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Sugar Feeds Cancer! Part 1

December 20, 2011 by  

Cancer cells have a massive dependence on sugar as a fuel source. The higher the blood sugar level, the higher the risk of cancer and every other disease.

What do we mean by sugar? Sugar is white sugar, carbohydrates. The biggest culprit of all is fructose corn syrup. Fructose corn syrup alone is destroying the health of the American people.

Are you reading labels? Fructose corn syrup is a base or filler in thousands of foods. It is a “sugar” that bypasses the pancreas, causing massive increases in insulin and creating an epidemic of obesity. Can’t we look out at our neighbors and see it?

Sugar causes high insulin levels that tell the body to store sugar as fat. It also tells the body not to release any stored fat. This makes it impossible to use our own stored body fat for energy. So excess sugar (carbohydrates, fructose corn syrup) in the diet not only makes us fat, but makes sure we stay fat.

High levels of insulin cause major health problems. Think diabetes, hypertension, obesity, high cholesterol (and other lipids), heart disease and kidney disease. Female breast cancer, infertility and neurodegeneration are all related to excess sugar, which, in turn, causes high insulin levels.

Diets high in refined sugars release more insulin, causing excess fat storage.

Too much insulin caused by too much refined sugar is the key to the vast majority of chronic illness. In other words, sugar feeds cancer because cancer cells are massively dependent on sugar.

What can the individual do? I believe there are answers:

  1. Switch to a diet with as high a percentage of fresh vegetables as possible. Avoid most meats except chicken and fish — preferably organic, meaning they were not raised on genetically modified foods and pumped full of antibiotics. This is simple but proven beyond a doubt not only to arrest diseases like cancer and heart disease, but actually to reverse them. Please view the DVD “Forks Over Knives.” The answer is change of diet, but this is anathema to the drug cartel that owns conventional medicine in the United States. They have ingrained the heresy that drugs replace food in the healing process.
  2. Switch your sweetener to stevia. At one time, the Food and Drug Administration stopped stevia from coming into the United States, and after that it had to be sold as a “dietary supplement,” not as a sweetener.

Editor’s note: Part 2 will appear next week. –BL


Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Joe Morgan

    My mother died in 1956 of pancreatic cancer I was a boy . In later years (1970) I stood in the office of the then Director of the National Cancer Institute at NIH. He assured me with firm conviction that cancer in all forms would be eraticated in 5 years. WHAT A BUNCH IF BULL SH—! Our economy would collapse if cancer were cured.
    Just another story of lies and deception from our political leaders. Can you imagine the out of work/incomes of doctors pharacitical and insurance companies that would be litterally out of work should such a money making diesese were no longer present in our society.
    PS. I have two brothers who are currently battling the big “C” one for the second time around. You want to call me bitter go ahead. But I am a realist, no pipe dreams and smoke and mirrors for me.

    • http://yahoo scout

      You are absolutely correct. Cancer is a multi-billion dollar a year industry. The Pharmaceutical companies make billions off of cancer drugs as do hospitals and various treatment centers. We, the US probably does less than many countries to irradicate cancer. I have friends who have to go to Germany for prostate treament. They were cured. Us doesn’t or didn’t offer these “cures”. Our medical profession wants to watch and treat. It’s ALL about dollars…..

    • TIME


      You need to look into the following, first Google the youtube feed called “RUN FROM THE CURE,” The Rick Simpson story.

      Then look into H2 O2 to fight cancer.

      Last but not least as noted by Bob, diet is a KEY factor this is the part that makes the other two noted above really work faster.

      I cured stage 4 cancer in just under 5 Months by the first method.
      I also wanted to be 100% sure it was not coming back so the Diet again is KEY, but I also did the H2 O2 treatment in the up and down scale’s.

      The hardest part was the diet.
      But let me be 100% clear; if you can get them keyed in on it, then its a fast and easy as well painless method.
      Oh and as they will sleep a Lot on the first cure and by a lot I mean figure in 18 hours per day.

      By the way {the total cost to cure the cancer was $5000.00 } that’s only due to the high cost of the base product hemp, if it were legal it would cost you no more than $100.00 to cure Cancer.

      Can I get me an OMG?

      I gave you the keys do with them as you please.

