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Supersizing Stupidity

December 21, 2010 by  

Supersizing Stupidity

Listen to some and you might think McDonald’s is as morally bankrupt as your friendly neighborhood crack dealer. Imagine Ronald and the Fry Guys slow-rolling through the ‘hood, pushing Quarter Pounders on poor Grimace and the Hamburglar. You should listen to reason instead. The belief that a multinational fast food chain would deliberately shorten the lives of their own clientele is sillier than “Nader 2012.”

Last week, the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) announced that they had “recruited” a California woman to sue McDonald’s. Although the CSPI has been assaulting what it perceives to be threats to the public waistlines (if not the public taste buds) since its inception, its occasional shrieks have generally been met with the same yawn I expel each time Ed Schultz mimes intelligence. The CSPI’s food-Nazi forays have accomplished little more than info-taining labels on food we already knew was god-awful for us (So…Twinkies are not health food? Thanks, CSPI!).

But the CSPI’s newest ticket in the lawsuit lottery carries a twist: Instead of the usual frivolities involving some gravy-sweating hulk who blames Mayor McCheese because he can’t leave his bed without help from the Army Corps of Engineers, CSPI has Monet Parham.

When it comes to dining on McDonald’s finest fare, Parham appears to have demonstrated some restraint. However, she has ceded her children’s nutritional needs to Mickey D’s (not that they auditioned for the role). The idea that California’s CFSD hasn’t yanked her children from her care is a far better question than whether special sauce should be marked as a class III narcotic.

Parham claims that McDonald’s offer of free toys in “Happy Meals” causes her insurmountable parental problems.

“I object to the fact that McDonald’s is getting into my kids’ heads without my permission and actually changing what my kids want to eat… I am concerned about the health of my children and feel that McDonald’s should be a very limited part of their diet and their childhood experience.”

Parham’s daughters are 6 and 2. Perhaps she should try my mother’s sage advice:

Finish your vegetables.”

The suit claims that McDonald’s packaging of toys with their immensely popular Happy Meals is too alluring for children to resist. The suit further claims that people like Parham, therefore, require protection from what the CSPI claims is advertising which “exploits a child’s developmental vulnerability“; plus attorney’s fees (of course).

God forbid she cooks her kids a meal. Now, Parham wants to punish McDonald’s for her own inability to display rudimentary parental skills.

But there’s more to this sordid tale than meets the eye. Parham isn’t merely the CSPI’s latest stooge. Parham is also known as Monet Parham-Lee. And she works for the already-suffering taxpayers of the State of California; specifically, Parham-Lee works on a Federally-funded (your tax dollars at work, kiddies!) program designed to teach kids to eat their vegetables.

There’s a serendipitous alliance of an extraordinarily stupid woman and a liberal group which is working toward an ultimate goal of the Federal government feeding us like gerbils at some Ministry of Nutrition; and then there’s outright conspiracy.

Perhaps Parham-Lee has silly putty for a spine and really is cowering before her kids’ demands to visit Ronald, in which case she’s unfit to have children — or even a hamster. Perhaps the food Nazis at the CSPI recognized that at random, and decided to exploit her apparent unwillingness to discipline her children. However, the smart money says these two culinary crusaders met by less than chance.

McDonald’s placement of toys in the meals is obviously an effort to entice children. The Parham-Lee/CSPI suit alleges:

Children… influence the purchasing decisions of their parents. McDonald’s exploits that influence, by bombarding children with advertisements for Happy Meals with toys, knowing that it will result in kids nagging parents to purchase nutritionally poor Happy Meals for their children…”

Parham-Lee, the CSPI, and the ambulance-chasers who represent them are absolutely correct. Well-crafted advertisements DO influence children to nag their parents. However, the suit doesn’t mention the fact that well-crafted parents can — and often do — say “NO.”

Ultimately, Parham-Lee is:

  1. A sniveling idiot who lacks the fortitude to deny her children Shrek figurines.
  2. A slithering cretin who is deliberately using her children as sock puppets to push a nanny-state agenda.
  3. A sadly misguided woman who is being shamelessly exploited by the parasites at the CSPI.
  4. Some combination of the above.

CSPI needs no clarification; “nosy killjoys” fits the bill. As for the lawyers representing the plaintiffs in this waste of time, money, and justice: Shakespeare’s Henry VI, Act IV, Scene II says it best: “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.”

I’m off to McDonald’s — and I DO want fries with that.

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • DaveH

    Decades ago, McDonald’s was a big supporter of the Liberal left. Now, apparently, they have learned their lesson, and surprise, surprise, they are squarely in the Liberal crosshairs:

    What else can you expect from ruthless, Liberal Idealogues?

    • Vicki

      We have warned time and again when the elite is done with “Useful Idiots” they will be thrown aside or if convenient to the plan they will be “thrown under the bus”.

    • Wild Bill

      This is just more PBS,not the public broadcasting system,which itself is PBS,I mean Pure Bull Shit.It is way past time for Americans to “just say no” to the liberal/leftists agenda for social engineering.I think that the liberal politicians infesting congress should be fed a steady diet of “knuckle sandwiches” until they get the message that we are tired of what they are doing to our republic.I will bet they would not like that “supersized” or have .fries with that.
      Wild Bill

      • Iam

        People who are too cowardly to say “No” to their children will never have the necessary backbone to say “NO!” to leftists.

  • DaveH

    What is more detrimental to your health than trans-fats, salt, and sugar? Try starvation, the next Frontier brought to us by the Liberal Nanny State and their intrusive Big Government.

    • Al Sieber

      Dave, you got that right, thanks for bringing it up.

    • Vicki

      I wonder if the CSPI is aware of how long in seconds people would last if all the salt were to be removed from their bodies. Or all the sugar.

    • kate8

      DaveH – The House just passed the food bill.

      This is an end to food freedom. Now they can tell us what we can and can’t eat, what farmers can and can’t grow. And what WE can and can’t grow in our own back yards.

      This, just as they take over the internet, repeal DADT, and are poised to pass START.

      Silencing the conservative media is next.

      Have we had enough yet?

      • Vicki

        “So Sunday night, the Senate raised it as an amendment to a completely unrelated bill from the House of Representatives—H.R. 2751, the Consumer Assistance to Recycle and Save Act!”

        Just another reason we should beat on them daily to pass the
        One Subject at a Time Act

        • Average Joe Patriot

          The “Consumer Recycle and Save Act”…completely unrelated?

          Maybe, maybe not, people. Dig through those dusty old boxes of 1970s Charleton Heston movies. Look for “Soylent Green.” Perhaps there is a connection, in name at least.

          Don’t let us get our hopes up, S.510 and HR 2751 are just too damned important to the FDA, FTC, Codex Alimentarius globalists, and Big Agri/Big Pharma, and Big Energy to NOT get the funding they want.

          They can give hundreds of billions of our dollars to the criminal banksters, I doubt they’ll hesitate to scrape up 1.4 billion for the power to shut off our natural food sources and put local and family farmers into the Monsanto bread line. And the rest of us into the hands of the medicos whether we like it or not.

          Why else would this insanity have been proposed in the first place? Let alone keep popping right back up no matter how many times concerned citizens (petition signatures, letters, blogs, and phone calls to our representatives numbering in the millions)…no matter how often we thought we’d killed it? This sonuvabitch was Freddy Kreuger from day one. It won’t die now for want of another billion and half of our money.

      • Vicki

        Oh and you can use this handy campaign to thank or spank your

      • JeffH

        Kate8, it did pass but there is still an outside chance that it may not get the funds needed to enact it.

