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Supercommittee Plays Blame Game

November 22, 2011 by  

Supercommittee Plays Blame Game

As many pundits prepare to name the current Congress the “worst ever,” the Congressional budget supercommittee has spent its final hours discussing how to publicly admit its failure rather than how to reach a deficit-reduction compromise.

According to The Washington Post, members of the special deficit-reduction committee spent last weekend casting blame, pointing fingers and bracing for the reaction of its failure from financial markets.

Many supercommittee members spent Sunday making rounds on political talk shows to blame their colleagues on the other side of the aisle for the most recent failure and promising that the automatic spending cuts that will be implemented in 2013 will be monitored closely.

Senator John Kerry (D-Mass.) accused Republicans of blocking progress by demanding that George W. Bush’s tax cuts remain in place and refusing to administer tax increases on wealthy Americans. Kerry said: “We didn’t come here to do another tax cut to the wealthiest people while we’re [asking] fixed-income seniors to ante up more, people on Medicaid who are poor to ante up more.”

Senator Jon Kyl of Arizona was among the Republicans who said Democrats risked throwing the economy back into a recession for just the opposite reason, using the supercommittee’s mandate to raise taxes on small businesses and other drivers of job creation.

“Our Democratic friends said we won’t cut one dollar more without raising taxes,” Kyl told CNN. “That tells you a lot about the ethos in Washington. We went into the exercise to try to reduce federal government spending. What we get from the other side is, no, we won’t make more cuts unless you raise taxes.”

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Doc Sarvis

    The Democrats wanted to tie spending cuts with tax increases on the rich. That is what the majority of Americans (true Americans anyway) want as well.

    • Stephen

      I consider myself an American…truly, and that’s not what I want at all. Do not put words in MY mouth. That’s what politicians try to do everyday. If we vote on the side of growth, then the revenues are there and raising taxes is a moot point. It’s exactly what happened every time we voted most Democrats out of office. What would Clinton have really been if we had not elected a Republican Congress? Let’s stop punishing success and start rewarding ingenuity and growth in our economy. That way everyone wins.

      • Doc Sarvis

        I said, as the polls do, the majority of Americans want to raise taxes on the rich as well as cut spending. That does not make you unamerican, it puts you in the minority.

        The top 1% of Americans hold over 40% of the nation’s wealth. Real dollar income for 99% of American workers has decreased over the last decade while the top 1%’s earnings have increased dramatically. The workers of America are making money for the 1% and are paid a pittance just to survive. Hows that for the redistribution of wealth?

        • DanB

          Americans have a bad habit of late of making choices that oppose their own future.

          • Doc Sarvis

            Yes, like the Tea Party congressional members.

          • bob wire

            OF LATE?

        • Robin from Arcadia, IN

          Doc… Our country is not socialist! There should not be a redistribution of wealth. I by no means am rich, but I don’t deny those who are to spend and/ or give their money as they see fit. I pay my share of taxes, so I am not a welfare recipient, but I think Washington needs an overhaul and they need to bring about the Fair Tax. It would be ‘fair’ for all. Do you have a better idea?

          • Doc Sarvis

            Of course our country is not Socialist. And of course there should not be a redistribution of wealth. I agree with you on both points. Unfortunately, the redistribution of wealth to those at the very top (1-2%) has been occurring for quite some time and accellerated in the last decade.

            One thing I would do is eliminate the tax benefit to corporations who ship American jobs overseas. President Obama tried to stop that but the Republicans and a few Democrats blocked that effort.

          • eddie47d

            Okay Robin there is socialism in every country including the USA so what do you call those on top (the Elites) who have rigged our capitalist system to favor themselves? What are you doing to make America more fair and equitable without taking from the labors of others. If those wealthy 1% have gamed the system doesn’t that send up red flags to you?It’s no longer who earned their money (Everyone deserves what they earned) but who is taking unfair advantage of ordinary Americans. That includes corporate greed,corporate loopholes,Wall Street plunder or even insider trading in Washington. We don’t want to kill the builders of America but we do want to cut out the cancers that have grown within those entities.

          • James

            Robin, To balance the budget, Congress would have to raise taxes by $500 billion and reduce spending by $1 trillion, this year, then keep that tax in place for 30 years to pay off the national debt. It ain’t gonna happen, they will continue to borrow money and ruin the dollar. That means prices, on everything, will sky rocket.

          • bob wire

            “There should not be a redistribution of wealth.”

            That the very nature of Wealth Robin ~ always has been and always will be.

            It’s very difficult to call it “wealth” if it can’t be transferred.

            It distributed and redistributed over and over again and again.

            Maybe you might reconsider your statement. Everyone depends on wealth distribution. The rich and poor alike.

