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Study Shows That Prayer Can Help Relieve Emotional Pain

December 31, 2010 by  

Study shows that prayer can help relieve emotional painMillions of Americans who experience difficult emotions, such as sadness, fear and anger, often try to find a prescription medication or a doctor's diagnosis to alleviate their pain.

However, a sociologist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison found that people who frequently pray find comfort from their emotional troubles. In his study, Shane Sharp interviewed dozens of victims of violent relationships who represented a wide range of the United States' population in educational, racial and geographic backgrounds.

Sharp discovered that individuals who were sad or angry benefited from prayer, in which they spoke to a source who they believed to be God. The study, which appears in the journal Social Psychology Quarterly, concluded that prayer helped many of the victims cope with their feelings in a positive manner.

"If they vented their anger to that abusive partner, the result was likely to be more violence," said Sharp. "But they could be angry at God while praying without fear of reprisal."

Sharp also found that praying served as a helpful distraction for many people. By folding their hands and concentrating on what to say to God, they were able to take a reprieve from their anxiety. He said that prayer is similar to an intimate conversation with a close friend or parent. 

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  • Karolyn

    Duh! This has been known for a long time. Prayer as healing has been studied a lot and is found to work even for people who don’t know htey’re being prayed for.

    • Robert Smith

      Show us some of those “studies” Karolyn.


      • Karolyn

        Robert – I am looking for the one I heard of recently. There are new results coming up in 2 weeks for a Duke study. Do you not believe in the mind/body connection? This does not involve any sort of belief in God at all. “I think, therefore, I am.” I’m sure you must know that thoughts are things and we all give off electrical impulses. We are all nothing but energy, after all; so why would we not be able to effect that energy within ourselves and also within others?

        • Robert Smith

          From Karolyn: “Do you not believe in the mind/body connection?”

          Yes I do, but that’s my own personal thing. Others may believe differently.

          As far as impacting OTHERS I have zero belief in that, just as I don’t believe that the planets (as in astrology) impact others. The forces just aren’t there. It’s a physics thing.

          Besides, if someone is preying for me and I don’t want it I consider it to be psychic rape. I want to run my life and I don’t want others bullying their way into it, no matter how much their belief is that they are doing the “right” thing.

          LEAVE ME ALONE with you mumboj-umbo.


          • Ilivnsd

            How can you be bothered by reading this, if you don’t want to be bothered – Dont Read. See how easy it can be? You may not learn much but then that does not seem to bother you. You will be able to stay inside of you mind.

          • Karolyn

            IF people were praying for you, it would only be for good; so what is wrong with that?

          • Pete NY “R I P FEDERAL RESERVE BANK”

            Robert, I really don’t care if you or anyone believes in the usefulness of planetary observation. But from my experience, an awareness of heavenly body movement can result in a happier more prosperous life. For example, avoiding devasting blizzards such as the one that hit the NE last week. Hate being stuck in an airport night after night? Be more observant of our heavenly body friends. Word of caution to all, don’t let “science” do your thinking for you.

          • http://naver samurai

            If you don’t want to be bothered by these articles, then just stay off of them moron (Robert)! Believe me, we won’t mind you not being here. I have to agree with you Karolyn. Prayer always works, no matter we know someone is praying for us, we pray for ourselves, or we pray for others. Robert is just some mixed up atheist moron who doesn’t care where he goes in the here after or where anyone else goes. He’s probably already starting to feel the heat as we speak. By the way, Happy New Year everyone. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • Richard Pawley

