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Stop Stealing From My Grandkids!

December 9, 2011 by  

Stop Stealing From My Grandkids!

The Federal Reserve has joined an open conspiracy with its other central-banking buddies to steal several trillion dollars from my grandchildren.

The plan is to steal not just from my grandchildren, but from all of us. Each American anywhere who measures the value of his savings, the pay he receives, the stocks he owns and every other possession he has in dollars — the currency that is created and controlled by our central bank — is a target.

Every time the Federal Reserve turns on the printing presses and creates “money” out of thin air (or, more accurately, creates a digital entry on a computer screen), it reduces the value of all the money that is already in circulation.

The equation is simple: The more fiat currency that is created, the less each individual currency unit is worth. The creation of fiat money is the only reason for inflation. Rising prices do not cause inflation, as the powers that be would like you to believe. You see, if you accept that false explanation, you will put the blame for rising prices on businesses, not on government, where it belongs.

No, it is the vast and unending creation of more fiat money (which can be done only by our legal counterfeiters, the Federal Reserve) that has caused the U.S. dollar to lose 95 percent of its purchasing power since the Fed was foisted on us nearly 100 years ago.

The Federal Reserve was born in a conspiracy by elitist bankers and government stooges. If you want confirmation of that accusation, click here to read The Conspiracy That Is The Federal Reserve, based on the interview I did with G. Edward Griffin, author of the superb exposé of the founding of the Fed, The Creature from Jekyll Island.

The Fed still operates as a conspiracy today. That is, it plots in secret to do things that the public would view as harmful. If that’s not a conspiracy, what is?

Here’s the almost unbelievable truth that should get every member of Congress voting to hold some treason trials: Everyone involved in this massive paper conspiracy knows exactly what he or she is doing.

John Maynard Keynes, the British economist who is widely regarded as the father of government intervention in the marketplace, admitted this truth about fiat money creation many years ago. He said: “By a continuing process of inflation, governments can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens.”

Keynes also said that “not one person in a million” would understand the process. That helps explain why our government has been able to get away with it for almost 100 years.

Just how vast is this paper conspiracy? In the past four years, the Federal Reserve has created $16 trillion to $23 trillion in new fiat money. We don’t know exactly how much, and we can’t be sure where every penny has gone, because the Federal Reserve won’t tell us. It operates in secret. And it has flatly refused to share any of this information with Congress.

That’s right. Our elected Senators and Representatives — the people who are supposed to represent us in Washington — are as much in the dark about this as we are. But whatever the amount, it’s a lot of money, folks. More than we owe on the national debt, in fact.

And virtually all of it has gone to the very people and institutions that created our financial crisis in the first place!

Normally, I don’t look to Jon Stewart of The Daily Show for razor-sharp analysis of what our leaders are doing. He is not exactly the staunchest defender of the U.S. Constitution you can find on TV. He’s a comedian, for crying out loud. That’s why his program is broadcast on Comedy Central.

But I’ve got to tell you, the guy knows how to rant. And he did one heck of a job a few days ago on the Federal Reserve bailout of the big banks. Click here to watch it.

In his diatribe, Stewart refers to the Federal government as “the world’s dumbest loan shark.” Why else, he wonders, would they lend $7.7 trillion to our biggest banks for next to nothing (what else can you call a 0.01 percent interest rate?) — and then pay the same institutions more than 2 percent to lend the money back to them?

I wish we were talking about just $7.7 trillion and that U.S. banks and other financial institutions were the only ones getting the fiat money. At least that way, almost all of that newly created currency would be sloshing around our shores.

But the situation is far worse than Stewart described. The Federal Reserve has joined a cabal of its fellow central bankers to paper over the current crisis in Europe.

Their solution to the crises caused by printing too much fiat money is to… print more fiat money. This is akin to the Democrats’ solution to our growing financial crisis here at home: Let’s borrow our way out of debt.

How much more fiat money are we talking about? No one knows. But of one thing you can be certain: No matter how much fiat currency comes flowing out of the tap, it won’t be enough. Like every estimate for a government project I’ve ever seen, the final numbers will be many times higher than the ones they first give us.

Where is the leadership on the right that’s denouncing this extremely dangerous game? Well, actually, there is one person who is speaking out loudly, boldly and clearly: my favorite Texas Republican, Ron Paul.

“This will flood world markets with more dollars and will soon mean rising prices for every American at the grocery store,” Paul warned. “This extra liquidity will temporarily ease the cash crunch for irresponsible bankers all over the world, but in the long run it will make the situation much worse for consumers all over the world.”

Yes. Keynes said, “In the long run, we’re all dead.” That’s what the banking and government elites are counting on.

Paul also said: “Make no mistake — this is not capitalism and this is not how a free market operates.” No, it’s the most odious kind of crony capitalism: planned in secret among our self-appointed rulers in the White House, Congress and at the Federal Reserve.

Forgive another shameless plug for Paul, but he has also proposed the only practical solution to this conspiracy to bankrupt us: Audit the Fed. And then shut it down.

Until then, keep some powder dry. You’re going to need it.

–Chip Wood

Chip Wood

is the geopolitical editor of He is the founder of Soundview Publications, in Atlanta, where he was also the host of an award-winning radio talk show for many years. He was the publisher of several bestselling books, including Crisis Investing by Doug Casey, None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Gary Allen and Larry Abraham and The War on Gold by Anthony Sutton. Chip is well known on the investment conference circuit where he has served as Master of Ceremonies for FreedomFest, The New Orleans Investment Conference, Sovereign Society, and The Atlanta Investment Conference.

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  • s c

    The last character who ran the Fed enjoyed a popularity that was the Wall Street version of a rock star. It didn’t last, of course, and Bernanke has managed to focus the attention of Americans who view the Fed as a group of vermin who are as patriotic as an invading army.
    Mr. Bernanke, if you know so much about the Great Depression, why haven’t you been able to get financial matters back on track? Could it be that you use a crystal ball and a defective pair of dice?
    You seem to have exhausted most of your options, and every time you crank up those damned printing presses, it serves as another reminder that you must have set another record for having your head buried even deeper into that special place where only MDs can explore. Have you had any more dreams about dropping federal reserve bank notes from helicopters?
    Your behavior seems to indicate that you’re a closet Keynesian. You have more power in financial circles than any mortal should have, and I suspect that you are an inept actor when it comes to acting like you work for any president. Presidents work for you, though many Americans can’t seem to appreciate how that can be.
    You should realize that whatever popularity you enjoyed is forever gone. I can almost feel sorry for the next Fed head, but I won’t do it. It would be nice if you’d admit that the Fed is a private corporation, if only to make it clear to America’s utopians that you need to be singled out as THE worst example of what’s wrong with corporations.
    Got your passport activated? Switzerland is nice, though they probably won’t look at you as a friend or someone with a lot of money. You’re the guy who makes ‘money’ out of thin air, and you’ve done nothing to prove that central banks make any nation on the planet safer or stronger.

    • Warrior

      If “uncle billy” corzine can’t find his $1.2 bil, how in the world can “uncle ben” keep track of his investments? I also wonder how “uncle joey” is doing with his bookkeeping of the stimulus outlays? Did joey have help from “uncle billy” in tracking those funds? Good thing we have all these “smart” people controlling the “purse strings” eh?

      • Joe H.

        Warrior & sc,
        don’t you know Mr Bernanke uses a magic 8 ball???

    • Pepper

      I say “off with the Fed Heads”. Now. It’s time that we also hold our representatives in Washington accountable. Try them for their crimes of treason and involvement in destroying our economy, liberty, and our Country. If found guilty, seize their assets and send them to “Camp Fema” for profiting by ripping us off.

      • Myrna

        I agree! Off with their heads and their tails.

