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Students In Iran Support Occupy Wall Street Protests

October 10, 2011 by  

Students In Iran Support Occupy Wall Street Protests

As the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement grows, it has gained support from some university students in Iran, according to an Iranian state-run media outlet.

The Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) reported that a group of Iranian university students began gathering outside the Swiss Embassy in Tehran last Thursday to offer their opinion of the events taking place in the U.S.

The Iranians were protesting the violent actions of New York City police officers against Occupy Wall Street protestors, saying that their actions were contradictory of the “statement of the U.S. officials in support of human rights.” The article also said that the Iranian students described the American protest as recognition by the American people that their government acts on behalf of a “Zionist lobby.”

According to the IRNA, the Iranian demonstrators shouted slogans such as:  “There is no more use for artillery, tank and Liberals” (sic), “Down with the U.S., Down with Israel”, “Liberal Democracy is finished” and “Confronting Islam is the last nail in the U.S. Coffin”. The gathering reportedly ended with the burning of an American flag and the “chanting of anti-U.S. and anti-Zionist regime mottos.”

President Barack Obama also weighed in on the OWS movement last week, saying that it “expresses the frustrations the American people feel.” The President said that protestors are justified in their anger at Wall Street bankers, and used rhetoric familiar to his Administration to denounce wealthy Americans. Some people speculate that the recent involvement of political activism groups like in OWS demonstrations will lead to Obama’s use of the frustrated youths as an election vehicle as the 2012 election draws near.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • s c

    For a few, brief seconds, I thought perhaps the handful of good people in Iran might have come to their senses. Once the predictable rhetoric emerged, I knew it was just another b s rant made by some of Iran’s salaried, programmed hyena muffins.
    They don’t get it. In that matter, they’re just like the vast majority of the preadolescents taking part in the self-destructive travesty known as OWS [on wicked steroids]. Neither group gets it. This Twilight Zone #^&* is scripted. It is a smoke-and-mirrors diversion.
    Imagine an opportunity for George Soros to get dumbed-down Americans to act like third-rate actors in a bad movie. It is the ugly,
    pox-marked face of devolution, folks. This is what it looks like when string-pullers orchestrate reality.
    This is a good time to put a sledge hammer through the viewing screen(s) of most American TV sets. Soros is a lousy writer, and the ‘actors’ are no-talent zombies. Soros needs to be told that in business, it’s profit or loss. When the stakes are this high, and involve more than profits or losses, Soros and the W H robots need to realize that much more than mere reputations are in the balance.

    • http://Google JoeH

      A well written post,thank you s c! Your perceptions about Soros are accurate.

      • eddie47d

        I doubt if Soros has anything to do with the Wall Street protesters so SC as per usual is trying to confuse history with her drivel. She is indeed living in the Twilight Zone.

        • olinda moore

          All this distraction is political make it by the left,you can see Nancy Polosy and obama happy about it,so like i said before is all political for Obama but in the end the people of the USA will open their eyye and see they had been paid to do this ,but every thing is false like all of them,so open your big EYES,before is to late………..late

          • http://WeThePeople Jean

            You are right – they have been paid. I was on the south side of Chicago when the riots took place there. These people were picked up and had wads of money in their pocket – there was also lawyers by the drove standing in line at the jails to bail them out so that they could return to the riot. Circle campus was burned – later Ford City – these were looters. Just another gimmick by the Thug in the WH (learned from the Thugs in Chicago) to try and buy another election. He is like a jack-in-the box – crank him up and out he jumps all over the place. The Bible said the Beast would be in power 3 1/2 years and then the Dragon (China? anyone) – he has already sold us to them.

          • Karolyn

            Jean – These people are not rioting. For the most part, they are peacefully chanting and walking with signs, and a cross-section of the American public is represented. Oh, except for those conservatives who think they are better than everyone else.

        • Average Joe

          What you doubt and what you actually know are usually two completely different concepts…as per usual…..

