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Suppressed All-Natural Aid For Cancer Revealed

October 21, 2010 by  

Suppressed All-Natural Aid For Cancer Revealed

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is considering revoking the world’s best-selling anti-cancer drug… because evidence suggests the bad outweighs the good.

The review — happening now — questions whether the high-priced cancer drug offers any real benefits at all. It further poses the question: Why was it approved in the first place? Only one study showed even minimal benefits at that time.

In sharp contrast, an ancient Native American herbal tea has been shown to have incredible cancer-fighting benefits… and has almost 100 years of medical research to back it up. But chances are you’ve never even heard about it. That’s because Canadian authorities did everything they could to suppress the all-natural formula… going so far as to threaten the “inventor” with imprisonment and virtually banning the herbal tea.

Anti-Cancer Drug In Doubt
The drug in doubt is Avastin. Avastin enjoys about $5.8 billion in global sales each year and is the number one anti-cancer drug. The drug costs about $8,000 each month and treats several forms of cancer.

The FDA approved Avastin two years ago as a treatment for breast cancer. It’s since been prescribed to about 1,700 women with breast cancer. Sales generated from breast cancer alone equal about $855 million in the U.S. each year. Now, a scientific committee is advising that Avastin — as a treatment for breast cancer — be removed from the market.

However there were plenty of doubts about whether it would be effective even when it was first approved. In fact, just one study showed any benefits. Those findings suggested that the drug delayed the growth of an advanced breast tumor by about five months. The same study showed no evidence that patients lived longer or enjoyed any improvement in quality of life.

On that basis, the FDA pushed Avastin through under a special program to get new treatments out as quickly as possible. As part of the deal, the drug makers would conduct follow-up studies supporting the drug’s effectiveness.

The committee has now reviewed two of those new studies… and both show that the drug fails to extend life. Worse, the results indicate the drug only slows tumor growth for less than a month.

Wyndham Wilson of the National Cancer Institute chaired the committee. "The drug is not doing very much,” he says.  “What it is doing is more than offset by the negatives."

Those negatives include blood clots, bleeding and heart failure.

After reviewing the facts, the committee has recommended that the FDA pull the plug on Avastin.

While the FDA is quick to approve risky drugs with little evidence to back them up, it’s refused to recognize the benefits of a simple herbal tea that’s been used by Native Americans for centuries… and has almost a century of documented research to support it.

An Ancient Solution
In 1922, Canadian nurse Rene Caisse noticed scarring on the breast of an elderly woman she was attending. When she asked her about it, the woman told her that it was because of the breast cancer she’d been diagnosed with 30 years earlier.

She’d been told she needed breast cancer surgery but she simply couldn’t afford it. She met an old Native American medicine man. And he told her he could aid her cancer with herbal tea. She tried the tea and her cancer went into remission for more than 30 years.

One year later, she was chatting with a retired doctor friend of hers. He happened to mention that if people used the herb sheep sorrel, there’d be a lot less cancer in the world.

But it was six months later before she had chance to test out the theory. Her aunt was diagnosed with stomach cancer and given just six months to live. Nurse Caisse started treating her aunt with the tea. Her aunt went on to live another 21 years, cancer free.

Seeing the results first-hand, she began running herbal combinations on mice and human cancer patients. After much experimentation, she refined her formula to just four herbs: burdock root, Indian rhubarb, sheep sorrel and slippery elm. And she called her formula Essiac.

Promise Backed By Proof
Nurse Caisse opened a cancer clinic and — under the observation of several doctors — she tested her formulas by injecting patients with individual herbs to see which proved most effective.

She went on to treat thousands of patients. All of her treatments were free and the results were so good that 55,000 people signed a petition in 1938. The petition requested the Ontario legislation recognize Essiac.

The bill failed to pass by just three votes. Within a week of filing the petition a new "Cancer Commission" was introduced. This commission had the power to control and suppress all future cancer treatments.

The Commission suppressed her research. They threatened to imprison her and forced her to close down her Bracebridge Cancer Clinic in the summer of 1938.

She closed her clinic and partnered with Dr. Charles Brusch. They treated patients with the same four-herb tea. Brusch eventually used Essiac in his own fight against cancer.

Two recent studies have shown that Essiac does indeed combat cancer effectively.
The first study, in 2004, showed that Essiac inhibits tumor cell growth — and enhances immune response. The second study, in 2006, further backed this up. It revealed that Essiac increases cytotoxicity towards prostate cancer cells and has huge antioxidant properties.

