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Survey Suggests Amnesty Would Encourage Illegal Immigration

October 23, 2009 by  

Survey suggests amnesty would encourage illegal immigration A new poll by Zogby International has found Mexicans believe an amnesty that would grant legal status to undocumented immigrants would prompt more people to enter the U.S. illegally, the Center for Immigration Studies (CRS) has said.

The survey noted that 56 percent of respondents thought that legalizing the status of illegal immigrants in the U.S. would make it more likely that people they know would go there illegally. It also found that interest in immigrating to the U.S. remains strong, despite the recession, and that 36 percent of Mexicans say they would move north if they could.

That percentage represents 39 million people.

"As the top immigrant-sending country for both legal and illegal immigrants, views on immigration in Mexico can provide insight into the likely impact of an amnesty," says the CRS.

Meanwhile, Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS) has launched a campaign aimed at stemming population increase, and says immigration is the number one factor driving the growth in the U.S.

The organization has also pointed out the environmental consequences of immigration, citing studies which suggest immigrants create four times more carbon emissions when they arrive in the U.S. compared with their behavior at home.

Says Diana Hull, president of CAPS, " Cutting immigration to the U.S. isn’t the only thing we should do to solve the global warming problem, but stopping mass immigration, especially from low carbon use nations, will go a long way towards a solution because it is a significant contributor to the problems we face."


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  • Robin from Indiana

    Why can’t the laws that are already on the books be enforced? We do not need more mouths to feed, more families to support, and more tax dollars being spent on illegals who refuse to abide by our laws. Just enforce the current laws and guard the boarders! If we could just select those that would become law abiding citizens, not raping America for what they can get from us, it would be a different story. Check out the prisons in California. The gangs are numerous there. How can anyone want to grant amnesty to those who have already broke the law by just coming here, let alone those who become felons? They can’t be sorted out, so just stop them from coming!

    • s c

      Robin, current illegal alien laws are regularly ignored because our hookers and professional morons in congress are too busy making ‘new friends.’ People who knowingly break such laws are bound by an unwritten oath to ‘protect’ each other.
      Career criminals in congress get easy, reliable votes, and illegals are promised the moon – if they willingly surrender their integrity and help keep congressional slime in office.
      You and I and most rational adults know that. Both parties are involved, and that obligates us to support those who respect the Constitution {Sheriff Arpaio, et al). Those who would shred the Constitution deseve whatever happens to them. Taxation without representation should include a basic assumption of treason on the part of those who took oaths to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.
      At this stage in history, elected officials can be niched into one of two groups – 1) patriots and 2) traitors. Political ‘affiliations’ are irrelevant.

    • ward

      you are right , the morans that run this country will never wake up till its too late !!!

    • Vic Bailey

      They (The Socialist Government), doesn’t want to do anything because they are breaking down America like in their plan. The Invaders will help destroy America and they know this, and they think after it’s all over they will bring in UN Troops and mop up the rest. The Germans, Japanese and Italins thought the same thing, and these MORONS will make the same mistake. They forget we still have our guns and we are NOT afraid to use them just like our forefathers. This time we need to finish the job once and for all, after it’s over, round up ALL Un-American and send them to other countries that will accept them, NEVER to return. This is the LAST somewhat FREE country, let’s keep it that way, until we can get our FULL FREEDOM BACK!!
      Semper Fi.
      Semper Fi.

  • Del form Texas

    Granting amnesty to illegal immigrants discriminates against those who abide by the law and go through the legal process to enter into the US. Some of these pepole have to wait years to come here and be with their families. What makes illegal Mexicans any better? Try asking these people how they feel about amnesty for illegals!

  • http://Googles NancyDalrymple

    Please send them back to their own country! They bring hate and dispare and murder, and rape, and california wont be fit for anyone to live in And then they will migrate all over this country and take over America. Please do the right thing, send them home! Thia is my country I want a say! I am an American back since this country started. Please!

  • http://aol judy macneal

    I think we should make them go back to mexico they should not live here they have a child in the USA and then they get all kinds of benefits that our people will not be able to get when they need it.
    OBAMA ONLY WANTS THEM TO BE HERE TO GET THEIR VOTES. We must do something to save our country. Please e-mail me . Thanks JUDY

  • Angela

    Send them back, they get welfare, SSI checks, food stamps, and much more that is costing us a lot of money. That is what is wrong with our Health Care system. If they get sick the immediately go to the emergency rooms, costing the American people billions of dollars. We do not need them here. There are poop people in this country that cannot get what the illiegals get. It has to stop now.And yes I agree with Judy that Obama and our gov. only want them here for the votes.
    Wake up people.

