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Superman Has Left the Building!

April 30, 2011 by  

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • http://naver samurai1966

    That was another great one Ben. Although Trump shouldn’t get to happy. People investigating Obama bin Laden’s birth certificate have show that it isn’t the genuine article. What else could we have expected from a non-American. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • wandamurline

      The release of the birth certificate is a distraction…it keeps up the birthcertificate in the news and keeps others from seeing what is going on around them. I believe it is a fake, but put that behind us…this guy is protected by the CIA…I would have much preferred that he release his school records, medical records and passports from the 80′s so we could have a good picture of his past. He has released this certificate to invalidate Trump and make the birthers look ridiculous. Let’s face facts…even if the information came forth that he was blantantly ineligible for the office, don’t you guys already know that the congress, senate and supreme court are aware of this…nobody and I mean nobody is going to do anything to remove him from office….the only way to remove him is to vote him out in 2012. We must focus on more important matters and that is getting a great GOP candidate. I would love for Allen West from Florida to run and there is a committee working on him at this very moment…and the fact that his is black is just another plus. West is intelligent and is an American hero who takes nothing off of anyone. I would pay to watch a debate between Odumer and West. Let’s get past this issue and focus on trying to save our country. No one in the medias are going to help, so it is a waste of time even though it really makes me mad…but the reality is that there is no discourse on this birthcertificate agenda. Even if it is legit…it only shows more pronouncly that he is a naturalized citizen because his dad was a British subject…it PROVES that he is not natural born because his mother would have to have been 21 and she was only 18….get over it…no one is going to do anything about it…all the elists in Washington were aware that he is ineligible…they are not going to help…with that said, let’s move on to what we can do to defeat him in 2012.

      • Gary L. Thompson

        Well, I don’t think it would be a good idea to focus on defeating Obama alone in 2012. The cure for those elitists making a mockery of our laws is to vote them all out of the House and Senate (the courts can be dealt with also once that is done, because Congress has the power to structure all the courts and determine their jurisdiction and rules of procedure, and can stop the practice of “judicial activism” that way, and impeach any judge that still insists on ignoring the law and Constitution). What the Tea Party people have to do is clean every remaining RINO out of the primaries, and stop any attempt by the mainstream media to smear them in November by making it crystal clear that the media is an enemy of Middle America, and will opppose any Joe the Plumber candidates as not belonging to their own social class (which is definitely not Main Street USA).

        If they can accomplish that, it won’t matter so much what happens in the Presidential race, because a Congress made up completely of members truly loyal to the Constitution will invalidate Obama’s presidency and every action taken during it, and will block any other future lawless action by the administration regardless of who is in charge.

        • Tom S

          Very well said sir.

      • Lewis Munn

        I keep running into a Birth Ceertifi8carte from Kenya.

        And if he had such, it would explain how he got off OK to Pakistan while it was proscribed! But…all info seems to have disappeared.

    • Richard

      Academic but enjoyable.

      The stage has been and continues to be set nationally intentionally or unintentionally to divide and keep freedom loving people from standing as one. They will never stop treating all of us like fools and we keep acting like fools. It is easy to unit socialist fools and separate independent thinkers and earners. Thus we lose again. There is only one way out. Vote all of them out!

      I am just blindly tossing seeds. If you are convinced that it cannot be done then I am not the only one here pouring perfume on pigs in here. I may be the only one not singing to a choir.

      Protect your right for self-persuasion. Only those with a strong will to maintain numbers and a defensive army will prosper. The two party system is of one breed, greed. Acquired power by taking and enough people gladly granted for payments or sainthoods since the early 1800’s.

      The more people that engage in distraction the easier it is for the focused. Go to or some blogs allow you to click on my name or keep believing that you can turn a pig pen into a play pen without removing the pigs.

      I am not selling anything or earning anything when I ask you to go to, just trying to get us to work together as one. In some blogs you can click on my name.

