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Study Reveals Staggering Cost Of Education For Children Of Immigrants

September 28, 2010 by  

Study reveals staggering cost of education for children of immigrantsThe importance of a comprehensive immigration reform has been emphasized by a recent report that quantifies the enrollment costs in Nevada's public schools of students with limited English proficiency (LEP).

The study, released by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), found that 18 percent of students who attended the state's public schools during the 2008-2009 academic year could be classified as LEP, which represents a 15-fold increase from the 1988-1989 school year.

According to the source, the state spends an average of $9,273 per person per year to educate an LEP student, while the cost is only $7,133 for those fluent in English. This is 30 percent more on the per capita basis and adds up to some $730 million a year.

This is "a case study of the real world consequences of policies that ignore the impact of mass immigration on American society," said Dan Stein, president of FAIR.

He added that "overall levels of immigration must be reduced and both Federal and local governments must make serious efforts to discourage illegal immigration."

The Department of Homeland Security reports that there are more than 11 million illegal aliens residing in the United States. 

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  • someone

    You are an uneducated person.

    • JoMama

      To someone:

      Are you mad because this article didn’t go YOUR way?? Or are you just throwing stones at the REAL TRUTH. I think YOU are the one in need of the education. You need to be educated in the immigration department. This is it.
      Dig it.

  • s c

    Imagine that. Uncle Scam can no longer dodge America’s public school disaster. So, kids of immigrants have made an intolerable situation worse. Imagine that.
    Nevada, in its haste to cater to the whims of Herr Obummer, has an unnecessary financial mess it can’t handle. Call me a pessimist, but this matter reeks of teacher unions and Harry ‘those smelly tourists’ Reid. Imagine that.
    Herr Obummer may be forced to distance himself from teacher unions. Imagine that. This might be the beginning of the end of this cursed administration. Imagine that. The American people might find reasons to repudiate everyone who hates us enough to enslave America through a corrupt, criminal, useful idiot and traitorous education system. Imagine that!

  • Les

    It’s easy, make everyone else learn spanish to accommodate the illegals. It’s great for people to be multilingual, it’s not good for nations though. That’s why the United Europe thing is failing. National identities pervade all of the European countries.

    • 45caliber

      We have a legislator here in Texas who actually wants everyone to be forced to learn Spanish. In fact, he has tried to get a bill through that requires all supervisors to speak Spanish. But not English. I’m not sure if he is still in office or not.

      • Les

        I went to my bank which was Chevy Chase and is now Capital One. The tellers were are fluent in spanish, unfortunately did not speak “Englaze” well enough to understand what I was asking for. I find that just perfect, they are hiring cheap spanish speaking employees that can’t communicate in technical English. I wonder if they can add and subtract in US dollars?

        • alpha-lemming

          Pesos yes…. $$$???

          • dan az

            laundering money for the drug cartels see!

  • ESL too

    There are many other English language programs out there that are “free” to immigrants … “free” meaning they are funded by taxpayer dollars … federal and state funded … open to any adult person who wants to improve their English skills in order to get along in American society, get a job or go to college … applicants do not have to prove citizenship or even legal alien status to qualify … in the programs I am familiar with, fully 50% of the ESL students are here illegally and talk openly about it, even though there is an official “don’t ask don’t tell” if you are legally here policy … since the students don’t pay, even for books, they have no incentive to do the work … for many, coming to the classes is more of a social thing than an opportunity to improve their lives … some of the students are elderly, have been in the USA for 20+ years, and still do not know English well enough to shop, work or have any independence in America … all on our dime!

    • 45caliber

      Right. And the federal law that mandates each child be taught in his own native language requires that New York City Schools have over 150 different language people there. Not JUST Spanish! Further there are several different Spanish’s. There is Tex-Mex, Mexican, Puerto Rico, Central American, and FINALLY Spain Spanish.

  • OneDamnAngryAmerican

    All children attending public schools in the USA should be tested for their Math and English schools, and then placed in the proper class for their abilities. Think about an illegal family, where all the 17 year olds are still in the 1st grade! THEY WOULD LEAVE THIS COUNTRY IN DROVES! But, to show my compassion, these kids should be placed in “special needs” schools, and their parents should be forced to pay for their education. Afterall, they are not illegal immigrants. They are illegal tourists. They do not have passports and do not have American visas. THEY DO NOT BELONG HERE! Why are we schooling them, giving them free meals at school, giving them Section 8 housing and Food Stamps? We are giving illegals about $50,000 per year in benefits, and not one of them is a taxpaying citizen. AMERICAN CITIZENS NEED TO TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY, EVEN IF IT MEANS USING “FORCE” TO DO SO. What a bunch of dummies you are, if you voted for the current crop of idiots who are ruining “our” country!

