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Survey: Americans don’t trust the Fed

October 13, 2008 by  

Americans are losing confidence in the Federal ReserveIt seems that the current credit crisis has eroded many Americans’ confidence in financial institutions and the government’s ability to set monetary policy.

A new poll conducted by Reuters and the University of Michigan found that more than half of U.S. consumers say they have less confidence in the Federal Reserve than they did five years ago.

And 29 percent of respondents reported having "a lot less" confidence in the Fed.

Survey director Richard Curtin said that these findings could indicate that "a longer and deeper recession" is on the horizon.

"This loss in confidence will cause consumers to accelerate their spending cutbacks and those reductions are likely to persist through most of 2009," he wrote in the report.

In contrast, following the 1987 stock market crash, less than one in five consumers (19 percent) said they had less confidence in the Fed, with seven percent reporting a lot less confidence.

On Friday, President Bush made a statement about the government’s efforts to combat a more serious economic downturn, saying that it was instigating an "aggressive" plan to restore equilibrium. He also urged Americans to have confidence in the government’s ability to solve the problem.

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  • Bob Livingston

    Any confidence in the Fed was misplaced in the beginning in 1913.  The Fed is the daddy of fiat and final ruin to the country and the middle class.  The Fed was created to transfer wealth from the workers and savers to the nonproducing elete. Their secret is GRADUALISM. The man on the street perceives reality as day-to-day, but planners think of history in 100 year segments and so they long-range plan out of sight of the people.

    Short-term the “good feeling” will quickly return as “business as usual’.  Under this cover comes new taxes and controls and silent class warfare. Prudent and wise people can clearly see this coming. It matters not one whit what anybody thinks of the Fed. Self defense and survival with assets is the issue.

    Psychological warfare is ongoing suppression of liberty while the people imagine that they are free.
    This power operates above the threshold of intelligence. It cannot be seen or deciphered. It has to be decerned.

    Bob Livingston

    • kaski

      The Rothschilds are ultimately behind the owners of the Federal Reserve. There will never be peace in this world as long as the privately owned elite bankers, (the House of Rothschild and the top owning families of the Federal Reserve), which own the World Bank and IMF own and control money and its issuance. Be carefull, they just may want to dissolve the Federal Reserve in order to create a new World Monetary system under their control. America, at least, must rid itself of the strangle hold the private bankers have on our central banking system and have Congress issue debt free money and completely control our central banking system. Study this, learn and then educate others.
      Many Presidents have known of this dilema and commented on it and at least two were were murdered for trying to get America out of their stranglehold on our government by owning it thru debt owed them from money borrowed from them with interest. They were Lincoln and JFK.
      “History records that the money changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit, and violent means possible to maintain their control over governments by controlling money and its issuance.” James Madison
      “The modern theory of the perpetuation of debt has drenched the earth with blood, and crushed its inhabitants under burdens ever accumulating.” Thomas Jefferson

  • Nancy

    Mr. Livingston,
    I totally agree with the comments you made here, and the emotional reaction of Obama’s supporting voters who think they have ‘won’ are clueless at what price victory?
    The ‘fix was in’ years ago by a contriving political machine geared for this particular time and election creating Obama as the mouthpiece and ‘making him a senator’ that will use him as the Puppet of a much larger plan for this nation that most could not imagine, let alone confront .
    Let me be as bold to suggest McCain was not ‘elected’ in primaries , but rather carefully and covertly selected for Obama’s opponent by manipulating the votes.  People were unaware then as they still are regarding this political machine that went to extraordinary lengths to cement the deal on all and any plateaus, while some of We The People smugly think he was actually elected fair and square.  Ah…contrare to popular opinion and belief, is there still bliss in ignorance?         

  • Chris

    Mr Livingston, I presume. Ditto for Nancy. Damn foolishness is the first thought that comes to mind. What’s the historical foundation for the assertion that the Fed was created in 1913 to transfer wealth from the “workers and savers” to the non producing elite? For that matter, what can be considered to be elite about those without jobs barely able to feed their families and keep a roof over their heads? The ruling elite has always been those in the top 1-5% of the food chain making 100X the income of the average middle class American. It is THIS class that continues to attempt to blow smoke screens at the rest of us, in a blatant attempt to avoid paying their fair share of taxes by attempting to destroy the progressive income tax system established by the Democratic Party in the 30′s, when FDR brought this great Nation of the the Depression caused by the same reckless business practices we’ve seen at this very moment.                                                                                                                           Nancy’s comments some conspiracy that BOTH political party’s to have John McCain selected to run against Obama in order to assure a Democratic Party victory is equally absurd. Face it, Livingston, YOUR party has lost fair and square, and you better get used to having to make a living without tax dodges and scammming middle class America.

    • http://lowkinetichumanhybrid walt

      Dear Chris the sceptic:

      Bank robber Jesse James had a brother who went on the lecture circuit. He made a statement which I loosly quote.”when revolution / war comes to this country, it will be farmer vs banker.” We have seen it almost occur several times. The new Deal smashed many grassroots attempts to create a new economy of the people outside the bank system. read about that. Read about the war of Gold vs Silver, or more truthfully, the war of new york bankers against the western creatives (miners) who were denied a place at the table when the banking system was formalized by…the elite’s chosen government people. Its all through our written history. Did anyone mention Kennedy and his statements soon before assassination that he was going to end the Fed? Repressed history filled under “conspiratory nonsense” by our controllers. You have been fed newspeak to confuse the sides. The savior you percieve is the benign aspects of the wouldbe slavemaster. Is it not easier to control slaves who “like you” than ones who constantly dream of revolt and freedom? Is it not better that the slave not know freedom, but as a tag for his cradle to grave servitude, comfort and safety have trumped freedom for such deminished souls..Read all about the Perons if this pimpery of populism is confusing you. P.S. I came from the “left” most reluctantly, still belong there in that I owe primary alegiance to “we the people” not to the government the governing. Itsd all about how words are used and abused.

