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Supreme Courts Affirm The Police State

May 23, 2011 by  

Supreme Courts Affirm The Police State

Our descent into a police state is complete, as evidenced by rulings by the Indiana and U.S. Supreme Courts which, last week, effectively and finally abolished the 4th Amendment.

No longer are American citizens “secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures,” thanks to the two rulings affirming police authority to bash down your door and enter your home without a warrant. Resisting such an incursion is now a crime. If it weren’t obvious before that we live in a fascist system under guise of Democracy, surely, it must be now.

In Indiana, the Supreme Court ruled 3-2 “that there is no right to reasonably resist unlawful entry by police officers.” The U.S. Supreme Court’s 8-1 ruling affirmed that officers can kick down a door if they smell marijuana or hear noises indicative of the destruction of evidence. (Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg dissented, writing, “Police officers may now knock, listen, then break the door down, never mind that they had ample time to obtain a warrant.”) The fact that the door they kicked in was not the door their suspect had entered was irrelevant to the court.

Of course, we told you a couple of weeks ago about the case of Maryanne Godboldo, who had a Detroit Police SWAT team crash into her home and remove her daughter because Godboldo made the perfectly reasonable and rational choice to determine what medication her daughter should take.

And we’ve previously told you about the assault on the 4th Amendment by the Department of Homeland Security through the porn show/gropefest at the airports and, just as egregious, the home peepshow enabling the Z Backscatter Van™ that is now rolling on American streets.

But the court rulings are among the first to affirm the police state. And they open us up to a system where the police have carte blanche to do as they please.

Think this is an overreaction? Tell it to the citizens of Newton County, Ind., whose sheriff, Don Hartman Sr., told the Mike Church radio show on Thursday that random house-to-house searches are now possible because of the Indiana Supreme Court’s ruling.

“(H)e emphatically indicated that he would use random house to house (sic) checks, adding he felt people will welcome random searches if it means capturing a criminal,” according to a posting on Church’s website. By Thursday afternoon there was a Facebook page calling for Hartman’s removal from office.

The Founders are surely weeping for an America they no longer recognize.

Our country became great and prosperous because its citizens were allowed to own property. The Founders subscribed to the theory of John Locke that “if (a person) be absolute lord of his own person and possessions, equal to the greatest, and subject to no body, why will he part with his freedom? Why will he give up this empire, and subject himself to the dominion and control of any other power?”

The elites understand this as well. That is why there is an assault on property rights, like in the ruling in Kelo v. The City of New London. It’s why a system based on property taxes is so egregious, because the State forces you to pay for the right to own your own property and can take it away at the force of a gun if, through some financial hardship or error, you don’t pay the tax in a timely manner.

The fascist elites in government are winning. We have become the despotism of an oligarchy, which Thomas Jefferson warned about when he wrote: “It is a very dangerous doctrine to consider the judges as the ultimate arbiters of all Constitutional questions. It is one which would place us under the despotism of an oligarchy.”

We have told you before of the folly of expecting any of the ruling class to do anything or make any laws or rulings that would deny them more power. The President, members of Congress, the bureaucrats who occupy the offices of government, the justices, judges, lawyers, accountants and officers of the court system are employees of and for government. Their desire is to accumulate more power for government and more power and prestige for themselves. It is a desire that knows no party affiliation.

John Adams wrote: “… because we have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge or gallantry, would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

That is where we are. We as a nation have rejected God and spat upon his principles. We have put in power people who see themselves as gods — elitists who think they know more than we and who think they know better than we how we should live our lives. We’ve allowed them to dictate what kind of cars we drive, what kind of light bulbs we can use, how much water our toilets flush, what foods we can eat, what doctors we see, what drugs we can — or must — take and what harmful chemicals can be placed in our water. And then we sat back as the oligarchy banned any and every mention of God in schools and public places.

We have rejected the teachings of our fathers. We have turned our backs on liberty and accepted the perceived safety net of tyranny. We slept while the Constitution burned.

The 1 percent in government controls the 99 percent. Of those 99 percent, 49.5 percent are perfectly content to be controlled as long as the “free” money comes their way. The remaining 49.5 percent is divided among those who are so unaware that they are unaware they are unaware, those who are aware but don’t know what to do, and those who know what’s coming and have been preparing.

Those who are aware but don’t know what to do scream at the top of their lungs that things are wrong. They don’t know exactly what things are wrong, or why, just that they are.

They have been blinded by the 1 percent, which controls through gross deception. They are being stolen from and lied to. They are being herded like sheep to the slaughter, and the last vestige of hope in the court system has betrayed them.

Failing regimes respond in their death throes by engaging in perpetual wars, debasing their currency and clamping down on the freedoms of their people. As the power elites try to hold on to their last vestiges of control, they enslave their subjects through the tyranny of a police state.

We live in a country that once threw off the shackles of tyranny. Our Founders chose not to tolerate a police state that allowed armed soldiers of the crown to enter homes at will, ransack, pillage and abuse. They understood such practices violated hundreds of years of law that established that a man’s home was his castle and not subject to invasion by the regime.

Such abuses were so egregious to the Founders that they were among the ones specifically mentioned in the Declaration of Independence.

The system is collapsing. All around the world — from China to Europe to the Middle East — the proletariat is rising up. People are protesting rising food prices and lack of freedom and clamoring for a form of democracy. The regimes respond to the protests with violence, sometimes aided and abetted by the United States and its form of humanitarianism.

In America, the proles still sleep, but they are stirring. Those who are aware are finding their legs and their voices, as evidenced by last November’s elections. Every day, more of the unaware are waking from the fog of conventional wisdom.

If you have not yet begun to prepare for the coming storm, you have waited almost too long. The winds are against you now. Gold tells the story of the rapid descent of the system. It takes almost twice as many fiat dollars to purchase an ounce today as it did just two years ago.

But gold remains a bargain. Silver, too. Store food and water for the hard times, which are nearer than you think. The ride is getting bumpy. It will get worse before it gets better. For most, life will soon be very difficult.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Jeremy Leochner

    I dont know what to think. I support and still do support police acting to protect others and enforce laws. I feel accepting searchs without warrants is acceptable under certain circumstances. Afterall if police hear a gun shot inside a house even without a warrant they must investigate. If they see something in plain site they must act. I believe if it can be proven somehow that the sounds which compelled the officers to enter without a warrant could be proven to sound like the destruction of evidence or the smell of marijuana perhaps it is understandable or excusable. Though I would say the officer should knock and make mention of the smell and issue some kind of warning first and that only being if marijuana possesion is a felony in the state or if they have strong reason to suspect the people inside or commision of some crime. I believe there are certain situations where perhaps an officer must act without a warrant and yet still be considered justified. Though I would say trying to specify those situations could create more problems than it solves.

    • Michael J.

      Jeremy Leochner,
      Typical liberal jibberish, I suggest you become aquainted with the Fourth Ammendment to The Constitution.

      “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

      • John Galt

        Those who give up freedom for security deserve neither

        • J. Marine

          And they will get neither!

          • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

            Amen to all, but what we say here is not going to change the Supreme Court decisions. We let them pack the court, and now have to live with it!

          • Kate8

            Jeremy – I point you to Michael J’s post, where he mentions “probable cause”. This allows police to enter without warrant, and it’s been the law for a very long time.

            Simple suspicion is not enough, or it wasn’t ’til now.

          • Mike in MI

            J. Marine – “…and they’ll get neither.” I’m not so sure.

            They’ll be promised security, and get it, if they align themselves with the powers on top. Of course their freedoms will suffer mightily. But the liberals – who know, recognize, accept nor respect – anything called or heralded as God – will welcome anything as long as they are allowed their petty, undisciplined, personal pleasures and vices without judgement nor interruption. Give ‘em that and they’ll go along with anything else.
            Problem is many of those appetites and compulsions tend to be progressive, debilitating and/or produce subtle damage to other folks that is difficult to directly connect to the damage wrought. Many of them are3 things God calls “sins” which are most galling to liberal-types becuse they want to think as long as they won’t look at the damage it doesn’t exist.
            At length the problems produced demand official attention. Since the “officials” don’t know where the trouble originates they pick some scapegoat to lay the blame on…usually some political enemies or people who have something they covet. Injustice meets violence (at length) and rules pile on rules until nobody except the Oligachs and tyrrany of the proletariat has any wiggle room to live. There is no freedom (or incentive) to think or produce. Government’s funding then can’t come from taxes, so they take (to support themselves).
            What started as a movement promising things everybody thought would bring socially worthy and beneficial ends, ends up with everything worthy and beneficial – for its nobles.
            Bob is right about another thing they seem to always end up declaring they themselves are “gods” and/or they rule by divine right. Any one or anything who opposes them in that apacity must be dealt with – severely. It usually ends up “desist or die”. So, Christians an Jews, be prepaed to go underground here, because thy will be coming for your Bibles and You and your God.
            We have been given the spiritual authority and tools by God to resist and overcome. Do you know what they are? Do you know enough about Scripture and Christian history to be able to see where they were successfully utilized by believers to resist the princes and powers of this world? If they did it so can you – but is guessing at it any good when you hear the knock on the door? God gave us power and abilities that makes the Old Testament scenes look paltry. And it’s subtle. People focus on the persecutions and horrors. DON’T LOOK HERE. Look at the ones who survived and were invisible to the Adversaries’ hordes. (As a Frinstance: Jesus was about to be thrown off a cliff by a riotous crowd. He tured around and walked back through the midst of the mob and left town…how?
            Remember what he said about believers being able to do the things and greater things, than he did, because he went to the Father? Things are going to get busy quite soon. You might want to learn about some of this – if your pastor/priest can teach you. If he/she can’t (or won’t) go find someone who can and will teach you the rights and privileges of believers. Be prepared to become a little more meek than a brick.

          • Al M

            Lewis Munn says Amen to all, but what we say here is not going to change the Supreme Court decisions. We let them pack the court, and now have to live with it!
            I say we do not have to live with it! This is the road to communism
            and we have the right to defend ourselves and our constitution against
            this kind of injustice. We the people now and never have to just live with it.

          • Richard Pawley

            To Mike in MI: Good post about learning about the authority that God gives the followers of Jesus who have sought to grow and who have often experienced what the 120 did in the Upper Room in ACTS 2. God can guide anyone who truly seeks Him. I’m alive because of His guidance. I’ve been robbed at gun point, kidnapped, had my apartment burglarized, and been taken to the hospital twice unconscious from an auto accident caused by someone else. If you haven’t read PRISON TO PRAISE by Merlin Carothers, Lt.Col (Ret.) I highly recommend it. It’s only 106 pages long and I once corresponded with one of the people in the book. It’s available in about 50 different languages and is a good example of what God can do. So many lives have been changed by this simple book that the author wrote a few more of just letters of people who wrote him to tell how it changed their life. We are headed for some serious bad times in the future, hopefully a number of years yet, but only God knows for sure. In both my books I recommend PRISON TO PRAISE and another called GOD CALLING that has 365 short
            ‘teachings’ that Jesus gave to a woman in England about 75 years ago. You may already be familiar with both of these but if not check them out and I think you will be pleasantly surprised. Both are available on eBay in paperback. May God bless you and all who read this.

          • denniso

            The majority of the Court are Repub nominees. Most of the rightwing favors the drug war,and most liberals would like to end it and even legalize most drugs. Most of the religious Repubs think that drug use has to be repressed as a moral issue. Why would people who fake a love of liberty and freedom vote for Repubs? Oh,because the one thing they do love is unrestricted gun rights. I so easily forget.

            You reap what you sow…

        • Steve

          There are Patriots among us who will resist this tyranny. This Court decision is the beginning of another Civil War. The new Fort Sumter, the next Shot Heard Round The World. It won’t be long before we start reading about all the law enforcement officers being “killed in the line of duty” as they kick in the doors of Patriots all over this Nation.

          It is in vain, sir, to extenuate the matter. Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace–but there is no peace. The war is actually begun! The next gale that sweeps from the north will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! Our brethren are already in the fields! Why stand we here idle? What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have?

          Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!

          Patrick Henry
          The Church of Saint John
          March 23, 1775

          • Aeon PI

            I will Remain a Gentlemen and as Gentle Men have done during times of war. We will raise our sites and interests. We will Rise above the scramblers of table scraps and keep Balance of the new world. I will not for one stop my Flow for the fears of those living in Limit or lack. I do not see one War that has PROVIDED ANYTHING to those who Claim victory. IN the end all will lose who follow this design.

            Only Intelligence, mixed with True Wisdom is going to Win the FINAL day and Create a future we can ALL appreciate. We REPEAT history,… not the other way around. WE CONTINUE TO CHOOSE BRUTE FORCE OVER TACTICAL STRATEGIES That completely breakdown our enemy. The ART of WAR does not always Require direct engagement.

            Learn what it means to be a IPP (internationally protected person)and how it provides you the Security that is REAL.

          • Tony B

            Hey Steve I agree with you 100% In fact a great way to control these liberal pinko traitor judges would be to create a “Star Chamber” to over see thier decisions and have them reversed as well as the judges themselves.(If you know what I mean.)

          • http://4thamendment Tony

            To Everyone:
            What is the world coming to!?! This is like the type of gov. that was in charge in the movie “V for Vendetta”. Well, remember good citizens -Freedom Forever!!

          • Mike in MI

            Aeon PI -
            How much good did this designation as an IPP thunderbutt do for Daniel Pearl (He was “safe” as an international journalist)? How much good is it going to be when presented to hostiles in places where the U. N. or whatever agency that bestows it is laughed at or areas controlled by such people as who run the cartels on the TEX/MEX border?
            Let’s see? Wouldn’t that sort of make you an exile to no where from a piece of paper? Subject of none, object of all. Sovereign in the earth like a pebble in the roadway? Ambassador from yourself? Legate to the Upper Downs?
            How much good is your human intelligence and (un)True Wisdom going to do against spiritual forces that can do things in manipulating the relationships of matter and energy that are the stuff of Star Wars? And where do you think Lucas got his Ideas? Nature? Human Intelligence? Man’s huge greatness is evident only to stupid, egocentric human sludge.

          • Dennis

            I don’t mean to change the subject, but heres a New news flash, the TSA will now be comeing to your kids school proms, theme parks, sporting events, many many hwys and large shopping centers. Martial Law is slowly being put into place every single day under this worthless government.

          • BDOG

            I am with you brother.

        • JC

          “You can always count on Americans to do the right thing – after they’ve tried everything else.”

          “If you have ten thousand regulations you destroy all respect for the law.”

          ~ Winston Churchill

          Anyone else starting to lose respect for these tyrants?

          • Kate8

            J C – It seems that the only ones who still respect the tyrants are the Lefties, and worship seems more appropo.

            One day soon they’ll figure out that the PTB hold them in as much contempt as they do the rest of us, maybe more…because even satan, himself, has no respect for those willing to sell their souls.

            The whole objective of this vile, treasonous government is to spit in the eye of the People, causing us to feel alienated from our system. They WANT us to rise up and MAKE THEIR DAY.

          • JC

            Kate, if they manage to subdue or otherwise get rid of 180 million (or more) gun owning patriots, the Pinko Libbies will find that they
            are no longer useful to the PTB’s and that they are expendable.
            If THEY are to be saved it will (again) be because WE carried their pathetic weight.

            There’s “Change” coming alright…

          • Al M

            I never had any respect for tyrants or anyone else that tries to
            take away our constitutional rights and freedom .It looks like the time has come to make a stand.

          • Kate8

            J C – You’ve got that right. It’s always the courage of the conservatives who fight for freedom for all – even the Leftie’s sorry b*tts.

            And it’s always the Lefties who get us into these messes, and they never even see it until it arrives at their doorstep.

          • JeffH

            Kate8, “they never even see it until it arrives at their doorstep” and still look to blame somone else(Bush/Cheney and now Reagan as an example). Again, it almost always boils down to taking responsibility for one actions.

          • Al Sieber

            JeffH, nice weapon, Colt .45 ACP, Mod. 1911?

          • JeffH

            Al Sieber. it’s a Kimber Royal II 45ACP…don’t own one though.

          • JC

            Hey Jeff, if you can, get one.
            Kimber makes the nicest .45 I’ve ever owned.
            Works best on FMJ’s. ;)

          • BDOG

            JC They are prepairing for whats coming.

        • Paul Rutkowski

          Do we need another reason to toss that Muslim, as well as The Socialist Democraptic,( mis-spelled quite intentionally ,) Party of the United States.
          I was in local and federal law enforcement for 32 years – as well as having served 2 tours of duty in Vietnam at which location I was awarded 2 Purple Hearts, the Combat Infantryman’s Badge (CIB), and the Bronze Star. I was a Paratrooper with the 173rd Airborne Brigade.
          While all the above, in addition to a $ 2.50 MAY by one a small cup of coffee at an airport, I do believe it affords me the right to state that I am becoming sick to my stomach in admitting that I am a citizen of the United States at this point in time.

          • Kate8

            Paul R – No, we don’t need another reason to toss this Muslim usurper out of office. What we need is a system that will listen and respond to us. There is already ample reason to arrest this foreign agent in the WH but, it seems, that the whole gov. is in on it, and the military is too confused to act.

            Thank you for your service to your country. You seem sincere. Many of us are sick to our stomachs at what is transpiring in America, and are more than willing to act, if we only knew what to do.

          • Fed up

            Amen! I couldn’t have said it better. It has come down to the point where the minimum of Americans are the ones watching and researching in more areas than just the corrupt and controlled local media are the only people that can see the truth behind the curtain. God Bless you for the service you’ve given this country and I can only hope that the other soldiers and military servers are able to come to the same conclusions. I’m a Vietnam era vet and I still do and will forever stand by my commitment to Constitution and this countries Freedom and Liberties.

          • Paul Rutkowski

            You are totally correct, Kate…..We have absolutely no leadership and I am having difficulty in understanding this Speaker of the House we have in place.
            I trult believe we have the numbers to act, but anything forwarded to our ”reps” fall on totally deaf ears.
            I believe a part of it stems from the age, old saying: ” if one is not a millionaire before he/she goes to Washinton, D.C., he/she will most certainlt be by the time they leave”.
            Kinda of long way around the horn in sayoing these ‘representatives” are only into it for their own agenda and for the powers that are who put them there.
            What do they all fear? – the ”well regulated militia ” the Constitution sets forth.
            I’m am convinced it its coming…something no generation of the U.S. since the Civi; War, would ever dream of; i.e., revolt.

        • Raymond Babcock

          those who give up liberty for security will end up with nither

      • Conservative at Birth

        Jeremy does’nt care. He is a NAZZI at heart, as is his idol Obama. NAZZI BOLSHEVIK, it makes no difference. The ends justify the means in their minds.

        • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

          And their minds are full of very mean things!!

      • Wayne937

        Michael, I am a staunch Conservative, but I have to disagree with you on this one. If you hears screams coming from a home, gunshots, or any other things to indicate a crime if being committed, you have a duty to enter the residence and protect the innocent folks as well. Believe me, I have been in that situation, I know. You cannot tell me that if you were a police officer, and you answered a call to a home, and hear a person screaming for help, that you would not enter the residence. Yes! the law has always permitted this.

        • Vanessa T.

          what are the chances of the police actually being around when a gun goes off in some ones house? i have been in situations where friends come over or i am some where else and guys will be guys they start shooting at the couch or in the yard or something just for laughs and fun!!! no children around period. so you are saying when or if a cop hears it he has every right to come break down my door? then he takes my guns away and arrests me?!!!! the system is all about money and control they will say and do anything to just get you thrown in jail.

          • karolyn

            Shooting at the couch or in the yard? How would anybody know it was all “in fun.” Just because men like loud noises they should be excused from irresponsible behavior? Granted, if you live way out in the country like I do, hearing gunshots is no big deal. It certainly depends on circumstances.

          • Thoma

            Vanessa, you are an idiot, and your friends are idiots. I contend that there WERE children around, you and your friends qualify by having a mental age of 8. Time to grow up!

          • Ken

            Police and law officers do not carry weapons to protect the public. They carry weapons to protect themselves in their line of duty. To expect an officer of the law to protect you the citizen is a delusion.

          • 45caliber

            I got a laugh at a story some time ago. A cop off duty at home was awakened by a skunk smell in the middle of the night. He went out in his backyard and saw the skunk. He emptied his revolver without hitting it but it ran off.

            The next day he checked the logs. Not one single report by anyone of six shots fired in a residential area.

          • 45caliber


            In town – maybe. In the country? Probably not unless they were in the house watching out the window.

          • Mike

            i would not call them friends. you do not play with guns period……

          • p51d3

            Right on Vanessa, when “SECONDS” count, the cops are usually only “MINUTES” away.

          • p51d3

            But that’s when you “NEED” their help.

        • DanB

          I grant you that. But if you should enter into a home and it be a false warning, then you should be punished accordingly. Give the police free reign, and someday that will NOT be GOOD. There is no ands, if, or buts about it. History is replete with examples. Not one example I know of though where absolute police control being truly for the good of the citizens. And if it were at first, it has always ended poorly. The statement of “be careful what you wish for” stands true.

          Most people probably don’t know how much liberty we do NOT have. Being in IT, I am all too aware that government has way TOO MUCH power and most of us don’t know it because by law your internet providers often CANNOT tell you if and when the government makes a request of them.

          Personally, on this, I am going to have to stand with the 4th Amendment.

          • Bus

            John Adams wrote: “… because we have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge or gallantry, would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”
            This is the center of the argument. If “the People” feel that it isn’t a very safe place to live they will give the police more and more power. And if, in fact, it isn’t a very safe place to live because of the increased number of people breaking the law then the people will give up their liberty for some more security. We better start by being better people!

          • Paul

            I agree, but what do you mean “some day”? Check this out that our media have conveniently ignored.


          • p51d3

            You’re right Dan. We’re seeing the same things happen right here in our own country that happened in Hitler’s Germany and if we don’t act to correct it, our fate will be the same as their’s was. And that will NOT be good.

        • coal miner


          You may have a point,but damn you do,damn don’t,its a fine line.You have to be the judge in that difficult situation.

        • (Rev.) Glen H. Inlow

          I find it rather ironic that you use the immediate response to save a life argument to justify kicking in someone’s door becuase you smell Pot or hear the sounds of the destruction of evidence!

          Although you adamently claim to be a strong conservative you sure fictionalize the argument to twist the justification just like a proper upstanding socialist/progressive/liberal!

          • Christin

            Hey Glenn,
            I was wondering… just what does “distruction of evidence” sound like on the other side of the door (of a privately owned or rented house)… anybody know?

            A toilet flushing, fire burning in the fireplace, shredding paper in a paper shredder, computer clicks to delete files…

            Wow, that appears to be a BIG stretch to kick in a person’s door.

            I can see the steroid pumped, gun & badge toting, I’m-in-Charge, narscistic cop LOVING their NEW Powers to keep the civilians, innocent or guilty, under control and fearful.

            I have already met police who think they should be worshipped and push their power around… so this just gives them the back up they need to keep arresting anybody for anything…

            Hey, I hear something in that house… KICK

          • Mike in MI

            Reerend Inlow or anybody -
            I wonder. If they kick in enough doors on enough houses at what point will it be possible to establish a charge of profiling homeowners against them.

        • JeffH

          Wayne937…it’s called “probable cause” and the courts have now broadened the criteria despite the 4th Amedment. Probable cause is a standard used in justifying certain police actions. For example, police need to have probable cause to believe evidence of a crime exists in requesting a search warrant to be issued. It is more than mere suspicion but less than the amount of evidence required for conviction.

          The Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution has two clauses. The first states that people have a right to be protected from unreasonable searches and seizures, and the second states that no warrant shall issue except upon probable cause. Probable cause is the level of evidence held by a rational and objective observer necessary to justify logically accusing a specific suspect of a particular crime based upon reliable objective facts.

          Thus what this robed plutocrat is falsely decreeing is that post PATRIOT ACT, “probable cause” is stricken from the 4th Amendment.

          Our right to be free from unwarranted government intrusion exists whether the oppression emanates from FEDERAL or STATE, for the right is a NATURAL RIGHT and wholly OUTSIDE the purview of all government.

          • John Stone

            I, as one of VERY many, absolutely AGREE with your last paragraph! This ‘natural right’ WILL be kept in force by many of us.

            The simple fact is that “Freedom is NOT always free”… There will be bloodshed because of this attempt to suborn this right of ours.

            There are a LOT of Patriots in this country that will eventually see this as a problem, and will stand up to correct it. There will be plenty of folks who will eventually “Deserve their Liberty and Safety”.

            Powder is dry!

          • Cawmun Cents

            Sheriff came knocking today.Said a 911 call came from someone living at my address.In California,a new law stating that during a 911 call for domestic violence that law enforcement agents may enter your house and confiscate any weaponry. FYI!What is not apparent in that law is that if by triangulation,the call cannot be proved to have eminated from your property,then they have no right to enter and search.I adamantly denied them permission to search my premises in front of the cameras on their vehicles.The female deputy wanted to search wiithout my permission,but the male deputy knew I had denied permission loudly,facing the camera in her vehicle.This was my moment to shine.If you know the method of their madness you can easily debunk any untruths they will attempt to foist upon you.NEVER GIVE THEM PERMISSION TO SEARCH YOUR PERSON,VEHICLE,OR PROPERTY!Make sure that you are well infront of their cameras to ensure that if by chance they violate your rights,it can be clearly seen when you go to court.A good attorney will have a field day with that.Similarly,state loudly that you are denying them permission to search you in any way.You will want that to be heard when you present your case in court.Do not be stand offish! Do not be threatening!Do not refuse to cooperate!Any of these things can be construed as resisting.That will be used against you.You CAN resist using only a calm but loud voice.KEEP YOUR HANDS WHERE THEY CAN CLEARLY BE SEEN IN THE CAMERA.They can shoot you if it even somewhat appears that you may be going for a weapon.If they choose to search your vehicle despite your protests…let them.Do not physically resist them in any way.All of these things I am saying are valuable information to us all.Most enforcement officials respect when a person knows what to do.They will not take it beyond lawful means if you use these methods.They worked for me today!-CC.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Like I said before, don’t make love to your wife while burning incence and have your kid flush the toilet!! They’ll kick it in for sure!!!

        • Jana

          Your post stated:************

          May 23, 2011 at 7:56 am
          Michael, I am a staunch Conservative, but I have to disagree with you on this one. If you hears screams coming from a home, gunshots, or any other things to indicate a crime if being committed, you have a duty to enter the residence and protect the innocent folks as well. Believe me, I have been in that situation, I know. You cannot tell me that if you were a police officer, and you answered a call to a home, and hear a person screaming for help, that you would not enter the residence. Yes! the law has always permitted this.

          The key here If you were a police officer and you answered a call to a home. The police have already been called and alerted to the fact that there is a problem.

          How about another scenario where the police want to look through your things and you aren’t home so they decide that they smell gas coming from your house or make up something else just to gain access to your house. Most police are honest, but not all of them are and giving them too much authority can be dangerous.

          Of course if you hear screams or gunshots then they already have the right to go in.

        • Mug

          No one who screams for help should have to wait for the police to break in. Their fellow citizens and neighbors should get there first. Their fellow citizens and neighbors know if she regularly screams because her husband pleasures her or if he beats her, they know if it is kids playing or being abused, they know if a stranger entered the house before the screaming began, they know if the smell of marijuana smoke regularly comes from the house.

          In America, citizens and neighbors are legally armed for the protection of all and consider themselves brothers and sisters and correctly answer the question “am I my brother’s keeper.” When tragedy happens citizens and neighbors blame themselves and never blame the police for not being there or being too late. Oh wait, that was 200 years ago and this is now. You might be right Wayne.

          But understand this Wayne, the police officer standing outside the door might decide to ignore the screams and smell of marijuana smoke. When neighbors complained and police responded and found a teenage boy wandering in a drugged daze with blood oozing out his rectum, the police didn’t do anything and wrote in their report that Mr Jefferey Dahmer had assured them it was a gay lovers quarrel. They later found the boy’s head in Jeffery’s freezer.

      • Bear

        Interesting observations. It is interesting to note that marijuana has been on this planet for thousands of years and cocaine has too. People use to use these items freely whenever and wherever they wanted until the government decided to take away that right by declaring them illegal. Now, if a police officer hears me flush the toilet, that could be construed as me trying to flush the evidence so as not to be caught with these items in my posession. What if I’m just getting rid of a really bad round of tacos amd maugaritas from lsst night? Does that flush give the police the right to break down my door? That IS the issue here. This is what the 4th ammendment protects us from and that should not change. We are stupid if we continue to allow the lawyers, police, and government to keep whittling away on our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

        • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

          We are now stupid. Public education under the government has made us so!

        • Ken

          Bear said,”…We are stupid if we continue to allow the lawyers, police, and government to keep whittling away on our Constitution and Bill of Rights.”

          I think the central core of Mr. Livingston’s thesis is not that they are going to whittle away our Constitution and Bill of Rights but that they have already whittled these rights away. Isn’t the question now that seeing we have no recourse in the courts what is the next option to reinstate the Constitution and Bill of Rights? We didn’t have the will to defend ourselves against what we were told were Islamic attacks and the result of that is Patriot Acts I & II that totally decimates the Bill of Rights and expands government powers exponentially. Do we really have the will now to defend genuine Constitutional government?

          • John Stone

            Those REALLY ARE the fundamental questions, and I, for one, am willing to do what it takes…

          • JeffH

            Ken, very well said.

        • Nadzieja Batki

          We are going to be controlled by the government because that is what people are demanding and will demand.Pseudo morality is the form the control will take. Because most people cannot control themselves, other people have laws passed to control the bad behaviors.The Commandments are the simplest laws that people have decided to not obey, in their place we have thousands upon thousands of laws. The laws have not curtailed bad behavior, sexual disease, immorality, broken families,drug use,etc.. People will give up their freedom for a little tranquility to anyone who promises safety.