  • Blackberry

    Great information. Keep up the great work, Bob! God Bless and Merry Christmas!

  • ph

    I would guess that this is why the high fruitcose industry is trying to change the name of this garbage they market.
    unfortunatly most people will not get this message or will ignore it. Most believe that the govt along with the fda,cdc & ama care about people’s health. It’s all fake & fueled by dollar sign [expletive deleted]. I honestly think they are happy when people die because they will not collect benifits & it can be used as a form of population control also. The dope companies are only about selling as much dope as they can & they use payola to get govt approval. The USDA is no better when it comes to putting dangerous food adatives,geneticly modified food,& drugged up animal food on the shelves.Govt agencies are all criminal enterprises & the less people have to do with them the better off they all are.

    • TIME

      Its called “PROGRAMING”

      Also how strange is it that they also call it “TV PROGRAMING.”

      Note the key word; PROGRAMING, aslo known as “BRAIN WASHING.”

  • former walmart person

    One thing I never ever understood about stuff like this is I keep thinking that ultimately, energy can’t be created out of thin air. I don’t care how fuel efficient your car is. Eventually you have to fill it up with gas again. I love how you say it is impossible to lose weight if you consume HFC syurp. Really?? Man world hunger is easily solved!!! We just need to ship some HFC syrup to Africa pronto!!! I mean it sounds like HFCS is the ultimate survival food. heck, we should have it stored in case of the end of the world. Why, all I have to do is eat some HFCS laden skittles or other candy, and I will never starve!!! I will always be fat but at least I will survive!!??!!

    I think that blaming HFCS is a way of saying that this is the only reason we are fat. No, we are fat, because by and large, we also burn far fewer calories. Our children play lots of video games, which burn electrical energy, but not a whole lot of human energy. Kids used to play games and run around. An hour of running around is probably equivalent to playing video games for 4-5 hours in terms of energy usage. I am sure HFCS is bad for you, but it is not being honest if we say this is the primary reason we Americans are fat. Heck, as I said, if HFCS is the primary reason we are fat, then how come, Mr. survivalist, Bob Livingson, you don’t advocate that we just keep a bunch of skittles tucked away to survive the end times???

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear former walmart person,

      Your argument is grounded in a fallacy. You are equating being fat with being “over-nutritioned.” While I won’t argue that lack of exercise is a problem in today’s society, fat from high fructose corn syrup is not fat from nutrition. In fact, that could not be further from the truth. Many obese people today are actually starving to death.

      If you are interested in learning more, please read these articles:

      Best wishes,

      • former walmart person

        Bob, if your goal is prevention of starvation, its fair to say that just getting food, regardless of how bad it is nutrionally is job number 1. Sorry, but if I know I will starve in a few weeks, I won’t be so concerned about getting cancer a few decades from now. Clearly, by your admission, HFCS really gives you lots of calories for the pound of food. Shouldn’t that be your goal, if you aren’t sure where your next calories may come from?

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear former walmart person,

          Yours is a non sequitur. This article is about preventing cancer, not preventing starvation.

          You write: “Clearly, by your admission, HFCS really gives you lots of calories for the pound of food.” Where did I write this? I made no mention of calories. HFCS does not provide calories, and from your post you evidently don’t know what a calorie is.

          Best wishes,

          • former walmart person

            HFCS does not provide calories? What? Is it just a chemical that causes you to become more efficient with calories in the food and provides no actual calories itself. So if I consume pure HFCS with no other food, I get no calories?

          • former walmart person

            On the contrary Bob. 1 calorie is the amount of energy required to raise 1 gram of water by 1 degree centigrade. Calories when talking about food calories are actually kilocalories.

            I understand that HFCS is bad for you in the long term, but do you agree or disagree that if your goal is short term survival by preventing starvation so you can hold out just a bit longer before reporting to the FEMA camps, then should you have some? It seems to me, that HFCS should be a part of everyone’s survival locker if it just makes us fat and causes our body to retain calories either directly or indirectly. Afterall, fat, like energy, can’t be created out of thin air.

