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“Surprisingly” Bad Economic News

August 16, 2010 by  

“Surprisingly” Bad Economic News

Have you noticed how often the elitist “economists” in government, academia and the media are surprised by bad economic news?

They are constantly “surprised” by high unemployment numbers. They say the low manufacturing numbers were “unexpected.” They claim they didn’t “foresee” such a great trade imbalance.

When the Fed Open Market Committee met in June it said the economic recovery was “proceeding” and was likely to advance at a moderate pace. At the time they were talking of “tightening” monetary policy to fend off inflation.

Vice President Joe Biden has said we are in the “Summer of Recovery.” President Barack Obama has been saying his policies have “pulled us back from the brink of another Great Depression.” As recently as Aug. 2, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, in an op-ed piece for The New York Times, wrote an uplifting column entitled “Welcome to the Recovery.” And he wasn’t being facetious.

He wrote that exports are booming, private job growth has returned, businesses now have strong balance sheets. But then he mentions his surprise.

“The new data show that this recession was even deeper than previously estimated,” Geithner wrote.

Still, he says, all economic measures represent an encouraging turnaround. He must have forgotten to tell that to the Fed.

Because the Fed’s had an “oops” moment. It has decided inflation isn’t an immediate threat after all, and they are “loosening” monetary policy again to try and stave off deflation and a second recession. But with the interest rate at zero there is little left to do.

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke signals he fears a double-dip recession. The Fed decides it’s going to buy back debt. Buy back debt?

Fiat currency is debt. So the Fed is buying debt with debt. It’s shuffling money piles around. It’s taking money from one pocket and putting it in another. Meanwhile, the International Monetary Fund declares the United States is essentially bankrupt, writes Laurence Kotlikoff of Bloomberg News.

Reporting the latest “surprising” job numbers, The Wall Street Journal says the “government’s latest snapshot of the job market was bleak; a sign the economic recovery is running out of steam with 14.6 million Americans still searching for work.”

Or, as Tig Gilliam, the chief executive of the staffing firm Adecco Group North America told The Journal, “It’s a double whammy because it causes people to take a psychological step back. Now, it looks like not only has the economy slowed, but maybe it wasn’t as good when it was originally reported as we thought.”

On Aug. 11 the trade numbers came out. The U.S. trade deficit grew to the largest level in almost two years on rising imports form China. Imports increased to $200.3 billion while exports fell to $150.5 billion—a deficit of $49.8 billion. Most economists had expected it to be about $42 billion.

“This is spectacularly terrible,” Ian Shepherdson of High Frequency Economics told AFP news service, explaining that rising imports eat into anemic U.S. growth figures.


If they are constantly surprised by the results of their policies, could it be that they don’t really know what they’re doing? Or is it that they know and are lying while they line their pockets and the pockets of those who pull their strings?

“Ninety-three percent of the wealth is controlled by 10 percent of the nation. That means the rest of us are there to cut up the other 7 percent. We have 10 banks controlling 80 percent of the assets. It’s a takeover,” Gerald Celente of Trends Research Institute told radio host Alex Jones.

Congress expands unemployment benefits to 99 weeks—that’s five weeks shy of two years. Yet businesses that are now looking to hire are having a difficult time finding qualified workers.

At Mechanical Devices, which supplies parts for earthmovers and other heavy equipment to manufacturers like Caterpillar, Inc., co-owner Mark Sperry says he’s been looking for $13-per-hour machinists for months. His company’s sales would increase by as much as 20 percent if he could hire 40 workers, he told The Journal.

But trips to job fairs have been almost fruitless, he said, as many of the applicants he saw were just going through the motions so they could continue to collect unemployment checks.

Michael Hatchell, a 52-year-old mechanic in North Carolina, told The Journal that he’s turned down more than a dozen offers during the 59 weeks he’s been unemployed because they didn’t pay more than the $450 a week he collects for unemployment. One auto parts store offered him $7.75 an hour.

“I was not going to put myself in a situation where I was making that small of a wage,” says Hatchell.

This sort of thing is happening all over the country. Many people used to making $50,000 to $60,00 a year aren’t willing to take a job making $30,000 to $40,000—and then get deducted taxes plus have to buy gas and maintain a vehicle—when they can draw $23,000 per year sitting home… and do it for almost two years.

The Federal government, of course, can and does print money to infinity. So it has no problem paying government workers huge salaries. According to recent reports, Federal civil servants earned an average of $123,000 per year in salary and benefits in 2009. By comparison, private workers made about $61,000. And the Federal payroll continues to grow.

States, counties and municipalities aren’t so lucky. They must live within their means—or are supposed to—and many are being forced to slash millions from their budgets. Since payroll is usually the biggest expenditure most are looking at cutting jobs.

So Congress, in an election year vote-buying scheme, votes to print more money and pass it along to the states in order to save those state jobs. Who gets the money? Teachers, firefighters and police… each with unions that were among Obama’s—and the Democratic Party’s—biggest supporters.

What Obama and Congress are doing is creating an ever-growing dependency class of government workers and government handout takers. Take a look at what happened in Atlanta last week.

Thirty thousand people showed up to get Federal housing assistance through the Section 8 program. They stood in lines for hours in the sweltering heat. Many passed out. Others were hospitalized for heat-related symptoms. Fights broke out and the riot police had to be called in to restore order. All for a little housing assistance. They are a reminder of two women interviewed in the aftermath of Obama’s inauguration who proclaimed Obama was going to take care of them—pay for their mortgage and provide them with a car—from “his stash.”

But Obama’s stash isn’t yet empty. He is now providing $3 billion to unemployed homeowners facing foreclosure in 17 states with higher than average unemployment rates. Another $1 billion will go to the Department of Housing and Urban Development to provide homeowners with emergency zero-interest loans.

California will get the largest share–$476 million. Florida will get $239 million. Illinois will get $166 million and Ohio will get $149 million. That’s 123 blue-state electoral votes—almost half of what Obama will need to win re-election in two years… should the country still be around in its current form.

Celente, who in 2007 predicted the 2008 crash and is one of those who is not constantly surprised, is predicting another crash—and another war—before the end of 2010, saying it’s not going to be a double-dip recession but a continuation of the current one… the new Great Depression. Last week’s news out of the Fed that it’s buying debt with more debt is an indication the death spiral has begun.

Even the mainstream media is beginning to recognize what’s going on and some stories are starting to talk about a second Great Depression.

The flow of money out of the Fed will stave off the crash for a time, but the regime is gasping. Celente says it’s too late to stave off the ultimate crash.

“America today looks like Russia in 1998,” Jochen Wermuth, chief investment officer at Wermuth Asset Management, said on CNBC. “Consumers, companies and the government are all highly indebted. America as a result is a bankrupt Mickey Mouse economy.”

With the Fed printing fiat currency to infinity, one would think any Mickey Mouse economist could see it coming.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • s c

    If this crapola wasn’t predictable, it certainly shouldn’t come as any surprise. When a new prez goes to the White House with NO economics background, no experience in leading anything or anyone, and he surrounds himself with suck-ups who drink from the same contaminated well, this dream land defense cam mean only one thing.
    Mr. Obama didn’t go to Washington to hit the ground running. He went to there to go through the motions of being a leader, and he got caught with his pants down. Ben the Boob Bernanke is anything but a financial wizard, but at least he has the stones to imply that all is not well in Obamaland.
    Mr. Obama’s financial dam is imploding, and even the whoremaster media can’t keep a lid on it. Welcome to reality, Mr. Prez. The basic moral of this story is ‘don’t send an utter incompetent to do a man’s job.’ Theories are fine on a drawing board. In the real world, you and your financial scams are as useful as teats on a teleprompter.

    • Al Sieber

      SC, I think it’s getting close to the time that Bernanke will start throwing money out of a helicopter.

      • Right Wing

        Ha ha. Good one Al. Next will come the public load speakers with a recorded message from emperor obama proclaiming that everything is fine and all people should resume a peaceful and obedient life.

        • Al Sieber

          R.W., the loud speakers will be next week, everything is fine, go back to sleep.

        • American Citizen

          He’s already doing that via TV.

          • Denniso

            2/3 of our entire economy is consummer spending…almost all the Republicans and spewers like Limbaugh and Beck have been talking down the economy since Obama was elected and the crash had already begun under Bush. When consummers don’t ‘feel’ good about the future they cut back on spending. With all the intentionally negative and doomsday talk about the future,consummers attitudes are shaken and they don’t spend. If the Repubs viewed the economic collapse as a time to come together for the good of the country rather than a political opportunity to unseat Dems,and actually were trying to help
            the economy and the psychology of the consummer,the economy would be better off now. But no,the repubs are willing to help keep the economy down and millions out of work so they can make political hay.
            Now, Bob Livingston is doing the same thing,trying to convince everyone that we’re going to hell in a handbasket…all to try to cripple the Dems and Obama…sad.

            When 9/11 happened and the economy took a hit because of it,Bush told everyone to ‘go shopping’. The Dems didn’t use 9/11 for political gain and rallied together w/ the Repubs to keep the country going,and we got through it and the economy recovered. This collapse occured under the Repubs and now all they want to do is blame Obama and hinder the recovery. All for votes and regaining power…some patriots,these Repubs and ‘conservatives’….

          • Glenn Smith Jr

            Think, for a minute, about this question: Why or for what purpose would anyone person or group intentionally push policies that are proven to kill the free market economy? Could it be with for the purpose of “Bringing the USA back to the pack”? Most of the people in power now are globalists (supporters of an agenda that brings everything under one central control). Look at the Chinese Constitution and you will see the ultimate goal of all of these “elites”, who know better than we the (little, insignificant, ignotant) people. I don’t care if it was Bush and the Republicans or Obama and the Democrats, the policies pushed on us since 2008 are designed to move us towards a globalized goal.

          • Denniso

            You’re paranoid and wrong…2 for 2.

      • s c

        Al, I think we are very close to the day when part of the cure will be to throw politicians out of helicopters (or whatever is handy), and do it without the benefit of a parachute.

        • John Stewart

          Does any of this remind anyone of Lord Nixon?
          They’re all a bunch of crooks trying to line there own pockets and to hell with the rest of the world.

        • Al Sieber

          SC, that’s a good one, throw them all out at 10,000′, so they have a few seconds to repent, or at least think.

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          Lawyers, all lawyers. Rid the country of them, and then maybe we can make our penal system work again, and maybe we can make our political system work again. But lawyers have hijacked our government, our penal system, and everything else, and they are laying it to waste. They are the scourge of society.

          • RANDMAJESTIC

            pssssst-You want a revolution, I guess,huh? I gave up on a law degree because, as I noticed at Stetson-they all lie and cheat! My instincts told me to study history and war-and buy guns-which was done faithfully. Now-the delicate question-”Whom do we want shot or hung, and what shall we replace them with….?!!”

    • Mark Heath

      Right on SC!! Mau Mau Bama is nothing but a socialist product marketed by marxists like Soros for their own advantage. They are betting on economic failure for the country to increase their power base. Of course their sheeple followers will always blame everything on President Bush and Republicans, but the masses are getting the picture, and they are the one’s who put that empty suit incompetent clown in office.

      • Dagney

        S C : I disagree. Obama went to the White House knowing exactly what he was doing. He knows now what he is doing and it’s on purpose. He knows the capitalist system is what makes this country great. It’s the fact that this country is so great is what he hates. His aim is and has always been to break it. He’s even happy that most of the dems are going to lose this November. He thinks he can blame all the destruction that has already been made and the coming destruction on the incoming Republicans and he will be reelected to “fix” it. He’s still got over half of the 1 trillion dollar “stymulus” in his slush fund to get himself reelected. He couldn’t even use those funds to buy off the teachers unions last week, he had to have more funds “signed into law” with a nameless bill. No, this guy knows exactly what he is doing and the objective is to kill the best country the world has ever seen.

        • Cameron

          I read a quip on the ‘net that said “If brains were gas Obama wouldn’t have enough to power a pissant’s moped around a raisin.” It should have said “If integrity, or morals, or patriotism, not brains…” Mr. Obama is plenty smart, but that doesn’t mean he is good for America. After all there are plenty of highly intelligent criminals in the world whose only concern is for themselves & not their brothers, fellow countrymen, or even their mothers, all they want is to take from others causing misery.
          Mr. Obama might claim to have been raised (you raise hogs & corn; you rear children) by his white grandmother, but that’s no guarantee that he loved her, or her “kind” (color).

          • Mary

            Talking about grandmother. If he loves her so much why he didn’t go to her funeral not even the media showed anything. Is she really dead?

          • denniso

            Some fool above said that Obama has 1/2 a trillion $$ in HIS slush fund to use in his re election campaign…Are you a 10 yr old? Obama doesn’t ‘have’ that money for his political use.

            You people are so off base,unbalanced mentally,ignorant,foolish and utterly WRONG on everything you spout, it really is amazing that fellow Americans can be so dumb and paranoid. I have to wonder if you are products of the ‘bad’ public schools that most of you demonize?

            Where are your brains?

          • disgruntled_american

            Denniso, your right about the ½ trillion available but you might wonder just how much tax payer money is involved in BO’s trips in air force 1 with all of his security detail etc. while he is going around the country supporting and indorsing candidates for the upcoming election. I would venture to say it’s well into the millions for him to ignore his post as president while he is gallivanting around the country on behalf of the party / his agenda

        • Coservative at Birth

          Cloward & Pivens

        • Mike Stilfield

          Dagney is correct. Communist dictator Obama knows exactly what he is doing…destroying this great country and sapping it’s strength. Why? Well, actions speak louder than words and his actions and words have told us he actually hates this America’s founding fathers and it’s constituion. He said in his campaign speeches his intent was to destroy this country by saying he would “REMAKE” America but the mainstream media glossed it over, put their spin on it or just plain ignored it. Why would he say remake rather than rebuild? The answer is simple. When one rebuilds you rebuild on a solid foundation. When you remake something everything has to be destroyed first, including the foundations so it can be rebuilt completely NEW including the foundation. Obama is the anti-Reagan who loved this country, a Republic and not a Democracy and the priciples, which are based on Judeo-Christian principles. The Progressive liberals who hate this country control every major institution in the country now. They’ve controlled academia since the early 20th century. They get our children at ever younger ages in order to brainwash them with revisionist history, if it’s taught at all and dumb them down in math, spelling, reading and English in order to shape thier inds into group think. They agitate one race, culture and even sex against another in order to keep people’s minds off what is really happening. They control the media as we all know except for pockets on the internet and possibly FOX news. Obama wasn’t able to demonize FOX into submission to tote his party, (Communist) line so I look for FOX to be infiltrated by the leftist Progressives and subletly change it from within. I hope not but many people are beginning to wake up to what’s happening and are not watching or reading the other so-called news media. Progressive communists have even infiltrated Christianity with all kinds of false teachings and twisted doctrines. The latest insidious teaching is called the Emergent Church. All that is emerging is a teaching to get peoples eyes off the traditional Christian teachings of Jesus.
          We are certainly leaving the United States in a mess by putting these evil people in office. In the 1960′s when I was a child we were still taught in our rural area anyway, that communism and socialism is evil and rightly so. It always leads to a dictatorship. I remember the premier of the old Soviet Union, Nikita Kruschev telling President John F. Kennedy that they, the communist Soviet Union, would destroy America without firing a shot because they would destroy it within. And what did the media do? At least to their credit they reported it but then they go on to crucify a great patriot, Senator Joseph McCarthy for trying to expose communists in the government. Kruchev’s prophecy is being fulfilled but I believe it’s not too late to save this great and beloved nation….but the clock is at 11:59 and ticking. We all must get informed and get involved and forget party lines and vote for the PERSON regardless of color, gender, age or party affiliation. People who love this country and want to preserve it as the founders envisioned it. The founders knew human nature and put in checks and balances of our constitution so as to make destroying this country and keeping us free would be difficult. Our enemies won’t give up and neither should we, patriotic freedom loving Americans. Let’s have a revolution and turn this beloved country around. Get informed, study candidates, run for office ourselves, communicate, educate, pray and by all means VOTE in November.

          • Beepster

            What everyone seems to forget, Soetoro is NOT a Communist or Fascist. He is a Muslim trying to pull down American and insert Shiria Law. His strings (financially) are being pulled by Soros, re, the $2billion loan to Argentina (or was it Brazil) to explore for oil. Soros own a large part of the company that is a Nationalized company. Soros has skrued up several countries with his billions, and inserted a government in each that supports him. Burnanke couldn’t tie his shoes without help, muchless govern money. And, Geithner was put into office owing taxes. He doesn’t even know a tenth of the tax codes, and he’s running the joint that supposedly controls our money? What we need is an armed insurrection surrounding D.C. to corral them critters!!!!

          • Kenneth J. Alling

            Mike: I would like to say that you have got a heart in the right place. A thing I would like to add is “We as the people of this United States of America must believe we will rebuild our country and be ready to sacrifice to get it done, no matter what”. I encourage all to put a belief that we will Adapt, Improvise, and Overcome to win one of the greatest battles we are about to face. We all know the Pledge of Alligance, and all the Veterans remember the oath they took. These two things are still alive and valid, no one ever said that they were ended, nor will we ever let anyone invalidate them. I cannot stand by and let this present administration Destroy our nation. Those SOBs need to be crushed and we cannot wait till this or that is in place, We are fighting for our lives. Pick your weapons and prepare for battle. We have a constutional right to put down a communist, socialist, jihadist or illeagal immagrant take over. We all heard it after 9/11 “Lets Roll” we really mean it now. Mike will you start this? I’ll be right beside you and the biggest brotherhood in this world, The United States Marine Corps Veterans will be there also, Lets Roll. Logistics will have to be set up as we go ( we are crafty Americans and we can handle this. Custer tried to be a smug little peacock, look what happened to him….I Love my Country….Ken A.

        • Buzz Breslin

          Obama is dangerously a stupid man. He is manipulated easily by Rahm and Soros. He couldn’t manage a cash register in a penny candy store. Please, please America, vote him the heck out of office. I hate hearing his voice. I cannot stand this guy.

          • John

            I hear you, his voice makes me cringe too. He just lies and blames the Republicans and Bush yet he never has anything of substance to say such as laying out a well thought out plan to remedy any of the issues that we’re experiencing today, which are many.
            I’m 57 years old and he is the biggest liar that I’ve ever come across, and I’ve been around!

          • John Woodbury

            Buzz and John,
            Agree whole heartily with you. The truth is that he is either extremely smart or Forrest Gump on steroids. I hope the former because then there is hope, that he will change. I unfortunately fear it is the latter. No where has he been able to do what his Hope and Change intended. In race relations, he best cause, he even has divided this country even more. If you have not been called a racist you are doing something wrong. It use to be a badge of shame, now it is an award showing you are a thinking person. This President is really messed up, I feel for him; but I feel more for our once great country. In a way it was Bush’s fault. If he had more fortitude and understanding, pushed Republican ideas, did not invade Iraq, and stood up to the libtards in congress over Freddy and Fannie; maybe, just maybe, we would not be in this mess.

        • Lubo

          Good point! Hard to argue with that…..

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          It is so easy to play the victim, and that is all the democrats have done since 2008, is play the victim. Yet they are in charge, they have the power to make change and do good things, and yet all they do, is what they did to get elected, which is stand on their box and point fingers and blame others. Just when will it be their turn to finally accept responsibility for being in charge? Will this ever happen? I dont think so, because just like when the election process was going on, they didnt have any plans and didnt reveal them then, and they still havent formulated one now. No leadership equals a weaker United States. Thanks democrats.

      • Lubo

        YEP!!! Sad but true!


        Is the irritation that he’s liberal, a fool hiring the same corrupt financial advisers that stole the treasury-or just that the Neo-Cons lost the 2008 election?! Maybe-you can’t stand the thought of the black man in a “white house”,ehhh?!Somehow, I believe there is a naked pillow in your house, missing a white pillowcase?? Your racist agenda is showing-keep it zipped up!But truth be told-all politicians a-r-e ass-holes!

    • Lubo

      S C….. Well said…Agreed! What is it about the current state of our nation that any adult mind could not understand? When your put incompetent children in positions of power, then, this is what you get. All of which is the cummulative effect of decades of “Progressive” stupidity that has infiltrated both the Dems and the GOP. BUSH was a PROGRESSIVE and his last acts as PRESIDENT proves that fact. He set the stage for this DUMB bail-out crap.

      King Obama’s mantra of let’s “Spread the wealth around” is a marxist concept that has been bubbling up in this country since President WW. When the other side make statements such as “Capitalism has failed” it makes me sick!!! The fact is, Social Democracy or better put, Progressive-Marcism has failed and our current economic conditions are proof of that fact.

