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Study Seeks To Shed Light On Tea Party Activists’ Political Goals

March 10, 2010 by  

Study seeks to shed light on Tea Party activists' political goals As the Tea Party movement grows in strength and shows promise to affect the outcome of elections across the country, a new report from the Sam Adams Alliance has sought to understand its supporters’ political motivations.

The study entitled “The Early Adopters: Reading the Tea Leaves” found that activists are motivated by feelings of responsibility to future generations and belief in America’s founding principles. It also discovered evidence that they are a diverse group composed of individuals who—often for the first time in their lives—are becoming involved to change the political landscape and hold elected officials more accountable.

"A lot of surveys have focused on the Tea Party movement, but they’ve been about what others think of them," said Sam Adams Alliance chairman Eric O’Keefe.

"We decided to learn what the Tea Party leaders are up to [by asking them]," he added.

When queried about what issues are "very important" to them, a total of 92 percent of respondents said "budget," some 85 percent pointed to "economy," and 80 percent singled out "defense."

The poll’s authors also found that 86 percent oppose the formation of a third-party and that 62 percent identified themselves as Republicans. However, only a minority (36 percent) support Sarah Palin’s potential presidential bid in 2012.

Sam Adams Alliance is a non-profit organization that works to raise awareness of free market principles and policies.

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  • The Lord Roland Crichton-Stuart of Camster

    Drink more tea and not coffee, tea has anti-oxidents, coffee will kill you eventually, if your hot, drink a cup of tea, proper tea, not that thing you have dangling on a piece of string over there, proper loose tea, buy a teapot, add a spoon of tea leaves per person and add one spoon for the pot, add BOILING water, leave for three minutes to brew, stir once and serve through a tea strainer, it will cool you down from the inside much quckier than cold water, and it has anti cancer anti-oxidents

    • Warrior

      Thank you Lord!

    • Jay

      Uh…okay, but what does any of this have to do with the price of bacon…

      • L, USA

        It’s about living and not dieing, Jay Freedom is about the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. Enjoy your ‘Earl of Sandwich’.

        • Myron J. Poltroonian

          somebody better tell the good Earl that his chain of islands are now called Hawaii and comprise the final seven of the fifty seven (or is it fifty eight?) states.

          • Stephaan

            LOL Myron, I think Mr. Osama claimed we have 57 states, but what the hey. It wouldn’t have mattered if he had said 49 and only been off by one. It still shows his ignorance, ha ha ha ;-)

  • Jerry

    Been reading a book by Derek Prince called Shaping History through prayer and fasting. Would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in returning to what our forefathers intended for this country.

    • Patty

      What is the title of the Derek Prince book??

  • http://TeaParty LINDA

    I am 59 years old and one of seven children where my dad worked hard and my mother stayed home with us. We didn’t have a hugh home that the taxpayers paid for either. We live on 21 acres of land where nine people lived in a home with 3 bedrooms and 1 bath. We had all that we needed and most of the time we had lots of outsiders there as well. We always had plenty to eat and room for one more. My mom made sure that we all sat down at the dinner table together every evening and said the blessing before we ate too.

    Moma always said that she had asked God to help her raise us right and to grant her three wishes and that was for all of us to be Baptisted, learned how to drive a car and finished High School. Which all of the above took place for all seven of us. Some of us even went to college and served in the military.

    The Government didn’t interfear with peoples lives like they do today. We even knew who our neighbors were and didn’t have to lock our doors. My mom and dad made sure that all of us had a outside activities, which for the most part was in Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts. Back then we didn’t have to worry if a girl wanted to join a Boy Scout troop. My mother always told me if you don’t lie, cheat or steal then you will always get what you want out of life, other words have good morals.

    My generation turned out pretty good and we certainly had high morals which is more than I can say for a few today. So you see the Tea Party is nothing more than ordinary people taking responsibility for their own lives. Tea Party members believe in the American flag, that marriage is between a man and a woman, working hard to pay for their own personal needs and not expecting someone to give it to us and that life begins a conception. We are smart enough to understand how to raise our children, worship as we see fit, purchase our own homes and health care and send our children to the school of our choice.

    We do not need the help from Obama, Nancy or Harry, so beal out and just do the kind of job that you were elected to do. People that is what the Tea Party is all about.

    • straightword

      Awesome Linda thats the way it shoud be, but the government thinks they can rule us and they want to. God will have the final say not sadam or nancy or harry. Keep on living with good morals and God bless your moma and your whole family.

    • Vicki551


    • Harold Olsen

      You almost sound like me. I’m 60 and am the second of seven. We didn’t own our homes, but rented and moved several times. Some of the houses we lived in had only three bedrooms, one for the girls (4), one for boys (3) and one for the parents. My mother was a Catholic and Italian. She didn’t work until we all grew up. Like you, we had dinner at the dinner table together. My mother made sure we went to church on Sundays. There were two times in my pre-teens that our family went on welfare, but only for a few months each time. We were taught that we were responsible for ourselves, not the government. What Obama is trying to do to this country is not America. He’s trying to turn it into a country I don’t really recognize anymore.