    • Void1972


      The IMF is saying that supermans lack of a credible strategy for getting the US spending in line with tax revenues is likely to undue the entire global economic recovery. Standard & Poor’s has given the US financial health a negative rating and is considering downgrading the rating of our bonds. If our credit rating gets downgraded, the consequences are the same as if your personal credit score gets downgraded… higher interest rates and less negotiating power.
      Meanwhile, right now there is enough real estate inventory to satisfy demand for the next 12 months, underwriting is getting more difficult, and banks are being forced to start unloading foreclosures that they’ve been holding on their books to avoid realizing major losses.
      Besides that, China keeps warning the US that we MUST get our debt and deficit spending under control and keeps threatening to stop buying US debt. This was a big deal before earthquakes, a tsunami, and nuclear problems crippled one of our other biggest debt buyers, Japan. Since Japan’s increasing challenges since mid-March, it has become even more important that China keep buying US debt.
      At the same time, Utah started accepting gold/silver for tax payments without having to pay taxes on the gains. In fact, they’re recognizing gold and silver as an alternative currency to the dollar. 14 other states are considering the same: Colorado, Georgia, Montana, Missouri, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, and Washington. There are several reasons for this, but one of the biggest ones is a general lack of faith in the monetary policy of the Federal Government and a recognition by individual states that they MUST have an alternative to the dollar to keep commerce running in their state if/when the dollar crashes.
      So, China doesn’t have faith in the US monetary policy. The IMF doesn’t have faith in the US monetary policy. OPEC doesn’t have faith in the US monetary policy. S&P doesn’t have faith in the US monetary policy. And 15 individual states don’t have faith in the US monetary policy. These groups span the spectrum of “don’t tread on me” to “one world order”, big government to limited government, and from conservative to liberal. I emphasize this because it’s VERY odd that such different, and in some cases opposed groups, stand united in a belief about ANYTHING.
      What’s it all mean?
      It’s hard to say exactly, but in general it means that it would be smart to accelerate your preparations for breakdowns in the financial system, breakdowns in the supply chain, and even breakdowns in civil order caused by people who aren’t prepared.
      To the extent that you can, keep some cash at home. If nothing else, it will save you ATM fees.
      Buy extra of the food you already eat.
      At LEAST stock up on REALLY simple food, like Minute Rice, instant oatmeal, and cans of beans, Rotel, and vegetables. They’re not going to win you any awards for nutrition, but they’re cheap to stock up on, easy to prepare, and they’ll give you calories and stick to your tummy. By the way…on the bad nutrition note, I’m a big fan of SPAM and instant potatoes when hiking/camping. It’s a cheap, utilitarian comfort food for me and I suggest you find something similar for yourself.
      If you go this route of cheap calories/protein, make sure to plan on a good multi-vitamin, enzymes, and some source of fat.
      Make sure you have a minimum of 7 gallons per person/large pet in your household, and more if possible. In most houses, you’ll have 7 gallons per person in your water heater. I cover the proper way to maintain your water heater so the water inside will be drinkable when you need it and how to get it out safely in the Survival Course.
      Get a mechanical (non-electronic) water filter that is rated for viruses. Most aren’t.
      Get control of your mind. Start getting disciplined about not “worrying” about anything and only letting your mind linger on problems that you have the ability to change in the immediate future.
      Get in shape. Wherever you’re at, fitness wise, get in better shape. It will improve EVERY aspect of your life now, and will allow you to handle stressful situations better.
      Consider who you’d let double up with you and who you’d want to double up with if that became a necessity and work on building those relationships.
      On the topic of relationships, do whatever you can to strengthen your relationships in your home. Some of the resources we like are,, and They all have online resources, DVDs, and books. We have gone through almost everything offered on all 3 sites. Next to God, my wife and I consider our relationship with each other and our relationships with our kids to be some of our most precious possessions and invest a lot of time and effort maintaining and improving them.
      And, of course, for a comprehensive plan to get you and your family prepared for short, medium, and long term disasters without having to relocate to a fully stocked rural retreat that you may not even have, I want to encourage you to check out the Survival Course. If you’ve been putting off going through the course, I’d strongly suggest getting started today.
      Over the last 2 years, over 10,000 people have gone through the course and given it incredible reviews. From career Special Operations guys looking for a concise way to transfer a lifetime of skill, knowledge, and experience to loved ones, lifelong preppers looking to verify that they don’t have any gaping holes, to people just waking up to preparedness ranging in age from their 20s to their golden years. The common denominator is that they all see trouble on the horizon and want to take personal responsibility for being able to take care of themselves and those who they love.
      As always, being responsible for being prepared means forearming yourself with knowledge and taking action on what you learn. That’s why I tell you about what I’ve learned and what I’m doing. It’s also why I seek out and recommend other resources as well.
      Natural and man-made disasters are becoming increasingly common—the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan prove disaster can strike swiftly and with little warning. Every year tens of thousands die and hundreds of millions worldwide are driven from their homes. If it happens to you will you know what to do… let alone have the necessary supplies on hand to make it through?
      To make sure you’re prepared, I’ve just put the finishing touches on a brand new disaster preparedness and first aid manual that could be a life-saver for you and your family.
      It’s called trust in God. God will never let you suffer more then you can except. If he does, it’s your own fault!
      Don’t rely on the government cavalry to rescue you… take matters into your own hands, and learn to except personal responsibility.
      God bless America, and those who fight for her!!!!