      Bottom line, if we had been operating a a PURE capitalist system for the past DECADES then we would not be 13 trillion dollars in debt with over 100 TRILLION dollars of UNFUNDED LIABILITIES!!! All of which is a direct result of “Spreading the wealth around” through marxist entitlement programs. ie; Medicare, Medicade, SS, etc etc etc which are nothing more than DUMB PONZI SCHEMES that cannot be sustained!

      The fact is, King Obama couldn’t manage a two kid kindergarten and he is now our PRESIDENT!!! Go figure?

      • Cameron

        When you’ve got people who’ve never done a damned thing but sit on their asses & game the system, the system cannot last. When you’ve got people breeding just to get “benefits” from the “government” (in reality the taxpayers) then the system cannot last. When you’ve got the government confiscating so much of the people’s income that they cannot save for retirement, they begin to rely on the system. When you’ve got people who insist on living beyond their means just because they think they “deserve” it, you’re looking at future dependents on the system. We don’t have enough people with backbone left in America to do what’s right instead of what’s convenient or what “feels good”. Each succeeding generation gets sorrier & sorrier. I don’t see how this nation can survive much longer. Mr. Obama will probably be the catalyst that signals the final destruction of America. Look for foreign troops to patrol the streets of America soon, very soon. They’ll be wearing blue helmets.

        • Craig

          Blue helmets make good targets….hehehehehehe

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            Just like the red coats, eh?

        • Buzz Breslin

          Many good points,Cameron. So run for office and get a microphone. Use Donna Brazille. Then make the opposite points in front of the camera. I am fed up.

      • RANDRAND

        When “Tricky Dick” Nixon cut the gold standard tether, America drifted to a fiat path of credit indebtedness that opened the door to fraud and looting. People were living big, drugs flowed beyond reason-and the ideas overran the reality of the human condition. Now we find out we are poor, naked as a jay-bird, and spitting to blame anyone and everyone for our own stupidity Obama is neither a cause, nor a solution to the failed system. The system failed-and the greedy jumped in to loot the people. Change the system. If government programs bother your mind-when you’ve worked 50 years, and retire-give your benefits to widows and cripples! What job salary you earn makes you so arrogant? Many are unemployed, and this country always helped it’s people in hard times-not politics, it is human caring and kindness.

    • Jerry D

      Absolutely right. Another major problem is that none of the people that Obama put into power over the economy have any real, practical background in economics.

      • TIME

        Oh Jerry,

        Now sure they know good math, its called Progressive Math.
        It works like this – you spend a trillon times what you can ever pay back, then when you don’t have enough money you just print more!

        If that fails you just TAX MORE, if that fails then kill off all the dead wood, and problem solved.
        Oh perhaps they may be a slight flaw somewhere in there.

      • Lubo

        Correct! None of them have ever managed a business much less create a new business resulting in JOBS!!!! All of them are RADICAL DOPE SMOKING HIPPIES that have been duped by the RADICAL C&P lefties that HATE capitalism and AMERICA.

      • Bob

        Markets worked by themselves before politicians were invented.

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        Only 8 percent of the people in his whole cabinet have ever worked in private business. The lowest level of any president. Is it any wonder they dont know what they are doing?

      • RANDRAND


    • refuse2lose

      People need to keep in mind that the “elitists” who have been telling us that “it is safe to go back in the water” are the same people who didn’t see the alerts of possible problems,or did see them and just swept them under a rug. Do you really think any of these people are going to announce to the country that we are beyond help and your government is just doing enough to stave off a massive avalanche?

      • Bob

        They’ll keep pumping money into the economy until after the elections of 2012.

        • RANDRAND

          You can go get your un-wedded girlfriend knocked-up and collect welfare—then spend 18 years as a slave to child-support!By the way-Karl Marx was right-we are communist economy now-we have no investments, and the state will own our houses and job opportunities. Could we use a revolution-you betcha! ( wink,wink…)

    • Craig

      “Mr. Obama didn’t go to Washington to hit the ground running. He went to there to go through the motions of being a leader, and he got caught with his pants down”

      I’m betting this has been Obamas MO for a long time. If we could see is school records, I’ll bet we would see the grades of somebody who could not be bothered with doing the work. We never hear from the students of this great constitutional scholar either. Nobody has ever come forward to claim they attended his lecture class in law school. Hell, we have had supervisors from when he was a community activist say he really did not do anything while he was an activist. Why do you think he voted “present” in the Senate? He could not be bothered with such trivial things as reading bills. His whole life revolves around attaining heights and getting caught with his pants down when he gets there. He is a failure.

      • Lubo

        Well said!!

      • RANDRAND

        Who was it reading “MY PET GOAT-II” when he should have been coordinating intelligence and defense of New York City ?—-DINGDINGDING! Why, it was G.W. BUSH! Let’s talk about his illuminating skills of perception!

    • Jennie Walsh

      These money manipulators are not complete idiots. The destruction and plundering of America is a deliberate plot of the international banksters to take over the entire world in a one world totalitarian military police-state dictatorship. The Federal Reserve and the IRS were created by them for that purpose, to enrich themselves at America’s expense and to destroy America. These two very evil, thieving, criminal organizations must be totally abolished if America is to survive. See
      for some eye-opening revelations of how the American people are being totally ripped-off and deceived and how we can turn the tables on the crooks.

      • Lubo

        Our FOUNDERS warned us about a centralized banking system….so…there you go! The FED is not accountable to anyone, including CONGRESS!!! How does that work in a REPUBLIC??? So YEA, we need to get rid of the FED and the IRS….soon…before we are all slaves!!

    • Bob Wire

      No, not surprised but disappointed .

      The only surprise I find is that people are willing to ignore the fact that 350 pieces of legislation has pasted congress and are presently stalled in the senate that address the slumping economy while they fault the administration for a failing economy!

      Neat trick ! I hoped it serves them is some way, because it’s ready damaging the nation. I suppose they don’t think most Americans smart enough to figure things out and will vote a GOP ticket. ~

      It’s a lead pipe cinch they will get the “stupid vote”

      • Lubo

        Couldn’t possibly be any DUMBER that the OBAMA voters!

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        They surely are smart enough that they arent going to pull the stupid democrat lever again. Come on man, wise up. You think the majority of us Americans like watching our so called leader, giving lawyers to defend terrorists caught trying to kill us? You think the majority of Americans like watching our so called leader insisting that they build a Muslim Mosque on 9-11 ground to taunt us even more? Its sick. You think the majority of American’s like watching our so called leader baloon entitlement programs, like unemployment, welfare, food stamps and others, so that those who dont feel like working can continue to suck the life out of those that do work, and at a higher rate and for a longer period? Get real man. We are all sick of it. We are sick of him being a pacifist appeaser to the muslim terrorists that want us dead. We are sick of him taxing us to death and attacking business’s that employ us, and causing unemployment to rise, taxes to rise, government dependancy to rise. We are sick of it. The left wing liberal pacifist appeaser democrats are going to be voted out in large numbers pal, because it took all these terrible things these wankers have done, to wake America up. Its all over but the crying. The dems are going bye bye, and I say good riddance to them.

    • EddieW

      My letter to the National Republican Committee!!!!!

      Sirs, that was the most asinine survey I have ever been sent!!
      I won’t waste my time filling it out…it is an insult to our integrity!!

      Here’s a survey…in touch with what is going on, and that we can relate to!!It is real and has meaning in our lives!

      Which of these areas do you think the Republic National Committee should focus our main efforts on. Please write 1- 2 -3 etc. for the areas you want us to work on!
      ____ Restore The Constitution
      ____ Seal our Borders
      ____ Cut the size of government
      ____ Get rid of Corrupt and Evil members (Both Rep’s and Dem’s)
      ____ Curtail the increased taxes that are coming upon us?
      ____ Get rid of the Health Care Bill?
      ____ Remove any Cap & Trade legislation?
      ____ Curtail all new spending?

      We ask your donations, to help us establish these goals, and…if you wish, you can earmark your donation to the area you wish….(If you have the integrity to follow through) otherwise don’t do it!!!
      (__) $20 (__) $25 etc….etc…

      I do not support the Republican Party per Se…I support Constitutional Candidates!!

      Not Racist…Not Violent….Just No Longer Silent!!!

      • Lubo


        • Jana

          Eddie W,
          I agree wholeheartedly. I have also written them and sent it also to the local chapter as well as my state chapter of the Republican Party. This was suggested to me by the Republican somebody around here locally. Didn’t get her name. She said sending it back to the poll takers of the Repubs wouldn’t do a lot of good.

      • Al Sieber

        EddieW, just get rid of the Federal Reserve.

      • Christin

        Love it! You should be incharge!!

      • RANDRAND


    • kate8

      I’m sure that when TPTB told Obama he would run for pres, they told him not to worry that he was totally unqualified and inept. They tell him what to say and when to say it.

      It’s all a game to him. He and Queenie are galavanting all over the world living the high life on our dime, all the while lecturing us about how it’s not fair that some are so rich while others go hungry. And how we have to all sacrifice, tighten our belts, while he eats $1,000 Japanese steaks and throws lavish parties for his friends.

      When is he going to start to redistribute his wealth?

      • Lubo

        He already has redristibuted our children and grandchildrens wealth, through the stimulus bail-out crap and there is not a person on this planet who can account for where all this money went.

        One thing is for certian, if we have a power change in Washington this November ,then WE THE PEOPLE must DEMAND that a congressional special investigation commitee be formed to answer that very question. We want EVERY dime accounted for.

        Through that discovery process, we can establish who got what, for what, when and how much. After that, we put people on trail of which could be found to be guilty of high acts of TREASON, against WE THE PEOPLE. That is the message that WE THE PEOPLE need to send to Washington for the entire PLANET to witness.

        • RANDRAND

          FALSE! We all know where the bailout money went-to wall street crooks and CEO’S to finance their lifestyles until they can parasitically attach to the next business cycle PONZI SCHEME! Note also how the word CHINA rhymes with VAGINA-because at this moment in debt and credit politics, she is screwing everyone/ 9-11 was a love-tap from the CHINESE-to let everyone know ‘WHO OWNS WHOM!! It looked like terrorist action-but it was actually a game called “RUSSIAN ROULETTE.” Somebody made our own hand pull the trigger-it was a set-up–period! Now the REPUBLICANS are going to reply and show how really stupid and cute their one-liner response blogs can be—-how is that maid at the DENNY;S parking lot-did she get RUSH’s VICODAM AND OXYCOTON???????????!!

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        Have you forgotten, he is a democrat. They dont believe in redistributing their wealth. Its our wealth they seek to give away to those who are too damn lazy to work. They believe in enlarging their wealth, at our expense also. They know what we need, and they know what we should think. If you dont believe me, just ask one. They will tell you, while they are emptying out your wallet. Ill be glad when winter gets here, because thats the only time I actually ever see a democrat with his hands in his own pocket.

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Jill

      I wish he was that stupid. This guy knows exactly what he’s doing. He is collapsing the good old U.S.A. at the envy of Castro and other foes, until we all demand that he do something to make up for it, and he will. But it won’t be constitutionally based and it won’t involve American principals or values. This guy needs to be impeached. He gets it from both sides. One saying “stop.” And the other side saying “Go farther.” I wish November would hurry up before he pulls a rabbit out of his ass.

    • Vippy

      Ridiculous comment about Obama’s abilities. He is smart, and that is a fact. Bush was not smart, he was street smart, big difference.
      And look what all the experience of both parties the last 40 years has brought us, this mess, where the Military Industrial Complex rules the world and its citizens are so brainwashed to think they are fighting for them, for their freedoms. What a joke.

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        He is smart? So why then, does he have to have a telestrator tell him what to say? He has nothing on the ball mentally dude, come on. He has never formulated a plan or a course of action, as he blindly follows whatever path his democratic party tells him to walk on. He is no leader, and he doesnt have what it takes mentally to be one. He is a puppet of his party, a head piece, and that is it. And Bush was and is very smart. People like you are prejudice, and think him dumb because of his Texas accent. I suppose you think everyone from the south is dumb because they talk different than you. Get over yourself, and get a grip on reality. Obama is not intelligent, and he proves it over and over. He cannot even call Cinco De Mayo right, remember. Or speaking Austrian or Mexican. The dude is a dope, and proves it again and again and again. I just your just not paying attention. A smart man does not do these things he does, or say the things he says. Wake up and smell the roses.

      • RANDRAND




    • Barney Fife

      Uhhhhh….has anyone seen Mr Majestic’s medication??? These are clearly the rantings of a life-long government subsidized loon!

      • Pedro

        I have learned to ignore the posts by those who have yet to learn how to turn off the caps lock

      • Cameron

        He is clearly a hold-over from the dope-smokin’, acid-droppin’, koolade-quaffin’ days of the summer of love. “Don’t Bogart that joint, my friend. Pass it over again.”

      • DaveH

        And Rand, you don’t need to shout your ignorance. We would see it clearly in a normal tone of voice.

      • RANDRAND


    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Well actually, in all truth, the economy was in shambles when Bush took over, and it was rolling pretty darn good until the last year when it was evident the Republicans had no one to run, and that the democrats were coming into power. Now full well knowing this, business owners are not dumb, or they wouldnt be business OWNERS. They knew the great tax monsters were coming, and they tightened down their belts, and kept their money to be able to pay the rising taxes that were coming. They knew the Bush tax cuts were going to be taken away, because the democrats had already said as much, and now they are going to do it. But relax, soon these lepers will be voted out of office, first being rendered from doing more harm in 2010 when they will lose many seats , then in 2012 when they lose the presidency. After that, business’s will start to invest and get rolling again, and it will all start going good once again. And take note just to smack your left wing liberal lying agenda around, at Bush’s lowest point of his economy, it was higher than your hero Clinton’s at his highest point. So point fingers if you want, but the facts are that today Obama is in charge, and in two years he has spiralled things downhill at the fastest pace ever. There comes a time when a man has to be responsible for his actions, and not blame others. That time is here.

      • Irene Grooms

        Pointing fingers now aren’ what will get us out of the mess. We must go to the poles and put people in that are true blood Americans not no more people who’ll keep destory us like we have now GOD BLEE ALL OF GODS PEOPLE.

      • DaveH

        Get used to it, Beberoni. FDR presided over 10 years of Depression and the ignorant Liberals still promote him as a hero. There is no time limit for ignorance.

        • Lubo

          So, So TRUE!

          • dan az

            Scary truth must be genetic

      • TDY 57

        Well said Beberoni. As A busniess owner I’ll say You got it 100% right

    • Matt

      Budgets do not come from the White House. They come from Congress, and the party that controlled Congress since January 2007 is the Democratic Party. They controlled the budget process for FY 2008 and FY 2009, as well as FY 2010 and FY 2011. In that first year, they had to contend with George Bush, which caused them to compromise on spending, when Bush somewhat belatedly got tough on spending increases.

      For FY 2009 though, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid bypassed George Bush entirely, passing continuing resolutions to keep government running until Barack Obama could take office. At that time, they passed a massive omnibus spending bill to complete the FY 2009 budgets.

      And where was Barack Obama during this time? He was a member of that very Congress that passed all of these massive spending bills, and he signed the omnibus bill as President to complete FY 2009.

      If the Democrats inherited any deficit, it was the FY 2007 deficit, the last of the Republican budgets. That deficit was the lowest in five years, and the fourth straight decline in deficit spending. After that, Democrats in Congress took control of spending, and that includes Barack Obama, who voted for the budgets. If Obama inherited anything, he inherited it from himself.

      In a nutshell, what Obama is saying is I inherited a deficit that I voted for and then I voted to expand that deficit four-fold since January 20th.

      • Cameron

        Won’t it be grand when that street-walking whore with the plastic-surgery grin in the Speaker’s chair & the Leader in the Senate with the perennial extended middle finger are booted to the curb? Their constituents will probably keep electing them until they are wheeled out of Congress on a gurney ala so many other Liberal Dems, but at least they won’t have any power any more. Sometimes I wonder if it wouldn’t have been better if the South had won.

        • Jana

          I know who you are talking about, Nancy Pelosi. I want that woman out of office just as badly as you do, but please don’t call her a whore unless you know she is for a fact and can prove it. Men call women they don’t like that word so much that it loses its effectiveness. Call her all the other names you want Liberal, idiot, Socialist, Communist, and even dictator wannabe, they all fit.

          • kate8

            Jana, a whore is someone who will sell out on anything for gain, not just sexual favors.

            I think the term fits Pelosi perfectly. She, and pretty much all of the rest of them.

            She just seems more annoying than some. It’s her smug phoniness. She lies with a big “for the American peeeeople”, self-righteous smile on her expensive face.

      • Lubo

        Yep, that is about the size of it!

      • dan az

        very well put!

      • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Jill

        And also per your question, “And where was Barack Obama during that time?” My answer is he was busy suing Arizona, picking out grounds for the new New York mosque and bowing to Saudi Kings, while shutting down NASA, so they would have more time to help Muslims feel good about themselves.

        • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Jill

          And then he woke up from his nap in congress and set out to command his dream.

    • Al Sieber

      RAND,It’s all a planned, controlled collaspe, and I’m staying on earth.

      • RANDRAND


    • Mark Heath

      Your are a moron!! Where did you learn to write? Harlem High? Typical leftist on the government dole loon. In November you are finished because the folks are finally on to Mau Mau Bama and they are going to throw his buddies in congress out. And stop with the race baiting stuff. It is not working anymore. We see it for what it it!

      • RANDRAND


    • D. East

      Why does everyone keep blaming the wealthy for accumulating wealth, after all, they can’t just print money like the government can. We have had wealth redistribution programs (welfare & unemployment) and progressive taxation (make the rich pay more) for a long time, and the rich get rich. From my observation, the rich get richer because they provide the LUXURY item to the lower and middle class, that love to spend what money they get on LUXURY items (computers, cell phones, designer jeans, etc). Then the Left wing politicians go out a claim the rich are getting richer because they are greedy. I just don’t get it. Follow the money. The government gives it to the not-so-wealthy… which just turns around to give it the the wealth, most of the time for things not required for survival. Luxury items. So blaming the rich! Stop just giving your money to the rich for Luxury items. Even those that commenting here on this blog–is spending money on the luxury of internet service, the communication device, and probably the air conditioned office or home study. Don’t blame the rich, blame the not-so-rich for giving it to them!

      • Dagney

        Envy is a terrible thing. People will always be envious, but how they use that envy, there is the measure of character. If someone uses that envy to destroy the rich, they are ruining their own chances to become happy and rich. If they use their envy to use their own mind to become rich, they are contributing to the riches of this great nation. And, in the process they will have something to be proud for themselves and they have a chance at happiness. The destroyers will never be happy and will find something else to destroy.

      • Mike Purdin

        so the people who control oil companies aren’t being greedy and abusing the need for gasoline, they are doing just like drug dealers they get you hooked and then jack prices up, look at the wall street companies that need bailouts most of it went to ceo’s that is greed, i have the lib people we have in office now but greed has caused alot of this and not just greed of rich either but when they take our natural resources and sell them back to us at inflated price, making a profit is one thing, but to be just out and out greedy is another. there is no reason why we in usa should be paying oveer 2.00 a gallon, if any of you remember when we let them put in the alaskan pipeline we were promised gas won’t go u, and look hasn’t stop going up

        • Mike Purdin

          i meant i dislike the libs in office

        • Craig

          11% profit margin is greedy? That is all the oil companies make. If you look at other businesses that ain’t very good. Especially for the money they have to put out to get those resources.

        • Dagney

          Look at the industries that are the most “regulated”. Prices go up because of the hoops companies must go through to please the government. Regulations are born of CRONY-capistalism and Environmental-Religion extremism, in a quest for power over all of us and do not come out of pure capitalism. Some of the most regulated industries are the car companies (union cronies), oil industry (Greenie cronies), and the schools (more union cronies). What do cars represent that Marxists hate? FREEDOM for all. What does the oil industry produce that Marxists hate. Again, FREEDOM for all. The oil products not only fuel our Freedom, they are in almost product we use. We would not have computers if it weren’t for plastics. What do schools produce? Supposedly intelligent critical thinkers. However, critical thinking has been eradicated from our schools and group-think has replaced it. More Marxist control. No, envy of “FAT-CATS” is a straw dog to get you to accept more regulation. We need much less regulation and governmnet if this country is going to continue to be the wonderful force for good in the world.

        • Buzz Breslin

          Mike–economics 101. The feds and state gov’ments are getting paid a lot more than the oil and gasoline companies for a gallon of gasoline. Plus, there are a lot more people in the network who are paid to work the business. Somehow I feel better that it happens this way than the politicians and bureaucrats running the oil industry!

        • American Citizen

          Mike, it’s evident you are not a businessman. Who is the treasurer in your household? Do you work off a budget? What do you do when an unexpected expense happens? Do you have money in reserve to take care of it? How much of your paycheck are you able to save (profit after paying the bills)?

