit of the establishment power structure.

In that analysis, I concluded that since at least 2008, the powers that be (whether posing as Republicans or Democrats) had set in a motion a series of events that revolved around Iran and, most disturbingly, Syria that could be used to trigger a vast global war scenario. Today, unfortunately, it seems my concerns were more than valid, and circumstances evolving in that particular region are dire indeed.

Some people may argue that circumstances in the Mideast have always been “dire” and that it does not take much to predict a renewal of chaos. Admittedly, for the past six years, the American public has been treated to one propaganda campaign after the other testing the social waters to see if a sizable majority of the citizenry could be convinced to support strikes against Iran. The U.S. and Israeli governments have come very close on several occasions in rhetoric and in the buildup of arms to just such an event. However, I would submit that the previous threats of war that came and went are absolutely nothing in comparison to the danger today.

Syria’s civil war has developed into something quite frightening, well beyond the blind insurrections of the so-called “Arab Spring.” So many outside interests (especially U.S. interests) are involved in the conflict that it is impossible to tell whether there are actually any real revolutionaries in Syria anymore. This unsettling of the country’s foundation has taken a turn that I warned about recently: namely, the removal of U.N. monitors from the area, which was announced only days ago.

The removal of U.N. monitors is a sign that some kind of strike is near the horizon.

Accusations of potential “chemical weapons stores” in Syria are being floated by the Department of Defense as a clear-cut rationale for invasion, and Israel has essentially admitted that an attack on Iran is not only on the table but beyond planning stages into near implementation. Even Israeli citizens are openly worried that their government is “serious” this time in its calls for pre-emptive attack, stockpiling gas masks and even protesting against the policy.

The tension of the atmosphere surrounding this crisis is unlike anything the Mideast has seen in decades, and that includes the U.S. invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan.

But before we can understand the true gravity of this situation, we must first confront some misconceptions.

First, I realize that many people have natural and conditioned inclinations towards the hatred of Muslim nations. Just as many people are inclined to distrust the intentions of the government of Israel. Both sides make good points on occasion, and both sides also have a tendency to get lazy. They paint with a ridiculously broad brush and blame all the woes of the world on one side or the other so that they don’t have to think through the complexities of globalism and the one-world technocratic club or accept that al-Qaida is not the biggest threat to peace and stability. It’s much easier to convict an entire race or an entire religion than it is to comprehend the mechanizations of an elite minority that plays both sides off each other.

Whatever side you may favor, simply know that, in the end, the sides are irrelevant. We could argue for months about who is just, who is right, who was there first, etc. Again, it’s irrelevant. What does matter, though, are the potential consequences of an exponential conflict in the region, which no one can afford.

Sadly, plenty of Americans still believe the United States is the “richest nation on the globe” and that it has finances beyond reckoning with which to wage endless wars.

Here’s what will happen if the United States, NATO or Israel enters into a war with either Iran or Syria.

Syria And Iran Will Join Forces

In 2006, Iran and Syria signed a mutual defense treaty in response to the growing possibility of conflict with the West. Both countries are highly inclined to fulfill this treaty, and it would seem that Iran is already doing so — at least financially — as Syria spirals into civil war. In fact, the U.S.-supported insurgency in Syria was likely developed in order to strain or test the mutual aid treaty. Given that the Council on Foreign Relations is now applauding al-Qaida for its efforts in destabilizing the country, I hardly find it outlandish to suggest that the entire rebellion is being at least loosely organized by NATO interests to either draw Iran into open military support of Assad and a weakening proxy war or to remove Syria from the equation in preparation for a strike on Iran itself.

Iran Will Shut Down The Strait Of Hormuz

With all the grandstanding at the Department of Defense, you would think that the Hormuz is a non-issue. This is a mistake. The strait is about 21 miles wide at its narrowest point, which lays right off the coast of Iran. However, of that 21 miles, only two safe shipping lanes are available, each measuring a miniscule 2 miles across. Hormuz is one of two of the most vital oil transit checkpoints in the world; about 20 percent of all oil produced passes through it. The logistics for blocking the two working shipping lanes on the strait are simple, given the existence of the new Ghader missile system, which Iran tested successfully this year. The weapon is specifically designed as a “ship-killer” with the ability to travel at Mach 3 and evade most known radar methods.

In the tightly boxed-in waterways of the Hormuz, a large-scale and difficult-to-track missile attack would be devastating to any navy present and would turn the sea lanes into a junk yard impossible to navigate for oil tankers. The result would be a catastrophic inflationary event in oil around the world, making gasoline unaffordable for most people and most uses.

Israeli Action Will Draw In The United States

Forget what the Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, says; the United States will absolutely involve itself militarily in Iran or Syria following an Israeli strike. To begin with, there is no way around a supporting or primary role, especially when Iran closes the Strait of Hormuz. With 20 percent of the world’s oil supply on hiatus, at least half of the American populace will be crying out for U.S. military involvement. That’s guaranteed. Dempsey’s claim that Israel may not get American support is simply a charade meant to imply that the subversion of Syria and Iran is not necessarily a joint venture, which it absolutely is. There is zero chance that an Israeli strike will not be met with frantic calls by the Pentagon and the White House to open the floodgates of U.S. military might and protect one of our few “democratic allies” in the Mideast.

Syria Will Receive Support From Russia And China

The Russian government has clearly stated on numerous occasions that it will not step back during a strike against Syria. Russia has begun positioning naval ships and extra troops at its permanent base off the coast of Tartus, Syria, a development I have been warning about for years.

Tartus, Russia’s only naval base outside the periphery of its borders, is strategically imperative to the nation. Action by the United States or Israel against Syria would invariably elicit, at the very least, economic retaliation, and at the most, Russian military involvement and possible widespread war.

China, on the other hand, will likely respond with full-scale financial retaliation, including a dump of U.S. Treasury bonds (a move it has been preparing for since 2005 anyway). With oil prices skyrocketing due to increased Mideast distress, multiple countries including the BRIC trading bloc nations (Brazil, Russia, India and China) and most member states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations trading bloc will have the perfect excuse to dump the dollar, allowing the International Monetary Fund’s newly revamped SDR (Special Drawing Rights) global currency mechanism to take hold.

Syria is the key to what I believe will be an attempt on the part of globalists within our government to actually coax a volatile conflict into being — a conflict that will create ample cover for the final push toward global currency and, eventually, global governance.

Economic Implosion Will Become Secondary To The Banksters’ Benefit 

In the minds of the general public, the economic distress we will soon face regardless of whether there is ever a war with Iran and Syria will be an afterthought, at least for a time, if the threat of global combat becomes reality. The fog of war is a fantastic cover for all kinds of crimes, especially the economic kind. Sizable wars naturally inhibit markets and cause erratic flux in capital flows. Anything can be blamed on a war, even the destruction of the U.S. economy and the dollar. Of course, the real culprits (international and central banks) that have been corrupting and dismantling the American fiscal structure for decades will benefit most from the distraction.

Syria and Iran are, in a way, the first dominos in a long chain of terrible events. This chain, as chaotic as it seems, leads to only one result: Third World status for almost every country on the planet, including the United States. That will allow the financial institutions, like monetary grim reapers, to swoop in and gather up the pieces that remain to be fashioned into a kind of Frankenstein economy. A fiscal golem. A global monstrosity that removes all sovereignty whether real or imagined and centralizes the decision making processes of humanity into the hands of a morally bankrupt few.

For those on the side of Israel, the United States and NATO and for those on the side of the Mideast, Russia, China, etc., the bottom line is: There will be no winners. There will be no victory parade for anyone. There will be no great reformation or peace in the cradle of civilization. The only people celebrating at the end of the calamitous hostilities will be the hyper-moneyed power addicted .01 percent who will celebrate their global coup in private, laughing as the rest of the world burns itself out and comes begging them for help.

–Brandon Smith

Brandon Smith

is the founder of the Alternative Market Project, an organization designed to help you find like-minded activists and preppers in your local area so that you can network and construct communities for barter and mutual aid. Join today and learn what it means to step away from the unstable mainstream system and build something better. You can contact Brandon Smith at:

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  • revnowwhilewecan

    It’s been a year now since I’ve watched a MSM news show and when I walk past one of my t.v.’s at work and a show is on, I become almost violently sick. I really cannot believe, even when the MSM themselves have come out and said that the pentagram (no misspell) and Mossad have openly stated that Iran has no chance for nukes and the fact that all of their scientist’s have been “offed”, how can they still scream WAR AGAINST IRAN!
    Stuff like this NEEDS to be spread…….
    And this…….
    If Netan”yahoo” fires the first shot we as Americans should take to the streets and let the Israeli government know that we DO NOT SUPPORT YOU STARTING WARS. Or as the MSM would like to call it, I can’t even type it without falling off of my chair laughing, PREEMPTIVE STRIKES!

    • revnowwhilewecan

      I am born and raised in Boston and from a military family. I love my country but despise it’s policies and warmongering leaders. All the hype is on Assad atrocities, blah, blah, blah. I do not support Assad but the west just keeps spewing that he has to go without a mention of whom to replace him with? That’s because they DON”T care who steps in as long as they will take US dollars for petrol, as just one example. The MSM reports Assad does ALL the atrocities? Just that reporting in itself disqualifies more the legitimacy of the MSM’s one-sided reporting. The western removal of M.E. heads of states has NEVER WORKED IN ALL OF HISTORY!
      And one more fact on the boogeyman that is IRAN…………..A list of Iran at work vs. American policy at work…..This is why the world hates us people. It has 1% to do with waste and opulence. The other 99%. Well here ya go……

      • revnowwhilewecan

        Please print this Mr. Moderator. It took me forever to type out and all the links are VERY relevant. Thanks for your continued support, RevNowWhileWeCan

      • Colleen

        You can take your anti-American hatred and class warfare and stuff it. It is not the USA who has started this mess, it is a bunch of bozos who want to control the world. Soros is one of them. And don’t tell me he isn’t richer than most! He is the one stirring up the pot of anarchists, eco terrorists, etc with his big $$$ going to Media Matters, etc….all marxist/socialist organizations who only want the destruction of our civilization as we know it. We are not perfect, but we are light years ahead of the archaic system of govt in the middle east!!!
        As for me and mine (also military families), WE will support Israel and any attempt to squash Assad, and Iran!

      • revnowwhilewecan

        There is nothing wrong with not supporting my countries policy makers warmongering ways. The fact that you would support Israel if they fired the first shot makes you more anti-American then I by FAR. Ask any first grader who’s fault it is when a fight starts. Even they know it’s the one who threw the first punch. If war starts you can stand in the front of line to catch the plane to Iran. I will be here waiting to protect my fellow Americans when we are attacked. And if you don’t make it back, I’ll protect yours too.
        You keep blaming other nations and leaders and whomever you like but firing bullets to stop a war has NEVER worked. I have only the whole history of the world to make my point.

      • Mike

        You have a naive view of how Israel is not justified in a response. Iran has called for their complete destruction. Do you doubt them?
        Your analogy “Ask any first grader who’s fault it is when a fight starts.” really shows your incomplete thought process.
        If I tell you I am going to hit you with a 2×4, then pick one up. Are you obligated to stand there and give me a free shot at you? No. You are not. Neither is the rest of the world.

      • revnowwhilewecan

        Response to what? Who has called for their complete destruction? Please, when you can get other sources besides CNN and Fox to support your war starting claims then maybe we can continue this conversation. Did you hear anyone from Iran make that statement? I didn’t think so because it wasn’t said. Please be informed properly before you enter a debate. Here is the quote that was taken out of context as is word for word. You sir are the naive one for believing MSM propaganda and being to lazy to search for the facts yourself. Typical sheeple.
        Thanks DaveH for the link hook-up.

      • Jay

        I’m with you, rev!!! One need only consider the five pillars of the u.s. military-industrial complex to see that the bullsh*t in the middle-east is just that, BULLSH*T!!!!

        1. The U. S. military establishment

        In 1991, at the end of the Cold War, the U.S. defense budget was $298.9 billion.

        In 2006, that budget had increased to $447.4 billion, and this does not include the $100 billion-plus spent in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

        It is estimated that American military expenditures represent, at a very minimum, close to half of total world military outlays (48 per cent of the world total in 2005, according to official figures), while the U.S. accounts for less than 5 per cent of world population and about 25 per cent of world total output. —As a percentage, the U.S. military expenses gobble up a minimum of 21 per cent of the total American federal budget (2006=$ 2,144.3 billion). Such a military budget is larger than the gross domestic product (GDP) of some countries, such as Belgium or Sweden. —It is sort of a government within a government.

        In 2006, the U.S. Department of Defense employed 2,143,000 people, while it estimates that private defense contractors employ 3,600,000 workers, for a grand total of 5,743,000 defense-related American jobs, or 3.8% of the total labor force. In addition, there are close to 25 million veterans in the United States.

        Therefore, it is safe to say that more than 30 million Americans receive checks which originate directly or indirectly from the U. S. military budget.

        Assuming conservatively only two voting-age people per household, this translates into a block of some 60 million American voters who have a financial stake in the American military establishment. Thus the clear danger of a militarized society perpetuating itself politically.

        2. The private defense contractors

        The five largest American Defense contractors are Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon and General Dynamics.

        They are followed by Honeywell, Halliburton, BAE Systems and thousands of smaller defense companies and subcontractors.

        Some, like Lockheed Martin in Bethesda (Maryland) and Raytheon in Waltham (Massachusetts) draw close to 100 per cent of their business from defense contracts.

        Some others, like Honeywell in Morristown (New Jersey), have important consumer goods divisions. All, however, stand to profit when expenditures on weapons procurements increase.

        In fact, U.S. defense contractors have been enjoying big Pentagon budgets since March 2003, i.e. since the onset of the Iraq war. —As a result, they have posted sizable increases in total shareholder returns, ranging from 68 % (Northrop Grumman) to 164 % (General Dynamics), from March ’03 to September ’06.

        It also has to be pointed out that private defense contractors play another social role: they are big employers of former generals and former admirals from the U.S. military establishment.

        3. The political establishment

        In the U.S., president George W. Bush, a former oil-man, and Vice President Dick Cheney, as former chairman and C.E.O of the large oil service company Halliburton in Houston (Texas), epitomize the image of politicians devoted to the growth and development of the military-industrial complex. Their administration has expanded the military establishment and they have adopted a militarist foreign policy on a scale not seen since the end of the Cold War and even since the end of World War II.

        Indeed, under the Bush-Cheney administration, the arms industry has become very profitable. Multi billion-dollar contracts to sell planes and tanks to various countries in an increasingly lawless world are going full swing. Close to two-thirds of all arms exports in the world originate from North America.

        Congress, for its part, is indebted to defense corporations that operate military plants in each congressman’s district or senator’s state, besides owing some gratitude to the lobbies that provide funds and media support in election times.

        4. The “think tanks” establishment

        The brain-trust and the sycophants behind the war-oriented economy form an interlocking network of Washington-based so-called ‘think tanks’ that are financed by the rich tax-exempt foundations which have billions of dollars of assets, such as, for example, the Bradley Foundation, the John M. Olin Foundation, the Scaife Foundation or the Coors Foundation, etc.

        Among the most influential and representative think tanks, whose mission is to orient American foreign policy, one finds the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), the Heritage Foundation, the Middle East Media Research Institute, the neoconservative Washington Institute for Near Eastern Policy, the Center for Security Policy, the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) and the Hudson Institute.

        Such think tanks serve a double purpose: they provide government officials with policy papers on various topics, usually on the very conservative side; and, they serve as incubators for government departments, supplying them with already trained personnel and providing employment for public officials who are out of office.

        The same revolving door that exists between the military establishment and defense contractors is also observed to exist between the Washington-based think tanks and U.S. government departments.

        5. The “propaganda” establishment

        The pro-war economy propagandists are to be found in the fundamentally right-wing American media industry. This is because the selling of war-oriented policies requires the expertise that only a well-oiled propaganda machine can provide.

        The most potent propaganda tool is television. And there, Rupert Murdock’s Fox News Network is unbeatable. There is no American media outlet more openly devoted to the neocon ideology and more committed to supporting new American wars than Fox News.

        CNN or MSNBC may sometimes try to emulate it, but their professionalism prevents them from even coming close to Fox News in being biased toward war and in unabashedly promoting U.S. global domination.

        Fox’s propaganda efforts are closely coordinated with other Murdoch-owned print media, such as the Weekly Standard and the New York Post.

        The Washington Times, which is controlled by the Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s Unification Church, the neoconservative New York Sun, and other neocon publications such as the National Review, the New Republic, The American Spectator, the Wall Street Journal, complete the main pro-war propaganda infrastructure.

        In conclusion, it is the conjunction of these five pro-war machines, i.e. the bloated military establishment, the large American arms industry, the Neocon pro-war administration with Congress being strongly under the influence of militarist lobbies, the pro-war think tanks network and the pro-war media propagandists that constitutes the framework of the military-industrial complex, of which President Dwight Eisenhower wisely feared the corrosive influence on American society, forty-five years ago, in 1961.

      • revnowwhilewecan

        Good list of numbers there. Thanks. Thankfully the majority of troops and veterans support Ron Paul even tho they have an absolute stake in being employed! Instead of all these, and I hate political stereotypes, “neocons” and “chickenhawks” spewing “I support the troops”! from the top of every pulpit, why don’t they ask, “Why do you support Ron Paul?” Too many people talk the talk but don’t actually care what the troops think because if they did the would at least ask why the would support an “Old Kook” as the MAJORITY does but they just like to pretend to be “pro-America” by saying “support the troops” without giving 2 farts about whom it is the troops believe in. They just like to regurgitate crap they hear on the MSM news shows, wave flags and put ribbons on their SUV’s when the troops come home in boxes or with missing limbs. It truly makes me ill!!!!

      • eddie47d

        So Coleen believes in preemptive strikes and aggression. Now if our ally Columbia attacks another ally Ecuador will you also be in full agreement to attack. Iran was once a forced ally and we made them an enemy by preempting their laws and establishing our own. Thanks for your families service but fight for America only when it is needed for survival not from our aggression or for the banksters.

      • nightlight

        The world hates Americans because America was the greatest country in the world and Americans had it better than almost any other people on this earth; this is hatred born of envy.
        The Muslim world or the Muslim world community (the ummah) hates America because their religion tells them to; they are against freedom in any form and refer to America as the great Satan.
        The most troubling thing about a third world war is that, where Muslim countries are involved, the mutual annihilation deterrent doesn’t work. If the Muslims started a third world war that resulted in the death of all life on this planet they would not be worried or scared at all; they believe that if everyone was killed, they would go to Paradise and all the infidels would go to hell. Never mind that their religious beliefs are based on lies and myths that they have made it a capital crime punishable by death to question or critically examine.
        Syria is 90% Muslim.
        Iran is 98% Muslim.

      • revnowwhilewecan
      • boyscout

        rev, thank you for the insightful citations – I have not counted on popular media speak for decades and your sources verify my position. Although it has not been difficult to judge the M/I complex’s coalition with corporatist Big Oil (and others), your clarification should help sway the disbelievers. However, I believe that many will refuse to accept that the biggest “bad guys” are home grown.

      • Katrael

        Jay, I can’t respond directly to your post (I’m too ignorant) but I want you to know that I read the whole thing with interest. I can’t argue any points against what you posted. War is not just likely like I posted previously but an assured thing. Our current system can’t function without war. We are in the last steps of empire building and that last step requires constant war. We can’t help it as that’s where we are and we can’t change it without a major change in the way the rulers of this country view things. Like you pointed out: there are too many who benefit from this system.

    • revnowwhilewecan
      • revnowwhilewecan

        Also. What 2×4 does Iran have. The C.I.A. the Pentagon, Leon Panetta and the Mossad have stated numerous times that Iran has ZERO nuclear arms capability. Can you at least believe them? They whacked all Iran’s scientist’s. Isn’t that good enough for you? Never mind the fact that their allowed to have 20% capabilities for use of power as stated by NATO which I’m sure you believe every word they say. By your thinking, if I am building a house and you walk by and I look at you funny and have a 2×4 in my hand you can strike me first? Good luck with that in court. They world has enough hatred mike. Like I’ve said, stopping wars with bombs or like you people like to call them, preemptive strikes has NEVER WORKED IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD! Didn’t Hitler use that tactic against Warsaw? What the hell is wrong with you people?

    • Jefferson Thomas

      “Netanyahu fires first shot” hahahahaha.

      This war is thousands of years old on many different ethnic, religious, and spiritual levels. It goes all the way back to the tower of Babel with Nimrod and his evil wife. It goes back to Abraham and his descendants who were promised the land of the other evil inhabitants of this area who sacrificed their own children and practiced temple prostitution as a part of their evil religion that God wanted destroyed.

      This war now includes Islam (the religion of Satan) to which almost all of the ancient enemies of Israel now belong.

      This war also includes the energy of oil without which the “modern” world and civilization would collapse. If one is interested in learning an interesting study would be as to where these oil fields lie in relation to ancient religious and ethnic hatreds (almost like someone placed the oil patches there for some reason).

      The war also includes the monetary system with oil being traded in dollars and the pressure against this.

      It will start because Netanyahu fires first shot hahahaha. I don’t know the exact figure but I know that hundreds, perhaps even thousands of rockets are fired on Israel each year.

      Take your ignorance and incorrect conclusions to someone who does not know any better.

      • revnowwhilewecan

        Jefferson Thomas,
        Please, take a look at a land map of Israel in 1948 and a land map of Israel today. It has expanded 20 fold so whom is it that is being run over. I do know the story of Babel, David, Abraham, Herod and that it goes even farther back to Egypt. And the tea in China costs how much? I also know that more Palestinians are being killed every day trying to protect themselves and the number of deaths are FAR greater on the side of Palestine or there would all ready be a world war. So if a few rockets fall on the West Bank or the strip in Gaza it’s because the Israelis continue to try and take yet more land away from Palestine. So you sir can take YOUR one sided telling of the story and tell it to your neocon friends who appreciate your propaganda much more than the knowledgeable (mostly) readers of this blog. If Thomas Jefferson were alive today he would hang his head in shame at the hijacking of his name being used to tell a prejudiced, one-sided close minded view of a dire situation that has already costed millions of lives with countless more on the table. Please sir, change your screen name because Thomas Jefferson would not allow you to shine his boots.

