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Syndrome X: Is It Silently Killing You?

January 11, 2011 by  

Syndrome X: Is It Silently Killing You?

Despite advice from doctors and nutritionists, the expansion of organic food mega stores and fitness gyms and television program, Americans are getting fatter and fatter. By 2006, obesity rates for United States adults ages 20 and older rose to 34 percent. [1] According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, overweight and obesity are associated with increased mortality rates in adults as well as elevated risks of heart disease, diabetes and some forms of cancer.[2]

Syndrome X just might be the cause.

Syndrome X, also known as insulin resistance syndrome and metabolic syndrome, is a terrible health condition that seems to sneak up on us as adults. According to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute:

“About 47 million adults in the United States (almost 25%) have metabolic syndrome, and the number continues to grow. The increasing number of people who have this condition is linked to the rise in obesity rates among adults. In the future, metabolic syndrome may overtake smoking as the leading risk factor for heart disease.” [3]

The risk factors associated with Syndrome X are sometimes difficult to discern. You see, Syndrome X is not a disease, it is a syndrome. This means it is comprised of a grouping of related symptoms that present at the same time. Risk factors of Syndrome X include the following:

  • Excessive Belly Fat: This is often termed “apple shaped obesity” or “abdominal obesity,” and is an indicator of elevated risk of heart disease.
  • Elevated Blood Sugar: Raised blood sugar levels over time can lead to diabetes and obesity.
  • Elevated triglyceride levels: These are the fats that are found in the blood.
  • High Blood Pressure: Blood pressure above a 120/80 reading is considered high and can lead to hypertension and heart disease.
  • Low HDL cholesterol levels: This is the “good” type of cholesterol needed to help remove the bad (LDL) cholesterol from our arteries. Low HDL increases your risk of developing heart disease.

Individually, these symptoms are bad enough, but when combined they are an indication that you may have Syndrome X. And while Syndrome X is not a disease, any one of its symptoms can cause diseases that are potentially life threatening. The best advice is to see your physician to be tested for the five above-mentioned symptoms of Syndrome X.

You can also ask yourself the following questions to see if it is necessary to make a doctor’s appointment:

  • Do I feel sluggish after eating?
  • Do I gain weight easily and have difficulty losing it?
  • Am I still hungry even after eating a well-balanced meal?
  • Am I always tired or sluggish, regardless of how much sleep I get?
  • Do I crave carbohydrates, sweets, sugars?
  • Is my blood pressure and “bad” cholesterol slowly rising?

If you answered yes to the above questions, you may want to play it safe and talk to your physician. Additionally, experts agree that the best way to reverse the effects of, and in fact prevent, Syndrome X is through two basic lifestyle changes.

The first thing to get a hold of is your diet. Excessive consumption of simple carbohydrates is the main cause of Syndrome X… in addition to obesity, hypertension and diabetes. Foods like bleached and enriched breads, pastas, breakfast cereals, cookies, sodas break down and turn to glucose (blood sugar) in your system too fast. This causes the pancreas to release too much insulin into the blood stream, which causes more cravings for simple carbs, weight gain, energy drops and eventually, diabetes.

Controlling insulin is the key to controlling Syndrome X. Insulin is a hormone that not only converts starches and complex sugars into usable energy but also regulates the metabolism and the storage of blood sugar. The excess sugar not utilized by your body is converted into glycogen, a sugar polymer that is stored in your liver and muscle tissues. This is extra fuel that is converted back into glucose as needed when your blood sugar drops. This system, when working properly, is a natural system of checks and balances for energy, appetite, cholesterol, hormones and essential body fluids.

When things are not in balance, as a result of a diet dominated by consumption of simple carbohydrates and sugars, Syndrome X can be the result. What happens is these foods break down too quickly, which leads to the release of too much insulin to normalize the blood sugar. Over time, the body is not able to properly (healthfully) utilize the glucose and it is instead stored for later use as body fat. What’s more, when insulin levels are too high for prolonged periods, it causes the hypothalamus to signal that you are hungry when you are not! This can lead to insulin resistance syndrome… another name for Syndrome X!

What this means is that your body, by virtue of over-active processes, is causing Syndrome X. However, it is poor dietary choices that send normal body processes into overdrive. Controlling diet by staying away from simple carbohydrates like white and enriched breads, sweets, soft drinks and sugars and replacing them with whole grains and natural sweeteners is a way to change this.

Engaging in exercise of at least 20 minutes duration daily is another sure-fire way to reduce weight and reduce blood sugars. In essence, the reversal and cure for Syndrome X is found in lifestyle choices regarding diet and exercise.

If left unresolved, however, Syndrome X can lead to free radical cell damage and potentially life-threatening diseases like diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. Moreover, there is compelling research that points to an increase in Alzheimer’s disease and some types of cancer as a result of an overactive pancreatic system. [4]

When the reversal and prevention of such a devastating syndrome is as easy as regulating insulin by virtue of dietary changes and increased exercise, it seems too good to be true. But it is true, and easy.

So why not exchange the simple carbs in your diet for complex carbs and increase physical activity for 20 minutes per day? These two simple lifestyle changes can make you healthier, more vigorous and able to live with a better quality of life.

–Dr. Mark Wiley



[1] CDC, 2009. Health United States, 2008, Table 75.

[2] CDC, 2009. Health United States, 2008, page 32.


[4] Challen, J. et. al. (2000). Syndrome X: The Complete Nutritional Program to Prevent and Reverse Insulin Resistance. John Wiley & Sons.

Dr. Mark Wiley

is an internationally renowned mind-body health practitioner, author, motivational speaker and teacher. He holds doctorates in both Oriental and alternative medicine, has done research in eight countries and has developed a model of health and wellness grounded in a self-directed, self-cure approach. The Wiley Method provides a revolutionary way of providing recovery and prevention of chronic pain, illness and disease. Grab your FREE COPY of Dr. Mark Wiley's "The 3 Secrets to Optimal Health" HERE.

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  • Joyce

    Excessive Belly Fat: no matter what I do diet or not I can not get rid of my belly.

    • Robt Hauser

      Ever hear of a guy named Dr Richard Schulz? He is an herbalist in Marina del Rey, Cal….he’ll get that fat off of you and all he will use are organic herbs that he grows right there on his forty acres. Three pieces of advice:

      They will KILL you.

