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Supporters Of Arizona's Immigration Law Donate More Than $500,000 To Brewer's Legal Defense Fund

July 13, 2010 by  

Supporters of Arizona's immigration law donate more than $500,000 to Brewer's legal defense fundThe fund set up by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer to help the state defend its right to implement a controversial new immigration law has received more than $500,000 in donations since it was created on June 17.

According to the Associated Press (AP), more than 70 percent of the 9,057 contributions were submitted in the 48 hours following the Justice Department’s filing of a lawsuit challenging the Grand Canyon state’s new law, which it deems to be unconstitutional.

Donations have been received from residents of all 50 states as well as those living in the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

After contacting a number of Americans who donated to the fund, the news source found that the majority of contributors did so because they believe the Federal government has no right to stand in the way of Arizona attempting to protect its southern border.

Meanwhile, Brewer announced last week that she has cancelled this year’s United States-Mexico Border Governors Conference after Mexican officials threatened to boycott the annual meeting due to their condemnation of the new law, which is scheduled to go into effect on July 29, reports.

"The people of Arizona and the people of America support what Arizona has done," said Brewer. "For them to basically not attend here because of that, I think is unfair."

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  • http://?? Joe H.

    Did anyone see the report about MSNBCs poll on the law suit?? Over 95% of responders and there were over one million of them, were against the suit!! They couldn’t all be those pesky conservatives you libbies speak of!!!

    • http://personalliberty rob

      I did see and I participated in the poll…..I saw the same results..AGAIN, the LEGAL citizens are speaking BUT, will not be listened to. What I was mostly interested in was, WILL MSNBC post and discuss the results on a TV program…..WELL, to NO suprise, the results to my knowledge were never posted on TV….I was totally suprised MSNBC even ran this poll being such a supporter of leftwing politics. Remember this though, Republicans and Democrats alike are in favor of “AMNESTY”. ie: Mr. FLIP-FLOP, John McCain. “WE the PEOPLE” must be seen and heard..

      • slickporsche

        That will not happen until we pick up our weapons and have a show of force. Especially if we could get the majority of the military on our side, which I think is possible. It is really sad that brave Americans gave their lives so the country could be lost. Are there so few patriots that we cannot have a show of force and arms?

        • JackeeV

          Do you really think by weapons you can fix this problem! I’m sorry but maybe that’s why our troops are dieing in Iraq!because of people who think we should just kill every one who we don’t like. if we could all get along does a Hispanic Martin Luther king have to come around so that we can get along next thing we’ll be having Hispanics go to the back of the bus and separate restrooms. so childish! if us citizens would work harder maybe they wont take our jobs. if you haven’t noticed Hispanics are mostly in construction or in factories!

      • http://aol wayne a

        granted rob,McCain did flipflop,but at least he is now against amnesty.every poll i have seen has rep.overwhelmly against amnesty but i really haven’t seen any polls on the dem in congress.i’m afraid we won’t know their true colors until after the elections,so Americans make sure you do your research before voting!

        • http://personalliberty rob

          I truly don’t trust him, for that matter, politicians…McCain is up for re-election….WHY NOW is he all of a sudden against “AMNESTY”??? Where has he been all these years…Silent and deadly to allow AZ to get to this point that HIS state needs to ACT because the Feds won’t.. VERY disappointing to say the least….Box him into a corner, keep him accountable….We have been WAY to passive…Trusting…I am tired of RETORIC…

    • Leslie

      Actually, when I voted it was at 2,100,00 votes. Still a 95% for the law.

    • karen romano

      Joe H. – conservatives don’t watch MSNBC and thus did not see that poll. Only extreme left-wingers watch MSNBC.

  • Claire

    Joe H– I did not see MSNBC. Over one million? Geez, that is surprising. But then again, I am not one that pays much attention to polls. It depends on WHO is doing the polls.

    • TIME

      Hi Claire and Joe,
      The numbers as of now are well over 3.5 million votes in and its “96% in favor of the law,” (( and only 4% not in favor of the law.))

      And just a quick point, Folks I have said it before and I say this again; KEEP ON YOUR Congress and Senate people – fax, email call write what ever just keep on the gas and don’t stop!

