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Supreme Court Declines To Review Constitutionality Of Obamacare

November 18, 2010 by  

Supreme Court declines to review constitutionality of ObamaCareThe Supreme Court has ruled that it will not review the healthcare reform law that was approved by Congress and signed by President Barack Obama earlier this year.

The nation's highest court on Nov. 8 declined to hear the first constitutional challenge to the healthcare reform legislation, according to media reports. The lawsuit, which was brought by a California conservative group, challenges the government's power to require citizens to obtain healthcare coverage or face financial penalties.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which was signed into law by the President in March 2010, was recently rejected by voters in Arizona and Oklahoma, who approved amendments to prohibit aspects of Obamacare. Virginia, Idaho, Georgia, Louisiana and Missouri have also passed The Freedom of Choice in Health Care Act, which prohibits any law from requiring individuals to have insurance coverage.

According to Reuters, some health policy experts predict that the healthcare law could be unrecognizable within a year. During a panel discussion on Nov. 5 at the Harvard School of Public Health, Douglas Holtz-Eakin, a former advisor to Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) and current president of the policy institute American Action Forum, said that conservatives in Congress will dismantle the bill through the discretionary spending process.

"It will slow down the implementation and put it on a timetable to be solved in the 2012 elections," said Holtz-Eakin, quoted by the news provider.

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  • http://none Mike

    Supream court what a joke. But we knew this was comming. Just another case of you scratch my back Ill scratch yours. Brought to you by the legislative and judicial branches of the goverment.when it comes to the constitutionality of a law these guys are supposed to be our last defence? Hang on folks its comming to a death panel near you. Mike L.

    • Robin

      Mike, sweety, since the Supreme court declared that corporations are now “people”, 80% of wealth is held by 1% of the population. We are no longer a democracy. We have become an oligarchy (look it up) and do you think they won’t want that extra 20%? Plus they don’t want to pay taxes. So, now that there is a dwindling middle class and the poor get back money even though they pay no tax at all, where is money for education, etc, going to come from? You have been duped by the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck who work with the Republicans the create fear and distrust. Do you even know what a “death panel” is? You apparently have access to a computer, start thinking for yourself.

      • bp

        The current Medicare & Medicaid government systems have bureaucratized doctor, nurse & social-worker “gatekeepers” who authorize (or more ofen not) the care prescribed for an individual. That is just one step away from a “death-panel” and the fate of ALL AMERICANS under the so-called ObummerCare. Who are You calling “sweetie”?

        • Kate8

          bp – When my mom went to the hospital on her final day of life, I left my brother at her bedside because I had to run a quick errand. She told me, “You’d better hurry. Their coming soon with morphine”.

          I didn’t understand at the time, but when I got back she was already unconscious, and died a few hours later. She knew.

          I found out later from a friend who is a hospital nurse that they give morphine routinely to hurry the process. Same thing happened to my dad.

          We already have death panels. They are just becoming more brazen.

          • Chris

            This is only in cases where their condition is causing them great pain and there situation is terminal. They would not have done that if you had communicated your time frame and intentions to be right back. But the onset of Morphine does in fact speed the process when they are that close to the end.

          • bbstacker

            And they arrested Kevorkian for making the process voluntary and painless to those who REQUESTED it as sovereign souls. This monster we still politely call gov’t is in need of something…um, help me here….um…revolutionary.

          • eddie47d

            I hate to tell you Kate but most doctors and nurses know when that end of life is very near. That is also why they have hospises that our elderly get sent to. Doctors usually know how long a person has to live,within reason. That hardly makes that a death panel. Many years ago the elderly died at home and some still do. Back then some elderly who knew they were going to die and didn’t want to be a burden any longer to their families would go outside or out in the woods and let the cold night take them. Some people pass away peacefully and others are in pain for months and years. Some even insist that it’s God’s will that someone lies there and suffers. Those people should put themselves in the shoes of the dying and really listen to their wishes.

          • Vigilant


            My father in-law died in 1998 in the Netherlands. With terminal cancer, the M.O. amongst the Dutch doctors was exactly the same as you describe, and it apparently was common knowledge. I wasn’t aware that it was being done here as well.

            Technically the procedure is euthanasia, and it’s a violation of law. As a smoker, I see the possibility of lung cancer for myself some day, and I can tell you that if I reach that point, I would rather go out in a morphine haze than to be forced to suffer just because someone else’s blind morality prohibits ir.

            Death panels are somewhat different in nature; according to Rahm Emmanuel’s brother, a table would be prepared to show the expenses of particular treatments, and a person’s useful remaining life span would be used to determine the availability of treatment options.

            That, to me, is an unbelievably inhumane manner of treating human beings. It is, of course, a leftist idea, and provides further confirmation that liberals, so often touting their “sensitivity,” have absolutely no sensitivity and treat human beings as statistics.

            Give me the conservative reverence for life any day of the week.

          • Kaxic

            Kate8, to my understanding, morphine does not lead to death under normal quantities. It rather relieves (an unavoidable) pain.

        • http://e.jr0214@sbcglobal Ed

          (offensive comment removed)

          • Portuguese Revolutionary War Hero – Peter Francisco

            Republic RISING.

            IT’s not about Bushlicans or Obamacrats the WHOLE SYSTEM is Corrupt and needs to be ABOLISHED and replaced with De jure Gov’t.
            Join us as we inhabit the REPUBLIC and Re-Establish SOVEREIGNITY and LIBERTY.


      • home boy

        hey girl. fyi we were never and are not even now a democracy. we are a REPUBLIC. you must have been educated in a government school.

        • bbstacker

          Great slam at the idiot who thinks this was ever a democracy. Ben knew the endless fight to even imagine that we’d keep the Republic, and Americans have forgotten their Heritage through gov’t education. A Republic…if we could have kept it. We are truly coming to a crossroads in this finest of experiments to build a nation among all others.

      • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

        Robin, Hey sweetie look it up, we have never been a Democracy, we are and until further notice shall remain a REPUBLIC. Look it up for yourself sweetie.

        • Bus

          It’s just semantics. A republic is the Latin word and Democracy is the Greek word. One means thing of the people, the other means rule by the people. Madison used the term Republic (which most educated people would define as Representative Democracy) because of the fear of the 1776 elite that the unwashed masses might have too much of a voice…Thus the only direct election in our entire federal governement was for the House seats.

          • Patriot1776

            It is MUCH more than symantics….Democracy is nothing more than the tyranny of the majority! in other words 51% of the people can vote away the rights of the other 49%. This is precisely why the founders gave us a REPUBLIC so ALL people were represented NOT just the majority. The idea of democracy is closer to a dictatorship than it is to a repuplican form of government. The founders were adament about this.

        • AZ Apache Native

          Native American Brother, thank you for sharing our Sovereignty with our foreign brothers that now occupy the land of our fathers. Yes, you are correct! The Constitution declares that we are a Republic not a democracy. President Lincoln could not get Congress to convene after the Civil War and the evil foreign bankers stepped in without incident. Now we must educate our foreign brothers about those selfish and blind democracy leaders creating laws that do not apply to us. The courts are corrupt and represent only the evil bankers. Our Master Creator will protect the people and bring peace and tranquility to all those that belive.

        • Eddie

          Thank you Wild Indian and others for reminding Robin we are a Constitutional Republic and not a Democracy which is mob rule. No apology for raining on your parade Robin,it would be a sign of weakness. May I suggest Robin you go to a used book store and try to find a high school textbook from the 1950′s anyway and maybe the sixties that is titled History of The United States. There you’ll find the truth about our great country versus the junk you’ve been fed in your government sponsored education.

          • Eric Bischoff

            I also recommend “A young people’s history of the United States” from Columbus to the Spanish-American War by Howard Zinn

          • allison

            Don’t worry about whether we are a Democracy or a Republic. Within 40 years we will be a Theocracy (A nation ruled by or subject to religious control). The religion will be Muslim and the law will be Sharia. It will not require guns or bloodshed. They are just out breeding us and they will be able to vote for the Koran to be the law of the United States. It will happen within 15 years in Europe. One baby every two and a half years starting as young as puberty for about 30-35 years. A Muslim woman is required to be sexually available to her husband any time he wishes it.

      • http://none Mike

        Robin, Yes I have been thinking for myself for at least 32 years now(I am 42)As far as being brainwashed no thank you. For your information I have studied and done my homework on death panels. Death Panel= Doctors and insurance companies both privet and goverment run. Getting together in confrance to decide your end of life care. If they so deem it and your past your prime say 50+. And the diseas or ailment is deemed either incurable or very low survival rate. They will decide whether you get treatment other than pain medication. This will take your right to decide what care you recive out of your hands and place it with your provider. Do you want someone else to make THAT decision for you or would you like to do it yourself? As far as talk raido or any other media influncing me I rarely listen to anyone other than Savage ,Levin or Art Bell. I hadent even herd of Glenn Beck untill recently and I am pretty burned out By Rush.Mike L.

      • J__44

        Robin sweetie, America is not a Democracy my ignorant pet; it is a Constitutional Republic. Why dont your take your condescending butt to the library and read the Constitution? Perhaps it is a good thing the Supreme Court doesn’t want to take it on now. Thank God for Glenn Beck and BHO. BHO for turning the heat up too fast for the frog in the pan and Glenn Beck for showing us the facts, Like Mr. Commie Van Jones and the other the other band of Marxists staking out their tents in Washington.

      • Patriot1776

        You are right about the oligarchy but wrong that we were evr a democracy

    • Carol Dines

      Any other federal employees who refuse to do their jobs are put on probation, perhaps suspended without pay, depending on how many times they have goofed up.

      I see nothing wrong of treating Supreme Court Judges the same way. After all it is the Peoples business.

    • Eric Bischoff

      This isn’t a surprise. Much preparation went in to load the court with conservatives in the last few years. How do you like the results so far hey?

      • Kate8

        Eric, For the most part, I’ve been very happy with the rulings of the most conservative Supremes, thank you. Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas are to exceptional Justices, and adhere to the Constitution as our founders intended to the best of their abilities.

        Following the intent of our founders is not activism. The Leftist robes on the Bench are partisan activist hacks, and couldn’t care less about our founders.

  • June Gagnon

    A national shame, when our own Supreme Court will not stand up for US citizens – -but then, did we expect any less after the “successful” nominations of sotomayor and kaggan?? It will now be up to our “new conservative Congress” to repeal obamacare, immediately and impeach both sotomayor and kaggan? There is far too much evidence, against both these women and they should never have been confirmed in the first place. The Supreme Court is no place for radical activiism! Barry soetoro “got his way” and it’s time to put a “screeching halt” to his rampage!

    • Remy

      It’s the Supreme Court’s job to hold up the law and constitution, whether it seems they are standing up for U.S. citizens or not. Please name the exact situation where Sotomayor and Kagan have acted in a manner that equates to radical activism? Both Sotomayor and Kagan went through a rigorous vetting process to become confirmed. They are following the law, not interpreting it in an activist manner. You may not like them, but they have done nothing that is impeachable under the law. Deal with it.

      • http://none Mike

        Remy, or should I say Dreamy. This was an outrage that they refused to even hear the arguments of this laws constitutionality. I know a few constitutional lawyers that were chomping at the bit to get ahold of the Obamanation called the healthcare bill. One it forces people into a contract with either a health insurance provider or a goverment run plan. This was unpresedented in the united states. Never in our history has the goverment forcefully(with the threat of fines and I.R.S audits)made a citizen enter into any contract against their will. 2 The calling of the tax to raise money for the goverment funding a fine. Mainly this is a constitutional dodge there to bypass an amendment that would have been required to levy just such a tax.3Passing the healthcare bill via the commerce clause.The commerce clause has nothing to do with whether an indivigual enters into a contract with another indivigual. It was ment to assure equity between each state in the union via at the time rail transportation of goods so that one state could not hold another states food or other goods for ransom against their will.(I know that one is a little simplistic)4 Ratifing the bill via a parlementry procedure. When it became apparent to the democrats in congress that they wouldent get the support they needed to pass this fiasco they pulled out a procedure that was ment to solve budget disagreements and used it to pass healthcare. I could go on but it would take more space than allowed here to name it all. So study before making a blanket statment like that. This is exactly what they we formed to do. That being a check and balance between the legislative branch of the goverment and the people. This isnt a totalatarin state yet but this is one step closer. Mike L.

        • http://none Mike

          sorry missed one line. This is eaxctly what they were formed to a little fast on the keybord there
          Mike L.

        • Dan az

          Hey Mike
          Now thats more facts that Poor Remstate could handle,Well done sir!

          • http://none Mike

            Yea that got my collar steamed. What the crap was he thinking when he wrote that comment? Sure waent much logic in it. Mike L.

          • Kate8

            The NWO democrats have an agenda, and they aren’t letting the Constitution get in their way. They just ‘deem’ to have the authority.

            The Supreme’s aren’t going to touch it because, if they do, they’ll have to outright rule against the Constitution. IT’S NOT ABOUT HEALTHCARE. It’s their implementation of the total-control grid. There is so much in this bill that has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with healthcare, but has EVERYTHING to do with controlling our lives. Or our deaths.

            They’ve stacked the courts with their operatives now. We the People no longer have ‘standing’ to protest ANYTHING these elites want to do to us. They’ve come right out and SAID that they don’t care about the Constitution. If pressed, they simply make something up. Or say something that is nothing, like Pelosi’s “Are you serious?”.

            It remains to be seen if this Congress will stop it. They always have the out of blaming Obama and the Senate for their failure to do so.

            I think we’re just being played, as usual. I hope I’m wrong.

          • JC

            The whole premise of Kenyan Health care is anti-Constitution.
            It removes Choice. It imposes financial control. It forces compliance.
            Any one of these is enough to prove its un Constitutional…together though, it’s downright Communist!
            So much for the bought and paid for politicized US Supreme Kangaroo Court.
            Makes ya proud to be an American Don’t it? :(

        • Kinetic1

          Lot’s of great information there, Mike, but you didn’t answer Remy’s question. “Please name the exact situation where Sotomayor and Kagan have acted in a manner that equates to radical activism?” As for hearing the case, the folks at WiseGeek have this to say:

          “The “Rule of Four” controls matters when deciding which issues the high court will hear. If four justices agree that a specific petition for writ of certiorari should be granted, then the case will be placed on the Supreme Court’s docket and an order stating that certiorari has been granted will be issued to the petitioner.”

          So if Roberts. Alito, Scalia and Thomas all vote yea, then it’s set. They must not have, and I don’t pretend to know why, but it’s out. You may not be pleased with President Obama’s picks, and I don’t know how they felt about hearing this case, but It appears that the conservative wing of the court did not feel it warranted a hearing in the highest court in the land. At least not yet.

          • JC

            Both are antigun and anti Constitution. Their own track records say so.

          • http://none Mike

            Kinetic, I understand what you are saying , But this healthcare bill set so many precidents I would think they would at least here the cases for and against this law. Any time a new law is passed the supream court has the right to reviw it. That is part of their charter. I think the fix was in they were told behind closed doors to leave this one alone.Mike L.

          • http://none Mike

            ugg more coffee Hear I ment Mike L.

          • Kinetic1

            You have the right to make that claim, but you still must show action they have taken as SC justices that reflects those claims and establishes cause for impeachment. At this time I would say the only Judge who’s head is legitimately on the block is Thomas, now that another women has come forth to back up claims of sexual harassment. If this can be verified, then Thomas is guilty of perjury.

          • Kinetic1

            Or they did a cursory review and deemed it not worthy of a hearing. Or the case presented was not the right one. Or…. We can try to read their minds till the cows come home, or interpret their actions through our own bias, but neither will bring a satisfactory resolution.

          • http://none Mike

            Kinetic, I am waiting to see the reaction to the case Mark Levin brings before the court he seems to have the best one so far. You might be right the case California had may have been weak or flawed in some way that it didnt merit hearing. I am just a bit irate that this bill was passed useing cloakroom tactics. And thinly veild in socialisim. Reforms could be made in many areas though without the forcefull shoveing of this bill down our throats. One quit forceing pharmasuitical companies to sell to other countries at reduced rates. I will never understand why we ae forced to bear the brunt of the cost for development and other countries are not.2 The quicker development of generics shorten the pattent times on new drugs. I could go on but I have to take my mother to the doctor. Ill be back later though.

          • Kinetic1

            Hope our mother is well. I agree with both of your pharma related ideas.

          • Kinetic1

            OOOPS, YOUR mother (although I hope mine is well too.)

          • http://none Mike

            Kinetic, Thanks it was a mental check up she has alzhimers and its rough. But I am not ready to send her to a home if I can still handel it. Thats another thing about this bill I really dont like shes medicare and this year due to the cuts she hit the donut hole early. Since she just recives 1/2 my fathers retirement(he has passed as well alzhimers also)and a small stipend from social security the medications she needs to function are extreamly costly. I no longer work other than odd handyman jobs so I can devote time to her care as well as my sister.So you can understand where I come from on that. Its tight but through the grace of god and a good community support group we are surviveing.We hope that by next year that the most expensive one of her medications is in on the generic program. This should let you know I have been force fed my homework on the ramifications of this health care bills direct impact on me and my family. Mike L.

          • Kinetic1

            I’m so sorry to hear about your mother. I have been blessed in as much as I have not had to deal with Alzheimer’s. I recounted some of my families medical issues before, and dealing with my father’s cancer was bad enough. My thoughts will be with you and your family.

          • http://none Mike

            Thank you Kinetic, Yea cancer is a bad one too. My father with the alzheimers was in the early stages of identification of the diseas. Back I guess nearly 15 years ago.The doctors recomended a nursing home for him. I got my first real look at one of thoes and was appalled. It seemed to me that they just ran human trials on these patients there. We went through the gambit of medications with him. None of which seemed to help. So when we got the diagnosis with mom I made the decision that if at all possible it was going to be home care for her. Mike L.

          • JC

            Kinetic1 says:
            November 18, 2010 at 2:56 pm
            You have the right to make that claim, but you still must show action

            Do your own homework Kinetic. Despite your Liberal Philosophy, I don’t work for you. And there’s nothing to debate with you. You’re a socialist and therefore have no standing.
            (Note the general laziness of Liberals.)