    • spike

      Well, according to the comments on the site about Coburn’s healthcare
      meeting, ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ just don’t seem to get it that our government can’t support The Taxpayers, let alone the people who come here and get free education, social security they didn’t pay for, AND HEALTHCARE. Maybe somebody could get a clue, instead of just being angry, that we can’t just support people, and , he**, to he** with the consequences, we’ll just keep printing money and raising taxes…LET’S BE SOMETHING BESIDES ANGRY!!!!

    • 45caliber

      Here in Texas there is a huge number of illegal kids in school. In most parts of the world there is not “free” government education. If you want your child educated, you have to pay for it. So many Mexicans, in particular, bring their kids so they can get a free education that is better than their own system.

      Unfortunately, during the summer the kids are generally sent back home so Grandma can keep them while the parents work. So they are brought back to the US after their school starts – in Mexico, which is AFTER Labor Day. We had our schools starting as early as Aug. 10. So when these illegals came in after Labor Day, the teachers basically had to start all over again to catch them up with the class. As a result our state legislature decided to hold off starting schools until a week before Labor Day simply so the teachers wouldn’t have that problem.

      Sad that we have to change our school system to make it easier on illegal kids, isn’t it?

  • OneDamnAngryAmerican

    ..math and English skills…….sorry, I’m still angry!

    • 45caliber

      And to make things worse, as far as I’m concerned, the Dems want to give that 17 year old free college, a green card, and his entire family here under the Dream Act they tried to sneak past last week!

  • Howard Roark

    A quick way to reduce the problem is to have the legal system apply the SCOTUS Slaughterhouse cases decision. this decision was made more than 100 years ago. it has never been overruled. it was chalenged in the 2nd amendment decision recently heard by SCOTUS. SCOTUS not only refused to overturn Slaughterhouse, bht they refused to even revisit it.

    The Slaughterhouse decision for the first and only time defines the meaning of the 13th, 14thand 15th amendments. SCOTHS clearly rules that the 14th amendment DOES NOT GIVE CITIZENSHIP TO ANCHOR BABIES.

    Here is the portion of the decision that says who the 14th amendment DOES NOT APPLY TO.

    MILLER, J., Opinion of the Court

    All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.

    The first observation we have to make on this clause is that it puts at rest both the questions which we stated to have been the subject of differences of opinion. It declares that persons may be citizens of the United States without regard to their citizenship of a particular State, and it overturns the Dred Scott decision by making all persons born within the United States and subject to its jurisdiction citizens of the United States. That its main purpose was to establish the citizenship of the negro can admit of no doubt. The phrase, “subject to its jurisdiction” was intended to exclude from its operation children of ministers, consuls, and citizens or subjects of foreign States born within the United States.

    • 45caliber

      But if we did, it would mean that a lot of illegals wouldn’t be allowed to vote for the Democrats! Horrible!

      • dan az

        that would mean that obumer would be legal if it where true!

  • Joyce from Loris

    I think we should revoke the Citizenship status of children born to illegal aliens in our country. But there is one thing that most Americans will not admit, or either have forgotten. Most illegal aliens DO NOT WANT TO BE AMERICANS!!! They come here for our MONEY, our hand outs, our freebies! The amount of money that is shipped out of the United States to Mexico on a weekly basis is STAGGERING! They ship the money to Mexico because they PLAN TO RETURN THERE once they have enough money!! Ask them yourselves, most will tell you. That is why they come here illegally. They won’t try to immigrate here, they DON’T WANT TO STAY HERE. They just want our money, and then the hell with America! We, as Americans, are stupid people to allow this to happen. And all the companies that hire illegal aliens should be shut down, either by the government or by our protest.

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Joyce… You are so right. If the money, the free health care, and all the other freebies were no longer available, how long would they stay? I am taking on a part time job in addition to my full time job so that I can afford to send my son to college. Too bad we are not here illegally. It would be easier.