      • Bell

        Michael, that’s right. As far as I’m concerned,this is only another shifty way to eventually take all guns from people.That’s what the government’s been wanting to do all along. Take away their guns and you can control the people…just like Hitler did. The ones that are on the supreme court have went against the law of our constitution and they should be held responsabile and arrested. In fact, all the crooked judges, crooked cops, crooked law makers, etc that have been setting their up own laws should all be arrested. I hope someone is keeping note on the names of those that have over the last two and a half years been acting against our rights, freedoms and constitutions.

        • r.p.

          Try the last 150 years. More so since FDR.

      • Mary

        You’re right. When that abuse of authority happen to other is OK but when happens to Jeremy he’ll change his mind a little to late as always as other countries has done. People never learn.

    • DENNIS


      • cathy w

        I AGREE,THE POLICE ,SADLY ARE Corrupt to a large degree ,they are brainwashed themselves,to believe that all are the enemy..
        this could CAUSE us to lose religious freedom in America..if they hear you,
        saying anything they DONT LIKE ,bammm your done..NO PRIVACY AT ALL

        • Barbara

          Unfortunately when the city government looks the other way the dirty cop gets away with any thing they want. I know, I live where the mayor, city council look the other way and have for decades. The police chief is in on what goes on. I know a couple of the dirty cops and have been able to figure out how they are still on the force. A now retired dirty cop is considered an up standing member of the community. He is even an elected official. Those who know the truth about him, we are told we don’t know what we are talking about.
          It only takes one dirty cop to taint the whole department, yet the good cops look the other way.

          • jibbs

            Here is a perfect example of the great job the police do, helping make you feel secure….and they need more power??

            Carter County Sheriff and Deputy Arrested On Drug Charges
            April 4th, 2011 | Author: Cathy Walters
            Carter County Sheriff Tommy Adams, 31 has been arrested on felony charges of distribution, delivery, and manufacturing or delivering a controlled substance. Adam’s arrest was the result of an investigation by the Missouri State Highway Patrol, the FBI, Missouri Attorney General’s Office, Missouri Division of Fire Safety, and the Carter County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office. The investigation in the matter is ongoing. Also charged in connection with this crime is Sheriff’s Deputy Steffanie M. Kearbey. Carter County Coroner Dennis McSpadden says Rick Stephens, a patrolman with the Van Buren Police Department has been appointed as County Chief Deputy. McSpadden says Stephens is qualified to handle the interim position. At this time, McSpadden says Adams has not yet resigned and as an elected official he is still the sheriff. McSpadden and Interim County Chief Deputy Stephens are running operations at this time, in accordance with Missouri law

          • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

            Just wait and see their surprise when he shoots THEM in the back!

          • Bell

            Barbara, We’ve had them in our town too. The time is coming when those that have always felt above the law are going to face a judgement if they don’t change. There won’t be any lawyers, judges, friends, etc, there to defend them. They will be standing alone. God already knows them and the things they have done. God has given man over 6,000 years to change and turn back to Him…I truly feel we are in the end times now and we as christans are going to have to stand up against evil by standing with God.

        • Lealand Sherman

          The prerequisit for being a police officer is: too lazy to work and too chicken to steal.

          • Nadzieja Batki

            That is uncalled for.
            There are rotten rogues in every profession.
            We need these watchman.

      • Cawmun Cents

        Our identities have been stolen by the very people who sit in the halls of government.Since you have no national identity with which to claim sovereignty,your”rights”will be subjective.They actually believe that they are the”We the people”which our forefathers spoke of,and that the rest of the public are merely their charges.They have set out to confuse us into believeing that only more rules and regulations can save us from the ones we currently have issue with.They have deliberately taught untruths in our academic institutions,so that none will have the past to contemplate historical mistakes.They give us a bland representation of the future and ask us to swallow it whole,like a horse pill of sorts.Apparently you have to give up what it is to be an American so that others in the world can move up to your station.After all collective capitalism like they are experiencing in China is good enough for Americans right?Just sell your soul to the government store,and we will all have the joy of slave wages and easy living.You can shove that where the sun never shines and if you ask me why I will tell you.The people who gave their lives so Hitler and Tojo wouldnt be running the world,wouldnt like to see us give up our grubsteak to people who had to borrow our power.Without our power Chinese would be speaking Japanese right now.Their women would be Geishas for Japanese lords.And anyone in Europe who didnt have blonde hair and blue eyes would be piled high in mass graves right about now.Do we let them steal our identities after our brave men and women gave theri all for the society we live in today?To all you out yonder who think thats allright,I have a boot full of foot for you,aimed at your backsides.-CC.

    • Jovianus

      Welcome to the Conservative version of the US. Note that almost every court ruling that intrudes upon our basic liberties are from courts which have been packed and stacked by conservative administration…be it state or federal.

      It’s not just our court system. Arizona’s law which mandates evryone pack ID wherever they go becuase they could be detained for days if they don’t have proof of citizenship on their person [not to mention the subjective nature of enforcement by a cop]. Attacking the right to colective bargain as an assembly of people. Abrogating election decisions and officals at whim replacing such with slectively chosen individuals with no ties to the community they are appointed to run without recourse by the citizens. Attacking such protectors of liberties such as the ACLU and the Southern Legal Center for Constitutional Rights.

      The list goes on and on. And so does the whining by the same radical conservatives supporting and engaged in this social engineering who proclaim they are “patriots” and “fighting for the cause”. Thing is…what cause are they fighting for?

      • Dntmkmecmoverther

        …you are not serious are you? The ACLU fighting for our freedom? Unions as a form of free speech? What friggin planet are you from? If you were a true conservative you would understand and know your enemy. You clearly do not know the enemies of freedom. Go home, break open your piggy bank and buy a clue.

        • Jovianus

          Despite the rhetoric from freeedom hating conservatives, please cite a civil liberty which the ACLU has championed against? So as to limit the lies which the wacked are about to toss out…maybe give a case name or something to identify it for a quick and easy verification ?

          • DaveH

            Shouldn’t you be doing your job, Jovianus? You’re blogging during work hours. Or is this your Job, harassing those who wish Freedom?

          • JKO

            Hows about my right to freedom of religion???? A new group had to form (ACLJ) to cover those rights.

          • Cawmun Cents

            How about freedom of religious symbols in public places,to honor our God.That would be a civil right that they have fought against on several occaisions.

          • April

            What about our rights under the Constitution to bear arms. Won’t work here in Texas. Any court ruling that goes against the Law of the Land, is a breaking of the Law in itself and must becalled out and corrected by We the People. “What did John Adams say?? Something like “Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedients to GOD”.

          • S.C. Murf

            How about freedom of speech? When they tell us we can’t have God in any school system, etc. etc. etc. But whats the use trying to explain it to you, just another satanic fool destroying the very fabric of our society. You will have to stand before God on the day of judgement, no getting out of that one, and then what excuse are you going to come up with?

            up the hill

          • jibbs

            Jovianus says:
            May 23, 2011 at 7:45 am
            Despite the rhetoric from freeedom hating conservatives, please cite a civil liberty which the ACLU has championed against? So as to limit the lies which the wacked are about to toss out…maybe give a case name or something to identify it for a quick and easy verification ?

            **********************************************************************I call, [offensive word removed]!! you have a lot of dam gall to ask for a “reference to”, or a “case name”, when you avoid the very same that you are asked to provide. Your nothing more than a multi-named Troll.
            Go spew your crap somewhere else, education is key, I’d have to say you failed in the education system.

          • independant thinker

            The aclu refuses to support or take cases defending the Second Amendment.

          • LTC (Rt) Ray Burke

            Well, Jovianus, I suspect that about 98% of the people reading your mindless drivel have quickly and easily recognized you as a dangerous leftwing loonie. Crawl back under your rock. You are beyond help.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            LT Col Ray,I’ll agree with all but the dangerous part!! Dangerous to a flea possibly but a human? Nah!!! A man? NEVER!!!

          • JC

            Jovianus says:
            May 23, 2011 at 7:45 am
            Despite the rhetoric from freeedom hating conservatives,
            That’s “rich”…coming from a communist.

          • joe

            The “anus” in your screen name (Jovianus) says it all.

        • DaveH

          Don’t waste your time, Dntmk, Jovianus is just here to harass us and never provides any references for his own BS.

        • pete0097

          Hey, the ACLU defended my brothers right to sit on a public bench on a public sidewalk in Pottstown PA. They took him away in a cop car to book him. I made the mistake of picking him up at the police station, he wanted me to have them deliver him back.

        • Firefly

          Many don’t realize that the ACLU was founded more than 75 years ago to help bring the fledgling world power of the USA into the fold of World Socialism. They were funded by the Soviet Union long before WWII but we grew in strength and power and prestige by winning WWII and so the ACLU has had to limit itself of chipping away at the Constitution wherever they can ever since. The are intellectual elites who favor the theories of lawlessness as espoused by Karl Marx. They are for freedom but of course there is no freedom if there is no law. They are mostly lawyers brainwashed in the formerly great schools of Harvard and Yale. Fortunately as someone has mentioned there has existed now for a couple of decades the ACLJ (The American Center for Law and Justice) which has won many cases against the bullies of the ACLU, even up to an including the Supreme Court. This is necessary because if the ACLU were to succeed in oppressing and destroying the Judeo-Christian heritage of the United States to the extent they want to do so there would be no power left sufficient to withstand Sharia Law but that may be what those behind the current ACLU are aiming for. They are haters of God, morality, and all that once made this country great. Alas, freedom has many enemies in this nation and if we do not return to the faith and fellowship of our founders, than the USA of the next generation will be unrecognizable, if there even is a USA.

          • LTC (Rt) Ray Burke

            Beautifully stated, Firefly. I enjoyd the read and could not agree more.

      • BigBadJohn

        Thanks for trying to point out the truth.

        Reagan started seizure laws in the war on drugs. He made it legal to seize your home or property based on violating drug laws. The courts up held the laws that Reagan passed.

        Clinton then expanded the seizure laws for his “police on the streets” which made the police judge, jury, executioner AND beneficiary of property seizure.

        Now with these rulings, not only can they seize your property, but they can kick your door in anytime they want – just to see if they have anything against you…..

        • JKO

          While I agree with your point the truth is only Congress can make laws – at least until this president. And I do know about executive orders which are very much abused.

      • DaveH

        For those who aren’t aware of the Jovianus scam, see my comment to Jeremy. He (they) are just here to mess with us.

        • Al Sieber

          DaveH, you’re right about Jeremy and Jovi- anus, I’m trying hard to not respond to those idiots, they’re right out of George Orwell’s “1984″.

          • Al Sieber

            That would be, wrong is right, war is peace etc. those two twist things around.

          • Carlucci

            Maybe if we all just ignore them, they will all go back to HuffPo.

          • coal miner

            Al Sieber,

            You know that George Orwell was a leftwing socialist?

          • Richard Pawley

            Even the Bible says that in the last days that which is evil will be considered good, and that which is good will be considered evil. Although we don’t know how long the “last days” will last, researchers using the Bible Code software have uncovered that the “last days” began not when Israel was reestablished, fulfilling an ancient thousands-of-years-old prophecy, in 1947, but in the 1990′s, the decade when the Bible Code itself was discovered using super-computers. The Bible also speaks of a thousand years of peace, and the only way I can image that happening is if WWIII is sufficient to set us back a thousand years. It is not just our nation that is living on borrowed time (and borrowed money), but humanity itself. May God help us because the present politicians are not going to do so.

          • JeffH

            DaveH, so true and as Bob Livingston has pointed out on several occasions recently, the influx of liberal disrupter’s has increased… complete with common IP addresses. Coincidence? Not at all. It just means that the anti-American Marxist/socialist/communist progressives have taken notice and feel it necessary to fund the disruption of PLD.

          • Kate8

            Richard Pawley – It is said that we will have 1000 years of peace because those who are evil will be destroyed. Darkness cannot survive in the light.

            I suspect that there will be so few people that it will take that long for humanity to regain sufficient numbers to restart “civilization”, with the few wanting to control the many. After the 1000 years, satan will be, again, set loose for a time…

          • Christin

            Richard Pawley,

            The 1000 years of peace is called the “Millenium” which will happen after the 7 year Tribulation when Jesus Christ comes back (a third time with the “Saints”… believers watching) to rid the earth of those that are evil and turned their backs of God.

            Jesus’s 2nd Coming will have happened just prior to the Tribulation. He will be in the Clouds (NOT ON LAND… that is how you know it is not Him if someone claims to be Jesus on land.)and He will call His Bride Groom -the Believers in Christ- in what is known as the Rapture.

            “Better get ready, Jesus is coming, to take from this earth His own”
            Crystal Lewis

            After both of those events happen then comes the “Great White Throne of Judgement” where we go before God to be held accountable for our sins. Those that have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior have been forgiven and are free… those that have not will not be free.
            During this time, which is three years, satan is turned loose. (I’m not sure why God does this, but we will find out one day.) I don’t know if their will be more people or if their will be marriages and children or not.

            Then comes the time period called “The New Heaven and Earth” where we live for eternity… if you are in Christ… those that have not gotten the blood of Jesus to attone for their sins will suffer in Hell. (sorry, but that is God’s way as stated in the Bible… I know some will take offence, but that is the truth.)
            Revelation and Daniel [Bible]

          • Al Sieber

            coal miner, yes I do, I have a lot of his books. this is the kind of world he wanted.

      • Allan Halbert

        What’s with all the rambling? Intrusion upon basic liberties is the issue here. We don’t give a damn which party those intrusive judges identify with.

        • steve in AZ

          Agreed, wholeheartedly, Allan. One thing we know for sure – no matter which party infringes on our rights, the other party will preserve that infringement. An uninformed and unarmed public is exactly what the powers that be want to achieve and maintain.

          Otherwise, one congress or another would have repealed the Patriot Act.

          • Carlucci

            Steve, Thank you for bringing up the so called “Patriot Act”. I just got an email from Campaign for Liberty this morning. There will be a critical cloture vote on renewing the Patriot Act today at 5:00 p.m. EST in the Senate. Call your Senators and tell them to vote against renewing the “Patriot” Act on every vote – including each cloture vote.

            Here’s a link for more info:

            I just got off the phone with the offices of both of my “reps”. When you call, give the staff member your name and zip code, and tell them you are making a note of the date, and time of the call, and their name.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            This is the reason I will not vote for my congress person again! He supports this madening bill!!

          • JC

            And the Senate voted to extend the Patriot Act.
            At least they could rename it to reflect what it really is…
            “The Police State Act”

      • chucky

        Jovianus We are talking about LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS rights,Not Illegal law breakers rights. Collective bargain all you want,but the system of legal bribery contributing big money and votes to the guy on the other side of the table negociating the new contract is not representing the taxpayers best interests, but his own political interests and threats of if you do not give sweetheart deal and sign,we will throw our money and support to another candidate(gun to the head negociation)Elections? can you say Al Franken?LOL,Can you say Wisconsin Democrats running for another state to avoid the democratic process only because they do not agree? The cause is simple: All laws on the books to be enforced not just choose the ones you like to enforce,and the ones you do not like turn a blind eye to.Constitutional law being practiced in our court system and not a “what I feel personally or politically” judgements from judges that have been plaguing and tying up our justice system for years.Closing and enforcing our southern border where there have been over 1 million murders, rapes and sexual assaults on women(google it) by illegals in all 50 states(latest stat 12 Americans a day die at the hands of an illegal), Fiscal responable government,and Corporations and banks who mis-manage go under instead of getting bailed out.(thats why they call it capitolism, if you mis manage your company,someone will come in and buyout the company at a bargain price(not government) and try to turn it around.(did not want the failing bank books exposed or financial institutions records exposed to show the fraud) Is that enough of a explaination of what we are fighting for?

      • jibbs

        Once again, no research before running your mouth…did you foget the two judges on the bench by nobama? your just stupid! And the fact that he is giving OUR money to the Irish to bailout their country!

      • coal miner


        For the concept of swing vote to make sense, one needs to know the divisions on the Court. The Supreme Court is generally divided into two wings: liberal and conservative. The liberal justices are Stephen Gerald Breyer (1994), Ruth Bader Ginsburg (1993), David Souter (1990), and John Paul Stevens (1975). Conservatives: Anthony McLeod Kennedy (1988), John G. Roberts, Jr. (2005), Antonin Scalia (1986), and Clarence Thomas (1991).

        • JeffH

          Sotomayor, Kagan?

      • Al Sieber

        Yo-Anus, I live in Ariz. and your a liar, they don’t detain you, matter of fact they let the illegals go, they have more rights then the citizens. ask any Ariz. cop. why do you twist everything around to suit yourself? every thing you say is a crock of $hit, do some research for a change.

    • icetrout

      Communist take-over of America is nearing a completion. Police = Working welfare for Military Veterans.

    • DaveH

      Bugger off. The jig is up. You are a schizophrenic fraud.
      For those who don’t know, Bob Livingston revealed that Jeremy, Jovianus, HFlashman, and several others all have the same IP address.
      Jeremy claims he is a college student, but no college student would be as resistent to learning as Jeremy is. He (they) are here simply to impede the progress to Freedom.

      • jibbs

        DaveH says:
        May 23, 2011 at 7:46 am
        Bugger off. The jig is up. You are a schizophrenic fraud.
        For those who don’t know, Bob Livingston revealed that Jeremy, Jovianus, HFlashman, and several others all have the same IP address.
        Jeremy claims he is a college student, but no college student would be as resistent to learning as Jeremy is. He (they) are here simply to impede the progress to Freedom.
        Well, Bob Livingston, is that true ??

        • libertytrain

          These events occurred about a week or two ago, the posts are there on threads. I think Bob Livingston had wasted enough of his time on those silly folks. Dave’s post said it all.

          • JeffH

            I concur.

        • DaveH
          • jibbs

            Bob Livingston says:
            May 16, 2011 at 9:21 am
            Dear Jovianus,

            Or is it Jeremy Leochner, Mick, G.Lewis, Sutekh, Rachel, rollin, Steve or HFlashman? It’s difficult to keep up with exactly who you are at any given moment.

            Thanks for your “astute” analysis, lacking substance but not lacking left-wing buzzwords nor spelling errors.

            Good day to your many personalities,
            *********************************************************************** Thanks for the link DaveH, I must have missed that one. I thought I would repost that tidbit for joviazz.

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear jibbs,


          Best wishes,

      • karolyn

        This still does not explain how Mick’s name got in with the others. She has been a regular contributor to the conservative view here; and many have stood behind her claim to be who she is – “Mick the chick.” I hold that these people are not all the same person. Do you really believe that this site is that important as to be the butt of a conspiracy?

        • Kate8

          karolyn – Actually, that was discussed. There has been a ‘mick’ and a Mick’ posting here.

          When I first began reading ‘Mick’s” posts, I was surprised because I recalled ‘mick’ as being another leftist loon, and ‘Mick’ was not.

          • Carlucci

            I wonder if she (Mick the Chick) can change her handle to MtC on this board. Maybe that would clear up the confusion.

          • karolyn

            I see.

          • Kate8

            Carlucci – If one is going to use a relatively common monker, it makes sense to add a distinguishing character.

            There was another Kate awhile back, and I was glad I had it.

          • Kate8

            moniker. Need to clean the keyboard.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Actually, Monker would go real well with some of the progs that Time calls Monkeys, here!!!!!LOL!!

        • independant thinker

          karolyn there were two micks posting for a time one always supported flashman, jovi, eddie, etc. and the one who responded to Bob’s post about the ones who had the same IP address.

    • PatHenry52

      Jeremy, first off, “if they smell marijuana” makes an assumption I contest – that gov’t can tell you, as an Adult citizen, what you can and cannot put in your own body.

      Beyond that, what exactly makes a police officer any different than a crack head? When someone “invites” themselves into my home, I don’t care what clothes/uniform they wear or why they have come… if my German Shepherds leave me anything, I’ll finish the job with as many rounds as it takes.

      Now granted, the police may announce themselves, and in my town, we have generally reasonable cops – some I like quite a bit – but none that may enter my house without my explicit invitation. And if they have a warrant – it better be warranted, so to speak. I trust nobody, but that doesn’t mean I’m not civil or reasonable – but the natural rights, given to us by our creator (whatever or whoever that is, follow your own beliefs and I mine) and acknowledged in our Bill of Rights, were created specifically FOR SUCH ACTION… to say the police don’t have to abide by the fourth is to destroy the exact thing the fourth was listed to prevent! Who exactly would be “searching and seizing” –except– gov’t agents!! I’m sorry, but there is no room for “probable cause” either if it doesn’t first go through a process to obtain a warrant meeting the criteria outlined. Again, that IS THE POINT OF THE WHOLE THING!!

      If that makes police work a little more trouble, so be it – I’ve never seen the slightest increase in actual safety that people claim when they want to shred the constitution, and even if I did, it’s not worth the loss of freedom. Sorry my friend, a right isn’t something you get to vote on for anyone but yourself. So give me liberty, or it’s a fight to the death – and I intend for it not to be -my- life ended in that process.

      • cathy w

        the police have been abusing OUR rights for years ,now this just gives them more power to abuse ,i know a few who are not like that ..BUT SO FEW
        NOT TO MENTION..NOW CPS /DES CHILD PREDITOR SERVICES/DEPT OF [THEIR ECONOMIC SECURITY] CAN COME IN WITH COPS .. ,just what they wanted..TRUST ME THEY ARE CORRUPT..they do what they want all the time ,you dont have to do anything wrong,just someone who dosn’t like you ,call and make a false report.. HAPPENS EVERYDAY..
        TAKE MY WORD FOR it,been there..had to file federal suit,[CORRUPT AZ]
        now we have no rights for sure..its always been that way.. now more legit..LOL

      • Jack

        I agree with you PatHenry52 the probable smell of something isn’t any reason to “TRY” to kick in my door either.I am an American Vet. and didn’t serve this country to see it go under by some Obama loving bunch of fools that think they know what’s best for me. If they hear a shot comming from my house they still need a warrant to inter or it very well might be their last shot they hear !! I stand behind the constitution and declaration of independence as it was written to prevent this sort of gov.control. This is not Russia (yet) and I’ll be damned if I’ll sit back and let it happen to me or my family! You best wake up America and get rid of these over powered fools soon or we will all be at their mercy.

        • UnrepentantCurmudgeon

          I think there’s a lot of heat about the two cases but they don’t really do anything new. The entry and search in the Barnes case (Indiana) may or may not have been valid and any evidence seized may or may not have been suppressed. That was not the issue. Nor did the Indiana court change 4th Amendment law. The Indiana court simply said that the citizen had no right to put up physical resistance even given that it was a warrantless entry. OK, someone wants to fight it out with the police on your doorstep, don’t let me stop you. But I’m not aware that the courts have ever said that it was OK for a citizen to engage in armed resistance to the police. Nothing new there.

          In the King case (SCOTUS) the police were chasing a suspected drug dealer and went the wrong way inside the apartment building. They got to a doorway where they smelled what they thought was marijuana smoke. They knocked and announced and heard noises inside the apartment, so they used the good old “destroying evidence” claim of “exigency” and went in. The suppression motion was based on a very narrow exception to the exigency exception which says that it doesn’t apply if the police themselves created the exigency; the only case in which that was applied was a case where the police had investigated for several weeks and then went to perform a warrantless search. This “exception to the exception” was on very narrow grounds. Ginsburg tried to revive it saying that the police in this case had plenty of time, but that’s not really the case since the chase was on. Again, not much new except that the “exigency” exception continues to be alive and well.

          All that said, yes Big Brother is on the march. In Lancaster CA the city now has an “eye in the sky” to roam the skies over the city taking videos of whatever is going on. And that city has a mayor who likes everyone to think he’s a conservative Republican.

          • JC

            The elected and appointed officials of our federal government take an oath of office before undertaking their constitutional duties. Let’s take a look at that oath, expressed as a question and answered by “I do.”

            Do you solemnly swear that you will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that you will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that you take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that you will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which you are about to enter: So help you God?

            In the Armed Forces EXCEPT the National Guard (Army or Air)

            I, (NAME), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.

            In the National Guard (Army or Air)

            I, (NAME), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States and the State of (STATE NAME) against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the Governor of (STATE NAME) and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to law and regulations. So help me God.

            The common denominator here is “Foreign and Domestic”.
            It’s time to clean house as we have more Domestic enemies
            right now than we Foreign ones.

            End the Fed, Enforce the Constitution amd Fire the Kenyan out of our White House.
            And while you’re out and about…buy some serious firepower)

            Peace :)

        • Bitter Libertarian

          I agree 100%!

        • karolyn

          the police have always had the right to enter if they hear something fishy like a gunshot.

          • Cawmun Cents

            iF’N AhM A fIriN MUh gUn eEn tH’hoWsE,aH dEeZErVS TUh GiT ENturD.

      • Hicusdicus

        Amen!! brother Henry

      • LTC (Rt) Ray Burke

        Kudos to you for an excellent treatise on the defense of liberty !!! I am an 88 year old geezer with close to 30 years of uniformed service in defense of our Constitution under my belt. I agree wholeheartedly with your philosophy and am still willing to lay down what’s left of my life to defend those cherished principles. I’m still quite capable of popping a cap if it becomes necessary.

        • PatHenry52

          Thank you to all those that served with pure heart (as it sounds like we have here)… I had/have very liberal parents and by the time I gained the sense to enlist I had bought a house and now hopefully there will still be an honorable military by the time I can afford to take 2.5 mths off and within the remaining window for me to enlist in the select militia (Nat’l guard), so as of yet, I remain like every other citizen, standard militia material….
          So my hat off to all you guys that served with purpose and liberty, even if the top leadership may not have been nearly so honorable… You guys are my heros and not the ones I’m worried about or describe.

          • PatHenry52

            when I describe those that I might have to repel from my property to the best of my abilities, and though I’d probably lose, at least I’d take a few of those bastards with me…

    • Wayne937

      Jeremy, I agree with you. In certain cases if you have knowledge of pending danger to a family member within a residence, you are authorized to break into a home and arrest the agressor.

    • james karalis

      Give them one inch and they well take a mile , the police are not your friend . you are a fool if you think they are there for your well being

      • DaveH

        Exactly. It’s a power trip. That’s all. The leaders are making fools of the citizens (slaves). When your life is really in danger, they will get there in time to take notes over your dead body.

      • DaveH

        For those who would like a healthy dose of reality:

        • Bleh

          Thanks for that Link.

      • DaveH
        • PatHenry52

          The Irony of the ruby ridge and waco events (I was just a kid, but I remember wondering what exactly they had done and pedophilia just didn’t hold up)… as mentioned in this article.. both happened on April 19. (The OK city bombing was tragic rather than ironic and intentionally set on the same date)

          Why is April 19 interesting as the exact date of 2 major government instigated and tyrannical acts of recent infamy? Well, it just seems like tyrants love to commit their oppressions as they did in 1775 when British soldiers marched from Boston to Lexington and Concord MA. April 19 1775, “our government” sent officials to enforce their act of gun control and to “search and seize” the private arms of regular citizens… which basically kicked off the whole American Revolution, or “The last time we had gov’t making us buy stuff, prohibited citizens from owning and carrying guns while demanding we pay massive taxation.” The only difference is that the government at the time had more respect for peoples property than the current version and the guns are more advanced.

          If you’re younger than I am, as I understand it, you probably have never heard of the shot heard round the world, beyond a stupid poem about Paul Revere that tells you nothing about -WHY- he made the ride. Apparently they don’t teach you that in school anymore… and it was barely taught when I was a kid (20 years ago)

      • LTC (Rt) Ray Burke

        Beware of your local police. They are heavily armed and VERY dangerous.

    • Vanessa T.

      you must be absolutely nuts!!!!! you are blinded by the government how liberal can you be to think it is just ok to get rid of the 4th amendment maybe you are one of those people that wont see the truth until they knock down your door and end up hurting some one you love or arresting you for no reason what so ever because it happens multiple times a day all over the world mainly the US. they abuse there power and act like they are above the law do not be blind.

      • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

        Yup. In other countries many cases they shoot you first and then do not have to admit mistakes.

        Catching on here. “I thought he was going to shoot me so I shot him back first!” And of course, the accused is not able to defend himself!

        • LTC (Rt) Ray Burke

          The police almost always win the argument. Get used to it.

    • Hicusdicus

      I would like to hear your comments after it happen to you. It has happened to me and I would say It is kin to being force-ably gang banged and left to bleed in the gutter.

    • Dagney

      Jeremy, you really need to open your eyes. Do you really think, the liberal-socialist-Nazi-Marxist elites are going to reward you for your loyalty? If you don’t see the commonality between liberals and their evil brothers, KNOW THIS: You will NOT be rewarded. Evil is evil and they do not reward their own. They know you will EXPECT a reward and you will be one of the first to be “disappeared”. Don’t say anyone did not warn you.

    • Hicusdicus

      Jeremy, You are most likely a decent person but when it comes to law enforcement you are wet behind the ears.

    • http://google gary gerke

      You my friend and all the others like you, are the problem. You somehow justify the nullification of amendments to the constitution that gives you that liberal socialist feel good today. Tomorrow when they suspend the constitution totally, you will agree that it was time.I feel sorry for you!

    • Bitter Libertarian

      I hope that you sift through some of the harsher replies to read what I have to say.
      Your first words were so true…”I dont know what to think.” I too years ago didnt know what to say about certain things. I am glad for you that you are on the fence, perhaps this really doesnt sit well in your gut. That is a good thing, and perhaps you can see this matter for what it is. Its a good thing to be confused, now just dont stop asking why questions, ask them of your congressmen, senators, local officials…You will not be a happy camper in the end. You will realize that those who protect the things you like that other dont, now have you boxed into a corner with us. Criminal how they did it, but the sooner we all reqalize to stop going after each other and that its tiome we all go after them..the better.

      • Dibon Dregon

        We Libertarians must speak up, The powers against liberty are on both sides of the isle. As we are divided they conquer. Free people defend themselves. The police are supposed to solve crimes not “serve and protect”. Samurai translated literally means servant. America must be preserved by the true patriots. No government official has the right to tell anyone anything until they have done damage to persons or property.

    • james karalis

      You sound like a boot licker Jeremy !