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Linda… You summed it all up pretty good! Thanks for your post!

  • scott

    The tea party movement may save the USA again!!!,…..people must get out there and let their voice be known or forever suffer the outcome

  • scott

    The tea party movement may save the USA again!!!,…..people must get out there and let their voice be known or forever suffer the outcome

    • John

      So no Gov healthcare. SO where going to eliminate Medicare then right ? Thats Gov run healthcare

      • Joe H.

        Yup it’s government controlled and just like everything else it controls, IT’S BROKE!!!!

  • s c

    What matters is to stress key points and recruit as many like-minded people as fast as possible. I’m not a big fan of ‘studies’ or polls.
    It’s not as though Tea Party activists have anything to hide (unlike both major political parties). As long as the Tea Party concentrates on key issues, encourages RINOs to leave the country, motivates fence-sitters to grow a spine, tells the truth and never backs down from doing the right thing, the Tea Party has the potential to remove the grime and stench of generations of treason, useful idiots who never had a clue, corruption and
    self-centered twits who were never Americans.
    This is a war of ideas. This is a battle to keep America free. The stakes are high, people, and we dare not find excuses or surrender to pc or find reasons to compromise.
    Up the rebels! Down with status quo politicians and all freedom-hating scum.

  • j

    Sam missed the boat entirely. He did not even mention the primary reasons we have a “Tea Party” movement is that we resent the government trying to #1 throw away our Constitution, upon which this country was founded, #2 Deny us all our constitutinally granted rights and freedoms. #3 Taking over complete control of our lives (ie the monstrous Health plan they insist upon shoving down our throats) # 4 and MOST IMPORTANT insisting upon removing GOD and our right to worship him, from our country, our educational system and our lives!!!! #5 WE dO NOT WANT Socialism as our form of government.
    We are sick and tired of no one in our federfal government listening to and giving credence to what WE HAVE TO SAY!

  • Time

    Just a few observations, where I live I have gone to three tea party group meeting, 75% were Dem, 15% were Rep and 10% Ind.
    So I guess really you will have differant groups where ever you live.
    As in if your in an area where you have higher amounts of one party or the other that will be the % margins.

    Also one other observation is that of these meetings I have had time to go to the mix is about 40% White, 45% Hispanic and Africa backround, 15% Asia and Native Americans. In plain words a very dirverse group. {Not what the standard media would have one think.}

    The one common thread I hear from everyone is that they feel Congress and the Senate as well Barry’s team of Czars are so far out of control and could care less what the American people want, or need.

    As one fellow stated its only what “KING Barry” wants and screw the American people.

    Just for the record 65% of the folks at these meetings are under the age of 40 that have kids. Only about 25% were older than 60. leaving just 10% between the ages of 40-60.

    • L, USA

      Teas like Conservative Republicans. and

    • Harold Olsen

      That’s the great thing about the Tea Party movement. It’s not about Democrats or Republicans. It’s about Americans and America and our traditions. We want our country back and, one way or another, we are going to take it back.

  • eddie47d

    I’ve tried hard to understand the Tea Party movement and thankfully many in this organization are just ordinary patriotic folks. 15 mins. ago I watched 4 short videos on the Tea Party. 2 were at the convention and 2 at the rallies. Whew,a totally different look at you folks. Way to many wicked signs and wicked statements. Some of you have gone over the edge and that could truly damage your credibility. I’m certainly not going to trade in our present government for the bellicose arguments you have presented. Rein in the hate speeches and you could be an even greater force.

    • eyeswideopen

      eddie, they don’t think that using the Nazi signs or the hate posters is wrong, they basically adopted the repubs campaign platform of calling others evil. Did you notice it was a pretty exclusive group?

      • JeffH

        …that coming from someone without any taste whatsoever, who couldn’t tell you whether they were drinking tea or drinking pee. You don’t have a clue about the Tea Party people, who they are or what they stand for. You just watch Rachael and Kieth and roll with it.

      • Stephaan

        Eyes Wide Shut, But Mouth Wide Open!

        HEY MOUTH WIDE OPEN, you’ve got about 8 or 10 replies to your ANTI-AMERICAN, ANTI-2ND AMENDMENT RANT over at the Sarah Palin NRA page!

        WHY DON’T YOU TRY GROWING A SPINE and go answer them! Or I could copy and paste them every where you go on all these other pages so EVERYBODY can see you for what you are, and have a good laugh in the process!