      • Jefferson Thomas

        @ revnowwhilewecan

        If you cannot see the connection of history to the present then you have learned history in vain…if in fact you do know about this and how it is connected.

        The tea in China will soon cost more than you can afford because of the cost of shipping and the devaluation of the dollar.

        “A few rockets” you are a liar. Thousands of rockets are not a few.

        The number of deaths are greater as a percentage or in numerical value comparing Israeli to Palestinians (whatever a “Palestinian” is)?

        What is the stated goal of Islam and their leaders? What are they doing to Christians right now in Egypt? What religion do the Palestinians (if there is such a thing as a “Palestinian”) belong to)? What does the Muslim Brotherhood, The Charter or the Palestinian State, and the Iranian State have in common in reference to Jews, Judaism, and the State of Israel?

        Since I don’t know any neocons and you are making assumptions, you have mistakenly (?) told another lie.

        If Thomas Jefferson were alive today (I can read his mind if you can) he would say kick their asses just like the leathernecks (know where that term came from?) kicked the asses of the lying Mohammedan Barbary pirates in the first Barbary war (there was more than one war with the lying murderous thieves dontchya know Mr. History?).

        As to the Israelis pushing back the Islamists and the Palestinins…I hope so. I hope they continue to be a thorn in the side of the Islamists and that they continue to flaunt the Koran by their very existence.

        You are right in saying it has cost millions of lives and it will cost millions more. Not because I say so, but because God says it is so.

        You Sir may need to change your view as to what Thomas Jefferson thought about Islamists, Jihadists, and the Liars, Thieves, and Murderers who practice it. If knowing objective facts makes me prejudice in your eyes then I will pour myself a cup of tea from China, think about your opinion for two minutes and forget it as that is all the consideration it is worth.

        You are right in saying that Thomas Jefferson would not allow me to shine his boots because he was a Democrat-Republican who would understand me and my views very well as opposed to yours

      • Jefferson Thomas
      • Jefferson Thomas

        I’m curious Mr. Moderator as to why my link to was deleted?

        • nightlight

          Your link to was probably deleted by the moderator because either he/she is a Muslim, a Muslim sympathizer, an Islamic apologist, a radical liberal or a person obsessed with political correctness. You have my sympathy

      • Karl

        JT: you are spot on in all your posts. You’ve covered it all and your points are exceptionally stated. Who are the “palestinian people”? They are Arab outcasts – used as a pawn in the Arabs’ ancient battle with Israel. There is plenty of Arab land, so why aren’t they there? Because it serves the Arab/Muslim purpose to have a straw man that they can pit against their so-called “aggressor”, Israel, and its tiny strip of land. And the undiscerning around the world (as well as here in America) fulfill prophecy with their own mouths when they suggest foolish things like “Those poor, poor palestinians! Constantly attacked by those mean Jews! They did nothing to deserve Israeli retaliation!!” I would point out that inherent in the word “retaliation” is an implied notion that someone else struck first – and deserves now what they get. The aggression is on the part of the so-called “palestinians”… and Israel is justified in defending herself, including capturing land from an open enemy. I love how these “palestinians” want to wage war – and in the process, lose land to Israel… and then, the world expects Israel to give it back??? In war, folks, its finders keepers; losers weepers. So, you Israel-haters, quit being LOSERS! Leave Israel alone and you won’t have anything to whine about.

      • revnowwhilewecan

        “What’s a Palestinian?” I thing the current administration that give them billions a year know who the are. “Muslim Brotherhood”? Again, ask Hillary who is funneling untold amounts of money to overthrow yet even more ME heads of state. I am not an Israeli hater and you seem to have my distaste for preventing wars by not entering them with some sort of Muslim/Christian ancient rival that you have ignorantly bought into. This is NOT a Jewish/Arab issue. This is a Zionist issue of whom have no allegiance except to money. They covertly fund both sides of all conflicts and tell you the gullible it’s about extremism. You’re in the minority of people who care of fault and blame vs. the people who just want all wars to end. Your views are misguided and you have been played by the MSM shows you get your information from. Theodor Herzl (1860-1904), the founder of modern Zionism would be proud of all of the “injustices” you point out against his “chosen ones” to bring more Jews to Israel to take up more arms and keep the suppression in line with policy agenda. Just the fact that you even mention oil and petrol for US dollars as even a bit of reasoning shows your will ignorance. The dollar is dead. China will soon take over as the dominant world trading currency and there’s no amount of “protective, preemptive strikes” that will stop it. I love my country and if claim to also you shouldn’t give one smelly fart about “poor” Israel OR Syria/Iran and bring our boys home from the 128 countries in which we have boots in. That’s more of a threat to our security than any “extremist” propaganda you have so sadly fallen for.

      • Jefferson Thomas


        Apparently you don’t read with comprehension and you did not understand when I stated in the first sentence of my first reply to you that “THIS WAR IS THOUSANDS OF YEARS OLD ON MANY DIFFERENT ETHNIC, RELIGIOUS AND SPIRITUAL LEVELS”. How could you deduce from this statement that I think this is only a Jewish/Arab issue? Only a Christian/Islamist issue? Only a Sunni/Shiite issue?

        Refer to Karl’s reply about the Palestinians.

        Your comprehension concerning my statement about oil trading in dollars betrays your ignorance if you did not understand what I said about you not being able to buy tea from China because of the cost of shipping and the devaluation of the dollar. The US made a deal with the Saudi Arabians to trade for oil in dollars after the dollar became a fiat currency in totality. Thus my statement concerning oil trading in dollars and the pressure to dump the dollar.

        There are now many deals going on around the world excluding the dollar in trade for oil and other commodities (it is losing power as the world’s reserve currency). This diminishes the power of the dollar and the power of the US. Your conclusion about China remains to be seen as they have many many domestic problems of their own.

        You are right in stating that the US should not be involved in policing all of the problems in the world. We should protect our interests when they are threatened however (as good old Thomas Jefferson did against the Barbary pirates).

        I care about and pray for the prosperity and blessing of Israel because of what it says to do in the Bible. I also care about Israel because the ideals and beliefs they have are superior to those of the Islamists who surround them and they are more closely aligned with my beliefs.

      • revnowwhilewecan

        So you are using the bible as your mainstay for protection of Israel. Religion has been the basis for wars since mankind had walked the earth. They all have the same roots if you go back far enough. I respect your religious beliefs but I cannot support your reasoning based on a belief from a book (the Bible) (which of the hundreds of versions?) written and edited countless times 2000 years ago to suit yet again elitist’s agendas to wage war. Like I’ve said, feel free to go to Israel and fight for your beliefs. Truly honorable but do not ask my countrymen to to it for you. I stand firm on American soil to protect us when we are attacked and as I’ve also stated, if you don’t make it back from Israel, I will protect your kin as well. Jesus NEVER stood for ANY forms of violence or killings for ANY reasons and the only time He’s ever shown anger was once. Being the good Christian that you are, I don’t have to remind you to whom it was that He directed it towards. Put the blame where Jesus would’ve, on the moneymen, not the people in the middle made to do their bidding.
        I no longer wish to speak bout any religions and consider our debate over.
        RevNowWhileWeCan :)

        • nightlight

          revnowwhilewecan: “..Jesus never stood for any form of violence..”???
          Oh, really??
          How about this:
          Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth; I have not come to bring peace but a sword.Matthew 10:34
          I came to bring fire to the earth and how I wish it were already kindled! Do you think that I have come to bring peace to the earth? No, I tell you, but rather division.Luke 12:49-51

      • Jefferson Thomas


        I’ll consider the debate over when I have the final say. You can cut and run if you like.

        You have a severe comprehension problem when reading and you choose to ignore what has been written to address your fallacious statements.

        Religion has been used as part of a basis for wars in the past. It is a basis for wars today and it will be a basis for war in the final war. It is not the only basis for which wars have been fought. Another reason wars are fought is when one party wants to take what another party has by the use of force thereby being able to avoid the productive effort it takes to produce something of value to trade in exchange for what one needs or wants.

        Your ignorance concerning the different versions of the bible, the translations, comparisons with the dead sea scrolls and earliest written copies, the difficulty of translating certain Hebrew and Greek words, the evolution of language etc. is glaring.

        Once again you make huge assumptions and imply I am saying something I did not say. Where did I say we should send our troops be on the ground in Israel or anywhere else? I did not say this. One does not have to send ground troops to be supportive. Nor did I say we should send government money to Israel.

        Once again you betray your ignorance in not knowing who Jesus is and who he said he is. Jesus said “before Abraham was I AM”. He is the same God of the Old and New Testament. The first chapter of Colossians verse 17 will also tell you who he is “he is before all things and by him all things consist”. Taking this into consideration Jesus did tell the Israelites to kill and destroy their enemies and the enemies of God. Jesus will return as the Warrior God King to destroy all of the enemies of God and Life in the final war.

        There is a difference between being under the Law and being under Grace, Mercy, and Faith. The Law was given to show that we need Grace, Mercy and Faith to be saved by the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of our sin and punishment which he took upon himself in our place.

        You are in error once again by stating that my reason is based solely on the Bible (another mistake?). A simple reading of what I have stated proves you wrong.

        I was an atheist for over 20 years. I have seen your kind of statements before and argued on the other side of the issue of religion and the Bible. You may want work on doing a better job of formulating your argument against religion and the Bible.

        I do put part of the blame on the money men and their love of money. Once again I will repeat my first statement in my first response (perhaps repeating will help?) “THIS WAR IS THOUSANDS YEARS OLD ON MANY DIFFERENT ETHNIC, RELIGIOUS, AND SPIRITUAL LEVELS.

        Whether you know it or admit you talk about religion all of the time. Perhaps you should spend some time understanding the identity of your religion :).

      • revnowwhilewecan

        I may not know a lot about religion but that is by choice. Religion is a falsehood in my view, perpetrated by the elitist’s to pit man against man while they fund both sides and collect on repairs and armaments from both sides when the war is over. It’s no coincidence that wars have been waged since mankind first picked up a stick and a rock. It’s been made that way purposely by the oligarchs NOT God. I am not confused on my views but you preach from the pulpit about what God says will happen while using the name of a man who had no binds to the Christian beliefs you hold so dearly.
        JT says, ” I also care about Israel because the ideals and beliefs they have are superior to those of the Islamists who surround them and they are more closely aligned with my beliefs.”
        My God is better than yours. How’s that worked out for the last 2000 years? I didn’t realize Jesus had so much ego, but you’re the expert.
        JT says, “As to the Israelis pushing back the Islamists and the Palestinins…I hope so. I hope they continue to be a thorn in the side of the Islamists and that they continue to flaunt the Koran by their very existence.” Again. Fight bombs with bombs. How’s that worked out for the last 2000 years? I didn’t realize Jesus was so vengeful but again, you’re the expert.
        I’ll tell you what. You pray to your invisible man in the sky whom hasn’t saved one life but because of His name has cost countless lives. You support the killing of innocent, no matter their religion except if they are a part of your “superior” religion just as your misguided kind have for the last 2000 years.
        I will continue to expose the hierarchy who has the world doing their dirty work for them and collecting ALL the fruits from EVERY religion.
        Your way hasn’t worked in the HISTORY of mankind so I think I’ll try something different.
        You preach Christian values with a man’s name whom has had good morals but no religious affiliations. Whom is it that has a bit of a comprehension problem now? Since you insist, you sir have the final word. Peace be with you. (no religious pun intended) :)

    • jeromeennis

      After Andrew Breitbart collapsed and died in the middle of the night while walking his dog, it was speculated that he was probably killed by the Obama Regime’s Thugs because Andrew Breitbart was about to release some damning and likely factual information on Barack-Barry-Soetaro-Hussein-Obama AKA POTUS Barack Obama. People have been bumped off in various ways by secret governments time immemorial. I said long ago that if you could assassinate a president in plain day in front of thousands of onlookers and then convince all of them that the Official Story would be believed by rounding up a PATSY and then Killing The Patsy before he ever had a chance even to go before a Magistrate or Judge, in order not to allow Oswald to speak, because Lee Harvey Oswald was totally innoncent and could prove it, and the Plot would not have been able to be sold to the American Public by a Made Up Bogus Investigation called the Warre Report, which was purley fiction. The cover up was even sloppy but they got by with. So, if THEY are willing to and Can Away With Murdering the U.S. President (JFK), anybody is expendable.

      In Senate Hearings on Covert Actions in 1975, it was disclosed that the CIA had a Heart Attack Dart that was a frozen projectile of poison shot from a gun that would leave maybe a small red dot and nothing else and the frozen projectile entered the body, creates an instant heart attack, and then the drug or poison totally dissipates leaving no traces of the poison, and death by instant cardiac arrest is the autopsy result.

      And, this was in 1975. They are a lot
      more sophisticated now than this. President Eisenhower warned the
      American public back in 1959 shortly before he left office to be wary
      of the “Military-Industrial Complex” whose mission it is to
      create wars, send up false flags, commit assassinations, etc. in
      order to perpetuate wars that are very profitable operations for
      military contractors working in collusion with the United States
      government and using our CIA and Special Forces to do the bidding of
      the contractors in carrying out covert operations in order to creat
      wars and skirmishes, and then having presidents or congress to
      authorize military missions where large quantitiies of munitions are
      used which boosts the demand and supply of new armaments. Kind of
      like allowing Firemen becoming arsonists in order to have job
      security and to have more fire houses built. And, the targets are
      not always foreign or in foreign countries. These covert operations
      are often carried out domestically as well if a U.S. Citizen becomes
      a threat to the powers that be.

  • swampfox

    all of this is in the bible and is exactly as god said it would.
    we.are in the last days,Jesus is about to get his true church out of here and then all hell
    is going to break loose.
    refute and scoff all you want,read the word,it’s all in there.
    go to you tube and watch Hal lindsey or Perry stone and try and refute the truth!
    halliluah,the rapture Is close,praise Jesus!!!!!

    • Robert Smith

      We heard all about the “domino theory” during Korea and ‘Nam. Didn’t happen then, won’t happen now.


      • revnowwhilewecan

        I don’t get your view? Nothing happened in Korea and Nam? Oh yea, just our nonsensical and illegal involvement that cost America tens of thousands of OUR lives, nevermind the “enemies”. Does the domino effect with the US getting involved really mean nothing? Please explain the point you’re trying to make unless there isn’t one then feel free to continue making ignorant statements.

      • CWinBaltimore

        No dominoes? what do you think Laos, Cambodia, and Burma were? We managed to hold the line at Thailand, but MOST of Southeast Asia East of there went communist.

      • DaveH

        Rev says to Robert — “I don’t get your view?”.
        It’s simple, Rev. Robert is in favor of Big Government, and he will take whatever position he thinks will support that. Most likely, Robert works for Big Government and is trying to protect his job at other peoples’ expense.

      • steve

        you probably never thought you would have a black president either , right?

      • James Andrews

        I agree-though there may be a somewhat bigger “fire”, I don’t believe the major world powers would allow it to spread too far. It will be exstinguished reasonably quickly.

      • TML

        I don’t think Syria and Iran would be the first two ‘domino’s’, I think they are just the next two domino’s. The domino effect has been going from Iraq, to Afghanistan, to Libya, Pakistan, Yemen, etc… and now Syria and Iran, and some kind of involvement by Russia and China would then seem inevitable. Not going to happen? It seems it already is happening.

    • Robert Smith

      “refute and scoff all you want,read the word,it’s all in there.”

      Yup, we heard all about it from Nostradomas too.


    • Mark Are Reynolds

      Go back to the swamp you superstitious flake.

    • http://none Charlie

      swampfox,,,We have not heard from the heathen DaveH yet, he will tell us exactly what’s
      up ,but R Smith is also smarter than God , so don’t worry about what that fairy tale book says… But since I always enjoyed fairy tales when I was a kid, lets take another look
      at The Book of The Almighty God and His Son King Jesus , notice the one page so called book of Obadiah , it’s between Amos and Jonah,,,well,,,Obadiah is about to happen to the so called state of Israel ,,,heathens pop in here and tell us that the fairy tale is not going to happen… During the mean time ………..
      Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing … Acts 2:38…….

      • DaveH

        You are giving religious people a bad name, Charlie. Most of them don’t deserve it.

      • DaveH

        I’m a “heathen” for not believing in your Adult Santa Clause, Charlie?
        God didn’t write the Bible. People did. Leaders have used religion throughout history to control the masses. Your Aggressive Kind, Charlie, are always looking for ways to silence the voice and Freedom of others.
        Here’s some reality:

        The unfortunate thing is that Religions are among the very few organizations that teach respect for fellow human beings — a lesson that has fallen on deaf ears with Charlie and people like him.
        What will happen when pushy controlling people like Charlie have given them a bad name?

      • http://none Charlie

        DaveH,,,babelon but, lets see some answers to very basic questions ,,,Who created Mankind? yeah ,,that’s the Mankind that wrote The Bible… Why haven’t the forces of evil been able to destroy The Bible? Who has ever proved The Bible wrong ?
        ALL We are doing is pointing at Scripture and saying this is what God / King Jesus said,
        Does your words have more truth or power ? Dave , babelon , you got that freedom as far
        as We are concerned … During the mean time We will…………
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing … Acts 2:38 ………….

      • http://none Charlie

        DaveH, For yours and others info, I am not in “Religion” , I am in “Christianity” which is a “Way” of Life The ONLY Way that has a Leader that has Conquered death, that Leader IS King Jesus Christ who also claims to have The same Power and Authority as
        His Father see that at Matthew 28:18… Read the Gospel and you will read about the Guys that wrote The Bible … Were / are they dummies ?…
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing … Acts 2:38…
        Obadiah is going to happen, when ? where ? , semi heathen DaveH , you tell us,,, ha ha haha ………………….

      • DaveH

        Charlie says — “Who created Mankind?”.
        We evolved over millions of years. And before you come back with some fallacious retort about how impossible that is, think about the wildly different breeds of animals that man has engineered in just the past 100 years.
        Now, tell me, Charlie, Who created your God?
        Charlie says — “I am in “Christianity””.
        Didn’t Jesus preach tolerance? Didn’t he hang out with a Prostitute (making my point)?
        And again, Charlie refers to me as a heathen.
        Heathen (from Merriam Webster) — Strange, Uncivilized.
        Who is stranger, a guy who believes in something he can’t see, touch, smell, hear, or taste, and calls me unprovoked names, or me?
        Methinks, Charlie, that you don’t even follow your own religion very well. And it is intolerant, pushy, controlling people like yourself who are feeding the anti-religious Progressive backlash.
        In fact, I can’t help but wonder if you aren’t a Progressive Plant trying to make Religious people look bad?

    • Rev. William Dalton

      Swampfox – Christ’s followers in Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon and now Syria have been suffering the “tribulation” for decades now. The only “rapture” we can expect is the gathering in heaven of all of God’s people when Christ returns on the Day of Judgment. There will be no “millenium” other than that which began when our Lord ascended into heaven, commencing the age in which we are still living. When the prophecies of global war made by Brandon Smith come true, don’t expect Jesus to snatch American Christians away to avoid its consequences.

      • revnowwhilewecan

        Rev. William Dalton,
        Thanks Rev. I don’t believe in religion or the occult per say but that was one of the most intelligent religious themed posts I’ve ever read on this site. Thanks for not being one-sided in the blame game.

      • http://none Charlie

        Rev. William Dalton, The so called “Rapture” is written about by Paul at 1 Thessalonians 4:13—18,,, Peter explains it some what at 2 Peter 3:9—18… The Rapture will happen to remove True Christians from Planet Earth ,,,so,,, King Jesus can
        refurbish and refine the Earth as spoken by Peter above,,,BUT,,, at about the same time
        a number of things listed in Revelations will happen … during the mean time ……….
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing …

      • steve

        so here’s a thought rev. if all go to heaven when they die, how will the meek inherit the earth?

        • nightlight

          Steve: Excellent reply. Of course, there is no God or Heaven. Those who believe that such things are real are delusional and trying to live in Disneyland.

    • Rob

      There shall be wars and rumors of wars, but the end is not yet. For the Day of the Lord shall come like a thief in the night.

      • http://none Charlie

        “But do not let this one fact escape your notice , beloved ,that with the Lord one day
        is like a thousand years , and a thousand years like one day.” 2 Peter 3 :8 NASB…
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38…

    • La Vonda

      I was thinking the same exact thing! Yay! I want to go home and I will very soon! Praise King Jesus!

    • Ranchman

      God’s Word doesn’t say that His Church will be “taken” before any trials and tribulations but, because of it, that time will be shortened. We will be here for the war, which many of the prophecies for it have already come to fruition. The most important entity is Israel. Who will stand for her? No, Israel is not perfect, just as nobody or no country is perfect. Yet Israel still belongs to God. Although He might allow Israel to be taught a lesson somehow, He will NEVER allow Israel to be utterly destroyed. Israel will come back from ANY attack to be the ultimate victor, God guarantees it. No, Christians and Jews alike will be alive through the most horrendous war in history. We need to stand with Israel (God’s people) in our hearts, against the children of Abraham’s “other” son. We need to prepare physically, financially, and spiritually for the trying time to come. The thing that bothers me the most about this article is that the author is right about the blood sucking central banks taking us down the road to global governance. It’s been their plan since at least 1913 and the creation of the “federal” reserve. Whatever happens, I stand with Israel. This doesn’t mean I support global war or whatever. It means I stand with God as I understand Him.