      • Vagabond

        Pepper. I agree with you. all who are found guilty should face not less than twenty years and one day at hard labor. and I do mean HARD labor 12 hours a day 7 days a week,and I am sure there are some who should face execution for stealing from the people,

        • Lee Baldwin

          tat would be the first actual WORK any of them will do since they got onto the Federal handout payroll. NOBODY there seems to work, and we all know they do NOT pay TAXES. STOP PRINTING THE DAMN MONEY Berneke!
          Also, tell Harrison J. Bounel aka Barrack the Obama aka Barry Soetoro to STOP THE IDEA OF PRINTING MORE MONEY. If you don’t stop printing
          money, why can’t “We the People” print money? YOU PEOPLE IN WASHINGTON

          • vicki

            Le Baldwin writes:
            ‘…why can’t “We the People” print money?”

            Well. Actually we can. It just can’t look like current us “coins”. See US Constitution Article 1 section 8 and 10.

            “The Congress shall have Power…
            To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures;

            To provide for the Punishment of counterfeiting the Securities and current Coin of the United States;”

            I bet we would find that fiat paper is a “security”.

            coins that do not look like CURRENT us coin. No problem. Also if you look up the word counterfeit you would find that the copy HAS to be of lessor value. Thus if you copied a current us coin exactly or with metal worth more than the coin you could not be violating the Constitution.

            Alas it requires an educated people to maintain sovereignty which is why Mr von NotHaus was found guilty of counterfeiting. Pretty sad since his “coins” did not copy ANY us coin EVER in circulation and were of MORE value in silver then their stated “face” value.

          • DaveH

            Vicki says “coins that do not look like CURRENT us coin. No problem”
            Wanna bet?

          • DaveH
          • vicki

            Thanks DaveH for assisting me in proving my point.

            From the link that DaveH provided
            “A jury just found NotHaus guilty of counterfeiting U.S. coins. The coins or medallions that he had produced by a mint were pure silver, worth many times the value of any U.S. coin asserted to be that which was counterfeited. That fact alone tells me that the prosecution had NO case on the counterfeiting charge. (My comment is restricted to that feature alone, as I have not heard about or read about this case until today and it has other aspects and charges.) He should not have been found guilty of counterfeiting. ”

            Thus you see our problem is clearly that our jury can no longer be populated by educated people. This allows government to come up with arguments that can convince juries that black is white or other nonsense.

          • JC

            Vicki, the Fed won’t tolerate competition on any level. Doesn’t matter what the law says. We The People need to stop tolerating the Fed and a Government that allows it to keep us in perpetual economic servitude.

          • DaveH

            Yep, Vicki, I think we’re pretty much Guilty Until Being Proven Innocent these days.

          • vicki

            JC writes:
            “Doesn’t matter what the law says.”

            Thus is the epitaph of the late great Republic of the United States of America.

      • patrick H.T. paine

        ” To conquer, first DIVIDE! ”

        As explained previously, that until someone starts asking why there
        are no “law and equity” court’s ( jurisdiction ) and the general understanding of the population is elevated to this FACT, that if these “jurisdiction’s” are no longer present or available, we can only be operating under what remain’s…….phrases such as “unconstitutional” as well as accountability etc. are irrelevant
        and meaningless……..because until these jurisdictions are RESTORED,
        the Constitution is lost to you…..there is only the “illusion” of any sort of reference to it and that is subject to change when it becomes inconvenient. ( Article 3 )

        The process by which these jurisdictions were eliminated a is as follows.

        1935: saw the passage of the Social Security Act and the implimentation of U.S. Postal Codes. These effectively changed individual identities from John Doe to JOHN DOE, and each individual state from it’s soverreign form Penn. to PA, a federal district.

        1939: After the capitulation of the Supreme Court, to avoid the threat ot expansion, Federal Law was Codified into the Titles it now
        operates under, the major one being the Uniform Commercial Code which
        began in 1942 and was completed in 1952, under the premise that the
        differences between various state laws made doing ‘business’ cumbersome. All STATES have now adopted this TITLE in it’s entirety,
        with the exception of LA, and these differences are simply “cosmetic”
        an essentially have made the several states, variations of the District of Columbia, whose nature is clearly defined in the Constitution.

        This “jurisdiction” was now referred to as “statutory”
        which you will not find “anywhere” in the Constitution…..and all
        judges were instructed to use this reference. ( although so much time has passed that the neccessity for this has disappeared. You don’t need to know the answer to a question that is never asked….)

        The restoration of the Constitution simply requires the return of law and equity…..which solves all the problems, because the Constitution
        now has meaning…..

        Without this taking place…..things like auditing the FED or other
        suggestions are simply a waste of time…..the nature of government is such that, they have exempted themselves from any form of accountability, except in cases where total stupidity is involved…

        BTW should you actually doubt that you are now totally under this
        FEDERAL JURISDICTION……every document you receive, legal or business, identifies you as JOHN DOE… fact, the only document that you may have which may be different is a birth certificate….and
        this may no longer be the case for those people born after the IRS
        required SS# in order to claim children as dependants on TAX FORMS.

        So if you want the Constitution back, this is the only means by which
        you can accomplish this……everything else, is simply a distraction
        from the only solution you have. ( and since, I have not heard this from any of the headliner’s here at LIVINGSTON SHOP, or the favored
        politician’s or judge’s here, one must wonder what they are about or what they are afraid of…..especially a “judge” who would clearly know how this magical end run was accomplished, since he would have been actively engaged in it’s continuation. )

        ” Do not ask for whom the bell tolls……….”

    • FreedomFighter

      Its much more sinister than you all seem to realize:

      They want to own America and everything and everyone in it a slave to them for ever. They consider themselves Human 2.0 and we are Human 1.0 and they consider us cattle, “useless feeders” or resources to be managed – like deer on a game preserve.

      Once NWO establishes its world goverment they will systematically sterilize, infect with diseases to kill, murder thru war 90 percent of the worlds population. The remaining slaves will be dumbed down and controled thru drugs and thugs.

      We are in a fight for the future of the human race.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • jimmy the greek

        The they you speek of are the jews ! how come you just don’t say it ?

        • FreedomFighter

          Luciferians – check it. Satan whorshiping evil a bloodline that can be tracked back thousands of years.

          Laus Deo
          Semper Fi

          • jimmy the greek

            Yes its the zionest jews !

          • FreedomFighter

            Yes Jimmy they are all Jews, now take your meds and follow the nice man in the white coat back to your room.

            They would call themselves donald duckians if it furthered there goals.

            Laus Deo
            Semper Fi

          • Thomas B

            You are right to say they are the luciferians! THat is who they are. They worship lucifer who they see as the light (lucid). This is known, but kept from making it to the media usually. They are super rich and think they are above the religious. They want to rid the planet of religion, because the luciferians arte into witchcraft of course and they are always gay/bisexual and they also are pedophiles and will sacrifice children to lucifer for more power. They are the most evil ones behind the New World Order. They are great actors and could be your husband or beloved sister in law. How do I know? I have them in my family.
            They always act superior, and belittling when they think they can get away with it. They try to control Christians like slaves. Beware.

        • Myrna

          That sounds very racist. Not all Jews are bankers and not all bankers are Jews. My ancestors on one side of my family were Jews–they were neither bankers nor wealthy.

          • Vagabond

            Myrna. it not only is racist. it is very STUPID too. I have had and still do have many friends who are Jewish. and they are average working people as I am.. so yes. it is very very STUPID,

          • JC

            I know Jewish people who as Vagabond says hold the same values I do and work for a living just as I do. Average Americans.
            Zionism is a cult that finds its origins in Egypt.
            What’s important to keep track of is the “how” we are being subjugated by Bankers. BANKERS….not a religion, not a faith, but a Cabal of criminals. I don’t know who or how or if they worship at any alter other than that of power.
            Keep your eye on the ball folks…The Fed, IMF, UN, NATO etc are all tools of these Bankers. Get rid of those things and you take away their tools.

          • duggy dugg

            Myrna is clear headed….bankstards issue the money…govt does not issue the money…the bankkstards are paid with income taxbux… Int’l bankstards of any religion are the enemy…for their enslavement of us, not for their religion….

