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Stop! You’re On Camera

September 21, 2012 by  

Stop! You’re On Camera

You might want to start following the instruction of your high-school driver’s ed instructor: Come to a complete stop at stop signs. Red-light cameras have become the norm in some cities. Now stop signs can record you, too.

Washington, D.C., is preparing to install 16 stop sign cameras by the end of 2012. If a person is caught on camera rolling through a stop sign, he will be fined $50. The car must come to a complete stop.

Before the cameras are installed in the city, residents will be given a 30-day warning period.

California was the first to install stop sign cameras. Failing to stop has resulted in $175 tickets. Tens of thousands of people have been ticketed.

“If it’s something not posted or people are not aware of it and they didn’t announce it and kind of just put it there, it’s kind of misleading. I just got a ticket in the mail, a dittoed off sheet with a picture of my vehicle and my license plate. I just think they’re revenue for California,” one ticketed driver said.

Maryland is also considering installing stop-sign cameras.

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • phideaux

    If they did that where I live they would need cameras watching the cameras watching the stop sign cameras because the stop sign cameras would not last very long and the cameras watching them would last no longer.

    • Alex

      So, where you live there is no respect for the law or for public safety? Wow…

      • Gary

        Not coming to a complete stop when there is no traffic around has absolutely nothing to do with public safety.

      • Jody

        Can you cross-examine a stop sign? Because if you can’t, it’s not legal. I guess it all depends on which ‘law’ you are willing to obey. The Constitution or Agenda 21.

      • Gary L

        Realistically, this has less to do with public safety and respect for the law than it does with MONEY. No matter where they are located.

      • phideaux

        No Alex where I live we have great respect for the law but absolutely NO respect for anything such as these cameras that resembles a police state.

      • JustAnotherJoe

        Oh brother, and I am sure you are such a perfect driver, you can give all of us tips to be like you behind the wheel?

    • Jimmy the Greek

      Phideaux I feel the same as you do on them not working for long . your name sounds a like a coonass name .

  • Harold Olsen

    Just how reliable are these cameras? They have one outside the main branch of the public library where I live and each time it takes a picture it flashes. I’ve walked by that camera when cars run red lights and it doesn’t flash. I’ve walked by that camera when there are absolutely no cars at the intersection and the camera will take a picture.

    • Daveh234

      The flash you see doesn’t always happen when it takes a picture.
      It can take pics in the near darkness.

    • ernest

      whats wrong with a roundabout ( excuse me no tickets no money ) I should know better.

  • Karolyn

    Bryan Nash again with a non-story. If you get caught running a stop sign, you get a ticket. What else is new?

    • phideaux

      You claim it is a non story. There are many that believe anything that resembles a police state is a story and should be pointed out.

      • Karolyn

        Welcome to the 21st century. I don’t see him writing stories about how many crimes are solved by cameras. Of course, I understand the fears of many. However, living in fear is a terrible way to live

      • phideaux

        Karolyn being aware of things such as this and being opposed to them is not living in fear as you are so fond of claiming.

  • roger gunderson

    Just another scam in the name of the law. What a shame. Seat belts is another.

    • http://none Scott

      Cars should go back to having the sensor that if the two front seats are occupied and seat BELT is NOT FASTENED then the car won’t start…..!!

      • Gordon

        Did they ever? Must have been a GM car.

  • dan

    saw a you-tube in Britain:old tire, can of petrol and one match later…toasted camera
    very satisfying

  • http://firefox hugh

    Often thought new signs using a triangle with red/yellow graphics would work a whole lot better and keep traffic flowing smoothly. If you cause an accident by blowing the traffic sign then you should be fined as well as having to pay a percentage of the others persons repair bill. Same thoughts regarding traffic signals.

    • http://none Scott


    • Wumingren

      I hope by “a percentage” you mean 100% of all costs inflicted on another driver, his passengers, his car, and any property that may have been damaged, including public and private property.

  • Charlie

    Well big brother is watching, if this is what our country is all about government controling watching, invading into places government does not belong then we as a people are looseing more and more freedoms. Next the nannies will tell us what we can eat, what we can wear, what we can or can not say, take our guns, take anything from us that could create a problem for the end game of government which is total control over the population. Do “We the people” really want this to happen? ? ?