  • Charlie

    I will add only that, The Fed, I believe, is an illegal and unconstitutional organization, bred in secrecy and chicanery and never approved by all the states at the time.

    Obama scares me!

    • Robert

      Charlie from the first time Obama walked on the stage I had knots in my stomach. I would never vote for him. He scares me so bad that i get the jitters just by seeing him on the stage. I do not know what the Feds are, but i take it they are the controlling factor with all the moneys in the USA??

      • Bob Hauser

        The so called “federal reserve bank” is a study in triple misnomer: it is using the name “federal” in flat violation of Title XVIII USC 709; it has no known or auditable “reserves”, and, it has never at any time been a “bank” in the lawfully defined sense of the term—-the hoaxically misnomered “federal reserve bank” is a PRIVATELY OWNED (jewish Rothschild family) credit cartel….Benny the Buttface Bernanke, current Chairman of the Board of the “fed” takes our unbacked (and therefore constitutionally unlawful, hence counterfeit) “money”—-i.e. BARTER PAPER or “M-2″ right hot off the presses of the U.S. Bureau of printing and engraving and then “loans” it to us by purchasing U.S. bonds with it … at 6 % interest last I heard, payable in gold.

        It is precisely the same as if I stuck a gun in your ribs and took everything you owned and then said “hey, I’m not such a bad guy—-I’m the Fed—-I’ll loan it back to you at 6% interest”.

        In Europe through the Dark Ages and well into and through the Renaissance, USURIOUS PARASITES who did then not a bit more than what Benjamin Shalom Bernenke is doing to the American people right now, were hung, drawn and quartered, hung by their necks until dead and burned at the stake in public. What the “fed” has been engaging in since it was spawned and palmed off on a somnambulant congress in December of 1913 (same year as the founding of the ADL—Always Defecating League…pure coincidence of course) can only be regarded as high treason and should be punished as such. Back in about 1660, the Rogers couple were put to death in Britain for no more than shaving silver coins of the realm: the debauchment of currency, just as was the crime of USURY, was regarded as a form of treason. The “fed” daily and gaily engages in both against us. The debauchment of U.S. currency was a hangable offense back in 1792 with the passage of the nation’s Coinage Act of that year—the “fed” routinely engages in it every solitary damned day.

        A United States DOLLAR is still as we speak defined in the U.S. Code of Money and Banking, Title XXXI USC 314 as a “gold coin weighing 25 4/5 grains 90% pure (alloyed w/ copper for strength) or a silver coin weighing 412.5 grains 99% pure —it is still the legal definition, ergo, we have no lawful money in this country, i.e. we are totally prostrated as a nation financially, QED. Lawfully none of us are required to surrender a solitary dime to the i.r.s. because we have had no lawfully recognized income. “Dollar denominated evidences of debt” (i.e. “federal reserve notes”) are absolutely bogus in every sense of the term and cannot be lawfully considered “income”.

  • Tom

    Such a ludicrous belief by the Obamaites and the majority of the country as a whole.  To think that the very people who are totally and completely to blame for the financial chaos we are in are the same people who will fix it.  The government and politicians predominantly on the left fostered this crisis by subtle and not subtle pressure on the financial institutions well over a decade ago.  These same ill equipped, partisan, and ignorant congressmen want us to believe they know and understand how to fix it.

  • http://Yahoo. James W. Farmer

    The jury is out on the Obama Peesidency. The qustion is will he be as bad as some of the past Democratic Presidents such as Kennedy, Johnson, Carter, Clinton and of course two Republicans Peesidents Bush 1 and Bush 2

    When the heck are we going to have anoter Reagan.

    James W. Farmer

  • Dewitt Gosnell

    Democrats have one fatal flaw.  They don’t know or refuse to acknowledge how our economy works.  The so-called elite are the same ones who provide the jobs.  Place restrictions on them, and they retaliate by removing their resources from the economy.  If they could create a healthy bottom line and still pay their workers a wage that is on the average the highest in the world, they would do it.  Tax them, and they will move to a place where that bottom line can be created.  If you take money from the economy through taxes, that is like pouring gas on a fire.  Nothing is created, and everybody will be worse off.  Raising taxes on the working class, no matter how much they earn, removes the incentive for creating a decent GNP.  When  production goes down, the economy goes down, and people who have no confidence tend to safeguard what they have, and the devil with the hindmost.

