Swedish Post-It War Inspired By French


STOCKHOLM, Sweden, Sept. 2 (UPI) — A Swedish office worker said the Post-it art war he started with a neighboring building was inspired by a similar contest between French workers.

Bo Isaksson, who works at an IT building near the Stockholm government buildings, said reading about the French Post-it war led him to use the sticky notes to make an image of a “Space Invaders” character on his window, Swedish news agency TT reported Friday.

“Then someone across the street responded. That was unexpected,” he said.

Isaksson said the designs have become more elaborate as the entire office has become involved.

Mattias Hallstrom, Isaksson’s boss, said the activity may take time away from work, but he welcomes it because it creates a social togetherness in the office that he expects to lead to increased productivity.


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