Formula Fights Cancer
Nurse Caisse’s formula used four herbs to fight cancer. These included:

Burdock Root: Hungarian researchers showed that Burdock Root had anti-tumor activity due to inulin. The researchers found that it attached to white blood cells and enhanced immune function. They showed it also contains benzaldehyde which has significant anti-cancer effects in humans.

Sheep Sorrel: This was used in cancer treatment as early as the 1740s. It contains chlorophyll, which carries oxygen to cells.

Slippery Elm: Studies have shown this herb offers anti-tumor activity and is an anti-inflammatory agent.

Indian Rhubarb Root: Rich in iron, this herb purges the liver and body of waste. It contains aloe emodin which studies show inhibit tumors.

To Your Best Health,
Ian Robinson
Managing Editor, Natural Health Dossier

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Wayne Allyn Root

Wayne Allyn Root is one of America's leading Libertarian-conservative authors. Wayne's new book is The Murder of the Middle Class Wayne is a Capitalist Evangelist, serial entrepreneur, conservative media commentator, and proud champion of the middle class. He is a former Libertarian vice presidential nominee and Fox News regular. Follow Wayne on Twitter and visit Wayne's web site:

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  • s c

    For those already familiar with essiac’s history, this is old news, and the FDA’s hollow complaints comes as no surprise. As always, there are three “proofs” that ‘justify’ the FDA’s stance.
    First, there is no $ to be made from something that doesn’t have a patent. Second, there is no $ to be made from something that doesn’t have a patent. Third, there is no $ to be made from something that doesn’t have a patent.
    If you connect the dots, the pattern is obvious. We are expected to surrender to the FDA’s ‘logic.’ They claim to have science on their side. I see no reason to believe that. Science is for sale, has been for sale for many years, and will continue to be for sale as long as America is chained and held in bondage by the FDA’s “money is better than health” tyranny.

    • Gary

      Absolutely agree S.C.
      There is too much money involved in medicine, especially cancer medicine, to trust big pharma or any government agency. They are looking for a $buck$ not a cure.

      • FreedomFighter

        I agree they are looking for huge profits on investment or POISONING FOR PROFIT.

        Increase penalties for hurting people.

        Extend patent so that when they make a good product they profit greatly.

        Basic common sense, burn them to the ground and take them out if they Poison for Profit, reward them for doing it right and helping ease and cure medical conditions.

        Everyone profits.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

        • Granny Mae

          A friend of mine used this for her husband who had lung cancer and it didn’t work BUT he never quit smoking so even though he was taking the herbs he was still doing what caused the cancer in the first place. STUPID ! If you are going to go to all the expense and bother to use this please give yourself every chance and stop doing what ever it is that has caused the cancer in the first place if you know what it was! Also remember this type of treatment usually takes a little longer to show results than the chemical kind but it sure won’t kill you like the chemical kind will! Use positive thinking and imagery and work at feeling happy and laughing.

          • Grace of God

            I heard a lady say she knew how to detox her lungs by taking goldenseal herb to draw out the tar from cigarettes. Then she said ttake vit C water to heal and niacin to curb the smoking cravings. Of course, getting alkaline and raising the mili-voltage a bit she said by using Dr. Coldwell’s Bio-modulator something. It may work with some if they continue to make their own red and white blood cells and hydrate and cleanse with fresh juices and stay warm and increase circulation and have hope and loved ones, and God’s will. I’m sure this takes a lot of ‘nursing’ one back to health because the one who is sick is too weak to think and maybe even care. It also takes prayer and restful music and lot’s of love and a whole lot of other things to help someone recover. Read the book Cancer Doesn’t Scare Me Anymore by Dr. Day! Dr. Day who said no one was ever chemo or radiation deficient. Do first things first and then perhaps a bit of pain management and anti-inflammatories from the docs. This is just my guess but isn’t this simply called intuitive with a little side wisdom and a will to live? It takes a while to coax the body back to health. Sometimes hospital’s drastic measures are too much for one to withstand because it’s harsh, uncomfortable, and scary. Who wants to get well that way? People just need hope and wisdom to live by and most likely they won’t get cancer in the first place. Keep seeking the truth and verifying with the facts and you’ll get going in the right direction and…sing and Praise the God of Love, always.