        • LeRoyZ

          Another thing about this health care issue. I got an e-mail the other day about something I hadn’t heard of before. The word is ‘Dhimmitude”. It’s supposed to be confirmed on Snopes but I haven’t had a chance to check it out. Supposedly, it is discussed or at least mentioned in the health care bill. It is taxing non-believers in support of Muslims. Muslims consider insurance to be gambling, or usury, so they will be exempted from the health care law on those grounds and won’t have to purchase insurance and won’t be fine for refusing to do so. Not the case for us infidels. Also, I saw somewhere that something like 111 companies have filed for waivers from the health care law. Let’s see….Muslims exempt, companies exempt, Congresspersons exempt….Who else??

          • Kinetic1

            “Dhimmitude” denotes an attitude of concession, surrender and appeasement towards Islamic demands. and is used here as a derogatory claim about the health care bill and is not included in the bill. The bill does have an exemption clause for those who wish to appeal, and it is generally assumed that Anabaptists (Amish and the likes) will be exempt as they have a history of declining social security and other government programs. Islam on the other hand, has no hard and fast rule or history to back it up. Many Muslim communities make exceptions to the “gambling” restrictions for legal requirements like auto insurance, so it is generally assumed that they will not meet the requirements for exemption.

          • Christin

            You are right. I have heard the same things. Muslims, 111 corporations and their employees, Congress, probably all the White House Cabinet and czars, AND the poor who can’t pay… so let’s see, that leaves… the Constitutional Conservative Patriotic Americans… and Pro-obamacare Liberals, too… to foot the WHOLE Health Insurance Tax for the entire Nation! Isn’t that great?! ;)

          • Kinetic1

            You didn’t even bother to read the information I offered, did you? “I heard” is not a reasonable substitute for research. I covered the Muslim tale, so here you go on the 111;

            According to the website of the Health and Human Services Department, HHS has approved 111 applications “for waivers from annual limit requirements” for one year. As Bloomberg reported, the waivers allow companies with “so-called mini-med or limited benefit plans that employers use for low-wage or part-time workers” to “avoid raising the minimum amount of insurance coverage to $750,000 starting next year.”

            The idea here is that some companies are providing limited health coverage for their low wage/part time employees. Those plans do not pay out the “minimum” required by the bill, but it would be punitive to require these companies to elevate part time employees to full time benefits. If they cancelled their policies, these employees would likely qualify for government aid, so the very fact that these companies provide ANY coverage makes them better than most. To deal with this issue they have been given a 1 year exemption for those employees. Let’s say that again, ONE YEAR EXEMPTION FOR THEIR LOW WAGE AND PART TIME EMPLOYEES ONLY.

            Of course you didn’t hear these details on Beck, Breitbart or FOX. If you heard the story from any of them you were left to assume that ALL the employees were PERMANENTLY exempt just because they had the lawyers and the money to get out of it. You have to dig for the truth, but it’s out there if you care.

          • ValDM

            A full list of the 111 companies that the gov’t has waived is available on You would be amazed that the list is rife w/unions, health care providers and health care insurers. If I find this list elsewhere, I will post it again.

          • eddie47d

            Christin; There is a Republican Representative in Maryland;a DR Andy Harris who was newly elected. He said he would vote against the healthcare bill. He actually thought HIS government insurance plan was going to kick in the day he was elected and he demanded it go into effect immediately. It won’t be effective until Feb 25,2011. So alot of anti-”Obama care” folks will slam his plan but demand good coverage for themselves. What a hypocrite.

          • who cares

            you are an IDIOT your brain dead commies are going 2 believe you

      • TIME

        Lets pretent your right, ok then please answer the following question.
        The Supreme Courts job is to do only one thing, that is to see how laws passed or verdicts handed down parallel with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Is that statment right or wrong?

        Ok I will answer for you, YES thats right – Thats its, thats all they are to do; based on whats within their JOB Description parameters.
        How do I know this, my wifes uncle was a lawayer who was granted the privilege of presenting case law to the Supreme Court.

        Is it not strange that Kegans job prior to her new post was to overlook case’s pending the SC based on merit and value, this is also known as a Law Clerk.
        Is it not also very strange that she held back all cases that involved one “Barry Soetoro” from ever being brought to the SC?

        Yes thats right it was Kegan who held back the countless Law Suits all asking the Supreme Court to make the “Congress and Senate” do their jobs and VET Barry Soetoro.
        Just how strange is that?
        But whats really strange is how she became a Supreme Court Justice after doing what I just noted. Can you say Political PayOla? As I recall that falls under the RECO ACT, again how wierd is that the President of the United States of America acting like a Mob Boss?

        How odd that the alledged most solid court system in the Country was preverted. Oh, asked and answered.

        Be all that as it may, how odd is it that what you think is a square peg you are told is really round, are your eyes that bad, or is it that your thinking is bent?
        Or could it in fact be that you have been lied to and deceived?

        • Kate8

          TIME – Thanks for that info. It spells SET-UP. They made sure all stop-gaps were in place before we’d have the chance to overturn this abomination, which any legitimate court would do.

          This is the communist’s prize, their ticket to tyranny. They don’t care what we think. They intend to dispose of us, anyway.

          • Christin

            All that TIME said is true. Now we can see the “structure” that the progressives/ communists have been working on for decades and put in place to dominate, control and rule. And now we can see that they have turned ON the “machine” to do its job and do their bidding.

            They are building a kingdom here on Earth… what many here call a Progressive Utopia.

            Their kingdom is evil and it is much like like the tower of Babel. Just take a look at the EU building. (The development of the EU: “One United Europe” was socially engineered to make a large powerful country to top all others.) As for the people, well, they are making “bricks” out of Europeans and us… where we are all the same and have conformity, like king Nimrod did in Babel. But, we were made in the image of God with “uniqueness” like “rocks” which are different. They have taken away our “American heritage (history) and spirituality (God)” and replaced it with “materialism” (be in debt)which is the new “mortar” that cements us together.

            But the ending to the “Tower of Babel” Bible history where king Nimrod, the Hunter of People, had the people build him a tower so high into the heavens ….is that God did not honor Nimrod’s changing His people from His image… and put and end to the tower, shaking the ground, giving the people different languages, and scattering them about the earth. Essentially, God blessed the people by making them all stones again. God gave the people their uniqueness back. Nimrod’s reign ended and so God will once again step in to put a stop to this Godless kingdom (satan’s kingdom on Earth) that the Progressives are building, because He [God] is for “the people” that He created in His image to worship Him, not corrupt governments.

            God’s Kingdom is in heaven and we have been called to be salt of the Earth (on fire for Jesus) and to live here “in” society on earth, but not to be “of” the things on earth, which is conformity. Time for us to shine our candles or lighthouse beams to be a becon to others to help them find their way to God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

            The “Tower of Babel Blueprint” is to eliminate distinction between individuals and countries, and to bring it all together under one tower of government… the NWO …sound to you like this is what they are doing?

          • Kate8

            Christin – Yes, indeed! And thank the Lord for Rabbi Lapin! I just ordered his CDs on Genesis. Love that guy.

            These are the revelations from scripture that we need. Christianity has either not understood the Bible symbolism well, or has concealed it. Many of the older Jewish Rabbis has kept this knowledge, and we are hungry for it.

            The Bible says that what has been long hidden will be revealed in the Last Days. I’m amazed at the things we are beginning to understand. It’s like the floodgates to knowledge have been opened (‘knowledge will be increased’) and all the puzzle pieces are coming together.

            The great news is that the NWO will never win. It’s just going to be a crazy ride while they go down. That is why it is so important for us to try to see this shaking as a positive thing for us, and also to understand that we CANNOT control it. We do what we can, but leave the rest to Divine Wisdom. There is a plan.

            I can get pretty nuts about things, but then God reminds me that He is in charge and His plan is to free us. Then I calm down, get perspective and give thanks that I don’t have to figure it all out.

          • Christin

            I am in agreement with you. Yes, I, too, am thirsty for the deeper true wisdom from the Bible and the elder Jewish Rabbis have the Hebrew meanings and symbolism that we need for greater understanding… just like God to bring people together!

            How did you order Rabbi Lapin’s tapes? I am glad to have heard him speak on the Tower of Babel story and I esp. liked the symbolism of the rocks and the bricks and the blessing of freedom at the end.

            I am with you on your last paragraph. It is crazy out there and in God’s perfect timing He will FREE us from this slavery and persecution.

          • Kate8

            Christin – Here’s the link to Rabbi Lapin:


            He has a free newsletter you can sign up for, too. Great stuff.

          • Christin

            Thanks for the link, Kate8!
            Appreciate it.

        • Kinetic1

          Is it odd that Kagen, after reviewing the merits of petitions to the court to hear cases against Barack Obama chose not to forward them for consent? Well, I suppose it is if you are inclined to believe that President Obama is not a citizen of the U.S. For those of us (and that would be 73% based on the latest polls) who do NOT believe this charge, then it seems very sensible not to waste the court’s time.

          As for the relationship between the President and the SC Judge, they have known each other for years. They met in Chicago and their paths crossed often in the legal world. So what? The President chose someone he knew shared his views as a SC justice. I’ll bet Bush wishes he had known more about one or two of his choices. And it’s nothing new. President Lincoln named his former campaign manager to the high court, and Andrew Jackson appointed several friends to the Supreme Court. Franklin D. Roosevelt picked his Securities and Exchange Commission chairman, William O. Douglas; Harry S. Truman named his attorney general, Tom C. Clark; and Lyndon Johnson picked his friend Abe Fortas. You can bask in conspiracy theories and RICO claims all you want (and I’m sure there are many others on this site who will join you) but it’s just not all that dark and mysterious.

          • sylviam

            ALSO SHARED THE VIEW of LA RAZA as well as SOCIALISM, and other things just as bad. Taking PAYOLA is a small thing in comparison to some of the others.

          • TIME


            The only reason I am responding to your post is so anyone who read it understands that its flawed. Otherwise I would not waste my TIME.

            No the polls clearly are quite the opposite from your stated number of 73% who feel Barry Soetoro is a Natural born American.

            As it goes these numbers are going up on the side of persons
            “who feel Barry Soetoro is NOT” a natural born American.
            That number is now at 71% who feel that way, JFR – thats up from 58% just nine months ago. But nice try.

          • Kinetic1

            CNN July 2010
            Do you think Barack Obama was definitely born in the United States, probably born in the United
            States, probably born in another country, or definitely born in another country?
            42% definitely, 29% probably =71%
            Sure, you could play the skeptic and say definitely not, 11% probably not 16% and probably 29% = 56% but that’s pushing it, don’t you think? How about Republicans!
            definitely not, 14% probably not 27% and probably 34% = 75% Hey! There’s your number! but realistically it’s definitely 23% probably 34% = 57% likely even among Republicans. Now you may have a more recent poll to site, though most reputable polling companies have long since forgotten about this nonsense. If so, pass it on. I’d love to see their methodology.

            Now I’ll tell you (just in case you aren’t sure) that I fall into the defiantly group, even though I can’t prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt. Heck, I can’t prove that I was born in America based on the demands skeptics are making. I’ll just have to take my mother’s word for it.

          • Kate8

            TIME, K1, We all know it just depends on where you are taking the polls. As liberals and get one view, as conservatives and get the opposite.

            We all know the drill.

          • Kate8

            Besides, Not ONE court has denied the charges that Soetoro is alien-born. They just deny that We the People, or anyone else, have standing in the courts.

            If that isn’t a signal that our Constitutional protections have been voided, I don’t know what is. This, along with Obamacare and every other piece of legislation that’s come out of the Congressional whorehouse in DC.

          • Kinetic1

            The July 2010 CNN poll was clearly broken up into Dems, Repub and Indi. The first numbers I gave were the combined totals, so this has nothing to do with cherry picking for results. The MAJORITY of those polled, from any party agreed that President Obama was likely born in America. Period. If you want to imply that TIME has gone looking for a poll that favors his view, fine, but you can look mine up.

          • eddie47d

            They sure line up behind the poll numbers when it favors them. Surprisingly most legitimate polls are within a 4-5 point error ratio and can be believed. Most political polls are accurate but are only good for a few days since Americans are always changing their minds.

          • Average Joe


            I am still trying to understand what “poll” numbers have to do with anything? Polls are made up of opinions and nothing more. We all know about those dang old opinions…right? The last time I checked, the only opinion that mattered to me was…well….mine (just as I am sure that yours matters to you).Just because 99.9999% believe one way, is not going to change my opinion. I arrived at my opinion the same way everyone does. I looked at the situation (whatever it may be)from every possible angle I could and formulated my opinion based soley on the facts as I know them. Those who put their faith in poll numbers are part of the “collective” (look at me, I’m in the 73% group because I believe this way). As an individual, I tend to think as an individual….I am not part of this group,that group or any other group. I have my opinions and everyone else has theirs…end of story. Poll numbers are just for those of you that need to feel that you are part of a specific “group”….the “collective”. Resistance is not futile….In other words…think for yourselves and don’t let poll numbers sway you from your convictions.

        • Edge Architect

          I wish you people would speak a little clearer English… Jeeess!!

      • jd

        You show me anywhere in the Constitution that the government has the authority to impose any law of this type.
        It is the job of the supreme court to uphold the Constitution.
        Only the states can do this if approved by the citizens.

      • Wanda Murline

        Kagan has been the defense lawyer for Obama in every aspect of protecting his birth certificate, passports from the 80′s and his college information. How’s that one for you. Not only that she changed wording on a Supreme Court case to changed the way the court looked at the case…she is a liberal radical judge, and the congress who put her in there did no vetting on her at all or they would have, at least read the information that the public found against her. This is the start. Unfortunately, in the end, America will have to stand on her own and declare independence from the tyranical government we now have. Get ready, it is coming.

        • RePete

          Yes Wanda, it is coming.

          Forget about radicalism. Kagan has never been a Judge in her life. She lacks, in every sense of the word, “experience.” Just as Owebama. Who are these people?

          There are conflicts of interest at every level of Government and our Politicians have found a way to cheat the system (Pelosi). Our duly elected Representatives in Congress were not allowed to vote on the Health care bill, which the American people overwhelmingly opposed.

          One only needs to review the Declaration of Independence to foretell what happens when the taxpayers are not represented by those who govern them.

          Politicians prey on the uninformed. Yet it is the uninformed who will lead the charge once they truly understand the treachery that has unfolded in recent times.

          There will be a new deck of cards issued when the time comes. And the names and faces of those who enriched themselves at the taxpayers expense will be readily available and widespread.

          • Kinetic1

            The rules for nomination to the Supreme Court do not require that you have any experience as a judge, and many scholars believe that it is important to have this diversity. In the history of the court, 41 of the 110 SC justices were not sitting judges prior to their selection. The most famous of these would be William Rehnquist, and I doubt there are many who would attack him for his decisions based on lack of “experience.”

            As for Health Care Reform, by March of 2010 polls were showing 49% to 40% Americans support of the bill. A very telling poll in January found that only 42% supported the bill, that is until they were informed about what in contained. Some aspects, such as the cost caused a small drop in support, but when participants were told about the preexisting condition clause, or the tax credits for employers, the numbers jumped by as much as 20%. This tale about the public being against the health care bill is just that, a tale told by the conservatives to make political hay. Even in those polls where the number of people who responded “unfavorable” to some degree, they included in that number many who were upset that the bill did not go far enough. Split out those who didn’t want it at all from those who wanted the bill to include a public option and, once again the majority of Americans did not oppose this bill.

          • Andy

            It seems that Kinetic1 is the one telling tales here as they point to a poll in January. Polls say a very different thing now.

            58% Favor Repeal of Health Care Law, 37% Oppose Repeal


          • Kinetic1

            I chose an earlier poll, not to sway the numbers but to reflect the opinion of the public BEFORE the bill was passed. There is a lot of talk about the administration “forcing this bill down our throats” but it depends on current polls and ignores the mood of the public back when this was first being debated.

            If we go back to 2009 we find polls like the Quinnipiac poll from August 5. “Do you support or oppose giving people the option of being covered by a government health insurance plan that would compete with private plans?” The results show 62% support and 32% opposed. No doubt, those on the conservative side didn’t like the idea (only 40% approved) but the majority approved of major reforms. Now, try and appease the Republicans in Congress, ignore the fact that they have stated their intent to oppose any health care bill, even with compromises, weaken the bill to try and appease them anyway and allow this to drag on for months while the Republicans work to diminish public support through the media and you get to where we are now.

            If President Obama had been more like President Bush and used his majority to push through what he wanted rather than worrying about “bipartisanship” we would have a public option. Conservatives would still be upset but I believe it is likely that Progressives who now oppose the bill would be on board, significantly altering the current poll numbers in favor of the legislation.

          • eddie47d

            So true Kinetic

      • Dave

        Kagan falsified a report under the Clinton administration and then lied in her confirmation hearings about her role in the ruling on partial birth abortions. Based on this alone, she should not have been confirmed. How can she be trusted to make impartial rulings? She should be impeached immediately, but there are not enough votes in the Senate to do it.

        • Kate8

          Kegan is a communist operative, and was chose for this purpose. She wasn’t vetted because it didn’t matter. The Senate was instructed to confirm by their NWO masters. Period. Besides, they are in on it.

          • Stevo

            These blind,ignorant supporters of the Democrat party are not going to believe the truth until it bites them on the ass.Even then I doubt they will.Liberalism is a mental condition that afflicts the lazy,non selfstarters of the world.They really think government is gonna save us all.What fools.

          • Christin

            “Liberalism is a mental condition”… Watch “How a Progressive Thinks” at: http:/

            This a link from another poster that I think best explains why the Liberals think and act as they do. They literally can not differentiate or discriminate between right & wrong, good & evil, better & worst, and success & failure… doesn’t that explain a LOT.

            They must make us all conform to be “alike” and America is full of unique individuals, but not when they stip us of our Rights, Freedoms, Liberites, jobs, income, colorful clothing, and homes… we will be the “molded (man-made) brick” …not “unique rock” made in God’s image …that they desire to rule. Once we become “bricks” we are expendable.

          • Christin

            “How a Progressive Thinks”

          • eddie47d

            Christine; I would give the video a C since it was strictly a personal opinion. He was spot on about the influence of Hollywood and a few things. He rambled on about Saddam but more in terms that he was Jewish and they all hate this guy. I know of no liberal who choose him over America yet he insisted on saying that. We have to have a better reason to go to war than any of the excuses we’ve heard.