      • Americansurvivor

        VIOD1972- This is great information- I enjoy the urban survivor guide too and do read his column regularly…It’s amazing how many people are talking about being prepared now… something big is about to take place…
        Samurai- I agree with everything you are telling the liberal morons…I just can’t understand why liberals are continually and consistantly so stupid…

        • http://naver samurai

          Thanks for the comment. I don’t really understand why they are either. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Mushin

    Hey Samurai, you ever think of starting your OWN show?! I’d watch faithfully!! M

    • Eddie47d

      That would be like watching paint dry LOL

      • Lewis Munn

        Beats watching your money’s value vanish under the liberals.

        • skip

          Beats watching your health care disappear under the Ryan plan.

          • Vic

            Ever though about paying for your health care yourself? Thieves are not well respected you know…

          • http://Huskeron RonR

            Anything is better than watching it rot away under obomacare

          • Allan Halbert

            That’s just it Skip…it’s a battle between those who want guaranteed benefits, and those who realize that without a sustainable economic system, benefits, no matter how noble, are wishful thinking. Progressives can’t or won’t accept this due to lack of initiative and self-reliance. When all is said and done, the system with the greatest average benefit is capitalism. Make no mistake that Progressive politicians, like any others, tell you what you want to hear.

    • http://naver samurai1966

      Thank you, fellow patriot! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • http://none ralph herman

    funny as a truckload of dead babies and just as wrong

    • Dani Butcher

      I whole heartedly agree with you Ralph Herman

    • Lewis Munn

      If you keep up on what the liberals are pushing, they generate truckloads of dead babies. And often at taxpayer’s expense.

      • skip

        And once babies are born in the good old USA, they are “on their own!” if the current House budget goes through – no health care for babies, none for moms, none for anyone unlucky enough not to have health insurance, and for those that do, the 100% increase in health care premiums per year (with inflation running 3% or less) will price all but the richest out of the market. So bring on the babies, but make damned sure they aren’t fed, aren’t immunized, aren’t educated, sent to the newly proposed children’s work houses in the great state of Maine, or the mines of West Virginia, once they arrive on the American scene. Bravo Tea Party – take us right on back to 1848.

        • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Bill

          Typical liberal lies and talking points. If you had any brains you’d read the plan.

        • Mike in MI

          Nah, Skip, Why thank the Tea Party? They haven’t been around long enough to be influential in respect of anything. They’re just the most recent whipping boy of the most well entrenched propaganda machines your leftist, perverse spirited, animalistic, professional riot managers have been instructed to vilify by your leaders of the new proletarian revolution here in the U.S.A.
          The Tea Party hasn’t been around nearly long enough to spend us into oblivion like the Democrats and RINOs. Just remember, only someone with an I.Q. of 40 or below would try to spend money he doesn’t have and you geniuses with 45 (+/- 10 pts.) I.Q.s have already put all of us in hock over our eyeballs. You and your insatiable appetites!!!
          But,I have confidence in you. You will still be able to find it in yourselves to demand more and more, and …more….and more. Then Obama and the democrats will drive us back beyond 1848 ’til we hit rock bottom. Then 1848 will seem like a luxury ’cause the law of the jungle will become the primary order of procedure.
          It won’t take long once nobody’s money is worth anything – unless you can figure out a recipe for “Obama bucks”. Once cultures collapse nobody has ever figured out a way to stop the progression of war, famine, pestilence and death. Now that’s the real, ultimate progressives’ projection.

        • Allen in reality

          An exception to this baby abandonment! Babies born to illegal
          alien families get the works!! (at your expense)

      • Eddie G.

        Sounds like “Soylent Green” to me.

    • http://naver samurai1966

      Typical lib response. Since you want to bring up dead babies, how about the more than 50 million abortions committed in this country since 1973? The libs were the ones that got that nonsense started, now didn’t they? I’m surrounded by lib morons! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • Bert Cundle

        LIB’S for abortation… Arn’t REALY LIBERALS; Any more than you are realy a Samurai!

        • http://naver samurai

          So you mean that Obama bin Laden isn’t a liberal? That’s news to me, cause he sure isn’t a conservative or libertarian. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • Lewis Munn

            Need to leave more space there before your signature. Obama is NOT for either God or Country!

          • http://naver samurai1966

            True that! True that! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Robert Augeri


  • John Hardman



    • Lewis Munn

      At least he has the sense to leave quickly!

  • Bert Cundle

    Peace Justice & The American Way: Have always been a Joke to me… None of which realy matter to todays heros… And; The uncommon paralel of them would be realy confusing.

    • Bert Cundle

      So… Supper Man: TAKE YOUR CROSS WITH YOU !!!

      • http://naver samurai1966

        No, why don’t you take your koran, hammer and sickle, etc., and go somewhere else. Go isn’t going anywhere and neither is our Christian founding, so give up now. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • gary

      hey bert–they don’t have to be ur heros!

    • Vic

      Hey Bert, if you don’t like American Way, why don’t you try some other, say Brazilian or Chinese for a change? Like for the next 10-15 years, then you’ll learn something buddy, bet on that.