      • Cameron

        Give a man a fish & you feed him for a meal; teach a man to fish & you feed him for life. Give a person money (redistribute wealth) & you help him for a day; give him a job & he will appreciate his earnings so much more than what he didn’t earn.

        • patrick H.T. paine

          Ah!!!! Breaking News: Teach a man ( or woman ) to fish and they
          will starve. ( or be poisoned ) Freshwater fishing requires a
          license, salt water fishing has led to the destruction of fishing
          stocks. All water has been contaminated, and stocks have been
          depleted. Malthusian Theory was a bit more subtle than those who
          were critical of it were capable of understanding. ( or wanted to
          understand. )

          While it may be comforting to adopt simplistic notions, we no longer
          inhabit a world where nature can recover from the damage inflicted
          upon it by a species who has upset the balance, since these events
          are no longer locally contained, and the consequences are mitigated
          by humanitarian efforts. ( and while these acts seem benevolent and
          humane, the long range analysis indicates that this is largely a
          mirage, since the actual problem was not addressed.)

          Unfortunately for us, the ability to actually understand what the
          problem IS seems to require that it be allowed to deteriorate to
          its maximum effect. ( when there are no fish, the understanding
          that the choice of the giving of, or teaching to, was actually
          irrelevant will of course become the conventional wisdom. )

          “To conquer; first divide!”

          • American Citizen

            It’s the thought that counts.

        • TIME

          A strong point within the text of your post. Its sad how many think that if its free no one else has to pay for it somewhere along the line.

          Nothing is free, as well you don’t appreciate what you don’t earn.
          Thats why the free loaders always want more, that green envy monster comes out big time.
          Yet has anyone ever noticed that the Freeloaders have the best new Cell phones, new CARS, a ton of new cloths and are mostly fat ass’s.

          I just offerd a few jobs doing light work around our home; such as picking up our yard, tree limbs, putting down mulch, and some painting etc.
          I was given a dead “NO WAY” for under $55.00 CASH ONLY thats – per hour – per person. What in the Bloody world are they thinking?
          One said to my face I was stupid to think they were going to work for less than that.

          • Buzz Breslin

            no surprise!

          • American Citizen

            The saying is still true, “What you want more of, you subsidize.”

    • Rob Overton

      What in the world is this person talking about. Presidents do not have the power to spend money nor to create a budget. That is relegated to Congress. They are the sole source of spending and allocation. C. Rangel has more power than the President when it comes to money. Congress is the culprit not the President. Come on Man, If you are going to condemn something the least you can do is be correct on whom you place the blame. Even Obama in all of his signing bills has no power except to Execute the will of Congress. He only has the power of veto which by a vote of Congress can be nullified.

      • Lubo

        and I guess that is the reason we have “Obamacare”?

        • John

          obama is a socialist pig, what’s so hard to understand about that?

          You do the research!

          • Craig

            Obama is a socialist pig

            Succinct and truthful.

      • Michael J.

        Through the use of executive orders, the creation of czars and wide spread intimidation, the Congress is now mostly irrelevant.
        See for yourself in the upcoming lame duck session when Emperor Obama will unleash his squadron of Kongressional Kamakazee election losers and retirees to annihilate what’s left of the economy in an effort to bring us to our knees so that they may usher in their wet dream of socialism.

        • Cameron

          Through the ABUSE of executive orders!

      • Buzz Breslin

        Obama has torn up the Constitution in front of our eyes, with his CZARS and such. Pelosi,Rangel, Hoyer, Reid, Frank,and the main stream press are in collusion with him. Wake up and have your neighbors wake up, if you and they care about the Constitution and the Country.

      • kemp

        But he didn’t voto any of the b### SH## did he
        At least he would have looked like he was against it even if he favored it. Heck he signed bills that he didn’t even read which should tell you something

      • American Citizen

        This Democrat Congress is doing his bidding.

    • DaveH

      Let’s see here. Congress creates the laws and spending bills. Since 1945, the Democrats have controlled the House of Representatives 50 out of 64 years. The Democrats have controlled the Senate 44 out of 64 years. For the ignorant Liberals: the House of Representatives and the Senate compose the Congress. The Democrats had total control of Congress for 44 out of 64 years, and the Republicans had total control of Congress for only 12 of those 64 years:

      And somehow, this is the fault of the Republicans “DECADES OF SPEND-AND-LEND”?

      You are pitifully ignorant, Rand.

      • Lubo

        Well put however progressives do not deal with facts or the truth…..It’s all about hating America to it’s destruction.

      • George E


        I always appreciate and enjoy your inputs. Thanks again.

      • alpha-lemming


        Progressives (R and D) have been running the show for a century. The ’94 congress seemed to actually be reversing things for a bit. However, a lot of those (how many??? anyone know?) went to Congress on “self-imposed” term limits. They came, did their job, went home and the ethical ones were gone by what?? ’98… ’02??. The remaining Rs were of the progressive-lite, “a little bit of Communism (Socialism??) is a a good thing” and we got subsidized steel, free medicare/caid drugs, NCLB etc. Small government, Constitutionalists probably haven’t had 10 years of influence in the last 100.

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        Dave, how dare you state the facts to a liberal. They do not deal in facts. You have obviously confused him big time, because the truth is so foreign to them, it might take weeks for him to dissolve this. I cant believe you stated the truth to him. I hope he doesnt O.D. on it.

    • Dagney

      Your posts will surely NOT be read because most sane people on the interent understand that all capital letters means YELLING. If you can’t learn to type using the “Shift” key, just turn the “Caps Lock” OFF.

      And, get a clue. The “race card” does not work here or anywhere else. We are discussing POLICY, not the Marxist in Chief’s skin color. The people who keep bringing up skin color are the ones who are the RACISTS.

      • Lubo

        Dagney….Here Here!!! That’s a fact and the RACE CARD has EXPIRED!!!! Thank GOD!

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        Race card is expired. Black man is president. Black man is highest paid athelete in the world. Black man is highest paid entertainer in the world. If they can do, any other black man can do it. No more excuses. No more playing the victim and blaming others with different colored skin, after all, that is racism in itself. The race card is old and worn out, and expired and needs retired forever. Thank you very much.

    • refuse2lose



      As you can tell by RAND MAJESTIC’s all Capital letters; (just like Natzi Palosie,Himmie Reid and Osama Obama)he is telling the lie long enough and loud enough, erery one will start to believe. Just look at what that environmental relegion espouses. “To each according to their needs, from each according to their abilities” Karl Marx

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        Speaking of Nasty Pelosi, did you see she is wanting to call an investigation to find out who is supplying money to oppose the building of the Muslim Mosque on 9-11 ground. What kind of anti American rhetoric is that? She needs removed from office immediately. Who ever is helping fund the efforts to oppose it, if I knew, Id write them a check to help the cause. Its the right thing to do, but of course, she wouldnt know anything about that now, would she?

    • John Woodbury

      I suppose you could use spell checker, but Mircodummie is still in the works as far as grammar and ideas are concerned. Hint: Before you write lies here where people actually think and read, please Google the subjects you lie about. I know the Obama-aid is easier, but try to educate yourself, else you might end up like your glorious non-leader.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Ok, now that you have spewed your distorted words, go cash your unemployment check, and take your food stamps and get some groceries for yourself. You sound hungry.


    WHEN THE WEALTH OF A NATION DEPENDS ON INFLATIONARY BUBBLES-AND THESE BUBBLES BURST-LONG TERM WEALTH IS SAVAGELY EXTRACTED FROM THE MIDDLE-CLASS. THE MIDDLE-CLASS IS YOU-AND-ME, SINCE OUR BANK ACCOUNTS ARE EMPTY-DUHHHH!When we work for salary or hourly wages-we are the only modicum of value that production and services are tied to-and if it is totally rendered worthless—-the currency is worthless also! Why is a guard, who toils overnight and keeps an eye on your business, paid so low a wage-and your executive in the office is gettng his rest?! This is because we devalued uneducated folks who must work long,irregular hours, to do what is needed to preserve the function of the process. In Miami,Florida-we are in a spate of violence in our black community-the AK-47′S ARE KILLING YOUNGSTERS WHO ARE JUST WALKING THE STREETS.I ask the question again-what is the relative value of safe and secure streets? Does that value of service trump the beauty -rest of the corporate executive that won’t offer his guards a 25 cent-an-hour pay raise?! Think about basic priorities, folks—-it isn’t credit that runs the world-it is needs and services. I could do without the former clients I used to protect-BECAUSE THEY WERE “THE FANCY WEDDING PLANNER AND POTATO-SALAD CROWD”, if you catch my drift! But the eyes in the night-and the guns-insure chaos won’t run the range here in “DODGE CITY” MIAMI.IT ISN’T JUST WHITE HOUSE ISSUES-IT IS VALUES AND NEEDS AND PRIORITY ISSUES ALSO. YOU CAN BELLYACHE ABOUT TEACHER’S PAY-BUT IF YOUR KIDS ARE KNIFED OR SHOT AT SCHOOL-WELL-YOUR PRIORITIES ARE SUSPECT IN THE SECURITY DEPARTMENT….AND DEAD–IS FOREVER. ALL OVER 25 CENTS A CLIENT EXECUTIVE” DIDN’T WANT TO WASTE ON IGNORANT PEOPLE”-PRIORITIES.

    • Strawberry Shortcake

      People like you are part of the problem. Instead of casting blame on every other d@mn thing for the ills of their lives to just take some responsibility and initiative for themselves and their families. You are right, it’s called priorities. Get up off your @ss and make a better life for yourself. There’s a black man in office…ain’t nobody “holdin’ the man down.” You make choices, not all choices are easy, usually the ones that really matter involve some form of sacrifice. Nothing lands in your lap all wrapped up and shiny. Such is life. You reap what you sow and only you are responsible for that, not the fat-cat executive, the guard over-seeing his business, or the mother of a dead child shot by an AK-47.

      • randmajestic replies

        GEE, SWEETHEART-HERE IS THE LIFE-STORY-you have a skewed perception! I saved several people’s lives, helped many more with kind acts-over the course of thirty years guard service-after graduating STETSON UNIVERSITY,and then had to retire because the doctor gave me a fatal medication that led to a heart attack! Oh yeh-I was the guy who actually returned “THE PINK PANTHER DIAMOND” to a client who lost it! Any further questions about my laziness?! Thought not….!

    • DaveH

      Teachers’ pay is the determinate for the level of violence in the schools? Do you have any references to back that up, Liberal?
      The most effective way to prevent children from being victims is to provide school choice, which Liberals fight hard to prevent:

      • DaveH

        New York spends the most money per pupil of any other state (almost $16000 per pupil). Their rate of violence is 7.3% amongst 9-12 graders.
        Tennessee spends a little over $7000 per pupil. Their rate of violence is 7.3% amongst 9-12 graders.
        So Tennessee spends less than half what New York spends per pupil and yet their rate of violence is identical. Clearly the level of school violence isn’t determined by Teachers’ Salaries.

        • Lubo

          DaveH…..Once again, you hit the nail right on the head, but unfortunately, proressives aren’t capable of dealing with facts! I’m not sure why other than years and years of massive THC consumption and weight gain.

          • DaveH

            They are like spoiled children. We have given them too much. Now they take it for granted. So, when we try to cut back, they throw tantrums, like the people in Greece.

    • George E


      First, any community that doesn’t maintain law and order in a fiscally (low taxes) environment, will lose many of their businesses (who employ working-class citizens) and tax-paying citizens who have a choice where to live. When communities lose their financial base, the quality of life degrades for all citizens.

      Second, AK-47s don’t kill the citizens of Miami. Those who pull the trigger on those AK-47s kill citizens of Miami. If law abiding citizens in Miami carried AK-47s, there wouldn’t be any gun-carrying criminals there.

      Finally, the market determines how much people are worth and get paid in their jobs. Paying a security guard another $0.25 per hour, or $5.00 per hour for that matter, won’t improve his performance on the job if he hasn’t got the training, skills, or inclination to perform better. Business owners will pay security services more when they see the added value of those services.

      • randmajestic replies

        Hi George-i own about 2 AK-47′s-and have yet to shoot anyone-nor take to the streets as a “flaming fruitcake revolutionary”! I think, in MIAMI,the problem is gang related, to few jobs, and folks with no sense of self-worth. Add to this, a town that basked in the easy money and arrogance of drug culture-and you have a pretty unhappy population in this down-turned economy. George-you aren’t talking to a novice, or uneducated pundit-I was close enough to entrenched “cartel players” to advise the government-a “way-dangerous dude” with way-dangerous observations. None of these people online have the slightest idea of how dangerous life can get-and of course, they all present opinions galore—-based on hearsay politics. I was a bit closer to the real action—-but no mind-carry on!

      • randmajestic replies


    • alpha-lemming

      Ayn is rolling over (and possibly throwing-up a little too) in her grave.

      The one word most conspicuous in its’ absence to the “one-world, living wage” crowd is…….. merit!!

    • Cameron

      Not everybody can be the boss who sits in the aero-conditioned office trailer & oversees what us does whether us does anything or not. Somebody has to operate the Mexican backhoe (that’s a shovel for those who ain’t Southern & spade for those who are uneducated). If you want a CEO’s pay, get a CEO’s job, but first get the education. More money won’t guarantee a teacher will teach any better. Teaching is a calling, not a career to get rich.

    • Ed

      I have yet to know, or for that matter, hear of a “poor” person giving anyone a job. Have you? God bless those who take the risks with their own money to invest it in business, and in doing so supply jobs, so they make a profit! The goverment never takes a risk, only taxes so they can redistribute to those too lazy to earn a living.

      • DaveH

        Great comment, Ed.

      • Lubo

        Ed my man, very very true statement. I am 54 years aged and have never had a POOR MAN offer me a JOB!!!! I thank GOD for those who are among us that have the CAPITAL and business savy to create WEALTH in AMERICA through GOOD PAYING jobs!!! They take the risk so therefore I have NO PROBLEM with their REWARDS!!! Once I get my paycheck, we are EVEN!!!

        Now, from time to time, over my very long career, I made a choice to CHANGE JOBS because I did not think that my current employer was paying me the “MARKET” for my experience. Therefore, I found someone who WOULD pay me the “MARKET” price and that is what separates we Americans from these pathetic marxists who are too stupid to understand the difference.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Not sure what your trying to accomplish in your rants, or who you are trying to convince, and of what, but I see a couch and a doctor in your future, or maybe even a rubber room, because you need some help buddy. YOU NEED SOME BIG HELP. Some synopsis’s arent firing there.

  • viktor leben

    Bob Livingston’s article is very profound. It seems that the middle class in America has reached the point of economic insignificance. The political leaders are just buying the votes from the unemployed and fearing masses.

    Will the international economy keep Washington afloat ? When the world wakes up and stops loaning money to the US government we are going to see rioting in city streets all across America. I envy you people who live in rural areas ! You’ll be able to eat….

    • Al Sieber

      Yeah viktor, I’m glad I live out in the “hills”. I don’t think the international community will be able to keep us a float. gold is $1225.30 oz. it’s up over $75 in a month. Gerald Celente said the economy was gonna crash sometime in Sept. after we get into another war, maybe Iran. so, how do you believe the predictions?

      • Bob

        Gerald Celentewas on the Alex Jones show last week and said the Fed would keep injecting money into the economy until 2012 so Obama has a chance at re-election. Greenspan started the printing presses overtime after the bubble of 1999. They haven’t stopped since.

        • Al Sieber

          Bob, I heard him on “Coast To Coast” last Wed. or Thurs., they’ll never stop those presses.

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            Maybe if we can all buy stock in the paper they print money on, we can all profit?

        • Buzz Breslin

          the dot-com Wall street heist was the biggest heist this country ever experienced. But there were many middle class beneficiaries of that era,
          the one the Dems like to call the ” greatest economic era” of our time. If I hear that phrase used one more time by Biden or Pelosi, I will throw my shoe so hard at the TV that I will hit one of them in the head!
          You can’t get something from nothing,folks. I agree that W. and Clinton were horrible. God bless America.

          • Al Sieber

            Buzz, don’t throw your shoe at the T.V., shoot it, when it’s still on.

      • viktor leben

        I downloaded alot of Gerald Celente’s interviews and Alex Jones’ movies from Google and Youtube. I used the FireFox browser with the Download Helper addon/plugin. I then play them back on the VLC media player. Free Software is easy on the wallet. When I get a job I’ll contribute some $$.

        In my opinion, if the Federal government had not given in to banks all of this would have been behind us. It would have cost less to just supply emergency unemployment and welfare in order to maintain Social Cohesion. Everything would have normalized in 2 to 3 years ..

        It would have been all over now ! The economy would have been coming back ! And mass rioting in the streets would have been avoided !! Instead the Federal government has to make all these guarantees on the bad derivatives, that’s crazy !!! Correct me if I’m wrong …

        • viktor leben

          That also includes bailing out Wall Street. The Government should have left Wall Street, The Federal Reserve and the IMF go under. That includes the damn car companies and Bank of America and all the other banks !!!

          When I’m talking about welfare and unemployment I mean in terms of national defense. Every country is just a “few meals” away from a revolution. “Concord among Brethen”. Keep the people fed, we would have weathered this crisis already … It would have been all over by now !

        • DaveH

          What gets me Viktor, is that many of the banks receiving the bailout money tried to give it back after they found out about the strings attached. So, if they had the resources to give the money back, why were they being bailed out in the first place?
          I’m with you. If the Government bailed out anybody, the logical recipients would have been the little people (depositors, etc.) who didn’t know any better. The executives that did the screwing up should have been let to fail. The message that has been given is that people will get bailed out if they do the wrong things, so there is now less incentive to do the right things.

          • Lubo

            BB&T was one of many Banks who were forced to accept the bail-out and then tried to give it back. Latest word is that BB&T has paid it’s share back in full.

            Dave is once again correct in his statements, as usual. Bottom line, we are rewarding failure and punishing success. This is another progressive tactic that has been going on for decades, and if not challenged in Novemeber, our FREEDOMS as we currently know them will be next on the progressive-marxist hit list.

    • Cameron

      “A country boy can survive, I’ve got a 12 gauge shotgun, a rifle, and a 4-wheel drive, and my ole .45″

      • Bob Wire

        better get you a spade fork, hoe and some seeds.

        • Al Sieber

          Bob Wire, yeah, free food. I have a small garden, and I’m putting in a bigger one. the Growing season here is year around. High desert, Ariz.

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          One should already have those tools Bob, that is if they are a true American. I know I do. I gather you dont have these tools, do you Bob?

      • AnhydrousBob

        … flock of chickens and a few pigs, maybe a cow or a couple of goats.

  • Jim H.

    If every thing that happens is a “surprise”, how much of an expert are these “experts”? Maybe we need better experts. I do better being a cynic than the experts do being experts.

    • Dan Burke

      Let me see. Perhaps you should question their philosophy, their education, and their beliefs. Perhaps that would answer why they don’t seem to understand why they are so surprised about the economy is going.

      If you believe capitalists are evil and government economics is good, then won’t you look at the numbers and interpret the impact from there. You cannot fathom why the economy tanks worse than you projected while us capitalists aren’t the least bit surprised as we listen to all your policies that attack the rich and your rhetoric that paints the wealthy as evil enemies of the people. You chase the money away and are surprised???

      Here’s something I learned from a book on becoming wealthy. Apparently according to capitalists that went from poor to wealthy, money is a slippery thing. If you chase the money, you may never find it. Instead of managing money, money will manage you. This is part of why lottery winners usually end up in more debt than if they had never won a dime. What I learned is that I need manage my money first and then perhaps I can be ready if an opportunity comes along to become wealthy.

      Now I look at Congress and the economists that they employ. When I consider the two factors I come across with these two impressions. One, they probably do believe their own rhetoric that capitalism is evil. Two, even though they claim capitalism is evil, they are chasing the money and as a result money is managing them instead of them managing money. When I consider their deficit spending, I believe both these contribute to the problem. They believe government can and should fix these things instead of a free market, plus the money is managing them….

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        And your last sentence said it all. When government gets in the way of the free market system, bad, bad things happen. And they continually do it. What a shame.

  • Matt

    Get America back to God. That’s about the only thing that can save us from Upcoming tragedies

    • Lubo

      Yep!! We were founded on the principles of the Holy Scripture…Anyone who denies that obviously has not been schooled on American History nor have they read any of the founding documents….That is, the unrevised version not the progressive-marxist revisionist version.

      Unfortunately, most progressives haven’t read the Bible so they have no clue as to where our LAWS originated from…sad but true….because if they did…then they would see the error of their ways.

