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Supreme Court rules Connecticut can’t scrap test

June 29, 2009 by  

Sonia Sotomayor, President Obama’s nominee to be the next Supreme Court justice, has found her opinion overruled today on the constitutionality of a New Haven job discrimination case.

Media sources report the city annulled a firefighter’s exam on which non-white participants scored significantly lower. This means that the white firefighters did not receive promotions of which they were deserving due to their higher scores.

In a 5 – 4 vote, the highest court deemed scrapping the test to be an act of racial discrimination because it overturned a component to the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

The Los Angeles Times reports Justice Anthony M. Kennedy was one judge who felt that the New Haven council was wrong to deny the white firefighters their promotions that they earned through knowledge and job expertise.

"No individual should face workplace discrimination based on race," he stated, indicating that had this ruling been upheld, there would have been wider implications for employers across the country.

For example, Daniel Westman who is a Washington-based lawyer told theNew York Times how this case and its decision affected more than firefighters.

"Some companies may have thought this was just a public sector firefighter case that would not apply outside the government employment context, but that is not the case," he told the news provider.

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  • Chris

    It speaks volumes when the best and brightest are denied a promotion due to their race. If the results were the other way around there would have been an uproar by the left that non-whites were beind denied a promotion. Sotomayer should be ashamed that she promotes racism in the work force as well as those on the supreme court that feel non-whites are inferior and need a handicap to compete. The whole idea of being equal in the workforce starts (and should end) with the education from our schools. Wht does this say for a public education that promotes students through just to get rid of them? Needless to say our government has failed miserably in their approach and involvement in education and has attempted to cover their inadequacies through legislation and interference in the private sector. I think the time has come for an overhaul of the statutes and put everyone on an equal footing.

    • Oath2Honor

      I agree with you, regarding; childhood ‘education’ or ‘lack of’ (ultimately) ‘being’ the main problem in our country (USA), as ‘the cause’ of so many who are involved in politics, and the inablity to ‘read’ or ‘understand’ The Constitution that they carry around with them.

    • Jeff

      If we are to rid ourselves of racism, we must not make decisions based on race. The firefighters who scored the best deserve the promotions. I am glad the Supreme Court decided correctly, however I am disturbed that the vote was 5-4. It should have been unanimous. This makes me wonder if those in the court have any sound values.

      • Chris

        To carry it further, The Supreme Court judges do not seem intent to uphold the Constitution as they do in re-inventing it. Our political leaders who have sworn to uphold the Constitution enact laws and policies that do not comply or violate, or misconstrue the writings. In essence, by doing so, they themselves are unconstitutional as are the laws they pass. As a consequence or by inference, our government has become unconstitutional based on the actions of those running it. How long before this breakdown continues until anarchy results? We need strong leaders with moral values who are unafraid of the vocal opposition and name calling they will run into. There was a senate bill introduced that Congress refuses to pass that merely states that for every law or regulation considered the area enumerating that authority by the Constitution must be cited. And our government refuses to pass it! What does this say about who is running our Government?

        • Monika

          I agree – government is the one that promotes racism in the first place.
          Any document that we have to fill out has the same question – RACE. You can’t get loan, mortgage, job, library book, enroll in schoold without being put into a race bucket.
          Race should only be considered in Census data for statistical, informational purposes. Everything else should be based on – pick the best.
          Even at work I have to make sure that my race is correctly setup. The heck with that. I am not xxxx race, I am human, American and this should be enough for anyone to allow me to work, live or spend money.

        • bidget34

          For all intent and purposes the United States of America CONSTITUTION is no longer valid! Our government has gotten away with ignoring the Constitution so long that they no longer know what the constitution is about. Too many times our governing heads allow their personal convictions enter into their decisions instead of what is right for our country. GOD HELP THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

  • Jim Young

    Its about time the Courts and I do mean plural start upholding the Constitution rather than the sway of liberal opinion. That opinion is far too often hypocritical.

    • Frank

      It is about time that the issue of REVERSE discrimination in this country has been brought to the people’s attention! I live in the New Orleans area and just so people know, the reverse-discrimination down here is pitiful! Obama’s appointee to the Supreme Court should be disqualified solely because of the biased decision she made, that was overruled by the Justices! It is about time!

      • Dan

        What is “REVERSE DISCRIMINATION” This is discrimination period. Believe it or not Middle aged white Americans are a minority group that it seems te be perfectly okay to discriminate against in this country without reparation.
        Everyone in the fire department knew what they had to learn to get this promotion. Just because some of them did not take the time or effort to accomplish this skills they did not get the promotion.
        I can not believe or understand that there are still so many people in this country that want to call themselves.” black Americans”. Is that discriminatory? Does that put you as a black american on a pedestal and mark you as a special person that we all should kneel to .
        How many of these “black Americans” actually believe that if all these evil slave traders that brought their ancestors to this country, had not done so, Would they be better off now? Look at the world and be thankful that because your ancestors were brought to this country you can be Americans. Africans live in Africa, Mexicans live in Mexico, English live in England, French in France. Can’t we just drop the prefix and be Americans

        • DixieConnie

          Yes, yes, yes. I totally agree.

        • Donna

          YES YES YES, I couldn’t have said it better myself. I am Canadian by birth but Americian by choice, I do not call myself a Canadian-Americian. The “white” race of the United States is being discriminated against on a daily basis and no one does anything about it. It’s time to take a stand and be heard.

        • bidget34

          I agree 110%. Check out the prison population. What % of them are of a nationality other than legal American citizens? Also, how many of them are in the USA illegally, thus overcrowding the prisons. I cringe when I hear a black person refer to themselves as “African American”. How many of them have even been to Africa? It isn’t the color of a person’s skin that makes them who they are. We are all the same color inside. If people of color want to be treated with respect they must act respectfully! It is their choice as to the life style they choose. Bill Cosby says it best when he explains the black population in the USA.

    • Average Joe

      I don’t see how that is possible, since there has not been a constitutional court in this country since 1926.The point was made earlier conserning our government sponsored “public education” system.Do you honestly believe that the government would actually allow them to teach anything that would be detrimental to the way in which they “wish” to run the country? You really need to go back and study our history starting from just before the “Civil?” War.The Civil war itself was fought not over slavery per say (just a added issue to inflame the masses), it was actually started as a result of the federal government overstepping the constitutional bounds of their authority over the sovereign states rights. By defeating the south they effectively took away state sovereignty, using the illegally ratified 14th amendment to strip the citizens of their constitutional rights.Did you ever wonder why your State, county and cities are incorporated?The District of Columbia is a foreign corporation for profit, and all of the states, counties and cities have joined said corporation. They sold us out to get “freebies” from the Feds (you know road money, pork money etc.)Now they are part of the corporation and must abide by the “corporate By-Laws”. I could go on for hours , but I won’t…Forget what you were taught in school…research the history….educate yourself with more “truths” and less “lies”.

