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Straight Shooting

February 5, 2013 by  

Straight Shooting

There I sat, frozen in fear by the realization that President Barack Obama might have lied when he claimed to be the Annie Oakley of Camp David. As usual, one of Obama’s tall tales spawned a whole new series of reports in the media, most proclaiming his latest lie too small for their attention. Others (I among them) were less concerned about whether Obama knew which end of the .12 gauge was the “business end” and more concerned about who thought allowing Obama anywhere near a loaded firearm was ever a good idea.

Thank goodness for the White House press office. While liberals blamed heartless conservatives for endlessly hounding the President out of spite and (of course) racism, the kids from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue managed to hold the President still long enough to pose for a photo featuring him awkwardly firing a presumably borrowed shotgun and turned a molehill into a mountain.

If the President’s hijinks seem too small for national discussion, that’s because they are. However, focusing on them isn’t petty; it’s a result of Obama’s seemingly reflexive tendency to lie, even when telling the truth would be easier. The logical question is: Why would Obama fan such foolish flames?

Here are but a few of the matters Obama ignored while heading to Camp David for his “shewtin’ show”:

The Mideast

Not too far off in the distant past, a belligerent islamofascist regime which not only denied the Holocaust ever happened but also hopes to start another one soon, would have been serious. Two such regimes would have been headline news every day. Two such regimes — one of them actively working to develop nuclear weapons while the other worked to eliminate a sizable portion of its own population — would have been cause for badly directed TV movies. Add Obama’s decision to send American weapons to an increasingly chaotic Egypt, and you’ve got a perfect storm brewing in the unhappiest place on Earth. Remember when Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize on spec?

The Economy

As of this moment, the national unemployment rate sits just shy of 8 percent; compared with the rate on the day he took office, that’s hardly the change Obama promised. The national debt is rapidly approaching $17 trillion, and the gross domestic product fell for the first time since 2009. One of those cute little bumper stickers Obama ordered affixed to liberals’ cars during the 2012 campaign read: “Bin Laden’s dead. General Motors is alive.” Thanks to Navy SEAL Team 6, bin Laden is indeed feeding the fish. But GM is more undead than alive, and the taxpayers paid 11 figures for that folly. Meanwhile, Obama is already calling for even more new taxes. The stock market is booming, so Obama’s Wall Street cronies are rolling heavy. I guess that’s where the “change” went.


For all the blather about the massacre that unfolded before the world in Libya, little has addressed what actually happened. Obama and his minions have offered (by my count) five different versions of events, ranging from a YouTube video protest to — er, they’ll get back to us on that. What we do know is that four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens, were left to die, despite their warnings; and their calls for help went unheeded. We actually know more about Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s headaches than we do about Benghazi, Libya. Obama offered neither a consistent nor credible explanation for Benghazi. The smart money says he never will.

Guns And Ammo

When crazy people do crazy things, Obama’s reaction is the same as liberal reaction to any tragedy: blame inanimate objects. Ever since the Newtown, Conn., massacre (which happened despite the sort of legal blanket Obama wants to throw over the rest of the Nation), Obama has the entire liberal horde marching against so-called “assault weapons” and standard-capacity magazines. When someone leaves the lights on, you don’t blame the lamp. When crazy people do crazy things, you don’t blame the millions of Americans who didn’t — unless you’re Obama.

There are certainly other problems which require our collective attention. Unfortunately, Obama and his accomplices have proven to be so divisive and their minions so consumed with partisan hatred that solutions are as likely to appear as a straight answer from Attorney General and Operation Fast and Furious commander Eric Holder. But the President shoots skeet. And don’t you dare Photoshop the image of him doing so.

–Ben Crystal

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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    • the fisherman

      No not all black men know how to shoot a gun as some white men as well. But remember the the whites did use more gums and whips durning the slavery.

      • john

        Get over the slave thing you were not enslaved and all white people did not own slaves.

      • kinthenorthwest

        Dont forget that the blacks not only enslaved the blacks in Africa, but free blacks owned black slaves here in America too….

      • 45caliber


        Sorry, I don’t know if the white men used guns and whips more back then or not. My family never owned a slave. But the real thing you seem to forget is that all of those alive back then are now dead. So NONE of the whites or blacks now have those skills known then to draw upon, do they?

    • Vigilant

      “HAHAHAHAHA: White House actually commanded people not to photoshop the Obama gun picture with predictable results.”

      • kinthenorthwest

        ROFL wow good photo shots..

    • Benjamin Fox

      The clown in chief only lies when his lips are moving and he never stops talking about himself, I’m sure after seeing the picture the idiot in chief can’t shoot anything but bull, I shoot and everything he is doing is wrong and what is he shooting at, the clay pigion is up and not straight away?


      In some of the news reports I read, the gun he was shooting was a rifle. Descriptions like this is so typical of the pseudo intellectuals who report the news, as well as those who want to decide what an assault weapon is. Most conservatives know that you shoot skeet with a shotgun, and in the picture, he is clearly using a shotgun. By the way, boys in the hood do not typically use a shotgun, preferring handguns or rifles.

  • Dennis48e

    All the photo proves is a slim built male with a medium complection is shooting what appears to be a ported (the cause of the smoke rising 6″ or so behind the muzzle) over-under shotgun probably 12 gauge. While I would not doubt someone doing it I have never seen or read about anyone porting an over-under shotgun. And speaking of porting why is the port a good 6 inches back from the muzzle? Every porting job on any gun I have ever seen or read about was done immediately behind the muzzle or with an extension in front of the muzzle.

    • Bill Roe

      Excellent observation. Only an experienced shooter or gun owner would have picked up on that. Of course we know this pic was photoshopped – and not by a very good Photoshopper.

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear Bill Roe,

        You write: “Of course we know this pic was photoshopped – and not by a very good Photoshopper.” Probably the same one who photoshopped the phony birth certificate.

        Best wishes,

      • Dave67

        This is the best you got? Bob L, sorry, your BS about the BC has been debunked

        But that won’t stop you and your Obama hating horde.

        Sad sad sad…

        Now if you boys and girls could direct the same energy that you put into hating Obama to finding solutions to why America has more gun violence than any other industrialized nation, or fixing the economy that became broken after decades of tax cut and spend, bad trade deals for American workers and deregulation of credit, wall street…

        When this country was inflicted with Ronald Reagan, something happened… Productivity continued to rise but wages for the middle class and poor stagnated when measured against inflation… Maybe some of you conspiracy folks need look into that one?

        Nah… that would screw up the narrative that Bob and his ilk wish to have you believe.

      • WTS/JAY

        The party line is that Obama’s new pick for SEC boss – Mary Jo White – will be tough on Wall Street.

        For example, the Wall Street Journal writes:

        Obama Taps Ex-Prosecutor Mary Jo White, Portending Increased Policing of Wall Street.
        In reality, this is putting the fox in charge of the henhouse.

        White used to represent Morgan Stanley, and blocked an insider investigation into Morgan Stanley boss John Mack.

        The truth is that all of Obama’s appointments have been in bed with the big banks … and none of them have “gotten tough” on Wall Street once they were appointed:

        Before Obama was sworn in for his first term, he nominated Geithner and Summers to the top economic posts … two of the guys most responsible for causing the economic crisis in the first place.

        He appointed as head of the derivatives-regulating CFTC Gary Gensler … one of the guys most responsible for allowing derivatives to go unregulated and to crash the economy.

        Obama replaced Summers with Wall Street insider Gene Sperling, and appointed JP Morgan exec William Daley as his chief of staff.

        Obama replaced Geithner with his chief of staff … consummate Wall Street insider Jack Lew.

        He named as the head of the Department of Justice a former lawyer for the big banks, who brought in other lawyers for big banks to oversee Wall Street.

        In other words, Obama – like Bush – has let Wall Street get away with crime because he has appointed government officials who are in bed with Wall Street.