        • Lisa

          Check ‘Revelation’. They call themselves Jews and Zionists, but they are only impersonaters. They are not really Jews at all. Jesus tells us so Himself.

      • Runninbear

        and the worse way of all is the Abortion president that continues to fund murder our children but the children of other countries with our tax dollars?

      • ValDM

        You’re absolutely correct. Why else would corporations change the name of one of their departments from ‘personnel’ to ‘human resources?’ The elites that have unwittingly prepared us for the coming catastrophe won’t be spared either……..while they were preparing us for our coming future, they didn’t seem to realize their future would be the same as ours.

      • JC

        That’s a sobering and probably accurate observation FF.
        Which also why they are going after our gun rights.

      • DaveH

        I think you guys are getting just a little carried away.
        Why would Leaders want to kill 90% of their slaves? It makes no sense. It is much more to their advantage to continue Propagandizing the sheeple, and just jail or kill those few who are too intelligent to swallow the Propaganda.
        I think much more likely than a widespread conspiracy is just the fact that ‘s__t floats to the top’. And all that s__t combined together creates a sewer. In other words the profession of Politician attracts the lowest order of human in general, who then proceed to feather their own nests at the detriment of the rest of us. It’s as simple as that, just a collection of self-serving human beings, who in their collective greed are doing dumb things and screwing it up for all of us.
        Read this for a reality check:

        • JC

          Because we are ruining “their” planet and using “their” resources.
          They want most of us gone alright. Besides as long as there are enough of us to to what work “they” reuired done…what good are the rest of us to “them”?

          • DaveH

            I guess you guys don’t think we’re worth much then. I disagree.

          • JC

            Dave, I’m not endorsing their agenda, I’m explaining what I believe their thinking is.

          • Russ

            I prefer to look at it like a fish tank. If you get a parasite in the tank it multiplies and attacks the fish untill it is niped. If it is not nipped all the fish will be consumed and then the parasite will start feeding on one another untill the entire tank is dead. We need to nip these parasites aks global bankers, corporations and governments. Because unfortunatly we are the fish.

        • Gillysrooms

          I agree most politicians are not too bright and are certainly lazy and rely on the civil services and government administrations who usually emply the brightest university minds to advise them of whats going on and what is happening. Most politicians dont have a clue what going on, but they are good actors at convincing voters to vote for them. I rarely see nerds getting elected to high office, do you? Most voters vote for pretty boys who went to Harvard or some other uni or who come from a well known family, just as they did with Bush Jnr who was well connected. etc or they vote for better actors Reagan as example… they are the faces behind the real behind the scenes faceless men who really rule the roosts in the Congress and Senates. Successful politicians get prime air times and front page headlines in newspapers run by even Australian media moguls. How many media moguls are going to accept and possitively promote the ideas we are free to write about in yjis Bob Livingstons blog?

          That is why I might agree with your ideas but suggest the opposite policy which is second best but more likely to be used as a policy. The brightest in these blogs will work out how to make current policies work out better in the longer term.You need to go to the universities and participate in the classes of future economic leaders and bankers and ask them to find better solutions to develope and promote into the future to win over your congressmen and senators. yes you need to re-educate the next wave of politicians…the current ones are stuck in the present past and cannot be re-educated. Even most of your current candidates are a bunch of hopeless rabble…wasting time on asking for birth certificates? or forgetting their own policies in public…or drinking or being drunk or drugged on TV…glory be …who is selecting and promoting these low grade candidates?

          Cant, you americans do a better job at finding competent candidates? why not use professional headhunters like the corporates do…they give them examinations to check on their mental and pysciatric levels, education, general knowledge, University dregrees or actual business experience of a substantial company like a bank or oil or utility company maybe. You need people with high intellectual standards and abilities in my opinion. Forget Trump…hes just a wheeler dealer gone broke a few times and not as wealthy as he portrays himself to be…it just helps him get more loans because some bankers dont really know or do REAL research of some of those fortune 500 people until after they go broke.

          • DaveH

            Tell us, Gilly, where in the world your socialist policies have ever worked to produce better economies?

            Luckily for you, Gilly, you live in a country which mostly ignores you and your fellow socialists. That gives you the prosperity and time to dwell on helping yourselves to other peoples’ money. Liberals, like spoiled children of rich parents, have no idea what it took for their parents to create that wealth. All they know is that they want to spend it.

            As anybody can see, by perusing the list of those countries with Big Governments (near bottom of list), their economies suck. Watch out what you wish for, Liberal Gilly, because it might come true.

    • shar

      Read THE SECRETS OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE on The Library of Congress website. THE BILDERBERGERS – READ THE LIST OF PARTICIPANTS IN LAST YEAR’S BILDERBERGER MEETING – JUST GOOGLE IT. The Clintons, The Obamas, Bernanke, Geithner, Rockefellers, on and on and on. Even
      Kissinger and what about CAIN who worked at the Kansas City Fed?
      Newt, Romney, and Perry all have attended meetings. YOU KNOW THAT THERE ARE ONLY TWO OR THREE OF THE REPUB CANDIDATES WHO ARE NOT IN BED WITH THE FED. WE ALL KNOW WHO THEY ARE. BUT THE FED VETS BOTH THE DEMS AND THE REPUBS – DISGUSTING. WHO WILL BE IN THEIR POCKET NEXT?? We are being robbed blind. We are being taxed blind. We are being hoodwinked by Barry and his Chicago thuggery. This whole thing is getting so disgusting. We talk about our Grandchildren??? It has been happening to all Americans since 1913. I like the fact that so many Americans are becoming knowledgeable about this BANE OF OUR EXISTENCE – THE FED/CENTRAL BANKS.

    • Brandon

      Let’s think about this a bit deeper here… Money is not natural, money was NOT created by nature through its natural processes. Money was not here before we Humans created it, and we mainly use it as a means to not have to do everything ourselves. It is a mental construct, a by-product of nature and it’s also a double-edged sword. Money can make those with evil intentions more powerful in an economic and political situation while it can also increase this same power with those who have good intentions.

      With power comes responsibility and sadly, those in power have absolutely NO responsibility when it comes to money. In my opinion, it is only when the people as individuals decide what this money is worth and then balance can come to this economic system. For now, the system is broken and it seems that there are those with insane amounts of this currency who’ve gained it through loopholes within their own game. Now they use it against those with little knowledge of these loopholes. It will all come crashing down, and soon money will mean nothing outside of what the people decide it is worth. In reality, a piece of paper such as the dollar is worth nothing. You cannot consume it if you’re hungry! You cannot turn it into water! You cannot put it back into the ground and expect it to grow. It is a feeble, archaic mental construct and must be done away with for the way to be paved for a new sort of thing to take its place. What that will be I cannot be certain of. Humans are smarter than what they create.

      • Lisa

        That’s a great interpretation of the whole false money system. Your analysis shows very clearly how it is wicked.

        Before it was around, people used the ‘gift’ system. Worked perfectly and with integrity for all communities.

        In the end, everything they say and do against us will be condemned and brought to nought! We will survive and everything false will fall!

        • vicki

          Barter system. Not gift system. Just ask any merchant for the last 5000 years.

          • Lisa

            Whatever, it worked!

      • Glen Xx

        Wrong true Money is metal Honest money Gold silver copper are produced by nature or GOD.

        Man thru Gov’t pledges to its weight and purity.

        Intrinsic value is tru money, any thing else is exchange median

  • Insurgent

    Washington, DC is America’s cesspool for liars, whores, and thieves.