          • Christin

            I thought the video was a great explanation of a Liberals mindset from a former liberal. I was only interested in his expanation of Liberalsim as it pertains to their inability to see and hear truth.

            As far as any of his other comments I don’t care.
            On War… shut it down… bring our men and women in the military home. They can be hired at airports to utilize “dogs” for bomb and chemical sniffing and for security and secondary verbal discussions of people of interest. They’d be great.
            And we can get rid of the radiation porn screening and the groping sexual assulting of men and women’s bodies. What idiot came up with that idea anyway? Then real security of checking ALL people traveling would happen, not just to patriotic Americans, but also Muslim men and women wearing barkas could be sniffed and talked to instead of them going right on by those two screenings since evidentally the gov’t says that my religion says I can be molested, but theirs says they can’t.
            Off the topic of the video, but not off the topic in my brain… sorry.

      • Eddie

        Remy,I can’t get myself wrapped around to “deal with it”. The Supreme Court has one job and that’s to interpret the Constitution as it applies to the cases that come before the court. A legitimate request was presented to interpret the Constitutionality of Obamacare. It was refused. That’s a deriliction of duty and failure to do the job the justices are being paid for. Sotomayor and Kagan have been known to place their own political views as their means of arriving at decisions in their careers. Given Kagan’s never sat on a bench prior to her SCOTUS appointment is evidence enough that the fools who confirmed her was a political decision in favor of Obama. The last elections were a defining referendum against Obama,his policies,and his appointments. The Democrats paid dearly deservedly so. We remain stuck with the unholy trinity of Obama/Dirty Harry/Pelosi with the stupidity of voters in Nevada putting Harry back in. That’s harder to “deal with” than whatever exists in SCOTUS.

        • Lonetrader

          I am not so sure that Reid actually won in Nevada. Angle won 14 out of 17 counties. There were cases of electronic malfunction of the voting booths. I say we do a revote in Nevada, only no electronic voting. We go back to the punch cards and have a non union, non partisan count the ballots. I’ll bet you that the outcome would be a lot different. Was there voter fraud bt Reid?? More chance of it than not.

          • Kate8

            I wouldn’t be looking for the SCOTUS to protect our interests, folks. They’ve fallen now, too.

          • Kate8

            During the confirmation of Justice Roberts, he was asked (by one of the democrat senators) if he’d be able to rule on the Contitutionality of implanting chips in the American population, because it would be coming up during his office.

            He made it through, didn’t he?

          • Kinetic1

            That was Biden who asked about the chips, and I have not found any response from Roberts. So what is your point?

          • Christin


            The “chip” or “microchip” is the “Mark of the Beast” (aka. satan, the devil, you know the fallen angel, Lucifer), but so is “666″ on your forehead. That IS a BIG deal, not a “so what” response. Any gov’t officials who think the chip is Okay or Good are bad news for our FREEDOMS.

          • Kinetic1

            You religious beliefs aside, I stand by my question. There is nothing to indicate that then Senator Biden approved of these implants (in fact the tone of his question suggested just the opposite) and I can not find a record of Justice Roberts’ response, so what is the point of brining this up? If Roberts had said “heck ye, stick ‘em in” then we’d have a discussion, but he didn’t. A question was asked, we don’t know the response and now the man is a seated Justice. What does that prove?

          • Kate8

            K1, I didn’t get to hear his answer, either. My point is that these creeps in charge plan to do it, and they want judges who will rule that they can.

          • Kate8

            K1, I know they plan to do it because it’s already written into the healthcare legislation.

          • Kinetic1

            Most of the sites I see talking about this refer to HR 3200, which is not the most current bill. What is in this bill is a registry “to facilitate analysis of post-market safety and outcomes data on each device that— ‘‘(A) is or has been used in or on a patient; ‘‘(B) and is— ‘‘(I) a class III device; or ‘‘(ii) a class II device that is implantable, life-supporting, or life-sustaining.”

            In other words, these devises are coming. Medical science will be developing this technology to treat health conditions and the government wants all of these registered so that they can monitor the safety and effectiveness of them.

            “Approved by the FDA, a class II implantable device is an “implantable radio frequency transponder system for patient identification and health information.” The purpose of a class II device is to collect data in medical patients such as “claims data, patient survey data, standardized analytic files that allow for the pooling and analysis of data from disparate data environments, electronic health records, and any other data deemed appropriate by the Secretary.”

            So, if your health care provider requests that you have one of these units implanted to facilitate their research, or to provide your health information when needed, the Secretary of Health and Human Services will have authority to regulate what information can be gathered and by whom. Nothing in this bill suggests that we will be required to accept implants. There is nothing I can see about regulations or time lines to implement a program of citizen implantation, but there sure are a lot of people jumping to that conclusion.

            The only reason I posted this was to point out how people take very simple things and turn them into big bad boogy men. You see, HR 3200 did not pass, and as far as I know, none of this is in HR 3590.

          • Eddie

            Lonetrader,I can go along with what you say and it wouldn’t surprise me if there were shenanigans at the polls. Dingy Harry is so crooked that when he dies he’ll have to be screwed into the ground. Your county count no doubt is correct but the voting clout for Nevada remains in Clark County as the most populous and strongly Democrat.
            It was the unions on the Vegas Strip and truckloads of Mexicans both illegal and legal who put Harry back in. If illegals can get Social Security cards etc.,then they also no doubt vote without any hassle.
            If this was considered an honest election by anyone then I’ve a bridge for sale in Brooklyn.

          • Kate8

            K1 – Except that the elites have admitted to the plan to chip us all on several occasions. Not only that, but it’s already going on in parts of the world. India, and some other third-worlders, to name some. In fact, people are being implanted here, for ‘safety’ and/or ‘security’ purposes.

            Our pets are all being chipped. This is to get us used to it.

            You are being very naieve, Kinetic, if you think these people are all about our well-being. They talk about controlling us, culling us, removing all access to wholesome foods and natural medicines and supplements, taxing us to death, relocating us to crowded cities… And still you choose to trust them.

            Good luck with your chip.

      • azwayne

        Kagan committed perjury during vetting circus, not impeachable, wake up. Reclused herself in half cases coming up because she’s cause they are there, we sure get our money’s worth.

      • Robert

        News flash they were not vetted that went through the motion for show dumbass.Wake up before it is too late.Kagaan speaking of international law when looking at cases here in the US. Sotomoyer is going to use her latina background to rule. Both of these women should never have been seated on the bench.

    • Dennis

      Looks like Barrys B!+(#’s are paying off, They are so so Corrupt.

    • usmadgirl


      Couldn’t have said it better myself!

  • Dan az

    Tell me how can the supreme court rule that they dont need to rule on a unconstitutional law? Sure I expected it when they took kaggan on but really how blatant can they be? It seems as though the laws are only meant for the peons and not the elite,So maybe its time for some term limits, for all judges that think they are above the laws.

    • http://yahoo gloria jean collins

      The judges are probably paid off, just like Obama has paid off so many to keep his true idenity hidden. It is a shame.

      • Eddie

        You’re right Gloria, the climate change is not result of global warming but from the stench in Washington beginning with the White House. It’s all about money and greed in D.C. and has been for years.
        Charlie Rangle should’ve been thrown out of congress and gets a wrist slap instead. Al Capone ended up in Alcatraz for non payment of taxes.
        Rangle gets milk n’cookies and a blessaing to go forth and sin no more.
        Charlie will unrepentantly go back to his same crap ’cause he can’t be tried twice for it and the payola truck keeps rolling along to keep everybody happy,happy.

        • Eddie

          Oops,that’s “blessing” without the typo. Mea Culpa.

    • Cliffystones


      This is exactly what I was wondering. Forget the two new lesbos, What about the rest of the court? What valid reason could these arrogant SOBs have to NOT hear these cases?

    • Kinetic1

      Dan az,
      Unconstitutional in your view. I’m certain there are others, including those with qualifications who question the Constitutionality of the law, but that alone does not make it so. One might assume from their rejection that the Supreme Court Judges, including those of a Conservative bent don’t agree, or they may just may not like this one case. Maybe the suit was too broad? Maybe they want to hear arguments on only one or two sections of the law? Only time will tell.

  • Mark Matis

    Civil war is coming. And soon. Are you ready?

    • http://yahoo chas

      YUP!!….Keep your powder dry, baby!!!

      • http://yahoo chas

        …and buy AMMO!!….it’s a good investment in MANY ways!!…

        • Kate8

          This is what they want, folks! Civil war!

          I saw a speech by one of Odumbo’s minions saying that he was encouraged that the rioting going on in Europe would be erupting in America soon. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of that wasn’t staged, or at least hyped, to fan the flames here. They are provoking us on purpose!

          They want to see how far we can be pushed before we snap. That is why all the hubub on TV about the airport scanners and pat-downs, why they defy is in Congress, on immigration, in law enforcement, the census – everywhere possible. They WANT us to fire the first salvo so they can move in to crush us once and for all!

          They know it is just a matter of time, and the abuse will continue to escalate until they achieve their goal. They are waiting, salivating, for us to MAKE THEIR DAY!

          And you know that someone will. Then they’ll all hide in their luxurious bunkers built with OUR money while we wipe each other out.

          Don’t think they don’t have this all worked out.

          • EltonJ

            I do believe I’ll let Yahweh fight this battle for me. This is one fight I can’t win (civil war). Guys, don’t be talking or planning civil war. It’s just what they want. If things come to that, then rely on Yahweh to do the fighting for you. He set up this Country, don’t give him a reason to destroy it.

            Causing civil war will make things worse. It’s best to let China invade us first, then wise up and call on the Captain of the Divine Host to defend us.

          • Christin

            I heard that the UNIONS bused in workers abroad to riot and protest around “The Conservative” building in England who were voted in power and are now trying to save their country and lower debts.

            Sounds like something they will do here, too, if they can’t provoke the hard-working, tax-paying, Freedom-loving, Constitutional Conservative, Patriotic Americans to riot. They are pushing us hard, but we are rocks! However, they will create crisises that can’t be wasted, like the collapse of the dollar, food shortages, TSA assulting American flyers…

          • Kate8

            Christin, One way or another they’ll make their move. Whether we have a ‘natural’ disaster, terror attack, angry mobs, ‘militia’ move, whatever…and whether it be real or staged…they’ll have a crisis.

            We have to remember that these things ‘must come to pass’. I know that scripture tells us several times to ‘hide ourselves for a time’. I was never sure just what that meant, but it comes to mind. Hiding’s not an easy thing these days.

            We have to focus on the final prize. I’m sure it will all be worth it.

          • ValDM

            Of course that’s what they want. We are currently at the tip of the iceburg known as End Times. Doesn’t the New Testament tell us that brother will turn against brother? Children against parents? Mother-in-law against daughter-in-law? Civil war will not be avoided now, and everyone will have to pick a side: good or evil. It is long past time to make your commitment to Christ as your personal savior. Good will eventually overcome evil, but not without much personal cost. Put your faith where it belongs: The Father and The Son.

          • Christin

            Do you know where it says “to hide yourselves for a time.”?
            Is that the same as “in these times to leave the city and head for the hills.”? I will have to look up where it says that.

            You are spot on. “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24 : 15.

    • Martin Fee

      Yea it is comming. I know a lot of people who claim they can;t wait but it is not something I am looking forward to. I also see a lot of people saying to stock up on guns and ammo and I agree butmore important is to find a good, solid, dry place to hide your firearms until they are needed. Any power grab will begin with the suspension of the Constitution and the confiscation of firearms.

      • http://yahoo Cherokee

        Just what Hitler did.

      • bbstacker

        No Citizen in their right mind will hand over anything. They work for us, these fools we’ve allowed to become post turtles; they borrow their “power” from US the governed. They can choose to obliterate the Constitution, but they cannot take the Constitution from within our hearts and minds–this is where the Constitution lives for those of us willing to defend it’s pristine words of how a nation of sovereign individuals stand together to protect it.

  • http://http/ john littlefield

    the lib supreme court are in cahoots with this nightmare of the law.

  • Mick

    Does the Supreme Court Follow the Constitution in the Spirit it was Written,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Hell no !
    Our judges are as honest as other men, and not more so. They have, with others, the same passions for party, for power, and the privilege of their corps. Their maxim is “boni judicis est ampliare jurisdictionem, ” and their power the more dangerous as they are in office for life, and not responsible, as the other functionaries are, to the elective control.

    Once you break the rules it’s hard to turn back, America is in deep trouble with the bunch on the bench……….

    • Kate8

      Congress has been informed of the planned devastation, violence and massive death planned for America. Many of you have, no doubt, see the video.

      They have also been told that if they cooperate with the NWO, they and their families will have a safe place in the bunkers, away from the surface holocaust. If not…well, they’re on their own.

      They are given a deal they just can’t afford to refuse. Let’s all watch and see if there are any true men and women of courage and valor among the new crop. Don’t expect enough to be of help.

      • Christin

        Explains why the congress men and women that lose their primary won’t step down, but find a way to run after losing. Their is a lot at stake and they want in on it so badly.

  • http://yahoo Upsidedownjack

    Well, let me see. The so called SC. stood at 5/4 on the 2nd Amendment. That was pretty much written in pretty plain language, yet FOUR of the so called “Judges” setting on the sc. said NO! WTF? Does the supreme court, Stand for anything? I say, NO they stand for themselves! No only do we as a Country need to remove ALL of the Communist Progressive’s in the House and Senate, but the “white house and supreme court also! Up against the WALL Comrade!

    • Patriot1776

      Something you all don’t seem to understand- the Bill of Rights was meant to apply ONLY to the Federal government. It was meant to FURTHER restrict the Federal government from infringing on the States and their people. When the Supreme Court rules to “incorporate” ANY of the amendments it is a bad thing!! This only means that the Federal Courts now have COMPLETE SAY-SO when it comes to your rights. Mark my words… The recent 2nd amendment ruling will come back to bite us in the ass. They will at some point in the future be able to say “yes, you have a fundamental right to own a gun… but, we don’t think you need anything more than a .22 caliber so this ban on all guns will stand except for .22 caliber” Or something similar to that
      And since you let them get away with this STUPID doctrine of “incorporation”, and even celebrate it when you percieve it to be a win for “our” side, the States will have NO say-so over these type of Supreme Court decisions. Can’t you see it? Your State may stand up in light of a future ruling like this and say “Our citizens have the constitutional right to own more than a .22 cal.- your laws won’t stand here” And all the Court will say is “Sorry dumb-ass we incorporated the Bill of Rights years ago, remember…? It’s our decision now. Take your stupid State soverignty argument and shove it” This is exactly how and why the Federal Courts can rule other retarded things like banning nativity scene’s, striking down oklahoma’s new law banning Sharia law in their own sovereign courts, or asying a cross on the side of the road is unconstitutional… all thanks to the “incrporation doctrine”.
      I know nobody likes what I am saying, but it the truth of the matter. And don’t get me wrong, I am all for owning guns. And lots of them. I just don’t want my right to keep and bear arms left up to the Federal government. Just like the founders, I believe that these matters should be left to the soverignty of the States where we have a much better chance to affect good government.

      • http://none Mike

        Patriot, Agreed agreed and agreed. This recent non decision is only the first steps twords that end.This was a state brining suit against a federal law and the fact they chose to take a pass on it shows they are allready dissing states rights here.The very fact that california was one of the first to bring suit was amazing to me and proves just how bad this law is. You can bet when the most liberal state in the union by far doesent want it its a total disaster. Another shining example of the destruction of states rights was the suit that the Obama goverment brought before the supream court against Arizona.This border state wanted the right to actively look for illeagle aliens in the commission of crimes. The Obama administration wanted none of that seeing as the illeagle will soon be made leagle if they promis to vote right.So he had their law declared unconstitonal. Now the health care bill dosent even get a hearing. This is frightining stuff. I guess now we have all been declared enemies of the state.Pray pray and pray some more folks we are going to need it soon. Mike L.

  • Steve


    I agree, Civil war is coming to a state near you. Problem is: it won’t be so civil. I hope the citizens of this country have enough gumption to put these subversives on trial after we win the war. As a matter of fact, we are at war now and if they are convicted of treason we can legally hang them all.

    How’s that for pissing in Obama’s cheerios?

    Good Morning America !!!

  • Martin Fee

    Yesterday there was an article in the Washington Times in which George Soros and his think tank sent a memo to Mr Obama say that he MUST forcefully circumvent the will of the people. That he should and MUST use executive orders to force the progressive agenda on the people no matter the will of the voters.
    Remember that Soros is the money behind the Democrats and what he wants he gets so the forcing of Obama care is only the tip of the iceberg and now with the Supreme Court refusing to hear what is the biggest assault of personal liberty ever the door is open for the complete and utter change over from Capitalism to Communism. The next year will tell the tale. I am not a conspiracy nut but with all the “Residential centers” being built, the so called “Council of Govenors” dividing the Nation from 50 states into 10 zones of comand and control the stage really is set for a massive coup. All that is needed is one “Act” to set it all in motion. A terrorist act, a pandemic, an anti government rally that results in violence and that will be it. All those we new congressmen we elected will mean nothing. That fatal act followed by one executive order and then Homeland Insecurity takes it from there.
    I am a student of History, I have studied many many coups, and dictator takeovers and I must say we are closer now to a second civil war then ever before. COmpare what is happening right now with what Germany went through just before and in teh first few years after the election of Herr Hitler and you will see exactly what I mean. Right down to the “fatal act” which for Hitler was the fire at the Reichstag

    • Concerned American

      My guess is a bio lab will just “accidently” release a nasty bug, and then Americans will be herded into FEMA concentration camps for our own good and to receive flu shots….

      At some of these “FEMA camps” there are thousands and thousands of plastic coffins just sitting around. The elites in power want to kill off 90% of us anyway (that is there end game) with the remaining 10% serving as complete and total slaves in a 1984 style control grid that George Orwell could never envision.

      Government always has the false flag terror card to play… Out of chaos it will be impossible to tell if martial law is for our own good or the stage to end America.