        Food safety bill passes Congress, but issue of funding looms. This bill needs at a minimum of $1.4 Billion, which of course would need to be borrowed.

        Keep after Congress to stop the funding of this bill…a stretch I know, but a necessity.

        • kate8

          Vicki, JeffH -

          We are dealing with powers bigger than our Congress. I really don’t think they have much power anymore. Much like Canada, they’ve rendered themselves nothing more than symbolic, used to serve foreign masters in forcing the NWO down our throats, as we kick and scream to deaf ears.

          Thanks for the link, Vicki. I keep going through the motions, but the blatant treason of these defeated legislators is sickening.

          • JeffH

            kate8, believe me when I say; I know what you’re saying is oh so right.

          • Average Joe Patriot

            I’m afraid Kate that, of late, “going through the motions” is exactly the phrase for it. Are the rest of the people around us brain dead?

            Actually, many of my friends, acquaintances, even family members are also sickened by what’s being done to us, but do little or nothing. They speak in lowered tones. They don’t want to hear the warning: “INCOMING!” anymore, they’re suffering shell shock from the increased tempo of the assault on their once assumed American way of life. They appear to be in some weird version of denial wherein they already feel they know too much, don’t wish to hear any more, and show signs of distancing themselves out of a perceived need for self-protection. Sort of like Salem, during the witch trials, Nazi Germany in the mid-thirties, or Hollywood during the McCarthy investigations.

            I’ve actually been cautioned by a family member that raising these alarms in e-mails will merely draw enemy fire and certainly do no good; and perhaps the better part of valor would be to shut the hell up and duck as best I can with the rest, so as not to get others hurt by association.

            The message I’m getting is that smart people know when they’re beaten. This, from people who once called themselves proud to be “Americans.” May not be much longer before many of us find ourselves being taken in for questioning. They’ve had us in their databases, after all, for quite some time. All that Orwell’s vision lacked was modern technology and GMOs. The rest of it’s either already coming, or already become, true.

            Bit late to tuck tail and run now. There’s nowhere to hide.

      • Bellatruth

        Corporations are given the ‘right’ to sell any chemically poisonous food they like, employ ANY intrusive method to sell their product, AND they are protected by the laws your so called ‘elected’ representatives make. While I agree with the author that anyone can just say ‘no’, the food is actually an unhealthy choice, and one’s health IS adversely affected, even after just ONE meal from similar fast food junk corporations. If eaten on a regular basis, even a few times a week, the likely hood of cancer and heart disease developing in children and adults is at a MUCH higher risk. Would corporations put their customers at this kind of peril? YEP. Especially since it will later benefit other, larger corporations like the pharmaceutical industry, medical schools and universities, nutritionists, etc… all which make a huge profit out of treatment and taking the opposite stance of the corporate food industry! Problem, Reaction, Solution instigated by government then loops right back around the fascist merry-go-round. I think the author is in denial that some food is created to get people chemically ‘hooked’. Let him say ‘no’ or be one of those who runs to get his cholesterol lowering and heart medication.

    • Average Joe Patriot

      DaveH: “What is more detrimental to your health than trans-fats, salt, and sugar? Try starvation, the next Frontier brought to us by the Liberal Nanny State and their intrusive Big Government.”

      Of course, I agree, in theory. Food poisoning though, that’s more detrimental…but, they don’t do it that way. You can survive weeks without food, a sufficient amount of poison can kill you in seconds. The Standard American Diet (SAD) is so loaded with toxins it takes yet more toxins (pharmaceuticals, many of them before, during, and after expensive surgery) to treat the long term effects.

      They’ve been poisoning us, incrementally and increasingly, knowing that outright starvation, while an excellent population control technique, can get messy (ask Stalin, ask the Georgians; ask General Sherman, ask those other Georgians…ours). But, hey, why not do both? While pretending we’re the “best fed nation in the world?” Hell, let’s export it while we’re at it. I.e., make all the victims pay for it, then tell them it’s their fault?

      Among other things like natural proteins, fiber and vitamins, the human body needs omega-balanced fats, mineral salts, and natural sugars. If humans had not figured out how to acquire them in nature, we’d be having no such thread as this. We wouldn’t exist.

      However, the substitution of trans-fats, aluminumized de-mineralized table salt and MSG, and refined table sugar (and now HFCS and aspartame) for what our bodies require have given us: rampant heart disease and cancer, high blood pressure and mineral deficient bones, diabetes and Alzheimers and attention deficit disorder, historically unprecedented obesity, etc.

      Natural nutritionists are still trying to figure out what else has gone wrong with us in the last six decades or so (after maybe 600 millenia of such maladies being rarities, rather than the current human norm).

      Sure, if you were either too young or too old, too slow to avoid or defend yourself against savage predators, you died that way, part of the food chain. Now the predators often wear white coats and work in labs, pharmacies, and medical establishments. They work for Monsanto, Bayer, Merck, Johnson and Johnson, the World Health Organization. Medical treatment is the, what, fourth largest killer in America by their own admission?

      What’s worse than a Nanny State? An Evil-Nanny State, Nannies who can’t be unaware they’re keeping most of their wards alive longer, while bilking them of their health, and their wealth, in the process. Knowing that with each passing day or year or bit of legislation, they can pull the plug on more of us, any chosen number of us, at any time of their choosing.

      Don’t be reassured simply because no one’s rapelling into your or your neighbor’s family truck garden, just yet. They’ve come a long way already, outlawing organic raw dairy products, irradiating shipped foods, outlawing and regulating natural supplements, terrorizing natural food growers for telling the scientifically researched truth about organic food benefits, shutting down electronic cigarette distributors, making it illegal to put B vitamins in alcoholic beverages or to notify people that niacin lowers cholesterol better and more safely than expensive prescription drugs…these are a fraction of Nanny’s accomplishments in the last 50 years.

      Some of us believe, with the Food Safety bill sneak-attack coming right on top of Obamacare, they’ve tipped their hand. Still, the majority have no clue what’s just been done to us last Sunday evening, it wasn’t on TV. They still believe Nanny wouldn’t do such a thing. That’s what naive children always believe right up until the Evil-Nanny shoves their heads under the fluoridated, chlorinated bath water. Right after their afternoon Monsanto cookies loaded with the excito-chemical aspartame and trans-fats, white table sugar and Morton salt, and big glass of tap-water-diluted dead pasteurized milk.

      Just before nap time. A nice long nap, children. Not to worry, this little unpleasantness will be over soon, and Nanny will tuck you in.

      Why might they do this? Because, let’s face it, when the sheep farm gets overpopulated, you have to start thinning the herd. Nanny’s certainly not going to start with herself, is she? No, who’d be left to govern? No, she’ll start with you. You want fries with that reality? You’d be aghast at what’s in them, and it’s not organic potatoes and virgin olive oil, sprinkled with sea-salt (which happen to be very tasty, quite nourishing, and won’t gunk up your arteries, mess with your blood pressure, or add useless pounds owing to the fact that your body can’t properly burn the calories you derive from them).

      I love properly cooked French fries. I think Ben Crystal writes clever and funny. I also think he could have gone a level or two deeper into the issues, here. This lawsuit’s probably a false flag fight, designed to make us, who are nutritionally educated, aware, and concerned, look like tinfoil hat wingnuts. It’s surely not going to worry Big Agri, or McDonalds, the FDA or anyone else. Why should it? They’re winning, we’re losing.

