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Stupak, Other House Dems, Vow To Kill Healthcare Bill Over Abortion Language

March 11, 2010 by  

Stupak, other House Dems, vow to kill healthcare bill over abortion languageRepresentative Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) said last week that he and 11 other Blue Dog Democrats in the House will not vote for the healthcare bill unless it includes language that clearly prohibits the use of federal money to fund abortion services.

"We’re not going to vote for this bill with that kind of language," said Stupak on Good Morning America, referring to the Senate version of the healthcare bill that President Obama is urging lawmakers to adopt. "I want to see healthcare," added the Michigan Representative, "but we’re not going to bypass some principles and beliefs that we feel strongly about."

If Stupak and the other Democrats follow through on their pledge, it will be very difficult for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to approve the bill, which only passed by a margin of 220-215 in November.

However, Senate Democrats may resist Stupak’s attempt to include the more restrictive abortion language in the final version of the bill, as it would almost certainly rule out the possibility of utilizing budget reconciliation. This parliamentary tactic would allow Democrats to pass healthcare legislation in the Senate with only 51 votes, rather than the 60 that are usually required to overcome a Republican filibuster.

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  • Conscience

    The Stupak stance is one we can respect, and it would garner respect for those who stood with him (respect being something which is virtually an oxymoron when applied to congress these days). Though there are multiple other issues upon which to oppose this bill, abortion is the line in the sand. May the constitution and it’s protectors guard the people of this country against mandated contributions to acts which our consciences prohibit.

    • John

      Well said Conscience. For many who are issue-oriented, there has to be a morally compelling reason or an economically compelling reason for opposition. God help us in that we as a people largely do not recognize the huge buttress being pried out of our constitutionally based freedom. I suspect that it is the fact that we have become used to the chipping away that has been going on for many decades (over 100 years, for sure).

    • John

      . . . that has anesthetized us to the violence being done to the sacred document. Frog resting in slowly boiling pot and all that. . .

    • GregS

      Well said, Conscience!

  • knuckleballer

    Amen Brother.

  • billem

    Stubak TV camera hog, according to the Rachel Maddow show. There 12, (15 to 20 last month) is probably more like 4 or 5.

  • Jimbo

    I am very pleased with the bluedogs stance as should be supported from both sides of the isle. My personal beliefs also prohibit supporting paying for abortions, in any form. It is great to see congress standing up and voting their conscience rather than just voting the party line. The current health care as we know it are not supported by the majority of American. Start over, please.

    • George E


      I agree. However, the Blue Dogs don’t have a consistently great conservative voting record, so my confidence that they’ll continue to vote “no” is very low. One can only hope…..

      • Harold Olsen

        I have very little confidence in the so-called blue dogs sticking to their guns. Offer them the right bribe (government by bribery is the Obama regime’s standard operating procedure) and they’ll go along with Obama on anything.

  • Leon

    Get my kids jobs @ let us buy our on health care.

    • Harold Olsen

      Did you ever stop to consider that the reason the Obama regime is not concentrating on jobs is because they don’t want people to go back to work so they will have to sign up for Obamacare?? No job and you can’t buy your own healthcare and they can control what you can and can not be treated for. I wonder how many people will be on the death panels.

      • Ellen

        I am so glad to see the words of Wisdom here! On my way to school I heard the Cubans and the people who have come in from communist countrys wonder, “Why do you Americans not see what is happening?” Protect your FREEDOMS!!
        And the comment on bluedog, sounds good – NOW prove it! Be a Real Man and stand up to that Chicago hypocrit & so called friends of greed!! SAY NO and mean it.

      • Leonard

        What death panels? Way to parrot the propaganda! You prefer the existing death panels? The health insurance companies that sentence you to death because your illness has suddenly and conveniently been declared a “pre-existing” condition. Your argument is weak and motivated only by politics not common sense. Sad.

  • Raggs

    This whole boondoggle is not about health care at all… It’s about complete government control… The national I.D. card they are saying that will be used for the identification of illegals ( ironic )will be used as a national health card and every other government takeover of our lives.

    • JeffH

      Raggs, oh so true. There is a much larger prize at stake than health care, which is a big piece of the Obama puppetmasters puzzle.

  • James Corbin

    Raggs, you are so right. They aren’t looking out for the people. The Health Care wont go into effect until 2012, they just want the tax money we will be paying for this health plan.jIt’s all about government take over!!!

  • Harold Olsen

    Abortion language or not, I don’t want Obamacare passed under any circumstances. I don’t have a healthcare plan because I can’t afford one. I certainly don’t want a government run healthcare plan. The government can’t even run the government so how are they going to run healthcare? It has nothing to do with helping Americans. It’s all about power and how much the Obama regime can wield. They want to control EVERY aspect of our lives.