        “WOOF” “WOOF”

    • L, USA

      eddie47d, ‘eies’ doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

    • Myron J. Poltroonian

      My Dear eddie47d, It would be interesting to know the source of your aforementioned videos. I’m afraid the “Can’t we all get along” approach is the road to perdition, however. The choice of which participants to “film’, how to frame the shots and crop and clip the final video are subject to highly subjective editing by the main stream press. I’ve seen the famous close up – shoulder to waist – footage of the fellow carrying the AK 47 at one rally that was coupled with commentary about how “White” the crowd was. I then found a three-quarter length shot of him and guess what? He’s black. The swastikas were not advocating NAZIISM, they were protesting the perceived National Socialist Workers Party like tactics and goals of the BrObama administration. Let me explain it this way: “Nationalization” is Communist. However, “Corporatism” is Fascist. That, my friends, is the current administration’s model. In the first, the government “owns” the means of production outright (“Collectivism” if you will). In the second, the government “controls” the means of production (think of “Krupp GMBH” in Nazi Germany, for example). No matter how they couch it, look at the new power-grabbing penalties, rules and regulations on the financial, manufacturing and insurance sectors of our economy being put in place. We need to shine the glaring light of truth – loudly and often – on how many government sector jobs, verses how many private have been created or lost with this administration’s current and projected policies. The ratio of private jobs being created should be going up compared to the public sector ratio of jobs, which should be going down. If not (and they aren’t), why not? Public sector jobs are created with private money confiscated from taxpayers. And, when government employees pay taxes, they’re only paying back to the government a small portion of those monies that were not the government’s to give out to begin with.

  • thefedupamerican

    Glad to see this study out. It amazes me how the MSM–Obama’s buddies–have managed to categorize Tea Partiers as ‘far right radicals’ and that some Americans believe that hype. These are good, concerned Americans who realize that if they don’t act now, America will be socialized and our liberties lost.

  • Independent

    eddie47d obviously is a 47 year old democrat who has drunk too much of the KoolAid. 15 minutes ago he watched 4 short videos on the Tea Party (Movement–It is not a Party). Those must have come from the left-wing media. He has never attended a rally. As far as “bellicose arguments” goes, son, you don’t fight fire with powder puffs. You fight fire with fire and the sooner we eliminate these impostors, the better off we will be. Obama wants to be a dictator and is surrounding himself with like-minded Socialists. Linda nailed it. she is correct. We need to stop all retirement for politicians. Only then will we get people representing the people and not themselves.

    • Joe H.

      Nah, he’s just gained so much weight that he wears a 47 Double D bra!!!!

  • Vicki551

    Beware of false ‘Tea Party’ third political parties as we have here in Nevada. Harry Reid’s diletantes are trying to split the conservative vote and have incorporated as the “Tea Party” as a last desperate effort to secure his re-election in November. (I believe he only won his last election in 2004 by around 450 votes.) He even has a group called ‘Republicans for Reid’. Don’t be fooled by these ruses. Vote for the BEST conservative who has a chance to be elected in whatever party in your state. Don’t split the conservative vote and allow the liberal/progressive candidate to be re-elected again. You will NEVER agree with ANY candidate 100% of the time. If we don’t get our conservative candidates elected in the first place, we won’t reach ANY of our goals. I know abortion and alternative marriage are important issues but they will keep us from getting fiscal conservatives in office if they are the ONLY criteria that determines for whom you will vote. We can work on ‘social issues’ once they are elected. We can’t promote our views on ‘social issues’ if they aren’t in office. Try getting Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, or Barney Frank to listen to or act on ANYTHING you write to them or call them about. EVERYTHING you say is falling on deaf ears. At least we can get SOME of our issues passed if we can just get conservatives elected. We will get NONE of them if we ‘throw away’ our vote to a third party candidate for the ‘principle’ of it. Please, “don’t cut off your nose to spite your face.” Vote TRUE conservative and we WILL have REPRESENTATION. They WILL listen to “THE PEOPLE” because they WILL be voted out of office in the next election if they don’t. NO candidate will PERFECTLY reflect your agenda. Vote for as much as you can get by getting someone in office in the first place.

    • DaveH

      Don’t kid yourself Vicki. Sure Reid smells highly in comparison to most conservatives, but the split vote myth has gotten us to where we are today – drowning in Government. Both major parties have been growing government, albeit the Democrats are growing it faster. We don’t need a slowdown in growth, we need a reversal in growth. And please don’t think this period in our lives is so different from before. We had the same BS politics under Jimmy Carter and heard the same tired mantra of “don’t split the vote” after he nearly destroyed our economy.
      And here we are. The Republicans that were elected after Carter were also supposed to save us. For sure, Ronald Reagan was a shining light, but his own party members hung like heavy chains around his neck, and he was able to accomplish only a fraction of his real goals.
      We aren’t going to achieve Freedom with the Military Statists any more than with the Welfare Statists.
      There is only one real choice if you want the kind of Freedom that our forefathers envisioned. That choice is Libertarian. Big Government is never going to be the Solution, just the Problem.