        The SEC has been shredding documents around the clock to cover up Wall Street fraud. Senior SEC employees spent up to 8 hours a day surfing porn sites instead of cracking down on financial crimes (the same thing happens at Treasury and other government agencies.)

        Nothing will change under Mary Jo White.

        While some die-hard Obama supporters hoped that things would change in his second term, or that Obama was naively believing the advice of bad advisers, former IMF chief economist Simon Johnson noted in 2009 that Obama knows exactly what he’s doing:

        Many people assume that Obama doesn’t understand that his economic team – Summers, Geithner, Bernanke, Gensler and the boys – are preserving the status quo, and failing to make the fundamental reforms needed to stabilize the economy.

        They assume that the economy is a mysterious subject for experts, and that Obama innocently thinks his team is doing good for the American people.

        But professor of economics and former chief IMF economist Simon Johnson isn’t buying it. As Johnson and James Kwak write today in the Washington Post:

        “During the reign of Louis XIV, when the common people complained of some oppressive government policy, they would say, “If only the king knew . . . .” Occasionally people will make similar statements about Barack Obama, blaming the policies they don’t like on his lieutenants”.

        But Barack Obama, like Louis XIV before him, knows exactly what is going on.

        Indeed, Obama was bought and paid for many years ago, and he has pimped out the
        American people ever since.

        And the Obama-loving-idiots wonder why nothing has changed for the better since he became president! Fools!

      • anthony

        The U.S. doesn’t have the worst gun violence. The U.K. does. They also are one of the most gun restrictive countries in the world. So, how is it that we won’t be as bad or worse if we end up doing the same thing? The proof is right in front of us as it has always been.

      • Dave67


        The UK has worse gun violence than the USA?


        % of homicides by firearm 60 vs 6.6

        Number of homicides by firearm 9,146 vs 41

        Homicide by firearm rate per 100,000 pop 2.97 vs .07

        Rank by rate of ownership USA #1 England #88

        Average firearms per 100 people 88.8 vs 6.2

        Average total all civilian firearms USA 270,000,000, England 3,400,000

        I don’t think so.

      • 45caliber


        The USA is about 25th in the world in gun violence. Russia is No. 1. Japan, believe it or not, is No. 2 because of their suicide rate. (And Japan will give you 1 year in prison for possessing ONE BULLET!) The best three countries are Switzerland, Chekoslavakia (never could spell it) and Israel (believe it or not!) England, Germany, France, and Spain are all in the top 10. If Australia isn’t there yet, it is pushing hard.

        When you address ONLY murders, we aren’t even as high as no. 25. Russia is still No. 1. The libs count all murders, all suicides, all police shootings, all victim shootings (when they shoot back) etc. as crime. And they count every person aged 25 and less as children, particularly if they are members of a gang.

      • 45caliber


        You may not think so about England as you say, but England Scotland Yard says so. According to a recent SY report, there are more guns in England today than there was before the ban. Again according to SY, the guns before were in the hands of honest citizens. Today they are in the hands of gang members. And while before they were not fully automatic, today they are. The bobbies used to never carry or wear body armor. They do now. There are daily shootings in places like London where gang members simply shoot up a street for fun.

        In fact there is so much crime in England that the bobbies are no longer required to write up a police report or investigate what they consider to be minor crimes such as assault, burglary, etc. They simply don’t have the time to do it. Three of every four estimated crimes (again from SY) are not reported since the victims know this. As a result you are 16 times more likely to be a victim of a crime there than you are here.

      • Dave67

        I did read that 45 caliber…

        they cite the reason of the influx of guns to the illegal drug trade and coping the US among their gangs.

        The answer to limiting gun violence is the country’s attitude, no ban works alone.

        Getting rid of the absurd drug laws will go a long way to curbing the violence that does happen in the UK as well as this country. We should be not glorifying the people that commit these crimes.

        I have no issue with guns, I have enjoyed shooting before. I do have an issue with the cavalier attitude we have towards guns and violence. I also think there is a problem when anyone who buys a gun is not given a through psych exam, an extensive training program on the proper use and storage of weapons and the lack of tools to enforce the laws.

        Just my opinion but too many on this board wish to do nothing about the problem.

        That is sad and pathetic.

      • Vicki

        Dave67 says:
        “Now if you boys and girls could direct the same energy that you put into hating Obama to finding solutions to why America has more gun violence than any other industrialized nation, ”

        We did. We found that your stat is totally irrelevant.

        What we found was that

        ~300 MILLION Americans did NOT commit violence where tool = gun.

        STOP PUNISHING THE INNOCENT for the acts of a few (~0.01% of the population when using ~30,000 killed where tool=gun. You could make it look scarier if you selected the number of violent crimes committed were tool=gun but it still would not be a big % of the population.)

      • Ron r

        Ultra conservative,reich wing,birther,wow Bob you are an all star. Do you also think the civil war was about states rights??

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear Ron r,

          You write: “wow Bob you are an all star.” And you continue to demonstrate world champion debate techniques. Return only when you have a cogent argument, not logical fallacies.

          Best wishes,

      • Dave67

        Vicki, Question… How do we implement your “solution”?

        Certainly you have a plan to implement this what you call a solution right?

    • James Hardman

      YUP! But, only those who know something about guns and shooting would have known that. His staff member who came up with the [shootin' picture idea] obviously doesn’t.

    • Mr Diesel

      While your observations about who is shooting is correct you are misinformed about porting shotguns. The Browning Citori comes from the factory already ported and the porting is in the same place as the gun in the picture. While there is much debate as to whether it works or not lots of shotguns have been ported and lot of them are over/under.

      • Mr Diesel
      • Steven Whitaker

        Agreed, looks like a shot from the top barrel, you can see the ports which are in the factory installed locations. Many people have never handled, or fired, or even seen a $3000+ skeet shotgun actually being fired. Seems some of them like to comment here and other places. It’s sad how many people who profess to be knowledgeable about firearms see a conspiracy in every photo or news story. Also, the “AR15 rifle in the trunk” of many Sandy hook conspiracy threads sure looks and is handled like a 12 ga semi auto with a pistol grip in the video, and I believe this has been pointed out many times. It looks nothing like an AR, again, many people have never handled, or fired, or even seen an AR or semi auto shotgun actually being unloaded or fired, yet post as if they are experts. I am a Firearm Safety instructor in Florida who owns several, have handled and fired many shotgun and AR models, and very familiar with both types of firearms.

      • Ron

        The Browning Citori that Obama is shooting is a model 725 and is not ribbed, stock is different and spects do not mention porting of that model!

      • Steven Whitaker

        Found a higher resolution photo, looks like a Citori XS Skeet with fiber optic sight, black recoil pad, but it might be a custom gun. And it is ported and ribbed.
        Some of these comments are Ready, Shoot, Aim!
        I have seen almost identical “form” while shooting by both in-experienced and experienced trap, skeet, or sporting clays shooters. Have read lots of criticism about the President’s form, but no real reason why it’s so very bad. An “expert” could be very critical and bad mouth someone less experienced, or very helpful and give constructive help to a newbie. I try to help my students become safe, responsible shooters by stressing safety and improved technique, but most of all I want them to have fun and enjoy themselves, safely.

      • Dennis48e

        “While I would not doubt someone doing it I have never seen or read about anyone porting an over-under shotgun.”

        Mr Diesel, that is a direct quote from my original comment. You will note I did NOT say it wasn’t done and in fact said it probably had been done. I just noted I had never seen or read about it. I admit I do not read much about $1,500-3,000 shotguns since I have no use for one that expensive.

    • deerinwater

      I was wondering about that myself Dennis, ~ The first time that I looked at it ~ I’m thinking, “what caused that? ” I decided that the trailing smoke is the first shot coming from the lower barrel while the photo captures the second shot .

      Not enough data to alarm. ~ “O”s a south paw, ~ the shot is being that of a south paw on a cross wind to down range on a breeze day.

      The gun appears to be a Browning Field gun ~ you can barely make out the ribbed sighting in the photo and it appear to be a disappointing 12 gauge.