    • Vagabond

      a great big AMEN AMEN to that Insurgent,

  • Tazio2013

    For those of you who would like more details:

    What was revealed in the audit was startling:

    $16,000,000,000,000.00 had been secretly given out to US banks and corporations and foreign banks everywhere from France to Scotland. From the period between December 2007 and June 2010, the Federal Reserve had secretly bailed out many of the world’s banks, corporations, and governments. The Federal Reserve likes to refer to these secret bailouts as an all-inclusive loan program, but virtually none of the money has been returned and it was loaned out at 0% interest. Why the Federal Reserve had never been public about this or even informed the United States Congress about the $16 trillion dollar bailout is obvious – the American public would have been outraged to find out that the Federal Reserve bailed out foreign banks while Americans were struggling to find jobs.

    To place $16 trillion into perspective, remember that GDP of the United States is only $14.12 trillion. The entire national debt of the United States government spanning its 200+ year history is “only” $14.5 trillion. The budget that is being debated so heavily in Congress and the Senate is “only” $3.5 trillion. Take all of the outrage and debate over the $1.5 trillion deficit into consideration, and swallow this Red pill: There was no debate about whether $16,000,000,000,000 would be given to failing banks and failing corporations around the world.

    In late 2008, the TARP Bailout bill was passed and loans of $800 billion were given to failing banks and companies. That was a blatant lie considering the fact that Goldman Sachs alone received 814 billion dollars. As is turns out, the Federal Reserve donated $2.5 trillion to Citigroup, while Morgan Stanley received $2.04 trillion. The Royal Bank of Scotland and Deutsche Bank, a German bank, split about a trillion and numerous other banks received hefty chunks of the $16 trillion.

    • Flashy

      When the final flushing out of the events of the past five years becomes cleaer, and the facts will eventually come out, it will be blatantly apparent that the only two options available to the world economy were to follow the current path of the Fed or send the world into a deep Depression. That’s it folks…your two options. One has been tried and historically proven to be the path to a Depression. One has to only glance at the events that unfolded in 1929’30, and to examine closely the impact to japan when its crisis hit in the late 80′s and the “lost” 90′s. And from which the Japan society still suffers from. Stagnation of the economy ws what the best result to come from that policy.

      The other is to follow the route Bernanke has done. Yes…inevitably high inflation is the risk. It will be, if the dollars remained in the system. Which is what the “doom and gloom buy gold now !” naysayers are screaming. What they aren’t realizing/disclosing/saying is that as the banking system works the ways of shuffling cash back and forth to salvage the system and straightening up the mess given to us by Bush/Cheney and their GOP cronies, that there are two bubbles which will burst.

      The minor one will be the Bond Bubble. Right now US Treasuries are the investment for those seeking to protect themselves from risk. Heck, the yield on the 10 year note is close to historical lows the past six months. And the economic stability brought about by the few policies this administration can get past the Party of No is the savings grace to the whole schebang. But we will see a slight bit of inflationary pressures in late 2012 and through 2013 … and the bond market will see a small crash as investment monies are shifted out of that market into higher yielding paper.

      What’s going to be the himdinger of a crash is the price of gold and commodities. I know Livingston will disagree…but commodity prices, especially gold, are going to be doing the high dive off the diving board curve. Because of three major factors. 1. The paper shuffling will succeed as the baking system members have no want to step off the cliff. They stepped to the edge in ’08-’09, looked over the edge down the abyss, and said ‘uh uh”. 2. There will be no excess dollars in the system. Reason being, it will be paid back to the Fed who will hold it and keep it from circulation. Despite what is being written above, the monies are being paid back. And honestly, does anyone really think the major banks and financiers will be so stupid as not to pull back those monies once the system is patched up? Finally #3. The Third world economies are gonna get creamed. They either have to convert to the Western currency (i.e. US dollar now that the Euro got hit hard) or they have to print their own currencies and drive that value into the ground. Unlike the Fed however, their own central banks do not have the ability to reabsorb the overcirculation…and we’re gonna see a few major 3rd world economies get hit hard come the next five to ten years.

      A final side note. The article makes great hay about the fact of devaluation over the course of 100 years via ingflation. C’mon…nice trick with smoke and mirrors. Read Adam Smith fer chrissakes. For the Capitalist system to work, there MUST BE inflation and kovement of capital. 2-5% is the desired acceptable rate. The entire system is based on buying newly made products and discarding the old. And to convince someone to “buy now!” because tomorrow it won’t be cheaper. Without that small urgency of saving money by purchasing now…capital movement is curtailed and the system stalls. 95% “lessening” of the value of the dollar over 100 years? Yep…right in line with the desried rate of increase.

      Now…what the Far wacked won’t admit is the second part of the Capitlist Economic theory…not only does there have to be a steady devaluation via inflation so that prices ‘rise’ , but there has to be the corresponding increase in income to accept the rise in goods. The system is way off kilter there as the restrictive policies and attacks on the Middle Class by the Conservatives has stagnated wage growth.

      When someone speaks of the wealthy as being ‘job creators’, anyone who believes that is in line to buy a bridge in the Mojave Desert. The system depends on movement of capital. And the greatest movement comes from the millions of Middle Class spending their money.

      The Paris Hiltons, the Kennedys, the Trumps…they may create a few huinhdred here, a few thousand there…but they are not the “job creatros’ …we could take every dime from the uber-rich and make not one dent on jobs up or down. As long as we have a strong middle Class with high incomes to spend and move capital.

      Chew on that for awhile…

      • FreedomFighter

        Better to resist the FED and suffer a short time then to become a slave.

        Just because they make money out of thin air, charge interest for it, then use it to steal everything in sight does not mean we need except the thieves as our masters – they are not, they are just thieves.

        We put them in jail, hit the reset button,

        F- them

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • DaveH

        We had your same kind of people propagandizing for FDR in the 30s and 40s. The results — more than 10 years of Depression. Our salvation is just over the next hill. Sure. Dream on, Flashy.
        There is only one way to prosperity, and that is Free Markets, Sound Money, Private Property Rights, and Limited Government.
        In the 100 years up to 1913, the dollar actually became more valuable (could buy a bigger basket of goods due to increased productivity) and the economy was robust, as it should be. It wasn’t until the 20th century, when the Progressives lured the citizens with their sweet-sounding Big Government solutions, that our money become habitually less valuable.
        Once people realize that Big Government is really just a Big Gang, then the pieces will fall together. The heads of the gang throw just enough crumbs out to the sheeple to buy their allegiance, but in reality they are skimming the public funds with methods that the average Propagandized Sheeple are ignorantly unaware of.
        Then we have the people like Flashy, trying to spread their misinformation, who may just be unaware, or may be feeding at the trough and taking advantage of those who just don’t take the time to learn what’s really going on.

        • DaveH

          For those with some time, here is a free online book which details the Progressive mistakes of the Great Depression. Please read it. We need as many fully awake Americans as we can get to stop the Progressives from finishing their destructive job on our economy and our Freedom:

        • Flashy

          Could it be <gasp. that the reason for the economic activity ofthe dollar was that we were in a great expansion mode? Even then, with the seemingly unlimited market expansion there were regular recessionary periods …all foretold in the basics of the captialist theory.

          Your pap response is a dream world. You easily forget the inequalities of the pre-20th century labor and Progressive movement. The Trusts and Monopolies, intense concentration of wealth, the working conditions, the health and crime. The working slavery of the working man. The riots of the railroads and meat plants. Easy to gloss over and pretend it was better than it really was. A dreamworld which in reality was a nightmare.

          As well, I could go there, but my post was on what was today and the future dealing with reality … not some pipedream hopefully never to occur which would destroy the nation as your path would have it done.

          • DaveH

            You have no idea what you’re talking about, Flashy. What Monopolies? What Trusts? All you can do is spew Propaganda. The reality is that there have never been any monopolies in Free Markets, except those which were created by Big Government.
            Those businesses that were accused of “Monopoly” by the Progressives were in fact successful because they gave the consumers cheaper prices by operating more efficiently than their competitors who then resorted to Propaganda and Fear-Mongering (typical Liberal tools) to hobble their more efficient Competition to the detriment of the consumers and the taxpayers.
            It’s funny to hear a Liberal, whose “facts” consist only of Hopes and Dreams, accusing me of being in a Dreamland. And even though the resultant policies of Progressives fail every time they will stubbornly cling to their Religion of Liberalism seemingly forever.
            You could learn some reality, Flashy, by reading the book “How Capitalism Saved America”. Here is an online excerpt:
            Of course I don’t expect Flashy to learn anything from it, as he is either the typical Liberal zealot who is afraid to upset his little Dreamworld apple cart, or he is purposely trying the Progandize those readers who just aren’t knowledgeable enough to know any better.