            Inequitable, disproportion transfer of wealth is the issue and not redistribution. You are repeating things that you have heard other say.

            With you remarks, in essence you are defend crony capitalism, fraud and entitlements enjoyed by virtue of conflict of interest.

            And I know Robin, that you don’t support such things.

        • sybucket

          I’d like to point out that no matter how many times one trots out stastics, the plain fact is that any “rich” person (depending on your definiation of rich-lets say a Millionair)who pays his taxs, pays. by %, a consideribley larger amount of money than someone in a lower tax bracket. If I pay 10% on earnings of $200,000, I’m paying $20,000. If I’m paying 10% on earnings of 2 Million, I’m paying $200.000! Thats a $180,000 difference. I use these figures as a simple illistration. If the actual tax bracket for Millionairs is 35% and the rest of us are paying at a lower %, which we are, it is disingenious to suggest that the Rich arn’t paying their fair share.

          • Doc Sarvis

            The rich are the one who are benefitting the most from all that our coutry has to offer. They have the advantages of, our country’s infrastructure, our country’s natural resources, a good labor force (who they short-change for the most part), a strong military that protects them and their assets, an historically strong financial system, etc.

        • Iva Raggon

          Redistribution of wealth went from the many to the few. Clever manipulation of numbers does not necessarily mean earning it. Many at the top sit on each others’ compensation committees and vote for huge packages so they will get theirs when their turn comes.

      • http://Steve Steve

        comon guys….everyone knows that every single modern tax inrease has NEVER gone to reducing our debt…Never…

    • DanB

      I consider myself a true American, as opposed to a socialist? Or true Americans socialists now? And I do NOT want taxes raised on the rich. That is part of socialism, and opposition to a free market that rewards hard work, good ideas, and wealth creation. Since “economic justice” has more foundation in socialism and communism than it does with economic freedom, I oppose “economic justice” and that includes increasing taxes on the rich. And for a quick history lesson, the original income tax was supposed to be on the very wealthy. What can we learn from history? Politicians are greedy and it is the poor and middle class that ALWAYS pay for these tax increases. These tax increases are guaranteed to filter down. You could put good money on that. And while not directly a wager like this, that is how some of those who are rich got rich, because they could “forecast” the impact of economic policies including the tax code…. Thus they put their money into areas of the economy that would benefit or wagered against those which would be most impacted.

    • Lastmanstanding

      That is complete bs…why don’t you progs move to Greece where you can lay around all day and dream about how wonderful life is.

  • Ted Crawford

    It’s sad to see that the Progressives continue to misrepresent the facts with regards to tax increases. They continue to call tax increases “increases in revenue”! History, 100% of the time, has shown that tax increases and revenue are in fact inversly proportional longterm!
    To the Republicans, closing the loop-holes is NOT a tax increase!

  • Stephen

    I would agree that raising taxes on the rich merely increases the costs for goods and services for every “American”. Some in Congress are only concerned with how much money it takes to run government and could care less as to who gets hurt in reality. Their stance on helping the poor is a mirage to keep the poor a slave to government and receive their votes to stay in office. These government representatives are the ones who need to go first.

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Stephen… Well said! Rather than increase taxes, they need to stop the lobbyists from getting tax payer money for every little whim. If and when it all caves, there is going to be a lot of people who have depended on the government to take care of them, in a state of mass confusion. Somebody better do something to stop this from happening. Obama has already proved he is not a leader and his mantra is to blame someone else, anyone, as long as he looks pure as the driven snow. The Tea Party needs to find good people to put into Congress. Obama has already shown that you don’t need to be in Washington and still be president.

    • eddie47d

      We certainly have much to do to get individuals and corporations off of this steady diet of welfare. Everyone thinks they deserve more than the next person or business.No one seems to have self esteem anymore in their individual ability and those who do seem to use it against others to make money(take advantage of). The lobbyists are another problem in America. Some lobbyists want to level the playing field and others unfairly use their influence to knock out the competition.

      • Robin from Arcadia, IN

        eddie… I agree, much to my surprise! I really believe that the Federal government has taken on more than was ever thought to be their ‘job’. The states, who are smaller and would have tighter control of things should be doing much of what the federal government is doing. Hopefully we will see the states begin to take back some of their responsibilities and leave Washington to handle the issues of protection and ensuring our rights are upheld.

  • Tom

    Why not raise taxes on the rich (1 million up). A CEO does not create jobs the company they work for creates jobs.

    Over the last 10 years the 1% income has increase multiples over the common worker. If you roll back the Bush
    tax cuts for the (1 million up) they have had the increase to cover the taxes where the common worker has not.

    If we put a freeze on moneys we give to other countries for one year we can use the money to bring down our deficit

    Put a freeze on all Dem and Rep pay until the deficit is down to a reasonable figure so the economy can prosper.