      • Bert Cundle

        ” I ” Don’t Like the American Way???????? How did you ever, get that perception???? “IM AN AMERICAN CIVILIAN LIBERAL” & Member of “AMERICAN LEGON”!. BEACUSE “I” SUPPORT AMERICA UNDER AMERICAN JURISPRUDANCE!!! It looks like you don’t know anything AMERICA… Except it is a CONTINANT, That Votes For Our POLITICANS in United States. YOU Are, The Dumb Teaching…& Condeming the WISE! ME GO??????Well: NO, HELL NO, & NO, No, No, & YOU CAN’T MAKE ME!!!

        • http://naver samurai1966

          The 2 words that sum up liberal these days are traitor and coward. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • Bert Cundle

            LIBERAL > Traitor & Coward… Why? Beacuse we are smarter than you, representing an Orental Org. that has earned respect, that you squander, with ireresponsibility. You Are The Fool!!!

          • http://naver samurai

            Sorry Bert, but you are the fool! If you mean liberal, like in the days of Jefferson, then I may agree with you, but the liberals of today are a far cry from that. You know this to be true. Second, I’ve not shown any irresponsibility. I’ve served this country honorably for 20 years, how about you? Is it my fault that the progressives (libs) want to dismantle this country’s founation brick by brick till we are left with nothing but people being enslaved by their government? I think you need to do a self examination and really get to know what’s going on in this country before you make some moronic comment like “Take your cross with you.” What does the article have to do with Christianity? Did Ben make any remarks dealing with God, Jesus, the Bible, or Christianity? The answer is NO HE DID NOT. So, why the blatantly moronic remark? Remember, Christian bashing is considered hate speech. Deal with your problems and don’t bring them here. The samurai still live these days, just using modern weapons and no the katana. At least I’ve earned that name, but what have you earned? You think you’ve earned something, then you tell that to someone that has a silver star, bronze star, and 2 purple hearts. Let’s see if you’ve earned something or did something for this country. Making statements against Christianity doesn’t show patriotism at all. It just shows you are unamerican. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • Bert Cundle

            Iv’e Been Fighting The Criminal System of Government In California for 40 Years + … I Am a Prisiner Of War!!. Trying to Civilize, My Country & The State that I Live in! “WITH – OUT VIOLANCE”! ……..
            As far as My CHRISTIAN Opposition, it is due to the Teachings of Christianity! ( FALSE TO ME ) The Cross represents the center of Four Directions. By Choseing one; That leaves three unchosen. (GAIN 1 Loose 3)

          • http://naver samurai

            Bert, if you’re fighting the state without violence (letters, calls, petitions, etc) that’s a good and admirable stand to take. My wife and I always write our reps, senators, and the governor about things we think are important for Indiana and our country. For example, we kept sending letters to Governor Mitch Daniels and he finally signed a bill that defunded planned parenthood and made Indiana the toughest state to get an abortion. So, I know what you mean. Second, what part of the Bible and the Teachings of Jesus do you have a problem with? This is why my pastor says that a liberal, no matter how far left you are, cannot be a true Christian, because of some of their beliefs. Now I’m not saying you, but if you have a problem with Christianity, then you have a problem with the basis of our founding. Here is a site that I’ve found and tell me what you think.


            FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • Bert Cundle

            The Part of Christianity that Reports that God “Would ‘did Send his Son to die for the sins of all that believe in him!’” My God Wouldn’t & Dodn’t! The ‘Childreen of God’ Were Feeling that Christianity was trying to wedge themselves between God & the Childreen of God! That we couldn’t get to god with-out excepting Christ as our SAVEIOR. Well… NO, NO, NO, & HELL NO!

          • Bert Cundle

            About your link: {Yesterday is a GREAT LESSON OF HISTORY!!!} History is Edited by GOVERNMENT! For Government! Obomba, Sending his Nazi like Troops to KILL Uncle Ben… Ben was a Strong op. of the C.I.A.! Used By Bush Sr. And Protcted by Bush Jr. …. NOT going down in history that way! —– The Christians in our early history were decendants of CHRISTIFER COLUMBAS… The Quen of England Gave up her Jules, and a ship, to get rid of him, and his followers. They then Forced there Religion on all they met! OF CORUSE THERE WERE OTHERS THAT DISCOVERED AMERICA, But Not much reported about them! ///\ WHEN I Write the Date: May 02. ’11 } ’11 Means Unknown how many years before.