      • http://none Charlie

        Ranchman,,,Where is the Scripture to back up what you write ? could it be that you
        are a judeo christian and have been duped , deceived and deluded by the Satanic powers that be ??? Mercy , but still ………..
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing … Acts 2:38 for Salvation…

  • jeromeennis

    The World Regimes run by the International Bankers who use the government’s of all nations and with aid from the UN, NATO are purposely leading us to WWIII, and it is all for Profits but they have to use the ruse of Threats of Weapons, when in actuality, the USA is using our military and our other assets to overthrow legitimate governments by aiding the Islamic Terrorists of Al Quida, The Muslim Brotherhood and World communists supported by Russian and China. Obama signed a non aggression pact with Russia and China in 2011, and they said, Let the Games Begin . Then Egypt was overthrown by Muslim Terrorists with USA aid, then the USA attacks Libya following orders from NATO and the UN instead of constitutionally. We have already allowed our presidents, congress and the bureaucracy to overthrow the USA and they have put our Constitution in scrap heap. So, yes Syrian is going to be taken over by the terrorists supported by the Obama Regime representing the USA and our NATO and UN partners in Crime and War and they all follow the dictates of the International Bankers who own all the major western governments. And, it is politically a game to win re-elections of tyrants such as Obama. The October Surprise by this regime is going to WWIII with attacks on Syria and Iran, and then the Radical Muslims and Communists will take over with the aid of the USA, NATO and the UN. The lesson from history is that if you Start a Major War while in power as POTUS, you usually get Re-Elected. We better all hope and pray this does not happen.

    • revnowwhilewecan

      I agree except for the WWIII part because the globalist’s need our enslavement to continue their world dominance. With the end of the world’s lower and middle classes, who’s going to pick up the dry cleaning?

      • CWinBaltimore

        I think you’re mistaken. WWIII doesn’t necessarily mean a thermonuclear exchange between superpowers. It can mean a massive dumping of assets into a conventional conflict, with little hope of anyone coming out a clear winner. The original supposed purpose of the globalists, was to eventually make a world war concept obsolete, by making every nations economy dependent upon every OTHER nations economy, thus making it suicidal to actually try to destroy another nation. BUT, there may be a required… demonstration to prove this to the world, so they will realise that as the economy is now global, maybe there should be some global control (read government) to match. I’m not advocating, just showing how the sheep could be led to the slaughter.

      • DaveH

        And then they get the Propagandized Minions to chant against Free Trade, when in fact, even though there is a Global Economy, our Trade has been anything BUT Free since the beginning of this country. Leaders and their Cronies have always had their hands in the pot controlling the game in their favor.
        It’s time for all good people to get their heads out and realize what’s been going on in this country. Here’s just a small step in that direction:

      • DaveH
      • DaveH

        And this from today’s Yahoo Finance page:
        Save this article until you have read the books. Then the light will go on.

      • http://speedle speedle

        Well you are revnowwhilewecan. The Trilateral Commission members have been taking notes on all your comments over the years. In retribution, you, and other oddballs will be gathered up and used as houseboys for the Bilderbergs. But don’t worry, they will let you keep your tin foil headgear.

      • Winddrinker

        CN stated that the globalists want all countries dependent on each other. That is certainly happening in the U.S. We manufacture nearly nothing we need, as a people and a country. Our government is at war with private enterprise and making it extremely difficult for businesses to survive. This is by why we will be sucked into the NWO, with very little resistance.

        We are already dependent on other nations for oil, and it will get worse as this regime refuses to allow us to use our own natural resources, including gas and coal. They are already restricting the use and availability of water, even the collecting of rain water is being controlled.

        Have you tried to buy medicine (drugs) that is still made in this country…impossible. There is talk of mandates that food distributors must order their food from China. What is it in our grocery stores doesn’t come from different countries…most everything. Who is manufacturing our military equipment and the parts they need. More and more are coming from countries that cannot be classified as “friends.” With these apparent “modifications” in the things available to Americans, we will soon be very dependent on the governments of other countries for all that we need. And the supply, will be controlled by our government…they will distribute it as they want.

        The war is coming and Americans may hesitate too long to prevent it. We need to be changing the tactics of government and its focus on “globalization.”

      • revnowwhilewecan

        Please come up with something better than “tinfoilgear”. That weak retort is older than Bill O’Reilly and barely less meaningful. Unless you have something of importance to add please move along. I’m an inner city youth so don’t even try it with the weak and outdated ad hominems that you picked up on AC360 ummmkay? Because you can’t win and obviously have nothing of importance to add to this board so pick up your government check and get home quick or you’ll miss The View. I let you off lightly. C U Next Tuesday and have a great day. :)

      • http://speedle speedle

        “AC360 ummmkay” Uh…………..You are just too “with it” for me revnowwhilewecan. I don’t have any idea what kind of noise an “inner city youth” makes or what that means. But you have already explained much by the “inner city” admission. Sometimes folks living in the inner city have a bit of a….. can we say……”different” world view from most of us who don’t live inside a concrete jungle.

        You probably have quite a bit of time sitting around on your computer waiting for your own next assistance check to dream up what dirty deeds the powers that be are plotting against you. In the meantime don’t forget about that dry cleaning.

      • revnowwhilewecan

        I grew up an inner city youth. I no longer live there. I’m 42 years of age and a successful casino manager that gets ZERO from any gov’t agencies but pays plenty to. I see you like to keep attacking so let’s go some more since all you have is no facts and weak conjecture to argue about, I’ll play along.
        Just because your spouse left you and you have a kid living in your basement that dropped out of college because YOU couldn’t help with tuition, don’t come to this board picking fights with people you know nothing about. I know you’re frustrated with your home situation but tell your kid flipping burgers and paying you 50$ a week until something better comes along is okay. Quit making excuses for your problems at home and taking them to blogs with ad-hominem attacks that have no value of information to offer to anyone on this board and just makes you look more foolish.
        You want to stick to a rational debate or should I’m move on to your mid-life crisis routine?

    • eddie47d

      Obama is not a Muslim traitor James Maxwell so that misinformation hurts rather than helps your cause to “dethrone” him. Jeromeennis your rant is also filled with misinformation and hyperbole. Russia and China have no love for Muslim politics or as you stated The Muslim Brotherhood.Those countries may use them (Egypt) to gain something (oil or transportation routes) but they also have plenty of trouble with their own Muslim populations. Besides neither of those countries is fully Communist anymore yet you implied that. Egypt was overthrown by citizens who hated the Murbarak regime and the USA had been giving that regime $3 million in aid each year for decades. Since the military still had control of power in Egypt our money was still in their hands not of those in the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama didn’t start the Syrian rebellion and I would consider Assad a terrorist considering how he supplied weapons to overthrow the Lebanon government years ago and attacked Israel. Hardly someone to admire. Also considering that Israel is pushing us into your WWIII timeline maybe they should be considered the enemy. You were correct on the Libya situation yet if you watched the Republican debates last year most of the candidates advocated for war with Iran and backing up Israel if they strike first. Mr Romney and Gingrich were the most vocal on that issue so will you be calling them terrorists and tyrants anytime soon?

  • James Maxwell

    We are in troubline times around the world, there is hate and discontent among all the
    people of the plante. The so called leaders refuse to speak the truth and are out to
    dominate and subjuciate the people. They are doing all they can to destroy relegions
    of all faiths and promote the rule of Islam. This is not the will of the people nor of GOD.
    As a result we will have another world war and we an only hope that we will survive.
    The followers of Islam will surge out of the west to attack all other nations. They have
    started a migration and infiltration of various government around the world and have
    set on a path of ruin and destruction. We as free people must stand up and restore
    our nation to the path set forth by our forefathers where we are strong and able to
    defend ourselves and our friends from the tyrants who wish to destoy and subjucate
    us. In America the POTUS is a muslim traitor and is not a legal citizen yet the political
    parties are afraid to stand up and remove him from office. We the People must do this
    to save our nation from ruin and destruction.

    • DaveH

      The fear of Islam is just a tool for the Bankers. Consider this:
      In 2000 Iraq decided to quit pricing its oil in US Dollars. In 2003, the US had finally convinced the people to go to war with Iraq.
      In 2009 Iran decided to quit pricing its oil in US Dollars:
      Anybody see a pattern?

      • DaveH
      • revnowwhilewecan

        Gaddafi switching (trying) to gold for payment? How’d he make out? Now they have Libyans feeding their flags to blacks in cages like zoo animals! And Obama gets 98% of the black vote??? It’d be laughable if it weren’t so sad!

      • Mark Are Reynolds

        Naaaa….there is no connection! Just like Ghadafi setting up a GOLD money system for the middle east. Just like Bernard VonNothaus and his liberty dollar. It’s all a COINcidence Just like Kennedy being shot and the US Notes being removed right afterwards. No connection. Now go back to your regular programmed TV shows.

      • Mike

        We all know a “Tool” when we read his posts…..

  • eddie47d

    The Bilderbergs (Banksters) must be smiling like Cheshire cats and licking their chops at all the possible scenarios. Brandon Smith mentioned several and they are worth chewing on yet I am totally opposed to any war with Iran or Syria. I do not like Israel pulling our chain and forcing us into a conflict either. Obviously they don’t “own” the region and have to be careful in not looking like the trouble maker. Right now Assad is the bad guy so it may be best to let that country destroy itself without Israel getting involved. When the Iraq War started we assumed we would gain another ally in the region and mold it to our liking. That has not turned out too well and sectarian violence is still a daily occurrence. Not only that their are sanctions against Iran by several world bodies including Iraq. Yet the Iraq Bank is loaning Iran millions of dollars thus voiding those sanctions. What are those two nations up to and where is Iraq getting that money from to make those loans? (US?) There is also a no fly zone over Iraq territory yet they allow Iran to use that space to fly supplies into Syria. Seems like Iraq is playing the whole region including the USA.

    • revnowwhilewecan

      Let me start by saying, I do not support Assad. Western media propaganda says Assad forces do ALL the killing and atrocities? Not one by “rebel” forces or whom they should correctly be identified as “western backed al-Qaeda terrorists”, no? What name would you give foreign invaders coming here and trying to overthrow OUR government? They sure wouldn’t be called the “Free American rebels”.
      This is how it’s going. Annan comes in speaking peace for the world while he demands an armistice so that his back door rebels can get a toe hold in Homs and outs Assad. Assad sees this and continues to fight off al-Qaeda (aka, western backed “Syrian Free Army”). Innocents get killed and Assad is blamed and condemned for ALL of the atrocities? Just the sound of that alone should make the masses question the truth. With no one touted by the west as a replacement for Assad and no plan to stop backing the terrorist’s (Free Rebels) whom are fighting for a regime change NOT democracy, sounds like they want to continue war, not stop it.
      So this is what I say, KNOCK it OFF! We don’t want to pay for anymore wars, “democracy’s”, proxy wars, funding of future enemies and most of all, FUNERALS!

      • nightlight

        revnowwhilewecan: In your reply to eddie47d you wrote, “What name would you give foreign invaders coming here and trying to overthrow OUR government?”.
        The verifiably factual answere to that question would be the Muslims. Three years after the Iranian revolution in 1979, the Muslims formed a five phase/20 year plan for taking over America; they called this plan “The Project”. They began working on this plan in 1985.
        As of 2009, the were in the middle of phase 3. If you want proof of that, just look at how many devout Muslims there are in our government already – including, most ominously, in the Department of Homeland Security.
        What follows is an excerpt from a document published by the Terrorism Awareness Project on the Muslim Students Association and the Jihad Network:

        “The plan was summarized in a 1991 memorandum written by Mohamed Akram, an operative of the Muslim Brotherhood. “The process of settlement” of Muslims in America, Akram explained, “is a Civilization-Jihad Process”. This means that members of the Brotherhood “must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and Allah’s religion is made victorious over all other religions”.
        This memo surfaced in a Texas courtroom in the fall of 2007 after prosecuters introduced it as evidence in the trial of the Holy Land Foundation, once the largest Islamic charity in the U.S. The HLF was charged with funneling charitable donations to the Islamic Resistance Movement, or Hamas, a (Muslim) Brotherhood organization…the implications of this document go far beyond the Holy Land Foundation.
        It is actually a blueprint for the subversion of American society, and the eventual imposition of Islamic law in the United States. (*Islamic law, or sharia, is completely incompatible with our laws, with our Constitution and with all of the principles upon which our great counrty was founded).
        This would mean an institutionalized oppression of women, homosexuals, and religious minorities; the end of freedom of speech and freedom of conscience and the replacement of democracy (actually we are a Constitutional Republic) with theocracy.”

        There are many forms of jihad and the one referred to in this excerpt is stealth jihad or cultural jihad; no physical violence is used but the goals are the same as with the physically violent form of jihad; the take over of a country by Islam and the implementation of sharia. The Muslims have discovered that it is much easier to take ove countries by immigrating into them and establishing Muslim-only enclaves: just look at France and the U.K. for examples.
        For more information on this subject, please read Robert Spencer’s “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and the Crusades” and his “Stealth Jihad”. Like all of his other works, the information presented in these books was very thoroughly researched and is factual and verifiable.
        Please educate yourself on this subject; it’s much later than you think.
        As Albert Einstein said, “The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil but because of those who look on……and do nothing”.

      • revnowwhilewecan

        I respect very much your opinions and stated facts. That said, please do not be lured into the false Muslim/Christian hatred spewed again and again all over the world. This is a direct attempt by the Zionist’s ruler’s who have almost complete but not total control of the worlds money supply. They care NOTHING of any religion, race, sex, or anything except money. Any cop, even the bad ones, would tell you if you follow the money you’ll find your culprits and the money all points to the same hands of the VERY few whom controls it. So, when these Zionist’s start WWIII and Russia and China intervene, and help us if they set foot on our soil, I will NOT be calling them Muslims of any kind for they will be armed military of some of the strongest, if not already, forces on the planet. If that happens we should rejoice at the sight of a few turbans.


    What really sucks is that we don’t even need foreign oil. We could pull back, regroup, tell the Russians and Chinese to pound sand. Go ahead and dump bonds, guess what that’ll get ya. We can produce almost everything we need with a few exceptions of strategic minerals, etc. There are still Countries that will remain our Allies in spite of what the current administration has done to sabotage those relationships. Even if you don’t like Romney, please hold your nose and vote for him. Any other vote will be wasted. We’ve got to get rid of this administration and everyone tied to it.

    • revnowwhilewecan

      It’s never been just about oil and your premise about a wasted vote is a falsehood. Vote your conscious or please don’t vote. The days of “voting for the lesser of two evils” no longer holds water and can no longer be tolerated. If you “hold your nose” and vote for Romney then you are not just doing your country an injustice but yourself as well.

    • DaveH

      A vote for Romney is a wasted vote. Unless you value a continuation of this country’s decline in Prosperity and Freedom.
      In 1900, Government spending was 3% of the GDP.
      Now Government spends over 40% of the GDP.
      Do we really need 13 times bigger Government than our ancestors did? Of course not. It’s simply a case of Politicians and their Crony Capitalists grabbing more of our Freedom and Money.
      Ron Paul 2012. Or if Ron Paul doesn’t run — Gary Johnson 2012:

      Let’s start working towards Shrinking the Leviathan, and get our Freedom and Prosperity back from the 1% of Politically Connected Leaders and their Cronies.

    • DaveH
    • DaveH

      A vote for Romney is a wasted vote, unless you just don’t like Freedom and Prosperity.
      Go to the Gary Johnson 2012 website for a dynamic series of video ads.

      • revnowwhilewecan

        Ron Paul is NOT DEAD!. I live in Tampa and I’ll be at the Ron Paul festival. True story!

      • Rob

        DaveH, I like Ron Paul, but you’ve got to look at reality. Is there a probability that he will get enough popular votes to win the electorate? No. One of his statements during the Repub dabates pretty much sealed it. So a vote for Paul or Johnson is a vote for Obummer. We truly have fallen into a system of choosing the lesser of two evils, much as I hate to admit it.

      • DaveH

        Powerful video, Rev.

      • DaveH

        Was there a possibility that Andy Murray could have taken the Gold from Roger Federer if he had quit practicing tennis the first time he lost to somebody?
        Ron Paul is probably the only candidate who CAN beat Obama. The rest are so full of hypocrisy that Obama’s team will make short work of them. Ron Paul would draw votes from disaffected Republicans, as well as disaffected Democrats. Can the Neocons say that?
        We have fallen to the paradigm of the “lesser of two evils”, Rob, because people like you have voluntarily chosen that falling. It makes no sense at all to think you will ever achieve Freedom when you choose politicians who don’t advocate our Freedom.
        Quit being led around by the nose by the Statists and their Crony Capitalists.

      • DEfromDC

        The only wasted vote is one for Obama. If he has his way there won’t be an election.

        • nightlight

          DEfromDC: Excellent comment!

          • jerome ennis


          • jeromeennis

            And, it was when JFK awakened and was about to put a screeching halt to a lot of nasty business, that the nasties snuffed him out. And, then we wound up with the biggest scoundrel ever to hold any public office in the USA, Lyndon B. Johnson. LBJ was one of the dirtiest and most evil men ever to walk the face of the earth, and he did not become this evil man when he became POTUS, his entire character, personality and evil ways had been practiced by LBJ even back to his high school days, and over the years, he was able to further develop and use his evil tactics after getting into politics, and then after becoming POTUS, his evil tendencies and true character was unleashed on the USA and it was with LBJ that the Beginning of the End of The American Dream and what we are experiencing as a nation today, is the End Game of What LBJ started. LBJ started the Nationalization of the Welfare State and the Nationalization of Public Education and today about 45 years later, these two institutions have reduced us to the state that we are in now. The so called War On Poverty has created a system where over 50 percent of workers who actually work, pay no taxes and then we have tens of millions of welfare deadbeats who do not work at all, and the public education system has been reduced from being in the top 3 best public school systems in the world in 1966 to Number 28 in the world today, while spending more per pupil than any other country except for the Tiny Socilaist Country of Belgium, a country that U.S. Foreign Aid funds a large percentage of their Socialist Government due to the fact they house NATO Headquarters.

    • Flashy

      So we don’t need the supply of oil from overseas? Really? W can produce what we need? Only if we ramp up production more than what we have. this administration has increased production, allowed the Dakotas to be developed and producing, and has managed to keep a lid on the ME from imploding and cutting off oil as we continue the transition away from the old technology of oil as the base for our energy needs.

      That being said…we do export a heckuva lot of goods. And import just as much. So where do those countries go for their energy needs if the ME blows up….and where do we sell our goods?

      • Winddrinker

        This regime didn’t ALLOW anything to happen in North Dakota. The oil is being drilled on “private property” not having to get “permission” from the government…

        That economy is like a “boomtown.” It is an indication of what the entire country could look like. Oil business could bring this country back, and our economy would once again be prosperous. That is exactly why, the “god-like creature” you worship doesn’t allow oil production on public lands.

      • DaveH

        Flashman is just a Progressive operative who is here in an attempt to deter Freedom Loving people from learning truth:

      • Jay

        Flash, you’re a lying scum-bag. You fool no one!

      • eddie47d

        Flashy didn’t lie in his comment so stop with the sour grapes and trivial anger.

      • DaveH

        Sour Grapes and Trivial Anger?
        What does that have to do with anything, Eddie?
        You make no sense.

    • Mark Are Reynolds

      Gary Johnson will be on every ballot in every state. What if we ALL made a protest vote and voted for Gary Johnson? I DO BELIEVE that he would be a better POTUS than anything offered to us at this time. And could you imagine what the media, Odumba and the Robot would think?? WTF??


      Two words regardin any vote for Paul or Johnson, Ross Perot. Regarding Flashy – where do we sell our goods, point taken, but as I said, we still do have allies. I manufacture goods in FL. Although I sell globally, 98% of my customers are from the US. Does that apply to all US manufaccturers? Of course not. My whole scenario is based on this articles premise that WWIII is inevitable. I’m only offering possible work arounds.

      • DaveH

        4 words for not voting for Ron Paul or Gary Johnson:
        Kiss your Freedom Goodbye.

  • revnowwhilewecan

    I disagree with your opening statement. There is more tolerance and love in this world then the oligarchs would have us believe. There is only about 2% of the world who has the hatred that you speak of and they are the bureaucrats, and the corrupt politicians and the brass of the military industrial complex which in my view adds up to about 2% of the populace. The rest of us want peace and thanks to instant communications via camera phones and the internet I have confidence that in the end we will win. The worldwide awakening grows by the second.

  • Deerinwater

    Well prediction armed conflict is as safe as training wheels of a child bicycle.

    If you will take the time to see which countries invest heavily in their military will tell you “who”, This leaves you with when, where and why.

    Big investors enjoy vendoring armed conflict out to second and third parties. This moves old outdated stock and makes room for the new and improved stock that America is slow to release to the rest of the world for obvious reason.

    To get the good stuff, you need to be seen as a friend of America and share her concerns and interest. And even then, these countries don’t get our very best toys of warfare.

  • rotor700

    I find it ammusing that Ron Paul has been telling us these things for year, and now that he ran for president everything was done to stop him, short of an assasination. Oh sure, I guess he is an “old kook”, that is off his rocker, and would destroy this country. Give me a break! Wait until you see what happens next.

    • Patriot Higgins

      I find it sad that we the people are STILL drinking the cool aid from the Mud street media whores. Turn it off forever!

      Educate your selves, YOU DO NOT VOTE for the POTUS. The delagates do. Remember BUSH/GORE The only chance of your vote counting is A strong show for RON PAUL. Follow the money.
      Both FED puppets are backed by Goldman SUCKS . Dictater Rothchild wins eather way.. The fix is in..

  • jim

    Revelations tells us that Demascus is there in the evening and in the morning time it is gone. That sounds like a nuke to me. What will the Syrians do to make that happen? The entire World is divided down the middle of which side you are on; GOD’s side or the world’s side. There is no middle ground and it will continue to only get worse. Choose life with GOD, people now that you still can.

    • eddie47d

      Assad also has a God to give him guidance so anyone that advocates for war in the name of their God may be using its subjects as guinea pigs. As with Iraq,Syria,Saudi Arabia,Iran ,etc it is about Sectarian hatred,( Shia versus Sunni ) So it may be best to stay out of their internal affairs and old grudges.

    • Chester

      That also sounds like a major earthquake in a region of the world that is prone to them. The bible tells us lots of things WILL happen, just as they have been happening since before that Good Book was written.