      “Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves. ”
      William Pitt the Younger (1759–1806)

      • Rob

        Average Joe, you are above average.

        • Average Joe

          Thank you sir,
          I am not above average though. Being a “right brain” thinker , I tend to see the big picture first, and work backwards to find out why I see things the way I do, which of course causes me to do a lot of research.I don’t always find the answers I was seeking….but I do manage to get a bit of education along the way ;-). As such, I believe in self education and questioning the info sources.Unfortunately…or fortunately as the case may be, the public education system is geared toward “left brained” thinkers, and right brained thinkers have difficulty adapting to the methods that left brainers use to draw conclusions, we tend to look “outside the box” first…..and look at the contents of the box only after making sure it wan’t “damaged” in transit.

        • Rob

          Well pardon me for saying so, but I still think that alone places you above the rest of the idiots…
          If you run contrary to the public method of education, then that puts you ahead.

          You just seem to be saying some very lucid things, and that got my attention.

          Keep speaking up…


  • Robin from Indiana

    Why is race an issue to begin with? Can’t tests like these be taken and promotions based on results? Isn’t that what is should be? Promoting or not promoting someone on the basis of their race is ludicrous. What if our doctors and dentists were given licenses based on their race? If I have to have heart surgery, I don’t want a doctor that has a license to do surgery who didn’t pass the test!

    Sotomayer is racist. She should not be on the Supreme Court. Our Supreme Court should not have anyone serving that does not strictly adhere to the law. She will continue to do things her way, the racist way, and if she is positioned on the Supreme Court, we will have to live with it. We need to contact those who represent us in Washington and tell them that she is not a good choice.

    • Frank

      Supposedly, tests a developed to test one’s knowledge of their job or certain practices pertaining to one’s employment. Someone, somewhere had made the claim that the tests were biased towards white people, which would make them more difficult for a black person! I personally think, whoever made that claim should go back to school him or herself! I have worked with many people over my 41 year carreer and I have yet to see that this is a problem! I have found that people who get into managerial positions, simply by being a friend or buddy or for sex, generally are the morons who couldn’t pass a test any way! They didn’t get the position for their knowledge! They got it for whoever they said yes to! That is exactly what is happening in Washington today! Obama has flooded his cabinet with people who are of very questionable character! Enough!

  • PoliSciGirl

    I think everyone should read the “Good Ol Boys Network” published by the United States Treasury Department to better understand why this is rascist decision. Start with Clarence Thomas and Alito.

    Everyone on the Supreme Court needs to replaced, because their judgment is not sound and the court lacks the character necessary to serve all the people, it was founded on racists backs, and remains a racist entity, and discriminatory part of America’s system today.

    It’s racist and always has been racist….call it want you want…but it is time for America to pay it’s debt to minorities, Black American’s need reparations…American Indians…Need compensation too…It’s way past time…the pressure is on…time to push for a new Supreme Court that serves all people of all colors not just White folks as it has for the past 250 years…may God tear down that devilish house that uses judgment to oppress people of color and holds itself above the law.

    • Frank

      No one in this country has been a slave for over a hundred years! The people living today, both black and white, had absolutely nothing to do with slavery! That as they say is HISTORY! Get over it! No one today is stopping no one else from getting an education and bettering themselves! Everyone does have the same opportunity to excell! Only those who don’t try and those who think they should be given, what all the rest of us have to work for, are the problem! And those who fall into that category are the ones who have no self-esteem or pride! This goes for both black and white and yellow and red people around this country!

      • PoliSciGirl

        LOL…No but some of us are first generation not to be under Jim Crow and what may seem far away to you…may be yesterday to others.

        • Frank

          Just a point to ponder, way back in the days of slavery, it wasn’t white men selling black men to white men in Africa! It was black men selling black men to white men! I wonder what this country would be like today, if the white men had never bought a black man?

        • Rob

          Sotomayer: Hypocracy 101

          Good point Frank.
          In fact it was the Spanish that ran the slave trade.
          Black Americans have brought a demention to American culture that we would not have without them. Some of it bad, but much of it good.

          The way I like to see it, is that America has had its problems living up to its own good standards, in the past. America has never been “bad,” just certain people in places of power, were bad. I make no appologies. It had nothing to do with me.

          Again, there is no such thing as “Reverse Discrimination.” When you promote based on race, when you practice racial preference, you also discriminate based on race. And as I have said in a previous post, that IS racial discrimination. A reverse of discrimination is to NOT discriminate. But they like to call it Reverse, because it sounds better than what it actually is.
          Again, we have very specific laws against racial discrimination. If Judge Sotomayer does not understand the very spirit of the Civil Rights Act, then she has no business being a judge of any kind. Never mind the weasel clauses in the bill that allowed Sotomayer to rule as she did, the Civil Rights Act was to end discrimination. If judges continue to rule in favor of racial preference, we might as well throw away the Civil Rights Act.
          Or throw away Sotomayer.

          Overturning this selfrightous, unjust, mental midget’s ruling, was a positive step in the right direction.

          Remember, it was the Spanish, that ran the slave trade.... How the hell can they claim to stand with black Americans, when their ancestor's hands are as dirty as the plantation owners hands???

      • Sam

        AMEN!! No one alive today had slaves or had anything to do with slavery. Haven’t we apologized enough for what our forefathers did? We really shouldn’t have had to apolgize for something we had no control over. We are only responsible for what WE do. Most of us don’t even know if anyone in our bloodline had slaves. It’s time that we are just considered PEOPLE, not treated one way or another because of our race.
        Our president only calls himself black. What about his white mother, and white grandparents that raised him? Isn’t that racist, not to recognize the woman that gave birth to him?? Talk about racism!
        I agree that the Supreme Court needs to go, and that they should not have lifetime appointments. They also should have to be voted on, not appointed by the president. Sotomayer is obviously racist and absolutely should not be appointed. If Obama appoints her, it will be just another example of him not listening to the people, but showing his unbelievable arrogance. God help America. What says his next pick, if Sotomayer isn’t appointed, won’t be worse? The president seems to have no conscience! We are people, not colors.

      • Jeff

        Even during the time of slavery, not everyone in America was for slavery. It was abolished, wasn’t it? That could never have happened without those who were against slavery. It saddens me that slavery is part of our history, but the blame can not be put on all.

        • Donna

          I agree. Its time to put the past where it belongs, in the PAST.

    • ProudVet

      PolSciGirl: It it comments like yours that continue to push the racist agenda. Reparations for what?? Something that hapened a hundred plus years ago? Black people in this country have been voting for Democrats for so long I really have to wonder about it. FDR promised to take care of black people and you believed that. LBJ continued that promise in 1964 and you believed that. Look up your history, the Republicans sponsored the civil rights act of 1963 and the Dems opposed it. My question to you is: After all these years of voting to keep Dems is power on the promise to take of black people, are you any better off now that you were in 1932 (FDR) or 1963 (LBJ)?? Just wait until your new messiah Obama gets finished with you. Nothing will change except we will all be living in a Facist economy and dumpster diving for food. I abhor the treatment that I have seen happen to our black and hispanic brothers as we are all creatures in the image of God almighty. Only He can clean up all this mess There is not a single politician either Democratic or Republican that has the guts to make things right. God Bless You..

