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String Of Earthquakes Shakes Arkansas

February 22, 2011 by  

String of earthquakes shakes ArkansasA series of small earthquakes has shaken the ground in parts of Arkansas in recent weeks. Although no injuries or major damage have been reported, the tremors prompted some Americans to sharpen their survival skills in the event of a natural disaster.

According to CNN, a total of 23 earthquakes struck central Arkansas in a 36-hour span last week. The largest of the seismic activity was a 4.3-magnitude quake that occurred at 2:13 a.m. on Feb. 18. reported that hundreds of small tremors have hit the region since last June. Some residents have sent pictures to the news provider that show cracks in the Earth that were caused by the earthquakes.

Large-scale temblors in the U.S. are rare, but recent disasters in Haiti and China have reminded Americans of the catastrophic impact of earthquakes. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), there are several protective measures citizens can take to prepare for the worst.

The agency recommends that homeowners repair defective electrical wiring, leaky gas lines and inflexible utility connections, all of which can become safety hazards during an earthquake. Furthermore, large appliances such as a water heater, refrigerator and furnace should be secured to wall studs. If strong vibrations occur, these items may tip over or slide abruptly, potentially harming anyone in their path.

FEMA suggested that individuals who live in areas that are susceptible to earthquakes should hold regular drills with their families. During these exercises, safe spots in the house should be identified, including under a sturdy table or under a door frame. 

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    Seems like there have been alot of quakes in recent year or two. Could it be that Mother Nature is getting upset with us?

    • Kevin

      No, it has nothing to do with mother nature.
      How ’bout God is REALLY the one who is upset …

      • Show Me

        Mother Nature – Same as God, just the femine side of him!

  • Lauralu

    “We know that the whole creation has been groaning as in the pains of childbirth right up to the present time.” Romans 8:22 NIV

  • Raggs

    I live in central Arkansas but work out of state. New Zealand just got hit with a 6.3 that killed many people

    • 45caliber

      On the earthquake scale, it is logrithymic. In other words if it goes up one whole number (4 to 5, for example) the force is 10 times as much. So a difference of 4 to 6 is 100 times as strong. (And the San Francisco quote about 1900 was 9+!)

      • Granny Mae


        I read some where recently that the best place to be durring an earth quake is on the floor beside your bed. It seems they have made studies and found that people that were either beside their bed on the floor or on the floor beside their couch stood the best chances of survival. This was because everything falling from above landed on the bed or couch but if the person was on the floor the debrie fell at an angle across the bed to the floor and protected the person lying on the floor. It created a little pocket that made all the difference in the world. Who knew ?

  • s c

    Arkansas is, as I recall, part of the New Madrid fault scenario. New Zealand, on the other hand, isn’t. The timing seems a bit strange.
    For what it’s worth, I hope the good people of Arkansas were smart enough to incorporate higher bulding code standards than the good people of New Zealand.
    Good luck, Arkansas. God Bless, New Zealand.

    • Raggs

      The fault line in Arkansas New Madrid is relatively unpopulated, small townships…

      • independant thinker

        There are a few larger towns along or close to the New Madrid fault. Jonesboro, West Memphis, Blytheville to name some in Arkansas and then of course there is Memphis In Tennessee. From what I understand about the nature of the land in the area a major quake on the New Madrid would cause serious damage in a much wider area than California quakes do or the Hati quake. They say the 1812 quake on the New Madrid was felt as far away as Boston.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          I read that St Louis is on the edge of it as well!! Not a small city!!

          • Show Me

            Sorry, but that is incorrect. St. Louis is a long ways north of the New Madrid fault. If you look at a map, (just google New Madrid Fault), and you’ll see that the fault is in the Southeastern toe of Missouri, and the wester edge of Ky & Tn, as well as the Northeastern most corner of Arkansas. Memphis is the closest major city, and Jonesboro would definatly get damage as well as Blythville and other northeastern Ark cities. The bridges over the Mississippi river would get dangerous damage. Jonesboro already builds earthquake proof buildings, or as close as they can. Southwestern Bell Telephone recently built a building up to earthquake standards. The really big New Madrid fault earthquake rangs bells in Washington and Boston. It also changed the course of the Mississippi river as well as made a lake completely disappear. Go to Wikipedia or any other source for correct information. St. Louis would probably suffer some damage in another big quake (over due they say), but Memphis would get worse as well as the other cities closer. The recent earthquakes in Arkansas are in the center of the state north of Little Rock, as well as several up in Northwest Ark.