      This ‘issue’ needs to be addressed. I doubt we will see any steps taken to enforce our laws, but if the liberals get their way, they would make them all legal. It won’t do any good unless we tighten our laws about hiring. Just to get a part time job, I had to produce documentation, my birth certificate and my driver’s license. Ain’t that a kick? Barry doesn’t have to show his birth certificate to become the most powerful leader of our country, but I do to get a $10.00 an hour job?????

      • Joyce from Loris

        Bless your heart, Robin! It is tough in this world, and we Americans stand by and allow it to happen! Imagine how tough this world will be for your child, even WITH a college degree. My children are grown, but I have my grandchildren to worry about. With the bankrupting of our country and the threat of muslims taking over, I worry so much for my seven grandchildren. I fight this fight for them!
        Keep a stiff chin and I will pray for you!

    • 45caliber


      You are correct. When I still lived in Corpus Christi, the newpaper there ran an article about this. If they can save at least $100,000 in an American bank on the border (they can come across to do business there without papers) they can retire in their home country. They can make enough off the interest to have a nice house and garden, hire a full time maid/cook and a gardener and never have to work again. Their family wouldn’t have to work either. And the more their own currency inflated, the more money they had on the interest.

      Further, when they come here they buy TWO sets of ID papers. They work under one set and draw welfare under the other set. Every six months they change – which means at the end of the year they can file two sets of income tax forms, showing they were on welfare for six months, and get all their taxes back. So they pay no taxes as well.

      The feds told the paper to not print such stories because the American people might get angry. So the paper printed that story too.

      • 45caliber

        I forgot to mention:

        The reason they did all this? Mexico’s government told them how to work the system before they came!!

      • Joyce from Loris

        LOL, I like your newspaper! The editor must be one tough cookie! We need more newspapers that will publish stories like that!

        • 45caliber

          For at least a time there, the paper reported, the Mexican troops in Nuevo Larado would follow all Americans who drove south of the border as tourists out of town. About twenty miles out into the desert, they would pull the American over and take everything, using the machine gun on their military vehicles. The Americans would be left stark naked by the road.

          The feds told the paper to not report that sort of story either. It might harm the Mexican tourist business. So the paper reported that also. Seems the feds never learn.

  • Bill Stanley

    I am tired of being forced to subsidize illegal aliens … stop taking income / wealth from those who earned it and giving it to those who did not … find and deport illegal aliens.

  • lkar

    The other point of discussion is how the liberal media has changed/misrepresented the language of this debate. It has been and always should be labeled as ILLEGAL ALIENS. The termonology I commonly se is Illegal immigrant, undocumented worker, or undocumented citizen. If you think about the implications of this these terms, you can see that the liberals will eventually sway the public opion. Afterall, who would want to deport a poor soul who is an undocumented citizen. This has the conotation of simply not having the correct paperwork. Same for the undocumented worker. Illegal immigrnat also seems to pander to our emotions in that people want to become US citizenz and migrate to the USA but cannot aquire the neccesary credentials. The fact is that they broke our sovereignty and disregarded our borders. They are Illegal aliens and must be deported immediately. Janet is crazy to think we need more beds to capture and deport illegal aliens. Just round them up and send back to the border! No need to stop the bus for R & R. Send the bill to Mexico. Besides, then the president can claim more jobs created (bus drivers as government employees).

    • 45caliber

      When you break a law, you are a criminal – even if you haven’t been caught. The fact that you haven’t been tried in court doesn’t change that. The definition of “criminal” is someone who breaks the law.

      So why should we accept all these criminals into our society?

  • Warrior

    Not to worry, there will be all sorts of money available to pay for everything!

    Another Obama Nightmare!

    Did you know that if you sell your house after 2012 you will pay a 3.8% sales tax on it? That’s $3,800 on a $100,000 home etc.

    When did this happen? It’s in the healthcare bill.

    Just thought you should know.

    SALES TAX TO GO INTO EFFECT 2013 (Part of HC Bill)

    So, this is “change you can believe in”?

    Under the new health care bill – did you know that all real estate transactions will be subject to a 3.8% Sales Tax? The bulk of these new taxes don’t kick in until 2013 (presumably after Obama’s re-election). You can thank Nancy, Harry and Barack and your local Democratic Congressman for this one. If you sell your $400,000 home, there will be a $15,200 tax. This bill is set to screw the retiring generation who often downsize their homes. Is this Hope & Change great or what? Does this stuff make your November and 2012 votes more important?