      • Butterfly

        Thank you so much!! You are soooooooooooooooo right!! I too am so tired of being blamed. I can’t beleive that the black people can not see the truth in the Demoncrats agenda. Obama does not care about any of us. Their whole agenda is to have a socialized government and strip us of all our rights and freedoms. They all will see in the end, but it may be too late then. God help us all!! Pray for us all and this once great country we call the United States of America!!

      • Donna

        The demorcrates want BIGGER government and there are people with their hands out for a handout that can’t see past the nose on their face. NOTHING is free, there will be a cost to allowing the democrates to have a bigger government, a cost I do not want to pay. What happened to being responsible for ourselves, working to acchieve and the satisfaction of acchieving?

    • Victor DeCurtis

      In 1965, LBJ and his “Great Society” got the Voting Rights act and the Civil Rights Act, passed. Busing started and kids were uprooted and forced to be driven miles away from their neighborhood schools, to appease the “guilt ridden liberal weenies.”
      It’s now, 44 years later, a few trillion dollars wasted to force this travesty upon the United States and what do we have to show for it? Unwed blacks with an average of 5 or more kids by 3 or more men. Kids so stupid and ignorant that the only job most can get is a summer job paid for by government grants or behind a counter at a fast food restaurant.
      In most big cities, the work force in the public sector is practically a “job corps” for minorities. No qualifications needed, just a “poor me, I’ve been held back” attitude.
      MLK had a dream, at least he said he did. Personally I believe it was a nightmare where up is down and wrong is right. Firefighters who want to be promoted from firefighter to Lieutenant know they must be not only proficient in their careers but must take a written test to prove they know what is expected of them. 15 white firefighters and one Hispanic firefighter took the rules seriously and excelled. No black firefighter took the rules seriously, probably having been passed onward and upward all their lives with no effort on their part, save being the right color.
      The “Good Times” are over and if they “Want to Move on UP” they are going to have to compete on the freshly revived standards of merit not malcontentment!

    • NCR

      What hypocracy! Perhaps it takes a racist to know a racist. Such contemptious namecalling as you have shown sort of identifies you as a progressive, one who would deny all but those of your opinion to be shouted down as a non-progressive bigot, racist, nazi or some other rediculous brand.

      And I say this because of your wording, not your race, (that certainly in unclear) or your political persuasion, just your diatribes!!!

      • Donna

        I don’t think that the statement is racist. I think it is a fact that certain minorities have succeeded in living off the ‘poor me’ attitude and it has been passed down from generation to generation. It is time to break the cycle.

    • HappyIrishman

      PoliSciGirl is a prime example of one that either hasn’t read the constitution or isn’t educated enough to understand it. It takes no professor to understand this great standard of rule by law.
      The Supreme Court is not an agnecy of the government to provide social engineering but to interpret laws as to thier constitutionality not serve the public as this person has stated.
      I do believe that a constitutional amendmsnt should be passed to limit the service time of the judges as also to limit the terms served by the representatives and senators. It was done to limit the terms of service of the president but all the legislative and judicial parts of the government are not service time limited.

      • PoliSciGirl

        You can’t handle the truth about the constitution…I know it very well and care it around with me everywhere I go…

        The Supreme Court is a joke…their interpretation of the constitution is to protect the elite and privileged. It’s all crap.

        Maybe you should open your mind to the truth before you spew such garbage out of your mouth.

        And learn how to spell.

        • Oath2Honor

          PoliSciGirl, “I know it very well and ‘care’ it around with me everywhere I go…learn how to spell?” you say?

        • MozyM

          You talk more crap than you realize. Why don’t you get an education?

        • CP

          I think your toes got stepped on didn’t they!? Hmmm isn’t THAT interesting! You may know the Constitution but you sound pretty stupid to me!

        • Jason

          Hmm, you say the Supreme Court is a joke. Maybe…but it would get much worse with a Sotomayer appointment.

          Haven’t we been through this reinterpertating the constitution before?

          Constitution says: All men created equal.
          Colonial era judges ruled against the constitution and said: Except blacks. They are not fully human, so they don’t count.

          Do not allow that can or worms to remain open. It may work in YOUR favor today, but tomorrow, well that depends on who’s on the bench.

          Do you see why not following the law is so bad? Do ya???
          Are you aware you are arguing with people who disagree with racist policies?
          We are all wondering why.
          You are arguing from a point of pure self interest. Most of us here are arguing in the name of fairness for all.

          I think you are pigheaded and just want to fight.
          I do not think you are too bright.

      • Rob

        Happy, I do think Supreme Court judges should be limited in the time they serve too.
        But you DO NOT want to call for a constitution convention to amend the constitution. Because once those bloodsuckers in Washington get that constitutional box open, it will be a free for all. They will use the opportunity to change everything.

        Our polititions at this time cannot be trusted with anything. YOU DO NOT WANT TO CALL FOR A CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION!

        Our constitutional laws are fine as they are.

    • http://personalliberty Lisa

      PoliSciGirl; it is comments like yours that most of us find puzzling. Always screaming for equal rights and to be treated the same! When treated the same and held to the same standards as everyone you’re screaming racism. It makes no sense. And by the way, time to get over the slavery thing. That was over a hundred years ago. I do not think that any of us (able bodied and minded) in this great country need special treatment. God blessed us with a brain and we need to use it. Its time to quit counting on the government to solve all the problems and fight for the real freedoms we stand to lose if we continue down the government path!!!!

      • Rob

        Right Lisa.

        Slavery ended in 1865.

        144 years ago. We didn’t even have cars back then. LOL!

        Lets move on.

    • Chris

      Stating it the way you state it you definitely are promoting racism and hatred just as the left does today. If you feel the playing field is not level (or even slanted in your favor which is obvious) then perhaps you need to hit the books a little harder. In a truly colorblind society there are no entitlements or preferred ratios, there is just qualified vs. non-qualified. To have otherwise is to promote division and seperation.

    • http://aol Annie Carroll

      I still believe that anyone that takes on the responsibility to judge should be blind to anything but the facts and the law. Race, religion, sex, or political party should not be measured in the decision. Nurses, of which I am one, doctors and lawyers take the same test, why not other public servants who hold our lives in their hands. I also believe that everyone should get up off their duffs and stop whining about what they don’t have. I am 73 yrs. old and still work 2-3 days a week because I need extra money. Individuals of every race have more freedom and opportunity than in any time in our country’s history. I owe no one a free ride or money for something I had no part in.

    • MozyM

      You need an education. Your liberal views and ideologies are insane.