      We are making a differance, but as you all know they are not going to post that on MSN nor CBS, ABC NBC, etc..
      But the light is coming on folks..

      Great work lets keep it up.

      Just for the record, I have seen the law suit, Its Doomed its so stupid.
      Holder may be able to make a monkey court jump with the rhetoric spin, but in a real court this will be tossed out for being even less than 100% frivolous it really looks like a 5 year old came up with this absurd suit.

      • TIME

        Oh and to address the nuts here illegaly as per the MSNBC interview.

        I would be happy to go to AZ and pick crops this winter.

        • Al Sieber

          Time, you could always come out and work for me, you might not see any civilization for awhile and might end up liking it. right now the temperature is 101* and by friday it could be 116*. we are now awaiting the arrival of the monsoon season. I usually only hire veterans and people over 55, but I have made exceptions. stay out of parts of Ariz. in the summer especially during excessive heat warnings. outside Death Valley, I live in the hottest part of the U.S. in 1994 it was 124* a few days one summer.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Al Sieber,
            Try the 95* temps we had last week in Ohio and 75% humidity, then tell me about heat! yours is a dry heat. When the Humidity just drains every ounce of energy you have it’s a killer, just opressive!!

          • Al Sieber

            JoeH, yeah, but you don’t have that heat day after for 30 – 40 days. 115* is hot no matter where you are.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Al Sieber,
            yeah but with gores global warming, we will have that heat and you will be more temperate!! HeHeHe. LOL!

  • s c

    If this world made sense (it doesn’t), and if some of America’s more filthy rich and famous people gave a damn about America (they don’t), then Governor Brewer would have access to BILLIONS or perhaps TRILLIONS of dollars.
    Sadly, the ‘big three’ [Soros, Buffet and Gates] seem to have serious problems with patriotism. If
    those who control certain incredibly rich foundations gave a damn about America, Governor Brewer would have even more funds to access for this struggle.
    When it comes to money, this will have to be the job of common citizens. At least the average men and women give a damn about America. So much for ‘certain’ rich and famous types. So much for their ‘patriotism.’
    If only WE could print money when we needed it the most, eh?

  • Jim H

    I am pulling for Arizona.I’m native american,and if I was in charge,the public would probably not like me too much,because I would completey shut down the borders.If someone from some other country,(not just mexicans)and did not have the proper documentation to be here,they’d be sent back to wherever,within a few days.This might sound strange,coming from a native american,but after a year,a lot of our rural hospitals,would start to do good.Illegals put a huge drain on our health system,and welfare systems.After a year or two,we could have a universal health care system,that would work without putting too much strain on the government.Most of the money that we’re sending to other countries would stop,and be used at home.We are suppose to be one of the greatest countries in the world,but if we were judged by the way we take care of,our old,sick,homelees people,and or children,we would score less than most third world countries.There should not be any homeless people in this country,there should not be any of our veterans living in boxes,and there should not be any excuse for a single child in this country going hungry,but our elected officialstry to make these people in these other countries,like them,whether they want to be or not.In some cases Charity begins at home,and that’s the way it should be now.

    • Claire

      Jim H — I agree with your post 100%.

      • Joe

        So true. I agree totally with you.

    • BrotherPatriot

      Yep…very accurate post and what is Jim using…?

      Common Sense.

      I mean seriously…if your a true American it’s not hard to come up with what needs to be done. Push all the politics aside and get to the core ROOT issues and to heck with how it hurts special interest, etc. Time to get real again, my brothers and sisters. We are in a very special time of the American History. A very special time for polititions and the media…we’ll see how they messure.

      A good place to start is to fire everyone who voted not to audit the Federal Reserve and the 4 Judges who voted against the 5 in favor of supporting the average American’s rights to be armed.

      We need to END the Federal Reserve. As soon as possible and then have our Government print our own legal tender just as Abraham Lincoln began to do before they assassinated him. Until then, they have their boots on our necks and not much will change.

      I LOVE ARIZONA…! All the rest of the states who aren’t in control of the Bilderberg equation needs to rally behind Jan Brewer and Arizona to show their loyalty to the American public!

      I cant’ wait for November!

      • JC

        Amen to all of that!
        And GO ARIZONA

    • papajoe

      Very well put Jim H. And I agree with everything you said. A job well done.