        • KHM

          Eddie, For one thing you are consistent and predictable in your Left-wing ideology.
          How do you know that sc is a female?
          Soros may have played a minor role at the beginning of OWS, but soon his and some of his other affiliated groups got on the bandwagon. Before it was Democratic Socialists,ACORN, SEIU, AFL-CIO and other such fine upstanding groups organizing this “grssroots” protest.
          I agree with some of the other replies that wo cares what the Iranians ‘students’ think about the demonstrations. Remember to Iran we are the “Grat Satan”. They would love to see us self-destruct from within.
          Eddie, you seem to blame Wall Street for all the financial debacle. Try doing some real research and finding out that it was government policy, begun under Carter, that caused the mortgage meltdown. When the banks had to make bad loans, WS did come up with the idea of CDOs or MBS derivatives,again backed by the Government. Bush tried 8 times to investigate, rein in, etc Fannie and Freddie. Dodd and Frank blocked his efforts at every turn.

          • eddie47d

            I don’t see any self correcting actions being made by Wall Street and in some cases they are getting worse

    • Vic Bailey

      Bama and Soros and their Regestered Socialist in Congress are behind all this crap. They are helping the unions and the socialist on the streets, in hopes that it turns violent so Bama and his Regime can bring the UN troops out of their hidding places and start filling up the FEMA camps, suspend the next election and become the Dictator for the USSA. Why don’t the people see that? It has been Soros and Bama’s plan from the start! Semper Fi.

    • Karolyn

      It is so sad to see so little respect for people who believe that if they come out and protest, someone may listen. The contempt yo and so many others show for your fellow Americans is disgusting.

      • KHM

        @ Karolyn,
        Why is it disgusting? What have these protesters done or said that is worthy of respect?
        They are being organized, and some even paid by various groups. Do you really think this is grassroots with a coherent message?
        These anti-capitalist twerps want doctors, lawyers, businesses to DONATE time and services and goods, so that they can continue to demonstrate against these very people who are productive. Therefor the useful idiots won’t be soiling their hands by engaging directly in Capitalism.
        They are also creating an instant slum in the park or parks they are occupying. The city of NY has ,just so far, spent TWO Million Dollars on police overtime. Who knows what the cleanup costs will be. I can guarantee you that it will not be like any Tea Party group gathering where the venue is left clean.

    • Ron

      OWS is almost as bad as those who took to the streets over Veit. Nam the idiots on civil rights or the fools of Tea who had the nerve to compare themselves to others who have marched. And in some cases died. OWS wants those responsible for the meltdown to face justice. Never discount or discourage the motives of the young.

      • s c

        R, what makes you think the mob demonstrating on Wall Street (and around the country) has earmed any respect? Most of them are so damned dumb and have been dumbed-down for so long and are so frickin’ clueless that they can’t connect the dots back to the White House.
        Assuming that you’re NOT friends with or related to the usual herd of uniformed progressive yahoos who respond regularly on this web site, this isn’t a meltdown. This is the edge of the meltdown.
        The vast majority of the blame starts with Congress and you can trace the involvement of various prezzes over the last 50 years (how technical you want to get is your business). Our crisis is NOT an accident.
        You sound a bit behind the learning curve, but keep digging. When the smoke clears, one name will stand out. That name is George Soros. Through his sources and flunkies, he has poured lots of loot through the pipelines to ‘fund’ this crap. He will do no good for America. Anyone who gets too close to him politically will eventually get a knife in the back – especially if it means his losing the eventual complete control of America’s wealth. I’ll believe otherwise when Obubba goes after Soros’ immense wealth and eliminates his influence.

        • ron

          Sorry SC, that I am not as smart as you who believe in every conspiracy that comes along. Who am I to doubt Glenn Beck and others that stood by and said nothing while this country was turned into a debt ridden Nation. It took only 8 short years. I would never dream of trying to figure out complex issues like you are accustomed to solving. Why are those hippies on Wall Street? Why would I ever try to explain such a complex issue like that (complex to me) to you? The nerve of me. Who says we will miss the likes of Steve Jobs as long as we have your guidance.

          So what the hell was I thinking when I said never dismiss the young? Why did young liberal minded (not necessarily democrats) people leave the comforts of their homes and risk their lives marching with MLK and the freedom riders. I would assume they were just as dirty and wrong in your minds eye. So who am I to say that the young people who took to the streets protesting Viet Nam were anything other than dirty college students? Well I would not, but you the all-wise one would. Some others who most likely thought just as you do about those young people were Tea partiers R. Limbaugh, and D. Cheney. Both evaded the draft. Ones uncle ran the local draft board; the other said he had other important things to do. Both I assume you think are great Americans.