    • Bcorp

      They know not what they are doing. This is going to get some police officers killed. How will the homeowner know the difference between police or robbers breaking into their home. This is giving a built in excuse to shoot first for the homeowners in defense of themselves and their families.

      • Kate8

        Sounds like the PTB are attempting to escalate gun violence, right down to the law-abiding citizen in his own home and involving police.

        Adds fuel to their argument that we need to remove guns from all but police (and criminals), for our protection, of course.

        Amazing how incidents increase when Congress is ready to pass laws which remove Constitutional Rights.

        Bear in mind that NO Act of Congress or Jucicial rulings can override the Constitution, unless we allow it through our compliance.

        • JeffH

          Kate8, you just said a mouthfull…and a roundabout way to remove your ability to legally protect yourself and your property and skirt the 2nd Amendment.

      • LTC (Rt) Ray Burke

        Exactly right – and exactly as it MUST be.

    • Laura

      Nazi Germany ring a bell?

      Liberals will obviously be easily led to slaughter

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Actually they will make sure that it is you and not them that is sent.

        • Christin

          You got that Right… they will take us not them… the left will comply with the loss of freedoms, but the Right who knows the Truth will resist.

        • JC

          Hitler wiped out 6 million Jews.
          Stalin, 20 million or so Ukranians…
          Mao, countless Chinese…

          And they did this how?
          By disarming them first.

          And guess who they used to disarm everyone?

          • Kate8

            JC – Hitler wiped out 6 million Jews, and 11 million Christians (and a few others).

          • JC

            yep…”unarmed” Jews and Christians

    • refuse2lose

      These things always start out as being very innocent…. only in certain circumstances. I expect that within this year we will see police entering homes not because they “heard a gunshot”or because they saw someone enter the home…. but because they just wanted to. Bet your house on it.

    • http://fox walter

      The police hear loud talking in a house- a party, they hear a gun shot- a loud T V, they hear a baby crying- the infent is sick and is uncomfortable, they kick in your door and in a misconstrued assumption of the situation you are accosted by these officers. When you finally prove you are innocent, the damage and/or possible expenses have already been placed upon you. They walk away without so much as an oops-my bad. Don’t think you are getting anything if you must give up your freedom to recieve it. You aren’t, you are being enslaved. Wake up and resist all those that wil have you believe they know how to conduct your life better than you do.

    • nax777

      Gun shot is a reason to investigate but not a reason to enter.

      Sorry to keep harping on this but many continue to miss a few points, Recap;
      The US reached a zero population growth in the mid 80’s our leaders increased their yearly appetite for immigration. The legal yearly immigration rate went from 100,000 to 1,000,000. From the years 2000 to 2010 our leader’s yearly appetite for legal immigration grew to 3,000,000. At present levels the US population will swell another 130 million to 442 million by 2040! This is a very conservative estimate. US immigration rate is the sole reason for overpopulation in the US today and tomorrow!

      It is irrational to think that any nation can save more than a hand full of people from overpopulated poorer nation. Especially when most refuse to change their life style and blame the Jones’s for their plight.
      It is irrational to call mom a Nazi A. hole for giving people a ride back home to keep her home from overpopulation. It is irrational to think that any single payer social program will work best. It is irrational to think that nations can tax its way out of poverty. It is irrational to believe that a power convinced that you have nowhere else to go will do your biding.

      No one is going to stand in their way the template to convince people that a rational person is a very sick or stupid SOB must be removed first. And only you can remove yours. The misuse of Negative Theory must be taught to future generations.

      People will not take in grandma, or their disabled neighbor long enough to break the social network of chains that separate us. It does not have to come to that, yet! The working class can be forced to plan for their life without a single payer plan. We must meet with our follow citizens, listen and share ideas.

      A true Conservative and a true Liberal agree on one thing though for different reasons. Any single payer social program is a nutty idea! Now each believes that it’s not so nutty as long as their side is managing it.

      We can destroy their power by replacing them with citizens that can be immediately removed by citizens should they grow a greedy bone and never serve for a life time. We must take control ourselves. Please join with us at you might be able to click on my name. This will take you to my link page that links to, and

      P.S. Have you heard of “you cut”

      • PatHenry52

        The solution, as the Founder’s so wisely stated plainly is this —- Do not give government ANY power that you don’t absolutely have to (and by this, we’re talking military, roads, currency, etc. also wisely outlined by those that founded this great Republic, nothing more can be trusted at any high level, everything else must be state or local with the bulk being local. It’s harder to steal when they have to look you in the eye to do it…. but they’ll try!!

      • 45caliber

        Any removal of population from a third world country due to immigration elsewhere is immediately filled again by increased birth rates in that area. This has been proven again and again. So there is NO aid to any such country by taking their cast-offs.

    • rchick

      Blah-blah. Blah-blah-blah. Blah-blah.

      Jeremy also says: ‘As long as the government gives me my money from all of those others who are earning it, I will let the government do anything it wants. I will keep my head up my behind and pretend nothing is happening. I will continue to praise the POTUS messiah and say he’s just awesome.”

      Uh, Jeremy. Can’t wait til the money runs out and to see you thrown under the bus by these democrat elites, just like they do with everyone else who has served his/her purpose and suddenly realizes they’re getting scr@wed. That will be SO funny for us to see you

      • rchick

        Oops! Didn’t mean for my post to look like I called you a b!tch. I meant to say I can’t wait to see you crab like we’re crabbing now. My bad!

    • Handyman

      How old are you? This is America the home of the free!!!

    • Bob G

      Then you deserve to be subjugated Jeremy. I hope they kick your teeth in.

    • Robert Wright

      I will make this short. I just pray it never happens in my home. If they hollow out police fine; however if someone kicks in my door they are dead. I sleep on the couach with weapons on coffee table. Am I paranoid? YES. got robbed in Scottsdale, Az. of cash and weapon which I got back five years later; for real! Robbed in my hometown at knife point by two thugs white teen-agers. Had Trans-Am stolen two times, T-Tops two times. Several break-ins in quiet community. Lady killed in parking lot at restaurant I was at. I could go on and on. I am 70 years old and I carry concealed (2). Can I shoot straight, lets say I can hit what I aim at.

      Thanks for lo

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      I have to agree with you Jeremy, for the first time, believe it or not. You see, I have 3 friends who are career policemen, and good honest ones at that. I hear first hand the horror stories, of knowing the guy in the house has killed someone, or is dealing drugs, and has the drugs in there, but the law protects these scumbags, because they cant break in and get the stuff and have him, without the warrant, that might take another hour to get, then the guy is long gone. And when they do catch these scum bags, these judges and lawyers set them back on the streets in a few more hours, because their drug money buys these lawyers and judges. It is not the police I fear, it is the legal entities, the lawyers and the judges. They make the rules, and they bend the rules, and they change the rules to suit them as the game goes on. Those are the guys I fear. I know most cops hate them, because they are out there risking their lives, just so these bucket heads can get paid off by the skanks they are arresting, and set them free, undoing all the hard work the cops just did. No, I dont fear the cops. When they say stop, Ill stop. When they say they need to come in, Ill gladly open the door. I dont fear them, I have no reason to. But I dont open up, they bust down the door and arrest me, then, guess what. I go to court, in front of who? You got it. Lawyers and judges. And what do lawyers and judges want? Money. My money. Your money. All of our money. And they will get it. So, pardon me for saving my money, I will open the door, and respect these people who put their lives on the line for me and my family, and at the same time keep myself from being a monetary victim of some lawyer and judge who would like nothing more than to take some money from me. Thats how I see it. And thats how it is, I know. Ive lived it, and Ive been through it before. Thats how it is.

  • Michael J.

    Thanks Bob, your words are as sharp as a razors edge. Trouble is, the time for words is nearly over. In a time when government falsehoods are smoothed over with blatant lies, action appears to be the only remedy to righteous conservatives with one eye on the government and the other on their offsprings prospects for freedom and prosperity.


    Oath Keepers: By Stewart Rhodes, Founder
    May 19, 2011

    “This is being sent to official Oath Keepers members only. I seek your input on a very important topic. As you may know, a young 26 year old Marine veteran who had survived two tours in Iraq, and father of two, Jose Guereña, was killed in a SWAT raid in Tucson, Arizona on May 5 (see below news articles for details).

    At approximately 9:30 am, two hours after he hit the rack after working a twelve hour graveyard shift at an Arizona mine, his wife woke him by yelling that there were men with guns outside (she had seen a man outside the window pointing a gun at her).

    He told her to take their four year old son and hide in a closet, grabbed his AR-15, and stepped out into the hallway of his home just as his front door was battered in.

    He died with his safety still on. He didn’t fire a shot. The Pima County, Arizona (Sheriff Dupnik’s department), SWAT Team fired 71 rounds at him, hitting him with approximately 60 rounds.
    He had no criminal record. The only justification given by the Sheriff’s spokesman for using SWAT to serve the warrant was that it was a search warrant in a narcotics conspiracy investigation (with three other homes searched in the same neighborhood), and that this is their policy when the home-owner may be armed.”

    • Dntmkmecmoverther

      This is exactly what is coming at all of us.

      Two problems: one is poorly trained SWAT teams. ’71′ rounds fired? Godalmighty are you serious? Sounds like they stopped after they ran out of ammo! Even Osama only needed two rounds! If you are a shitty shot, I guess you need 71 rounds. But, if there are no ‘legal incumberances’ then what the hell, fire away! But don’t do that at my house. My safety is ‘Off’ and I don’t wait when firepower is looking at me. Frankly I find it easier to get out of jail than out of the grave (except at the resurrection of course)
      Two: When the government believes they have more power than you, it’s not a government any more; it’s a tyranny.

      I fear this is where we are; the state of tyranny. We were here once before in 1773. How would we like to handle this situation today?

      • Bleh

        Meanwhile if a citizen fires 1 shot more than is needed to incapacitate a would be assailant they get burned and fried via the same system That justifies 70+ shots from SWAT.
        What is wrong with this picture?

    • Chief Liberty

      I’ve trained SWAT teams and leaders for several years. The use of such personnel for service of general warrants is a recipe for disaster in my opinion.

      Using officers trained in “hair-trigger” skills to pursue the arrest arrest lower level (I recognize the possibility of exceptions)criminals is akin to an NFL offensive line going up against a touch football team. SWAT operators “rev up” in the moments before entry, a natural reaction to threat and stress pump adrenaline and the results are 60 rounds into a man who never got a safety off, and may not have intended to.

      No easy answers, just a perspective for thought..

      • 45caliber

        The problem I see is that every police group wants a “SWAT” team. But that means there are now people working there who seldom actually have any job to do. So they want to use them on lesser offences to keep them busy.

        I believe that there should be ONE SWAT team per county – if that many. And all police groups need to contribute and use that group instead of each having their own. But you have all these police chiefs wanting their own empire.

        • Kate8

          45 – It sounds to me like another message is being sent to the people of America, to send yet another wave of chills up our collective spines. Either these incidents are becoming more prevalent, or are just being reported more often.

          I knew a fellow in a n.west state who owned a slaughterhouse, and was an avid hunter. He was also a crack-shot. The local police recruited him for the local s.w.a.t. team for that reason, but he declined, saying that he was afraid he’d like it too much.

          • 45caliber

            One thing I’ve wondered about. If I shoot at something under 300 yards and miss the exact point by more than an inch or so, I feel that I’ve missed. Yet the snipers the police and particularly the feds use can and have “missed” by as much as 18″ or more at less than 200 yards.

            That tells me that either they have the wrong men in that position either due to inaccuracies or because they get too excited in a real situation OR they are deliberately shooting where they hit and are trying to insist it was a miss. And they certainly don’t seem to mind shooting through an innocent person if they feel it necessary.

      • bill marvin

        and is that supposed to make it right??? that the police have the right to go off and kill indriscriminately?? thay have been doing that here in new york and new york city, for a very long time!! and it seems everyone they meet in any way is a criminal 1st, and a human being last and all decency in between has been so trampled into the ground that is no longer exists!!

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          Thats because your New York, and Massachusetts, Illinois, and a few other liberal states are pretty much wholly owned and run by the mob. They own the police force. Dont expect them to be on the up and up. Serpico anyone?

      • DaveH

        It’s high time we end the ridiculous war on drugs. The warriors have become more dangerous than the drugs (expensive too):

        • PatHenry52

          I agree, I couldn’t care less if you want to kill yourself and ruin your life, but until you ask something of me, who am I to tell you what to do? Most of the problems with addicts has nothing to do with their addiction directly, it is the other crap that SHOULD be illegal, theft, violence, etc. So, why do we ask “why” you stole or harmed someone, you steal for any reason, you face restitutive penalty, you harm someone, you face appropriate retribution.

          Too simple, no way to pander to special interest groups that way, that’s why nobody in the Fed/State Mafia suggests it publically.

          • Cawmun Cents

            While I certainly agree with your stance on the subject of legalization PatHenry52,one nust also read between the lines to see the reasoning behind continuing the”war on drugs”.Whereas it may seem obvious to some….good guys vs. bad guys,there are some gray areas which come to mind considering the vast amounts of fundage at play.First it must be stated that to play one hand against the other is a trick which we observe constantly in government circles.Most intelligent people would not see the merit in doing so in the war on drugs,unless you can envision the making of monies on both sides.Here you have one hand greasing(giving funds to)the other in order to perpetuate a grubsteak.If legalization occurs,then half of the grubsteak goes away.Of course if one were to set up a healthcare system,whereby one could mange drug abuse and distribution,then that grubsteak need not be lost.If you procure billions to fight drug abuse and to fund the drug suppliers at the same time,you make monies going both ways and charge the public to make that situation happen.YOU AND I are funding both the fight against,and the supply chain and we argue about the outcome.Opiates in Afghanistan,and stimulants in Mexico and Colombia,marijuana from the same places and domestically.These are all ways of using public monies to fund suppliers and fight against suppliers at the same time.This is why you do not see the borders being protected better.It has more to do with profit than it does with humanity.You have no problem blaming oil companies for seeking to profit.Companies who manufacture military supplies make money while you are at war.So then…if you are an enterprising young congressperson,and you have constituents which bid for your attentions,why not the illicit trade in the war on drugs?Is it fundamentally any different from any other war?Do you see that the Taliban is a front of people we are fighting against,but the government of Pakistan will aid them in hiding in their back country?We give billions to Pakistan,and billions to our military,only to perpetuate the issue.Wallah!Instant fundage.If you cannot account for every doolar spent…I am thinking you cannot,then whos pockets are getting lined?

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          How many billions have they wasted on this thing Dave? There are guys getting rich, in the so called leading the war on drugs, and they have no intention of stopping them. If they do, they are all out of work. Its all a game, and they use our money to play it. Its just another way big government has made another branch to suck more money out of us. Your correct Dave, its a huge waste, sucking us dry.

    • cathy w

      I ABSOLUTLY DESPISE the ways of TUCSON ,AZ soooooo currupt ,they thought they were a police state all along ,used to live there..they lie and violate peoples rights ,constantly,everyone in power there is corrupt..this is 1st hand info..
      im very saddened to hear more bad news from there.. thats why they are bankrupt..they have so many multi million dollar federal lawsuits against them,and cps,they steal peoples children to also gain FEDERAL MONEY.. THIS IS NOT A LIE
      THIS ruling is going to destroy our rights once and for all

    • http://google radical

      I can remember listening to an independent talk radio station here in California a few months back when the talk show host stated that the supreme court nominee (gosh I can’t remember her name)didn’t believe in the 4th ammendement. They played a partial taped interview of her commenting on the 4th ammendment when she raised an argument against the 4th ammendment. She stated that unreasonable searches and seizures depend upon what is to be considered unreasonable, I knew then that they were going to begin searching people’s homes and seizing their property because this lady (gosh I can’t remember her name, she is the recent newly appointed supreme court nominee)was not only elected to the supreme court but has now provided the justification for the police state to now go full force with their searches, seizures, and murdering thousands upon thousands of American citizens including women and children. This lady also stated that she didn’t believe in the 4th ammendment and it all depends on what you would call an unreasonable search and seizure. What baffles me further is who elected this women to the supreme court? Regardless of how this situation looks, this is STILL a government FOR the people and BY the people, they are our employees, they work for us! somehow we have been so deeply confined in this sheeple state of mind we forgot. Who elected this woman? and who made this a legislation without first bringing it to the PEOPLE! If you are a business owner, or a homeowner, would you allow certain policies and procedures of your company to be made and implemented by the board members without first bringing it to your attention? I mean who would have the final say, you or your employees? Would you allow things to go on in your home unawares? Would you even allow your children that you feed, clothe and provide shelter for dictate to you how you should run your house? Would you even allow your teenage sons and daughters that I know you set curfew for dictate to you the rules of your home that you labor so hard to pay for? My point is if our children did to us what we have allowed the government to do to us, we would feel as though our children were defying us or being rebellious and at that point we would take strict measures to discipline them. If we own a business, if we allowed our employees to treat us the way the government treat us, they would be FIRED! so, why would I allow the Supreme Court to tell me that I HAVE to let the police search my home that I pay for every month through my hard labor? and they can seize my property? I think not, as long as I’m not a threat to myself or anyone else, they have NO RIGHT to come into my home, AT ALL! We as Americans have a obligation, a duty to protect what’s ours as was per the U.S Constitution. America it’s time to stop acting like sheeple being led to the slaughter and start being who we are, Americans, we aren’t United States Citizens (it’s a difference) we are Americans and we better start acting like it. NO MAN is going to tell me I have to let the police search my home without probable cause or a search warrant, I don’t care who they are. Oh, and by the way, the day they wanna come into my home search my home or seize my property without a search warrant that has been signed and sealed by a judge? It’s going to be a problem. America, you are too soft, time to get your head out of the sand, and wake up to what’s really going on, that’s why they’re trying to do away with the 2nd ammendment so when they do bust down your front door, you wouldn’t be able to defend yourself or your family.

    • DaveH

      Speaking of Oath Keepers, I ran across this interview in Reason Magazine (follow links at bottom of article to read full interview):

  • s c

    Here it comes, people. “Thanks” to LIBERAL interpretations of the laws of the land, it may not be possible to stop another civil war in America.
    It needs to be said that CONSERVATIVES are not to blame for this insanity. Those who can’t read, can’t think and want to feel their way through life are at the heart of this insanity. And, for what it’s worth, don’t forget the dynamic duo in the White House.
    Keep an eye on the 2nd Amendment. When they trifle with this freedom, it will be a bad time to be in law enforcement.
    It will be a variation of the ‘blue flu.’ Those who are stupid enough to try and enforce this INVASION won’t live long enough to see their
    loved ones at the end of the day. Oh, well. Those who refuse to take part will rightly claim to be AMERICANS.
    And, for those in Congress and the White House, you’ve chosen sides. May you get EXACTLY what you SOBs and traitors DESERVE. Up the rebels!

    • John Galt

      I agree whole heartedly with you, There will be a second civil war, it won’t be between us and the US Military, it will be us and the US Military against a foreign aggressor brought to you by that same dynamic duo, wake up America, we are at war

      • Kate8

        Civil war is exactly what those in power are trying to incite. It will give them “justification” to impose martial law, and really begin open genocide.

        • bill marvin

          you are correct on this 1!!! unfortunately bho,”the annointed one” wants this to happen very badly so as to satisfy his ultimate wish, “president for life”, and this comes from his autobiography, “dreams from my father”

          • http://google radical

            In the infamous words of our American Youths “IT IS WHAT IT IS”

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            What he wants, and what he gets are two different things. He is gone in 2012, and there isnt a doubt about it in my mind.

        • Nadzieja Batki

          That is probably their reasoning and agenda.

    • http://google radical

      The conservatives and the liberals are both of the same agenda. Think about the eagle that symbolizes this country, he has a right wing and a left wing, both wings belong to the same bird. It’s an illusion my friend, to make you think they’re opposing sides but the reality is they’re both working the same program, it’s just that the conservatives are working one end of the spectrum while the liberals are working the opposite end but they’re both working toward the middle. My fellow American citizen, look through the smoke that they’re blowing and through the smoke screen and you’ll see who your master manipulators are. It’s not enough of them to have all the money in the world but they wanna control you, me and the whole wide world. I’m sorry my friend but only GOD has that type of control and these people aian’t GOD. And I hope they’re reading this

      • Cawmun Cents

        Good thing we dont have an octopus for the symbol of our nation huh?

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          Its going to be close to that in the end though. There will be a 10 nation one world government, and right after they form, 3 of them will be expelled leaving the 7 to run it until Christ comes again. So thats pretty close to the octopus you referred to.

  • newspooner

    Government is out of control at all levels. Get the US out of the UN, and get the UN out of the US. Otherwise, all liberty will be lost.

    • 45caliber

      I’d like to see the UN out of the US but I don’t blame the UN for what is happening here. It is all due to our own politicians.

      • JeffH

        45caliber, with all due respect, the UN is involved in directing US policy, both domestic and international. A great number in our government are in bed with the whole idea of the UN’s global ideology on a one world governing body…see Agenda 21.

        • 45caliber

          The UN is only involved because our politicians want them to be. It still goes back to the politicians as far as I’m concerned. After all, the US has the right to veto anything the UN tries to do. Only Russia, China (after the US agreed to remove Formosa from the list), England and France have equal rights as far as I can remember. Both Russia and China will veto more times in a year than the US ever has. Too many of our politicians say things like, “Well, we couldn’t veto it even though it’s bad for our country because everyone else wants it.”

          • DaveH

            Just as Lincoln was able to subvert the Constitution to expand the powers of the Federal Government greatly, so too will the UN eventually if we don’t exit now.
            Let’s get out of that unholy alliance.

          • JeffH

            I don’t disagree with you, I’m merely pointing out that our “government” ie politicians are in bed with the UN ideology of a one world governing body and unfortunately the UN is that body. The veto is only as good as those that would choose to use it and at this time in our history we have no one that has the “want” to use the power of veto. I do hope we could get that power back into our government someday. 2012 will be that turning point in my opinion.

          • independant thinker

            45, I am not positive about this but think the veto only applies to the security council actions not the general assembly.

          • PatHenry52

            All agreements must be confirmed by the U.S. Senate.

            The veto is for security council…

            The whole thing is a joke, of course, but that Senate stop-gap is critical…

          • shipley130

            Excellent, 45, exactly. It’s the congress at the root of our problems in this country.

      • http://google radical

        The problem is the Supreme Court Judges are working for the global elite who are a bunch of satanists that want you to give your allegiance to Lucifer, that’s the problem. You think they care about us? they don’t, and they certainly don’t care about the U.S constitution, Ex president Bush already referred to it as a goddamn piece of paper. Find out why Abraham Lincoln was really assassinated, it wasn’t to free the slaves or to save the union as I was taught in school. Find out why ex president Bush Jr. was able to say that the U.S constitution was just a goddamn piece of paper. Cathy, they lied to us.

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        Id like to see the U.S. out of the UN.

    • http://google radical

      And while you’re at it shut down the Federal Reserve Bank, give the power to create and coin money back to congress because we the people NEVER gave congress the authority to give to the damnable Rothschild who own the Federal Reserve to create and coin money and we need to take back our gold that the Rothschild stole from us. Check your history, study economics google in on YOUTUBE ZEITGEIST THE FEDERAL RESERVE, also look up Edward Mendell House comments on what he stated was the purpose of the birth registration and certificate. He also was a global elite.

      • 45caliber


        I don’t think Congress has actually done a thing except declare war in at least fifty years. Like the Federal Reserve, they delegate all their powers to some department. Oblamacare, for instance. They basically only agreed to and financed the creation of a department which has the rights and responsibility from Congress to establish all the laws we must follow about medical care. Congress just shoved it off on someone else.

        • Cawmun Cents

          It’s tenatively known as
          “Full Spectrum Domination”.

  • sean murrey

    i know what is going to happen is a second american revolt.

    • Cawmun Cents

      Not a revolt,a rebuild.-CC.

      • jibbs

        We need to sanitize, before the rebuild.

      • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

        Good idea. Or maybe a housecleaning, where accumulated trash is tossed and burned.

        • Bleh

          A few thousand Enemas applied to the DC area ought to do it.

    • http://google radical

      That’s right, so get ready, this is not a black thing, this is not a white thing, an Asian thing, An Hispanic thing, this is not even a religion thing, or a gay thing etc. this is a HUMAN BEING thing. As long as they can keep us separated by playing the race card, the prejudice card, the religion card, the homosexual card etc. that they perpetrate, will not only divide us and keep us separated, but it causes us to fight amongst ourselves. Divide and conquer is their motive, they don’t have to kill us, we kill ourselves by feeding into the ignorance and the bullcrap that they put out there. I’m a black american female, but I don’t see color, anybody that is a red blooded American in their heart and soul is my brother, sister, mother and father, so you guys out there are my family and we have to start looking out for one another, that is the only thing that’s going to get us through this, us sticking together, other than that we don’t have a chance! we as ONE BIG AMERICAN FAMILY need to pull of our resources together nationwide and help one another.

      • PatHenry52

        Amen sister.

        “I’ll hear a prayer from any man of piety and good character, so long as he is a Patriot!” Sam Adams – on the question of which pastor should offer a prayer for the multi-denominational congress.

        He was a Brewer/Patriot

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        I like your attitude girl. I like it a lot. I feel the same way, and I try to see people as God see’s them, and He doesnt see us in colors or shades. I have friends in many colors and shades, and I have friends who are not Christians like I am. But it isnt my position or job to judge them, its my job to love them, be kind, and help my fellow man. Thats why we were put here. There is so much hate in the world today, and so many foreign countries that, basically, want to take what we have. We all here need to stick together, and only then, can we affect change in other countries. We cant do it with what they are doing now, either showering them with billions of dollars, or showering them with bombs. There is a better way, but thats not happening until He comes again. But again then, we all need to try to get along.

  • Uncle Pat

    These assaults upon our freedoms must be met with firm resolve. As an American citizen, I can not and will not bow down to any police state. You enter my home by force, prepare to meet your maker, as I will not hesitate to shoot you, robber, or cop.How in the hell have we allowed this to happen? We must stop listening to what our government tells us and pay MUCH MORE attention to what it does.

    • Dntmkmecmoverther


    • jibbs

      You can thank people like, Jeremy, AKA jovi ect. and the career welfare collectors to start.

    • Kate8

      Don’t those cops storm homes decked out in full body-armor?

      • PatHenry52

        If a jack-boot kicks in your door and is wearing body armor, aim for the head or the hand, especially if they’re aiming at you…. and hope you spent more time practicing!

      • Bleh

        That is where the Shotgun comes in.

  • Dntmkmecmoverther

    Keep in mind this isn’t a police issue; it’s a court issue. The ‘court’ has said this is now legal; just like they have purported to say gay marriage is legal and abortion (killing of innocent little ones) is legal. The same court system at one time said slavery was legal. They have been wrong OFTEN lately and this is just one more example. I do feel sorry for the police because entering the home of a non criminal like me in the middle of the night (or any other time I happen to be home) will result in a ‘shots fired’ scenario. I can tell you I shoot better or equal to any law enforcement officer. It won’t be a pretty sight…and for what? A court order that took away my Constitutionally guaranteed right?

    This is why the founders wrote the document in away that spelled out NO WAY can these rights be taken away…yet we have a court and government all too happy to do so. Which implies they are NOT upholding the Constitution but are dismantling it. That makes them a domestic enemy. What do you do with ‘enemies’? Get rid of them…time to do so now while we still can…while we still have a Republic.

    • Ray

      I agree with you and most who have posted here rather than re-hash what you all have stated. Live free or die. Our country is falling apart and we can blame most of it on politicians and the courts, the rest of the blame goes to the voters who put these wrong-doers in office. TERM LIMITS are needed and needed now. We need a constitutional convention to install term limits (congress will never agree to do it on their own), and to overturn all the wrongs that have been passed by the courts and the District of Corruption. The time to be heard is now, not tomorrow, but now!

    • 45caliber

      You aren’t supposed to read the Constitution. After all, it is a “dead” document. Any progressive will tell you that. And it isn’t PC to argue with them about it.

      • Cawmun Cents

        Set course for enemy waters.Ramming speed.Damn the torpedoes,full speed ahead!

      • Kate8

        45 – Until recently, the Leftists declared the Constitution was a “living document” (to be twisted any way they chose).

        So now they’ve simply decided it’s jsut to be dispensed with altogether. After all, it’s already been hopelessly mangled beyond recognition by the courts. Why put up with such a hindrance when they can just make up whatever they want as they go along.

  • Sbrdude1

    I hope for the sake of law enforcement they don’t try to enforce this because it will mean many will die of led poisoning. As many have stated before me stock on guns, ammo, food, first aid, and fuel because we will be needing it soon!!! This is very disheartening and makes me worried for the safety of my family and myself. We are now in a police state…

    • 45caliber

      They are also putting up cameras all around cities – to “identify criminals”. Houston had put up some to catch people running stop lights. The people voted it down again. Houston complained of losing 10 million a year in profits. Instead of taking the cameras down as the new law directed, they decided to put up 300 more – to “identify criminals”. Wait until they decide to put one in your home…

      • PatHenry52

        This is already being done in England… cameras actually in peoples houses….

        I’ll die on my feet before I live on my knees.

        • Cawmun Cents

          You have a cell phone?A computer with a camera no doubt?A high definition television?You may already be being monitored.It is allright,biological unit,you have nothing to fear but fear itself.A progressive once told you that and you cheered,and said,”yippee!”Now that your assimilation into the world collective capitalist society is complete,you may relax and play with your toys.

          • PatHenry52

            So long as I have reasonable means of effectual resistance, monitor however you like, so long as you leave me alone, it’s the gun at my head telling me this is compulsory and that is prohibited that I have a real problem with… and yeah, unfortunately I can only keep my rifle off the registration rolls by storing it in NH, so my pistols are tracked unfortunately… living in MA, I have seen the liberal future, and it doesn’t work without a ton of people that work harder than they have to to appease the overbearing liberal apparatus. At least it is already crumbling under it’s own weight.. so I’ll keep pushing on it every chance I get.