  • Sharon M Mancuso

    I agree with you also Jim. I am so fed up witth having to deal wittth illegals that are filling up our emeergency rooms & hospitals so ttherre is no room for the legal people. Please secure our borders now & keep the creeps out.. Come here legally & then ask for help.

    • Sutekh

      I agree with your sentiments, but until we get rid of our illegal-alien-in-chief, there will be no improvement in immigration. It is rather a conflict of interest for the man ultimately in charge of immigration to have an illegal alien aunt who has been on U.S. taxpayer-funded welfare for ten years while fighting deportation. That’s even stupider than Ronald Reagan appointing Leonel Castillo, the grandson of an illegal immigrant, head of the INS. Castillo knew quite well that he’d have been living in Mexico plowing corn under a thug government rather than sitting is a posh office with a government paycheck if his grandfather had been deported.

      Impeach Obama and deport him to whereever it was that he was born — pick the country under whose passport he traveled to Pakistan when U.S. citizens were blocked from traveling there, or the country he claimed to be a citizen of when he get a Fullbright scholarship. The inconsistencies in Obama’s story of his origins has more holes in it than Melvin Dummar’s story about how he was included in Howard Hughes will. And we smile and accept it as if our intelligence hasn’t been insulted.


  • ken

    Pass this law.

    No one may sell to or buy from, rent to or rent from, work for or employ anyone here illegally. They will be given no public assistence and will go to jail if they apply for it. Every offical must demand proof of legality if there is the slightest doubt and proof must be shown. Their children may not attend any public school and are not citizens even if born here because their parents were not supposed to be here in the first place.

    Once they see that they cannot eat, sleep, work of live here, and will face jail time…THEY WILL LEAVE ALL ON THEIR OWN!!!

    Problem solved.

    Now law makers that are sworn to up hold the constitution, Article 4 section 4 says that the U.S will provide that every state shall have a republican form of government, and the U.S. shall protect each against invasion.

    The U.S. by its law suit is denying Arizona a republican form of governmennt and they protect none against invasion.
    Hence they are the criminals!!!

    Throw all of the tyrants and traitors out.

    • BrotherPatriot

      Agreed! Well said, Ken!

      I mean seriously, just because some illegals get into America and then plop out a child…that child is an American Citizen? What kind of retard really thinks that’s proper? I feel for the young kiddo…but I definitely don’t think that child is an American.

      Very gently, but firmly…transport the illegals back to where they came from…including the baby. That child is not an American in my book. We need to make an amendment that prevents illegal parents from having a legal american child if it’s born on our side of the border. Fix this problem and suddenly they won’t be encouraged to cross illegally in the first place because the child will no longer be considered an American.

      Citizenship first and then that child would be recognised as an American baby.

      No more American-African, American-Mexican, American-Chinese…you either are a American, or your not. When WW2 happened and we took casualties, the report was how many Americans died…not how many of each type of Americans died.

      Oh, and ENGLISH is our national language…period. No more catering to the illegals once we get our Nation back and away from the Bilderberg type people.

      Common Sense, people. Common Sense.

  • J.M.R.

    what pisses me off is the term theres nothing we can do to remove illegals. hell no not when you don’t try, the rest of us know better. but we have found out the ass holes blacks in D.C. are not going to uphold our laws. impeach impeach

    • http://?? Joe H.

      I am caucasion and there are just as many Whites in Washington that are not enforcing the immigration laws as Blacks! Does the R in your screen name stand for Racist??

      • J.M.R.

        in case you didnt notice whos ahead of the doj

      • Al Sieber

        JoeH, I was waiting for someone to make this a racial issue, so you can’t say anything about black people any more even if their wrong and don’t follow the law? so we’re racists if we spot a injustice by people of color and speak out against them?

        • http://?? Joe H.

          when he says it is just Blacks and ignores the whites that are ignoring it as well then hell yes it’s racist!! I will even go as far as to say there are more whites supporting the lawsuit and trying to stop the closure of the borders! I think that Obummer is a lame brained goof ball and a horses azz and there are a couple of other blacks in government that are as well, but there are one hell of a lot of Whites that are, too!

          • Al Sieber

            Joe H, I see your point. I was mistaken.

