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Survey Suggests Fierce Party Competition In November

October 1, 2010 by  

Survey suggests fierce party competition in NovemberPopular wisdom has it that the incumbent president's party is doomed to lose the first midterm elections, and predictions are not any different this year. However, a new survey suggests that Republicans may still have to fight for every single vote. 

According to the Harris Poll, a total of 40 percent of all registered voters would cast their ballot for the Democratic candidate and 36 percent would go for the Republican candidate, if elections were held today.

However, the picture changes when the pool of respondents is limited to those who identify themselves as Independents, and whose votes are considered to be the biggest prize in this contest.

Among those Americans, only 23 percent would support a Democrat, while 35 percent would prefer a Republican candidate, with 27 percent undecided.

That said, if a Tea Party contestant is added to the mix, Democrats are again ahead, at 41 percent, while GOP candidates can only count on 23 percent support. The Tea Party representative would score 13 percent.

In order to win control over the House of Representatives, Republicans need to add a net of 39 seats to their rolls. 

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  • DaveH

    It might be better if the Democrats retained control. That way they can’t play the usual “blame the Republican” game when the economy goes into the doghouse.

    • s c

      DaveH, I know what you mean and I have an idea as to how you feel, but kindly re-think what you said. To let the current crop of criminals remain in power makes no more sense than letting convicted felons run our prisons because ‘they’re already there and they’re insiders.’
      We need to get RID of the sunny beaches. We can’t afford to keep them around or let them stay comfy. The stakes are too high, and this nation is in deep stuff. Complacency got us where we are. It’s a disease that has to be eliminated.

      • GregS

        S C, as usual, you are soooo right! The stakes are indeed too high. With the current bad economy and ObummerCare, this country is about ready to fall off the cliff. The ONLY way to keep it from going completely over the edge, is to get as many Democrats OUT as we possibly can in November. What I fear the most, is that in many of the close races, the Democrats will win, due to conservatives who won’t vote in those races, because they don’t like either candidate. These people fail to see the importance of stopping the damage that the Democrats have already done. It’s very sad.

    • 2WarAbnVet

      It doesn’t matter they will always find a way to blame the “evil” “racist” Republicans.

    • jamie

      Yea the REPUBS did a great job on the economy. We need more of that 2007 and 2008 economy of George Bush. 8 million job looses in two years. Thats what we need again. Boy you people have short memories.

      • ValDM

        I bet you forgot that it was a Dem controlled house during those years, Huh? Go back and get some facts before you completely convince everyone you are an ignoramous.

        • jamie

          WOW ingnoranmus and clueless. Sounds like you two need to look in the mirror. Yes it was a DEM congress with the CEO administation. It wasn’t a DEM congress or senate when the REBS voted to raise the debt ceiling in 2004 and 2006. Why is it OK for REBS to raise the national debt but not the DEM? If the REPUBS hadn’t run us into the ground to help the only group that didn’t need help we’d be fine now. Where is the jobs the REPUBS promised if we did the tax cuts? No JOBS in Bushes presidency. Can’t blame that on the DEMS. They wasn’t calling the shots at any point until 2007 and if Bush didn’t agree with the bill why did he sign them. You people are blind FOOLS if you think your party hasd nothing to do with this recession. My facts are correct and i stand by them…all of them…maybe you should pay more attention to whats going on and stop listening to a drug addict, Rush Limbo, and FOX opinion news.

          • Steve Dolyniuk

            Jamie: You are a typical Democrat all right. Dumber then a Box of Rocks, but still run off at the mouth. Crawl back under the rock you came out from under.

        • Average Joe Patriot

          Perhaps I’m an ignoramus too, or maybe it’s just age-related, but in over forty years I haven’t seen a lot of difference in the direction the country is headed no matter who APPEARS to control what. What we get is consistently not what the American people say they need or want. What we get is a dramatic puppet show dressed up in Red and Blue, apparently designed for the express purpose of keeping he-said she-said dialogues and diatribes like this one going on while Rome burns.

          Going back to my early adulthood, I recall wondering why a police action ostensibly started by the Dems could not be halted, despite massive protest at all levels among the American people. Our kids were dying in jungles for incomprehensible reasons and, whatever lies we were told about dominoes and a Red Peril from Southeast Asia, we knew something was rotten about this illegal, undeclared war and we said so quite loudly. So then the Republicans got into “power”…and the military industrial juggernaut just kept plunging along, dooming more thousands of our nation’s youth while more of our hard-earned tax dollars went up in blood and smoke. Why couldn’t either party stop it?

          Because the illusion that our two-party system actually runs anything is simply bogus. Both parties had their marching orders, and they certainly weren’t coming from Joe Average American.

          Call me simplistic, or call me simple-minded, but it appears to me the exact same thing is going on in Afghanistan (and we can even see parallels between Laos/Cambodia then, and Pakistan now) and it is still going on in Iraq, whatever announcements ObamaYoMama may have made. And it is the same for the same reason.

          You want change we can take to the bank? Overthrow this international banker-controlled two-party system. (And good luck with that.)

          • http://GOGGLE vaksal

            WOW,direct hit,do you mean the european banksters,and the biggest bankster that runs them all (THE ROTHCHILDS BANKING CABAL)oh,well if things go the way its going they will own all the gold,for the worthless paper they print,money,and they collect interest on it,many times over,in endless charges,and with those ill gotten gains,have corrupted every nation that borrows money from them,garbage money worthless script.and your right again,the tea party is the american peoples answer to both of the self serving bunch in power,the dumocrats and the rinos that sat on the fence and did nothing,and dad is home,and a lot the varmints that caused this mess are going to be unemployed.with no one trusting these traitors.i say vote all the bums out of office quick.the republic is dying and as far as voter polls,they cant be trusted.WHY? because if they were right,not one tea party canidate would have won one single race ever,the liars doing this polling,are trying to destroy the tea party for they are wetting their underware,that finally,the american conservatives (TEA PARTY)is saying we are taking back our rights and our government,GOD WILLING THIS YEAR.MAY GOD LOOK KINDLY UPON THIS GREAT REPUBLIC ALWAYS.

          • Average Joe Patriot

            Thanks for getting it, Vaksal. Yes, of course, I mean the European Rothschild money cabal/cartel.

            Who was Warburg an agent of in 1913?

            Who is a major controller in the Federal Goldman Reserve Sachs Bank today?

            Certainly not your corner American Main Street 5 Cent Savings Bank.

            I suspect that the REAL war brewing right now (not to belittle the current banker financed horrors we are shown an airbrushed version of in the MSM) is a financial one, and it is between Euro-American Banksters, and Asia Rising. The Chinese, as Napoleon noted, were a sleeping giant–meaning she was backward, medieval, and insular. But not stupid, which is what he meant when he said: “Let her sleep, for when she wakes, she will shake the world.” Not if. When.

            We spent so much time and capital worrying about the Russian Bear after WWII, we forgot to pay attention to the scariest monster in the cave; our squabbling disturbed her hibernation.

            Bonaparte (who certainly had his own issues with the Rothschild clan, as they were financing ALL sides in the Napoleonic Wars) is also famous for observing that, on the world stage: “Europe is a molehill.”

            If he was right in his apparently prophetic observations, we may be about to see what happens to molehills when a volcano erupts. Walk into any small- to medium-sized American town Walmart or Costco and look around you. Then walk back out, and again look around you. Do you see a healthy American town? Or the vestiges of a once vibrant middle America, gutted by political greed and short-sightedness? (The nearest town to where I live is just such a hollowed-out shell, once-thriving family businesses shut down, most of the youth gone, with Mom & Pop working as greeters and shelf stockers for minimum wage.)

            This is what I mean when I say that, no matter who appears to be in control, American voters consistently fail to get what they need and demand no matter which party they support. If bad regulations, treaties, and trade agreements are put into play by either party, when the other party takes over they are kept in play, at least long enough to come up with something worse. America’s loss of independence is like a one-way ratchet–we can never seem to turn back a click.

            Don’t blame China. She’s just following in the imperialist footsteps of first, Europe, then the USA beginning in earnest in Teddy Roosevelt’s day. It’s now China’s turn, and we (our banksters and politicians) seem to be blindly giving her the world on a platter. Forget the Project for a New American Century, PNAC now seemingly stands for Project for a New Asian Century. If you doubt this, just consider: Who’s deeply in debt to whom?