          • Cawmun Cents

            Yes,well I was just asserting the”he who dies with the most toys wins”philosophy that we were brought up learning.But when you ask the winner what he won…he has no answer.My take is from a judeo-Christian perspective,culminating in something like this…..A giant hand picks you up and conveys you to a place where there is no light.As you are moving through the darkness there is light eminating from the hand,but everywhere else is total darkness.The hand then sets you down in the nothingness and begins to move away.As the giant hand fades into the darkness the light retreats with it.Now you are left in complete darkness,utterly alone.Stuck in a void from which there is no return.When you had the choice to choose between light and darkness,you chose darkness.So now that you have been given what you asked for,I have a question.How do you feel?What do you think of for an eternity alone?Who do you blame for the choice that you made?After a thousand years of contemplation,who will you hold in contempt?After a thousand more,where is your pride in your anguish?Did your obvious choice of darkness help you win with the most toys,in a place where there are no toys?You made the decision,now live with it.

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            Once they get a load of watching me, they will see they are wasting their time, and probably want to come and get their camera the heck out of there, because I aint hiding nothing, at least nothing they can see or know. And I pity the fool, when they plan a day, to try to tell Americans to turn in their guns and weapons. I want to see them come into the mountains of Tennessee, and see how that works for them. It’ll be better than anything youve ever seen on TV. Country boy can survive.

      • Cawmun Cents

        Hope they like nekkid azz,cuz they will see what they kin kiss,often.

        • Bleh

          That right there is funny.

      • jibbs

        If they put one in my home, it will only record,one flash!

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          They cant even afford to excercise warrants on over 10 thousand criminals with warrants on them, so does anyone really think they can afford to buy a camera, do all the wiring, and put one in everyone’s home? And who is going to watch all the monitors? And who is going to buy all the monitors? I think this is all kind of silly, as there is no way. A lot of cities cant even afford to pay their city workers or police and fire dept. people, so how can they afford this? Its not going to happen. Its just not going to happen.

  • richard

    got to be willing to fight, die for something. may as well be freedom.

    • 45caliber

      Hemingway, the author and mercenary, was once asked by a reporter why he had spent 30 years or more fighting for various countries around the world. Didn’t he realize he could have been killed?

      He replied: “There are worse things than dying while fighting for freedom. And if you don’t fight for it, you’ll learn what every one of those things is.”

      • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

        Good thought.

  • richard

    everyone should be armed.

    • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

      I saw a good cartoon some time ago. Reporter interviewing a man in a village, carrying a big piece of pipe. All around were big guys carrying clubs, maces, knives, bludgeons, 2×4′s with nails through them, and the reporter asks the guy, “Aren’t you afraid to live here?” Guy replies, “Nope. With all these folks around, anybody would be foolish to start something”

      Here, with the anti-armers folks taking weapons, it is no longer foolish to start something, and the government is will positioned to do just so!

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        I dont really know of anywhere yet where they are taking peoples weapons away, do you Lewis? I mean if its happening, its a travesty, and its against the constitution. But I havenet heard or read anything stating that any state was taking guns from their citizens. If there are, let me know. Ill stay out of that state.

  • James R. Maxwell

    Any one who attempt to enter my home unless invited in or with a properly documentd warrant will have to suffer the consequences. As an American Veteran I put my life on the line to protect the Constution of the United States of America. I strongly support my
    police and the officers who serve our community. Tactics by corrupt
    politicians, judges and selfserving individuals will not be tollerated. Our nation is under attack by the Liberals and Radicals nor only on American shores but from around the world. We, as Americans citizens, have the right to protect our homes and family form invasion and tyrants. This is but one more exampe of why Obams is not qualified to be president of the U.S.A. He was raised in Muslim countries which hate Americans, Christians and Women. No matter how loud he wails he is a Christian he was raised a Muslim and that was all of the training and education he had till he suddendly appered upon American shores and wiggle his way into college.

    • PatHenry52

      It doesn’t matter what faith Obama has, it’s his actions that are bogus… I don’t really care what he thinks on anything, actually, I care only about what he does that violates the limits of his office… and there are far too many such actions for me to not consider myself among the opposition.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Actually it matters very much.

    • Rich

      To James, for the most part I agree except Obama did not sign the policy nor did he state this policy. Indiana is a Republican state and the US Supreme Court as a Republican majority.

      • ValDM

        It may be a republican majority, but it certainly ISN’T a conservative majority. Get your terms straight.

        • Kate8

          Seems like the majority of Republican politicians have come around to more Leftist thinking these days.

          It probably is a healthier choice for them, when they consider the alternative in the way the winds are blowing.

          I live in what has always been a conservative county in CA. Yet, everything being done here these days is socialist intrusion, and not one of them (to my knowlege) is standing up for his alleged principles.

          It’s only a very short time until we will see conservatism criminalized. It already is in every way that counts.

        • newspooner

          While any one of four current Justices (Thomas, Alito, Scalia, Roberts) could easily be considered the best Supreme Court Justice in DECADES, not one of them is a 100% constitutionalist. They only were confirmed because they are not big threats to the out-of-control, unconstitutional federal agencies (Dept. of Energy, Dept. of Education, TSA, etc.). If any one of them was really as good as a Supreme Court Justice should be, they would have advanced many of the large number of cases that could readily result in the abolition of these unconstitutional federal monstrosities. If Ron Paul could be elected President, you would see the correct type of people appointed to the Supreme Court.

  • Santi

    Truely this is a time to pray. We will have to suffer at the hands of the oppressors, but GOD said not to fear for he will be at our side until the end. Pray and have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

    • Kate8

      Santi – God also said that, for a time, evil would be allowed to prevail over the Saints.

  • Tom SC

    Lock&Load friends and neighbors Lock&Load. Before it’s to late!!

    • 45caliber

      When we start hearing of people killed while fighting off cops at their homes, we’ll have to make a point of understanding whether they were actually criminals or not – and not take the MSM’s word that they were criminals.

      • Christin

        That’s what I was thinking, 45.

        I can hear the ‘news reporting’ on tv saying now that there was a home shoot out and the reporter says the police… have been watching this guy for some time, he lost his job and just went crazy hitting his wife and screaming at his kids before he killed them all… and the police kicked in the door, but it was too late…

        Could be all lies to cover up police brutality in the Police State… we should all not rush to judgment when if comes to that.

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        I agree .45. I myself am sick of the way lawyers have prostituted the law, and criminals walk free constantly. I really dont care if people agree with me or not, because I live in a black and white world, where it is wrong or right, left or right, good or evil. When the cops know, I mean absolutely know, a criminal is in a house, and the know he has a cache of drugs, weapons, prostitutes, bombs, stolen property, I dont care what it is, I say they go in and get it. This crap of, “oh, we first need to go to a judge and get a warrant, and you know, give the guy time to leave” is a bunch of baloney. Yet you go in and get him, the courts throw it out, because they protect the guilty. They have for years. Just like these perverts that stalk women. For so long, the law said “Well he hasnt done nothing, so we cant do anything”, and they would wait for him to kill her, then they would act. Sorry, thats not good enough. Some would say “well how would I like them to haul me out of my house and arrest me”, I would have to say fine, present the evidence that Ive done something, which they cant do. But when they drag old Homer out, and he has 40 pounds of cocaine in his house, hey, if that aint guilty, then their aint no one guilty. Know what Im saying here? What the heck happened to a little common sense prevailing. But no, a guy is caught dirty as hell, with all the goods, and he walks because there was no warrant, or someone didnt read him his rights. Give me a break. Stinking lawyers have prostituted to law, and they benefit richly from these rich scumbags paying them off. It needs to stop.

        • Bleh

          I disagree. The 4th was not written for select people. It was written for everyone, no exceptions.

    • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

      But I am on SS, and cannot even afford to buy a cartridge any more. None on the shelves anyhow! Lock and load sounds great, but who can afford it any more??

      • JeffH

        LM, I too am living on SS, and I live in (K)alifornia. The cost of ammo is going up across the country but I have spent a lot of time finding the best “bang for my buck”. California is an anti-gun state and they’re doing everything in their power to make it tough to buy ammo of any kind. I’m well stocked for the range, the field and the final assault on our freedom.

        • JC

          Shhhhh. ;)

      • PatHenry52

        Just make sure you have enough to make a respectable stand… you’ll likely not end up using too much either way, 0 if you give in, and only as many as you can get off before they overwhelm you…. granted, I won’t take option 1, so I would hope to at least make them reconsider the next oppression due to the heavy price to suppress me….

        • Cawmun Cents

          Even though I do not advocate violence in any way,it may become necessary to militia up with your neighbors.The word crossfire comes to mind.Just a passing fancy.

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        a hollow tube, with little beads with a metal rod in them, dipped in your favorite poison, will stop them quicker than a .45

  • DC

    It is clear we have a problem in the US. We have condoms, and gay rights amoung other things in the classroom. But Jesus Christ is outlawed. God has been removed from the courthouse as well. Many judges have been forced to remove the Ten Commandments from their coutroom because it offended some left wing group. Whether you are Christian or atheist you don’t have to be a genius to see that we are in trouble.

    Schools in the Middle East they teach their young men to fire machine guns, while we teach our young that guns are evil. I fear there is a fight for our way of life coming in the not too distant future.

    • 45caliber


      Actually, they had to remove the Ten Commandments from courthouses because it created a hostile climate for lawyers. After all, how many lawyers do you know that could work around rules that stated things like, “Thou shalt no steal” and “Thou shalt not commit adultry”?

      • Kate8

        45 – Those points were too good to let pass without comment.

        While I’m tempted to laugh, it’s too tragic to be funny.

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        You got that right brother. When a guy can represent some scum that he knows is guilty, then sit there and spew lies and twist the truth to try to persuade a jury, well to me, its just plain evil man. Its pure evil. Its lying, cheating, stealing, envy, murder and the whole ball of wax. I honestly dont know, how some of these guys can go to sleep at night. I really dont. Its sick.

    • http://! Angel Wannabe

      Dc, When they took God out of the class room, they moved in the police & Metal Detectors. We’ve only ourselves to blame for not being Vigilant & standing up for what is right. It’s going to be damned hard to reverse.

      • Bitter Libertarian

        I agree 100% Angel. Our parents, Grandparents, and we ourselvs, have sat back many times allowing these politicians to divide us from each other.
        I dont expect anyone to ever 100% agree. problem at times is when someone like Jeremy Leochner says: May 23, 2011 at 2:43 am “I believe there are certain situations where perhaps an officer must act without a warrant and yet still be considered justified. Though I would say trying to specify those situations could create more problems than it solves.” <- Here we have a Liberal "on the fence"..trying to make sence of what he reads-it obviously doesnt sit well with him…THIS is the time when we need to create allies..sure we dont agree with many of his other beliefs, BUT the "journey of a Thousand miles begins with ONE step" and this is where we NEED NOT attack eack other.

        • http://! Angel Wannabe

          BL, each of us have our own protections, but the problem is when an intruder breaks into our homes, and they get shot or injured, “the intruder” suddenly becomes the “victim” and the law takes their friggin side, aganst us, the homeowner.
          There is no right an wrong anymore, the lawmakers are making up they’re own rules, the constitution has/is become null and void. The old perverbial, the one who dies with the most toys wins is rearing its ugly head.

          • Bitter Libertarian

            :) You missed my point..I agree 100% with You. My point was when someone Like Jeremy “wakes up a little” we should use that moment to help his eyes open a little and gain support on an issue. America is too divided, and the more support we can gain, the better.

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        First thing that needs done is to dismantle the Anti Christ Lawyers Union (A.C.L.U.)

  • JH

    “I’ve seen the enemy and he is us.”

    I think this is a quote from Pogo. Either way it is apt.

    • 45caliber

      Ah! Someone else with a fondness for Pogo.

      • independant thinker

        I miss Pogo.

        • Carlucci

          I miss Pogo, too.

          • Richard Pawley


    • babybikerbabe

      I believe you’ll find that statement to be a paraphrase from Winston Churchill.

    • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

      Yup, it was from Pogo. Walt Kelly saw things very clearly, and if more people read Pogo than crime and superhero comics, we’d be a lot better off.

      When the twig is bent, the whole tree grows crooked! Check your local woods if you do not believe me!

      • 45caliber


        Pogo was one of the original political cartoon series – except most people didn’t realize it since he mixed in a lot of good humor as well. It’s too bad it’s gone.

  • Poorgrandchildren

    “All around the world…People are…clamoring for a form of democracy”

    In America, our founders rejected that evil form of government and mandated a republic in Article 4, Section 4.

    • EltonJ

      “A Republic, if you can keep it!”

      – Benjamin Franklin.

      • babybikerbabe

        “We have given you a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC, if you can keep it” is what Franklin said.

        • Cawmun Cents

          “We havent kept it(Constitutional Republic)too well”.-CC.

    • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

      Yup. But the liberals are all for Democracy. Just the one where we are all equal, but some are more equal than others!

      • PatHenry52

        I call it “Special Equality”… because it really means, super rich elitists (ever notice the most pro-gun-control, pro-tax (never -their- tax, of course see Kerry, John – RI Yacht) elitists are the super wealthly, many doing exactly what they’re now against, to get there?…. yeah, Special Equality is exactly what they’re all about.. “We’re special, and you’re equal to every other little person…”

        We have an aritocracy just like England, except for the titles and openness about the reality of the situation… and it’s both R’s and D’s.. they always agree on the true bi-partisan issue – “politicians can do what they want, not what they say and you don’t get to join the club (or are dumb enough to believe they’ll let you in cuz you do their bidding) and laws are for the folks, not the law makers, they can do what they want.”

  • Brian

    If you are not outraged by this blatant violation of your rights, then you are NOT PAYING ATTENTION! Wake up before it is too late!

  • 45caliber

    We had a problem in this area a few years ago that this now allows. Several police would get a clerk to forge search warrants when they were mad at someone, many times a minority person. They would then use the warrants to go into the person’s house and tear it up as “punishment” for those who angered them. A judge happened to find a warrant he had “signed” while he was on vacation and did some investigation. About six cops and a couple of clerks were fired over it. And all were fined. (Personally, I think they should have had a stiffer sentence.)

    But with this new ruling, the cops no longer have to get a warrant. If they get mad at someone all they have to do is insist they smelled something funny or heard something funny and they can do what they want. And if the homeowner objects, too bad.

    • http://! Angel Wannabe

      45, this happened to a family friend who used to live near us, when he and his wife divorced. The wife apparently was seeing one of the local cops, and this friend had to leave the area, as this “cop” and his ex, did everything they could to harass this guy.

      • 45caliber

        Yeah, I’ve heard of several cases like that. Unfortunately.

        • http://! Angel Wannabe

          45, quite frankly, this friend was no angel either, he liked his booze, but he wasn’t violent. But his ex’s boyfriend cop, made his life absolutely miserable. He was thrown in and out of jail, harrassed on the road, it was nutz and I couldn’t believe it was tolerated!

          • http://! Angel Wannabe

            45, sorry, I hit submit before I finished, but after all of that, who is gonna stop them?

        • karolyn

          Cops are people too, with all their faults and egos. Working in the domestic violence sector, I hear stories of cops judging women for domestic violence and sexual assault all the time. They SHOULD be held to a higher standard. Actually, the should hold THEMSELVES to a higher standard. Unfortunately, there are bad apples, but that holds true anywhere.

          • http://! Angel Wannabe

            K, My question is, who’s gonna stop them?

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Im not for police acting out unfairly against someone because they so called dont like them, but there are cases where I see why, but it usually backfires on them. Like for instance, everyone knows the Rodney King incident. They had arrested this guy numerous times before, and he would laugh at them and tell them he would be out before they went home for supper, and pretty much, he was right. That day they beat him, they were tired of it, and over stepped their bounds and beat the tar out of him. Unfortunately for them, someone was filming it, and Rodney got rewarded for his bad behavior. And since then, he has be arrested numerous times and been shot, and nothing changed. Were the cops wrong for beating him, yes, yes they were. But they all were fired, lost their jobs, and yet old Rodney just keeps on keeping on. So I can understand their anger at some guys, as they bring it on themselves. And then the evidence sorts it out.

  • Doc Sarvis

    The conservative courts strike again.

    • PatHenry52

      It’s not a question of left vs. right, liberal vs. conservative, as Reagan oftenn said, it’s a question of up or down.

      What is a “conservative” court? How “conservative” is shredding the constitution?
      What does it matter who appointed someone, the person is either right or wrong and in this case, 1 of 9 was right, the rest were wrong. I would give them credit for getting citizens united right (yes, people can state their opinions, even if they do so under the banner of a corporation) and DC v. Heller mostly right (no, actually the 2nd Amendment -does- invalidate all firearm restrictions currently in place, like it or not.), but that is kind of, like, their job.

      The SCOTUS needs to remember that their job is not to be elitist lawyers, but to apply the constitution as intended… so far, they’ve done a mediocre job overall… I believe it’s because they forgot that the constitution was written for everyone to understand, so the easiest, most obvious answer, actually IS the right one….

      • 45caliber

        The problem is that the easiest answer isn’t the one that they want…

        • PatHenry52

          That is always the sticking point it seems….

          Citizens, with guns!! Oh my, they.. might,…resist our tyrannical acts… can’t have that! :)

          Seriously tho, my carry piece is 9mm, but I like the pseudonym none the less …

          • jibbs

            .45, because they don’t make a .46.

          • PatHenry52

            I’m all over the place with a 45.. I’d rather be sure I hit the target, even if I need to put 2 or 3 in ‘em (a lot easier I would think with a 9mm hole in them to slow them down) and know I can hit them than miss with the bigger cartridge…. More power to ya though if that’s your style – that’s why they make several different kinds!

          • 45caliber

            I like the .45. I was taught to shoot one handed by an old western gunfighter. He said the real problem with today’s shooting was that they wanted to fire the gun solely by pulling the trigger and then fight the recoil. He taught me to lock my wrist and shoulder and let it bounce at the elbow. When my elbow is straight again, I’m back on target. I can shoot it as fast as any other gun (I really like the .22-33%) and the cartridge will take down a man 98.6% of the time vs. about 70% of the time for the 9 mm. (And for you .44 mag people, it is 98.5% of the time.)

          • Cawmun Cents

            I prefer the.22.It tumbles.Doesnt always exit the body(little chance of accidentally shooting someone you didnt intend to).You have a situation where there is little recoil(quarter sized groups at fifty feet).Ammunition is cheap(and plentiful).If you are accurate, it is as deadly as any other munition(if you are accurate,you dont need size).The tumbling creates a situation where you can shoot someone in the big toe,and it may come out of their eyeball(making it amongst the deadliest munitions).Not much for armor penetration,but if a shot is placed correctly,then armor is not very effective.But for short range fighting and urban warfare,I will take the shotgun over any pistol munition.A 3 1/2 inch mag.12 gauge holds 18 .30 cal pellets and they all come out simultaneously.That is devastating at close range.

      • DaveH

        The only way this is going to change is for the citizens to throw off the shackles of their Government school brainwashing and learn about the kind of Freedom that our Founders advocated.
        Don’t think you’ve been brainwashed, Folks? Just read the book “Lincoln Unmasked” by Thomas DiLorenzo. You will discover why the phrase “Honest Abe” is an oxymoron. He was a typical politician, but worse than most. We’ve been duped.
        Why would thay do that to us? Simple. In the Leaders quest for power and perks there is no finer institution than a centralized government. And Lincoln subverted the Constitution to accomplish that. With a collection of mostly autonomous State Republics, as our country was originally intended to be, people can easily vote with their feet when their home state passes undesirable laws. And we would have the “Fishbowl Effect” where people in one state could see the failure of sweet-sounding laws in another state, and not repeat the same mistakes.
        Surely you’ve noticed how zealotous groups will first try to get their pet laws passed on the Federal level. That way we are deprived of easily voting with our feet, and deprived of learning by experience. That is also why many (probably most) of our politicians are advocating One-World-Government. More power for them, less ability for the rest of us to resist their enslavement.

      • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

        Good point,

        But you know that so many enamored of Big Government are not looking for truth, but a twist that allows them their way at the expense of good honest citizens.

        That is the reason why when I was growing up Civics classes said we were a Democracy, not a Republic. Get the kids when they were young, and it is near impossible now to unwarp them!

    • DaveH

      Doc does still have an ounce of Freedom sense left. Note though, Doc, that the ruling was 8-1. They aren’t all right-wingers.

      • ValDM

        Also, note that Justice Ginsburg (the lone dissenter) is hardly the poster child of conservatism.

    • JC

      Doc Sarvis says:
      May 23, 2011 at 7:50 am
      The conservative courts strike again.

      Mr. Pointless Pinko babbles again…

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Where as the liberal courts would have them break into my house, take my stuff, and give it to the bonehead that doesnt want to work for it. Oh wait, thats the democratic party that already does that, and keeps enlarging their take. Yeah, its kind of like that Doc.

  • Cashpockets

    This is very distressing and hard to believe that it could pass with an 8-1 vote.
    We live in most uncertain times for this country.
    Our Government has become corrupt and is no longer representing “The People” but instead is serving the wants and selfish desires of corrupt politicians.
    At this time I see nothing that will turn it around.
    We seem to be headed into a second or third world type of country,
    soon to be known as the “Late Great United States of America.”

    Only “The People” could possibly change our heading and it seems that no matter what happens, if they do wake up, it is only for a moment, then right back to being led and fooled again.
    There are basically three major things that are wrong with this country and they are Greed, Gullibility and Stupidity.

  • Raggs

    The brown shirts are coming, the brown shirts are coming!!!!
    I guess that the government must find a use for the FEMA camps…

    • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

      And they will tell all that the strong smell of formaldehyde will preserve them for a much longer life…and folks will fight to get place in line.

      Showers, anyone?

  • Thor

    Bob, I find little to refute in your comments and observations. In spirit, I think you are right on time. But, as a retired deputy sheriff, I would like to see a solution from you once in a while. Warrant-less searches based on ‘plain sight probable cause’ have been in practice for over a century and this is no more than an affirmation of that–not really new. Just how do you propose that law enforcement should handle a situation in which a cop walks by a car window and sees a bail of illegal marijuana sitting in plain sight on the seat? Does a quarter inch of glass make it off limits? Cops (most of whom are good, well-meaning and honest)–the people you accuse of being the minions of a police state–are fast becoming victims caught in the middle between a government run by fascist progressives and libertarians screaming about their rights being violated. As someone who has been in courts from summary to criminal several thousand times and having seen perfectly good and legitimately obtained evidence thrown out on technicalities and guilty folk walk free–I find that difficult to reconcile with your purported police state. Certainly, we are never far away from it at any time and never have been…except that we are a well-armed people who will not tolerate it and so far, because of it, our government has remained a polite one. It is only prudent to be vigilant, but I think this kind of pugilistic, Red Herring banter is counter productive. It is not the SWAT teams and street cops you have to be concerned about. They will not be the enforcers in a police state. Studies show that local cops would be totally ineffective for that purpose because they would not ‘fire’ on people they know. The military, used domestically, is more effective and foreign troops via NATO and the UN are considered the most probable and effective means of enforcing the kind of police state you envision. If you want to do a story about that, do some investigation on the troops returning from Afghanistan that are being trained–for the first time in history–for domestic deployment.

    • PatHenry52

      Unless someone is being force fed or whacked over the head with the bail of marijuana, you keep walking and let them do as they wish until they ask something from you to do it….

      As a libertarian, I will continue to scream about my rights, and the rights of idiot pot-heads, even if I am not one of them…. I also recognize that neo-nazis can espouse their b.s. on the streets though I find them repulsive…

      Thank you for your service, you sound like one of the good “cops”… but I’d still ask for the warrant, nothing personal.

      • Hicusdicus

        Pot is not a substance worthy of arrest or confinement it is a legal excuse to confiscate, fine and incarcerate . Next the smell of tobacco in a smoke free zone will be the excuse to round people up and sniff them. Particularly if the offensive Oder is coming from the ladies rest room.

        • http://! Angel Wannabe

          Hicusdicus__read it and weep, link below!__welcome to the long arm of the Obama Dictatorship. Where by, a we can buy a legal Substance cigarettes, only to have it be illegal now in NYC, with fines imposed NOW on beaches & in public places. Next will be banned in cars with passangers in them!

          • JC

            And you have to wonder who’s next on the Nazi hit list?
            I mean after they get all the smokers of a legal product under control. Who will it be? Fat people? Retarded people? People in wheel chairs? the Jews? Who’s next on the unnacceptable list?

            This criminalization of smokers is just another propoganda / smear campaign to subjugate yet another portion of society.

          • Bleh

            JC says:
            May 23, 2011 at 9:02 pm
            And you have to wonder who’s next on the Nazi hit list?
            I mean after they get all the smokers of a legal product under control. Who will it be? Fat people?
            Yes. They have already been working on the fat people.

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          I agree. Ive never seen someone smoke pot, and beat their wife, beat their kids, cheat on their wife. Or steal from their friends, or miss work because they couldnt get up in the morning. Ive never seen anyone smoke pot, then start fist fighting their best friend. But I have seen all these things happen with people who drink too much alcohol, and Ive seen it over and over again. And yet you can buy it anywhere. Can anyone tell me what is the matter with this picture? I mean alcohol has caused more death and crime, than cocaine, heroine, meth, speed and marijuana combined, and yet, again, you can buy it anywhere. Hello? Anybody home? What are the authorities thinking? Besides getting rich on having it illegal. Thats all it amounts to.

    • Raggs

      Thor… I believe you are correct however the concern that this is a beginning to a much more intrusive violation of our rights is easy to see.. We now have a very liberal leftist supreme court that favors a communist agenda.

    • DaveH

      We’re not talking about a “bail of illegal marijuana sitting in plain sight on the seat”, Thor. We’re talking about smelling marijuana and making judgement calls about where the odor is coming from. We’re talking about people sitting in their own homes, minding their own business, until some bully thugs burst into their homes, endangering everybodies’ life, because they are mistreating their own bodies (victimless crimes).
      We fought in a World War to supposedly stop thuggery like that.
      I have never done drugs in my life, but I would side with the druggies over the bully police any day. There is no doubt in my mind who the aggressors are in those situations.
      Folks, see my previous comments for links to articles about our current police state, and to see a raid map of raids gone wrong around our country.

      • Hicusdicus

        Most people on drugs are not a menace to society and certainly don’t deserve to die over it. Every one on medicare is taking some kind of drug and all drugs affect the mind and body in some way. I guess if law enforcement smells a gaseous fecal Oder there should be an immediate roundup to see if someone is polluting the air illegally with unauthorized laxatives.

      • Thor

        Never said there were not mistakes, acts of stupidity and shoddy police work at the local level–and, about that, I agree. The point was to distinguish between these less than acceptable acts–which are very widely dispersed, by the way, but make fascinating news copy–the the genuine indicators of a police state. It is when the local authorities are no longer willing to do the state’s bidding that you have to worry.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Thor,

      You say: “It is not the SWAT teams and street cops you have to be concerned about. They will not be the enforcers in a police state. Studies show that local cops would be totally ineffective for that purpose because they would not ‘fire’ on people they know.” Tell that to the family of Jose Guerena, the Marine veteran who was shot last week in his home by a SWAT team that fired 71 rounds. Initial reports were that he fired at officers first, but the story was changed after his gun was found with the safety on. Police say he was waiting on officers to enter so he could shoot them and was yelling that he had something for them. Does it make sense that a Marine vet who had served in Iraq would have his safety on if he intended to fire at officers?
      Tell it to Maryanne Godboldo, who had SWAT officers kick in her door and steal her child. Sorry, your argument doesn’t hold water.

      You ask: “Just how do you propose that law enforcement should handle a situation in which a cop walks by a car window and sees a bail of illegal marijuana sitting in plain sight on the seat? Does a quarter inch of glass make it off limits?” Your question is a non sequitur. The discussion is about officers entering homes without a warrant.

      You write: “The military, used domestically, is more effective…” Many of today’s police officers are former/current military and all receive military-type training.

      You write: “Cops (most of whom are good, well-meaning and honest)–the people you accuse of being the minions of a police state–are fast becoming victims caught in the middle between a government run by fascist progressives and libertarians screaming about their rights being violated.” It has not been my experience and that of some of my staff that most cops are good, well-meaning and honest. They are not victims, they are the enforcers. When our elected elites and the officer’s superiors don’t recognize the Constitution, what makes you think the officers will?

      Best wishes,

      • Cathy

        Bob, I couldn’t have said it better.

        What about the various incidents of cops initiating a drug bust by breaking down doors and shooting and killing the family pet(s) because they barked at the intruders? And then they find less than an ounce of marijuana. THAT’S what really upsets me.

        I worked for the police department in Las Vegas for seven years. These guys loved to party. It seemed like every week there was another celebration for a promotion or retirement. They would get stinking drunk and get in their cars and drive. I found it hypocritical that they would bust some guy for having or smoking a joint in public.

        I’m so glad I no longer work for them…many police officers really think they are above the law.

        • DaveH

          My neighbors both worked for the police department. The policeman brought home switchblades, fireworks, and other items that were confiscated from other people. But they rationalized that it was okay because the laws were meant for “stupid people” and they weren’t stupid.

          • Kate8

            DaveH – Years ago, we had a friend who was also a police officer. He told us much the same thing, but also included marijuana (and probably other drugs, as well) that the cops took home for their own use. Maybe even to make a little extra on the side.

            Cops are like everyone else. Some are more ethical than others.

            These days there aren’t many ethical people in any walk of life.

          • PatHenry52

            So they were Liberals? That’s the philosophy exactly… the story here I guess would be the honesty to admit it!

      • 45caliber

        There was a case in California a few years ago that I thought bad. One of the beach-front cities wanted a lot of beach property owned by some millionare – but they wouldn’t pay for it. He refused to give it to them since it was worth many millions. They started out by calling him day and night telling him that it was worth giving because it would help so many people to have more beach. Then they started stopping his car every where they saw it for some infraction and the cop telling him he should give the land even as he wrote out the ticket. Finally they raided his house supposedly due to a report he used drugs although they refused to tell who gave them the info. The cops broke in and when he came to see what was going on WITHOUT a gun they shot and killed him. The cops said they thought he was armed.