      • PoliSciGirl


        I say do away with the current system and restructure the entire government, so they get paid what the average working man gets paid…keep them humble.

        The Supreme Court is not Supreme, they showed us this in 2000 when they helped a political party cheat it’s way into the White house.

        labeling means nothing to me because I don’t agree with any of your views. (Liberal, Democrat, Conservative, Republican, Neo-Con, etc.)

        We need a new system that is fair to all people who work hard..

        This is America right?

        People are so caught up in their little boxes they’ve placed themselves in. I do not fit in any of your boxes.

        • MozyM

          Personally, I don’t think you fit in anywhere except where the sun don’t shine!

        • Dick

          You state that “The Supreme Court is not Supreme, they showed us this in 2000 when they helped a political party cheat it’s way into the White house.” Quite frankly, history has shown that the party that tried to cheat its way into the White House was the one that lost the challenge. Have you not seen the results of the recounts in the questionable precincts (Democratic ones, by the way) that were so painfully done in public by the liberal Miami Herald ?? Those recounts actually added to the winner’s total. So what you are saying is that the Supreme Court actually prevented voter supression. What is so wrong about that?

        • The Captain

          Hmmm, why didn’t you mention 2008 when they allowed a non-natural-born citizen
          to become President in violation of the Consitution? You write as a child who has never read anything but what the socialists spoon fed her. Why don’t you actually
          read the Consitution and the Federalist papers? How about getting away from your comfortable left-wing sources and reading real history? You’d be amazed at what you’d learn. But then you’d no longer be a useful idiot and your liberal friends would shun you.

    • Realist

      PoliSciGirl – Step back and read your own comments objectively. You base every decision on color. America is sick & tired of the whining about race and now that a 1/2 black president is in office, your race card is null & void. You can bet there will be more color biased hand-out programs started to keep the left wing voters like you happy and going to the polls & voting booths. I agree that reparations should be paid and the way to do it is to collect the money from every living slave owner and pay it out to every living slave. Maybe next time I don’t get what I want, I can point to my skin color which is different than your president’s color and cry foul. Seems riduculous doesn’t it. Now you know how the average, non-racist white person feels. We have to work for all we want, why doesn’t everybody else? It’s an obamanation.

      • PoliSciGirl

        Please…you already screaming reverse discrimination you hypocrite

        • Frank

          How is it that blacks can have: black police officer organizations, black Ms. America, black this and black that and also the hispanic this and that and everything is fine and dandy! As soon as an organization starts up with a white this or white that, we are all of a sudden racists! Whether you like it or not, it sure sounds like minority groups, unfortunately mostly black and hispanic, which the white people are soon to become, are the ones who scream discrimination the most; but you practice discrimination daily by having a black this or that or spanish this or that! That in itself is discrimination! Once again, if we started a , for example, White Ms. America, we would immediately be called racist! Why isn’t the Ms. Black America racist?

    • Vicki

      PoliSciGirl writes about the Supreme Court:
      “It’s racist and always has been racist….”

      Proof by bald assertion is not a very useful debate style. How about explaining what the Court has done that you feel is “racist” Then explain why white is somehow exempt from the protections of the law that clearly states that discrimination based on race is illegal. Note there is no exemption for any race in the law. All races are to be treated equal.

      “call it want you want…but it is time for America to pay it’s debt to minorities, Black American’s need reparations…”

      Why do today’s Americans need to pay reparations to themselves? Many of them are the progeny of the very Americans that (according to some history texts) fought and DIED to free people from slavery. Do you not think that giving their lives to free slaves is enough reparations?

      ….”time to push for a new Supreme Court that serves all people of all colors not just White folks as it has for the past 250 years…”

      Most telling statement here. Anyone venture to guess how long the Supreme Court of the United States has been in existence?

      “may God tear down that devilish house that uses judgment to oppress people of color and holds itself above the law”

      White is a color too. Please explain why you think that oppressing white people is ok.

      • Rob

        Vicki comes out swinging…

    • DixieConnie

      Vicki: I agree with the American Indians. Now they have something to be angry about. However, think about this. Where would all of the so called SLAVES and/or families be today had it not been for the slave runners. Still living in Africa? Think all of the advantages that has been bestowed upon the generations of the late slaves. They are here, having the opportunity to make great livings in this great nation. You know how many Mexicans run over the borders daily just to get here. Why don’t the ones that fuss about “poor me, I need compensation for being a black, think, WOW aren’t I one of the lucky ones. I’m here and I’m an American.

      I’m just saying … think about it.

      • Donna

        Know what, theres a simple salution to the ‘black slavery’ thing..those black people that have issues because their forefathers were stolen from their lands and sold in slavery should choose, stay in the United States and shut up, make something of yourself or choose to be shipped back to where your forefathers came from.

      • Rob

        Thats really not a good arguement.
        Come on. The slaves were kidnapped by the Spanish, ripped from their families, sold into slavery, and treated inhumanly. Beaten, raped, they suffered every known humility, and evil known to man, and then some.

        Whats lacking here, whats wrong with your arguement, is that it lacked CHOICE.
        They had no choice. It was wrong.

        • DixieConnie

          Rob: No, it was their own people that conquered other tribes in battle and took them to the Ivory Coast and sold them to the Dutch and English which brought them to the North American Continent. Yes, some were mistreated but most times blacks ran the blacks, they were the bosses. But ask any slave owner, if we could bring them back, what they would think of killing unborn children which is our legacy and they, the slave owners, would be appauled.

        • Rob

          The Spanish, it was the Spanish….

          I agree African tribes conquered other African tribes and sold their prisoners to the Spanish. This went on for thousands of years. Arabs were BIG slave buyers. Although I cringe at the thought of the Dutch and English dirtying their hands in this, the truth is the slave trade went on for thousands of years prior to the Spanish bringing it to North America. In 1807, Britian passed a law outlawing slavery. At least one African King was upset over the new law. Yes, Africans wanted slavery. They are as much to blame for slavery as any white buyers. For there to be a buyer, there has to be a seller.

          As for the rest, I am not clear what you are talking about in regards to unborn children.
          Are you saying slave owners had morals perhaps…? Its a stretch, abortion was not around back then…

          Slave owners were crap, end of story. I don’t care how “God Fearing” they were. Apparently not God Fearing enough to fear the reprecussions of “Owning People.”

          Let’em burn…

          I deepely resent the wrong headed history many black Americans think they know. America needs to take responsibility for anything wrong it did. But America was not the first, to take in slaves. Again, Arabs bought slaves thousands of years ago, yet no deep seated mistrust of Arabs on behalf of blacks. Africans sold slaves, yet no deep seated mistrust of Africans on behalf of blacks.

          Its insane. Yes America certainly shares it’s burden of guilt.
          But America must not burdon itself with all the guilt.

          They think if they still lived in Africa, they would have been kings…..yeah right.
          No, they would have been slaves to their African conqerers.