          Who am I to think I know as much as you about what is good and what is bad for the country I proudly served. You my fine fickle friend are as Reich I mean right as the clean and sanitized Tea Party who by the way is not backed by Soros but by lobbyist like Dick Army and freedom works, K. Rove, and the Koch Brothers. And the sooner they get their hands on your social security and Medicare the better for them. No I would not assume to know more about young (some college educated) demonstrators than you do. I am so dumb I refuse to vote against my own self-interest, but with your guidance I am sure I can learn to do even that. Thanks for the education.

    • Donald

      Aha, another Glen Beck apostle!

  • Chuck

    This is just a rehersal for a carefully crafted and paid for rebellion to push us further to a socialist schema which this administraiton seems to fully support [behind the scenes] It also serves as a distraction to the other things they are doing behind the scenes like approving dream act in CA as another step in gaining more voters for their agenda, seems like the sheeple just go along with it. Be very worried folks.

    • eddie47d

      The real sheeple are those who put up with Wall Street gouging our economic system and taking advantage of lax laws. They had free reign and you allowed them to keep shafting the public. When you go to the polls make sure you continue to vote for Bank of America. Maybe they’ll give you a discount on all their transaction fees.

      • Average Joe

        “When you go to the polls make sure you continue to vote for Bank of America.”

        Thanks for the advice Eddie, but…..No thanks, I’ll stick with Ron Paul.

      • Ellen

        Eddie, The people on Wall St. simply packaged the government-backed securities sold to them by Fannie/Freddie and re-sold them. Sure they profited, so did Fannie/Freddie. The root of the problem is Dems in Congress saying mortgage companies didn’t need to ask for proof of employment/income in order to obtain a mortgage – so poor people could have houses, too. Then mortgage companies and banks sold mortgages using this criteria. Fannie/Freddie bought the mortgages and resold them as government-backed securities. What idiot didn’t think this would be a problem? Now, Fannie/Freddie want to force banks to take back many mortgages and they’re claiming the banks didn’t provide accurate info. Don’t Fannie/Freddie deserve some blame here for not reviewing those mortgages when they received them? Apparently, they didn’t bother reviewing anything. What were they getting paid for? Wall St. was never the problem; they simply profited from our government’s stupidity. The 10 pharmaceutical companies on the Fortune 500 list have more profit than the other 490 companies combined. How about an Occupy Big Pharm instead? How about stopping paying for their research thru government grants? How about we stop their tax breaks? As you can see, our government lies and manipulates to pick who is evil. It’s not the banks or Wall St.

        • eddie47d

          Excellent Ellen and I like that about taking on Big Pharma. Greed is everywhere and stupidity is close behind as with Freddie and Fannie.

        • Donald

          One can hardly expect students in Iran to have developed a realistic ability to evaluate what goes on in the US. Heck, we can barely do it ourselves.

  • Chuck

    This is just a rehersal for a carefully crafted and paid for rebellion to push us further to a socialist schema which this administraiton seems to fully support [behind the scenes] It also serves as a distraction to the other things they are doing behind the scenes like approving dream act in CA as another step in gaining more voters for their agenda, seems like the sheeple just go along with it. Be very worried folks.

  • David in MA

    obozo’s comment of the American people being frustrated is right on, obozo the American people ARE frustrated, with you and your socialist failed policies and with you illegally in the presidency……and I see your not letting a crisis go to waste either by “pumping-up” the protestors…..old communist trick, obozo, old communist trick.

  • Isaac Davis

    What a contradiction-filled septic tank. You get this clown, “President Barack Obama also weighed in on the OWS movement last week, saying that it “expresses the frustrations the American people feel.”, spouting the very rhetoric, laws and propagation of corruption, and immoral political behavior, as if he had nothing to do with either continuing the policies or putting his signature on further enhancement of what these “protestors” say they are demonstrating against. None of these actors ever stood up for Liberty and Freedom, but now that somebody has evoked this puppet act for them to follow they blame every entity except the very gov’t/politicians that allowed the banking situation to happen.