      Schulz’s number by the way is 1-800-herb doc

      • traderphil

        I totally agree !! This facade they have masquerading as a “Health system” in N. America will kill you! I know from my own experiences that if i had listened to the supposed “professional doctors” i would be crippled, probably. The very least i would have replacement hips and knees. Fortunately i decided to NOT LISTEN to the drug pushers (that is what i think of N. American “doctors”) They should be called PHARMACOLOGISTS because that is all they do, give out DRUGS!!!They NEVER treat the cause, just the symptoms. The Pharmaceutical group is responsible and have caused untold suffering in the world!!!! In my humble opinion, that is!!!! “The TRUTH shall set you free” Hasn’t anyone thought about why the USA has the fattest, sickest people on earth!!!!??????? Think about it!!! Since this existing “medical” system has been created we now have diseases that didn’t even exist before!!! We now give Pharmaceutical drugs to over 25% of CHILDREN!! How very sad indeed!!!

        • Granny Mae


          Boy do I agree with you ! I now have lupus do to a quack giving me meds. upon meds. and never taking me off of them. I had to do that on my own when I finally wised up ! I have type II diabetes that should have been diagnosed in my 20′s but wasn’t until I was in my 50′s ! All the signs were there and I begged for the tests and was told “I’m the doctor here not you ” so until you get the nerve to take charge of yourself you are at the mercy of quack doctors ! I know not all doctors are this way but there is an apalling number of them today and the good doctors do not police themselves and just let the bad doctors continue until someone dies and the family goes for a law suite ! I know because I was very close to a family where the head of household was a doctor and I over heard the inside conversations at the dinner table ! People take responsibility for yourself so you don’t have to end up like me !

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Granny Mae,
            Did you try that vitamin E that I suggested? It drops my sugar levels by about 20%! hope it helps you as well!

        • Ian MacLeod

          Of course! This is the corporate medical model – . If doctors were to concentrate on cures, they’d maybe make a profit ONCE, when they tell you how to cure your problem. With the usual American enterprising spirit, the U.S. approaches medicine in a new way: in the corporate model, as long as they only ever treat the symptoms they’re in fat city, with money coming in from every patient they see year after year. They over-use x-rays in several diagnostic procedures that can, themselves, cause cancers later on, and medical organizations like the AMA, JACHO and others have been suppressing cancer treatments and cures almost from the beginning. On top of that, most of those medications in use now are toxic themselves, the COX2 inhibitors and SSRIs for instance. In addition to masking your inconvenient symptoms, they have side effects that must often be mitigated themselves, and often those side effects are because the original medication is causing damage of some sort. Lastly, almost all foods – certainly all “instant” foods, all Big Ag foods grown in NAFTA/CAFTA and other trade agreement countries plus others that Mosanto and similar corporations have infiltrated are poisoned. They are GMO (sterilization, miscarriages, organ and nerve damage), they are soaked through with glycophosphate herbicide/pesticide. Those GMOs can also cause the e Coli to combine with the e. Coli used in the GMO-creation process and cause your own intestinal variety to begin producing your very own glycophophate! And don’t forget that all NATO countries have been and are being inundated with chem-trails, now mostly being dropped from too high up to see (except at night), so from this we get poisoned by aluminum (neurotoxin also acidifying the soils and killing plants), barium and other radioisotopes, and quite a number of substances, from weaponized diseases – mycoplasmas – Morgellons Disease… this a long, long list, and we’ve been breathing it in for over a decade. Back to foods, there’s BPA in almost every food container there ism like cans, and especially plastics, they’re spraying about 100 different (or so we’re told) bacteriophage viruses on meats to protect from the mostly innocuous disease Listeria, and increasingly irradiating foods at such high levels that the heavy, near light-speed particles break protein chains and destroy as much as 3/4 of the nutrition in foods. They’re adding methylene iodide to strawberries and other plants (it stays in the soil and the plants take it up inside themselves as they grow making the plants toxic to pests – and us). Oh yeah – and we can’t forget the fluoride in the water supplies! Fluoride is a poison, period. It’s quite a nasty one too, especially since it isn’t pharmaceutical grade, but toxic waste from pesticide plants and uranium refining plants, and it frequently contains is contaminated by) cadmium, strontium 90, U 235 and 238 to some degree and another long list of toxins!

          These are just a few of the ways our government, in addition to trying to sneak Codex Alimentarius into our regulatory system to destroy the nutritional value of ALL of our food supplies and take away all supplements and herbal treatments, that our government is watching out for us. As far as I can tell they want to make sure that NONE of us escapes chronic illness, and that maybe 9/10 don’t escape death by multiple poisons.


      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        Your right. These doctors that are giving people, for one, drugs to knock their cholesterol down, are killing them. It causes impotence and other problems, depression, and it is totally unnecessary, but the doctors are in bed with the pharmaceutical companies and they pretty much have become legal drug pushers. Herbs and vitamins and natural remedies are much better, and they actually work. See your local amish community, and they will hook you up with what you need. Im dead serious here.

    • barbm

      i lost 16 pounds over a 3-month period. i took 7″ off my waist which was 41″!!!! i did it on the mediterranian diet. i use only coconut oil so i get plenty of the good hdl cholesterol. i even add a teaspoon to my coffee in the morning. it has no taste, and boy does it make your lips soft!! i’m a chocoholic, so i rewarded myself every sunday night with a midnight milky way. :) for exercise, i did jumping jacks, lunges, push ups, etc during commercials at night which is the only time i watch tv. every now and then, i’d do 10 minutes or so, but mostly not. i know that doesn’t help the heart and lungs, but it helped with the weight loss. my blood pressure is now normal down from about to have a stroke. just that 16 pounds did wonders. i slept better, had more energy, could do more before becoming tired or out of breath, and got my blood pressure down. on the mediterranean diet, you can eat a lot of great things like olives, avacados, nuts, and WINE!! try it, you’ll love it.

      • Dr. Mark Wiley

        Congratulations, Barb! You have accomplished some terrific things with your ability to find and stick with a weight-loss program that works for you!

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      I believe its hereditary Joyce. Even when I worked a slave job where I lost 60 lbs in 30 days, and I was fit as a fiddle, and when I came out of boot camp I was fit as could be, I still had a belly. Everyone in our family does. I gained 30 pounds since I quit smoking 3 years ago, and my belly is about the same size as it was when I weighed 170, and Im up to 223. And though I could stand to probably lose 20 pounds, I am still very, very healthy at 6′ tall. Yet the so called health stats would consider me obese, and thats a farce. Its so bad, that Michael Jordan in his prime, who was all lean and muscle, was considered obese by these same health charts for height and weight. With mis-information like this, its no wonder there are so may anorexic girls running around. The stats say they are obese when they arent even close. Its really sad.

  • Polski

    If you really want to hear what you need to hear, go to the Weston Price web site. There are a lot of myths that have been prolonged by the “sick industry” and the media, that are causing the problems.