            Even if, by some stretch of chess strategy logic, the Euro/American PTB have a game-winning plan they’re not telling us about, we still shouldn’t get our hopes up. We know what ALWAYS happens to pawns, whichever side ultimately wins.

            Don’t forget to vote, folks, but keep your bowstrings dry, they may soon be all we have left.

      • kilt1iron

        jamie —

        You are a clueless fool. Please refrain from spreading your errors. Me thinks you are in the croed that “knows so much that isn’t true.”

      • Earl, QUEENS, NY

        Talk about short memories!! Yes, we know the economy went down in 2007 and 2008. We also know that that was after the democraps took back CONgress. Likewise, prior to the 2006 election, we remember how much stronger the economy was, and how much lower the unemployment rate was. That was when the democraps were out of power. We also know that while the democraps blame the GOP for the banking crisis, it was the democraps who forced banks to make risky loans to deadbeat home buyers.

        • michelleo

          Amen to that!!!

      • Andy

        I see you like other liberals conveniently forget that both houses were controlled by Democrats those years.

    • DavidL

      If the Republicans do gain control, nothing changes, and the economy fully recovers, will the Republicans take credit?

      • Claire

        DavidL– Of course they will, whether thay had anything to do with it or not. Same with the Dems. It is a vicious circle, around and around they go, where they stop, nobody knows.

        • Claire

          Good grief– “they”

        • DavidL

          I hear you.

    • dwayne

      there are some good dems and good repubs as well. and there are probably more than a few qualified tea party folks as well. unfortunately we will never hear about them. ms nbc (et al) is too busy portraying them (at least tea party folks) as whack jobs or fringe people. count me among the fringe folks then. can you explain to me how adding more debt stimulates the economy? how nearly half the people in the us dont pay taxes of any kind and yet its the top 2 or 3% of wealthy peoples fault we are in the mess we are in? why the middle class as we know(knew) it is slowly circling the drain? apparently in the health care bill is a provision to charge home sellers, starting in 2011, a tax of 3.8% on home sales. what else is in this bill that nobody read, and those that did should have started picking out these little gems and screaming them from the rooftops to all who would listen. im sure there would have been alot of people listening.
      i agree with joseph r carrerio above says. lets see what nov 3rd brings and start from there. im sure the people will be heard, and the spin drs from both parties will spend weeks if not months wondering where they went wrong. they are already doing so in the republican side as some of the big names are voted out, and the dems are getting worried as their side is beginning to get picked apart as well. i hope to wake up nov 3 with a vastly different washington dc. one that represents all of us.

  • dan az

    The thing that I see is that all polls are biased no matter who does the polling.Its kinda like saying that they already won and the rest of you dont even need to bother going to the polls.I say BS they are running scared and rightly so this nation is in a crises and every one knows it.If they dont stand for the constitution then vote them out if they where there and didnt read the bill Vote them out If they dont have the balls to impeach these imposters Vote them out Look at there voting records there is the truth VOTE THEM OUT!!!!!!!
    And spread the word at work at least you know there wont be many progs and libs there.They will be the ones standing in the welfare lines spending your money!Vote wisely read there records and for Gods sake check their birth certificates!

    • FlaJim

      You’re right that it depends on who’s doing the polling. Harris always favors the left. Rasmussen is that only one that has a very good track record of being nearly always accurate. For one thing, theirs is not an opinion poll of people based on political registration or leanings but based on likely voters.

      A generic GOP candidate, according to Rasmussen, has a 10%+ lead over a generic Dem, the highest differential ever. This would indicate a GOP sweep in the House of over 50 and possibly as high as 100. In addition, that trend is growing as more people leave the ‘undecided’ column as we near the election.

  • Claire

    I think both parties may very well have a battle on their hands. And rightly so. There are a lot of Republicans that will not receive my vote, as well as many Democrats. I think they all ought to be taught a lesson. I think it would be great if everyone voted for a third party and upset the applecart– there are good candidates to vote for that belong to a third party.

    • kilt1iron

      Claire —

      There are incumbants that need to leave — most of them.

      So, you plan to NOT vote for Constitutional Conservative candidates?

      • Claire

        At this point in time, I am going to try and vote for the best candidate possible. The one I believe will be honest and forthright. However, having said that, where is an honest and forthright candidate? They change the minute they set foot in Congress/the White House. In reality, I am not very impressed with what is out there. What are their plans and what is their agenda if they do get elected? All I hear from the candidiates is bashing the other guy and who can come up with the most filth on their oppponent. I want to hear facts, I want to hear what they are going to DO if elected. Not garbage spewing. Besides, The good ones can’t afford to run. It has become a money game.

        • Average Joe Patriot

          Claire, et al: Even if they could afford to run, if they have the slightest degree of sense, would they? Would you? Would you willingly jump into a rockfight and then stand up for what you believe in? For what earthly reason would any honest man or woman subject themselves and their family to such a thankless experience?

          It is almost as though the decision to enter state or national politics should be treated as a pre-qualifying test:

          “Why do you want to run for office?”

          “Because I feel I can make a difference.”

          “No, really.”

          “Really, I believe the people deserve an honest shot at governing themselves. They might make a hash of it, but they certainly can’t screw themselves much worse than they already are now.”

          “Uh, huh. Well, thanks for showing up, but you’re obviously either a fool or a liar. Which disqualifies you even if we didn’t already have a full quota of both. Next!”

          Unless you’re starting a whole new party, dedicated to restoring adherence to the basic principles our founders outlined for a free society. And again, good luck with that…Ron Paul tried fixing the system from without and from within and has utterly failed to make a dent. He wasn’t even trying to come up with new ideas, simply held to the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and pedantically restated the obvious at every turn: Extricate our nation from foreign entanglements, take back our money system, dismantle unneeded and out-of-control federal agencies, services, and departments. Follow the founder’s playbook. Cleary a radical fringe lunatic.

          The guy is so spic ‘n’ span they couldn’t even come up with any real dirt on him, so they just treated him like dirt. I supported him. My only beef with Paul was that he treated the campaign like a genteel debating contest rather than the no-holds-barred rockfight it actually was. What he could have used was a campaign manager who was like a cross between Patrick Henry and Dirty Harry.

          Campaign and vote all you want, people, but you gotta ask yourself one question: How many good apples does it take to fix a barrel of rotten ones? (The American colonies finally figured out it’s a trick question. Ultimately the only barrels their oppressors understood were the same ones these same oppressors were pointing at them.)

          • Claire

            Average Joe Patriot–I read your post twice, and you make good sense. If I had ever decided to run for an office, I would hold to my beliefs and I would fight for what I believed was correct. I would stick to my guns in working for the American people. Nothing would make me do otherwise. I would remain honest throughout–I believe in honesty and truthtelling, not dishonesty and lies. I am a firm believer in the truth, maybe I go overboard but this is the way I am. “They” would probably do away with me like they did JFK. The problem I would have with myself is that I would be totally devastated if I did not do right (no pun intended) by my fellow Americans and America. If I did a rotten job, I would be just as hard on myself as the people would be. I could not be in politics for “myself.”
            In politics, there are certainly more bad apples than good. It will take many, many decent and honest people to turn things around in this government of ours.

        • DavidL

          Again, Claire, I share your view. I am going to look at each candidate and his or her record and policy positions.

    • Vigilant

      If a third party runs, it will allow the Dems to retain control of the arms of government.

      After watching the Repubs squander their mandate in 1994, I tend to be highly skeptical of ANY politician. It may be best, after all, to always ensure that the party of the president (Dem or Repub) has no majority in the Congress.

      • alpha-lemming

        Phrased another way… Gridlock is a good thing. When DC (?Department of Crooks?) is involved, NOTHING IS better than ANYTHING they come up with, because EVERYTHING (not Constitutionaly granted) they’ve ever “fixed” (sic) multiplies the problem AND the price-tag after their expert interference.

        • Vigilant

          Gridlock is, of course, not a good thing, but it may be preferable to the railroading of legislation without perusal, and the cavalier, almost studied refusal, to listen to the will of the majority.

