Suit: Non-Jew Suffered Taunts For Yarmulke


NEW YORK, Aug. 10 (UPI) — A New York man who donned a Jewish skullcap as part of his embrace of “theosophy” said he was fired for complaining about taunts from colleagues.

Ciro Rosselli, 29, said he started wearing the yarmulke to work at consulting firm McKinsey & Co. after he took up theosophy, which he said is “about finding truth in all religions,” in 2007 and found himself targeted by taunts from colleagues, the New York Post reported Tuesday.

Rosselli said co-workers told him he wasn’t a “real Jew” and a supervisor told him the head covering was “creeping me out.”

“You can’t be Jewish if you’re Italian,” one colleague allegedly told him.

Rosselli’s federal court lawsuit, filed Monday, claims he was fired from the company two days after going to the police with allegations he was threatened by an ex-boyfriend of his supervisor for complaining about her comments to the human resources department.

The suit is seeking unspecified money damages for discrimination and retaliation.

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