    These are delusional individuals, obviously unemployed and quite content in that situation to be able to camp out on concrete, and skewed in reality when it comes to the core of the truth.

    No better testament to the lemming-class of those who probably never took the time to understand their Heritage, yet will mimic the gas-bag of Michael Moore as he leads them in some nonsensical babble as if he were their idol–and he may well be entity that best reflects exactly what the mindset is among those ranting against everything except the very gov’t which set all this in motion.

    It’s hilarious to consider that the pariah zerobamateur is fomenting the protestors for the very policies that he embraced! It’s true, you cannot fix stupid.

  • Eugene G Wierzbicki

    If you really believe that Iranian students said that and not funneled through the Iranian gvt. then yu are complacent. The occupy waqll street was done by obama’s organizations to create a deversion while the real agenda is to the initiate martial law. What do you think all of his white house zars have been busy with ? Obama is a dangerous man who is just a puppet for the real powers thying to overthrow our government. Wake up america complacency is what they want, don’t let it happen!!!

    • Lost in Paradise

      As sad as it is, that is what they will get. Complacency!

  • http://comcast James Wright

    This is just what these whackjobs need, support from other whackjobs. Does anyone really care about what Iranian students think of the protests? I don’t see them protesting in their own country so our whackjobs don’t need their help. They will accomplish nothing. The media needs to take away the attention they have fawned on the whackjobs and they will go away. No platform, no success in protests. Lawsuit after lawsuit will be the only outcome as crowds grow larger and strain Police to the breaking point.

    • eddie47d

      Although those Iranian students may be following their leaders party line they may have a clearer vision of what is going on within Wall Street that you do. Some of you have your own set of blinders on and can’t see the damages that the insiders on Wall Street have done to us.

      • Average Joe

        The problem isn’t so much Wall Street as it is the Federal Reserve banking cartel, since they are the enablers of both Wall Street and all of the crap the the Federal Government does to us. Remeber that the Federal Government sets the policy…Wall Street just follows that policy, even though they usually help write it to their advantage (it’s easy to follow the rules…when you help write them).
        The key is to shut down the printing presses and stop the flow of fit currency, which devalues the currency already in circulation while at the same time enabling corporate greed, wall Street and the Federal Government. Until we get rid of the Federal Reserve system…the abuses will continue…until the downfall of America is complete.

        • Average Joe

          The key is to shut down the printing presses and stop the flow of “fiat” currency…

  • leo corion

    A 2012 Manifesto Civis

    MAXIMUS HOMO defines: “… new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form … “~The Declaration of Independence.

    As our Founding Fathers envisioned it!

    When we speak of a form of government; no one thinks of any external or visible shape, but of the nature and adjustment of the various parts composing the government, and by means of which it is administered. A person, who reads and understands our constitution or organic law of the State, sees therein its form of government. We speak, also, of the form of society in a particular nation; and by this is meant the nature and relation of the several parts composing such society, the nature and arrangement of its social, industrial, commercial, educational, artistic, moral, and religious elements. Again, we speak of the form of a government; and by this we mean the character, connection, order, subordination, etc., of its various functionaries, the mode of their appointment, and their respective duties. When it is said, therefore, that our government is in the human form, the meaning is that it is in human order; that all its parts, or all the innumerable societies of which it consists, are so arranged and adjusted as to express most perfectly the truly human principles which constitute the essential spirit of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.. In other words, the relation, mutual dependence, and intercommunication of the societies composing the whole, and the uses they respectively perform, correspond to those existing among the various organs of the human body and their respective uses. One is a perfect type or representative image of the other body. It should appoint its wisest and best men to preside over its interests, because every one is aiming to subject himself to the government of the highest good and truth. And so the form or order of that community becomes more and more human. All its corporate acts express more and more faithfully the human thoughts and feelings with which the minds of its individual members are imbued. Such community is in the human form, therefore, just so far as the individual minds composing it are human. The moment one ceases to do its work, or appropriates more that its share of the juices elaborated, or more than it needs to fit it for the performance of its appointed use, that moment comes disease to itself and disease to all the rest. And if it perseveres in this abnormal course, sooner or later death inevitably ensues. Notwithstanding there exists authority and obedience, there is nothing like tyranny on the one hand or slavishness on the other. There must be perfect freedom.


