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Swine flu cases continue to climb

April 29, 2009 by  

Swine flu cases continue to climb As the number of confirmed cases of swine flu increases across North America, the first fatality has been reported in the U.S.

The number of cases in the U.S. has risen to 91 and is spread across 10 states, according to the CDC. A 22-month-old child from Mexico who came to Texas for treatment became the first fatality in the U.S.

"Although it is far too early to know the degree to which the current swine flu outbreak warrants alarm, the number of cases and the speed with which the virus has spread around the globe serves as an opportunity to [discuss] the critical nature of preparedness," says Dr. Georges C. Benjamin, executive director of the American Public Health Association.

Swine flu presents similar symptoms to other strains of flu virus, including coughing, sneezing, fever, chills and vomiting. Some people may also experience difficulty breathing, dizziness or a rash.

At this time, it may be wise to avoid crowded places and wear masks if it is necessary to ride a subway or go to a supermarket.

Washing hands with soap and water or using alcohol-based hand sanitizers frequently during the day is also good practice. Cover your nose and mouth when you cough or sneeze and avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth.

Experts have also stressed the importance of keeping the workspace clean by sanitizing desktops, phones and computer keyboards, especially if they are used by many people.

Talking to your employer about their contingency plan for a situation where many employees are unable to work may also be a good idea.


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  • patti

    I believe the most news media have put some Americans in a panic mode.
    This is not that serious and not a pandemic. Ever so often in the past the media hypes up a particular flu strain thats going to be “the one” that’s going to kill thousands or millions of people. This is crazy. People need to relax and just take some simple precautions. Listen to the symptoms that most doctors that are interviewed have expressed you look for. America has the best healthcare in the world and this flu is treatable. Does flu , any flu have the potential to cause death, absolutely…but not on a massive scale. The Bush administration actually put a plan in place to deal with such a crisis….if it were to happen. His administration actively pursued the drug companies to make sure they manufactured and had flu vaccines available for such an occurence. This is why our country is in the state it is in, because the American people (most) don’t bother to stay informed and pay attention
    and do their homework. A true American stays up on current events, participates in the political process at the local and state and federal level each and everytime you are supposed to vote…..not just every 4 years. It’s your responsiblity and your civic duty as an American citizen to stay involved and pay attention.

    • Terry

      I definitely agree that too many Americans keep their head in the sand and do not keep up with bills that are being passed etc., BUT I do NOT agree that this couldn’t become a pandemic. This administration failed to take action on closing the border on the country that this flu came from. IF that had been done IMMEDIATELY, there would have been FEWER carriers to transmit it to people here!!! The MORE carriers, the FASTER diseases spread. I really don’t like their putting “politically correctness” ABOVE our safety!

      • John

        I agree with Terry’s response to this. Yes, Americans do keep their head in the sand when it comes to legislative actions unless something directly affects them. However, for anyone to say this swine flu is not dangerous is being naive. Take a look at the real facts. The cases have doubled every day since the first reports. There is NO effective vaccine for the treatment of this flu at this time. There are no amino acid markers in this strain, which make it very difficult to issolate and identify, which is necessary for health care professionals to develop that effective vaccine. The development of an effective vaccine could take as long as 6 months or longer and it will then take an additional 15 weeks or so to distribute this vaccine to states and other health care facilities. The way I understand it, the vaccine will be more difficult to develop due to the lack of these amino acid markers.

        For once, I don’t believe the media is trying to dramatize this situation. So far, all the reports I have read, which include updates from the World Health Organization and the CDC, have indicated that this is much more serious than what the media is reporting at this time. Further, many of these reports are those that are sent to other organizations so that they can update their emergency action plans, not info bulletins nor general media releases. I do find it quite curious that on Friday, the CDC recommended staying away from public places and socially quarantining yourself as much as possible, then when the government tries to minimize the situation to keep a public panic of sorts from occurring, they CDC 24 hours later says public exposure will not increase your chances of contracting this flu or any other viral disease…give me a break. Do they really believe that the american public is that ignorant or naive…many yes but not the mainstream I think.

        Grant it, there are many precautions that the public should take on its own without any kind of warning going on, common sense issues if you will. Proper individual hygiene, washing hands frequently, keeping your hands out of your eyes/mouth, etc. The problem I see is that as with most flu’s and viruses, there are no indications of symptoms at first, which makes it a joke that officials at the borders are keeping an eye out for people showing symptoms or appearing to be sick. The most contagious period is when they are first contracted and not after they begin to show symptoms. I would not travel on the airlines at this time personally as the air quality in a plane is already the worst situation you can be exposed to already, without the added threat of a flu or virus.