    Have the supercommittee go on TV together and each person tell the American people why they could not do their job!!!

    Every person on the supercommittee should be voted out of office to set an example that the American people deserve better.

    The entitlements for all illegals should be revoked until they are U.S. law bidden citizens.

    Clean up the waste and duplicity in goverment to reduce the pain of tax increase.

    For all bills not addressed/ passed in congress the Dem and Rep are fined a set dollar amount until agreements are reached.
    Same as contempt of court, pay a fine until you correct problem.

  • http://Boblivingston Lyle McDaniel

    All i get out of this discussion is ,lets get the govt. involved a little deeper. The only solution is to cut so called entilements and govt spending,and govt…

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Robert

    All this “talk, talk, talk” is really tiring on those of us who work a 40 hour week, have families, etc. We are about moving this country on a daily basis while the “talking heads” do nothing but talk and spend. Tax on the wealthy? Are you kidding me? They will pay no more tax in the future than they do now unless the exemptions are addressed. What should be significant is the adjusted gross income as compared to the net gross income. Perhaps a way to tax those who have the biggest difference in those 2 figures. Those Americans who are wealthy enough to have accountants will seek out (and lobby for in a lot of cases) exemptions which will lower their “taxable” income. As an “everyday” American, I am so, so tired of all this “talk, talk, talk” and no action. And, then, my group is the group that ends up paying the bill. The weathy can afford it and the “less fortunate” get handouts from our taxes … we middle-class “everyday” Americans” who go to work n a daily basis will be the ones who pay for it …. we always are!

  • Stephen

    Question: When a decision comes out of the House of Representatives for the Senate to review and vote, when should the Senate actually bring the issue to the floor for a vote? Can the majority leader stall indefinitely as Harry has done? Should he be able to put politics over the Business of America? There’s got to be rules against this type of BS.

  • Ed

    When the tax code in your country is as convoluted as it is with loopholes on loophole and GE apparently pays no tax on $14 billion profit and if they were filing a paper tax return it would be approx 9 ft high then I suggest that there needs to be a drastic overhaul of your tax code.

    What irritates me is that people blame GE and the so called rich when the fault lies with your politicians. Congress makes the laws that GE and other play by.

    A flat tax with no or very few loopholes is something that is done in other countries so why will it not work for you in your country?

    • Bonnie Parmenter

      You are so right on. The tax codes created by Congress created this tax mess. Cain’s 9-9 tax would help this problem but I think it needs a lot of work. I used to support a group pushing for a consumer tax but it was about 2.5% and did not tax food, medicine and the first $150,000 on homes. 9% is way too much. Most people would be paying more taxes. The average person does not know how convoluted the tax codes are and how discretionary. Companies with good attorneys can get away with anything and the small businesses pay the price.

  • http://liberyalearts john p.


  • z23o

    THE rep’s F—– up the the economy with two disastrous wars[one for oil & the other to support the war machine]; allowing wall street to sell junk mortgages @ triple A rating causing a downfall in the financial world]+providing huge tax cuts for the rich & corps [who were making hugh profits from their overseas investments & reducing their labor force in the US]+ having corps lobbists run Govt agencies [the foxes in the chicken coup]. ALL THIS WITHOUT A BALANCE BUDGET. THIS ADMINISTRATION WAS A TOTAL DISGRACE TO AMERICANS.

    • Bonnie Parmenter

      You forget that the Congress and the Senate were lead by Democrats and Congress is where the money decisions are made not all by the President. You can blame dear Nancy Pelosie who brings the bills to the floor. She was the leader begging for the bailouts. With-out the bailouts our economy would be back on track in no time. Our hypocritical Democrats in Congress now are twisting the blame on all corporations and industry. They are as much to blame as anyone. This is one of the biggest farces I have ever seen. There are more millionairs in Congress than ever and just as many are Democrats as Republicans. There is corruption at every level.

  • Bonnie Parmenter

    In the 70′s you earn $1,000,000 and 70% is income tax. The Bush cuts took it to 35%. There could be room for an increase but personally I don’t think the government needs any more money only cuts. I think the 35% could maybe move to 45% since us in the $100,000 to $250,000 pay almost that amount. I think the fair thing to do is go line by line and keep the Bush tax cuts that help businesses and the economy and bump up the other taxes a little. There should be more tax incentives for businesses that hire US employees. Congress is suppose to do what the people want and from talking to the general public they want higher taxes on the wealthy and do not want to cut social security and it is about even on cutting military. If the Republicans don’t move a little on the Bush tax cuts they may lose this next election. Most don’t understand that most of the Bush tax cuts and incentive helped businesses grow. The biggest problem was Bush didn’t stop the growth of government only made the cuts in taxes.


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