  • Lisa

    The problem we are faced with today as many of you already know starts way back when the private sector known as the Rockefellers, rothchilds, the illuminst, the skull and bones society the black nobility the knights of templr the Roman Catholic Church, the royal empire, bloodlines etc…. This list is endless. This goes way back when the federal reserve was signed into the legislation I believe with Roosevelt who had signed it in which in turn started this whole paper money scam. The Rockerfellers are the owners of one of the key players in the Fed. Reserve and are still alive and well today breeding their deeds to carry on the bloodline of evil deeds. They are living amonst us today and know exactly what they are doing. They do not CARE about us. The key players in this crisis are the ones who own the MONEY and the banks and the world. It is the private sector. It is huge and it is dangerous especially for us. This crisis was set up and meant to happen. It is not and was not an accident. The presidents that are elected into office are chosen, groomed for this and it tends to stay in the royal bloodlines. If not they are assinated like Lincoln, JFK, Regan but he surived. It’s about a higher secret sector that answers to someone higher than them. They will ultimately carry out the plan of the one who wants total control and the Owners of the world.  The Bushes are very much involved in this crisis and it dates way back to when Hitler came about. They helped the rise of Hitler. They created the WWars to cause Choas so the american people would cry out for help that way the G could implement new laws and treaies that otherwise would have never exisited or needed to be implimented in the first place. This is all about the one who ultimately wants total control of the world and that is why you are hearing Obama speak of One World. It’s insaine to think that the powers so large and the ones we so blindly elect in office can be so ruthless and cruel to civilization. I can not believe they can actulaly get away with this but they are and America and it’s MOBOLIZED DUMMIES walking around believing that our G is so wonderful and they will take care of us and this is not their fault are in for a rude awakining, a very scary one at it’s worst. How come I can understand what is really happening while the majority of America still sits and believes all is well and OBAMA IS THE MESSAIH. I am not impressed with any one who voted for OBAMA because He will carry this out and his Cause for Presidency. He made it very clear what is in store for us.  A mandatory call to WAR on teror that will never end and was set up to never end by the Bush admin so they could start the WWWW and kill off 95% of americans supposedly getting a tax break  – not! We will have to sacrifice like OBAMA said in his acceptance speech and all throughout his campaing was really about CHANGE but what was the real meaning behind Change. The constitution will be changed, our rights will be changed , our rights to bare arms, our 401k’s being taken over by the G, our money changing to the amero, our family and childrens lives will change, our freedom, our right to freedom, our religion, school,college,abortion, families will be marched into the military book camps training for the war on terror and we will all serve except for the 5 percent who are vey wealthy, the royal bloodlines the Satans of the world and the ones WHO CONTROL THE WORLD. It’s so disgusting I can’t even wrap my mine around something so obvious and destructive it just sinks my heart to know this, and I KNOW this to be true. This is huge and no one wants to accept it so therefor the destruction of civilization continues. There comes a time and it  should be right now that the awareness is so painfully clear. I’ts as if this was one big comic.  How could this have happened. It is so out of our control now because this is what America wanted and voted for. Now it will become a Mandatory CHANGE and a mandatory call to SERVICE.  Look at who America voted for and was fooled by A 47 year old COMMIE Dictator who associates with an elie dangerous class of power control monsters. I don’t care what color he is. It dosen’t matter. He is a dangerous man. He is not going to work for us. We are going to work for his CAUSE.  Look at who is stealing votes to make a filibuster proof congress, ACORN AND THE CRIMINAL LIBERALS. Look who is trying a 40 year old congressman for FRAUD when Hillery C got off the white water scam, Bill C got off on perjury and haveing Sex with his interns, G Bush got off on mass murder by creating a war and causing 9-11 etcc.. the list goes on. They hang Ted Stevens but not themselves. They go in and knock off Sudam H and hang him but G Bush gets off on creating all the WARS and mass killings and torture and for what. Now they want to fight in Afghanistan and Pakistan. GIVE ME A BREAK. This is the biggets HOAX set up for us to a never ending war. Oh Where is the justice in any of this. It’s the biggest crime and secret of American I can’t even stand to live it let alone have the ones I love live it. America’s people just set us up for the END. Michelle Obama puts it just exactly like it will be. Obama will never let you go back to the life you were once used too. Here we go America. March to your death.  We have to serve on a mandatory call to war waged by the US in order to serve theri CAUSE. To globolize the world under one nation. How ludicris is that and how long will that take. It’s digusting and I can’t stand our G or our system or the Sanatic rulers that are allowing this to happen. And I am so annoyed with the American people who can not SEE the TRUTH behind this monumental and threatening scoundel. I used to love life and wake up every morning getting my four children off to school going to work than picking up my children taking them to all their activites going home making dinners visiting with family and friends going on vacation getting all excited for the holidays just the all American dream. I felt safe. I do not any more. There is a huge dangerous threat in the making and I can sense it. I am unsettled regardless of who is president. It is coming. I wonder how many of you are really prepared to face what is in store for youl. I wonder how long the ignorance of the people will continue before it hits them like a ton of bricks and than there is so much choas the Obama administration will have a reason to sign in the MARIAL LAW. That is why he wants to build up his CIVILIAN ARMY so when this day comes no one is prepared all will go to complete CHOAS, RIOTS, etc.. He will callin his civilian army and knwo we have become a POLICE state.  It’s a set up America and if you all fall for I can’t say you were not warned. Do your self a favor and get prepared so than you won’t be fooled and maybe we can change the out come of the deviant outrageous act upon our people and it’s country. You can all say I am crazy and I don’t know what I am talking about. I felt it when I heard Obama speaking and than when he was elected and Michelle came out on stage wearing that very symbolic dress, all black splattered red on the belly. I knew that America just voted for the end of AMERICA and Civilization as we know it.  Thank you America now you all have to make sacrifices.  From Pres. Elect OBAMA to his OBAMONATION for a CAUSE. God Bless America and thanks to Mr. Obama who won’t even salute the American flag or put his hand over his heart to pledge the allegiance.  HELLO people is that not a red flag.  God Bless.