          • eleanor

            so…….true about medicines.They are saying it’s not the cancer killing people but the chemo.The chemo ruins your immune system completely.Only use natural medicine if at all possible.Better yet,an old saying is TRUE!!!! It goes… an once of prevention is worth a pound of cure.So take vitamins and minerals and herbs to stave off the sickness.The best antibiotics are (garlic AND LOTS OF VITAMIN C ,TO BOWEL TOLERENCE.ALSO TAKE ECHINACEA FOR COLDS AND ELDERRYBERRY EXTRACT FOR THE FLU.BUT YOU HAVE TO START TAKING THEM AS SOON AS YOU FIRST START FEELING BAD.NOT AFTER YOU HAVE SOMETHING FULL BLOWN.ALSO FOR WINTER PROTECTION START AT END OF SUMMER, TAKING EXTRA VIT C,VIT A,THE B-COMPLEX VITAMIN,ZINC,BUT CHECK TO SEE HOW MUCH YOU SHOULD TAKE.

      • Granny Mae

        I second that motion !

        For those interrested in the tea, it can be found in most health food stores or they can get it for you. There is also a book out that gives the story and the formula to make your own.

        • Marten

          Dear Granny Mae, Chaga Mushrooms tea is hundred time more powerful,if not thousand and by the way the most potent Mushroom in the world…

      • Kate8

        s c – I agree, too.

        Especially since cancer was created in a laboratory for purposes of depopulation, they certainly don’t want anything curing it. Look at how many generations they’ve been ‘searching for a cure’, and the best they can come up with are things that make it worse!

        I’ve read that they know exactly what cures cancer, and they want to keep it suppressed at all costs. Many things cure it, and they all involve cleansing they body of toxins, not adding worse ones!

    • DaveH

      The bottom line is – By what right does the Government keep Free Citizens from trying the treatment of their choice? It’s one thing to act in an advisory role, but quite another to tell a person what he/she can or can’t try to survive.
      We need to get Government out of our personal choices.
      Vote Libertarian:

      • TIME

        Dave, DITTO!

      • Vicki

        Agreed. Vote Libertarian. Its the only way to be sure.

        • fatima

          dear friend, the present government is the one who plans to take your freedom away. As a refuge from other country where finally ended in losing all freedoms,and as a person who has walked hard roads, cherish and fight for your country today, tomorrow will be too late. The tea party and some republicans are there in the fight. Join them. The libertarians were part of the problem in many countries, they oppose many parts of the human freedom, then they joined forces with the left and in 150 years the freedom is gone around the world. Many people in others countries are putting our faith in the american people to destroy the radicals from the left and their alies and help to restore freedom for all. Think you as a woman , taken your rights and freedom away and be subjected to all kinds of abuses and be no able to do nothing about, that it is how millions of women oround the world are living today.

          • Kate8

            fatima, Thanks for your input.

            I hear from many immigrants from oppressive countries how disheartened they are about what is happening in America. Those of you who are speaking out to warn Americans about this danger are very much appreciated by those of us who see it, too.

            Too many Americans and immigrants will side with the democrat agenda because of the entitlements they receive. They don’t realize that they make a deal with the devil, and the government they consider their to be their benefactor will turn on and destroy them when they are no longer useful to give them power.

            Without America, there is no freedom.

          • Fed Up Gal in NM


            Thank you, for your very heart felt response to this article. It’s refreshing to hear or see comments from those who have lived in countries that chain their citizens to the government, in order to keep them in line. If we are not careful, we will (sooner than later) experience the same bonding effect. Thanks again for your perspective.

          • vicki

            With respect to your experience I ask you to study the difference between what you named libertarian which as you say worked to take freedoms (They are called liberals in the US) and the actual posision of the US Libertarian Party ( And we should ALL remember that any party can be corrupted either by power or by infiltration. That is why knowing first principals is so important.

            When ANY party ceases to uphold the Constitution they should be dumped.

            First Principle. YOUR creator gave you a gift even more valuable than life itself. YOUR Creator gave you the gift of choice. Free will.

            When ANY party ceases to uphold the RIGHT of the people to govern ourselves we need to dump them. Re read the Declaration of Independence. The Constitution. Our forefathers understood the importance of protecting the INDIVIDUAL rights of people and our exercise of our creators gift. The parties must be reminded that they exist BY OUR CONSENT. We must (re)learn this or perish.

      • Granny Mae

        agreed here too !