          • http://naver samurai

            Bert, your post are nothing more than rants and not really deserving a response. First, read your Bible and find out why Jesus died on the cross. It was for the forgiveness of all our sins. Remember John 3:16? “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believed in Him, shall not perish, but have everlasting life.” Or how about John 4:16? Jesus said: “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one may come to the Father except by Me.” You have to believe in Jesus to be saved and go to heaven. Second, if you’re going to rant, at least learn how to spell. Thes computers come with spell check, you know. Third, the Christians of this country are decendents from many countries, not just Spain, moron! Many of our Christian founders came from England and Northern Europe, so what’s your point? We are a Christian nation, so get over it. Fourth, you talk about government rewriting history? That part is true. Just look how far left our schools and college campuses are and what is written about our history and you’ll see many things that have been left out of our history, because of the lib, gay loving, baby killing, marxists. Get your facts straight before you post. Ooops! I forgor that libs don’t let things, like the truth, stand in the way of a good rant. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • Bert Cundle

            I’m giving up on you… The Bible is your God & The Lies are your path.

          • http://naver samurai

            You’re giving up? Good! Another win for the patriots! You say that the Bible is my God and it’s full of lies? Actually, the Bible is the Word of God and is known to be true in every way. Historians, archeologists, and scientists have discovered what was said in the Bible to be true. They’ve found Noah’s Ark, Sodom and Gomorrah, Babylon, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and many other things. I think you gave up because you are a moron and can’t prove anything I’ve said wrong, so you go running away with your tail between your legs. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • Bert Cundle

            The Fire inside you, will leave you in ashes…

          • http://naver samurai

            If I burn up into ashes, but doing what God and Jesus want me to do, then I’ll inherit a great reward in heaven. You will not. I guess I can say one thing to you and I hope you understand. “Happy Easter! Our Saviour has risen from the dead and lives! Too bad yours won’t be reelected!” FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • Bert Cundle

            Happy Easter? That is when Rabbits lay Colorful EGGS? ( Rabbits DON’T LAY EGGS…)No one has recovered Life once Dead, for an hour or more, unless you call a “coma” Death! But spiratly… the followers re joining, that leader is the reunion! beliefe to disbelief to belief…

          • http://naver samurai1966

            Sorry Bert, but Jesus rose again from the dead. Read your Bible, it’s there for you to read. Just because your “messiah” won’t get re-elected doesn’t mean you have to lie about Jesus not comming back from the dead. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

            P.S. I hope the easter bunny left you an egg full of crap.

      • Lewis Munn


        There is an opening in the Islaamic power structure, according to rumors, tho the verification may require some more questioning.

        But apply, pays well, I hear, and the promises for the life hereafter are great!!

        • Lewis Munn


          Appreciated the strong but generally restrained dialog from you.

          Folks like him find it so hard to kick against the pricks! Tho the allusion, though true, would be far beyond his comprehension.

          Thanks for a good, restrained, but clear witness. And for outlasting him! Interesting to see him fall apart as time went on!

          • http://naver samurai1966

            Thank you and keep up the good fight, fellow patriot! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Gayle

    I enjoy his political satire. But, really, why are comic book characters, superman, bert and ernie; and, the other night Will Ferrall was on David Letterman and said he read “The Grinch That Stole Christmas” last year to Congressman, no kids allowed. It seems the liberals are not based in reality.

    • gary

      gayle–now u no why letterman has low ratings.

    • skip

      Not to mention you!

      • http://naver samurai1966

        You either, moron! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • seedy carriedaway

    Obama’s Lie

    two points pointing to Obama birth certificate as PHONEY:

    first, no one (nor family) would be denied anytime to get copy of their birth certificate … much always needed to open bank accounts, get a job, get a passport, get Married, and also just for pround rememberance and also to show parentage … etc (obama not pround?)

    2nd, … back then and even now, “African” is a location and Not a racial group … only caucasian and negro, etc, would appear on birth certificate !!!

    (3rd point, his hawaiian lawyer had plenty of time with state of hawaiian to bribe/extort/ fabricate this phoney)

    • Bert Cundle

      The only PROOF I have of the Phoney Doc. is it is of & By & For Government!

      • Bert Cundle

        Government is so covert & Criminal that it is real likly, to be Phoney!

    • Lewis Munn

      What about the Kenyan certificate that has surfaced? I think it claims to have a footprint we could compare.

      It also would explain why he could go to Pakistan with no problems. Wouldn’t it?

  • sean murrey

    Superman has gone back to Kryton and he is taking obummer with him.

  • HHH

    @seedy carriedaway; it is obvious you have never finished your education. Hopefully you are not employed in any capacity where speaking or writing is required. And hopefully not in any capacity where machinery is involved.

    • gary

      may i suggest u listen to rush??
      u need it, man, or what ever u r.

    • http://naver samurai1966

      Are we looking in the mirror again HHH, not the wrestler? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Tunaman

    Enough with the obummer phony birth certificate; anyone can photo shop anything these days!! Joe Wilson had it correct when he stood up in the house chamber and replied to obummer’s lies, “You lie” as a retort to the lier in chief’s blatant lying to congress!! As for superman, YAWN!! It’s a stupid comic book, who cares! MORONS?????