    • http://at@t uscitizen

      They breed like animals with no concern about how they will feed the kids because they know the us government will see they are fed with our tax money but i’m wondering who’s going to pay for them when the jobs are all gone and the american citizen aren’t working. Makes me wonder what our government has in mind. Probably the reason oboma wants to get them legal in a hurry.

  • Jack Kinch(1uncle)

    The immigration laws are not enforced because the politicians we put in office don’t want them enforced. This admin. has removed only Maricopa Sheriff Joe Arpaio from those that can enforce the laws. He was doing too good a job. The demorats will give amnesty to buy their vote. They gave our taxes to buy the black vote. Amnesty will attract many more illegals. We are way overpopulated now.
    Urge your state legislators to stop,via constitutional amendments.allowing more immigrants.

    • Rachel

      The Constitutional amendment we need is to stop the automatic citizenship of the babies born in this country to illegals. We need immagration enforcement. We need to bring our troops home who are stationed all over the world in some places where the people hate the U.S. They only want the American dollar. They disrespect our soldiers serving in their countries to protect their freedom and take advantage of our generosity. Bring our troops home and station them on our own borders, particularly the Mexican border to stop the invasion of illegals and drug smugglers on our country. Assign others to round up the aliens who are here illegal and send them home. PROTECT OUR HOMELAND. Don’t condemn those sworn to protect it. Problem solved!

      • Nancy D

        Good Job Rachel,
        I agree…….it’s time to start thinking about our own country first. Living in AZ is a rude awaking as to what goes on with illegals coming into our country….and yes they sure do take advantage of having a baby so it does become an American citizen and gives them the right of staying here and many other things that we citizens end up paying for. Joe Arpaio is really loved here and I hope he keeps doing his round up of Illegals…….Send them back to Mexico…..

        • http://at@t uscitizen

          I just wish we had a sheriff joe arpaio here in do some cleaning up. I watched a cnn special about latinoes in america and they went on about how they had build the us up and made it beautiful.My head is still spinning wondering how they did that. How did they come to the conclusion that they have done anything for the united states but cluttter it up and yes our government embraces them because thy have to have new voters to keep them in office. We the people have lost all trust in our leaders. I’m sick with disgust with how the mexicans are taking over just like they said they would but what can we do? Our government is on their side and they know it. They have it made in this united states and we will pay the price.

      • DaveH

        Rachel, I like your idea of bringing our troops home to guard the borders.

  • dennis dane

    We need to stop all imagration, both legal and illegal until we get our country back together!This includes sending all illegals back to their homeland including Obama!


    The argument for enforcing immigration law is growing. a recent poll(Rasmussen)of American citizens indicates that 73% would like to see the border secured and deportation to be utilized. Another poll(CNN) of Mexican immigrants has indicated that the majority do not favor assimilation, would not care to learn english and owe their allegiance to Mexico.

    These two polls are a strong reason for the politicians to pay serious attention to securing the border, enforcing the immigration laws on the books and deporting those who have gained access by illegal entry. It has nothing to do with racism or victimization, it has everything to do with respect of law, security and sovereignty for this country. It is time for right minded representation of the American majority view point to be put to use.

    • JeffH

      I live in California. I have lived , at differant times in N.Ca, Central Ca., and S.Ca. Illegal immigrants, and their supporters, have helped create an economic disaster in California that is spreading like the plauge throughout the country. Combine the immigration problems with governments ability to overspend, overegulate, overtax and act as overseers of the world and you have the recipe for the disaster America is now in.
      Vote wisley in 2010 and choose Americans that will perform for America, not for special interest groups or big government. Step up and let us regulate the regulators. It is time to set term limits and rid our country of the “fat cat” incumbents that believe we are their subjects!

      • JeffH

        Illegals are also the largest criminal base in California.

        • Rod

          I beg to differ with you Jeff. The Biggest criminal base in Calif. starts with PALOSI!