    Oh, you weren’t aware this was in the Obamacare bill? Guess what, you aren’t alone. There are more than a few members of Congress that aren’t aware of it either (result of clandestine midnight voting for huge bills they’ve never read). AND, there are a few other surprises lurking.

    • Disgusted

      You are so right! The decision to pass this bill without reading it was ludicrous. All elected officials that voted on this bill without knowledge of what was in it should be prosecuted. I hope we all remember and vote approriately in November! It is time “we the people” take this country back.

  • M.L.

    Iam old enough to remember that most people who came from overseas to America legtally went to night school,and paid a small amount to improve their english skills.These people are from many countries around the globe. On the other hand we have been back and forth across the Mexican border for over two-hundred years.As of now close to fifty countries use the American language as a second language, But the Mexicans can’t or won’t pick up the American language. Why? because they have been promised that as they will very soon become the majority of people in this country we will have to speak their language. My state is a fine example, we have five Hispanic channels 24-7 that we pay for without one word of English nor can you hit menu and find-out what they are saying.With Laraza at the helm, and being given millions of dollars to fund the influx of the border jumpers as well as sitting on the board at the Whitehouse. The say of Americans is not being represented.

    • Disgusted

      In California back in the late 80′s there were sections like “China Town” that didn’t even have any english language signs! Driving through the area was like being in China, not America. I couldn’t read a thing! There were lots of complaints and they were forced to place signs in English. This was astounding!
      Mexican flags are being flow above the American Flag at some establishments. This should not be tolerated as it is sending a clear sign of what their intentions are and where their loyalties lie! There has been so much “tolerance” granted in this country that we have lost ourselves. Sad, very sad!

      • Granny Mae


        You are so right. Years ago when we lived in Tampa there was a distrect that was Cuban that was the same way. I can’t remember now what the name of it was. As far as I know it is still there.

        • Earl

          Granny Mae, It was (and is) Ybor City, where the majority of the (Cuban cigar factories were (and are) today. however, no Cuban flags here now, it’s mostly a tourist trap and hangout for the yuppie crowd.

          • Granny Mae


            Thanks for the brain trigger !!!!LOL ! Ybor City, that the one. Someone told me that it was big for tourism now ! Thanks Earl.

  • Tim

    LEP students do not reflect immigration numbers. This is a far reaching story and based solely on speculation. Its only purpose is to incite hatred and fear. DO NOT FEED INTO THIS PROPAGANDA. Where in the school study do they even mention immigration status as a variable in their analysis?

    Here’s a shocker: My gf was born and raised in Brooklyn NYC. She only spoke Korean until she was 7 years old! How? Raised by Korean parents in a Korean neighborhood.

    It is possible (and allowed) to speak only Spanish in this country. I don’t care what language you speak. If you are a US citizen then you are a fellow countryman.

    There may be some truth in the analysis but when you don’t ask the right questions it is impossible to think critically.

    • Disgusted

      Tim, you are so incorrect in your logic it is astounding. The fact that that child is living in the United States and doesn’t learn English at all until she is sent to school is exactly what this article is about. It is those children that are consuming so much of our academic costs. I moved to LA back in 1989 from Wisconsin – my child was in the 2nd grade when I moved there and when I moved back he was in the 9th grade – he was so far behind academically he had to take summer school to catch up. This was due to the amount of time spent on the LEP children attending the school. My childs education suffered! Should my child’s education suffer because another child in his class can’t speak English – this is happening throughout all grade levels.
      There should not be pockets of society that don’t speak English at all! If you are living in the country and want to call this country your homeland then you should be able to speak the language. If wanted to move to France I would learn to speak French, I wouldn’t expect to get along without speaking their language.
      The expectation here is not out of line.

      • 45caliber


        Actually, I think the reason your son was behind is because California schools were “adjusted” so California could claim the best in the country. (that brings in a lot of new companies and jobs). When I was in the sixth grade, my mother pulled my brother and me out of school in Arkansas about a week early (May 1) so we could go to California to work the harvests. California schools held classes until June. So they made me go back to school even though I had a report card showing I had finished.