    • skip

      And of course they photoshopped the Hawaii newspapers published in 1961. When will you people get some semblance of sense? I guess when then nation is once again Wasps only (oops – the Indians were here first, but they were taken care of in short order -skin too tan, not Christian enough I guess.)

      • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Bill

        Yeah, we’re still paying the indians. They lost, we won, we owe them nothing!!!

        • Old Bill

          Watch it paleface you jokers would of starved if not for us.

      • Vic

        Thing is, to be “natural-born citizen”, both parents have to be American citizens. See, for example The USSC in THE VENUS, 12 U. S. 253 (1814) 289 Page 12 (”The natives or indigenes are those born in the country of parents who are citizens. Society not being able to subsist and to perpetuate itself but by the children of the citizens, those children naturally follow the condition of their fathers, and succeed to all their rights.”

        Note, PARENTS, not PARENT. Obama, by publishing his certificate, regardless fake or not, just have stated that one of his parents, fater, was kenyan, consequently, Obama might even claim kenyan citizenship, consequently, he is not “naturally-born” citizen owning allegiance to USA and USA alone, consequently he is not eligible to be US President. Granted, he is American citizen, he can legally be Senator, but not President.

        • Kate8

          Vic – Apparently no one has ever been able to turn up any evidence that Obama ever had ANY kind of US citizenship.

          It looks as though he’s actually an illegal alien.

          No joke.

          • http://naver samurai1966

            I tend to agree with you, fellow patriot. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • Lewis Munn


        If you check the REAL Christians have always helped the Indians, and still do today.

        It is the non-christians, probably of Liberal upbringing, or living in christian-INO churches, that did in the Indians.

  • http://com i41

    Superman and Onumnutts are flying United back to the vines. Both are phony paper figments of imaginations for entertaianment, and it is for real simole minded mush minds, Just like the brain dead pukes that put the crossbred marx muslim moron into office, these people did read what the puke wrote. Media didn’t check the drug using, book trained marxist/communist community agator history really was.

  • Gary

    At 80 Superman’s starting to show the effects of age and the lead from all those bullets he’s bounced. Might be a touch of Paisley Kryptonite got to him as well.

    (Seriously, though, Superman always seemed like a “Progressive” sort of hero, the embodiment of a Wilsonian dream of all-powerful government to take care of us mere common people. In that light, turning his back on America isn’t a change, it’s an admission.)

    • wise owl

      Guess superman has picked up some red kryptonite and thinks he is in cuba and not the USA. or he can go suck on some Gold kryptonite and live like a real person.

    • Lewis Munn

      And very likely an improvement!

      MAD magazine many years ago had a very telling satire on Super-Duper Man!

  • gary

    Superman is leaving while the gettin’ out is good, although NOT as good as pre-zero.

  • wise owl

    The birth certificate thing keeps our minds off the real trouble, that is the need to fully AUDIT the Federal Reserve cartel of banks. Right now they can do anything they want in total secrecy. No one, not the Prez, Congress, the Courts, CBS, NBC, can oblige them to explain their action. This is absolute corruption that needs to be changed.

    • Les

      The Federal Reserve should be ordered to change it’s name. The American Central Banking Organization should not be allowed to call itself “Federal” anything. This was done on purpose by a bunch of banking thieves in 1913 to intentionally protect the biggest fleecing scheme on the Planet.

    • Lewis Munn

      Audit all you want. The records are pristine. The world’s best have made sure of that!

      And anyone who might be tempted to say otherwise has become extremely rich, bought a remote South Pacific island, and vanished behind total defenses, becoming a hermit.

      And one island works for all!

      Remember, the super rich are like Superman, not bound by our mundane rules.

  • susanburnette

    since superman is taking the American way out let America take superman out of america and take the president with him.

  • Charles

    If we don`t get after the things we need to get after, we will think
    obama is superman.We need to get after the things that really matter,
    not things that might matter.Things like the Deficit, Spending, Gass
    price`s, healthcare, bailouts, Libya war, energy, People who he hangs
    his hat with, The Progressive party- no longer the Democrat party.Lets go after what he stands for,not what he dosen`t stand for.
    Progressive > Socialists > Marxist > Communist > These four things he
    does stand for or at the least relates to.

    • http://Huskeron RonR

      Too true, the commie-libs of the media (and how sad that that now includes comic books) already have their super-hero-messiah in BhO. Superduperman was just redundant

  • Eastern Eagle

    Good RIDDANCE, Super-Puke! Captain America doesn’t have your “identity crisis” problems! Make Mine MARVEL!!