  • JC

    Americans need to:
    Stop eating Drive Through Food.
    (only a Seagull should eat food served through a window)
    Try and buy Beef and Milk directly from Farms or Farmer’s markets.
    (Fight Codex)
    Stop all dependence on Pharmaceuticals wherever possible.
    Grow as much of their own food as possible. (Fight Codex)
    Exercise. (Kill your TV)
    Do NOT eat what the Government calls your daily recommended food intake, it will kill you.

    My wife and I are in our 50′s (just) and in winter we Biathlon through our own course in the woods and we ice skate.
    In Summer we swim, cycle and run our dogs for miles.
    We research our food, we garden and I bring home venison every year.
    And somehow we manage to both hold down full time jobs.

    Neither of us is overweight and we’re in very good shape.
    Try it. :)

    • Lomax

      I happen to believe that the main problem is that our kids do nothing physically more stressful than playing computer games. The schools are partly to blame. The little kids can’t do anything during recess other than stand around for a few minutes, if they get a recess at all, and the older kids don’t get any phys-ed at all. Couple that with the fact that none of them ride bicycles any more and there are no sandlot sports anymore because little league baseball and little league football has killed all that. So the kids get fat, and when they get fat as little kids, chances are they will be fat during adulthood. Schools won’t let kids run and play because they are afraid that if one of the kids breaks an arm or leg or gets a black eye the parents will sue, and they are right to be concerned about that in this society. So most of our kids suffer and our brilliant government is to dull and stupid to figure it out. We should have neighborhood schools so that the kids can ride bicycles to school and back everyday. Sandlot sports should be encouraged, etc. Of course we have to worry today about the safety of our kids. When I was growing up, no one would dare hurt a kid because he/she would likely be lynched, but now those scum bags would likely just be sentenced to 500 hours of community service working with kids, or something else just as stupid, by our “judges.” At any rate, now there needs to be some sort of surveillance where kids play.

      So that is my feeling. So far nothing has persuaded me to change my mind. I have lived in the past and since I have been there I feel like I have some credibility

      • Lomax

        I also want to state that in those days, we all ate baloney and cheese or hot dogs and Cokes or Pepsis for lunch. There were not more that one or two fat kids in the school, and they were fat because they did not participate in anything.

        • libertytrain

          I think it’s what they put in the baloney and cheese and cokes and pepsi’s now that has made the difference as well as no more exercise in schools

          • Granny Mae


            I agree with you. I have never seen so many chemicals and additives to our food in all my life! My grandson and granddaughter came to live with me when they were very small and we discovered very soon that they had reactions to dyes in food and also in products put on the skin. I had to start looking at everything for dyes and I was astounded to find there was next to nothing they could eat that was prepackaged and pre made. We even had to include medicine ! To get them off the dyes we had to make everything at home and try to ban everything they were fed at school and at the neighbors house’s. It was difficult at first but became easier once we got use to doing it. Once all the dyes were out of their systems they no longer had problems with hyper activity and attention problems. I started tracing things back and soon discovered that my own sons had some of these problems too only my kids were raised a little different, in that they ate very little that wasn’t home made and had dyes in it. I also had to watch synthetic flavors. I could only by pure vanilla extract and couldn’t use any food made with synthetic vanilla ( known as vanillin ) in it. Our lives have changed completely since that time, however I’m beginning to think that all our meats grown with hormones and weight gainers has a lot to do with our gaining weight also. It saps your energy and messes with your metabalism . It is given to animals to slow them down and make them gain weight fast and it doesn’t get out of the flesh before we eat the meat. Our kids are slowing down and loosing energy and don’t want to go out and play. Top that off with the fact that a lot of schools don’t have PE any more in the lower grades or if you have a child that needs extra help it is given to them during the times that other kids are going out to play so the kids that need help are not getting the exercise they need ! There is a lot going on in this country today and most of it not good. Too many lobbists for big food companies and pharmasuticle companies etc. None of them have our best interrest in mind ! Other countries have banned most food dyes and additives and so should we ! However the politicians of today need these companies in their pockets for campaign funds so don’t look for that to happen any time soon !

          • Richard Pawley

            I agree with you GrannyMae, but there are other things that have changed greatly since we were kids. I was so shocked at the differences of nutrition in modern vegetables compared with how much more they contained fifty years or more ago that I included the differences in my autobiography, LEAVING SOUTH CAROLINA. I would also point out that the number one source of calories in this country is corn sugar, formally called High Fructose Corn Syrup, which the Japanese had not invented yet. It is cheap and is not something natural and it is in so many things, even as a filler. Additionally around the same time Alzheimer’s and Autism began to skyrocket in this country was about the same time that genetically engineered foods entered our food supply, now 91% of soy and over 80% of corn. There may be no connection but it is odd and some believe that it is the synergistic effect of various chemicals and pollutants in our food combined with the unnatural DNA of GMO foods. I don’t use Canola either as that was invented in a Canadian laboratory. I do all I can to eat mostly normal natural foods the way God and nature made them. The British study that showed that rats eating our GMO corn developed both liver and kidney problems was the straw that broke the camels back for me. Corn used to be my favorite vegetable but only if I can get it organically grown. NO GMO, no DNA experiments. I even purchased a 50 pound bag of organic popcorn, one of our ten most polluted foods. Sorry but I don’t like the idea that my body is sciences test lab to see if these things are safe long term. It costs me more and it’s time consuming but hey, it’s my life. You can’t eat what average Americans eat and not get the diseases that average Americans get! I also take at least a dozen all natural supplements that 35 years of study have shown me may well me necessary to stay well enough that I never have to visit a hospital where over a hundred thousand, yes 100,000 die each year from medical mistakes and where 90,000 a year get sick just from visiting friends.

          • libertytrain

            Oh Grannie Mae – what work you went through, but how wonderful to have solved the problem. One thing I can’t quite figure out is why so much has been banned/removed in other countries and we with so called “green” people like the “beloved” gore and caring people in charge like the caring current first lady, we aren’t more concerned about getting rid of these chemicals despite the corporations involved and their trail of money, rather than getting rid of Happy Meals and attacking the Hamburglar?

          • Granny Mae

            Libertytrain, and Richard.

            I agree with both of you. I have been through the mill but at least I’m still here and I’m still kicking (their butts) . I’m afraid that things are not going to get any better for a long time. And like you said all these people raising such a fuss about going green and making people loose weight as though they know just what the problem is, anyway they should be spending more time getting the government to ban all these additives in our food and I bet if they did they would be astounded at what improvements would occure in this country ! We were sitting at a dinner the other day and my husband picked up the ketchup bottle and read the ingredients and looked at me astounded at the sugar and corn syrup in it. Now he understands why I make my own ! That stuff is in everything. Now days most people use convience foods because so many times both people in the family work and so it saves them time when they are facing a hungry family and dog tired from working all day, and there it is in everything. High fructose corn syrup ! Sugar is in everything, and a lot of it ! I would rather see one of my kids pick up a spoonful of regular sugar and eat it than consume all this corn syrup ! Where will it end ?