    • Simon Leopold

      Lisa seems to have a good handle on the situation (despite the many typos for which she’s surely forgiven). When anyone is sufficiently upset or angry it seems to surely have an effect on his/her typing accuracy.
      I’m pleased to see that not all women had “Obama fever” and were not willing to play the ‘Ostrich’ with their heads in either the sand or up a lower aperture of their anatomy!
      Let’s also not forget that neither the Federal Reserve nor the IRS are either Constitutional or Lawful, but were most assuredly fraudulently established by the International Banking Cartel by the likes of the ‘Rockefellers;’ Warburgs; J.P.Morgan’s; the Rothschilds and a few others I don’t recall at the moment. These elitists (New World Order advocates) must be removed from any/all positions of influence in the U.S. government by any means necessary!
      Let’s also not forget that Mr. Obama was not born in the U.S. (but in Kenya) which in and of itself disqualifies him from holding the office of president of the United States (which Constitutionally and Lawfully should be spelled: united States!) Mr. Obama’s Kenyan grandmother and her Kenyan minister are willing to state this as being true in a court of law as both of them were present when Mr. Obama was born in Kenya (i.e. The correct information on Mr. Obama’s place of birth!) See the current issue of ‘The New American’ and it’s article on same!
      Essentially almost everything we were taught in High School (perhaps better named ‘Government Indoctrination Centers or maybe even better termed Government Propaganda Factories) Civics class as to how our government operates was/is a lie! …And surely a lie with malicious intent and malice of forethought geared to controlling the masses by giving them the impression that they actually had a role and genuine representation in government! Most (or at least many) of us now realize that there is little to no genuine care or concern for the vast majority of U.S. Citizens or u.S. citizens as is clearly evidenced by the U.S. government’s well-established and ongoing practices and complete disregard not only for The Law but the Constitution as well See read the excellent, well documented, if lengthy, book titled: “The Creature from Jekyll Island.’ These elitists must somehow be removed from their inordinate, unlawful and unconstitutional influence upon the nation (and the world) as a whole. Ideally they should be charged with High Treason and executed as soon as practicable. Immediately, if not sooner! (as an old U.S. Army expression put it so well!)
      ‘The New American’ magazine (The John Birch Society’s publication) has some worthwhile commentaries on the subjects of the day which are well worth the reading.
      It’s time to ‘wake up and smell the treason!
      Another good question which should be addressed is: Why was it that when U.S. military personnel who were considering to sign-up for an additional hitch in the U.S. military service were asked a strange question? I.E. If called upon to fire upon American Citizens if they refused to lay down their weapons, would they do so, Yes or No? I’ve been informed, by an active duty U.S. Army Major, that if they agreed to fire upon Americans in a situation such as described above, they were permitted to re-up. if not, they were given their ‘walking papers! Something to think about!

      • Kenneth — The ONE!

        It would be helpful if there remain any military still faithful to our constitution, to organize a “strike force” to take them out, to reduce from us, the real surplus population of the wealthy elite, who seek only our own destruction, and have dragged us to the clift of the abyss.

        They would need to work in a stealth manner, but they know what to do.

        Come hell or high water, these folks can do it. To whom do they give their loyalties?

        If to the constitution, then they remain loyal to we the people.

        We will know they are active, as they covertly release copies of
        the Pentagon videos from the 911 attacks, and from OKC.

        And when it becomes obvious what has been accomplished, we will
        welcome their emergence, and we the people will give them the honor

        We also need to recognize the true source of the evil in our midst.
        Look at what has happened to Canada. The British Crown.

        Don’t forget, there are attempts, ongoing, to merge the USA with Mexico and Canada. But wait a minute!

        Is Canada about to be FREE from the British?
        AFTER this merger?

        HELL NO!

        This is part of an over-arching plan to bring the people of the USA BACK UNDER the British Crown.

        We did not call them RED COATS for nothing!

        they are entitled to, for truly serving we the people, honorably.

        • Bob Hauser

          If returning U.S. servicemen, duped as most of them are into succumbing to the World Pig State lock-step mind set, come back here to gun us down who believe in the letter and spirit of the Constitution, I don’t care what branch they “served” in nor how bemedalled they are, with fruit salad dangling from the breasts clear to the floor, they will receive return fire. I don’t know about any of you, but I would not hesitate to open fire on a returning service man or woman who threatened my life for my Constitutional beliefs —–none of them in the Mid East today are serving the Co0nstitution nor us, the American people, although they have been duped or conned into believing it…they have been serving Israel, Wall Street and the ilk of Ben Bernanke, but not America or the American people…those in uniform over in Iraq and Afghanistan today are the domestic mercenaries who will be rolling up and down your neighborhood streets and gleefully kicking your front doors in tomorrow probably along side IDF dirt bags.

          America will soon know what life is like in Gaza.

      • Kenneth — The ONE!

        You said the following:
        “If called upon to fire upon American Citizens if they refused to lay down their weapons, would they do so, Yes or No? I’ve been informed, by an active duty U.S. Army Major, that if they agreed to fire upon Americans in a situation such as described above, they were permitted to re-up. if not, they were given their ‘walking papers! Something to think about!”

        So here are my thoughts:
        Remember how the Nazis were? Coming to the actual homes, demanding to know if the people were hiding any Jews?
        A good German at such a point, if he or she were hiding Jews, would say, “No, there are no Jews here.”