      The only thing we can hope for is that enough people are aware of flase flag terror AND have the courage to stand up to it…

      • Martin Fee

        The funniest part is the first “citizens” that will be brought into these “special” camps will be those taken names taken from the welfare rolls.
        they don’t work now, they will not make great slaves later

        • ValDM

          I think you’re wrong about the ones on the welfare rolls being first. I think the first will be the ones on SS. What better way to rid themselves of people who, by and large, disagree with them. The second group to be waylaid (after exterminating the first group) will be people openly declaring the Lord Jesus Christ. Make no mistake, Christians are currently being persecuted right here in River City, but the MSM never reports on these incidents. Old folks who remember what our country used to be will be first. Second will be the Christians. That will take care of most of the dissidents. Just like the USSR.

          • Christin

            I agree with you. The elders who are former war heros, patriotic, know the truth about America, know the dirty truths about foreign types of governments, and are a burden on the system … Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare… and are deemed to not be useful to society because of their age will be the first to be harmed probably through obamacare. And yes, Christians second, because we have the power of God, His devine guidance, and we are armed with the truth and the whole armor of God.

      • http://yahoo Cherokee

        Look up Fema and Homeland Security mass graves.
        It’s all there.

      • Kate8

        I just read that a new ‘pandemic’ has been confirmed. Another strain of swine flu, worse, of course. Be ready for mandatory vaccines coming early next year, folks. They’ve already said this is coming.

        • Dennis

          Hello Kate8,
          Wear did you read this i would like to read it to.
          FYI – You don’t need alot of guns, you just need a few of reel good ones, maybe a 30-06, 12,16 or 20 gauge shotgun, .22 rifle for hunting small game or whatever and a real good pistol that you can handle maybe a 9 mm, and know how to use them well, what you do need alot of is ammo for those gun and a place to keep it dry, survival skills-know how to live out doors, make a list of things you will need, have your gear ready to go at a moments notice as this will be very important, And most of all do not panic, when you panic your not thinking, and if your not thinking you will not survive.

          • Dennis

            LOL I know i ment (where)

          • Kate8

            Dennis – Here you go:


            Doesn’t take much to be declared ‘pandemic’ these days.

          • Kate8

            Dennis – How do you guys plan to deal with satellite detection and the ability to zap us from the skies?

            This isn’t the world it used to be. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

          • Dennis

            All i will say is keep some cardboard & aluminum foil around, and alot off it, bums are smarter than you may think :-), the simple things can protect you.

          • Dennis

            And know Kate8 I’m not a bum, i just study things.

  • Dad

    It’s not like lawyers are you friends. They are the root cause of most of our ills.

    • Concerned American

      pleeeeeeeeeeeease. Lawyers are just cheap money whoremongers. Its the police and military who bring terror to your door step. You think the elites are the real threat? They just issue the orders and can’t be bothered from their cocktail parties. No the very military you flea brain “patriots” thank and praise every damn holiday will come to your door step, drag your daughters out into the street for a good raping, shoot up everyone with nasty vaccines, etc. For some damn reason, the need to follow orders in the military trumps everything. Damn tradition.

      • bbstacker

        We are hoping that the Oath they all took will mean something of value beyond the illegal orders that could come down. Maybe… But, I have found it quite interesting that oboingo’s promise to bring home the troops is simply another lie, and that America’s youth who thought the cause was just to go and serve America are in strong numbers not on our soil. They’ve joined up and been shipped away while the nation suffers and will they be here in sufficient numbers to honor their Oath to defend the Constitution? This one bothers me.

  • SuthnXPosR

    The supreme court and it’s justices are as corrupt as the day is long and perform as dictated by the current administration.

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    How is it the Supreme Court can deny hearing a lawsuit when it pertains to the entire United States and affects every citizen? Do they really have that ability to pick and choose what cases they hear and rule on? I am so saddened to see what America has become. I am only recently finding out how corrupt our government is and I am in shock. I almost wish I could stick my head in the sand and pretend it will work out on it’s own, but I know that won’t happen. I pray that God will help us and get us back on track. He’s our only hope.

    • David in Ma.

      Certertori (sp-?) the supreme court does not hear every case sent to it, the court can chose what it wants to review.
      I know of no requirement that the court has to hear every case submitted to it.

      • RePete

        You are correct. Potential cases are heard before the court for a few minutes and then the Justices determine whether or not the case merits a hearing.

        If the States pass laws contrary to existing Federal Law, and these State laws are challenged, they will end up in front of the Supreme Court.

        If the constitutionality of the healthcare law is to be heard at teh Supreme Court level, it is paramount that the States continue to pass such laws barring Owebama-care in their jurisdiction.

    • Patriot1776

      God is our only hope! You are so right!

    • bbstacker

      The moonbats and commies want our heads in the sand…right where it’s been for the last good hundred years at least. They pacified the American population with boogey man stories to spend our wealth on their jacked-up creation of threats. We all need to dig and dig ferociously to find the truth, to get to the core of what went on before and what’s going on now. The truth is there, but it’s buried in many cases. Turn off the damn idle-American zombie box, get involved, talk to your neighbors, make them start thinking. The media cannot have power over you if you just simply lean forward and turn it off. The last I checked, there are less than 500 of these zombie masters, and 300 million of US! We are the life and the blood of America.

  • mickey

    If your state does not require proof of citizenship to run on its ballot, please ask your congressmen to pass a state law. obama would not be able to run in 2012 without proof.

    Sign the petition to opt out of HC. A 111 waivers have been approved, unions and companies. The site address is

    They just keep pushing and pushing.

    • Kinetic1

      Mickey, I suppose it’s too much to hop that the information I offer will only need to be posted once, so here it is again.
      According to the website of the Health and Human Services Department, HHS has approved 111 applications “for waivers from annual limit requirements” for one year. As Bloomberg reported, the waivers allow companies with “so-called mini-med or limited benefit plans that employers use for low-wage or part-time workers” to “avoid raising the minimum amount of insurance coverage to $750,000 starting next year.”

      The idea here is that some companies are providing limited health coverage for their low wage/part time employees. Those plans do not pay out the “minimum” required by the bill, but it would be punitive to require these companies to elevate part time employees to full time benefits. If they cancelled their policies, these employees would likely qualify for government aid, so the very fact that these companies provide ANY coverage makes them better than most. To deal with this issue they have been given a 1 year exemption for those employees. Let’s say that again, ONE YEAR EXEMPTION FOR THEIR LOW WAGE AND PART TIME EMPLOYEES ONLY.

      • ValDM

        Boy, are you wrong! Go to this website, read the article and tell me that hogwash again, AFTER you get your eyes open about those waivers. Let’s see if you have been brainwashed or can you still absorb, retain and learn from something that you are diametrically opposed to? They have a list of the 111 companies that have already been granted this waiver, and there’s 1,111 right behind them.
        Check it out, and then come back and apologize to ALL of us on this blog.

        • Kinetic1

          That’s right ValDM, 111. I said that was true. I also said that these waivers are specifically related to “mini-med” coverage for part time and low wage labor. There’s nothing new to me in this article, only information they glossed over or left out for obvious reasons. Take this tidbit from the N.Y. Times article they quoted;

          “In 2014, higher-quality coverage will be offered at an affordable price in the new exchanges. Until then, the annual waiver process preserves limited benefit plans offered by employers, preventing significant premium increase or loss of access.”

          Gee, I wonder why they didn’t leave that in? Watch the FOX clip in this “THE BLAZE” article and you’ll see that they make no attempt to give the full story. So no, I don’t need to apologize to you or anyone else on this site for questioning your interest in facts. You read an article from a hack source that cherry picked information and ran with it. You put little effort into finding the truth and got back what you put in.

  • Tammy

    All the more reason to get rid of the puppet plants in the supreme court. Find any reason to disbar them that were appointed by Obamadinejad. Everything the supreme court has been challenged to do they will refuse to review. I say time for a revolution and it starts with the supreme court. Then on to hanging the treasonous impostor for crimes against humanity. George Soros is after that we need to steal all his billions and make him a poor ass proleriat like he wants to make us. Why won’t this steamy pile of human waste go away to hell.

    • RePete

      There will be a new deck of cards issued, and Soros will be the Ace of Spades. His money will be worthless then.

      Do not forget a face or name.

      There will be swift justice for those states an countries who do not extradite.

    • Kinetic1

      WOW, some of you folks don’t bother to do ANY research, do you? I’m certain that you will want to get rid of President Obama’s picks anyway, but here are the facts. (again)
      “The “Rule of Four” controls matters when deciding which issues the high court will hear. If four justices agree that a specific petition for writ of certiorari should be granted, then the case will be placed on the Supreme Court’s docket and an order stating that certiorari has been granted will be issued to the petitioner.”

      So if Roberts. Alito, Scalia and Thomas all vote yea, then it’s set. They must not have, and you can’t blame this one on “Obama’s Liberal Activist Judges.”

  • Dennis

    This is business as usual, after all where do these come from. They are appointed by the president, who will appoint those of the same belief. They will do whatever is necessary to save their life time jobs and protect their family form the tax payer.

  • CowboyHerb

    Yes, the same Elena Kagan nominated by the commander in chief to be the next justice on the U.S. Supreme Court has actually been playing a role for some time in the dispute over whether Obama is legally qualified to be in the White House. He…re’s the connection. Kagan served as solicitor general of the United States from March 2009 until May of this year. In that role, she legally represented the U.S. government in numerous cases coming before the Supreme Court. A simple search of the high court’s own website reveals Kagan’s name coming up at least nine times on dockets involving Obama eligibility issues. All readers need do is go to the website for the
    http://www.Supreme To find as many cases as you like

    • RePete

      Can you provide a more thorough explanation of how to conduct this search?

      • RePete

        Holy Sh*t! You are right!!

  • Teresa

    Let me make few statements: 1. The Constitution does not MANDATE that the government can make us purchase health insurance or penalize us for it. Then by going out and allowing their Unions waivers only proves their guilty in breaking the law. 2. The judges need to be dis-bared period. 3. The government and radicals are wanting us to have an uprising, they are forcing us to raise first…this will give them the excuse they seek to take our take away what little rights we have left. 4. This is fully orcherstrated what they are doing…w/the media, the airlines, the judges…everything, slow down and think for one minute. If we strick first, they take our guns, our communication, our voices…they are angry now. We scored big on election. They are regrouping. They are pushing and pushing hard. Do not loose your cool now! They are voting today on 5 new Liberal judges even worse than any others! Pay attention to what goes on around you people….you have to stay in contact w/everyone, keep your voices heard and keep your cool, keep your faith, and keep active w/your congress….keep pushing.

    • Patriot1776

      The constitution as originally intended is DEAD

      • JC

        And it will remain that way until a similar group to the Yankees of 1776 changes it.

        • Kinetic1

          Go ahead, start your revolution. Better still, all of you move to Texas, take a copy of the Constitution, Cross out all the parts you don’t like (finally, fundamental Christian control of EVERYTHING!) and secede from the Union. Shoot, take the whole South! That way you’ll have a Disney park of your own. You’ll all be happier and we won’t have to deal with your conspiracy theories anymore.

          • Kate8

            Kinetic – You have a problem with total control? LOL. I guess it’s okay when you guys have it.

            Actually, Christians don’t care about control. They just want to live without depravity in their children’s faces everywhere they look, and the freedom to pursue life as they choose. Your camp can go ahead and knock yourselves out with all the self-indulgence you want, but keep it to yourself. You know, like you want us to only pray in our own homes.

            The only way Leftists know is FORCE. That’s ’cause we don’t want what you’re peddlin’.

          • JC

            Kind of hysterical again today aren’t you Kinetic?
            here’s the mistake you are making….”we’re not going anywhere”.
            YOU Communist Tools are on your way out. By whatever means necessary.

      • Dennis

        Don’t beleive that $hit, thats just what they want, The constitution was built to kick a corrupt governments azz.

        • Patriot1776

          I am too educated to believe the crap that spews from kinetic1 :)

      • bbstacker

        I understand what you are saying, but it is only “dead” if we relinquish honoring the Founding Fathers who created this nation. The Constitution is within those Americans who understand it as much as Christ is within our hearts. You cannot defeat something that is part of our soul, it cannot be taken away, it cannot be silenced and it cannot be contained. Americans who are interested in keeping this Republic, and getting the rest that we’ve lost back, have to educate those who are ignorant of the truth of our Heritage. You cannot know where you are going if you don’t know from where you came.

        • Patriot1776

          Ageed. But, in practice the constitution has been spit upon, trampled upon, and turned inside out to work against the people instead of against the government as intended. So in effect it is dead. (to it’s original intent) It will forever live in the hearts and minds of true liberty lovers everywhere.

      • AZ Apache Native

        Dear Patriot 1776, I beg to differ; the Constitution has been trampled thus, “Don’t Tread On Me” is making a remarkable comeback. Millions of Americans are seeking sovereignty and making a stand, thus Nov 2010. Many Constitutionists are forming en mass to return to de jure government and replace the de facto government. No need for violence and no need to fear. With a nickname such as Patriot1776, I would expect that you support such truther movements. Many of my native American brothers have known for many years that your leaders disrespect the wishes of your founding fathers. We are educating you! Get involved instead of spreading dismay. Peace be to you and yours.

        • Patriot1776

          AZ Apache Native, I am Absolutly on board with the liberty movement that has been awakened recently. My point is not to discourage, it is to educate the movement as to just how far we have fallen. Hopefully this will light a fire that burns so stroong no government will be able to extinguish it! I read most of the comments here and even those on the side of liberty don’t seem to understand the TRUE history of our founding or what it is that was won with the war for independence. I mean some of these guys still think pepetual warfare is a conservative belief! NOTHING could be farther from the truth. Somehow these guys don’t want the Government to come into their home towns and tell them what to do or what to believe, but it’s ok to go overseas and do the same thing to another country in the name of freedom? Doesn’t make sense. Anyways, I am getting off point, I don’t want to be a pessimist Ijust want people to understand the situation. And it’s much graver than most seem to understand.

  • David in Ma.

    In my little town we can get an article submitted to a town warrant, on any issue, for consideration and town meeting vote. This is called a citizens petition, it requires the signatures of ten registered voters and the petition cannot be challanged or removed from the warrant/town meeting and has to be moved, discussed & voted upon.

    Is there auch an avenue in the federal congressional system for a citizens petition which can be submitted to the approperate house of congress to be brought before the congress for debte and vote?

    If there is, then maybe that would be a way for congress to be prodded to act and the supreme court would not be making legislation and could return to deciding issues based upon the U.S. Constitution.

    Every day I feel more & more like there are too many people hidden in the American government and justice system who are not supportive of the American ways. I read where there are 70 to 80 communists in congress, if that’s true how many more are there that are not known and who are working to destroy America.

    Something has to be done and it’s up to the voters, voters who do their homework before they vote for a candidate. obama is a prime example for this need to vet, everyone, even the “old timers.”

    • Kinetic1

      David, (and all the rest of you)
      Please, PLEASE do some research before you post. “I heard” or “I think I read somewhere” does not cut it. The information you have confused in a McCarthy like fervor is that, by some estimates there are 70 members of the Democratic Socialist Party in Congress. I have seen the list, but I am not going to take the time to check everyone’s affiliation. Those that I tried to look up resulted in the same old list posted on the same old sites. If I find a reputable source, I’ll check them out.

      Anyway, Socialists oppose both capitalism and communism, so the claim that these 70 people (if they are indeed members of the DSP) are Communists is ridiculous. I realize that you are no more likely to appreciate Socialists than Communists, and this information may not make you feel any better, but at least it’s researched.

      • JC

        i “heard” you were a communist idiot, I “think” that it’s true. ;)

  • Donna

    I’m amazed that the supreme court, who’s only function is to determine the constitutionality of laws can refuse to hear a case that specifically deals with the constitution! Yet they can hear frivolous cases that have no bearing on the constitution. Maybe a reeducation is in order for the justices right along with the rest of the government as to exactly what their role is in the great republic know as the United States of America!!!

  • rick

    like our criminal govt., military, the supreme court has also become an enemy of america. wish we had the honduran supreme’s & military, eh. keep your powder dry citizens.

  • SuthnXPosR

    This Liberal governorship now in place in America abuse and deny rights of the people, provide rights for foreign terrorist, illegals of all kinds, spit on the constitution, and express concern of eledged “homegrown” terrorists. Ha!!! Well I’m gonna tell ya somthin’. These asses have created “homegrown” terrorists alright by their vial un-american actions and will ultimately see a rebellious bloodbath directed at their govt. by the fed up citizens as never before witnessed in this country. And these fools will stand around with their finger in their nose wondering WTF.

  • Mushin

    Kagan and Sotomayer are part of the disease inside our government (and our country) – they have no integrity, their only desire is to please their masters like dog’s at the heel.

    Their past actions prove their motives are as twisted as their minds. This country was not founded on self-serving motive’s.

    This country was founded by strong-willed men who risked their very lives, their families lives and their fortunes in a bid for freedom from the tyranny of the king of england – a tyranny much the same as we face now.

    My father used to say, “God helps those who help themselves” – what he meant by this statement is this; don’t wait for the almighty to get something done for you – take action and get it done yourself.

    Take note; we are the ONLY country to EVER win our freedom from the english empire, THEE most POWERFUL empire to exist since the demise of the ROMAN EMPIRE! The atrocities the english empire comitted were worldwide and cost the lives of hundreds of thousands if not millions.

    Our forefathers knew if we were not vigilant this would happen to us again fellow American’s….we will stand together, or fall seperately.

    • Teresa

      AMEN, and very, very well said!!!!!!!!!

    • Vigilant

      I believe India also won its freedom from the empire.

  • Conservative at Birth

    Sad, Sad, Sad, Sad.

    • Teresa

      something to think about:
      How does it happen that a California judge can upend millennia of accepted standards for society by saying that gender plays no role in marriage? Or a court can approve a Florida school district’s deal with liberals to ban teachers from praying – even when they’re off-campus?

      A new report by John Gizzi of the Capital Research Center, to be released within the next few days, has an explanation: A powerful move by very wealthy interests across the United States to reshape the judiciary in the mold of progressives who believe the Constitution should be interpreted through the filter of personal desires.

      And the primary force behind the move? George Soros, the hedge fund billionaire who personally provides the money for a number of liberal advocacy organizations such as

      “George Soros plans to influence the selection of state Supreme Court justices across the country. He’s funding massive efforts to end judicial elections in state after state, pushing instead for ‘merit based appointments’ that favor the political interests of the liberal lawyers who pick the judges,” Matthew Vadum, the CRC chief who edited Gizzi’s report.