      • Vicki551

        If you will re-read my post you will see that I NEVER once said “vote for Republicans”. The ONLY time I even wrote the word ‘Republican’ was in this line: “He even has a group called ‘Republicans for Reid’.” I also followed that with: “Vote for the BEST conservative who has a chance to be elected in whatever party in your state.” Note the words “whatever party”. I, too, am libertarian in my social views. I believe ADULTS should have the RIGHT to do, or be, ANYTHING thing they CHOOSE as long as it doesn’t infringe on someone else’s RIGHT to not participate (such as sexual activity in public). If you ‘choose’ to do drugs or engage in risky behavior then you should be held accountable for the consequences. If you ‘choose’ to have an abortion, that should be between you and your doctor and your deity. If you VOLUNTARILY, without ANY coercion or intimidation, ‘choose’ to marry or have sexual activity with someone, or more than one, then you should not have the government or your neighbors involved in your ‘choice’ whatsoever. None of what you, as an adult, do should be any of my or the government’s or the community’s business AS LONG AS it doesn’t encroach upon someone else not agreeing to be included in the arrangement. As long as we are talking about CONSENTING ADULTS, what you do should be NO ONE ELSE’S business. I should not have to pay taxes to enable you to do ‘it’. Pay for it yourself. However, if we allow liberal progressives to continue to run this country into the ground economically, there will be NO ‘country’ left in which we will be free to live our ‘choices’. Vote FISCAL conservatives into office and the rest will take care of itself. Vote liberal progressives into office and you’ll get total control, nanny state telling you EVERYTHING the government and your neighbors will ‘allow’ or mandate that you do. There will NEVER be enough ‘far right’ conservatives elected to enact legislation that will stop ‘choice’ in abortion or mandate compulsory religious participation (unconstitutional) or whatever moderate or libertarian conservatives are afraid will happen. As we can already see, there are already more than enough far left ‘progressive’ liberals to take away all your freedoms and lock you into a straight jacket of total control of your life in the guise of ‘compassion’ for the ‘little guy’ or we “THE PEOPLE’ just aren’t capable of understanding or doing for ourselves. The ‘government’ has no ‘compassion’, people do. Americans are, and have been, the most generous people in the world. The vast majority of us are grateful for what freedom has allowed us to accomplish and are more than willing to share our good fortune when we see suffering and misfortune. If our economy is destroyed, the ‘golden goose’ will no longer be there to generate that largess. Giving ‘donations’ (AKA taxes) to the government first (instead of directly to the need as we see fit), only cuts down on the amount that actually reaches the intended recipients because it has to filter down through the bureaucracy where some is skimmed off at every level before it is ‘re-distributed’. I reiterate, vote conservative in WHATEVER party you can find them. Make them put it in writing before the election and check their record. Don’t just listen to there campaign slogans and soundbites. We can see what we got with the current executive branch. Is there even ONE campaign ‘promise’ that has been kept so far?

        • Stephaan

          You are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT Vicki.
          Split 3rd party votes could get Reid another term.
          Split 3rd party votes is why we have Obama in the white house now.
          By all definition I am a Libertarian, and a Constitutionalist, but I did not vote for Ron Paul in the general election because he didn’t have a prayer of beating Obama, and I did NOT want to waste my vote and let Obama into the white house like many other Libertarians did.
          If Ron Paul ever gets on the repub. ticket in the general election, I WILL vote for him, but until then, he can not win. He will only siphon off conservative votes and get another liberal socialist elected as POTUS..

          I don’t think I need to tell you this because you already know, but My Fellow Libertarian Dave H. said his piece, so I’ll say mine.
          Just vote for the person who best represents YOU and YOUR VIEWS & has the BEST CHANCE TO WIN!

    • Palin12

      I agree with you Vicki. I live in Nevada also. I read a poll in yesterday’s Review Journal that had either Sue Lowden or Danny Tarkanian beating Reid one-on-one, but if a Tea Party candidate is also thrown into the mix, Reid wins. We simply cannot let this happen. We need to stop this socialist agenda now! If we don’t stop it now, think of the dissastrous results. It will not stop with Obamacare. They will move on to amnesty for illegal aliens, cap and trade, forced unionism, higher taxes, more regulations, and widespread gay marriage. I will not throw away my vote as Dirty Harry wishes. I plan on having Sue Lowden as my next US Senator and putting Reid out to pasture!