    An uncovering, a bringing to light of that which had been previously wholly hidden or only obscurely seen. God has been pleased in various ways and at different times (Heb. 1:1) to make a supernatural revelation of himself and his purposes and plans, which, under the guidance of his Spirit, has been committed to writing. ~Swedenborg


    Because by thy sorcery have all nations been seduced signifies that by their wicked arts and persuasions they have compelled all the well disposed to believe and to do those things from which they have gained dominion and wealth. This is evident from the signification of “sorcery,” as being arts and persuasions, also from the signification of “nations” as being those who are in good, thus the well disposed; also from the signification of “to be seduced,” as meaning to be deceived by such arts and persuasions into believing and doing those things from which they have gained dominion and wealth. “Sorcery” has nearly the same signification in the Word as “enchantment,” and “enchantment” signifies such persuasion as causes a man to have no other perception than that a thing is so. ~Swedenborg.


    “Armageddon” signifies the love of honor, of rule, and of supereminence. This love is also signified by “Megiddo” in the old Hebrew tongue, as is evident from the meaning of that word in Arabic. The love of honor, of rule, and of supereminence is the last state, when falsities are about to fight against truths, because that love is about to rule in the last times. When that love rules, falsity from evil rules also, and this overcomes truth; for that love more than all other loves extinguishes the light and induces darkness. Because that love is man’s very own love of self, no force can drawn the person away from it. When man is wholly immersed by that love, it is nothing but mere falsities. This does not appear to the person who is in it, because according to the brilliancy of the natural light in them spiritual light is extinguished. This brilliancy is from a delusive light, for it is a light kindled from the love of glory, thus from the love of self-intelligence; and that intelligence is insanity and folly. It is all over; for no one has any longer any understanding of truth or any will of good; since honor, rule, and supereminence constitute the highest pleasure. Felt as the highest good, and the highest pleasure, the end for the sake of which all other things are regarded; all goods and truths, civil, moral, and spiritual, serve as means, which are loved only from the end and to the extent that they serve the end. When they do not so serve they are utterly despised and rejected. This is true of all uses, civil, moral, or spiritual. It is otherwise when uses are made the end, and man does not attribute glory and honor to his own person, but to the uses themselves according to their excellence. Then honor, rule, and supereminence are the means, and are esteemed only to the extent that they serve uses as means. From all this it can in some measure be seen what “Armageddon” means. ~Swedenborg.

    • Lost in Paradise

      Whew! I’m exhausted from the read.Another mans opinion.

    • bob

      i think he’s saying “every way of a man is right in his own eyes, but the Lord weighs the hearts” Prov. 21:2

  • Charles

    Did I/we ever hear Mr. Obama say to the TEA party and others of like mind and heart, he recoganized the frustration. It is very clear which side this White House is on.

    Thus says the Lord of hosts: Execute true justice, show mercy and compassion everyone to his brother. Do not opress the widow or the fatherless, the alian or the poor. Let none of you plan evil in his heart against his brother. Zechariah 7: 9-10

    When Iran supports a segment of the American people, we need to take notice. Look what they are doing to Christians and the Bible.

    I am concerned for America. Mr. Soros, I am concerned for you.

  • CP

    I do believe that if Mr. Soros were involved in the “Occupy Wall Street” movement, as is either stated or implied by a number of posters on here, there would be a good deal more organization to said movement. One man could hardly arrange that a group with so many different ideas and ideals would be together for essentially the same purpose. Even when questioned about what their demands for Wall Street are and the reasons behind them, you get nearly as many different answers as people asked.

    • CaptTurbo

      Mr. Sorros funds the many ultra liberal Socialist organizations which are dancing to the tune of our great Usurper, Organizer in Thief.

      So, this OWS garbage does in fact have thstenchch of George Sorros all over it.

      • CaptTurbo

        * the stench

  • Janice Fortin


  • Kevin

    These protest should have never been aloud to begin! This is America not Iran! Americans have the right to defend and smother none American agendas! Isn’t that why our founding fathers died on this soil? The obozo puppet in the white house is doing just as he has been taught. As someone else said, it is smoke and mirrors we had better be looking over our shoulders and not watching the side show! It is the quite dark figure in the night that we had better watch for!!