          • Flashy

            Dave…are you serious in asking what monopolies and trusts ? Errr…haven’t read much American Economic history have you. Why do you think the Sherman Anti-Trust Act was passed? Do you know the platform William Jennings Bryan ran on in 1896 against McKinley? Coal, Steel, railroads, Oil, Meat, Ag, Shipping etc…all were controlled by trusts and artifical manipulation of prices. Carnegie, Rockefeller, Armour, Morgan, Vanderbilt, Bliss, Hanna and more. Heck, here’s one you can look up. In the mid 1890′s, the New York World provided the list of 100 who controlled every single commerical market in the US. I’ll write this more slowly so you can read it … every single market. … are you really that ignorant of our history ?

          • DaveH

            No, Flashy, I’m not ignorant of history. For that reason, I know the cases you cited were not Monopolies, rather they were “accused” of being monopolies by their less efficient competitors who were politically connected enough to use Government as their bully-boys to stifle their competition.
            If you read the link I posted and even better the book I referenced, you can learn that. But I suspect that you really don’t want to learn for reasons I cited in my earlier comment.

          • DaveH

            Natural Market Monopolies (those not created by Government) are figments of Progressive minds. The fear of monopolies is promoted by noncompetitive businesses who wish to use Big Government to protect them from being out-competed by efficient operators. The concept of Monopoly is purely propaganda foisted on an ignorant populace, those like Flashy, who find it easier to accept the Propaganda than to investigate and think for themselves.
            The only way any Monopoly could exist is with the Force of Government. To imagine that any company in a Free Marketplace could control that marketplace is pure folly.
            Anybody who truly wants to expand their knowledge about Monopolies can read this:

      • 403 Forbidden

        Sorry, Pastor Flashly, your church may be full but anyone with half a brain has already left the service. “Captialism” is not about a “we” pulling levers or taking money from some to give to others to get 2-5% inflation; it’s not about discarding a Keynesian dogma for a Smithian one. It’s about individuals making decisions and taking risks, which we all have to do every day if we’re going to live until the next day.

        You might want to look up the word “risk” in a real dictionary instead of “Marx For Dummies”. Your concept of a middle class individual is someone who goes to a secure job every day and gets a reliable paycheck, which he/she takes to a dependable store and buys the same old products at predictable intervals. For all of the above to take place, someone you dismiss as ‘rich’ has to take calculated risks on a continuing basis and do almost everything right. For every business that succeeds, many fail. For every capital gain, there are capital losses.

        Even the company that provides Mr. or Ms. Middle Class a place to decorate their cubicle and post on Facebook five days a week has to be producing a product or service others are willing to pay for, at a price they’re willing to pay. Without all of the above, there is nothing for the middle class to spend money on – there is no middle class.

        I hate to upset your applecart, but there really is such a thing as ‘wealth creation’ and it is not performed by the ‘middle class’; people with jobs who do work (and I place myself in that category) are necessary but not sufficient for ‘wealth creation’. We lessen our risks and receive less potential for reward vs. ‘wealth creators’ – just like buyers of bank CDs vs. sellers of naked inverse tachyon lottery futures or whatever derivatives are popular this week.

        Every supposedly representative government inevitably promises to remove more and more economic risks for the majority of voters because that’s what gets politicians re-elected. It’s so much easier to rule people who think the laws of economics can be repealed: that the government can give them a degree and a job and a house without effort on their part because it can all be taken from the ‘rich’. Even when people like that are homeless and jobless, their Little Bo-Peep degrees don’t make them smart enough to realize that the ‘rich’ were promising to save them from the ‘rich’.

        It’s not a coincidence that every political ‘solution’ involves more and more power for a small group of lever-pullers of the type you seem to favor, and regardless of the rhetoric used, all government officials become wealthy and all the wealthy become government officials. Taypayers get the risk, insiders get the rewards. Diluting the currency is just one of the most venerable ways to accomplish that.

        • Runninbear

          That’s why the only way to rob a bank?…………. IS TO OWN ONE OR TWO?
          AUDIT THE FED !

        • Flashy

          I’ll pen a more in depth reply when time allow 403….but let me ask you this .

          You wrote —> “people with jobs who do work (and I place myself in that category) are necessary but not sufficient for ‘wealth creation’.”

          A few questions for ya. You have made 1000 widgets. Unless you have enough people willing AND able to buy those widgets…you have created what amount in wealth?

          Secondly, you have one millionaire, and ten small businesses each netting a hundred grand. Who would you say is more of a “job creator” ?

          As you state…money is in the system. Another question is, is it better to have it spread out so there are many working the cash and moving the capital…or a few who have more singular special interests in common with that smaller group?

          • DaveH

            Human labor can not drive a robust economy. The key to any modern country’s wealth lies in capital investment, an investment which requires financial risk, personal risk, educated guesses, sacrifice of current comfort for hopeful future comfort, and other factors which most people aren’t willing to perform.
            And then when those risk-takers have done well, the Liberals come along and want to tear them down out of greed for their wealth or just outright envy.
            Read this to understand better what it takes for a robust economy:

          • JC

            In what manner would the cash be “spread out” Flashy?

      • DaveR

        Where is the rise in goods (increase in units produced or quality of units produced?) commensurate with the increase in the supply of money (currency) contemplated by Adam Smith? I’m not seeing it in my personal expenses. I agree that a low rate of inflation facilitates the machine running more smoothly, but disagree that inflation is essential to functioning of fundamental capitalism concepts.

        • DaveH

          Inflation is necessary for nothing but transferring our money to the hands of the bankers and our Government.
          There was deflation in prices during the 100 years prior to the Federal Reserve and the economy did just fine. No telling how much finer it might have done if the Dictator Lincoln hadn’t launched the Civil War, in the process killing 600,000 people and destroying 5 or more years of wealth.

    • Vagabond

      Tazio as I said earlier. I am sure there are those who qualify for the firing squad for stealing from the people,

  • Bruce

    I thought that the only body that could “coin” money was Congress. Isn’t that in the Constitution??? And also, if you read that Constitution, the only money that is actually “legal tender” is COINS!!


    Stop the financial sodomy now.


    Or follow the link below to the plan;

    • rb

      Annnnnd your going to get an elitist lawyer to file this and fight it through the courts? I wish. Really. If you can find a legitimate law firm and enough financial backing to get this suit filed, please let the rest of us know. We will join. Most likely anyone joining the lawsuit will be labeled a terrorist though and “detained” under one the most recent acts our gov’t has passed.

  • william

    Aw c’mon, Insurgent. Why must you insult liars, whores and thieves like that?

  • Sirian

    In one way this is without question very serious as to what the Fed and it’s cronies are doing to not only the U.S. economy but to almost every other economy in the world. This has been in play since 1913 and the majority of the people of the world, especially here, aren’t aware of it. In another way it is rather funny that people – governments – can be so blatantly blind to the real reality of it all. Wonder what would happen if the Fed and all the other main/major banks that it is tied to were to have a major, yet secret, meeting (rather common place wouldn’t you say) and all agree to “zero out” all nations deficits? With but no more than a few strokes of on a keyboard every nations deficits could be wiped clean and in the end there would be no damage in sued to the banks themselves. Remember, the money they produce is nothing more than Monopoly Money – it has absolutely no value whatsoever. We are simply the fools that take it daily as holding as much value as an ounce of gold – what fools!!

