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Stress-fighting foods

March 29, 2010 by  

Stress Fighting FoodsMany people eat when they’re stressed. But there are certain foods that can actually help reduce stress and help individuals stay healthier by avoiding stress-induced health problems such as hypertension, heart disease, stomach problems and obesity.

Foods high in folic acid such as asparagus, help the brain produce the chemical serotonin, which is a mood stabilizer.

Experts say foods high in antioxidants including vitamins C and E, as well as the mineral selenium can repair damage to cells caused by stress. Citrus fruits, berries and nuts are all known for being high in antioxidants.

Foods high in omega-3 fatty acids may also be beneficial for fighting stress. Experts say packing a tuna sandwich for lunch on particularly stressful days can help avoid stress and depression. suggests eating oatmeal as a healthy carbohydrate to fuels the brain’s production of serotonin. Putting milk on your oatmeal also fights stress since because foods high in calcium can reduce muscle spasms and soothe tension.

Nutritional supplements containing these stress-busting vitamins can also help individuals who don’t get enough from food sources.

And, exercise, meditation and deep breathing exercises may also help keep you healthy and stress-free.

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  • s c

    America, you might as well stock up on asparagus and oatmeal, as the near future is going to get spooky. Whatever it takes to avoid stress, do it.
    Some of America’s home-grown kooks are about to do what they can to make life miserable for the rest of us.
    Stress is never good, but as life is going to get even more complex [no thanks to an absolute lack of leadership in Washington], we owe it to ourselves to get through each day the best we can.
    If you can find ways to make life more stressful for the lousy bastards who think they are leaders, do it. Just think of it as a fitting and timely way to ‘re-distribute the misery.’ It’s a very patriotic thing to do, and you’ll feel better.

  • Richard Pawley

    Funny! But we need to vote out all who voted for the so-called Health Care Bill. While there are a few good things in it they are far overshadowed by the downright bad and/or evil things in it. Our congress cannot be so stupid they don’t know they are destroying our way of life so vote them out in November and don’t just put in people who claim they are for balanced budgets and sound government and morality (remember our founding fathers pointed out that our form of government would not work for any but a moral people – which we used to be). Verify the records of those who will be running. Remember that there are progressives and RINO’s (Republican In Name Only) who do not have our interests at heart. This could be the last major election that will make a difference (not counting 2012 of course when, hopefully, a non-professional politician will be elected). The work is cut out for us but we have only a few years left at the rate congress is destroying the dollar and the country. God bless all those who care enough to continue the fight for freedom or you will be amazed at what has happened to the USA before this decade is out – absolutely amazed!

    • cmblake6

      Folks, they know they’re destroying our nation and way of life. It is their intent to create a basic old fashioned monarchy. For, after all, despite what any of them may say, that is all that the commun/social/fascist concept truly is. When the nation that shows the Utopia that those concepts are supposed to form actually exists to see, I will point to it as a shining example of humanity at its best. Where nobody wants for anything, because somebody makes it to provide to society, as much as they can, the best they can. Inversely, that requires that nobody sit on their @$$ and milk society by not contributing.
      It was tried here many years ago, before the actual founding of this nation. The colony starved due to human nature. It failed, as it has always failed, and it always will fail. The continued attempt to program our children by the left in academia notwithstanding, it will never work. Do you want to bend your spine so that they who sit and do nothing can eat and be housed? If you don’t work, you don’t eat.
      Not being totally heartless, if they CAN’T work, help them. If they WON’T work, F&#* them. Help, or be left behind to die.

  • Brenda

    You guys are so stupid. Why are you against health care? It’s because the Republicans are so greedy that they want the insurance companies in their pockets. Why would you deny a child health care? Did you know that 70% of all bankruptcies are health- related? And do not even try to put the scare into us about how bad our health care would be. Did you watch Michael Moore’s Sicko? You should.

    Also, I am on socialized health care and have better treatment and care than ANYONE I know. I am a US Veteran with a 10% disabled status. Yep! I get socialized healthcare from the government- for LIFE.

    Thank God! My doctor is a teacher at UCLA and the care I get is impeccable! MRIs, Cat Scans, X-rays, Ultrasounds, you name it- I get it. FREE. You jerk offs are paying out the nose. Why? So your congressman and his pals in the private sector medical business can line their pockets. Your good ole boy Bush ruined this economy not Obama. Thank Bush for the trillions we are in debt.

    I could go on and on as I actually have a MASTERS DEGREE in Political Science and know way more than you about what is going on in this country. But go ahead and spew your ignorant advice. That’s how all sheep are lead.
    God Bless Obama and the Democrats!