        At the funeral, on the way back from the graveyard, the family limo was stopped by the cops and the family were then told that a gift of the land to the city would be a good memorial for him. His daughter called in the news media and told them. The city dropped the harrassment.

      • Richard Pawley

        Dear Bob,
        This is off the topic a bit but I don’t know how to contact you otherwise. There is a big difference between the so-called minimum daily requirement of any particular vitamin and what research has shown is the healthiest amount. You answered a person who asked about vitamin B-12 and while I have long ago forgotten what the UN or the FDA says is how much we should take I have been taking 200 mcg. for several years in my all natural multi-vitamin and mineral supplement. Vitamin C and D-3 are two others where the minimum daily amount is wholly inadequate. I was taking 5,400 IU of D-3 daily in the winter and 1 gram of Vitamin C but still got the flu so I doubled it for the rest of the season. Only had the flu for four days whereas most get it for two weeks, first time in a decade, and I have not had a flu shot since the Bay of Pigs. I also take three tiny chlorella tablets a day and astaxanthin, and a capsule of New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel. Look into them and I think you will be amazed at what they can do for you. Keep up the good work and remember that with God all things are possible.


  • TIME


    Thanks for the really great Blog with INTEL that all Americans should understand as its in such a clear easy to follow format.
    Saddly as many Americans seek the “Safty – Security – SEX” format that they have been sold on by Government for the last 100 plus years.
    The ones who can’t grasp that Freedom requires “SELF” responsibility ~ rather than State Mandated have plunged us all in to the Abyss of HELL.
    As When its “STATE MANDATED FREEDOM” thats really nothing less than Slavery to the state.

    As our freedoms are stripped away yearly, while the populace shouts for more chains we were sure to have the end game being a “Police State” there realy was no other way it could end.
    This opens the door to the loss of the 2nd Amendment, as well the First.

    The 2012 elections may well be a really good show for the simple minded before we have that single head of state who will never change.
    Hey we already have the never ending war – wow ~ how odd we have that part and no one has said a word about it other than the standard mindless dribble RebO v DemO rhetoric.

    We have been Mandated to buy what ever the Government tells you to, Then add in the POLICE State format along with all the other little things that aid in the making of a slave state, its truly the End Game.
    Thus now its just a matter of pulling all the loose strings tightly around the necks of the NEW SLAVES who just can’t grasp what they have become yet.

    As we enter this stage for the last act of 1984 with its last few disconnects from what was the only true country where Personal FREEDOM has ever been over the last 5000 years of Human history.
    I ask How Sad is that?
    As we desend into a state where all persons not within the small group of elite wealth who control the every move of the vast pool of SLAVES of the state, the slaves still will demand that they be controled even more and smile about it.
    Afterall its the lesser of TWO EVILS, Right?

    Its really very much like the chickens on a farm they took the FREE FOOD only to find out Col Sanders had other plans for them then thier sitting about eating food all day while getting fat and lazy.
    Man did the Chickens pay for the Free Food and house, now we are the Chicken’s and we will pay just as the chickens do.

    • DaveH

      And as Big Government causes our economic decline, they skillfully pull the wool over many citizens’ eyes while offering more Government as the solution to the problems they have created.
      Want Individual Liberty? Personal Responsibility? Free Markets, where people voluntarily decide what to buy and what to produce free of Politicians favoritism? Limited Government? Peace, the kind that comes less Government pillaging of our money, thus happier people?
      There is only one Political Party that advocates those things:

      Quit wasting your votes on Democrats and Republicans. The Leaders from both (with the exception of a handful) are just feathering their own nests at the citizens’ expense. They are making fools out of the rest of us.

      • Don

        Vote Sara Palin for 2012, if you want to fight against big Government !!!!

        • Carlucci

          Sorry to burst your bubble, Don. Sara Palin is a big fat RINO.

        • DaveH

          Hardly, Don. Sarah helped get the RINO John McCain re-elected in my state. She really doesn’t understand what real Freedom is.
          Most people think Freedom means when things are done their way.

    • Kate8

      TIME – I’m beginning to see that American freedom, at least in the past century, has been an illusion. We haven’t understood freedom for a very long time.

      I’ve been listening to people who’ve moved to some S. American countries, and they describe a libertarian lifestyle that we have not known in this lifetime. One can do whatever one wishes, with being hindered by mind-boggling rules and regulations.

      There’s a reason that Americans and Europeans are fleeing there by the millions. And they SCREEN those desiring to immigrate, much as America once did.

      What is even more foreboding is that it is becoming more difficult to emigrate from America, due to our own government wanting to stop us from leaving. What’s that song about history repeating?

      • Kate8

        Should have read “…without being hindered…”

        • Cawmun Cents

          Yes….but what happens when there is a regime change in the place you go to,and your freedoms are no longer guaranteed?Do you then move to the next country of choice?If you expatirate to be able to express freedom,and then it is suddenly taken from you in a land you have no connection to,what good was that freedom to you?If you then move to the next place,and it happens again,what have you gained?Just a little time to excersize the”he who wins with the most toys”way of life?No.That is not the way for those of us who love freedom.Situational freedom is never long-lasting.It is always easily taken from those who will not fight for it.-CC.

      • 45caliber


        One BIG reason that many businesses, etc are leaving is due to government regulations. It costs too much to meet all of them and other countries don’t have them. It is not the cheaper labor since the cheaper labor means a lot fewer knowledgeable people to hire. The companies have to put up with marginal workers while trying to educate and train more.

        A good example lately is Boeing. They wanted to build a plant in SC. The unions in Washington sued and a federal judge ruled they had to build the plant in Washington. There is a very good chance it will now be built in another country instead.

        • Nadzieja Batki

          Canada wants them there.

          • JC

            I doubt Boeing would move operations to Canada.
            The tax regime there is comparable to the US.

        • Kate8

          45 – Yes, but I was speaking of just regular folks. They are saying that they have peace in their lives that they never knew in America.

          The go to Ecuador, Brazil, Peru or Uraguay, and buy a large piece of land at a good price. They live off the grid, grow their own food, and live, unharrassed, by the gov’t.

          I realize that the NWO is set to control ALL nations, but some have a few more years before tyranny sets in. All I’m saying is that, in America, we’ve believed that we’ve had freedom when we’ve been, in fact, more conrolled than many other countries.

          • Christin


            Yes, you are right… we have been living without freedom for a long time. That is sad to acknowledge.

            There are so many LAWS, rules, Regulations, one can really not fathom what is left to be had without paying for it, filing for it, or not getting it at all let alone getting a lesser amount than one wanted becuase of CONGRESSIONAL LAWS.

            Do you know there are rules in my state that says you have to have ten acres to have a water well and you have to have ten acres to hunt on your land…
            I’m sure everyone is breaking one of these lousy laws made by state and national gov all the time, because there are too many to know them… even lawyers have to study the laws for years and research them to find precidence.

            It was better when we followed The Ten Commandments and the Constitution & Amendments. Everyone use to learn those.

      • TIME

        Forgive me we have had a long day so I am just now getting a few moments.

        Yes, saddly we only think we are free the TRUTH is we lost a lot after JFK was shot, most folks just can’t fathom that.
        What took place when the Patriot Act was signed was a real heavy nail, but the HCR bill opens the door to Pandora’s Darkest Box yet. Most can’t see that due to thinking its something else that the RICH will pay for.

        Saddly the fact is when your Government can Mandate what you MUST buy, thats when we lost what was left of the Bill of Rights.

        In the 1970′s under Tricky Dick with his DEA, then under Regan we gave away a lot of our rights with the guise of keeping us safe from Drug dealers. So your bank reported any cash deals over $10K, Now that number is down to $3500.00 in cash taken from your OWN bank account your’e reported to the DEA. How crazy is that?

        But the HCR bill is really the wide open door, to force you to buy what the Governmet tells you you can.
        Thus freedom was lost a long time ago we just had STUFF that held the blinders on.

        Now as the STUFF starts to dry up, jobs are all long gone under Bush 1 and Clinton’s time in office, now anything left is being mopped up and shut down under Barry.

        So whats left the fist amendment whats left of it our Framers would not even grasp it anylonger.
        The second is under attack daily, this SC Ruling is a home run on starting the undertaking of creating a new class of criminal, YOU, and or anyone who owns a gun.
        Once thats done its all just a matter of time before the FEMA camps are opened and the weeding out begins.

        Anyone who thought that the Nazi’s were bad, well I am telling you now that will look like a sunny day in May with flowers growing in a big field.
        Oh the reason why the flowers will be growing so well will be the millions of bodys rotting under them.

        People I beg you to wake up others, we can still stop this and reverse it all, but its going to be a long hard road.
        2012 will just be the very start.

      • Bleh

        I agree Kate8. The “Land of the Free” really is not as free as many think.

  • Protonius

    It seems that there are problems on all sides of this issue. So can anyone offer a truly workable solution, one that ESTABLISHES and protects our rights, and which ALSO defends us against criminal activities (whether those activities are undertaken by the “crooks” OR by out-of-control police/governmental suthorities?

    • EltonJ

      Build Zion. That’s the only solution I can see. Turn the United States into a society of the Pure in Heart. Where there is no poor among us, that people give their property to others by their own free choice (this is called the Law of Consecration, Jeremy) rather than by force of the Government.

      We need such a society, and it begins with one person.

    • DaveH

      Libertarians believe that human beings have a natural (or God-given) right to control their own bodies and legally acquired property, as long as they don’t trespass on the bodies and property of others. And I don’t mean mentally, as everything anybody does causes mental distress to one person or the other.

      • karolyn

        No one causes mental distress to another. Our response to another’s actions is OUR responsibility. We are the cause of our own mental distress via our processing of events outside of our control.

        • Carlucci

          Good point. It is how we react to people, actions, and events. And healthy adrenal glands keep us calm and rational.

          • Kate8

            Cool. I want to be there to observe your calm when your front door gets kicked in.

          • Kate8

            Seriously, that sounds good, but much stress takes place on an unconscious level, and often we aren’t even aware that we’re stressed until we reach a certain point.

            While what you say may be technically true, it doesn’t mean that we can live under oppressive conditions stress-free. It is coming that we won’t even KNOW what misstep can get get us arrested, especially when our every move is being watched…

            We have internal mechanisms that respond to our environment, independent of our conscious mind. While there are mystics and such who’ve learned to master this to a great extent, they usually live apart from the crowd, and are the exception.

          • PatHenry52

            The solution is – stand strong, do what we have to do and start saying NO and NO THANKS… NO to what common sense says is bull, and NO THANKS to promises of hand-outs, even if it’s a little harder…. Start asking “How so?” and make them say it… get a copy of “rules for radicals” and turn it around on them…. expose the b.s…. the sun is a mighty disinfectant…. I like “How so?”.. statists stumble all over themselves when you won’t accept their premises and they have to justify it.

        • DaveH

          Sure, Karolyn, look at it any way you want. Bottom line — my point was that the concept of trespassing on the bodies or property of others needs to be only in a physical sense, or there would be no end to Government excuses to mess with other people.

  • Jack


  • David

    I recomend discernment in reading most of this. There can be no debate in which there is name-calling, ridicule, and gross exaggeration.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      What are you, the hall monitor.

  • Gary

    I can’t help but wonder how many of the responders in here actually vote. It is a known fact that less than 50% of those eligible actually vote. I have heard a lot of lame excuses about not voting and have three favorites:

    1. The elections are rigged so my vote will make no difference.

    2. I didn’t like any of the candidates so I didn’t vote.

    3. I don’t vote so you can’t blame me for the problems in this country.

    There are as many lame excuses for not voting as there are people who don’t vote. Many people I talk to seem to have an ostrich mentality. They stick their heads in the sand hoping it will all go away. They don’t vote or pay attention to what is going on and they refuse to talk about it, because it is too depressing. So they grab a beer out of the refrigerator, sit in their easy chair, watch sports and stay home on election day. They deserve the government they got.

    A politician’s worse nightmare is if everyone eligible voted. Then they would have to work for their constituents and there is no money in that. The big money is in supporting special interest lobbies. That is true for Republicans as well as Democrats. We have the best politicians money can buy.

    We need a complete house cleaning in all government levels and vote out all incumbents. You don’t have to cross party lines to do it. Encourage the right people to oppose the incumbents in the primaries and vote them out before the General Election. Then you don’t sacrifice party loyalty. That can work from the President down to the local level.

    We need to get a lot more than 48 or 49% to get out and vote. It would take a miracle for that to happen. When the American people put aside their differences and work together they can accomplish almost anything. That is why we were on the winning side in two world wars and that is what made this nation great.

    I’m not saying anything new here that I haven’t said many times before. I’m saying the things that need to be said over and over and we all need to get out there and say them. Get out there and vote America. Leave that beer in the refrigerator, set your VCR or DVR to record that big game so you can get back to it. It won’t kill you and you just may help to make a difference. The bought and paid for politicians are praying that you all stay home on election day.

    To those of us who vote, try to encourage at least one of your friends to vote who, otherwise, would stay home on election day.

    To those who don’t vote I have one thing to say. If the day ever comes that the minority of voters have voted all our rights away, don’t come complaining to me. I will have one question. Where were you when there was still time to do something about it?

    The greatest threat to our liberty and freedoms is APATHY and not the government. Wake up America or pretty soon we will be seeing police recruiting posters that say “Better Policeman For A Better Police State.”

    • PatHenry52

      I vote every time… most of the time my guy loses, sadly, though Sen. Brown was a welcome exception.

      • PatHenry52

        But don’t get me wrong, I don’t want more voters, I want more voters that agree with me, less voters that disagree…. I’d prefer people that know what they’re doing voting, so I’d be happy with 15% turnout if it were 14.5% freedom loving, small goverment minded individuals.

        • DaveH

          There is only one party that has Freedom on its agenda:

        • Hicusdicus

          The voting age should be raised to 40 years old. This is the age where it gets harder get people to believe the governments baloney.

          • Kate8

            H – That is exactly why they target the youth.

          • Nadzieja Batki

            Not true. There are enough 40 year olds without a clue.

          • JLC

            Kate8 — When you get to be my age (80+), a 40-year-old IS a youth!!

          • Kate8

            JLC – I hear ya!

          • JC

            JLC…I saw an 80 year old Second WW Vet who was a sniper,
            still able to “ring the bell” at a thousand yards with a
            vintage sniper rifle.
            Believe me sir, you may still have much to contribute. :)

      • newspooner

        I interpret what you said to mean that you voted for Scott Brown on Jan. 19, 2010. But did you really vote for Scott Brown (half good at best), or did you vote against Obamacare? Most of the voters I talked to on election day voted against Obamacare, and their mechanism to do so was to vote for Scott Brown. Now they are disappointed that they didn’t vote for Joe Kennedy (the good one, not the bad one from the socialist family) because we got Obamacare anyway instead of having a solid Libertarian in the Senate. Moral of the story: ALWAYS VOTE FOR THE BEST CANDIDATE, NOT A PRAGMATIC COMPROMISE CANDIDATE. Now, let’s see, who is the only Republican candidate for President that you can be 100% sure of????? Hmmm. I bet Dave H knows.

        • DaveH

          Newt Gingrich?

          • DaveH

            Just kidding.

        • PatHenry52

          I voted for a guy that tries his best and knows that it means something to you when have 200K on your truck.. that and against Barry’s MA style health plan (Yes, it actually does fail in practice, MA has not solved 1 problem, but did massively increased the costs… fortunately I religiously exempt myself in MA (Religion of Liberty, I refuse to comply with compulsory purchasing even though I have redistribution of health through my work that meets their b.s. standards… f ‘em.. and especially to you Cadillac Deval, from my cold dead hands!) so I don’t hand over my personal info to the beaurocrats personally, but it aint helping here, and wont help nationally… )
          I also loathed the idea of “We don’t encourage self-help” Coakley,.. so you should call the police and don’t intervene when the pedo is attacking your young child… that’s her twisted view, and if you don’t believe me, check it out, she actually said that about the guy who punched out an illegal alien pedo that was trying to molest his kid… Sorry lady, Homey don’t play dat…

    • 45caliber

      I’ve voted in all national and state elections since 1965 when I turned 18. I’ve missed a couple of local elections for things like hospital board when I didn’t know who was even running.

      • Gary

        I am curious how you were able to vote in 1865 at the age of 18 when the voting wasn’t lowered to 18 until the 1970s. The first time I was able to vote was when I turned 21 in 1968

        • PatHenry52

          Cryogenic freezing…. like you meant to say 1965, he may not have the exact age/year, so what… either you believe he votes regularly or you don’t… but don’t pull that “oh I gotcha on the technicality” b.s… Like you’re going to go check the voter rolls just to prove the guy didn’t vote exactly like he said on an internet post… really?

          If you just want to pick a fight, say it – don’t pu$$y foot around… (I’m mocking you in good humor, btw, I hope you’re just being a jerk to get a rise and don’t really live your life like that… but if so, whatever. I’m laughing, not viciously attacking, is my point..)

  • Jim

    in obamanation the constitution is abolished we will now take our laws from the ” holy koran ”……………………………….


    • Kate8

      Jim – BHO – America’s public enemy…whatever you said…#1.

      Yes! What a great campaign slogan! I’d love to see that on posters everywhere.

      But it wouldn’t be allowed, and you’d probably get arrested for doing it in Amerika today. BHO is already slated for an indefinite term.


    The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it. “THOMAS JEFFERSON”

  • Rick Childers

    I am ashamed to an American citizen and a citizen of the state of Indiana. Why isn’t everyone up in arms. We should all be in the streets yelling at the top of our lungs about what is going on. Have we become a nation of sheep? My father fought communism in Korea and I lost a friend in Vietman, and we just let them walk in and take over our lives. It’s time for a second American Revolution.

    • DaveH

      Violence rarely comes to any good. It worked briefly for us 200 some years ago (until Lincoln trampled the Constitution), but usually revolutions just trade one despotic leader for another despotic leader.
      Our only real chance is to make people aware of real Freedom. It’s scary to many, but the end result is a happier, more prosperous citizenry.
      Watch Judge Napolitano’s Freedom Watch on Fox Business Network. Watch John Stossel. Read at, or, or

    • karolyn

      Well, why are you still sitting in front of your computer. You first!

      • Rick Childers

        Oh, I’m doing my part. How about you get off your ‘puter and join us.
        Or are you just all talk?

        • DaveH

          She’s using her brain. But Karolyn is a Liberal so she likes Big Government and sure wouldn’t resist it.
          The PTBs would just love us to start violence. It is not the solution.
          The solution is to educate those around us to what is happening. A good starting place is Educational Choice (not School Choice) where parents are given vouchers to send their kids where they think they will get the best educations, and where the Government butts out of curriculum choice.
          Getting our kids out of the Propaganda Schools would go a long way towards reclaiming our Freedom.

          • Nadzieja Batki

            Do your children believe as you do? Does your wife or you husband believe and hold dear the freedoms you cherish? If you can’t answer yes, the enemy is in your home.

          • DaveH

            My Girlfriend used to be a Democrat. She’s Libertarian now. My son’s Libertarian. Hopefully, my daughter will be someday (Republican now).

  • Vanessa T.

    once again this makes me so sick to my stomach. stupid liberals once again. ain’t no body just gonna knock down my door with a warrant i have a right to defend my self and i will defend myself and i will fire off as many shells as i like. our for fathers are rolling over in there graves right now!!!!! how can any one let just let that happen!!!? oh yes how could i be so stupid we have a Muslim liberal left wing idiot as our “president” and america is not America any more!!!!

    • Bitter Libertarian

      Liberals? Certainly I will not defend Liberals, however if you look back a mere 10 years ago Americans didnt care about their 4th amendmentment rights as long as our Goverment kept us safe from the “Big Bad Box Cutter Man”. I believe it was a republican who SIGNED those laws into FULL EFFECT…..

      Now ten years later your going to complain?!

  • Raggs

    So what are we going to do when obama-care is expanded to a full ran government system and the supreme court deems that the ownership of guns by private individuals is a threat to the welfare of citizens????

    GET READY FOR IT! it’s coming your way soon…

    • Kate8

      Raggs – And let’s not forget, we’ve already had doctors asking about gun ownership for some time now as part of a routine visit.

      • DaveH

        Really Kate? Where is that? Doesn’t happen here in Arizona, as far as I know.

        • Kate8

          DaveH – Do a search on something like “doctors questioning re gun ownership during routine visit”.

          You will come up with several articles.

        • Nadzieja Batki

          Some pediatricians already have that question on their office patient forms.

        • PatHenry52

          Florida, if I remember correctly…

  • Char

    When are we going to stand up for our rights and quit letting these things get past us. Look at other countries standing up and fighting. Is American so dumbed down that they can’t fight for what is right?

    • Vanessa T.


      yes america has become nothing but tree hugging liberal sissy’s that are too much of cowards to stand up for our country and our rights as american citizens wich we are no longer called “citizens” but “civilians” and cops are not our friends but our allies. we are too scared to stand up because we will get thrown in jail for fighting and if we stand up and actually form a militia or riot we still get thrown in jail or killed and no body want’s to do that.

      • Gary

        “A nation of sheep will soon be ruled by a government of wolves.” Edward R. Murrow.

        • newspooner

          Isn’t it that one of the most devious traitors in American history would come up with such a profound quote!

          • newspooner

            typographical omission correction: Isn’t it IRONIC that one of the most devious traitors in American history is responsible for such a profound quote!

        • Cawmun Cents

          Murrow wasnt the first to make that quote.-CC.

  • Vanessa T.

    lo, i meant to say with out a warrant. knock on the head.

  • http://none dave buslknkl

    eventually, like in Tunisia where a policeman harassed a man who had no permit to sell basic commodities on the street (just to feed his children) resulting in the man immolating himself and starting the Arab Revolution, the arrogant, unforgiving and relentless thuggery of law enforcement will go too far. A small spark, resulting from laws which go too far in assuming the guilt of the people before innocence, could cause a civil war in America. Then, it will be too late for the elite thugs to apologize for their bullshit. America will burn, and once it starts and civility breaks down, there will be plenty of pent up anger taking over, especially among blacks i imagine, who have been terrorized by law enforcement for way too long. hold on to your butts…….

    • Bitter Libertarian

      So lets say your right…some small spark takes place….tne MSM will report a Terrorist attack, radical Islam, White Supremist, or a host of other BS LIES to down play thge incident….How do you know that the spark hasnt already been Pi$$ed on!

      While I agree ALL Polticians are culpable…I say that EQUALLY Culpable is the media.

  • Bob Marshall

    Next will come the National IDs’. Sooner than later we will be told to surrender our guns because the police, military and government wil protect you. Those who fail to comply will find out wheather the FEMA camps are real or not.Why does Obama insist on having a civilian force comparble to the military? we lose more and more freedom with every stroke of his pen.What can we expect when congress has so many CFR members. I might Obama is a member as well as Hillasry Clintn.They want to have open borders between the US, Mexico and Canada. As a citizen and a patroit i want something also. i want to see the investigation of 9/11. This time an independant committee outside the government. If 4,000 engineers and explosive experts around theworld have questions maybe we shoul also.i never believe an old man in a cave in Afghanistan could pull off such a percise,well planned attacjk where everything had to be exact to succeed. We aas Americians should have asked more questions before allowing war on Iraq and Afghanistan. A war that was already in the planning.As the former PNAC stated we just need a new Pearl Harbor.interesting because FDR had plenty of warning . months ahead of time. Read about his chilling account where he allowed almost 3,ooo to die so the US could go to war.Vietnam was a lie. Iraq was a lie. The reason for bombing in Kuwait was a lie. The shame is America knew and did not speak up. That is a crime in and of itself.if we as a nation aren’t aware of our past history we will never be able to change the way our government works. Right now, Hillary Clinton is being asked to send millions to support the MEK. A largeterrorist organization in Iran. The CIAQ has been training the bauchi Rebels in Iran for almost two years. I wonder when the US and of course the Honorable UN will start dropping the nuclears bombs they are so proud of that you can find them on the internet. The US dbombing of Iraq using depleated uranium was dedlorable. You won’t hear much about it from the CIA contolled news media. How since the first bombing they have been 500,000 babies in Iraq born deformed. Our troops are suffering from this radiation.The firefighter, NYPD and the volunteers who during 9/11 risked their lives are suffering from respritatory aliments and some from cancer without help from the government. if you go on youtube while you still can due to censorship you can see two military planes in the air during the attacks of 9/11. One over the White house and one above the Twin Towers. These planes are for government personel to escape as to be able to carry on with governmental affairs in the case of attack. Why were these planes in those areas of the sky unless they knew what was going to happen. Remeber Cheney had given orders to stand down. You can also find this on youtube.

    • Vanessa T.

      Bob Marshall,

      well that is because obama hates america, and wants us to fall in which we are :’(

  • Earl Z.

    The Patriot Act allows these invaisons and, a vote to extend it will take place today. Contact your congressperson and let them know how you feel about the un-warranted searchs that the Patriot Act supports.

  • Frank C.

    A lot of what is written seems a lot of blah, blah, blah. Don’t you see what happened to Detroit? Its a wasteland. Started in the 50′s and 60′s when many complained about police brutality and abuses. Understand what police have to do to maintain control and protect citizens before you start flipping opinions around. Detroit police are totally inept and are actually afraid of Detroit residents and have no motivation to do their job. Houses in Detroit, Indiana and eleewhere are broken into, destroyed and valuable personal possession stollen in mid-afternoon. Residents hide behind legal technicalities because they don’t mind buying houses that decrese in value because of the inability and ineffectiveness of the Detroit Police Force to protect vacant houses made because tenants refuse to pay rent in hopes of buying a house on the cheap. (Although the last is a rambling sentence read it slowly and for cripes sakes think about it.) Then Detroit residents don’t mind, instead of supporting Detroit Police in their investigations they’ll just keep moving outward, keep on complaining about “police brutality and injustices” and continue to purposely decrease property values for their benefit to purchase those houses.

    • DaveH

      Neither police presense or absence caused Detroit’s problems. Their problems are caused by Big Government. Period.
      Too many chiefs sucking the lifeblood out of the Detroit economy.

      • DaveH

        Read this for an example of how well-intended but misguided laws create more problems than they solve:

        • mickey

          I only skimmed through the article but I have a problem with blacks identifying themselves as unique. We used to have parallel neighborhoods-black and white. We had the same shared values, we had the same shared problems with crime. And drugs crossed both of us.

          It won’t stop until blacks quit separating themselves from issues instead of using skin color. In my GM town, both made the same wages but whites tended to build new houses and keep the lawns up. In the black community, they tended to do neither. I could never figure that out. But OTOH, poor white communities looked the same as the black section. lol, I’ve been in black sections that were extremely nicely maintained and put whites to shame.

          Whole organizations have gained at the cost of blacks. The NAACP (which we can’t even spell out). We still have a Black Caucus-still separate. We have Shirley whatshername still giving gestures downing whites–and still making money off it.

          Simply we have common problems and none have to do with skin.

          However, the encouragement of this administration to bus illegals into this nation quite literally looks like happened during the black slavery movement–move labor from country to country, excepting we were a young nation then (and we obviously had more than one nationality involved) but the blacks kept this slave bit going a little too long.

          Now we have state sponsored labor movement, Mexico boasts of how much money they are making off it. Our government boasts of how much labor we have working illegally.

          My point, until blacks get out of their skin, and the rest of us too, we need to label these illegals as state sponsored slavery. Forget voters, social programs, etc, this is nothing but the movement of labor across borders (where none is needed). As far as I am concerned, LaRaza is just another broker of human bondage. Think all these people are doing it for free? How much does a coyote get for getting six (legally according to DHS) across the border? Who is getting compensated on this side? And by whom? Our government?

          Just like the NAACP, LaRaza is not going to give up the power and money they get off the backs of these illegals. Neither is Mexico going to give up its revenues, nor any other country that supports this. African slave movement is nothing compared to the well-heeled money floating around in the 21st Century. And who is the state sponsor on our side? African obama.

          I would suspect that two hundred years ago conservatives fought slavery, just like today. A different sales pitch but the same old issue.

          • DaveH

            If by 200 years ago, you’re referring to the decades around the 1850s, you’re mistaken. The Abolitionists were only a small percentage of the population. And Lincoln was definitely not one of them. The black slaves were simply used as pawns by the Northern leaders to politically suppress the Southerners who wanted to quit the Union because the Northerners were trampling the rights of the Southerners.
            Unfortunately as Jefferson said “the natural progress of things is for liberty to yield and government to gain ground”.

      • Hicusdicus

        Detroit’s collapse was caused in part by corrupt and greedy unions who almost destroyed one of our most vibrant industries. Do you really think these people are going to vote against big government.

        • mickey

          Yes, and a lot of retirees are rethinking parts of this. They have good pensions but the unions spent it. I remember when the Mafia raided the pension funds and went to jail. Now our government endorsing unions is spending tax dollars to make up for the stolen funds.

          My brother said it was so easy to have the unions come on the floor and say they needed money for this or that and just took it from his pay.

  • James Graham

    WAYNE ALLYN ROOT: Overwhelm the system
    Barack Obama is no fool. He is not incompetent. To the contrary, he is brilliant. He knows exactly what he’s doing. He is purposely overwhelming the U.S. economy to create systemic failure, economic crisis and social chaos — thereby destroying capitalism and our country from within.
    Barack Obama is my college classmate ( Columbia University , class of ’83). As Glenn Beck correctly predicted from day one, Obama is following the plan of Cloward & Piven, two professors at Columbia University . They outlined a plan to socialize America by overwhelming the system with government spending and entitlement demands. Add up the clues below.
    Taken individually they’re alarming. Taken as a whole, it is a brilliant, Machiavellian game plan to turn the United States into a socialist/Marxist state with a permanent majority that desperately needs government for survival … and can be counted on to always vote for bigger government. Why not? They have no responsibility to pay for it.