  • boyscout

    Aw cheer up Brandon and hitch your soul to the rapture; after all it’s only a few billion lives involved. Whew! Sorry about that. You do paint a very grim picture of a potential scenario. I guess also that our strengthened Patriot Act plays into the scheme quite well. I must admit that I find it strange the OUR oil is located under Muslim sands.
    I am not really sure that a change of leadership away from the clawing hands of the republocrats would be enough to counter, but still I pray that it will happen, and that a new scenario involving the disenfranchisement of the Rothschild cartel will reorganize the global money/power structure.
    Economically, I consider myself a financial dunce sorely in need of enlightenment. Would it be possible troubled nations to somehow renege on the present arrangement and actually screw these manipulators ?

    • steve

      what is you definition of soul?

      • boyscout

        Steve, I define soul as the spirit within us that differentiates us from the rest of animal creation, that is separate from the personality and everlasting since its creation. If I may suggest: we are not human beings having occasional spiritual experiences, but rather spiritual beings having a human experience. BTW, I do not go for the doctrine of “rapture.”

      • steve

        the bible says your soul is god’s active force which gave you life, not a spirit form. gen 1;1

        • nightlight

          Steve: God, the Devil, demons, angels, Heaven, Hell, the Holy Spirit, Original Sin, etc. are no more real that Zeus, Odin, Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, or the Boogie Man.
          Please, grow up.

      • deerinwater

        All living things have what you call a soul boy scout. I understand that this statement departs for biblical writing, so sue me. ~ A living thing, is defined as anything that has boundaries and attempts to control it’s space. This would make bacteria and virus living things and have a soul and in deed I believe that it they do.

        This practice of elevating human kind above all others can be misleading. We are greatly out numbered. That we can communicate, write and speak is really not relevant when other living things fails to find it necessary. To “know” is all that is necessary, ~ “how” is not important but only a mystery to be solved.

        To become “One” with nature, size and appearance loses all importance.

      • boyscout

        deerinwater, Then we can at least agree that the real top of the food chain is held by the bacteria. I hold belief in a First Cause and have no issue with the word “Creator.” And, yes, I am also familiar with the term,”Gaea,” and it implications that all in creation possess a spiritual force often called “soul.” The Human Being, however, has developed intellect which among other capabilities facilitates the use of free will. I conclude that the human soul is therefore unique.

        • nightlight

          Boyscout: The idea that a “Creator” created the earth, all life, and everything else is a ludicrous lie that has been clearly and irrefutably exposed as such. What people refer to as one’s soul is the sum of all of a person’s thoughts, memories, ideas, feelings, etc. which all evaporate when one dies.

          • Deerinwater

            So ? When you are dead, you are dead like “Rover” dead all over?

            LOL ! While that might well be easy enough to understand and explain, I fear that life is much more complex then that.

            If you are willing to accept that life is energy or that the absence of energy is not life. While at the same time, accept that energy can not be destroyed but can be manifested and transferred, nightlight, then your position on dead requires support.

          • nightlight

            deerinwater: So tell me, if you can, how many people you knew who died and, after having died, were not completely “dead all over”?

    • DaveH

      Sure it’s possible, boyscout, if they want to end up on the wrong side of a US hit squad:

  • DaveH

    Brandon says — “It’s much easier to convict an entire race or an entire religion than it is to comprehend the mechanizations of an elite minority that plays both sides off each other”.
    So True, Brandon.

    • deerinwater

      Impressive statement, worthy great consideration.

  • Patriot Higgins

    strong militarys are like children with hammers. Everything is a nail. they tend to blunder around the globe inducing multiple conflicts & body counts. That causes blow back.
    Readiness cost approach zero when YOU stop stirring up trouble.

    To those who get it , no explanation is necessary.
    To those who dont ,no explanation is possable.

    • Chester

      One small problem there, Patriot, with no readiness comes enslavement. It may not happen immediately, but it WILL happen. We were NOT ready for WWI, and nearly lost that one before we had enough troops trained up to do any good. The bad thing is, we, as a country, are in nearly the same condition now we were in 1914 as far as having enough bodies in our armed services. The all volunteer service sounds good, and is far easier to downsize when people think we don’t NEED a standing army, but there are people out there who would like nothing better than for us to eliminate our military altogether. Be careful what you wish for, as you may get that and more.

  • DEfromDC

    Obama needs a war to try and stay in power. If all else fails he can declare martial law to try to hold his control if he doesn’t think he can win the election or if he doesn’t win. I think this on one of his contingency plans. WWIII could help to establish a world order. I should say the plans of those controlling the puppet.

    • Chester

      I still wonder why Bush 2 didn’t arrange a little bit of a problem if it would be so easy for a sitting president to do so. He was in a position where just a good sneeze or two would have been sufficient excuse for him to postpone the election that put Obama in office. Once postponed, for national security reasons, why allow an election to be held at all? Wouldn’t the country have been more secure under the continued rule of King George 1?
      Things that seem so easy to accomplish looking in from the outside don’t always look that easy, or that appetizing, when you are on the inside looking out.

      • Winddrinker

        Chester called Bush, “King George.”

        I guess Chester doesn’t know that the demonrats held power in both the House and Senate, and they created and passed the legislation THEY wanted…

        King George didn’t go around the demonrat Congress with 176 Executive Orders, like “King obumscum.”
        After all, that is not the way our government is supposed to work.

      • DEfromDC

        The attacking of Bush was a tactic straight out of Mein Kampf which Obama seems to be following almost exactly. Too bad you bought into the lies.
        Obama is the first Anti-America president. He actually believes the United States is the cause of the world’s problems. What he is proposing to have government do has been done for 100+ years. It is called indian reservations. This has nothing to do with Bush. Do you want to live under the conditions like the reservations? If not open you eyes and start seeing what is happening. You are losing rights daily under Obama.

        • nightlight

          DEfromDC: Your reply to Chester was excellent; keep throwing the truth at the willfully blind and the impact may just wake them up.

  • FreedomFighter

    It would seem that the elites are using the bible as a field guide to bring about the NWO and thier banker elite control of it or has this really all been fortold?

    Want to know the plan, read the bible, they are following it to the letter.

    Goin’ By The Book

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • steve

      yeah! but their out come is probably different than what the book of revelation says. in chapter 18 the government of the world destroy babaloyn the great ( the empire of false religion ), then the governments are destroyed by jesus and his army. it will be so one sided that it won’t even make the espn news at 6pm

    • eddie47d

      Johnny Cash says it well in Goin’ By The Book. I have that tune on my I-Pod to remind me of what the NWO is up to in bringing us their new wars.

  • Mountain Saint

    The Bible tells us what is going to happen in the Middle East in the near future. Yes, there will be a fourth and final Arab v. Israeli war (no world war) and this time Israel will annihilate the Arab nations (Amos 1-2, Isaiah 17:1 and Psalm 83). Jordan, Lebanon and Syria will disappear from the map and will not be participating in World War Three a few years later (no mention in Ezekiel 38)….As for Iran (Persia), she will somehow survive and become one of the leaders of Islamic forces in World War Three (Ezekiel 38:5)….And, as for Egypt, Israel will nuke the Aswan Dam and make the country uninhabitable (radioactive) for at least forty years (Ezekiel 29:10-12).

    • http://none Charlie

      Mountain, when is Obadiah going to happen ???


    Hi!, Patrons Of Personal Liberty Digest Et Al:
    St. John 17:25 & 26…..”O righteous Father, the world hasn’t known thee but I have known thee, but these have known that thou has sent me (His disciples) (26): And I have declared to them your name, and will declare it, that the love wherewith you have loved me may be in them and I in them.
    So, the world doesn’t know GOD as love but it hangs on to an infinite array of other alternative conceptionalizations which puts us all in harms way doesn’t it? Jesus asks US to ask Him for whatever, to that He can bask our whole human nervous system in JOY; not hate that leads to war. How do we get OUR world to heal itself through love & JOY that leads to eternal life? Is there ayone out there in the range of my words here today that can believe they want to give war eternal life or give love, peace & JOY eternal life? Does anyone know or care about what’s at stake in these perilous times? We can either build OUR world on the true rock foundations of love, peace and JOY or we can burry ourselves in the quicksands of hate, jealousy, greed, and coveteousness? Which shall we choose that leads to the JOYS of living life? The answer is as obvious as the nose on our faces isn’t it?


    • http://none Charlie

      Russ, when is Obadiah going to happen ???

  • Mark Are Reynolds

    And the dumb sheep will swallow it hook line and sinker believe every possible lie that the gooberment controlled media will feed them.

  • Chester

    Russ, if we are going to continue to live in THIS world, we have to be prepared for all the nasty stuff in it. I will agree that we need to look toward the light, but at the same time, we have to protect ourselves from the agents of the DARK. If you go out into the world depending only on Jesus to keep and provide for you, sooner or later you are going to meet someone who not only wants to take your peace and joy from you, but will enslave you to their own ends as well. Christ will save our souls, but we had best try to watch out for the bodies that house those souls.

  • DonW

    What an interesting article but there is one point I would like to correct. Israel might go after Iran because of its threats against the State to wipe it of the face of the map. This has been stated a number of times by high ranking officials in the Iranian Government and Military so it is something that Israel has to take very seriously.

    However Syria is a different story. Israel has every interest in hoping that Assad stays in power because a new Islamic regime would try to start a war with Israel. For the last few years the Golan Heights has had peace, Assad won’t start anything and Israel won’t start anything and that is the way they like it.

    • DaveH

      You’ve been Propagandized, DonW.
      The only way to really know the truth is to get a copy of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s remarks, and learn how to read the Persian language. I certainly wouldn’t believe anything said by the Government or their Propaganda tools without careful scrutiny.

      • DaveH
      • DonW

        I would agree with you that Ahmadinejad’s remarks are open to different opinions depending on which version you read. A friend of mine, an Iranian living in Israel, says you can take it both ways. It was translated into Pharsi, English and another Iranian dialect.
        However, the remarks made by their Foreign Minister and the Head of the Military made it very clear that their intention is eliminate Israel!

      • DaveH

        That’s what the gang leaders do — try to eliminate their rival gangs.
        The rest of us are just innocent dupes.

      • http://none Charlie

        DaveH, with all your hi intellect , you can NOT say when or IF Obadiah is going to happen ,,,BUT,,,you have no problem telling us “””Stuff”””that MIGHT have happened a million years before recorded history … Well according to The King’s Book , which is recorded History which can be proven by the application of the “Equation for Truth” which is stated at Psalm 119:160,,, the equation for truth says ,Obadiah is going to happen soon …
        IF, one could know and understand all about God / King Jesus then , The Almighty God would not be The Almighty God… The Key to Power is Obedience to His Will, NOT , just trying to do your will ,but, His Will is coded into His Book which can be understood when you humble yourself and try to find His Will FIRST, see , Matthew 6:33… Then ….
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing … Acts 2:38 is salvation…

      • DEfromDC

        DaveH we are all been getting propaganda from the news and white house. You are right we need to find out for our selves.

        In 1969 I had the “opportunity” to be at the Defense Language Institute when our government sent 30 Egyptian and 30 Israeli military personnel to a class in the US. Obviously there were problems and they had to be on opposite sides of the military base to keep order. As I was able to talk with them I learned a few things that surprised me from the Egyptians:
        1. The people themselves individually didn’t care about the long time dispute.
        2. They followed the teaching “There only Muslims and infidels. It doesn’t matter what you do to infidels.”
        3. They said they were also taught that Israel needs to be destroyed.

        If that is what was taught then, the next generations were taught by people who firmly believed this. I doubt the feeling got moderated.

    • Mountain Saint

      DonW, right now our troops are gathering at the Turkey border with Syria awaiting word from Obama and his gang to take Assad out. This invasion may be the October surprise, God forbid…If the Obama forces were to attack Syria, Assad has promised to launch its WMDs at Israeli cities and make this a regional nuclear war (Isaiah 17:1)…Will this invasion cause World War Three? No. Israel will have to be at “rest and living safely” for several years before Russia and her Muslim allies (including Iran) can start a global nuclear war (Ezekiel 38:11-13). But, Obama’s foreign policy may cause the regional war of Psalm 83.

      • http://none Charlie

        Mountain, A problem with your comment, , the Israel of Isaiah 17:1– ain’t the same people that are on the dirt area called Israel today , remember those people today only came in about 1948,,,has anyone proven they are the children of Israel??? Better check
        out what Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 mean , these were spoken by King Jesus ,so they are critical info… Could it be you’r missing Acts 2:38 also???
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing … Acts 2:38 is salvation…

        • nightlight

          Charlie: It’s nothing short of amazing that anyone would use a work of fiction such as the Bible to find facts to use in an argument – unless it’s in the argument to demonstrate that the Bible is a work of fiction.

      • http://none Charlie

        nightlight,,,turn up the light ,,,Yes you are somewhat right The Holy Bible of King Jesus is amazing ,but, do Acts 2:38 with understanding and you may see the light…
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing…

      • http://none Charlie

        nightlight,,,after reading some of your comments it reads as 1 Timothy 2:12 may apply to you…check it out ,,,reply in all caps , if you want… ha ha hanha…………….

        • nightlight

          Charlie: Sorry, but I have no need to read a book that is so obviously a work of fiction that it mentions men waliking on water, dead men rising Dracula-like from the grave and snakes that talk. LMAO: those are the only caps I feel a need to use. :D

        • jeromeennis

          There is no doubt in my mind that the Obama Regime in Collusion with UN Forces and NATO are going to take out Assad, and usher in the Muslim Brotherhood and other Terrorist Groups and the country will go to hell in a hand basket just like any other Third World Country once Revolutionary fanatics take over and start murdering folks. Assad may be a bad leader but his people elected him and Syria is a fairly modern civilized country. Leave it to the Thugs, Communists and Terrorists, and they will soon resemble every other country where Terror Takes Over. We collapsed Iraq and once we withdrew this year, they have erupted into terrorist bands. We have all but destroyed Afghanistan. We unlawfully attacked Libya and allowed the Thugs and Terrorists to take over and they have left the twenty First Century and return to the 19th century barbaric state where murders and persecution is rampant. And, yes, I believe Obama is planning to collude to start at war in Syria before ELECTION DAY ON NOVEMBER 6, 2012, if for no other reason, he believes as a Wartime POTUS, he will automatically be re-elected as the nation unites in a war effor. I just hope and pray that if he does this nasty deed, that it will backlash on him as most Americans today are sick and tired of fighting useless wars with no intentions of winning swiftlly but instead, prolong them to keep The Funds Flowing to the International Bankers and Multination Corporations, including defense contractor who are the only folks that benefit from these projected wars that have no end except to eventually pull out LOSERS. FDR used this tactic when he decided to be in WWII. LBJ did it after his buddies assassinated JFK which was the only way he would ever become POTUS, and Vietname got him his own election, and we stayed there for a prolonged period of time which is what they intended so the Defense Contractors and others could rip us off for hundred of billions of The U.S tax payers money, and when the country had no more stomach for War Without End which was never meant to be won. If it had been intended to be a winning war, we would never have had to land a single 19 year old in Vietnam to be used as cannon fodder. What else does Obama have with FDR and LBJ? They were all Elitist Progressives who loved Money and Power more than they loved this country and our young men and women who were used as Cannon Fodder.

          • deerinwater

            “There is no doubt in my mind that the Obama Regime in Collusion with UN Forces and NATO are going to take out Assad, and usher in the Muslim Brotherhood and other Terrorist Groups and the country will go to hell in a hand basket just like any other Third World Country once Revolutionary fanatics take over and start murdering folks. ”

            The capacity of your “mind” is suspect and up for debate.

            The current administration has shown us time and time again that it is committed to advancing human rights but within some sense of boundaries of feasibility and what the American people are willing to stand still for. Obama, a pragmatic ~ is not interested in “Nation Building” and nor am I. While we know that Freedom has never came cheap and fought for by the “Day” ~ everyday.

            If Syria’s peoples wants change and freedom from a repressive government , it is up to them to fight and pay the price for it, after all, it is their country and no one else’s. While the rest of the world will watch on with the changing of events with hopes that personal liberties might prevail, we stay our hand not wanting the glory or commitment for our own but for the Syrian people. While the temptation strong, as I understand US help is being solicited daily in many different ways by government opposition.

            The American people have spent 12 years, 7 trillion dollars and bleed red in their sand to where this uprising is even possible, ~~ America has gave the middle eastern people a taste of freedom and what living in the 21 century is all about. Understandably , today ~they are discontent and restless from centuries of oppression by ruling families and elites that treat them like dogs. It wasn’t until “W’s” wars, has so many of these poor people managed to even “touch” money and understand the power and freedom associated with having money.

            For the better or worst of it, “W” folly has opened Pandora’s box in many ways, by creating a vacuums in leadership by getting rid of one bully while three attempt to take his place, is but one.

            I don’t proclaim to know how this will end, ~ but clearly , you don’t either.

            These people are ~ are actually much like ourselves, ~ we too share a nation with citizens that are obsess with religious beliefs that supersede rational thinking and the value of life it’s self is suspect when asked to choose ideological over stark realities.

            There for the grace of God ~ go I. We too ~ are not above such conflict and human suffering. That say, ~ I wish us all good fortune and good luck.

            and Good Nite ~

          • nightlight

            deerinwater: And just when I thought you might be OK.
            “The current administration has shown us time and time again that it is committed to advancing human rights..”???
            What planet have you been living on?
            Haven’t you noticed how the current administration has shown us time and time again that they are dedicated to depriving the American people of any and all rights guaranteed to them by our Constitution? Aren’t you aware of what is in Obama’s Health Care Reform Bill?
            I think you should get your deer out of the water before it drowns in its BS.

          • deerinwater

            Hmm? Interesting,~ So nightlight, it appears that you are suggesting Health Care is a “Right”. ~ I’m shocked! truly shocked, just when I was about to think your were a OK Conservative, in practice and principal. LOL!

            Well ? wanting it both ways is a conservative trait I much confess, but health care is not a right that can be demanded leastwise not in the United States.

            Obama is a pragmatic, willing to pick and choose winnable battles, willing to stay inside the boundaries of probabilities. I like that in a decision maker, it’s effective and efficient and a welcome change from “W” as he wasted 7 of his(and ours) 8 years attempting to put a square peg in a round hole by shear will and might with cost upward of 7 trillion dollars (money spend with few benefits or returns seen to date by the American people)

            What the “Right” has attempted to do, is to deny Obama “any success” on all fronts for the last 3.5 years. That they have not been 100 % successful stopping Obama’s legislative or Commander & Chief accomplishments, leaving the “Right” the single option of denying these accomplishments even exist!

            Now ~ clearly this denial serves a purpose if it can be sold, but the question is , Who’s buying it as we already know who is selling it. It’s an election year.

            Obviously you enjoy a perpetuity of misinformation in your political salad as I address it as I do matters of the Divine with the weight of evidence and merit.

            But health care is not a right, you are being asked to pay for it.

  • Ted G

    Wow, O.K. I won’t completely discount global conspiracy theories and all that but I have not heard any real suggestions as to what to really do about the situation. So far its like trying to grab a handfull of fog, I can see it and know what it is but I just can’t seem to grab it.
    Many here seem to advocate doing what exactly…nothing? Many also do not seem to understand that events may in fact force us into decisions we may not like but nevertheless we have to make.
    If it comes to fight or flight what are some of you guys going to reccomend? Reading the bible to try and find the answers is not good enough folks. This is the real world we live in and as near as I can figure “God” will be sitting this out as usual. So its goin to be up to us mere humans.
    Now I don’t go looking for a fight, but I’ll be damned if I’ll stick my head in the sand and hope its all going to work out by itself. In the ME its all about islam and I know for sure I will not accept that as having any influence on my life at all. That is what is driving them besides the usual human frailties and dilusions of world domination in its name.

    • DaveH

      Ted says — “Many here seem to advocate doing what exactly…nothing?”.
      Exactly. Get us back to Constitutional Government, where wars cannot be launched without the Express Declaration of Congress. If you read this, Ted, you may awaken to the reality of US involvement overseas:,%20Banks,%20and%20American%20Foreign%20Policy.pdf

      • Ted G

        Thats more a matter of process of which I do not disagree! I am a Constitutionalist after all.
        I don’t think that concern changes the jist of that particular comment.

  • peter

    Well, very interesting points of view here and all I can say is that we probably agree that the entire planet and all the inhabitants thereof are in serious trouble. Nowhere to go, nowhere to hide and something has to give. The elites are about to see their deriors in a rather big way, so mark these words and dont hold your breath, it could be sooner than we all think.

  • http://Facebook/twitter glenn dupuis

    I hesitate to even make a comment on here when I see the debates going back and forth, it’s getting as bad as Facebook,Why bother?

  • Raymond Carl Hardie

    Timely article Brandon. It benefits to add that this scenario eventually will happen not just because of oil, but the current shift in global markets due to the Syrian and Iranian governments selling oil without the petro dollar ( US currency), and this is a threat to the western banking monopolies and the fiat currencies they are trying to keep alive in controlling the market economies of the west. It is interesting also that the BRIC trading pac now includes South Africa which has almost 80% of the worlds known precious metals mines which are necessary for the newer technologies of the military industrial complex of both the US and Europe. China’s new Aircraft killer missile the DF-21D is currently deployed in five strategic areas of China for the ability to hit carriers in the Sea of Japan, South China sea, Tonkin gulf, and the Philippines. In 1991 a group of over zealous men, namely Paul Wolfiwitz, Donald Rumsfeld, and Dick Cheney got together and drafted a plan of strategy titled ” Project for Renew America Century ” in it they cited the need for the US to undermine and ultimately destroy the governments of nine countrys in the middle east for the benefit of ensuring the installation of governments submissive to the US for controlling the oil and markets for what they called stability! The countries cited were Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Iran, Pakistan, and ultimately China and Russia and their allies. The plan called for a maximum of five years to complete once implemented. Bush JR. had the 9/11 event which was used for the launching pad to implement this strategy, but as time has shown, the many sources of media available to the public exposed this document, and than opened the inquiries which uncovered the many false and deliberate manufactured intelligence reports which were used to invade Iraq. Is it a coincidence that Sadam Hussein had just signed an agreement to stop using Petrol dollars in 2001, and before it was implemented we attacked and installed a New government, is it a coincidence that Mohammar Ghadafi implemented the sale of oil for basket currencies with the establishment of creating a gold reserve for the Libyian Denar and before it got off the ground we attacked and helped set up a new government, is it a coincidence that Egypt was in talks with China and Russia for entering the BRIC trading partnership and then American and British counter insurgency agents helped push the so called “Arab Spring” and Mubarak was removed and the current government is now staying in the petrol dollar markets? Russia and China are not blind to what is happening, and they have economic clout, consider that Russia controls 76% of the Natural gas sold and consumed in all of western Europe not to mention that the expansion of their Siberian oil fields has a proven oil reserves greater than the US and they are cashing in on it. China now has the worlds second largest economy, and add to the fact that Japan, and India are signatories to the BRIC , it becomes a real threat to the corrupt banking system of the west. The line has been drawn, and Russia and China and their allies both financial and military will no longer trust the US in encroachment of their sovereignty and for the first time in my life it does appear that a real war with destructive capabilities of apocalyptic madness can and will be ignited if the US does not stop trying to force an agenda set by misguided elitists.