        When I went class I was suddenly the best student in the entire sixth grade!! The reason? They were using the same books and study manuals I had had in school in Arkansas – in the FIFTH grade! They were a full year behind me!!

        When Bush required a single test for every student in the country to determine how well schools were doing, I cheered. And California, who was ranking their schools as best in the country, dropped almost to last place.

      • Granny Mae


        You know what? I just remembered something. When we moved to Florida and my kids were young and in school, we had to file a rit of domecile in order to put our kids in school ! It was expensive. Yet there is a high number of Mexican migrants here and their kids are in school and they are just here for several months. How the heck is that possible? We are citizens from birth and yet it cost us a small fortune and these people come here and get it all free ! I forgot all about that until just now. At this point in time we live in an area that is farm country and the Mexican migrants here is very high. They live here with three and four families to a house and only get a post office box number and still they get all the free handouts and this is a very poor county. They even have their own churches that speak only spanish, they have their own stores and restraunts and even have people that noterize papers for them because thay speak no english.

        • Granny Mae

          And another thing, when my kids were in school I had to fight tooth and nail to get special help for my one child that had a mild learning disability and now days migrant kids get all kinds of special help. How is that right ?

    • 45caliber

      Many legal Mexican immigrants (and some who’s family was here at the time of the Texas Revolution) speak ONLY English. Recently such a family sent their son to school in San Antonio. He couldn’t speak a word of Spanish but the school enrolled him in Spanish-speaking classes only since his last name was Spanish. When his parents (who also couldn’t speak Spanish) objected, the school told them that he needed to be there to learn his “culture”. And they told him that it would take only about a semester to learn Spanish since he would be immersed in it.

      The parents finally went to court. And they tried to insist in court that since it only took one semester to learn the language, that ALL who couldn’t speak English would have to do the same instead of getting their own language in school. They got their boy out of that class but didn’t get the other kids to learn English.

    • lkar

      Tim, I think you are missing the point. I agree the analysis may not be as detailed and critical as it could be. But the point is that LEP is causing a cost impact on our education system. The very system that bleeding heart liberals accuse conservatives of trying to “disadvatage our kids”. The problem is that many are not “our kids”. They are illegal aliens. What I really take issue with your statement is the “incite hatred and fear”. Where in the article did you see that? This is just another ploy to sway an argument by accussing the opposition. This is the same crap that is being pulled against the tea party candidates and voters. Stop playing to emotional outbursts and stick to the article. We have record deficits and this report is giving at least a point of possible discussion for future savings. Now if a majority of people support educating all children, then this discussion is mute and we can look to other areas of savings. However, it seems that the polls clearly show that Americans see this as a waste of resources and should be cut to save money. Illegal aliens have a country. They need to go back and work to reform their own system.

  • http://gmail i41

    Someone, the one you are claiming is uneducated, probably had to attend the multi language schoools for 12years. In Denver, it has to hire 143 languages teachers, which is B–l s–t, all the way to the top of of the Dept of Education, and the idoit Congress and their rules. Make the immigrants learn only English, not ebomonics or some other crap dialetic. USA would have better production force because everyone could understand English and do something beside stand on the street corner and shuck and jive and act like idoits. By your statement if anyone is an educted smuck it is you, schools could save millions all over the country.

  • FlaJim

    Don’t believe we had special classes for students with LEP 100 years ago when we were still admitting millions – legally. Immigrants were expected to assimilate and learn the language and suffer the perils of not doing so.

    For those in the country legally, be grateful we let you in. Form your own help groups and learn the language and heritage of this nation.

    For those who are here illegally, GO HOME!

    Florida currently offers state services in English, French, Spanish, Creole, Farsi, Arabic, Vietnamese, Portuguese, and several other languages and it makes my blood boil.

  • ARAm

    The illegal immigrants are the Trojan Horse of communist dictatorship in US.

    • Disgusted


  • TIME

    Please, this has nothing to do with anything other than the break down of the United States of America to the New One World Government, or New World Order.
    Thats why we had NAFTA passed, and note who was for NAFTA, if you gather their names you will see many players for who they really are.

    NWO; “a WORLD with our borders,” all persons who are still alive will be chipped with their GPS tracking as well ID numbers.

    500 Million for the total world population.

    Do I have to spell this out for you all. This is not about Mexicans, nor Republicans nor Bush, or Barry Soetoro or Democrats.
    Its the”PROGRESSIVE Movement” and how they will bring about the “NEW WORLD ORDER.”