    • DaveH

      When I was young I worked at a cement plant. One of the old-timers (union) was known for jamming bags in the cement hopper (secretly of course), and then later volunteering to work overtime to fix the problem.
      Does that remind you of anyone? Yes, the Government. First they gum up the health care system with all their regulations and then they volunteer to come to our rescue. What a scam!
      I never bought healthcare insurance because I figured out at a young age that adding a middleman to the equation would in the case of an average person make the lifetime healthcare costs more expensive. That is especially true if you take above-average care of yourself. The only ones that come out ahead generally are the small percentage of people who take below-average care of themselves.
      For peace of mind it might make sense to buy Major Medical which only covers the catastrophic non-routine events. But basically you are betting against the odds that you are going to suffer misfortune. So the only way to come out ahead is to suffer misfortune (if you can call that coming out ahead). I would rather bet with the odds that I won’t suffer misfortune, and if I do draw the short straw I will live (or die) with it. We all will face death eventually.

      We need to get Government out of our Healthcare decisions, not increase their role.

      • Warrior

        Dave, shame on you. If you would have purchased health care at a young age we wouldn’t be in this mess.

        • eyeswideopen

          Warrior, such an easy concept to grasp. Well stated.

          • eyeswideopen

            warrior, forgot to put lol, and well stated not!!

      • blackhat

        What? What? What? Dave, are you saying that American’s should be able to choose for themselves? Don’t you know that most American’s are helpless and need govt assistance just to make it through the day! For gosh sakes, there are people in this country that have made some bad decisions for themselves and their families. It is the govt’s responsibility, no, it is their duty to help them! And, let’s not forget the polar bears, they need help too! (Said with tongue firmly implanted in cheek.)

      • Blue


        Something similar happened to me when I was young. I worked as Christmas help at the PO. First on mail sorting. Zip Codes were JUST starting to be “PUSHED” so if an envelope had a zip code on it it was put in one box, if it didn’t it went into another. Those having zip codes were collected continually, those that didn’t, just sat there ’til the end of the day.

        Next, I was sent to the parcel post area. Another young guy and myself were emptying the sacks onto the conveyor. We were goin’ at it. The reg. employees were doing the sorting of the parcels. They continually kept telling us to “SLOW DOWN”. I expected to get hired full time, thinking I was being very efficient and eager to work… never happened.

        In regard to your point of view with healthcare. I’m in agreement with you. I’ve been playing the odds also since I’ve been basicly health all my life.

      • Joe H.

        i have a nephue that is a liberal. Or should I say was. We were talking on the phone last night and he said that he was going to do what he could to get Obummer re-elected. Now I, who knows that he doesn’t believe in abortion but says it’s up to the woman, told him that the bill doesn’t stop him from paying taxes that would fund abortions. we argued and he looked it up and found out I was right and now he’s dead set against Obummer!!! I guess with some all you have to do is bring up the right topic!!! He has called me already today and said he is going to actively campaign against him!!!! I’m proud of the kid!!!

        • DaveH

          I’ve been preaching to people for years that there are more than two sides to the abortion issue. Whether you are for or against abortion, it is not right to force people to pay for something they believe is morally wrong. For that reason, no tax money should be going to abortions. If somebody is pro-abortion they are free to donate their own money. Of course, I believe that is true for any type of Government Giving. It is not their money to donate.

  • http://none dave

    Obama should be thankful that his mother did not choose an abortion!

    • Raggs

      Nah I wont say it!!!!

      Yes I will… not so lucky for us…

      • Raggs

        All I’m saying is that we wouldn’t be in this mess.

  • Ellen

    Raggs. I never thought of it before Abortion why did they miss that opportunity? Must of been a slip up at PPH.
    I never thought of it before because I know wonderful people who are here because their lives were spared. I am thankful for each one of them. I think people missed the boat, it starts with quarding your brain & underware!

    • Raggs

      Oh don’t get me wrong. I don’t believe in abortion either ..I was just making a funny on obama.

  • time

    I just have no words anylonger on this topic, Barry and his band of merry Marxist are bent on destruction of the United States.

    On that note; “anyone who votes, or has voted” for any form of this NEW TAX / Law / HCR bill what ever you wish to call it, should have their butts tossed out of office.

    • George E

      I believe Obama has led the Democrats into a tough spot. They know that they’ve lost conservatives and independents on this issue. The question now is “will the liberals/socialists hang with them if they pass this bill?”. Obama is trying to convince the Dems that they’ll surely get voted out if they DON’T pass a healthcare reform bill because they’ll lose their base. I frankly don’t think it matters whether they do or don’t as far as getting reelected goes. I think they’ve already made a serious mistake with the voters, so I believe they’ll all likely get voted out now, regardless. November is shaping up as a “blood bath” for Democrats, thanks to Obama and the Democrat leadership, especially in Congress.