    • eddie47d

      That was an odd comment. So you want to smother free speech? Should our Founding Fathers have been silenced in speaking out against British tyranny? Do you support Wall Street tyranny where they took care of their own while ignoring the financial messes they placed upon the American economy?

  • Janice Fortin


    • KHM

      @ Janice Fortin,
      Yes, the very same Van Jones has spokien in support of this sideshow on Wall Street and in other cities. Doon’t know how directly he is involved, but am pretty sure theCenter for American Progress (with which he’s now affiliated) is one of the sponsoring organizations.
      Of course Van would never admit that Cuba, USSR, or even Venezuela were failures. He admires them.
      Wasn’t clear to which Justice of the Supreme Court you were referring. Ginsberg,Kagan or Sotomayor?

  • Lost in Paradise

    What is really needed is a well organize and executed revolution, that will cause their blood to run in the streets like rain water. The blacks and the Unions will be the worst foe of all. Hopefully our military will be with us.

  • Peter

    So many idiots, so few bullets.

  • death to non believers

    i just heard her grace nancy pelosi giving her support to the “occupy” scum, so the “occupy” peeps cant be bad.

    peter u are 100% correct.

    • eddie47d

      Why is Peter 100% correct? So which one of us will you be the first to shoot if we dare speak out against the crony capitalists on Wall Street? Since criminal acts have been committed by insiders within Wall Street how many of them are you willing to bring to justice? I do believe a pick pocket would spend more time in jail than those who are picking your pockets on Wall Street.

      • Tim

        BRAVO! Well Said.

      • jyrine


  • Iris

    It is encouraging to read from these posts that the vast majority will defend US against Obama and his dupes.

  • http://Personalliberty Tony

    To everyone:
    Although i don’t agree with the protesters on Wall st, for what they’re doing is outrageous. There are better and more civil ways of protesting. However, what’s the difference between them and the Tea Partiers? I can’t see any. I mean, eventhough, ideology is different
    but the tatics of intimidation is the same. Therefore, before condemning one action, condemn the other. Thanks!!
    P.S. To Lost in Paradise, greatest plus worst foe is brainless good ole’ boys such as yourself. You’re the reason why rational conservatives look bad. You can call me a “Rino” all you want but you’re the real problem to our movement. Thanks Again!!

    • Song

      You are such a dupe Tony and yet claim to be so open minded. LOL Intimidation? What intimidation on the part of the tea party rally’s would that be Tony? Did they camp out for days on end expecting capitalists (laugh) to supply their needs like feed them and provide them with medical care while they urinate in public, disrupt traffic and leave their litter behind? And btw who is truly guilty of taking from the people to give to big business? These protestors are marching at the wrong door. Obama sanctioned the bail outs which gave billions of tax payer money to big business, or have certain posters on this board already forgotten that minor (laugh) detail?

      • http://Personalliberty Tony

        To Song:
        Alright Ma’am, you want to hear about Tea party intimidation. How about in 2009/10 during the health care debates, having people carry loaded side arms at rallies. Granted, i’m a supporter of the 2nd amendment and have 4 guns myself. But that action of intimidation takes the cake. In addition, having Tea party members spitting at congressional reps. such as Emanuel Clever from St. Louis, Mo., Barney Frank and Dodd from Con. or Debra Wasserman Schulz from Florida. Afterwards, calling them Racist/anti-semitic names. Then threatening their lives. Good examples of that are Tea partiers carrying ropes with nooses and threatening to hang members of the Black Congressional caucus, or making jokes about re-enacting the holocaust to Jewish members. That sure doesn’t sound like civil behavior to me. The lesson to learn here is keep your mouth shut and keep you back along with front doorsteps clean. You with your knuckle dragging Tea party ilk need to take this into account before being judgemental of others. Thanks!!

        • Song

          Wow, I think DUPE needs to be capitalized in your case Tony. Would you like to cite any of the propaganda lies that you just regurgitated? I won’t be holding my breath! LMAO again!