      • http://aol wayne a

        it should have been black not blacks.

    • BrotherPatriot

      White, black, yellow, orange, blue, purple…it doesn’t matter. If your supporting the people in charge and the Bilderberg groups interest, your not an American. Period. I feel they are creating their own list by the way they are voting against the majority of us Americans and our will. All of them, no matter what color needs to be removed from their office and thoroughly investigated which will most likely find them guilty of Treason. This is why they are blocking all the current legal inquiries…but they will only be able to do this for so long before it all catches up to them. IF…if we are able to get real American representives back into Congress, the White House and the rest of our proper government. Until then all the howling in the world w/the proper evidence to back it up will not cause anything to change. If we don’t get them out of the government, we will be forced to use the 3rd box. (Ammo/powder box). My hope if this happens, is that our Military comes to our aid and that the police force of america as well turns with us as we revolt against the dictators in charge. It’s a scary thought but we just may have to go head hunting to get our country back. I hope we can do it w/out violence and through the legal system. November is goin to tell us alot about what our future is goin to bring to us.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Very well said!!! you have put it into words without making it na question of race. We have problems enough with people saying all conservatives are racist old white men without someone making a statement that makes it look like we are. That will only drive the fence sitters away and we might need them come November!!! Remember that!!!

  • Mary

    I agree with this law. I will help fund the fight to support this law for Arizona Governor Jan Brewer. She is a brave women to take on this issue.

    • http://ArizonasfundforJanBrewer Annie

      I don’t live in Arizona but I did send a contribution to Gov. Brewers fund. The govt. in DC sure knows how to suck every bit of life out of the American people of this country by challenging them in court. (sneaks) We’ll be paying for their lawyers to fight Az. I truly hope Az. wins their case because ILLEGALS are like roaches, once they are in you can’t get rid of them. A line has to be DRAWN. Send them back and then ALLOW them to come to America LEGALLY. Live by our rules like the rest of us have to. What does Washington not understand about the word ILLEGAL??????? Then again, the guy who is supposedly running this country is one illegal. He has never proved otherwise. Maybe that’s why he wants to grant amnesty to them. (because they’ll vote for him). GOD HELP US.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        I did as well and I signed about 10 petitions that came across my e-mail as well. I pray to God each night that this law stands firm and riteous!!!

  • RoyC

    We sent money to the defense fund this past weekend at Instead of tending to the problem, this administration is lawyering-up and trying to sue its own. I just read that Attny. Gen. Holder is developing a secondary lawsuit in the event the first one fails. I don’t hope our country fails, but I sure do hope the administration fails on this “misguided” lawsuit.

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    Our country is no longer the same country I was born in. How can the Federal Government sue a state? Our founding fathers are probably rolling in their graves! We are being invaded and our “leaders” are apathetic to the issue.

    People we must vote in November. This administration must be stopped!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      I was born in 1950 and I agree with you, this is no longer the country I was born in. When I was a kid, the law went after law breakers regardless of who they were. We slept with unlocked doors. I went to school with people of all colors and we got along fine, in fact I formed many good, unforgetable friendships!!!

  • Pat C

    I talked to a native arizonian and they were happy Chicago was supporting the Arizona governors stance/new law because he said it is a war zone in Arizona! (Chicago understands warzones!)I would like us not to use the word “controversial” when referring to this law. Rather: “the Law that mimics/enforces federal law that they refuse to enforce.” Words have power and I cringe whenever I hear the media chastising Arizona for what the feds aren’t doing like that doesn’t even come into play. S C is right too that we see where allegiances to America are and aren’t with this administration, the media and the elite and the”stars” is the only transparency I see.
    Not to change the posts focus but Jim H is dead wrong on Universal Health care!! Government control of anything is never effecient, moral,fair, decent or modern. The reason the health care system is a mess is because of governments hand in it as it is. I pay for the waste fraud and abuse of medicare, medicaid and all the mandates piled on my doctor, hospital and insurance. Free market truly free is what will work-it hasn’t been free since the 30′s. The US leads the way in all medical breakthroughs helping the world but that will not be the case any longer with the chains of the government. It will all be pay to play until the end-Obama the puppet for Soros will have changed American culture as he wished because he hates us so. This is Soros life work! and he is succeeding. Prayfully with what little time we have left we/all of America will continue to wake up