          It is indeed sad that consensus no longer seems to be a viable option, but the left and right have drawn so far apart as to make that almost impossible these days.

          • alpha-lemming

            PRECISELY!! Think about how many times a nearly sobbing pol has come before a TV camera pleading “Congress MUST do something (doesn’t matter that it’s not correct, effective, affordable, just, or Constitutional… just as long as it’s something)”!!

        • dan az

          Alpha L
          If my memory is correct that the tie breaker would go to biden not a good thing!

      • Bob

        Vigilant We have to start someplace. Both parties are controlled by the same masters. It’ll take time but Rome wasn’t built in a day. People want change and then they vote for the same recycled people.

  • J.M.R.


    • jamie

      Speaking of sacred cows how did you feel about Palin backing McCain in AZ?? Palin is just a carpetbagger giving her support to the highest bidder or other women who deal in witchcraft. I wish she’d win the REB presidental nomination…that would be sweet.

      • kilt1iron

        jamie —


        What about Senator Jim DeMint?

        • jamie

          What about Jim Demint?? I’m from SC and know him well. He ran on term limits. Yet he’s still in office. I don’t see him listening to his own advise. So why are you listening to him? I’d love to see a true TEA party not just angre REPUBS calling themself another name.

  • J.M.R.


  • 2WarAbnVet

    A friend sent me this:

    When your friends cannot explain why they voted for Democrats, give them
    this list.

    They can then pick their reasons from this “Top 12″.

    1. I voted Democrat because I believe oil companies’ profits of 4%
    on a gallon of gas are obscene, but the government taxing the same
    gallon of gas at 15% isn’t.

    2. I voted Democrat because I believe the government will do a
    better job of spending the money I earn than I would.

    3. I voted Democrat because Freedom of Speech is fine as long as
    nobody is offended by it.

    4. I voted Democrat because I’m way too irresponsible to own a
    gun, and I know that my local police are all I need to protect me from
    murderers and thieves.

    5. I voted Democrat because I believe that people who can’t tell
    us if it will rain on Friday can tell us that the polar ice caps will
    melt away in ten years if I don’t start driving a Prius.

    6. I voted Democrat because I’m not concerned about millions of
    babies being aborted so long as we keep all death row inmates alive.

    7. I voted Democrat because I think illegal aliens have a right to
    free health care, education, and Social Security benefits.

    8. I voted Democrat because I believe that business should not be
    allowed to make profits for themselves. They need to break even and
    give the rest away to the government for redistribution as the
    Democrats see fit.

    9. I voted Democrat because I believe liberal judges need to
    rewrite the Constitution every few days to suit some fringe kooks who
    would never get their agendas past the voters.

    10. I voted Democrat because I think that it’s better to pay
    ‘billions’ to countries that hate us, but not drill for our own oil
    because it might upset some endangered beetle or gopher.

    11. I voted Democrat because while we live in the greatest, most
    wonderful country in the world, I was promised “HOPE AND CHANGE”.

    12. I voted Democrat because my head is so firmly planted up my butt,
    it’s unlikely that I’ll ever have another point of view.

    • Doc Sarvis

      It is just not that simple. For example:
      1 The government also subsudizes the oil companies among others so stating a profit for oil companies of 4% is misleading.
      2 If you spend money on a Dummer (I mean Hummer) vs. government paying to put good teachers in schools that is probably a better use of the $
      Not sure what is being referred to by #3
      4 You gotta admit that some people ARE too irresponsible to own a gun
      5 Meterology and climatology are very different sciences. Just because I have not swerved off the road does not mean my tires are not bald (if you get the analogy).
      6 I am concerned about abortion and that is why we need better sex education in schools (ask Bristol Palin). It is also wrong to limit the options of a woman when a man can just walk away (and they do in most abortion cases). As for death row it is cheaper to maintain a life sentence than to go through all the appeals and other expenses of and execution. And that assumes that the conviction was accurate which is not always the case (see DNA evidence and biases juries)
      7 If American employers did not hire them they would not come
      8 Not happening and never has
      9 Not sure what case is being referred to hear. The Supreme Court is loaded with conservatives who are giving away our elections to the corporations
      10 We are drilling for our own oil but we have far less of it than other countries plus we use far more of it than other countries (we need to move to alernatives)
      11 We have good change including getting combat forces out of Iraq (ahead of schedule), no pre-existing conditions on health insurance for children (and others?), better access to the ballot box to our soldiers, etc.
      12 Couldn’t be typing if that were the case

      • kilt1iron

        Doc Sarvis —

        WOW. Really???

        Geebuss, dude, you wanna have it here like Cuba? Like France? Like Amsterdam?

        Please, leave this country, the way we want to live here just isn’t your “cup ‘o tea.”

        • jamie

          Kilt1 your the one complaining…why don’t you leave if you hate it so bad??

          • JJ

            It was our country first and we are taking it back. The problem with liberals is that they don’t have a clue what it’s like to live with out freedom. You think freedom is being able to walk out your front door, but them telling you what kind of car you can drive, what food you can eat, what your kids get taught in school, what appliances you can have, what medicine you can have, and the list goes on and on and you think you have freedom. You mindless morons they are stealing your freedom from you and all you can do is argue there talking points. Move to some other socialist country where the government can hold your hand and walk you down the street so you don’t trip and fall, but you had better hurry because they have figured out it doesn’t work. Cowards is what you are, wanting someone else to take responsibility for your actions because you don’t have the courage to accept responsibility for your own actions. I’m sure most of you would not get out of bed in the morning if you had to face the world that our founders had to face. Someone holding your hand telling you every move to make so that you stay safe. What a bunch of wimps. This country used to have real men. What do we have now; a bunch of limp wrist cowards trying to get in touch with your feminine side. Any of you that thinks he can give up some freedom for safety is a fool. Power is a beast the more you feed it the more it grows and it does not give its power back, it has to be taken back. That’s what we’re doing and if you had any balls what so ever you’d be helping us by kicking the federal government’s butt all the way back to washing where it belongs and with a little luck we will save this country from the cowards that want to be ruled over and the power hungry that want to run it. You have no idea what real fredom is and your to stupid to read real history and find out.

        • Doc Sarvis

          What exactly, from my post, do you dispute?

          • Doc Sarvis

            My question is for kilt1iron.

      • JLC

        Doc — To clear up your confusion regarding Number 3: A Black man can call me “Honky,” or a Latino can call me “Gringo” but a White man is forbidden to use either term commonly used to describe the other two.

        • Doc Sarvis

          That is simply not true. Racial slurs are used all the time by all sorts of folks without penalty.

          • Vigilant

            B.S! Don Imus, Jimmie the Greek, Trent Lott and others were publically excoriated for their transgressions, but we hear nothing from the lamestream media when the Black Panthers say that killing white babies is OK, when the NAACP makes overtly racist statements, or POTUS gratuitously inserts himself into a local police matter (Canbridge, MA) and shows his racial bias. Take a job at DOJ and then tell me there’s no bias against white victims of voter intimidation.

      • Vigilant


        When are you going to have the courage to answer my question: upon what basis do you use the term “Doc?”

        • http://?? Joe H.

          He’s a Dr. of truth and you should be able to tell that!! He doctors up the truth all the time!!!