          • JeffH

            Correction, Pelosi, Boxer And Feinstein…

    • http://at@t uscitizen

      I work with a lot of immigrants that won’t try to learn english and i have known some of them to give those that do learn english a hard time because they speak english.They use the fact that they don’t know english to get by with alot. They like to say “me no understand” but anything thats important to them , they have a clear understanding. The company i work for employes mostly immigrants now and i figure our jobs are on the line. My husband has been bumped twice by a mexican and both times the mexican wouldn’t do the job as well as he did but they got the job anyway.We have a lot in our HR offices and they let us know how much power they have now. We get our noses rubbed in it every so often.

      • ccg

        uscitizen, unfortunately, your story is becoming the norm. People better wake up before it’s too late.
        I have had some bad experiences myself. They come over and steal and it seems like nothing can be done because there are so many of them and they are nameless.

  • William Sanders

    Back in 1986 our politicians promised that as a condittion of passing “one last amnesty”, they would step up enforcement at the border and start coming down hard with severe sanctions against the employers of illegal aliens from that point in history foward. They did absolutely nothing.
    We were warned back then that giving an amnesty to 3 million illegal aliens would only result in many more millions of illegals sneaking into this country to wait for the next amnesty. Well guess what? That’s exactly what happened just as predicted and now they want us to keep repeating the same mistake over and over, with no end in sight.
    Poll after poll consistently show that an overwhelming majority of Americans are against another amnesty, yet Obama still stubbornly insist on including another push for amnesty in his upcoming aganda. Obama intends to ignore the will of the people on all issues while he destroys this nation

    • JeffH

      Amnesty has become Damnesty!

    • DaveH

      Obama will do anything that increases the voting percentage in his favor.

  • Sonny

    In 1986 Reagan gave amnesty to 1.8 million illegal aliens, congress has given amnesty 6 more times since then, 1994 578,000 ext of 1994, 1997 nearly 1 million illegal aliens, 1998 Haitian amnesty 125,000 illegal aliens, 2000 400,000 illegal aliens, and again in 2000 amnesty to approximately 900,000 illegal aliens. Now Obama wants to legalize 12 to 20 million illegal aliens. I realize this is all polical for votes but it’s time the American people stood up and said enough is enough. We need to tell the ACLU and La Raza to take a hike, the majority dont want another amnesty, this only encourges more illegal aliens to come here. since no one in congress has the guts to change the law that says if you’r born on American soil your a citizen. I think we should watch how all Senators and Congressmen vote Democrate and Republican then determine who we will vote for in 2010 and 2012. Wake up America, we are going Socialist.

    • eyeswideopen

      Sonny, I just read that Regan’s total was actually more than the 1.8, it was 2.8 closer to three million. Can I ask why you think Obama wants to legalize the illegals? What have you read, that he has stated that? I really want to know what I have missed reading that all the conservatives have obviously seen. Please could you tell me what and where the article is that your information on the illegal amnsety? Thank you in advance.

    • Ken

      dont’t forget the Cuban boat lift that included hundreds of thousands of Cuban prisoners and mental patients Fidel let out of jail for that “Special Event”. The number under Carter that were granted permission to stay in America was 8 million “Before the history books were rewritten down to 1 – 2 million”. And someday they will vote as I saw at a polling station in “Moscow on Mendota”, (A lake in the extremely liberal city of Madison WI).
      Hookers and pimps came to the polling place together; the hookers showed the pimps how to fill out the forms and the pimps took the hookers to the booths and showed them how to vote. Multiple handicapped persons were broughtin wheelchairs; incapable of any rational thinking, and the aid voted for them. All the while 3 liberal lawyer watched and said it was legal.
      The ideas of liberals is to literally destroy then rebuild this country they way it should be. They believe America is too rich and must share the wealth with the rest of the world because we are the cause of all the poverty in the world. They want “One World” a world court that will not accept our constitution. Supreme Court members have already visited other courts in the world.
      Seven more years and I will retire, in Eastern Europe as America self-destructs.

      • Rod

        The trouble is ken, I am not sure we have 7 years.

    • Marla

      Obama is lusting after all the power he can get. If he has to walk over us, he will. He doesn’t care about us. It’s all about him, his will, his glory. For a President to give amnesty for votes, it’s all about power, and he’s getting more greedy for it. He would rather feed his ego than take care of America and its citizens. He favors foreigners for his own purposes. Not us. I picture George Washington acting like that. I can’t. It’s too criminal in my mind. The founding fathers cared for the land and its people. There were no egos because they were more concerned with our freedom and happiness. They did right by us. Obama will not listen to us. He knows what HE wants. He’s selfish and manipulative. With his thin skin, he has voiced his opinion of us simple Americans. Words are powerful. People are too quick to believe what they hear. People need to snap out of it and figure things out for themselves. Who’s got your back? Not Obama!