  • Wally Cleaver

    Bush and his brother Obama are owned by the Wall Street bankers. Their goal is the destruction of America. Soon, we will all be slaves to the elitists.

  • Charles

    To All,
    Socialism is a philosophy of FAILURE!!! The gospel of ENVY!!!
    It`s inherent VIRTUE is the equal
    sharing of MISERY!!!!!!!!!

    • Lewis Munn

      You speak truth!

      But a prophet is not without honor, save in his own country! And the more truth he speaks, the more violent the criticism.

  • True American

    Superman is like Obama,He makes you thing he cares about AMERICA. He tells you what you want you hope to hear,Shows you one thing and then does what he wnats to do, to us all!!! Lie lie lie lie no mare obama PLEASE. Wake-up America take our country back. WE RUN THIS COUNTRY NOT THE GOVERMENT. Thay are here to protect us that is it.WE make the laws not be fooled.

  • Charles

    wise owl,
    Here is one for you to think about. Not many people know this .
    Ben Bernanke, our gloris Fed Chairman is a cousin to the Rothschilds
    of England, who is a business partner of George Soros, in turn is a friend of Obamas.You figure it out, or do your homework and put these
    names together and see where they fall out. Good luck, you might be
    suprised. Turn over one rock and there is another.

  • http://CoxCommunications Bob Bartlett

    I have never seen a Birth Certificate that did not show the childs weight, length and it’s FOOT PRINT !


    • skip

      You obviously haven’t looked at very many, then – what the hell are you talking about?

      • JC

        He’s talking about the expansion of the Barry Soetoro fraud from name changes, multiple SS no.s, funding as a foreign student and cover ups to include a phony birth certificate…which part don’t you get?

    • http://deleted Claire

      Sorry, folks, my birth certificate does not include a footprint, weight, or length. AND I was born n the US.

      • Kate8

        Claire – Yes, but by the time Obama was born, nearly all of them did.

        The Kenyan one has a footprint. Let him prove it isn’t his.

        • Earl

          HEY-I was born in 1944 and mine, which I have in my possession, does have a footprint, as well as all of the other info, including a seal…………

          • http://deleted Claire

            Earl–I was born in January, 1941. So obviously they started putting the footprints, etc. on after that period of time.

          • http://deleted Claire

            Earl–mine has a seal, and it is the original certificate. Want to know why I am positive of this fact? Because it IS old looking! lol

      • http://Huskeron RonR

        Are you talking about a birth certificate or a certificate of live birth? My birth certificate includes size, weight and footprints – as does my daughters and every other one I have seen.

        • http://deleted Claire

          Mine is a “birth certificate” and this is all I have. Same with my sisters, they were born in 1936 and 1937. My son and daughter has a footprint, etc. on their birth certificates.

      • Enlightenment


        My birth certificate has my foot prints/right and left and my moms thumb prints/right and left. It also has my weight, length & the time I was born.

        I think it is what era you are from and state what is on yours.

        I am from Georgia and born in the early 50′s.

        • http://deleted Claire

          Enlightenment–I was born in Wisconsin.

      • JC

        Claire says:
        April 30, 2011 at 3:32 pm
        Sorry, folks, my birth certificate does not include a footprint, weight, or length. AND I was born n the US.
        Mine does and it’s the same year as the Kenyan.

  • kilrntex

    Who are they kidding? Superman is dead anyway. The drunkass fell off a horse and broke his neck. They took him to a Progressive hospital where they fed him lies and BS until the poor bastard died of malnutrition. The doctors stole all his powers and injected them up a starving Kenyan’s ass. The Kenyan grew up with a weird speech problem whereas he tells only lies and spouts BS all the time. His lips appear to be moving, but the noise comes out his rectum(He talks out his ass). Idiots love this freak so much they just knew he was the messiah. They forged his birth certificate and rigged a few elections to elevate him to what they believed to be Superman in a super country. The only problem is that they told him to RUN a country and he thought they said RUIN a country. He thinks he is a success.

  • http://com i41

    Soros, the money man and the manulipator and the controller of the marxist/communist socialist dumbocrap party. All interconnected and headed towards on goal, onre world government with the UN as the controller giving the approveral to only centain people or like minded plans. The niggardly Onumnutts went and still goes all over the world putting the USA down and showed his marxist collors when he obey his UN worthless pals. Sooner that people realize the whole dumbocrap party, and the wimpy azzed rinos who compromise and give in to Onumnutts and his puke party bastards, care nothing about the distruction of America.

  • Lewis Munn

    It has been a long time in the making, hasn’t it, while we again proved that the only thing needed for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing!!


    EVERYONE connected to the U.N. is scum so Superman has become Superscum .