        • Average Joe

          Tony says:

          “In addition, having Tea party members spitting at congressional reps. such as Emanuel Clever from St. Louis, Mo., Barney Frank and Dodd from Con. or Debra Wasserman Schulz from Florida. Afterwards, calling them Racist/anti-semitic names. Then threatening their lives. Good examples of that are Tea partiers carrying ropes with nooses and threatening to hang members of the Black Congressional caucus, or making jokes about re-enacting the holocaust to Jewish members.”

          That’s too funny…Proof? Any at all? (please don’t bore us with yours or someone else’s opinion on the matter, we aren’t buying it. Andrew Brietbart offered a $1,000,000 reward for anyone who could bring forth ANY video or audio that would prove the accusations…yet to this day no person has collected it…why is that? Could it be that no such video or audio exists…because it never actually happened?
          Tony, is your middle name “Gullible”? I will “attempt” to remind you that the accusations were made by the media…who were there… in force…but somehow didn’t manage to actually get any video or audio to back up their claims….hmmm…how convenient for them…how sad for us. So, the media wonders why we don’t trust them to report the news anymore…Duh! You keep believing the media spin …without questioning….the rest of us will continue to actually do the research and find the truth on our own.
          Have a nice day sir.

        • Average Joe

          “How about in 2009/10 during the health care debates, having people carry loaded side arms at rallies.”

          How about it? In every single case, there were no incidents…not even one. Also in every single case, they were exercizing their States’ laws concerning Constitutional carry. In Arizona for example, it is perfectly legal for anyone over the age of 19 to “OPEN CARRY” any holstered weapons….period…and many Arizona citizens do carry on a daily basis. Your comment may have had merit…if incidents occured at any of these rallies…but it didn’t happen …so your comment has absolutely no merit at all.

  • CaptTurbo

    These weren’t the good people in Iran (and there are many) speaking. This is the mouth piece of the radical State speaking.

    It’s no surprise that radical Iran and the great Usurper in Thief are in agreement.

  • Jim

    Of course according to Obama and progressives all the thousands of people who went to Washington to express their frustration and disgust at what the government was doing was much different and was silly. HA! That is where the blame lies and not Wall Street!

  • Freescot1253

    Of coarse they support the Wall street demonstration..they will support any effort by any group that shows anger and disgust for our way of life here. Misery loves company!

  • Juanita

    It amazes me that so many rightleaning points of view are expressed here. I doubt seriously if liberals had anything to do with this movement. I think what is brilliant is there are no leaders. In this way the right wing cannot buy off anybody. These Occupy Wall Street protesters I have found are people who have followed rules, received degrees and have no jobs. It has nothing to do with whether President Obama spoke out. This is beyond any one person. This reminds me of The Civil Rights Movement. It is a revolution. So either you get on board or be left behind.

    • Song

      Okay Juanita. I guess we will be seeing you later then. Much later. LMAO

    • Stan Lee

      They won’t be “bought off” by any right-wing. They ARE being bought off by the unions. The Wall St. demonstrator types are protesting big money on Wall St. Tell us why they didn’t find anything wrong with big money when most of Wall St. financed Obama. Wall St. bought Obama and you’re against them? Please explain that. You know all the answers…tell us!

    • coal miner


      Way to go.I couldn’t said it any better.

    • eddie47d

      The Elites thrive on economical disasters and corporates thrive on ecological disasters and they want your blessings to keep doing it. It’s been difficult making Corporates and Wall Street responsible over the years. Some businesses are successful and responsible to the American community and others are god awful and keep abusing our free markets and environment. Shame also on the government agencies and politicians who play into their hands for monetary gains. That is what these protests are about.

      • JustJoeKS

        You’ve finally hit the nail on the head! It’s the sold out government officials that made policies and regulation that allow a few of the largest companies to “game” the system and make a killing. I personally don’t blame them for making the money. These protesters are in the wrong city. They need to be in Washington telling our elected officials that they have seen the light and now know that our elected officials have sold their souls to the devil, and that they don’t represent the people that elected them. They represent the highest dollar!! This is why there were so many bailouts to these big companies that were too big to fail. These companies should have been allowed to fail and their assets sold off to the highest bidder.

  • R.J. Hayes

    You proably think I’m nuts but there are many people on the American
    Left who don’t like Obama’s politics. If you got your news from a wider variety of sources you might learn a lot. Your definition of
    words like Socialism are very vague. Occupy Wall Street is indeed
    part of the frustration that many Americans feel about the way things
    are. So are many of the TEA Party’s people. I do feel the TEA Party
    is controled and manipuated by very wealthy people who basically want
    one thing-MORE!