    • TIME

      Really, Nickita Micky Moore, WOW ~ where did you get your degree from again?
      Sweetie pie you better go back to school, its us that are paying for your health care, its not FREE Baby cakes.

    • Stella

      Well, from my point of view you are misinformed. I do not believe that everything is Bush’s fault to start with, I think there are more people to blame than just Bush. I also have two degrees one medical, and what scares me is that I grew up in England during the war. Almost killed three times in the bombings, and being shot at by German airplanes! This health care bill is so SCARY, mainly because it is not really about health care, it is about CONTROL of the American people, just like Nazi Germany and Hitler. It will be tragic for Seniors, as already Medicare pays so little to the Dr’s and with doctor shortages and even lower reimbursement to doctors our care will be rationed or denied. I do agree that no one should be denied coverage, but they are going about it all the wrong way with so many hidden horrors in the bill. The bill needs to be scrapped and shortened and available for all to read, not shoved down our throats!

    • CJ

      You are one of the lucky few to get a good doctor. I finally got one after better than ten years nad several doctors (?), some of whom I addressed as Mister. How bad? Better than ten years of being told to take something I was allergic to by more than one doctor. No, I did not continue to take it. I requested a specialist, repeatedly.
      Don’t get me wrong, under my current status, I am grateful for the coverage. But, I have never gotten used to the hurry up and wait or having to always second guess my “doctor”.
      As for the “Free”. Hey, everybody pays. We paid with our bodies (and taxes) and civilians pay in cash (taxes). You seem to have forgetten, under Clinton and the Dims, VA healthcare was expanded. They did it to reduce the welfare rolls to have the appearrence of saving taxpayers money. This move overtaxed the VA and just transfered the funds from one entity to the other (sort of).
      The VA is underfunded and over burdened. Has been since (before) the transfer. Their response to the Vets was much better when the care was limited to service connected disabilities (exception – WWII vets).
      Again, you are one the lucky ones. For you, I hope your luck continues.
      By the way, what do you think is going to happen when Obama Care is under way? The whole county will be just like the VA, underfunded, overburdened, and enefficient. Proper health care for all.

      Good day Comrad Brenda of the USSA!

    • cmblake6

      You are a Kool-Aid slurping idiot. The insurance industry has a 4.3% profit margin. And they bust their backsides to streamline any errors to get that much. If they want ANY profit, they must be efficient. The government, OTOH, isn’t and never has been. Yes, we need Health Reform. We need Tort Reform. We need efficiency in the process. We do NOT need the government involved other than to put that Tort Reform, as a prime example, into place by law.

    • cmblake6

      BTW Brenda, “Political Science”? Taught by whom? And how far in the red is Kahleefohnya? You say your state is bankrupt? You say you have VA insurance? How’s that malpractice suit going for you? Oh, wait, you can’t sue the VA for malpractice. Voila.

  • TIME

    On point again,
    Breakfast;with the oat meal you can add in fresh berries and plain yogurt.

    Lunch; of fresh Mozzarella and tomatos with olive oil and fresh basil. Add in some great fresh bread you can’t beat it.

    Dinners; chicken breast or fish, with steamed veggies, lots of chile peppers, you will drop your stress levels a lot.

    Next to reduces stress even more {stay as far away from idiots} as possible, that with the noted above diet can really reduce stress.

    If all the above fails, Get a 5th of single malt, take until stress is relieved or until you have a numb feeling all over your body.
    This is reserved for only extree cases.
    Its best this one is not used daily. ;-o)

    • TIME

      Forgive me I forgot the { M } in extreme, So shoot me.

  • Tom

    Have you personally read the healthcare bill? I’ll bet many of the traitors who voted for socialism to expand DID NOT either!! I think I pay enough taxes. Why does Obama need this?

  • Mildred

    President Bush tried to do a sensible Health reform, Medicare reform and get the housing disaster stopped, but the Democrats blocked any attempt. The Democrats did not want the Republican Administration to have any successes. Pelosi and Reid were responsible for the last miserable years of the Bush Administration. I’ll admit that the Bush Administration did not properly address the Border protection issue.

    • cmblake6

      Exactly, on all stated counts. W tried. And everything was going well until a certain party took control of Congress with their socialist concept. Unemployment, inflation, ad infinitum. Communism, under whichever name you care to inflict it, does not work. As for the borders, those should be hard cold sealed. Illegals gone. Jobs Americans just won’t do? Horse excreta. Do this or starve, it gets done.


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