    • Tazio2013

      You are indeed a very knowledgeable individual; outstanding post!

  • cerebus23

    yea too many people spout off about the bible like it was not book made by men.

    and having been to catholic school for k thru high school, i can tell you that never once were we told revelations was about the future, it was about the current events going on in the middle east at the time.

    but w/e i had enough of he god fearing people on here, that toss around words like nigger and judge left and right, and wrap themselves up in the banner of god like that makes it all right.

    if god payed any attention to the world in general we all would be dead long ago, give it time god or nature or the universe at large will kill us all and let some other species see if they can do better than us, since that is the way things really work.

    until then hate if you want but leave god out of it. i am sure he would not want his/her/its name attached to half the stuff is said on here.

    • http://none Charlie

      King Jesus approves His Scriptures , He had it written …

      • nightlight

        Charlie: There is not nor ever was a “King Jesus” and a “King Jesus” who never existed never wrote scriptures or anything at all. Men wrote that stuff; they made it up. Please, grow up.

        • deerinwater

          Is not politics truly amazing? as people cheer on their own self destruction with claims of glory?

      • http://none Charlie

        nightlight,,, be careful , without King Jesus your lights will go out and you can’t say,,,
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing … Acts 2:38 is salvation…

        • nightlight

          Charlie: There is not nor has there ever been nor will there ever be a shred of proof or evidence for the existence of God, Jesus, Heaven, Hell, demons, angels, the Holy Spirit, Original Sin, etc.
          You have been brainwashed since you were a child by your parents – just as your parents were brainwashed by their parents and their parenst were before them and on and on…to believe all this nonsense of religious dogma. The fact is that all that is a lie that people made up that has been repaeted for over 2,000 years without question or careful critical examination. And a lie, no matter for how long it is repeated, is still just as much a lie as when it was created.
          If you can gather the courage to learn the truth, read Sam Harris’s “The End of Faith” and stop wasting your life being crippled and enslaved by religion.

      • deerinwater

        But Charlie, there is a Tooth Fairy, I seen her with my own eyes one night while I was pretending to be asleep. I watched her leave, she drives a 56 Olds Rocket 88 gold over black with personalized tags “SMILE”

  • Tazio2013

    In the minds of the general public, the economic distress we will soon face regardless of whether there is ever a war with Iran and Syria will be an afterthought, at least for a time, if the threat of global combat becomes reality. The fog of war is a fantastic cover for all kinds of crimes, especially the economic kind. Sizable wars naturally inhibit markets and cause erratic flux in capital flows. Anything can be blamed on a war, even the destruction of the U.S. economy and the dollar. Of course, the real culprits (international and central banks) that have been corrupting and dismantling the American fiscal structure for decades will benefit most from the distraction.

    Syria and Iran are, in a way, the first dominos in a long chain of terrible events. This chain, as chaotic as it seems, leads to only one result: Third World status for almost every country on the planet, including the United States. That will allow the financial institutions, like monetary grim reapers, to swoop in and gather up the pieces that remain to be fashioned into a kind of Frankenstein economy. A fiscal golem. A global monstrosity that removes all sovereignty whether real or imagined and centralizes the decision making processes of humanity into the hands of a morally bankrupt few.

    For those on the side of Israel, the United States and NATO and for those on the side of the Mideast, Russia, China, etc., the bottom line is: There will be no winners. There will be no victory parade for anyone. There will be no great reformation or peace in the cradle of civilization. The only people celebrating at the end of the calamitous hostilities will be the hyper-moneyed power addicted .01 percent who will celebrate their global coup in private, laughing as the rest of the world burns itself out and comes begging them for help.

    • Winddrinker

      Tazio states that all will become “third world countries” including the U.S.

      I doubt that ALL countries will be of a “third world status.” There will be a “ruling elite” and a “ruling State.” Things are never equal. There will always be those with other words, those having great fortunes will be the ones to rule and enrich their lives.. Yes, that is stating the obvious. Still, some areas (former countries) will have more importance than others in the NWO,( IF it comes.).

      What role would the former U.S. be given, in a NWO. We manufacture nothing of significant these days, and have a population full of worthless people that can’t or won’t support themselves. And, last but not least, the majority of the population call themselves Christians and many are Caucasians. Nothing here to make anyone feel we are of much importance.

      The only thing we would have to offer, would be a vast amount of slave labor, with enough IQ to follow simple orders, but maybe too dangerous to keep around. Of course, there is always the ability to take care of that “dangerous part” with additives to our allowance of food and water..

      Americans that do not like this possible scenerio, better get ready to change things.

  • Tazio2013

    And head of this Israeli based “think tank A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm (commonly known as the “Clean Break” report) is a policy document that was prepared in 1996 by a study group led by Richard Perle for Benjamin Netanyahu, the then Prime Minister of Israel.[1] The report explained a new approach to solving Israel’s security problems in the Middle East with an emphasis on “Western values”. It has since been criticized for advocating an aggressive new policy including the removal of Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq.

    According to the report’s preamble,[1] it was written by the Study Group on a New Israeli Strategy Toward 2000, which was a part of the Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies. Former United States Assistant Secretary of Defense Richard Perle was the “Study Group Leader”, but the final report included ideas from James Colbert, Charles Fairbanks, Jr., Robert Loewenberg, Douglas Feith, David Wurmser, and Meyrav Wurmser.” (Wikipedia)

    So let’s get this straight. The sitting US Assistant Secretary of Defense is the head of an Israeli based think tank which comes up with an “aggressive new policy” to protect and expand Israel in the Middle East that just happens to get adopted and followed? With the US paying the bills in lives and money?


    Look up the PNAC report and you’ll find almost the same names and same recommendations, some even saying it’s a later edition of the same report.

    We’re dealing with sick people here who think they’ve bamboozled the world.

    Apparently the “Clean Break” report, meaning a clean break from slow, past policies into an aggressive hegemonist mode, predates the very similar PNAC report which now appears to be a “signing on” to the program by a larger group of Neocons, which no doubt made its way into the various power factions for their imprimatur and marching orders.

    Specifically, approving the carrying out of the 9/11 “New Pearl Harbor” atrocities to get the ball rolling.

    Nice to know, I guess. The end result is the same. A bunch of scum sucking arrogant power mad bastards playing chess with the lives of humanity.

    Know them by their fruits.

    Anyway, the Lebanon phase is apparently now about to get underway in earnest. I’d be surprised otherwise with all the West is throwing at their planted “insurgents” in Syria and how Lebanon would so strategically figure into their plans. What hellish bastards these people are, playing with lives like it’s a game.

  • Tazio2013

    The 11th anniversary of 9/11 is less than a month away. Will the presstitute media remind Americans that the government has spent $6 trillion of Americans’ money in out-of-pocket and already incurred future costs as the expense of invading and trying to occupy Afghanistan and Iraq, all to no effect except to enrich the managements and shareholders of the military security complex at the cost of destroying the reputation of the United States and putting Social Security and Medicare on the chopping block?

    No, of course not. The spiel will be about our brave troops who are fighting and dying to make the world safe for democracy and women’s rights. Washington will wrap itself in the flag and exhort Americans to “support our troops” in the orchestrated war of the day. Hitlery Clinton still gets on the moral high horse and rails at China and Russia, but all the world sees is hypocrisy. No one, not even Washington’s puppet governments, any longer takes Washington’s moralizing as anything more than a mask for domination by force alone. Democracy, Washington declares, comes out of the barrel of a gun.

    Today moralizing is all about money, but not for the 99%. The 99% cannot find good jobs or earn anything on their savings, because the economy is run for the 1%. University graduates cannot get jobs and pay off their student loans. Retraining for the millions of Americans whose jobs were shipped offshore or filled by foreigners brought in on H1-B visas has proved to be a fraud, as there are no jobs for the retrained displaced long-term discouraged American work force. The official jobs projection by the US government is that few university graduates are needed in the work force, so the old mantra that “education is the answer” is just another lie from the Ivy League economic departments who sell the establishment’s lies for money.

    Amerika’s Future is Death By Paul Craig Roberts / FYI

  • Tazio2013

    The War in the Shadows

    By Chris Hedges

    There are hundreds of millions of people who have a tragic intimacy with the twisted and brutal soul of American imperialism.

    “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.” – H. L. Mencken

  • Wim Vonk

    Good to quote Mencken and Chris Hedges here. If we could only get rid of the too many idealistic religious people in the US, i.e. those that keep quoting the bible here, we may stop involving ourselves with all these stupid wars. Leave the MId East alone just like Russia and China are doing

    • Mountain Saint

      Wim Vonk, Russia and China are involved in the Middle East. The Russians are supplying the latest weapons to Iran and landing troops and docking military ships in Syria…The Chinese are buying Iranian oil.

      • DaveH

        Do two wrongs now make a right?

    • The Christian American

      My friend, every human being is religious in that all that word, religion, means is “Ones Heart Felt Belief”. For some it includes God, for others not.

  • Mountain Saint

    God is still in control and He tells us in His Word what is going to happen in the future. .Before the last forty-two months of the Last Generation (Matthew 24:32-34), the United States is going down in flames (Jeremiah 25:32-33) and Israel is becoming one of the greatest and most prosperous nations on earth (Ezekiel 38:11-13)….God has allowed us to elect an evil man (Communist and Muslim) as president to punish this wicked nation and to drive carnal christians to their knees and the children of Israel home to Israel.

    • deerinwater

      Well Sir, if it takes 40 years of camping out in the wilderness to get your heart right, I’m not sure that I wish to be associated with such people! 40 minutes would made me a believer!

      • nightlight

        deerinwater: “Well Sir, if it takes 40 years of camping out in the wilderness to get your heart right, I’m not sure that I wish to be associated with such people! 40 minutes would made me a believer!”?
        Please explain: your comment’s meaning is unclear. Did you mean that after 40 minutes of camping out in the wilderness, that experience would convince you that there was a big, invisible guy in the sky who was all powerful, all knowing, and all good? However, if you are a believer, there are two things I can give you:
        1. The strong suggestion that you get a copy of Sam Harris’s book, “The End of Faith” and read it with an open mind.
        2.) The following quote by Carl Sagan: “You can’t convince a believer of anything; their belief is not based on evidence but on their deep-seated need to believe.”

        Reply Comments

        • deerinwater

          LOL! I was just playing the devils advocate in hopes of getting someone to really “think” for a minute. ~ I do that often here.

          It’s my belief, that Moses extended camp out was a purge, to kill off bad habits and unGodly thinking among the tribe. There was a generation of Jews that died in the wilderness that were or must have been seen as tainted and beyond redemption.

          That’s just my take on the story, you can offer your own.

          As for myself, I hate camping out and would be found a much more willing subject and concede to a higher power, having understood that I was born naked and had to put on cloths to protect myself. I did not come into this world complete or needing no assistance.

          Thanks for the reference, I’m certain that i’ll enjoy your book. ~

          I mine though tons of material to find small nuggets to claim as my own, to carry with me always, until I can remember no more.

          • nightlight

            deerinwater: If you read it with an open mind, you will do more than enjoy the book I suggested (The End of Faith); this book has the power to free you of your religious bonds. Though reading the book would give you a much more thorough understanding of the truth about religion and the problems it causes, there is also a sort of shortcut I could recommend: a video on youtube called, “How do we know that Christians are delusional”. Now before you get angry and feel insulted, understand that the same question in the title is also leveled at Mormons and Muslims – though it could also be applied to any other religions. Please let me know what you think after reading the book; I always like to see how people respond to a long suppressed truth and the exposure of long accepted lies. Though I chose to stop going to church when I was eight years old, it wasn’t until I was fifty that I was finally ready to admit that I didn’t believe in God and based on what I have learned since then, the correctness of my decision has been continually verified and supported. Perhaps you will have a similar journey.
            Of course, kicking an old habit can be very hard. I have studied psychology and I have learned something very troubling: that once a person accepts an idea or belief – especially from an early age – and holds it for a long time, it is extremely difficult to persuade them to change their mind about it no matter how much irrefutable evidence one piles up in front of them that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that their idea or belief is a fallacy. In this way, our minds seem to work like a write once DVD: when it’s in there, IT’S IN THERE!
            This is very troubling for reasons that should be obvious. Good luck.

        • deerinwater

          Sounds like a “Must Read” for 21 Century man contending in a world filled with knuckle draggers while attempting to keep peace and harmony in the Shire.

          “The End of Faith” reviews

          “Sam Harris launches a sustained nuclear assault… A bold and exhilarating thesis… The End of Faith is a brave, pugilistic attempt to demolish the walls that currently insulate religious people from criticism… The End of Faith is badly needed…”

          — The Independent (U.K.) (read the full review)
          “This book will strike a chord with anyone who has ever pondered the irrationality of religious faith… Even Mr. Harris’s critics will have to concede the force of an analysis which roams so far and wide, from the persecution of the Cathars to the composition of George Bush’s cabinet.”

          — The Economist (read the full review)
          “[Harris] writes with such verve and frequent insight that even skeptical readers will find it hard to put down.”
          — The San Francisco Chronicle (read the full review)

          • nightlight

            Sounds like you are already somewhat familiar with the book I recommended. Excellent. But please do read it.

      • http://none Charlie

        nightlight,,,you are duped, deceived and deluded by the Satanic powers that be. but I will..
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

        • nightlight

          Charlie: the “delusion” is all yours. Please wake up, open your eyes, smell the coffee, and see the truth: that God and all gods are just myths, unexamined and unquestioned.
          “Philosophy is questions that may never be answered; religion is answers that may never be questioned”.

  • Tierra-Naomi

    This is Hal Lindsey all over again just put into differnt apparel and face,…..but ignorance on America’s part for not knowing history, and not understanding what Bush 1 was talking about when he called for a ” new world order and 1000 points of light” is exactly what this author is talking about,…….the conspiracy movement which started in the early nineteenth century, which over-threw the French Monarchy and infiltrated the Catholic Church, was called the Illuminati back in those days, and, if I’m correct, that is where Papa Bush got the jargen “A 1000 POINTS OF LIGHT”,… if you still think the Bushes are good Americans, think again, and think again why it was on Bush 2′s watch that this financial colapse came,……..the Bushes are a big part of the .01 % this author talk’s about,………there is no one to vote for,…..the only thing left is revolution, or what this author is talking about above,…

    • DaveH

      Revolution is exactly what the Leaders want, so they can hide in their bunkers while we kill each other, and then use their Powers of Deception and Wealth to steer things right back their way. Revolutions are rarely the answer, and that is especially so today, given that there are so many brainwashed citizens.

      The only real solution is to wake up the vast majority of Americans to the reality of Big Government and peaceably take our country back from the self-serving Leaders.

  • DaveH
  • United We Stand

    It seems clear to me that as many different views and ideals, I have read, there is only a couple thoughts that all seem to agree,’the rich, the elite, money mongers,1%,UN, NATO, whatever,etc… are deliberately causing unrest and possibly restructuring of the world to bow before a NWO. The other being that unless we unite, gather together in GREAT numbers, and show our disapproval of current gov’t (or money monger stronghold on our gov’t) nothing will change. My question becomes if GREAT numbers is what we need to show our disapproval, wouldn’t it require first that we agree, regardless of our personal opinion, and stand together, prove our point, and then chose a candidate or reestablish gov’t after the masses have been heard? My next question would be how is this to come about if we further divide by trying to think that our own personal belief is the correct answer? At some point, regardless if we all agree with whom we feel would better represent US, the more important statement of the people is that we agree to disagree for the better good to show our disapproval. Scoff at the ‘occupy movement’ but they in essence are doing just that… showing disapproval for the elite. Without first being heard on this point no other direction will result in any change what so ever. Ron Paul and one election will not bring down 100 years of tyranny. More than likely, as been proven or is believed, stand against the elite and perish one by one.

    • Winddrinker

      The other side has but ONE goal. They are united and focused on getting rid of us and destroying this country. They will do ANYTHING to get obumscum re-elected.

      We, on the other hand, are divided and have many different ideas about what our goals should be.. We cannot even agree all of us should vote for our own presidential candidate.. We appear to be weak in our convictions and appear to have NO “common cause.” A divided group doesn’t have commitment and can never “win.”

      • Freedom From Gov’t

        Division would make sense. Confusion by the hand of the GOP would most certainly cause this effect. Although I believe that many of you are above average in your intelligence. Have great passion in your pursuit to know the truth in politics. It has to be very exassperating to find that you have been misled and misrepresented by your own party. Hence confusion. I see it as deliberate design. Just as I did the last election that gave us Obama. The question becomes how or when will there be enough unity to be heard in your resolve? Do we really have that much time? Occupiers are organized in numbers but lack political motivation.There have been just as many mic check outbursts for democratic speakers as there have been for republican. If indeed we believe what the media has said that most are just entitilists than why would they cause disruption and bite the hands that feed them. I think there is more to it. And perhaps such a group could be convinced to vote other than popular party choice.We all know it is going to take large numbers to get a different candidate than what we are being offered, perhaps this could be a viable source for those numbers.

  • chuckb

    the only way we can win is organize millions of people to march on washington, demand these crooks leave town and clean out the garbage from the white house. otherwise we are slowly becoming another pawn for the muslim in the white house and his move to change this nation to an islamic state. barry is slowly turning the middle east into one gigantic nation under sharia law, he and the muslim brotherhood have their sights on this country and at this present time he has the bolsheviks hypnotized, they are willing to do his work, his army has control of the country, this next election will be a sham and if by accident he does lose be prepared for riots throughout the big cities. romney is not going to do much if anything, there will be enough bolsheviks left in the house and senate to block and keep the government in grid lock until the next election, then they will blame it on the wimpish republicans, then they will be back in power again. we have no alternative.


      There is always alternatives. Before it was the north and the south against each other. This time it will be the republicans against the democrats. The trouble makers need to be extinguished from our society if we desire to regain freedom and liberty in this Country.

      In the last 4 yrs since the Obama regime has had control, never has their been so much controversy and chaos all at one time from every special interest group conjured up. Lawsuits and violent protests running rampant in every state and on the federal level for homosexual aganda’s, CAIR and other muslim organizations filing suits and violent actions in many states and dictating to our government what is and is not acceptable to teach others about them. Illegal immigrants and organizations such as La Raza filing suits and violent protests in every state. Obama regime in conjunction with the DOJ filing lawsuits in every state fighting to keep corruption in the elections system.

      When you have a federal government attacking every State in the Union (all 57 of them), instead of protecting them, it is time to get rid of that federal government, an start anew government body of which no member has had previously held a seat in the federal government or worked in any of its branches. Granted it is not something new for the federal government to file a law suit against a state from time to time. But in these last 4 years with Obama and holder at the helm, it has become absolutely ridiculous. Not a week goes by I do not read about the federal government trying to “bully” a state to do something its people don’t desire and don’t want.

      Clearly this Country is no longer ruled by the Majority, it is ruled by the minority, all in the name of pandering for votes.

    • nc

      Chuckb, you abuse the privlege of being dumb! Just because you want Obama to be a Muslim does not make him 0ne! He says he is Christian and you can’t prove he’s not! Just like the people who were convinced the earth was flat but had a REAL “proof” problem!
      The more you talk the more reasons the independents have to think, correctly so, that there are a lot of kooks on the anti-Obama side! RAVE ON! YOU ARE THE BEST THING THE DEMOCRATS HAVE GOING FOR THEM!!

  • The Resolute Voice

    All of this reminds me of the events just prior to WWI in Europe, especially after the assassination of the Archduke, which was the trigger to light the smoldering pile of firewood.
    Of course after the tragedy of WW1I, which was a war fought largely over nothing by selfish leaders and their infighting, we saw Hitler rise in Germany due to the disastrous Versailles Treaty and the Deprression. That of course led to WWII and eventually to the Cold War, and its military actions in Korea and Vietnam, etc. Is the clock ticking now, and we’re all not listening? Remember too the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. As JFK later said, “We were close, too close .”

  • The Christian American

    Lets face the facts. There are two scenarios that are pushing for the overthrow of Syria and Iran and both of them have America right in the middle. One. Iran will not become a puppet to America and it’s bankrupt counterfeit dollars. The goal in the middle east is to make all oil transactions only done in dollars. Mid East oil is to become the backing of the dollar. Gold, silver and Federal Reserve Notes can’t do it. There value is such that they can’t put value to all the paper dollars out there. To make matters worse, Iran is starting a oil stock exchange tradeable in EU’s and Syria is helping them. If they succeed, that will mean the total collapse of the dollar.

    Two. The goal of the Zionist movement. The Zionist plans include the taking of Judea and Samaria, the west bank, for themselves and expelling all the Palestinians from what they consider to be their lands. The Zionist have infiltrated America’s foreign policy to a point where they have a ring in America’s nose. They are afraid of Syria and Iran and to want to exterminate their leaders and replace them with puppets and they intend to use America’s strength to do it. Right now they don’t know which way our election is going and want to move before the election. Netanyahu and Barak are devout Zionists.