    • http://Personalliberty Tony

      To R.J. Hayes:
      Right on with your analysis. I wish my fellow conservatives would see this. Thanks!!

      • Song

        Have EITHER of you been to a Tea Party Rally???

        • http://Personalliberty Tony

          To Song:
          The answer to that is HECK NO!! But check this out, i never been to hell to see the devil and i wouldn’t want to go to find out. This should explain my feelings. One last thing, in an earlier post, there
          were Tea Partiers carrying signs with racist epithets on them. Then
          in Florida in 2010, statements were mentioned to Debra Wasserman Schulz calling her a “liberal jewish american princess”, who’s afraid to break a nail. Google mishaps of the Tea party and you’ll find this if you dare. Unfortunately madam, you’re the one who’s “gullible”. Fare thee well for now.

          • Earl

            Has it occurred to most of the boneheads commenting on the racists and TP’ers they speak of that they could be AGENTS PROVOCATEURS??? this is an OLD tactic to disrupt and discredit demonstrators.

            This point has been brought out long ago, but the lefties still try to use it to smear the opposition…Nice try guys……

    • eddie47d

      The Tea Party and the Wall Street protesters do have something in common if you haven’t seen their signs. End the Fed! Now there is something both can chew on.

  • Stan Lee

    Iranian students can get away with demonstrations indefinitely……
    as long as they burn American flags in the process.

  • Average Joe

    Ok, let me get this straight. The OWS crowd is protesting corporate greed, but the official phone of OWS is Samsung, the official Coffee of OWS is Starbucks, the official blogging tool of the OWS is I-Pad, sponsers include SEIU and other Big Union organizations, Multi- millionaire,filmaker Michael Moore, George Soros…etc. etc. etc….I can see no conflicts in thought processes here…… ON top of it all, their Media spokesman recently took a 6 figure job working at AIG in their public relations department (now they need to find a new mouthpiece, I am guessing).I am also guessing that their abhorance of big business and corporate greed only lasts until they can get a job with these greedy corporations. It’s the “what’s in for me?” syndrome.
    For all of the protesters…Get a Job, you worthless whiners.

    Want to really cripple Wall Street and those greedy corporations?….. The cure is as simple as voting for a candidate who wants to shut down the Federal Reserve banking cartel ( you know, the people who enable both the Federal Government and Wall Street?)…no violence, no protesting, no whining or crying…simply go to the voting booth and vote for the man that wants to End the Fed….I wonder who that could be?….hmmmm
    Ron Paul / Andrew Napolitano 2012!

  • http://moniquer7 Merlin

    Does that reall surprise anyone?


    Just why should we give a D- – m what the Islamic people think .Its none of thier bussness to start with,even though this president thinks so after all he told Islamic nations America was arrogant.Now why was that, could he be a member of the same.I know he hates America that was proof enough for me.You talk abount arrogont he is the arrogont master .We had alot of good men die and shed thier blood and now its all in vain.Young men dont serve this dictator,Your blood is too precious and it dont belong to him he is not for freedom.

  • ChristianPatriot

    Hard to respond sometimes…. so many lame responses and so many good ones. The final analogy is that there SHOULD BE LESS GOVERNMENT, Better budgeting, stop sending BILLIONS to foreign aid when we dont even take that good care of our own(ie our vets…), no backdoor amnesty, stop bickering and calling names because that just shows how childish we all really are… Everyone has viable points at one time or another but honestly this stuff about the government taking care of everyone and more and more people on welfare is ridiculous.

    To bad we cant go back in time before all these bailouts and just giver every LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZEN a million dollars and really stimulate the economy. WOUld of been way more fun right. Good luck in the months ahead to you all… hope you are prepping. Collapse is coming….

  • sunny

    Big shame on media of America
    Big shame on media of America
    Big shame on media of America
    Big shame on media of America
    US media is not covering the wall street protest.
    if one Muslim do some thing wrong ,the us media print him on the front page.
    Us media is puppet and mouth organ of CIA and Us state department.


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