  • s c

    Hopefully, McDonald’s learned a lesson or two about p r and the general health of their customers (no, they’re NOT in the healthy food business, folks). When it comes to the rest of the nation’s food suppliers, they will have to learn the hard way that there is a huge price to be paid for supposedly “meeting the needs” of the people (and getting and keeping us sick). That is the SAME approach used by drug pushers (drug cartels AND Big Pharma).
    America’s smiling, overpaid whores in Congress line up for easy campaign bucks, and the American people are expected to endure the unholy triad of the AMA, FDA and Big Pharma, who NEVER hesitate to put MONEY before LIVES.
    In effect, we have an Agent Orange mentality running our food supply (AND healthcare). ‘Americans will eat anything and like it’ seems to be the operating motto of those retarded geniuses. ET TU, you sons-of-scum.
    May you get a serious dose of what you’ve been pushing at us for at least 30 years. God help the American people. Our ‘food saviors’ and our healthcare guardians WON’T. The money is too good and too easy for them to mend their disgusting, obscene ways.

    • Al Sieber

      Good post sc. I heard S510 did pass, do you know?

      • Tim

        It did pass the Senate but went dead in the House. Then they snuck it into a dead Veteran’s appropriations bill HR 3082. They erased everything inside the bill and replaced it with the Food Modernization Act info. Since the bill had already jump through previous procedural hearings all it needed was some time to debate. The Dems fixed that though and changed the rules. Two hours after the rules changed they voted on the bill. Amazingly it failed even with the rule changes. Seems there were some Dems still against the bill.

        Act now though, they placed the Food language into HR 2751 and its going to vote TODAY, 12/21.

        I’ve called my rep, so should you, emails are ineffective, if you haven’t called your rep do it now, its easy, go to

        Type in your Zip code on the right, click on your rep(s) for your Distric. Call the number provided. When they answer simply say, Can you please have Representative XXX vote NO on house resolution 2751?

        They might take some info, then just say bye. Easy Peezy.

        • DaveH

          Good Post, Tim. I won’t waste my time contacting my Liberal Lame-Duck candidate, as I’m sure she could care less.
          But we must keep the fire burning for the 2012 elections, reminding everybody how the Dems used every sneaky trick in the book to get their way.

        • kate8

          TIME – It passed the House. Odumbo WILL sign it.

          • Vicki
          • Average Joe Patriot

            Right, Kate. And then have a hissy fight with Michelle over that damned organic garden on the White House lawn, and all those concerned statements she’s made about childhood obesity.

            “Christ, Michelle, what sort of message are we sending, here? Bill Clinton was a walking advertisement for McDonalds while Hillary tries to ‘reform’ healthcare, now I reform healthcare and prepare to sign off on S.510/HR:2751 while you campaign against McDonalds! What sort of CF does this look like to the public? And where the hell did you hide my cigarettes this time? And my Hair-Color For Men…I saw myself on TV today, I look like hell while you get primped and pampered in European spas. Call Emanuel, tell him we’re sending Airforce One over for some decent Chicago-Style Pan Pizza tonight, he’ll make the arrangements on the other end. Don’t give me that look, either I get the pizza or he doesn’t get to be mayor. Tell Rom I said that. What? What the hell are we doing in Hawaii? Oh, yeah. The birther thing, gotta make it look good at Christmas. How many hours from here? Screw it, scramble a jet squadron. Tell them no broccoli. They mess up, they draw straws as to which Axis of Evil country they get to go strafe at treetop level, with the CIA providing rockets…to the other side.”

    • Bruce D.

      SC are you saying you want government to make hamburgers and french fries illegal?

    • Jerry D

      I don’t know about you, but I have the character not to eat too much fast food fare. But, if I want to get some once in a while, it’s my business – not yours or the government’s. For your information, most of the food you buy on the grocer’s shelves is filled with different types of chemicals to lengthen shelf life that is not good for you. Our government has done an extremely poor job of looking out for our welfare because it’s not the business of government to legislate common sense.

      • eddie47d

        What common sense? That went out the window years ago. I love folks who say they want government out of their lives.Yet they won’t confront these big corporations who put all these chemicals in their foods. Where is their concern for your welfare? Why are so many chemicals put into these products to make them taste better irregardless whether or not they are healthy for you? Once people are hooked on a product or a particular food they will buy that same product even when it is harming them. We certainly don’t have a diabetic or oversized society because we care for ourselves.The sheeple have bought into all these marketing ploys and are hooked;line hook and sinker. Okay Ben,Did you say you wanted those fries super-sized?

        • Bruce D.

          You just made a good case why we should not be forced to pay for the health care of those who do not choose to live a healthy life style. In my opinion you can eat whatever you want a few times a week but the majority of your meals should be eaten for the health of the body. Also bodies are not all created equal and those prone to sickness really need to eat healthy and exorcise or expect sickness as the consequence.

        • chupaa

          Then don’t buy the food if it is so bad. That’s how you beat the corporations. If you don’t like it don’t buy it, but don’t make us suffer and take our freedom to choose b/c you idiots cant think for yourselves and want some bureaucrat to do your thinking. Let us make the decision not the govt…! dumb asses..Merry Christmas…

        • DaveH

          Don’t buy their foods, Eddie. It’s as simple as that. When people quit buying their foods they will change or go out of business. Why do Liberals always have to make everything so complex, when the real solution is so simple? Wait, don’t answer that rhetorical question because I know the answer – It’s all about building Government bigger so the leaders and their cohorts gain in wealth and power.

          • Kate8

            Back when my elder daughter was a baby, we were on a road trip and stopped for a quick bite at a McDonald’s. Had never been to one before.

            The food was so disgusting that we NEVER went to one again. And I don’t recall it ever having been an issue with the kids.

            Michelle would much rather have our kids eat GMO veggies, sure to poison them while supplying next to nothing in nutritional value. If they get the food bill through, we’ll have no other choices.

            Do you suppose they’ll inspect our homes for hydrophonics growing in the basement?

          • Richard Pawley

            Kate, don’t live in fear or they have already won. Grow as much non-hybrid vegetables and berries as you want. Eat better yourself, and when the future comes we will deal with it then. A grade school drop out (who was worth a hundred million dollars when he told me this) said that 95% of the things we fear never happen and the other 5% we couldn’t change anyway. Live, not for today, but in today. Even Jesus said that “today has enough trouble of it’s own. Leave tomorrow for tomorrow” but also prepare for it. Good luck and Happy New Year.

        • eddie47d

          Dave,are you always going to use that tired old argument, “just don’t buy it”?All fast food restaurents and food company products have chemicals in them that are not good for you.The majority of Americans buy these food products because organic and range free products are expensive. Maybe you have that luxury to eat well everyday and I certainly try but it’s hard to avoid when they all do it. It’s probably even harder for lower middle class and poorer folks.So let’s get real in what is out there and who is selling it.

          • DaveH

            Are you always going to sit on your butt and have others make your personal decisions?
            Why do you think healthier foods are more expensive? It’s because that is what the market will bear, supply and demand. Healthy undoctrinated foods would become cheaper if lazy people like yourself would quit buying the processed foods while suffering the unreasonable dreams that Government will take care of you.
            It is always in your power to hire companies or other groups that will make your decisions for you. What we’re talking about is your bullies forcing their decisions on the rest of us. Hire your own help. We don’t want it.

          • DaveH

            And those poor folks are poor, Eddie, because the Government you Liberals hire to take care of us (whether we like it or not) is expensive. Some of them, of course, are poor because they just plain don’t want to make any effort.
            Isn’t it interesting that the poverty rate is relatively unchanged over the last 60 years, even as Government during that time has grown dramatically.

          • DaveH
          • JeffH

            DaveH, why is it that taking personal responsibility is so hard for the liberals to understand? Wait, I already know you’ve answered that question a hundred times and it isn’t rhetoric, it’s the simple truth.