      • Vigilant

        It is just not that simple. For example:
        1 “The government also subsudizes the oil companies among others so stating a profit for oil companies of 4% is misleading.” How come no comment on the govt tax on gas? Govt also subsidized ACORN, NEA, labor unions and other leftist organizations so they could steal the vote.
        2 “If you spend money on a Dummer (I mean Hummer) vs. government paying to put good teachers in schools that is probably a better use of the $” Doesn’t matter whether it’s a better use or not; in the country we’re supposed to let the majority decide how to spend $$$. Moreover, if you think the govt pays to put good teachers in school, you’ve overdosed on kool-aid. Dept. of Education is (1) a mega lobbying front for the teachers’ unions and not much else, and (2) the Feds, according to the 10th Amendment, have no business whatsoever in education.
        3 “Not sure what is being referred to by #3” It’s called “political correctness,” another way to introduce thought control and abridge the First Amendment to he Constitution.
        4 “You gotta admit that some people ARE too irresponsible to own a gun.” And EVERY conservative admits this. Where do you get your “facts?” Keith Olberman and Rachel Maddow?
        5 “Meterology and climatology are very different sciences. Just because I have not swerved off the road does not mean my tires are not bald (if you get the analogy).” And the science of global warming/climate change/climate disruption has been hijacked by political operatives like Al Gore to line their pockets.
        6 “I am concerned about abortion and that is why we need better sex education in schools (ask Bristol Palin). It is also wrong to limit the options of a woman when a man can just walk away (and they do in most abortion cases). As for death row it is cheaper to maintain a life sentence than to go through all the appeals and other expenses of and execution. And that assumes that the conviction was accurate which is not always the case (see DNA evidence and biases juries)” We were endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights, such as LIFE. I’d say you’re limiting the options of the unborn baby to a greater extent than the mother. And when you couch the argument for life/death in term of expense, we see hoe truly compassionate you are for life in general.
        7 “If American employers did not hire them they would not come.” Once again, no conservative denies this, so what’s your point?
        8 “Not happening and never has.” Corporate tax on US business is the HIGHEST of any industrialized nation. Get your facts straight before you make such ridiculous statements.
        9 “Not sure what case is being referred to hear. The Supreme Court is loaded with conservatives who are giving away our elections to the corporations.” What a load of horsepuckey! When you have idiots like Bader Ginsburg who believe it’s right to interpret US Constitutional law by referring to INTERNATIONAL conventions and protocols, when the court takes away an individual citizen’s right to own property just to satisfy a developer’s dream, when we allow Obama to appoint poltical operatives to the SCOTUS and install a justice who believes in racial discrimination, etc., etc., etc., you can’t feasibly make such a boneheaded statement.
        10 “We are drilling for our own oil but we have far less of it than other countries plus we use far more of it than other countries (we need to move to alernatives).” I guess you don’t watch the news: we’ve got more oil than Saudi Arabia!
        11 “We have good change including getting combat forces out of Iraq (ahead of schedule), no pre-existing conditions on health insurance for children (and others?), better access to the ballot box to our soldiers, etc.” Once again, read the news: 50K troops left in Iraq. And how come no mention of Afghanistan? Truth is embarrassing, isn’t it? Instead of trumpeting a few things that pale into insignificance when compared with the “change” which destroys out constitutional system and mortgages the future away, how about some giving us something important? (You can’t)
        12 “Couldn’t be typing if that were the case.” Even trained apes can learn how to type.

        I say it again: When are you going to have the courage to answer my question: upon what basis do you use the term “Doc?”

        • Average Joe Patriot

          #4: “You gotta admit that some people ARE too irresponsible to own a gun.”

          A. This is true of cars, but we don’t try to outlaw them.

          B. This is even true of gasoline, but we don’t try to outlaw it.

          C. We already have laws against the misuse of all the above by irresponsible people. And against the misuse of knives, chainsaws, electricity, bows and arrows, firecrackers, common household poisons, and baseball bats. (And yes, children have accidents with all the above, as well. And yes, homicidal maniacs have killed hundreds of thousands of people using all the above. The notable difference being that, with the exception of knives and baseball bats, most of these and other everyday items–which we don’t like in the hands of irresponsible people–just happen to make good self defense weapons against irresponsible people and homicidal maniacs.)

          D. So, what’s your point?

          • Average Joe Patriot

            (That last was directed at the good “Doctor,” of course, whom I was quoting. Not you, Vigilant.)

      • dan az

        10 We are drilling for our own oil but we have far less of it than other countries plus we use far more of it than other countries (we need to move to alernatives)
        where did you come up with that one its not true!show your facts!we have some of the largest reserves in the world.Fact the one in the gulf is many life times it stretches from kentucky to venesuala and the one that are in south dakota to colorado is an other if you go back a couple of days ago it was listed and the amounts are there to.
        5 Meterology and climatology are very different sciences. Just because I have not swerved off the road does not mean my tires are not bald (if you get the analogy).
        how many scientist does it take to disprove the lies that chicken little would have you belive hes right and all 4000 of you are wrong!

      • Andy

        10. America is sitting on top of a super massive 200 billion barrel Oil Field that could potentially make America Energy Independent.

    • J.L.

      Great work! I love your ‘analysis’ into the mind of a democratic (aka progressive) mindset at voting time. Now, be prepared to come up with a list of why the idiot voters of Chicago will vote Rahm (dead fish) Emanuel into office to continue the cycle of fraud and corruption that is Chicago’s mode of operation.

    • Earl, QUEENS, NY

      That’s a good one, 2WarAbnVet. Of course, many drones, leeches, losers and liberal diehards will still want to vote for Democraps. Let’s give them a friendly reminder – they need to get to the polls on Wednesday, 11/3/2010!!

      • dan az

        Good one!

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    If the GOP thinks they have it wrapped up, they better think again. Unless they have been towing the line and aren’t part of the problem, they may find themselves ousted along with many of them that have crossed the line on the other side! America is fed up with lying, pork barrel spending, tax evaders, and the lack of ethics, morals, and standards! If you aren’t for what’s right, then you are against us, and that’s how we need to vote…

    Remember in November!

    • kilt1iron

      Robin from Arcadia, IN —

      Yep. If they will not uphold & defend the Counstitution of the United States, toss ‘em to the curb!


  • s c

    For people who still have doubts as to how important it is to GET RID OF the sleazeoids in Congress, Queen Nancy has dared to open her flapping mouth again. She said ‘with the current rules in Congress, it’s all but impossible to stop spending.’
    Now, is there ANYONE in America who doesn’t 1) understand why Pelosi is so DANGEROUS? 2) see how arrogant that stupid woman is or 3) understand WHY America can’t afford to have criminal types like Pelosi within 1,000 miles of Washington?

    • Bob

      Sc Maybe her next facelift will tighten her skin so much she won’t be able to open her mouth.

    • Doc Sarvis

      Would you stop paying our military?

      • Claire

        Doc Sarvis–Good point.

      • Vigilant

        Stupid diversionary tactic: s.c. never said that.

        • Claire

          Vigilant–NO, sc did not say this. But it is still a good point. How are we going to keep paying for our military and this unnecessary war?

      • dan az

        Really stop paying the military come on you of all people can do better than that.
        the military now pays taxes and their own insurance yes I found that hard to believe also, but its true.We are not the police of the world and we the tax payers including our military dont need to support the entire world! We have bases in just about every country Why? Our troops are even paying for the bullets if you count their taxes they also pay for their own clothing so How is it that you can even make a statement like that?
        Bigger government is not the solution any 3rd grader could figure that one out.So what are you?

  • TIME

    People the FACTS are, the ones who are awake are not in favor of any more RINO’S so it makes little to no differance if the Democrats hold seats, plus we have many Blue Dog Democrat who are far better than a RINO, on any day of the week.

    Anyone who thinks Snow, Collins, McCane or that fruit cake Brown is worth more than a pile of cold dog waste is kidding themselfs.
    They will do more damage than you can fathom as they are totaly LEFT winged.
    You know where the blame goes, so Dave is 100% right with the context of his post.

  • libra

    the dems have already put the next 2 generations of americans into debt.. they want to eliminate the bush tax cuts and raise taxes in the most severe recession since the great depression. get ready for the big depression of 2011. no matter how much this gang that cannot shoot straight rakes in in taxes or borrows from the rest of the world–it will never be enough. it would be great if we had some infrastructure to show for our efforts but after trillions of debt laden spending–there is nothing to show but fat cat politicians. they even resorted to stealing the secured bonds from the bondholders at g.m/ and chrysler– about 66 billion to pay off their union hacks. first time in the history of the republic that contract law has been the president no less. also a violation of the 5th amendment of the constitution–the taking of private property.. watch the thugs at play tomorrow in wash/ d.c. the meeting and spewing of communist lies. they will trash the place just as they are trashing the u.s.a.

    • jamie

      The Bush tax cuts…which went to only 1% of the working folks in this country is what put us in this position. Whoever heard of giving tax cuts and starting 2 wars at the same time. If your going to be a warlord you need to pay for it with our money not China’s. The debt was already way out of control before the Dems and Obama got VOTED in to fix what the REBS had just screwed up.