    • independant thinker

      The New Madrid fault is about 175 miles east of the area where the recent swarm of earthquakes is occuring. These quakes that have been in the news lately are in central Arkansas north of Conway and Little Rock. I live between 50-75 miles SW of the area experienceing the quakes and have not felt one yet. The two communities mentioned most often in relation to the earthquakes are Guy and Greenbrier. There is a lot of drilling for natural gas in that area. Some of the shallow earthquakes could be related to the fracking and disposal wells being used for said drilling but some quakes are deep enough you would not expect them to be related to the drilling.

      • 45caliber

        If I remember correctly there is a lot of limestone in that area. If so, these gas wells, etc. could well be hitting some of the voids where it has dissolved out. That could be triggering the quakes as some of the ground is trying to settle. But that is just a guess.

        • Show Me

          There have also been a lot of quakes in Northwestern Ark. They have also recently determined that the gas wells as well as the disposal wells are not close enough to these quake areas. They have also discovered some new quakes. Remember, the tetonic plates under us are still moving and under great pressure. Stop also and consider the gigantic 2004 Tsunami, and the increase in volcanic activity especially in the Pacific Rim. They all go hand in hand. There is not much talk of it, but there has also been a lot of activity in the Yellowstone Caldara in recent years.

          • Show Me

            That should say, the have also discovered some new faults in Arkansas.

  • Al Sieber

    Could have something to do with the pole shift.

    • surrelam

      FOOLS !!!!! It’s RUSH and PALIN !!!!!!!!!!

      • Al Sieber

        surrelam ,Damn Boy! what do you mean?

      • http://naver samurai

        Get off of the kool aid. This has nothing to do with Rush or Sarah Palin. 하나님 하고 나라를 위해서! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • jopa

    From what I remember of Arkansas if the people just put the wheels back on their homes they would sustain much less damage and just roll with the flow.Just couldn’t resist it.

    • independant thinker

      I always suspected you were an a$$ and you have now proven it.

      Arkansas has a thriving economy compared to most of the US. Our unemployment rate runs two percentage points below the national average. Arkansas is one of only four states that can figure out how to balance its budget and not go billions in debt. In fact Arkansas is cutting taxes.

      • 45caliber

        You are right. jopa is simply trying to laugh at the AR myth of hillbillies. I, on the other hand, WAS an AR hillbilly so I don’t really care. Most of my family still are including my brother.

        • http://naver samurai

          He’s just saying those things about them, because they are living a higher standard than he is living. 하나님 하고 나라를 위해서! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • http://?? Joe H.

          I’d rather be a AR hillbilly than a Boston PROG!!!!!

        • Show Me

          Now I’m a Missouri Hillbilly, we really do have more hills, and my husband is an Arkansas redneck. We live in Ark. There are far more trailer houses in other states than Ark. We travel a lot, and man, you should see them out west in New Mexico and Arizona. Especially on the reservations. Better place for them than here in Tornado alley. I wouldn’t live in one because of that for any amount of $$$!
          But, back to the point, if the military had more hillbillies and rednecks, and gave them good weapons and sent them to Iraq and Afganitstan and told them those sons of xxxx’s were anti-American, flag burning, Christian hating bastards that they are, the war would done be over and that sob bin laden dead!! God bless the USA. And remember, you never hear anything about Northern Hospitality, and folks going North to retire. Hmmmmmm

          • libertytrain

            “And remember, you never hear anything about Northern Hospitality, and folks going North to retire. Hmmmmmm”

            Yes, Mam, you hit the nail directly on the head with that brilliant remark.

  • Kate8

    Al – I think so. Actually, the pole shift is a result of a much larger event taking place as we speak.

    Here is a really great website. I heard this guy on C2C last night, and I’m blown away. There are not only earthquakes and weird weather, but meteors and asteroids striking the Earth that are not being reported.

    Here in CA, there was a huge gas explosion and fire in San Bruno. It was not reported to us, but it turns out that it was from a meteor strike, and people and homes were instantly vaporized. There was another strike in AZ and, in fact, all around the globe. I totally believe this because, a couple of years ago, I was driving home at night, crossing a huge overpass, and right in front of me I saw a huge meteor shoot by. It was really low, as I could see rock facets and everything – it looked like a giant lump of glowing-orange coal. I have seen similar sightings posted on You-Tube.