  • http://yahoo scout

    Joe, My dad died of cancer and I watched as doctors sold thousands of dollars of drugs to him. They never address any preventative remedies. The causes , the vitamin therapy, The DNA genes thing. I know my doctor NEVER mentions vitamins or nutrition only despenses drugs. And I’ve been to many doctors across the nation. All alike. Drugs is the only answer to hear them talk. I keep reading and searching. It’s like they work for the drug companies…They can’t make any money dispensing vitamins. Kinda like insider trading….You take red yeast rice for example versus statins. They make no money on rice yeast. Just one example. Good luck.

    • Wildchildwandering

      A friend who is a licensed herbalist discovered a cure for something that was wrong with her dog. When she tried to tell the Vet, who was a personal friend of hers, the Vet said she couldn’t even listen to her, even though she was sure she was right, because when she became a vet (and when doctors become doctors) she signed a contract with the Pharmaceutical Companies to promote their products in return for perks like their student loans being paid. Some don’t. Most do, and if they do, they can lose their license for promoting natural or alternative remedies. This is hearsay and I can’t vouch for the accuracy in her statemen, but it would account for alot. So much for “do no harm”.

      • JTB

        I believe it. The medical world is consumed with selling the drug companies. I too are an example: For years I used Prempro & Premarin with no real results then one day a friend told me about Bio Identical Hormones and the rest is history. I go to a Former OB/GYN (he & his wife went to bio’s instead) and he draws my blood and that tells him exactly what I’m lacking (hormones) so no two women will take the same therapy (unlike Premarin & Prempro) only 2 strengths made and let me tell you the BIO’s work like a charm! The drug company Wyeth has been trying to get rid of Bio’s because it’s hurting their business and I for one hope they NEVER succeed. By the way I’m 61 and feel like I’m 40 again and I’m told I look it too! Can’t beat that!

  • cures for cancer

    There are many natural cures for cancer that Big-Pharma supresses. Natural Cures are on the internet. You can start with Bill Henderson’s website at:

  • Melissa

    I don’t like the after taste of Stevia.
    In health food stores is another natural sugar available it is Xyltol it is orginally from bearch trees in Finnland, but is also present in some fruits and vegetables and no GMO Food.

    It taste very good and not overly sweet and it is possible to brush the teeth with it, thats how healthty it is.

    It has one third calories of sugar and is also good for diabetic people.

    there is a warning that is not good for dogs.
    But any sugar is not healthy for dogs.

  • Melissa

    Sorry “Xylitol” is the exact word

  • George

    Great report Bob, Thanks. I’m currently in negotiation with producer/manufacturers for Coconut sugar & flour (in addition to virgin coconut oil). Last Saturday we commercially experimented with our first batch of Coconut Doughnuts – A magnificent tasty & dieting success.
    Made with coconut flour (gluten free and full of vitimans, minerals, enzymes & fibre) & coconut sugar, deep fried in Virgin coconut oil (high in Lauric & Capric acid which restores memory, burns fat fast, melts cholestrol out of the veins, stabalises blood sugar, regulates heartbeat,reduces yeast and is on record for stopping and reversing alzheimers in weeks, clinically proven for dropping a high Aids virus count to non detectable levels. We filled the doughnuts with coconut Jam (more great, non fattening nutrients)then coated with carmalised coconut sugar and dessicated coconut (The sugar is on record for reducing swollen prostrate problems and dropping prostrate cancer counts in as little as 14 days).

    Coconut sugar is also high in Glumatic Acid – The same primary content found in Viagra. The sugar has a very low glycaemic index of 35 classed, virtually non fattening – whilst refined sugar has a very high index of 55+ which is most certainly fattening.

    Diabetics can eat almost any amount of coco sugar without effecting blood sugar levels at all.

    Now, Brownies, pancakes, ice cream etc etc made primarily with coconut products can be considered a very healthy, weight loss choice.