      I say disappointing , as I would think ~ a 20 would be more fitting for mastering and developing the skill. A 12 is best for Killing larger birds and high fliers. Why beat yourself up over clay pigeons? ~ They are small, tough to chew and hard to clean.

      I would think , Camp David has a huge selection of guns, something to fit everyone for all occasions. .

    • Max Harper

      I would think that the shotgun was a 28 guage, 12s kick and I don’t believe the sissy could handle the recoil.

      • truesoy


        …but he also did not shoot anyone on the face..
        I thought you’d like to know that.


      • jopa

        Max;That is the idea of the porting to cut down on the kick, however it does give a much louder response when fired.Diesel has a very good picture of a ported shotgun posted above.

      • Don 2

        He holds it like he’s afraid of it. Reminds me of his throwing, and bowling video’s…..a real girlyman.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      I forced myself not to laugh myself silly about the staged picture of O.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Who is to say that this was O in the picture?

      • eddie47d

        More eery conspiracies by Nadzieja! Where’s your proof that it isn’t him?

      • Dennis48e

        Like I said above eddie all the photo proves is a slim medium skin tone male is shooting a gun.

    • kinthenorthwest

      Have you seen some of the Obama look alikes…Could be.
      But what I find the strangest is that the day the White House says the photo was shot, the press was talking about Obama spending a day on the golf course until late in the day. It appears that Obama got on a helicopter for Camp David sometime around 4 or 5.
      What a very full day for the president I guess, golfing and skeet shooting.
      The other thing I find strange is look at all the pictures of Obama swimming, golfing, basketball playing, and even running..yet we are just learning of this new activity…If I remember correctly there are even some pics of Biden skeet shooting. So are we just hearing about Obama…

    • JeffH

      Dennis48e, as a lifetime shotgunner and a weekly skeet shooter I can assure you that ported barrels aren’t unusual on O/U and semi-auto sporting shotguns are are as common as mom and apple pie here in America. I can also tell you that O’man doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing with that shotgun…ie, this is nothing more than a photo-op ’cause he wass called out on his lie.

  • Bill Roe

    The man is not only inept, uncoordinated and a liar, he is just downright dangerous for this country and the rest of the world. I fear him more than that Korean maniac Kim Jung Un.

    • Annie

      Thank you Bill and I couldn’t agree more. I fear obama and his violent gang of marauders more than anyone else on Earth……even more than Ahmadinejad. You see with Ahmadinejad, at least in his demonic and diabolic way, he does tell us all how much he hates and most especially hates the Jews. obama, in his diabolic and demonic way, he LIES ALL THE TIME and most especially LIES about the abject hatred he holds for America and Israel and most especially the Jews.

      • eddie47d

        Yes Ahmadinejad is crazy as a fox and not because he is a nationalist Annie. He really is no more sinister than most of out presidents in the last 50 years. Yes he armed Hezbollah and Syria which I don’t like. Yet the USA under Reagan armed Saddam which eventually started the Iran-Iraq War which in turn emboldened Iraq. That lead to the invasion of Kuwait and more US involvement. So who is the real troublemaker in that region? Why is Iran fearful of Israel? Because Israel HAS nuclear weapons and Iran doesn’t. Both countries have threatened to attack each other so neither is blameless.

      • TML

        I actually see no fault in Iran whom has herself not made a single act of preemptive aggression against any other country under their current government. We have to remember that Hezbollah was formed in response to the 1982 Israeli invasion of Lebanon. We cannot like Iran’s business deals with Hezbollah and Syria, because we don’t approve of their governments, but there is no wrong doing in the sense of trouble-making. Also, don’t forget that under Reagan, arming Saddam during the Iraq-Iran war only cemented a deep resentment for America by Iran. Anyone who knows the history of that region knows who the real troublemakers are right now. No, that’s not anti-Semitic, it’s just simple observation.

      • Dave67

        Don’t forget TML while we were arming Saddam, we were also arming the Iranians thanks to Reagan’s underhanded BS.

        But Reagan.. (good)

        We have never been consistant with our supposed ideals in that part of the world when oil and money trump all. Reagan saw to that.

      • TML

        Agreed, I was let down by Reagan over that. America was actually convicted in the world court for state –sponsored international terrorism on that little escapade. The ruling was simply ignored, which corresponds with the widely accepted imperialist attitude through the auspices of humanitarianism in which the sad probability is, the same could be going on today with places like Libya and Syria (based on unconfirmed accounts or suspicion that America is actually arming al-Qaida forces in Syria and Libya). It certainly isn’t improvable.

      • ibcamn

        Hey Annie,quick question,under present law(and the way the court system is-set up)would this be enough to bring someone in(arrest or detain)if a person was to come to this country under false pretense and lied to obtain an education and even threatened public officials and was caught in a scandle with in which a public figure pointed this person out to be involved and they had a summons given to this person and that person said no to such an official summons and ignored this and just went on his marry way and went on to seek further and higher gov’t job and was said to be involved with the death of American(s) and just ignored any of our countries laws and there was overwhelming proof and testimony to this fact and even fraud and forgery was said to be involved when sources pop up to show probable cause to bring said person in(or arrest)and show mass amounts of proof to all the charges,even of not being a legal citizen of the US,video testimony to that fact alone,would this not be enough to charge this person with a crime(s) under present law?!?…………..yes it would be,if this were a republican president!

        i’m just asking,ive been brought in on less!
        i had to bring that up!see at least, Annie,your not the only one who goes off on a rant!lol.

    • eddie47d

      Then Bill Roe you are another clueless Conservative and should be ashamed of yourself. Absolutely no comparison whatsoever to the Hermit Kingdom. Some of you have a sickness than can never be cured because your mental state is beyond approach!

    • deerinwater

      Well, you two stated your beliefs ~ so now you are friends ~ and this friendship is all that you offer for your beliefs. ~ The Salem Witch trial was comprised of much the same thing. ~ friend getting together and deciding who they didn’t like.

      • Annie

        HUH deerinwater?

      • Deerinwater

        posting fell out of context, `sorry

    • mark

      Yeah but you fear everyone, Bill. Just like the majority of posters on this site. Never seen such a collection of fraidy cats. Even with all your guns, you live everyday in constant, unremitting fear.

      • Vicki

        We don’t tend to be afraid of inanimate objects.

    • jopa

      Bill Roe;Just come out from under the bed and take your meds.Everything will be fine in the morning you silly little boy.

  • Bob

    Well Ben you must understand, that if they actually did get the guns out of the hands of bad guys, like Mayor Giuliani did in New York, they’d no excuse to nullify the Second Amendment.

  • Patrick

    Clearly Comrade Obama, believes he can make America’s gun owners think he is one of us. Shame on you comrade.

    • mark

      Yeah, it’s another government conspiracy. Just add it to the other 3216 you guys all believe in.

      • jopa

        Patrick;Clearly the President nor do I want to be referred to as one of you.There was a time when the states had places for wack jobs like you and the rest of the Teabagging tin foil hat crowd.Now the nut jobs such as yourself are free to roam the streets of America and put shame on such a beautiful country.Why don’y you just self deport you Commie?

  • Ron r

    What is your problem Ben. Thought a black man with a gun should be immediately arrested. Stupid you feel better if he were shooting another black man?

    • Annie

      You mean Ron, like all of those black guys in Chicago are killing off their own. And the “never let a crisis go to waste” mayor of Chicago doesn’t do a damn thing about that. Gee, I wonder why?????

    • daleh

      I am no skeet shooter , but was a marksmanship instructor many years ago in the USMC, just the way the man is holding the weapon shows he knows nothing about shooting–

      • eddie47d

        So what! Alot of people can’t ride a horse yet they still attempt it! Alot of people are lousy swimmers yet make an attempt at it! Good for them! How about those actually pictures of Obama shooting the clay pigeons or would that be too much to ask. Those pictures are actually out there too! We can be assured this is a little tom foolery from Ben also as you drink his kool aid and go Baaaaaa!