          • libertytrain

            Well Granny Mae – if I were Queen or King like the folks in the white house, and the parents of young kids, I’d be more worried about what’s going into the kids food and fix that, get PE back in grade schools. – my goodness I remember that Physical Activity was one of JFK’s initiatives back when I was in grade school and I went to a Catholic Grade school and we were out on the playgrounds – not at recess – it was treated as a special time, specifically to do time at exercising and a little softball… I was too young to remember what it was called just that the President wanted it done and because he wanted it done, it was. Take some serious looks at the additives – If these people in the white house really are concerned about the future of our children they’d get it done and handled.

          • Granny Mae


            You are so right. My children loved going for the awards in physical training , in fact my youngest son, (38 now) still has his awards. They have been carefull preserved in an album. I feel that until we can get people to notice all these things and take up the cause to get them stopped we are going to have to live around everything. So sad and there will be a lot more mental illness and cancer and you name it. These things are called excito toxins and they affect the brain and can cross the blood brain barrier. That is why our bodies are so effected by them. It takes the liver to cleans the blood and fight off all the cancer cells and diseases that bombard us every day, if it is over worked by trying to clean out all the food additives and dyes we take in every day then there is nothing left to fight all the other things going on in these bodies of ours. I just keep praying.

          • libertytrain

            Granny Mae — It seems those that we hired to work for us in government right up to and including “the man who would be king” obama dance around the real issues that could be fixed easily and attack the side issues – kids are getting fat – so they try and get rid of “The Happy Meal” toy – not the chemicals in the foods we eat. Kids are a little wild sometimes in school – so give them Ritalin – instead of taking them outside and playing a little softball, or why cut all the art classes, let them play with the art supplies – people get shot by a nut so take away all the guns — and on it goes.

      • JC

        If we repeal all these ridiculous “laws” making someone else reponsible for everything that happens to us, we won’t need to put anyone under surveillance. Surveillance is an evil in and of itself.

      • barbm

        and it’s mom in the kitchen ordering pizza delivery or stopping by whataburger on the way home. back then, moms didn’t have to work like they do today. the story isn’t about kids, it’s about adults. who takes their kids rock climbing, walking, bike riding, hiking, etc? how many parents are fat because they lead such sedentary lives, over-eat, and eat bad stuff? set an example and quit expecting the schools and govt to do your jobs. if the lunch at school is crap, get up early enough to make the kid a healthy lunch to take with him/her.

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        I agree with what you said. Plus, if any boy in schools shows any signs of testosterone, and wants to get up and move around instead of sitting at a desk all day doing nothing, they want to drug him out with Ritalen, so that they dont have to do their job and teach. They are feminizing the male race to a large degree these days.

    • kate8

      Great advice, JC.

      Never mind the TV. I need to kill the computer! Sheesh.

      I’ve always practiced what you suggest, and have never been overweight, have flexible joints and can do most anything.
      But I’ve been a lot less active since I got my laptop a couple of years ago. LOL.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        don’t put it down quite yet!! We need you here!

    • Dan

      Sounds like you live an interesting life that would be worth sharing in a blog. It would be an inspiration to others.

    • Jo

      I want to get off this blood pressure medicine sooo bad. I want to take natural , organic pills that will help me keep it at a good level. PLEASE HELP!! Is there anyone you know that could help me on this? I live in SC. Thanks.

    • http://NONE MERL


  • Ellen

    The problem is our food. Processed food has very little nutrition, leaving you hungry more often which leads to eating more calories each day. Further, trans fats make our cells malfunction so our normal metabolic process doesn’t work. Adults exercise more today than when I was a kid, yet they are still overweight. It is not possible to out-exercise a bad diet. The FDA allows manufacturers to label food as ‘nutritious’ even though it is not which makes the problem worse. We need the steroids & antibiotics out of our beef and trans fats out of everything. We also need artificial sweeteners out of any nutritious food (ie: yogurt)and foods containing them need to be clearly labeled on the front label. The FDA gives the false impression that they are keeping our food safe when in reality they allow additives that are known to be unsafe. All of the health problems that have become epidemic over the past 30 years are caused by diet.

    • Richard Pawley

      Sadly, I’m afraid that’s true. And don’t forget all the chemical sugars the come on the scene in the past 35 years. I well remember when all the adverse publicity came out against saccharin in the mid-1970′s. It was supposed to cause cancer and was banned for a while. This was, apparently, because more powerful companies wanted to bring other more profitable chemical sugar substitutes on the market. I was studying the avoidable causes of cancer at the time and when I looked into it I found that it would indeed cause cancer IF YOU WERE A RAT WHO DRANK 4,000 CANS OF SODA A DAY! The new sugars that were introduced were far more dangerous, aspartame and eventually Splenda (which is 99% sugar and one percent sucralose) and others. The interesting thing about Splenda is that due to a loophole in the law they can say it’s calorie free when it really has several calories per serving. Haven’t looked in recent years so I don’t know how they label it now. The NY Times best seller, “SWEET DECEPTION” is the book to read if you are interested in the danger of all chemical sugar substitutes. The law is the law however, and it doesn’t have to be based on the truth or anything real. I take six tart cherry capsules for 95% of the headaches I get but it’s illegal for tart cherry farmers to tell you that tart cherry is an anti-inflamatory. Being just a writer I can tell you though. Remember you can’t eat what everybody eats and not get the same diseases that everybody gets.