    • Rob

      PoliSciGirl, and just where do you think the money for “Reparations” will come from?

      Have you heard? There is a major worldwide economic crisis going on?
      And to make matters worse, we have had 2 presidents printing unbacked currency literally, like there is no tomorrow.

      Any idea what that means? It means collapse. Collapse of America.

      And you think NOW is a good time for reperations….LOL! You are clueless.

      So all taxpayers, including nonwhite taxpayers are supposed to shell out even more money in taxes, higher taxes that will further destroy the economy, to pay for the crimes that ended 144 years ago. Not all us “White folk” agreed with slavery. Ah, some of our ancestors fought and died ending slavery.

      Reperations are no more just, than arresting YOU for something your great grand
      father did.

      YOU, are a throwback.

      Its like this: When you want to change bad behavior a child does, you repremand him. When he corrects his bad behavior, you PRAISE HIM for making the change, in order to encourage him to keep on doing good.

      GET IT?

      Human nature is all the same. When you CRAP ALL OVER PROGRESS, you TAKE AWAY the incentive to keep on doing good.

      Here, in this forum, you are not speaking to plantation owners, you are not speaking to the Klan, you are speaking to a whole mixed crowd of people far removed from the problems that faced our nation 144 years ago.
      No, it didn’t get better instantly. But distinct progress was made. We now have a black president. The biggest entertainer in the world, an American entertainer, just passed away, and the whole world morns his passing. He was BLACK!

      Stop living in the past. Comments such as yours are every bit as destructive as nonsence spewed by white racist groups. Its untrue, and its destructive to progress.

      As long as individuals are able to entertain individual thought, you will have racism. It will always be with us. This is a two way street, that I am well aware of. Accept it.
      The best that can be done is to marginalize it, and reduce it. And in that, I think America has been sucessful.

      Your additude is undermining. Just because you might be black, does not make your every word ring true. It does not nessessarily make you right. You are a minority, and you are wrong.

      Changing a nations mood and additude is not an easy thing, its a balancing act. You want to step up and start pushing the juggler.

      Stand back, and shut up.

    • Rob

      Well you are right about one thing, the court does hold itself above the law…

  • NCR

    Please show me where I used profanity, called anyone by any name or branded anyone other than what is socially acceptable in a civilized debate.

  • PoliSciGirl

    May God Bless all of you!

  • PoliSciGirl

    MozyM….wow you are the witty one…LOL

    • Dan

      Could you pass the test? If you flunk the test it’s not my fault. My country built your schools. bought your books. paid your teachers. (Even if you did not grow up in America, that is probably still true) If you did not learn how to pass the test after you were given all the answers, don’t expect me to feel sorry for you and give you the award anyway.

      • PoliSciGirl

        So, you expect people to believe that no minorities have or can pass this test. Somehow I don’t believe you. It’s no different then what it took to get a Black Coach in the NFL, same game different sport.

        Why are people in denial that rascism is string in America…wake the hell up.

        • Dan

          I never said a word about black, white, yellow, red or green. All I said is that if you don’t study and can’t pass the test. don’t cry to me thinking that it’s my fault. Get the book and study.

        • Dan

          As for coaches. Yes there are some great coaches in the NFL. Also NHL, NBA
          Some I gues are black and some are white. But I don’t think that any one of them are a great coach because he is black. Or a great coach because he is white. they are great coaches because they got up off their butts and opened the books and studied and worked until they possessed the skills that are required to motivate players and teach them to win games. That’s what makes them great coaches

        • Donna

          string? what’s string?

        • Rob

          I don’t think anybody thinks that minorities can’t pass the New Haven Firefighter’s exam. I am sure they think they CAN PASS THE TEST.

          But only one did.

          Perhaps the ones that failed didn’t study hard enough. Knowing the material on the test is important, as it could very well help save lives.

          Why do you think only one minority passed the test?

          Do you….think that there were questions on the test that only white people could know? ha ha ha! Get serious. You don’t think before this made it to court, that someone compared the answers to the answers given by those that failed?
          You are living in a fantasy world. Nobody gives a SH*T if the firefighter coming through the window is white or black or hispanic. We only care that he can make it in safely, and do his job, and save our house, or us.

          Political science…..Schools are supposed to teach you how to think, not just regurgitate answers. You sound like you are parroting the personal opinions of some left wing anti establishment hippy throwback professors.

          Think for yourself.


        • Jim on the left coast


          I agree, there is still racism in America and it grows stronger and more pronounced as certain minorities continue this victim mentality. Additionally, as long as liberal nanny statists continue to victimize certain American groups leading them to believe that they need to be taken care of (usually by the liberal politician), the very issue they say they are against, will cling to the fabric of America. If certain Americans would pick their asses up off the floor and start taking responsibility for themselves vs. blaming the white man, this problem would diminish to a greater degree than continuing the culture of victimhood. Why is it in America that those whose parents act oppressed have kids who feel oppressed vs. those parents who are achievers have kids who feel they can achieve in this world. Can anyone think of an example of what I am talking about? Go ahead, name a few they’re out there. STOP COMPLAINING THAT EVERYONE ELSE HAS TO CHANGE WHILE ALL YOUR NEED TO DO IS TAKE THE PATH OF LEAST RESISTANCE AND CHANGE YOUR OWN ATTITUDE.

        • PoliSciGirl

          Good catch on the mis-spell…correction…strong.

          As for the gentlemen who thinks that the scores are not skewed, as are so many of the statistics provided to us in America…I think there is definitely something wrong…no different then what we have been witnessing in the public school system.

          A person who is applying for a position as Fire Chief, usually tends to be a pretty serious person, and to ask minorities to believe that only one out of many who took the test passed it…please…there is something wrong…whether people want to know the truth or not is another question.

          The media has played a large role in orchestrating this farce, which is the same thing they do when it comes to drugs, welfare and crime in general, they tend to skew the facts to make it appear minorities have all the problems, when in fact it’s the other way around…some of you need to do your homework…

          Were they given the same books to study from? “I’m just curious”

          Has anyone even ask this question?

          Who graded these tests and what are their views?

  • Debbie

    PoliSci, you blame the government for minorities not succeeding in our world. My opinion is that we should look right at home. It does NOT take a village to raise a child. It takes a mother and father, preferrably Christian; raising children according to the laws of the Bible. When that does not happen, the whole nation suffers the $$$ cost for wayward and dependent adults who want to blame society for their whoes. Maybe if you learned the miracle of “forgiveness”, you could do better for yourself and stop feeling the pain of those who no longer feel it. Good luck and God bless.

    • Rob

      Were they given the same books to study from? “I’m just curious”

      Who graded these tests and what are their views?

      These are good questions.
      Why not look into it? Thats something for you to do.

      But I have a feeling that if the minority test takers were given different text books, text books that contained false information, that it would be obvious.

      I ask you, do you think its fair that those who passed the test, should have all their hard work thrown out?