  • Jojo

    Peter Hitchens, in his Mail on Sunday column, wrote: “People see these things (surveillance cameras) as an answer. I don’t think they are the answer. I think the answer is the re-establishment of the FREE and ordered society we had until recently– before conscience was destroyed; before the married family, which is the basis of both private life and the creation of conscience and authority, was systematically undermined by the political parties, who decided that it didn’t matter anymore; before authority was removed from teachers and from parents and from adults in general over the young; and before that semi-visible web of protection, which was everywhere—the patrolling policeman, the park keeper, the bus conductor, the ticket collector on the train. These people were withdrawn entirely. We’re all very frightened because they’re not there. The CCTV cameras and all the rest that appeals to us as what appears to be a quick solution—they will just lead us to a Big Brother society. If you’re really, really frightened, think seriously about trying to recreate the things which kept us free AND safe not very long ago.”

  • Bill

    While I’m not a big fan of the cameras, where I live in southern california, the attitude of drivers is – if there isn’t a cop, it’s legal. Thank God I learned how to be a defensive driver.

    • http://none Scott

      THAT IS THE ATTITUDE HERE IN S.C. > just abt. every driver feels that the traffic laws in addition to the general laws of being gracious, forgiving, etc. DO NOT apply to THEM!! They drive, walk, bike, etc. with no regard for others and heaven forbidden that you don’t wait a few seconds when the traffic light changes…. cause if you don’t, YOU WILL GET hit cause there is just abt. “always” some fool running the yellow light!!

      • Gordon

        I lived in Dallas a short time. The first thing the company told us was….. when the light turns green, count 4 cars before you pull out.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        So you graciously held up the traffic. How long do you think the green light stays on? Or the way we put, are you folks waiting for the shade of green you like.

      • Wumingren

        Or as I say, “Go! It ain’t gonna get any greener!”

    • Gordon

      You should live here in the middle USA. Making left turns from the right lane, etc., some do stop-and-look and then pull right out in front of you anyway……. the worst offenders….. usually old women, mothers on cell phones, and teenagers. All 3 categories are dangerous. Buicks and SUVs are automatic warning signs. I saw a mexican girl on a cell phone run into a parked car in a parking lot. Anyone who is not a totally defensive driver will get whacked sooner or later.

    • Gordon

      No cops, no rules. Out here they teach them that in drivers’ ed class. Watched a 17 yr old pull out of the school and broke 5 traffic laws in 1.5 miles. I wrote the school and did not receive a reply. Whoda thunk it.

      • Opal the Gem

        You think maybe the reason you got no reply was the fact that once he pulled off the school lot it was a police problem not a school problem.

  • pete0097

    My wife kept getting tickets from a stop light camera. She whined, but I said at least someone didn’t hit you. She got the “picture” and stopped running the light. All in all, it really is a big moiney maker for the government. If we just took the extra seconds (milliseconds really), they would lose so much money they would have to raise taxes. Oh, they do that anyway.

  • Kevin Wickham

    How exactly does it prove you ran the stopsign? A picture of your car at a sign is not proof you didn’t stop.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Anyone know if they have timers on the cameras?

    • Jerry

      You get a picture and speed reading of that moment. My wife got a ticket on a red light right turn and was told she didn’t stop long enough!

    • Jimmy the Greek

      Video Kevin the still photo they send you is a still from the video with a time and date stamp on it , that said the people need to vandalize the dam things every chance the get .

  • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

    This is getting to be such a Marxist state here in America with camera’s everwhere in our lives and Government getting bigger and bigger and another TAX like this to take even more of our hard earned income. If they put these in Colorado i am going to put on a mask and cut down everyone they put up with mu metal cutting blade in my battery powered Sawsall. Everyone should do this everywhere they see these TAX Generating invasive Freedom destroying camers’s. Right now in Denver you will be seen on Camera over 200 times a day if you are out and about walking driving or biking. If that is not Invasion of Privacy and our mFreedom from Government then nothing is. Viet Nam Vet 67-68
    P.S. This is more like Marxism than America.

    • Gordon

      Taking your hard earned income? Don’t break the law= keep your money.

      • Ed Weber


    • Michael

      marxism is socialism. socialism means that the individual contributes to society as a whole to promote health,wealth, and enlightenment to the whole of society. Then the whole of society ensures; (like the ocean), that the benefits it acquires from the collective efforts of the individuals is redistributed equally among the individuals like; (boats), floating on the ocean. We are moving toward that which we’ve fought so hard against namely communism; where the wealthy few control all aspects of the lives of the impoverished majority, (corporate plutocracy or a corporate dictatorship), which will be underpinned by a military and police state removing all your individual freedoms and turning the individual into what I would term a slave of the state. the democracy that we used to live in is all but an illusion now. the 1% control every aspect of your perceived reality through mass media, (like Fox News), religion, your bought and paid for politicians and politically motivated supreme court justices (like Roberts). Everything that your conscience would deem evil and corrupt is now in control; or should I say fighting to remain in control, of our society. With the approaching end of the degenerate age and beginning golden age; the fallen angel and those who serve him must be locked up for a 1000 years. Something to look forward to. When the rich, corrupt and powerful dictators shall be brought down and the meek shall inherit the earth and all will be at peace again. The Arab spring and occupy wallstreet movements are the sign this biblical battle has began.