            If you knew the power of prayer from a Christian perspective you could pray for a covering that would protect you from negative prayers. I would be dead several times over if it weren’t for prayer so two things I’ve not turned down yet, money and prayers. Won’t say I ever will but perhaps you would be more interested in where there is a high probability you will be going when you die. Just as we aren’t all born in the same country so we don’t all move on to the same place in the next life (eventually we do but that’s a much longer story). Even St. Paul in the Christian New Testament of the Bible mentions “the third Heaven” where God Himself resides so we know there are two others. Besides no one lives their life completely independent of everyone and everything. It is only an illusion that such is possible. Not even in the physical world. That you will find out eventually. I first read the following over 32 years ago and still find it fascinating but it is just one of many: But as far as prayer being scientifically beneficial, quite a few studies have proven that. You are truly missing out on so much if you think your life here is all there is. It’s not even a sentence in a paragraph on the page of the book of your life! One day you are going to be shocked but you may be like the artists and scientists in the vision above who are in a good place (maybe they think it’s heaven) but they don’t have a clue, not even in the next life. So much is known, even with the Bible Code, that no one will ever be able to say they never heard, or they didn’t know what God had for them. Even the chief devil believes in God, and the scriptures say, “…and trembles.” The point is that God loves you and only you can reject that love, not church, not denominations, not all that men say, but God. You can’t earn that love and it is illogical but I’m grateful that He loves me or I’d be dead long ago, like when I was two years old for starters. Besides He can do so much more for you than anyone else can. Oh, I forgot, you don’t want help from anyone. Hope you never get cancer or any of the other American diseases. If you get anything from reading check out PRISON TO PRAISE, a classic paperback you can buy on eBay, if you want a quick action book of just 106 pages that has changed the life of millions, and it’s available in about 50 languages. A true story about a con man who conned himself into accepting Jesus after WWII and by the time the War in Vietnam came around he was a Chaplain. To much to tell. It’s why I recommend it in both my books. I just imagined someone giving you a lottery ticket for $10 million dollars and you tearing it up saying “I don’t accept charity” Ha ha. Funny thought. I even knew one of the people in PRISON TO PRAISE. Well, good luck, although I don’t personally believe in it myself.

  • eddie47d

    Praying to God has the added benefit of not paying for a psychiatrist.

    • Karolyn

      It does always help, though, to talk to another person, whether it’s a psychiatrist (who really doesn’t do anything but prescribe medication) a friend or a therapist. In AA I learned that “A problem shared is a problem halved, and a joy shared is a joy doubled.”

      • Sue

        You are absolutely correct. Too many people do not realize the role energy impulses play in our lives.

    • Robert Smith

      eddie says: “Praying to God has the added benefit of not paying for a psychiatrist.”

      But church donations aren’t covered by health insurance.

      BTW, did you know that the Church of Scientology is one of the most vigorous opponents to the medical mental health community? AND! “auditing” is expensive.


      • Karolyn

        Robert, Robert, Robert – I’m not Christian, but even I know that you don’t need to belong to a church to pray. Prayer is not a strictly Christian activity.

        • coal miner


          Cato said.

          Father Mars, I pray and beseech thee that thou be gracious and merciful to me, my house, and my household; to which intent I have bidden this suovetaurilia to be led around my land, my ground, my farm; that thou keep away, ward off and removed sickness, seen and unseen, barrenness and destruction, ruin and unseasonable influence; and that thou permit my harvests, my grain, my vine-yards and my plantations to flourish and to come to good issue, preserve in health my shepherds and my flocks, and give good health and strength to me, my house and my household To this intent, to the intent of purifying my farm, my land and my ground, and of making an expiation, as I have said, deign to accept the offering of these suckling victims; Father Mars, to the same intent deign to accept the offering of these suckling offering.[2]

        • coal miner

          Karolyn and Robert,

          Cato said:

          Father Mars, I pray and beseech thee that thou be gracious and merciful to me, my house, and my household; to which intent I have bidden this suovetaurilia to be led around my land, my ground, my farm; that thou keep away, ward off and removed sickness, seen and unseen, barrenness and destruction, ruin and unseasonable influence; and that thou permit my harvests, my grain, my vine-yards and my plantations to flourish and to come to good issue, preserve in health my shepherds and my flocks, and give good health and strength to me, my house and my household To this intent, to the intent of purifying my farm, my land and my ground, and of making an expiation, as I have said, deign to accept the offering of these suckling victims; Father Mars, to the same intent deign to accept the offering of these suckling offering.