    • Lastmanstanding

      S…the banks would be out of business, that is NOT what they want and why they won’t zero us out…THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT THE FIAT, THEY CARE ABOUT THE INTEREST THAT WE PAY THEM ON IT…the principal is just an number to justify the interest, a simple math problem. IT IS THE SWEAT OFF OUR BACKS…BETWEEN THE TAXES THAT WE PAY AND THE INTEREST ON OUR LOANS…THEY USE IT TO KEEP US WORKING FOR THEM.

      IMO, they could care less about us because all that they need to do is collect “more sweat” until we have none left to give…printing more money just keeps the game or “faith in fiat” going until they devalue our faith to nothing.

      At that point, we will have no wealth, no property, no food, no guns…no freedom and liberty …and ruined our founders dream.

      To be free again, the bankers that control the politicians and govts
      must be destroyed. Most of the politicains need to be imprisoned.

      VoTe Ron Paul 2012,

      • jimmy the greek

        Germany had a good start on getting rid of the problem , However the jew’s in America got the upper hand and now look what we got .

        • libertytrain

          Gosh, your bigotry is showing again.

          • jimmy the greek

            Because i see the truth ?

        • Brian

          JTG – the ‘jews’ didn’t cause what ails us and the rest of the western world anymore than the ‘Polish-Americans’/’Afican-Americans/ad nauseum…WHAT did cause this is the federal government(specifically those that voted for the Federal Reserve)…

          • Brian

            That is ‘African’…

        • daniel

          Gee Jimmy isn’t it nice to have a convenient scapegoat? You don’t have to think just blame. Gee if Germany had of succeeded you may not be around to post idiocy such as you are apt to. Now just go home little boy.

        • JC

          Jimmy, not only are you an ignorant bigot, but you’re actually quite stupid. Are you really advocating Hitler’s “Final Solution” to rid the world of a few banking cabals that “might” have some connection to Judaism? (Might as well be killing flies with a shotgun.)
          You feel it was ok to try and wipe out an entire race to get rid of a few select people?
          Well guess what, you’re mission seems to be to represent the absolute lowest aspect of life and show people how “not to” be civilized human beings.
          We’ll get rid of them all right…the Bankers that is.

      • Sirian

        Yes, without doubt, that is what they have cleverly pursued for well over a hundred years. I fully agree with you. Oh yes, just out of interest, found this old book – published back in 1899 – “The Coming Battle” by M.W. Walbert that I’m sure you will find very interesting. It pertains to the battles that we have had and continue to have with banks. The levels of coercion on both sides, banks & members of Congress – parties be damned, even to this day, are more sickening than expected. It is amazing as to what President Andrew Jackson had to go through. The only problem is that over the years they have become so much more powerful via the same manner of subversive maneuvers that were pulled before, the Fed more specifically now, that they can get away with anything – literally. Look up that book and download it. I’m sure you’ll like it. It’s a bit of history that so many people are totally unaware of.

  • dano

    I don’t buy into all that theory, if buisnesses want to blame rising prices and inflation due to value of money by printing, (which I buy some of that) then why is buisness only want the employee or buyers to assume all the cost impact. You never see an Employer give you a decent raise because the money they are giving you is worth less, but they expect it and don’t take that into consideration but on the other hand when it comes to purchasing they calculate that into their profits and raise prices but to hell with them employee or buyer. They are all screwing us, not just the government.

    • ChristyK

      Those businesses aren’t trying to do you wrong. If a business doesn’t have more revenue than it has expenses, it goes out of business.

      I am a small business owner. When times were good we did give good raises to everyone doing a good job. We were always proactive on raises. We also defined most pay plans based on performance, so if we did well, so did they. Because of the pay plans, we usually had about 25% of our employees making more than we did. Because the economy has dropped our sales by 2/3rds, we can’t afford to be giving out raises. If I keep giving raises to keep up with real inflation, we will go out of business and the employees will get nothing. I personally haven’t had a raise in 8 years.

      Stop blaming businesses and business owners.

      • Brian

        Yes – Hear,Hear!

    • DaveH

      You don’t need Government to protect you from business. If you don’t think they give you a fair wage, find another job, or if you’re talented start your own business. Of course, due to Government Intervention, starting your own business is much more difficult these days, but that’s another issue.
      Business owners, like any people, want to get good employees as cheaply as they can. And the employees want the business owners to pay them as much as they can. Both people want what’s best for them, understandably. For instance, when we sell our cars, we ask the most that we can. It’s up to the buyer to decide whether or not he/she will pay that much. Labor is just another commodity.
      When we involve Government then we have to pay more money to the politicians or bureaucrats for the intervention. Both sides lose in that case. We need to get back to Free Markets where people voluntary trade their goods and services without the costly (and self-serving) intervention of Government.

  • Mike

    The past few decades, the pre meltdown period, if you will, will be recorded by history, if liberty ever again prevails, will be recorded as the time of the counterfeiting, laundering and asset accrual by history’s most ruthless thieves. The “brilliant” plan? Infiltrate the treasury of a nation whose currency is accepted worldwide, counterfeit trillions, distribute it to accomplices via publicly accepted “stimuli,” subsidies, grants, bailouts, etc., and convert it to hard assets as long as the world continues to accept its value. Quite diabolical actually. No paper money for me, thanks. Some will never believe it, even after the breakdown. My congressmen are unresponsive. Fear not, Jesus said. Be the island for your family and loyal friends and neighbors. The only goodness left will be in the hearts of the meek. It seems we might not change the US govt. or the world but we can change us.

  • sean murrey ILLIniois

    That what the bastards want to do destory this country .

  • Helen2

    I remember when I first read “The Creature From Jekyll Island”, it made me angry and was a real eye opener. It pales in comparison to how I feel today about the bailouts. Why were we bailing out foreign banks? Especially with unemployment at the levels we see here in the US. And at 0% interest? The bank that holds our mortgage won’t lower the interest on our loan so that we could afford our payments and it got 391 billion in bailouts. And ever time I have tried to talk to a live person I get people in the Philippines and they tell me there is no one in the US to talk to, that they take care of everything. And if that isn’t bad enough, they lose your papers about every 3-4 weeks and want you to send all your personal information to them again. I did it twice and then got a notification that someone was trying to use my information to get a car loan. I immediately stopped that and never sent them any information again. They can have the house! So Chase got all that money and doesn’t even hire unemployed Americans to work for them. They send all their work overseas instead of creating jobs here in America. Obviously there were no strings attached to the bailout money.

    I don’t understand why what congress and the president are doing isn’t considered treason. They are deliberately setting us on a road that will lead to the destruction of America. If the cowards in congress would impeach the Chief thief, we wouldn’t have to worry about Obama getting re-elected.

    • Lastmanstanding

      H2… the fed and the ecb are one and the same…they are the banks that control the money supply on the entire planet…OUR GOVT DOES WHAT THEY TELL THEM TO with our tax dollars.

      Is the global thing sinking in yet?…it is further along than we think…please check out http://www.bobchapman/

  • tyrdofnnsns

    Yeah. Well all of this has been clear to see for alot of us for quite some time now. But what in Gods name are we able to do about it anymore? The Ocupy Movement seemed (to me) to be addressing this problem just about as acurately and agressively as possible. That is from a legal standpoint, as far as our constitutional rights as citiens goes, right? But just look at what our ‘trusted elected officials’ did, or ordered to have done to alot of them!!! And if anyone says that we don’t have a RIGHT TO PEACABLEY ASSEMBLE to adderss real issues needing imideate attention, well they need to do reasearch on our rights as Americans! So, how can we address such an issue as this with effectivness? As prevfiously stated; this kind of stuff has been obvious to many of us for a long time now. And it just burns me up to know those b***ards are doing this and boldface lying to all Americans and smiling while doing so. How can they all be doing their own country such a disgracefully imbarassing representation. And all in the name of self-serving greed!! It should be immidately punished, with a very equally demoraliing (publicly witnessed) punishment that would really make anyone else (that has the same ideas) think twice before attempting to steal from Americans!! Thats all i have to say about it! IT MAKES ME SICK TO KNOW WE ELECTED THESE JERKS TO REPRESENT US!!!