      Exposed! George Soros’ scheme for ‘elite’ judiciary
      How does it happen that a California judge can upend millennia of accepted standards for society by saying that gender plays no role in marriage? Or a court can approve a Florida school district’s deal with liberals to ban teachers from praying – even when they’re off-campus?

      A new report by John Gizzi of the Capital Research Center, to be released within the next few days, has an explanation: A powerful move by very wealthy interests across the United States to reshape the judiciary in the mold of progressives who believe the Constitution should be interpreted through the filter of personal desires.

      And the primary force behind the move? George Soros, the hedge fund billionaire who personally provides the money for a number of liberal advocacy organizations such as

      Learn what happens when the government breaks its own laws, in “Constitutional Chaos”

      “George Soros plans to influence the selection of state Supreme Court justices across the country. He’s funding massive efforts to end judicial elections in state after state, pushing instead for ‘merit based appointments’ that favor the political interests of the liberal lawyers who pick the judges,” Matthew Vadum, the CRC chief who edited Gizzi’s report.

      “Because state Supreme Courts may have a say in redistricting after the 2010 Census is completed it is essential that citizens and state officeholders scrutinize who’s behind efforts to overturn judicial elections,” he said.

      “How many Elena Kagans and David Souters?”

      “Voters don’t normally pay attention to state Supreme Court elections but if they don’t start watching them Soros could engineer a judicial revolution. Soros could install judge after judge who views the Constitution as a so-called living document, that is, a worthless piece of paper onto which judges can project their own personal political views. How many Elena Kagans and David Souters can America tolerate?” Vadum asked.

      The report follows an analysis by the American Justice Partnership that confirmed Soros already has spent some $45 million to change state procedures from electing judges to having them appointed – after being nominated by a clique of elites.

      The report, by attorney Colleen Pero, described Soros’ plans to “remake the judiciary and fundamentally change the way judges are selected in the United States.”

      Gizzi’s report explains that Soros wants to remove voters from the process through which judges are nominated, elected or retained. Instead, he wants to have them chosen by elite teams of mostly lawyers, appointed by the politically powerful and protected while in office.

      Gizzi noted the campaigns that have been launched in recent weeks, including the one in Iowa where voters stand a real chance this year of firing three of the state Supreme Court justices who ordered same-sex “marriage” created in the state.

      Similar campaigns are under way in Kansas and Colorado, he said.

      “The common denominator in Colorado, Iowa and Kansas is that Supreme Court justices in these states are initially picked according to a merit selection system,” Gizzi explained.

      “A key player in the emerging battles over state court selections is George Soros. … Soros has contributed more than $45 million over the past decade to several dozen special interest advocacy groups affiliated with an umbrella 501(c)(3) organization called Justice at Stake. … [which] has as its mission the ‘reform’ of the process for selecting state judges.”

      Gizzi continued, “A principal goal for JAS is to replace judicial elections with a system of ‘merit election.’”

      ‘Voters will never get to reject judges’

      “There are many advocates for ‘merit selection’ of state judges, but wherever you look the hand and purse of George Soros, ‘paymaster of the left,’ is obvious. Soros has the resources and the allies. If he gets his way, voters in all 50 states will never get to elect, retain or reject their judges,” he warned.

      So what’s the problem with judges being nominated by attorneys?

      “Of the appellate nominees in Missouri (where judges are nominated by special commissions and appointed) since 1995 who made any campaign contributions, 87 percent gave more to Democrats than Republicans and only 13 percent gave more to Republicans than Democrats,” the report said.

      The apparent intended result of Soros’ campaign is to have a steady stream of Democrat-leaning judges groomed and installed on the bench, the report suggested.

      Just getting the judges on the bench is the major part of the work, since federal judges serve lifetime appointments, and even in state courts there seldom are firings.

      “Sitting judges win retention elections 98.9 percent of the time,” Gizzi reported. “A sample study of 10 states … found that in 4,588 retention elections in 1964-1998 only 52 judges were not retained.”

      In Iowa, where voters are trying to remove three justices, there hasn’t been a judge booted from office in nearly five decades.

      Gizzi quotes historian David Pietrusza, who said, “The idea that appointing court of appeals judges makes for less politics and better decisions is a concept simultaneously elitist and naïve. Political maneuvering has merely moved into a shabbier and more shadowy back room within the house of politics.”

      ‘No such accountability’

      The earlier AJP report said the Soros campaign is “highly-coordinated, well-funded” and is intended to “exclude conservative, rule-of-law judges from the bench.”

      The report noted Soros’ game plan was explained by a retired judge, who said, “I do not mean to suggest that elected judges are necessarily unqualified or corrupt, but rather that merit selection is far superior to selection by election, since the voting public does not have the slightest idea which candidates are qualified or what are the qualifications for a good judge. As I have said previously, there is a suggestion that elections should be retained because they make judges accountable to the people, but there should be no such accountability.” (emphasis added)

      The California same-sex marriage decision was by Vaughn Walker, who determined that voters would not be allowed to define marriage in their own state constitution as being between one man and one woman.

      His opinion said:

      “Religious beliefs that gay and lesbian relationships are sinful or inferior to heterosexual relationships harm gays and lesbians.”

      “Rather, the exclusion exists as an artifact of a time when the genders were seen as having distinct roles in society and in marriage. That time has passed.”

      “Gender no longer forms an essential part of marriage; marriage under law is a union of equals.”
      In Florida, Liberty Counsel has been battling a case in the Santa Rosa County School District in which district officials agreed to comply with an ACLU demand that teachers be banned from praying, even off-campus.

      • bbstacker

        Like Huey P. Long, maybe if this alien bastard soros were to finally show his mortal side, we’d be free of his ilk. But, there are days I really have to wonder if “Men in Black” wasn’t more truth than we care to imagine–At least in the case of sorry-ass soros. I’m not ruling out anything because you cannot write fiction any better than this hell-of-reality we are living these days, and the truth is stranger than fiction!

  • Charles2439

    After Obama and his Demon-crats took $5 billion from our seniors healthcare, his left wing radicals propose cutting their Social Security. The Obama administration gave millions to Obama’s home country, Kenya, to pass a communist constitution that legalizes abortion.

    They gave over 600 million to the Palestinians this year and plan to give more in Foreign Aid to our enemies. Now, these criminals, the Obama leftwing radicals, are proposing euthanasia as a solution to the deficit that they created. Is anyone outraged by this – other than me?

    If they get their way, the death camps and crematoriums of Nazi Germany will happen all over again – in America. It’s a sad situation when people like Paul Krugman and Donald Berwick advocate rationing healthcare, (death panels), and the liberal media sits idly by and ignores it as though it never happened – turning a blind eye.

    The mere fact that the media didn’t come out against the idea or express outrage at the suggestion shows their approval of death panels and eventually death camps and crematoriums. Welcome to the fourth Reich!

  • Tim

    All this just shows you that Destruction,Corruption and Misguidance can invade even the highest establishment of Honesty and Justice our Country has. I saw this happening when peoples started rejecting the once known Oath of swearing to “God” to “Tell the Truth and Nothing but the Truth so help you God”, in of all places where Honesty is expected and demanded to get real Justice, The Court of Law.We all know why of coarse, because peoples held in a court of law are there because they may be guilty of a crime and do not want to admit it or even feel deep down inside thier soles, to lie to our highest Judge of all. Regardless of religious beleifs. The whole process is not held to one God, but the beleifs of the individual person taking that oath. Many will lie till thier teeth fall out, but they will not swear to thier God to tell the truth and lie to thier God. Thier taking a chance that they may be held accountable once they leave this world and may face the real Judge. So they attempt to remove that situation because many will sit in a 6 X 9 cell and ponder on it for life. Many may be lieing to get money out of a lawsuit and be labeled with one of the deadly sins in life. Greed !
    Not to get off coarse here but once that enforced establishment of real “Honesty” within our sole is removed, nothing is fair and the justice in our courts systems is long gone. Now it is a matter of Popularity, Personal Views and agenda’s, and Right or Wrong Justice as a payback. I feel it is wrong for a elected official, even our President, to be able to appoint personal Justice of the Peace for personal Agenda’s. And that is what it is all about today. Our Supreme Courts are suppose to protect and uphold our Constitution First. Not to decide weather or not they want to deal with it. Our Highest Courts in our Country is tanted and bought and needs dismanteling just like our corrupt Government. This Country is suppose to be about it Peoples of all races, nationalities, and genders united as one. People come here to escape from thier bad and corrupt governments and gave up the lives they once lived, only to want to change ours to fit thier former lives they lived. Thus the corruption begins and it will not end until all is dismantled and restored. No more one sided court justices, political regin’s and origanizations with agenda’s that will tip the scales of our Justice Systems. And everyone is held accountable for thier deeds done. Especially our Elected Officials and High Profil Seats. Don’t do your job and your fired. Once you leave your post, you’r time served should be reviewed and scored. And if you failed the People your retirment package is readjusted. Do your job and receive what you sow!

    • Vigilant

      I agree with you on the corruption and violation of Constitutional principles in our judicary.

      Solumn oaths used to be just that: a “taking of one’s soul into one’s hands,” and “words you say to God.” It no longer means that to most people.

      In law, one not need place one’s hand on the Bible. The device of oath-taking now simply means a promise to tell the truth, and is legally binding in the case of perjury considerations.


    What a JOKE! The SUPREME COURT way back in the 1800′s ruled on the “SEPARATE BUT EQUAL DOCTRINE”, which in the 1960′s was found to be UNCONSTITUTIONAL! This entire MAN MADE LAW is a JOKE, and the people who have been CHOSEN to be the COURT are an EVEN BIGGER JOKE!

    • Patriot1776

      Yes what you say is true. and unfortunatly what this great experiment in liberty has proven is that evena written constitution cannot limit a central government. And man is determined to destroy his own happiness. God save us all…..from ourselves.

  • Chris

    This is just ONE MORE example of corruption, and the American must stand up and make some demands. The supreme is clearly not doing their job! Americans need to stand up and be heard, “raise a ruckis” as they say. Just like the community gathered around Cody and his right to fly the flag on his bike. This is exactly what we need to do, every time we here about a travesty like this taking place, it will help to draw attention and the citizens with common sense can be heard. There are many concerned Americans who are making a commitment to stand up and be heard. go to: and get your wristband as a reminder of your commitment to stand strong for America. The red/white/blue wristband with an American flag and this message: Patriotic Christians Still Trust GOD. Stand up for what this country was founded on.

    • Vigilant


      While I agree with you in spirit, the case alluded to is not an example of corruption or travesty. It is a common tradition for the Supremes to wait when a number of related cases are pending at lower levels.

      As CNN put it, “The justices without comment refused to get involved at this early stage, while various state and federal challenges are continuing. The high court rarely accepts cases before they have been thoroughly reviewed by lower courts.”

      The Personal Liberty News Desk should have made this clear but did not. The discussion would have taken a different route had they done this.

      Have patience, the SCOTUS will rule on it eventually.

      • Patriot1776

        Absolutly, this is not the last from the SCOTUS on this bill. What I am afaid of is that they will cement the victory for the elitists

  • spot

    From AP:
    The decision Monday to reject an appeal from a former Republican state lawmaker in California was no surprise because a federal appeals court has yet to consider the case. The high court almost never reviews cases before the issues have been aired in lower courts.

    I guess we’ll have to wait a little longer to hear what the SC really thinks.

  • alan g

    If the highest court in the land doesn’t recognize the constitutionality of the healthcare bill, then that makes the bill constitutionally irrelevant. Therefore all states can reject the relevance of the bill itself and use this decision on its own merits.

  • Obamass

    When will the People of this country say, “Enough is enough!” The people decrying “haters!” and “racists!” are thieves! They wish for some to pay for all who wish healthcare! Well, get in line. I may wish to believe in the toothfaerie, but that doesn’t give me the legitimate right to force others to believe in it, too. AND for others to finance my wishes into being – whether they agree with it or not!!!! This is totalitarianism! And the rest of you can keep it, for I am NOT “buying” ANY health insurance for ANYONE save my family! What are you gonna do, throw me in jail?!? That’ll cost the taxpayers even more! So, go ahead! Move over, Leona Helmsley, I’m comin’ to visit! (Yeah, I know she completed her sentence – it’s a joke, son!)

  • LuckyLiz

    If people are really serious about repealing Obamacare and the appointments to the supreme court as well as anything else obama has said or done as President just go to the following website, read the entire contents and then start putting pressure on your Congressmen to take the necessary action. DON’T STOP UNTIL THE JOB IS COMPLETE.
    OBAMA IS NOT NOW, NOR HAS HE EVER BEEN, ELIGIBLE TO SERVE AS PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. This is the biggest FARCE ever perputrated on the American people. Congress was notified and failed to take the proper steps to protect the people of the United States.
    Congress was only interested in moving SOCIALISM FORWARD.

  • Teresa

    Soros group maps out Obama strategy for next 2 years
    Urges president to use executive powers to push ‘progressive agenda’

    A George Soros-funded think tank with deep ties to the White House has written a roadmap for President Obama to bypass the new Republican Congress and rule for the next two via executive order.

    The plan calls for Obama to push a “progressive agenda” on issues of health care, economy, environment, education, federal government and foreign policy.

    John Podesta, president of the Center for American Progress, wrote, “the U.S. Constitution and the laws of our nation grant the president significant authority to make and implement policy,” including in executive orders, diplomacy, rulemaking and commanding the armed forces.

    “The ability of President Obama to accomplish important change through these powers should not be underestimated,” he wrote.

    Podesta was commenting in introductory remarks to his center’s 54-page treatise entitled, “The Power of the President: Recommendations to Advance Progressive Change.”

    The center reportedly was founded in 2003 with seed money from Soros, who also donated $3 million to the center’s sister, the Project Action Fund. Its mission states the group is “dedicated to improving the lives of Americans through progressive ideas and action.”

    Podesta, a former chief of staff to Bill Clinton, was co-chairman of the Obama-Biden Transition Project. A Time magazine article profiles the influence of Podesta’s Center for American Progress in the formation of the Obama administration, stating that “not since the Heritage Foundation helped guide Ronald Reagan’s transition in 1981 has a single outside group held so much sway.”

    A summary of the center’s map for Obama’s next two years is listed on the group’s website. The center states it is offering “just some of the many possible actions the administration can take using existing authority to move the country forward.”

    On energy, the center recommends Obama use executive power to:

    Reduce oil imports and make progress toward energy independence.

    Progress toward reducing greenhouse gas pollution by 17 percent by 2020.

    Conserve federal lands for future generations.

    Manage public lands to support a balanced energy strategy.

    Convene and engage hunters and anglers in the development of a fish and wildlife climate adaptation plan.

    Generate solar energy on U.S. Air Force hangar roofs.
    On the domestic economic policy front, the center writes that Obama should:

    Direct an assessment, strategy, and new policy development to promote U.S. competitiveness.

    Launch the new consumer financial protection bureau with an aggressive agenda to protect and empower consumers.

    Increase the capacity of small businesses to expand hiring and purchases by accelerating the implementation of the Small Business Jobs Act.

    Promote automatic mediation to avoid foreclosure where possible and speed resolution.

    Create a web portal to empower housing counselors, reduce burdens on lenders, and speed up home mortgage modifications.

    Help stabilize home values and communities by turning “shadow REO” housing inventory into “scattered site” rental housing.

    Promote practices that support working families.
    On the domestic policy front, the center urges Obama to:

    Partner with the private sector in health care payment reform.

    Focus on health care prevention in implementing the Affordable Care Act.

    Streamline and simplify access to federal antipoverty programs.

    Replace costly, inhumane immigration detention policies with equally effective measures.
    In the education policy arena, the president can:

    Launch an “educational productivity” initiative to help school districts spend every dollar wisely to best prepare our children for the 21st century.

    Ensure students can compare financial aid offers from different postsecondary institutions.

    Improve the quality, standards, and productivity of postsecondary education.
    In “improving the performance of the federal government,” the center says the president should:

    Scrutinize federal spending programs and tax expenditures to achieve greater returns on public investment.

    Build the next-generation website to track all public expenditures and performance in real time.

    Use new information technology for faster, more transparent freedom of information.

    Create a virtual U.S. statistical agency.

    Collect data on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans in federal data surveys.
    And in the foreign policy and national security arena, the president and his administration should:

    Rebalance our Afghanistan strategy with greater emphasis on political and diplomatic progress.

    Promote domestic revenue generation in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    Appoint a special envoy for the Horn of Africa and the southwest Arabian Peninsula region.

    Appoint a special commission to assess contracting practices in national security and foreign affairs.

    Use executive branch authority to mitigate the impact of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy if Congress does not repeal it.

    Redouble support for Palestinian state- and institution-building efforts.

    Pursue dual-track policy on Iran while sharpening focus on Iranian human rights issues.

    Reinvigorate the U.S.-Turkey strategic alliance. Develop a comprehensive policy on the Russia-Georgia conflict.
    WND reported previously when the Institute for Policy Studies, a Marxist-oriented think-tank in Washington, and also funded by Soros, made a similar suggestion.

    “Progressives won in the 2010 mid-term elections,” wrote Karen Dolan, a fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies, or IPS, and director of the Cities for Progress and Cities for Peace projects based at the radical organization.

    “The Congressional Progressive Caucus, the largest caucus in the House Democratic Caucus at over 80 members, emerged virtually unscathed, losing only three members,” she wrote, in the piece published on the IPS website.

    Dolan declared that “our work is now finally beginning.”

    “The veil of a happy Democratic governing majority is finally lifted. We didn’t have it then; We don’t have it now. But what we do have now is a more solidly progressive bunch of Dems in Congress and a president presumably less encumbered by the false illusion that playing nice will get him a date with the other team.”

    She went on to recommend that progressives “throw our support unabashedly behind the Congressional Progressive Caucus, and let’s push Obama to finally do the right thing through as many Executive Orders as we can present to him.”

