Study Finds Chamomile May Help Relieve Moderate Anxiety


Study finds chamomile may help relieve moderate anxiety With tax time just around the corner, many Americans may soon be looking to relieve their stress by drinking chamomile tea. A new controlled research trial has found that chamomile extract therapy can be effective in treating mild to moderate symptoms related to generalized anxiety disorder (GAD).

The study followed patients with moderate GAD who received either chamomile or placebo treatment. Patients who took chamomile extract were found to have a significant decrease in the severity of their anxiety compared to those who received the placebo.

These findings are significant "because many individuals who suffer from GAD do not view their anxiety as a medical condition, [so] self-diagnosis and self-medicating with alternative, over-the-counter remedies is common," said Michael Van Ameringen and Beth Patterson, who evaluated the study for Faculty of 1000, a website which assesses current scientific research papers.

They added that chamomile may be especially useful for those who are averse to conventional pharmacotherapy.

Chamomile has also been touted as a natural remedy for digestive disorders, including irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease and diarrhea.

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