    • Ed Weber

      I agree it’s like”BIG BROTHER”! Lets just stop this sh-t!

  • sabulaman

    There was a study done a year or two back that disputed the whole safety aspect of these cameras. They were being installed in areas where accidents were occurring due to motorists running red lights. When the yellow light timing was extended, the amount of motorists that ran the light went down considerably. Somewhere near 80% +/- . There are many ways to handle public safety. Unfortunately, some new law or gadget is the route easily taken by most public officials.

  • John

    Good afternoon BIG BROTHER morons! What is so hard to understand about stopping completely for a stop sign? It isn’t a money-generation issue, its a personal responsibility issue which apparently some of you don’t possess. I have a four-way stop with pedetrian crossings on a semi-major road nearby and every day some senseless @sswipe comes barreling through at 30 mph. A county cop sits there several times a month, and guess what. No more stop-sign runners. So you’d rather tie up a police officer than use stop-sign cameras. It’s about obeying the law, I don’t care how frivolous the law appears; just wait until an idiot plows into your car or your kids. Like to hear all about BIG BROTHER then. BTW: I’m not some limp-wristed uber-lib. I just hate clowns who think traffic laws are above them.

  • Jerry

    How much gas is wasted on unnecessary stop signs, sometimes on every bloc or two?
    If people in USA learned to drive, we could save some gas and those cameras could serve only to show how accidents happened.

    • Gordon

      Red herring. Stop driving that Expedition and get a Focus.

      • Freddy

        OK obama I will go buy a car with no funds to buy it with… like those that bought houses that could not afford it, because Clinton told the banks if you don’t loan you will lose your FDIC rating… hmmm. makes sense to me go in debt when you have a vehicle that runs fine.. dispose of a good thing so you can buy something with less space inside to haul stuff…yeah Obama that makes sense to me.. oh then have the gall to tell me that you will not raise tax on me but just wait till the new tax hits(Obumercare).. The cost of living has climbed dramatically since Obama started spending and telling us to go buy a new car…
        easy for you, but not so easy for me… so what I am bad cause I cannot afford to buy
        a new car that has gone up in price by almost 5000 dollars since the “new energy” fad?
        Gas prices have climed but the head of the energy department says it is a good price now.. not as high as I want it but still a good price.. so they can push the solar energy that has cost our county how much? Give a solar plant 5 million dollars, then buy solar panels from china for Government buildings, as the 5 million disapears into space… give another solar plant 5 million and they move to china…
        Give the auto company a ton of cash tell them to build this kind of car…then the auto maker sends the manufaturing of that car to guess where…. CHINA… Stimulate what country with TRILLIONS of our money then tell us the spent less than a this taxation without representation? Is this the same thing our war against the british was started over?
        I hear people say they do not believe our government works.. hmmm…
        It quit working before I was born because a socialist democrat had a house and senate full of democrats and they decided that administration would work better than what had worked for 100 years and made us the greatest country to live in… go read the facts you will find the whole reason we are in this mess is because of social issues, not war, not natural or man made disasters, it is because the constituion was changed without due process..
        So back to the whole reason I responded to you…
        Go buy a car.. WITH WHAT? MY GOOD LOOKS?
        How about letting America drill for oil, how about not giving the canadian oil companies the cold shoulder and let the pipeline go through, oh I forgot too late china owns that oil now…
        Tell the oil companies they cannot drill offshore then give two other countries billions of dollars and tell them we will buy all they can produce… the money went for offshore drilling…yet stop it here where we have the environmental protection those countries don’t… why?
        How do you destroy a country? FROM WITHIN!!!!
        6 trillion in less than 4 years of debt… food and gas prices higher than ever before…
        change you can believe in… yep. thats the ticket.
        Now the “king” says I cannot change the government from within.. hmmmm
        What change was needed? Think about it.. a minority well called minority (black skin)
        Broken family Dad and Mom were not married grew up with grand parents…
        and what possition did this person get? If that happened in our country that should send the picture that anything is possible in a capitalistic system.. so change you can believe in is really change to a system that keeps the poor down and give the ones that are in power more power to control your lives… What chage was needed???
        Minority, broken family, president!
        He desecrates our flag with his new flag, riots and protests larger than during the 60′s..
        Yep Change you can believe in… create more friction between rich and poor, divide the country, tell on your friends and family… create more non constitutional regulations… sign a treaty with the UN that breaks our constitution…
        What country do I live in?