      • Mike In MI

        Alright, DaveH. -
        I surrender …I SURRENDER!!!
        The local League of Women Voters put out a blurb sheet on all the candidates running for local office. The Libs…Libertarians, that is make more down-to-earth straight-shooting sense than all the other side-winders out there.
        I probably wouldn’t have given them a second glance except I have enjoyed your posts and senseless humor.

      • Kate8

        DaveH, Here, here!

        I’ll bet there are quite a few folks you’ve brought into the Libertarian fold.

        While I don’t necessarily agree with all Libertarian ideas, I do most, and certainly more than jack*sses and packaderms.

        Good work.

  • K. A.

    Where can you buy this tea?

    • BigBadJohn

      readily available over the internet.

    • Carlucci

      You can get it from on the Internet. That’s where I buy it. They are located in Arkansas. Their prices are lower because they get the herbs from a nearby farm. You have to brew the tea yourself, but it’s not difficult. You also have to get used to the taste of it. To me it tastes like I am drinking a forest, but it’s really not bad at all. You might also want to check into ordering some Graviola capsules from Rainforest Nutritionals. It is also powerful prevention.

    • Paul

      Most quality health food stores also carry it.

  • charles cooke

    I’m interested in more info.

    dean cooke

    • aanniam

      The Herbal Health Academy has the herbs, prepared for use.
      They are very helpful also in how to use it.

  • Vertner Vergon

    Look into cesium chloride. It raises the body’s ph which in turn creates an oxygen rich environment. The oxygen kills cancer cells.

    This was written up on the internet by a Nobel Lauriat Dr.

    • Kate8

      Vertner, I can tell you that I’ve seen this one work.

      Increasing oxygen in the body burns out toxins, raises pH and destroys most pathogens.

      Another thing that kills cancer is the humble olive leaf. It works on most viral, bacterial and fungal infections, too.

      There are actually many things that work. The main thing is to increase oxygen, raise pH, cleanse and detox…and clean up one’s lifestyle!

      Also, don’t make the mistake of quitting oxygenation when the cancer tests gone. You will revert. Stay on it for at least 2 – 3 years. Forever is better! It’s a small price to pay for health.

  • Bob L

    Ditto Mr. Simpsons’ hemp oil, Nova Scotia, Canada.Many people were cured of terminal cancer, the judge refused to look at affidavits or hear one word of the crowd of witnesses he tried to exhibit. The RCMP destroyed his crop which he was selling,often giving away for the poor. It’s at It’s Run from the cure, under health. Time and more than time for a massive class action suit against the FDA, don’t you think?

    • TIME

      Bob, Your dead on Dude.
      Its works and I am living, breathing walking and talking proof of it.

    • Mike In MI

      Aye, Bob – Against Kathleen Sebelius and her whole HHS team of plastered bastard dastards.

      • Kate8

        Mike – They ALL need to be held to account.

        Who do they think they are that they have the power to decide who lives and who dies?

        A diabolical lot.

  • J.B.

    So who is selling this tea combination?

  • thomas jones

    i had prostate cancer took radiation it went in remission now mr psa has gone way up i would like to try this tea to see if it will help to keepthe cancer away

    • TIME

      Tom. hemp oil will do the trick and your cancer will be gone. Look up Run from the Cure the Rick Simpson story. Take an hour and watch.

    • eleanor

      THOMAS,My husband has a friend who had a high reading of psa test.Doc. wanted to operate,but my husband told him to take ( prostate essentials plus)from swanson his psa is normal again .what was funny, he told the doc. that he would give him my husband’s phone number if he wanted it.ha-ha

  • thomas jones

    i had prostate cancer it went into remission but the doctors think it is comming back i would like to try your tea. thank you THOMAS JONES

  • Polski

    Doctors are on the board of DRUG companies and FDA. They are all crooks. If you start out with the premise that all corporation executives, all politicians, and all government agencies/semi-government agencies are crooks, it’s much easier to understand how the world works.

  • BigBadJohn

    Another suppressed cure comes from Stanislaw R. Burzynski. The FDA tried to shut him down and arrest him for prescribing not approved drugs for cancer treatment.

    There was such a huge up roar from his cured patients that the FDA allows him to operate to this day. However you must first be diagnosed as incurable.

    Do some searches on his name.

  • http://none kenfmkenner

    The absolute facts about avoiding cancer are:

    Cancer cells cannot, repeat, CANNOT LIVE IN AN ALKALINE INVIRONMENT!