    • rb

      WE do have the right to peacably assemble as long as we are willing to pay for the proper permits, police overtime and have permission from the property owner in instances of private property occupation to occupy the property. We don’t have the right to occupy private property the owner has expressly said they do not want us to occupy.
      Also, peacably assembly is not what occured in many “occupy” camps. From speaking personally to some of those who attended “occupy LA” the camps were unsanitary, full of drug dealers, homeless and street thugs. What we really need is “Occupy Washington DC”. That would be a true test of our Constitutional right of peacable assembly!

      • DaveR

        Amen to that! A ten million man (and woman) march and sit-in demanding real change we, the people, can live with, and they the Washington ruling class need to give up their self-annointed fiefdoms.

      • JC

        If they had a clue at all they would Occupy The Fed and the White House. But they don’t…

    • DaveH

      Unfortunately, most of the OWS people have no clue who is really to blame. If they did, their primary occupation would be in DC. It’s the Politicians. The buck stops there.

    • daniel

      Join the crowd. OWS would have been a lot more effective however if they had followed some basic rules of civil society. Peaceable assembly means just that. Unfortunately unlike our representatives we can’t make up our own rules. Don’t just oppose propose.

  • Capitalist at Birth

    Write your Congressmen (all in your state) and Senators, demanding that they audit and gradually end the Federal Reserve. If they do not respond campaign against them and set your own term limits for them. They have created every bubble and bust cycle over the last 99 years, and every war that results from these actions.

    • Sirian

      Capitalisit at B, just for the heck of it, look up JFK’s executive order 11110. You may find it rather interesting as to an attempt to “phase out” the Fed. Especially with what the end result truly was.

      • Mike

        After successfully researching the text of various E.O.s, I found it impossible to access the text, but not the references to, E.O.11110 from the official US govt. library e-files over the past year. After comparing some non governmental sources of said text, and if they can be assumed to be accurate as I cannot verify the sources, it would be indeed troubling. Can anyone suggest a confirmed source for the text of E.O.11110?

        • Lastmanstanding

          Huh…now isn’t that strange? Why does everyone still believe that govt will provide “everything”…

          no way oswald made that shot to kill JFK…he was killed by the bankers (fed/ecb, etc.) because he was onto them as Sirian mentioned.

          It is wintertime. Go to and spend the 48 hrs reading a fantastic documented account of one mans 6 years of research…for free if you click the Gandhi link.

          I paid the $170 bucks because the intro was more than I could take…I did it because of the destruction happening to our freedom and because I thought my kids and grandkids were worth taking a chance…you will not be disappointed.

        • Sirian
        • Sirian

          It is difficult to verify everything but the point is that there was an attempt to phase out the Fed. Of course it didn’t make it but at least an attempt was made. When it comes right down to it it is merely a point of interest that gives us something to ponder on. Insofar as who actually pulled the trigger on JFK, shoot, we’ll never really know. So on that, we can decide for ourselves as to the one, or ones, that we in the end feel best fits.

          • Capitalist at Birth

            I believe it may require a Constitutional Amendment.

        • DaveH
    • Don Birth, i have witten my congressman and senators and all you get is blah, blah, blah, and a thank you for being a concerned citizen, what need to happen is what one commenter said is 10 million or more people march on DC and demand that all the crooks get out , and then restore a Gov. that follows the Constitution !!!

  • Henry Ledbetter

    We see the price of groceries going up week by week now and I think this is only the I see less and less staff and buyers in the stores. I may try to build a greenhouse next week and has anyone tried the solar electric ?

  • James Reeves

    The government and the media have mis-appropriated the term Kenysian Economics from his book, but they pick and choose what they will apply. Mr. Wood seems to quote him accurately, but what many seem to egnore (including college professors) is Keyne’s warning in his book that government debt incurred in hard time must be paid back in good times. The warning is there, but alais it is ignored, and most conservative are not even aware that it is there. The advisors to the political candidates need to know these basic things so they can counter the liberal line. The most of our Congessman for the last 100 years or so seem to be ignorant of almost everything given the laws they have past.
    James from Al.

    • DaveH

      Whether paid back or not, there is no evidence that the Keynesian Pump-Priming has ever worked except for those immediate beneficiaries of the Government largess. By giving losers (I know, a bit harsh) bailout money, the lesson they learn is that their profligate ways will go unpunished, so they can continue competing against those who did the correct things. As a result, those who made the right moves go unrewarded, and those who made the wrong moves go unpunished, exactly the opposite of that which would encourage people to be productive and efficient. Like any form of welfare, corporate welfare has the opposite effect of that which is hoped for.
      Now for my more cynical view. I believe it all boils down to the Politicians. They help those Corporate Owners who will help them with campaign donations or outright bribes. I believe those bailouts are nothing more than transfers of money from the citizens or taxpayers to the Government and their Crony Capitalists. And I believe that is what drives most Government interventions in the Marketplace.
      Whichever version is the real truth, the fact still remains that Government intrusion into the Marketplace doesn’t work for the bulk of us. It only works for a privileged few in Positions of Power.
      For Free Markets, Individual Liberty, Personal Responsibility (that includes Corporate Owners), Limited Government, and PEACE (which results from the preceding categories):

  • jimmy the greek

    Zionist jews run all the central banks .

    • FreedomFighter

      Luciferians run the banks, several competing factions.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • jimmy the greek

        Is that an other name for the jews ? i never herd that one befor .

    • JB

      If that was true – they’d be in much better shape than they are – -

      • jimmy the greek

        Israel is in great shape they are raping America and Europe .

        • Brian

          JTG – if you really believe ‘the jews’ are causing all our problems/Israel is raping the US and Europe’ I’ve got a bridge to sell you…

    • TML

      Haha… sorry, but you sound as stupid as the Nazi’s

    • duaner

      JTG Why don’t you take your KKK Hood off so we can see a despicable person in the flesh.

      • jimmy the greek

        not my kind , I am Eastern Orthodox not baptist.

  • Bob Marshall

    If anyone reads The Rise and Fall of The Roman Empire they will find the deciding factor for the fall was debt. Their military and the many wars they fought as they expanded their empire led Rome into a debt from which they never recovered. Sound familiar?

    • FreedomFighter

      No war is ever started without permission of the bankers, for the last 120 years at least.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • JC

        FF, research will show that the Rothscilds backed both sides at the Battle of Waterloo. It goes way back all right…

    • DaveH

      That and the fact that with their Empire Building they created many enemies waiting at the gates for the opportune time to strike.
      Yep, it sounds very familiar.

  • James

    Chip Wood says: “Rising prices do not cause inflation.” That’s true, rising prices ARE inflation. There is no reason for employees, who do the same amount of work each day, to receive annual raises, that’s inflation. There is no reason for aging houses to go up in their prices, that’s inflation. Houses do not become more valuable as they age, anymore than cars do. My son bought a new house, seven years ago, and sold it for a little more than it cost to build it. That’s the amount of inflation for that period. Houses are still overpriced and are still coming down to their true value.

    • DaveH

      I’m sure what Chip meant was that rising prices of individual products don’t cause inflation. Inflation in a consumer price sense is a broad increase in prices, not a localized one.
      But Chip may have been talking about “inflation” in the classical sense which is just an increase in the money supply.

      • DaveH

        As an example of what Chip might have been trying to say — in the 70s I remember the general price increases being blamed on the Oil Companies increasing their oil prices, when in fact it was an increase in the money supply that was driving the general inflation in the CPI. Government and their media Propagandists will spoon-feed the citizens whatever they will swallow.

        • James

          They raised the price of oil products because the dollar was losing its value. Inflation is built into our money system. the COLA’s wage earners, and others, get is because of the dollar losing its value.