  • Wandering Minstrel

    First I want to say that I agree with the points that most of you are making. However all of you seem to blame only Obama and his Communist friends for the mess that is the current state of affairs in this country. Let us not forget that George W Bush pushed the so called Patriot Act down our throats and the Supreme Court refused to declare that power grab unconstitutional. Haven’t you noticed that it matters not who’s in power, they ALL grab as much power as they can get away with! We the people have traded security for freedom so many times that 80% of the laws on the books are clearly unconstitutional.
    I would also like to say that most of you need to use the spellcheck on your computer. Whereas I agree that your opinions are valid and mostly correct, you come off as deranged morons who can’t spell the most basic words of the english language. It doesn’t help your argument when your opponents can point out that you are basically intelectually inferior to them. So please, for the sake of the cause of restoring Constitutional legitimacy to this great nation,proofread ALL of your comments for clarity and spelling. Otherwise, the leftists will portray us as backwards buffoons to the general public. Winning the hearts and minds of John and Jane Doe out there require us not only to be civil, but also to be intelligent enough to put forth a reasoned argument for getting them to be willing to fight when the time comes. God bless all of you, and God bless the struggle to regain our freedom.

    • Teresa

      If you take away the Patriot Act, you take away racial profiling completely..which we can not risk for then how do you think the CIA and The FBI catches most their intel on the terrorist here anyway? It is when the gov. uses the system and breaks the law and the Constitution is when the Americans get so upset! As far as Bush is concerned, he is not the acting President NOW, he can not change the laws NOW. As far as your frivilious comment about spell ck….who really cares as long as the point gets across, you might I add made an error in your comment so please proofread yourself if it is so important to you that WE come off as a bad impression to the world…lol

      • Wandering Minstrel

        You just proved my point perfectly. The Patriot Act wasn’t ever meant to keep us safe, it was meant only to take away more of our freedom. If the gov’t really wanted to keep us safe the first thing it would do is seal the borders, and yet Republicans and Democrats alike refuse to do that most basic constitutional function of the Federal gov’t.
        My spelling, grammer, and punctuation were all correct in my comment. I want to convince the average American that restoring constitutional authority to this country is of paramount importance. Therefore, I make sure I don’t come off as an uneducated babbler when presenting my case. I extol others to do the same so that the left won’t have ammunition to use against us. Your comment contained spelling and grammatical errors that don’t reflect well on anyone associated with the cause of constitutionality. Try to think out your argument before you go typing all in a frenzy to make a point that will be ignored by those who won’t take you seriously if you can’t articulate or spell it correctly and intelligently.
        You obviously took my statement offensively and that is a shame. I think we both ultimately want the same thing, but if we don’t take the time to try achieving it intelligently then we will lose. I agree with your position and yet I don’t want you voicing it in an inarticulate way as that only hurts the cause. Think about it.

        • http://n/a Terry

          Really? How pious of you. Where did you learn how to spell, “Intellectually”? Perhaps you need to update your spell checker.

          • libertytrain

            Terry – there were a few more in the posts that were missed – I think it would be wise for folks not to criticize others about their spelling unless their own is perfect. So I do have to agree with your criticism — :)

          • Vigilant

            LOL! You posted it before I could.

        • adamsmith1949

          For the most part you make good, legitimate arguments in support of your position but when you start referring to others are “morons” or being educated in public schools you lose all credibility. You browbeat others for spelling errors and in two different responses you made a spelling error in one and failed to notice it in the other. If you want us to respect your position you need to stop the name calling because it makes you look like a liberal elitist (e.g. Teddy Kennedy who called conservative Supreme Court nominees Neandethals) who tries to belittle others or shout them down because that’s the only way they can support their position (which is usually wrong).

      • RePete

        I supported the Patriot Act until Napolitano released the “Right-wing Conspiracy” Memo.

        • JC

          I’ll bet the people of Germany supported the “Enabling Act” until they were being disarmed and people were being put on trains.
          See a correlation there?

    • Teresa

      So please, for the sake of the cause of restoring Constitutional legitimacy to this great nation,proofread ALL of your comments for clarity and spelling.

      just pointing out to you…your proofreading erroros…
      but like I was mentioning earlier…the basic need for the Patriot Act is for the US to screen our aliens here while on temp. visas or while traveling and such via email, library cards, phone records, flight schedules…etc. Not to harass citizens into being treated as criminals, which is what they are doing in the process. The government knows what they are doing and they are doing it on purpose. Yes we DO need to secure our borders! The government should be held accountable for that 100%. Like I said, the government knows Exactly what they are doing and they are playing us.

      • Wandering Minstrel

        I’m not here to argue with you or anyone else. However, you make statements that have no basis in fact. Apparently you have not actually READ the Patriot Act. I have, all 230 pages of it, and I can factually state that it was drafted to take away the liberty we were given at the birth of this nation. Before you go defending the law you should read it.
        I was trying to point out to you and the others in this forum that when you focus all of your anger on the actions of the left, you end up missing the unconstitutional actions of the right. I am a strict Constitutionalist who has read and owns a copy of the document which established our Republic. I don’t care if the abuses are coming from the left or right, I just want it to stop. In my desire to restore constitutional legitimacy to our gov’t I am willing to defend your right to be ignorant of the facts, but I’m not willing to stand with you as you make this noble endeavour into a partisan game. If you are too lazy to do a little fact checking or spellchecking then you only diminish the genuine efforts of people like me.
        Obama managed to get elected because the leftists were able to portray conservatives as mostly backward rednecks. Intelligent moderates in middle America bought that lie because of the laziness of folks like you who’d rather argue with me than realize my point is valid and make the proper adjustments. If you can’t see that then you only serve to help the Progressives who have learned how to frame an argument in an intelligent manner.
        Lastly, I can only conclude from your attempt to correct me that you were “educated” in a public school, and you didn’t pay much attention in English class. Thankfully for you; spellcheck was invented. If you’d like I can explain the definition of proofreading to you.

        • Teresa

          Oh ty so much for your teachings sir, and yes I was educated in a public school…omg the shame of it all…lol
          As for the Patriot Act, yes sir I have read it…Although I do not agree w/it completely… I stated before, if you take away the Patriot Act completely then you are giving the terrorist exactly what they want, you are giving the jihads living here what they want. What I stated was, breaking the law by making us feel like criminals is not the way to do it!

        • Vigilant

          Pardon me, sir, but you are a pompous ass!

    • RePete

      I agree. It is not just Owebama and the current administration. the Federal Government must be stopped, downsized, and only conduct the job that has been defined for it in the Constitution.

      the Federal Government is TOO powerful, and it is usurping State’s Rights in many areas.

      Also, many of the posts I read here I have read elsewhere. Either there is rampant plagiarism taking place or you people get around.

  • Virginia

    What are you all thinking? Stop and read what you are writing. Every state in this Union requires a person to have LIABILITY INSURANCE FOR YOUR CAR IT’S THE LAW. There is a penalty for not having auto insurance. In sosme state loss of your vehicle, a fine, and for more than one offence, loss of your driver’s license. Why shouldn’t people have Health Insurance? What about the people who have no insurance, who depend on the Emergency Rooms around the country to provide care for themselves and their families, as a retired nurse, I know how many persons come for emergency care on a daily basis. The figures are astounding. Who do you think pays for this care? We do!! by paying increased premiums for our coverage, losing some of our services, and not having access to specialists when we need them without additional funds. Wake Up!! take a look at the bill. If anyone reading this really thinks that dismanteling this bill will HELP anyone… are betting against your own interests. Remember…these are the same people who won the election who were going on about dismanteling the MINIMUM Wage, Social Security, and Medicare. Believe me…Social Security is NOT an ENTITLEMENT, neither is Medicae. The government had been ENTITLED to remove funds from my payroll each week since I began working. Now that I receive SOCIAL SECURITY, I pay $94.00 deducted from my check each month for Medicare, and I still need a supplemental Insurance to complete my medical package ie, Scan, etc. which can cost as much as $100-$125.00 per month. I can”t get these supplementals UNLESS I ALSO TAKE MEDICARE PART-B At $94.00 per month. No other insurance company will insure these supplementals UNLLESS I HAVE MEDICARE PART-B AND PAY THE $94.00. Does anyone see anything wrong with this picture? Let me know how hyou feel about this at 70 years old!!

    • Patriot1776

      The fudamental difference between auto insurance laws and the Federal health-care bill is these two thing: 1) Auto insurance is a requirement at the State level NOT at the Federal level. This is what makes auto ins. laws perfectly constitutional. Universal health-care done at the State level is also constitutional. 2)You don’t have to own a car, therefore you don’t have to buy car ins.
      You have to have your body so this law will make everyone buy health ins.? what if I don’t want to? What if I can’t afford it? What If I have enough money to pay for medicine with cash? I don’t have an obligation to pay anyone’s medical bills except my own.

    • Patriot1776

      When I am 70 I will have been smart enough with my money(ie. not buying what I can’t actually pay for, and savind EVERY month) That I will be fine. It’s called personal responsibility and common sense.

    • Teresa

      Every STATE requires you to carry ins. because you are at risk of hurting others when you are behind the wheel of a vehicle every time you drive.

    • Vigilant

      No, there is no Santa Claus, Virginia.

  • marvin

    in nov we sent some like minded reps to congress and we can not send them and forget stay on them call email go to town hall meetings less change the 5 year in congress and retire with 60,000 dollar pension for life tell your congress to vote to unfund the healtcare bill if kathleen selelius thanks that her smart ass remark we have enuf money in are budget to fund the healt care cut her budget,if the liberals think the republicans where the party of no then ,the party of know now will say hell no to fund obamacare and rep issa said the subpoenas are a coming and i hope he starts with nepolitano holder and john morton ass dir of ice and phillis coven ass dir of detention for not enforcing illegal immigration, in two years 2012 we can weed out the liberals it is 3 down and long but we the american people will not set down and shut up we will not allow you mr obama to tell use if we disagree with you you will get in are face you will find that to be a bad mistake remember bad bad leroy brown all the kings horses [liberals]and all the kings men [soros]won,t be able to put you back in office agin so go back to chi town and blend in with your mob friends,their is more then one way to skin a cat

  • Ellen

    That’s why this offal needs to be NULLIFIED!!! And get this creature out of office with no bennies and get rid of the rest of the maggot pus. END the FED.

  • 45caliber

    THis is why it is dangerous to allow appointments by the President. He appointes people who only agree with him. And we seem to have plenty of that already in Washington.

    We need a Supreme Courty that performs its function of actually looking at laws and determining if they are legal under the Constitution. Oblamacare certainly isn’t – and not just because of this one clause.

  • Kris

    Looks like it’s time to abolish the supreme court along with getting rid of all the liberal loon judges that clinton, nobama, and their ilk have been loading into the court system. At least we can put term limits on the supremes. It looks like it’s way past time for that! No better time to start then now!

    The “people” should have the vote on who gets on the supreme court and every other judgeship. No more federal appointees, voted into office by the people, only! For too long we have watched “injustice” or “no justice” take place and have the “lawyers” tell us that the legal system works! Well it doesn’t work when a terrorist gets off scot free due to some liberal loon judges appointed by a liberal loon president, Clinton! If we want to bring this country backl to a just nation, then it’s time to start getting rid of the liberal loon jusdes who legislate from the bench and take orders from the president or any other person in power! I’m still angry that the republicans didn’t filibuster Kagan and sotomayor! Now look what is going to sit in judgement over “we the people”!

  • Jim Delaney

    Faced with judicial stonewalling, what the seven sovereign States cited in the article above have done, i.e. outlawing implementation of Obamacare’s individual mandate within their spheres of constitutional authority, is, hands down, the only real way to credibly checkmate federal overreach. Saying NO–and meaning it–is the ONLY peaceful way for the States to stop federal excesses. Am always amazed so many States don’t seem to understand the extensive Constitutional powers they possess to protect their citizens from federal tyranny. (Of course, if they’d reduce their financial dependence upon the feds their powers would be more clear to them.) If the States continue to dig in their heels on this as well as other instances of federal overreach we got ‘em licked–the Executive, the Congress AND the increasingly progressive-leaning Supreme Court, all of which have dangerously strayed from the Constitution. By unyieldingly invoking the 9th and 10th Amendments, the States will then be able to defend “we the people” from the feds. Our kow-towing and rolling over will simply invite more tyranny. The States MUST begin sticking to their guns, so to speak. Otherwise, constitutional order is a thing of the past.

    • FireMall

      Jim: Don’t be Fooled by what the Constitution & Bill of Rights says in Print. The Rules have to be Used as written . Talking about the Rules / Laws is what Politicians do rather than Abide by said Rules /Laws they were Elected to Enforce & Govern by / with.
      Obama & his entourage have had the Plan of Martial Law being implemented /Declared to Suspend all Constitutional Law , Before “WE” knew Obama even existed or was even born for that matter..
      We have had 100 years to open our eyes to see this coming.
      Well folks: It’s Here , Now, Wth Do “We Do about it ?
      The “Only” resolution “Will” be Painful, Terrifying, Dis-hearting, But None the Less necessary .
      The Cost will not be appreciated until the day “We” see Our kids & Grandkids voting in True & Honest & Free Elections, for True, Honest Leaders into “Our” Local, State & National, Dot Gov Offices.

    • Wandering Minstrel

      Well said Jim. You are quite right and I salute your knowledge of the constitution. The tenth amendment is the key to restoring constitutional legitimacy to this country. More important than pressuring Congress is pressuring your state legislature and your Governor. We need to force the states to take back their power from the feds and not give an inch.

    • Vigilant


      “(Of course, if they’d reduce their financial dependence upon the feds their powers would be more clear to them.)”

      That is the crux of the problem. The Feds long ago emasculated the sovereignty of the states in the same way they’ve abridged individual freedoms: through the not-so-unwelcomed creation of dependencies.

      Education is a prime example. The Feds realized they could short circuit the 10th Amendment through the Federal grant. They were successful in insinuating their policies, such as affirmative action, into the institutional fabric of universities and colleges. No Child Left Behind Act was promulgated in the same way.

      The M.O. is always the same: you (state x) don’t have abide by these policies and regulations, but if you don’t, we pull your grant funding. It’s extortion at its worst. It’s also a money laundering scheme, as Fed. income tax dollars find their way to the US Treasury, which then sends them back to the states, minus the costs of bureaucracy. Plus, states receive the money back disproportionate to the amounts their resident taxpayers forwarded, some more, some less.

      States have become so dependent upon these grants that, for example, local school budgets are written with the tacit assumption that the money will be forthcoming each year. Over time, this “free” money was used to pay for cushy teacher and administrator retirement schemes (now about 70-80% of any given school budget). When the Fed. Gov’t feels a money crunch, the states suffer, school budgets are left hanging and property taxes increase to cover the shortages due to earlier profligacy.

      This whole scheme is so ingrained in the minds of the politicians at all levels that I have little hope of it ever changing.

  • Jo

    What I want to know is…who is going to stop all this mess we’re in? If certain democrates and republicans can’t, then who? There is only one left that I can think of. GOD! And that won’t happen until we ask him, and then we have to change for the better ourselves.

  • George

    What do you expect when you have a socialist president putting socialist judges into the supreme court??

  • Bitter Libertarian

    I slammed Joe Courtney and literally shut his staff in their jaw jacking tracks when i told them how exactly the Bill is illegal by its clear and obvious Violation of the 1st amendment. They all got silent and dumbfounded.

    Now the Supreme court doesnt want to hear a case of Constitutionality….well-well…This is not the first instance but it is clearly solid proof that the US is on a spiral towards facism & the End of US (as we are now). The matter is reversable, but it will take blood shed when the Supreme court makes decisions like this its not a matter to be taken lightly.

  • Jim Delaney

    NULLIFICATION, a well-grounded constitutional principle, is the sure-fire remedy to federal tyranny. And if, for some reason, nullification fails to stop the feds then only widespread civil disobedience or, if all else fails, secession can save at least some of us. Self-absorbed, me-first party politicos, progressive ideologues and elites on the national level have time and again demonstrated how precious little they respect the sanctity of the Constitution or the Republic. Ultimately, it’s up to our elected officials at the State level as well as “we the people” to fix this festering Constitutional crisis. We’ve got to stop whining and dig in our heels. In the end, the Constitution and our individual courage will shield us from federal tyranny and lead us back to constitutional order. We can’t leave it to others.

  • Roger from OH

    I’m weighing in without reading every word written so far, so someone may have addressed this possibility.

    My guess is that Roberts, Thomas, Scalia and Alito (referencing the rule of four) declined to take the case because they knew they would be outvoted, and this abomination would be ruled constitutional.

    What’s worse, declining to take the case or having it ruled wrong, wrong, wrong?

    Someone, if I’m off base on this, please say why.

    Thank you

    • Vigilant


      I’ll repeat what I posted earlier:

      As CNN put it, “The justices without comment refused to get involved at this early stage, while various state and federal challenges are continuing. The high court rarely accepts cases before they have been thoroughly reviewed by lower courts.”

      The Personal Liberty News Desk should have made this clear but did not. The discussion would have taken a different route had they done this.

      • Roger from OH


        Thank you for the correction. Yours is the better explanation.

  • FireMall

    I agree that the Progressives are the Known Perps in America’s fast coming Destruction. All evidence to date supports my submission.
    Now , lets take a peek at the Silent partners in this crime of Treason.
    Other than the puppet masters such as Soros & his flunkies which all with half a brain are aware of.-
    -I don’t recall one in a hundred Republicans standing up for “We The People” in any Real way , Lip service only ,is all I took from the Few Repugs-less-nuts when ,on few occasions, “did” they Speak up But “Not Act” on what they Very Well Know as Un-Constitutional laws being passed. These “In-Actions” are / were, all I needed to know about the End Times for The United States of America.
    “Rest in Peace” ,My Beloved America. “We” Will miss you more than “We” ever dreamed Possible.
    Lord, Forgive “We” Your people’s apathy in Allowing “Our” “Un-Godly” Leaders to destroy what “You” Created and Forgive Us for having to Do what “Has” to be done to Return “You” our God,to the Rightful Throne of “Our” Country And as “Our” True & Forgiving “Leader” Of ” “The United States Of America” Your “One Nation” Under God. Amen & Amen
    Sadly , I can only see the End of the corruption / Transformation in / of America, through the Cross hairs in the Scope Of a deer rifle.