    “Stop the PROGRESSIVES,” the rest will all fall into place, let them exist and the problems will still be here and the Progressive will go underground, until another day.

    You don’t need to replace the house if the roof is leaking, you replace the roof and the leak is gone.

  • TigerLily

    For the kids’ own good, they should be FORCED to learn ENGLISH! This is the most humane thing our society could do for THEM. I learned English in Kindergarten in Indiana in 1966. There was no such thing as “bilingual education,” and I consider myself better for having learned English quickly and more accurately that some of my “Gringo” classmates who learned poor grammar from their parents.

    But I have to question the hysteria of this issue: $750 million EXTRA means the total cost of education is $2.5 billion. The 30% is a drop in the bucket to the overall problems of:

    1. Poor education
    2. Tax dollar waste and misuse!

    If we want to “cry” about corruption, big government, and the “injustice” of bilingual education – let’s not allow this issue to further divide those of us who believe in the value of holding steadfast to our Constitutional ideals. This bilingual education is but a drop in the bucket of “wrongness” in America compared to the monumentally growing tyranny that is happening across the land – particularly in Nevada, where our unemployment and housing foreclosure rates are the greatest!

    • lkar

      Yuo are right on all counts. But using that logic, why bother changing an incadcent bulb to a CFL? One light bulb will not make a difference compared to the other energy consumming appliances. The answer is that we start the savings someplace.
      Luckily, you have a choice to make in Nevada. Vote for the incumbant and expect more of the same.

      • 45caliber

        I agree with her. Take your bulb example. If you leave your lights on all day, the CFL is cheaper to run. But if you turn it off and on as you go in or out, the incadescent is far the cheaper! The simple flip of a switch on a CFL will use more power than the incadescent does in over an hour of use.

        So … which is actually cheaper and the best to use?

        • lkar

          Good point. The CFL is a bad example. TigerLily is correct in that we need to focus on the big ticket items that the government is wasting our tax dollars on. But I was just trying to point out that we should not ignore the little areas of preceived government waste. For $730 million, I could start a small manufacturing facility (and I mean a business that actually makes something, not a service business) and easily employ 25 to 50 people with potential to grow (provided the government gets out of micromanaging small business).

          • 45caliber

            We need to get the big ticket items out of the way first. THEN we can address the small stuff. And the easy stuff is even quicker to solve. I believe that if the students are required to learn English to learn, the parents will be less likely to put them into school here since they don’t intend to remain here after they make their fortune.

            I know one Mexican personally who had a goal of $100,000 in the bank and then retire in his home village in Mexico. When he finally had it, his kids were finishing high school here … and were speaking good English. When he proudly told his family they would be moving back to Mexico to retire, he was told that the kids were staying here as Americans and his wife was staying since she wanted to be near any grandchildren. He was in shock and told me he was sorry he had brought them here.

  • mimi

    PEOPLE!! Please…read some of the books out there which lay open the whole ‘PLAN’, the origins and ideology [MARXIST, COMMUNIST, LENNINIST, TROTSKYITE] of this crew…and others behind the scenes.. tHE MYSTERY IS OVER..WE KNOW WHO THIS GUY IS. Read De Souza’s excellent book, read David Limbaugh’s ‘CRIMES AGAINST LIBERTY’,…there is no longer any doubt as to what Obama meant when he promised to ‘transform/remake’ AMERICA! Time for ‘speculation/watching and waiting’ is over..and so will our nation be over if we continue to ‘hope’. This IS the ‘CHANGE’ he referred to…we are living it ,it gets worse day by day and to be sure it is not the ‘change’ some of us were foolish enough to believe in.Forget ‘party affiliation’, forget that FDR gave us ‘social security’..which is going broke, forget the old party cliches tht was then..this is now. Our ‘TWO PARTY SYSTEM is a two headed monster that needs ‘killing’. Please…for the sake of our kids and grandkids…it’s time to bring out the ‘pitchforks’!

    • 45caliber

      What amazes me are the people who say, “Yes, he said that but he really didn’t mean it that way! He actually meant …”

      I believe a man when he says something until it is proved wrong. Then I don’t believe him at all. But Oblama has shown that he really meant what he said. I simply can’t understand all the people who try to make it something else – and that includes both other politicians and the press!