        Military people have NO obligation to answer as to their willingness to shoot and murder their fellow Americans, so let us really muck up their plans!

        Tell everyone on our side who is asked to say “Yes!”

        When the orders come in to do so, they will be right where we the people need them! Able to place under arrest any and all “superiors”
        when they parrot such unlawful orders! And if need be, to turn their guns on them and to shoot them on the spot, instead!

        They have no olbligation to tell the truth to anyone who may dare suggest it, even in the form of a question!

        In fact, we need them to LIE to these Nazi bastards, in order to be in place, to take them OUT!

        Let’s all start thinking smart!

        • Bob Hauser

          Kenneth….were you even alive during WWII? I don’t believe you were…but I was. You know nothing whatsoever of German National Workers’ Socialism and the whys and wherefores that engendered it in that post “Great War” prostrated nation. You know nothing of the Roosevelt Reptilian regime or their Room 14 Lie Factory located, predictably enough, in Rockefeller Center.

          The “Nazi bastards” of which you know nothing, were fighting to free themselves from the exact same nonproductive PARASITES that have killed this country so dead they will have to bury it twice. So why don’t you keep mention of the Third Reich the Hell out of this discussion until you know much more about it than you obviously do….that was over six decades ago and today we find ourselves arrayed against the same blood sucking cestodes that they were…the difference is that the Germans had sense enough to know the true nature of their enemies…the vest majority of Americans are, as usual, too politically and culturally comatose.

    • Mark

      i’ve heard this whole argument before and it sounds just as crazy the second time!

      what a load of bullshit. i understand that the banks are pretty much in control of money, but why would they want it to fail? why would they want all this to happen? what’s the reason behind all your conspiracy theories? there is absolutely no reason for the banks, who make money off other people making money, to destroy society as we know it. then they wouldn’t have any money left because the economy would be destroyed! why would anyone want this to happen?

      and please don’t try to tell me that you don’t care about who obama is, because i know this was the perfect thing for you. “oh a black guy, perfect timing to tell everyone that the president is bad!” what a load of bullshit. i cannot believe any of your bullshit conspiracy theories because they don’t make any sense… maybe that’s why everyone you tell this to rolls their eyes at you! maybe that’s why you’ll be huddled in your bomb shelter eating dehydrated food while the rest of the world is actually trying to sort its problems out. stop hiding behind your bullshit conspiracy theories and try to make the world a better place instead of subscribing to bogus lies about how bad everything is and how imminent the destruction of civilization is. try to come up with an answer as to why there would be a world government?! the UN isn’t working! the EU isn’t working! the AU isn’t working! PEOPLE WANT THEIR SOVEREIGNTY AND WON’T GIVE IT UP!!!!!

      i hope you don’t vote.

      • Bob Hauser

        Yes, Mark, and the reason that the truly smart eligible voters in this country stay home and no longer even bother to vote is because they have the sense to realize the sheer futility of doing so when so many people like YOU do in fact refuse to stay home from the polls like you should….conspiracies do in fact exist as you would know if you should ever have the intellectual courage to consult a Black’s Law dictionary…and yes, throughout the history of Europe since 1743, the international, Rothschild owned, banking houses have CONSPIRED to cause hundreds of major financial catastrophes for the express purpose of TAKING CONTROL of each nation’s money and banking system….just as they now control our totally UNCONSTITUTIONAL and unbacked “money” supply—-I can scribble the word “dollar” on a piece of toilet paper and it is as good as anything you have in your pocket right now. Thanks to Benjamin Shalom Bernanke and his ilk of rectal parasites, America is now an almost entirely illusionary Disneyland of lies, hypocrisy, make-believe showering itself with jewish confetti people like you call “dollars” and spending itself into total oblivion with nonexistent “money” while China buys up all of our debt and Israel laughs right in our faces as Americans proudly and quite stupidly march off to die for them.

    • John

      Lisa, President Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act into law, not President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Wilson did so in the December of 1913.
      The Federal Reserve is a government chartered private banking system that is owned and operated by an international banking cartel headed by the House of Rothschild and the House of Rockefeller.
      The Fed’s creation was a joint effort between Wall Street and Congress during a secret conference on Jekyll Island, Georgia, U.S.A. Banker Paul Warburg came up with the title “Federal Reserve” to deceive Americans into thinking it was a government agency instead of a central banking system.
      I encourage you to read some books that I have read. They are as follows:
      “The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve” by G. Edward Griffin.
      “None Dare Call It Conspiracy” by Gary Allen. It’s the plan of the international bankers to create a world socialist super-state.
      “Phillip Dru: Administrator” by Edward Mandell House, personal advisor to Democratic Presidents Woodrow Wilson and Franklin D. Roosevelt. This book is about the radical socialist revolution that took place during these two Presidencies. It’s amazing that House’s twisted vision is alive and well in our society today.
      “The Shadows of Power: The Council on Foreign Relations and the American Decline” by James Perloff

  • Sheila Plourde

    I would like to add that the Fed is a crook!  This auto bail out is not right. Let them file bankruptcy. That would be the best thing for them.  So much for our mortgages! Then we have to put up with a scoundrel new Dictator!  The man is a liar, a cheat and he doesn’t deserve to have that position.  He will take our Country down!  I just hope that on Dec. 1st. we will see if he is a natural born citizen here in the States. But, he isn’t. He was born in Kenya! 