    May “We The People’s” God Bless all True Americans with Strength , Mercy, Wisdom and Forgiveness, during the coming times, when so many of their Fellow Americans are being seen only through a Gun Sight.
    May “Our” Lord & Saviour guide “We His People” through the Darkness Created of /By “Our” Enemy’s “Within” and “Forgive” their Actions Against “We” The American People”
    In The Great & Just name of “Our” Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ , Show “Us” the Way to “Repentance” Amen.

  • Lee

    Sotomayor and Kagan are not the problem. The problem lay with Sen. L. Graham! His vote passed their names out of so they could be confirmed by the senate. Had he not done that they still wouldn’t be sitting on the Court. Never ever forget there are still people in the Senate with an R behind their name that don’t like the people of this Republic.

  • Evng Phillip (Randy) Bullington

    I am not surprised about any thing that this Supreme Court does or doesn’t do. It was after all His Majesty Obama who pushed this garbage he calls a good health care plan through Congress, and then signed into law. If you look at these so called judges, some have no experience, two were appointed by Obama, one of which stated that “the Court makes the law”. Though the quote that I just typed may not be word for word, the jest is the same. I think that our leaders should be required to investigate those who any President wishes to appoint for such points as, experience, verdict history are they partial or impartial, and do they act in the interest of a few, or all Americans. Once they assume the bench, are they going to be influenced by the executive branch?

  • Robin

    If we can all get past the rhetoric of the right and do our own research you will see that “Obamacare” came about due to the criminal actions of insurance companies themselves. For instance, denying people coverage once they have been diagnosed with a sever illness, cancer, etc. Say nothing is done to fix health insurance and you are a young person who has previously been screaming against health care reform and you do not currently have insurance. Then you are diagnosed with cancer. What do you do? You can’t get a policy now, so chances are you either pay for it yourself (you should in your spare time, call for an estimate), go on welfare, or (as the Republicans would rather you do, just die. If these options are acceptible to you, keep on screaming. This is just the tip of the medical abuse iceburg. Even the republicans say that health care is broken, but they declined to say what they would do to fix it. I’m just sad that instead of checking out the facts for yourselves, you leave your thinking to others whose only agenda is to make money.

    • FireMall

      Robin: First, I will not go into an attack on your Obvious political preferences & how I assume that You actually believe they are here to save us all from ourselves. It’s Not their Job Or Intent. Period.
      I will say that you are barking at the Wrong moon about the Repug-less-nuts saying He would rather have people die. That statement Did come from a congress person on the right and was being Sarcastically Directed at those on the Left in outting the left’s True Intentions hidden deep within the 2800 pages of Socialist BS… The Left’s expounding on the statement was a pretty chicken sheeet comment of Judgement from the Lying azzed left considering the Healthcare Law clearly states that there “will” Be HC rationing for Purely Economical reasons by a Panel of Economic consultants “NOT” Doctors.
      You should crawl out of the Box & look for yourself with both eyes open & your mind Open as well.
      I have No doubt, that you have Read & Heard this same statement Many Times.
      Call these Facts “Rumors” From the Right all you want, The gutless Punks on the Right Did Not Vote this BS into law, Not did they Abide by or Adhere “To” The Constitution when the Law Was / Is Clearly Un-Constitutional.
      Which makes both sides in Congress pure & simply , No Less than Traitors and Guilty as Hell of Treason.
      FYI: A “Rumor” always Dies under the Weight of the “Truth” which Lives on Forever.

  • Jim Delaney

    There are rays of hope, folks. But, it’s up to us to make sure those rays shine brightly. Rep. Bachmann is attempting to form a Congressional Conservative Caucus, a bloc of 25 or more mostly freshmen who will then be shielded from the corrupting influence of the progressive establishment. If they stick together, it will make a HUGE difference on Capitol Hill. Also, the GOPs “Pledge to America” will require congress to cite the constitutionality of a bill before it can be voted on. Again, we must make sure the GOP follows through with this crucial pledge. Remind your reps of its singular and importance. This is precisely what Rep. Shadegg of AZ had been pushing for years (The Enumerated Powers Act, which could never get out of Democrat-dominated committees, but now it’s part of the GOPs agenda.) Plus another bright spot: the infusion of genuinely conservative, America and Constitution-first Senators and Congresspersons is definitely a step in the right direction. But, it is up to “we the people” to loudly and persistently give them our support and to insist upon follow-through. Wishful thinking, resting on our laurels, leaving it to someone else, just woe-is-me whining is not a workable plan going forward. Not if we really want to restore constitutional order. And remember: our founders warned us about federal judicial overreach, but over the years they were essentially ignored. Much case law since 1789 has thoroughly corrupted original meaning and intent. States can easily nullify SCOTUS rulings when they they not comport with the Constitution. Make your State legislators aware of this. Frankly, so many simply don’t understand or, sadly, have never read the Constitution. The Tenth Amendment Center on-line is an excellent resource for model state legislation intended to get our States back on track and to assert their rightful place in the Republic and restore the rightful balance betw State and Federal authority. Our work is cut out for us. We must educate and encourage our State leaders, but also our nat’l reps. Gotta’ get off our hands and be affirmatively engaged in taking back our country.

    • http://roadrunner Mrs. R

      Well said, and absolutely correct!!!


      Yes Jim, there are indeed rays of hope. Hope that the Bachmanns will be defeated in 2012 was it becomes evident to all that they are clueless when asked to actually govern. We have a short fuse, and short attention spans, forgetting the disaster of the previous eight years handed to President Obama in a landside election. We want everything done instantly and when we will be asking the Bachmans and Bonners “Where are the jobs?” and they come up empty we will re-elect President Obama in a landside in 2012. In the meantime our country will suffer the coming two years of gridlock

  • Jim Delaney

    There are rays of hope, folks. But, it’s up to us to make sure those rays shine brightly. Rep. Bachmann is attempting to form a Congressional Conservative Caucus, a bloc of 25 or more mostly freshmen, who will then be shielded from the corrupting influence of the progressive establishment. If they stick together, it will make a HUGE difference on Capitol Hill. Also, the GOPs “Pledge to America” will require congress to cite the constitutionality of a bill before it can be voted on. Again, we must make sure the GOP follows through with this crucial pledge. Remind your reps of its singular importance. This is precisely what Rep. Shadegg of AZ had been pushing for years (The Enumerated Powers Act, which could never get out of Democrat-dominated committees, but now it’s part of the GOPs agenda.) Plus another bright spot: the infusion of genuinely conservative, America and Constitution-first Senators and Congresspersons is definitely a step in the right direction. But, it is up to “we the people” to loudly and persistently give them our support and to insist upon follow-through. Wishful thinking, resting on our laurels, leaving it to someone else, just woe-is-me whining is not a workable plan going forward. Not if we really want to restore constitutional order. And remember: our founders warned us about federal judicial overreach, but over the years they were essentially ignored. Much case law since 1789 has thoroughly corrupted original meaning and intent. States can easily nullify SCOTUS rulings when they do not comport with the Constitution. Make your State legislators aware of this. Frankly, so many simply don’t understand or, sadly, have never read the Constitution. The Tenth Amendment Center on-line is an excellent resource for model state legislation intended to get our States back on track and to assert their rightful place in the Republic and to restore the rightful balance betw State and Federal authority. Our work is cut out for us. We must educate and encourage our State leaders, but also our nat’l reps. Gotta’ get off our hands and be affirmatively engaged in taking back our country.

  • guyb

    The judges in America are just as soldout as our elected officals are… I hope Americans understand we are need to take up arms….Get ready for the fight….

  • Ray

    Lifetime judges are as good as lifetime politicians, in other words they are not good for us. TERM LIMITS for everyone in office, no if’s and’s or but’s – TERM LIMITS for all. If they don’t like it they don’t have to run for office. This government is totally out of control and out of touch with reality. They are not the bosses, the people are the bosses and people you better start acting like a boss.
    PS: The unions are also out of control, as well as the politically correct crowd of liberal asses.

    • http://roadrunner Mrs. R

      Guess we were both on the same page at the same time. My thoughts are compatable with yours.

  • http://roadrunner Mrs. R

    OK, I agree that we are in big trouble….so while we’re at it, let’s throw in unions and look at how much they are affecting our situation and how much power they have in government (where they do NOT belong). The enormous dues they collect from members pay for a myriad of efforts to benefit this administration’s agenda…and as a result they expect and receive paybacks, like being able to opt out of the healthcare mandate. So you and I will be obligated to pay another “tax” while they go on their merry way thumbing their nose at the rest of us and lining their pockets at their members’ expense. They are waaaay too powerful!
    I have another suggestion…let’s look at tort reform. Lawyers have abused the system to the point where the words “I’ll sue” is like breathing. This trickles down to every aspect of our daily lives ie., medical care, auto insurance, plus other issues many of which are petty, and they make a very comfortable living at it (ala John Edwards). All of this affects our premiums. Let’s get back to sanity on these issues! Set reasonable limits on GENUINE issues.

    How about allowing health/auto insurance companies to go across state lines and create some competition for our dollars? Isn’t that the American way? It would bring them into line with competitive pricing and give people more options. Right now I am confined to using only the insurance companies allowed in my state while my brother can get excellent coverage for far less in his state but his company is not allowed to insure me. Doesn’t seem right somehow.
    But I’ve saved the best for last…..TERM LIMITS!! And when our officials are no longer in office, they lose the extravagant retirement packages that they have endowed themselves with. They will have to “struggle” along with the rest of us. It just might change they way they legislate.
    While these issues may not seem as large as reforming the Supreme Court, they reflect part of our problem. Unions are too powerful – lawyers are ruining our judicial system – there are sensible ways to handle our healthcare problems without going bankrupt and elected officials should not plan on a long-term career in politics.

    The bottom line is we ALL must become proactive in watching DC and what is going on. Hold our newly elected officials’ feet to the fire in following through on their campaign promises. Become involved with a group of like-minded citizens and call and/or write those in Congress who are elected to represent US when they fail to. For too long we have accepted the status quo and become complacent – but times have changed and it’s time to stand up for what we believe in.
    IT’S TIME TO STAND UP AND BE COUNTED! Complaining about what’s wrong is easy…..let’s start becoming active and offering SOLUTIONS.
    God bless America and bring her back as a beacon of individual liberty. IN GOD WE TRUST

  • John

    What a disgrace the Supreme Court suppose to uphold our laws and the US CONSTITUTION. If they do not do it, then who well? The Supreme Court all judges should be impeached and thrown off the bench if they cannot uphold the principals the laws of America!!!

    We have laws and everyone should be under them, not who they choose to enforce the laws against, they can not pick and choose.

    I am also outraged that the Obama Administration and TSA has take our 4th Amendment rights away of us with illegal search and disgusting X-Rated scans of nude bodies. You can render those scans via Photoshop to see a explicit naked body I hear. And no one is doing nothing about it. WHERE IS THE SUPREME COURT for the illegal search and POLICE STATE of grouping kids and men and women and looking down their pants is sick!!!! TSA can take lessons from Israel on how they do security BEHAVIOR PROFILING!!!!

    Where are all the people who screamed about Bush’s Patriot Act saying that was intrusive and spying on the America people? I do not hear or see them anywhere when Obama does worst!!!! Also Obama’s Security Adviser profits from these scanners!!!

  • Jim Delalney

    With the midterm elections, the House GOP and Republicans everywhere now have a GARGANTUAN job on their hands. Are they up to the challenge and to fulfilling their constitutional responsibility to the voters? At this juncture, I give them a 50-50 chance of remaing true to their lofty agenda.If they would but thoroughly and honestly investigate the czars and the socialist overreach which has crippled the country over the past four years, and if they actually defund key elements of Obamacare, and insist upon passage of bills which fully comport with the Constitution, we’ve all got a chance. They’ll take their lumps in the media and on the left, but that’s the price of honor and determination.

  • Kirk Z

    Such a long thread.
    This is the first case to present.
    I severely doubt they will be able to duck out on the cases coming from the individual states and groups of states that are to follow.
    This may already have been thoroughly discussed….but this thread is too long to read all of it, so had to jump in with this.
    Any other opinions on the other cases coming down the pike, and if SCOTUS has enough balls left in it, now that six have been removed???

  • Richard M

    Best judges money can buy — and that includes the pukes in the Democratic Party and the RINOs. We have to just let the Repubs. refuse to fund it. The SC won’t look into the eligibility of Obummer, hear a case on HC, well, what the hell are they there for? Oh, I guess it’s not for the ‘little folk’ — ‘let them eat cake.’ Bastards.

  • Osage Boy

    Have we forgotten that “they” attack us! We then went to war against “them”. In war things are done that in normal times would not be tolorated like racial profiling, water boarding and the likes! So if we don’t like using the things that make up “a war” then just retire from the field and surrender our nation. I am certain “they” will accept!

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Randy 131

    In other words this article states that the judicial branch of government, that the Founding Fathers set up as a check and balance (deterrent) for the other branches of government from over-stepping and abusing their powers, refuses to do the job their positons were designed to do. The American people understand that not only the liberal politicians need to be done away with to bring us back to our Constitutional roots, but also the liberal federal judges. This ruling by the Supreme Court shows us that they too are the problem, for they won’t stand up for the American people and do the job they were appointed to and their position was designed for. If the dollar collapses brining down the country and causing chaos in the streets, which is much more a probability than I would like to see, then the people with the guns and ammo that will be getting rid of the liberal politicians and judges will now also be targeting the Supreme Court members, we all need to pray to GOD that it doesn’t go that far, but the state we’re now in makes it a huge practicability, the American public is not being told how dire this deficit situation really is.

    • Vigilant


      “This ruling by the Supreme Court shows us that they too are the problem,…”

      I’m getting tired of repeating this: the authors of the article were remiss in not telling us that “the justices without comment refused to get involved at this early stage, while various state and federal challenges are continuing. The high court rarely accepts cases before they have been thoroughly reviewed by lower courts.” (CNN)

      No ruling was made, it was simply a declination to take the case at this time. The SCOTUS will accept and rule on it in the future.

  • Hombre Coloradoe

    The supreme court is part of the de facto government and is null and void. The de jure government is seated and the supreme court puppets will soon be replaced. The de jure government will repeal each and every statute that conflicts with the Constitution. Praise God! May the Good Lord Bless You!

  • Hombre Arizona

    Arizona is behind the Republic of the united States of America! The de facto government is rapidly deflating. The de jure government is seated at the National, State and most county levels. We The People have had it and are now supporting interim President Tim Turner. See: and get involved. We are growing rapidly so get onboard! God Bless You!

  • California Kid

    I heard about the republic of the united states and they are moving forward and its time to stop worrying and getting involved. Its time to recognize that our so-called government is only a Corporation or United States Corporation and they can put anyone in the president’s office that they want because they have their own constitution. Obama is not my president…Tim Turner is! The two words stated together the most in the Bible say, “Fear Not” as it seems this USCorp only want to take our liberties away and instill fear of them…not any more!

    • who cares

      california kid. the republican party want to pass a law keeping people like you from voting. Obama was was elected president by Amricans. you may not like him as your president, but he is the president of the unite State. bush was appointed by the supreme court the first time, the 2nd time he stole presidency.

      • AZ Apache Native

        Dear Who Cares, I did not and do not vote. Since 1860 the de jure government was secretly replaced with your now de facto government. I do not recognize your de facto government. They are all a sham. The Republic was replaced with democracy a socialist entity secretly manipulating global economy. The middle class here in America is deeply suffering and most of you are asleep. Most sovereign native americans know this. If you really care, Who Cares, educate yourself and get involved. There are 10,000 Americans becoming sovereign weekly and the numbers are ever so increasing in the millions. My native brothers here in Apache County, AZ are spreading the word and teaching our foreign brothers how to become sovereign. It is up you. Peace be to you and yours.

  • Sovereign One

    Obama and company do not represent me! I dont vote under their falsehood! I don’t need guns inside my doorways! I don’t need violence to be heard…I get involved as YHWY guides me. No one comes between me and YHWH, especially a supreme court judge that is charged to review statues relative to the Constitution. Read Judges in the Bible! I have YHWH to bear my burdens as HE is pleased when I ask HIM to bear my burdens…for it is written. Obama and company will soon have no voice! Don’t fear the enemy people; there are too many YHWH Believers to allow this corruption to continue! And, YHWH will not permit the corrupt to hurt HIS children. Lift up your eyes for HE is returning for HIS children and be not dismayed.

  • Tim

    “Honesty” and “Oathes” are now only a part of our Past. All aspects of and departments of our Government has been tanted and needs to be cleaned up. I only have hopes our newly elected officials remain loyal to “The American Peoples”. But they are only a foot in the doors that have been closed to us for “Bargin Deals”. This is where “We The People” will possibly need to step up and take control even if it means another “Civil War”. It may come to that as well as need something similar. We cant blam everyone elected into office because we have had wistle blowers for years and no one would raise a brow much less get out and vote for the right peoples. It seems so many want to vote for a race, nationality or sex, and not based on what thier political plateform was or is. But then again how many political plateforms have remained the same over a generation that our Congress has been in office? I bet $100 many do not even remember what thier “Plateform Promise” was when they first ran for office, or the Oathes they took when they accepted thier position!! But we can only blame ourselves in the longrun and be accountable when it is time to take matters into the hands of “The American Peoples”. Sure we need to avoid violance and try to be “Politically Correct”, but when all else fails us? We must do what our Founding Fathers did and take charge with bravery and Godspeed Prayers. Remember when Polesi said she was scared when the Tea Party walked in Washington? That is exactlly what they need to be feeling right now. It is that feeling along with “The Fear of God” for doing so wrong to so many for so long, that will streighten them out in Washington.

    • AZ Apache Native

      Tim, I agree with all you say except the need for civil war. All of nature will teach us that war will only escalate the fears that most our leaders depend on to control us. The beasts of the field, the birds in the air, and the fish in the sea cry out. The evil few are attempting last efforts to kill every living creature including…man.
      Do not fear those who destroy, but fear the Master Creator who creates and destroys. It is clear to see the Constitution documents limits the evil few, so lets stand upon what your founding fathers already fought for. The war has already been fought. Lets restablish the Constitution the way it was intended. Peace be to you.