    • njgirl

      I couldn’t agree with you more! We are very careful about the kinds of foods that we consume. Both of our sons have had only 1% milk since they were 3 years old. The pediatrician said that they needed the fat from whole milk up until that age and then it would be fine to switch them to 1%. They are now in their twenties and that is still the only milk they drink. They were raised on whole grain breads, not that white crap with zero nutrition, fresh fruits, 100% fruit juices, not the oh so popular Hi-C, chicken, fish (before it became so contaminated with mercury) and some beef. The incidence of breast cancer has reached epidemic proportions. My theory is that the cattle are given bovine growth hormone. This in turn, when injested by women over a period of time causes havoc with their estrogen levels, as increased estrogen levels are one of the things that can pre-dispose someone to breast cancer. I lost my aunt and two good friends between Nov. 2007 and May of 2008 to breast cancer. My aunt was 65 (diagnosed at 58) and my 2 friends were 53 and 54. When I was pregnant with my second son, now 24, my ob/gyn told me to please stay away from Equal and Nutrasweet as they were made from aspartame and could prove harmful to the baby and to me as well. He said he’d much rather I use sugar. I never have used those sweeteners. I was fortunate enough to have a doctor who was honest. My husband and I use only Stevia, a sweetener that is plant based and very safe. My sons, I’m very happy to say are very healthy. My oldest (29) works in sales for Honda, and my youngest (24) is the manager of a natural health food store. ps: I made all of their baby food with one of those hand crank mills, with the exception of an occasional purchase of a jar of fruit. It was well worth it.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Thats true. One is much better off eating beef and potatoes and whole milk and cheese and eggs, and real sugar and real salt and pepper. Almost everyone I know that eats diet this and diet that, is sick all the time and always going to the doctor for something. Me, I havent seen a doctor for 15 years since I took a hockey puck to the eye and needed sewed up. My father is in his mid 80′s, still eats real food, never been on a diet, and he is going good. They can keep their diet food and all that chemical laced substitutes. Me, Ill take the natural stuff, thank you very much.

      • Granny Mae


        I have to say that I agree with you. I do know this, when I first went to my present doctor for the first time she put me on cholesterol meds. and said my cholesterol was too high. When I got home I started checking up on the subject and discovered that there is a belief out there that the problem is caused by eating margarine and trans fats. I changed my diet and started eating as natural as I possibly could and that meant eating real butter. I started eating home grown eggs fried in butter every day and the next tests I had done said my cholesterol was just fine and the doctor was so pleased that the meds. were working so well! I had to fess up that I hadn’t gotten the perscription filled! She wanted to know what I had done to cause the big difference and I told her. She refused to believe it and said it was my genetics ! Maybe but it is also what I eat and I eat eggs fried in butter everyday and I eat bacon and sausage but not on a regular basis. We make our own and just havent had the pigs this year !

      • Cathy

        Beef and milk…BOO. Beef, full of hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, metals, ammonia, and poop. Milk, full of about the same crap. Yuk…

        We are not MEANT to eat meat of any kind although the government has succeeded in promoting this as “healthy.” Milk? Got milk? About the stupidest idea in the world. Milk is meant for the cow’s babies, calves. Not you.

        You are taught how to eat from birth on. You never really “chose” what to eat. Ever think about that? for some awesome education.

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          Your wrong. Maybe you need to read your Bible. Read these verses, and see what the creator of us and all animals has to say about it. Genesis 9: 1-3, Luke 24: 42-43, Romans 14: 2-3, 1 Timothy 4: 1-4, and Acts 10: 9-15. There are more, but these should be enough to set the record straight. As God said, “let him who eats meat, eat meat, and let him who eats vegetables, eat vegetables.”

  • s c

    As bad as some MDs and the FDA are, the VA has its own sad brand of concern. Diabetic vets are at great risk in a VA hospital because you can get “pop” for breakfast, lunch, supper and almost any time you want it (24 hours a day). Supposedly, this is not possible when you’re being treated by healthcare professionals who ‘care’ and ‘know how to treat’ that major health problem.
    Veterans, please educate yourselves. Do NOT rely on what passes for the VA’s medical expertise if you have to go to the VA for a long stay. Ask around. Investigate before you go for treatment(s) or rehab. YOU are your own best helper if you plan on staying healthy. If you have a death wish, drink all the pop you want.

    • Granny Mae

      s c ,

      You got to be a yankee ! LOL ! I don’t know of anyone but us yankee’s that say pop instead of soda ! When I first came south years ago, everyone made fun of me for saying pop! To me pop was pop and soda was not a sweetened drink it was a mixer for mixed drinks also something you cooked with and used for levening ! I love it! I also agree with you about the VA. I have come to experience a lot of things about the VA since having to deal with them for my brother. For one thing one office has no way to deal with anothe office . There is no central location to keep track of all the vet’s and their needs or where they have moved and if they do know in one place where they have moved they have no way of advancing that information to the next state office involved with their health and treatment. It is disgusting !

  • j.McConnell

    Read the labels. There are so many foods containing high fructose corn syrup it isn’t funny.

    • kate8

      j. – It’s worse than that. Corn is universally contaminated by GMO and by fungus. We should avoid ALL corn.

      The trouble is, it’s in EVERYTHING. Almost.

      BTW, HFCS is now also called corn sweetener and corn sugar.

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        Its even in our gas tanks screwing up our cars now.

    • JC

      Look for (sodium) Flouride and Aspartame too. Both are hightly poisonous. Flouride is being put into the water supply in far too many jurisdictions. (98% of Europe has rejected it)And some bottlers of water are starting to add flouride too. Boycott that.
      Aspartame is used heavily in Coca-Cola and …get this…Baby Food.
      All FDA appproved of course.

      • Granny Mae


        I can tell you that cities have been putting floride in water for many years and it is a shame ! I know for a fact that Flint Michigan has had floride treated water since the early 50′s. At that time they got their water from Detroit and detroit allowed it as a cavity fighter for the poor that couldn’t afford dental care. Since Flint got their water from Detroit they had to make that a selling point for it’s safety. They even went so far as to put floride treatments on the school childrens teeth at school. They sold that by giving kids a dental check-up free and those that got their parents permission got to have the treatments free. I know because I was one of those kids. Sad thing is it didn’t help my teeth at all and who knows what kind of effect it has had on my health? I can’t believe they did that knowing it was a poison !

  • Al Bixby

    What you say is correct with some people. However others have worse symptoms. I for one have all those symptoms you mention and eat no bad foods–no cakes, no pies, no sugar. Even so, it’s very difficult for me to lose any weight. If I eat even a small amount of carbohydrate my heart will beat fast, all day long, all night long. And when I say carbohydrate that can just be a piece of fruit. If I exercise for ten or more minutes, my blood sugar drops too low and I get really really tired. I’ve been to many doctors. They all say the same garbage–”Your blood tests are perfect.” I tell them my symptoms, but they offer me nothing. So while what you say is correct, there is no cure (for me at least) other than eating a very very small amount of carbs.