    Cander cells cannot, repeat, CANNOT LIVE IN AN OXYGEN RICH ” !

    So, keep your body ALKALINE and OXYGENATED!

    Get a small roll of :Nitra Test” paper. Cost about $40 but will last
    for years. Test saliva or more accurate test is to test urine.
    It gives your “ph factor” reading, whether you are alkaline or acedic.

    Get this book: “How to Fight Cancer & Win” by William L. fischer,

    Agora Health Books, Baltimore, Maryland. Get complete info on internet. Several “Home Remedies” are given consisting of food, repeat, food. I cured my cancer with two simple foods in combination several years ago and have continued using the recipe daily as part of my breakfast, just as a preventive. Good luck!

    • http://n/a Bernard Richardson Jr

      I was introduced to Alkalinized, oxigenated water several years ago. I have been very impressed with the results. Google Kangen water or Water of Life.

  • Mema Betty

    I have been studying cancer for 30 years. Flood your body with oxygen. Bring your body PH up. Chlorophyll, John Ellis Water, Vegetarian diet, Avocados, Dr. Young in California, Dr. Bruce West in California, Young Living Essential Oils, Homeopathy, The Herbal Healer in Arkansas, Daniel Chapter in Rhode Island. The government just put Daniel Chaper One thru the wringer in court and could use some help. They are wonderful people. The GOVERNMENT WILL EVENTUALLY SHUT DOWN ALL VITAMIN, HERBAL, AND ALL ALTERNATIVE TREATMENTS DOWN–IF WE STAND BY AND LET THEM.

    • Granny Mae

      Yes they will and they have been working on it for over 40 years ! Don’t give them an inch !

      • Mike In MI

        Granny Mae -

        They’ve been at it longer than that. The first great progressive president, Woodrow Wilson’s henchmen started putting everything that works in the natural healing arts, either out of reach ($, FDA), out of circulation (jailed doctors, laws) or out of mind (crazy, non-scientific basis). Then, for a price, let everything that had to do with medicine get a free pass because of the Rockefellers and all those long-chain carbon atoms they needed to find something to do with.

  • Carlucci

    Also, a great book that has been on Amazon’s best seller list for years is “Beating Cancer with Nutrition” by Patrick Quillen. Fantastic book.

  • JimBob

    Hi All,

    Essiac can be purchased from Essiac Canada International /WWW.vitamine; a Canadian company that became the owner of Nurse Cassie’s formula, by proper procedures, it appears. Check out Health Sciences Institute early 2010 newsletter (WWW. for the whole story.

  • Mike

    I had prostate cancer surgery 8 years ago today because I didn’t know any better. The doctor wanted to follow up with radiation, but I refused. About 3 years ago my PSA started rising and the doctor wanted to put me on Avodart and Cassadex or many weeks of radiation. I refused all of it and instead went to and followed his protocol. My PSA took a dive to “undetectable” and has been there ever since. THANK GOD

    Yes, apparently the FDA makes its decision based on $$$………much like The American Cancer Society.

    • http://deleted j.McConnell

      Everyone is claiming their product is best.
      At a desperate time in someone’s life who do you trust?

      • Marten

        The ultimate weapon to fight cancer is simple”KNOWLEDGE” but any disease can be healed; but not every Patient…got me

      • Kate8

        j.McConnell, There are MANY things that DO work.

        The three MUSTS: Cleanse, oxygenate, alkalize. Then use the product you like best.

        • Kate8

          One other thing. Don’t neglect the renewing of the mind. The world will respond to you according to what you believe about it.

          We are spiritual, energy beings. Our mind has tremendous influence over our state of well-being. If we think health, we will have health. If we fear illness…

    • Marten

      100% with you Mike, we call the the( Medical Mafia )

  • Bill

    Take a look at ( Graviola ) and make a report on it please! Its supose to be 10,000 times better than hemo.Thanks Bill in Texas.

