Study Says Blueberries May Help Maintain Weight, Prevent Diabetes


Study says blueberries may help maintain weight, prevent diabetes The extract from North American lowbush blueberries biotransformed with bacteria from the skin of the fruit has shown promising results in tests against obesity and high blood sugar, according to new research.

Scientists from the Universite de Montreal, the Institut Armand-Frappier and the Universite de Moncton tested the blueberry juice on mice prone to obesity, insulin resistance, diabetes and hypertension, and discovered that the extract reduced their food intake and led to lower body weight.

They concluded that the biotransformed blueberry juice holds great therapeutic promise because it seems to decrease hyperglycemia by up to 35 percent and can protect young pre-diabetic animals from developing these metabolic conditions in the first place.

Dr. Pierre S. Haddad, a pharmacology professor at the Universite de Montreal Faculty of Medicine and senior study author, said studies in mice are valuable as their obesity and obesity-linked type 2 diabetes closely resemble the diseases in human.

Among other natural resources that can help lose and control weight are regular exercise, low-fat diet as well as nutritional supplements containing green tea extracts.

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