      • Tim

        I can honestly say that you speak great words of wisdom AZ Apache Native. Probably something my late Father would have said. I would rather much let Nature take its coarse and correct itself. War is only a last ditch effort to reclaim or stop this movement that is destroying our Country. Sometimes I fear the worse to take place in order to correct such man made wrong. Many have already given thier lives for the Nation we love so much and want back so badly. And you are correct, the few that are left are throwing everything they have at us out of desprate measures or they would be riding the wave of silance until the people stop watching thier every move? I guess I should simply state that I am willing to go as far and give my life, like my founding fathers did, to ensure our children are not hurd’d like cattle and be under such a corrupt government.

        • AZ Apache Native

          Amen Tim! Our Master Creator sees what the NWO is doing to Mother Earth and his Creation, you, me and every living creature. YHWH is tremendously pleased when he hears words like yours surrenduring completely to the point of leaving this death into true life. Millions of Americans are feeling the same as us. I pray our Father leads you and guides you and blesses you and your family and all those around you. I pray He sheds his Light upon you to see what my forefathers have been saying for generations. Don’t fear my brother and place all your trust in Him. May the eagle of courage visit you. Peace be with you my brother.

  • David Houston

    If the Supreme Court won’t do its job and rule on whether or not a law is constitutional, then the States should refuse to recognize any legislation that comes from Washington.

  • Corinne

    This is a sad state of affairs as our government was established with 3 branches (executive, legislative and judicial) to act as a checks and balance system. The job of the legislative branch is to be certain that any laws established/passed by the legislative branch were legal, according to the constitution. There shouldn’t have to be a case brought to the Supreme Court to force them to review it. They are constitutionally obligate to hold it up to the standard/rule of law of the constitution, rather than getting in bed with the other two branches of government. Same thing goes when the eligibility issue came up. It should have been held up to the constitution. If the government refuses to be accountable to the rule of law that has been set forth for our country, then how can justice or rule by law ever be achieved for the people. It becomes the “law of the jungle” or “survival of the fittest (wealthiest, powerful, etc)

  • who cares

    have you hear caribou barbie is running. the good thing about it she will divide the voteds, and make her a eight hundred pound gorilla. GOD help us all. que sarah sarah.

  • Dennis

    Somebody ask me a question, heres my anwser.
    Have you ever wondered why lead was banned ? or why it was dangerous to your health ? how many people do you know that has died from lead poisoning ? maybe its just a ( COVER UP, A WAY TO HIDE ) just don’t drink it. Some things work the same way :-) have a good day K.

  • Arklight

    I’m not surprised. Don’t expect the Supremes to touch the blatant abuse and corruption of the Commerce Clause, even with somebody else’s ten foot pole. Especially since in S. 510, the new Food Safety Act, on page 127, there is a clear distinction between interstate and intrastate commerce; additionally, several States have passed Statutory law that cuts federal authority in various areas right off at the State line. The Tenth Amendment is coming back from the dead, and I can’t wait to see it become the 900 pound gorilla in the wells of the House and Senate; screw the asses and hosers.

  • AZ Apache Native

    A few historical facts about your government:
    1. Enacted laws, ratified treaties and promoted and adopted constitutional amendments designed to contravene important pricipals of our Declaration of Independence and Constitution, thereby decimating our inalienable Rights and overburdening us with paperwork;
    2. Failed to challenge judicial decisions which clearly lack constitutional relevanced and have altered constitutional intent;
    3. Created a multitude of offices, committees and bureaus which usurp the duties of the constitutional offices;
    4. Permitted their agents to impose American authority into domestic affairs of sovereign countries in violation of the Monroe Doctrine; 5. Turned American trade policies over to international determination, thereby eliminating trade barriers which protected our economy, the jobs of our workers, and our American system of economic indepence;
    6. Given “most favored nation status” to the most corrupt country in the world, thus encouragin transfer of American free enterprise production to State-run operations;
    7. Permitted the fruits of child labor to flood this country with inferior products at the cost of American jobs;
    8. Supported the UN whose ultimate goal is clearly revealed in the Report of the Commission on Global Governance;
    9. Used our taxes to finance the American business expansion overseas to the detriment of American workers;
    10. Sent into every town and village hordes of “social workers” to enforce the edicts of the “social scientists” bent on creaating a New World Order by altering the methods and customs of our people;
    11. Underwritten debts of international bankers with the full faith and credit of the American people;
    12. Created a tax system that permits affluent citizens to evade liability while denying workers the fruits of their labor;
    13. Transferred their constitutional repsonsibility over the Budget to the Executive Branch;
    14. Created a dictatorship by holding our Constitution hostage to the Emergency Banking Act of March 9, 1933;
    15. Permitted a privately owned banking system to coin our money and regulate its value thereby placing our people in perpetual ecomonic bondage;
    16. Transformed our military from an establishment of national defense to that of an enforcer of UN policies;
    17. Required American troops to serve under foreigh command and submitted them to the “justice” of alien laws;
    18. Permit military personnel to be subjected to experimental projects without their knowledge or consent and to be used in ways designed to usurp the powers of local governments;
    19. Permitted military assaults on American citizens, absent legal finding of wrongdoing;
    20. Unconstitutionally created a national police force to intimidate, harass, and subjugate our people;
    21. Permitted compromising of our voting process via electronic ballots, motor voting, removal of validation of voters, replacing “reapportionment” with “redistricting” et al;
    22. Created a condition wherein the goal of “public service” has been subordinated to the goal of reelection;
    23. Encouraged immigration of both legal and illegal aliens, regardless of their ability to support themselves, the conditin of their health or other consideration;
    24. Destroyed our nation’s historic system of education by replacing it with one which no longer produces competent citizens, and over which parents and local elected officials have no control;
    25. Created the Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations as an ex-officio body having unconstitutional powers to link State and local governments to the national government in violation of the constitutional separation of powers mandate;
    26. Abdicated their responsibility to represent the people by constructing a governmental system of management of all political, economic and social elements of life, placing these under the management and control of unelected social scientists;
    27. Permitted an atheistic minority to obliterate the substnative evidence that these united States of America werer formed under Divine direction by a people determined to provide freedom of religion for themselves and their posterity.
    Get involved!

  • http://com i41

    Dennis.I have known several people who have died from lead poising, they were stealing property, threating some one, or just being a trouble making moron. As for injesting it or inhling it, never have seen or heard of any one dying from lead poisening. The envior moronic arm of the dumocrap party has been trying to destroy anything that is working smoothly. When it was removed from gas,engines went to hell at less than a 100,000 miles. By taking away lead, the lack lubracation of the internal failure, caused premature grinding of parts. When gas engines had lead in the gas, 25- 30 mpg was a norm, engines had more power. After lead was removed mileage went down to 7-9 mpg in cars. These were real metal cars weighing at 4500-5500 lbs, compared to the 1800-2600lb plastic crap cars we have now. It has a;ways been the recal morons in the dumborat party that were drug heads like Onumnutts, as a prime classic book educated worthless pee brained example. don’t have a clue what happens in the real world, unless some trained ape writes a book about it.

  • http://com i41

    Apache Native, ward of the government, are you saying you aren’t a citizen of the USA? Since you are guarenteed the right to vote, it is your government too. I agree with article totally. but you forgot the removal of practical hands on useful producttive creation. Ther idea a degreed idoit knows all the ways to do something, when the idoits can even change a car tire or build a porch on a shelter. Hands on work, even if it precision machining is looked down by the elitist high dollar pukes.When I operated a repair shop when every a damn leech lawyer showed up, of he charged me $120 a hour, when he wanted soomething done on his vehicle I charged him the same. If he complained I told him to do his own work or go find someone else, since I was the closest shop,he kept coming back for years, since he charged me for ever stamp and billing costs, he got the mark up on parts as well as billing costs. They guy couldn’t even change a tire or oil. Same went for DTRs, or anyother “professional”. I did have a couple of “professionals” comment it was a no brainer, until they put the wrong oil in the wrong cavity, I changed and repaired the motors, it wasn”t a no brainer anymore.

  • Bob Wire

    It not the Supreme Courts or any courts job or position to pander to “the noisy”.

    If it was, ~ I’d save myself all those attorney fees and buy a crowd of 20 vagrants and arm them with bull horns.

    If it was your neck at stake, it’d be no different.

    You’ve just got your blood pressure up is all.

  • Aranna

    I thought the Supreme Court was there to decide what is constitutional and what is not??
    The following has been checked by and varified.
    A retired Constitutional lawyer has read the entire proposed healthcare bill. Read his conclusions and pass this on as you wish. This is stunning!

    The Truth About the Health Care Bills – Michael Connelly, Ret. Constitutional Attorney

    Well, I have done it! I have read the entire text of proposed House Bill 3200: The Affordable Health Care Choices Act of 2009. I studied it with particular emphasis from my area of expertise, constitutional law. I was frankly concerned that parts of the proposed law that were being discussed might be unconstitutional. What I found was far worse than what I had heard or expected.

    To begin with, much of what has been said about the law and its implications is in fact true, despite what the Democrats and the media are saying. The law does provide for rationing of health care, particularly where senior citizens and other classes of citizens are involved, free health care for illegal immigrants, free abortion services, and probably forced participation in abortions by members of the medical profession.

    The Bill will also eventually force private insurance companies out of business, and put everyone into a government run system. All decisions about personal health care will ultimately be made by federal bureaucrats, and most of them will not be health care professionals. Hospital admissions, payments to physicians, and allocations of necessary medical devices will be strictly controlled by the government.

    However, as scary as all of that is, it just scratches the surface. In fact, I have concluded that this legislation really has no intention of providing affordable health care choices. Instead it is a convenient cover for the most massive transfer of power to the Executive Branch of government that has ever occurred, or even been contemplated If this law or a similar one is adopted, major portions of the Constitution of the United States will effectively have been destroyed.

    The first thing to go will be the masterfully crafted balance of power between the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of the U.S. Government. The Congress will be transferring to the Obama Administration authority in a number of different areas over the lives of the American people, and the businesses they own.

    The irony is that the Congress doesn’t have any authority to legislate in most of those areas to begin with! I defy anyone to read the text of the U.S. Constitution and find any authority granted to the members of Congress to regulate health care.

    This legislation also provides for access, by the appointees of the Obama administration, of all of your personal healthcare direct violation of the specific provisions of the 4th Amendment to the Constitution information, your personal financial information, and the information of your employer, physician, and hospital. All of this is a protecting against unreasonable searches and seizures. You can also forget about the right to privacy. That will have been legislated into oblivion regardless of what the 3rd and 4th Amendments may provide…

    If you decide not to have healthcare insurance, or if you have private insurance that is not deemed acceptable to the Health Choices Administrator appointed by Obama, there will be a tax imposed on you. It is called a tax instead of a fine because of the intent to avoid application of the due process clause of the 5th Amendment. However, that doesn’t work because since there is nothing in the law that allows you to contest or appeal the imposition of the tax, it is definitely depriving someone of property without the due process of law.

    So, there are three of those pesky amendments that the far left hate so much, out the original ten in the Bill of Rights, that are effectively nullified by this law It doesn’t stop there though.

    The 9th Amendment that provides: The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people;

    The 10th Amendment states: The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are preserved to the States respectively, or to the people. Under the provisions of this piece of Congressional handiwork neither the people nor the states are going to have any rights or powers at all in many areas that once were theirs to control.

    I could write many more pages about this legislation, but I think you get the idea. This is not about health care; it is about seizing power and limiting rights… Article 6 of the Constitution requires the members of both houses of Congress to “be bound by oath or affirmation to support the Constitution.” If I was a member of Congress I would not be able to vote for this legislation or anything like it, without feeling I was violating that sacred oath or affirmation. If I voted for it anyway, I would hope the American people would hold me accountable.

    For those who might doubt the nature of this threat, I suggest they consult the source, the US Constitution, and Bill of Rights. There you can see exactly what we are about to have taken from us.

    Michael Connelly
    Retired attorney,
    Constitutional Law Instructor
    Carrollton , Texas


    If you don’t care about our constitution, or your rights under it, just do nothing.



    • Garrett Ensign

      I wonder if this Constitutional “attorney” had any problem when these seemingly unconstitutional tenets were first proposed by Senate Republicans under the Health Equity and Access Reform Today Act of 1993. The Act was in response to “Hilarycare,” and included the dreadful mandate, the banning of denying medical coverage for pre-existing conditions, a reduced growth in Medicare spending, and capped the tax exemption for employers for high-cost plans (which was akin to a tax on “Cadillac plans”).

      The Act never went to vote, but it was signed by 23 Republicans in the Senate, including Bob Dole (1996 presidential candidate) and Orin Hatch (current Utah Senator and stanch opponent to healthcare reform now).


  • Garrett Ensign

    This is no surprise; the Supreme Court turned down hearings because the case in California has yet to be heard in a federal appeals court (ie the ninth district court of appeals). The Supreme Court rarely hears cases before they are addressed in all the lower courts. Please observe the following:

    Lowest level – Federal court (94 courts)
    Mid level – Federal appeals court (13 courts)
    Highest level – Supreme Court

    The plaintiffs of the case failed to bring suit to the “mid level” court and, instead, skipped that level and tried to bring suit directly to the Supreme Court, hence the “rejection.”

    Calm down; you’ll get your day in the Supreme Court. Unfortunately for proponents of repealing reform, it will most likely be upheld under the Constitution’s commerce clause.


  • Yoda

    Let us stop picking on someone who has obviously never been educated on America’s foundation, or has forgotten all of it. To her I recommend the reading of the Constitution of The United States, The Bill of Rights, and the Bible. Read history of Europe and what Hitler did, Mussolini, and all the other former and current dictators in the world who run a communistic government. After you have done this then remind yourself that our founding fathers left them and came here to get away from them and to start soemthing different- and they did.

    We can not judge ourselves and our lives by comparing us to them. We are different and we like that. We want that. If you don’t then I suggest that you find something to transport yourself to one of these communistic countries and have fun there because we don’t want to change. BTW, Canada has stated that the reason for the relative success of their healthcare is because the U.S. is next door and if they can’t get the drugs or treatment necessary they come here, get treated, and then go home.

    As far as death panels- obviously you missed the show where a government official stated that there is no choice with the funding of Obamacare that death panels are inevitable as well as higher taxes. So if your over 50 and a child- forget it, they are going to choose to let you die. It’s difficult to fathom and accept but inevitable if left to be implemented.

    Also, quit bashing Limbaugh and Beck. Limbaugh is a republican supporter and has been for a long time but even he is getting frustrated and fed-up with republicans being so inept. Beck is not a republican supporter and if you think he is you obviously haven’t listen to his show either on radio or TV in the past 4-5 years. There is a distinct difference between being a republican and being a conservative. You can research that also. The answer is NOT government and certainly not a global government. If you think I’m wrong look in the book of Genesis and read about the Tower of Babel. If you don’t know history you are bound to repeat it.

  • Bob Wire

    I don’t doubt for one minute the legal language frighting. It’s not suppose to be a “give away” as I understand it, and must have limits and boundaries.

    Every contract I’ve ever read scares the Bjesus out of me when you get to the fine print,basically surrendering most of your rights on enrollment.

    My advise is not use the service if you feel uncomfortable with it and carry a living will of how to dispose of your hide if you found incapacitated when treatment might be administered.

    There is a tremendous amount of “fluff” and redundancy in the medical care field and it placed there for many reason, some good and some not so good ~ this drives cost up ~ it’s my understanding this is to be addressed in a meaningful way.

    All the “fear” and very nature of this bill make it a wonder how the DNC pulled it off.

    If you don’t like government programs ~ stay out of it !

    at 62 that’s what I do. They find me dead someday. So? You’ve no plans of going?

  • Portuguese Revolutionary War Hero – Peter Francisco

    Republic RISING.

    IT’s not about Bushlicans or Obamacrats the WHOLE SYSTEM is Corrupt and needs to be ABOLISHED and replaced with De jure Gov’t.
    Join us as we inhabit the REPUBLIC and Re-Establish SOVEREIGNITY and LIBERTY.

  • Edge Architect

    I’d like to kick a few concepts down a dark alley and see how far they go.
    …First, didn’t the Supremes say that the Constitution does not provide for private property back in 2007? This then, would preclude most of the comments here except for the jokes and harrassments. Yes, the Supremes said that a government entity (a municipality I think in the actual case heard) can take property from one individual and give it to another individual. You then, my dearest countrymen, are quibbling about the scraps. A developer in Florida told the city council that they would offer a dollar more in property tax than the nineteen families that owned beach front property in this town and had lived there for thirty years and more. The city councilmen were related to the developer. They evicted the property owners and bulldozed their houses. The developer built a hotel resort. The city councilmen retired wealthy. The Supremes say there is no protection explicitly stated in the Constitution. [ In the America that I dream about after my eyes close at night, there would be no such thing. This would not happen in my dreamworld America. ]
    …The definition of a law… A law amends constrains or refashions LIBERTY. When there was no laws, you were free to do pretty much whatever you wanted. Thank God it was a bunch of Christians who did this. They have ‘built in’ laws that are very cool! These folks set up a neat bicameral government with checks and balances galore. Very cool! They wanted the whole shmeal to be about LIBERTY. Right? What’s liberty? It is the absence of LAWS! Each time a law is passed, it removes some of your liberty my dear countrymen. Liberty is exactly what the founders were trying to tell us to hold on to. GRIDLOCK!!!! Gridlock is what the Congress was set up to be ALL about. Take a look at it. A hundred senators with completely differing needs and goals… when would they ever agree on anything? It’s all designed to prevent the passing of laws because laws remove your freedoms. The founders said try as you might to hold on to them, so will they be taken away unless you have gridlock… the best thing to hit Washington.

  • Nicholas Liberto

    While the Supreme Court is supposedly one of the checks and balances built into our constitution, the how and why they are who they are sometimes gives me cause to think.
    Who checks and balances the Supreme Court? Remember, a presidential nominee is supposed to be vetted by congress and most of the conscious public realizes that whichever party is in the majority, will generally get whomever the majority party’s president nominates. So…the vetting is a mockery and the U.S. is saddled with someone for life.
    I would think there must be a better way of putting someone onto that court.

  • Joseph R Carreiro Sr

    Any law that is passed against the will of the American people and especially question of many of our States should be looked at as far as Constitutionality,if nothing else but as a courtesy to the American people and the States that question the Bill. They should also consider the way the bills were passed as a reason to at least observe the right to question these bills.Think about this.

    • Patriot1776

      Any law passed under the circumstances of the health-care takeover are not only unconstitutional but an act of dictatorial powers by the government.


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