      Recently they have tried to make JESUS CHRIST into some type “Progressive- Liberal figure” however JESUS in human form was the GOD MAN who ask his fellow man to become fishers of men, as individuals, not collectively, and of course, they had a choice to accept that invitation or reject it. Choice being the KEY WORD.

      You see, that is the difference, you give to others because you CHOOSE to give, as an individual, not because some HUMAN and or oppressive Government demands it. In the same way, you choose to accept or reject GOD the Father through his SON Christ Jesus, which is an individual choice, not a PROGRESSIVE VILLAGE COLLECTIVE CHOICE.

      This is why AMERICA is different because we are FREE individuals who are self-reliant who will not hesitate to HELP out our fellow man when needed. Again, a choice not a mandate.

      • captbill

        I looked up Chrisianity on wikipedia.
        there are 33,000 sects of Christianity; which one should I join?
        I know that only one offers me true salvation. Which one?

        • Lubo

          The only one that offers you salvation is Christ Jesus, through the power of the Holy Spirit, which does not require you to join any “Earthly Memebership” of any kind. This includes all denominations, without exception.

          Again, it is an individual choice, not a collective one. GOD may send the message to you through another brother or sister in Christ, however, the choice after that, is up to you. Once you have become “Like-Minded” with Christ then you will seek fellowship with others who are “Like-Minded”, which gives you strength.

          “When two or more gather in my Name, I will walk in the mist of them.”

          That individual choice has now become a collective POWER through Christ Jesus.

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          No , there is only one Christianity. Believing in Jesus Christ and following Him. The Bible is the directory, the guide. It spells out everything. Not the guy in the pulpit, on TV, or in the Vatican. No, the Bible is God’s word, and it tells us in there everything we need to know. So if you decide to attend a church, and they are teaching something contrary to what the Bible says, you need to confront them about it, and flee to another church if they insist. But too many people are led amuck by men in the pulpit, simply because they dont read their Bible and see what God’s word actually and truthfully says about it. Men are fallible and wrong, quite often. But God isnt. I hope this answers it for you.

  • HFlashman

    “Ninety-three percent of the wealth is controlled by 10 percent of the nation. That means the rest of us are there to cut up the other 7 percent. We have 10 banks controlling 80 percent of the assets. It’s a takeover,”

    And yet there are many who cheer on for the return of the policies of Reagan through Bush which has led us here. They demand the return to those policies giving the wealth to a few. And they decry and deride any attempt the past 18 months to right this extreme imbalance as failure and “socialist”.

    They are either delusional or are actively and knowingly working for the same goal as the terrorist .. the demise of this Nation as we know it.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      And this same wealth you demonize pays 85 percent of the taxes in this country that keep it afloat. Lets piss them all off so they all move to Mexico, since Clinton opened the doors for that, and then you and I can pay all the taxes. Think about what your saying. How many jobs have poor men give you in your life?

      • HFlashman

        Seems we had a nice balance economy prior to the “Reagan’ transition to reliance on the wealthy and elite …

        All across the board for the past 30 years….the average American has taken a hit while the wealthy gained more income and assets. But then if you want to be one of the “little people”, go ahead.

        • s c

          HF, you seem to be comfy walking around with your pants down around your ankles. What White House MORON was responsible for inflation spiking to double-digit figures BEFORE REAGAN? Dude, get your nose OUT of that damned progressive history book.
          Reagan may not have done everything right [ref. the S&L debacle], BUT he turned around the economy, and made horse’s ass Carter look like the economic time bomb that he was.
          Who are YOU to claim that Reagan destroyed the economy, when it was Peanuts CARTER who did really it? Did you get out of high school? Are you still in high school? No wonder progressives are such pathetic, predictable failures.

          • HFlashman

            Carter = 63 billion deficit
            Reagan = oops

            Carter suffered the end of ‘Nam recession as well as an oil embargo hiking inflation …. (remember Ford’s WIN program? Ha!)

            Reagan did nothing but drive a wedge between the classes, violate the Constitution, traded with the enemy, and set theis Nation on the path to where we find ourselves today.

            He doesn’t deserve an airport named after him…he deserves an outhouse…actually…the cesspool at the bottom of the outhouse is what he deserves to be remembered as. The 2nd worse president in history…beaten out for the worst by Bush II.

            And that, folks, are the facts. Try as you might to change them or ignore them, they are the facts.

          • George E


            Reagan stimulated increased tax revenue by reducing tax rates and reducing unnecessary regulations on businesses. The reason we ran up the debt during his term was that government spending increased more than tax revenues. Major spending during his term was for 1) social entitlement programs driven by (a Democrat controlled) Congress, and 2) increased military spending driven by the cold war with the USSR.

            In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have a need to spend so much on defense, but this isn’t a perfect world, so we do. That means we can’t spend as much on those much dreamed about social programs if we want to balance our federal budget. Unfortunately, Congress (under the leadership of both political parties) hasn’t gotten that message in the past, and the current Democrat leadership doesn’t seem to want to get it either.

          • DaveH

            Uh, ignorant Liberal Flashman? Who creates the spending bills? Congress, that’s who. Congress was controlled by Democrats during Reagan’s last two years. And they controlled the House of Representatives his entire eight years. Reagan vetoed more bills than any president in my lifetime. About 12% of them were overridden. Sure, the Republicans in Congress did their share of spending, but the Democrats sure weren’t holding them back.
            Reagan had a lot of good ideas going in, but people in his own party worked against him, chiding him that he had to “compromise” with the Democrats. In case you don’t know what the Democrats’ idea of compromise is, it’s when they demand $20 billion, but settle for $10 billion. Democrats were whining all through his eight years that he was cutting the budget to the bone, when in fact all he could accomplish was to slow the Spending Growth. If Reagan had the Congressional Republicans on his side he could have accomplished even greater things than he did.
            And that is why we need to get rid of most Republican incumbents also, not just the Democrats. I haven’t really paid attention to the Republican Primaries (ours hasn’t happened yet), but I’ll bet most of the Republican incumbents made it through. Shame on you, Republican voters.
            When you finally wake up and realize you’re throwing away your votes, look into the Libertarian Party, if it isn’t already too late.

        • George E


          Our economy has been under pressure ever since our businesses began getting significant competition from companies located in post-WWII ravished countries and low cost labor emerging market countries. On balance, we still have roughly as many manufacturing jobs now as we had in the 1950s, but those jobs haven’t grown with the population, so it seems there are fewer of them. Also, there has been a significant shift in industries and jobs in this country, causing many to lose their jobs as whole industries have re-located to other places in response to changing economic realities.

          The wealthy have remained wealthy because they have learned to flex with these changes. Many of them have had to change the way they make money during this time. (Some haven’t, and some of them have lost their money as a result.) Unfortunately, too many workers haven’t learned to be flexible, and many remain locked-in to their communities even though jobs have moved on, and to the skills that previously employed them but are no longer in demand here.

          Government’s attempts to “level the playing field” generally aren’t very effectual. Certainly raising taxes on the wealthy do nothing to incentivize the working class to try harder to find or create value-adding jobs or the wealthy to create more businesses that create new jobs. Sometimes as pointed out in this article, workers will actually try less hard to find jobs when government steps in.

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          I dont know man. Under Reagan, we had the most prosperous peace time surge in history. I know personally I advanced myself very well during those years. Under Bush, my pay almost doubled. Under Obama, a year after he was in power, it seems I took a 10 percent pay cut. Hmmm. Im just saying………… I can only go on the facts that I see and live before me. Thats it. No speculation, no quoting this or quoting that, just the truth of what is, is. How it is, is how it is, and no agenda or lies can change it.

    • Banta

      Facts and figures that do not lie
      The Washington Post babbled again recently about Obama’s inheriting a huge deficit from Bush. Amazingly enough,…… a lot of people swallow this nonsense. So once more, a short civics lesson.

      Budgets do not come from the White House. They come from Congress, and the party that has controlled Congress since January 2007 is the Democrat Party. They controlled the budget process for FY 2008 and FY 2009, as well as FY 2010 and FY 2011. In that first year, they had to contend with George Bush, which caused them to compromise on spending, when Bush somewhat belatedly got tough on spending increases.

      For FY 2009 though, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid bypassed George Bush entirely, passing continuing resolutions to keep government running until Barack Obama could take office. At that time, they passed a massive omnibus spending bill to complete the FY 2009 budgets. Remember?

      And where was Barack Obama during this time? He was a member of that very Congress that passed all of these massive spending bills. He signed the omnibus bill as President to complete FY 2009. Let’s remember what the deficits looked like during that period: (below)

      If the Democrats inherited any deficit, it was the FY 2007 deficit, the last of the Republican budgets. That deficit was the lowest in five years, and the fourth straight decline in deficit spending. After that, Democrats in Congress took control of spending, and that includes Barack Obama, who voted for the budgets. If Obama inherited anything, he inherited it from himself.

      In a nutshell, when Obama says he inherited a huge deficit, what he is saying is “I inherited a deficit that I voted for and then I voted to expand that deficit four-fold since January 20th.”

      • Bob

        When Clinton left office there weren’t any budget deficits. There was actually a surplus.

        • Michael J.

          Clinton benefitted from Reagan trickle down economics during his administration.
          Clinton managed a surplus by gutting the military and the CIA which got our embassies bombed, USS Cole attack and two attacks on the World Trade Center.
          All in all, I don’t blame him exclusively. I blame Monica equally for messing with his head while in the oral office, which had the effect of keeping him pre-occupied.

          • Bob

            Don’t forget ” Read my Lips” Because of old man Bush’s big tax increase there weren’t any deficits.

        • Dagney

          If I remember correctly, Clinton’s “surplus” was actually the Social Security trust fund….another Democrat/Progressive LIE. One thing people who THINK must remember, progressives LIE all the time. So, anything they state as fact (and that includes anything stated in the so-called “main-stream” media) is automatically SUSPECT.

          • John

            Exactly! Bush’s “Read my lips” commentary, don’t even compare to the multitude of lies that your president obama have spewed in his short time in office.
            Thanks for bringing that up.

        • Mike Purdin

          wow yeah the surplus money he paid defict off with was social security money was in papers and all over the news. so no not a surplus our ss money we all pay into. and he only put back 25% that was left over and spent the rest as he wanted. i can’t get over that lie still being told

        • Cameron

          Say WHAT!!!

        • Coservative at Birth

          Your are wrong. There were changes in accounting principles. There never was a surplus. There were deficits every year. Smaller because of the Republicas in Congress. The deficits that has been atributed to the President are the responsibility of Congress.

        • George E


          The folks who have responded to you so far, understand that there was some fancy accounting done to make it look like there was actually a surplus when Clinton left office, so I won’t belabor that point. However, I would like to point out that Bill Clinton never submitted a budget to Congress for approval that projected surpluses. He always planned to spend more money that taken in by tax revenues. The fact that our deficits in his latter years weren’t larger than they were can be attributed to 1) a bubble economy driven by Y2K fears which resulted in significant additional tax revenues, and 2) a Republican controlled House of Representatives (led by Newt Gingrich) which was determined to reduce federal government spending, which they did. They had to drag Bill Clinton “kicking and screeming” several times to get his support for some unpopular bills (with the left in his party) that helped in this effort.

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          And we are still paying for Clinton’s so called wonders. Our military still isnt built back up to where it should be, and our intelligence is still down, since he cut them both in half, directly causing 9-11 to happen. And then there is the selling of technology to China, which is coming back to cost us. And the millions of jobs he sold to Mexico. Yeah, he did real wonders didnt he? If you believe in smoke and mirrors. And I wouldnt believe a word his accountants say anyhow. Give me a break.

      • eddie47d

        “Budgets do not come from the White House but from Congress” Okay! If Bush is not to blame then Obama as President is not to blame.

        • George E


          To be fair, let’s hold Bush responsible for his mistakes and Obama responsible for his. All we’re saying is that we strongly believe Obama is making a lot of mistakes now, and has during his term of office so far, that could have devastating consequences for our economy, and possibly our culture. Propping up big businesses, big labor, and big government is not going to create jobs in this country. Jobs will be created by small businesses, and so far Obama has done very little to stimulate growth in that area. Raising tax rates and more adding more regulation and uncertainty will only serve to restrain growth by small businesses. Also, increasing the federal debt will only serve to burden the economy and devalue the currency in future years, lowering our standard of living to serve this debt. Tell me again, what are all of Obama’s accomplishments so far, and why shouldn’t we hold him responsible for “his” mistakes while in office?

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          It is Obama’s democratic congress, is it not? Yeah, thats what I thought.

  • chucky

    Nice of the Prez to go swimming in Panama city Fla. where they got hardly any of the gulf oil spill. Let’s see him swim in areas near New Orleans, or even Biloxi Miss. But Panama City. LOL. Economy will not turn around for 10-15 years. As long as real estate is in the tank so will the economy. Instead of bailing out Wall Street. The thieves that stole should of been brought to justice(can’t tell me that Martha Stewart and Bernie Madoff are the only felons on Wall Street). If you are a stock broker who is supposed to be on the side of the investor you are making a commission on, and you talked clients into investments that you knew beforehand were losers, You broke the law plain and simple.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Chucky, they are swimming in Biloxi, and down the street in Gulfport and Bay St. Louis and Pascagoula and everywhere. The mess is in the outer marshes and inland marshes, but even that will clean up, but unfortunately, it will take a couple of years.

  • GKC

    The attack on the President should be on the past President who somehow was able to hold office for 2 long, stupid decision making, years. That is why this country is DEAD! Sometimes it takes time to bring things back to life, in this case time is of the essence and everyone wants 8 years worth of mistakes and drunken decision making corrected RIGHT NOW! It is just not possible.

    • J.M.R.

      wh controlled the house and senate under bush and yes his last4 years was a sell out

    • Shibamom

      It’s obvious you haven’t understood a single word some of your fellow bloggers have written. STOP blaming the past president for ALL of the freakin’ problems. We have a clown in office that is spending us to oblivion and doesn’t seem to care. If things were so damn bad when he took office, why didn’t he do the fiscally responsible thing to fix it?? No, instead he handed out billions and billions of dollars (our tax money, by the way) to Wall Street, automakers, now to the States for teachers, etc. Can’t you see that he is trying to bring this country to it’s knees??? Bottom line: STOP BLAMING THE OTHER GUY!!! At some point, the Obama lovers have to got realize the destruction he is wielding on our beloved country!

    • Michael J.

      Blame Bush, Blame Bush, Blame Bush!
      The game is over, the Democratic ship is sinking, time to lower the lifeboats. Forget about saving the whales, time to save yourself.
      Obama may be able to walk on water, but you can’t!

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        Bush/Cheney/Halliburton, Bush/Cheney/Halliburton. Just what year will it be when someone actually starts taking responsibility for their own actions, and quits blaming Bush/Cheney/Halliburton? Its sickening. Stand up and be a man and be counted, and quit acting like a damn little kid pointing the finger, yelling ” Georgie did it, Georgie did it”. Unbelievable.

    • George E


      We all acknowledge that Bush made mistakes while he was the President, but we don’t think he’s responsible for bringing us to this point. Face it if you can, Obama has, and is still making a lot of mistakes….mistakes that are so significant they could break the back of our economy. If you doubt me, just think about this simple concept. Everyone (or at least most everyone) understands that job creation in this country comes from small businesses. Yet, where has nearly all of Obama’s attention to “fixing” the economy been? It’s been with repairing the “big” financial institutions, spending 5x the taxpayers money necessary to buy GM and Chrysler to bail out “big” unions, and the list goes on and on. But no where will you find anything that incentivizes “small” businesses to invest and grow. In fact, increasing tax rates and putting more and more regulations on these businesses will only serve to impede further growth in this segment of our economy. So, all the money they’ve spent trying to re-start the economy has been spent in all the wrong places, and for the wrong purposes. Bush can’t be held responsible for all these mistakes in judgment by Obama and the Democrats. Can he?

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        But Obama did buy some future UAW votes by giving them billions of “our” dollars, didnt he? Talk about scratch my back and Ill scratch yours.

    • Buzz Breslin

      Obama has got to go. He is an economic IDIOT!

  • M E W

    The financial elitists are orchestrating this all. They pretend to be surprised. They know exactly what they’re doing. It’s all in their grand scheme to see this economy collapse. Obama, as much as I don’t like his ideology and policies, is but a puppet, buried deep in the pockets of the Federal Reserve and other mega-rich and powerful all over this world.

  • Only in America

    This didn’t just happen it was 30 years in the making with Reagan (R) and the repeal of antiquated anti-depression laws, huge deficits and trickle down. They called it decontrol and supply side economics. They somehow forgot to curtail government spending along with the tax cuts.

    Yes, they still act surprised but it didn’t just start with Obama (D).

    The banks acted surprised when sub primes went unpaid.

    The common thread is populist greed and the federal reserve (Greenspan and Berneke but not Volcker).

    Paul Volcker, a Democrat, was appointed Chairman of the Federal Reserve in August 1979 by President Jimmy Carter (D) and reappointed in 1983 by President Ronald Reagan (R).

    Volcker’s Fed is credited with ending the United States’ stagflation (Nixon R) crisis of the 1970s. Inflation, which peaked at 13.5% in 1981, was successfully lowered to 3.2% by 1983.

  • Greg

    If we could all figure out how to channel this frustration into positive change rather than finger pointing, it’d probably help us. I agree “it’s time for a change”, just not the one we got!

  • pennsyltuckian

    The stupidest thing someone can do today is use his own savings when things go wrong. I stupidly used savings when I was unemployed and when that ran out applied for unemployment. I was told that the 40 years I (or my employer) paid in didn’t count because I waited too long and now didn’t qualify. Can this government do anything else to end self sufficiency and make this country into a welfare state? Seems it is no longer honorable to be self sufficient. I guess I have to learn how to be a blood sucking leach to survive.

    • jeff from toronto

      Boy are you right.
      I did the same stupid thing up here in canada, where I lived for
      6 months off my savings and when that ran out, I got ( or tried to )
      get unemployment, but guess what, my honesty and ethics were [offensive word removed] on
      and was refused for the same lame reason. What I should have done
      was taken all the money from the bank , hid it and told them what they
      wanted to hear. YUnfortunately the way I was brought up, was that it was shameful to rely on “government” and it was a stain on family name to be on unemployment/welfare/the dole etc ect. Well it is, but next time I’ll take it all.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Consult your local democrat. They will tell you how to do it. Its in their playbook.

  • Reggie Brian

    This sort of statement reminds me a lot of when our local weathermen state that “the weather changed its mind” after they blow a forecast. It is easy to think that is true, but the fact is that the weather was going to do what the weather was going to do, and the weatherman failed to accurately predict it. Since his job is to predict the weather, he simply failed at his job, and they are spinning the result for whatever reason.

    I’m not saying it’s an easy thing to do: that is why we pay them a lot of money, and listen to their opinions. But ultimately we, the consumer, decide whether or not it was the failing of the forecast, or the forecaster.

    • kenholtz

      I used to say that a weatherman was the only guy who could be wrong 90% of the time and still keep his job–I think we can now add economist to that list.

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        And now, we can add President to that also.

  • Den

    Some good opinios but Rand, lets point something out! The “Prez” isnt a African American”. He’s half white and didnt even live in this country until the age of ten!! He has zero African American roots in this country!!! Second, it took a majority vote to get him into office and that included white, hispanic, asian, native american and even some freakin eskimo’s! And do you really think ALL African Americans in this country voted for the “Prez”?!? So take your race card and run back home sonny. Sorry that you work security and if you dont like it then tell me , what have you done about it? Mr corporate excutive may be a crook, but he’s an educated crook and someone you might learn a thing or two from.
    Last, Every campaign promise that Obama pledge has turned out to be outright lies. Endng the way in May only to send 30,000 more troops overseas! Pledging to reform education which includes privatizing all public schools which himself and his cronies will profit from GREATLY!!!. Ridding this country of illegal residence which number 22 million and have sent back to Mexico 366 million(mostly untaxed) american dollars while they fleece our social entittlement programs. And what about his “Green” policy and slamming Palin with the “drill baby drill” comments and then went on to sign off on additional offshore drilling then snubbing the victums of the Gulf spill. And when it comes to Children and education..ITS NOT THE FAULT OF THE GOVERNMENT OR THE TEACHERS THAT THESE WAYWARD KIDS FAIL! The problems reside at home and until that changes, nothing will. THE PARENTS OF THESE KIDS NEED TO STEP UP OR QUIT BREEDING LIKE HAMSTERS!!! I wish the coward Obama would live up to one promise and have at least ONE live, unedited, uncensored press conference which he also promise to do on a weelky basis!
    Go go back to feeling self rightous and blaming the “Man” for taking you down. OnCe all citizens of this country begin to take responsibilty for themselves, their actions and Grow the nads to understand and support OUR constituion AND TO TAKE ACTION TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, not a thing will change.
    I hate racism,,especially reverse racism!!!!!!!