  • s c

    It’s hard for me to talk about health issues without viewing the AMA/FDA crowd as a huge herd of mindless robots. One group has to spend many years in various schools to get a reputation. Then, they find ways to throw away their training and credibility by selling themselves for money.
    The other crowd gets relies on re-creating reality through the muscled extortion methods of Uncle Scam. Between the two of them, they make a mockery of healthcare, and we get the dubious honor of wasting money on treatments that are supposedly valid, but are incredibly expensive, are over-rated and in the case of cancer patients tends to be worthless but OH, SO LUCRATIVE.
    In the matter of sweeteners, WHERE are the MDs? WHERE are the nutritionists? WHERE are the scientists? WHERE are the patients who get better by eating and swilling this and that while their health slowly fades?
    People, in the matter of sweeteners, WE ARE ON OUR OWN. Uncle Scam is in bed with food producers (anything you can buy at a grocery store). MDs are too busy making easy money to have a conscience. Self-education can help compensate, but you have to go out of your way to find people who GET RESULTS.
    Those people are “out there,” but sooner or later they’ll be watched by various government agencies because no mortal can be allowed to interrupt the nation’s money flow [money first, lives last].

  • Tima

    I stumbled across this site today. I only read the very first entry by Joe Morgan. So, my post is to Mr. Joe Morgan. My heart goes out to you. My mom was diagnosed with stomach cancer (gist) about 2 years ago. She’s currently taking prescriptions to “help” her some kind of way. I, on the other hand try and go the natural route when it comes to my health. I believe that everything we need is in the earth. Maybe I’m a simple girl when it comes to these things. I just can’t see God handing Adam and Eve a pill bottle saying…”take 3 of these and call me in the morning”. He put everything on the earth to cure us and He even put a special something in our bodies for it to heal itself!! We are what we eat. It is my understanding that if we eat bad things we will replicate bad cells. We need to be aware of our stress levels. Unforgiveness & bitterness will also play a ‘secret’ part (that’s what I like to call it) in our declining health. But enough of my random thoughts. I wanted to send you this link about a man who says he was diagosed with stage 4 cancer, which metastisized to his bones. He used a simple baking soda & molasses protocol (A sort of “Trojan Horse” if you will…cancer cells are hard to penetrate..BUT THEY LOVE SUGAR (I THINK THEY’RE “ADDICTED” TO IT!!! YUM!…so..they gobble up the sugar…and *ALSO* THE BAKING SODA (SODA NOT POWDER!)(sodium Bicarbonate) They are Suckers For Sugar!!! They don’t like the baking soda! Baking soda raises your body’s PH! CALLING ALL OXYGEN! OXYGEN! OXYGEN! I read somewhere that cancer can not live in an oxygenated environment. He raised his body’s ALKALINITY. You can test your body’s ALKALINITY by purchasing PH STRIPS. (Long story short) When he went back to the doctor…they COULD NOT FIND THE CANCER! This was 3 or so years ago…(it’s been a while since I watched the video.
    I found another article on on baking soda & maple syrup (the TROJAN HORSE). Maple syrup or UNSULPHURED ORGANIC BLACKSTRAP MOLASSES…either is good. Also, research Dr. Tullio Simoncini. The video of the man who was diagnosed with STAGE 4 PROSTATE CANCER THAT METASTASIZED TO HIS BONES is on you tube… here’s the link: )
    (Also another doctor named Dr. Leonard Coldwell video named: Every cancer can be cured in weeks –> ))
    I lost my brother-in-law to prostate cancer a few years back. I tried to tell him and he wouldn’t even try. I was very very sad and upset. I used to hear a saying when I was a little girl, “YOU CAN LEAD A HORSE TO THE WATER BUT YOU CAN’T MAKE HIM DRINK!”. I never really understood that saying…until I was looking over his body in his casket. HE COULD HAVE AT LEAST TRIED!! :(
    He of all people should have known… the bible says… “MY PEOPLE PERISH BECAUSE OF A LACK OF KNOWLEDGE”. My brother-in-law was a PASTOR.
    Tell your brothers, they are in my prayers. Tell them that Jesus loves them!!! Tell them to forgive others!! To REPENT of their sins! None of us are perfect. I try to repent everyday. I thank God everyday for life! Tell them that I will pray for their healing tonight before I go to bed. Tell them that I will pray for their MIRACLE! Tell them that I pray long, peaceful, joyful, and prosperous lives for them. Tell them to LIVE AND TO FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT, TO FIGHT WITH THE VERY CORE OF THEIR SOULS! But most of all tell them to BELIEVE THAT THEY ARE CURED!!!! TELL THEM TO SPEAK IT EVERYDAY! God Bless You and Yours! Always, Fatima. (I probably won’t visit this site again….like I said…I just kinda stumbled across it in the first place) :)


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