    Also, Yellowstone is increasing in seismic activity, and daily quakes are being reported, only to be deleted by the gov’t as soon as they appear on the seismic website (I haven’t looked at it, but my daughter does). They apparently don’t want us to know how active this area has become.

    You’ll love this one (it’s not religious):

    • 45caliber

      Kate – on pole shifting.

      The magnetic pole continually shifts a little all the time. It wanders around but generally within a hundred miles or so. It is NOT at the North Pole.

      It used to be in the center of the Pacific Ocean. But due to some event (see what I said below) it was shifted to roughly where it is now. At the same time mammoths in Siberia and Alaska were “quick frozen”. They froze so fast that they still have tropical plants in their mouths that they had been eating. The only way this could have occurred is if the atmosphere was stripped away. And the meat is still good after thousands of years. It was about thirty years ago when National Geographic served mammoth steaks to some dignitaries in Washington. Eskimos feed it to their dogs in some areas. They locate the magnetic poles by examining ancient lava fields since some stone when molten will line up with the magnetic poles.

      • Kate8

        45 – I am aware of the shifting of the poles. This shift, however, has been accelerating. For instance, for the first time in known history, the sun arose in Greenland TWO DAYS early. This has the people of that country really freaked out.

        It is affecting the Earth’s magnetism. Airport runways are having to be recalculated. There is no question that things are not “normal” right now.

        This has all happened before. We are seeing the signs that we are now in the midst of it again.

        Yes, there is much theory, but there is also much that is known. And the PTB are expending a great deal of effort to keep the truth shrouded in theories. All we can do is research, ask quesions, share what we learn, and pray for guidance.

        The site and video I posted are well worth a look. Believe me, I listen to A LOT of ideas and theories, and sift through them all the time. This one makes sense, and the person doing it isn’t gaining anything by presenting it, nor does he want anything but to share what he knows. All he wants is for people to be aware.

        • Granny Mae


          You are right. I have seen the same thing only I saw it on the History channel just about a month or so ago. It was some fasinating stuff. I also saw the thing about the dinosaures with the flowers in their mouths, too. There is a lot going on with the earth right now and I suspect it all has a lot to do with the weather paterns and meteors and sun spots and other deep space happenings that are headed our way in the near future ! It has all happened before and I guess we can all be thankful that it did or we would be trying to live side by side with T Rex ! Now wouldn’t that be special? And you can bet there would be some tree hugger out there trying to save the T-Rex and the heck with us !!!

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Can you say 2012????

      • Show Me

        The meat is not fit to eat and I think you are stretching it just a bit. They did not feed it to washington dignitaries. Oh my God> lets not get carried away!!!

    • Al Sieber

      Kate, thanks for the link. I’m a geologist and I get updates every day which are pretty boring to most people I believe the earth goes through cataclysmic events. take a good compass and find magnetic north and leave it there and watch how it deviates (in degrees)over 2 months, but first set the declination it’s different all around the world. I don’t mind religionists sites I just don’t like organized religion. I believe we’re headed for bad times according Biblical Prophecy, read Revelations, thanks for the link.

      • Kate8

        Al – I’ve followed this stuff for many, many years, also. It fascinates me. Always has, since I was a child, and understanding of our universe has changed dramatically over time.

        I have no interest in organized religion, either. While I respect many of these good people, staid beliefs tend to get in the way of incoming revelation. Scripture tells us that there are many things that we won’t be able to understand until the time of the end, yet religions still cling to the doctrines established long ago. They wouldn’t recognize a new revelation if it hit them over the head.

        In all fairness, there are some religious leaders who are being given new understanding. It’s all part of the quickening.

        I spend at least an hour or two in deep prayer and meditation every day, and am receiving so much information that I can hardly remember it all. I sense that time is growing very short, and the spiritual realms are opening to those of us who wish to resonate with them. There’s a good chance that Earth is about to cleanse herself once again, and most people don’t want to look at that. The wise ones will be preparing themselves.

        Have you heard that the government is buying up all the food stores for themselves? Many of the companies making these preparedness foods are unable to supply their distributors because of it.