      • Right Brain Thinker

        I also spotted what daleh and dennis 48 saw. The picture didn’t quite look “right”.

        Not to defend O’Bama, as I am always accused of doing, but the man really doesn’t have to know anything about shooting in order to “shoot”. He can hold the gun any way he chooses and miss the target and beat up his shoulder all he wants to. He’s doing it for fun and not to pose for pictures. I hope we’re not wasting tax dollars by providing a tutor on the Camp David skeet range. (He doesn’t need to “know about guns or shooting” in order to deal with the gun problem in the country either).

        And daleh reminds me of what my USMC marksmanship instructor used to say to me.
        “Boy, if you don’t get that thumb outa there, you’re gonna get a fat lip”. Couldn’t shoot any other way and did end up with an “M-1 Lip”. When the instructor got on my case after firing about my fat lip and asked me what I had fired, he just smiled and shook his head when I told him—-it was solid expert (and it turned out to be among the top scores in the company).

      • deerinwater

        Well ? ~ It’s true , ~ You “lean into” your shot. ~ A 12 does discourage the practice after 4 or 5 rounds of Express loads.

        It make one start to think, ” Who said this was fun?” ~ To go play with mama sounds like more fun!

      • Vigilant

        Deer, that failure to lean into the shot also struck me as odd. Moreover, the weapon has obviously discharged but there is no sign of recoil. A .12 gauge has quite a kick, unless you’re firing blanks.

        Why is he firing along a virtually horizontal plane? He’s either out to kill the equipment operator, or perhaps he sighted Dick Cheney downfield.

    • Ron r

      yes ,not only Chicago,but the black men who took guns to then Gov. Reagan’s office causing him to say he could see no reason why any one would have to carry a loaded weapon in America . Also causing the NRA to vocally support gun control.the reich wing and rational thinking.what a concept.

      • Ron r

        No Annie I ment like those white guys who shoot first graders,shoot bus drivers ,kidnap kids and take them to reich wing bunkers.but I assume that is not as bad as Chicago when you consider the reich wings theory that Obama also staged those events. Reich wing and conspricies,what a concept

      • John

        Ronny, read the first post in today’s group about sheeple. If the shoe fits…

      • jcfromdc

        Ron, which reich wingers were those?

    • Annie

      Ron, you are one sick human being. Just WHAT is the “reich wing”?

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Annie, it is always anyone be they a man or a woman who disagrees and thinks differently and has a different world view than ron r or the other Leftists.

      • momo

        It’s a play on words, ie, right wing, Third Reich…becomes reich wing.

      • eddie47d

        Babe in the woods Annie. Look them up they are America’s neo-Nazi’s and other extreme right wing groups. Start with Aryan Nation and work your way up to Yahweh Nation. I think there are even a couple of Zionist groups so you could cover the whole alphabet and then some!

      • Charles Johnson

        the literal meaning would be Empire Wing. I suspect Ron is implying anyone he doesn’t like is a Nazi.

      • Ron r

        I am just fine Annie, and I find most of the crap posted on this page sick . Right wing reich wing ultra conservative, same meaning.

  • Deerinwater

    Ben says, ( many things but I choose to address the most obvious flaw in his comments)

    “Here are but a few of the matters Obama ignored while heading to Camp David for his “shewtin’ show”:”

    I’d like to understand how Ben Crystal “knows” such things? How can it be possible?

    Is this “Ben’s Crystal Ball Hour” or something? Where can I get one? ~~ Are they for sale or is this ability to know the unknown a super power, a gift of birth?

    If you possess such powers Ben , I fear for your safety as there are bad men around the globe that would kill for such power .

  • Flashy

    With Crystal’s ongoing comedy act ..we see how the radical right is struggling trying to find some subject which is acceptable to America … the false light of acceptance of the ‘crazy” and negative screams they had deluded themselves with, and urged by the powers grabbing their money, now being apparent.

    From the Colorado religious affiliated hospital claiming it will not offer birth control in health insurance for religious reasons (while at the same time stating in appellate court a fetus is not a human being), to avoiding any mention of the debt ceiling debacle of past summer … the radical extremists are backpedaling faster than a scared cat as they are pushed into the farthest reaches of public debate and concern. When less than 25% of the electorate having a positive or neutral opinion of the radical right and American Taliban, they have little choice.

    Let’s see..

    Crystal wishes for the reader to believe that the Mideast is a debacle under this administration. With Arab Spring allowing freedom of choice in countries that haven’t had such in generations (if at all), to decreasing our reliance on the ME oil. By instituting crippling economic sanctions against Iran, deciding Syria was a bloodbath we need not enter (acting instead within an international coalition slowly weakening Assad to the point of mass defections in his power circles). If memory serves correct, this same Crystal ranted and raved against the US assistance in tossing Qaddafi to the dogs, an affair ridding the world of a despotic supporter of terrorists responsible for the killing of hundreds and thousands of Americans which was successful..and shed not one drop of US blood. But he finds somehow reason to criticize for not sending troops to Syria and Iran.

    Crystal rants against the economic record of this President. A record which led us from the lip of the abyss, which has gone against most of the industrial world and shows growth. Which has had a positive job growth for almost 40 months now, which saved our Mid-East corridor of heavy manufacturing, and has had the smallest increases in federal spending of the past 50 years. Of course, he continues the radical right false claims of placing the GOP deficit on this administration refusing to accept responsibility or recognition that Obama was crippled by BushII/Cheney’s last deficit gifting budget and economic chaos. .

    Then Crystal takes another stab at benghazi and questions arising about that situation. Again, ignoring a simple ‘put the pieces together and use some common sense” approach. a0 no administration is going to deliberately send an Ambassador to death; b) kinda strange an Ambassador on the ground as connected as this one was…meets with an ex-SEAL and a former ‘contractor’ with military ties, without security, isolated in a far off complex, and Al Qaeda wastes huge assets to snuff the meeting. Something was being traded or passed off..and perhaps that something touches on a high security issue which should not be public. Ya think?

    Then Crystal tries to attack the common sense gun control stance of the administration…a stance which does not intrude on a national registration , does not “take away guns”, and demnads a level of responsibility from those choosing to handle weapons. A stance which has the overwhelming approval of America.

    Finally…Crystal tries once again to claim President Obama is divisive. That’s like the criminal caught stealing, and then claiming it was the fault of the victim for having valuables to steal. (psst…ben, there is good reason that the GOP is known as the Party of “No”. Something to do with being divisive and refusing to accept any middle ground whatsoever.)

    Yep…. Crystal’s rant today is a sign of true desperation and struggle to keep from being pushed into the corner ignored by those who want to move forward, and seek solutions. .

    • jcfromdc

      Was it Ben’s crystal ball you’re deriding or the Obama smoke and mirrors you believe in? Ben is a SATIRIST like your pal Jon Stewart, but I digress. Obviously you take BOTH too seriously

      • Flashy

        Except Crystal wasn’t attempting satire….

      • Bud Tugly

        It would be great to see a debate between John Stewart and Ben Crystal… but it would be unfair as Stewart would be in a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent.

    • John

      Flashy, your naivete is astounding. It wasn’t an Arab spring, it was a CIA op. I’d tell you to wake up but I know it would be a waste of words.

      • Flashy

        Yemen, Jordan, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Syria, Algeria…all were one combined CIA Op? Let’s go into the reaches of naivete’ and say it was indeed one massive CIA op. You object? You find objection to a leader of an Arab nation, going on TV and in Arabic in front of the population, apologizing to the US ?

      • eddie47d

        Bingo Flashy and yes some do take Ben serious John!

    • TML

      “By instituting crippling economic sanctions against Iran, deciding Syria was a bloodbath we need not enter (acting instead within an international coalition slowly weakening Assad to the point of mass defections in his power circles). If memory serves correct, this same Crystal ranted and raved against the US assistance in tossing Qaddafi to the dogs… …But he finds somehow reason to criticize for not sending troops to Syria and Iran.”