      • kilt1iron

        jamie —-

        OK. This is getting a little hard to take.

        Did you complete the 6th Grade? (just asking)

        I got relief from overtaxation from President Bush. I am not in the 1% you talk about.

        However, I am in the group that PRODUCE. R U in the group that TAKES?

        Just let us all know …..

        • jamie

          Kilt1 i did make it past the 6 grade and somehow ended up in middle management. I’ve had the same job for the last 16 years. When my tax cut came about it was for $4 a week. Thats $208 a year. My healthcare cost for the same period went up 300%. My gas to get to work went up 250%. Now i’ll ask you the same question? Did you finish the 6th grade?? If so why are you such a blind fool?? You should be able to think for yourself by now. I PRODUCE and proudly pay my taxes to the greatest country ever. If you don’t like paying your fair share pack your bags and leave.

          • Vigilant

            If you don’t want the $208, send it my way!

          • dan az

            Where did the money Go?A trillion dollars was supposed to start the economy,Did it?
            Think about this if every legal person in the nation recieved equal share of a trillion dollars that would amount to 500,000 each and if they where taxed at 50% on that money would mean that the government would have only spent 500 billion and if everyone that had 250,000 would that not stimulate the economy? So I ask again where is the money that we all have to pay back?

      • Robin from Arcadia, IN

        Jamie… Debt was way out of control before Barry got elected. Why would we want to spend even more money? To be different and save our country, stopping the spending would have been wiser, right? How can you defend this administration when they are doing what the previous administration had done, but only on steroids? Your argument has no merit.

        • Vigilant

          Thank you Robbin. Too bad you used a thing called “logic,” which will be lost on the majority of programmed lefties. I don’t think they’d even spend time looking it up in the dictionary.

      • michelleo

        yeah he fixed it alright jamie by raising the national debt 3 times what that POS Bush had already……just sayin

  • Rusty

    To Jamie
    This country is in the worst shape that it has been in for many, many, year’s. I know, I have lived for 55 year’s. The major cause is the Democrate’ and the Obama and what they are doing to this country. They are wanting bigger goverment, commin/socializim.They are bringing this country down in order to bring this about. This is the change that Obama has been talking about from day one but refused to tell the American people what change that he was talking about. If we (American people) don’t put a stop to them, and real soon, this country is going to see and feel what we have never seen and felt before. We can’t afford and for the American people don’t want what they want. Just look at what is going on in the other counties right now that is under the form of goverment that they are wanting in this country,(mass riot’s, burning, etc.). ASK YOURSELF, IS THIS WHAT YOU REALLY WHAT.

  • Joseph R Carreiro Sr

    Being a Democrat or Republican does not matter any more at this point. The people in November will tell you what the really want by casting their vote. Let’s wait to see what the people really say in the Mid Term and then we can drop all this B,S, that you have to read everyday for the next month which will matter very little after the votes are cast.Let the American people speak and they will to be sure. Let us finally see who called it right up to now.Think about it.

  • DavidL

    “You don’t change horses in mid-stream”
    “The devil you know is better than the devil you don’t”

    Pick the saying that works for you. As for me, the Tea Party candidates raise extreme and radical to an art form. A woman has to keep the baby of her rapist? I guess that means, as a judge ruled a few years ago, that the “father” gets visitation rights. Talk about institutionalized misogyny.

    Until the opposition comes up with sane alternate candidates who are more than just angry radical bomb throwing reactionaries, I’m sticking with the horse we are currently riding. Otherwise, things will get worse.

    • Gary

      DavidL, Things will get worse. I know, I know! It is almost impossible to see how things could be worse, but they will be. The people in charge now are determined to turn our country into a third world, socialist state. Fortunately the people (as in “We the People”) are determined to prevent this from happening. They are overwhelmingly looking to conservative candidates and policies to return us to where we need to be. Even the Dems in office are starting to see the truth in this. If you don’t agree, maybe you can tell us why so many democrats won’t even show up at events where the President appears and don’t even want him to campaign for them.

      • DavidL

        I hear you but where are the genuine conservative candidates? The Tea Party candidates are extreme reactionaries.

        Where in the Constitutional does it say that a woman raped has to keep that child? Has to give the rapist visitation rights? Where in the Constitution does it say we can torture and lie the American people into war? Ask the Tea Party candidates, I’m sure they will give you an Article and Section reference. Too extreme even for this conservative heart.

        P.S Notice how I didn’t personalize this and call you ignorant?

        • Vigilant


          “Where in the Constitutional does it say that a woman raped has to keep that child? Has to give the rapist visitation rights?”

          Where in the Constitution does it say any human being has the right to murder another human being? If you want to bring it down to details, the Contitution is generally the wrong place to do it. Our whole body of law in the US is based on the Declaration of Independence, in case you were IGNORANT of that fact. But I guess you would amend that document to say “we are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life (except for unborn babies at the convenience of the mother), etc., etc.

          Where in the Constitution does it say that the Supreme Court can interpret that document using International protocols and agreements? Or that the Executive Branch has the right to only selectively apply federal laws of its choosing (read: immigration and voter’s rights)? Or that the 10th Amendment is null and void?

          Don’t get started on this path, sir, I will run circles around you on it.

          P.S Notice how I personalized this and called you ignorant,

          • dan az

            Thanks I was going to say something but you just covered it and then some.Thanks

          • http://?? Joe H.

            but you made up for it and called him “sir”!!!!

          • DavidL

            A. I didn’t see an answer to my original question. What in the Constitution obligates a women to carry to term the child of a rapist?

            B. In the Constitution the word “privacy” is never used. To your way of thinking, does that mean privacy does not exist?

            C. American citizens can kill in war and in self-defense.

            D. Article VI (the Supremacy Clause) explicitly binds our legal system to our ratified international agreements because, under Article VI, THEY ARE FEDERAL LAW AND PART OF THE SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND.

            E. I could use a good running around in circles. Have at it.

            p.s. Once again, I didn’t resort to insult and intimidation to attempt to strengthen an argument. You did.

        • Jim H.

          DavidL, The Tea Party members are as extreme and radical as people like Thomas Jefferson, John Hancock, Ben Franklin, and Sam Adams. Not bad company to be in. In 1776 you would have been right in there supporting King George the 3rd.

          • DavidL

            Are you seriously equating Palin, Angle, O’Donnell, Miller, Hannity, Beck, Limbaugh, Fox, Koch brothers, Rove, Dick Army, Levin with our Founding Fathers?

          • Jim H.

            DavidL, The Tea Party ideas are closer to what the Constitution is about, than what is going on in the current administration. I was just pointing out that the Founding Fathers were considered “extreme and radical” in their time too. Maybe they’re not as “extreme and radical” as you accuse them of being. What do you find “extreme and radical” about them, the part of a smaller, less intrusive government, the less taxes, the balanced budget or that they’re pointing out a lot of unconstitutional things that are going on now?

    • Vigilant

      “Tea Party candidates raise extreme and radical to an art form.”

      This is the state of American ignorance we are surrounded by. When respect and adherance to the Constitution of the United States is considered “extreme and radical,” the we’re at a point where we need to prevent these leftist inmates from running the asylum.

      • dan az

        Thats the scary part they actually believe what they say!The good thing is they are a minority so come Nov. they can crawl back into the hole that they came from!

    • http://GOGGLE vaksal

      DAVIDL quick look at the horse your riding,its dead and rotting,the only movement you think is taking place are the maggots chewing at your knees.wake up,smell the stink.

  • http://personallibertydigest Clarence Crosby ,Hubert ,NC

    ANYONE who votes for any democrat this coming election puts their party over the American experience , patriotism , high moral standards, decency , common sense , and are desciples of Satan . Not to mention , freedom , liberty , and EQUAL justice .

  • Dan Richards mi.

    You all should read

    Psalm 109

    • Vigilant

      I just read it Dan. It looks like one of the meanest things you’ll ever find in the Bible: revenge, cursing your enemy, your enemy’s wife and children, etc. Where, may I ask, are you going with this?