        The link I gave you – there is a prophecy given from the 1400s, I think, by Mother Shipton. Apparently it’s unclear who she actually was, but it is astounding in its accuracy on many counts. Hope a few people take a look at it.

    • Show Me

      I think Kate8 is smoking some California weed!!

      • Ksgal

        Idk what it is…but i want some!

  • Bitter Libertarian

    Everyone needs to view the NASA video on U-Tube describing the “Galatic Alignment” our solar system is entering along with our solar system crossing the equinox of the galaxy. Its not science fiction is FACT and if you understand basic principals of Science you’ll quickly understand that we are going to be experiencing more-alot more stuff thats going to put everyone to the test.
    My best guess is as we get closer to the effects of the black hole at the center of the galaxy, more earth quakes, solar flares, starvation, riots, crime is going to plague the human population. The earth isnt going to end but these events will change us. This is I believe why they (govts’)dont care about spending! If you knew events were going to upset the globe so much that it would justify re-setting the global finances…you’d spend like theres no tomorrow too. :)

    • Kate8

      BL – Many scientific minds no longer believe that there is a black hole at the center of the galaxy, sucking everything inward. Instead, they’ve discovered that the center is actually producing and expelling…hydrogen! It’s creating water! And everything is expanding, not just our galaxy, but our whole system, including the Earth. The Earth is growing (!) and always has been.

      We are witnessing the signs and wonders in the heavens spoken of in many prophecies. And the brown-dwarf star is moving toward us in its 3600 year cycle of return (often known as Nibaru and many other names, as well, like the various names of satan. Could this be the Mahdi? Also known as the death-star).

      Apparently this brown-star is a cold star, emitting only powerful radiation that has not ignited, and does not reflect light. It is about 4 times the size of Jupiter. As it moves closer to Earth’s orbit, we have extreme weather changes and Earth changes, and is also responsible for the Earth’s tipping on its axis. With the destruction of Earth’s protective atmospheric shield and magnetism, this radiation will cause most of life on Earth to burn up. (Does this sound straight out of Revelation?)

      The PTB know all of this, but are keeping quiet, keeping us distracted with plenty of other things. The PTB have been preparing for themselves for decades, building underground cities, and setting up the system for the NWO (for the NEW WORLD, not this one), when the upheaval is over. They will need a few people to serve them, to be the workers.

      It has been said that there have always been beings living in the Earth, who cannot withstand the sunlight. Legends have also called this place below the surface “hell”. Could they be the ones who went below during past cycles? Are they doomed to stay below, unable to ever re-emerge

      In any case, big changes are afoot, that seems obvious. It’s really interesting that science is now explaining the strange prophetic events that have for so long seemed unexplainable.

      • 45caliber

        A lot of this is “theory” – in other words, they are guessing and haven’t been able to prove anything. So no one really knows what is at the center of the galaxy or how things are tied together.

        One of the big laughs I’ve gotten – try readying “Worlds in Collision” and the two that follow it. They were written in the ’50s and laughed at for years. Now they are considered revolutionary and are the forerunners to “cataclysmic geology”.

        True or not, I don’t know, but the author “guessed” with some evidence that about 10,000 to 20,000 years ago our solar system went through another solar system. The planet that is now the asteroids was destroyed. Mars was knocked out of its orbit and sideswiped Earth. Venus was actually stolen from the other system and almost knocked Earth out of its orbit, creating a mile high tidal wave. He does list some proofs of this. Further, he stated that it doesn’t take tens of thousands of years to have glaciers and melts. Now they believe they can have glaciers in less than ten years. There is more. In one of his other books he took on the solar system and described many of the things on other worlds and in space itself.

        They laughed at him for about thirty years or more – then they found out he was right about most of it after they got to space.

        • Al Sieber

          45, I’ve read those 2 books, Earth In UPHEAVAL, and Worlds IN COLLISION,by Immanuel Velikosky. one of those was the one Einstein was reading when he had a stroke and died. and Kate I believe you.

  • jopa

    Sorry to all the people of Arkansas which is truly a great state that gave us the greatest president in modern times.Have to make this short I think my house just had a tire blow out.Bye

    • 45caliber

      Sorry about your tire. If you think the state gave us a great President, you should visit it more often. There are a LOT of better people there than he was. But then, he also left them with high taxes so perhaps you should prefer to stay in California where it is cheaper to live.