    – Universal health care. The health care bill had very little to do with health care. It had everything to do with unionizing millions of hospital and health care workers, as well as adding 15,000 to 20,000 new IRS agents (who will join government employee unions). Obama doesn’t care that giving free health care to 30 million Americans will add trillions to the national debt. What he does care about is that it cements the dependence of those 30 million voters to Democrats and big government. Who but a socialist revolutionary would pass this reckless spending bill in the middle of a depression?

    – Cap and trade. Like health care legislation having nothing to do with health care, cap and trade has nothing to do with global warming. It has everything to do with redistribution of income, government control of the economy and a criminal payoff to Obama’s biggest contributors. Those powerful and wealthy unions and contributors (like GE, which owns NBC, MSNBC and CNBC) can then be counted on to support everything Obama wants. They will kick-back hundreds of millions of dollars in contributions to Obama and the Democratic Party to keep them in power. The bonus is that all the new taxes on Americans with bigger cars, bigger homes and businesses helps Obama “spread the wealth around.”

    – Make Puerto Rico a state. Why? Who’s asking for a 51st state? Who’s asking for millions of new welfare recipients and government entitlement addicts in the middle of a depression? Certainly not American taxpayers. But this has been Obama’s plan all along. His goal is to add two new Democrat senators, five Democrat congressman and a million loyal Democratic voters who are dependent on big government.

    – Legalize 12 million illegal immigrants. Just giving these 12 million potential new citizens free health care alone could overwhelm the system and bankrupt America . But it adds 12 million reliable new Democrat voters who can be counted on to support big government. Add another few trillion dollars in welfare, aid to dependent children, food stamps, free medical, education, tax credits for the poor, and eventually Social Security.

    – Stimulus and bailouts. Where did all that money go? It went to Democrat contributors, organizations (ACORN), and unions — including billions of dollars to save or create jobs of government employees across the country. It went to save GM and Chrysler so that their employees could keep paying union dues. It went to AIG so that Goldman Sachs could be bailed out (after giving Obama almost $1 million in contributions). A staggering $125 billion went to teachers (thereby protecting their union dues). All those public employees will vote loyally Democrat to protect their bloated salaries and pensions that are bankrupting America . The country goes broke, future generations face a bleak future, but Obama, the Democrat Party, government, and the unions grow more powerful. The ends justify the means.

    – Raise taxes on small business owners, high-income earners, and job creators. Put the entire burden on only the top 20 percent of taxpayers, redistribute the income, punish success, and reward those who did nothing to deserve it (except vote for Obama). Reagan wanted to dramatically cut taxes in order to starve the government. Obama wants to dramatically raise taxes to starve his political opposition.

    With the acts outlined above, Obama and his regime have created a vast and rapidly expanding constituency of voters dependent on big government; a vast privileged class of public employees who work for big government; and a government dedicated to destroying capitalism and installing themselves as socialist rulers by overwhelming the system.

    Add it up and you’ve got the perfect Marxist scheme — all devised by my Columbia University college classmate Barack Obama using the Cloward and Piven Plan.

    • mickey

      Gee, you seem to be the only person who remembers obama at Columbia. Other than that, I agree. His is a planned execution.

    • 45caliber

      As far as Puerto Rico is concerned, I’m not too worried about it being brought in as a state. The Dems like the idea but PR doesn’t. At the moment ALL money for anything there comes from us. They pay neither federal taxes or local taxes there. All welfare there comes from us. Even businesses pay no taxes there.

      Part of the people want to become a state – but if they do, they then have to pay taxes. Most don’t want that. Some there want to become a free country – but again that means they start paying taxes.

      So most of PR will NOT vote for statehood. Until that changes, they can’t bring it in as a state. I would not be surprised, however, to see them do the same thing they are doing in Washington DC – allow the people there to vote for President.

    • PatHenry52

      Did they address what happens when they ran out of other people’s money and the dollar wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on? I imagine it would be b.s. whatever they claimed, as socialism has never once succeeded anywhere in the world, but hey, I’d never want dependents to grow in number, but that’s me…

  • DavidL

    Wow! Bob Livingston agreeing with one of the liberals on the court. What should one make of this? Could it be that we should ignore labels (liberal, conservative, Democrat, Republican, real American, union member) and address each idea on its own merits? I think so, and I’m impressed.

    The Fourth Amendment does not exist in a vacuum. Its meaning is shaped by our case law. Here are seven exceptions to the requirement for a warrant:

    • DaveH

      Case law isn’t written in Concrete. We can (but only if we want) get our Freedom back by voting only for candidates who understand true Freedom and appoint Supreme Court justices accordingly.
      And note, by the way David, that only one of the so-called Liberals on the court voted for Freedom.
      I consider a Liberal to be anybody who advocates Big Government as the solution to our problems. Thus most of those who have co-opted the label of Conservative are really just Liberals.
      And, yes, the fourth amendment is immutable, contrary to what the Judicial Activists (like DavidL) would like us to believe. If you don’t like what the Constitution says, then amend it legally.
      If we continue to allow the letter of the law to be maleable by Supreme Court Judicial Activists, then we are subject to the whims of unelected Supreme Court justices, which defeats the whole purpose of a Government that is supposed to be “by the people, and for the people”.

    • PatHenry52

      I object – Case law is a fancy way to say “legislating from the bench”… The -LAW- is certainly more important than what one judge or another said at one moment.. the LAW is clear, you cannot “search” or “seize” jack squat without a warrant, secured as described, that’s it.. it’s actually pretty dang simple… and it was not an accident or vague notion, it means exactly what it says.

  • Captain Paul

    Most of this is centered around drugs. “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” The “general government” (the term used by our founders) tried to legislate morals with the introduction and passage of the 18th Amendment. What did we get from that? The Kennedy millions, Al Capone, the Mob and the creation of millions of “criminals”, people who just wanted a cocktail or a beer after work. So what did the general government do? It did not learn from the previous “noble experiment” and made drugs illegal. And what have we gained? Drug cartels that are richer than most 3rd world countries, a destruction of the rights of our citizens and millions of “criminals”, people who just want a buzz or an escape from their mundane lives. At what cost? Billions of dollars, thousands of lives lost or ruined by a criminal record for blowing a little weed.

    I personally don’t like drugs and (except for one time when someone baked some “special” brownies) don’t use. But I cannot see the cost/value ratio of this program being sensible. I believe that if we diverted the money we spend on the “War On Drugs” to re-habbing the couple of thousand hard core addicts, we could also reduce the national debt, quit making criminals of otherwise law abiding folk, stop the drug cartels and their murdering ways in a heartbeat. Cartels only make money because they sell what people want but can’t obtain legally. Make it legal, sell it in licensed shops, collect taxes and change the landscape of our country back to one where a robust economy, jobs by the millions and less government intervention in our lives would exist I don’t have any issue with private companies making determinations of who they will hire or not based on drug tests. Each of us has the choice of using or not and should consider the consequences of our actions before we make that decision.

    • Hicusdicus

      I agree. All food is a form of drug and one can not make eating fat burgers a crime. If some one wants to be a heroine addict, fine as long as they stay in their place of residence. If they venture into the public area then all laws apply. All the war on drugs has accomplished is create giant criminal cartels. Excess criminal money is one of the causes of political corruption. Our laws are not working they need to be revamped.

      • 45caliber

        The original reason they banned these drugs was because of increased crime and the destruction of families. While we are seeing a lot of that now, will it become worse? I suspect it will. Then what?

        • DaveH

          For those who want to get some perspective. Pay particular attention to the chart on page 18:

        • Nadzieja Batki

          People will demand that more of “something” be done to curtail bad behaviours which leads to even more laws and restrictions.People will freely give up freedom.

        • PatHenry52

          Then what? Well, if you wish to help, you act, if you don’t care, you do nothing. My bet is that you see exactly what you see today because people will do what they want, if they want to do it.

          Laws don’t fix problems, they only provide consequence. Problems don’t go away because something’s made illegal, you just turn people into criminals, which is the intent in my opinion…

          If you don’t like families destroyed, start a business or non-profit business to help people get off them. You don’t have to wait for freedom to do that, you can start today if you’re looking to do that….

      • Cawmun Cents

        Actually all drugs are a form of food.Food for the brain.And just like any other foods some are good for you and some are bad.Anything in moderation(that being noted as being prudent)is not harmful.It is the personality that is an addict not the brain or the body.It is a character defect.The brain or the body only becomes addicted after the character introduces them to the material in question.If the character is flawed then the will is subject to addiction.If the character is strong then the will is not subject to addiction,and the use may be permitted,and even beneficial in some cases.

  • LibRep

    Personally, I think the police should be called on all the judges that passed this ridiculous ruling. Let them barge into their homes at 3 AM on the suspicion of marijuana. Then randomly do the same to all the lawyers and police officers. Then focus on the liberal media. Give them all a taste of what it’s like to be in our shoes on it. Guaranteed the law will be overturned real quick and the 4th Amendment put back in it’s proper respected place. Of course, that’s just my opinion and Dennis Miller could be wrong.

  • Steve C

    Obviously this needs to become an extremely UNPOPULAR job no one will want. Either there IS criminal activity or there is NOT. No suspension of any rights without it.
    Has it occured to anyone that “laws” contrary to the Constitution ARE UNCONSTITUTIONAL? Will we all jump off the same cliff because some imagined authority says too?
    People should not fear their government, actual criminals should. Governments should fear their people. Reign in these tyrant wannabes, or lose all. ALLOW* THIS TO CONTINUE AND WE END UP FEARING bOTH GOVERNMENT, AND CRIMINALS.
    (It is we the people who do ALL of the “allowing”.) Get a pair.

  • RP

    Jeremy Loechner….Go (offensive words removed)! Probably a government employee!

  • ChuckP

    Yes, it’s about freedom – not Republicans nor Democrats, not Conservatives nor Liberals, not Capitalism nor Democracy it’s FREEDOM.
    We have promoted the false rule of law to mean that the more Lawyers we have the more laws necessary- not. So to pad their pockets these shills infest government at every level and make more laws. And for every “law ” on the books there seems to be 100 Lawyers debating for and against it and then playing golf or tennis or whatever and laughing it off over Port and cigars.

  • Wil

    it’s to bad, because there will be a lot of people getting killed and or going to jail. There is no law for the innocent.

    • Hicusdicus

      The only truly innocent are the mentally retarded who do not understand the way life works. Real life is a war between you and those who want what you have worked to acquire with out giving you fair compensation.

  • Rich

    Either we are constitutional republic or we are not. Either we have freedom we don’t. Stop pizzing on the Constitution or we will soon be no better off than Red China.

  • Jim

    I am a retired police officer. I think the courts are nuts. If the police come through my door they had best have the name of their undertaker available.Yes there are some bad cops. I alwys tried my best to see that they were out of a job. Our rights are being stripped away. We will soon be like Russia or China or Nazi Germany.

  • Rich

    If someone knocks down my door there will be thrown back by head shots.

    • Mike

      Then there will be at least one less of the thugs when they arrive at you neighbors house…this will cause them to quickly lose their will to ignore their oath.

    • DaveH

      To be realistic, those guys are in full military-style protective gear, and ready to kill if you even are only brandishing a golf club. Best to save your powder for a time when you aren’t severely outgunned.

  • mickey

    Drugs should be made legal. Period. I don’t take them, don’t use them, have seen the effect of their usage but I have seen the same in domestic abuse and alcohol abuse and even down to rock throwing abuse. The sad thing is, and look at your mortgage, you are probably not allowed to grow or consume anything you do grow nor to sell it. This includes lettuce.

    My friend is still shaken by the entrance of an IRS, armed agent, that forced her way past my friend’s door. Another friend had the cops enter his home, the cops recorded all the electronic serial numbers, then even as my friend moved to another house, the cops raided again–this time with complete serial numbers and charged him with stolen property.

    Yet I had a neighbor that wanted items from my house. I called the police, the person proceeded to enter my house, and the cop told me to shut up, the best thing for me to do was to move and that nothing would be done against the neighbor unless he killed me–then they would conduct an investigation.

    There are problems. When I was little and even young, we never feared the police (except from our own guilty conscience, i.e., for calling a neighbor a name, lol)now there is so much distrust of even the locals.

    I live in Indiana. It wasn’t Daniels call but the supreme court here. I am extremely upset over this–no drugs here but I do grow my food.

    Worse things are coming. I’ve seen England’s cameras. Ours were supposed to be for highway and traffic conditions. More and more they are being used for law purposes. Remember the Pentagon? All cameras were taken from the area. Ever seen the results recorded?

    Now it appears there is going to be a transfer of power from Congress to the WH on war and who can authorize it. This is insane.

    This decision just reminds me more and more of CA. All rights and no responsibility. Maybe this is how that evolved. The rights came in after arrest, mortgaging your house to pay lawyers, all in vane if one doesn’t have a home to return to and your name is associated with an arrest, rightfully or not.

    Some one come up with ideas and I will entertain them. As it is, I keep writing my senators and congressmen on every issue I know about.

    • Hicusdicus

      What ever it is only mans abuse of it makes it evil.

  • Bud Offutt

    We have two many laws on the books now, but one more we need, and it WILL NOT be passed by the people in power who need it. So I don’t know how but it should be a law that any one running for any kind of public office is caught in a LIE he should be thrown out of office in that instant!!! But since the laws are passed by lawyers for lawyers THAT WOULD DISQUALIFY ALMOST EVERYONE in offuce at this time! So it AIN’T gonna happen, unless WE THE PEOPLE Do it! So where too from here? You don’t know who to vote for, you vote for the person that you think will give you a fair shake, and they lIE like dogs, and do exactly the “oposite” of what they campaigned for! So how do you correct that?

  • Mike

    Color of law is not law…even the so called Supremes cannot make law, especially law that violates the constitution, see Marbury v Madison. This is just another step in the move to disarm us.

    Those who willing give up their arms to a criminal government, sorry about that redundancy, from hands that are not yet cold are merely delaying, marginally, the time it will take for their body to reach room temperature…history says you can take that to the bank!!


  • Jack Patroit

    If you are properly identified as a freeborn American an not a United States Citizen (federal citizen) then you can claim protections under the 4th Amendment, Twining V New Jersey plainly states that the “organic Const and the Bill of Rights was reserved for free state citizens and not for federal citzens” Learn who you are folks!!!!

  • Wil

    any time you give law enforcement free reign to act, they will without regard for anyone or thing, and you are left to pick up the pieces at your cost. This is a gov’t run amoke



    • Hicusdicus

      If our country gets to this extreme it will be to late to save your self. It must be stopped before it starts. It has not yet started it only on the brink.

      • mickey

        We are already in the extreme. I guess only the older folks remember previous periods of austerity. This time it will be worse because so many younger people don’t recognize it.

  • Coach Katerina

    Bob- This is one of the best articles you have written. It was very well written with passion and purpose. Thank you for a great read this Monday morning. Much to reflect upon and then action to take.

  • Dave

    This ruling goes against everything the United States stands for. Now, not only are they creating bogus laws, but they’re taking our constitutional rights away. Our right to bear arms was created for situations exactly like this one, for the citizens of the United States of America to overthrow the government should they start making decisions like this one.

  • http://! Angel Wannabe

    jovianus alias, hflashman, jeremey,….and several other alias all coming from same IP addy,, nothing is credible, he/she is a paid Progressive schill to stir the conservative pot!

  • CJM

    “(H)e emphatically indicated that he would use random house to house (sic) checks, adding he felt people will welcome random searches if it means capturing a criminal,” according to a posting on Church’s website.” Just how are any of us welcoming such intrusions into our lives? There will, and should, be a back-lash to this moronic thinking. You can better believe that these ILLEGAL UNCONSTITUTIONAL search and seizures will be anything but random; targets will include innocent people that the incumbent sheriff’s and police officers simply don’t like. Just as the WH needs a through house cleaning, so does the US Supreme Court and the Department of Justice.

    • mickey

      Well, as I am an Indiana resident, I can state I DO NOT welcome any warrantless search. Even the in plain view stuff is scary to me because anything can be taken without prior consent or notification.

  • i41

    It will piss the union sewer rats, but shut the damn water off right away to the house. Every house has a shut off,and they key to shut it off is a pretty simple tool. The collection of of evidence could still be gathered. This is one BS law coming down the judicial branch bastards, because I was a law officer. Best way to handle possible drug dealers is don’t jail, use extreme force to apprehend and stop the existance, or citizens will have to cure the problems of gangs, and drug users.

  • cregets

    They vote again on the Patriot Act 5pm today…I called my senators, n asked them to vote aganstit you should too, I pray someone will listen…God Bless.

  • Gardner Behrends

    What are the odds in Vegas running that the frog will jump out of the hot water in time to refresh the tree of liberty. Of course the elections will be suspended because of a “Reichstag moment” pending marshal law as the UN sends a multi-national peace keeping force to the US. Obama already gave INTERPOL complete immunity in action and offices from disclosure and prosecution on US soil. They can make us disappear at their whim. Hidden in their paperwork, many Federal agencies have now become INTERPOL agencies and offices to take advantage of these benefits. Now our Supreme Court has forsaken liberty. Our 4th and 10th amendments have been erased, the 1st is on life support, and the 2nd is being sliced thinner by more “common sense” laws that criminals will always ignore. Not even your backyard garden is safe from regulatory fines. “You can ignore politics, but politics will not ignore you” – Cicero It’s time to get active, to educate friends and family, and to prepare to survive both physically and financially. Pray to God for spiritual strength.

  • RivahMitch

    This ‘ol Jarhead fought for those 4th Amendment rights in ‘Nam and I’ll do the same at my home. If anyone enters my home without permission (either mine or the courts) one or both of us will die. Patrick Henry asked “Is life so dear or peace so sweet….?” If you’re not willing to spend your life to maintain your rights you don’t deserve them.

  • halftruthlies

    At this point in Government we have only one enemy of the people and that is the Government. As we talk about issues regarding our great nation we should address the spectrum that pertains to beliefs/values that are in line with beloved constitution that is slightly right of center which our founding fathers said needed to be for balance. Democrats/Republican is all the same in our government right now; both parties have caused this problem in our great nation. Both parties have created acts of treason against our great nation. Unfortunately; no one not even the folks that have taken an oath to uphold and defend the constitution are doing anything about it, talking is all we are doing, but actions should have been taken the first time someone committed treason against this country. The people should have marched right up, and have made such individuals accountable for their actions. You have to ask your self’s….why has this not happened? Is it fear of losing what they have and the comforts of life?
    Some of you won’t do anything until the burning bag of crap is on your porch, unfortunately it is usually too late at that point, and now you are forced to fight. If we had kept our heads in the game as Americans citizens we could have avoided another revolution, but I think it is too late for that. Some of you are being blinded by all the rhetoric and propaganda, and the lack critical thinking skills to discern correctly, and will soon find out that life will be painful and unfair to you as well (beyond your imagination). You will finally look back at history, and see that the Constitution was put into place to protect all Americans that have common ground, hence slightly right of center so the government will fear the people and not the other way around. Nevertheless, you will see that it is “you” that made a great mistake.
    My fellow Americans, please stand up, and take action. Get involved in making the necessary changes that will help put our Great Nation back on track. We must put the fear back into the government.
    We need to organize and mobilize in great numbers, and remove our enemies from office.


  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Garrard

    God helps those who help themselves. The courts be damned for their un-American, unconstitutional rulings. I am prepared for the coming battle. That is what the 2nd Amendment is all about – it guarantees all the other amendments and helps to secure me from tyrants and other enemies of my freedom.

  • Merlin

    There is no excuse for violating the 4th amendment. There is no excuse for unreasonable search and seizure. Random searches should never be permitted. Any time police do enter without a warrent, they should be requried to justify their actions in court and when they are wrong their victim should have the right for redress and restituion as well as payment for damages and duress. Police should never be granted carte blanche.

  • Roadkill

    Come to my house without a warrant, without probable cause, kick in my door and there will be a bloodbath. Not a threat but a promise. i really don’t care what these facist supreme court judges have to say. the constitution rules and only God can help the dumb ass dipshit cop(s) that show up at my residence without a warrant.

  • Moonsi

    Bob, what a great article! You are so right on. May I add: we don’t have any freedom. Obamacare is not a health care. It’s like euthanasia imposed on us. This is what I heard from a very respected and honest person. If a person is sick who is going to see a Dr. That Dr. contacts the gov’t by punching some numbers on the phone to get approval. Of course, they have all the info. of that particular pt. Gov’t will decide what treatment that pt. could get. If the Dr. opposes that designed treatment, he would be fined $5000 for the first offense, and for the second offense, he would be imprisoned. Talk about freedom!

    • professor

      This is a very good article! It lays everything out for all to see.
      Americans will have to fight to keep their freedom…once again!
      Freedom has never been “free,” it exacts a sacrifice from all those that value it.”

      The police no longer have constraints, as we see citizens tasered over and over again and beaten in the streets! I understand the frustration that police must endure, but that is part of the job..they cannot be given “unbridled power!” The laws that were in place had worked well even though there were limitations. There has to remain a reasonable amount of protection from the “Gestapo tactics” of this government! It brings to mind the SS of Nazi Germany where the people were terrified of the authorities.

      I was impressed by the statement of John Adams…as it hit home! “Our Constitution was made only for a MORAL and RELIGIOUS people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” I have been repeating this throughout the years. When America loses its religious values and GOD becomes politically incorrect, (and even against the Law in some cases) we lose everything! Our founders assumed Americans would be a moral people and it warned them of an out of control government, if not kept in check..

      Our communist government has been succeeding in its effort to deny the value and the presence of Christianity upon which this great nation was built! What better way to tear it down than to attack its very foundation! Whitout moral Christian values….there is no end to the tyranny of government.

  • Sgt Don USA ret.

    Being a student of history,I have seen this before. This is the time to start stocking up on food & water. Phoo phoo this at your own peril. If interested go to my web site.

    Have a great day.
    Sgt Don

    • JC


  • cerebus23

    Ahh so long 4th amendment you were a wonderful friend, i shall miss you.

    Hello war on drugs stripping your rights against entrapment, search and seizure and unwarrented arrests for decades now.

    Hello patriot act advancing that erosion even faster.

    The war on drugs is the primary scapegoat in all this. I mean police should be allowed to break a door down for smelling pot smoke? WTH for exactly? Does pot smoke equal murder? WIll college dorms have any doors left after this ruling? How many doors can police break down seeking the source of pot smoke? Pot smoke can carry a long long ways, it is not all that easy to narrow down a target depending on the area.

    Why should be be expanding police rights to prosecute a war on drugs? Our prisons are overflowing with simple drug offenses due to manditory minimums and the like, prosons got so bad due to that wonderful decisions to treat some drugs as do not pass go do not collect 200 dollars go directly to jail, and incidently those manditory sentence laws were unfairly targets at drugs like crack cocaine that were mainly used in ghettos among blacks.

    BUt all this tossing people in jail for minimum years overfilled the jails to the point that rapists and murders had to be set free, jails became big business with privitized jails popping up all over to scoop up prisoners and get payed to warehouse people, all thanks to the drug war.

    Where has the drug war gotten us? Nowhere or backwards. Despite any claims to the contrary drug use either is rock steady or has increased. Heroine is like 1000% cheaper than before the drug war started. We have invaded other nations in drug war drumming up resentment of our military invading and bombing farmers and dirt poor folk that are simply supplying our nations massive appetite for drugs. And we marvel that anti american leaders and tyrants have become popular in south america? We have trashed our personal rights in the war on drugs. We have spend billions fighting a war that cannot be won without becoming a total and complete police state with a massive prison system built to warehouse people doing whatever the government deems bad.

    Well thank god we have finally take the next step now we can herd tons of 17 to 26 year olds out of their houses, apartments without warrant. We can clutter up the courts and the prisons systems with more people.

    If you have supported the war on drugs take a good long look in the mirror and a hard look at the facts of the matter and see where it has lead us. Where it had to lead us.

    Nevermind that the whole drug laws were only for the poor and the non elietes, If your a politicians kid forget jail or courts your going to rehab, if your a kennedy you can get piss drunk kill a woman and skate free. Or you can rape a girl and all is forgiven. Money and power makes you exempt from the war on drugs.

    No equality no parity no progress what symbolizes our war on drugs to date. Reap what we have sown and allowed our government to do and take away in the rally cries of being “safe” and “crisis.”

    • richard cole

      Good point. I am a drug counselor and my belief is that you will never stop the flow of drugs into our country as long as there is a demand for them. You have to fix the demand and only then will the flow slow down or stop. If there’s no one buying the drugs, then the cartels will stop sending them here. Instead of spending money on eradicating the flow, spend money on better treatment programs. Not jail, but rehabs that can be more effective. The treatment centers we have now are so heavily burdened with rules and regulations that their effectiveness has diminished. People are in treatment because they have a substance abuse problem, coupled with usually a background of social problems. Let us treat the real problems of the client instead of some structured program. Every person is different. Sure we have the same problems, but the problems are different for each individual. Treat each person as an individual instead of grouping all as the same. I am a recovering addict of 8 years and I’m also a counselor. This is purely my opinion and doesn’t reflect on any one else.

      • Bitter Libertarian

        The “Drug Problem” is twofold, plain and simple;
        Drug Business
        Drug Use

        Drug use is actually simpler to curb and reduce through training, education, and setting a proper example. This portion of the “Drug Problem” is actually working.

        The Drug Business can not and NEVER will be won by attacking the suppliers, advertising, or retailers. It will only be won by Changing the market conditions. we as Americans know exactly how to put a business out of business! Competition! Like it or not it the BEST and SAFEST way to crush the drug Business; let the Govt DeCriminalize it and regulate it. The feds will destroy it, properly, without firing a single shot.

        • karolyn


        • Nadzieja Batki

          We already have drug education but this in fact has created more users.

      • karolyn


  • joesr

    they should all retaird because they can’t do the job they sleep when they should be a wake

  • Robert

    As our founding fathers and true leaders have said, he who gives up a right to secure property will surely lose both. when good men turn ther heads at wrong doing they are poisining the fruit of liberty and and justice. we have since the civil war and including the war poisined our constitution, and freedom. I have taught my children that we lost our country and freedoms and never trust the government or any politicians for they want power over you and you will be their slaves if you do not stand up for the conatitution. where are you john galt???

  • Baba

    “O bin laden” (sic) has won!! He may be dead but his agenda lives on.” So,do we innocent Americans just sit back and say it is all right for our homes to be searched, looted and destroyed by our very own security people?…at random!!! This is asinine. I have always respected the Supreme Court but destroying the 4th Ammendment is one action that I fully disagree with. Where do I sign up to support having the 4th Ammendment replaced? I think it’s enough that I’ve willingly had my arss searched at airports, and watched over the last couple years various Media unable to report on the actual happenings in Washington DC. Enough is Enough!

  • Bitter Libertarian

    While the 4th Amendment “seems’ to be trampled upon…I have asked many since it was pointed out to me that the 14th Amendment is the Amendment of Tyranny…

    “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the Privileges or immunities of Citicens of the United states, nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

    So before the 14th we had rights; INALIENABLE Rights, NOTE that the 14th revises those “rights” into “privileges or immunities” each of which are “granted by the Govt or the state, therefore they CAN be taken because they are NOT Rights.
    Further the Law is very serious about the Creator/originator/Plantiff having “first rights” under the law. Therefore when “WE THE PEOPLE” created Congress we were above Congress, they were our “servents” so to speak. Then the 14th comes along and CONGRESS created something called a US Citizen who is subject to the Jurisdiction thereof.

    BTW…this is not a crack pot view that I came up with, there are quite a few people, Lawyers who are aware of this. I have a friend who is a long time very sucessful Lawyer, and when I discussed it with him he said that this Amendment was a HUGE Flaw in the Constitution, because it makes all laws superior to all Rights. A Travesty in His opinion.

    Bottom line here is we are all, EVERY one of US here is facing a crossing of the Rubicon of sorts.

    The Choice will be Tyranny or Freedom…No other choice will be offered.

    Choose wisely……

    • PatHenry52

      Isn’t immunity and right the same thing, if I have a right, I’m immune to gov’t action to deny it.. Actually, I’d say there’s nothing there to deny that we have inalienable rights, only that we can petition a court when violated and the privilege of gov’t enforcing our rights be recognized… I’m sure the lawyers have plenty of fancy notions they’d take a fee to interpret in fancy ways… be it constitution, warranty agreement or hot coffee in your lap…

  • Bert Cundle

    Don’t Critize the Government: Insurgancy is UNLAWFULL! Have you ever heard of a Criminal Court (Judge) Deny a Request for Search & Seasure by Law Inforcement?

  • richard cole

    This country originally belonged to the Native Americans. The people from Europe came here and killed them or made them live on land that THEY decided that they should live. If you think about it, this country was stolen from the Indians. Technically the U. S. government is selling stolen property. Then they come behind that and tax us for buying it. What kind of s**t is that. This is the greatest country in the world, even though it was established on theft.

    • Jack

      OPPS, back up a little Dick, Those native americans came from Africa originaly. Do you think maybe we should turn it back to kadafi? Every country in this world was won through blood and sweat of our forfathers. To the victor go the spoils

      • professor

        You are right Jack. The Indians were not indigenous people. Many of them originated and traveled from Asia. They crossed over a peninsula that no longer exists. The Indians were “wanderers” and did not “settle” the land or possess it.

      • Rufus

        We all came from Africa.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Such BS. Who did the indians kill when they got here?

      • Rufus

        There was no one here. So, they killed no one.

  • Jack

    There may be a few Police that will take advantage of this court rule. However i think that most police have your welfare at heart. They will not abuse this ruling and still do respect the 4th amendment. We need to clean house in 2012.We need to replace our socialist congress. Put common sence back in the White House. and shut off forign aid.

    • karolyn

      I think your assessment is correct. The way people get riled when hearing something like this you would think there were cops at the ready to start charging into everyone’s house. We have already seen isolated incidents of cops breaking into people’s houses and killing their dogs. What has to be taken into consideration is that these are isolated incidents. When put into proper perspective, there is a minute amount of this type of police behavior going on.