  • jmk

    Let’s not miss the most important poll taken recently, the direct poll called an election. Let’s rest awhile from our anti-government huffing and puffing and return to Locke’s understanding of government. They are the people who represent us. Obama is examining ways to implement public policies for the public good. Elected governments are still the best way we have of seek the this elusive but crucial public good. Surely that last eight years teaches us that we need to penetrate the lies and tricks of government. We don’t know whether Obama will succeed. But he laid out to the public how he would address the needs of the middle class and the poor. It looks like Bush is raiding the larder one more time before he leaves. But the USA still has tremendous human and material resources. I consider myself a cultural and social libertarian but I also support co-operative efforts and working together in for material benefits. Elected government is the only force that can help people of modest wealth to undermine the devious plans of the super rich.

  • mickey lane


    • WJL

      How can things get worse were going to find out with a socialist president you think taxes are going to be raised a little your fooling yourself they are going to be raised alot.If you think weatlh redistrubution was bad you haven’t seen nothing yet.You mention we should take over company’s and regulate them that’s not a free market economy or capitlism just because your not one the companys or indivduals who are profiting from thier hard work or education.You are what this country should be afraid of people like you closet socialist’s.The democrats had control of congress you want the democrats to control every thing that’s called a dictatorship.That’s why there is check’s and balance’s one party rule is the death of this great nation.Wasn’t Clinton who refused to over see fanie mae and freedie mac. We are getting screwed in ever direction from ever one and in till idoits like you come to grips with this and stop thinking one party or the other is going to fix every thing we will be talking about how bad obama screwed every thing up it’s time we the people hold all of them accountable democrate or republican both of their finger prints are all over everthing.

    • Kenneth — The ONE!

      I totally understand your fury at what has already been done to we the people of this nation.

      Hpwever, it remains self-defeating for any one of us to think in terms of how much more taxes we will be paying. We did not create this mess and in the world I live in, I want those who ARE responsible to pay, without expecting or demanding my help.
      They will not get my help. They are not entitled to it.

      It is all Federal Reserve issued “money” anyway. This whole entire entity is, under the Supreme Law of the US Constitution, illegal to the MAX. LET THEM PAY, and not one more dime out of you or me.

      To Literal HELL with them and them and their vulger, vile ways!

      The answer to 98% of all of our problems we face today are all found in the US Constitution. The problems have risen from NOT following it!
      So perhaps we all need to own a copy and read it. It is only about 5 pages long, in plain English, and easy to grasp and comprehend, and understand, even if you did not graduate from a government education compound.

      Don’t need to be a lawyer to understand it.

      I ran into a guy who spouted out how it is “outdated.” I pulled out and plopped my copy down, and said, “Show me all the parts that are outdated.”
      He was stunned.
      He was NOT prepared for a challenge.

      NO one who denigrates our constitution is able to defend such nonsense! NONE!

      So EMPOWER yourself, get, own and carry a copy. And of course, read it!

      Then, ask questions that force our public SERVANTS to abide by their end of this most important, timeless contract: The US Constitution!

      If they refuse, they are not serving us, so let’s make that crystal clear.

      YOUR THE BOSS — They are the sauce!

  • Dave

    The fiat money system and it’s handmaiden, the federal reserve are imploding. No president or congress can stop it now. There was a chance for change and it was in the form of Ron Paul.

    To me Obama is nothing more than a front man for a system that works behind the scene no matter who is in charge. I hope I am wrong but time will tell soon enough.

  • Herbert Levinson

    I’ve been exposing the Rothschild syndicate for the last 40 years.
    This time we have the internet and email.
    This time, starting several years ago. Before Obama. I started data mining on the subject and managed to send thousands of emails to the big eleeonosynary organizations, with the hope that these files would be poliferated exponential, to their members. (eg AARP, 34 million members), Amnnesty int., Common Cause, etc. etc.

    That’s why the American People are all up in arms over this issue.

    When Hillary was ahead of Obama in the polls. I send out the Biderburger files. That show the Clintons as members, of this exclusive club.
    After several days past I saw a surge in the poles favoring Obama and He never looked back. I believe this to be a direct reaction to these revelations.

    We Americans need to keep this issue alive by poliferation. Till everybody knows what has transpired for the last 250 years. Only then do we have a chance, of extricating ourselves from this dastardly condition.

    Network, network, netword is byword, to defeat these evil forces so ominously and viciously arrayed against us.

  • http://lowkinetichumanhybrid walt

    “backed by the full faith and trust” of the american citizen, the Fed con job has allowed a decades long ponzi scheme to strip the citizens of real value in exchange for a pile of debt securitization based on…the continuing participation in the Ponzi operation.

    So now the emperors bank is shown to have empty vaults, and people are waking up. I hope the full trust and faith of we the people is pledged to real wealth the next time we set up a financial system. Yes, I do want this con to die. Sory to admit that it will take “innocent” folk with it. Sometimes medicine is a ruthless proceedure. Save the body, cut off the gangreened limb.

    I believe in local banks, real assets and we the people pooling our capital and gaining the added value. Not in sending it to bookeepeers (bankers) and foreign treasuries. As a wondwerful man put it last February…”institutions formerly known as banks…” maybe they will be replaced by true servants of we the people, we the creators of capital.