          • coal miner
          • coal miner
          • Karolyn

            Thank you Coal Miner for the links. Very enlightening. If Christians and Jews would open their minds to the possibilities that the Bible took information from other ancients, they might understand more and be less uptight. However, they, as I was, are afraid to even investigate anything that might upset the applecart. Years ago, when I first started investigating “New Age”, I had a friend that sternly warned me to be careful of the devil speaking to me through those teachings. I was truly afraid; however, my curious nature led me to where I am currently, believing in a God that is in everyone and eveything – the universal “I am”. We are all part of one organism and are truly all one.

        • Robert Smith

          Karolyn says: “Prayer is not a strictly Christian activity.”

          Certainly true.

          However, some of ‘em think they are the best, greatest, and just wonderful… Just as them.

          And unless I invite them I don’t want them preying on me.


      • http://naver samurai

        The Church of Scientology isn’t a real Christian church moron! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        Coal Miner, are you a moron or what? If you want a book that took things from other religions, look no further than the koran. America was founded on Christian principles and is a Christian nation. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • coal miner


          Are you so stupid you can’t understand or have the intellectual capacity to fathom what I posted,boy you are dumber than you wife.You are so ignorant that you have to resort to name calling.Those are historical facts.Prove otherwiser or just plain shut up.No wonder the rightwing gets laugh at.They are jokes.

          • Robert Smith

            From coal miner: “No wonder the rightwing gets laugh at.They are jokes.”

            Fundies (fundimentalists without the mental part) are certainly laughed at….

            Until they kill another doctor, picket another funeral compliments of hateful christians, deny education in favor of their version of “history”, or try to make laws outside their religion.

            Then they show just how sick they are and how much they want to hurt others.


  • Robert Smith


    Shane Sharp says: “I graduated with a Religious Studies and Psychology BA in the Spring of 2001…”

    Duh! Do you think the man has a predetermined perspective?

    Also with prayer consider that meditation, discipline from the martial arts, or simply talking with a buddy can also have profound effects upon the recovery from trauma in one’s life.

    The trick is to find what works for YOU. Prayer is simply one choice available among many.

    I think that in our schools children should be taught age appropriate ways to evaluate many paths towards their goals and not be driven towards something by someone with the best of intentions but no notion of what is right for the person they are talking to.


    • Karolyn

      See, the difference between my open-mindedness and your closed-mindedness is that when I read “prayer”, I think “meditation” and not necessarily church or religion. BTW, have you checked out the book I suggested – Conversations with God”? I was a Christian until I read that book several years ago. The concepts in it are amazingly freeing and make so much more sense out of “God.”

      • Robert Smith

        Hi Karolyn,

        For a quick overview I went to:

        From that article: “In an interview with Larry King, Walsch described the inception of the books as follows: at a low period in his life, Walsch wrote an angry letter to God asking questions about why his life wasn’t working. After writing down all of his questions, he heard a voice over his right shoulder say: “Do you really want an answer to all these questions or are you just venting?”[2] Though when he turned around he saw no one there, Walsch felt answers to his questions filling his mind and decided to write them down. The ensuing dialogue became the Conversations with God books. When asked in recent interview how does he ‘open up’ to God these days, Neale argued “I am reaching out to touch others with this information. When I reach out and touch others with this information I reconnect immediately with the divine presence.”

        An interesting technique and it seems he has a lot of followers of his advice, but I’m not into hearing voices in my head unless I have the headsets on.

        What I did do many years ago was take an afternoon and a blank sheet of paper to try to figure out what I believed, why, and how I was going to handle it. IOW, I didn’t look outside for something, I looked at me and inside me first.