  • chuckb

    claire, my bc only shows the address where i was born, no footprints, no length or weight, however, i have only one. someone should compare barrys bc to all other certificates presented by hawaii. where did the first one come from? do the demos produce a different document every three years depending on the urgency? who will certify this new bc as authentic? eric holder! lol

  • JP

    Check out this link exposing the White House release of Obama’s long form birth certificate as a fake.

    • chuckb

      jp, this guy is way over my head, however, if i understand right they have taken some other persons bc and altered it with obamas name. why doesn’t anyone else pick up on this or are the wimpy politicians afraid of ridicule if they bring it up again. it seems to me some of the talking heads on fox are accepting this latest bc as the real thing.

      • Allan Halbert

        Personally, I think they are doing that because they believe it will cost votes in 2012.

  • George B Vieto

    Superman is not an American citizen. WordGirl will be his designated replacement with Captain Huggyface her batgirl.

  • Bruce D.

    I thought the one about Obama’s ratings are so low Kenyans are now claiming Obama was born in the U.S. as the funniest.

  • Bert Cundle

    What he needs to show… Is a Pictured Birth Cert, I’m Sure Their wouldn’t be much differance!

  • james

    After all these years he still couldn’t bang Lois. What’s wrong with that? He was getting ready to be outed.

  • Kel R

    My birth certificate and my son’s has footprint length and weight on it as well as signed on the same day as our births. Obama has an obvious fake. If obamacare is so good why is there now over a thousand wavers from it issued by the whitehouse. Remember liberalism is a disease that can only be cured by a dose of lead injected at high velocity.

  • DaveH

    The Birth Certificate is just a distraction. We need to concentrated on real actions that Obama has taken, such as his Unconstitutional War in Libya:

  • http://com i41

    Mike in Mi, why would anyone ve surprised, it has always been a dumbocrap mantra since the Taminy Hall crooks ran the party. They used dead people and stole votes from POs and voted several times. Onumutts niggardly thugs just used the same play strtagy. Everyone thinks Onumnutts s the new black JFK The marxist muslim used all of the Kennedy’s game plans and then some, only difference was, Onumnutt’s went after the queer votes, by his own words in his books. Marvel comics will soon have some dreamed up freak, turning out to be a crossbred marxist/communist muslim crawling out of his coc-coon in a cotton patch. Also it will be a close buddy of the UN secretary.

  • chuckb

    one thing is for sure the bolsheviks have complete control of the mind game. some want to impeach barry for the war in libya, some are accusing him of fraud for the bc issue, some are upset over the economy.
    first off the constitution calls for a man too be president of the u.s. must be a naturalized citizen, barry evidently issued a forged bc to begin with. isn’t this an illegal action, secondly he issue’s another bc suspected of forgery, so far some have pointed out this too is a forgery, all of a sudden most want to look the other way and accept this as proof. the chances of impeaching barry over libya is laughable, with a democratic senate lol. whether barry is a natural born citizen or not is an important issue and the latest presented bc should be authenticated by a selected committee, not by some of barry’s henchmen like holder. if this document is a forgery then he should be prosecuted. this shouldn’t be put on the back burner and forgot just because they are afraid of being called a birther.

  • http://com i41

    He should be a convicted felon, as aschle, Rangel, and all the other tax cheats and crimminals. In the Congressional SOP manual they are to forfeit their life long paychecks and benifits plan. Sinmce Whore hound has lied under oath and was derlict in his duties, and a disbarred lawyer, which makes him a felon, since he was convicted in a court of law. But why should we expect anything less the a cover up from the marxst/communist socialist dumbocraps. Any group of idoits that would use the Nazi Traitor George Soros, as their money man and be their boss, what can we expect. Hope Trump keeps hammering the crossbred niggardly peice of crap.

  • Bert Cundle

    Osoma Ben Lauden MURDERED… Good thing he didn’t get a trial…
    It was a lot easer to get M.L.K.

    • http://naver samurai

      Gee Bert, that last posting makes me wonder if you wear white sheets and hoods to work. Is you middle initials KKK? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Lewis Munn

    Running through my head after all this so far, worerdas from rthe conclusion of Gian Carlo Menotti’s Madrigal Fable, “The Unicorn, the Gorgon, and the Manticore”. An unfairly neglected piece, tho most certainly now politically very very incorrect.

    As the townsfolk march out to lynch the Poet, they sing and chant:
    “Slow, much too slow, is the Justice of God…
    Speedy architect of secret labyrinths, the Sinner.
    But God’s law works in time, and time is unfashionably slow!

    We, the few, the elect, must take things in our hands.
    And forever and ever, whether evil or good,
    We shall do what seems Clever.”

    And only as they break in do they find the poet dying, amongst his
    faithful creatures. And only then do they understand the allegory.

    Very powerful piece, worth listening to and thinking about. Some on here could benefit from such thinking, I believe.

    The madrigal music might help the words and message sink in…


  • pandora store

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