        Take your own health into your own hands and consider socially quarantining yourself at least until this threat is lessened.

        Just my take on the situation.

    • EJB

      You’re right not to panic, but if you think that this is such a joke, why don’t you and your family go down to Texas or Mexica..I think that obama is very negligent and irresponsible, by choosing not to close the Mexican border, at least until this is in check. He’s playing russian rullet with American lives.

    • Andee

      You are partly right; consider this: panic attacks, unhappy citizens already, lies are broadcast of how bad this is; think about it: Each and every flu season we have deaths that is a given; each and every season they push people to get the nasty flu vaccine, for why? This is no more than a ploy to push the radical agenda of everyone being forced to be vaccinated and thes vaccines are known to be contaminated..that is what happened to 500000 soldiers way back when…the gov’t tainted the vaccines and also to force us into thinking we have to have Socialized medicine to be taken care of properly……………….we can take care of ourselves properly if we drink water w/o chlorine added (causes neuro problems), has the trace minerals in it and does not sit on the shelves in storage for 4 ot 6 months before being sold; we can learn to cook again, from scratch and avoid the nitrites, hydrogenated oils, monodextrin, MSG, etc., we can learn not to use the microwave for it zaps the nutrients right out of our food, we that can, raise a garden; your homegrown is closer to organic than what you buy at most stores..however, organic means no pesticide sprays that are not natural, no fertilizers that are not natural..then we can see better health start..I know, I changed my course due to a grandson with a heart problem facing death has changed my habits, my way of doing things, can’t do as much as when I was “Zapping” , we are healthier for the nitrates are gone about 80% of the time, etc.

  • Doff Trolio

    The Pig flu is only a way to get off the topic of Tea Party groups. Wake up

    • Andreas

      I’m just as suspicious about these distractions as you are (and many still thinking American Patriots) are. Such as this so called “photo op fly-over at Ground Zero”. But the fact is you must/ we must for our family sake consider this dangerous to our collective (hate to use this term) health. So WE LEGAL US AMERICANS must try to protect US, so use the forgotten COMMON SENSE! I wish there were more
      T -Parties (waiting for the BIG ONE in Washington!) But for now we are unsafe (wide open borders etc.) and must take this FLU (Created or not) serious.

      • Dave

        Thank god, people that have common sense and can see the reality of BO and the media using this as a distraction.

      • Andee

        Where are you? PErhaps I can help you organize a party of your own or get you hooked up with one…we are growing in Wyoming and we intend to keep doing so.

        Join the Patriot Resistance group! At least they keep you informed and keep the adrenalin flowing, first of all pray and then do what you can to bring America back to smiles and better times. It is going to be a rough road.

        I think we are naive if we think the Hussein Regime will listen to us as we grow and pursue this activity peacefully. He and Janet have thrown mud in our face for the second time now…………she needs to go…there is a petition on Grassfire and AFA to sign stating she must go…please find and sign if you have not………….then if needed, get a copy of your State’s Constitution, if it has not been reaffirmed lately, get it around and gather the needed signatures to get it in front of your legislature and then to the governor for signing. Texas and New Hampshire have done this, WY is in the process. Texas and NewHamshire, I am told, if I interpreted it right, have put secession wording into their new Constitutions and I am hopeful WY will follow and make it binding as Montana’s is. Write me at siouxcro@yahoo.if you want to help in any manner.


    • http://personalliberty Lisa

      I agree. Whenever the Democrats think that they might be slipping, they create some sort of crisis to take the focus off of what should be at forefront. This party is like David Copperfield; while they have the country focused on “the crisis” they pull a fast one through the back door. America needs to pay attention now more than ever. Hell, influenza kills 30-40,000 people a year in this country, and they freaking people out about 100 cases in the USA. Give me a break!!!!!!

      • Jerry

        Whenever ther is a smokescreen like a flu virus turning pandemic, I try and look through the fog to understand what the agenda really is. Everyone needs to google HB 1444 ! This is a revision of HB 1388 which has already passed. Read both bills very carefully. Both Democrats and Republicans should be scared. They hold much more weight than any flu virus.

      • Rob

        Lisa and Jerry, you are on the right track thinking like that.
        Now apply it exponentially and include both parties. Its not the Democrats or the Republicans you need to worry about, its the Federal Government. It does not matter who is in office.