        I was aware of many organizations that I could participate in. Several years later with a ton of notes I arrived on a path, just the path, of who and where I wanted to be and why I was there. It’s been a fun journey.

        Here I am now. I get ticked off at individual events but generally I’m in a pretty good place and happy to be here. Without a doubt what I chose works for me. I encourage all to find what is right for them as long as it doesn’t include others who have to be “convinced” to join.

        BTW, I do not get specific about the path I’m on. I don’t want anyone there who is on the path because I am. I don’t want anyone to avoid a path that might be right for them because I’m on it. It truly isn’t about me, it’s about getting the right path for others.

        That’s one reason I push back so hard when others insist that they must have an impact on my life to get their ticket to their heaven punched. It isn’t about making me better, it’s about them claiming to be better. If you think about it as a religion it kinda sucks.


        • Karolyn

          Robert – I’ve never heard voices either; however, I believe it does happen if we are still enough and allow our own ego to be subjugated. As far as the CWG books go, I just think you would be very surprised at the answers Walsch has gotten to his questions. I would be curious at what your take would be. They are actually very lighthearted books showing God to have a terrific sense of humor. One question Walsch actuallya sked was “How do I know I’m really talking to God?” The response was “What difference does it make if the answer makes sense.” (to paraphrase). One extremely shocking (initially) point made is that there is no real “good” or “evil”, just how we choose to perceive or label things/people.

          • Robert Smith

            Thanks for the idea Karolyn but most of the christian blathering I see is bad lately. Except for a few like Bishop Spong I see christanity goind down the tubes. It has been poisoned it by the extreme religious right. When jerks like samurai can plaster his god and claim America as the private property of him and his guys christanity just seems to have sunk too far. When it allows such as that to claim and hijack their religion I see it as something very bad. Religion is much like America. If the good (not necessarily the self proclaimed “good” who want to steal America in the name of their god) don’t do anything then these awful spiritual opportunists will depress America like the muslum countries are.


        • Karolyn

          Also, Robert, about you’re sitting down with that blank piece of paper – Very admirable, rather Law of Attractionesque. For myself, I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up! :-) I get out that sheet of paper and stare….and stare…and stare.

          • Robert Smith

            Hi Karolyn,

            You say: “I get out that sheet of paper and stare….and stare…and stare.”

            There are other things you can try. For awhile I carried a small dictation casette recorder in the car so I could easily record a thought for later contemplation. I use the Droid now for when I rarely get a thought.

            BTW, I’ve found drugs not very good for the experience. I know some who have had excellent results for them but I’m not one who has been so lucky. For me pot is like booze and strictly for fun. A bottle of good wine or a joint and a pretty girl in front of the fireplace with some nice music going…