      What about the 1 minority who must of somehow got the text book with the RIGHT answers? What about him? Is it fair that he should be screwed too?

      This is a case where certain people are just too stupid to see the plain truth. So they sue. Anybody can sue.

      How about you?
      How would you like to be denied a diploma after all your hard work, because in a Judge Sotomayer’s world, not enough people of a certain color had the grades to graduate. You could read all kinds of things into that, but the bottom line, you have a mountain of student loans, passing grades, no diploma.
      Fair? You tell me.


    Congratulations to the firemen and their just cause.

    Sotomayor and her idea of empathy for law if lke that used in the inquisition of Spain in the dark days of man, making law from the bench is not what a court does. This kind of law is used to avoid written Constitutional law and is best practiced in a country like Cuba where empathy and not law rules with the guns.

  • ChrV

    We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
    Thomas Jefferson

    “You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it.”

    ~~~~ Dr. Adrian Rogers

    • DixieConnie

      ChrV: AMEN, AMEN !!!!!

    • CP

      You Go ChrV!

      • ChrV

        I’ve seen certain views expressed repeatedly that relate to race. What can I say to this except people who express such opinions clearly need prayer for they lack fundamental understanding of the bigger picture. I’d have to agree that anyone who’s harping on their ancestors used to be slaves is probably either young and just getting used to the idea themselves, and that’s why they keep bringing it up, or is poorly educated and limited in their understanding of the overall complexities of racial strife in America. Many times people, if not simply young and ignorant, who focus on this one aspect are stuck in time.

        I quote “Martin Luther King Jr.’s words about “judging not by the color of skin but by the content of character” and interpret these words to mean people should be color blind. I doubt Martin Luther King, Jr. meant that. He was a minister of the Gospel and therefore had some clear ideas in his mind about the verb “to judge.” And that’s where the emphasis is, not on the word “color” but on the words “judge” and “character.” When making decisions on how we treat others, whether we give them jobs, serve them in restaurants, put their names in the hat for promotion, welcome them to our churches, temples or synagogues, in making decisions, judging others, we should look at a person’s qualifications and character, which is best determined about another by what that person says and does.

        • Rob

          ChrV, you keep hitting ther nail on the head dude.

          Keep it up.

    • Frank

      Amen! Do I ever agree with you Doc!!!

      • DixieConnie

        And I agree, however, in the real world, people’s feeling do not follow these guidelines. I worked as a school bus driver for a small city right outside of Houston. I’m a white woman and I was in the minority. The black men were not near as bad as the black women, and they were vicious. So believe me, those women were more racists than I ever thought about being and they did not care who knew it. They did not have love in their hearts for me or any other white person. It is alive and breeding all over America. Wonder what the churches are teaching?

    • Donna

      Perfectly said ChrV, we are not promised happiness just the pursuit of happiness. It’s time some folk get off their duff and start pursueing.

  • c c


    • The Captain

      Because they are the only ones who fall for the guilt trip

      • Rob

        The Captain:
        You are very right.
        So lets examine this.

        Why would white people be the only ones falling for the guilt trip?

        And feeling BAD does not make them heartless, or evil.
        Feeling guilty about something you did usually is the sign of a decent person. In our case, we feel bad about things OTHERS did.

        So how are we looking now?

        Thats it, I’m gonna put a couch on my front lawn, right in front of my doublewide…

        Pass the Papst Blue Ribbon… tune up the banjo!!

        • The Captain

          You’re certainly into white stereotypes. Spoken like a true racist.

        • Rob

          Captain, I think the humor went right over your head.

    • DixieConnie

      cc: We aren’t the only ones but somewhere, we were told “only whites”. And we bought into it. Now its time for all of that to go away. Believe me, anyone and everyone can be a racists, no matter what color or age.

      • Rob

        President Obama would not be president today if it were not for the white vote.
        We are still the MAJORITY.
        It HAS gone away. Only certain THROWBACKS are still clinging to it, because without it, they would have nothing else. These are just malcontents. I feel its worth the time to slam them, but other than that, I don’t waste too much time on them. Wasting too much time on them, gives them some form of legitimacy. They feel they are worthy of discussion if you take the time to discuss with them. I fall for it too.
        Best answer: Slam them, then ignore them. They have no legitimacy, don’t waste your time argueing with them.

        As they say, “You cannot reason with the unreasonable.”

        • DixieConnie

          OOOOOOkkkkkkkkkkkdeeeeeannnnnn. I get it.

        • Rob


        • The Captain

          Better answer than the one you gave me. I rescind my previous insult.

        • Rob

          Gee, thank you kind sir….

          "The Captain Reply:

          July 8th, 2009 at 7:34 pm

          Better answer than the one you gave me. I rescind my previous insult.”

    • Rob

      c c,
      See PoliSciGirl’s posts and you will be relieved to know that minorities are racist too!

      It ain’t just us ignoraaant white folk….

      Pass the cheese wiz…

  • s c

    How often does a Supreme Court judge recuse himself/herself from a case? If Sotomayor becomes a member of the Supreme Court, do not rule out the possibility that she could reverse the New Haven decision. In effect, Sotomayor would gut the Constitution and any hope for checks-and-balances, and she would also prove that social engineering from the bench IS a number one priority with the neolibs/libs/socialists/fascists. If that doesn’t mean the death of freedom in the US through law, what is it?

  • PoliSciGirl

    I’m listening to your views and I keep hearing that they did not study enough and that’s why they did not pass?

    Can this be proved?

    Why would minorities apply for this type of position and not take it seriously enough to study hard for it?

    Something doesn’t smell right…maybe it’s the cheese-wiz

    • Rob

      Again, do you seriously think that there were questions on the test that only white people could know the answers to?

      Do you seriously think that not a soul went over the answers of those that failed and looked for discrimination?

      I think it was a roll of the dice. You will not always have a nice even mix passing or failing.

      Why are the best NBA players black? Racism against whites? No.
      Personal upbringing emphasized sports for those that excelled. i.e., they practiced more, they paid their dues more, and they excelled further. Not a bad job either. Making millions of dollars doing what you love to do best. We should all be so lucky.

      Look PoliSciGirl, the bottom line here is, when you practice racial preference, you discriminate against others based on race. That is racial discrimination.

      You will not ever get rid of racial discrimination, by practicing racial discrimination.

      By veiwing the above posts, I can say that that type of behavior only pisses off the white majority. I would honestly hate to see an ugly turnaround.

      Don’t be an obstacle.

      SO, are you saying that the minorities who failed the test really passed?
      Can YOU prove that?

      • PoliSciGirl

        What I am saying is we only know what we are fed by the media, so we cannot prove whether the test were skewed or their was discrimination because we lack all of the evidence in the case.

        So what if the Supreme Court made a decision, and just happened to overturn a potential Supreme Court Justice (Sotomayer) original ruling, is their any politics involved in this decision?