  • Jeanjeanie

    I have a friend who teaches ESL (English as a Second Language) at a community college in California. Her class has only 13 students, but is required to have 15 to stay open, yet they didn’t close it. She told me other ESL classes this semester have even less than hers. But the kicker of it is that those classes cost the college over twice what other classes cost because they’re 5 units, which means they are 10 hours per week. They pay the instructor by how many hours they teach, so these classes are costing what it would cost for 2 English classes, or 2 History classes or most other classes. Yet, they are not full and the school refuses to close them. Now this is CALIFORNIA! If any state needed to stop such stuff, it certainly would be California.

    • 45caliber

      Keep in mind that about forty years ago now California went to Uncle Sam with hat in hand. They were bankrupt to the tune of $3 billion. Uncle Sammie handed them the money although most in the country thought it wrong. (So did NYC at the same time.) So California has no reason to try to control spending. They KNOW that the rest of us will bail them out again.

  • Marty C. Keef

    The problem with our governments (local to federal) are the result of an attitude so many of us have: How many times have you heard, or said, “there ought to be a law…”, “the government should DO SOMETHING….” because it is a ‘feel good’ program like teaching kids in their native language. None of us, certainly, would willingly deprive ANY child of an available education. But…

    Until we start relying on ourselves, our families, and our social networks solely, and eliminating the government from the equation except for contracts and personal liability, we will willingly be seduced by government ‘welfare’ programs EVEN WHEN WE DON’T PERSONALLY BENEFIT FROM THESE PROGRAMS, as in this case. It is my opinion that government largess to non-productive citizens, and especially to FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS, is the most egregious form of tyranny.

    Before the late 1960′s foreigners who arrived on our shores were sponsored by someone, usually of their native nationality, who would introduce them to our culture, help them learn the language, find employment and housing, using a public transportation system. This often led to conclaves of neighborhoods where these ‘citizens in the making’ could celebrate their native culture while still adapting to ours,WHICH WAS THE PRIMARY GOAL. The ‘liberal’ concept that all cultures are equal is ludicrous. History clearly shows that some cultures are superior to others in economics, political freedom, personal freedom. The idea,the intention, I hope, was that we could adapt the best of each foreign culture to create a unique AMERICAN culture. E PLURIBUS UNUM. This has been the only ‘strength of diversity’ that I can acknowledge. Otherwise, it has simply been a ‘liberal’ tool for dividing us. Language, culture, and BORDERS are the only things that MAKE a nation.

    An idea I’d like to pursue is to limit Congress in the number of days it can meet, and limit the number of laws allowed to be on the books (required sunset dates) each year. This would curtail so many good intentioned, but unforseen consequences it can only benefit our citizens. It’s worked for a large number of States. Pass it on.

    • dahni uru

      Marty: Sunset laws would be excellent. Given today’s communication systems, though, it would be possible to publish all laws(other than for national security for 90 days before they were to go into effect.

      They all should be available in summary form. We should not have to look in the Congressional Records to see what is going on.

  • dahni uru

    I spent several years in SE Asia, mainly Singapore,Malyasia,Indonesia and Vietnam in the early. (’89-’9). Foeigners were required to provide their own private schools for their childen, perios. If I wanted my child to attend a school or college in Malaysia he first had to pass the Languge examination. I worked in a private schools that admitted non-local foreigners;i.e. in Malaysia students could be from any country except Malaysia. Their first year was immersion in English, plus Math and perhaps computer skills. I didn’t know of any student not able to move into regular classes after the one-year immersion.

    Certainly it works here. Other postings are absolutely correct that we need to take back our schools, our language and our country. Now would be good.


    There is a very simple answer to paying for the cost of illegal schooling cost, just past that cost on to the ones which hires their parents. Then the cost of hiring the illegals will be as much as legal americans.

  • lynnbo

    Businesses control congress and they want lower wages in order to be competative with third world nations. They win and we loose. Money buys what ever you want in congress.

  • C E Summers

    I am sitting here in Las Vegas, Nv looking out at a grade school that all 3 of my daughters attended when it was over 90% caucasian and now it is over 90% hispanic. No wonder Nevada is in trouble. I wish we would adopt Arizonia’s new law. I think I will call our election department and see if illegals can vote. If that is the case this country is in deep trouble


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