      • Maine One.

        Don’t worry, the Mark of the Beast Computer is in Colorado and a new computer hub is in Arizona. They have a virtual you in this computer, now with the smart meters including you power usage and when you are gone and home. Every thing you do with a credit, debit card goes into the system. Those elite are planning a big crash by the Last Of October. The real unemployment rate is 22%. They intend to drive it up to 50% By February you will need the Bio-chip to work, buy, or sell. Oh yea, count on the elections being canceled, especially if the President is loosing. By the way, from there, things could get worse! If you reject it, you are a good government trained minion who does not want his live, sports, disturbed. This is the truth, and the truth does not change, whether you want to believe, or not.

    • Gordon

      OK, I apologize. I sort of agree. Back in the 70s gas crunch there were laws that said, “right turn on red after stop” to saw gas wasted by idling for no real reason. That either became unspoken law or done away with. I got stopped for turning and told it was against the law there. Cell phone talking women and teens don’t look anyway.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        It is understood that you can make a turn on red if you first come to a stop and then proceed. There are signs that say No Turn On Red, when you can’t.

  • dan

    did not the courts already deam these illegal

  • FreedomFighter

    Simple soluton:

    Vote them out of office, replace with someone that will remove the cameras.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

  • Wumingren

    In Taiwan, I was stopped for a red light in the outside lane, when another car zipped past me in the inside lane. A couple of seconds later, there was a blinding flash. I thought nothing of it, until I got a ticket in the mail. Apparently, since the only car in the photo was mine, it must have been me running through the red light. There is no way to fight such an injustice.

    In Japan, traffic laws are strictly enforced. If you make a turn at an intersection that is posted with a “NO TURNS” sign, you will get a ticket and pay a fine. If the guy behind you also makes an illegal turn, your fine doubles and he gets the normal fine. If a third guy makes the illegal turn, your fine doubles again, the guy behind you gets a double fine, and the third guy gets the regular fine. The rationale for this is that had you not made your illegal turn, no one behind you would have been able to make an illegal turn.

    • jopa

      WumingrenI remember when I first moved to Pennsylvania I was sitting at a red light wondering if I had to wait for green or not.Then I saw the sign “No turn on red” so I did.

  • Jojo

    My earlier comment said that Peter Hitchens’s comments came from his Mail on Sunday column. That was a mistake. They came from a YouTube video instead.

  • jopa

    I myself do a lot of slow rolls through stop signs.However there are many instances where a yield right of way sign would be a more practical solution.Just sayin.

    • Jerry

      That may cost you a bundle. I agree, yield sing could save a lot in half the places.

  • FWO21

    Greed! pure and simple. I do truly hope all the government people are being watched like we are because they are the ones needing to be watched.

  • Pete

    The use of these camera devices has little to do with issuing tickets and collecting fines. Above that is the potential help for law enforcement to locate fugitives. And, the most important reason these things are being installed everywhere, along with RFID readers and similar devices, is the development of an all-seeing, all-hearing, government control system to monitor and control the movements and activities of every person in the country 24/7.

    • the big easy

      @-pete————-COMRADE—————-Then your really going to LOVE all those DRONES over head,coming soon to your local sky.Just keep looking up.———–Might as well just get rid of THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA while your at it ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! If these DICKTATORS have their way,that is what they are trying for even now.

  • the big easy

    To all those worried about the stop signs with cameras,don’t worry about them,soon we will some 30,000 DRONES in the skies above us and the little ‘stop sign camera’ won’t matter much any more.——–SMILE,YOUR ON GUBERMINT CAMERA.—————just look at chicago,some are already being used.———B I G B R O T H E R is watching Y O U ,even indoors.night vision,inferred,thermo etc.,etc..————-Welcome to 1984.——————–

  • tom

    You better keep these man made laws. Or else. But ehh, don’t care about GOD’s laws.

  • Nitengale

    Just more big brother intrusion into our private lives! It will not end until BHO is gone. Vote Romney/Ryan in Nov comrades & save OUR Amerika.

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