      I did notice Ben’s hypocrisy to rave against the U.S. involvement in the over-throw of a sovereign in Libya, while here implying a promotion for the same in Iran and Syria. I too was completely against the imperialist over-throw of Qaddafi , and just like then, even though I don’t like Assad any more than I did Qaddafi, the intervention – acting within an international coalition – is as dubious a policy now as it was then, which has proven to yield severe blow-back. Those who take power in his stead will not necessarily be better, and could even be worse than Assad. As I was against the intervention and over-throw of Libya, so too am I against it with Syria and Iran. The crippling economic sanctions on Iran are unjust as they have the right under the NPT to develop nuclear energy and they are operating within those parameters. You, Flashy, are at least consistent about your imperialist contentions with every bit of zeal as I would expect from a fanatically religious Christian Crusader, but Ben needs to get his moral priorities in order on that issue.  

      • eddie47d

        Thank you TML for we never should have gone into Iraq or armed Iraq against Iran. We also had no urgent need to go into Libya with this latest NATO operation which armed unknown rebel factions. Qaddafi was no longer a threat to the region yet we went in and gave weapons to various movements including some in al Qaeda. Those weapons are now finding there way into Algeria,Mali and Egypt and possibly Syria.

    • momo

      Flashman, you’re a hoot! Your constant cheerleading for this administration is a joke, especially when you consider Obama is Bush with dark skin. Even Rachel Maddow is doing a double take on the white paper unearthed by Michael Isakoff that gives the government the power to assassinate Americans “even if there is no intelligence indicating they are engaged in an active plot to attack the U.S.” Yeah, forget about defending yourself in a court of law, so much for the rule of law.

      • kinthenorthwest

        Obama promised to fix all the crap that the presidents of the past were doing, while mostly pointing to the wrongs of the GW administration(I didnt vote GW or Obama).
        However it seems that most of the stuff Obama does and we scream about the left says, GW did it or many other past presidents did it so what is the big deal..
        Well The big Deal is that I Did NOT like it when GW or any other president did certain things and I sure as the H3LL dont like it when Obama does it. I especially DON’T like it when Obama escalates the wrongs and spending of past presidents.

    • Debbie Patterson

      flashy, your so wrong. barry has spent more money than any president ever have. look it up. i hope you dems come out of your brainwashed brain, and see whats really happening. wake up

      • kinthenorthwest

        H3LL transportation alone for just his last Hawaiian vacation was around or over 5 million dollars…$50,000 to $75,000 an hour to run Airforce one…13 hours one way to Hawaii from DC…So calculate it your self …(Now that does not include all the other stuff that had to be done to house, and feed the staff that was with him. Then there is all the stuff that had to be done to the facility so it could be secured for the president).

  • sgtshel

    Maybe America should check out this story!!! Looks like another cover-up! Story says no AR-15 used at Sandy Hook. Also, shooter tried to buy a firearm-but could not pass the background check!

    Do a Google search: Medical Examiner reports no AR-15 used at Sandy Hook

    • Flashy, a conservative blog, initially carried this as news on January 24th (

      Then came an update note from the Owner of the site…

      “It appears that I trusted ‘Conservative Byte’ more than I should have. After receiving several negative feedbacks, I did some research. The information contained in the article is not verifiable. In fact all the information available does show that the rifle was used in killing some of the victims. The weapons found in the car was a shotgun.

      I apologize to you all for spreading misinformation. In the future I will try to better verify information before relying on some sources.”

      Criminey ….

  • truesoy


    I don’t think you are stupid, therefore I assume you do not believe most of what you say, because to do so would be stupid. However, I wonder about your ‘loyal’ readers that, might actually believe your diatribe.
    I also see you are still on the Benghazi rocking horse; and by the way you are riding it it you’d think that we lost two towers and more than 3000 lives, on our own soil, instead. But that is not the case, and we both know that.
    I know that you hope to keep many of these same non-issues alive for as long as you can because, maybe, that is something your readers get high on it. But, honestly, do you really think that Fast and Furious is the political ‘firecracker’ that would bring down the Obama presidency? Don’t hold your breath.
    Fast and Furious under Obama was no different than Wide receiver under the Bush administration, it was just a law enforcement ‘sting operation’ gone wrong. That is all.
    I just want to close by asking you to get a reality check. You need it.


    • Don 2

      The Bush administration shut down the program when the tracking devices were discovered in the gun stocks. The Obama regime wasn’t even tracking the weapons in the Fast & Furious debacle. Obama, Holder, and the rest of his clowns were really hoping there would be widespread gun violence in Mexico, that they could attribute to loose laws allowing guns to go south across the border, in order to have the American public become outraged and support new gun control legislation in America. Unfortunately, when a border patrol agent was killed by some of these weapons, the jig was up, and Fast & Furious was exposed for what it was. Fast & Furious didn’t bring down the Obama regime because most low-information voters like yourself, did not have a clue what it was really about, and couldn’t care less because they had more important things to do, like watching American Idol, Dancing With The Stars, and what’s the latest with Kim Kardashian.

      And a believable reason why Obama and Holder are refusing to hand over to Congress, documents related to the Fast & Furious debacle, a simple law enforcement sting operation gone wrong, as you say, would be…..?

      You’re the one that needs a reality check.

      • kinthenorthwest

        Why do the Obots never research what the Dems say…I research both sides now.
        Hey I once thought that Fast and Furious was a mess GW created…H3LL it sounded like somehting GW would get messed up in…
        Hey I didnt like GW until now..After lots of research realized GW was actually not a bad guy. GW should have used the Veto pen a bit more those last two years, while the Dems started our Massive Trillion Dollar deficit…

  • JCfromDC

    Judging by the way he’s cradling that shotgun, that was the ONLY shot he fired. And he’s a Southpaw to boot! Or did they just flop the photo? Always knew he was a Leftie! Ha ha! He won’t be using that shoulder for a few days. Besides, I tho’t the clay pigeons went UP, not across or level. Probably aiming for a Fox Cameraman?

    • deerinwater

      Could have been a Fox camera man on the fly for sure! ~ but I’d come near thinking it’s one of them hard shots ~ low and leaving with no sky behind it.

    • Winfield

      Yes skeet shooting would have the gun elevated more, however, he may have been shooting TRAP. Then the gun would have been in the position shown. But, news people wrote the article so what can we expect. They don’t know an AR 15 from a shotgun, so, how are we to believe they know the difference between skeet and trap. LOL

  • ibcamn

    He can’t tell the truth,his agenda is not yet complete(remember,he can lie,and it’s not a lie as long as the outcome is what he seeks)this is what he believes in(and his pet,the one with the hair)look at this retardo’s stance alone!the more i read about this clown the more steamed i get,by the time the people quit drinking this knobblers kool-aid it will be too late for them and all the rest of America!he just don’t care about anybody but himself!he don’t care about ant policies that require any work from him,he wants to just be the center of attention!he has his friends picked out already,it ain’t Isreal,and it ain’t the American people!he’s doing this photo op to say,hey guys,i like to shoot too!but what he’s saying is ,see guys,ill shoot one too if you make me,so if i do this will you at least agree to a universal background check?,but what is really going on is a background records grab that he wanted before and didn’t get it,kinda like the kill list!!registration info is always for sale and Obama’s buying(with your own money)DON’T FALL FOR THIS UNIVERSAL BACKGROUND CHECK LIE!!

  • R. Fine

    We often hear it said that the only thing that will stop a bad person with a gun is a good person with a gun. I think that has no been debunked given the fact that a highly accomplished and armed American military sniper was himself gunned down by a nut who was allowed to have a gun. If a highly trained military sniper could not protect himself from a gunman what chance would a kindergarden teacher have? It is becoming more and more clear that there must be a ban on certain assault type weapons and, certainly, background checks.