      • professor

        You may want to rethink what you said. What about the Police Chief in Indiana, that made a radio announcement stating he was making routine house-to-house searches on a regular basis..based on the Supreme Court Ruling.

        Beware giving the government an “inch” it soon becomes “miles.” I am sure you have seen that phenomenon many times.

      • http://deleted Claire

        karolyn–Any cop that breaks into my home and harms me or my husband AND my dogs will have a whole lot of trouble on their hands. I have lived too long and I am a good citizen of this town, I would not and will not tolerate these shenanigans. I know this is big talk for a small woman, but by crikey I would fight back. I look at it this way- I would be in jail for “fighting for my rights as a law-abiding citizen.”

  • JJM Libertarian

    In general, local law enforcement will not threaten my castle. However, I have great doubts regarding intents of any federal agency.
    I could go along with entry due to gunshots or cry for help. For any other reason, will I immediately commence firing or demand they halt. I think in the confusion I would commence firing first.
    Liberty or Death!!!

    • EddieW

      JJM…be super careful about advertising your intentions!!! They read this sh** too you know, and if they even think you will be a problem, they will pick you up at the grofery store or a filling station!! Get cardboard, cover with aluminum foil, hide your weapons behind it…so the x-ray machines x-raying homes won’t knopw what you have for weapons…just a massive gun safe!!!

      • professor

        Sounds like some Americans are already terrified of the “Washington Gestapo!”

        Anytime government decides to “give itself additional power,” it has a chilling effect. They no longer work for us!

    • Darrell Lynch

      Good man ( or woman! ) But good nonetheless! Here, we are prepared everywhere we go.

  • donj

    I can only say that while I have considered the preservation of the constitutional power of the General Government to be the foundation of our peace and safety at home and abroad, I yet believe that the maintenance of the rights and authority reserved to the states and to the people, not only essential to the adjustment and balance of the general system, but the safeguard to the continuance of a free government. I consider it as the chief source of stability to our political system, whereas the consolidation of the states into one vast republic, sure to be aggressive abroad and despotic at home, will be the certain precursor of that ruin which has overwhelmed all those that have preceded it. I need not refer one so well acquainted as you are with American history, to the State papers of Washington and Jefferson, the representatives of the federal and democratic parties, denouncing consolidation and centralization of power, as tending to the subversion of State Governments, and to despotism.

    Excerpt from letter of Robert E. Lee to Lord ActonLexington- 15 Dec. 1866

  • Raggs

    Whoever thought that you would need a handgun when you take a shower in your own house?…

    • http://! Angel Wannabe

      Raggs, if people come in unlawfully, our pit will be there to greet them first. Seriously considering another, a friend has a litter of new pit puppies. I trained the one we have now, I can do it again.

      • Raggs

        Yeah my little dog is a cross of poodle and fiest I call it a foodle.

        • coal miner


          Very good Raggs.If you cross a jackass with a Baboon,you got Jana.Ha ha ha

    • JC

      Or a 12 ga. semi-auto mounted on the side of your bed?

      I’m not going that far…yet!

      • Darrell Lynch

        Or, like me, a .45 auto on both sides of the bed, that can be taken even into the shower. Not as good as the 12 guages, but effective if you know how to use it, and as the late, great, John Wayne said “be WILLING” to use it. Willing is the key word.

        • Raggs

          It’s sad that we would even have to consider violence against a police officer in these unjust times…. But if they make the first move than we are being left with no choices!

          • ONTIME

            Tyranny is a intolerable option.

  • Dibon Dregon

    “The machinery of Liberty is lubricated by the Blood of Patriots and tyrants alike” Thomas Jefferson. They knew this stuff was inevitable due to human nature. I think they would be surprised how long it took for the “free people” to take a stand. The fools in the governing class have grown way bigger than their britches and only because we liberty lovers do not coordinate and make a stand by doing what they fear the most, stage a monstrous protest. And or worse stop performing what makes them money, taxable endeavours like work in the open. We should all go underground in our business as much as possible!!! That is TOTAL WAR to a leftist.

  • Raggs

    Question is can a police officer BREAK into my house unannounced when I’m home?….

    Nope now way in hell… I have a small dog that raises hell everytime someone enters my driveway day or night!!!! Nobody can come in my house that I am not aware of being there!!!!

  • DC/Tex

    Very good report Bob. I do not know why most are surprised when we have the Antichrist and his Chicago crime mob running the White house and the largest collection of corrupt, greedy, power hungry and down right evil politicians following, both Dem. & Rep. Most law enforcement are little people wanting to be powerful big people. All of the above are suppose to be working for, protecting, and serving the people that pay their salaries. It is very clear that most elected officials have been bought by some rich corrupt person or organization that are only for themselves and their pocket book.
    One of the first things that needs to take place is term limits on all levels of elected officials and the ability to fire them when found in illegal activities such as tax evasion. Cut their pay to a max of two times the minimum wage and a pay raise can only be passed by a vote of the people, how would you like to be able to vote yourself a raise as it is now.
    Well I have probably said to much, but the biggest problem starts at the top.

  • John Rochotte

    I believe the world is in “The Beginning of Sorrows”, as written/in scripture. Just as Israel was severely punished, occupied by godless nations, enslaved buy foreign nations for their dis-obedience to the one true God, the U. S is being punished for it’s humanistic arrogance, intentional ignorance and opposition of The Only Creator.
    Let us not forget that “Those Whom the Lord Loves, He chastens”.
    Every person who claims the Name Of Christ should repent and plead with petition to God for deliverance. Historically, this has Always been the ONLY way to receive God’s intervention and forgiveness.
    The U.S. has been and is moreso today materialistically idolatrous.
    Even so, Come Lord Jesus. Cleanse and purge this land of satan’s evil.

  • Darrell Lynch

    This is terrible news, to say the very least.
    The sad part is, though, how many police are they willing to sacrifice to do stupid [word removed] like this? I, and my good wife, are armed at all times on our own property, are extremely vigilant, and if they try something like that here, there will be several families missing members. This is my home, and I’ll defend it to the death, from ANY punk bastards that try to intrude here. We are law-abiding citizens. who will not now, nor ever, allow our freedom to be usurped in this manner. There are huge numbers of citizens that are every bit as trained, capable, and prepared to resist this trash. Piss on the supreme court! The question is; how many fools are they willing to sacrifice, to try to break down our doors? Hmmmmmmm?

  • John Rochotte

    Human effort cannot withstand the judgement(s) of God. We can, however work as effective conservative protesters/planners/doers within our communities. Here where I live in Ohio, we formed ( in June of ’09.
    Please check out our web site.

    I believe that the world is in the “beginning of sorrows” as written in the bible. Repentance (change of direction toward God) is the only known cure for our trouble. History proves this. It is futile and arrogant to ignore our Creator. God rules, not men.

    • Rufus

      Which god? Which version of the Bible?

  • 45caliber

    It is okay if the police shoot you – that is a “mistake”. But if you shoot one of them it is murder – even if they are the ones making the mistake. So be sure to die with a smile on your face so they won’t feel too bad about it.

    • Raggs

      I got off of a greyhound in dallas years ago the first thing that i saw as i left the station was a man lying on the ground handcuffed two police standing over him beating him with billy clubs… they were about 30 feet away from the entrance in open veiw you could hear the WHOOP everytime the cops hit the guy… I looked, they were hitting him in the head, the back and on his body…. True story!

      • Bleh

        And I am betting none helped the guy as he was beaten while handcuffed.
        This is part of the problem. Everyone just assumed it was justified and/or were to scared to lift a finger.
        “We the people” have been de-clawed and de-fanged. A truly sad situation it is.

  • DC/Tex

    The US will fall as the Roman Empire fell destroyed from with in. The US is run by corrupt, greedy, immoral, and down right evil politicians and officials. The only reason God has let us stand as long as it has is because this country is primarily Christian and have spread the Word around the world.

  • JeffH

    This just in.

    Supreme Court orders California to release tens of thousands of prison inmates
    The 5-4 decision represents one of the largest prison release orders in U.S. history. The court majority says overcrowding has caused ‘suffering and death.’ In a sharp dissent, Justice Antonin Scalia warns ‘terrible things are sure to happen.’

    In dissent, Justice Antonin Scalia called the ruling “staggering” and “absurd.”

    He said the high court had repeatedly overruled the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals for ordering the release of individual prisoners. Now, he said, the majority were ordering the release of “46,000 happy-go-lucky felons.” He added that “terrible things are sure to happen as a consequence of this outrageous order.” Justice Clarence Thomas agreed with him.

    In a separate dissent, Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr. and Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. said the ruling conflicted with a federal law intended to limit the power of federal judges to order a release of prisoners.

    Now the police will have more “justification” to bash down a door and commit illegal “search and siezure” with this ungodly court decision.
    As Scalia warns, nothing but bad things can come from this ruling.

    • Raggs

      Yup.. So how many of these will trek back to mexico? I’m sure the government already has a newly evolved welfare system for the con’s… You know free housing, free food, a free pimped out ride fuzzy dice included…. All of the guns they need from the BATFA…
      Yeah this should be fun….

    • Raggs

      The Criminals coming through the back door, the cops coming through the front door….. I feel safe how-bout you?

  • Bitter Libertarian

    “We live in a country that once threw off the shackles of tyranny. Our Founders chose not to tolerate a police state that allowed armed soldiers of the crown to enter homes at will, ransack, pillage and abuse. They understood such practices violated hundreds of years of law that established that a man’s home was his castle and not subject to invasion by the regime.”

    “Such abuses were so egregious to the Founders that they were among the ones specifically mentioned in the Declaration of Independence.”

    EXCELLENT points Bob!!

    This is (IMHO) next: “He is at this Time transporting large Armies of Foreign mercenaries to complete the works of death, desolation, and tyranny, already begun with circumstances of Cruelty & perfidy scarcely paralleled in the most barbarous ages, and totally unworthy the Head of a civilized nation.” ~Declaration of Independence.

    • Mike in MI

      Bitter Libertarian -
      Nowadays, the mercenary armies that the kings and tyrants transport around to enforce unreasonable and arbitrary government are called “U. N. Peace Keeping Forces”.

  • johnson

    First the poeple are at fualt we own it like it or not. Second Corperate America for sucomming to greed. The failure to keep “our Folks” employed and the failure to make high quality products at a fair market price so the competition never gets the jump on us. Third the unions who killed the “GOOSE” that laid the golden egg for us all because of thier greed for power. By Unions I also mean special interest groups who fail to see the big picture. Lastly the whealthy that inherited the money and never understood how to earn it.

  • Cathy

    This decision by the idiot Supreme Court judges in Indiana is just plain frightening. There is something really, really wrong with the judges in this country. Don’t they swear to uphold the Constitution? Oh, never mind…seems like everyone that takes this oath forgets about the Constitution immediately. What was I thinking?


    A good example several years ago in my state , the sheriffs broke into a home where they had been running around for several minutes . A nine year old boy was woken up by their activities and tried to get his dad to wake up and couldn’t . The child knew where his dad kept the keys for his pistol and got them and got the gun out . Bear in mind that this child was scared for he DID NOT KNOW WHO WAS OUTSIDE . He was standing beside his dad asleep on the couch when the deputies broke in . He pulled the trigger but the gun was unloaded . The child was charged with attempted murder . What the problem is the deputies were over FIFTEEN MILES AWAY FROM THE PLACE WHERE THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO BE AT . An entirely different section of the county . This did not make a difference to the court , he was sentenced to 18 yrs of prison to be served after his 18th birthday meanwhile he was to be placed in a juvenile facility until his 18th birthday . What kind of justice is this . The Law Enforcement Officers created this scenario by being in the wrong place , yet that was totaly disregarded in court . They didn’t bother knocking they just busted in hard enough that the frame and door had to be replaced which the man had to pay for out of his own pocket even though it was admitted that they were at the wrong house . Admission of the fact they were at the wrong house , did not knock , yet the child was charged and sentenced . Is this what will start happening to us all . This county is known to ignore evidence proving some one innocent finding them guilty .

    • 45caliber

      This is exactly what they are doing and getting away with.

      Several years ago in Houston, a drunk deputy was out partying with some friends when an elderly lady cut them off. He chased her for several miles, trying to force her over. Finally he did force her over and got out with a gun in hand (no uniform). She fired a shot and he killed her. I think after all was said and done, he was kicked off the force – his only punishment – while she was killed. And the law officials tried to insist that it was her fault because he was a police officer even though all she saw was a car load of drunks with guns running her off the road.

      • Raggs

        That goes to show that when you have an encounter with an “officer” of the law they already have a predetermined conclusion… Your wrong and they are alway’s right!…

    • M.D.

      Where did this happen at? You should be warning everyone to stay away from that part of the country.


    This is now intolerble and the Constitution has now spoken on how this will be dealt with………..I know tyranny when I see it.

  • http://LibertyNews Dotti

    To Professor Says: I was unaware that the Indians migrated to the North America but this land still belonged to them. We all came from “different tribes” and called those lands ours too and yet we invaded this continent, pushed these people from their lands (east) to (west) and told the Indians “this land is not yours. You cannot own the land”!! They were killed just so the “greedy” from the other various “different tribes” could confiscate their hunting grounds just to find the minerals they coveted so much. They not only forgot the constitution but the ten commandents, as well. Maybe we are beginning to feel the betrayal of those who are trying to take away our freedom, liberty, home grown food, jobs, children, even the right to think and make decisions for ourselves. Many of us are trying to learn how to live as our fore fathers did and many of the people won’t know where to begin. Start with your grandfathers and mothers.

    • 45caliber


      I hate to say it but ALL present people have at one time pushed others off their lands. So don’t feel all sorrowful for the Indians (and I’m quarter Indian). There were at least four major migrations of Indians to the Americas from China/Russia. Each basically wiped out or bred out the previous group to take their lands.

      Further, the Indians didn’t insist “it was their land”. They didn’t own it – they didn’t understand ownership. The Cherokee were the closest to the Europeans in that area. They were forced by Andrew Jackson to leave their lands (deeded to them by the government) to go to Arkansas and Oklahoma. The main reason was because many of those in America wanted their plantations modeled after American plantations. Most tribes had a policy of theft and murder of any stranger. And those acts got them in trouble. To them, both theft and murder were honorable. Most present day thought of Indian life and ways has been whitewashed.

  • FreedomFighter


    These are just the setup steps for full control, soon very soon, Obama cant win another election. The evil ones must consolidate power and control, for the time they have is limited.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • Donald

      This decision was made by a conservative Supreme Court, not Obama. They betrayal of the Constitution in this case lies from within the Court

      • Bleh

        The court may indeed be at fault in this instance, but it is not the sole responsibility of the court that we find ourselves where we are now. Our Congress and President are complicit with them throughout multiple administrations.

  • DaveH

    To end the madness — Vote Libertarian!

  • Donald

    As a liberal, I am appalled by this decision. I note with small satisfaction that the only negative vote was cast by the most liberal member of the court.

    Hitler, who has not had much to smile about lately, must be gloating in hell with Satan.

    SCOTUS has betrayed the Constitution.

    Be interesting to see if various militia now continue to sit on their thumbs while the rest of the Constitution is dismantled before their eyes.

  • Donald

    There is a lot of previous discussions here about the fact that Indians were pushed off their lands. I would like to point out that this occurred before the United States became a sovereign nation and before there was any written Constitution. One would have hoped that the Constitution would have prevented illegal search and seizure. Apparently SCOTUS does not understand what the Constituion says.

    There is a need to impeach several members of the Court and replace them with someone who understands straight forward english as opposed to legalize.

    As the old saying goes: “Comes the revolution, first shoot all the lawyers”.

    • Bleh

      I would like to point out that Pushing the Indians off their lands continued after we had a Constitution and became a sovereign nation.
      One example of the “Pushing” was the “Trail of Tears”. Look it up.
      Otherwise I would agree with your post.

  • SpiritualMadMan

    “Resisting such an incursion is now a crime”

    Then I will be both a lawbreaker and dead…

    When law abiding citizens have to fear the polices lack of surveilance and lack of research it is indeed a very sad day for America.

    Well said Patrick Henry when he preached, “Give me Liberty of give me death”!

    The next step is to outlaw guns and do away with the 2nd Amendment…

    The real criminals are the SCOTUS’ that vote to do this.

    Treasonous, illigitimate songs and daughters of female dogs every one of them.

    One more step towards civil war…

    Sad so sad, we were once a great nation.

    Only God can save us now.


  • leo corion

    Posse comitatus:
    remains the only recourse when the failure to impeach a tyrannical government destroys the balance of power

  • JR

    It would take a constitutional amendment to make this Supreme Court ruling applicable to the states, for the states have the power to interpose against and/or nullify unconstitutional laws, even if they are established by the highest court’s ruling, ie. the Supreme Court. Even they are not infallible. Read the U.S. Constitution, Rob Natelson’s website and Thomas E. Woods new book Nullification, which explains the necesssary methods to prevent tyranny by any of the three branches of government. The Constitution is the law of the land, it is supreme, and there are only two means of changing it and the two are enumerated in the Constitution. One is where an Amendment is initiated by Congress and then ratified by a minimum of 26 States. The other is where the States initiate the Amendment, and that Amendment initiative also has to be ratified by a minimum of 26 States. That court ruling, to be enforceable, would require REPEAL of the Second Amendment, and that’s not going to happen. It’s truly sad how few people bother to do the research and really study and understand the Constitution.

    • Raggs

      What is much worse is the de-facto ignorance of the public that enables ANY court to cast a law of this magnitude…

      I have no remorse in dying for my liberty!

  • JeffH

    It’s not to late to support Sen. Rand Paul proposal to seek a Gun Exemption in so-called Patriot Act Legislation

    The House and Senate Republican and Democratic leadership have reached a “deal” on extending three expiring provisions of post-9/11 legislation for four years. Following a procedural vote on Monday night, the real battle begins on the bill.

    Gun Owners of America worked with Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) on legislation to exempt 4473’s (the form all buyers fill out when a gun is purchased from a licensed dealer) from that statute’s broad provisions. Sen. Paul will offer that amendment this week, assuming Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) is not able to block the amendment from being offered.

    ACT NOW and complete this free GOA action alert and send the message to your representative.

  • Nancy

    What IS this world coming to? Someone needs to speak up, take action, or, do MORE than speak up. This has to STOP somewhere.

  • leo corion

    Political Action Committees

    Pacs are nothing new;
    That they have changed is true:
    The question is whether,
    “Ye Olde Tar and Feather”
    Is the proper thing to do?

    Though according to some
    “Ye Olde Drum out the Bum,”
    Was the better of the two?

    While the “Tinder and Match,”
    Or the “Noose and the Hatch”
    Was the choice of a few?

  • leo corion

    The CFR is the promotional arm of the Ruling Elite in the United States of America. Most influential politicians, academics and media personalities are members, and it uses its influence to infiltrate the New World Order into American life. Its’ “experts” write scholarly pieces to be used in decision making, the academics expound on the wisdom of a united world, and the media members disseminate the message.

  • JRC

    Well, there is a problem with the basic premise here, for it misses the point:
    It would take a constitutional amendment to make this Supreme Court ruling applicable to the states, for the states have the power to interpose against and/or nullify unconstitutional laws, even if they are established by the highest court’s ruling, ie. the Supreme Court. Even they are not infallible. Read the U.S. Constitution, Rob Natelson’s website and Thomas E. Woods new book Nullification, which explains the necesssary methods to prevent tyranny by any of the three branches of government. The Constitution is the law of the land, it is supreme, and there are only two means of changing it and the two are enumerated in the Constitution. One is where an Amendment is initiated by Congress and then ratified by a minimum of 26 States. The other is where the States initiate the Amendment, and that Amendment initiative also has to be ratified by a minimum of 26 States. That court ruling, to be enforceable, would require REPEAL of the Second Amendment, and that’s not going to happen. It’s truly sad how few people bother to do the research and really study and understand the Constitution.

    • Bleh

      It is indeed sad however the Gov will treat this decision as if it is the defacto law as they have repeatedly with other such rulings.
      See the perverted mess of the Commerce Clause, as ruled upon by the SCOTUS over the years.

  • leo corion

    Is a hangover from Feudalism.
    Even today corporations
    Hold dead peasant insurance policies
    On their employees,
    Naming themselves as the beneficiary

  • leo corion

    Manifesto Civis

    When an issue is so broad that it divides a Nation,
    Attention must be directed to its resolve.
    Every kingdom divided against itself
    Will be laid waste … … … and if the Republicans
    Drive out the Democrats,
    Satan would be divided against Himself;
    How, then, would his kingdom stand?”
    Is a hangover from Feudalism.
    Even today many corporations
    Hold dead peasant insurance policies
    On their employees,
    Naming themselves as the beneficiary.

    That ruling power elite does indeed control the U.S. government behind the scenes has been attested to by many Americans in a position to know. Felix Frankfurter, Justice of the Supreme Court (1939-1962), said: “The real rulers in Washington are invisible and exercise power from behind the scenes.” In a letter to an associate dated November 21, 1933, President Franklin Roosevelt wrote, “The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the large centers has owned the government ever since the days of Andrew Jackson.” February 23, 1954
    The CFR is the promotional arm of the Ruling Elite in the United States of America. Most influential politicians, academics and media personalities are members, and it uses its influence to infiltrate the New World Order into American life. Its’ “experts” write scholarly pieces to be used in decision making, the academics expound on the wisdom of a united world, and the media members disseminate the message.
    These Corporate elite control the media, government, and all that supports their means of gaining power and wealth.

    Are we really to believe that our Founding Fathers, with all their wit and deliberation, concluded that to be born in this country and having reached the age of thirty-five were ample qualification to be President? Or did they place an ambiguity in the twelfth amendment of the US Constitution as a failsafe

  • leo corion

    Manifesto Civis

    The End will come when the value of Gold siphons up the tsunami of world debt and Governments will be forced to save their economies by ushering in a Golden Age of sound money and wise government.

    {After barter came Gold which was not easy to use in the market place, so the GOLDSMITHS would call-in the gold and issue DEPOSITORY RECEIPTS.
    When the goldsmiths saw that most of the receipts stayed in the market place they reasoned that they could issue more receipts than were BACKED by the bullion in the vault}.
    This was the beginning of Inflation.

    Than came (much later) The Federal Reserve that did away with Bullion altogether, and just issued the Worthless PAPER that we laughingly call MONEY.
    The Federal Reserve is the financial arm of the CFR’S New World Order.

    The Gold Standard cannot be repealed!
    Gold is the coin of the realm:

  • Robert

    when you do the unthinkable and call the constitution an old mens law that needs to be replaced by the congress or the supreme court you will get tyranny that is intolerable and then we need to take back our country by force as our founding fathers approved of. read the declatation of independence and the constitution and the letters of the founders of this country. we need the blood of patriots to evitalize this country. lock and load.

  • leo corion

    The Year of Jubile! Leviticus Chapter 25:13-17.

    This is the time of Jubile;* when so much of the wealth has been siphoned up by the greedy few that the economy comes to a halt: social unrest is assured and revolution imminent.
    *(Jewish year of restitution: in Jewish history, a year of restitution that was proclaimed every 50 years by a countrywide blast of trumpets.
    During the period, land was left uncultivated, slaves were emancipated, and land that had been sold reverted to its former owner.)
    Comments »
    A 401 K may give you a false sense of security.
    Whereas, the money you put in has a certain buying power when you put in that it will not have when you cash it out; because the congress and those in government feel it is their right to spend money that they borrow from foreign governments that you will have to pay back. And to add insult to inquiry you will have to pay taxes if or when you do you cash out!
    As for the co-pay by your employer: That goes to buy stock in corporation that are co-conspirators in this pon-zi scheme.
    (If the stock that you own should appreciate, the insiders on wall street will sell it short, only to buy it back at a lower price. Thus stealing your retirement savings.)
    • Use precious metals to fund your IRA/401K with total ease and safety – information most stock brokers wish would go away.

    • Raggs

      That for a fact is true.. leo…

      Soon it will be a government ran 401k, a fraud a sceme..

  • leo corion

    defines: “… new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form …
    “~The Declaration of Independence.
    As our Founding Fathers envisioned it!
    When we speak of a form of government; no one thinks of any external or visible shape, but of the nature and adjustment of the various parts composing the government, and by means of which it is administered. A person, who reads and understands our constitution or organic law of the State, sees therein its form of government. We speak, also, of the form of society in a particular nation; and by this is meant the nature and relation of the several parts composing such society, the nature and arrangement of its social, industrial, commercial, educational, artistic, moral, and religious elements. Again, we speak of the form of a government; and by this we mean the character, connection, order, subordination, etc., of its various functionaries, the mode of their appointment, and their respective duties. When it is said, therefore, that our government is in the human form, the meaning is that it is in human order; that all its parts, or all the innumerable societies of which it consists, are so arranged and adjusted as to express most perfectly the truly human principles which constitute the essential spirit of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.. In other words, the relation, mutual dependence, and intercommunication of the societies composing the whole, and the uses they respectively perform, correspond to those existing among the various organs of the human body and their respective uses. One is a perfect type or representative image of the other body. It should appoint its wisest and best men to preside over its interests, because every one is aiming to subject himself to the government of the highest good and truth. And so the form or order of that community becomes more and more human. All its corporate acts express more and more faithfully the human thoughts and feelings with which the minds of its individual members are imbued. Such community is in the human form, therefore, just so far as the individual minds composing it are human. The moment one ceases to do its work, or appropriates more that its share of the juices elaborated, or more than it needs to fit it for the performance of its appointed use, that moment comes disease to itself and disease to all the rest. And if it perseveres in this abnormal course, sooner or later death inevitably ensues. Notwithstanding there exists authority and obedience, there is nothing like tyranny on the one hand or slavishness on the other. There must be perfect freedom.

  • leo corion

    What went we out for to see~
    (Unlimited Champaign Contributions?)

    When it comes to matters of life or death,
    We place our trust in the jury system:
    However, when it concerns the preservation
    Of our Constitutional Republic:

    Nine court judges swaying in the wind?

    • JC

      I wonder what the penalty is for high treason?

  • leo corion

    Manifesto Civis

    When an issue is so broad that it divides a Nation,
    Attention must be directed to its resolve.
    Every kingdom divided against itself
    Will be laid waste … and if the Republicans
    Cast out the Democrats,
    Satan would be divided against himself;
    How, then, would his kingdom stand?”

  • leo corion

    The Year of Jubile! -Leviticus Chapter 25:13-17.

    This is the time of Jubile*: when so much of the wealth has been siphoned up by the greedy few that the economy comes to a halt-
    social unrest is assured and revolution imminent.
    *Jewish year of restitution: in Jewish history, a year of restitution that was proclaimed every 50 years by a countrywide blast of trumpets.
    During the period, land was left uncultivated, slaves were emancipated, and land that had been sold reverted to its former owner.

  • leo corion

    Supermarket meat crawling with bacteria

    Sell a little healthy raw milk to a willing consumer, and you can expect cops to burst through the door with their guns drawn — but you can pass off tainted meat on unsuspecting customers all day long, and the feds won’t do a thing about it.

    Case in point: The latest study in Clinical Infectious Diseases, which showed that up to HALF of all supermarket meat is contaminated with bacteria — and half of those are resistant to multiple antibiotics.

    Researchers bought 136 packages of beef, chicken, pork, and turkey from 26 supermarkets in five cities — and what they found would even make someone with an iron stomach a bit queasy.

    Tests revealed that 47 percent of the meat was contaminated with Staphylococcus aureus. Nearly all of the samples were resistant to one antibiotic, and 52 percent were resistant to at least three different drugs.

    And believe it or not, that’s not even the worst news — because S. aureus doesn’t even make the Top 10 list of the U.S.’s leading pathogens.

    Americans are routinely infected by campylobacter from poultry, toxoplasma from pork, and E. coli from beef, just to name a few. All told, the top 14 pathogens are responsible for nearly 9 million illnesses a year, including 55,678 hospitalizations and 1,322 deaths.

    But wait — because that’s STILL not the worst news.

    Overall, food poisoning sickens up to a quarter of all Americans every year –- leading to some 325,000 hospitalizations and up to 5,000 deaths that we know of.

    Who knows how big the real numbers are.

    You may call it “contaminated meat,” but I call it “biological warfare.”

    This is a bigger national crisis than airline safety, terrorism, or natural disasters — and the FDA and USDA won’t do a thing about it.

    But you can.

    Many of these diseases and infections begin at factory farms — festering stinkholes where animals live in filth, eat filth, and die in filth.

    Along the way, they’re pumped so full of so many drugs that you get a dose with every bite.

    • JC

      Which is why I still hunt in the fall.

    • http://deleted Claire

      Which is why I do not eat meat. Which is why I feed my dogs a holistic diet.

    • Richard Pawley

      Better to eat beef or chicken only once a week if it’s truly organic and preferably local than the other kind every day. If you can only afford one thing organic make it eggs but again try to get them from a local farmer. The one I drive ten miles to get mine from won’t even feed his hens corn because it is so difficult and expensive to find natural normal non-GMO (genetically engineered corn – 86% of American corn and corn syrup). I read of a South African farmer who got a good deal on American chicken feed with GMO corn but his chickens wouldn’t eat it, and I read of a study that was done in England where rats got liver damage in only three weeks from eating GMO corn. Impossible to avoid if you eat out, but growing up in South Carolina I like grits with organic butter, so I only buy organic grits. Autism continues to increase and I believe that GMO foods combining with some vaccines have a lot to do with it (AMISH children get almost no autism and their parents don’t even use chemical sprays and fertilizers, much less GMO). In Europe they have to tell you but we had some unelected representatives (from Monsanto?) up in Canada ten days ago trying to persuade the UN not to make it mandatory to tell consumers if they were eating these unnatural laboratory creations or normal foods the way God and nature created it. Remember you can’t eat what average Americans eat and drink what average Americans drink and not get the diseases that average Americans get. May God bless you and all who read this.