    • GregS

      Pat C, I agree with [almost] everything you said. However, unless I missed something, I don’t think Chicago supports Arizona’s new law. In fact, the Chicago City Council passed a resolution urging City Hall not to do business in the future with Arizona firms. Here’s a link that supports this:

  • Al Sieber

    Isn’t it strange they waited so long to file a lawsuit? our governor signed this bill in April, and it goes in effect the end of this month, which we were all hoping, now we have 2 lawsuits against the state of Ariz. another law goes into effect also this month which allows anyone the right to carry a concealed weapon without a permit and this means non residents also. I’m pretty well fed up being called a racist just because we want to protect our life, our property, families and jobs.

    • http://personalliberty rob

      Good point….Think about it….People against the AZ law believe the only way to address the AZ law is to “PULL” the race card…..”LEGAL” vs “ILLEGAL” will not be addressed….because they truly don’t have a leg to stand on….Pull the “RACE CARD” and you have a weak divisive stand….Any “ILLEGAL” alien should not even have the right to be heard…AGAIN, talk to me about “LEGAL” vs “ILLEGAL” and I will listen. Pull the “RACE CARD” and I TUNE you out.

      • Al Sieber

        rob, that is a very good point you make there, there’s to many other important issues we need to address without some idiot interupting you and calling you a racist and shouting you down. thats the only arguement they can come up with to get you off the subject.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Al sieber,
      i think the government mis judged the time it would take for the support to wane!!! I don’t think they would have filed if they thought it could result in them losing their jobs!! I definately think it will at that!!

  • http://msn Kerri

    Is it not a crime for our government not to enforce the laws of our country, and insted, prevent the laws from being enforce bringing harm to the American people? Just saying.

    • slickporsche

      It is a really big crime and one that our constitution condems. It also gives us the right to remove this government. WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR?

      • vicki

        We are waiting for November.

  • atomickitn

    I fully support AZ’s 1070 law.. the fact that it has been worded to mirror the FED law was perfect so that the feds would not contest it.. it just seems O- bozo the clown ( our pres) is grandstanding.. he to is an illegal..
    ok all important O -Bozo has yet to read our constitution or it’s amendments.. AZ will be invoking the 10th… read up on it.. not only that But several other states across our nation are preparing to pass the very same 1070 law that AZ is being chastised for.. Our government sucks azz period.. they are soo damm corrupt.. we the people also have the rite to remove the bozo the clown and revolt and also revolt against congress…

  • Norm Putman

    There isn’t any RACE card here, or anything about race… there is nothing but illegal mexicans coming across the line… They have been doing it for years, and the people who hire these illegal’s… and the government has been screwing up for all those years… So the people who should be sued here is the stupid government, especially the ones who do not want the border closed, you know who you are… Move them down there and let them live around the happenings that goes on there and let them see how they like it. They have no idea what’s going on out there, none – zip – notta!
    I really feel sorry for the border states, New Mexico says they don’t have a problem, sure, that’s what they would like you to believe, Texas has the problem, not as severe as the other two, but it’s there.
    Califrnia, still has a problem, but not as bad.
    People think that this is just an mexican problem, well think again you leftists, what do you want to call those terrorists mingling around on the other side of the border? Wait just wait
    until a dirty bomb goes off in one of our cities… the three thousand that was killed in NY will be most likely the amount of people ‘left’ alive in New York, after a dirty bomb explosion goes off… and they’ll most likely die of radiation, this is no damn joke, it will happen one of these day’s, if that border is not
    secured and monitored, something really, really bad will happen…

    So give praise to the Governor for doing what should have been done by the government years ago. I think she should get more support from the other states that have the same problem, look at California, damn near bankrupt because of the illegal mexicans, and what else that comes up from the south.
    Not to mention the drugs, it’s just amazing that the government has let this go on and on. Their power just may be preventing the border closure, how else would they get drugs across?
    Unless you are a swimmer guess you’d have to fly (which already is happening) but that is an easy containment. A-10 one way.

    All I have to say is….