          • TIME


            Please there are chemicals in everything you eat to include even fresh foods at the store. Its in the water, yet at 61 years old now I am 170 lbs, 6′ 1″ tall with a BFR of 7.5% ~ and I eat like a ten Crows per day.

            But I also walk 5 miles a day, I still do a full hour of Karate per day. Why? Its a habbit, just like when people stuff their faces and sit on their butts and do nothing, and think thats within the standard of being normal. Its not ~ its absurd.

            My point is its a mental issue not chemical issue that make’s people Fat, Lazy, and Aggressively Stupid.


          • Richard Pawley

            Yet we still pay less than most nations in the world for food. How do the poor manage in England, France, Italy, Greece, Japan (where food costs one third of average income)? I don’t know but at least they get quality food, not the crap that most Americans have come to associate with what we call food. The poor here, some 43 million, and the number continues to grow, get food stamps so their food is paid for by the taxpayer, choose what they have been trained to eat, and only a very few are educated enough to know that 91% of soybeans and products with soybeans in them, are from unnatural genetically engineered soybeans, which are not even healhy if they were natural. The same is true with over 80% of corn and now beet sugar (any suger not called cane sugar). Better to eat grass fed beef once a week that supermarket meat three or four times a week. Better to eat range free chickens and organic eggs from a farmer you know than what is sold in super markets. Do they buy whole grain bread or the white stuff, honey and cane sugar, or high fructose corn sugar? Disease doesn’t fall out of the sky and you can’t eat what average Americans eat without getting the diseases that average Americans get. The 111th Congress has been a national disgrace, entending unemployment for three years rather than passing legislation that will create jobs. Don’t they know that Denmark had unemployment for five years and people got jobs within six weeks after it ran out. To save money Denmark had to cut unemployment back to 4 years and then the people found a job (on average) within 6 weeks of when it ran out, same as before but a year earlier. We should have at least a diminishing unemployment, as it proceeds, a reason to seek work. Of course with Congress giving the banks and the owners of the Federal Reserve System all the money they want then it’s only fare to give some to those who are negatively affected by the decisions of those in the bank and in Washington. What’s going to happen in a few years when there are food shortages in this nation? No one seems to be address that but maybe the 150 to 200 thousand a year who move out of the country. We have one more chance to slow things down, none to stop them, because we have allowed our representatives, Democrats and Republican alike, to squander our monies. It is past time to wake up, people. This is the real deal, not a dry run. If you can’t get the Tea Party and enough of the other two parties to vote for an never before done audit of the Federal Reserve than pack up your bags and move to Patagonia or someplace else just as remote.

        • eddie47d

          Dave H. The smartazz; Now we are all lazy because we have a difference of opinion. Talk about not reading what is said(as you always like to accuse others of doing). I eat fairly well and seldom buy processed foods. I probably have had 3 or 4 TV dinners in my life and not within the last 30 years. It’s cheaper to fix a complete meal from fresh than to buy a boxed meal with the same ingredients. I seldom go to McDonald’s,Taco Bell or Carl’s Jr,,etc. Maybe 6 times a year between all of them. Not all fresh foods are organic so you buy the best you can afford. You know Dave,staying within your budget and being responsible. Oh, I forgot liberals can’t do that!!! I’ve been in grocery stores where carts are piled high with processed foods. I’m sure you have too. So you need to wake up to the reality of what is really going on out there. These people won’t change their habits because our corporate economy keeps telling them it’s okay to buy this junk. It’s like the Marlboro man of the 50′s and 60′s telling folks how romantic and rugged it is to smoke. Our corporates will sell Americans and the world a pile of manure if they could put it in a nice little box. Maybe you didn’t fall for their bile but millions did. We all have paid for the cigarette scam and now you want folks to keep falling for the food scam. Just so you can keep you favorite corporations in business and bully the public into buying their products. I know, maybe you have stock in Kraft Foods or Dunkin Donuts or whatever. You want other people to buy crappy foods so you don’t loose your investments. These corporations make billions from poor nutritional products and because “you are wise” you say to hell with those who have been conned. People buy what they see and often don’t think of the alternatives. You ever see a commercial for spinach or bell peppers? Never! They certainly aren’t flying off the shelfs either,but the processed foods sure do. It’s called follow the money for your manipulative corporations. Too hell with what is right! Several years ago schools asked kids where corn came from and they all answered,in a can. No clue on the foods they eat or where they come from. It’s much worse now! You better start thinking about their future too because it does effect you. It’s rather unfortunate that you always blame liberals for all your whoas when there are plenty of conservative businesses out there selling unhealthy products.

          • JeffH

            …and eddie has the nerve to ridicule i41? I guess it’s a simple case of “it takes one to know one” with ole eddie.

          • JeffH

            Hokum, just plain hokum. If you can’t convince ‘em, confuse ‘em.

          • eddie47d

            You double stupid yourself this time Jeff. Are you the joke of the month?

          • libertytrain

            good grief – kids….

      • Jill

        Well put Jerry D. I also think that this is just a drop in the bucket, a test field – if you will – to see how much regulation and where they can get away with it. A little bit here, a little bit there. Before you know it we will all be rounded up and a panel will determine which ones of us are deemed “healthy/worthy” to live with others. The rest of us will be put to work or killed.

      • Bubba

        I disagree, my friend – Will Rogers said it best “people have so much common sense BECAUSE THEY HAVEN’T USED ANY OF IT!”

    • ValDM

      Getting sued must be Mickey D’s payment for being exempted from Obamacare. They were one of the first to cry foul over the mandatory purchasing of health care for their workers.

    • Brad

      @s c So you are saying that for the last 30 years, McD put a gun to your head and to billions of people’s other heads and forced us to buy their products and consume their food? You are as pathetic as the mother dolt suing.

      We’ve raised 4 kids and none of them “force” us to go anywhere to eat. No fast food chain forces my wife or me to eat anywhere. But yet you are quick to join the blame game. Pathetic.

      Not a good post.

      • Bruce D.

        I agree. People are pathetic who want to sue because of their own lack of discipline and lack of discipline of their child. It does not hurt to feed a kid junk once in a while if the majority of their food intake is good. A lot of parents take kids to eat fast foods only because they are too lazy to cook and it becomes a habit. I was lucky that my father always had a vegetable garden and I considered corn and carrots fresh from the garden to be like a dessert.

        • Kate8

          Bruce, Aside from Progressive’s uncontrollable need to regulate and mandate our every move, I’m sure there is a nice cash settlement at the end of this stupid lawsuit.

          More wealth redistribution to Progressive tools?

        • Dan az

          Bruce D
          the only time you should eat at mickey D’s is when you need an enema because you get about five minutes to make it to the head if your lucky.Im not sure what they put in it but here we have to see how much toilet paper there is to determine where we eat for lunch.

          • JimH

            Dan, Is that what they mean by “fast food”?

        • Vicki

          Bruce D writes:
          “I was lucky that my father always had a vegetable garden and I considered corn and carrots fresh from the garden to be like a dessert.”

          You are SOOO right about that. Fresh vegies are a real treat. Years ago when I happened to have access to a garden we raised amongst other things sweet peas. I think less than 10% of the harvest ever left that garden in a basket. The rest left in me :)

          I even ran a test. Somewhere between 15 and 30 min of my picking them they lost all their flavor. Never did try cooking them inside that window. They tasted way to good to cook.

          • Bruce D.

            I understand Vicki. I use to pull a carrot out of the ground and wash it in the pond and eat it. It was always so sweet. We had good soil to begin with and my father educated himself on maintaining rich and healthy soil.