    • jopa

      R. Fine;I guess when the American sniper and his friend were shot and killed at a rifle range, that kinda blows all of this Gun Free Zone BS right out of the water.If anyone in America would have been able to protect himself and his friend it would have been the sniper with over 150 kills to his credit in this Everyone Has a Gun Zone.How was that he and his friend were killed and nobody was able to stop the perp.

  • GDC

    Obama IS a PSYCHOPATH like his father and it has been found that PSYCHOPATHTY can be genetic and run in families. ALL PSYCHOPATHS are PATHOLOGICAL LIARS as Obama shows.

  • Roy

    The Newtown Conn. massacre didn’t happen despite the sort of legal blanket Obama wants to throw over the rest of the nation. It happened because of a crazy SOB, but the probability of it happening was actually increased by gun free zones and gun control laws. Stricter measures will only serve to further increase the risk of future similar tragic events.

    • eddie47d

      Conjecture and it could be just the opposite if enacted properly and ENFORCED!

  • Dave67

    I do love how some on this board call Obama a liar because he isn’t holding the rifle correctly because its not what a real “marksman” does.

    I must have missed the part where Obama said he was an expert shot or was an expert on rifles… Bob L and Mr Crystal, maybe you can dig that up for us?

    Its so said to see the conservatives and right wingers offer up ZERO ideas on how to change the gun violence culture we have in this country. We have a whole bunch of people here who wish to do absolutely nothing, even suggest we have less regulation than we do now.

    Conservatives are expert complainers, whiners and elitists who think their stuff doesn’t stink.

    Obama is just another corporatist, not too much removed from the conservative’s wet dream, Ronnie Reagan. But to say some of the crap that gets said about Obama by the conservatives here is pathetic. Obama is President, no laws get passed without Congressional approval. You wish to blame Obama for going the wrong direction on HC, fine… come up with something better… You wish to blame Obama for adding to the Patriot Act where Americans can be detained indefinately in the name of “terrorism”? Fine, I am right there with you. The deficit, the state of the economy, gas prices, the Benghazi non-story … You children need to stop.

    The economy doesn’t get fixed unless we all work together to make it happen. That includes Obama, Harry Reid and the GOP in the House.

    What happened to the country that came together to win WW2? Put a man on the moon? That created the internet?

    I want that country back, not a bunch of debbie-downers that we have now.

    • momo

      Dave67, its a shotgun, not a rifle!

      • Dave67

        Thanks for clarification.

      • kinthenorthwest

        May the part of his comment that said “all the time” seems to mean more than just once.

  • Roy

    The probability of events like the tragic Newtown shooting is increased by gun free zones and gun control laws. Stricter laws will only serve to further increase the risk of future tragic events.

    • eddie47d

      There was nothing from stopping Sandy Hook from having an armed guard in that school. Maybe they didn’t think it could happen or maybe the town didn’t have the budget to hire security. Enough of this misnomer that there are gun free school zones for security reasons for that is simply not true. Arming teachers is also problematic. Did you know that almost all gun deaths in a home are caused by someone in the home and not by an intruder. Very few people are killed by an intruder which is another urban myth pushed by gun owners.

      • 45caliber


        The libs presently in power insist that the gun free zones are for security reasons. So if you say they aren’t, you need to get back into lock step.

      • eddie47d

        To keep students from bringing weapons of any kind into the school!!! (gun free)

  • jopa

    Well after it’s all said and done he claimed to have shot skeet at Camp David and made no claims whatsoever of being a sniper with a Seal team.Perhaps his stance is a little off the porting of the barrel cuts down on the kick and he is a muscular guy that can handle what kick is left.Over the years I have witnessed many who have done exactly as the photo shows for a person that doesn’t spend a whole lot of time in the field so I would have to conclude the photo is real.

  • kinthenorthwest

    Maybe Obama should look at his calendar prior to claiming to be at Camp David shooting skeet..But it is possible I guess..Since he did leave the White House around 5 or so in that evening the Skeet shooting picture was taken after a day of golf.

  • Douglas Sawdy

    when you are a lier and a discrace to the “we the people”. This is what comes from it.Everyday he thinks of ways to undermind the US CONSTITUTION and the fools sit back and do nothing.Since this Monkeyboy was re appointed to sit in the chair he knows nothing about,I have been buying fully auto’s to pass out to my fellow AMERICANS.If congress does’nt throw his ass out,we will!!! Lock and Load! We coming for you fool,and we will hang all for treason!!!

    • R.F.

      Douglas: These certainly sound like brave and patriotic words. If congress does nothing to get rid of Obama then you and your buddies will. Kind of like the original minute men revolutionaries. Just grab your gun and head on over to Washington and blast away at the White House. Very brave talk. There’s just one problem. You and your buddies are not going to do any such thing. You’re just going to continue to talk, talk, talk. Sound and fury, signifying nothing. Talk is cheap and your talk ain’t worth spit.

    • eddie47d

      Actually Douglas abused both the First Amendment and the Second Amendment in everything he said. He’s the menace to society!

    • 45caliber


      If you are buying fully autos then you are either very rich or you are dealing with illegal arms. Actually, I’ve used them in Vietnam. I prefer the semi-autos. Normally in Vietnam, even when walking point, I would use semi. Fully auto simply wastes bullets and is only used for fire suppression (while someone else aims) or to attempt to trick an enemy into firing so you can find him.

  • Zeropoint123

    Everyday I shake my head.. The absurdity goes on and on… Impeachment is the only answer to the dilemma . Lets get move on it ! There’s a nation to save here from the wrath of the incredibly ignorant !

    • Dave67


      Why? Because you don’t like him?

      What rises to the high crimes and misdemeanors that the US Constitution talks about? You have anyhting that just about all presidents have engaged in?

      Reagan and Bush lied about Iran Contra
      Bush 2′s administration outed a CIA operative

      Those two are seerious offenses… guess what? No impeachment.

      Hate for Obama does not warrant impecahment as much as the haters on the right wish it could be.


      • Charles Johnson

        Violation of the Constitution. Treason, giving aid and comfort to the Enemy, Iran/Al quida /the muslem brother hood/North Korea/China.

      • eddie47d

        Gee Charles you have enough rope to catch ‘um all? Nixon got the ball rolling in China and kept us in Vietnam long after he said we’d be out. Truman got us somewhat involved in N.Korea (with NATO) , Eisenhower got us involved in Iran, Johnson in Vietnam,Reagan in Central America and Iraq,Bush in Iraq and Afghanistan and Yemen. A whole bunch of them with Saudi Arabia including Clinton,Bush and Obama. Obama in Libya and Yemen. Did Iran/Contra give aid and comfort to the enemy? Just asking!

  • 45caliber

    My wife, who does not shoot or even particularly like guns, made the following comment when she saw the picture above – “He is holding it all wrong! How can he shoot that way?”

    • Dave67

      Tell her,

      He is the President, he is not a gun expert… Just like most gun owners in America.

      I guess you are not supposed to get drunk in a tree stand either with a high powered shotgun, yet some NRA members do that very thing from what I know from my days ini VA (NRA country)

      • 45caliber

        There are hunters and there are drunks. The drunks I know (TX and AR) seldom mix the two. Most hunting camps have about half the people there who drink and play cards. They don’t even go out. They ask the hunters to shoot an extra animal for them. Hunters belong to the NRA but drunks seldom do. It costs money to join that they could use for more bottles. The two drunks I know who do hunt, hunt alone. No one will go near them and they hunt on their own property. I don’t know about VA. So I’ll take your word there.

      • Dave67


        Most are not irresponsible like that but come to VA or WVA, you will hear stories hunters getting shot/alcohol involved stories.

        These are the same folks that spotlight hunt.

    • eddie47d

      Obama is left handed so maybe the position seems backwards Caliber. Have your wife hold one of your rifles left handed standing sideways in front of a large bathroom mirror. Then compare for better accuracy.

      • 45caliber


        Left handed has nothing to do with it. Evidently you don’t know the right way to hold a gun either.