  • coal miner
  • coal miner

    Essiac or Essiac Tea is a blend of herbs used to make a tea that is believed by some[1] to have cancer-treating properties. Originally used by Native American tribal medicine men, the recipe was rediscovered by a Canadian nurse, Rene Caisse, R.N. in 1922, as she was attending to a woman who had previously cured her breast cancer with an herbal remedy given to her by a North American Indian shaman in the 1890′s. Known as “Nurse Caisse” or “Miss Caisse”, Rene named her version of the recipe–her last name spelled backwards. She continued to help people suffering with cancer up until she died in 1978. In 1959, Caisse was working with Fawcett Publishing editor, Ralph Daigh and a major Boston hospital to conduct major testing on Essiac’s effectiveness. These efforts led to her involvement with John F. Kennedy’s personal physician, Dr. Charles A. Brusch, MD, of Cambridge, Massachusetts. In 1989, Dr. Brusch revealed that he had cured his own cancer using Essiac daily since his own cancer was discovered in 1984. Dr. Brusch continued Caisse’s Essiac work after her death. [2] The origin of the Essiac formula is believed to have its roots in native Canadian Ojibwa (Midewiwin) medicine. The basic Essiac formula contains greater burdock root (Arctium lappa), slippery elm inner bark (Ulmus rubra, formerly known as Ulmus fulva), sheep sorrel (Rumex acetosella), and Indian or Turkish rhubarb root (Rheum officinale).[3]

  • Carlucci

    Graviola Max capsules from Raintree Nutrition put my friend with pancreatic cancer in total remission. That was in 2007. I saw him last Christmas and he was doing great. I wish I would have known about it in 2005 when I lost my dear husband to the same thing.

    I take it a few times a week at night as a preventative (it makes me sleepy). Right now there is an American guy in federal prison who was healing people with it in Ecuador. The US feds actually used Interpol to capture him. That is how corrupt the pharmaceutical and medical system is in this nation.

    • Kate8

      Carlucci – Thanks. I’ve heard and read about graviola, but didn’t know anyone who had used it.

  • Norm Ford

    Sir Jason Winter’s herbal tea seems to have an excellent record.If you read his Life’s story you’d be amazed of the results.
    Has there ben any independent studies done on his products?


  • http://google Suzanne

    Doesn’t surprise me one bit. I’ll bet there is a cure for every disease, surpressed, of course. There is no money in herbs, not to the point that giant companies consider money. Shame on our Government!! Shame on the FDA, Big Pharma, and doctors who are in a box.

  • dianna

    does anyone know of something i can use for my husband? he had a stroke in 09, nov. his left arm and left leg were affected, some of his reasoning ability also. they said half his brain is gone. any one hear of anything? thanks so much

  • Lawrence Harris

    I had lung cancer in ’94. I was advised to undergo chemo and radiation after removing a lung. I elected to use essiac tea. My doctors said I was stupid. However, it is 2010 and I am still around. Did the tea work? No proof that it did, but there is no proof that it didn’t.

  • Grace

    Everyone has such good wisdom. David Wolfe’s The Sun Food Diet Success System is ‘a great read’ about food. Also, a friend of mine let me borrow his Kangan Water filter. It helped me get better lung healing. I experienced it myself after I had a bad experience inhaling a strong orange cleaner spray product. My pharmacist told me I had a mild lung burn that caused inflammation while I was busy getting a prescription filled for albuterol to treat the asthma I developed. Both the medicine and the water worked! I was better in about a month. The hydration and oxygenation was so healing for me. I learned that one has to be very careful with cleaners and especially spray cleaners and ones with fumes and oils. Ventilation and a protective mask and goggles and gloves are important when using them even when the label doesn’t mention it.

  • richard

    I have total trust in the FDA. Why should they stop legitimate medicines from being used….? Never heard of Essiac and I’m sure its snake oil again. Pharmaceuticals use scientific methods unlike alternative stuff which is just based on hearsay. They should all be banned and made illegal. Chemo and Radiation are the way to go………. The more people who use this stuff…the more business is generated for the Health industry. This produces more jobs and creates more wealth. Healthy people do not create more jobs nor wealth so what is the incentive to keep people healthy. Our whole economy is based upon consumption. The food industry creates Frankenfood for us to consume and eventually get fat and sick. Then after we are fat or sick, the weight loss industry kicks in or Big Pharma and the Health industry kicks in to further sell us products to keep us alive longer..if not healthy but alive at least. Living with Aids, living with Cancer, Living with HBP, living with Diabetes, living with Alzheimers etc etc…thats the way to go because it keeps the economy going and people employed. Imagine if we were all cured of these illnesses……fewer jobs, more unemployed, fewer profits for Big Pharma or Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers. You,might even lose your job, so think about it. You want to be perfectly healthy or jobless? Take your choice…….


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