      • Vicki551

        I will vote for whoever the Republican Party ends up choosing in the primary. (I’m wary of Sue Lowden because of the disaster she was in charge of at our 2008 nominating convention.) However, ANYONE will be better than re-electing Harry Reid. I only hope and pray that our Republican primary candidates don’t shred each other to pieces to come out on top in the primary. They should all agree with each other that defeating Harry Reid is the ultimate goal and pledge to place their full support behind the victor among them. If they have ‘crucified’ their opponents in the primary it will be hypocritical to come back afterward and campaign for them against Harry Reid. We don’t need another Deedee Scozzafava who threw her support to the Democrat opponent when she didn’t get the support of the people she was supposedly running for office to ‘represent’. We need honorable REPRESENTATIVES, not ‘Party’ hacks. The newly established ‘official’ “Tea Party” is a Harry Reid ruse to siphon votes from his Republican opposition candidate. Don’t be fooled. Vote the conservative Republican candidate and defeat Harry Reid and his destructive, non-representative of his constituents, progressive agenda. (There, DaveH, I did say “vote Republican” in this reply. I only say this because a third party candidate will guarantee the re-election of Harry Reid and we can’t afford six more years of his defiance of the American people.)

        • DaveH

          I’ve been hearing that same tired “don’t split the votes” for 40 years now. And look where we are. Both parties have built the apparatus for total Government control, and our freedoms get trampled in the process.
          I only vote for the best person for the job. Go ahead and stick to voting for the “lesser of two evils” and when you, by design, get “evil”, ask yourself “How did this happen?”. It happened because too many people think like the major parties want us to think. How convenient, they never get competition because the sheep have bought into their “don’t split the vote” propaganda.
          I don’t waste my vote.

          • DaveH

            Let’s see, do I want the Republicans running my life or the Democrats running my life?


  • Char

    The liberals that now call themselves progressives have always started rumors and lies about what ever they wanted put down and they are doing the same thing with the Tea Parties. Ignore them and keep doing what needs to be done. We who pray keep praying and petitioning our Lord who is really going to change things.

  • DaveH

    Speaking of shedding light, many of you may not be aware that Congress in 2007 banned the incandescent light bulb by 2014:

    It seems that the consumers no longer can make their own decisions about what is best for their lives. Big Brother is here to save us.
    Keep in mind that at present we are being driven to the CFL bulb as an alternative and that the CFL bulb contains Mercury. No doubt that will be the next Environmental Catastrophe that the Liberals will purport to save us from.

    There is a shining light at the end of the tunnel as LED lights may evolve to save us from the CFLs that we currently are slated to be stuck with.

    • DaveH

      Here is a very good article on the choices we currently have (and should continue to have in a Free Country):

    • DaveH
    • DaveH

      I would like to add that the touted long-life for CFLs hasn’t worked out for us. Maybe it’s our weather extremes, often 50 Deg F change in a single day, that are hard on the CFLs, but we have lost several to breakage.

      • Joe H.

        I hate to say it but even if a libertarian had been president, we would still have had the mandated CFLs. Unless we get him and a super majority that is filibuster-proof we will still get what THEY want unless they feel that we will get rid of them the following election!!!

        • DaveH

          And, Hopefully, we shall.

      • Stephaan

        Dave, I haven’t had one of those that lasted any longer than a regular incandescent bulb. I have never timed it down to the hours, but the life span seems to be no different in terms of weeks. (Aren’t they advertised as “lasting longer”)? Isn’t this the reason we are forced to buy them?
        Does turning them on and off at rates of 5 or 6 hours have any affect on their life span? Are they only supposed to be used for longer stretches of “on” time, like 10 or 15 hours?

        • libertytrain

          Stephaan – I had read these “new” required lightbulbs ONLY save energy if they are not turned off and on – which makes no sense for every light switch in a house – The basement stairs, for instance – off and on all the time but the light is dull because I don’t leave it on long enough for it to “brighten.” I absolutely hate these bulbs and am stocking up on the good-old-fashioned kind. Also these new lightbulbs are extremely hazardous when they break.

          • Stephaan

            Thanks for the info. You’re right. What good do they do as far as “saving” electricity, if you have to leave them on continuously in order to make the bulb last longer.
            This kind of reminds me of how our worthless government works. The only difference I see, is that ALL the light bulbs in Congress/gov. are “dim” lol

    • Vicki551

      The only reason the Dems are pushing the eco-terrorist agenda mercury tainted lightbulbs is because they were originally made only by GE, their personal slush fund lobbyist ‘corporation’. Only corporations who donate to Republicans are ‘evil’. Corporations who fill their Dem coffers are okay.

  • Myron J. Poltroonian

    Words to live up to: “I am an American.” A non-hyphenated product of legal immigrants who willingly uprooted from their homelands to start anew in a search for a better life for not just themselves, but, most especially, for their posterity. Did they decide to stay in or move to Europe? Hell no! They looked around and decided that America’s promise of freedom to succeed or fail, based on your own efforts and abilities, offered a far greater opportunity for success for they and their families than the ingrained cast system of their homelands, wherein one is not supposed (nor, in many cases, allowed) to “Rise Above One’s Station” ever encouraged or offered. We have, until recently resisted the “womb to the tomb” mentality that permeates so much of Europa over the last half century or so, let alone the rest of the world’s numerous and various despotisms. They, our ancestors, also wished most fervently to escape the tyranny, soft or harsh, of their oppressive, anti-individualistic governments. If you’re so inclined to remain where you are, supinely depending on manna from “Big Brother”, that is your God given right. It is your right to choose giving up those unalienable rights He gave you. (It’s called: “Free Will”.) It is also your right to allow nameless, faceless others to choose for you what you may earn, where you may live, what products you may buy, how many and when and where you may do so. Where you may go to school, live and work. How and when you will get to and fro on your daily rounds, as well as; How much “Charity” you will fund with the sweat of your brow, and to whom it will be given in your government’s name. I, however, am an American – and I choose otherwise.