    Just so you understand. Zionism is a pseudo religious/political movement started by Theodor Herz’l in the late 1800′s. Either out of ignorance or deliberately, Herz’l convinced the people they are “the chosen ones”. The twelve tribes of Isreal were, but had forsook their position with God under the reigns of Solomon and his son Rehoboam. It’s explained in 1 Kings 11&12. The surviving tribe, Judah, went on to have Christ come from their loins. From God’s promise to David to Solomon, his son, to Christ. Jew is a nickname for Judah first mentioned in 2 Kings: 16. The ones Herz’l is talking about became known as “The lost tribes”. Many Jews and Israeli’s want no part of the Zionist movement. There’s about 35,000 Jews living in Iran. Romans 2: 28&29. Revelations 2:9 and 3:9 show their tie in with what became called Christians which biblical speaking are Jews.

  • Steve

    The author of this grim account goes with the worst case scenario- American ships sunk, the Russian Navy engaged, China entering the conflict; Should this Doctor Strangelove story play itself out, we would indeed be looking at global war. Fortunately, cooler heads might still prevail. For all their blustering, it’s doubtful the Russians would go rushing to the aid of Iran. China too is probably not prepared to make war over a third rate country that is, truth be known, out of control. While it’s good to prepare for a worst case series of events, printing articles like this are of little value except to alarm the public. It’s bad enough the war drums are beating. Adding this kind of fuel to the fire can only be counter-productive. The sky is NOT falling quite yet, Chicken Little!


      Though I can whole-heartedly agree with the first half of your comment, it is the second half I would disagree with. You stating that “While it’s good to prepare for a worst case series of events, printing articles like this are of little value except to alarm the public.”

      How are people to “prepare for worst case series of events” if they are not informed of the events and the possibilities of consequences. Your statement suggests it is better to not inform the general public of the events at hand and the possible consequences because it will only alarm the public. The public gets alarmed because of MSM censorship. The public is kept in the dark as long as possible about the truth and the facts until it busts wide open and then the public becomes alarmed because they heard nothing of it until it was too late.

      Take Obama’s administration for example. How many times has this administration stated that bills have to be passed before anyone can see what is in the bills? How many bills and executive orders have been issued or signed in the middle of the night such as on New years eve and other times conveniently as soon as congress is in recess both voluntarily and involuntarily.

  • ALLAN K.

    ahhhh shuck’ns – while all y’all are bickering back and forth, what exactly are YOU doing to make this a better world? Huh? The Muslims are slowly working in EVERY facet of America. Someday they may LET you become one of them and ifa ya don’t then yo head will surely roll. But before you sell your soul ask yourself ” what could I have done “? As for me, God chose me ( not me chose him ) He engineers all for HIS glory. If it means death then so be it. What we do in life lives in eternity. You may live for today but if you fight ( for GOD ) then you will live forever. Everyone dies but not everyone really LIVES!!! Yes, there is life after death – Either in heaven or hell – your choice and your consequence if you chose wrongly. Be wise. Oh it does NOT matter what other people think or say about you – It does matter that God loves those who love HIM. Make your peace with Him NOW – you are only one heart beat away from…………………………….

  • Tex

    1. “First, I realize that many people have natural and conditioned inclinations towards the hatred of Muslim nations.” … I assume that you know that most acts of terrorism in America &, in fact, the world are perpetrated by Muslims. Ergo, your position is irrational.
    2. “Syria And Iran Will Join Forces” … Really? They joined forces long ago, even prior to 2006. The Mutual Defense Treaty was an acknowledgement of a de facto working agreement.
    3. While there are clearly other forces at work in this situation, your grand conspiracy theory is a bit over the top. But then that’s what draws readers.

  • Tazio2013

    For those interested in the bigger picture:

    David Icke: [Judeo-Christian Rothschild Zionists] Control The World

  • Sandy La Clair

    I would hope that we Americans can stay out of this latest conflict in the Middle East. I have seen this comming for a long time and it is Biblical! The fact is that Islam can not tolerate the existance of Israel and for that matter the US. They follow a false profit and a god of hate for any non Muslim. The world must be subject to Islamic rule by any means possible! Do you think that bin Laden would have used planes if he had a nuclear device? They have all been saying “death to America” for many years now. When are we going to take them serioulely? Iran has or is very close to having muclear weapons now. If North Korea has nuks why couldn’t Iran with all it’s oil money? Israel is completly
    surrounded by Muslem extremists. Since 1948 they have sustained all sorts of attacks on innocent civilians. I have studied their 3000 year history and they can not allow a nuclear attack. It would wipe then off the face of the map and that is exactly what Islam wants to do to then and us as well. If you think the Muslems are messing around look at 9/11! It’s just a matter of time before they strike again and this time it will be much worse and this time it could happen here in the United States.

    We must be very careful. Russia is poised to back Iran and for the first time has an alliance with them. May God help us!

  • Jay


    The story of what happens to everyday Americans when corporations go to war.
    Acclaimed director Robert Greenwald (Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price, Outfoxed) takes you inside the lives of soldiers, truck drivers, widows and children who have been changed forever as a result of profiteering in the reconstruction of Iraq.

    Iraq for Sale uncovers the connections between private corporations making a killing in Iraq (Blackwater, Halliburton/KBR, CACI and Titan) and the decision makers who allow them to do so.

    Check out this video:

  • T. Jefferson

    Muslim radicalism will lead to the next world war.

  • chuckb

    com’n jay, you are promoting the bolsheviks propaganda, we may need these guys to counter barry and his goons. that’s what has these bolsheviks worried.

  • 4204life

    Albert Einstein-”I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”

  • 4204life

    Harold Wallace Rosenthal- “The gullible clergy in one breath instruct their parishioners that we are special, choosen people while in another breath proclaim all races are the same. Their inconsistency is never discovered. So we Jews enjoy a special place in society while all other races are reduced to racial equality. It is for this reason that we authored the equality hoax, thereby reducing all to a lower level.”

  • Jay

    Where do governments get the enormous amounts of money they need? Most, of course, comes from taxation; but governments often spend more than they are willing to tax from their citizens and so are forced to borrow. Our national debt is now $455 billion on every cent of it borrowed at interest from somewhere.

    The public is led to believe that our government borrows from “the people” through savings bonds. Actually, only the smallest percentage of the national debt is held by individuals in this form. Most government bonds, except those owned by the government itself through its trust funds, are held by vast banking firms known as international banks.

    For centuries there has been big money to be made by international bankers in the financing of governments and kings. Such operators are faced, however, with certain thorny problems. We know that smaller banking operations protect themselves by taking collateral, but what kind of collateral can you get from a government or a king?

    What if the banker comes to collect and the king says, “Off with his head”?

    The process through which one collects a debt from a government or a monarch is not a subject taught in the business schools of our universities, and most of us — never having been in the business of financing kings — have not given the problem much thought. But there is a king-financing business and to those who can ensure collection it is lucrative indeed.

    Economics Professor Stuart Crane notes that there are two means used to collateralize loans to governments and kings. Whenever a business firm borrows big money its creditor obtains a voice in management to protect his investment.

    Like a business, no government can borrow big money unless willing to surrender to the creditor some measure of sovereignty as collateral. Certainly international bankers who have loaned hundred’ of billions of dollars to governments around the world command considerable influence in the policies of such governments.

    But the ultimate advantage the creditor has over the king or president is that if the ruler gets out of line the banker can finance his enemy or rival. Therefore, if you want to stay in the lucrative king-financing business, it is wise to have an enemy or rival waiting in the wings to unseat every king or president to whom you lend. If the king doesn’t have an enemy, you must create one.

    Preeminent in playing this game was the famous House of Rothschild. Its founder, Meyer Amschel Rothschild (1743-1812) of Frankfurt, Germany, kept one of his five sons at home to run the Frankfurt bank and sent the others to London, Paris, Vienna and Naples. The Rothschilds became incredibly wealthy during the nineteenth century by financing governments to fight each other. According to Professor Stuart Crane:

    “If you will look back at every war in Europe during the Nineteenth Century, you will see that they always ended with the establishment of a ‘balance of power.’ With every re-shuffling there was a balance of power in a new grouping around the House of Rothschild in England, France, or Austria. They grouped nations so that if any king got out of line a war would break out and the war would be decided by which way the financing went. Researching the debt positions of the warring nations will usually indicate who was to be punished.”

    In describing the characteristics of the Rothschilds and other major international bankers, Dr. Quigley tells us that they remained different from ordinary bankers in several ways: they were cosmopolitan and international; they were close to governments and were particularly concerned with government debts, including foreign government debts; these bankers came to be called “international bankers.” (Quigley, “Tragedy and Hope”, p.52)

    One major reason for the historical blackout on the role of the international bankers in political history is that the Rothschilds were Jewish. Anti-Semites have played into the hands of the conspiracy by trying to portray the entire conspiracy as Jewish. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The traditionally Anglo-Saxon J. P. Morgan and Rockefeller international banking institutions have played a key role in the conspiracy. But there is no denying the importance of the Rothschilds and their satellites.

    However, it is just as unreasonable and immoral to blame all Jews for the crimes of the Rothschilds as it is to hold all Baptists accountable for the crimes of the Rockefellers.

    Read the rest here:

  • http://hotmail REPENT


  • Jay

    A nightmare is unfolding across Syria, in the homes of al-Heffa and the streets of Houla. And we all know how the story ends: with thousands of soldiers and civilians killed, towns and families destroyed, and President Assad beaten to death in a ditch.

    This is the story of the Syrian war, but there is another story to be told. A tale less bloody, but nevertheless important. This is a story about the storytellers: the spokespeople, the “experts on Syria”, the “democracy activists”. The statement makers. The people who “urge” and “warn” and “call for action”.

    It’s a tale about some of the most quoted members of the Syrian opposition and their connection to the Anglo-American opposition creation business. The mainstream news media have, in the main, been remarkably passive when it comes to Syrian sources: billing them simply as “official spokesmen” or “pro-democracy campaigners” without, for the most part, scrutinising their statements, their backgrounds or their political connections.

    It’s important to stress: to investigate the background of a Syrian spokesperson is not to doubt the sincerity of his or her opposition to Assad. But a passionate hatred of the Assad regime is no guarantee of independence. Indeed, a number of key figures in the Syrian opposition movement are long-term exiles who were receiving US government funding to undermine the Assad government long before the Arab spring broke out.

    Though it is not yet stated US government policy to oust Assad by force, these spokespeople are vocal advocates of foreign military intervention in Syria and thus natural allies of well-known US neoconservatives who supported Bush’s invasion of Iraq and are now pressuring the Obama administration to intervene. As we will see, several of these spokespeople have found support, and in some cases developed long and lucrative relationships with advocates of military intervention on both sides of the Atlantic.

    “The sand is running out of the hour glass,” said Hillary Clinton on Sunday. So, as the fighting in Syria intensifies, and Russian warships set sail for Tartus, it’s high time to take
    a closer look at those who are speaking out on behalf of the Syrian people.

    • deerinwater

      Hmm? Independence have never came cheap, some sweat and blood equity is only the down payment for freedom. While daily payments will be required for success and even that is no guarantee.

  • Wake Up Fascists

    WOW what a punch of propaganda sucking leaches. Try interacting with someone else in the world outside your mainstream slanted views.YOUR government is the terrorists trying to get the whole middleeast to conform to their will or possibly the agenda of the UN for a NWO. IT is US drones killing innocent people on ‘double tap’ missions. Killing civilians and rescue personnel all over Pakistan. Killed two Rueters reporters in Baghdad. Then came around again to kill civilians trying to assist in rescuing, including the injury of two children. Look up ‘collateral damage’ and try to see the truth. Your debates are disguting as you sIT there all pompous with blood on your hands unwilling to admit that your not only controling terrorism but are the most fierce and unrelenting terrorists of all. HYPOCRITS !!!

    • Joe C

      cannot agree more, and i am disturbed how ignorant people can really be, believing everything they get from the media. Wars create hatred and our puppet goverments have always failed . The U.S is acting in a manner like ancient Rome and look where it got them.

      • macktheknife62

        Rome ruled the world for over 750 years !

  • Bimbam

    According to one church. THIS IS THE ONE that will start the Armeggedon, WW3 and the final TRIBULATION. SYRIA is in Bible prophecy and something strange and terrifying will happen to this country.

    It is funny how Syria is the last country to fall into Muslim Brotherhood control. All dominoes will be in place! When it happens the FATE OF THE MIDDLE EAST IS SEALED!

  • Jay

    Could gaining control of the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran (CBI) be one of the main reasons that Iran is being targeted by Western and Israeli powers? As tensions are building up for an unthinkable war with Iran, it is worth exploring Iran’s banking system compared to its U.S., British and Israeli counterparts.

    Some researchers are pointing out that Iran is one of only three countries left in the world whose central bank is not under Rothschild control. Before 9-11 there were reportedly seven: Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Cuba, North Korea and Iran. By 2003, however, Afghanistan and Iraq were swallowed up by the Rothschild octopus, and by 2011 Sudan and Libya were also gone. In Libya, a Rothschild bank was established in Benghazi while the country was still at war.

    Islam forbids the charging of interest, a major problem for the Rothschild banking system. Until a few hundred years ago, charging interest was also forbidden in the Christian world and was even punishable by death. It was considered exploitation and enslavement.

    Since the Rothschilds took over the Bank of England around 1815, they have been expanding their banking control over all the countries of the world. Their method has been to get a country’s corrupt politicians to accept massive loans, which they can never repay, and thus go into debt to the Rothschild banking powers. If a leader refuses to accept the loan, he is oftentimes either ousted or assassinated. And if that fails, invasions can follow, and a Rothschild usury-based bank is established.

    The Rothschilds exert powerful influence over the world’s major news agencies. By repetition, the masses are duped into believing horror stories about evil villains. The Rothschilds control the Bank of England, the Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank, the IMF, the World Bank and the Bank of International Settlements. Also they own most of the gold in the world as well as the London Gold Exchange, which sets the price of gold every day. It is said the family owns over half the wealth of the planet—estimated by Credit Suisse to be $231 trillion—and is controlled by Evelyn Rothschild, the current head of the family. (Continued under ads)

    Objective researchers contend that Iran is not being demonized because they are a nuclear threat, just as the Taliban, Iraq’s Saddam Hussein and Libya’s Muammar Qadaffi were not a threat.

    What then is the real reason? Is it the trillions to be made in oil profits, or the trillions in war profits? Is it to bankrupt the U.S. economy, or is it to start World War III? Is it to destroy Israel’s enemies, or to destroy the Iranian central bank so that no one is left to defy Rothschild’s money racket?

    It might be any one of those reasons or, worse—it might be all of them.
    -By Pete Papaherakles

    • DEfromDC

      In spite of my disagreeing with most of what you have written you have part of it right. “War is politics by another name” is a famous quote that is real. The people who control most of the money are working hard to stimulate strife in the world to collapse the economy so they can get more power. They want a world order they control probably with their currency. That is the group that want war. Israel is looking at being destroyed by fanatics that would use a nuclear weapon on them first followed by any other nation. Do you try to take the weapon that threatens you away or just let someone improve it until they are sure it will kill you? Iranians would use nuclear weapons to destroy most of the world because of the fall out. If Israel takes out the weapons capability they are saving your life as well as theirs. With the demolition of the US power by the current administration the world has no standard to measure against or goal to attain. Israel will have to act to protect themselves in some way at some time.
      Your point about the money is right. I believe they funded Obama’s programmed education to get him where he is to weaken the US so they could take the world. All these wars and conflicts are financed by them as well to help establish the world order out of chaos.
      The piece on the war mongers was well put together but has no basis of reality. Industry responds to the money for needs here in the US. Your piece appears like it came for one of the Obama supporting propaganda machines.

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  • Stanley Lynn Ph.D

    WOT A BUNCH !!

    B-O-O-M !

  • Jefferson Thomas

    @ revnowwhilwecan

    From the New World Dictionary of the American Language….Religion – (a) any specific system of belief, worship, conduct, often involving a code of ethics and a philosophy. (b) any system of beliefs, practices, ethical values, etc., resembling, suggestive of, or likened to such a system. Considering the definition above….why did I ask you to spend some time understanding what your religion is? When you say that you “do not know a lot about religion by choice”, are you saying that you do not know the structure of your code of ethics, philosophy, and system of beliefs?

    There is no doubt to any person who does a cursory examination of religious organizations that evil men use them, infiltrate them, and use them to destroy. Does this diminish in some way the people who accomplish good, spread the love of God through Jesus Christ, and help others?

    Actually I don’t preach from the pulpit…but putting that aside, the perfect God-Man named Jesus that I worship did in fact establish the church (not a denomination) and he did establish the doctrine (teachings) that establish a belief system which he gave to us while on earth in bodily form. He was perfect as a Jew in keeping the Law in a perfect manner. Does religion enter into this in anyway? What does Christian mean in your estimation and by your definition? What is the definition in the dictionary? Where did this term originate?

    The oligarchs you speak of are in facts pawns and tools of the master of evil who has established his own hierarchy here on earth because man abdicated his rightful position. You need to dig a little deeper into the hierarchy to find the real master of the hierarchy. Yes it has been made that way purposely. The hierarchy you speak of cannot collect the fruits of my religion as it is impossible for them to take this fruit. This hierarchy can never take away the peace, love, joy, freedom from fear, security, Shalom ( shalom means being complete so that nothing is lacking and receiving all that is necessary to make life truly life) that comes from God.

    Yes, my God is superior and better than all idols or other gods. He loves us all with the same love but we make our choice at this point in history as to whether we will love him or choose the other path that leads to evil and death. God has been incredibly patient and loving while allowing mankind to make a mess of things so that mankind will come to the realization that they need him and that his way to life is the only way there can be life as he is LIFE.

    Yes, Jesus has an incredible ego. He is God, Creator and Master of all yet he took the form of a man and a servant. He washed the feet of his disciples (only servants did this in the culture at that time) the night before he was betrayed and crucified (he included the one who betrayed him in washing his feet). He took all our sins and punishment upon himself and he gave me his inheritance in his place with eternal life. We need only accept him and believe in him for this wonderful gift. What an incredible, awesome, loving thing he did for all of us.

    “Vengeance is mine, I will repay saith the Lord”. God has many character attributes and is perfectly just even though we in the finite may not be able comprehend the infinite in complete context.

    I will continue to pray to my God who is in the sky and who is every where else “in him you live, move, and have your being” . I will pray to the one who has saved millions, continues to save, and will finally save us from complete destruction.

    I support the killing of the “innocent”? Who are these “innocent ones” that I support killing and when did I say I support their deaths?

    I don’t preach Christian values from the name of man. Those values are from God.

    Jesus is the religion. He did have religious affiliations as a Jewish man who kept the law perfectly.

    Shalom (blessings and hopes for illumination intended)

  • RevNowWhileWeCan


  • swampfox

    Jesus IS in control….period!
    Son of god
    the way,the TRUTH and the light
    the rock
    the light of men
    bright and morning star
    bread of life
    living water
    Jehovah jireh
    cheif conerstone
    lamb of god
    Horn of salvation
    Alpha and omega
    the true light
    The rock of my salvation
    living word
    the word
    the son of man
    the last Adam
    the bridegroom
    jehovahs shepherd
    rock of ages
    elect stone
    the true vine
    the lamb
    the daystar
    the rock of my refuge
    king of kings
    Lord of lords
    a refuge from the storm
    I AM
    LORD of hosts (jehovah soboath)
    Jehovah my god
    Jehovah tsidkeenu
    the strong and mighty jehovah
    Lord of glory
    my refuge
    prince of peace
    the mighty god
    god of the whole earth
    a son given

  • Erwin

    I think that the Arab spring will be an Arabic autumn followed by a serious winter. Iran is playing the West for several decades and they try to test us untill breaking point. President Jimmy carter made a very bad decision in the seventies and we are paying the price every day. I do not believe in an axis of evil but in a circle of evil, with iran in the center. Iran is the mastermind in many anti-western activities. For Israel there is no choice, they have to go to war or perish, Iran is a serious threat to Israel and to the entire West. And a war against Iran will be a war against Islam, it wil be a war against evil.

    • nightlight

      “A war against Iran will be a war against Islam.”
      Erwin: Although our government and the lamestream news media would rather die than admit it, we are already at war with Islam; or to be more precise, they have been at war with us since before 9/11. Please read Robert Spencer’s “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and the Crusades” and “Stealth Jihad”.

  • swampfox

    he that liveth
    the son of the living god
    the only begotton of the father
    the first born of every creature
    the son of the highest
    the life
    I am the resurection,and the LIFE
    the upholder of ALL things
    the beginning
    the almighty,which IS and which WAS,and IS to come
    eternal life
    the messanger of the covenant
    a prophet
    THE branch
    LORD Jesus
    Jesus THE Christ
    the angel of jehovah
    the sent of the father
    the angel of his presence
    the saviour of the world
    the door of the sheep
    the shepherd of Israel
    the root of Jesse
    the root of David
    tree of life
    the light
    the hidden mana
    a star
    lily of the valley
    the rose of Sharon
    the living bread

    Just a few,
    Jesus IS LORD and reigns and IS in.control and all you who denie him,won’t change that fact not one whit!

    • deerinwater

      And this God fever, is why I cannot support the Tea Party and their activities. Until which time the Tea Party can purge itself of zealots, little ground will be gained by them of any long term significance.

      You people need your own country since I have no plans to give up this one.

      • nightlight

        deerinwater: I agree with what you wrote to swampfox (?) about “this God fever”. All religions are systems of beliefs that treat lies as truths, myths as reality, and use imaginary rewards and imaginary punishments to control and enslave people. All those who follow any faith are delusional and we don’t need anyone who is delusional envolved in solving any of our problems – especially our political ones. Given all the deadly serious problems we’re facing today, we need to have both feet firmly planted in reality – not one foot in reality and the other in Disneyland.

        • DEfromDC

          I hadn’t seen the latest comments when I wrote the last comment. Enjoy Disneyland!

      • Deerinwater

        While in many ways, I’d “like” to tell you that my feelings are somewhat mixed about God matters but it would not be true. It’s not the Divine that I’m having problems with accepting but the “organized and unorganized religious dogma” that come with the association of God matters and especially the militant aspects of it, the evangelical arm of Christianity.