      • blackhat

        Don’t worry. Pelosi just announced that there will not be a vote, as the house has already voted. This bill will most likely be sent to the senate very shortly…

      • Ellen

        The democratic party is NO LONGER what it use to be! OBMA rules them all or else! What control does he have on Pelosi, dirty harry, and the rest of his lying, stealing, crew?? IF we do not DO something, YOU are right a real Blood Bath is coming! Kiss OUR MONEY and freedom goodbye! obama lied and cheated his whole way in to what we use to know as the White house. He has failed at EVERYTHING, and he is using our money to show his girls where he grew up in Asia? NOT AMERICA. OUR MONEY.

        • George E

          Just to be clear, I said “blood bath” figuratively, not literally. I just meant that most of the Dems who are running for reelection will lose their jobs in November.

          • blackhat

            That’s alright George the rule these clowns are using to bypass the house is the “Slaughter Rule”!!

        • http://Yahoo Dee D

          Ellen – the employees we the people government are no longer the honest true blue AMERICANS but we keep putting them in to continue their dastardly deeds. It’s us – not them.

          • L.USA

            Dee D, It is the corrupt element that comprise a smaller percentage of the population that use propaganda, tricks, media lies and spin, threats and unlawful force to out-wit, flim-flam and decieve the public. That is the result of what is running D.C. and far to many local offices. Conservatives can pull it to a halt, when we are banded in unity, like we are now becoming. God help America.

  • BARB

    See if this doesn’t sound familiar! Catching Wild Pigs
    A chemistry professor in a large college had some exchange students in the class. One day the Professor noticed one exchange student kept rubbing his back and stretching as if his back hurt. The professor asked the young man what was wrong. He stated he was shot while fighting communists in his native country who were trying to overthrow his country’s government and install a new communist government. In the midst of his story he asked the professor a strange question of which the professor thought was a joke. He asked “Do you know how to catch wild pigs? ‘You catch wild pigs by finding a suitable place in the woods and putting corn on the ground. The pigs find it and begin to come everyday to eat the free corn. When they are used to coming every day, you put a fence down on side of the place where they are used to coming. When they get used to the fence, they begin to eat the corn again and you put up another side of the fence. They get used to this side and start eating again. You continue until you have all four sides of the fence up with a gate in the last side. The pigs, who are used to the free corn, start to come thourgh the gate to eat, you slam the gate on them and catch the whole herd. Suddenly the wild pigs have lost their freedom. They run around and around inside the fence, but they are caught. Soon they go back to eating the free corn. They are so used to it that they have forgotten how to forage in the woods for themsleves, so they accept their captivity. The student then told the professor that is exactly what he sees happening to America. The government keeps pushing us toward socialism and keeps spreading the free corn out in the form of programs such as supplemental income, tax credit for unearned income, tobacco subsidies, dairy subsidies, payments not to plant corps (CRP), welfare, medicine, drugs, etc. While we continually lose our freedoms — just a little at a time. One should always remember: There is no such thing as a free lunch! Also, a politician will never provide for you cheaper than you can do it yourself. Keep your eyes on the newly elected politicians who are about to slam the gate on America. God help you when the gate slams shut!

    “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have.” Thomas Jefferson

    • laura

      WOW,that’s a very compelling story and it scares the h*** out of me,and it’s so true.

    • George E


      That was a very good analogy of what’s going on, I think. I guess it all started when politicians convinced people that they are entitled to things they can’t afford on their own; ie, make the rich pay. That concept has gotten us into a big mess now because there aren’t enough rich people to pay the entire bill.

      Speaking of the debt and deficits, the entitlement programs will have to be pared back before too much longer or the country will default on its debt payments. While I believe we have a bunch of scumbags running our government, I don’t think they’ll actually let the government go into default, so cuts will have to happen. We’re already into so much trouble, throwing this healthcare program on top of it will only bring that day of reckoning much sooner, in my opinion.

      • eyeswideopen

        George, which entitlements do you want to cut?

    • JeffH

      BARB, very good and meaningful.

  • Bud Grounds

    I watched Mr. Stupak at a town hall meeting. I am glad he is against our having to foot the bill for abortions. It should only be a factor in the case of rape or a serious issue of the woman’s health which could result in her death. Mr. Stupak though made a comment in response to a question from the audience that bothered me. He stated that Congress doesn’t pay much attention to polls. The question was “doesn’t Congress know that over 70 per cent of the population are opposed to abortion in the Health care Bill. This could only mean that they have forgotten they represent the people and our money is really theirs to do with as they wish. It is no secret they have squandered billions on nonsense and big ticket items for their own state and both parties are guilty of this. It appears most politicians become corrupt after 2 terms. They seek more influence and to get it, they become part of the process of corruption.