  • AlPon

    Hurray, hurray ... some of us are finally getting to the 'real' truth. The world IS controlled by a few hundred, maybe a thousand or so, ultra rich, ultra secretive families. For all who still wonder why and for those that can't seem to understand what's going on in the world. For all those still divided by petty differences. For all those that still have a partisan mindset. In other words; us vs. them and Dems vs. Repubs. Let me present the ultimate evidence of world wide manipulation and control. Written over 150 years ago, by the evil doers, for the evil doers, this document has been denied by them as bigotry. But after you read it and see that all the plans and proficies have come to fruition there can be no denying the truth. They never denied the existance of this document, only to say it is racist and bigoted. They never deny the contents thereof. For over 100 years it has been hidden and censored.
    Every citizen of the planet needs to read this book. It will rock your world and you will never be or think the same afterwards. I'm not selling anything. Unlike so many web sites trying to get rich by informing us of what we should already be aware of. My only motive is too circulate this publication. To help the citizens of the US and the world in general to see and discern the truth. The REAL truth.
    At the risk of disappearing or being 'rubbed out' I am revealing this to all the world. The name of this tome is "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion". If you can't find it with your browser, as I said, they want this kept under wraps, I will provide it free as a PDF document. Just request a copy from I will promptly reply and attach said doc to my email. Let's see how many people have a quest for the truth or just like to hear their own gums slam together.

  • Joseph C. Moore, Cpo USN Ret.

    I am simply amazed at the illiteracy of the conversation. Sure, salient points are being made, but the venom and poor syntax relegates most of the contributors to the status of “nut jobs”. Socialism, like it or not, is where we are headed – thanks to our (not democratic) two party system of elections. Both parties are the problem and cause of the continuing march down this pernicious road.

  • Kerijay

    The Fed Reserve needs to go. Gold & Silver was suppose to be our money that created jobs. The Fed Reserve creates worthless money and makes elite running it rich. This country has gone to h^ll.

  • Nancy

    The FED is the reason we are in this mess to begin with, and they keep coming, and coming, and coming. I wish they would just go away. When Congress was on vacation, after Nancy(the tyrant)Pelosi, turned the lights out, I was praying they wouldn’t come back. Everything seemed more peaceful and ran more smoothly when they went away.

  • Nancy

    Does another Revolutionary War, to escape tyranny sound good to anyone. I wish we could go back to the day of our founders and mount our horses, load up our guns and march to Washington, and chase them all away.

  • Nancy

    Thomas Jefferson said, “My reading of history, convinces me that most bad government, results from too much government.” Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.

    • Bob Hauser

      America doesn’t have a government….we have Goldman-Sachs…or as we say, Goldman-SUCKS.

      “Give me control of a nation’s currency, and I care not who writes its laws” —Meyer Amschel de Rothschild, jewish head of the Rothschild credit cartel dynasty, financiers of BOTH sides of every major war since 1743

  • John

    Why should we trust them? Every poll that I read the public was against these bailouts, yet Congress went ahead with every single one of them and will continue doing so in the future. They sit up there acting like they are looking out for our best interests even though they have no intention of following the desires of their constituents.The media is reporting that Mr.Obama is confident he will get his stimulus package passed quickly.He hasn’t even taken office yet!

  • Libertybelle

    I felt the FED should have been on yesterday’s poll…don’t you? Why did you overlook them as the reason for this financial crisis?

    And to Nancy the Patriot: I feel your pain, but if we march with guns blaring, then they have an excuse to enact marshall law, so WE THE PEOPLE, that’s you and me babe, and other honest, average, freedom loving Americans need to inflatrate the seats of power in the government, media, educational systems, etc….all levels of power. That’s your revolution! We have to use their tactics to win our country back…if you’re interested in doing and are done with talking, go to At the bottom of the home page are links to educate us and get us connected with those who are committed to doing something about this!

    For Freedom!

    • R F A

      To Arms is the absolute last resorte we still have the ballot box one last time.. Ron Paul / Gary Johnson 2012 make it count!!!

  • Austin

    The types of bailouts initiated during the past couple of months and the total lack of oversight simply bewilders me. Where is the oversight? When will we have oversight? I think the new group of outlaws coming in should pay attention to correcting some of these issues before slashing forward through the trees to nowhere.

  • http://none ollie

    Read the book Web of Debt. A good book on an issue too complex to blog about.

    The Fed has regular secret meetings that could provide an open door for the international bankers to steal our hard earned money. They tend to create a boom and bust economy that they can control. We are the last to know when to get our money out.

    We shouldn’t risk it. All we have to do is launch a tax strike until the fed is abolished, and we can demand a few other things while we’re at it like simplified tax code, medical insurance, and regular internet voting with a publicly verified budget and line item veto power from the people.

    Republicans and Democrats have helped them and many are on their “Triple F payroll” of fame, fortune, and fear. We need to put our government on a budget and hold them to it.

    The current cash crisis could be caused by governments building secret shelters for 2012. Shelters cost hundreds of billions of dollars to equip. Otherwise, where has the the money gone? Criminal hacking of the banking system? Embezzlement by international bankers? What? There are not that many bad mortgages.

  • Sandra

    LISA, dated Nov 14, 2008! Right ON! You have it straight babe! Most Americans don’t believe in the “conspirasy” theory! I hope I spelled that correctly! Got your attention did it? In the morons defense (that’s the average American), they just aren’t as capable of researching history to be able to determine what’s what! They are complaicent in their day to day lives, plugging along into oblivion! One day soon it will hit them and they will wonder what happened! And yes, why wasn’t the Federal Reserve on the list of what was the cause of this mess???