    • daleh

      TO Eddie47d—Truman did not get us involved in N Korea with “NATO”—it was !!the “United Nations” flag that all countries troops fought under—I know I was there

      Please get your history right will you??

  • jopa

    45 cal.;That should be the clue when you said your wife knows nothing about shooting and how to hold a gun.You should explain to her this is an action shot from a lefty and it may look peculiar to a Rightie conspiracy theorist.But to an advanced shooter the photo looks pretty good.

    • 45caliber


      Then you must not be an advanced shooter then.

      The butt of the gun is too high on his shoulder. I suspect he got a bruise.

      The Left hand (trigger hand) elbow should be horizontal – not hanging down. That allows a better pull on the trigger

      The right hand (forestock hand) should have the forearm vertical, not at an angle, to hold the weigth of the gun better so it won’t tire the arm so easily.

      The gun should be held more across the body so it can be better held in the hands correctly. That also makes it easier for the head to be in the right place for aiming.

      It doesn’t matter whether it is held right or left handed – these rules apply for a good advanced shooter.

      • Dave67

        Is Obama an “advanced shooter”???

        Somehow, I don’t think so…

        I think he is more like the majority who really don’t know the proper firing stance. I could be wrong… maybe as he was studying Constitutional law at Columbia and University of Chicago, he was target shooting as his minor… But I don’t thinnk so.

  • jopa

    Wayne La Pierre mouthpiece for the NRA now thinks all veterans demonstrating PTSD should be locked up for mental evaluations after the American Sniper murder at the rifle range.He is talking about tens of thousands of veterans from Korea on to the present day especially the Iraq and Afghanistan veterans.I think I would rather see La Pierre locked up.

    • 45caliber

      Hummm … are you trying to screw up the Demos? They insist EVERYONE should be checked.

      Actually, if you really check the psychiatrists cannot make any determination about whether a person who has gone through a stressful situation or is crazy is actually crazy. La Pierre’s idea is not one that I would push but it is certainly better than the lib insistence that we need to find and keep guns away from all crazy people. Actually, I’m beginning to think we need to ban the psyciatric drugs they are giving since it seems that almost every mass shooter is either on them or just quit using them a few days before. And I’d bet that the guy who shot the “Amercian Sniper” as you called him was on some of them.

      • jopa

        45 Cal.The American Snipers actual name is Chris Kyle and I believe he is known throughout the world with the utmost respect, when called the American Sniper.He is one of thousands we all can thank for a job well done however he does stand out.

    • R. Fine

      The head of the NRA also thinks anyone who wants a gun should have the freedom to buy one (or more). And to protect us from all of the nuts who would then be armed he wants to post an armed guard at the doors of every school in America. Of course now we’d need armed guards on every school bus too since the last episode that ended just yesterday. Then there are the movie theatres and live theatres and shopping malls and day care centres and bus stops and sports venues and anywhere where people congregate. This would solve the unemployment problem that’s for sure but also turn the country into an armed camp.

  • 45caliber

    Out of curiosity, does anyone know what sort of powder he was using? I don’t remember seeing any modern shells that produced that amount of smoke. It is called “smokeless powder” for a good reason. Of course they might have gotten the picture just at the right moment to show it to max.

    • jopa

      Smokeless gunpowder is not entirely smokeless and will be more evident with a ported gun barrel. With the proper lighting conditions heat and humidity one could get some fine pictures of particulates , smoke and unburned residue from the barrel of just about any gun today.Smokeless has come a long way but it is just a term meaning less smoke.

  • Jeremy Leochner

    Okay I will concede the President is too worried about what people think. And I think his attempt to use skeet shooting as a way to ingratiate himself to gun owners was doomed to failure. And I will concede he seems to be ignoring other issues in his focus on gun control. But I do not think an issue he is ignoring is Guns And Ammo.

    As for guns I wish to clear up a misconception people seem to have about “liberals”. No one blames the weapon in and of it self. They blame the one responsible and they also blame those who allowed the one responsible access to the weapon they used to commit their act. A good example of the logic might be a drunk driver killing someone while driving. You do not blame the car. However just because the car did not kill anyone by itself it doesn’t mean we should keep regulations regarding car use as they are. We make it more difficult for a drunk to get their hands on the wheel of a car. This will certainly inconvenience people who take a few sips of wine and are required to get a friend to drive them. Better inconveniences than deaths in my opinion. Of course when it comes to guns the issue becomes somewhat more complicated. A gun unlike a car is designed for no other purpose then to inflict damage. But as that damage can be done in necessary self defense we have a right enumerated in the constitution to protect and ensure peoples access to said form of defense. The problem is the tool for defense can be used for offense. How do we deal with those who would misuse the tool. A good idea is for those who are law abiding to learn about and exploit every form of self defense at their disposal. Whether unarmed such as karate or other forms of martial art. Whether it be non lethal weapons like tasers or stun guns or pepper spray. Or if one feels the need a knife or a gun or perhaps both. Or preferably some combination of the self defense tools. And in addition there are things that can be done through law enforcement and legislation to counter act those who would disobey the laws.

    My point is liberals do not hate guns. I am a liberal. I am a Civil War Buff and reenactor. I like guns and would love to fire one some day. Where my political views come in is when I understand the power of a gun and the need to restrict access to it. Not everyone can be trusted with a gun. As such we cannot allow just anyone to have them. Other wise we risk contributing to the problem of gun violence. But at the same time we do not want to put unnecessary pressure on law abiding citizens. Yet if the pressure exerted prevents or lessens the rate of crimes I feel I conflicted as to whether or not to support it. That is what I as a liberal believe. I am open to discussion. And if I can be convinced my proposals are too extreme than I will change them. But until then I have my views. If I believe a law is reasonable in restricting access to weapons I will support it. If I believe its unreasonable I will oppose it. That is what I think liberals believe. Or at least one does.

    • kinthenorthwest

      Actually I was thinking that Obama’s comment was much like the little boy who was listening to the kids brag, so has to brag that he does it all the time too even though he hasnt the foggiest idea of what they are talking about..

  • Tunaman


    • R. Fine

      Well golly gosh gee you sure is one tough mother now ain’t ya’? They’ll have to pry that firearm right out of them paws of yours. Yur darn tooten’ they’ll have to. ‘Cause you is a patriot gosh dernit and you got them guns of yours to prove it. Ya’ might not have the best edjumaction but ya’ know what’s what alright. Why all them fancy gay boys up in DC can take a hike for alls you care. Now where’d you put your Bud? They’re not goin’ to turn you into no slave. You betcha’. Golly gosh gee.

    • Jeremy Leochner

      Tunaman I am a 23 college student who is pursuing a career in acting. Obama is about as close to being a dictator as I am to being President.

  • citori owner

    is it just me or is his bottom barrel missing a choke tube? I think most shooters are bottom barrel first so maybe he blew it away kinda like all our rights.

    • Jeremy Leochner

      Name a right you have lost since Obama came into office.

  • rp

    I wanted to point out to Ben Crystal that unemployment hasn’t even been close to 8% since Obama took over. Presently it is more like 25%. It is the administration’s creative math that maintains those numbers. Probably because they only have two hands and refuse to take off their shoes while counting. The other thing not pointed out was that the media has finally confessed that actors were used in the Sandy Hook interviews and there was no Bushmaster rifle or any other rifle used in the shooting. The only weapon like a rifle or shotgun was in the trunk of the shooter’s car. The shooting was done with two pistols. I don’t think the guy had time to shoot all of the people involved, kill himself, and then put the long gun back in the trunk. The Justice Dept. decided to run with a fabricated story to get the Bushmaster on a hit list.

    To Dave67: you can’t just accept that the Democrat Islamic Communist Party (or DICs for short) are lying to us. And the head of the DICs is the biggest liar. First, Regan didn’t give Iran weapons, Jimmy Carter did. There was no evidence brought out that had Iran/Contra tied to the White House, but Fast and Furious has direct connections and most likely Benghazi does too. Obama could not claim executive privilege without having personal knowledge of the incident. The privilege was not upheld in court, because the incident had nothing to do with national security.