    • Vicki551

      Hear! Hear! I second that emotion.

  • http://TwinValley Tom

    We are members of the Flint Hills TEA Party. TEA stands for Taxes Enough Already!! Our objectives are:
    1. Restore the values of our nation’s founders. 2. Recruit and support constitutional candidates. 3. Educate and train members, candidates, and the public.
    Recently we have been working very hard on helping the Kansas Legislatures pass the State Sovereignty Bill — Amendment 10. This is very important to us!! We DO NOT want to be under the thumb of the President and Congress. We have recently sponsored a “Rally in Riley”, Kansas. We had several candidates speak. There were over 200 people in attendance. We are working to have a government that listens to the PEOPLE, the People are the Employers, Congress are the Employees.

  • Julie Gorelik

    Racine,WI.”Tea PARTY PERSON”!As a married Mom-Grandma,I have seen the increasing tax abuse,and cruelty to the American Families.Don’t be cruel to a bug,but it’s o.k. to kill a baby,take most of your pay check in taxes,property tax you right out,tax the businesses out of the city,take God out,big brother now has everything,as planned.ALL our monies,business,freedoms,lose a job and see how quick they come in and take your home(even if it’s basically paid off.)People don’t get it until they’ve experienced it.If anything is UNCONSTITUTIONAL-How about COMMUNISM?Come on people-the White House is housing Communists,plain as day, and most people who are not completely brainwashed finally starting to see the truth.Tea Party time is our only hope-banning together,and standing up for OUR RIGHTS!!

  • JeffH

    I had the good fortune to attend a meeting with a local group of conservatives in Clovis/Fresno, Ca., put together by a small business owner(restaurant/café) to meet with Jim Patterson, running for 19th congressional district here in California. There were about 50 of us in attendance, I think all were conservatives, and the first think Mr. Patterson did was announce that he was a conservative first and a Republican second. He is the former mayor of Fresno and a stand up guy. As mayor, he refused to give in to those that sought favors through donations, and gave his pledge to fight for the constitution and stay true to his conservative values. He spoke at length and answered every question straight up, without any political doublespeak.
    There is hope for America, we just have to find the right people to help us see it through to the end and never ever lose sight of the big picture.
    Good luck to all!
    Just for the liberals out theree, ther wasn’t one gun in the audience, that I could see.

  • Stephaan

    Hmmm? I don’t know why they had to spend a lot of money and do a whole big study to find out what the T.E.A. party activist are about. All they had to do was ask anybody on this blog, or any of the other thousands of conservative blogs.
    T.E.A. stands for TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY, or in plainer English, GOVERNMENT IS TOO BIG & WASTFULL, AND WE ARE TIRED OF IT! Gawd get a clue! If the S.A.A. of our ignorant government had bothered to listen to any of the organizers they would have known this. Instead they just choose to ignore us and hope that we will go away.

    • Stephaan

      Should have read:
      If the S.A.A. (or) our ignorant government had bothered to listen

    • JeffH

      Stephaan, so true. The media and the government are trying to make the TEA Party a political party when it comprises a group that is fed up with the wrongdoings of the two political parties.

  • Bob Wire

    I do believe there is much misunderstood regarding this “Tea party” movement. As I understand it ( could be wrong ) it was started by independents and a hijacking was attempted by some frothing at the mouth, far right radicals that was mad at “everything”

    So it’s good to see articles such as this coming forward, if indeed it represent the movement

    Rule #1 Never allow your opposition to define you. Stay in front of the curve.

    I like the article ~ I like the notion that these voters are concerned about the world we leave to our children.

    If this be so, the GOP & the DNC needs to come forward with some better ideas then what they’ve offer us in the past. Past history shows us it’s been a hard fight to address the needs of non-voting children. At present we see much contradiction ~ today we have grave concerns about future indebtedness yet I fail to heard such fevered pitch about air and water issues. Our future citizens “must” have clean water and clean air, first and foremost. If they don’t have two nickles to rub together, they must have that.

    We gain a new American every 14 second and start stressing the present infrastructure at 350 million people, today we approach 330 million according to all I’ve read on the subject. If this is true,~ the time is “now”

    Perhaps this new movement might offer us more enlightened, more balanced voters, understanding there is both, a future and money in change. New products, new industry’s and new services. ~ More things to sell, more things to buy, more people working, more people consuming.