  • http://gmail i41

    Where in the hell does it say I have to pay landowners to sit on their rears year after year doing not a damn thing anfd taking my taxpayer dollars so wildlife can increase in number abd the same land owner can charge a hunter a couple $100 a day tp hunt state and federal owned game? Or to pay for the offspring of some slut and a unemployable drug dealer and a prison shucker, who is probable a 3rd generation welfare rat. Raised by another breeding welfare slut with several kids from several monority fathers, who are prison dirt bags, because they cann’t grasp the fact stealing and drug dealing is a crime.Don’t see thaty in the Constitution either, or that it making the worthless scum work for food or shelter. or neutering the sires of kids that will not keep a job or support his off spring is ground for work with a sharp knife. Putting harsh permant conditions on the males is the most simplist way to cure this problem. For sluts it is a mandatory spaying for sluts who will not work of stop having one child after another. Democraps can and alway screw up and destroy anything possitive they touch or claim they know what is best. The marxist mulism moron bastard sure prves my point about dumbocraps and their lack of brains. Doc Savis is so stupid on the oil production and how much more oil we have in the USA that those pedophile humpers and goat rapists ever dreamed of. OOnumnutts and the national marxist democrat communist party is gorged with one world s–t heads with love for total governemnt control by the UN.

    • michelleo

      great post I couldnt agree more :)

    • DavidL

      Insane rant. Please tell me you are not a Conservative.

  • Stephen Russell

    Earmarks, scrap earmarks & Less stress for ALL.

    • http://?? Joe H.


  • jopa

    In the republicans new pledge they refuse to sign off an “no more pork” for their own special interests, but are willing to cut out veterans benefits, social security,unemployment benefits, medicare,medicaid, education,fire and police funding.Also they are against the Bush tax plan and want an extension for the rich top two percent that will cost $700 billion over ten years and the middle income folks will have to pay for their tax break when we have to borrow the money for it.Time to wake up America and do a reality check.

    • DavidL

      I hear you. The Tea Party/Republican candidates are too extreme. As you say, they want to abolish Social Security (or throw it to Wall Street to gamble, after they take their hefty commissions),kill Medicare, privatize Veterans care (for profit preexisting excuses again?), outlaw abortion (criminalize) and force women to have, and give visitation rights to, their rapist’s child, institute a 23 percent national sales tax, take reporters “out” (as in kill, see Paladino in NY), go to guns if they don’t win the election (see Angle in NV and her 2nd Amendment “remedies”), once again knock kids off their parents health insurance because of profit saving “preexisting condition excuses”, once again drop insurance on people if the cost of their care is too high in a given year, once again drop insurance on people if the cost of their care meets a lifetime cap, believe evolution, e=mc2, climate change, and autism are myths, want Christian prayers in the schools, want all Muslims kicked out of the country, claim they are anti-deficit but want to borrow more money from the Chinese to give themselves tax breaks, oppose regulating and reigning in the excesses in the banking industry and wall street that brought us the great recession, support BP and have the tax payer pick up the tab for the oil spill that BP caused, (even BP doesn’t agree with that, attack the wealthy elites in office while trying to replace them as the wealthy elites in office, bash government when they are trying to become the government, lie about their educational records, credentials and experience, lie about the positions taken above when they are all on video taking those positions. The list of crack pot views goes on and on and on. They are all too extreme, too reactionary, and too dumb.

      Where are the genuinely intelligent conservative candidates?

      • http://GOGGLE vaksal

        Smart enough DAVIDL to tell when a left wing neo-com communist snake oil salesman is trying to push their poisioned kool-aid,as good old american style tea,guess what your buddies are getting the boot this year,the nation is fuming at this national mess that,has been caused by the bumbling educated morons (THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE)bunch running this disaster nationwide for over 25yrs,both corrupted parties,time for change has come allright,but not what the lefties wanted,(THE NEW WORLD ORDER)THATS OUT,WITH ALL THE CRAZIES THAT PUSHED THIS AGENDA,so live with it. and by the way you left wing freaks,pushed that god has no place in government,then for sure,you folks are no friends to any nation,and if godless, are the devils hand servants and are the enemies of all freedom loving peoples in this nation,rich and poor alike,pure evil at best.

  • chuck b

    david l

    where are all the intelligent conservatives?? we know where all the intelligent democrats are don’t we. they just got thru sticking everyone with the so called healthcare bill that even the muslim in the white house hasn’t read and probably 99% of the demo’s in congress. only the ignorant who believe they are getting something for nothing approve of it and have no idea what they are losing in adequate health care. your list of grievance sounds like a democrat who is about to lose his power. mr. lbj can be blamed for the so. security problem or have you bothered to read that far back. placing millions of illegals who never paid into it on the social security chain was another little demo looking for votes procedure, “sell the country out”, but, keep me in power. as far as the tax breaks, if we do not give small business the tax break you will break the back of the country and maybe you should look up small business, it’s not just mom and pop operations it is all business employing under one hundred people. that is the mainstay of our country. maybe you would like to run more business out of the country. barry wants more stimulus money, now where do you think he’s going to come up with that?? (maybe china?) your messiah barry soetoro is the one that considered privatizing veterans care. “your aurguments are all demo talking points and they have led this country into the current mess since 2007″ if you want to really look the past up go back to clinton and see where alot of this problem started with the mortgage companies. of course you will blame bush and he was weak by trying to appease the demo congress and trying to get along. the tea party movement will be yours and the liberal demo’s worse nightmare.

  • http://gmail i41

    chuch b, The only static statement you can say for all democrats is, they are and have always been marxist communist beleiving dunces. The kindest thing you can say about a decocrat is they are hardcore socialisys. There never was a conservative democrat. Just look at the 2 comments “doc” and claire agreed on. I bet a dime to a hole under a dogs tail these two clowns a unhinged democrats who see their voting for Onumnutts and dems over the years has been a bad choice. Every time I have really had to search for work and I always found something to support my family has been under a democrap pres and left wing democrats for any office Fed or State. As for Gov. everytime a dem was in office taxes went up and state employee numbers climbed and school scores went down. Dems only have 2 operating offices and they are interchangable and multi use!

  • DavidL

    1. I’m just responding to what the Tea Party/Republican candidates have SAID THEMSELVES this campaign season. It is their “talking points”. And it is appallingly extreme, irresponsible , and dangerous to us all.

    2. President Reagan gave amnesty to illegal immigrants.

    3. Many illegal immigrants have social security taken out of their exploitation wages and never get a chance to collect any benefits. The answer why is obvious.

    4. Children cannot now be dropped from medical insurance coverage because of the cost-saving excuse of a “pre-existing condition”. If you have children, and medical insurance, the new law dramatically reduces the chances of you going bankrupt, or you children dying for lack of treatment. These are facts.

    5. You and your wife, assuming you are married, cannot now be dropped from your medical insurance, assuming you have medical insurance, either because of an annual or lifetime cap. Your lives have been further protected. This is another fact.

    6. The new health law focuses on preventive health care. You, your wife, you children should go get physicals as a preventative measure. Both you and your wife should go get screened for cancer. God forbid that you wait and discover a problem after it is too late. The tests are free. Focusing on prevention saves us all money. This is also a fact of the new health care law.

    7. President Obama has passed 8 tax cuts for the American people. The latest one, of several, is for small business just as you define. The Republicans voted no. In Fact, they voted no on everything.

    9. The republicans want a 23% national sales tax at the same time they say they want to cut taxes.

    10.The Republicans complain about deficits while at the same time advocating tax cuts for the rich which would require us to borrow the money from the Chinese, and thereby deepen the deficit by trillions of dollars. You can’t make this stupid up.

    11. I am a moderate conservative, but I can’t go this time with the Tea party/Republican candidates. The Republicans created this mess. You have to have been in a comma the last eight years to deny that. I’m sticking with the horse we’re riding for two more years. If things don’t improve much more than they have, I’m voting them out of office. If I had a better alternative to what I’m being offered, I’d vote the same way that you are apparently.I can’t. If we change to this crowd, things will be worse.

    God bless you and your family. I respect your right to your point of view, I just don’t share it.

  • chuck b

    david l

    (1)i agree with the tea party and at no time have i heard anything like you are saying about them.