    Before you retort, keep in mind that I am also African American. Now get your head out of thes sand and stand up!!

    • Shibamom

      Well said Den!

    • Cameron

      Den, the idiot in the WH really IS an “African-American”, you are not. His father was a native-born African from Kenya, and his mother was a native-born American from Kansas; hence, he is truly African-American. Where were you, your parents, your grandparents, & your great-grandparents born? Here in America? That makes you an American. You may be black, colored, Negro, or whatever, but you are an American. Be proud of it & quit using terminology that doesn’t really fit. Words mean things. Use them accurately.

      • Cameron

        Also I know of some white people who were born in Africa, third-generation, who immigrated to America. Guess what!!?? That makes THEM “African-American” & they’re Caucasian. A shovel is a shovel & a spade is a spade & they aren’t the same even though the terms have been used interchangeably by people who don’t know any better.

        • Den

          You should try something new like thinking before you respond. The African American has a family heritage that goes back to slavery, A culture that had to fight long and hard in order to overcome the injustice placed upon them in society. They know the struggle, the fear, the desperation not to mention putting their very lives on the line to achieve freedom and equality in this country, the country a true African American and their family endured and fought to be a free citizen of!!!. They have worked, fought in wars and buried their dead on our soil and yet you claim that Obama is a true African American? He didnt live in the country until the age of 10 and then he lived with his white grandparents (his mother is white Einstein) that handed everything he needed to him on a silver platter. So please, think before you offer your off the cuff responses to something you know nothing about. Furthermore, history will prove that he is not a natural born citizen of this country, Something Im sure the Liberal Democrats are well aware of. Now its just a matter of buying time until the next election to rid Obama of his position (without impeachment) in order to save whats left of the Democratic party!!!

    • Buzz Breslin

      Correctomundo. His ancestors were not enslaved. But he sure is trying to enslave America. Wouldn’t you agree?

    • eddie47d

      DEN, Love educated crooks ? We might learn something from them? Their crimes are better than whom’s?

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Actually, over 90 percent of the black community did vote for Obama. Sad to say, but it’s true. And thats another problem in itself that needs to change.

  • Lloyd

    Don’t worry about the economy. Obama has the situation under control. He is going to abscond with your IRA, 401K, retirement to pay off the debt. As he stated when running for president, “If I have control of the retirement funds, I will pay you 3% more on your social security.”
    How is he going to do this? You will be required to purchase
    US Treasury’s in your retirement funds of lose your tax deduction, and he will try to make this a partiotic event. Debt problem solved.


    All this micro-analysis of Democrat Financial Policy is really unecessary. One need only look at what longstanding Democrat Fiscal Policy has wrought: Detroit, Michigan; Michigan as a whole; New York State as a whole; South Central LA/Watts; Harlem; Miami; Chicago; New Jersey; Camden New Jersey; Dallas Fortworth; Gary Indiana, Baltimore, D.C., etc. These areas are failed – they are slums. These areas have been governed for decades exclusively by Liberal Progressive Democrats and their policies and legistlation and regulation; Liberal Progressive Democrats i.e. Socialists and Communists. And the result is? Answer: Slums, poverty, bloated state and local government budgets, bloated unsustainable fatcat union pension and compensation contracts, high crime, low test scores, tattered school districts, layoffs, high unemployment, government corruption, and an entire class of welfare dregs whom are completely helpless without receiving a substantial portion of YOUR paycheck. In short, Democrats, at all levels of Government, need to be fired this November. This includes impeachment of Obama and Biden. As a follow-on, the Constitution needs ammended to avert further attacks to our border, to prevent the propogation of reverse discrimination, to reign in activist Judges by threat of expulsion from the United States, and to revamp permanently the scope of Politicians’ involvement in our lives and in our wealth.

    • Cameron

      If we don’t get rid of Pelosi, she’s next in line to the WH after Biden.

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        Biden, Pelosi and Hillary were Obama’s insurance policies so that no one would take him out. Pretty damn good insurance policy if you ask me.

    • cemott3rd

      San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis and many more are places that are basically run by Liberal Progressive Democrats, and they are not in ruins. It is easy to look for and blame those you hate, the truth is both sides are to blame. Meanwhile the dumping of 2+billion workers on the global economy by the (ex) Soviet Union, China and India who had little capital is a hard pill for all of us living comfortably in the west to swallow. Either you build fortress Europe, have a low population and lots of natural resources (Aust. & NZ) or you swim like hell as the tide rises…blub-blub-blub. Better to go and be a ‘rich’ business owner in the 3rd world than drown here.

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        But you cant just take 4 cities. New York, many big cities there, Los Angeles, San Diego, and many many more liberal cities are so far in debt that they dont even know how much. Meanwhile, they continue to hand out freebies hand over fist to illegal aliens and anyone else who wants to be dependant on the government. So your statement doesnt hold much water with me.

  • Dave

    People who believe that the economic collapse was “planned” have to understand that the people who run the economies of the world have very little grasp of how an economy actually works. They couldn’t plan a shopping trip to Wall Mart.
    History shows that EVERY fiat currency reverts to its true value which is…

  • Rich Frank

    One of the major problems with this administration is the ‘Adivors’ that Obummer has recruited. The stupid philosophy of Larry Summers, that giving hope & the perception that all is OK & will be getting back to a booming economy has been his mantra for ever. He was a big bust at Harvard and is even worse now. Summers should be shut down and get practical advisors in there. Paul Volcker is 10 times more practical than Summers. Wake up Obummer.

  • D. East

    Someone needs to do a study…

    How many conservatives are deeply hurting in this recession versus liberals?

    How many conservatives versus liberals are maxed out on credit cards?

    How many conservatives are in mortgage foreclosure?

    How many conservatives always blame the government for their failures?

    And the list goes on…

    There’s a huge number of rich Democrats… If they truly believed in what they preach–redistribution of wealth, wouldn’t they do it voluntarily? Why do they need government to force them? It is a charade…through government redistribution they get to buy votes…and obtain and maintain power.

    Liberals love downturns in the ecomony…then they can blame the rich, themselves, in many cases. But aren’t the very rich a bunch of Liberals. Gates, Buffet, and Winfrey some of richest on earth supported Obama, but yet, if they really believed in redistribution of wealth, couldn’t they actually do it without the government. Oh yes, they have given huge sums of money away…but they seem to always stay at the top of the world’s richest list. Hmmm. Why don’t they really give away some meaningful wealth if they truly believe in redistribution of wealth? Oh they will as they get closer to the day of reckoning, out of vanity to get their name on libraries, hospitals and museums. Only in death do they give-up their wealth without some personal gain.

    And the charade goes on.

    • Buzz Breslin

      Agree. Oprah, there are all sorts of people who want to go to college in Chicago, but cannot afford it.

  • Dr. Mabuse

    Here for your consideration, some posts I found on the Bell:

    1. Posted by George Sign

    A quote from one of the villains can not be bettered:-

    “Banking was conceived in iniquity and born in sin… Bankers own the Earth. Take it away from them but leave them the power to create money, and, with the flick of a pen, they will create enough money to buy it back again… Take this great power away from them and all the great fortunes like mine will disappear and they ought to disappear, for then this would be a better and happier world to live in… But, if you want to continue to be a slave of the bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, then let the bankers continue to create money and control credit.”

    - Sir Josiah Stamp, President of the Bank of England

    2. Posted by Pat Fields

    “When through the process of law the common people lose their homes, they will become more docile and more easily governed through the strong arm of government applied by a central power of wealth under leading financiers. These truths are well known among our principal men who are now engaged in forming an imperialism to govern the world. By dividing the voter through the political party system we can get them to expend their energies in fighting for questions of no importance. It is thus by discreet action we can secure for ourselves that which has been so well planned and so successfully accomplished.” ” 1924 US Banker’s Association Magazine

    Intensive focus on emotional investment in personalities is the key element supporting the entire facade of diversion. Huge libraries have been both constructed and contrived around glorification or denigration of acts and omissions of an innumerable retinue of largely interchangeable ‘leading men’ and their ‘divas’ on the klieg-lit ‘stage’ of public consciousness.
    It has never been ‘the man behind the curtain’ because he too is another mere foil. It is the ‘machine’ itself that begs scrutiny.

    This last sentence, in my not so humble opinion, says it all.

    • Coservative at Birth

      Audit the Federal Reserve Banks Now!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Dr. Mabuse

        CAB, I would go a step further than a mere audit.
        I would seize ALL of their assets, and incarcerate the lot of them, (pending bail, ha-ha)until a most thorough criminal investigation and subsequent adjudication could be realized.

  • Wlmitch1

    This phony, radical Leftist HOPE AND CHANGE is DESTROYING our economy and our once-great Nation!!

    To obtain REAL HOPE AND CHANGE, we grass-roots Constitutional Conservatives,
    Tea Party Activists, and other true American Patriots of ALL races must UNITE!
    WE HAVE THE MORAL HIGH GROUND!! Get registered as Republicans in your State
    if it is not too late. Educate yourselves on where each candidate stands on the issues.
    Vote for ONLY grass-roots Constitutional Conservatives and Tea Party candidates
    in the Republican Primary elections. VOTE OUT the RINOs, Country-clubbers, and
    Primaries and take our Party back! Then vote for these Republicans in November and
    take our COUNTRY back! Investigations, likely impeachment, and possible arrest,
    of the current administration, and others, will surely follow!! Do the same in 2012 AND
    elect a REAL American Patriot for President. Only then can we fully restore this great
    Nation to a Constitutional Republic with a Government OF the People, BY the People,
    and FOR the People! YES WE CAN!

    The dates on which the 2010 Primary Elections are being held are listed by State
    and Territory at…. You will
    need the latest version of Adobe Reader installed on your PC to view this .pdf file.
    Washington State and Wyoming will hold their Primary Elections on August 17, 2010.

  • http://gmail i41

    Onero, next push will be for everyone to go back to more college education. So then the poor uneducated citizens that just aren’t smart enough to understand econimics, then they would be experts also. All of Onero’s advisors and thug advisors are elitist failures in life. Onero is always just burning fuel to go to vacations, and golfing. And he is the main talking idoit for wind energy and electricty. What a surprize, the media, and overeducated dumb azzes that put him in office, should have realized the surprises, the marxist muslim moron would do it was in the books. Onero is just following a blueprint of Marx and Alinsky who he admired and beleived were the greatest. I am nit suprised what the marxist communist democrats of approving everything he wants.

  • Raggs

    My take on this is that the democrats are once again blamming Bush and the republican party…. Not to mention corperate America….

    Obama is a thief.. you bet nobody wants to hire people when there is a snake in the grass waiting to strangle anyone that moves.

    • GKC

      I don’t think Obama is a thief. The REPUBES are stupid and that is the reason the economy is in the shape it is in. The 911 attack was purely a personal attack on BUSH who in turn spent way too much $$ to prove that he could do something his dad was not able to do. Which really had a major impact on the economy!
      Please! Look at Palin who was not even able to fill her term as Governor and she has the nerve to think that people in this country are stupid enough to even consider voting for her as Pres. Please! She doesn’t stand a chance! The majority has sense enough to know better!

      • Shibamom

        Really??? The “Majority” didn’t have much sense when it came to electing Obama!

        • GKC

          On the contrary…. McCain is pre/post dementia and Palin is out of control (she a needs a good psych!)… Do you think that would be better than Obama? Come on!

          • Cameron

            My DOG would be better’n Mr. Obama, & all she does is eats, sleeps, poops, & barks to let me know someone is at my door! You know, there are none so ignorant & stupid as those who will not see the truth & learn from it. Blaming any-& everybody for the current mess won’t fix a damned thing. Mr. Obama doesn’t know HOW to fix it so he resorts to blame Mr. Bush (it’s not MY fault). Study your Constitution, while it’s still the law of the land. See where the real power & the real blame, & the real fix lie.

          • Coservative at Birth

            Where exactly do you get your opinions? msnbc?

          • Cameron

            One more thing, let’s see you try to do a good job at your work when somebody is filing frivolous lawsuits against you ever cotton-pickin’ day that rolls around & you don’t have the money or income to defend yourself. You know, I would say that you Liberals are completely useless, but that isn’t so. We can always use you for bad examples or target practice!

          • George E


            McCain/Palin wouldn’t have been perfect, but “yes”, they would have been many times better than this Democrat administration. For one thing, we wouldn’t have gotten run-away government with a Republican administration and a Democrat Congress. They would have argued a lot, and that would have been ugly, and undoubtedly they would have increased the size of government anyway, which we wouldn’t have liked, but there would have been far, far less growth in government than we’ve gotten under the present government. That would have been much, much better, in my opinion.

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        Hey dummy, the 9-11 attacks, were the result of muslims that want to kill the Christian world, and left unchecked by Bill Clinton for 8 years, who cut our intelligence in half, and let them kick us again and again and again, and did absolutely nothing about it. So they saw us as week, and planned out and committed this big one. Thank Slick Willy and his cigars for this, as that was all he was interested in. While Nero fiddled, Rome burned. Clinton was playing Nero.

  • Marilyn

    Let’s see. What’s the name of that song…”I owe my soul to the Company Store…Deeper in Debt.” That must be what Obama meant by his policies have pulled us back from the brink…Keep us owing to the Federal Government. Keep us deeper in debt than we ever imagined. Did you get your vacation to Spain this year? Neither did I.

    • Shibamom

      Hell, the way things are going, many of us will NEVER get another vacation!

  • donna

    It doesn’t matter what the economy was like when when obama took over. Not that bad, actually. It’s what he has done since he took office. Congress is a mess. Between them the country is about ruined. America had better wake up before it’s to late. We are about bankrupt. What happens then I don’t know but it won’t be good. Vote these idiots out.

  • Jerry Plante

    Most believe that we are governed by three branches of government; however, the media has been given constitutional privileges which allows the truth to be heard. This fourth branch of government has been infiltrated by people that want to destroy this country. The mainstream media practices deception that most people except for truth. Those of us who understand this do not seek information from the mainstrame media. Only when the mainstream media lives up to its responsibilities of giving the electorate truth will we have a chance of electing ethical and responsibe politicans.

    • Coservative at Birth

      The Communists infiltrated the Media, Enternatinment, & Education in the late 1940′s. This has been an ongoing proccess for 70 + years. They need to be exposed and executed.

  • edward

    My name is Edward. I am a gardener. I have been unemployed for over a year because of the h2b program. I have 25 years of experience. I would be happy to work for less than h2b minimum I would even be happy to work for less than minimum wage. I have never gotten a cent of fed aid, unemployment, etc, and I don’t want to . All I need the government to do for me is to stop the attack on the poor. I was just fine with the capitalist system, where greedy evil capitalist pigs would exploit me for money, which I then got to spend on whatever I chose.We are fast heading to a communist slave state, where people like me are told which federal housing project to live in, which workfare job to do ,I have never gotten food stamps and I don’t want to live like that.
    Like many people, since so many republicrats voted for era,tarp, obamacare etc. just saying “it’s OK!You can trust me!I’m a republican!” just isn’t going to cut it any more.I will be looking for third party candidates this year,and if that doesn’t do it I don’t know how I will survive.

    • DaveH

      You’re a good man, Edward.
      If you want Personal Freedom, Personal Responsibility, Free Markets, and Limited Government, there is only one party with the Principles to deliver that – The Libertarian Party:

      • Coservative at Birth

        Have the Libriterians dropped the open borders from their platform?

        • DaveH

          I couldn’t find the Party stance on that in their platform, Coservative. I think what my party advocates is simpler entry into the country (less bureaucracy), but certainly not unlawful entry. I don’t condone illegal entry. But, if you’re one who believes that the Mexicans are causing our economical problems, I would dispute that. Hong Kong which has a population density several times that of our most densely populated state has a very robust economy and they spend only 15% of their GDP on Government (compare to 37% of GDP that we spend on Government). Our economic problems stem almost entirely from too much Government. They not only eat up a lot of our financial resources, but they also inhibit our productive people with their myriad regulations. Although I don’t condone illegals, I believe the politicians focus on illegal entry is a red-herring to distract people from the real problem – Too Damn Much Government.
          Even if we accept the amount of crime that the illegals are reportedly committing, I would have to say that our Government has created those conditions with their futile drug wars. They’ve been waging the Drug Wars for over 40 years now. The only thing that has been accomplished is the loss of many innocent lives and the loss of much of our freedom. If you are one who thinks the Drug Wars are necessary, this may change your mind:

  • jopa

    Why do some people still blame Bush??It’s kinda like being in Germany after WW11 standing among the total devastation of the country in a all the rubble and who is to blame.Hitler of course and you cannot count him out just because he is not in power anymore can you.The german people suffered his legacy long after he was gone.

    • Coservative at Birth


    • DaveH

      Good example, Jopa. As most of us know, Hitler was the leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party.

    • Tierra Naomi Teneil

      The Bushes, especially the Father is to blame for all of it. His new world order view and his 1000 points of light crap (most people don’t even know what the [offensive word removed] meant by 1000 points of light, even Dukakis ask what the the hell is that 1000 point of light[offensive word removed])and NAFTA (that is why you jobs are gone). If you want to really want to know what the 1000 points of light means, you have to look up the “ILLUMUNATI”. Bush was a tri Laterist and had to bow out of the conspirator group in order to run for election on the Republican ticket,……..he was then and still is a conspirator, along with his idiot son who, along with Clinton iced all the workers of America

    • Jeep

      So then, how far back do we go? To Clinton? Bush, Sr? Maybe Carter? What time frame are you speaking of?

      After all, in your analogy the German govt would be “responsible” for creating the political conditions that allowed Hitler’s rise to power. And, it was the Entente Powers that defeated Germany in WWI and created the economic and international conditions that drove an unknown corporal to lead Germany. Wow. I never thought of it that way! It really wasn’t Hitler after all, it was Hindenburg!

  • larry751

    Our Blessed Country is in Collapse because it Allowed Wall Street’s CFR and TC to Set the Agenda’s of Slave Labor through Manufacturing Job Exportation and Illegal Immigration. It only took these Two Agendas to Bring the Economic House DOWN. It took nearly 30 years to bring the Economic House Down but the Collapse finally Arrived. The Straw that broke the camels back in here and it is here to Stay.

    Without a Domestic Manufacturing Job Market it is IMPOSSIBLE for the USA to Rise from the Ashes !

    The Rockefeller/Rothschild’s Wall Street Agendas of the CFR and TC have for 30 years Hired Army’s of Pimp Lobbyists to buy of the Prostitute DC Politicians and not the Country is in Economic Free Fall to Total Collapse and for this to have happened is TREASON against the United States of America and Her People.

    The Biggest LIE that has ever been told and sold to the American People is that we are all just morphing into an Information Society and that the Good Wages would still be there Without Manufacturing. WHAT A LIE !!! What a DELIBERATE LIE !!!!!

    The Rockefeller Wall Street new 30 or 40 years ago that this Collapse was Eminent but they have something to GAIN from a Total Collapse. A US Government and it’s People being soooooo Desperate that they will Abandon their Democratic Republic that is or has been bound by the Constitution of the United States of America.

    And with that the Introduction of the New World Order and it’s Baby of the North American Union. The GOLD Ring.

    The Rockefeller Clan and it’s Wall Street Cronies have for over a Century tried to Establish a New World Order of One World Government and Economics. These Evil People will Burn in HELL for Eternity but they will take Millions of Innocent Suckers with them because they have Destroyed the Greatest Nation that ever was for Evil Greedy Desires.

    • D. East

      That’s what you want to believe, so be it. The American consumer is more to blame. The American consumer wanted and went after the lower priced imports than to buy the higher priced UNION laber products. Just about evey industry infiltrated and controlled by Unions jacked up prices on the products they manufactured. U.S. based companies moved out of the country to remain competitive in the U.S. market because the American consumer wanted the lower prices. If the American consumer would have paid the higher prices, many of the industries would have stayed in the States. Stop blaming everythin on the Banks and Wall Street.

      • RANDRAND


  • Tierra Naomi Teneil

    We the people are getting our just fruits for being wimps, and very stupid, cowardly ones at that!!!!!!!!

  • atlas reborn

    You can blame lincoln, and the roosevelts for this. Lincoln broke the constitution by going to war with the legally established confederate states. and then violating states rights taking the supremacy of the states over the federal government. teddy roosevelt is the one who creaed the federal reserve which screwed up our country by allowing debt to be monitised. and you can see what that leads to. spending what you do not have. frank roosevelt is the one who started the socialization of this country. he created welfare, social security, snd the begenings of the growth of government over the people instead of the people over the government. just what the socialists , communists, and marxists lennonists wanted. you got it now we have to try to live with it. thats like trying to live with a hungry lion.