    It’s not a matter of “if” but “when”

    We prepare for tomorrows success today.


    • Vicki551

      Trying flying over this great country of ours and you will see that we are NOT running out of land to feed and domicile the population. Just because the majority of the population CHOOSES to squeeze themselves into cities where they live like ants in an anthill doesn’t mean that we’re over-populating ourselves off the continent. As to our water and air, it hasn’t been cleaner. At the turn of the 20th century we had waterways spontaneously bursting into flames from the pollution and debris in them. The streets were dusty and unpaved and the animal excrement (AKA horse manure) was kicked up into the air by the traffic as it was pulverized underfoot. You had to breathe that sh*t at ground level. Except in a few major cities such as those in the Los Angeles basin and the San Francisco bay area, our air quality in America is some of the best in the world. Even in those places they only have pollution warnings occasionally. It doesn’t seem to be killing off the populations there or driving them to move away. If you want to see air and water pollution, try going to Mexico City or Beijing. Forcing ‘Crap and Tax’ on the U. S. to destroy our economy and way of life while the other industrialized nations like China and India continue to create and spew pollutants into the environment will accomplish nothing except to turn the U. S. into a third world country. (Which is their actual Saul Alinsky goal.)

      • JeffH

        Vicki551…I like it!

  • Bob Wire

    Air and water are global issues for sure, not just national. It’s not a matter of land mass but infrastructure to support. While we have made improvements in some area ~ we can’t relax and think the battle won.

    There is no infrastructure “yet” to support people in these wide open expanses and few people will go there until there’s a reason to. Like you point out, they will live on top of each other. Leadership is needed that understands this and offers incentives to make it so. Much like the Grant Administration, linking the east and west coast by rail in spite of who owned what, right of ways, human and geography resistance. There’s no such thing as a “bridge to nowhere”, contrary to the rhetorical condescending slogan.

    So where does this tea party movement stand on such global issues? Are they willing to ignore such concerns about what our neighbors are doing? Cap & Trade is but one suggestion presented. What other incentives might they offer?

    Where do they stand on present trade imbalance, what’s their feeling on immigration? What do they offer as a solution?

    These are some on the things I’d like to know about this movement.

    Just being angry and feed-up is not enough. I’ve lived with those feeling for the last 30 years.

    • JeffH

      Bob Wire or is it Barb Wire? Just kidding. The Tea Party is about America, it isn’t a “political party” as in republican or democrat, it is a group of all who are fed up with our big government “system gone wild”. I think it is about the constitution, freedom, liberty. It is about over taxation, bad politicians, over regulation, jobs, everything that this country once was. It is an extremely diverse group of citizens of all ages. These people believe in America and want it returned to the people and obviously have made their voices heard. If you judge them by what you read and are told by the MSM, then you probably have been mis-informed. If you have attended any meetings or rallies with them, then you know they are parents, children,grandparents, aunts and uncles, neighbors. Just normal everyday Americans that have worked hard for their American Dream and have watched a liberal government give it all away. They are about regaining a strong democratic republic, not socialism, marxism,communism, liberalism or Obama-ism.
      This is my take and my opinion.

  • Bob Wire

    Well thanks for your insights jeffH, I was hoping they projected noble ideas such as you mention. It’s needed and it’s late in coming.

    but I do think it’s unrealistic to think we can somehow take government out of the process. While I hold great distrust and disdain for government, I accept that government has much to do with what ills us today and yet holds the cure. Government needs to represent the people but I feel that we “the American” people have let the system down and it’s now that “the system of government” has let us down.

    Too long, we’ve turned a blind eye to government, too long we’re sat in front of our TV’s allowing commentary to regurgitate the news and events of the day. ~ Too long, have so many being misinformed yet active at the polls. Too long, have we carried our old out dated ideas about current events. Too long, have we minded our own business and not been active in grassroots issues. ~ and now some think they hold insights into national politics?

    We’ve got the government that we deserve, ~ much like every other nation that has came before up.

    So I commend the efforts of this movement if it’s as you say it is.

    But when we have people that might want to be a part of such reform but they attack the wrong things. I often feel as if we a attempting to nurse back to health a wild beast that clings to life by a thread yet will tear your arm off if you come near.

    As for air & water issues, ~ there’s still work to be done and it starts with personal responsibility. Government has to force it on people ~ and as always ~ with great overkill. ~ Solving one problem and creating two.

    as for flying over the US at 25,000 feet and seeing how much of it there is and how clean it is. ~ Everything looks better at 20,000 feet, small, and colorful.

    Check this link if you have a few minute to spare, ~ I’ve seen this in my town,

    I’m sure you have as well.

    If we want government to change ~ we must change.