          • Vicki

            Unfortunately Congress has passed a food safety bill TODAY. Here is how they did it. It may directly affect our ability to enjoy those private gardens in the near future.

  • libertytrain

    Sadly parents are now actually wanting the government to raise their kids so they do not have to take responsibility for it themselves.

    • Jerry D

      How true. And those who submit their children to the government will get exactly what one would expect to receive from a nanny state: wards of the state that expect the government to take care of them from “the cradle to the grave.”

      • Richard F.

        Jerry ~ slight correction.

        The gov’t wants control from the “erection to the resurrection”.

    • Claire

      libertytrain–I will add to your comment, a lot of parents expect the teachers to raise their kids too.

      • libertytrain

        you are so correct – as long as the teacher’s don’t discipline their children in any way, form, or manner.

  • Bill

    I think that this lawsuit is ridiculous and just goes to prove that the “Blame others for my problem” mentality continues to thrive in our society,and achieve settlement for frivolous lawsuits. Get real folks just what punitive measures are we to dole out to McDonald’s for forcing this down out throats? What’s that? they didn’t force us to frequently buy the trans-fat loaded meals our kids eat? Well, by process of elimination the chain of responsibility ultimately begins and ends with the PARENT! Drop the lawsuit and pursue more worthwhile endeavors like saying NO once in a while, establishing better eating habits.

    • Bruce D.

      She should be forced to pay legal fees if she loses the case. People should not be able to sue unless they are willing to pay the consequences if they lose.

      • Concerned American

        she should be forced to do what was privately agreed to in the contract prior to hiring the lawyer. If our tax money paid for this, than that is an outrage, but if a private indivudal or company pays than I don’t care. Afterall, what you had a solid slam dunk case say against a cit ordinace restricting firearms but the liberal marxist judge rules against you? Would you like to “pay” for daring to question the state?

        • Bruce D.

          This is not a suit against the state. When you sue it is not like asking a question. McDonalds should not have to pay the cost of this suit if they win. Today anyone can sue anyone for any reason. If you lose you should pay the legal fees for the other party. It is only fair.

    • DaveH

      I think that Parham is the one who should be sued for not having enough Parental control to keep her 2 and 6 year old from buying McDonald’s without her permission. Where does the 2 year old keep her purse? Where does the 6 year old keep her car keys?

      • Jeep

        Hello…DFACS? Are you listening? Apparently neglected children are calling…

  • Raggs

    They are setting the stage for the health reform were the government will tell everyone what to eat.

    • Richard Pawley

      Well, if the government is going to pay for the doctors who treat us and the drugs to get us better (unless we are over 59 – remember they are modeling this after the one in England) then they have the right to say what we eat and don’t eat since they are paying the bill. It’s why we have got to work on all the new people in congress next month to come up with a real health care reform bill. However, the whole thing will fail if we continue to eat the crap, gentetically modified foods and grains that are illegal in most of Europe but good enough for us. I don’t want the government to tell me what to eat because I want better than big agribusiness is producing. Are they going to force the AMISH to start using their genetic monstrosites? We are forcing the Iraqi’s to use our GMO seeds to replace theirs according to one report I read. About 91% of all soybeans in this country are GMO and over 80% of corn, and they will, in time do damage. Did you know that the AMISH have almost no AUTISM, a few cases because some of the work off farm and eat the same as we do. Much to learn as long at the Marxists don’t take away the Internet because they don’t want us to know so many things. Check here if you want to see what our GMO corn by Monsanto did to European rats? Oh, but it’s OK for us because the FDA with former Monsanto people working for them have said so. It’s just corn. How could that hurt you. Ha ha. Maybe here’s how:

  • TIME

    Ok lets see, so who has a gun to anyones head to eat at MickyDee’s???

    Can anyone answer that simple question?

    I used to eat a few Big Macks now and then, oddly I have no ill effects, nor does anyone I know of.

    So perhaps it may be something else like sitting on ones “BIG FAT ASS” and not doing any form of exercise???
    Could that have an effect on your health, I mean really was man ment to sit on his fat ass and stuff their face all day long, watch the Telie and sleep?????????????

    I don’t think so.

    I have a friend that eats at MickyDees daily his BFM is 9.5% he has not a single heath issue, why you may ask???

    First off he runs 5 miles a day, thats 6 days a week, he lifts weights 3 daye a week, and swims when the weather is to rotten to run.

    Oh and he also eats grains and such for his Breakfast, dinners he has chicken and veggies.
    Yet daily his lunch is (2 Big Macks, a large fry, and a coke,) thats 7 days a week.
    Anyone see the balance here or is it just to easy to blame everyone else for ones lacking behavior and bad habits.

    “The Mind is like a Parachute, it has to be OPEN to WORK.”

    • DaveH

      We live in a perverse world, Time, where a large segment of society doesn’t want to claim responsibility for their own actions, but they have no problem making somebody else responsible for them.

      Off the subject, I just looked at the trailer for a movie that is viciously violent, and it’s rated PG-13. If the killer showed her breasts, it would be R. Unbelievable. We have evolved into one twisted society.

      • eddie47d

        Then demand stronger ratings on those movies. Oh, We can’t do that because it would be interfering in someone elses personal liberties. See how that works Dave? No one wants to do what is “best” for society even if it makes us more civil.

  • Jerry D

    Ben, great article and I love the sarcasm. Sarcasm is all that the liberal left deserves for such a frivolous action. Where in the world have common sense and personal responsibility gone? My wife and I made sure that our children had good, nutritional food. But, we did go by Mickey D’s and a few other fast food resturants on occasion. And, forgive the bluntness: that’s none of the government’s d—-d business!

    • DaveH

      It all goes back to one simple theme – Bigger Government, more power, and more perks for the Political Class.

      End this cycle of Big Government growth. Learn Libertarian principles and why they work. For Individual Freedom, Personal Responsibility, Free Markets, and Limited Government, vote Libertarian!

      Learn our philosophy at,,, or watch John Stossel or Judge Napolitano on Fox Business Channel.

      • TIME

        Dave, Man your dead on with that last statment.

  • http://com i41

    Thats what people over the decades electing socialist democrats. Omoron and his favorite roping mare Michelle, are just putting the cap stone on another freedom of choice on what you want to eat. The b–l s–t of eating chicken and vegatables “the wonder diet cure all” is controlled by who? As soon as beef production is vertically intergrated, and control by a major beef supplier. Then it will be a “good food”, just like chicken production and pork production.

    • ValDM

      Actually, there isn’t anything wrong with beef, as long as it’s free range and grass fed. The problem with conventionally grown beef is that most of those animals are kept in a pen with nothing to graze on and fed grains all day. Thus, inverting the Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids; which makes them more dangerous as food.

      • eddie47d

        At least you see the problem.Unfortunetly few cattle are grazed on open ranges anymore and few are willing to pay $6 a lb vs. $2 a lb.for pen raised beef.

        • DaveH

          The market sells people want they want. If they quit buying so much grain-fed beef, the prices will change as more ranchers switch to grass-fed beef. The prices are where they are because the people don’t demand different. Some of us would rather pay for the grain-fed. You know, Eddie – Choice! Something Liberals don’t understand unless it comes to unborn babies.
          Quit trying to force your choices on the rest of us.

        • Bruce D.

          I will say this in your favor Eddie. Government should require truth in advertising and require a label of what is in the food you are buying. I think for the most part this is being done already. We should be able to know what we are buying especially when it comes to food. In Asia the Chinese exported milk for kids that had the same chemicals as the composite wood melamine to increase the protean content. It was making many but not all kids very sick.

