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Study: Spirit Training In Soldiers May Help Prevent PTSD

January 7, 2011 by  

Study: Spirit training in soldiers may help prevent PTSD
Studies have shown that soldiers in combat are at risk of developing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which is a severe anxiety disorder. The National Institute of Mental Health states that people who have PTSD may experience flashbacks, bad dreams or frightening thoughts, and they may also lose interest in activities that were once enjoyable.

However, researchers from Michigan State University found that soldiers who are trained to be more optimistic in traumatic situations are less likely to develop mental health problems, such as depression, anxiety or PTSD. The study is based on a 2004 survey of 648 soldiers in nine combat units in Iraq. The findings appear in the January issue of the Journal of Occupational Health Psychology.

Researchers examined the soldiers' responses in terms of hopefulness, optimism and ego resilience, which is how well an individual maintains his or her psychological health amidst traumatic circumstances.

"There is evidence that if we can train people to be more psychologically resilient — that is, less catastrophic in their thinking and more optimistic and more hopeful — then they function better when they encounter traumatic situations," said John Schaubroeck, lead author of the study.

Schaubroeck added that military leaders play an important role in sending a message of hope and optimism to their troops. He said it is important for officials to provide immediate support for an individual who experiences trauma because by the time they consult a health professional, mental problems may already escalate to severe levels. 

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  • Munday/TX

    Jesus said “cast your care on me” We cast our care(worries etc)on him acct we are not built to handle this type of thing. Our strength is in the Lord, not man and with God you are never alone.

    • Teresa

      I agree totally. My father would wake up many nights w/flash backs, especially when he was ill before his recent death of the images he could not get from his mind. He had a lot of good memories as well but the bad ones he did not talk much about. My entire family fought at one point and they all were scared to a certain degree, but w/o God I don’t think it would have been possible. I know it would not for my father for those were his words.

    • EddieW

      Righ on!! but…the Chaplins in the armed services are NOT allowed to pray in Jesus Name!!! But Allah is OK, Satan is OK, Buddha is OK, probably Mohammed is alright…just not Jesus, the Savior of those who love him…So in whose name do chaplins pray? They are obeying MEN…not God!!! The most powerful name in the history of the world is Jesus!!!! take it out and you have nothing left!!! BIG O

      • Teresa


      • Mike In MI

        Thee is only one thing the Devil fears and that is the Power of God, when it is operated in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth in accord with the promises in His Word. That is why the Bible is the only hing they don’t want taught. That fact should be proof enough to the world that there is only one Truth and only one way to become part of it: “…no man cometh unto the Father but by me.” All others have proclaimed themselves to only be seekers after truth, or else their scriptures at places contradict the Word of God (like the pretenders who claim a monotheistic system in the koran). So? If you have two books that claim to represent the true God and they conflict at important places, somebody’s got to be a liar!!! In the Bible whenever questions of who was worshipping the true god came up they had a contest. For instance, the face-off between Elijah and the prophets of Baal in I Kings 18 over the god who answers by fire (power). If mainstream Christianity today wasn’t so full of apostacy, unbelief and ignorance there would be no question about which religion was the truth. The First Century believers believed a powerful gospel and it moved over the world like wildfire because people got set free from religious lies and blasphemy.
        Paul says in 2 Corinthians his gospel will be in effect until Christ Jesus the Lord

        • Mike In MI

          …until Christ Jesus the Lord calls his people out of the world to be with him where ever he goes (like come back to earth and assume the kingom promised him).

          Most of todays religious leaders are just like the Saduccees and Pharissees in the Gospels and Acts. They tried to kill the leaders because those Judaic pretenders were full of envy. The Christians had proof God answered Peter’s, John’s and Paul’s teaching and prayers with signs, miracles and wonders following. The believer’s all had and used the power if they were truely disciples. The Judaic heirarchy got squat when they tried it and everybody knew it. Same thing’s true today among the demoninations. They want the people and their money. But the people are going away from them because they want their needs met. Envy.