      • Andee

        As with each appt. this so called President has made, there is a sour reason behind this media buzz….he is developing a Regime, not a government. HE seems to think he is J.C. and that is not for Carter my friend!

        My goodness, those in New York infected others after returning from a bus trip for school in Mexico, then we have a family with a member down that goes to Boston and infects someone else..well, now you see the scenario………..this is a ploy for socialized medicine and to get our attention off the new 3.4 trillion dollars he is going to heap on our shoulders.j

        Taxation w/o respresentation is a Constitutional no-no and he pulled that…not one Congressional member had a chance to read nor discuss the Stimulus bill……how could they represent us in this if they weren’t aware of what is in it? Then, 24 hours before he made an appt to sign it, he personally asked Geithner to ask Dobbs to include the AIG bonuses to be paid; if that weren’t enough, he said “Don’t leak it to the media.”

        “Don’t let the media know, Janet Napolitano on her message of our vets (you know those that died for her and fought for her so she could live in this once, powerful and great nation), being terrorists, or we that love our nation and want better for ourselves, our children and the future are also terrorists, then comes back out today and makes fun of our efforts with such comments as childish, we don’t have time for this nonsense, etc.” Heck people, they are the terrorists. Look at the suicides and homicides that are taking place. People are scared and scared to death of this developing Regime; those that have mental problems think, it is better to be dead than to suffer at their hands so away they go and sometimes they take their families with them. This is sad, it is a sin, it is a tragedy when we have to be afraid of our own government. Every other word out of Hussein’s mouth is a distortion or an out and out lie.

        • http://personalliberty Lisa

          It is time for the patriots of this country to really stand up and be heard. It does not matter if you are a Republican or a Democrat, we are about to lose the very freedoms so many lost their lives for. I do not want to sit by and watch it happen. If that makes me a “terrorist” so be it. We need to ban together and do something before it is too late. This President is a radical and will stop at nothing to get what he wants. How dare he go to rogue nations and bow down to oppresive dictators and apologize for America. How dare he accept a book from Chavez and say he looks forward to reading it. I bet he does! Look who his friends are; Bill Ayers, Jerimiah Wright, Father Flager and the like. You guessed it, all of them radicals! Wake up America!!!!!!

  • tina max

    Yes, wash your hands, but the best protector of all is a healthy diet that boosts the immune system. My belief is that the flu is unpredictable, it might evolve into something more serious where no treatment exists or it might not.

    And the very best precaution is to stay away from meat. Smithfields Foods is the most disgusting, unsanitary instituion that I have ever witnessed. (The pig farm from where the flu initiated) Not only are they unsanitary but they inject the animals with antibiotics and hormones that consumers ingest upon eating the animal. A plant-base diet is the best. Tina

    • Rob

      I disagree with what you say about meat. That meat processing plant you refer to may be bad like you say, but meat in general is good for you. You would be hard pressed to find adaquate levels of B-12 from any plant based source. And the list goes on. You need fats. A diet low in fat leads to developmental problems in children. There is a lot of misinformation, and misunderstood information out there. If fats really caused heart disease, why then after my dad had 3 heart attacks starting 25 years ago, my mother never had a single heart issue? Her heart is fine. We all ate the same diet, as my mother did all the cooking. Obviously, there is another component to the heart disease mystery other than what you eat.
      Meat is fine for you, infected meat loaded with growth hormones is another story….
      But even a lot of our vegtables come in from Mexico. Maybe you remember, a few years ago there was an outbreak of Hepatitus. It was traced to tainted onions that come in from disease infested Mexico. And the strawberries loaded with Cryptospridium….

      Clean food is best.

      • tina max

        Hi, a few misconceptions, 1st, I do consume oils, olive and flax seed oil and 2nd, I usually buy organic fruits and vegetables. If the veggies and fruits are not organic, I only buy US. (US is not a guarantee but better than from Mexico or Chile.) Also, meat is loaded with saturated fat and cholesterol, even if not injected with hormones, steroids and antibiotics.

        You might want to do a search of PCRM, (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine) a group of doctors who frown upon any meat consumption and will give their reasons, supporting it with scientific data and factual information. They can quote it better than
        I can. I also find that since transitioning from a meat eating diet 25 years ago, I have never been stricken with any type of flu or illness, maybe a few mild colds.

        If that isn’t enough, factory farming is one of the worst evnironmentally producing toxins known to mankind.