        Just because the Supreme Court decides a case one way or the other it doesn’t automatically mean it’s right. If they would have upheld Sotomayer’s original ruling people would have been screaming reverse discrimination.

        The bottom line is we will never know the truth or facts behind this case.

        As far as racism is concerned, it seems to be getting worse ever since Obama became President…as sad as it is…this will never change. I don’t really care what any of these people on this blog have to say because I bet the majority of them will be ready to move out of their house if an African American family or Hispanic family moves next door to them…but they are the first to scream someone else is a racist. When is the last time they had a minority at their dinner table??? Every time they point the finger at me calling me a racist they have four fingers pointing back at them.

        There needs to be a blog that just speaks about racist issues, because it is a serious problem in this country on both sides Black and White, unfortunately most people are to ignorant to have a sensible conversation because it turns into an insult competition and nothing ever gets resolved. People would rather teach their children to hate based on color lines than to be loving and Godly.. Review this blog….

        • Rob

          Hi PoliSciGirl,
          I don’t agree. When the Supreme Court rules, its a concenses ruling. 2 heads are better than on type of thing.
          So the majority voted to overturn Sotomayer.

          Its a more solid desision than just one judge ruling.

          Another thing, there is no such thing as “Reverse Discrimination.” When you discriminate against somebody because of their race, that is racial discrimination. I want to see all that end. I think we have more in common than you realize. Just stop hating.

          I don’t agree racism is getting worse ever since Obama got elected. Obama would never have been elected if he did not carry the white majority vote. We all liked Barak Obama. He was inspiring. I VOTED FOR HIM!
          The problem is not his race, its his politics. George Bush was so bad, America despretly wanted a real change. America responded positively to Barak’s message of change. We wanted change.
          But we didn’t want THIS KIND of change. We don’t like socialism. We like Black Americans, but we don’t like socialism. Understand that? His printing of trillions in unbacked fiat currency, hey, nobody wants to buy our Treasurys anymore…, will cause a currency breakdown like it did in Germany. This lesson has been taught before, but no American politician, GW Bush or B Obama has seemed to learned history’s lessons.

          I don’t want America to collapse into chaos, do you? You may think this is wild speculation, but I can assure you, we are closer to collapse than we have ever been. This is not the time for Big Government spending programs.
          You want to be safe, I know you do. So do I. If America is perceived as weak, we will be exploited by our enemys.
          We are all in the same boat here, you and me. I would certainly lend you my hand if you were drowning, as I hope you would do the same for me, politics aside….

          The major problem with President Obama, again, I VOTED FOR HIM, is that America is by and large conservative leaning, Barack Obama himself is a hard left socialist. Smart guy, charasmatic, but out of step with main stream America. We like him, but as we find out more about his politics, we don’t like it.

          Listen, racial relations in America are not half as bad as you think. My neighbor is Puerto Rican. We eat dinner together all the time. We’ve gone out… Lighten up, theres no conspiracy…Nobody gives a crap about race anymore. White people are not on their “Best Behavior”, because this generation of Whites, simple does not have it in them, ie we were raised differently. We are not your enemy. I cannot speak for everyone, but by and large, what I am saying is true.

          And lastly, I really do not know any white people that teach their children to hate other races.

          Listen, if there are differences between people of different races, usually its really not about skin color, its about behavior.

          My Puerto Rican neighbor, we like her, she’s great. But we don’t agree she cheats on her husband. We don’t agree that she has her boyfriend move in with her and her husband. Theres kids in the household. I blame her White husband for allowing that behavior. Truthfully though, we keep our opinions to ourselves. I think my neighbors behavior is shi*t, but thats not my business, I still like her. If she asks my advise, I tell her what I think, other than that, I keep my opinions to myself.

          Its the behavior that seperates… Not the skin color.

          PoliSciGirl, I wish you well in your journey to enlightenment. I totally disagree with you, but I don’t dislike you. I think you seek the truth. Please read some history on the African Slave Trade. The guilt goes 360 degrees. And don’t hate. We are all Americans.

      • ChrV

        Friend you cannot reason with someone who reasoned their way into the thought pattern in which they derived it from. Generational sins last until someone decides to question their teaching and see the world from a wholesome view point rather than closed and centered one.

        The mind is a beautiful and dangerous thing and how we practice it’s useage is the key to knowledge.

        “Love one another as yourself” is the simplest wisdom, however, being confindent in ones SELF- God created you to be- seems to me the real hostage of the mind. But you will note using alternative excuses and blame of others, fathomed obstacles, is easier than an internal investigation of our own hearts.

        If the examines required to study, and pass, is meant for ALL to strive for (And Achieve) then those persons’ should absolutely feel Extraordinaryly Privlaged that they are of an Elite Group. All have the same advantages, and yes some have to find other avenues to succeed, but none are turned away from opportunity in this Great Nation. We have entirely too many foreign students flooding our Colleges who believe that very fact.

        Furthermore, I do believe a drivers test is the same no matter who takes it.

        Therefore, I would hope that a much more critical standard, such as the Fire Fighters examine, would be a bit more technical for our safety’s sake.

        • Rob

          ChrV, you are absolutely right.
          I have given some thought to what PoliSciGirl has said. I think the wrong aproach is to brick wall her. And in that, I myself am totally guilty of doing. She seems to pick up on our additudes against her, but disregards what we say. I think she may feel what we are saying is some form of trickery, or discuised racism. There is much paranoia in the black community against whites. Its not totally unjustified.

          Perhaps a better way is to just extend a hand. Perhaps they will learn the truth through kindness, rather than words. It will take patience, and not everyone is up for that I know.

          What other way is there?

    • Rick

      Something doesn’t smell right…maybe it’s the cheese-wiz

      Try changing your clothes.

    • DixieConnie

      I know what cheese is but what is whiz?

      • Rick

        I know what cheese is but what is whiz?

        Its the reason somebody smells something bad.
        They have soiled themselves, and are now blaming others for the stink.

  • James Corbin

    I believe all men are created equel. But I can’t understand how the race card comes up so much. Since most people weren’t back in slavory. A lot of white people lost their lives fighting for the black man’s freedom. In the civil war there were brother against brother fighting for the blacks to have freedom Some of my ancestors lost their lives fighting so they could be free.

    • DixieConnie

      James: You do know why the Civil War started, right? Not over freeing the slaves. It was over TAXATION. And yes, lots of WHITE folks lost their lives. Blacks too but more white.But you know the pooo black man can’t help himself, so we gots to help him, ya know. Forever and ever. Every race has been discriminated against. I think the White Male Middle age group has been discriminated against more than any other. But then, I ain’t black, so of course I think that. If I were black I probably would think the black has been the most mistreated all of their lives. Oh well. And it goes on and on.

  • James Corbin

    Donna, A lot of the people that were sold for slaves, were sold by their own chiefs of the tribes.