      • libertytrain

        Unfortunately beautiful Arkansas does have the black mark of Clinton on its record, but that’s ok. It is a lovely state with much beauty, like Tennessee, despite Baby Gore.

        • Show Me

          Clinton was the last moderate demacrat. He didn’t do such a bad job! And if you want to talk about black marks, look at the gigantic black blanket that crooked Acorn nut from Chicago has given us. And the giant black hole he is throwing our money into. As well as kissing the hands and bowing to those Muslims of the same sect that the 9-11 bombers belonged to!! I hope to hell America has seen enough light that those squatters in the White House do not see another term!! God help us if they do.

    • Granny Mae


      LOL ! You caught me in a good mood and I see your humor! I’m not taking offence but I am having my tires checked ! And to think we worked so hard to stabelize this thing ! Go figure ! I too have those moments when I just can’t help myself and I seem to be the only one that find me funny ! LOL !

    • http://naver samurai

      At least all the whores thought he was great. 하나님 하고 나라를 위해서! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • jopa

    After collecting all this scientific data on this page I guess I can cancel my subscription to the science channel.Thank you so much.

  • jopa

    45cal.The taxes are a little higher but that is offset by a better economy and the budget is balanced due to Clintons legacy.You people have so much to be thankful for.

    • independant thinker

      Clinton did not have a dam thing to do with Arkansas balanced budget. He has been gone from here for many years THANK GOD.

      • s c

        Independent, J’s response makes a strong case for America being knee-deep in denial specialists and
        overpaid whiz-and-moaners who are paid to react like Pavlovian dogs.
        It’s almost enough to think we’re supposed to believe America would implode without the Clintons. I’m betting that when the Clintons left Arkansas, the whole state partied (not unlike getting over a bad case of the trots).
        Do you think it’s any coincidence that people who worship the Clintons have no standards for career politicians, criminals or themselves? Food for thought.

        • 45caliber

          Arkansas voted for Clinton to be President solely to get him out of the state. He stated that his biggest accomplishment as governor was tripling the taxes.

  • Kate8

    jopa – All you get from the science channel is the dumbed-down junk science that is spoon-fed to the masses. It’s what the PTB want you to believe.

    Be my guest. You will stay comfortable there.

  • jopa

    Historically speaking the eartquake on the new Madrid fault was one of if not the largest earthquake to ever hit America.It had even changed the course of the Mississippi river.If there was a quake of the same magnitude as in the past places like Memphis and St Louis would be devastated if not destroyed.It’s kinda like a waiting game like out west in San Fran. where you know it will happen but not when.

  • MAL

    Can this be caused by hydrofraking gas drilling in Texas? Aside from the fact the method uses 200 toxic, cancer causing chemicals in a million gallons of water PER WELL that has to be properly disposed of, it has been found to release radio-active RADDON, URANIUM. It is descriped as mini earthquakes to fracture shale and release methane gas. Methane gas is emitted into the air from the wells and is AS POLLUTING AS COAL. Can’t pass the Safe Drinking Water Act – so why is this method being used instead of clean energy forms, solar, wind, turbine, geo-thermal. Sorry big gas & oil, make your profit the GREEN way.

    • http://gunner689 gunner689

      Mal: quit being a hypocrite. Sell your car and turn off the heat and electricity to your house. They’re all fueled by hydrocarbons.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      while I support nuke to a point, wind and solar can’t support the demand needed!! wind will only work in areas that have a majority of medium to high winds most days, and solar is useless until they come up with a smaller storage system!! I was considering solar but I have six people living in my house. I have five bedrooms and to have enough storage for solar, I would have to fill half of my basement!!

  • Anna11

    I have an app on my phone that texts me whenever there is a quake in the US. I’ve noticed in the past month that I’ll get texts saying ( for example) 3.8 yellowstone Wyoming USA and then about 10 mins later it’s deleted from the feed and I’ve not been able to see updates for it online or anywhere. This just started happening this year as far as I know because before when there were swarms they would all be on the feed. Now they are just disapearing.
    Thanks so much for the link.
    I love C2C btw. :)
    (San diego, CA)

  • Show Me Up to date with all the latest quakes, from within the last hour on.


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