    Raggs: I believe you must keep abreast of what transpires with our Government and I agree with your assessment. One only need to look at the actions taken to date and the appointees to the Administrations cabinet. As I see it, it is an effort to establish a European Socialist form of Government. In order to do this they must have control. Health care, financial institutions, media, etc must be under their control. They are even trying to shut down several media outlets who do not agree with their views. Not to worry though, you will see a massive unloading in November of those in Congress who have tried to push this agenda. In 2012, I believe President Obama and his Cabinet will be gone. Should the Health Care Bill pass, it will be repealed, Cap and Trade will be dead in the water, free speech will win out and legislation will be passed to right our economy. Most economists agree this Administration has gone in the opposite direction of what should be done and are taking advice from some who put this country into the mess it is in now.

    It is on us to make sure the “Change” the people want is taken care of in November with our vote.

    • Ellen

      Thank-you Bob Grounds. Your words give hope to all of us! How do we guard our ballot boxes and our internet? Really, WE ALL need to help on this?

  • laura

    I don’t think we should jump into the trust bucket with the blue dogs they are only trying to save their own hides. They’ve heard the people loud and clear and want to have a job come the next election. Remember they backed obama through the election knowing full well what they were going to pull and in one year they’ve darn near crushed this country and the worst is yet to come(and no I have not forgotten the Bush administration).I sure hope that we are not blind to their manipulations.

    • Warrior

      I say, progessives should be aborted at any age!

      • laura

        Explain my friend.

        • Warrior

          It means, America doesn’t need ANY Progressives.

          • laura

            I meant a comment(even though not left for me) like LindyMaeUSA, ONTIME OR Silicon Doc, not a play on words or an explanation there of. Sorry I guess I’m not that savvy LOL

  • angel-wanna-be

    Instead of the Libs worrying about abortion language in the Healthcare Bill, why not push pregnancy prevention counciling, THAT’S SIMETHING DIFFERENT THERE!_ AND NO I DON’T MEAN USING ABORTION AS A MEANS OF BIRTH CONTROL!
    But then TO THINK OF IT the Libs wouldn’t be able to play GOD and try and control the population and make MONEY off of dead babies.
    I was suppose to have been an abortion myself, my mother put her life in grave damger, but said no to the abortion and had me anyway 53 years ago___she was sick all of my life and all but 11 years of hers__I took care of her til she died at 76 13 years ago__she was my mentor and my hero____It’s sad that the Liberal preception of life today means so very little__they spend so much time on trying to prove or disprove when life begins___I say consider this HEARTBEAT_LIFE___NO HEARTBEAT_DEAD!

  • Ellen

    It is sad, WHO can you trust? A politition? I am questioning every thing and every one – R or D!
    I remember Clinton went out to shot golf balls, the secret service saw he was up-set as he swung at a ball. What is the matter? It is told Clinton answered, It’s not me that run’s this country. ???

    • angel-wanna-be


      • L.USA

        George Washingtons prayer notes are here;
        He considered the plight of the republic as did the other early framers of the Constitution. Guard against tyranny.

        • angel-wanna-be

          I’m not sure who said this, BUT IT FITS HERE and I’ll repeat it ONCE again__”FREEDOM IS MUCH EASIER TO DEFEND, THAN TO REGAIN ONCE LOST”

  • LindyMaeUSA

    I’m one of Bart Stupak’s Upper Peninsula constituents and just a few months ago, it was rumored in our city that in order to save the elite “life-style” he’s grown so accustomed to during 19 years of Congressional privileges (plus a 6-figure annual salary) many of us did the math and concluded Mr. Stupak was eyeing the governorship of Michigan in case he gets ousted next November.

    Shortly after that, we “heard” Stupak would definitely NOT be given the Michigan Governor job, so being the slick, fast-thinking politician he is, Stupak began advertising himself even more aggressively as a “good” Democrat by publicly protesting the federally-funded Abortion language in ObamaCare in an effort to (hopefully!) avoid being booted out as a self-serving, money-hungry, do nothing “representative” of the U.P. like the rest of the Washington Wolf-Pack!

    Actually, objections to the federally-funded Abortion measure has been on Stupak’s “agenda” for some time which I believe he started promoting much more publicly as soon as American voter outrage and protests became LOUDER. (Don’t kid yourself about “politicians not looking at the Polls!”) I’ve watched his “body language” and listened to Stupak for 12 years.

    So, “Heads Up!” fellow Americans! DON’T BE FOOLED by this man’s protests against “Federal Funding For Abortions” in the ObamaCare scam. It’s a carefully constructed façade and the “ace-up-his-sleeve” to protect Stupak’s Congressional seat in November.

    • laura

      I couldn’t agree with you more!!!