      • Mike in MI

        Right you are Richard -
        The American people will be slaves to rotten government as long as they take the rotten junk the government gives them for “food”, “medicine”, “Disease protection (vaccines)”, and any other program or government agency to “help and protect” them.
        If the government says, “Do it or take it because we’ve found it’s good.” Turn 180 degrees and do what’s over there. They just aren’t telling you who or what it’s good for. (Like Mrs. Godboldo in Stockbridge, Michigan found out the hard way. It’s a tragic story and started with a healthy baby girl who had a bad reaction to infant vaccines. It escalated from there with a leg amputation, medication reactions, brain problems and medicine to “fix” that. When Godboldo started getting good results with holistic care she stopped a medicine that was causing problems. THEN the government (Child Protective Services) got upset with her and took the daughter away and put her in a mental ward and the Mom in jail. Compliments of the michigan state medical society – another union with legal and financial links to government at the expense of the citizens of Michigan (or your state, WAITING TO JUMP YOU WHEN YOU GET OUT OF LINE.)

    • Mike in MI

      People, people, people,
      Please, shuck this foolish fear of germs and the medically instilled fear of every stupid pathogen that comes down the pike.
      Bacteria don’t cause infections and “diseases” to become manifest unless your immune system is already weakened and your body very acid. Your body is the most incredibly engineered heath factory in the universe. IT IS capable of sloughing off almost everything you might come into contact with IF YOU TAKE CARE OF IT and learn to recognize and reject fear.
      Fear causes your body to produce cortisol into the blood stream which kills off several populations of white blood cells and neutralizes chemicals that intercept and interfere with life functions of pathogens. That’s why nervous, stressed out, anxiety filled people are so often sick. Protect yourself with upbeat thoughts like stuff from the positive Psalms and the Apostle Paul’s letters. Make the Word your “shield and buckler” (an offensive and defensive TOOL).
      Beyond that get 4,000-5,000 IU per day of Vitamin D3 EACH MORNING (not after 3:00 pm). Otherwise, nourish yourself at a high level and make your heart (mind) happy, because, “A merry heart is like a medicine.”
      Eat and drink stuff that makes your insides alkaline.
      Find a good chiropractor, massage therapist or holistic professional who can help you keep the most important system in your body working as best as possible – your nervous system. If it can’t work the way it is supposed to you can’t be 100% healthy. You many not feel pained or sick, but you still can’t be 100% if your nervous/immune functions are less than the best. They are intimately related.
      It’s cheap and fun to live healthy. It’s expensive and miserable to exist from crisis to crisis (to say nothing of “dumb”).
      Shuck the fear of “germs”. Be aware of them but not freaked out like the medics want you to be.

  • Terz

    Can you post the link for the SCOTUS verifying this decision? I looked on the SCOTUS web page and it’s not listed. Further, I can’t believe this case made it to the Supreme Court in a week and also, 8 to 1? There are 5 conservative justices on the U.S. Supreme Court. I think you should research your facts before putting it out as fact.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Terz,

      The case is Kentucky v. King. It can be found here: I think you should do your research before you accuse someone of making things up.

      Best wishes,

  • Fletch

    It is obvious that President Jefferson was correct in that Justices should be subject to term limits. However, it is also obvious that electing Progressives and Communists to the Senate and White House, as has occurred for over a Century, is the real issue. The reference in the article to the Revolutionary generation is most fitting, as America now faces a similar set of circumstances, which we have not faced since the 1860s – disunion. It is a looming threat that sickens all of us; the thought that there are more than mere pockets of anti-American Euro-socialists in America, but rather entire regions who would gladly dis-unite with the majority of the States is a nausious thought, yet one which many Americans cannot but think…are we now under the thump of a despotic government – are we now shackled by tyranny? or are we united in Liberty, set upon a course now approaching the horizon, in which our God-given rights, the Rights of Man, shall again be affirmed and Guaranteed?
    The decision by the SCOTUS should not surprize anyone. Remember the major “victory” lauded in the Heller case? The Court missed a great opportunity to clarify the Law, but rather took the easier way out via the 14th Amendment.
    Most Americans were educated in the public school system, and were therefore mal-instructed (even college graduates lack a proper education today) in Constitutional matters. The Bill of Rights are, indeed, the First Ten Amendments, but are also a DECLARATION OF RIGHTS. The COnstitution does not give rights – it guarantees them. The Amendments in the Bill of Rights are immutable, and cannot be repealed. Each of the Rights are God-given rights, and extend to Each American; that the SCOTUS did not affirm this is telling of their lack of knowledge, or their contempt for the Truth. The 14th Amendment is repealable, which gives Progressives the option of replealing and replacing the 14th Amendment (and they will use the “anchor baby” issue to do just that, if we allow it). Understand, there are two types of Progressives – the Teddy Roosevelt type and the Woodrow Wilson type. Both are bad, neither are American. Yes, I know TR was the hero of the Spanish-American war, but his contempt for the Constitution reveals his statist ambitions. Wilson was simply the embodiment of evil (until FDR).
    Americans have a choice – it is a choice that generations throughout the 20th Century were either not faced with, or else pushed aside for future generations to deal with. We ARE that generation, as we are the last generation who will have a choice left to make. Consider the 2008 election; what choice was there? a Progressive of the Republican party vs a Progressive of the Democratic Party. 2012 could be the same, should we allow Romney to win the GOP primary election.
    If we value our freedom, we should, and must, resolve to elect a man who recognized and embraces the Fact that our rights come from God. There are but two men thus far who have voiced this very Truth: Santorum and Gingrich. Do the other candidates embrace this fact? I do not know, and therefore I remain open to hearing more from them before I make a final decision.
    Let us all hold firm to our convictions, to our principles, and most importantly, to our love for oneanother – for the sake of our children and their children; I refuse to believe that we are beyond the point of noo return. After all, we believe in our Constituion – who are the few in D.C. to tell us that what we believe is wrong, when we know we believe the Truth?
    Let us take the next year with patiently examining each candidate by the plumbline of truth.

  • Raggs

    I hate to say it but leo has a point…
    We are all being treated as sheep…

  • robert craft

    i am glad i don’t live in that state,if they broke into my house with out a reason some body would get shot.the states that pass that law only wants to rule the people.for every one in that state vote out the one that’s making that law and doing away with the forth amendment.

  • Terz

    Amazing how people will take the word of someone else as fact without doing their own research. There’s no wonder this country is burning to the ground because no body believes there’s a fire because someone else told them there wasn’t.

  • Ron G

    I am suffering from negative thinking. I think we are on the brink of a communist country. These scums that are taking our liberties away think they are the chosen ones. They will be the first to be put to death by the very people they support like the communists in other countries were. It is time to rise up and fight for this great country. God bless the United States.

  • Danie Corcoan

    For all those that don’t know what to do in regards to our failing situation; remember that it is important to be familiar with the issues (although many) by going to your county, city commissioner meetings, actively support or fight their efforts based on the knowledge you have acquired. Gather your family and friends to discuss the issues then present them to your representatives. At the very least encourage your family and friends to VOTE in elections that have major issues to be addressed. It is a lot of work and requires a lot of personal time on your part whereas your government has the manpower, time and money to put into place its schemes and agendas. It takes a concerted effort on the part of the citizen to be informed above and beyond the day to day work and family responsibilities. It demands a lot of personal time and sacrifice. Don’t just take anyone’s WORD for information as fact! Research that information yourself, document it and share it with others. All information is relevant to preparing for any confrontation with bureaucrats in government. Become part of a group that is pro-active!
    The internet provides such a vast array of information that is available that will help in making informed decisions. I’m a firm believer in history. It tells us where we have been and in using that it should tell us if what we are using is taking us in the right direction. But even history can be slanted so it is with caution that I suggest to research every available resource to determine the truth.
    As for the 4th amendment right case in Indiana; I strongly believe that the majority of our LEO’s will use prudence in electing to utilize these measures. Having been in LE for over 25 years there were many times when I had wished that the mandate was not in existence due to hearing the sounds of evidence being destroyed. AS far as an officer hearing gunshots or loud screams it has always been allowed to enter due to exigent circumstances to prevent bodily harm or death from occurring. Our court system leaves a lot to be desired. We really need to review how our judges are placed in their respective roles. Those that are appointed should be restricted to term limits and not for life. For those that are voted into their offices, again it is up to the citizens to make informed decisions and vote.



  • Marty S.

    The whole basis of this legalese and stripping of our 4th amendment rights is to pave the way to allow O’s future federally deputized union thug army to kick in all of our doors because they think we are up to something like being conservative, patriotic and worst of all- believers. Like the article above says, the ride is getting bumpy and will get worse before it gets better.
    God-speed to all who post here.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Wiselady

    wiselady says:

    May 23,2011

    There is an answer: I know a God who promised we would never be forgotten or forsaken. I count on that promise daily and each day I learn more and more about why Jesus was born. I have a beautiful companion, the sameone that our forefathers trusted to leave tyranny. WE WILL PREVAIL by trusting, that in the next election, a very strong and able leader will be elected.

  • http://AOL.COM Rayfrid

    Judges.when sworn in, swear in oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution.
    These jourists voilated their oath in this anti-4th amendment ruling.
    THAT’S GROUNDS FOR IMPEACHMENT! People, demand that your elected officials begin the impeachment processes.

    • Antonio

      RAYFRID you are right, but here’s the thing. You have millions upon millions of illegals who don’t know anything about the constitution and don’t really care to learn either. Then there’s half of the american citizens who are too busy with their lives to do anything about whats going on. then you have the other half of the american citizens who only care one (1) thing, whos gonna give them their food stamps?
      Impeachment is the right thing to do yes, but it ain’t gonna happen so just buy guns and ammo and prepare for the upcoming martial law. We WILL be under martial in 2012 so must prepare now. Obama aint losing his seat that easy and if he does do you REALLY think a repub is gonna fix it all?

  • T.L.

    I see a day in the not too distant future where the police will only be armed with a billy club and cuffs. They will not be the “jack-booted” thugs that they are today, because those will be killed off in the coming thermal-nuclear civil war that will “cleanse” America of it’s sin’s and Liberal/Facist “lackeys”. Only “the People” will have the right to carry arms as they wish. The “cop” will be one of the people when he is off duty. Then on, he will be disarmed as will ALL government “servants” of “the People”. This will be along with the restoration of common sense and the basis of our Republic. In this age, the punishment will fit the crime and the rights of the people will be upheld at all times because of the dark memory of what happened. This decision by nine old lackeys will be the same as the decision in 1857, the spark that ignites old wood.

  • Doug Rodrigues

    I can see the potential for Police and innocent Citizens getting shot and killed because of this ruling. If someone were breaking in my door without notice, and if that person didn’t look like a Police Officer, then that person will be at the receiving end of my .44 Magnum. First two shots to the chest, and any more to the face.

    • Antonio

      Your 44.MAGNUM is basically trash to a cops bullet proof vest and while your wasting two shots they are pumping you full of lead; so basically the 3 shot to the face will never happen. High powered weapons are effective for penetrating their vest as long as you dont hit the center with steel plate. 7.62 * 39 will be effective at close range so i will suggest an ak-47 pistol which is what i use around the house and sleep with on my end table with couple of 75 round drums. Hand guns are fun and all but thats it, just fun.

  • Dan

    You right-wingers got just what you wanted. A police state. Those justices who held this case are conservatives. Not liberals. Not commies. They are Republicans or conservative Democrats. Next time you vote, remember that.

  • Craig Ritsema

    Since when is the supreme court allowed to MAKE LAWS. The supreme court has no authority to take it upon themselves to make laws especially those in contradiction to the Constitution, (read about why the sup crt was established in the first place). For the last 100 years people have done nothing but distort what our founding fathers did, signed, and put their lives on the line for. This country needs to go back 200 years and start over with the principles this country was founded on. Where did the S.Crt get all this power from? They took it, just like the democrats and planned parenthood, and acorn and all the other anti-American groups. They stole it from us people, and they’ve been laughing at us ever since. The S.C’s job is not to make laws or destroy them or take them away but to defend the ones we have. We the People, to deform this Union will fall asleep at the wheel and let all the crooks, thugs, criminals, liars, cheaters, foreign junkies(also know as extremists), (by the way all of the above refers to our congressional leaders, judges and anybody else who is holding a political office or any type of office). I am a disabled Vet who became that way defending my country (no a shell didn’t go off in my head or to close to me that it screwed up some brain cells, got to have them in order to get them screwed up, I say this because I’m sure many of will disagree with what I’ve said so far) but, I took an oath to defend this Country from all those who wish to attack or attempt to destroy her, DOMESTIC OR FOREIGN, AND IF I MUST TAKE UP ARMS AND DEFEND THIS COUNTRY WHICH GOD HAS SO RICHLY BLESSED, WHICH GOD LET BECOME THE GREATEST NATION IN THE WORLD, A NATION FOUNDED ON HIS PRINCIPLES, A NATION I AND MY FAMILY LOVE, I WILL SO PROUDLY DO SO. The oath I took didn’t stop when I left the Air Force, it will stop when I take my last breath and if that last breath is from defending this Country…..SO BE IT. People, it’s time we drew the line in sand and told Babylon, enough is enough, we will take no more, WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH. 200 years ago they dealt with traitors like this…..”your under arrest and your being charged with treason to the highest and greatest degree. Sorry, you have no rights, traitors have no rights, no phone calls either, however, if you leave the country and promise never to come back, we won’t hang you”. These people are traitors to our Constitution, The Declaration of Independence and everything this country stands for, why do we need to impeach them? Arrest them or recall them. Thank you

    • Antonio

      Craig you are right. The supreme court is there to make sure laws and other incidents are not violating the constitution. Good post, thank you.

  • Robert Laity

    These are the same Judicial miscreants that said that Obama was a Natural-Born American when he is NOT.

    “Any Law that is repugnant to the Constitution is null and void”-Marbury v. Madison,SCOTUS,(1803)

    “When Rights secured by the U.S.Constitution are involved,there can be NO rulemaking or legislation which would abrogate them”-Miranda v. Arizona,SCOTUS

    The citizens of Indiana must impeach these errant Judges now. Their GROSS and patently derelict violation of the US Constition is illegal on it’s face.

  • waypasthadenough

    Regardless of what this ruling really means we have already been living under tyranny for decades, since 1865.

    It’s time to stop hunkering down for the apocalypse and to start organizing the military force we must have to make the black-suited Nazis who enforce the NWO feel unsafe in their own homes and offices for that is the only thing they will pay attention to.

    They will happily pry your gun from your cold dead hands if you sit home and wait your turn as they hope you do and they will murder your family pet and your children on the way through the door.

    Don’t understand? Start here:

  • Artemus

    543 responses last time I checked. I have not read them all so I don’t know if this has been mentioned already. But if it has it may need to be said again.

    From The Constitution of The United States:

    Article II Section 1. Before he enter on the Execution of his Office, he shall take the following Oath or Affirmation:- “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

    Article II Section 4. The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.

    From Webster’s New World Dictionary of the American Language “complete reference edition”:

    treason: 1. betrayal of trust or faith; treachery 2. violation of the allegiance owed to one’s sovereign of state; betrayal of one’s country, specif., in the U.S. (as declared in the Constitution), consisting only in levying war against the U.S. or in giving aid and comfort to its enemies.

    (or in giving aid and comfort to its enemies). What does this mean?

    treachery: 1. betrayal of trust, faith, or allegiance; perfidy, disloyalty, or treason 2. an act of perfidy or treason.

    allegiance: 2. the obligation of support and loyalty to one’s ruler, government, or country.

    ( refer back to Article II Section 4. and the subsequent definitions.)

    Article III Section 3. Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.
    The Congress shall have Power to declare the Punishment of Treason, but no Attainder of Treason shall work Corruption of Blood, or Forfeiture except during the Life of the Person attained.

    From The Bill of Rights:


    The conventions of a number of the States having at the time of their adopting the Constitution, expressed a desire, in order to prevent misconstruction or abuse of its powers, that further declaratory and restrictive clauses should be added: And as extending the ground of public confidence in the Government, will best insure the beneficent ends of its institution.

    Re-read (in order to prevent misconstruction or abuse of its powers), also refer back to Article II Section 1.

    Article I
    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    establishment: (and why we as a nation declared our independence from England.) 3. in England, a complex consisting of the church, the royal family, and the plutocracy, regarded as holding the chief measure of power and influence.

    And please don’t forget this provision: (or, prohibiting the free exercise thereof): means “freedom to observe, practice, or worship, anytime, anywhere and prohibiting this is a violation of MY rights!

    Nor this: (or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press).

    abridge: 3. to lessen or curtail (rights, authority, etc.) 4. to deprive (of rights, privileges, etc.)

    i.e. the control or limitations that one entity exerts upon another. Self explanatory except maybe to the press.

    (Please read “1984″ by George Orwell.)

    Article II
    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

    re-read: ( being necessary to the security of a free State) (the right of the people), yes, it’s a right! A constitutional right!

    Again refer back to Article II Section 1.

    Remember, the 2nd amendment was included so that Congress would not forget about the other 26.

    And just to go over it one more time for those in Congress who may have forgotten or are too arogant to think any of this applies to them.

    And for the people of this country who need their memory refreshed.

    We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquillity, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constution for the United States of Amerca.

    From the same dictionary as above.

    justice: 6 a) the use of authority and power to uphold what is right, just, or lawful.

    Please note: This does not say “set policy”, but uphold what is right, just or lawful.

  • CSConrad

    Thank the conservative majority on the court… Bush packed it with big-government conservatives, and this is the result.

  • http://None Zerod57

    Where are all those Republicans & Democrats that have been protecting our freedom(s) for the last century? Exactly “WHO” are they supposed to bve protecting them FROM?
    BTW, All Americans know our US Constitution was composed to “protect us”. But, From whom or from what?
    Our US Constitution was composed & designed SPECIFICALLY to protect us, “We the People” from OUR GOVERNMENT!! And, more now than ever, in accordance of our Declaration of Independence, we need to “Preserve, protect & defend” our Constitution from A band of Republi~Crat usurpers of self appointed authority!!
    The time has come America!!
    Rise up & Take our Country BACK!! From ALL Republicans & all Democrats.
    They are in cahoots!! Ask yourself; “Where would one party be without the other?”

  • Mike

    Interesting and sad!

  • Daniel

    Very strange posts here. Ranting against the “liberals” for this kind of nonsense when Ruth Bader Ginsberg, the most liberal voice on the court, was AGAINST this ruling and the “Conservatives” were all for it. Aren’t you folks EVER going to get it? While conservative politicians and judges talk a good game they ALWAYS trample civil rights while by and large liberals are defending those rights. It’s not the liberals who want to keep track of what goes on in YOUR bedroom, tell you whom you may or may not marry or that want to regulate what brand of “faith” will be the acceptable one for “real” Americans. The more conservative the court the more our rights are eroded. Stop listening to Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh etc. and look at reality for yourselves.

    • denniso

      Good comment! And instead of talking violence and revolution in the streets,why don’t these rightwingers protest in the streets against the rulings? I agree that the rulings go way too far,but we have to realize that keeping freedom is a constant battle,and we all have to fight against any encroachment of a police state,at the ballot box and in the streets,peacefully. We should all be able to agree on this.

  • Robert

    The cops may become “Peeping Toms” and say they saw something in plain sight. Things are going too far. Elections don’t come quick enough. Out city is so broke, that the city council past a ban of cell phones while driving. I found out that includes holding it to stick up in the visor. Yeah, I was tailed by the cops for a really long time and I made the mistake of touching my cell phone. I wish they would just increase property taxes. It would save a lot of time and hassle. Then things would be transparent and hopefully the citizens would vote the bozos out.

    Cities are broke and they know the police can raise tons of money fast. Be vigilant.

  • Charles bond

    It is a crime to break into my house and is backed by my constitutional right to bare arms which can not be inflinged on by government or anyone…………….

    • denniso

      I’m totally against a police state and I’ve thought we are too much of one for the past 40 yrs,yet,if the cops have a reasonable suspicion that a serious crime is being comitted in your house,then your constitutional rights can be put on hold,justifiably. Should that apply to smoking pot at home? NO! Should it apply to a child being raped behind closed doors? YES. It is not so simple as we would like it to be,but we do have to try and draw reasonable lines for privacy. That’s why the Court is so important,and the rightwing keeps putting in ‘law and order’ justices who don’t see a line.

      • Bleh

        I must say the proper term you are looking for is Progressives. They exist within the Rightwing AND the Leftwing.
        To think this is the fault of just the Right or just the Left is delusional at best.

  • johnny

    The end is near thanks to the liberal left. Hello Party bosses Clintons, Obama, reid Pelosi

  • Mug

    No one who screams for help should have to wait for the police to break in. Their fellow citizens and neighbors should get there first. Their fellow citizens and neighbors know if she regularly screams because her husband pleasures her or if he beats her, they know if it is kids playing or being abused, they know if a stranger entered the house before the screaming began, they know if the smell of marijuana smoke regularly comes from the house.

    In America, citizens and neighbors are legally armed for the protection of all and consider themselves brothers and sisters and correctly answer the question “am I my brother’s keeper.” When tragedy happens citizens and neighbors blame themselves and never blame the police for not being there or being too late. Oh wait, that was 200 years ago and this is now. You might be right Wayne.

    But understand this Wayne, the police officer standing outside the door might decide to ignore the screams and smell of marijuana smoke. When neighbors complained and police responded and found a teenage boy wandering in a drugged daze with blood oozing out his rectum, the police didn’t do anything and wrote in their report that Mr Jefferey Dahmer had assured them it was a gay lovers quarrel. They later found the boy’s head in Jeffery’s freezer

  • Barbara Spalding

    I’m letting everyone in the October 22 Coalition know about this decision, and I’ll research it more myself, as I’d like to write about it. I’m currenlty working on an article about Arpaio of Maricopa Co., (Phoenix) AZ. He oversaw the Deportation of 2010. I’m trying to find out if they deported any US citizens on the basis of skin color/ethnicity. It been reported that they did not ask for proof of citizenship documents before “shipping” people home. Two deaths, both shot in the back, I think, happened during the 2010 deportation of mostly Mexican-looking people, while being held in custody by police/deputies/border patrol. I’m fact checking on this right now….

  • Bruce Barron

    The SCOTUS has thrown out an amendment ignoring and violating Art5 of the Constitution.They have no authority to do this.
    The State has police powers which pertain to the safety,health,general welfare,and morals.
    I think,but I am not sure,that under FDR police powers were granted to the Federal Government.Whether by law or Presidental Executive order I am not sure.Emergencies do not create more federal power.However the Commerce Clause was used in some bizarre way.The Federal Government does not trump State Police Powers.
    If anything good can come of this it will be the investigation of mosques as terror cells without a warrant and they are all suspect.And this goes for illegal immigration.

    Bruce Barron

  • Al Schmidt

    There is only one answer to the oppressive, arrogant, abusive police state. I am sorry but to quote the IRS crasher “Violence is not only the answer, it is the only answer.” We did not react in several situations that the people who attacked the government thought surely would trigger the start of something bigger. The Bubba Factor show that Beck did, which was quickly scrubbed from his site, spoke of just this issue. When the first shots are fired, as was in the past, then patriots had to act. We now have that responsibility. When the door of your peaceful and lawful neighbor is kicked, you will need to bring serious fire onto the police from all sides. Yes it will be horrible and many will die, but we must have the courage that our founders did, or we are doomed. I am right with my God and confident that he will judge my actions as just to resist oppression.

    • denniso

      How about voting for people opposed to police state tactics? How about taking to the streets in mass protests? Where is the tea party on this,and why do they seem only to worry about money and the budget and gun laws? There are millions of them out there and they could bring pressure,along w/ the left,on our leaders to put a stop to this sort of stuff. You and others leap to talk of violence and only add to the problem,where cops will use big firepower to quash any threat.

      Use your head…guns and violence do not work,except in rare cases. Our own revolution would have failed if the British hadn’t decided that it wasn’t worth the money and blood to continue.

      • Sovereign4Ever

        I’m w/you on voting for people opposed to police tactics, but, because we know talk is cheap & politicians talk out of both sides of their mouths, how are we to know who is actually telling the truth? We know representatives like Dr. Ron Paul, Jim DeMint, & Col. Allen West don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk, but who else can be trusted?

        I’ve attended a number of TEA Party rallys, but most TEA Party participants are regular, hard-working folks who cannot go to all events at the “drop of a hat”. MORE people who are willing to step up to the plate are needed. We do NOT need armchair quarterbacks whose only contribution to the cause is criticism!

        Patriotic Rallys, a collection of like-minded individuals, are a wonderful way to invigorate each other, but writing and calling your representatives is another EXCELLENT way to let your voice be heard! I think we all feel the noose tightening, so one final thought: “Speak up NOW, Patriots, while there’s still time, or forever hold your peace.”

      • Bleh

        “Our own revolution would have failed if the British hadn’t decided that it wasn’t worth the money and blood to continue.”
        Hypothetically speaking, for that same reason it would work again.
        Have you noticed the massive Debt this county’s Government is is in and continues to rack up? The Dollar is on borrowed time it is less 96% its value since the inception of the Federal Reserve. Given the QE policy of the Federal Reserve it will drop further. The Dollar is doomed. Some countries already talk about dropping it as the Reserve Currency. Printing Dollars won’t save the Government for much longer one way or the other.
        Now, what if 1-3% of the population refuses to work and acted against the best interests of the Government adding to the cost of running said Government while eliminating themselves as a source for it’s revenue? We could all go Ghandi and cause some havoc. If it went to violence that would simply compound the Governments logistics and monetary problem. With a sigificant portion of our military overseas, what resources can the Government pull on to quench it? Will it’s soldiers continue to be paid? Will those soldiers quench it when asked and will they still do so if they receive no pay? Will the soldiers be willing to fire on their own families and friends knowing why the citizenry is acting so? They will know, there is no possible way they wouldn’t know, not these days with a multitude of ways of communicating…
        Back then in 1776 you might have a concrete case but not now.

        I do not think it is cut and dry who would win in such a scenario.

  • BTS

    I also agree with Steve 100%.. I don’t give the next armed & very bloody Civil war 5 years before it begins in earnest. To my fellow Patriots now is the time to prepare for the bad times. All I can say is start stockpiling the needed items now. Weapons, Ammunition, Food & Water, Toilet Paper,Medications, first aid, etc, etc, etc…because when it starts expect all services to be interrupted for Years. Read the Book one Second After if you don’t understand what I mean by that.

    • danielle

      you said a mouth full and are right on point!!

      • Ted Poulter

        Very true! NOW is the time to be buying guns, ammo mags, ammunition, and spare parts, along with food preps. PREPARE for the OVERTHROW!

  • danielle


  • Loyd

    There’s nothing, really, to be said except in the following two quotations:

    “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

    -U.S. Constitution, 4th Amendment

    “It is a very dangerous doctrine to consider the judges as the ultimate arbiters of all Constitutional questions. It is one which would place us under the despotism of an oligarchy.”

    -Thomas Jefferson

    The likelihood of enough people waking up to what’s going on in this country is slim considering that, starting in the 1930s and especially after WWII with the expansion of government power and federal revenue, “sharing,” – our education system has become a giant progressive, socialist propaganda mill. We’re now dealing with generations of voters who’ve been continuously exposed to this propaganda in place of education. The new elite aren’t any more compassionate, caring or efficient than were the, “nobility,” of old that controlled the world before our revolution in the 1770s but – they’re now, “democratically,” elected by morons who’ve been constantly lied to for almost eighty years now.

  • Nead Digger

    This is what I see happening if a pig demands entry … “I heard a loud bang, glass breaking, and I robber crashing through the front door, pointing a gun at me, and screaming at me. No I don’t know what he was screaming but I knew he was going to kill me so I pointed my .45 auto towards him and pulled the trigger until I ran out of bullets. The robber fell to the ground and I reloaded my handgun and called 911. It wasn’t until the cops arrived that I found out the robber was a cop.”

    • Ted Poulter

      Wow very true. I would not shed a tear if I read in the paper that a cop was killed bursting into someone’s home. Not a single tear. The cops are Pirates working for the corporations!

      “This is what I see happening if a pig demands entry … “I heard a loud bang, glass breaking, and a robber crashing through the front door, pointing a gun at me, and screaming at me. No, I do not know what he was screaming but I knew he was going to kill me so I pointed my .45 auto towards him and pulled the trigger until I ran out of bullets. The robber fell to the ground and I reloaded my handgun and called 911. It wasn’t until the cops arrived that I found out the robber was a cop.”

  • Hanns Barker

    I always thought the loosening of the requirements for the 4th Amendment was a Conservative action! As a liberal, I am not in favor of giving the police any leeway in searching our persons and homes! I am also not in favor of the Terry v. Ohio 1968 which makes a stop and frisk, constitutional, as long as it done purely for the protection of the officer. Come On! How many times do you think the cops use that excuse to search for contraband? More than anyone would feel comfortable admitting, that’s for sure.
    The Bill of Rights, has been perverted in ways that just make me weep for this country! Unlike my Liberal brethren, I support full and open gun ownership, as stated in the 2nd Amendment. But, I also find the death penalty, as applied, to be cruel and unusual, too. It also prohibits Excessive Bail OR fines to be levied! I read that to mean bail MUST be attainable for the defendant to afford. It says nothing about remanding a prisoner for up to three years before they get their day in court!
    One thing I would never have done, is give Corporations the same rights as a person. How does that make sense? If someone Incorporates their business as a form of protecting their private assets, that makes sense! However, the entity that is Incorporated should not have the same rights as a person, when it comes to Civil or Criminal liability.
    It truly disgust’s me that a defendant/accused of a crime, only gets as much justice, as they can afford! Just like medical care, tnhat ain”t right!
    I too believe the “War on Drugs” and the “War on Terrorism” have and is still being used to further whittle away our rights, especially in Search and seizure cases and also 1st amendment as to freedom of thwe press. Trials of terrorists should be done in an open, civilian court! Judging them in military tribunals, gives the terrorists the same cache as a military P.O.W.! They don’t deserve that distinction!
    I am sorry, I have taken up too much of your time.
    Peace, and good luck, Hanns Barker


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