    • JeffH

      Bob Wire. I’ve bought into all of the “going green” I’m going to. From recycling to proper disposal of trash to keeping my vehicle properly maintained and tuned. I belong to several conservation oriented organizations and have seen many, many people doing their part to clean up the “trash” left by others out in the open lands.
      Global warming and climate change is a farce, just for the record. I am an avid waterfowler and fisherman, have spent a good part of the last 45 years outdoors, watching the weather, and have now seen what appears to me to be a complete cycle of the seasons out here in California. We must “force” change on our government through the polls and elections. If that doesn’t happen starting in 2010, then this country is finished as we know it. Our freedoms WILL BE LOST.

      There is a greater, behind the scene, force that we Americans are battling, and I hope you and others would take the time to check it out. I will give you a hint…George Soros!

      Here is an eye opening expose…a must read for all that care about the future of a free America.

      • Vicki551

        And so, it has come to pass and is unfolding before our very eyes. The FEC is auditing the losing candidate’s, (John McCain) campaign finances at this very moment but has no plans to audit Barack Obama’s. I sent the FEC a letter a couple of weeks ago and they wrote back that I must send a notarized complaint in order for them to consider it. I doubt that they will, even if they are deluged with notarized complaints. Everyone keeps hoping and planning on being able to turn the tide with this November’s election. I am afraid the powers that be aren’t worried about it at all because they are implementing plans to create some ‘crisis’ where they can declare martial law and ‘temporarily’ suspend the elections. George Soros’ family collaborated with the Nazis in WWII and he has been wanting to avenge them ever since. Until now, he has been thwarted. I fear he has found enough ignorant useful idiots in America to finally pull it off this time.
        Forgive them Lord for they know not what they do. If we are to survive this assault on our Republic, it will only be by the Grace of God. If not, I believe it is all part of His plan as foretold in the book of Revelation. If you haven’t read it lately, check out how many of the signs have come to pass since the State of Israel was re-instituted in 1948. That was the first requisite that had to happen before the prophecies could be fulfilled. No one but God, Himself, “knows the hour or the day” but He gave us signs to look for. We’re in for a rough ride ahead whether it is fulfillment of Biblical prophecy or just an ordinary coup. These people are not going to “go quietly into the night” just because we have an election. They’ve waited too long and worked too hard to let this opportunity get away from them.

        • JeffH

          Vicki551…this will be the single greatest test for this generation. Whether we will withstand it or not remains to be seen, but America and Americans are a resourceful bunch, up to the task of defeating these domestic and global terrorists, and I do not mean “Muslim” terrorists. They are part of a different war. The terrorists that are attacking our freedoms from within are wearing bright suits, Rolex watches, barking orders and planning the demise of this republic from yachts, high rises in DC, NY, Copenhagen, Berlin, around the globe, and in our own political structure. They don’t kill you with violence, they seek to destroy the backbone of a free America by manipulations of all types. They are the socialists, communists, Marxists and the Democratic party and any Republican that believes. They are some of the richest, most powerful and influential people in the world. There common thread is that they hate a free America.

  • Albert

    Albert says; “Stephaan? President Barack Obama graduated from Harvard School of Law!” Where did You graduate from? Kindergarten? For Your sake, “”tis better for one to say nothing and let others think of You as an ignoramous or open Your mouth and prove it beyond all doubt!”

    • JC

      Let’s see he’s a “Lawyer” so that puts him in the category of despicable scum. He’s not a homegrown American, if he’s an American at all…so he’s ineligible to be the President. And he’s a communist… Strike 3 and he’s outta there!
      An example has to be made of those who would mock and degrade our Constitution.

    • Joe H.

      And you have just removed all doubt!!!! Show me Obummers college records. Show me how the forms that he applied for grants were worded!!! Did he apply with a foreign student type of application? If he did he lied about his birth or he defrauded the government. either one will nullify his right to be president!!!!

  • Stephaan

    Well Albert, I can prove that I graduated H.S. and I also have a “REAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE” complete with the “delivering Dr.s’ signature, proving I was born in the U.S. That phony rag that Osama posts online wouldn’t get him a drivers license in my state. I could go to Hawaii tomorrow and get one of those B.C’s without any supporting evidence. You apparently are not aware of what a REAL B.C. IS!
    If you’re so sure O’LIAR is a Harvard grad, AND has U.S. citizenship, why not convince him to PRODUCE THE PROPER DOCUMENTATION FOR US TO SEE? Why does he continually hide his documents, if he really has them? Why not just get it over with. Prove once and for all that he IS a U.S. citizen, and eligible to be POTUS! Oh yeah! He CAN’T.. ha ha ha You may as well stick your head back up your butt Albert, since that’s where you are most comfortable with it residing.

  • Judy

    Albert, Ha Ha Ha Ha, Thanks for making it clear to us which side of the “removing all doubt” debate you are on. Like Joe H has pointed out, you have removed all doubt about yourself! Thanks! LOL


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