      • Richard Pawley

        Sorry Karolyn, but Conversations With God the popular series of books by Donald something or other is from the Dark Side. Years ago someone mentioned it to me and I kept hearing about it so I decided to check it out, having spent a good bit to time in the 70′s studying satanic cults. I only had to skim the book and when I found the ‘god’ in this book saying the same thing as the high priest of satan worship, well God and the Devil are not the same person. You may be a wonderful person and I know Oprah has some bit of connection through a mutual friend but the writer of the book(s) you mention is clearly deceived, like all the cult leaders since time began. You were never a true Christian because you could never have surrended the experience of Jesus coming into your life for THAT! I know you probably think I’m wrong but it’s why I wrote my autobiography LEAVING SOUTH CAROLINA to pass on all that I had learned in life including some of my spiritual experiences and although it never got any publicity except for a few write ups in SC I’ve not come across anyone who read the whole book who didn’t get something out of it, even if it was just that they took all their money out of the stock market before the crash or bought gold when it was $500, advice I freely gave in the book which has the usual, murder, suicide, kidnapping (mine) and famous people I went to school with, etc. The point is you are on dangerous thin ice as the world is quite possibly approaching another dark age like the one that decended on the earth when the Roman Empire fell. I wonder if you or Robert have ever read the words of Jesus, the gospels, not what everybody says He said, but what He actually said. Oh, and ACTS which follows the gospels because THAT is what being a Christian is supposed to be like, miracles and power. Oh, the site I recommended above about, Dr. George Ritchie, tells a lot more about the next life than most churches tell, but please steer clear of any advice from the book you mentioned or you will be lost. If you want to read a genuine book of an elderly woman in England about 80 years ago who prayed with her neighbor for a time each day over a ten year period and had the Lord talk with her and instruct her in what he meant by some of the things he said when he lived as a man 2,000 years go, well check out GOD CALLING, edited by A. J. Russell. It has 360 plus short instructions or teachings, many of them amazing and I feel you would agree with much of it. In fact there is a sequel that even many Christians have a hard time with because we often confuse our experiences with God with our beliefs and interpretations of scripture. That’s why there are so many differnt denominations but as Jesus told the woman in England, “All of my followers know and love the simple rules I taught when I lived on earth as a man, many of them would be puzzeled by all the rules of your churches. In all things simplify!” I have over the years made the offer to in the neighborhood of one thousand people, that if they bought either PRISON TO PRAISE of GOD CALLING at a fair retail price (not over-inflated) and didn’t get a lot out of the books, then save the receipts and mail them to me with the books and I would buy either or both from them, and I never got a copy this way. If you like reading I would recommend them more than my own books which have only a little about spiritual things in them, one chapter or so in my autobiography, and about 3 pages in my book about the coming Greater Depression that will make the one our grandparents went through look like a walk in the park (or at least that is what I called it five years ago – it could be worse). Hours past my bedtime. Must close. God bless you. He loves you more than you know.

        • Robert Smith

          Hi Richard: “The point is you are on dangerous thin ice as the world is quite possibly approaching another dark age like the one that decended on the earth when the Roman Empire fell.”

          And look what your christians did with it. All the wonderful infrastructure that Rome had built was destroyed, sanitation went down the tubes… well not exactly, etc.


          • Richard Pawley

            The time is coming when the whole world is going to be blown away or leveled by countless asteroids and comets hitting it (at least that is what Jesus told His closest followers two millennia ago). The Bible also indicates that “something like a burning mountain will crash into the sea, and kill one third of the creatures in the sea”. Did you see the movie DEEP IMPACT? I really don’t much care for ancient Rome, but who will save our infrastructure when we collapse? I had one entire chapter in my latest book, “The Last Days of the Late Great United States” on the coming famine, but the CIA came to the same conclusion at least 35 years ago. What did you think of the heaven and hell that Dr. George Ritchie saw back in 1943 that changed his life forever? I thought that was fascinating. I’m also reminded that just because a person hears or sees a spirit doesn’t mean that spirit is from God. The biggest Anti-Christian and Anti-Jewish religion in the world was started over 1,200 years ago by a spirit coming to a war-lord and convincing him to do it’s bidding. We live in interesting times and they are going to get a whole lot more interesting (food and fuel tripling in price, a high probability of a bigger more involved war, and more than I have room to write). However in the Epilogue of LEAVING SOUTH CAROLINA I record how I learned that not only is there “much life in the Universe” but that because “of the age old fight between good and evil, most civilizations that have reached the atomic age have destroyed themselves.” Yes, the next few decades are going to be awesome. Hope you are preparing. I even think the next three years are going to be something else!