        • Rob

          Well I am glad you are in good health Tina.
          Dispite what the doctors will tell you, cholesterol is not bad for you. My dad always had low cholesterol, and yet suffered 3 heart attacks, and an eventual heart transplant up in Boston. my mother did all the cooking, and we all ate the same food. 25 years later, my mother is in excellent health, never any heart problems. Is it really all caused by food?
          Even eggs they tell us is bad because of the cholesterol, but that study was done in the 50′s using powdered egg mix, the results using real eggs are very different.

          In fact, if you eat a diet low in cholesterol, you body will start producing what they call the “bad” cholesterol to fill in what you are not getting from your diet.
          Butter is far better than margerine. And sugar, when most people eat a high sugar diet, they gain weight. Your body converts that to fat, and deposits it in various locations in your body. Could the arteries be one such place? Not saying you eat a high sugar diet, just saying….
          And arterial plaque, is not pure fat. Its plaque. Its got a high mineral content, much of it calcium.

          Doctors tell us salt is bad for us too…See Bob’s article. He’s absolutely right. Even MY doctor agrees. Again, not saying you are a salt phobic, just saying much of what doctors tell us flies in the face of what is good for us. Most doctors don’t know either, as they were trained to believe this.

          If you are doing good as a vegitarian, then so be it, if its working for you. The ones I have known are tired all the time.

          As for me, I have not had the flu since I was 6 years old, and not a single cold since starting thyroid medication. Lots of factors.

          Bottom line, your genes are the greatest risk factor of all.
          I am sorry if I sounded critical of your choices, I don’t mean to be.

  • Donna

    Obviously, you have NOT educated yourself on GMO’s and what has happened to
    ALL our food supply in the past 20 years. Simply stating a plant based diet is
    the best, does not make it so! A good place to begin to educate yourself is with
    “The Future of Foods”, I believe it is available to view online.

  • Cara

    While sickness and death should not be taken lightly, the media and even our own government has blown this situation way out of proportion. Why? I think the answer lies in power, greed and control. Sad isn’t it? I am not saying that disease cannot ever overtake humanity. We would be very gullible to believe that. But this is “not” one of those times! Be careful what is comming down the road by our benevolent government who seems to think it can take care of us better than we can ourselves. Think twice before buying into the solution of Tamiflu and Vaccines. Both have had serious consequences when tried before (paralysis and death … worse than the actual disease). Build up your immune system in order to avoid catching this or experiencing a severe case. I keep reading the solution is optimizing our Vit D (D3) levels, Omega 3 (Krill oil), sleep, exercise, reduce stress and wash wash wash. Seems like our govenment could use a good washing too!!

  • Ken Hammer

    I think people are overreacting to all the the swine flu hype. Right now only a few hundred people have died worldwide, which statistically is insignificant. I don’t mean to minimize these deaths, because anytime somebody dies it’s a terrible thing. But how many people died in the last few weeks from heart attacks, strokes or cancer? How many people died in auto accidents, or from suicide bombers? How many thousands people are starving to death due to oppressive and corrupt governments? It’s much more than those who died from the swine flu. But the media doesn’t give too much attention to most of that any more. We’ve been somewhat hardened to all that. This is something new, and it’s playing on people’s fears, so the government, the media and the drug companies are capitalizing on it. Does it have the potential to become a worldwide epidemic? I don’t think anybody really knows. I guess the issue is that it can spread quickly or unpredictably. I think we certainly need to be aware and prepared, but there’s a fine line between taking precautions and living in fear. We need to trust that the Lord will protect us, and then exercise good judgement in our daily lives.

  • Tony

    Swine flu is just another Wag the Dog….

    • Rob

      Tony, I think the answer to that lies in looking to other countries, and seeing how they are reacting. I would find it unlikely that all the countries with an outbreak would be using it for political gain.
      But its good to keep a skepticle and distrustful eye on the government.

      • Tony

        I agree there is no conspiracy between countries…However, 360, or 400, or even 1000 cases worldwide isn’t worth talking about. We probably have more than 1000 case of seasonal flu just in the county I live in, if the 9 or ten people in my office that either have the flu or one of their family members does is any indication…

        But it sure does take our mind off of the fall of the American empire…

  • Larry

    Pandemic or Smoke Screen
    The Swine Flu has been the focus of all the media and major political personnel. We have heard the reports from the DHS, the CDC, the World Heath Org (WHO), many Governors, and even the president has added his comments on the Swine Flu. Now I am not trying to minimize the seriousness of the Swine Flu, but let’s put some perspective on the disease as of today. To date about 160 people have died worldwide with all the deaths occurring in Mexico (I did hear that one 2 year old visiting from Mexico died in Texas). The W.H.O just raised the world wide pandemic level to phase FIVE which is the second highest level.