    (2) reagan did give amnesty for illegals at one time , however, it was a “one time deal” now barry wants to legalize thirty to forty million more, i think not!!
    first off i do not agree the government should provide you or anyone else with healthcare unless you are a welfare case. we cannot supply the world with welfare, what we have is for the generous protection of americans who cannot afford such. if people are not responsible and have more children than they can afford, puttting it coldly, that’s their problem not mine nor should it be the taxpayers problem. most of this is coming from the minorities of whom the liberals have created a welfare state just to keep themselves in power. now they want to bankrupt the country to appease their voters. if you feel so strongly for them, then i suggest you and your friends of alike take up a collection and you feed them, only realize one thing there’s no end to them, they are and will out breed you.

    (4) please show me where any children have died due to lack of medical care other than irresponsibility of the side of the parents.
    so that is baloney.

    (5) my healthcare could be in jeopardy by the new hc bill, no one has deciphered this bill entirely so how can you say anything positive, what we do know it will replace the greatest healthcare in the country in the guise of granting people something they think will be free. this bill is more for taxation than anything and like i said previously, your messiah doesn’t know whats in this bill nor do the congress who jammed this down our throats for the most part.

    (6) that’s not even worth answering. pay for your own exam.

    (7)the republicans did the right thing in voting against all these so called tax cut bills, have you read the riders on these bills. please do so.
    (9) never heard anything about a 23% national sales tax. are you sure that didn’t come from the demo’s. no i guess not, they would probably want 55%
    (11) i’m sorry, but , i don’t think you are what you say, not that it makes any difference, however, there’s no such thing as a moderate anything, you either are or your not. please go back and look at the voting records of congress since they took over in 2007, your messiah was in this same congress and voting for all the stimulus bills, so don’t give me that propaganda about the republicans causing this mess, however, i will agree the liberal repub’s in congress went right along with the liberal agenda and bush sided with the democrats on some of these bills trying to appease them, “like can’t we all get along” i do not give the repub’s a free ride, i only say we need new people, conservatives not liberals. they need to rewrite this healthcare bill so we know that it is providing help for those that truly need and not just a big tax bill.
    god bless you too!

    • DavidL

      Hey Chuck,
      1. I have heard the views I discussed earlier from the Tea Party endorsed Republican candidates themselves. I know their positions on abortion, Social Security, Medicare, privatizing Veterans health care, etc. I can’t believe you haven’t heard them on their positions. See these candidates during their Republican primary runs and you will see all the issues, and their positions, that I identified. I’m not making this stuff up. They are on the record.

      2. I absolutely disagree with you about health care. Everyone in our country, not the world, our country, has a right to see a doctor. This, to me, is a question of morality. Each year in our country over 40,000 American citizens die because they either do not have health insurance or have inadequate coverage. That is more than we lost on 9/ll and it’s happening each year.

      And we are so far behind the rest of the industrialized world in this regard. Do you know how many medical bankruptcies occurred in the developed countries of Europe and in Canada last year? None! Do you know how many American families went bankrupt last year because they couldn’t pay their exorbitant medical bills because of either a “pre-existing condition” exclusion, or annual or lifetime cap? Over 275,000! God forbid you lose your job and your medical insurance and a member of you family becomes very ill. Can you afford to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to keep them alive? Of course not, and neither could I. Now, however, with the health care reforms President Obama put in place, the answer is yes. Why? Because you children are safe. They can’t be dropped. You and your wife can’t be dropped because of how much money you medical care has already cost. if you lose your job you do not lose your coverage. You do not have to face ANY pre-existing exclusions, or caps.

      About eight to 12 months ago a 5 year old boy in our area was fighting cancer. His treatment would have cost the family over 400,000 a year. Insurance wouldn’t cover him because they said the child had a “pre-existing condition”. The parents didn’t have the money to keep their child alive. He died! Talk about nightmare. If that family were living in Europe or Canada, that child would be receiving treatment, all covered by insurance, and he might still be alive today. True stories like this are rampant all over our country.

      Last week an elementary girl knocked on my front door. She was in fourth grade and was asking for money to help a classmate who was just diagnosed with diabetes. The father lost his job, through no fault of his own, and they lost their insurance. Is that kid supposed to die and, as some of our fellow “human beings” on the extreme of the political spectrum would contend, “reduce the excess population”?

      We are the greatest country in the world, right? Not when it comes to health care. Please come up to speed on this very important matter by reading “Healing In America” by T.R. Reid. Your life, my life, and the lives of our families depend on us knowing what we are talking about and taking the right and responsible action.

      3. President Obama, and watch McCain after he fends of the challenge from his extreme right, want comprehensive immigration reform. Not amnesty but a path to citizenship which requires fines to be paid, English to be learned, and, among other things, getting on a waiting line.

      4. Most American voters (70%) consider themselves moderate. Why do you think liberals get their nomination from the left and then run to the center? Why do you think conservatives get their nomination from the right, and then run to the middle? That’s where the votes are. Moderates do, indeed, exist and make up the majority. Didn’t your parents and teachers ever teach you to avoid all things extreme?

      5. It doesn’t help when we think of government as a foreign entity. Under our system, we are the government. Bashing government is about as productive as hitting ourselves over the head with a hammer. We need to stay in constant touch we are elected representatives (OUR EMPLOYEES) and supervise them. Ever wonder why elected officials who are in government, bash government because they want to get back into government? Not rocket science the game they are playing.

      6. Don’t fall for the Republican talking points about “the fine print” on those tax reduction bills they voted against.They did make the mess, and are now holding the recovery of the entire country hostage until they get back into power – special interests and all.

      With all sincerity, Chuck, I wish and your family well. Even though each of us thinks the other is politically nuts, we are Americans, are in this together. (I hate the red/blue BS)

      • http://?? Joe H.

        you need to READ, not listen torumor!!! Did you know that hidden in this HEALTH CARE bill there is a sub clause that requires all sales of gold to be recorded??? Now what the hell does that have to do with health care??? did you know that the clause that states kids can’t be denied coverage for pre exhisting conditions was only added as an after thought AFTER people complained it wasn’t there??? After all the bragging from Nobummer and company about it they forgot to include it??? Do you know people have had their insurance go up as much as 125% since this bill has been in effect??? Did you know Micky Ds is threatening to discontinue the coverage they supply to 25,000 employees if this bill is enforced as read??? There’s 25,000 people traded!!! There are a lot of other “minuses” in this bill as well!!!

        • DavidL

          I’m dealing in facts, you are dealing in self-serving fantasy. Gold? It’s not in there.

          Pre-existing conditions was proposed from the beginning.

          Are you seriously going to deny your children health care when they become very ill because their cancer has returned from a year ago? Quoting you in a hypothetical scenario, “My child died because I stood on principle. I’m not going to have my child live in a socialist country.”

          The fact is, whether you like it or not, most people are moderates. So am I.

          Socialism? You’re against the government (we, in our democracy)running anything? I guess we have to disband the US Military, Coast Guard, Fire Departments, Public Schools, public libraries, Veterans hospitals, public transportation. What do you want to put in their place? Please stop throwing meaningless public relations terms around, you are scaring and alienating yourself. The health care reforms put in place PRESERVES OUR PRIVATE HEATH CARE SYSTEM. Please see below and read “Healing In America” by T.R. Read.
          Do you, your family, and all of us a favor.

          I have friends who live in Canada. They, as well as much of the world, laughs at our health care system. They have universal coverage and absolutely prefer theirs.