      • Cribster

        Obama’s rallying cry “Yes we can” came directly from the illegal march across the country two years earlier in 2006 where the illegals chanted “si su puede” (yes we can.)

        99% of Americans never made the connection. Obama gave a huge but stealthy nod to the millions of illegals to get their votes and those that support them. Criminal enterprises like La Raza, LULAC, MALDEF and their filthy ilk.

        • Vic Bailey

          Bama has put a Socialist or a Communist in every appointed job including the Supreme Court, and you think he is going to help us, NOT!!!
          Semper Fi.

  • Sonny

    Eyeswideopen go to you tube and in the search engine type in “obama calls for amnesty for 100 million illegal aliens” then you can watch his speech.

  • Rod

    I have an Idea! Lets send Obama and all his criminals to Mexico.
    I think we should give them back the same thing they are trying to give us- – - illigals!

  • Rod

    I think watching Obama’s speaches are a waste of time. He lies everytime he opens his mouth.

    We need to send this CREEP back to Kenya – - where he was born!

    • ccg

      Do you know how to tell that Obama is lying???

      His lips are moving.

  • Banker

    What is going on in Washington is a deliberate calculated scheme by both parties to overwhealm the American people with as many complex issues at one time. While our heads are spinning and the puppet media put all their spins on the issues, these politicians will cut deals and pass legislation then blame each other for the mess they created. I agree we need to vote these parasites out of office, but who do we have to choose from. Those that do come forward and take a stand for the American people are raked over the coals. Their families become targets for vile and vicious smears. Just look at the Govenors race in New Jersey. Those voters only have a choice between three stooges. Some choice, rotten, rottener and rottenest.

    • JeffH

      Banker “What is going on in Washington is a deliberate calculated scheme by both parties”…I beg to differ. Both parties couldn’t get together for coffee.

  • s c

    What shame that we can’t trade Sheriff Arpaio for comrade obama. The sheriff could step into comrade obama’s shoes with no problems – and do a better job sans comrade obama’s ‘lofty qualifications.’ Comrade obama, on the other hand, would be seen as an utter incompetent his first day ‘on the job,’ and would be looking for employment elsewhare.

    • JeffH

      Sheriff Arpaio first call to duty would be cleaning up the crime at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, then head over to Congress, then…..?

  • http://at@t uscitizen

    We, the people, need to do what ever we can to stop this amnesty.We are suffering already because of the illegals. How much more can the us stand before it is like mexico? These people don’t understand or don’t care that they will destroy this country too. They are taking more than they contribute. We can’t get into the ER’s for the mexicans being served.I know i sound unsympathetic but i lost all of that after being pushed aside for the mexicans. I’ve always been a hard worker but i get reminded often that they are there to take my job. Being a good worker in united states don’t mean a thing anymore to some of these companies.

  • American Citizen

    What makes the politicians in this country think that those who come here illegally, lawbreakers, are going to play nice? Jails are full of them.

  • s c

    More and more, comrade obama is a movie character who has come to life before our eyes. For those who have never seen a movie titled The Manchurian Candidate, you owe it to yourselves to see it.
    Comrade obama is about as ‘American’ as saul alinsky, molotov cocktails and the Bolshevik Revolution. He’s as ‘honest’ and ‘open’ as Hitler’s betrayal of Russia, just before Germany invaded Russia during WWII (a national socialist who fooled a communist. imagine that!).
    Anybody out there still think comrade obama needs ‘more time’ to work out his ‘plans’ for America? Thanks for NOTHING, DNC.
    Thanks for NOTHING, saul alinsky. Thanks for NOTHING, Haavid.
    Thanks for NOTHING, wannabe elitists of the world. If comrade obama doesn’t know the difference between crap and shinola (he DOESN”T), then there’s no way he will do anything good for America. Scotty, beam up this nose-burning, foul stench of an administration. Give us a homeless, ex-alcoholic, skid row realist. How could such a person do any worse than comrade obama?