    • Richard Pawley

      Can’t be sure it would help but Dr. Joseph Mercola of Chicago has a clinic there and he also has the largest FREE health and nutrition newsletter on the planet. 100,000 health professionals subscribe along with well over 1,300,000 others all over the earth. He has thousands of pages of information available for those who really want to go into what he has learned since as a young doctor other doctors almost killed him. He does tend to be a bit fanatical but you can see why. I have learned much from him and even take several things he takes. Oh, don’t be turned off by the fact that he sells about 30 products. They are only things he and his own family take which science has proven are very helpful. He does this to raise money to retain four lawyers because he is being frequently sued by the big pharmaceutical companies and big agri-business because he is telling what is wrong with their foods and their drugs. He has had patients who seem to fit your description that he has helped so I would suggest you at least look into what information he has available. It’s at I also know that many people eat when they are in fact thirsty. These people cannot feel the difference between hunger and thirst. Try to drink various hot teas with a meal and plain water over the course of the day. Coffee doesn’t seem to count and diet soda which will cause you to put on weight. I recall that in 1954 when I was in grammar school we were taught in health class that 8 cups of water a day was necessary for good health and recent research in the U.K. a decade or so ago said the same thing. Deep well water or water that has been run through a reverse osmosis machine to remove most of the fluoride is proably best although I use Wal-Mart spring water on ocassion. Never drink pure distilled water although it’s ok to use for tea or coffee. I used to drive to the next state to get water from a friend’s deep well but I’ve been blessed with one myself for the past 13 years. Good luck and I hope this helps.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      What you have can be treated by either an Amish practitioner, who will use herbs and roots and natural ingrediants, or the people at the local health food store should be able to point you in the right direction to be treated for this. Doctors will only want to give you drugs, as anymore it seems like that is all they do, being in bed with the pharmaceutical companies and making money by selling so much of their product. Its a shame.


    Brief Summary: GLOBAL WARNING

    The Bright Morning Stars will restore
    the Bio-Electrode Magnesium Levels in our Atmosphere will restore by
    producing Molly Cellulite
    That life will rebuilt itself and we can maintain our planet with
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    will require and the cooperation of all cities and every nations
    within range not use Public Lighting unless need.
    The start up cost is enormous, but the cost is low to preserve the
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    the I can name



    Eat one hand full of pick leaves for top of trees eat quarterly at one
    time to elasticate arteries
    for full body and give.s energy and remove pain an mobility and youth.





    wrong concening the little body issues then I would be with all
    god grace.

    • Robert

      The 60′s were too good to you, what else are the voices telling you?

      • UnpopedKernals

        That’s the way he rolls.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Uh, someone needs to definitely keep track of that one. Wow. Didnt one like this just surface in Tucson?

  • Crashaxe

    Only in America are people over weight, sick and diseased with high rates of cancers of all types, and the food that we eat is not so much the problem. IT IS THE CHEMICALS THAT THE FDA ALLOWS THE CHEMICAL COMPANIES TO ADD TO OUR FOOD! With genetically altered corn and hormones added to feed that our cattle and chicken consume. Processed foods with chemical additives, microwave ovens, chemicals added to the ground in the farming industry all this contributes to the suffering of Americans. All this controlled by the Federal Trade Commission and the Food and Drug Administration in order for big chemical and drug companies to make Trillions of dollars off the sick and dieing. We as a society, are being made sick purposely so that large companies can make billions of dollars in profits from the drugs and chemicals.
    Every thing now days is labeled a “Syndrome or Disease” when in fact it is the body’s reaction to IMPROPER DIET and ingesting poisonous chemicals and drugs allowed by the FTC and endorsed by the FDA all in order to allow chemical/drug companies to make trillions of dollars from suffering uneducated (on health and nutrition) Americans.
    When if fact when all that is needed in most cases is to start a proper diet of fresh fruits and vegetables with less animal proteins and processed foods.

    • 45caliber

      I noted to my wife how much larger the breasts of girls were now than when we were young. She said that was due to the harmones the dairy farmers fed to the cows producing the milk to get more milk.

      The same thing is true of the other foods you eat. Harmones are given to hogs, cattle, and chickens to make them larger – which is passed along to you. Plants are adapted with harmones to increase their yields.

      So why should anyone be surprised when we eat those things and get fatter too?

      • Crashaxe

        You Sir, are exactly right, or should we say your wife is right…

  • Robt Hauser

    Junk food is for JUNK PEOPLE….Probably the single greatest hero France has had since Vercingatorix was Jose Bovet and i doubt that one person in ten thousand in brain-dead yuppie ridden America would even recall who he was. Bovet was the French farmer who fire up his Caterpillar and dozed a nearby Macs right into the ground. No one occupied the building at the time of course; he wasn’t out to kill anyone, choke-n-pukes like MacDonalds do that anyway—in fact they even killed their own CEO, Charlie Bell—-Jose Bovet was merely delivering his own message his own way.

    I wrote to the french Ambassador back in Hogwashington and volunteered to serve Jose Bovet’s prison time. I was serious. No reply of course.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Well, I dont know about all that. But I will add this, concerning McDonalds. Those guys that got fat and sued them, probably shouldnt order 3 Big Macs and 2 quarter pounders with cheese, and 2 Large fries and a diet coke for one meal. I mean, really, get serious here. My wife was hospitalized with a surgery for a 3 week period, and I didnt have time after work to go home and eat and come up to see her, so I would go directly from work to the hospital, and stop and get me a double cheeseburger, a medium fry, and a glass of water every night. Sometimes I was hungrier, and I got 2 of the double cheeseburgers. In that 3 week period, Hmm, I lost 10 pounds. Its not the food that makes you fat, its eating in in excess, then not burning it off. Unlike a car, with a 20 gallon gas tank, you can only put 20 gallons in it. In our body, we can put in more than we can burn up, and the body stores it as fat. If we dont burn what we put in, we will have problems and grow large. That is just how it is.

  • patrick H.T. paine

    Better is another french guy, BeChamps, who opposed Pasteur and
    ‘germ theory’, the basis of so called medicine which is taught
    and practiced today…….Pasteur had better press coverage and
    journalism is probably worse today than ever. On his deathbed,
    Pasteur admitted that his theory was incorrect…..”the terrain is
    everything.” Of course, actually reporting THIS would have been
    equivilent to admitting that (the press) had been duped all along.

    A man who pursued the “other path” was a canadian, originally from
    France named Gaston Naissons……..what happenned here?
    search and learn

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Probably the same frenchmen who rolled up in a ball, more than once, and cried for the Americans to come save them. Pacifists. I have no respect for them at all.

  • Ken Brody

    I’ve never heard more opinions from less informed people. Quacks of the world, unite!
    The elements that are labelled “syndrome x” are just those we evolved to survive cycles of famine, starvation and decimation over the course of a few hundred thousand years. It has nothing to do with someone adding things to our food. It has a lot to do with the stress of having to survive in a civilization where physical activity is no longer necessary to make a living, food is no longer the prime necessity, and eating is one of the few stress-relieving satisfactions left to us.
    Doctors prescribe a change in life style. This blog makes believe all we need is a little will power to make that change. How many of you really believe that? How many of you can testify to the fact that will power and diet change are simply impossible to sustain?
    A few years ago I changed my life style. I moved to a sailboat, sailed to the tropics and survived on coconuts and fish for lack of money. I lost weight, got fit, and shocked my doctor with the changes when I finally got back.
    For most of us, nothing less than that is going to work.
    Chemicals in the food? Bull. Sure, avoid any foods the quacks decry. That’s one way to diet.