          • http://naver samurai

            Sorry rob, moron! Rome was already starting to fall apart before Christianity ever became a religion. From the assassination of Julius and Augustus Ceasar, their moral system began falling apart for the ignorant liberal ideals of doing something becayse it feels good, etc. Remember moron, Augustus believed in the traditional family and the ones who killed or planned his death ( his wife, the son of Marc Anthony, etc) believed in having mistresses, fathering children with women outside of marriage, gay relationships, etc. They felt that doing things the right way wasn’t good enough for them. Also moron, don’t forget that Rome eventually divided into 2 empires, Western and the Eastern Roman Empires. The West went by the liberal ways and was conquered when the Vandals sacked Rome. The Eastern Empire, lead by Constitine the Great, recognised Christianity and embraced it’s beliefs. Thus it was spared invation and lasted another 1000 years. It fell at the Siege of Constantinople in 1464. So I geuss that going by the ways of the world and not God’s ways, leads to quick downfalls of societies doesn’t it? Remember moron:

            Ecclesiastes Chapter 10 Verse 2:
            The wise man keeps his heart in his right hand, but the fool keeps his heart in his left hand.

            I guess this means that being a conservative is wise and being a lib, baby killing, gay loving, marxist is foolish. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • http://naver samurai

      Way to go and sound like Obama bin Laden and Oprah Winfrey, moron! Students still pray, read their Bibles, and write things like God Bless America on their notebooks in school. Sorry moron, but your kind (thr losers) aren’t ever going to win by pushing out everything Christian. Give up, moron! The fight is too big for your little brain to handle. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • Robert Smith

        Are you talking to yourself again, samurai?


      • coal miner


        You make no sense.All I see is the rambling of a nut from the lunatic fringe and also not very well educated.Are you CR747?He claimed to be a lawyer and he was caught in one of his lies.I always thought you and him were the same person.I never did belive he left the website.He just change his name to protect his ignorance,his new name Samurai.

        • libertytrain

          While I understand your thought process on this I am certain they are not the same.

  • Joe_K

    “If they vented their anger to that abusive partner, the result was likely to be more violence,” said Sharp. “But they could be angry at God while praying without fear of reprisal.”

    I can scarcely contain my laughter. Praying is about being angry, and God is a better target than the “abusive partner” …. that is one of the reasons why people pray?

    “Sharp also found that praying served as a helpful distraction for many people.”

    So was watching Little House On The Prairie. I still miss Michael Landon and Half Pint.

    Don’t get me wrong. I happen to believe very much in prayer. I just don’t think one can describe the entire elephant by feeling it’s tail.

  • coal miner

    Quote for the day:

    Prayer to Artemis:
    Artemis, huntress of the moon, make my aim true. Give me goals to seek and the constant determination to achieve them.
    Grant me communion with nature, allow me to live surrounded by plants and animals that I can grow, protect and nurture.

    Allow me the strength and wisdom to be my own mistress, not defined by the expectations of others.

    And sustain my sexuality to be as yours — wild and free as nature itself.

  • Carol

    Without prayer in my book I would have nobody to speak to and that alone it is so important to everyone who feels lonely.

  • http://com i41

    If people who don’t say a prayer when ever life get pretty ugly and you wonder just what you need tyo do. Apparently live in a padded cell of are a ward of some government program. For me in all the wrecks with vehicles and with livestock, and in nasty weather like 4 day blizzards where your are alone. Or in a firefight and the chance of getting dropped and coming out alive are slim to none. You might be surprised how fast you can ask for guidance and help getting out of a mess, to enjoy another day. I seen to many people go in for surgery with less than 25% chance of surviving, and if they didn’t get the surgery done, it was a 100% of dying. After these people survive, everyone admits positive prayers for them pulled them through. Even Doctors are amazed the person lived. Any puke that says the don’t need a prayer or wonder what the heck is going on, is a liar and a total fricking fool!

  • Don

    It’s not actual belief in God that heals or helps, it is the frame of mind that the idea of prayer puts you in that works.
    It is irritating that religious nuts always twist results to further their agenda of trying to force everyone to believe in their “God”.
    You could pray to Satan and get the same results. It is not “God” that is doing the healing.
    Please take your religion and stick it you know where, I don’t want nothing to do with it.