    Addressing the gun violence issue doesn’t mean that innocent law-abiding citizens always have to pay for what criminals do. The fact there is gun violence in England at all, is showing that their ban on guns doesn’t work. Violent crime in England has risen 6,000% since the gun ban. It has also been proven that Scotland Yard also tweaks their gun violence number by stating that any shootings with more than one victim is reported as a single shooting. Why is it the innocent is given less rights than the criminals? Because there isn’t a ban or confiscation done, doesn’t mean there is nothing being done. Any state that enacted a concealed carry law has enjoyed a constant decrease in violent crime for more than 20 years, even if there is a decrease in law officers employed. The only spike in violent crimes was this past year. The spikes have been in cities that have enacted stricter gun laws and no firearm zones. So an increase of people protecting themselves and not depending upon the police to be their bodyguards is doing something to curb the violence.

    • Dave67


      First Carter selling weapons for Iran-Contra is a LIE. Reagan did not care how he paid for his thugs to dipose the thugs already in power, he just wanted it done.

      Also, this may be a newsflash for some of you. Conservatives lie, The GOP lies, Right wingers lie, Liberals lie, Democrats lie, Left wingers lie.

      Again, the focus of the 20 or something proposal for reduction of gun violence has little to do with the gun itself. It has more to do with mental health, understand why we are so easily prone to gun violence and the ability of law enforncement to do its job after the NRA has lied and duped the American people to believe they want the laws enforced and like in 1999, wanted background checks on ALL gun sales. If you would have read this, you would know.

      Even with the upswing in violence in the UK, they have a long way to go before they get to this country’s level of gun violence.

      But people like you would have the country do nothing about gun violence no matter how many men, women and children are killed.

      • Michael

        I iAll I can say, if I had not a gun with me I may not be here right now.

      • Dave67

        Great Michael, still many more others are not here because someone had a gun with them. It works both ways. The national statistics tell us that you are more likely to be killed with your own weapon in your home than killing an attacker that comes into your home to do you harm or to rob you but Wayne LaPierre doesn’t want you to know that.

  • Mad American

    Its no wonder the gov is breaking the common man with all the people they are paying to be on EVERY site to promote “Obama is good for you” mentality and berating all those who “oppose” him. Its comming, the real patriots feel it. Civil war then he will be happy.


    Newtown Father Gives Gun Rights Lesson to Congress.

    In a similar vein as the impassioned speech given by Suzanna Gratia-Hupp in the wake of her parents murder by a gun-wielding madman, Newtown resident Bill Stevens absolutely owns Congress in the following video where he asks the same question: Want to know why people need guns?

    Mr. Steven’s daughter was part of the lockdown that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School. As he states, “lockdown, and 9/11 were not enough” to protect many of his daughter’s peers that day. He tells the Working Group Public Hearing on Gun Violence Prevention in no uncertain terms that any proposal seeking to strip decent people of their right to defend their families is entirely unconstitutional – not only under the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, but under Section 15 of the Connecticut state Constitution as well; and it makes no mention of permits, registration and
    background checks. “Legislation is not due process.”

    • Dave67


      Columbine had armed guards… how did that work out?

      So thats the answer? Arm everyone and the violence ends? No Jay It doesn’t.

      Having a gun is all nice and well but if you are not trained in how to use it and to react to those situations, that gun will more than likely give you a quick trip to the morge.

      But hey, why even try to address the reasons behind gun violence? Or allow law enforcement to do their jobs better, after all they are the good guys… or are they the bad guys? With conservatives, they go back and forth on that faster and more often than a Chinese Ping-pong match. Why would we want to make it more difficult for the mentally ill to get guns right? 2nd Amendment! Any gun at any time is the NRA credo!

      But life is like a action movie to the conservatives who don’t use common sense. They see themselves as John McClain… Ummm yeah…

      • kinthenorthwest

        Columbine had a security officer who was coming back from lunch…He not only notified authorities of what was happening but due to him there was one less student killed..
        I guess that one life does not matter, and the lifes that were probably saved due to the police showing up because they were alerted..

      • Dave67

        Thats not the point… “the gun” didn’t save anybody… I could have a gun on me but when you are confronted with somebody with a gun, if you are not trained for those situations… most people freeze. You can try and say all the macho bravado BS you wish but thems the facts. If you can’t handle your fear, you will most likely miss the perp and get yourself killed or kill someone else.

        The problem of gun violence mostly has to do with things outside “the gun” itself.

        Too many fools here think they are John Wayne.

        • R. Fine

          That U.S. military sniper and top gun was armed and trained and still was shot dead. Would an armed kindergarden teacher do much better?


    Armed Guard Stops School Shooter – Media Fails to Report

    The Blaze Reports:

    A student opened fire at his middle school Thursday afternoon, wounding a 14-year-old in the neck before an armed officer working at the school was able to get the gun away, police said.

    Multiple shots were fired in the courtyard of Price Middle School just south of downtown about 1:50 p.m. and the one boy was hit, Atlanta Police Chief George Turner said. In the aftermath, a teacher received minor cuts, he said.

    The wounded boy was taken “alert, conscious and breathing” to Grady Memorial Hospital, said police spokesman Carlos Campos. Grady Heath System Spokeswoman Denise Simpson said the teen had been discharged from the hospital Thursday night. Campos said charges against the shooter were pending.

    This heroic effort, which potentially saved hundreds of lives, wasn’t mentioned on Fox News or any other mainstream media outlet. The school shooting was reported, but the fact that a man with a firearm overtook the violent assailant simply didn’t even factor into the reports.

  • daleh


    To an”advanced shooter” the picture shows what he is doing is all wrong– if you do the same someone gave you very bad info–specially if you consider yourself and advanced shooter

  • Jimbo

    Is Obama left handed or right handed? His wristwatch is on his left hand, which seems to indicate he is right handed. But the gun is mounted to his left shoulder. Too high on the left shoulder. He is staring at the receiver, not sighting over the rib. His right hand is too far foreward on the forearm. The gun is almost horizontal. Not something you do in skeet. His arms are pixilated, like they were photo-shopped in place. And since when does he ever use the taxpayer provided Camp David for vacation? He insists on spending additional money going to Hawaii.

    It’s just a photo-op, to make it appear to the public that he is gun friendly.

  • http://mozilla stve k

    Why is it we never get to see the results of obama’s passions? Did he drop 43 out of 43 clay pigeons or did he get maggies bloomers? When obama was at the bowling alley and showing off his illustrious tippy-toe approach, was he working on a 300 game or did he shoot his 5th gutter ball in a row? When he throws out the first pitch, does he automatically fire his 94 mph fastball or does he actually reach the catcher? And, have you noticed that each time we see clips of him on golf outings we only get to examine his putting skills, never get to watch the Tee-Off swing, and never-ever get to examine his sub-par score card. ITS ALL IMAGE folks, and the spinmeisters know how to push it on WE THE PEOPLE! I doubt seriously if obama ever held a football, baseball,bowling ball, golfclub or shotgun in his entire fraudulent life!

  • Boyd Sharp

    Imagine the reaction of the Secret Service when someone said “gun”. Now imagine that reaction when the detail realized who was holding the gun. If it was. Now fast forward to the office in DC. Detail is called into the bosses’ office for a major butt chewing over that. Whose bright idea was it to let it handle a gun? Please tell me you had enough sense to make sure it was not loaded. That there were no bullets within 100 miles of this fiasco. Do you realize if it had shot itself in the foot, what Chrissie and friends would have done to us on their shows? South America was not bad enough. Now this. And to top it off I have been summoned to the White House. By both of its witches. After Moochelle chews a while, I have to go see President Jarrett. Do you morons realize I am facing major time in the time out corner over this? Put yourselves in the time out corner until I get back.


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