    • GregS

      LindyMae, I disagree. Although I don’t live in Michigan, I do know that Bart Stupak has a 100% pro-life voting record, a RARE trait for a Democrat. Although he is not entirely conservative, he votes his true conscience, not along party lines. And if he stops this awful healthcare bill from becoming law with his vote, based on abortion funding, he deserves to be rewarded for that by being re-elected.

  • http://gmail i41

    Barb, when you mentioned farm programs, using USDA figures over 1.7 billion dollars, are going to 424,000 farms and ranches, USDA’s numbers!Mostly all owned by retired people, the high point of the numbers it is a guarenteed payments plan. It idles over 31 milllion acres that has been in effect for 25 years. Why do we keep importing food? Thank the government.just another example of beltway morons.
    As for the blue dogs, there just lap pooches with a lot of yap and no bite, they will cave and follow their leaders, most are eleitist over educated dumbasses just like Oidoit.
    Blue, I worked for a few years as a private contractor moving mail between hubs, the PO is going broke because of the union drag butts and multilayered supervisors who walk around doing nothing except drink coffee or scratch them selves. You cann’t drive the for a contractors if you had a DUI at 18, and have a clean record ever since, but you can be a convicted pediphile and still keep your job after you do your time. Mail is sorted at least 10 times with in a state bfore it is delivered, more if mail goes out of state. A real union designed effiecent model. I was watched as a private contractor when sorting and loading mail by a union supervisor to figure out why private contractors were cheaper and faster, than Postal Service employees. When told I and the other contractors did all facets of the job and didn’t need a trained ape to speak for us. This usless dink got paid over $5,000 a month plus benifits. This was in the mid 90′s. Now they are going to raise prices, less snail mail!!


    Stupak and the rest of the Jackass Party affiliates in the houses need to read the polls and discover the fact that certain annihlation awaits them and their party for even considering the passage of this farce.

    Libs just love to tell you all about what they don’t know and then expect you to listen as if each word were set in stone.

    • laura


  • SiliconDoc

    Whenever the news and a dem vow to do anything, you can be certain it is just another smokescreen.
    They will ram the takeover life and death for all health care squalor bill through no matter what. Someone will have to shoot them to stop them.

    • laura

      AMEN again!!!

  • American Citizen

    The only thing this bill is about is whether or not you will get care, whether you will live or die.

    • Raggs

      Yeah and you know who has the finger on the button.

    • L.USA

      Trillion dollar cost equals billions of dollars taxes plus to pay for it! Plus the death panels will “euthanize” many elderly and disabled because of their “expense”. Will it be you?

  • chuck b

    it is really surprising to hear most who write here are only interested in removing the abortion content of this bill. how about tort reform, not just a small fix, but a real tort reform and open the insurance market across state lines. how about redressing the medicare cut for the elderly? how about they just cancel this monstrosity and rewrite what is needed to improve healthcare and leave the healthcare as it is,
    no, obummer is rewarding the illegals with healthcare and he needs this badly. this is a terrible bill and we should remove it and all who vote for it.

  • LindyMaeUSA

    Chuck B: You’re absolutely right!

    Obama knows MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE how CRUCIAL this healthcare treachery is to his “continuity” as POTUS!

    Indeed, he knows “his A– is grass!” if he doesn’t succeed in getting that 2000+ page “DestructionCare” passed on to us because the “big boys” behind the scenes have said: “If you don’t get this done, WE WON’T LET YOU have a Second Term!”

    As the “pressure” builds, we see the puppet POTUS “demanding” that treacherous bill be passed “as is!” so he can triumphantly sign it into law; ACORN being “cleared” of all fraud/corruption charges to continue their filthy work; murdering/merciless Muslim Terrorists tried in America; given “access” to our laws and (probable) freedom by “Executive Order” (i.e. their Muslim Brother!) so they can attack us again but do more damage “next time” . . .

    Forgive my depression Friends, but at this point, I have “no hope” for our beloved Country or us!:-(

    If you can stomach it, read Ted Flynn’s book: “Hope of the Wicked” – The Master Plan to Rule the World. :-(

    At least you’ll have “some” idea of what’s REALLY going on in our Country and the rest of the world!

  • Bud Grounds

    Chuck B: Abortion is not the only issue I have hammering this Administration and our members of Congress about. Well over 1 year ago, I began sending e-mail to David Axelrod with suggestions on how to reduce the costs of health care. Among those suggestions were Tort Reform, Going after Medicare and Medicaid fraud, removing abortion upon demand, illegal health care through ER’s. I told them they have to realize one industry affects another. They blame the insurance industry for high premiums but they cause this by allowing it through their own policies. If you noticed, they intend to introduce Tort Reform and Medicare and Medicaid control into the current legislation. Jus 2 months after the message was sent they discovered 50 million in fraud in Florida alone. Also suggested that they consider forcing the medical and drug industry to sell their products to hospitals and clinics at the same price they give Federal facilities such as the VA Hospital.
    I worked as a purchasing agent/Inventory Manager at a VA facility in Tampa, Florida. It is the largest volume wise in the VA system. I talked to other hospitals frequently and we even loaned out to them in emergencies. The difference in cost became evident. What if the Federal Government contracted out to large medical and Drug companies to purchase, invoice and ship for them with cost control the emphasis. Either that or these industries take the lead.
    I believe billions upon billions would be saved and the result would be like a domino effect in the cost of doing business. As I said before, one industry affects another.

