Survey Suggests Love Has Something To Do With It


PRINCETON, N.J., Oct. 29 (UPI) — A survey suggests that a quick jolt to the U.S. economy would be provided if more people simply tied the knot.

“Married Americans spend more than those in any other marital status category,” researchers at Gallup said.

In the survey released Monday, Gallup said married Americans spend an average of $102 per day.

Those living as domestic partners spend an average of $98 per day and divorced Americans spend considerably less, parting with $74 per day.

What does love have to do with it? The survey found that those who have never married spend an average of $67 per day, while those who are widowed spend $62 per day.

Further, individuals who are married spend more across all age groups, the survey found.

While the marriage rate has fallen in recent years, Gallup said “it is possible” that will turn around soon “based on pent-up demand for marriage.”

Gallup said the data was gleaned from surveys conducted Jan. 1 through Sept. 30 in the firm’s daily tracking survey.

The survey is based on a random sample of 135,537 adults. The results, it can be said with 95 percent certainty, with 1 percentage point error rate.

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