    • eddie47d

      Didn’t take long for rope a dope i41 to spout his verbiage and slam the Obama’s. Most ignore you like the plague but I’m willing to take on this manure spreader. Good nutrition has gone down hill for several years and if Michelle wants Americans to eat more vegetables and get junk food out of our schools then all the power to her. I bet 98% of the folks on this site eat their vegetables and eat healthy.They wouldn’t be talking about their gardens and survival skills if they weren’t concerned about their health. Yet most aren’t aware of how unhealthy our students eat or won’t do anything about it because of the corporate dollars that the school gets.

      • marvin

        when did we start electing first ladies just because she is sleeping with the pres that may give her some head room, but is of no value to me, to me a first lady is no more or less then any other wife or mother,do we have a fat prob hell yes,is your fat ass my bussiness or for that matter the white house, i think not,health matters are yours and your dr,i say if you are stuped enuff to eat bad food all the time,you get what you pay for,stay out of my bed room and kitchen

      • DaveH

        Well, at least you’re admitting it now, Eddie. You’re the Dope, I41 is the Rope.

        • JeffH


        • eddie47d

          Yes Dave you are another one who is afraid to challange his verbiage.

        • JeffH

          “Those that deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.” Abraham Lincoln

      • Vicki

        Eddie47d writes:
        “Good nutrition has gone down hill for several years and if Michelle wants Americans to eat more vegetables and get junk food out of our schools then all the power to her. ”

        And there we see the liberal problem. They WANT to be slaves. They want Michelle or someone to have all the power. They want a tyrant.

        • Richard Pawley

          Actually good food has been going down in nutritional value for half a century. In my autobiography I listed some vegetables and what they contained when I was in high school and what they contain now and it’s like another planet. When I was a young child we were 5th in the world in longevity and now we are close to 50th, but if we allow the government to take care of us with health care than we have to eat what they are telling us because they are paying the bills (with middle class tax dollars of course). If we get active we might be able to get the new Tea Party people to cut the size of government before the old establishment crashes the whole system. I hope the Tea Party succeeds but it’s why I called my last book “The Last Days of the Late Great United States” because I have a hunch we have spent more than we can ever repay unless we did away with the Central Bank that has dominated our lives for nearly a century and start over. Heck we didn’t even need income tax (which Karl Marx invented in his “Communist Manifesto”) before we turned over our money over to ‘professionals’ and their newly founded Federal Reserve Bank – now they say it’s to complex to give back to the Congress. Once they have drained us dry like the aliens in the TV series “V” or as the aliens in “Independence Day” wanted to do they will close up shop and go back to Europe. Sadly Congress has never had enough votes to audit them since the were founded in 1913, so we have no idea of what wars they have started or what their long term goals really are except for a one world currency which they intend to control. Some say there is going to be a tax revolt in 2012 and that will be interesting to see, but since they can just print more money like they are now doing – 75 thousand million dollars a month – then I don’t see how even that can stop the insane spending of congress. Things may get better for a while but keep on preparing so you are not taken by surprise a few years down the road. God bless you all and have a Merry Christmas!

      • Bruce D.

        Eddie I agree that they should take the candy and soft drinks out of the school. If the parents want the kids to have that stuff they can pack it in a lunch. When I was growing up there was a store next door to the school we could buy all that stuff but we only had money to do so once in a while. I never remembered craving soda and sweets like kids do today.

  • Concerned American

    They protect me from macdonalds but not from the banksters and major company CEOs who stole trillions from us, chem trail the crap out of our skies, give us vaccines whether we want them or not, and push all their competitors out of business.

    • DaveH

      That’s what Big Government does – protect their Crony Capitalists. If we had Free Markets, the consumer would be king. The businesses that would survive would be the ones who produced the best products at the cheapest prices. With unfree markets (like we now have) the businesses that survive are the ones who can slip the most money to the politicians and their bureaucrat cronys.
      This ranking of countries by their economic freedom (less regulation) says it all. The most heavily regulated countries are at the bottom of the barrel. And for good reason – As Government Grows, Corruption Flows:
      Hong Kong spends less than 1/2 of what the US spends on Government and they have a robust society. Pick the country links to see how they landed where they did on the list.

  • Paul

    I lived with my kids within 1 mile of a McDonalds. I rarely if ever brought them there. The lady must be part of the problem with our society today. Teaching the new “entitled generation” as well as feeding the lawyer sharks more bait.

  • RudeDude

    Never mind the fact that this lawsuit is the woman’s admission that she’s a total moron and she is apparently unfit to be a parent since the children control the household budget, has no one ever told this lady that if all her child wants is the toy in the happy meal that she can usually purchase the toy separately without the meal?

    • Vicki

      She could also purchase the meal with toy and throw away the meal. :)

  • J.M.R.

    maybe the mrs. dick-tater needs to look at her back porch before telling somebody else what they can eat.

  • Carol J

    And the food police strike again. I had my first cheeseburger at McDonald’s when I was 14. I’m now 69, still here and still go to McDonald’s or Jack in the Box a couple of times a month.

    • Bruce D.

      I agree with you. To me this whole thing is just silly.

    • Stan Smith

      I’ll Take Jack in The Box over yucky McD! Man I really miss Jack in the Box! none in MI!

    • Angel Wannabe

      Carol, I like a greasy burger and fries now and then, but my favorite is Chic-filet or a Whopper!

  • Bus

    I can hardly wait to see what productive little citizens these kids turn out to be. It makes me so frustrated, I need a Big Mac!

  • Richard F.

    Have you had enough GOVERNMENT (AND LAWYERS AND DO-GOODERS) yet?

    • DaveH

      40 years ago.

  • Bob

    Ya know I’m also tired of reading how the food is “affordable” and is highly calorie packed.

    People could 50 lb bags of rice 3 or4 bags of different beans and some hot sauce and eat very healthily for about 25. Cents a serving…boring? Probably…nutritious? Much more so than the p*** and s*** they serve at mc d’s….

    • DaveH

      You’re right, Bob, but this isn’t about saving people from an unhealthy life. It is about growing Government power and perks for the Politicians and their Crony Capitalists. The Leaders will feed the Ignorant masses whatever excuses they will buy in order to achieve that goal.

      • Vicki

        And the masses complain about the exploitative advertising by MacD :)
        They totally miss how effective the exploitative advertising of Big Government has been.

  • BobS

    If Ms Parham is going to sue McDonalds, the state should counter-sue her for her health demise of her children and threaten to take them from her. If the woman can’t be a mother and say “No” then she is not a fit mother to begin with. There was a court in Brazil that awarded a manager of Mcdonalds millions of dollars because he claimed that he gained 65 lbs. over the 12 years he worked at McDonalds because he was forced to taste test food to make sure the quality was good…..????? So??? I only eat at McDonalds 4 or 5 times a year and have probably gained around 65 lbs and i do not believe it is because of Mickey D’s. I am thinking of suing Capn’ Crunch because of the toys he puts in his cereal. I certainly don’t buy it because of the crunch berries. :)

    • Vicki

      Taste testing does not require the tester to swallow.

  • Patriot

    People that lose these frivolous lawsuits need to pay for all fees, we need to STOP this ridiculous, waste of time suits by punishing those that push these things, and then we can next start on reducing the number of frivolous malpractice lawsuits as well!