    LindyMaeUSA: Sure, they pay attention to the polls but unfortunately, the lobbyists and the influence of their party are more important to them than the people they represent. Mr. Stupak also made the comment that he didn’t know how he would vote on the final version but I hope he holds true to his views about abortion in the bill. One Senator and My Representative vote the party line but they will be toast in November if this bill passes as written. In a phone call to her office in Washington D.C. 2 days ago, I said this very thing but she will take a gamble and lose.

  • http://gmail i41

    You will mever see tort reform as long as dems control Congress , the trail lawyers are their bread and butter and donate heavly to the campaigns. There is not a honest lawyer, they always are fudging with the standards and rules. Charlie “greaseball” Rangell is the classic lawyer poster thug. Most couldn’t make a living chasing amublances, so they became Congress persons. Don’t vote for lawyers and make your voice heard in meetings how high costs of everything increases with more lawyers hanging a shingle. If any business is creating anything, they had better have a leech on retainer. After a case is settled a person only has a year to go after a lawyer. Businesses can be sued years down the road. Different rules for different folks, that is why they don’t abide by the rules like everyone has to in the real world, not the beltway!!!

  • Bob Wire

    Well the DNC is a very diverse party reflecting many views. That Stupak has taken this opportunity while misfortune is most understandable. He will be heard. he needs to be heard.

  • GregS

    If opposition to abortion funding is what it will take to defeat this awful healthcare bill, then so be it! Obviously, the bill should be scrapped and started over, but realistically the abortion-funding issue is the last chance to get the bill defeated.

    On the other hand, if this awful bill does end up getting passed, it would be better if it explicitly excluded abortion funding than not. After all, abortion is NOT healthcare. It’s birth control, stupid! At least birth-control abortions would be one less thing that the liberals/progressives could cram down the taxpayers’ throats, if it were explicitly excluded.

    The Democrats who vote against this bill, rather than along party lines, should all be rewarded for that by being re-elected in November. Any conservatives who live in the districts of any of these Democrats should contact them to let them know that they are against the healthcare bill, and they should give those Democrats their support in November.

  • HHH

    The statement that Stupak makes about abortion being in the Senate bil is misleading and wrong. The law already in effect does not allow government to pay for abortions, and there is no language in the Senate bill that changes that fact. Stupak knows this and is grandstanding!! The question I raise to all you paranoid people is “why is the government always the enemy” ?? followed by the next qustion “when will you all be satisfiied with the decisions made by the people elected by the process started 200 years ago”?? Or is everyone ready for anarchy??? Maybe the answer comes from some god or spiritual gurus, or ghosts,or ?????

    • GregS

      HHH, YOU are misleading and wrong! “The law already in effect” that you refer to is the Hyde Amendment. It only applies to the CURRENT HHS appropriations, which are renewed annually by Congress. It does NOT apply to any new programs that would be created in the healthcare bill. That bill is riddled with language that mandates federal funding for abortions.

      In answer to your first question, anyone in government who lies to public to get their social programs passed is the “enemy.” Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and others have lied repeatedly on this issue, by saying that we already have a law that does not allow federal funding for abortions. What they are NOT telling the public is that the law does not cover any of the new funding programs in the healthcare bill.

      My question to you, HHH, is will YOU be satisfied with the decisions made by the NEW people elected, after we, the voters, get done cleaning house in November?

      • JeffH


  • DaveH

    I want to make one thing perfectly clear. I don’t care if the Healthcare Bill pays for Abortion or not. I don’t want any stinking Un
    Constitutional Federal Government intrusion into the Healthcare market. They created the mess we’re in with all their meddling, and I sure don’t want more of that meddling.

    Big Government is the Problem, Not the Solution!

  • Bud Grounds

    HHH: Have you read the provisions of the Health Care Bill? SBA List and AUL Action have and they quoted exactly where it is in the bill. Planned Parenthood already has a huge facility in place to perform these abortions. Why don’t you write Ms. Sebulious and ask her how much she has allocated for this facility. Millions of abortions have been performed here in the United States and you must know that since the Government has no money of its own, we foot the bill.

  • Norm

    This is a little off subject but it’s a real hoot.