    • Mike In MI

      You’re right brother Munday/TX…absolutely, in my experience -

      I was atheistic/agnostic when I went to Viet Nam. I’d been taught, like all U.S. school products, that science had or would soon have “all the answers.” Consequently, I was totally unprepared for the assaults that would accost my psyche and placid unroiled sense of “what is real”. My attitude became vastly changed when I got out of there. I was by no means a Christian afterwards, yet. However I’d seen things that reversed my ideas about whether or not there was something(s) manipulating things and people outside of the level of our limited senses. I knew something deep inside would have big holes in it until I got to the bottom of what I knew I’d glimpsed.
      I also took away from there what I learned later were PTSD symptoms. The only things that provided what ultimately got rid of PTSD were Christianity, chiropractic and proper nutrition. At one point I was so frustrated and angry I was convinced that if I didn’t get some answers or if there isn’t a faithful Truth there is absolutely no reason to continue living.
      Finally, a REAL Bible student convinced me to make Jesus Christ my boss, believe that, yes, God raised him from the dead and start to operate in the power of that new thing God created inside me. At that point – His warm peace, a hopeful mind and a different kind of joy (not happiness, per se) started to build inside. Had I known those things and understood something about how to utilize the power God can bring to bear in situations I doubt I’d have sunk into that period of depressed despair. Bad mental habits are elusive, run deep and can be hard to break. So, it’s important that the right ones get established early.
      But, with our nation, education, egg-head policy makers with no real personal mettle via life experiences and amoral philosophies driving the system I don’t see a good end-game working out. Unless the American people really, really change to come back to our heritage all I can see ahead is dealing with our casualties of war and casualties of life with dwindling (stolen) resources. It seems to be the same picture world wide, too, doesn’t it?
      Well, I guess that’s what you can expect with such weak and vulnerable beings as we humans are when we try to go-it by our own philsophies and sciences – without God’s illimitable and inimitable assistance. Well, He’s told us how the story ends and I have spiritual proof where I’ll be at that time. Thank God for Hope.

      Funny…..something I just thought about. The other day here on Bob’s site some folks were talking about rebellion. Then, others chimed in with an answer I never thought I’d see. But there it was:
      “You’re stupid to try to fight back against their weapons and technology. (Revelation 13:4 – And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshiped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?)” No matter, at some point they’ll get an opportuniy to see if they can overcome the one who created them.

      God Bless, Munday/TX



    • eddie47d

      PSTD is very serious for those who develop it.Civilians can have similar symptoms but have more immediate ways to deal with it’s severity. Soldiers can be stuck in their situation for months and sometimes years. Some soldiers don’t realize their problem until years later (flashbacks) So it is important that the military addresses it in training.Up to 20% of soldiers in our latest wars have stated they have PSTD issues.Mostly from being rotated 2-4 times back to the same areas. There are Veteran groups addressing this issue but few soldiers want to admit their fears or trauma until after the fact.

      • S.C.Murf

        Eddie you are right. I spent 2 years in nam with the 101st (screaming eagles). And now I’ve spent the last 43 years suffering from ptsd (nightmares, night sweats, emotionally on the edge and the real tragedy is my wife of 40 years has suffered right along with me. It has gotten less eventful but still lingers. It is a very real problem, these young men (18,19, 20) put in these situations when in fact they should be home chasing their girlfriends around. We need to do more to help the returning soldier, case in point the amount of suicides that are taking place within the ranks of returning vets, this is unacceptable. We have to remember that these are young men and they need our help

        up the hill

      • Teresa

        eddie, I am soooo glad we agree on something. and ty so much for your input, you are so correct. Not only do they need it from the military, they need it here at home when they return. I know there is websites and that helps to talk but it is nowhere enough….our military should always be taken care of no matter what.

        • eddie47d


    • Mike In MI

      Linda and Rudy,
      You’re right the Lord gives US wisdom, but it’s horrid the foolish medics and Vet’s Admin people are so dead set against everything that DOES work to cure PTSD. Their attitude is they refuse to let anything get in alongside their system because they’re afraid anything outside of medicine that works makes them look bad. And, wouldn’t it be terrible if they lost a little face. Well, they are losing tons of face and can’t even see how stupid they look.
      No wonder people with any gray matter are abandoning the MD’s.

  • Raggs

    Well how do you prevent homo’s? at least now wee know that they have a free range.

    • Nate

      Don’t forget about Capt. Owen Honors of the USS Enterprise who was sanctioned this week for making lewd videos and broadcasting them over the ship’s televisions. Critics say such permissive behavior contributes to rising rates of sexual crime in the military. And this has nothing to do with gays serving in the military. Get a clue!

      • Mike In MI

        Nate -
        Isn’t it wonderful for him that he gets to do that to celebrate revocation of DADT (Daren’t Accuse Dose Twits)? Oh, but he COULDN’T have any such tendencies as THOSE, could he? They can’t do much to him now…he’s a masterboater.

  • http://naver sook young

    DADT may not be done with yet. Look at the site I’ve found.

    I hope they bring it back to a vote and reinstall this vital piece of legislation needed for our military. Thank you.

    Sook Young
    Wife of the Samurai

  • s c

    Whatever it’s called, the trauma encountered by those in combat must be treated when they need it (not when the government thinks it’s convenient).
    Older combat veterans can help returning vets in ways that some healthcare professionals can’t.
    We are obligated as to see to it that our soldiers, sailors and airmen are no longer sent into wars of political convenience. If politicians are truly concerned about keeping “dmocracy” safe for the rest of the world, let THEM fight those wars.
    Corporations that sponge off the government should be required to help with the costs of treating those who go in harm’s way. Politicians who get rich via wars should be imprisoned. Career criminals and useful idiots who want us to believe that we can buy a form of perpetual peace through perpetual war(s) must be shunned and viewed as the traitors they are.
    America was never intended to be a world cop or peacekeeper. God bless our military, and keep them safe from politicians and their puppet master controllers.


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