    America, have a great day… and close that damnable border ASAP

  • atomickitn…please sign and forward to as many as you can… the time is now for the American people to take a stand and take back their country its values and its government… don’t be fooled you have the rite and the power to impeach bozo the clown.. write to your congressman, email your governor, what ever it takes… I urge you to sign this

  • atomickitn
  • atomickitn

    use the link above.. thank you .. america will thank you

    • http://?? Joe H.

      i signed that one about a week ago! I hope it works!

  • mavis

    do we really care if the mexican officials won’t come over here, I say good, they might decide to disapear and
    join the millions of illegals already here and we would be paying all their expenses too. Great going Jan Brewer
    I like the way you call a spade a spade. If you think this country is great remember to vote this November and
    help us to change America back to the Shining City On The
    Hill under the protection of Almighty God !!!!!!mehpensacola,fl

  • http://umuu tunji

    i have to go moved out all my families in arizonal im afraid for them

  • Ken Viva

    This invasion of the USA must stop.
    When people say that “This is a nation of immigrants” they conveniently omit the word LEGAL from that sentence!
    Wake up America!
    Support Arizona!

  • kebozarth

    My only question about the recently enacted Arizona Immigration Law is whether it would apply to red-blooded American-born Arizona Citizens and if so, how.

    I’ve personally witnessed how this kind of “show me your papers comrade” law was used to criminally intimidate and oppress people in China.

    It sounds good on its face and I completely support Governor Jan Brewer in her efforts to guard Arizona’s southern border but not at the expense of our God-given unalienable Liberties including the right of unimpeded travel within Arizona by all State Citizens.

    What say you?

    • AJRPA

      This is from an e-mail i received, and it is so true!:

      I’m a legal American citizen and I must show my ID when:

      1. Pulled over by the police.
      2. Making purchases on my department store credit card.
      3. When I show up for a doctor’s appointment.
      4. When filling out a credit card or loan application.
      5. When applying for or renewing a driver’s license or passport.
      6. When applying for any kind of insurance.
      7. When filling out college applications.
      8. When donating blood.
      9. When obtaining certain prescription drugs.

      10. When making some debit purchases, especially
      if I’m out of state.
      11. When collecting a boarding pass for airline or train travel.

      I’m sure there are more instances, but the point is that we citizens of the USA are required to prove who we are nearly every day!

      Why should people in this country illegally, be exempt!!!!!

      Why shouldn’t we guard our borders as closely as every other country in the world does?

      • AJRPA

        One added thing:

        kebozarth says:
        July 14, 2010 at 12:57 am
        My only question about the recently enacted Arizona Immigration Law is whether it would apply to red-blooded American-born Arizona Citizens and if so, how.

        The law states ID will only be demanded if stopped for another infringement of a law. If you don’t break any laws, you will not be stopped! Even here in PA we have to show the cops ID if we are stopped for anything. Even a broken tail light!

        They do stop us and require us to show ID during sobriety checks, which I do not completely agree with.

  • GregS

    I really love that lady (Jan Brewer)! If she ran for President, I’d vote for her in a heartbeat! Of course Arizona needs her now, so I guess I’ll be happy with that. The people of Arizona are quite lucky to have her for a Governor. My prayers are with her through these trying times.

  • phil mason

    These comments are for the most part dead on. Lets continue to do something. M.Obama says the blacks should turn up the heat. Well lets show her we can do the same. I have sent money to conservative candidates across the country. Answered the poles. NOW LETS BOYCOTT CALIFORNIA WINE UNTIL WE CAN FIND A BETTER WAY TO SUPPORT ARIZONA! DRINK OREGON, TEXAS wines OR ANYTHING BUT CALIFORNIA. MAYBE THEY WILL GET THE MESSAGE TO FIX THEIR OWN PROBLEMS AND LET ARIZONA FIX THEIRS’!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      We have some decent wines here in north-east Ohio! try our ice wines!! Very good!

  • Sheran Ashby

    Each state should be able to defend itself. Especially when we can’t get the DOJ to do it’s job. Good for you Jan Brewer. More states need to enact this legislation. Just think of the tax dollars this would save.
    Phil Mason is right on, boycott California wine and buy from any other state but them. New York, MIssouri, Texas, Oregon have great wine. There’s still Italy and France if you have to do that too.


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