  • Claire

    I will not be voting for a governor of Illinois this November. I had voted for Bill Brady in the Primaries and it took a month to count the votes. Imagine that–here in Illinois!!! Anyway, Brady is the Republican candidate and guess what I found out today. Brady has sponsored a piece of legislation for mass euthanasia of dogs and cats at animal shelters across the state of Illinois. These helpless animals (cats and dogs together) will be placed in a auto exhaust gas chamber and killed en masse. Can you imagine all of them together in one small room??? Sometimes it takes 30 minutes for the animals to die!! Apparently Bill Brady has a veterinarian friend in his home town that asked Brady to do this and Brady did it!! Real nice friend, real nice veterinarian!! It was reported that Brady would introduce an amendment to delete this piece of legislation but instead Brady handed off sponsorship to someone else. Well, Bill Brady–you have lost my vote. And Brady has lost the vote of many many people I know. I will make sure this cruel piece of legislation is not covered up. I have contacted numerous people. We are going to get on the bandwagon. Pat Quinn is the Democrat candidate and he is worthless too. Third party candidates always makes the vote go to the Dems or Repubs. So consequently I will not be voting for any candidate for the governor of Illinois. I, as a resident of Illinois for many many years should know by now that politicians in the state of Illinois are not trustworthy nor honorable. Shame on me for hoping Brady would the answer.

    • Claire

      I know my post is off the subject at hand, but I had to post it somewhere!!

      • libertytrain

        Claire – thanks for posting it.

      • Claire

        L.USA—I am totally against abortion, unless the mother’s life is at stake. To me, any person that commits abortion is committing murder. And yes, I am against cruelty to animals. Our society is sick in many ways, and I do not foresee a “cure” in the future. It is up to the individual person to lead an honest, ethical, decent life. We have choices in this life, and each of us choose the path we take. And there are many many individuals that choose to live like barbarians. Regarding politicians–they are judged by the company they keep. They are judged by the way they lead their lives. They are judged by the way they are handling the issues at hand. And I do not approve of any of the politicians we have governing our country. They are all out for their own gain. Doesn’t matter what party, facts are facts. The healthcare bill is filled with loopholes that will allow our government to get by with “murder.” Pardon the pun. It has always been this way with any bill that is passed. There is always a way “out” or a way “around” a bill that is passed.

    • L.USA

      There is something fundamentaly wrong with a society which “harvests” people for body parts (euthenaisa, medicinal mistakes, even intentional fatal errors…) and protects animals like it should be protecting babies from abortion mills. God help the USA.

    • GregS

      Claire, from one Illinoisian conservative to another, I’m begging you to PLEASE don’t refrain from voting for the governor of our state. While I agree that the legislation, which Brady sponsored, is cruel, the fact is that you will NEVER find the perfect politician who agrees with you on everything. As I’m sure you well know, we really need a conservative governor in our state to turn things around, economically as well as socially. The LAST thing that we need right now is another Chicago Democrat who will run this state further into the ground, and that is exactly what will happen if enough conservatives like you decide not to vote for governor in November. Not voting at all would be just as bad as voting for a third-party candidate, so PLEASE vote.

      • Claire

        GregS–I realize no politician is perfect, but if they choose to be a politician, what is so dang hard in being an ethical and honest human being? Right is right, wrong is wrong. It is the “gray” in-between that gripes the heck out of me. If I were a politician and could not be a decent, honest person, then I would get out of politics. I am so aggravated with Brady at this moment, I could throw a hissy fit. Right now, I think I am blowing a bit of hot air and I will probably backpeddle and vote for him anyway. He is all we have. It is just that I did not find out about this piece of legislation regarding the animal shelters until recently. They kept that covered up. Regarding the euthanasia for animals, they do it one at a time, separately. It is certainly more humane. Believe me, I am sending emails, faxes, etc. to his office and so are numerous people. Perhaps Brady will come to his senses and concentrate on the problems of Illinois first and foremost.

        • don

          why do you think these politician are in the game, FOR THE MONEY NOT THE PEOPLE.ethical and honest human being they are not.all the neocons did was run this country into the ground.and look where we are.the heath care bill is all about the money not helping people that need it that payed into the system all of there life’s.and you all need to get your facts straight,this new system will not be ran by the government but by the private sector at a reduce cost,again its all about the money

  • Bob Wire

    Stupak should not be disingenuous with his argument but I feel that he is. ~ There is no Federal Funding for abortions as I understand it to be written. We need straight talk from everyone ~ I see it as a tiny power play to make political gains. He’s allowed ~ the stage, he’s a politician. He thinks he has cards to play.