  • http://gmail i41

    DavidL, does the L stand loony liberal,You have the veiw everything, has to be government control and organized. If you were any kind of an able bodied person you can get a free exam with out the government fingers in every damn thing for you. There are churches that have went together to provide free or reduced health care for anyone. Their biggest hang up, was going through the process of getting all the paper work and regulations your pus gutted democrap do nothings have put in place over the years to open a clinic. The insurance coverage costs the democrap trial lawyers in Congress, that have caused to sky rocket. Medical companies will give supplies and meds to people with a simple form to be signed by a doctor and usually it is no cost. Your marxist, muslim, communist, bastard Prez. and the communist democrap politians that are nose to posterior locked stepping with that overeducated muslim moron, have created a giant convoluted peice of crap that they call health care bill. It is way more expensive than it ever should be, I know what this clinic is doing for people of all ages, at 80% savings of costs, because my brother in law is the head doctor that is volentering his time with several other doctors. So David if you weren’t such a socialist lazy bastard you would quit bragging up the socialist communist system that is going to hell in a hand basket. Also where in the hell do you f–king idoits come up with 40,000 people dying every year from no health care , count fresh graves or think some people just die. Either you live in a concrete cell with no experience of what happens in real life, or that 55 gallon bong is really packed and fuel hose, your sucking on is messing up your nano mind if there is any mind. I don’t know where you went to school or what your parents taught you, but mine taught me, that you had better be self suffiecent and pay my own way, take care of my family and wife, and don’t sit on my ass with my hand out. Also do not depend or get entangled up with any government programs, because the government was just like the mob, get their fingers in your business no matter how samll, and they will own and control you and you’ll never get shed of them wonkish puke bastards.

  • chuck b

    david l

    i have one more thing to add to this conversation. you say everyone has a right to have a doctor attend to him or her. in this country we are a
    free nation, the doctors are a private business, they are not responsible for you or anyone else. you evidently like the socialist life where demands are put upon the medical field and service’s directed by the state. if you will check further, say canada for instance, the canadians themselves prefer our medical care over their socialized care. obama care will reduce the efficiency and quality of the medical service and then you will truly see more death’s from the long wait and poor quality of the health service.
    i don’t know whgere you are getting your information from, maybe democratic talking points? where did you get the “70% moderate” figure from? there’s no national poll showing that. almost every poll shows conservatives outnumbering liberals by a two to one margin, check it out. it sounds to me like you are reading a union manual on how to think and vote. have fun.

    • DavidL

      We are all interconnected. I think I am older than you (correct me if I’m wrong, I’m 64) which means through my federal and or state taxes, I paid for your education. If you have children in school, I’m helping to pay for that also. We all contribute to the US military, Coast Guard, public schools, public transportation, roads and bridges, public libraries, fire departments, the list goes on. Doctors are in business. We as a society don’t have a right to regulate for the health and safety of the public? What do we do about the incompetent and criminal doctor who ends up killing his patients? Is regulation by government “socialism”? We regulate our food, water, and medications for public safety. We all pay for that because it is a wise thing to do, right? No one has total freedom to do whatever he or she wants without responsibility. That would be license.

      Doctors support universal heal care. It is the for-profit health care insurance industry that opposes it. You know why. They make money taking in premiums and paying out fewer claims. It doesn’t matter if men, women, and children are dying in the process. If I made billions of dollars in the oil industry, I’d deny climate change also. If I received millions of dollars in campaign contributions from the heath insurance industry, I’d be against the government requiring me to stop dropping coverage on people. The Republicans are doing both.

      Chuck, please read “Healing In America” by T..R Read. it is an objective discussion of heath care in the US and around the world. Please do your family, and mine, a favor. Then please get back to me.

      Talk to you.

      p.s. Most Americans consider themselves moderate. I am one of them.

  • chuck b

    david l


    the federal governments job is to protect our nation. they are not supposed to afford us healthcare. our tax money has been abused by the political bodies, we the people are responsible for the politicians elected to supervise the welfare of the nation. there is nothing in that contract that says we should supply the world with medical care or feed them. these same politicians have allowed our borders to be over run by illegal aliens (not immigrants), these illegals have taxed our society to the brink of bankruptcy and they are still pouring in. your president barry soetoro refuses to close the borders due to the fact he is depending on the vote he will derive from this activity to keep him in power. in the meantime they are destroying the infrastructure of our country by the demand of welfare, schooling, medical and food. you are asking the people of this country to reduce their welfare to assist the illegal population by granting single payer healthcare. show me any country that has applied this type of coverage that hasn’t reduced their quality of care. the waiting period for people that have serious ailment has caused the death of many. people i know in canada can prove this. this hc bill passed by the democrats is a nightmare and is nothing more than a path to single payer. socialism does not work, it never has. the insurance companies are being forced to raise their premiums by the very nature of the hc bill, this is part of the plan by this administration to force this country into single payer hc. why do you think the hc bill was written in legalese such as it was, the politicians cannot understand it much less the average person. thats why barry keeps saying he hasn’t read it. i agree the insurance premiums are too high, however, they have to make a profit to stay in business, but, when they are forced to cover people such as pre-existing illness, what do you expect. this whole thing is the cause of millions of illegals overtaxing the welfare system along with the legal welfare cases. socialism never works it has destroyed more than one society and it is well on it’s way here. remember one thing you get what you pay for most of the time, sometimes a lot less.

    p.s: most americans have liberal hearts, but conservative pocket books.

    • dan az

      chuck b
      thanks that was right on. Did you know that in the bill is another tax that no one seems to mention its if you sell you house there is a sales tax sorry but I cant remember how much it was but I think it was like 35% but I could be wrong Either way there is more taxes put in to this bill that they are still finding scary stuff!

  • Magee,Robert H.O.

    The gridlock in Washington DC is caused by the two party system. It is corrupt and its power in lobbyists system corrupts it more as the struggle is between interest group details and not societal issues being tackled.

    I strongly believe the TEA Party movement was doing the right thing attacking the strengths of the two parties to neutralize their power in Washington.

    Unfortunately the Tea party candidates are activists who also could trailor their views to the extreme sometimes. We need centered politics that balance between conservative views and liberal views so that we can move America a head with a balanced view that is supported throughout the world.

    One reason why the two parties cannot operate is that they divide and shift their attention among a multiplicity of issues and pursuits that are not in the interest of the people of United States of America. Essentially ignoring we the people business.

    Government originated in the idea that people have a form of of association that defends and protects the peoples’ interest in property and act as a common force for all. Unfortunately not all Americans feel defended and protected as such.

    We also understand that laws are always unsustainable and unstable unless those laws are founded on the manners of a nation,such manners are only durable and resisting power in the individual or groups of people.

    Government cannot antagonize and influence at the same time. Somehow you are going to create enemies and criminals to the state. That is bad politics and it needs stop.

    If the minority party cannot lead it needs to get out of the way and let the majority party lead decisively passing laws that can help we the people by simple majority rule.

    We the people want to find happiness in our government, ofcourse wrong place to look for happiness. External things and opportunities so abound in American life that,instead of looking to family as the true source of happiness we tend to make it a direct object as we seek money. We need one another to lean on not money.

    Money should not buy each other but love should be the only medium of exchange in that regard. Money buys commodities and services. Goods and services capable of giving us comfort which is part of happiness.

    We are an impatient society and so is our government. We are hurried and fretful because we do not find happiness where we are searching for it.

    Our religious experience set us to be enevious and hateful of other religions. God is one with pure thought whoever is seeking God is not our enemy but our partner in the search.

    United States is made of all people liberals, conservertives, independents and those in-between. We all have a right to be who we are. Balancing it to the center is not a crime as Republicans would like us to believe.

    Patience, openness, or transparency and accountability can get us far. We need each other not against one another. To make a strong nation with manners and character to be trusted to lead. All sectors and people must be allowed to participate. For together we are strong and are a source of happiness FOR ONE ANOTHER.

    Democrats are failing not because they have rejected the progressive agenda, but because there are to many Democrats who have refused to be Democrats.

    They essentially are Republicans in the Democratic party. It causes indecision, lack of drive and spirit to get a long in serving society with a progressive spirit.

    November elections will recalibrate this mess once more repeating the same old cycle of the two party system. You need a third party to remove the gridlock in Washington Dc for the two parties are killing democratic process.

    We need United States Political Party. A party that will stand for states and indeed we the people. It should be Profamily party, pro constitutional law and pro global immigration and travelling, pro national and international efforts to eradicade porverty.

    The party should be pro all religious experiences. Pro space explorations, prolife and prochoice when it comes to arbortion issues.
    It should be Pro-marrieges and all forms of lifestyles. Pro global military units to assist in natural disators and peace keeping efforts. The party should be pro global education,trade and business.

    United Nations shall be the governing council and USPP shall be its political wing to advance global agenda as United States sees it fitting to maintain peace.

    That is a dream not far from being reality as Democrats and Republicans refuse this responsibility we want them to step aside and let others move forward boldly.


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