    • Karolyn

      Don – It’s more than a frame of mind. And there’s no need for such animosity. That, in itself, is self-defeating.

      • http://none THOMAS PAIN


        • Karolyn

          Wow, Thomas, you sure sound like a “pain”.

        • http://naver samurai

          An American shall have the right to speak out against their elected officials, without anything happening to them. This freedom of speech shall not be taken from any American. Verbatim from the 1st Amendment of the Constitution. Political speech is protected and not everything. What does your post have to do with political speech, moron? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • JimH

      Don, I know what I believe and prefer that others don’t try to push their ideas on me. On the other hand I don’t deny them their own beliefs either. So I won’t stick my beliefs “you know where”, but I won’t share them with you. OK?

    • Joe_K


      I suspect that like so many others, your problem with religious faith in God is not that you have tried it and found it wanting. It is that you have chosen to accept the assumptions of others that have not tried it because it is much easier to believe there is nor moral law transcending humanity than it is to hold one self accountable, by lifestyle, to such a law.

      Fish live in the water and have a great deal in common with everything else that lives in water. Hence, a fish has no concept of life on dry land, or in the air. That does not make life on land or in air unreal. It makes the fish, well versed as it may be about life in water, kind of ignorant about bigger things.

  • Ilivnsd

    How does that saying go??

    “The mind is like a parachute, it has to be open to work”

    • Joe_K

      Yes. And another saying: “The trouble with some people is that they are so open minded, their brains have fallen out”.. I think this one was made up exclusively for liberals.

      • Ilivnsd

        Joe, I have to say an Amen to that..

      • Robert Smith

        And then here is the extreme right wing who are closed so tight that they are so full of themselves and full of…


        • http://naver samurai

          Actually, that sounds more like the left, moron. Here are some things I’ve found out about the left wing extremists trying to keep American students from learning in schools:

          Our Christian history, from the founding of the colonies to the declaration of the SCOTUS, America’s heritage is built up on the principles of the Christian religion. And yet the secularists (lib, gay loving, baby killing, marxists) are dismantling this foundation brick by brick, attempting to deny the very core of our national life. Consider the following facts which are being systematically erased from our nations memory:

          1. Church of the Holy Trinity vs. U.S. 1892, the SCOTUS declared, “This is a Christian nation.”

          2. During the Revolution, Congress resolved to import 20,000 volumes of the Bible because, “the use of the Bible is so universal, and it’s importance so great.”

          3. The New England Confederation, stated that the purpose of the colonies was “to advance the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ and to enjoy the liberties of the gospel in purity with peace.”

          4. Harvard College required that each student believed that “the main end of his life and studies is to know God and Jesus Christ which is eternal life.”

          5. “The Christian religion is the Religion of Wisdom, Virtue, Equity, and humanity.” John Adams.

          6. Engraved on the metal cap on the top of the Washington Monument are the words “Praise be to God.”

          My source for this information is:
          The Book that Made America. How the Bible Formed Our Nation.
          Dr, Jerry Newcomse

          I guess you left wing morons are, once again, buried in the truth. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • http://naver Sook Young

            My husband is right. I hope Robert is ignorant and tries to change the subject to gays or abortion. He always does that when he “can’t handle the truth.” Sorry, I like that movie. Thank you.

            Sook Young
            Wife of the Samurai

          • Denniso

            Just because people once lived in the dark ages doesn’t mean we still do. Most people living 200 and more yrs ago lived lives full of superstition and ignornce. Does that mean we should still respect and live in ignorance? Should we declare the country to be a country of witchcraft because most people back then believed in it and even wrote about it? If we find some writings on witchcraft from back then,which there are,does that mean we have to keep the belief alive today?
            People are learning more about the universe and human nature all the time and we don’t all have religious and superstitious beliefs like we did 200 yrs ago. People want to believe in gods,goddesses,astrology,witchcraft,whatever, but don’t try to make it public policy. Simple enough?


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