        Small amounts of poison is known to have therapeutic value and potential to heal while larger doses we know will offer great harm or kill you and so is it with religion. Many have been killed for it’s sake, as both persecutor and victim.

        When persons get so obsessed and baptized in matters that require years of fundamental study and practice, preferring rather to fast track their education to :”passing judgement” aspects of faith worship, ~it’s a big turn off for me. No one likes to be lectured by an idiot.

        If these self proclaimed Christians would bother dispensing with all the hype, wings and hellos and use this same book to see how John the Baptist “failed” and died a very unpleasant death, this should afford them a view and a reality check. ~ But their eyes are clouded with “HYPE” they can’t see John the Baptist or Moses or Abraham and Sara’s failures. They can’t see Jesus failures, but then Jesus is not being judged as a man but the Divine, while there was nothing Divine about these earlier men, King David included. David had problems with power.

        It would be better for everyone in the long run to believe as you do, that the bible is all “fiction” if they can’not assimilate scripture without all the Christian fairy dust clouding their vision.

        There is some fundamental flaws in the way Christianity is taught and presented to modern man. For we are not early tribal Jews, the wheel has been in use for some time now and while the heaven still hold great mysteries we have explored neighboring planets, we have sent an envoy out beyond the confines of our solar system. We know that magic is not really magic but an unknown factor. There’s no need in cutting off the end of our peckers to satisfy a God. A little soap and water applied daily should make any god happy.

        Things I hate to see and hear;

        First. The human sacrifice ! where it be of others or ones own self. where it be real or symbolic . This give a weak mind far too much room to play. I hate the very thought of it!

        Second, the teaching in metaphor, ~ while it is or can be effective and perhaps the only way to bring about an piney, an awaking. There is no grade , there is no certification, there is no proof validating that the material has been assimilated and adsorbed. Only a certificate of class completion MAYBE!.. Far too many Christians believe that they have a grasp of the material when in truth they clearly don’t or they would not act, think and behave as they do.

        Third; God is personal and if I want to know more or hear more about yours, I go to one of your meeting but don’t be forcing your ideas on me if they have not been solicited.

        Fourth; Atonement, ~ toxic shame, guilt! The justification for beating ones self up , required for the right of passage while the only qualifier is the statement “I Shall”

        Five; The more “Religious” we become the more divided we become.

        • nightlight

          “It’s not the Divine that I’m having problems with accepting but the “organized and unorganized religious dogma” ?
          The “religious dogma”, whether organized or unorganized, and “the Divine” (a supernatural being) are interdependent and parts of the same thing. All religions have their different dogmas and each has their different Divinity or god; you can’t have one without the other.
          If you’re not having problems accepting the existence of “the Devine” (a God), why not?
          There is not, nor has there ever been, a shred of proof or evidence for the existence of any supernatural being (God).
          All religions, with the exception of Jainism, have the tendency to cause suspicion, distrust, conflict and violence between themselves and other religions so there’s where the militant aspect comes in.

      • swampfox

        I do have my own country,it’s called heaven.
        why do you feel the need to personally lash out at every person who posts something about their faith in Jesus or the scriptures.
        what’s your beef with Jesus?
        when you attack Jesus followers,you are attacking him,when you verbally slander us,you are slandering Jesus.
        the fear of god is the beginning of wisdom,you have shown you have none.
        you and the other,night something or other,(whom I think you got a accomplice,either one your aquantices or friends,and told them to join you on this sight.
        keep mocking gods people and see where that gets you!
        Jesus rules!!!!!

        • nightlight

          “..why do you feel the need to personally lash out at every person who posts something about their faith in Jesus or the scriptures.?”
          Beacuse to hear or read a lie and not to expose it is to be an enabler of the liar and a co-conspirator in the lie.
          Faith is not at all the wonderful thing that believers have convinced themselves that it is; faith is belief in something for which there is no proof or evidence; in others words, faith is a lie.
          There is no historical evidence that the Jesus described in the Bible ever existed.
          The scriptures and the Bible are works of fiction.
          Please, grow up.

      • Deerinwater

        Nightlight says; “If you’re not having problems accepting the existence of “the Devine” (a God), why not?
        There is not, nor has there ever been, a shred of proof or evidence for the existence of any supernatural being (God).”

        Response; I see enough evidence that satisfys me personally and so I elect to believe that all life, man included, is greater then the sum of it’s parts.

        I choose to think for my own understanding, that life is energy that manifest and uses transference to move about as all energy does. The major difference between life energy and other forms of energy is “awareness”. It is aware of “self” and it surroundings and then who’s to say all energy is truly not aware? As clearly, it behaves in ways we have yet to fully understand.

        The God form, is not human, nor we are not 100% human. That humans wish to create a god they can understand and can relate to , this god must have similar appearances, and similar weakness, which I see as a complete folly. God does not get mad, or jealous or hungry or horny as early Jewish accounts suggest. The only thing energy attempt to do that I aware of is to stay in a natural state. In so doing the effect can be violent to witness but it’s not out of anger, ~ it’s seeking balance, neutral.

        Or at least that is my personal take on the Divine, ~ while I do believe that energy transference can be tapped into and can be manipulated and used by the few that posses the clearness of mind and heart that allows them “IN”.

        But, as we see, if you can not find a way to love your enemies and clear this low bar , this manipulation of energy and the focus of willing anything into existence is a little out of your league and seen as far fetched from realities as one might get. LOL!

        We must learn to crawl before we can walk, and walk before we can fly.

        My personal preferences of religious dogma would be the early Asian understanding of enlightenment and the transformation and transcending of the human soul as apposed to any Jewish/Christian doctrine.

        This Christian notion of rewards and penalties and “selections” of final destinations is comical to say the least, ~ but if it really is working for them, I would hope they would be happier about it then what we find so many of them today.

        But, Nightlight, all roads do lead to the same place, once you understand your destination, life does get easier. Let’s enjoy the trip, it’s been a hoot so far. It’s not necessary what anyone believes or fails to believe at days in, ~ but it can directly affect the quality of your trip.

        If I’m found Hell Bound, and wrong, I’ll pack for summer and met you at the door. LOL!

        • nightlight

          ” I see enough evidence that satisfys me personally..”?
          Exactly what “evidence” are you referring to?

          • Deerinwater

            Nothing I’d be willing to share with you ~ and I hate that, because I’d like too. But that is the nature of the Divine, it’s a personal experience and for each of us personally, on a personal level. Your message is for you and you only. Until one is personally ready, one will not see or hear. Even so, this too fades in and out as ones “readiness” peaks and wanes from the heavy chains of the human experience. It’s not uncommon to lose the voice as we get lost in our purpose and fight, allowing our ego to plug our ears and cloud our eyes.

            I am attempting to share my experience that is not yours but mine. Your message , your experience will be for you and you only and no one else. But only when you are ready.

            That’s all I’m prepared to say about it to anyone I don’t really know Nightlight.

            Pass the snake basket please. ~

          • nightlight

            deerinwater: When I asked you for the evidence you claimed you had for your belief in a “Divine” (God), your reply was, “Nothing I’d be willing to share with you”.
            Your refusal to share with me your evidence for your belief in God can only be interpreted as conclusive evidence that you have no evidence and don’t have the quality of character to simply admit it. How pathetic.

          • Deerinwater

            “Your refusal to share with me your evidence for your belief in God can only be interpreted as conclusive evidence that you have no evidence and don’t have the quality of character to simply admit it.”

            No need of getting nasty Nightlight, Maybe it would help, if you and I came to some understanding in what constitutes “belief” ~ You seem to imply that it requires hard evidence and proven facts, while I would maintain that it does not.

            But this is getting away from the core of the question as I pander to your ill manner and inflammatory wording.

            As I say, before, ~ when your are ready, your will receive all the proof that you need to make such a decision, until that time, attempt to be satisfied with the understanding that you presently have. I works for me, it’s working for you while you seem to not know it yet.

            While I would be willing to tell you, you seem to be on the right path and show signs that you are sincere and frantic in your search to know the truth and I confess, the truth comes to us in tiny packages, finding a single package would overwhelm the senses and be discarded like trash.

            The mind, develops “filters” as we grow, allowing certain things in, while keeping certain things out. You have been lied to about the Divine so many times over the years the mind has advanced your filter setting to where nothing is getting in, ~ but still you are not pleased by this and still hunger for the truth. This is very normal and so I to say, you are on the right path.

            But please dispense with the “nasty” , it won’t make you happier or closer to the truth but only farther way.

            You have offered me some reading material. so allow me to find something worthy of your consideration that might help you pass though to the next level.

            I think you are ready for profound answers. So, permit me to offer you one;

            There is but one time that exist and that is “NOW”.

            We “should” work, think and live in the “NOW” , for yesterday is only our history, things already done and our tomorrows not promised. Why waste our “now” the only time we possess in some feeble attempt to relive yesterdays or waste it with worries of tomorrow when tomorrow does not even exist?

            If you live your “NOW” well, (the best that it can be lived) your yesterday’s will be brighter while your tomorrows will offer new challenges and opportunities that are not available to us “now”. You will not enter your tomorrows with preconceived notions, ideas and attitudes that limit and restrict many things that the “Now” has to offer us.

            Practices and develop the skills require to stay in the “NOW” For the mind wishes to wander off and it is not an easy thing to do. It is in the “Now” that your life is taking place among all the things that surrounds you, both positive and negative..

            It is in the “NOW” that doors will be opened or closed to you. The more doors you manage to open, the easier it becomes to open doors.


            Now I understand this is hard to do if you are a Christian, ~ they fret and worry about their sins , yesterday’s sins, today’s sins and getting caught tomorrow. Yet why they don’t just quit sinning is some sort of mystery, some say they can’t! LOL! They say, man sins, so it comes nature, ~ but you are not suppose too!

            Now if you are like me, ~ you might enjoy a different approach to understanding who and what we really are.

            But since you hold no claims of being a Christian or believing in somebody “God” Nightlight, you’ve got a leg up already.

          • DEfromDC

            Your epistle on why there isn’t a God is counterbalanced by the fact that you exist. Man is only beginning to understand the complexity of the body after centuries of learning and the probability that the body was created randomly are so bad that you would have to win the lottery everyday of your life to match them.

            Then there is the meaning of life. Why are we here? Where are we going? Where did we come from? To answer these question the only explanation to me is that we are here for a brief period away from God to learn on our own what we couldn’t learn with everything available to us in his presence. We are here to learn our own abilities and to learn love through our families and relationships with other people. We are also here to learn we can fail and can recover with decomposing bodies that require us to be limited such that we have to learn to improve. Free agency is important to that learning. Thus God does not interfere with Man unless he does something to thwart the whole process.
            Matter is eternal but can be changed or organized. The latter is how the world was formed. Fienman and the other scientists were stumped on the atomic bomb calculations until they learned this and assumed there were already forces on the matter they can’t create it, just changed it. Then they could make the calculations work.

            During an interview with one of the writers of the Star Trek iterations the question was asked, “how fast is the starship supposed to go.” The answer was WARP 9.9. The obvious Why? was asked, The answer “because at warp 10 time becomes irrelevant and it could be all places at all times.” The intelligence that organized the materials into these bodies, other living creatures and the universe plus the forces/conditions to make them reproduce and grow could could easily know how to move at warp 10.

            With time irrelevant, beginning and end have no meaning so what happened first is also irrelevant, and I believe time is only something we use to measure the period we are on the earth.

            Have fun with this! I enjoy your logic. I hope you don’t mind if I use you epistle on Muslims. it says very well what i began to learn in 69 when the wonderful government sent Egyptian and Israeli military people to the same class. Keeping them separate and spending time with the Egyptians (all Muslims) opened my eyes to the teachings that you eloquently expanded.

          • Deerinwater

            DEfromDC says;”The intelligence that organized the materials into these bodies, other living creatures and the universe plus the forces/conditions to make them reproduce and grow could could easily know how to move at warp 10. With time irrelevant, beginning and end have no meaning so what happened first is also irrelevant, and I believe time is only something we use to measure the period we are on the earth.”

            Yes, it is a very interesting study ~ and much is afoot today in this area of study.

            Not only is time appearing more irrelevant but so is distance. Some small ground has been made recently in teleportation .

            I’m beginning to think that “time” is a construct of man, which makes perfect sense as “Time” is all he’s got. If you remove his “time” what is he left with?

            Man “thinks” inside the terms of gravity and time, removing time creates one heck of a different view.

            Pass the Holy Water!

          • nightlight

            DEfromDC: “Your epistle on why there isn’t a God is counterbalanced by the fact that you exist.”?
            The fact that one thing exists does not serve as proof for the existence of another thing – any more than not knowing how the universe was formed serves as proof that it was created by some supernatural being. The reasoning you have expressed in your opening sentence is woefully reminiscent of the thinking of those in our distant past who reasoned that if they heard thunder, it was the sound of Thor striking his hammer in anger or if a person died of a mysterious disease, it was because some mythical god had been displeased with them for some unknown reason.
            Please, grow up.

          • nightlight

            deerinwater: Perhaps I should have left the “lack the quality of character” part off of that sentence; my purpose was not to “get nasty” but to be truthful and accurate.
            “Maybe it would help, if you and I came to some understanding in what constitutes “belief”
            OK. So let’s consult the dictionary. The Webster’s New World College Dictionary, 4th Edition says that a belief is 1.) conviction or acceptance that certain things are true or real. 2.) anything accepted as true.
            “You seem to imply that it (a belief) requires hard evidence and proven facts” while I would maintain that it does not.” So back to the dictionary we go: the dictionary previously mentioned states that true means 3.) in accordance with fact; that agrees with reality.
            So if you have a belief that’s not based on facts or reality, it’s not a valid belief.
            “But this is getting away from the core of the question as I pander to your ill manner and inflammatory wording.” My wording was honest and accurate; if you find it “inflamatory” or “ill mannered”, I was only trying to offer constructive criticism; public relations has never been one of my strong points; I call a spade a spade..
            “As I say, before, ~ when your are ready, your will receive all the proof that you need to make such a decision”. Recieve from whom? The Tooth Fairy?I have alreqady acquired all the proof, or to be more exact, the knowledge of the lack thereof, to make the decisions I have made. Please understand that, since one cannot prove a negative, and since you made the claim that God exists, the burden of proof is on you to prove that God does exist. – and you can’t.
            “..until that time, attempt to be satisfied with the understanding that you presently have.” I am completely satisfied with the understanding I have already; I don’t have to wait for anything except for the next question or challenge.
            “ seem to be on the right path and show signs that you are sincere and frantic in your search to know the truth.” I am sincere in what I have written to you but not frantic at all; there is nothing frantic about one person telling another an unpleasant truth – the only thing frantic is the efforts of the person hearing this unpleasant truth to avoid facing it.
            “..the truth comes to us..”The truth comes only to those who actively seek it.
            “..finding a single package would overwhelm the senses and be discarded like trash”. Any truth that is overewhelming should never be discarded but should be kept for futher consideration until it can be adequately studied, fully appreciated and fully understood.
            “The mind, develops “filters” as we grow, allowing certain things in, while keeping certain things out.” This is part of the truth. But, for most people, these filters that you refer to simply automatically filter out all that is in conflict with what we have accepted and chosen to believe – whether for a valid reason or not. When I studied psychology in college, I made a startling and worrisome discovery: that once a person has accepted an idea or belief,especially from an early age, and held it for a long time, it is extremely difficult to get that person to change their mind about that idea or belief no matter how much irrefutable evidence one piles up in front of them that proves beyound a shadow of a doubt that their idea or belief is a fallacy. In this way, our minds seem to work like a wrte-once DVD. The negative value of this should be obvious.
            “You have been lied to about the Divine so many times over the years the mind has advanced your filter setting to where nothing is getting in..” Congratulations! You’ve described yourself and your problem in believing in God perfectly. Remember what Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, said: “If you repeat a lie long enough and loud enough, it will become truth in the minds of those who hear it. Well with Christianity, we have a bunch of lies that have been repeated for over two thousand years!! And every sunday in places of worship, many of which are elaborate and beautifully works of architecture, lavishly furnished and decorated inside and by men dressed in elaborate costumes of the finest fabrics with insense, beautiful organ music, hyms, candles….all the trapings neccessary to support and reinforce this ridiculous farce. All those who are believers are believers because their parents were believers and indoctrinated them with this religious nonsense when they were at their most vulnerable age and didn’t have the ability to critically analyze or question it. And their parents before them and their parents before them and on and on ad infinitum. Here, the important thing to keep in mind is that a lie, no matter how long it is repeated, is still a lie.
            “I think you are ready for profound answers.” I have already discovered and faced more profound answers than you are ready to face. But like most people, you can learn, if you chose to.
            “There is but one time that exist and that is “NOW”. We “should” work, think and live in the “NOW” , for yesterday is only our history, things already done and our tomorrows not promised.” Our histories are our memories and are a major part of what makes us who and how we are and of what most prople refer to as our “souls”.
            “Why waste our “now” the only time we possess in some feeble attempt to relive yesterdays…” Because pleasant memories furnish the nourishment to heal our wounds and give us the power to go on.
            “..or waste it with worries of tomorrow when tomorrow does not even exist?” Tomorrow does exist. Rememer the saying, The future belongs to those who prepare for it;’ it’s preparing for our tomorrows that gives our lives meaning.
            “If you live your “NOW” well, (the best that it can be lived) your yesterday’s will be brighter while your tomorrows will offer new challenges and opportunities that are not available to us “now”. This sounds a bit like what I believe: live every day as though it was your last and you will have lived your life well.
            “..why they don’t just quit sinning..” because the things that they have been taught by religion are sins are just natura, humanl behavior; that’s one of the main faults and evils of religion; it presents one with a game in which one has no chance of winning – and then condemns them when they lose.
            “But since you hold no claims of being a Christian or believing in somebody “God” Nightlight, you’ve got a leg up already.”
            Though I was brought up in the Episcopal religion, I stopped attending church when I was 8 years old. However, it wasn’t until I was in my fifties that I realized that there was no God or gods of any religions and that all religious dogma was a farce and a dangerous and destrucrive one at that.

          • Deerinwater

            Good for you!! All of this knowledge and understand “should” make you feel better.

      • deerinwater

        There is only “NOW”, we hope for tomorrows and prepare for them in the “NOW”

        Which reminds me, now I must go and address today.

        Keep thinking about it, ~

        Welcome confusion for it is a precursor to knowledge. Confusion is good!!!!!!

  • The Christian American

    Netanyahu and Barak. That’s the names to watch. They are a devout Zionist. As Zionists they believe they wil never die. Instead, they and their ilk will live forever with rest of world being their “burros”. Aside from that, they are pranoid over the holocaust. Never stops talking about it. Their fear of Iran is they sees Iran starting another holocaust. Syria and the Hezballah are threats to. They are not going to leave the occuppied lands, Samaria and Judea, because they feel they are theirs, although there is nothing in scripture to back up their claims. Theodor Herz’l used his own version of scripture to start the Zionist movement. All the other things that are happening are one thing but I feel this is the most dangerous bar none. Zionist can be read about in Romans 2: 28&29 and Revelations 2:9 and 3:9

    • nightlight

      The Christian American; Oh, Please!!! Don’t try to smear our only ally in the Middle East, Israel, and don’t try to use a work of pure fiction (the Bible) to prove your ridiculous argument.

      • http://none Charlie

        nightlight,,, there may be some hope for you IF We can get you to print ………….
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing … and do Acts 2:38 for salvation…

        • nightlight

          Charlie: … as Carl Sagan famously said, “You can’t convince a believer of anything; their belief is not based on evidence but on their deep-seated need to belived”.

  • Art

    Every one is talking about Israel starting a war with Iran, Ha, how many wars have we (the US) started in the last 25 years and we always say to protect the american citizen what a load, none of these wars including Vietnam had nothing to do with the american citizen it had everything to do with the nation builders and the people who get rich off the wars.

    • deerinwater

      Sound observation Art, most of us would agree with you. While the Iran / Israel is something very different.

      Israel is a small nation in size and limited in areas to fall back and regroup. Any “hit” would be hard felt. This alone makes her rather sensitive to outside threats and willing to be proactive out of necessity.

      Like they say about an “old man”, “Don’t mess with an old man, he will just kill you”, finding not interest or desire to just slug it out.

      • nightlight

        deerinwater: It is interesting that all the wars the U.S. fought up to and including WW II were legal and fought with good reason. Since then, including the Korean War (or police action as the politically correct described it), all of the wars we have engaged in have been illegal and for fought for no good reason. The only legitimate use of the armed forces of a country is to defend that country from an invasion by a foreign power.

      • deerinwater

        Well, Nightlight, ~ many factors are in play with such things, while “need & greed” can be disguised in many ways.

        Most politicians have an attorney background, Attorneys like to live large and interrupt the “meaning” of intent. And except for Arizona and South Carolina, politicians are usually a little smarter the the average bear.

        That America’s percentage budget for military matters is 5 times that of other nations, suggest that we have made a decision on the importance of a strong military with such a lager investment. To not use it would fail to make much sense and justify this spending.

        Then too, the term “Preemptive” is not a new word, while we have heard it spoken more in the last 50 years.

      • DEfromDC

        People have a tendency to believe other people would reach the way they themselves would react. Thus the latest Dem attacks concerning dishonesty and violence. Deerinwater and Nighlight, I can’t understand where you are coming from.

        Politicians are smarter? Maxine Waters? Al Gore? our VP (Biden), Barney Frank? Obama? Politicians are people, career politicians aren’t capable of making it on their own.

        Would you really want to wait until someone shot you before you tried to stop them. or came into this country with force before you stopped them? Would you wait to call the police until someone threatening your family actually killed one of them? Not me I want to protect my family and country as far away as possible. I think most people would be preemptive to protect their family, why not country and way of life?

      • deerinwater

        “Politicians are smarter? Maxine Waters? Al Gore? our VP (Biden), Barney Frank? Obama? Politicians are people, career politicians aren’t capable of making it on their own.”

        Right! How stupid of them to think you would enjoy paying their freight and you might be happy about it!