    • marvin

      this is like the 3 million dollar law suit aginest mcd ,the old woman got for spilling hot coffee on her lap hell 3 million for stuped ,you just can not fix stuped

      • Dan az

        That was just the first one after that a black woman did the same thing and won!Tell me that the court system isn’t loaded with bleeding heart liberals.There was a case when some guy tried to break in to a store from the roof,he fell through a skylight and sued the store and WON!The problem is the court system and the lawyers and the jury that they pick are always liberals!

        • DaveH

          It’s all about redistribution of wealth, from the responsible people to the irresponsible people. And then there are the lawyers who get the lion’s share of the money (per person).

    • Richard Pawley

      Unlikely to happen because almost all the Democratic Politicians are lawyers, maybe 98% of them, whereas Republicans and Tea Party Conservatives are almost always regular people, Doctors, Pilots, Farmers, Shoe Salesmen, Fishermen, business owners and only a few lawyers. It’s called TORT REFORM and we sure need it but it is unlikely we will get it with all the Progressive Democrats in the House and especially in the senate. Still, one can hope.

  • charles

    This is just the latest saga in the elimination of personal liberty. N.Y. Has taken salt off the menu, what will be next? For you can rest assured in the oncoming nanny state there will be a next and a next until all personal choices are gone. How have we allowed it to come to this??

    • marvin

      how you ask did this happen,just keep voting in liberals like obama /pelosie and reid ,i rest my case

  • Tony

    I don’t know what’s more pathetic….the government trying to tell people what to eat, or obese people wasting billions of tax payer dollars in wasted health care??

    • DaveH

      As long as it is their own money wasted, I do not care.
      We are seeing now how government does its dirty. First they force you to partake in a Socialistic system you did not ask for, then using the excuse that “they” (really the taxpayer) have to pay your medical expenses, “they” have a right to dictate your eating choices. What a web they weave.

      • kate8

        DaveH – And that’s just the obvious.

        Don’t forget about the database, containing every minute detail of not only our health history, but ALL aspects of our lives, available to – anyone who can acceess it? And linked up with the IRS.

        It was really for the purpose of the ID database. Owning our bodies gives them total control. We have officially become livestock.

  • Walter Weidner

    To Patriot, Dec. 21. 2010 10:28 am. You are so right. Have you ever seen the advertisements of these “Ambulance chasers” during the night on TV. These half hour shows, being of the lowest IQ level, do have dozen’s of law firms advertise ” You may be eligible for monetary ……” They are soliciting the bottom of the barrel. These lawyers are worse than the low life people who want something for nothing. W.

    • Carol

      And the shysters end up with most of any money granted by the courts. I hope I am not considered “bottom of the barrel”, but I was in the class action about the contaminated pet food. I just had to have the 3rd cat put to sleep because his kidneys finally failed, and have 3 more to still worry about. The lawyers involved in this have never had the courtesy to even acknowledge the ream of papers with the details which I sent them. I did hear that the courts had awarded some money to the plaintiffs, and still haven’t heard from the shysters

      • DaveH

        You’ll probably get some coupons to get 50 cents off your next carton of cat food.

      • Bruce D.

        Carol China took swift action against the person responsible for the poison cat food in China. They had him executed. The Chinese do not take kindly to those who give their export business a bad name.

  • Rajko Kettlevic

    “Obedience is better than sacrifice”, as the good book reads.What a sad country this has become when people can’t control their own pie holes and need to blame McDonalds for their poor choices.

    • Bob Wire

      It’s more about deep pockets, parasites and attorneys is my guess.

      This act presents a part of thinking, right or left that I despise.

      The victim position is not unique to the left but the shameless greedy and self serving.

      The attempt to make it a left bias, only shows your bias and you too are guilty of misplacing blame.

      This “You are either with me or against me” attitude stinks to high heaven and appeals to only the lowest common denominate of thought.

      • DaveH

        He’s making it a Left Bias? Is your guilty conscience getting the best of you, Bob?

  • Les

    Masterfully written. As usual, the rulers control both sides of the issue. They create the problem, then, for a huge budget, put in the fix (which never fixes anything). As a single dad I had to fight this crap from every angle (parental competition). I put 50 burgers in the fridge and let them eat all they could. Within 2 days they hated burgers and got nauseous when their mom tried to ply them with some. 35 years later and it is still working.

    • JeffH

      Les, outsmart ‘em…LOL!

    • DaveH

      Yeah, but Les it takes some thinking to be smarter than your kids. That takes effort. Heaven forbid, that isn’t Liberally fair!

  • smithington

    I am thinking we should all sue the government over the stress the economic condition our country is in.

    • Angel Wannabe

      smithington, that’d make a h*ll-of-a lot more sense than this lawsuit does?!

    • DaveH

      You are exactly right, smithington. The stress they have created by micromanaging our every choice is definitely going to kill us sooner than Big Macs will.

  • LiarsMustBeDefeated

    A good judge would throw the case out. A judge that would allow such a case should be made an example for other bad judges.


    I feel sorry for anyone who has to live near a fast food place with a drive thru and 4 AM scheduled garbage pickup. On the other hand, if you are a stock holder, you sleep very well at night.

  • Freddie

    OMG!!! This lady is blaming a company for her own lack of a spine. How can she tell Californians to eat their vegatables, when she cannot tell her six and two year olds, NO. She is an idiot.

    We don’t need any more government telling us what we can and cannot do.

  • bob f.

    We attend McD’s local playground with other familes after an evening of running and playing at Monkey Joe’s (they close at 8pm.) My 7yo son was VERY highly attuned to the Happy Meals and toys…Until we did an experiment :| We placed a Chicken McNugget w/McD’s french fry on our porch railing (we live in the country) and waited for bugs. During the next seven days (Summer 2010)not one bug ate it! We figured “if the bugs don’t eat it…?” He no longer asks McD’s food when we go to the playland now, and has only asked for the toys two or three times. The ‘toys’ were always in a corner the next day anyway. So any parent who wants to wean their kids from this stuff, can do what we did. Hey, bugs ain’t stupid.

    • DaveH

      Good thinking, Bob.

  • Clarity

    As others have suggested, one way to start making an impact on the fast food industry is to avoid them like the plague, and continue to educate those who are still in denial to the poisonous food, thinking it is not affecting them. Dr. Mercola has a great site and has already reported on the human killing substances in hamburger, chicken, chicken nuggets and even the buns. All products should be suspect, even ice cream and frozen yogurt until it’s been analyzed and reported on. Unfortunately, we have a growing population of citizens who are lazy, uninformed and have lost(or never had)the ability of discernment.

  • Bitter Libertarian

    One one hand anyone who sells something that doesnt say; “eat/use at your own risk” is asking for it.

    On the other hand…everyone is responsible for themselvs..period. Before you shove whatever substance you desire in your mouth you hold the undeniable responsibility to know what it is.

  • Stan Smith

    I May never really go to Mc D’s I like home cooked foods going to mom & pop place! I don’t eat packaged foods like bakery, frozen dinners ect it has all the garbage ie preservatives ect.. I like my foods all natural there is not much frozen foods that is all natural 100% if I want sweets I go to mom and pop bakery! I was so used to eating mom & pop pizza its all natural handmade when I tried a frozen Pizza I bake it and ate one bite! Ptoooie! YUCK! your body knows the difference from all natural homemade vs chemical coated food, I’ll stick to homemade foods at mom & pop place! I was wondering why is there not much selection of all natural no preservatives whats so ever foods from canned to frozen, do they have to go through more Red tape for it to be approved for sale???

    • DaveH

      Longer shelf lives which result in lower costs. That’s all. If we want to change that, we simply pay more and avoid the garbage-laden food. After a while, you can bet they will figure ways to keep the food fresher without all the chemicals. And then as more producers go that way, economies of scale will kick in and the prices of the healthier foods will fall.
      Or we can pay our Political Class more money, so they can then afford to better help their Crony Capitalists drive their competitors out of business, so that we have no choice but the garbage-laden stuff.