  • Alan

    At this point in our history we need to stop being surprised that these ivy league educated “experts” are wrong, again.
    It should have been self evident long ago the individual will do better at maintaining himself (or herself) better than any government agency devoted to collectivized ideology.
    The more we do for ourselves and need less those who contrive to act on our behalves will be able to rid ourselves of this omniscient and intrusive presence called government.

  • Bruce Kolinski

    This an excellent summary of the current American condition. We have now become the orchestra playing heartfelt tunes while their shoes begin disappearing beneath the cold, dark surface of the sea.

    It is too late to save the U.S. economically. At this point, all policies are too little, too late. The only question remaining is how to protect our families. We have begun setting aside food, water and other necessary provisions. Hopefully, I am just embarrassing myself, but I suspect not.

    My biggest disappointment is the failure of the American voter to grasp that this economic crush fest is entirely intentional. The American middle class is being brought to its knees and will be economically bludgeoned until finally it learns to beg for One World deliverance…and to think we freely voted for this.


    • D. East

      And the Germans free elected Hitler…

      I hope the free election of Obama is meerly a coincident and not a trend.

  • Rav James Talbott

    Little red taxpayer Ridinghood goes skipping off to Grammas DC house for her welfare check and stops off at a Teaparty for a cup of tea. The big bad wolf, in the meantime has gone from Chicago to Granny’s DC house and has eaten her up. She was delicious. He now lies in Granny’s DC bed and waits for RTH to show up for dessert. Meanwhile, little RTH sips her tea, and the tea partiers are busy continually arguing about the color of the wolfs hair!

  • GDI

    When are we going to wake up and elect people that will really balance the budget and do what is necessary? My prediction is never. I predict America is basically too lazy at this point to really do what is necessary to save the country. But, once it all crashes, you folks on welfare and unemployment will be out begging for jobs to survive, we all could be, except the rich.

    For those that have a job now, begin preparing now. Buy canned food and other unperishables, water, and other necessities. I saw first hand what panic looks like after Hurricane Ike hit Houston. You could not find gasoline, you could not find food. Store shelves were empty and they stayed empty. We were without electricity for over a week. You could not find ice, you could not find clean water, we had to boil our water – thank goodness I had plenty of propane and a grill. We also had stocked up on canned and dry goods, so we did not go hungry, thank goodness. If it really crashes soon, the entire country will look like Houston did right after Ike. Prepare now.

    • Tierra Naomi Teneil

      Amen, we are a very pathetic bunch of people,……

  • Tierra Naomi Teneil

    The Bushes, especially the Father is to blame for all of it. His new world order view and his 1000 points of light crap (most people don’t even know what the [offensive word removed] meant by 1000 points of light, even Dukakis ask what the the hell is that 1000 points of light shit)and NAFTA (that is why your jobs are gone). If you really want to know what the 1000 points of light means, you have to look up the “ILLUMUNATI”. Bush was a tri Laterist(still is) and had to bow out of the conspirator group in order to run for election on the Republican ticket,……..he was then and still is a conspirator, along with his idiot son who, along with Clinton iced all the workers of America by forcing NAFTA, CAFTA, and the open border view on us.

  • atlas reborn

    by the way lbj was the same kind as roosevelt, but he knew that going down the same road would be distarous to his legacy.

  • jim

    ole barry and his fellow lib dem socialist/communist cronies aren’t qualified to be dog catchers, they are the Cause of our MESS now and they are making it Much Worse Daily! Impeach nowwwwwww!

  • Ricky Roo

    I think that Obama, the Democrat run House and Senate are the best things to come along in a long time…………

    Now we know how bad it can be and get…. and vote to put people with purpose and integrity back in office, not a bunch of spineless whinny weasels bastards, that follow someone else’s orders to vote for the socialist cause and not what the people who voted them in want.

    Now the question is what kind of drugs and BS has the Demorats given the voting public.

    Of course these people we vote in may not be Republicans either. There are a lot of Spineless Republicans too!! The people we need, whether a Democrat, Republican or Independent, need to be able to think for themselves,(gosh what a concept) have integrity and vote the will of the people who they represent, without having to be withholding to any party or lobbyist or any other entity other than the people who voted them in.
    Then and only then can we get back to a functional representative government.

  • Colorado Bob

    I own a limo service and auto detailing business in
    the beautiful Vail Valley in Colorado. One of my clients, Jim Cargill, President of
    Cargill Industries, had a face to face meeting with Timothy Geithner and told Geithner
    that the Obama Administration needs to extend the Bush tax cuts otherwise the
    economy will spiral out of control. Geithner said, “I don’t care, we want our money.” You must realize that Geithner is a member of the Bilderberg Group which is trying to destroy this great country, not help the citizens who care so much for our land. Got food, water, guns, ammo?

    • Bob

      That’s because Cargill gets gov’t subsidies for selling their genetically modified food.

  • dc

    We live in a system designed by the European Central banks the international oil cartels and the Industrial Military Complex. All who propped up the Federal Reserve to take over America back in 1913. (Read The Creature From Jekyll Island.) (Also read The Iron Mountain Report published during the JFK Administration.) President Obama, and all the presidents before him were just CEO’s of the American Corporation. What most people fail to understand is that all of Washington is bought and paid for by the banking, oil and military cartels. Votes from the common people no longer count, they never did. Most Americans are still fooled by the deception of right vs. left Republican vs. Democrat Liberal vs. Conservative. None of it is real. It’s an illusion to keep the game going so the powers that be can profit off the world’s wealth. Real wealth comes from the ground not the stock market. It’s an illusion design to keep the theft of wealth going. It took years of research to crack this deception to the point of understanding. Now I know why I never voted or got involved in politics. Obama was the first president I voted for now knowing what I know. I presently regret my decision of taking part in this phony political system.

    • American Citizen

      Didn’t you bet him before you voted for him? Maybe you’d better go back to not voting. Sorry about that, but a lot of people should not be voting as they don’t vet the candidates at all, just vote for the party label behind the name. That’s why I’m an Independent, I say a pox on both their houses at the present time. We need to get true conservative in Congress to get this country back to its Constitutional origins.

      • American Citizen

        Vet him,- I hate this keyboard.

  • American Citizen

    I have to laugh at Obama, Biden, Gibbs, et al, every time they open their mouths and say how good the economy is. Watching the interviews with ordinary citizens tells a completely different story. Those Dem politicians in Washington are living in “wishful thinking, fantasy land.”

    • John Stewart

      Moe Howard (of the Three Stooges fame) said it best “Every time you open your mouth, you weaken the nation”.

  • atlas reborn

    by the way those of you who do not understand finances here is a little fact to get you on the right track. rockerfeller and carneige were super wealthy and controlled industry. now carniege earned his money by starting in the iron industry. he invented steel. he then built steel mills to make more money thus creating more jobs. he kept building more and more and made more and more money. Also he created many more jobs. He sold his steel mills for 7 billion dollars. and he built a trust that has been giving millions and millions of dollars to help schools,universities,librairsis, and many other charities. if he lived today he would not have given anything to anybody because everyone would think he did not deserve it and they would try to tax him out of existance. instead of giving because he was thankful that he lived in a honest country he would try to change the government to the government of our founding fathers. Carneige also in the past convinced rockerfeller to be extemely generous also. rockerfeller also created great wealth and created extra ordinary number of jobs. from rockerfeller came standard oil new jersey now known as exxon mobil(mobil was standard oil new york) arco(originally atlantic oil) chevron (standard oil Calif,) and many other oil companies. when honest men earn great capital they do great things that benifit many with no cost to anyone. they do it because they thank america for the oppurtonity to acheive. today the politicians want to destroy the ability of the great to accomplish. bill gates is trying to help the children of america, but he is made out to be evil. well when we all die and meet the maker we will have to answer to God what we did with the talents he gave us. I know where Carniege,Rockerfeller,Gates, and many other men will go , but the politicians and the wana be rulers will go to hell.

  • Bob Wire

    No, I haven’t noticed anyone being surprised

    only disappointed.

  • Bob Wire

    Not one post has addressed the fact that 350 bills are presently being stalled by the GOP in the Senate that address the economy.

    Not one.

    It’s more fun doing what we do! Yea! US

    • George E


      After all the unpopular legislation the Dems have crammed through the system over Republican objections as well as a majority of Americans, I frankly see stalling further legislation as a good thing. By the way, if these were really good bills, wouldn’t the Dems be able to get enough of their members to vote for them to get them through Congress without Republican support? That also suggests to me that we really don’t want or need this legislation.

      • Bob Wire

        >> Well it’s true, that’s the illusion you have been sold. ~ and you’ve bought it.

        First, allow me to offer that your statement is faulted in several ways.

        One, ~the illusion of some majority, ~ you are not the majority, not even close to a majority. You are “noisy” 24% of the voting public. ~ Now, I will admit that’s a lot of people. But in no way can it be construed as a majority. What you are suggesting is; I could go to a Horse race track and find a majority there that hate horses and hates to gamble. Now I suppose you want to attempt to validate your numbers with the popularity of FOX News and Nielsen Reports. ~ without getting into it, do your homework if that’s you validating argument for you need to find another.

        Two, ~ Every Senior I’m discussed HDR with likes it. That not to say “all” would feel the same. Now I’m talking about real seniors, 77 and up. ~ not 65 or 59

        Three, ~ Parents of young adults, like it. It affords them peace of mind that their babies are afforded some coverage while the children establishes themselves. As our society has demanded children grow up much slower anymore. We were marrying as early as 14 to 17 when I was a youngster. We could! We could work! ~ now they can’t.

        Four, Students like it ! it’s took some pressure off of being a student, cut out the parasites, wolfs and buzzards at the bank.

        Five, I’m happy for the people listed above. We need more students, and get them any way we can.

        And How we take care of our aging is a direct reflecting on the very spirit of our nation.

        If this 24% had control, I admit things would be much different. But you/they don’t. We’ve allowed this 24% to control and run the nation and now we’ are all paying the price for it.

        • George E


          You’re certainly entitled to your opinion, much of which seems to be based on anecdotal information, but that’s OK. I just happen to disagree. All of the polls I’ve seen strongly suggest a majority of Americans didn’t favor passing the healthcare reform act into law. Also, all polls I’ve seen suggest a majority of Americans really believe our costs for healthcare will go up because of this new law. Whether you like the features of this law or not, I think one thing is pretty certain. We can’t afford for our costs, personal or government, to go up. Our government is insolvent right now considering future debt obligations, and our economy can’t afford any more tax rate increases or heavy regulations on our businesses.

          I still contend that if the pending legislation in Congress was all that good, the Democrats would have no problem getting the votes they need from within their own party to get it passed. That just tells me it isn’t good enough for their members to sell it to their constituents back home, and therefore shouldn’t be passed into law.

          • Bob Wire

            Equally so, you are allow yours George and I enjoy your banter.

            That a Political machine, a certain wealthy man’s media blitz and Special Interest spent a million dollars a day for 4 months to create should an illusion of a majority, it’s not surprising you should feel that way. I will concede to the notion it was indeed very effective and in fact almost worked.

            This is were the notion from of “against the peoples will” came from, as even in defeat, they made political hay. Special Interest of Insurance and Pharmaceutical threw everything they had to throw, called in every favor, called to work every 500 dollar hooker, bent back every thumb, went threw dirty laundry,looking for the dead bodies and dirty secrets.

            And you are right, health care cost is not going “down” regardless what happened. That would be very unlikely regardless of any outcome. ~ But there is many more people covered and covered for much more, prescriptions cost less and they can’t be dropped! & being dropped is a big issue ~ but only if it’s a personal issue. This issue does have a larger “personal side” to it that many would wish to discount and ignore, seeing it rather in some abstract.

            That my federal tax dollars subsides others insurance policies while I myself having been denied coverage, I find great disparity and it’s true ~ some persons premiums will rise ~ as they may well should.

            In as far as what “we can afford” ? I’ve never been aware of a time where markets bothered to consider what I could afford, having been shut out of many market, many times over cost issues. That one “can” while others “can’t” only being an issue when consumers dry up and can no longer support the market.

            As for deficit spending ` yes that a tough one. ~ We kind of late in bothering to think about it, don’t you think? The private sector has had 17 months to think about it, Myself I’m ready for the tax cuts and stimulate growth to kick in. The job creation that was promised.

            Clever thing about money ~ it’s only a tool, ~ You can actually create an affect by just threaten to spend it. You can make money by spending money ~ or not. Money offers us options ~ and these options need to founded in solid judgment. America could be see as a family ~ what you do for one child you must consider the others in doing so. To do otherwise your husband skills are lacking ~you could easily find the little woman has cut you off, you find yourself sleeping with the dog and all but one of the children are running from you. ~ This is where government finds it’s self today and this didn’t start 17 months ago.

            As far as the DNC unable to muster the votes and claims of bad legislation ~ The DNC is by no means immune to 500 dollar hookers, or dirty little secrets. Special Interest would bed down with the devil to expand their ambitions. They only favor the GOP as there a history of appeal and ~ more importantly ~ Over the years the GOP has enjoyed a rock hard solid 28% of the vote “regardless” who they run. ~ That leaves only 23 % of the popular vote up for garbs. It’s been a solid vote they can take to the bank. That’s very appealing to consider when placing ones bets.

            Again George thanks for your banter.

        • Lubo

          Your progressive theories will be tested come November. Then and only then, will we clearly understand the correct answer.

          My guess would be, your stated 24%, is about 33% correct.

          • Bob Wire

            Oh dear ! I expect losses ~ to think otherwise would be most unwise. ~ It will be the general election that will be the test. And even that, I expect no more the a 4 point spread the deciding factor. I’d be greatly shocked with a 5 or 6 % spread.

            That 24 % comes for a recent wall street poll and shows a decline in faith of the GOP. ~ It will move about as the months follow and changing events.

    • alpha-lemming

      Unfortunately….. gridlock IS better than ANYTHING these dopes could come up with!

      “Don’t know, don’t care what the problem is…. my answer is to throw money at it”! Sound like some of those subsid… er.. bills being stalled? Help the economy by taking more citizens out of the private sector and make them unionized Fed leeches? Is this the help, “manna from Heaven”, our benevolent keepers wish to shower on such unworthy creatures as us?

      • Bob Wire

        So you are telling me there are 350 bills before the senate that address commerce and they are all bad?

        All the while you complaining about the economy!????? If we have it your way, we’ll never know for sure where they were good or bad will we?

        So where is the GOP with the good ideas?

        The original framer of HCR was a GOP idea! But somehow, they don’t want the credit anymore.

        We been waiting for the private sector to weigh in after all the honored promises of tax cuts and now we wait on job creation that was promised to follow. ~

        where are they? Where is the wealth creation that was promised?

        Anybody know how long we must wait to allow tax cuts stimulus to take effect?

        The truth is 43 assured his second term with tax cuts and now we want 44 to honor them while we throw rocks at him, demanding them and complain about the economy being bad.

        How clever! This is not about money but who gets the money. That’s what money is always about ~ who gets it. who controls it.

        44 made us no promise, in fact he warned us of what was coming.

  • Bob

    I disagree with the portion of this article implying that unemployed people are lazy.Cheep imports have forced this country to cheapen wages below what is needed to pay for modest housing,autos,gas,energy,and esspecially taxes!!! which have trippled in cost over the last 30 yrs. That means a $5 per hr job 30 yrs ago hast to be $15 per hr today.This recession was here before it started being noticed. Shrinking wages increases amongst the middle class were hidden by cheap imports and easy credit giving a false sense to working people they were getting ahead in life.Management salaries once were 30% higher than workers now they are 3-500% higher.I bet Mark Sperry makes 6 figures or more per yr so if he wants machinists for $13 per hr instead of $25 to $30 per hr or even $20 he should give up some of his salary or get on the floor and run a CNC!!! No ones getting rich on unemployment, but their math skills still work fine.Many are just getting by on unemployment, and some falling behind.The take home on $13 per hr is less than max unemployment in wisconsin.Unemployment is based on past earned wages and is only 40% of gross income already. So Mr Sperry, if people can’t make it on unemployment how do you figure they can pay their bills working for less? BTW I’m a small business owner working alone for now because of this economy.

    • George E


      As a small business owner you probably know this. However, just as a refresher, I’ll take the chance that this may be received positively.

      People don’t generally, or shouldn’t, get paid based on what other people get paid. The market basically determines what each job is worth based on the value each employee brings to the employer over what the employer would have to pay another employee for the same service. Nothing else really matters in a free capitalist market. The fact is that everyone competes with others with the same skills around the world in today’s global market. This dynamic is especially unsettling when your job gets outsourced to non-union companies or smaller companies which don’t pay as high a wage or benefits, or your industry gets outsourced to another country, but this is the world we now live in. If you really think any one of our previous Presidents could have stopped this dynamic, or that our government can now put up barriers to international commerce to protect our high paying jobs, or our companies from international competition, I think you’re wrong. This trend is bigger than all of us, our companies, and our government. It’s just something we have to learn to live with. We have to learn to compete with these other countries in a way that benefits Americans the most. Sometimes that means letting them sell their cheap goods to us instead of tacking on tariffs to increase the prices of their products in this country. It’s a “dog-eat-dog” world, and we have to get tough and compete in it like we want to survive, not sit around and complain that life is tough because the rules have changed without our permission, and expect the government to fix the problem for us. When we do, we won’t like the solution they come up with.

      Good luck with your business.

      • Bob Wire

        >>The market basically determines what each job is worth based on the value each employee brings to the employer over what the employer would have to pay another employee for the same service. Nothing else really matters in a free capitalist market.<<

        with exceptions of ; COE's, Wall Street bankers types, ~ I suppose?

        and illegal workers are great! ~ as they can't vote and they drive labor prices down ! ~ We like illegals ! The more the better! Don't we my GOP friends? ~ It gives us something to complain about that we really don't want fixed!

        • George E


          Executive pay is supposed to be determined by the Corporate Board of Directors who are supposed to represent the interests of the shareholders. If they aren’t doing their job, then that’s a problem for the shareholders to correct, not the government. Personally, I think many are overpaid, but that’s not my call, even though it is aggravating sometimes.

          You’re wrong about Republicans wanting illegal immigrants in this country. Oh, I’m sure there are some, especially those that have small businesses trying to compete in a very competitive market, or contend with the many regulations imposed by our government. However, I’m quite certain the majority of Republicans really dislike illegal immigration very much. Just look at the people who have raised this issue for the past 3-4 years. It’s definitely been Conservatives, many of whom are Republicans. Frankly, it’s the opinion of many of us that it’s really the Democrats who are allowing this situation to go on like it is. We believe the Democrats want these illegal immigrants to be given amnesty (US citizenship) so they can get their vote. I can tell you that many of us on the Conservative side are absolutely determined to block any attempt to give illegals amnesty and citizenship. If we did give them citizenship, we might as well open our borders completely because millions more would find a way to follow those already in this country. Having said that, there is no practical way of keeping all of these people from coming here to work. That’s just going to happen in a global economy. On the other hand, if we can make sure they come here legally, then we can make sure they operate within our laws so that they pay for the services they receive from our government, etc. That should discourage some from coming here, and should help to level the competition somewhat with US labor.

      • Bob

        Other countries put tariffs on our exports. But in NAFTA they are allowed to do this and we can’t.

  • eddie47d

    Republicans won’t allow Obama to create government jobs and that can be understandable but the Republicans (businessmen)won’t create private sector jobs either. How about being honest and telling that to the unemployed instead of using them as a political football. There are few real jobs being created in the USA for they have been “shifted” to other lands and many will not be coming back. How about politicians being honest about that also. The owners of “our” companies are still wealthy and will keep their share of the pot but offer little in defense of bringing new jobs into play. There are few Carnegies in the world who give back to their nations. Most capitalists don’t care about America and most Americans keep buying most of their goods from foreign countries. So the unemployed apparently will just have to suck it up. The wealthy are still wealthy because of their unbridled greed. They took much more than anyone with a conscience would have taken. It was a race to the top for them and their bank account.The rest of the nation didn’t matter. We have to live with their inability to think of anyone but themselves and that has to change.

    • 45caliber

      Government jobs do not produce anything that can be sold to give strength to money. In fact, they are paid for by taxation on products made by the rest of us. Any additional government jobs simply runs the country even deeper into a hole and does very little to help the economy. To make matters worse, many of those “government jobs” pays far more than the pay going to the tax-paying workers. (And don’t try to say the government employees pay taxes. They certainly do – but the main bulk of the money comes from everyone else.)

      But there are many government jobs being added daily.

      • Bob Wire

        My feelings; Government should be responsible for creating an “environment” where healthy and brisk commerce can exist and thrive.