    • Crashaxe

      You Sir make no sense at all, and seem to contradict yourself if you “moved to a sailboat, sailed to the tropics and survived on coconuts and fish for lack of money. I lost weight, got fit, and shocked my doctor with the changes when I finally got back”. What does that say for the prepossessed foods full of chemicals.
      Furthermore if the world is “a few hundred thousand years” old as you claim than why is it that we only have language going back a few hundred years? Are you saying that it took that long for people to figure out how to communicate?

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        We have language going back much further than that. We have original bible texts from at least 2000 years ago. You did know that, didnt you?

    • Granny Mae

      Ken Brody,

      The fish diet has been known for years to be a weight loss diet. It has been noted that the more fish you eat the more you loose. This was the beginnings of the original weight watchers diet back in the very early 60′s. I was on that diet and lost a little weight but the problem is if you are not in a situation where that is all you can eat you cannot stay on that diet for long periods of time. The same thing is true with the Atkins diet. Both are mostly protein and very hard to stay on especially if you have a great deal of weight to loose. Also, if you are a woman with other family members to cook for that don’t have to loose weight it is hard to cook for them and then cook different for yourself. My family all had different calorie needs. My husband could then and still can eat anything in sight and not gain weight, my boys were all into sports of one kind or another and they needed to have lots of calories to keep fromm loosing weight. Two were cross country runners one played basket ball and football, one played tennis and the fifth was just like his dad and just doesn’t gain weight ! Myself on the other hand was made fun of for years because I was so skinny and then when I reached puberty I suddenly became over weight ! I have always been very active in walking riding bikes, dancing, and running after kids. I worked in a factory for years and was very active there walking miles everyday and loading boxes and palletizing boxes for shipping and numerous other activities. I worked 6 and 7 days a week and 8 to 10 hours a day till I thought I would drop. I do not loose weight and I certainly don’t have time to eat with all the other jobs I had to do. Finally one day long after I had gained weight a doctor discovered that I had a thyroid problem. Duuuuh! I had only been telling them that for years. My doctor couldn’t understand how I was even walking around. Needless to say I am now on medication for it and I feel much, much better but I still haven’t lost weight, even though I have no appitite ! My point is everyone is different and what may work for one person doesn’t work for another. There is a lot more to this weight problem found in this country than meets the eye !

      • libertytrain

        I love reading all your updates and information. thanks -

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        A lot of it is hereditary in the genes we were passed down from our parents.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          I only hope I inherited my dads genes! He was never sick and he lived to 89 years old and died of cancer in about six months. He was one of the luckier ones in that he didn’t suffer much at all! Course, if he had of suffered a little they might have found it a little sooner! I just don’t know.

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            If I live to be 89 Joe, I will call it a good complete life, and Im sure your father and you feel the same way. He is better off the way he went, because when they find it earlier, just from what Ive seen, all they do is poison the body with chemo and radiation, and sell us expensive drugs, that only prolong the inevitable, that we are going to pass, and actually it takes away the quality of life, being dependant on all these drugs and not feeling good at the same time. I myself would prefer to leave the way your father did, quickly as you said. I watched my mom die for 3 years from emphysema brought on by smoking non filtered cigarettes for 45 years, and it wasnt pretty.

  • Delores Smith

    I live in Arizona. My Syndrome problem is Syndrome Obama and Syndrom Soros, but I do know how to handle them.
    Delores Smith

    • 45caliber

      A proper application of lead poisoning?

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Its called time will heal all wounds, and when their time is up in 2012, we kick them to the curb and start healing that wound. Right now, they are causing me great pain also.

  • 45caliber

    I saw an editorial many years ago and I still agree with it. The editor who wrote it was talking about the cure for cancer.

    He stated that if a cancer cure ever was discovered, it would NOT be found by the Cancer Foundation.

    When a polio vacination was created it almost eradicated polio in the US (and the world from what I know). Over 200,000 medical practitioners in all sections suddenly found themselves out of work. How can you be a polio specialist when polio no longer exists? It was two years before they settled on “childhood diseases” to be able to get back to work.

    There has never been a cure for anything found since.

    Instead, they come up with treatments for the various diseases. The ideal is a disease you keep for fifty years and you pay the medical (and pharmacutical) profession several thousand dollars a year in fees to be treated.

    As the editor stated, if a pill could be developed that would cure cancer, even if it cost $10,000 for the dose, the medical profession would get less money than if they kept you alive and treated you for the next twenty years.

    Further over 2,000,000 people (at that time) would be put out of work with a cancer cure.

    He also stated that you could tell the Cancer Foundation wasn’t interested in a cure because every time a doctor, anywhere in the world, announced that he might have a cure, the Cancer Foundation immediately issued a statement that it wouldn’t work – even before they checked it.

    So don’t expect to see a cure for anything in your lifetime. At least not in from the US.

    • kate8

      45 – You are right. No cures will be forthcoming from the medical community.

      But don’t look there! Cures exist for those who seek them. They aren’t the only game in town. They just are in control.

      We just need to become informed and educated, and take back our power.

      • 45caliber

        Talk about control -

        Several years ago in LA a couple had a 3 year old son who had cancer. The US doctors gave the parents six months for him to live.

        They went to Mexico and got some treatment there that hadn’t been approved in the US. The boy lived two more years. As soon as he had died, the doctors there in LA filed murder charges against the parents because they had taken the boy to Mexico for unauthorized treatments rather than continue to bring him to them.

        It makes you wonder, doesn’t it.

        • kate8

          45 – Yep. And if he’d gotten treatment here he’d most likely have died within a year. And there wouldn’t have been a peep.