  • James Corbin

    Butterfly, you are right on!!!!!

  • Vicki

    James Corbin writes:
    “I believe all men are created equal. But I can’t understand how the race card comes up so much.”

    It comes up so much cause the individuals that use it are first and foremost human.
    They may or may not be able to pass some test but they are smart and see the free ride offered with the race card.

    • DixieConnie

      And we allow it to work, every time. It needs to stop working. Every individual judged on his or her own actions not color of skin.

  • Average Joe

    What I learned online today,1) A turd by any other name (racism) still smells like crap.2)Only racists have racist “issues”. 3)We are above all ….Human Beings.4)Character has no color and color has no character. I have learned over the years to veiw people based on how they interact with others, not on the color of their skin. Either we pick ourselves up by the bootstraps, or we lay back and play the victim. The choice is individually ours to make.Please stop perpetuating the “race agenda”. United, we stand…devided, we will fall.As long as we keep fighting amongst ourselves, we miss out on what the usurpers are doing to the nation and to the world. I cannot stress education enough.

    “Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves. ”
    William Pitt the Younger (1759–1806)

    Good intentions will always be pleaded for every assumption of authority. It is hardly too strong to say that the Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions. There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern. They promise to be good masters, but they mean to be masters.
    Noah Webster (1758–1843)

    A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves money from the public treasure. From that moment on the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most money from the public treasury, with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy followed by a dictatorship.
    The average age of the world’s great civilizations has been two hundred years. These nations have progressed through the following sequence: from bondage to spiritual faith, from spiritual faith to great courage, from courage to liberty, from liberty to abundance, from abundance to selfishness, from selfishness to complacency from complacency to apathy, from apathy to dependency, from dependency back to bondage.
    Alexander Tytler (1747–1813)
    (On the fall of Athenian republic)

  • Robert

    You know what is really the travesty here is that now only did the 4 justices rule aginst these guys and said that they empathized with them they also said in their ruling that it is ok to discriminate aginst the learning disabled???? This is how idiotic these liberals have become in this country!!! But no one has said anything about the ruling aginst the learning disabled!!!

    • Rob

      Well I guess the botton line is, if you cannot learn the material, then you fail.
      Being unable to learn the material, makes you unqualified, and that could cost you your life and the lives of others. Thats not unreasonable.

      I don’t want a pilot flying a commercial jetliner, who couldn’t pass the flight test. Do you?

      The learning disabled can do other things.

      What we don’t like is Racial Discrimination, because its got nothing to do with anything. But we must be discriminatory. We must discriminate against those who cannot pass tests. Because if we don’t, then we have no standards what so ever.
      Its just common sense.

  • James Corbin

    Amen to you Dan--------I think the same!

  • James Corbin

    Frank, I agree with you. People should learn to forgive and forget. Since slavery was many years ago. Like I said before, white people ( in the civil war ) died fighting to free the black people. Everybody needs to forgive!! and not have bitterness in their hearts.

  • James Corbin

    Vicki, I think the test should be passed no matter what color the skin. Some people always bring up racis if things don’t go the way they want it to go

  • bigal

    I am pleased to see that so many commenters understand that the government is the biggest racist of all. It is stupid for individuals to discriminate against someone because of race (a condition that the person has no control over), but what is far, far worse is when the government does anything based on race. No child should be placed in a particular school because of his race (remember forced busing?). No American who is buying a gun should be queried about race on the yellow federal BATF form that the gun dealer has to fill out (whatever happened to “shall not be abridged” in the Second Amendment?). No citizen should be asked by a census taker what race he is (don’t the hypocrites often gaggle loudly about being “colorblind”?). And certainly no firefighter, policeman, teacher, or any other worker should be hired or not, promoted or not, or favored or not because of race, especially by any branch of any government. Again, the hypocrites gaggled loudly about individuals doing this when they federalized anti-discrimination laws, but then they support government doing it. It is far worse and far more immoral and far more unconstitutional when government discriminates. Any Senator (like Red Kennedy, Schumer, Feinstein, Clinton, Lautenburg, Boxer, Kerry, etc., etc., etc., who voted to support any government discrimination by race (“quotas”, fake “equal opportunity”‘ etc. ) is a damn racist, and should be labelled so (rather than as a pleasant sounding name like “liberal”) every time we talk or write about them. They are unamerican and the scum of the earth.

  • Don

    I agree that our school system in broken, but the two most important participant are both failing our students. Who are the two most important participants? They are the Parents and the school system. Why did I list the parents first, because they are primarily responsible for making sure that the children live up to their obligations to learn while in school. But I see far too many sets of parents that are more concerned about being their childrens friend, instead of their parent. What is the difference, friends are for the most part only interested in fitting in, and that means to me not being yourself. Our children would be much better if being yourself and being comfortable with your appearance and not trying to look life everyone else. To me this is everyone just thinking alike. We need to remember what General George Patton said. He said when everyone is thinking the same way, that means someone is not thinking. The next problem is that today we are more interested in being computer literate, and not using our minds. Think of this question, when you pass under a bridge and the sign says that the height in 16 feet and 5 inches, how many inches is that? Today far too many kids cannot use their mind to determine how many inches that is. I was taught many years ago how to figure it quick in my mind. How, very easy first 10 feet is 120 inches, 6 feet is 72 inches, so 120+72+5=197 inches. I have taught my grandchildren this and now they have races when traveling so see who can come up with the answer first. I am worried that the day will come when a computer will tell a person that 2+2=5 and they will actually believe it.
    In closing from what I see race does not make any difference to this problem, I see whites, hispanics,blacks and seeming all races doing this. We need to go back to parents being parents and not friends. What is the difference, well friends just want to be accepted but being a parent requires at time hard, difficult and tough decisions, but for the long-term well being of the child they do have to be made.
    Old Fashion Don

  • Gregg Forester

    After twenty five years of being discriminated against, I was ready to give up. Thank God firefighters like me can receive promotions based solely on performance and not
    race. I have personally been denied promotion four times in the Dallas Fire Dept, and
    have not been able to get any help due to the city claiming immunity from such lawsuits.
    We now have an openly racist Black Chief who on many occasions has made remarks
    that are worthy of dismissal. I wish someday I could receive justice for the blatant and
    hateful treatment I and many others have endured

    • Rob

      Gregg, try to get it documented, then sue the bastard. The law is on your side. As I have been saying all along, there is no such thing as reverse discrimination. What happened to you fixes nothing. It does not level any playing field. or make up for injusticed done to others.
      What happened to you is wrong, and illegal.

  • Gregg Forester

    I am not aware that the truth at anytime said honestly and without profanity could possibly be seen as anything defensive, perhaps my rights are once again being

  • Merl Elton

    If a building or house is burning down and people are in danger; don’t you think that the firefighters ought to know what they are doing? Some jobs require professional experience; and the highest level of physical, intellectual, and emotional competence; among those jobs are firefighters and doctors.


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