        This is done by securing our borders ~ NO 9-11′s ~ no illegals. No anti-trust immunities. Long term imprisonment for commerce espionage and spying while relaxing the simplest of restrictions,allowing more people to venture into enterprising positions.

        AND looking real hard at acceptable profit margins, thous found excessive high need more competition.

        There is many marketing approaches to running a successful business besides ~ just locking out competition and restricting consumers. And they do this with the aid of government all of the time! This is where the 500 dollar hookers they call lobbyist and special interest comes in.

        They make up a part of this 24% majority some of you wish to claim.

        • George E


          Your comments sound a lot like a Conservative, except for the one about “excessive profits.” I’d bet that a strong majority of Conservatives on this board would agree with you except for that. Do you consider yourself a Conservative?

          • Bob Wire

            Well George, I would like to think so ~ but opinions differ. They call me many things here on Livingston Forums, mostly condescending.

            When I suggest reasonable margins ~ I’m thinking about markets and commodities that people must have and depend on, like drugs and health providers, water, fuel etc. ~ These business have a locked in market, ~ the consumer is at their benevolent mercy. ~ I think this should be considered when determining the term “acceptable margins” and what that might be. Like Thomas Edison offered, I’ll give you the first light bulb “if” you will buy the rest from me.

            I think it’s wise to accept the notion, that there is few things that ever gets done, that something wasn’t in it for someone.

            If you want something to happen ~ people must be enticed to make it so. `

            A “win-win” situation is what we are looking for. ~ All parties need to feel good about it ~ where it be due to money exchange or a trade off, now or later.

            A business arrangement ~ In some instances government is the solution while in others cases it’s a curse. That government has such power to pick who wins and who loses while seeming calloused and indifferent in the process makes government the target of great anger and frustration by many people. Bad government makes this all the more apparent.

            But laws and government are necessary and reflect the desires of modern man.

            I would say I’m social liberal , knowing that man is his worst enemy and he can’t be given everything he wants. I look harder for the good in people while knowing they are rotten. Still they amaze and surprise me in how noble their capacity to learn, love and give.

            While I remain much more conservative in all other matters.

            We need a good healthy business environment and from that we might all prosper.

            And this is why ~ I continue to preach the need to curb the influence of lobbyist and special interest so. Their intentions are to make the playing field unlevel and create an advantage by buy politicians sympathetic to their interest and enjoying “free money” at every other American expense. There is just too much of it going on today for government to work as it was intended.

          • George E


            I think we share a lot of the same philosophies and values. That’s probably because we’re American’s first before other interests. I appreciate the time you’ve taken to share with me.

      • RANDRAND

        kind of like field inspectors in an outsourced guard agency-they are not contract earning, and end up firing so many guards-all costing much money to replace,so the profit margins are nothing-and hence-no quality guards-who get fired again! (” There’s a hole in the bucket,dear Liza,dear Liza-a hole in the bucket-a hole!”–With what shall I fix it, dear Henry,dear Henry—–”)

      • RANDRAND

        kind of like field inspectors in an outsourced guard agency-they are not contract earning, and end up firing so many guards-all costing much money to replace,so the profit margins are nothing-and hence-no quality guards-who get fired again! (” There’s a hole in the bucket,dear Liza,dear Liza-a hole in the bucket-a hole!”–With what shall I fix it, dear Henry,dear Henry—–”)(REPLY TO 45 CALIBER BLOG)

      • RANDRAND


    • George E


      Republicans don’t have the numbers in Congress to stop Obama and the Democrats from passing any legislation they want. When the Democrats can’t get enough votes to pass legislation, it’s because they can’t get enough Democrats to vote for it. That just tells me that the legislation is not good enough to pass.

      The government has grown significantly as a percentage of GDP, and is still growing. This is a mistake. Our economy can’t carry the burden of a large government and prosper at the same time. Instead of growing the size of government right now, the responsible thing to do would be to reduce the size of government and incentivize growth in the private sector, especially small businesses where most job creation typically occurs. Fundamentally, you do that by reducing tax rates and simplifying and/or eliminating unnecessary regulations. Also, reducing uncertainty (related to government intervention) is always very helpful in planning future investments. So, given this formula for growth, it looks to me like the Dems are basically doing everything wrong to revive the economy and job creation in this country.

  • FreedomFighter

    Donate funds to political organizations you support.

    Donate funds to canditates that defend the constitution, and American values.

    All wars need a “WAR CHEST”, fill it an use it to smack the Marxist-Progressive liberals into the dirt of a small footnote in history.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • Robin Hood

      Show me ONE politician that defends the constitution. ONE, just ONE. Before you post though, look up his or her voting record. Just ONE………………….Good luck.


    Bush the grim reaper and Obama the undertaker, Wake up possums in the language that most of you understand, their ain’t no difference between a Republican or a Democrat coin the new phrase Republicrat. Both parties have sold us out to the multinational corporations, the goal is to break the US dollar so it is worthless, why do you think both parties have been so weak on immigration reform, look up Amero and see what you get a north american currency and no more U.S. or Mexico or Canada but one big new country without borders. The big corporations with glee are now offering you a top wage if your lucky of fifteen bucks an hour most of them are ten or less. So everyone profess your love of China and all of the junk we buy from them while our country goes down the tubes, blame the damn unions and blame the lack of edumacation in the famous words of the great president Georgie boy Bush, who ran every private industry he was involved in into the ground and Obama the new kid on the block who never worked for private industry. Yes Karl the hitman Rove did a great job, we are all divided and fragmented and easy pickins for the Republicrats final assault on the few spoils that are left.

    • Bob Wire

      TFEDUP, ~ you get a chance view “The Boggie Man” you’ll find it insightful and get to see Karl’s teacher in action.

      This is sad testimony to the true makeup of Americans today. ~ But it works well with any people that have access to mass media that completely unrestricted and void moral compass or public consciousness. It all about winning!

  • atlas reborn

    does anyone disagree that government is not the answer? do we all agree that we the people are the answer? when we all together say no to govrnment Hell no to government. we need statesmen, businessmen, inventors, industrialists, and movers and shakers. they have many of the answers that we need. let us wake up and retake america. blacks,whites,asians,and legal imigrants let us bond together and retake america for ourselves and our posterity. Its a long hard road but I know we can do it because we are Americans now and forever.

    • Bob Wire

      completely agree!

      but you are not going to find them here in this 24 % majority.

      There more then one T-bone Picken and Bill Gates out there. But they are having to deal with “todays” politics much like the rest of us. Both of these men see the future and know what coming “regardless”

      It’s a sick bunch we deal with~ I ‘m beginning to wish they go ahead and whip it out and make their play. ~ We could fight it out in a few weeks and be done with it and move forward.

      as it stand, we trying to kill each other with a dirty sock, this could waste years.

      • George E


        “…trying to kill each other with a dirty sock….” That’s funny. I’d bet that’s a saying you heard when you were growing up. Remains me of many such sayings I heard as a kid, and later. Are you a Southerner?

  • atlas reborn

    Bob Livingston you ignited a fire, but you need to say our founding fathers came here and worked hard to squeak out a living, but they were relative free. the country still not a nation yet had no government hand outs, no task masters, and no welfare state. it did well. but king george wanted more and wanted more taxes, more products, and more controll much more control. then he wanted task masters the military to push more,and more. our founding fathers pushed back, and George got boulder and our founding fathers tried to work with him but he wanted more. our founding fathers revolted and we became free. welfare was not allowed under the constitution, but people who want power always use the downtrodden to pry open the pocketbooks of the people to get power from the people. when they get enough power then they try to dictate who what where and why they should govern and rule over all the peons. that is the base of socialism,facism,communism,and totalarism. that is what the people need to know to understand why we are in the situation that we are in. it does not take a genius to understand just knowledge from an industrous leader.

  • chuck b

    eddie: that has to change??

    well!! you have your change, now you want to blame it on business. what a laugh!! the answer is tax and regulation. that’s hard for progressive’s to understand. you want barry to create government jobs?, are you on pills? that’s one of the problems that’s all goofus has created. blame the unions, blame the democrats and most of all blame the most inept president we have ever had.

    • Connie Prucka

      Makes you wonder what they are smoking! Hey, give me some!

      • Bob Wire

        you are cut off!

    • Robin Hood

      I think call Obama inept is a little absurd given who he replaced. Don’t you?

      • George E

        NO. Not only has he shown an extraordinary lack of understanding of the capitalist economic system, he hasn’t been listening to the majority of American citizens either. I know that Obama and his supporters desperately want all of these domestic programs, but this is absolutely the WRONG TIME (if there ever is a good time) to put them in place. Our economy can’t stand the weight of all this additional expense. It will collapse if all these programs can’t be repealed and some of the existing entitlement programs modified to reduce their cost as well.

  • Connie Prucka

    I have a great idea. How much could it hurt the servants to work for free for just a week. I know this would never happen, because of greed.
    There are kids going to bed hungry, living in dirty places, some out of cars, some on the street. This is not acceptable. Let’s see if the servants of the people can go a week without pay. Many of us are going without pay a lot longer than a week. They make me sick! Greed, one of the devils favorite tools, and it works….for the servants. What about the little guys. The ones that go to work, just to have their money taken from them. They call it taxes. Taxes my ass.

    • Robin Hood

      So now you want people to work for free? What is a Ultra left wingnut doing commenting on this site?

      • American Citizen

        She’s telling you to put your money where your mouth is. What gives the government the right to steal your earnings? What gives those who don’t work the right to your earnings? Haven’t you ever noticed that those who want the rich to give more give little themselves? Government workers make a lot more than the average worker in the private sector, yet they get all kinds of perks also that we in the private sector don’t get. We pay their salaries with our taxes.

  • Connie Prucka

    Yoo Hoo, Robin Hood, where are you????

  • Robin Hood

    I would love to steal from the rich and give to the poor. But then I would be deemed a left wing bleeding heart Marxist. So I am doomed to think only of myself and next weeks vacation plans because it’s been over a month since my last one. If you don’t want to go to work because it’s the same as unemployment, you deserve to be unemployed. We are in a recession and people like you are part of the problem. Go to work, take some pride in your contribution, get off your lazy ass. Nothing is stopping you from looking for work while working. This is why Republicans get a bad name….but I made 50k last year wah-wah-wah. You make me sick.

  • RoBoTech

    Geithner says (and so has Obama) “The recession was deeper than we anticipated”
    What Nonsense.
    What’s deeper than a “recession”? A DEPRESSION!
    And what has Obama said”
    “We prevented a Depression with our Policies (tax and spend America to Oblivion)”
    Something stinks here, and I think it is Progressive Brain Rot, advanced to smelly deterioration! All slim and funky fluids!

    • Robin Hood

      Insightful, and really worth the your time to write. Whats deeper than a recession? The distance your head is up your ass.

      • George E

        Very respectful, and intellectual comment, don’t you think?

        • Robin Hood

          Yes, thank you, I worked on it for hours.

          • George E

            OK. Thanks for the response. Take care.

    • Bob Wire

      I’d say you are smelling something a bit closer to your nose.

  • Bob Wire

    I think people too many people work for government.

    I think government demands for “responsibility” is selective at best and itself is completely excluded.

    I think too many people are engaged with Wall Street “fraud” and speculation. To many people have used a corrupt system to get where they presently are today and they fight us to defend the positions they hold.

    Too many people in this country make too much while creating or serving too little. This distorts and has a destructive effort on currency and the meaning of a goods days work for a good days pay.

    I think too many people are looking for jobs and too few are working to create jobs.

    I think if I could buy some people for what they are worth and sell them for what they thought they were worth, I wouldn’t need a job.

    I think that most of us here on this thread are “6 pay period lost” from having to make major changes in their life style, yet they speak as if they are somehow immune to what going on all across the nation.

  • George

    Obama needs to get his head out his posterior and do what WORKS… Like look to GREAT presidents that actually got us out of depressions and recessions, instead of holding or pushing us harder into one.

    President Coolidge anyone???



  • atlas reborn

    robin hood is the reason that we are here right now. remember that he stole from the rich and gave to the poor. what an idea to teach the young. most of the rich prior to the 50s earned their wealth. then the progressives and socialists wanted to give to the poor but they did not have the money, so they did what robin hood did. they stole from the rich and the middle class to give to the people who wanted to set on their butt and collect checks from the workers and rich. prior to that charities would help the really poor and got the money from donations. the salvation army would give you a check to take to a rooming house that paid for the room and would give you a check to be used at a market to get food. they told you to come back monday and they would send you to get a job to start and it worked. if you did not come back as told you would not get any more help. it worked. if you took all the money of all the rich people in this country you would have enough to last a year. but do not blame the rich. when you give money to someone with no conditions you get cheating. people will buy cigarettes and alkohol instead of food. and the government will not throw them off welfare. their is so much waste and malfesment in government and no checks of balances. when you give what you have not earned to someone its not a problem to you. you just go on doing the same bad things. when you give money to illegal alliens you are breaking another law. their is so much wrong with government giving other peoples money to people without any real checks and balances. that is what and why our founding fathers knew about and why the banned giving welfare and others peoples money to those who did not earn it. if we enforced the law and severely fined and punished employers who hired illegal alliens their would be jobs for all the welfare people and government would not need to control all the people as they do now. but the socialists want to control everyone and be stars to the voters so they look like they are good guys and get peoples votes. when in reality they are theives. they want to be dictators and they are just that for the working people and businessmen. good people help the needy without government pressure. that is why good charities do so much more with so much less than government without courupting people receiving and people who give. plus these same politicians think they have to do the same for people in other countries. so the rulers in other countries look good to the people and that is why they can operate as saviors to their people when they are even worse.

    • Bob Wire

      interesting take on history. ~ If I was “assigning” blame ~ I’d tell it somewhat differently.

      For one ! It’s been a long journey full of ups & downs. ~ Lots of mountain tops and valley bottoms. ~ The road was not a straight one but full of twist and turns.

      It’s been more about how we negotiated all of these obstacles that might explain how we got here.

      For too much “right” or “left” at any given time with carry us off course.

      Government needs to nimble enough that it can guide and direct.

      we’ve just experienced 22 years of rigid government and we found ourselves off course today.

      I have no interest in “depending” on the benevolence of the “wealthy” as many seem to think is the correct and nature order of things.

      That’s just not my way of looking at the world. ~ I want the opportunity to aspire from the benefits of my efforts. I want that choice for myself and would hope others might appreciate my position and perhaps feel the same way.

      I see little need in worrying about the wealthy, ~ as they seem to not need my help at the moment. ~ Now that might well change, but for now that is just a non-issue to me.

      We need to accept the notion, the wealthy is no different for the rest of us, they must be enticed to react. So tiny carrots won’t make the fat donkey move very fast.

      You got to give people “good reasons” to react in the manner you wish them to.

  • nadna

    ““Ninety-three percent of the wealth is controlled by 10 percent of the nation.

    That means the rest of us are there to cut up the other 7 percent.

    We have 10 banks controlling 80 percent of the assets.

    It’s a takeover,” Gerald Celente of Trends Research Institute told radio host Alex Jones.”

    Very interesting!

    Can we think the 10% with the 93 % nation’s wealth and the 10 banks with 80 % of the assets sabotaged US?

    Had they the power, money, time to spend, political protection and audience, etc. to finalize such action?

    Who utilized the outsourcing and offshore investing?
    The 7 %?
    Is the use of these two mechanisms a sabotage, analysed by their destructive effects on US, even if not expected (?) or unknown (?)?
    Are these guys, who performed these tasks, uneducated or unskilled persons?

    • nadna

      Instead of “ The 7 %?“ read “The holders of 7 % of nation’s wealth?“

  • http://gmail i41

    nada, the idoits in control are theovereducated smucks who have never worked at a honest job. They take their booksand plan how to screw the working people into submission, either by making them dependent on food stamps of more entrenched programs. If you try and start abusiness they are going to make rules and permitting processes to impede any motivation. The socialist democrats love and support the unions and big corporations. Every see a union smuck start any business or enterprise except arm strong support for democrat crimminals. Our teachers unions have made the students pretty simple minded with the union approved cirruclum.

    • Denniso

      You’re incoherent,and wrong…

      • Bob Wire

        yea, he’s kinda anti-education ~ I understand where he’s coming from with it ~ part of me wants to agree ~ a very small part, so I’ve not called him on it.

        There no substitute for a good education. ~ But education alone won’t cut the muster. ~ It’s application !

        How to apply knowledge. ~ If you can’t apply it ~ you are restricted to game shows to ever shine or board games.

        I haven’t made up up my mind about Obama yet, his sense of timing is very impressive, measured response? good but beginning to slip some.

        It’s going to come together or come apart for him. There is 24% of the voters wanting him to come apart and they are being fueled by a political machine. So it’s still a horse race and anyone guess. He’s been running with a head wind from the beginning, I wouldn’t sell him short at this point.

        Midterm losses are a certainty. Maybe that’s just what we need to get the GOP back in the game and quit sulking. They showed us that government doesn’t run well without them. ~ But we knew that anyway ! They are the ones that chose the game they play. ~ That’s what happens when you lose the confidence of the people and lose elections!

        You can’t win an election telling the American people, we not running a campaign on issues, we running on character ~ and then drag in exhausted MC Same and a Moose Chile Hallelujah Queen from Northern Exposure with voice that curls paint a telling us they plan to clean house.

        Quit the whining already ~ you’ll will be back in the game soon enough.

    • nadna

      Is sabotage a criminal offence?

  • NormP

    Stab, stab, stab, all I see is gripe and complain. What used to happen when our great-great grandparents fell on hard times? Did they all just gripe and complain and stab at each other? NO !!! When their neighbors had need they got together and helped WITHOUT being asked or forced. Charity was done thru the church and it was looked upon as the gift of GOD Almighty. Forcing people to help their neighbor is communism and has never worked nor will it ever work. I am what some of you might call lazy and good for nothing (forced to look to assistance because of illness in the family) BUT I am willing to work and work hard for a living (and yes I do occasionally work for free) except I am not one of those entrepreneur guys that will make piles of money. To do that does require a labor force who are willing to work, I’m part of that force. But now because of infighting between governments, unions and entrepreneurs I am obsolete in this nation. Whatever happened to looking out for each other? Since America is only as strong as it’s weakest link would it not behoove all of us to spend a little more time making sure that weakest link gets stronger? (It cannot be gotten rid of, remember what Jesus said “the poor will ALWAYS be with you”) Let’s make them stronger. NOT by forced redistribution. But thru allowing them, us, me to work for the things we have. and check now and again that the needs are met. Maybe something like health care needs to be overseen so those who have illness (thru no fault of their own) can be seen to with dignity. And why do we have to pay for stuff we don’t need? (men paying for ob-gyn care when they are not married, drug and alcohol abuse treatment paid for by those who neither drink or smoke) I could run on for hours…………. There is a serious demand for common sense and love for our fellow man these days………………

  • http://none LindyMaeUSA

    Dear Bob,

    Quoting one of your significant paragraphs:

    “If they are constantly surprised by the results of their policies, could it be that they don’t really know what they’re doing? Or is it that THEY KNOW and ARE LYING while they line their pockets and the pockets of those who pull their strings?”

    Bob, I’m assuming YOU DO KNOW the answer to that question! Indeed, THEY KNOW and THEY ARE LYING to the American public though a few of have KNOWN for some time that THEY KNOW and THEY’RE LYING TO US!

    Next subject: WHAT do WE DO ABOUT THEIR LIES and LETHAL DESTRUCTION of our beloved Country???

  • Bob Wire

    Yea they can take on, can’t they? LOL!

    the glass is always half empty! They afraid somebody going to get something they don’t deserve! ~ But it’s okay if someone is wealthy enough!

    They are protecting the wealthy! They are depend on the benevolence of the wealthy. ~ They think he’s going to share while they look at poor people and see them as dogs and little to offer them.

    The wealthy “needs” their help!

    They don’t seem to understand that the wealthy can take care of themselves. It’s a house black mentality, a mental programing.

  • Den

    Look at these postings, This is exatly what Washington wants. DIVISION! Conservative, Liberal, it doesnt matter. Quit splitting hairs folks!!! See the light and the fact that our government, no matter which party, is out of control and doesnt give a flying you know what about any of us? We need to band together and clean house!! That is what the Tea Party is all about. Shutting down big governement and getting back to “we the people”!!
    A true patriot will defend itself against it’s government”!
    That is the foundation of our constitution!
    WE THE PEOPLE!!!! Nothing will change until WE show both party’s the door!!!
    The Obama administration is proof of that!

    • Bob Wire

      ~~~Well, you are saying it right in one sentence and wrong in another!