    • Richard Pawley

      And I rather suspect that Autism is the new cancer as far as the millions for research goes. Hundreds of millions but no cure will be found. From all I have read it seems to have something to do with all the chemicals in our food and water working together, sometimes mixing with questionable substances in vaccines and/or the fact that so many vaccines are given. When I went to school you needed two or three shots. I recall when the polio vaccine came along. I don’t remember having the mumps but I know I had the measles. Today young children have up to 38 vaccines before they start school unless their parents know their rights under the law which vary from state to state. Nowadays they want us to get flu vaccines forever! I had some kind of shots when I went into the military but that was before any GMO foods and synthetic foods had been invented. I’m of the opinion that a few vaccines are worth while and I wouldn’t want anyone to get polio or tuberculosis, but 38 for a child? It has only been a few decades since we created Canola Oil and High Fructose Corn Syrup, both invented in lab and then genetically modified or engineered corn and soy and sugar beets and….well, you get the idea. And isn’t it interesting that the AMISH have almost no Autism (those who work on the farm eat what they grow and they use no chemicals and most assuredly no GMO seeds). A few work off the farm these days and they eat what the rest of us eat so they do have some Autism but only a tiny fraction of what everybody else gets. So what does congress do? Last month they passed a so-called food safety bill that all 20 big agri-businesses supported as long as it applied to small farmers like the AMISH but who they opposed if it didn’t. Sadly both Democrats and Republicans signed his new bill and if it is carried to it’s vague extreme they could regulate not only the AMISH farmers but possibly even your home garden. They have exemptions just like the hundreds who have gotten exemptions from the forced insurance policies that all must buy in a few years compliments of Obama-Pelosi-Reid care. Grow your own, beware of Round-Up and Sevin and DDT or only buy local farm raised organic or near organic. Get to know the farmer. Remember you can’t eat what most Americans eat and not get the diseases that most Americans get.

  • Karen W

    In 1989 the FDA banned nutirients as a danger in foods and the food manufacturing companies were urged to use preservatives that destroy these nutrients. You know the stuff that helps us live. Oh and lets not forget that deadly nutrient slash mineral chromium picolinate had to be removed from food. That mineral is what operates the pancreas. Now we have tons of diabetics. Cook real food people! Also Soybean isotate and isolate both destroy and absorb the protien nutrients in the food they are in and the food you eat for a solid 12 to 24 hours afterward. Splenda is made of 4 pesticides and 4 toxic chemicals blasted into a molecule of sugar. It is a cloral carbon consumed by humans. Cloral carbons are the most deadly things on earth. Aspertane is a real killer and both make you constantly hungry. Soy isotate isolate produces goitragens that eat up protien and nutrients and effect the thyroid gland brutally. All the while making you get hungier and hungrier. You get fatter and fatter and eventually die from malnutrition and the problems that go with it. America needs to go back to cooking at home and stay away from preprocessed foods. All the above is in diet foods and a lot of our preprocessed foods. Sacrin was damaged by a bogas study that did a 7 DAY test of it feeding and injecting rats with a whole case of the stuff in a 7 DAY period to get those results. You know why? To bring in the aspertane and sacrin works without side effects.


    as my physician recommend to friends

  • lighterknot

    I thought for a minute I was reading a liberal blog; now if you could just add two and two you could probably connect the dots. Sorry; some great post.

    • Jo

      You’re right, these are some great posts. I have spent years searching out alternative health products and organic foods. I have also told a many a person on other sites about these things. And yes, I’ve done enough research on the FDA and big drug companies to know that their greed is in the way of our health. I dig deep. I have tried different natural blood pressure pills, but none so far has worked for me. Perhaps you or someone on this site can point me to one you have used and it worked for you.Organic is the way to go, but I know its expensive, so I get what I can and hope for the best. Some on this site mentioned Obama’s wife and the school children and food at school, well, they have an organic garden at the white house and it made me wonder why she’s pushing chemical laden foods on the kids if she knows organic food is best.Sorry to use your answer site for my lecture, lightknot. One more thing I wanted to mention to all of you… there are already genetically engineered foods out there, but with no labling. Seedless watermellon is one of them and some chips.

  • DC

    What a great article by Dr.Mark Wiley. Thank you Bob Livingston for bringing this useful information to your readers. I wonder how many people will actually listen.
    Bob would you also introduce your readers to Dr. McDougall? Dr. John McDougall (don’t forget that 2nd “L” because not all doctors are created equal) He is known as the doctor who takes people OFF their medication, by way of a starch based diet with the addition of fruits and vegetables. It’s this really wild concept called breakfast, lunch and dinner. Imagine that. Our bodies are meant to have starch, not meat and dairy, which the body recognizes as foreign material and seeks to destroy it. However, when we cram more “foreign crap” in it than it can seek and destroy is when disease can set it. Over time this foreign material accumulation results in disease. Dr. McDougall explains this so much better though. Please check out his website at and sign up for his FREE newsletters, they’re fantastic! As your readers that commented have already pointed out the problem is with the way the Doctors are trained and the Medical Profession itself got off on the wrong foot back when it was getting started in the 1800′s. It’s always been about profit over prevention. It just galls the (may I please say…)jackass medical profession to give Dr. McDougall credit and yet Dr. McDougall is absolutely NOT the one who discovered the starch based diet angle. He will be the first to tell you so.
    OK, so one more request, and that is to encourage your readers to read The China Study by T. Colin Campbell, and his son. The answers as why young girls are having menstual periods, etc are in that book. It’s time to turn things around for the sake of our own health and the health of the coming generation. Besides if Many Lives Many Masters is correct we come back here anyway…”eternal life”.
    I wouldn’t mind seeing Dr. Wiley being invited to Dr. McDougall’s Advance Study Week end where he can speak to an interested audience.
    Have a great day Dr. Wiley, and you too Bob!

    • Dr. Mark Wiley

      Thank you for the kind words and for directing our readers to Dr. McDougall and also The China Study book. For more than 10 years I have been reading Dr. McDougall’s new. A few years back I read The China Study and found it paradigm-shifting. Everyone should read it. And I would be honored to share at Dr. McDougall’s Advance Study Weekend, if an invitation were forthcoming. Thanks for sharing!

  • jeanelane

    I read so many responses and then I get tired of the blah blah blah. Everyone is blaming something. Why not read all the information out there. Distill it down to what works for you. Then do it. Quit blaming doctors, FDA, farmers, etc, etc.

    Its is what you put in your mouth. You made the choice. Quit blaming others. I am fat because I choose to be fat. Not because someone else shoves food in my mouth or because someone else makes me sit all day and night.

    Take some of the very good advice pointing to some resources. Not all work for everyone. If one thing worked for everyone, we would all be slim, blond, and blue-eyed ;)

    It just our whole society is more worried about who to blame that looking within, about anything. So you want to be an adult? An adult takes responsibility. A child blames.

    • Jo

      You’re right, we’re to blame for what we put in our mouth, but also to blame for not trying to get other answers to hows and whys to our unhealthy state. To be healthy you either do your own research or ask one that knows what they are talking about [ and I don't mean grab some medical drugs and toss them down your mouth ].I’m taking blood pressure medicine, and have for a long time now, but want to get off them because in the long run they are going to hurt my organs. So, I’m searching out and trying to get info on a natural way to better the problem. Meds are dangerous, but some come in handy when emergecies come up. But after that its best to go another way for your health.


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