        “People have a tendency to believe other people would reach the way they themselves would react”

        Response ; You are speaking for personal experience I would be left to assume by such a comment. So what you seem to be suggesting is the lowest common denominator among us determines “not the possibility” , but a lead pipe cinch?

        “Would you really want to wait until someone shot you before you tried to stop them. or came into this country with force before you stopped them? Would you wait to call the police until someone threatening your family actually killed one of them? Not me I want to protect my family and country as far away as possible. I think most people would be preemptive to protect their family, why not country and way of life?

        Response; There is a time and place for “preemptive” action when a “threat” is identified.

        Some people are more “threat sensitive” and therefore more “reactionary” then others. The weakest among us , those that cannot endure a hit, the man with a broken leg on crutches in Walmart, the person that appears “whole” while hiding the pain of a bad back and wishing for only you to get out of his way so he might pass , the victims of physical abuse , of criminal activities these people are agitated and “threat sensitive”

        So should it be that the weakest among us left to identify what constitutes a clear and emanate “threat”?

        I would say no to this. A nation of rule and law cannot afford the weakened and ill to dictate probable cause or a threat.

        We employ the natural nature of dogs for a host of purposes, ~ we have lap dogs, that offer love and loyalty. We have watch dogs that only bark, teeth are optional and then we have guard dogs, that bark and bite.

        Every dog can’t be a lap dog nor can every dog be a guard dog.

        We cannot afford people in leaderships positions that cannot “discriminate” a benign act from a threat. Not saying that we don’t have such people but only that we can’t afford them.

        • DEfromDC

          if you are shot with a large caliber weapon or hit in the right place you cannot take a hit. Nor can the leaders of Israel take a chance on millions of people being killed without warning. Not to react would like saying my family can take the hit as long as it is not me. A nuc from Iran would contaminate much of the middle east and they wouldn’t care and affect the whole world. Nuclear weapons don’t discriminate. “Close counts in horseshoes and nucs.” is a phrase used by people working with those weapons. They don’t even have to be accurate.

          • Deerinwater

            What you say has been brought forward by myself on this very thread in regards to Israels delicate position.

            That Iran has failed to soften it’s “language” or concede to the premise of Israels right to even exist, places Iran on a collusion course with the rest of the free world or at least the major powers that be.

            As I see it, this defiance in Iran’s leadership is required to hold the position and title , support that it would loose if it soften it’s language on what “they” would call “the Israel Question” .

            Yes, there are problems ahead, and I think you and I can take some comfort in knowing that the brightest minds are looking at this very closely and have been for some time.

            My guess is , that it will be the World Bankers that have the final say as to who stays and who goes and when.

            Iran is a wealthy nation and while this appears to be a great asset , it could well be her biggest curse.

            This war has already been executed many times in rehearsal with many opening moves to select from, Israel only needs a “reason’ to launch. A reason that would justify their reactions to the world community.

            The bankers will be looking as “End Game” positions while power brokers and their thugs will play the religion card and the military complex world wide will be ecstatic with joy.

            Many men and women and children will die defending their God and their home while other just found in the wrong place at the wrong time.

            It is real life Drama at it’s finest while I will support our American Allies of course through the thick and thin of it and feel sorry for the ones that suffer so while their heart and mind wants no part of this fight.

            All of Iran’s peoples are not our enemy while their dominate leadership certainly appears to be hell bent for confrontation.

            Since world banking is dominated by the Jews, I wouldn’t give you 10 cents for the nuclear power plant unless Iran softens it’s position and shows some intent toward good will with Israel.

            Just my 2 cents.

          • nightlight

            deerinwater: Not just Iran but all of the Islamic republics and Muslim majority countries are on a collision course with all the West, non-Muslim coutries and the civilized world; their religion, Islam, dictates this. Please read Robert Spencer’s “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and the Crusades” to gain a better understanding of what is happening in the world today.

          • Deerinwater

            Oh, I understand that it certainly appears to be, It’s my sincere hope that some moderates can one day come forward and offer the Muslim community some leadership. But for now, this is a very hard thing for them to do, ~ as it makes them a target and their days short.

            The Muslim world has some serious work to do and it’s only something that they can do or elect not do but blood will flow either way. They are good 600 years behind with little hope and little to loose. Making them prime targets for religious zealots.

            They are a victim of their own people and their own doing while they attempt to pass the blame on America , the Jews and the rest of the world in general.

            I just deplore the fact we had these wars that created this power vacuum , but more then that, allowed so many Muslim into our communities without much in the way of background checks or character references. It’s next to impossible to identify the solid citizens that wish to live in peace and enjoy the environment that we American have created and the ones that carry harmful intentions and grudges.

            I’d like to see America stay out of this fight and vendor it out if it becomes a necessity to place boots on the ground. It’s a no win situation for America or her interest. ~ For now, I don’t see a side I’m willing to support while I’m looking at who has invested in what and for how long. These people will turn on the hand that feeds, best I can tell, they can go suck a fish.

            If you have been watching what has been happening in Egypt and now Libya at times show us encouraging signs, but it’s truly impossible to know what really happening and what power is behind the face.

            It’s my personal belief, that war in the middle east means money and employment with certain occupational hazards while the labor pool is has no shortage. War means money will flow , no war means the money flow will stop. Other then oil, camel dung, heroin, flying carpets and intricate wood carved furniture made by stoned dupe heads , what is their economy based on? Figs and olives? Their goats are luck to have hair.

            The human life mean little to many of these people, like one Muslim mother said to the other as they watch the children play, “They Blow up so quick anymore”.

            Which bring us to “WOMEN” and women role in society, ~So many Muslim women have been beat up and beat down by these shortd1ck men for so many centuries, there is little hope for the Muslims community “UNLESS” the Muslim woman stand up for herself and her sisters against these sorry excuses for men.

            They live much like they did during the biblical age, in a male dominated society were even their GOD comes across as a Male Chauvinist a$$hole.

            side tracked, sorry, ~ but war is the ‘industry of choice” in the Middle East for the average working man, there is a pay check and no need in worrying about retirement or what you are going to do went you get old.

            They are attempting to milk the rest of the world dry, and it appears that we are letting them do it.

          • nightlight

            deerinwater: Be informed. There are no Muslim moderates. Islam is an everything or nothing proposition. Ever wonder why, although some Muslims and Muslim organizations have condemned certain Islamic terrorist acts, none have ever taken any action to see to it that the ideology that inspired the 9/11 terrorists and the hatred of infidels taught in 80% of the mosques in America is stopped?

          • jeromeennis

            No use debating fools of the atheistic mind set. They use Atheism or Agnosticism as an excuse for their Earthly Excesses into evil actions and have no moral compass to follow. It gives the Un Believer a License to be a Scoundrel with No Morals or Conscience to create guilt or shame.

          • nightlight

            “No use debating fools of the atheistic mind set.” The real fools are those who follow any faith – faith being, in fact, a belief in something without any proof or evidence. And I guess there is no use in debating an atheist….since you have not a shred of proof or evidence to support your argument.
            “They use Atheism or Agnosticism as an excuse…” Atheism and agnosticism are two different things. Atheism is simply the lack of belief in any god or supernatural being. Agnosticism is the belief that the human mind is incapable of knowing whether there is a God or not (a lie and an excuse to avoid facing the facts of reality).
            “..for their Earthly Excesses into evil actions..” Oh. You mean like living their lives according to reason and reality – two thjings that all religions reject and try to suppress.
            “.. and have no moral compass to follow.” One does not need any rerligiom or god to have morals or to be able to tell right from wrong; for good people to do evil things, it takes religion.
            “It gives the Un Believer a License to be…”… free of the chains and nonsense of religious dogma.
            “..a Scoundrel with No Morals or Conscience..” Oh. You mean like the priests who molested children and the Heads of the church that hid them from the law and gave them new victims to molest.
            “..create guilt or shame.” The false guilt (Original sin) and false shame (for being a natural human being and having all the natural requirements and needs associated with being so was created by religion. All religions are systems of beliefs that treat lies as truth, myths as reality, and use imaginary rewards and imaginary punishments to control and enslave people.
            God, the Devil, Heaven, Hell, demons, angels, Original Sin, the Holy Trinity, etc. are no more real tha Zeus, Odin, Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, or the Boogie Man.
            Please, grow up.

          • nightlight

            “Oh, I understand”. No, my friend, I’m afraid you don’t.
            “The Muslim world has some serious work to do”. Correct. And they are doing it: they are working, very successfully so far, to conquer the world for Allah and Islam.
            “but blood will flow either way.” Correct. I we don’t allow them to convert us or enslave us, they will kill us; their Koran mandates this:
            “Then when the sacred months have passed, slay the idolaters (The infidels, the non-Muslims) wherever ye find them, and besiege them, and prepare for them each and every ambush. But if they repent and establish worship (convert to Islam), the leave their way free.” (Qur’an 9:5).
            “They are good 600 years behind..” More like 1500 years behind the civilized world; Islam began in 622 AD and hasn’t changed in any way since that time.
            “..with little hope and little to loose..” A Muslim’s greatest hope is to die while fighting in Allah’s cause; they place no value on human life – theirs or others – and see life as nothing more than a preparation for the afterlife (which doesn’t exist).
            “Making them prime targets for religious zealots.” There are no “religious zealots” in Islam only those who follow the teachings of the Koran – which promotes criminal insanity.
            “They are a victim …of their own doing..” Correct: they are the victim of their acceptence of the lies and myths of their religion.
            “while they attempt to pass the blame on America , the Jews and the rest of the world in general.” Correct. In the Muslim mind, all wrongs are created by non-Muslims, and a Muslim can do no wrong.
            “I just deplore the fact (that) we.. allowed so many Muslim into our communities without much in the way of background checks or character references.” Correct. But there is no way to tell if a Muslim is a peaceful muslim (not a true Muslim) or a potential terrorist (all true Muslims are).
            “It’s next to impossible to identify the solid citizens that wish to live in peace and enjoy the environment that we American have created and the ones that carry harmful intentions and grudges.” Correct. But no true Muslim wants to “enjoy” the American environment or the American culture; all true Muslims hate freedom of any kind – except the “freedom” to be a slave of Allah. The overwhelming majority of Muslims who have immigrated into our ccountry have no intention of ever assimiliating. Their real intention is to overthrow our government and convert America into a totalitarian, theocratic Islamic state under sharia (Islamic law). Also, no true Muslim can ever be a true American; a true Muslim’s allegiance is, exclusively to the ummah (the world Muslim community) and never to the country to which they have immigrated. Their method of choice for invading and taking over a country is to immigrate in and form Muslims only enclaves. You can see examples of this throughout Western Europe, especiall in the U.K. and France. There is a huge Muslims only enclave in Philladelphia; the black convert who finaced it was able to get our government to give him 1.6 billion dollars to do it with (if you doubt this, research it).
            “I don’t see a side I’m willing to support while I’m looking at who has invested in what and for how long.” If you don’t learn the truth about Islam and take a stand against it, you will be aiding the Muslims in their efforts to conquer the world and drag us all back to their 7th century condition.
            “If you have been watching what has been happening in Egypt and now Libya at times show us encouraging signs, but it’s truly impossible to know what really happening and what power is behind the face”. No, Egypt and Libya have not been showing us any “encouraging” signs. And, no, it isn’t impossible to tell what’s going on. What’s been happening in the the Middle East is the Muslim Brotherhood has been converting all the countries there to full scale Islamic republics under sharia and disguising their actions as revolutions to establish democracies.
            “The human life mean little to many of these people, like one Muslim mother said to the other as they watch the children play,”They Blow up so quick anymore”. The Muslims are teaching their children to hate all infidels and especially the Jews. They are brainwashing their children to be eager to blow themselves up to kill infidels for their imaginary god, Allah. The anti-semetic hated is being taught to their children in exactly the same way young German children were taught to hate the Jews in WW II Germany.
            “Which bring us to “WOMEN” and women role in society.. ” In Islam, women are treated like nothing more that a man’s property; they are treated like cattle – at best. For more on this, please see Robert Spencer’s “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and the Crusades”, Chapter 5. A Muslim man is allowed under sharia to beat his wife for being “didobedient” or for preparing a meal that did’t taste good or for not giving birth to a male child.
            Shortly after the Iranian revolution in 1979, the Muslims formed a 5 phase plan for taking overAmerica. They called this plan simply “The Project”. They began working on this plan in 1985. As of 2009, they were in the middle of phase three, the infiltration and take over of our government. I you doubt this, just look at how many devout Muslims have attained powerful positions in our government. There are two or three in the DHS!!! And one , Huma Abedin, is Cheif of Staff to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. And there are too many more to mention here.
            It’s much later than you think.
            Please educate yourself on this subject by reading the book I mentioned by robert Spencer.

      • Deerinwater

        Well Nightlight, you have adapted a hard-line position on practicing Muslim’s across the board and from what I have wittiness it can’t be said that it’s totally without merit.

        You play the bad cop and I’ll play the good cop with this and don’t forget that we are on the same team in your zeal and displeasure.

        From your respective, a long protracted war in the Middle East and a zero immigration policy to American and Britain is just what the doctor would order. Let them fight it with sticks and camel dung until it slows down and sent them a care package of more rocks and sticks. In 50 years, the nature forces of nature will come into balance again.

        Do we really know who or what places food on these people tables that permits them to reproduce so? That’s a lot of people to feed, what is feeding them? ~ besides war, oil, heroin and wool carpet . Maybe I should know more about such things. I think I will look and find out.

        Has the excesses of oil revenues fueled the overall growth of the Muslim population over the recent 50 years? I’m interested to know more and i shall.

        Thanks for the reply and the question I had yet to ask.

        • nightlight

          deerinwater: I’m not the “bad cop; only a reasonable person. I’ve had to take a hard stand against Islam and the Muslims because they have taken a hard stand (and that’s putting it way too mildly) against me, my country, all the principles upon which my country was founded and against civilization itself. Harsh times require harsh measures and it’s time to fight fire with fire. The Muslims only respect strength and violence. If you try to negotiate with them, they will be the ones who profit from that at your expense. If a Muslim strikes you on your left cheek and you turn your right to him, he will take that as a sign of weakness to be exploited and will cut off your head. At the end of the last great jihad, the Muslims had conquered more of the earth’s surface than the Roman Empire had at its peak; that great jihad was stopped at the gates of Vienna in 1683 on a date that should ring a bell: September 11.There are experts on Islam and Islamic terrorism who believe that Osama bin Laden chose that date to attack us as a way of announcing to the world that the Muslims were back and that they were going to pick up where they left off in 1683.
          The Muslims have been fighting to conquer the world for Isalm since Islam began in 622 AD, and have only stopped hostilities when they were to weak to fight.
          One of the things you have to understand about the Muslims is that they are extremely patient. They don’t care how long it takes to conquer America, whether it’s 20 years or 200, as long as they succeed. And they will keep nibbling away at us until they do like a rat nibbling away at a huge wheel of cheese. The form of jihad they are using, and there are many forms of jihad, is stealth jihad, a form of jihad that does not use violence but has the same goals as the violent form.
          Below is an excerpt from a report on the Muslim Student Association published by the Terrorism Awareness Project:
          “The plan (for targeting America) was summarized in a 1991 memorandum written by Mohammed Akram, an operative of the Muslim Brotherhood.
          “The process of settlement” of Muslims in America Akram explained, “is a Civilization-Jihad Process” This means that members of the Brotherhood “must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘saboaging’ its miserable house…so that it is eliminated and Allah’s religion is made victorious over all other religions”. This memo surfaced in a Texas courtroom in the fall of 2007 after prosecuters introduced it as evidence in the trial of the Holy Land Foundation…The HLF was charged (and found guilty on all 36 counts) with funneling charitable donations to the jihad terrorists of…Hamas, a Brotherhood organization.
          It is actually a blueprint for the subversion of American society, and the eventual imposition of Islamic law (sharia) in the United States.*end of excerpt.
          Be aware that sharia is completely in compatible with our laws, with our Constitution, and with all of the principles upon which our great country was founded.
          Now, two books, both by Robert Spencer, that I strongly suggest you read:
          “The Politically incorrect Guide to Islam and the Crusades” and
          “Stealth Jihad”. You can get the best prices on thesec books at – half or less than retail, and, if you are willing to accept a used edition, half or less of that. A book that retails for 27.95 plus tax, can be had for as little as 2 or 3 dollars plus 3.95 for shipping.
          Please read these books and spread the word; it’s much later than you think.

  • World History, its all around you!

    revnowwhilewecan says:
    August 21, 2012 at 12:09 pm

    “firing bullets to stop a war has NEVER worked. I have only the whole history of the world to make my point.”

    Perhaps you should consider STUDYING “the history of the world” just a bit, comrade.

    • DEfromDC

      The bombing of Japan ended that war before the projected millions of lives were lost invading the country. The bullet that killed Hitler really ended that part of the war too.

      History shows wars ended by politicians are never ended and everyone loses. Consider your own advice.

      • deerinwater

        Well, good fences makes for good neighbors. Early China fell from the inside.

        It would be nice, but you can’t be a “dove” in this world and expect to have anything or live very long. Even the Dahlia Lama has his small army of highly skilled warriors as he attempt to hold China back in a stalemate.

        Mutual Destruction seems to be what keeps things in balance for mankind.

        They will take your woman if she is seen worth having, your home, your life and that just a cold hard truth and a fact of life. The only way to slow this attack on your autonomy is to organize with like minds that share mutual interest. And then you must watch them closely.

      • nightlight

        “The bombing of Japan ended that war before the projected millions of lives were lost invading the country. The bullet that killed Hitler really ended that part of the war too. History shows wars ended by politicians are never ended and everyone loses. Consider your own advice.”
        Excellent reply and I agree.

  • http://none Charlie

    Bible illiterate and semi heathens ,,,pay attention ,,,none of you can prove The Bible wrong, so it’s
    a good idea to figure it’s mostly right ,,,UNTIL ,,,you can prove it wrong…The word Bible also means , basic instructions before leaving earth , so , get your instructions right or ?…
    Read Obadiah ,,, then…
    Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing … Acts 2:38 … is salvation …..

    • deerinwater

      So Adam and Eve were the first and only humans created directly from God hand, or to say they were not born of woman. From Adam and Eve came sons and daughters so unless there was some incest taking place , where did everyone else come from Charlie?

    • nightlight

      “,,,none of you can prove The Bible wrong..”?
      The burden of proof is not on those who say the Bible is wrong; it’s impossible to prove a negative. The burden of proof is on those who say the Bible is right or factual and it is clearly and irrefutably not. How anyone could believe that a book that mentions things like a man walking on water, a man being brutally killed and then rising, Dracula-like, from the grave, and a snake that talks is anything but pure fiction is amazing.

      • http://none Charlie

        nightlight ,,,to prove a negative .you touch it with the positive and sparks will fly ,,, watch for Obadiah ,,,that will prove the entire Bible,,,it’s going to happen soon…
        But it will be tooo late for you because today is the day for salvation …
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing … Acts 2:38 IS salvation…

        • nightlight

          Charlie: Unsurprisingly, you still don’t get it.
          “to prove a negative”. Stop right there. No. You can’t prove a negative.
          And you can’t prove the whole Bible; it’s a work of fiction. How anyone could not see that a book that mentions a man walking on water, a man rising from the dead and floating up into the clouds, and a snake that talks is fiction is truely amazing.
          “ touch it with the positive and sparks will fly..” Please, no magic shows.
          “it’s going to happen soon…” Yeah. Right. You looney believers have been saying that for longer than I can remember. And when it doesn’t happen, you make up some ridiculous, unreasonable excuse that doesn’t hold water – and then go right on making your ridiculous predictions – no matter how often and conclusively you are proven wrong.
          “But it will be tooo late for you because today is the day for salvation …” There will be no salvation because there was no Original Sin and nobody needs to be saved from anything.
          “Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing … Acts 2:38 IS salvation…”
          There never was a Jesus like the one described in the Bible. And let’s look at the story; God impregnated a woman with himself so that he could be born. When he was born, he gave all makind sin. Then he had himself crucified to save all mankind from the sins he had given them. Makes sense! NOT!!!
          God, the Devil, Heaven, Hell, demons, angels, the Holy Trinity, Original Sin, etc. are no more real than Zeus, Odin, Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, or the Boogie Man.
          Please, grow up.

  • nightlight

    William Sullivan: What are you talking about? I don’t recall ever sending you any emails and the email you posted this comment on contained only my reply to a reply I recieved from “deerinwatwer”.

  • Deerinwater

    “William say; “To Whom It May Concern: I’ve already hit all the un-subscribe buttons I could find, but your mailings are still cluttering my box. PLEASE STOP sending me your damn emails!”

    Well, ~ William, you need to keep looking! Your problem will not be found here.

  • Pingback: The Truth About the 2007 Invasion of Iran and the Woman Who Stopped It | Veterans Today « CITIZEN.BLOGGER.1984+ GUNNY.G BLOG.EMAIL

  • Katrael

    Brandon Smith, this scenario you paint seems very likely. This war is not and if it’s when.

  • Glenn

    Jay, you state:
    In 2006, the U.S. Department of Defense employed 2,143,000 people, while it estimates that private defense contractors employ 3,600,000 workers, for a grand total of 5,743,000 defense-related American jobs, or 3.8% of the total labor force. In addition, there are close to 25 million veterans in the United States.
    That’s a big jump from 5 million to 30 million. The majority of “Veterans” in this country do not receive checks from the government. They are like me and served one tour of duty and then got out.
    Then as for the increased cost of operating the military, have you looked at the cost of gas today compared to 1992 or what ever year you were attempting to make a comparison to? Increased costs effect the military just as much as they do my own household.
    Anyways, our military is the only thing our government is supposed to do for us. “To defend us from all enemies …”. Not Welfare, or Obama-Care, or any of the other 1000′s of pet projects they spend money on to buy votes. Defend the country and it’s people!!

  • jeromeennis

    You are absolutely right Glenn. If the USA would get out of all the Welfare and Regulatory and Conficatory Business and just Do Their Legitmate Jobs, this nation would be flush with money, prosperity and security and energy production, and would not need any banana republic for anything except maybe Bananas and Coconuts.


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