    I haven’t read one comment on NESARA? Have you not read about this National Economic Security and Reformation Act?????? This act disolves the Feds and the IRS and all our Senators and Congressmen? Why? Because due to our constitution holding office while holding a Law License was a “conflict of interest”? Why because once you take the oath to become a lawyer (lier!!!) you pleadge your allegience to none other than Britian/Crown!!! See the conflict? Google NESARA and read all about it! Then go to and read more interesting stuff that’s happening. There is also a flood of garbage to combat the real news. Don’t be fooled! We the people need to support our Militia! They will be the saviors in all this mess!!!! God Bless The United States of America!!!!

  • http://? NANCY


  • Christine

    What scares me most about Obama is his schizoid background and schizophrenic physique: the skinny neck, teeth and ears out of proportion and his long, boney fingers. Ηis conduct even during these first few weeks demonstrates his schizoid lack of stability. What sort of leader ignores the criminal conduct of those he appoints to the highest executive offices of his administration?
    What kind of “change” is in his recruiting the same old Clinton gang? Why appoint ex-Marine General Zinni – and excellent choice – to represent us in Iraq, and then suddenly withdraw the appointment in favor of an inexperienced replacement? Why declare concern for our national safety against militant Islamists, but withdraw charges against the proved killers of Gitmo? Who is to protect us against the thousands of Palestinian refugees his executive order now brings into our neighborhoods at tas-payer’s expense for housing, education, food, etc… when who can say how many are suicide bombers – especially their criminall indoctrinated children – and what incurable diseases they will import – just as too many incurable germs are brouight across our open borders – but who cares how many Americans die of these new exotic germs from whatever jungles? How many more weeks will pass before most Americans start asking, “Wait a minute – whose side is this guy on?” Then maybe our criminally negligent media will remember Obama’s statement in Audacity of Hope, ” If the political winds turn ugly, I will stand with the Muslims.” So will he “stand with the Muslims” whom he is now importing by the thousands, when the suicide bombs of militant Islamofascists start exploding in many of our cities across our beloved, much betrayed land? As Aeneas Tacticus, the old Greco-Roman writer said, “In time of crisis, not the gates of the city but our leaders need most watching lest – for their own private, self-serving interessts – they- betray the city and its people to the enemy.

  • http://ordy@fedtel./net Eric g

    Its seems a lot of people here have heard of the new world order , and finally a world government . People sound like crazies writting what they think here . But most of these people are not crazy . Almost all of these things have already happend in other countries , Armies shooting their own people . Remember Kent State , the army did shoot . The Russian army is the only I can recall that refused to shoot . I would like to suggest we keep our own national guard in our state preferabley our own kids and our neihbors kids to police us if we need it . I know the police will shoot us , but I’am not so sure the national guard will . I would rather have a little larger national guard , with troops made up larger cross section of older soldiers . I have soldiers tell me they were not going to obey their orders in Viet Nam If that paticular situation should arrive . I dont like the government to ask soldiers if the orders were to shoot american civilan was given would they obey . Just becuase somebody says this was the critical question in selecting reinlistments does mean this a actual fact . But if it is the case we should get Murtha to look into it . I would answer this question yes and no depending on the circumstances . In this situation I’am the one holding the gun my whole lifes training would come into play , not just my miltary training and allegence to my country , I also have allegence to my state , my people , my family ,myself and last but not least my God . This is why I like the older soldiers better .

  • Bob Hauser

    I am getting extremely burned out on this discussion…because most of you people simply cannot get your skulls out of rectal defilade and disabuse yourselves of this delusional obsession with “left-v-right”, phlegmocrat v gopster addiction—–I tried to warn some of you months before Diebold Day of November, 2008, that Barry Soetoro, aka the Mackdaddy, was just another Adam Clayton Powell—another narcissistic self-servant at public expense who was in it for no more than the personal prestige and trappings of high office….and that by voting for that talking head on the end of a stick you would not only be flatly failing to “get even” with George Bush but, beaucoup au contraire, merely dumping a bucket of brown paint on him and shoving him right back in the Offal Office.

    By another’s faults, the wise man learns,
    His own, the fool as well;
    Heeding neither counsel, the American earns
    His rightful place in HELL.
    —Robt. Spittler

  • Bob Hauser

    With this thought, I will leave….it has been proven and documented that fully 4% of the people loose on the streets of America, whether they lawfully belong here or not, are clinically confirmable sociopaths.
    The word “sociopath” is just a slightly more politely erudite sounding term for PSYCHOPATH…now a pitifully miniscule fraction of sociopaths end up, like Ted Bundy and Nicholai Ceausescu, getting what they richly deserve, but far too many others wind up as heads of banks, in public office, as cop chiefs, as “news” editors, as “teachers” skull raping our kids in the public FOOL system, the armed farces, etc., —gravitating to any of myriad positions from which perch they can CONTROL AND MANIPULATE …and then eventually abuse and/or destroy those around them. Yes, yes, I know…you are saying, well, what’s 4%?…I’ve heard that a thousand times before…well, use your noodle: only 2% of the people of Russia were card bearing members of the Comintern…yet they ran the other 98% with a quite brutal iron fist that murdered in cold blood an estimated 60 million people all over the world…a REAL and verifiable holocaust for which I don’t see anyone demanding a memorial.

    America never learns.


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