    That some would suggest they don’t want government in their health care ~~ hehehe ~ opps! too late. ~ government has been tweeking health care for years. ~ Government sets the standards for one thing, government has allowed insurance providers to be immune to anti-trust rules and reg’s for another. The list of government involvement is long as your leg. ~ Government is engaged in all forms of Commerce. Hells bells it’s government that creates “black markets”

    You are not going to get away from government as long and you breath and even then ~ the government controls how your bones laid to rest.

    So get real ~ There has been many millions of dollars spent by insurance companies tell us this bill is not any good. Which I suppose they should know. But but for whom? I wouldn’t think that they would vote against their own self interest. They’ve spent enough money convincing us it’s not any good ~ They should be on everyone’s Christmas list come December.

    Much of this bill is GOP ideas, before they change their minds and started worrying about reelection. Even the “Maverick” who’s valor knows no limits has done a 180 and turned tail, denying any of his earlier proposals.

    This Tea Party thing is all fine and good, just a decade late. They are closing the gate late, the cows already out. ~

    Personally ~ I don’t think caring for the sick, ill and aged should be a gambling game , where we stack our money and place our bets.

    why this middle man? ~ How did that ever get started anyway? Who’s idea was that?

    • L.USA

      Bob Wire, Come out of the stall man. Pelosi, the house speaker, would not even consider any of the Republican ideas, as good as they are. It’s all democrat throat cutting socialistic beast. Get your facts straight first, then post. God bless and good night.

    • GregS

      Bob Wire, as L.USA pointed out, you need to get your facts straight, especially on the abortion funding issue! The Senate version of the healthcare bill is riddled with language that mandates federal funding for abortions. The very fact that the pro-abortion Democrats do NOT want to explicitly exclude abortion from being federally funded in the bill PROVES that there is federal funding for abortions in the bill. They repeatedly try to cover it up by telling the public that there is already a law (Hyde Amendment), which prevents federal funding of abortions. What they are NOT telling the public is that the law does not cover any of the new funding programs created in the healthcare bill.

  • L.USA
  • JeffH

    The Shadow Party: How George Soros, Hillary Clinton and Sixties Radicals Seized Control of the Democratic Party

    • GregS

      Very interesting reading, Jeff. Thanks for posting the link.

    • angel-wanna-be

      I read it too, quite eye opening!

  • Tubby4456

    I believe Stupack will hold his ground but I am sure at least half of the 12 will cave. So, assuming this monstrosity is signed into law (sorry, I hate to do that but…..), we have to pray for one of two things. The GOP will find a way to repeal it after Obama is defeated in 2012 or the Supremes overrule it on constitutional grounds. If neither of those works then we will have to defeat it on a grass roots level even though that might take ten to twenty years. Personally, one of the saddest things about what is happening to our country is that I have said to my kids that I was lucky to be an American when it was still America. I had hoped they would inherit at least the same freedoms I grew up with.


    You cant trust Stupak or any democrat and i’m starting to think the whole Washington cesspool is in kahoots….republicans included…You got Lindsay Graham appearing outraged about the health care bill then we find out that he’s meeting privately with Obama on other social issues.I think Lindsay knows the health bill is going to pass so he can pretend he’s outraged so his constituents wont vote him out…..Same thing with the last “jobs” bill….After Dems lost Kennedy seat,out of the blue enough republicans cross the aisle to help pass that always seems just enough politicians vote for a certain bill in order to pass it while giving the rest of them cover to say….hey dont look at me i voted against it…..but at the end of the day all Pelosi’s bills are passed….I think we are all being played for fools.

  • Tubby4456

    Those who voted for Obama and the Dems have been played for fools. That’s for sure and I hold the media in comtempt. As bad as things look it might be just what we need. College kids protesting over cuts in educational funding. More home disclosures. High inflation and so on. Painful to be sure but maybe, just maybe enough to FINALLY convince enough people that progressive policies like wealth redistribution are disastrous no matter how well intended they sound. Conservatives look at a City like Detroit or a State like Caleeforneeya and wonder, how in the hell can’t these people see that modern day liberalism is ruining them? Once those government employed or supported people start getting their benefits slashed they might see the light. It is looking like our only chance to right the ship because the pols won’t do it on their own.

    • GregS

      Tubby, I agree. The ultimate showdown will be this healthcare vote in the House. Conservative voters should ALL unite on this to send a clear signal to Washington. Regardless of whether the bill passes or fails:

      Those who vote YES on the bill: Vote them out!
      Those who vote NO on the bill: Reward them by voting them back in for another term.

      NO EXCEPTIONS! The vote on the healthcare bill should be the defining issue in November.

    • GregS

      I should add that the same conditions (noted above) should apply to the Senate’s vote on the bill (back in December) as well, for those senators who are up for re-election.

  • Sandra Fsgan

    Go Stupak, the whole healthcare plan is a MESS!!!!! Reject it all!!!!!

    • GregS

      Amen, Sandra!


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