  • Deserteagle

    This Administration is doing everything in their power to cause the end of the America that stands for all that true Americans hold dear. The Democrates have made it clear that they are going to turn this country over to the Mexicans. President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, plus over 250 other democrates have voted yes on every bill that goes through the house in favor of giving more of America to the Mexican Government and the approximately 20 to 25 million Illegal aliens already in this country. It is time for the American People to stand up against these people and let them know that the American People want our country back, and we want the illegal aliens sent back to the countries they came from. Write your Congressman or women and let them know that if things don’t change come election time 2010 they will be amoung the millions un employed.

  • Human League

    Since we’re talking polls;

    NY Times/CBS Poll dated April 22-26, 2009; 65% would like to see undocumented immigrants legalized.

    Pew Research Center Poll: 63% of Americans Favor Path to Legalization for Undocumented.

    An April 30, 2009 ABC News/Washington Post poll finds 61% of Americans support Path to Legalization for Undocumented

  • Wayne Keel – V Vet

    Inhuman League, You must have gotten your legalization poll results from idiots like yourself, liberal NYT, NBC, and ABC. I’ll set the record straight for crooked reporting! First of all I live in West Texas where the Alien population has doubled in the last 10 – 15 years making real citizens the minority. These aliens fly their meskin flag, rob and steal from the Gringos as they were taught all their lives, because we stole Texas from Santa Ana in 1836. I know this because my sister-in-law is illegal, but she has learned to speak English. We have talked about these things in depth and she assured me that they plan to overload the system and take back Texas and the Southwest without firing a shot. You don’t mess with Texas without GETTING SHOT. This next revolution will yield the same results as the last one. There are millions of MEXICANS here that fly the American flag, speak english, and fought for this country just as I have. They are good people, so don’t call me a racist, call me a patriot. We are sick of the government intentionally letting our economic system be overloaded by undesirables who seek a free ride at our expense. Naturally they will vote democrat, because the dems speak their language. The country is in trouble and the only way to change our direction is to take it back by going to DC and oust these socialist and communist. Most Americans don’t read the NYT or watch any of the MSM channels anyway, as they are propaganda BS, and they are liberal biased. My suggestion to you is to keep your views to your self or better yet, leave the country and go where your beliefs are shared by the majority, such as Cuba or Venezuela. The sleeping giant in America is slowly waking up and I hope it’s fast or we may not make it til 2012. God help us all!

    • john

      You are so right and I hope there are more people with this view, and dont wait till 2012, WE need to make the change next year in the house and congress vote. The untruthfull president has his sights set on becoming the next WORLD leader he will be gone before long but the problem lies in the senate and house they will still be here, they seem to stay in office 20 to 30 years. Thats where the problem is. Did you know that the nobel peace prize OB received was awarded 2 days before he was sworn in. Most people dont know that these nobel’s are allways awarded in the month of February.What could OB have done to receive this award..

  • gerald newton

    Quote, “We have got to eliminate the gringo. And what I mean is, if worse comes to worse, we have got to kill him.” That’s from the founder of La Raza. This is the Scum that the likes of Feinstein,Boxer,and Shumer are supporting.
    They don’t care who takes over this country, as long as they come out on top.
    They are not listening to “We The People”. It’s time to vote!
    In the meantime, keep your gun’s oiled and your powder dry! It’s coming to that!

    • ward

      bring it on wetback , alot are more ready than you will ever , also we are a lot smarter , fighting is a thinking mans game ,!!!!, that rules out a low i.q , person , with the education of a 4th grader ,that is what a mexican is !!!! trust me YOU WILL LOSE !!!

  • Paul Z.

    Amnesties NEVER work because the Government never enforces our Immigration LAWS, just the Amnesty, so NEVER AGAIN, take our school buses during the summer and give them a free ride home. Imagine how great this country would be again without the burden of 20 Million Illegal trespassers using our schools, hospitals, jails. and jobs, thus lowering wages.
    What would Government do with those that enter the U.S. Illegally “after” another Amnesty, yet another? NO MORE AMNESTIES, period! ! !

  • Theresa Curran

    Has anyone notice the increase in communicable diseases like dengue fever? Yes, it is transmitted by the bite of a mosquito, but the mosquito has to have already bitten an infected person. And what about all the other diseases that we normally immunize against? Sure , the illegals stop themselves at the border and say “Wait, I can’t go, I haven’t gotten my shots yet.”


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