    It is not uncommon that during a normal flu season that 30,000 to 36,000 people can die just in the United States each and every year. When the Hong Kong flu hit in the late 60’s, over 700,000 deaths occurred with over 50,000 just in the USA. I am comparing these stats for one reason; that is, the media and government excessive hype. Now I can remember back to the Hong Kong Flu in the 60’s, the Asian Flu in the 80’s, and the Avian Flu a few years ago—there was some media and political responses, but nothing that compares to attention the Swine Flu is getting. It seems to me that there is an excessive amount of hype on the Swine Flu Pandemic as they are now calling it. Whenever I see this amount of attention being applied to a problem, I am looking around to see what the heck the “other hand” is doing. No one is talking about the budget, the War, the actions of Congress, or the actions of the rest of the government—all the attention is on the Swine Flu Pandemic or maybe I should say Swine Flu Smoke Screen. Let’s review what is currently being discussed by our illustrious and aristocratic leaders.
    •Congress passed the $3.42 Trillion budget today.
    •Kathleen Sebelius was voted in as the Secretary of the Health and Human Services Department.
    •Where is Eric Holder? He is busy in Prague considering if the US should sign on to an international treaty (CIFTA) that would bypass the 2nd amendment and take firearms and ammunition away from all Americans. Eric Holder and many others believe International Treaties supersede our constitution (See Article VI CL2). They do not require Congressional Approval. Holder is also trying to dump the Getmo Terrorist.
    •Congress is currently debating the passage of a massive Health Care bill.
    •Congress is debating Cap and Trade again. The EPA is also doing an end run on this by declaring CO2 a toxic pollutant which will allow them to regulate it. This will add about $300-$1000 annually to every utility bill and add cost to food and other consumer goods. Global Warming equals Green Fascism if we follow Al Gore’s lead.

    What else are these guys cooking up? I am still looking and everyone else should be looking. I believe it was General Eisenhower who would divert the enemies attention away from his real plan and then strike for the kill. Is that what is going on now with all our attention being diverted to the Swine Flu Pandemic? We need to watch these social elitist really close and not let our attention be diverted by Smoke Screens.

  • Rob

    I do find it strange that this Swine Flu virus is a mix of Human Influenza, Swine Flu, and Avain Flu. How would that occur? Thats a lot of flu around 1 pig to get a multi strain mutation. And I have heard they did not find any dead or infected pigs anywhere. Am I wrong on that? Could this be coming from a rough bio lab? And if so, could this outbreak be a test of how fast and wide a virus can spread, and/or a test of the world’s readiness to deal with an outbreak? What I am wondering, is could something worse be on its way?
    probably not.

    • Cara

      Rob, I think, unfortunately, you ARE on the right track. Apparently, labs have done this heinous act before (a criminal assault on mankind). It is entirely plausible.

      • Rob

        Yes, the more I look into this strange virus, the more I realize I am not the only one that finds its a little disturbing. I really don’t want to be spreading unsubstanciated rumors but some are saying its been created through gene splicing. And I could find nothing on infected pigs. This is a new virus, its not in any of the world’s virus banks. Its new. Its 3 viruses spliced together. Where did it originate? In animals, people or labs?
        That needs to be followed up on.

  • Sue Blake

    God did not give us a spirit of fear….2Tim 1:7
    That is first, next is get hold of Collodial Silver.
    Start using the silver now ……….perventative
    Jerry Golden’s web has directions to make…..

  • s c

    For those who are concerned about the latest Trojan Horse, concentrate on building up your immune system. Eat healthy foods, try to put a lid on your bad habits, and do that which bureaucrats and elected losers don’t want people to do on their own [THINK!].
    Find ways to be independent. Few things are as sad as people who hate to think, prefer to act like they’re part of a herd, and would never dare to ask questions of those who don’t know the difference between freeedom and slavery.
    Be an American. If you hate America, move somewhere else and learn a new language. Our Constiitution came before our home-grown human slimers who use Washington as though it’s their own private country club. Grow a spine. Give a damn. Use your head. Don’t let emotions control you.

  • duke

    Our HMO has waiting rooms filled with SICK people who sneeze, cough, etc. They also have a box of face mask filters. Do those who are filling the air with a mist use them? NO!!!

    So I will have to for my lung’s sake.

    I have an appointment this PM and will ask why the clerk who takes our ID isn’t monitoring those who sneeze, etc.


  • Bianca Gascoigne



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