      This is 34 minutes old >” Japan’s government will consider further stimulus steps, potentially making it the first developed country to turn to additional fiscal spending since the global crisis, as a strengthening yen threatens …
      Kan’s coalition partner calls for 11 tril. yen economic stimulus>“Iraq suicide bomber targets Iraqi recruits amid US troop withdrawal
      An Iraq suicide bomber killed more than 50 people and wounded at least 100 on Tuesday outside an Iraqi Army recruitment center in Baghdad.
      An Iraqi military vehicle secures the site of a bomb attack in Baghdad Tuesday. More than 50 people were killed and another 100 were wounded on Tuesday when a suicide” bomber blew himself up outside an army recruitment center in Baghdad in one of the bloodiest attacks in Iraq this year.”<<

      Remenber McCain? ~ The "surge" is working ! yea me! vote for me! I know about such things! It was my idea!

      These people don’t want us to leave! They like the attention and the money we bring them! That's what they always wanted ~ attention and money and that what the last administration provided them with and what this administration is try to find an end to.

      There is a 4 trillion poor investment that offers little returns with the exception of R&D in military hardware and combat tactics.

      Yea for you! GW spent and committed us to oblivion You have got your wish and fulfilled theirs as well with 43.

      Now how American is that? Not very much!

      You people are being driven by something besides good sense. You people are the ones that supported the failed policies of the previous administration. Yet You are still wanting your tax cuts! and your wars!

      You are wanting your borders protected, your food and water protected.

      You are wanting the American way of life protected. While at the same time allowing a ground swell of immigration from the middle east.

      Your are wanting your freedom and liberty yet feel encroached on when asked to help pay for them or support them.

      You only see conflict, question and doubt by your present leadership while you seemed blinded by the prior and in many cases still refusing to see or accept it as a 8 year debacle that has left us broke and overran by middle eastern's that want to build their mausoleum 2 blocks from zero ground of 9-11 and can't understand why we American take exception to it thought it is legal and within their rights to do so.

      18 months in office and you hold him accountable for 12 million illegals in the US! I heard less screaming about immigration after 9-11!

      What is it with you people that affords you such a selective memory?

      All of This reminds me of my last divorce! I thought selective memory might perhaps be a characteristic unique to women but it's very clear this is just not so.

  • JetRanger

    Well with the cost of living Today 2010 with utilties, car insurance, groceries and general necessities , NOT cell phones or I pods or Blackberries, just the basics, and rent/ mortage – $7.75 to $8.00 an hour is Ridlicious ! By the time you take all the Taxes out of that and figure the gas to and from work 5 days a week,and the bare minium on car insurance, and then your rent / mortage , insurance , utilties, your working for FREE and unable to pay and keep up with any bills, and you’ll fall so far behind that the risk of having your basic utilties turned off, become quite clear, it would be every month deciding to pay the rent / mortage or pay the utilties and some groceries, and hopefully have some left over for gas to get to work. Most of these lower wage employers don’t give very good raises either, if they can get by with it to average workers, because it makes them look badd if their operating costs at a particular faciulity are to high, the only ones seems to get better pay are the so-called lousy dis organized managers, who are most often clueless and Incompetent or the CEO’s of these companys with their extravagant salaries and bonuses and luxury perks ! Simply put their wanting to pay 1980′s wages in 2010 and the cost of everything has tripled since the 1980′s – therefore these employers are totally clueless when offering a decent wage to real workers if they truly want to keep and retain workers for a long period of time, its outright shameful that they think these Idiot middle managers who are so clueless and incompetent are worth Big Bucks who don’t actually work or perform any real work, and they get paid quite handsome with great benefits, and great hours, but want everybody else below them to work for starvation wages for years with such lousy hours and a schedule thats pathetic,,, Welcome to the Corruption of Corporate America brought on by the Corrupt Colleges and Universities who turn out these very Corrupt CEO’s with their Over-Glorified so-called educations from those Prestigious so called Universities, as they churn out Dummies so clueless and Incompetent its pathetic as we’ve all seen from the likes of ENRON – TYCO- WORLDCOM – AIG – AT&T – SPRINT – GM Chrysler etc….. meanwhile the company posts a huge profit and is able to buy up other companies while your utilties are turned off – and you fall slowly futher behind while they parade to the bank with their steaks and T Bones and you can’t even afford a bologny sandwich ! Ohh want to Apply for a Job with X Company – well you’ll have to submit to a background check , Criminal back ground check , Credit Check, DMV Check, see if your a terroist and then a TSA Check and last a drug test – only takes about 3 months to get all the results back, because they only have 1 nimrod working in the Human resources department and shes been on vacation for 2 weeks, and then when she gets back she’ll be on maturnity leave or some other idiot whatever,,, and their located 7 states away from where you filled out the application,,, so hope everything doesn’t get lost in the process, you’ll have to start all over again for that measly low paying no benefit job working odd shifts everyweek, if you can afford to drive there !

  • Bob Wire

    yes ~ 9 dollars an hour is slow starvation, ~ you will be walking backward to your grave. ~ You will get behind and pay penalties of being behind that makes you farther behind. ~ You will find yourself walking,and bumming a ride. ~ I whet to the grocery store yesterday and was pinched on by a family that had ran out of gas a few blocks away and bumming money in the “shade” of the store front, ~ 6 of them, 2 infants 2 plump women, 1 boy and an old man stranded in 106 degree weather. ~ I gave them 2 dollars and asked few questions. I was in a work van and couldn’t carry them. Those two fat gals would have filled the cab. They hadn’t been starving.

    I’m in a tail spin myself, making what I make ~ and it’s a lot more then 10 dollars per hour. ~ Bad teeth, bad gall bladder , the women and kids days are behind me ~ so I don’t need a lot, but it must be hard for people that are raising families today.

    I’ve had a good year in comparison to others, older , wiser and have been able to come within $1400.00 of catching up on back property taxes. The penalties were twice the tax rate as I got two years behind.

    And that’s seen as a good day for many of us today.

    It’s turning into a “screw you” world out there today.

    I’d got several thousand loaned out in personal loans, ~ that been out for some time and I doubt if I’ll ever get it back.

    I’m not loaning money anymore to anyone ~ If I give it, I’m not expect to see it ever return. I’d encourage everyone to be aware, people can’t repay what they borrow today. It’s taking everything they get to stay afloat.

  • atlas reborn

    Lindy who do you think is doing this? it is them and their allies the one world camp. they want to be the rulers. they have been controlling since after wilson with the approval and cooperation of roosevelt. why do you think he stole the gold from the people? he was a one worlder just as wilson who got the league of nations at the expense of germany. germany did not surrender, but wanted a treaty and wilson said he would help them. with the kind of help he gave germany who needs enemies?

  • atlas reborn

    bob and jet I know what you are going thru I had a bad time myself, but I did with out and lived like I was a homeless person. I kept saving and not spending. no beers,no fritos,no hamburgers. If it was not absolutely necessary it did not happen. after 10 years I was able to buy a used bug. it sufficed for 5 years. then i bought a house and paid it off in 7 years. still was living like i was homeless. i saved and saved and now the government wants what i earned to give to people who waste and cheat the government. to also give to illegal alliens, and women who just pump out babies to get the money for whatever and you think I am evil because I do not want to give what I have to illegals, and welfare cheats, and politicians who live like kings and want to dictate how I live. sorry but a fat chance I will do that. I do give to the salvation army because they really know how to help people. maybe they should run the country.??

    • Bob Wire

      atlas, sounds like you picked a long row of low cotton. ~ There been times I couldn’t see either end of the row myself.

      Well, I hope things a finally better for you and I understand this deep hurt and anger of being separated from your hard earned money by shear default it seems a times. It’s so hard to acquire any wealth if you are stating off flat footed and in a hole to begin with. All the sacrifice, the swallow of pride, the refusing to beg ,borrow or steal. While there are some that seem to find taking handouts so easy.

      There always going to be poor people ~ and there is limits to what can be don’t about it.

      Many just don’t seem inclined to help themselves. ~

      I had an lady friend ask me to look at her ac ~ she been getting 450 dollar electric bills all summer and winter. Behind on the house mortgage, ~ changed utility providers. Why didn’t she call me sooner? ~ I guess she knew I’m a professional and expect some kind of a token payment. ~ Who knows?

      The fan/coil was in the attic ~ filter door is half off, sucking in 135 degree attic air. ~ The fire place damper is open, ~ one air drop the duct had came loose and blowing into the attic space. ~ The fan blower wheel was now load with attic dust and insulation and the poor thing was barely blowing air at all.

      I start showing her these things ~ these simple things that a homeowners responsibility and she starts think I’d griping at her. ~ Here she is, thousands of dollar behind ~ for her refusal to be responsible and be darn if somebody should bother trying to explain it to her. She always was leaning toward women lib’er ~ a little on the dikey side. But to her benefit she has more teeth then tattoos. Why would she protest the facts given to her professionally?

      The point I make is ~ some people are just that way ~ they might even work hard ~ but squander their gains off in other ways.

      and like you say ~ it’s hard to pay you fair share of taxes ~ thinking they are spent to help the foolish and lazy.

      But most of us do ~ at one point or another with interest.

      I’m doing better then ever before ~ but my load is lighter then ever before and I’m wiser then every before.

      If the economy would ever turn around, ~ I’m in the best position of my life. But at 62 , my days are getting shorter, I’m running out of time.

      Everybody got their own unique story to tell.

      Good luck to everyone.

  • atlas reborn

    last chance. we either take back what is ours or we disolve into a usless welfare state of loosers.

  • mavis

    Obama has done not one thing to better America, everything he has done has slowly lowered us deeper
    in debt. He is not an American, he is communist,marxis,
    socialist, facist and an unbeliever. He will never be able to do one good thing for this country, you have to love America to help it. You don’t help America going around telling everyone that we are not a Christian nation. You don’t help America when you want to recognize
    muslims and their religion while slowly taking away ours.
    You don’t help America by thinking it is OK to kill a baby in the womb. You don’t help America when you do away with Marriage only between one man and one woman,this is God’S law. But this does not bother Obama
    for he does not believe in GOD, No GOD fearing person could do the things he has done. I pray that GOD will stay his hand and that we as believers will vote him and his satan worshipers out of office and hopefully out of the USA.mehpensacola,fl

  • Joe

    It never ceases to amaze me the pundits and eletist in Washington get all the input possible from the people and choose to ignore it then wonder why they are unpopular and their ratings are so low? Amazing! We now have a sitting president who was voted in by a very large majority of uneducated and illiterates who knew nothing of his “policies (which there were none)” but voted simply on race as it seemed like the “politically correct” thing to do. Now we have a leader who is incompetent, does not share the American Dream, doesn’t have a clue as to what mainstream America needs or wants and continually abuses the power of his office. We are on the verge of internal collaspe and our politicians don’t even recognize what is right before their eyes!! VOTE EVERY INCUMBANT OUT AND START ALL OVER, INCLUDING THIS “QUASI” NON-CITIZEN WHO HOLDS OUR HIGHEST OFFICE NOW!!!!! NEW PEOPLE CAN’T POSSIBLY DO ANY WORSE THAN THE ONES WE HAVE SITTING NOW!!!!!!!!!!!


      The incompetent president left office in early 2009, perhaps you missed that news. Did you vote for him, perhaps the uneducated voter is the voters for that incompetent president.

  • Bob Wire

    That’s just not so ! But I do believe you think it to be so.

    You need to accept two simple things ~

    one ; It was Mc Cain’s election to loose and he did! He squeaked like a little mouse, he flapped his arms, he spoke off topic, both he and Palin follow Obama with attack after attack.

    He couldn’t seem to do more then one thing at a time. He grand stand. He show boated. In the beginning his campaign was not about the issues but character, do you remember? His call to rally was “Country First” after American’s family’s were burying their dead and mother’s cried because of a war to “no-where” with no end in sight and people were losing their jobs and houses while he proclaims the economy “Is fundamentally sound” ~

    It was his last three day of campaigning that the real McCain stood up and got on message ~ but it was too late.

    two ; while you are by no mean unique and I know you are going to find this difficult to comprehend, but everyone does see a persons color or race as you seem too.

    Years ago, I never thought that I could ~ and to be most candid, sometime I still can’t if a person demands that I see them in a certain way. But I don’t have such a problem with Obama.

    I had a buddy in the Army that had half of his nose missing ~ you could see up inside his head ~ funny But it’s hard to remember him that way now but in the beginning it was a trip.

  • http://personalliberity james

    well its obvoius the dems cant wipe the hit and run from bush crashing america into the ground, obamaland stinks too, he wont be getting my vote again. drop all the the democrats and republicans out of the helicopter 10,000 feet down,AND AUDIT THE FED AND THE WORLD BANK.!!!! they all sold america a lie form day one on 911 now watch us all go down the toilet. but first fire everyone in the whitehouse and get the bankers, j.p morgon, chase, citibank, bank of america, wall street, halibuton, kellog and brown get the american corporations that caused this, and rockafeller. american corporations are corrupting the voting elections, (CORPORATIONS ARE NOT THE PEOPLE) and get rid of main street media.!!!! they are liers.!!!!

    • Bob Wire

      why main street media and not the other?

      AKA “FOX”? Do You think Fox somehow represents the people and not cooperate interest?

      You need to get past that view of how things are being played out and are being represented to you. Just as you need to accept 43′s “hit & run” as you describe it, will be with us for a long time.

      You shouldn’t have to be a democrat or a republican to understand, starting two front wars, creating no means to pay for them, while at the same time offering tax cuts to secure and guarantee a second term bid for office, ~ is no way to run a ball game.

      Bush ended up, 3rd down and short inches. There was no touch down for the American people, but simple a turn over kick. 43 left us with a large shopping list, overdrawn accounts, bills due, and all Federal cars and trucks fuel gauges setting on “empty”.

      The sad part, ~ it was only 43′s tenure that was over,~ done , while he could hit the showers, the rest of us are still in The Game and it continue today as Mc Cain’s “wanted” and since forgotten “SURGE” surly didn’t work and we are still killing and are being killed, as any rhyme or reason or purpose only becomes more obscure ~as Muslim’s by the droves flock to our shores and work to build their houses of worship, with no interest of ever blending into American society

      Yea Bush’s ! Thank you!

      If you are some of the hundreds of thousands of people that have been employed and engaged in defense contracting at some level ( I know of many personally ) things hasn’t been too bad of a pill to swallow. The thought of cashing in a 401 still unheard of, ~ you might have to borrow again it. ~ Oh Dread!

      The media fights for your attention and support today, just understand the wizard in still hidden and stands behind the curtain.

  • Thomas R Thole

    What do you think…………should we declare April 1st,April FOOLS day, as a national holiday in honor of our current government leaders ?


      The corporate weenies will read your blog, cancel APRIL 1ST forever, and make a double-shift workday on APRIL 2ND!! WHAHHHHHHHHH-WE CAN’T WIN!

  • Bob Wire

    There, you have summed it up ~

    Who should be running America.

    Those that “own” most of it

    or the American people.

    But it get’s complicated when we have several million people that have a vested interest in Cooperate American via retirement, stocks, IRA’s and 410 K’s, etc.

    This is where the proposed 7% of American find themselves willing to pander to big business. Willing to be blind to lobbyist and their meddling into political affairs. Willing to ignore their elected officials that wish to offer apologizes to BP for our mean ole President asking them to pony up some major cash and lay it on the table for all to see as a “good faith” gesture and commitment to making things right in the Gulf.


      they never met a dollar they didn’t covet;—your’s, mine, and even the unprinted dollars yet to be mass printed on behalf of the unborn fetus’ yet to come!

  • Thomas R Thole

    Why do we allow “special interest groups” to “bribe”” (oops ..I MEANT “LOBBY”) OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS ?? If we bribed an elected or appointed judge in most cases we would be in jail for trying to sway (buy) his/her favorable decision.
    So why do we allow lobbyist to do as they do, they for the most part, do not represent us ? WHY NOT OUT LAW LOBBYIST !!
    If I remember right Obbumer (oops goofed again),if I remember right this was something Obama said he would not stand for. (lobbyist)

  • atlas reborn

    you know we should declare april 1st as the lusitania day for obama. everyone was warned that the ship has munitions and that it was going to be sunk for carring war materials to england. still they all sailed into the abyss. we all knew who and what he was (democrat with a growing nose) liberal.




  • Norman

    Americans are stupid. Who do you think elected Obama, Waters, Boxer, Feinstein, Frank, Dodd. Many others. No research. Brainwashed college idiots unable to think for themselves. All with a hand out. No morals or work ethics, not to mention common sense. We are being left in the dust. Look around. Developing countries all around. All with U.S. money. Don’t tell me we’re not stupid. There’s still people out their who think Obama is doing a great job. Give me a break. Keep electing these lawyers and see where that takes you. Good luck.



  • Australia

    I thought Australians were lucky to get around $200-$250/wk when in many other countries you get nothing and the US gives out $450/wk. WOW
    Giving away money at 0%, paying people $450/wk to site on there ass, Government printing money like there’s no tomorrow.



  • jessica

    The photo at the top of this article: is that a dunce cap or a KKK hood? Either way it has a serious “eeww, yuk” factor.


      It is a “Dunce cap” for dummies-meant to punish stupid behavior and shame stupid-minded behavior. waaaaay to late to serve this poor chap’s rehabilitation, I’m afraid-to much cocaine, drink, and CIA spooking-around in one human lifetime-a burn-out!But he is up for a good children’s story during the next terrorist attack-but somehow, I even get nervous when he is signing his new book at the local BOOKS AND BOOKS!! He looks like he is sooo glad to be back on the ranch, fishing, drinking, and being,well GEORGE W.!

  • J. Blair

    Most folk believe, regardless of party affiliation, our leaders are trying their best to restore America to prosperity. Google the “Cloward and Piven strategy”. This is a plan, devised by communist marxist professors in the sixties, to convert this country to communism by breaking it financially. Hussein is a believer in this program. C and P are rock stars in the Damocratic party. They were invited to Clinton’s White House signing of the motor voter registration bill, a conerstone of the strategy. Check it out. When you read about the C and P strategy, and read the headlines of what these incompetent jokers are doing, you will eventually have an OMG moment, and realize they are not incompetent, but are doing exactly what they want to do and take this country in a “fundamentally different direction”, as promised on inaugration day.


    Good-you folks worry about capital lock letters so much-but your ideas are less then stellar and void of logic.The country is broke-and I believe you a-l-l smoked way more dope then allotted-it is evident! First of all-we “baby boomers” worked for many years-and were promised certain marginal retirement benefits–we supported your sorry-ass lifestyles, and kept your wet bottoms in fresh diapers!So now, when the country goes bust-you want to somehow blame us for the drugs, greed and squandering of all that came after-shame on you!It didn’t take my Stetson University education to figure out that the sarcastic one-liners are based on inept perceptions and rather mentally deficit child-like views of a complex world–you all are excused from wrath for that reason. Guess your folks left you “wanting” at the “mental dinner table”,ehh”I basically do not believe the government owes us anything-but we did give up a lot to perform jobs that no one else could have done better-of that, I am positive! You folks are scared and disappointed-and you can’t hide it; needing that proverbial “whipping boy” to mask the pain-I feel your pain! Let us not forget, when the computer is turned off, and you are forced socially to deal with the likes of me, on the street-face-to face; odds are, that my experience and knowledge will trump your snide smugness every hand! Let’s see if that is correct…?


    The “TEXT-WHAT’S-NEXT?” generation may be pushing a lot of information all around the world, but it is not necessarily breaking any new ideological frontiers. Greed and corruption, and lack of compassion may well doom any hierarchical pipe-dreams that this generation has to reap. I say these things because I know the lessons of history-when children lose their hearts and souls-they d-o become “fascists and monsters”-not just a political label that is bandied about to serve diatribe and gab!POLITICS ASIDE-YOU FOLKS GOT WAAAAAY BIG PROBLEMS FOR YOUR BASIC SURVIVAL-EVEN IF THAT NEW LAPTOP COMPUTER MAKES YOUR LAP WARM AND FUZZY! I’ll be long dead-and you’ll be thinkin’ ,’hey,that old dude had a point…!”!By the way-all the political parties are held accountable in the mismanagement of the country-you elect them, but you don’t monitor their actions close enough. Of course-if you let someone hold your wealth, they are gonna bust your chops every time. We old “revolutionaries ” think it may be time to move on to a better representation of the people-but in the past, we stuck to giving support to the government. We ain’t the upper tier of society-but understand-we hold the guns-and a lot of them! The criticism and sarcasm we take-goes with the job-but never believe that the selfish political agendas found batted around in these blogs is much of any influence! We guarded the freedoms, and we can change them also! The point being-the mental stability of this society is in question; defend your sanity, please-demonstrate common sense and a wee-bit of tolerance.


    “money-money-money-money-money-money-money; can’t anyone in this place talk about anything except money?! I’m f***ING BORED!”(ELVIRA CANTOUK’S LINES IN MOVIE “SCARFACE”)






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