      • DaveH

        Also, there are many Liberals who think population control is necessary, and thus may indeed favor an unhealthier population that will not live so long.

        • eddie47d

          Dave H. Your so full of it in saying Liberals want unhealthy citizens. You must love your own propaganda a little too much.

          • JeffH

            I am patient with stupidity but not with those who are proud of it.
            Edith Sitwell

          • eddie47d

            Speaking of propaganda and another whack-a mole pops up!

  • Angel Wannabe

    Apparently Mikee Dees is an easy target!___Anyone remember the lawsuit of someone putting a HOT coffee cup between they’re legs to drive, and wound up scorching they’re cookies???__Ya know what it’s all just way toooooo ridiculous!!!
    __Ronald McDonald can’t even believe this crap, and he’s a dummy!!!

    Stop givin the kids meds, cuz YOU don’t wanna parent!
    If they misbehave, a swack across the azz once in a while should it!
    and if there’s a certain food YOU don’t want your kid eating,… WAIT FOR IT__WAIT FOR IT….HOWS ‘BOUT SAYIN NO!
    What a bunch of idiots and they shouldn’t be allowed to breed!!!!!

    • Bitter Libertarian

      I find myself understanding the NWO adjenda when I hear about parasites like this….Thge problem I have with the NWO is It applies to everyone including me & you.

      • Angel Wannabe

        BL, Scary isn’t it?

        • Bitter Libertarian

          It is…I sit back and hear about FEMA camps and I think…if the people in the cities (for what ever reason) start going nutzo I realize they have rights, and “maybe” they wont hurt me (because they will find themself on the bussiness end of a firearm) but who is going to stop them from running wild and plundering homes that have food, shelter, etc? So on one hand I object to FEMA camps..on the other I say if they behave like animals..CAGE them like animals.

          • DaveH

            Those cages are for the responsible people who might otherwise fight back against the thieves.

      • TIME


        I agree with you 100% on your statment, I to question both the ethic’s and the values of the vast amount of human waste.

        You see the NWO thinker’s created the problem, they also have the soliution to that problem.
        As noted on the Georgia Guide Stone, a total world population of less than 500 Million.

        This tears at me daily when I see the mass’s who drink from the bottle of Stupid.
        I find myself asking God why he allows such Sheep to exist, its perplexing, is it in his grand plan? Am I just a cog in the larger wheel of life, why did God give me the drive and brain power only to watch as the Mass’s sit and suck the living life out of myself and people I know who enjoy working, enjoy helping others, whats it all mean?

        • Vicki

          Time writes:
          “I find myself asking God why he allows such Sheep to exist, its perplexing, is it in his grand plan? ”

          Their Creator allows them to exist for the same reason he/she allows us to exist. God does not give the gifts of life and free will lightly. God gave those gifts so that we may by our own choice each appreciate his/her creation. That some or even many of the people choose “to drink from stupid” is not your or my concern beyond when they try to interfere with our right to life and free will. They will answer to their Creator soon enough.

          In the meantime how WE use those gifts is what WE will answer for when God comes for us.

    • JeffH

      Angel Wannabe, so true, so true. I really like your style cuz that’s the way I was raised.

      • Angel Wannabe

        JeffH, I think too, if parents wanna healthy up they’re kids_limit the time the kids are allowed to play hand held games, computer time and TV_and-OH!_ heres one no too many do anymore__how’s ’bout going outside and playin a game or two of catch or football with your kids!

        Now With all that said_I think there is plenty more we could be worried about other than stupid McDonalds food, because at the rate the food prices are going up, the $1 menu is about the only thing we’ll be able to freaking afford to eat!!!

        • DaveH

          Better yet, take them to the slum areas of the country, and show them where they’re headed if they don’t educate themselves.

  • Bill

    Hey Parham, here’s your sign!

  • DaveH

    The way I see it, we have 2 main choices.
    1) Be Responsible for our own actions. Make our own decisions, and maybe suffer from the stupid decisions.
    2) Be Irresponsible. Let others make our decisions, and suffer from THEIR stupid decisions. In that case, in fact, because they need people to fund their controlling ways, we will suffer even if we don’t make stupid decisions.

    Most of you have seen enough comments from Liberals to know that they aren’t the brightest candles in the pack. Do any of you really want these guys making your personal decisions for you?

    And keep in mind – We can abstain from caffiene, and nicotine, and sugar, and trans fats, and many other pleasureful things that are bad for us. In the End we may not live any longer, BUT IT WILL SURE SEEM LIKE IT!

    • JeffH

      DaveH, BINGO. It’s really so simple even a cave man could see it.

  • eddie47d

    Don’t break your arm patting yourself on the back Dave. Some of your comments were really a stretch and not the brightest. I think it’s a human thing not a liberal or conservative thing. Even caveman Jeff can come up with some whoppers!

    • JeffH

      Aren’t you quite the jabberwocky.

    • Vicki

      Multiple ad hominum attacks by Eddie47d against DaveH. And the win of the debate goes to DaveH.

  • Right wing nutjob

    Counter Point: McD’s is supporting gay (pervert) pride parades with special tents for your children. Do you support this?

  • mickey

    i think i am going to move to mars

  • JeffH

    “The Communists disdain to conceal their views and aims. They openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions.”

    Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels

  • John

    The introductory guidelines above state “we will not tolerate racism, profanity or slanderous comments toward the author(s) or comment participants. Make your case passionately, but civilly. Please don’t stoop to name calling”.
    This obviously doesn’t apply to the author of the article, full of slanderous raving and name calling he had stooped to. Even if he be right, there is no place for such vitriolic verbal abuse on a public platform.

    • JeffH

      John, feel free to move onto a website that better suits your fancy.

      • John

        Perhaps it’s fancy, JeffH, but that doesn’t change the fact that the article employs social sewer lingo and that the site is hypocritic and practicing double standard. Yes, I’m moving to another website, thanks for the advice.

    • Vicki

      John writes:
      “The introductory guidelines above state….”
      “This obviously doesn’t apply to the author of the article….”

      The introductory guidelines FOR COMMENTS above state…..
      So it is obvious. Why did you bring it up?

      John: “Even if he be right, there is no place for such vitriolic verbal abuse on a public platform.”

      Apparently it has escaped your notice that this is a PRIVATE website where the owners have allowed us the privilege of commenting about articles and each others comments. Though I find the writers of the articles to be a bit vitriolic from time to time their writing is by comparison nothing like the vitriol I see on liberal websites.

      So since you are not happy here you are granted the freedom by YOUR Creator (not by government) to go away. Do hurry now. Bye. And take your offense with you.

  • 4TimesAYear

    Methinks Parham should teach her children what the word “no” means.

  • Kurt

    If you think McDonald’s is unhealthy, Show some restraint and don’t go there. If you must eat fast food, there are many which serve healthier items than burgers and fries.

  • Barbara

    Organic food is comparable in price to the cost of food in the 50s when people spent a far greater percentage of their income on food than they do today. The difference between then and now is how income is prioritized. In the 50s the first priority was for food, clothing and shelter. These items were expensive. After saving, the second priority was used for buying new technologies and entertainment. Today these prioities have been switched. As a result people today spend at least three times more of their income on medical services than those of the 50s.
    I have very little sympathy for those who choose a Smart Phone over organic food. There is so much information available to help people lead a heathier and happier life. But the best thing about living in America is the feeedom to choose to be stupid.


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