      • James

        An increase in the money supply, like the unearned money in stimuluses, is inflation. Eventually it settles on all things, and the price of everything goes up. Ben Bernanke said he would try to keep inflation at 2%, which is about what it’s been, annually, since 1913. In the early 30s, a double dip ice cream cone, with real ice cream, was a nickel. Gasoline was 9 cents per gallon. That’s inflation.

        • DaveH

          Yep. And there is no valid reason for the Fed to pursue inflationary policies other than to transfer wealth from the citizens to themselves and Government. If the dollar was fixed, as with a gold standard, when productivity increased, thus creating more goods in the economy, prices would fall, as they should. They don’t fall because the Government is sucking up our financial wealth faster than productivity can give us cheaper products.

  • jerry

    Keep your eye on the ball! That $16 Trillion has been stolen by the islamic sovereign banks. A tiny percentage being used to buy America through financial corruption of public officals at all levels.
    We have paid JIZYA and its being used to enslave us to Sharia.

  • death to non believers

    i have worked in private industry for over 40 years. i have NEVER gotten a job from a poor person.
    the persons mentioned above, kennedy’s rockefells and on, also have NEVER gotten a job outside of some government institution. they have NEVER had to earn a cent of their money. its people like them who want to RULE over our countris citizens. self made wealthy people are not a threat to our country. its the born into wealth, become a politician because i have nothing else to do, I am better then everybody, I want to be emperor of the world, who are causing the demise of our country. they want to keep money from everyone else, will prevent that slime (us citizens) from moving into their areas.

    keynes economist: soon you will run out of other peoples money, what happens then ?

    • Brian

      There is probably some truth to the above…

      • DaveH

        I don’t know about the “born into wealth” part, but for sure there are those who earn their money legitimately by pleasing the consumers, and those who earn their money illegitimately by pleasing the politicians and receiving protection in the form of regulations, bailouts, subsidies, and tariffs.

      • James

        If Bill Gates wasn’t a multi-billionaire, we wouldn’t have the computer industry.

  • JB

    No need to selectively blame the Fed – - the basis of our problems is our elected elite, self-serving, corrupt, incompetent Congress. The spending processes they generate/utilize are without doubt just insane and uncaring.
    They are bought & paid for by lobbyists and become lobbyists after leaving office. And that’s non-partisan – - -
    ELECTIONS ARE COMING – - AND OBAMA PLANS TO BUY THIS ELECTION – JUST LIKE HE DID THE LAST ONE – - flush that stinking DC toiilet – completely.

    • FreedomFighter

      We will not have an election, or if we do Obama will most likely win.

      War will be started with Iran in 2012, most likely Sept/Oct or sooner, Obama will, depending on polls, decide to be elected or SUSPEND elections as the dollar collapses.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

    • DaveH

      The Hitman is the Fed. The Government is the Mob Boss.

  • Stephan F.


    Your piece today on the evils of the Federal Reserve adds yet one more to the expanding total on this subject seen here in the last few years. I say, “Uncle,uncle — your preaching to the choir, we get it.” And I’ll even bet that most of the intellectually dishonest wackos that visit this site even get it. It’s time to graduate the masses from the 1st grade and move on, so lets sum this up. Simply stated, the Federal Reserve is the largest & most prolific counterfeiting organization the world has ever known. There, that wasn’t too hard. Now, what to do (oh yes, I almost forgot)? We must end the Fed. Huh? Yes, that’s right. Now, repeat after me: End the Fed. Say it again, “End the Fed”. Good, now we’re on the right track. And how do we do that (you really didn’t ask me that, did you?)? Shame on you if you haven’t called your three congressional representatives and insist that they sign on as co-sponsors and support The Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2011, HR459 (house) & S202 (senate). (Tell you what, you’re off the hook if you promise to call them today)

  • JRRS

    Obama and all the corrupt democrats that he has appointed to various agencies and the socialists in the the Congresss, like Maxine Waters, have to be removed, or we are doomed! VOTE against Obama and radical socialism.

    • Alex

      God bless Maxine Waters—an angel on Earth!

      • Helen2

        Are you serious? One of the biggest racists and anti conservatives in congress? You expect to get something done about the fed with Maxine involved. Good luck with that. She reminds me of some of my classmates who were racists and didn’t care if you (as a white person) were listening to them or behind them in the hall when they were being anti-white. Considering that the white students were a minority in my high school and we didn’t do anything racist(we weren’t stupid, we knew we were out numbered we tried hard to get along).

      • DaveH

        How can we ever hope to get along when there are constant reminders, pushed by black racists, that we are different?
        Some reality:

  • Al

    You are not mentioning an important aspect of this problem. The (Worldwide) Central Banking system has at it’s pinnacle the BIS. That group in Basil SW, consists of the top 50+ central banks, including Russia and China. The way the BIS is organized, the largest lendor (central) banks have the most influence. The biggest are Fed, CBChina, ECB, CBJapan & CBUK. They are required to keep reserves. A lot of this is gold and precious metals, but most is national governmental debt. Not just ours, everybodys. Even Cubas, Irans and Koreas. All governments have pledged their tax collecting forever to the central banks. These central banks manipulate currencies, rates, fees, rules, money supplies, and policies. Even though the Fed has a large reserve of USA debt, the whole system holds the debt of the world. And the promise of the payback through citizen taxation. The BIS along with the IMF, WB, WTO, & UN must perpetuate this method until the slaves (citizens) realize we were duped. Then the system will end. Auditing the Fed, or nationalizing it or returning the functions to the treasury dept, won’t solve the problem. It needs to be solved globally. If any of these (AS or OWS) protesters had any incling of how they were being used to affect local policy, they would blockade their central banks and bring the system down. But that wouldn’t help anybody except the banking elite. WHY? Because they can take their gold and go home. We’ll be left with nothing but these useless Federal Reserve Notes.

    • FreedomFighter

      We have a military, it can go get these thieves take back ill gotton gains – just declare them

      enemy combatants

      they are attacking our country, trying to bring it down.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • jimmy the greek

        But then your precious jew masters well well be done away with .

        • libertytrain

          he must live somewhere hovered in the late 1930′s to early 40′s or so it seems.

          • FreedomFighter

            Greek is using a tactic of associating lunatic fringe ideas to rational fact based information in an attempt to demean, trivialize and diminish impact of said information, in the hope of putting off readers from the importance and substance of the factual needed information by creating an atmosphere sillyness.

            Greek is a fool, a paid fool, or tool if you wish.

            Laus Deo
            Semper Fi

          • libertytrain

            you’re probably right, that makes more sense with his extreme bigoted posts —

  • BigBadJohn

    Thank that famous republican – Richard Nixon, for taking us off of the gold standard.

    The fed was subordinate to the gold standard and had very little power.

    • Brian

      Roger that…But Republican or Democrat – they are all bad and ALL are stealing from us through their acquiescence of the Fed’s continued existence…Except MAYBE Ron Paul…

  • Downs1

    “The love of money is the root of all (kinds of) evil.” Where there is a lot of money, there will always be corruption. People who handle money often wonder how they can get some for themselves without getting caught. Some of the happiest people are those who have just enough, but not too much. People with a lot of money often are the most unhappy. Money cannot “buy” happiness, and many spend a lifetime trying to get more, thinking that will bring peace and contentment. It does not!History repeats itself again and again. If we get rid of those who steal us blind, they will be replaced by people who steal us blind! Ah! Money! It can’t buy life, or peace, or safety . . . not really!

    • Alex


  • skyraider 6

    Wasnt FDR that took us off the gold standard?

    • DaveR

      Yes, and no. FDR changed the official exchange rate, and imposed rules to confiscate privately held metal money. But it was Nixon who tossed out the gold standard permanently. You can read about this and much more in Milton Friedman’s book entitled “Money Mischief” published in 1992 which I highly recommend to all. Among other points he made in that was that when the USA went off the gold standard, that became the first time in history in which the entire world went off some metallic standard, and that no fiat currency has ever endured — we are now in an experimental age.

    • BWALK

      Yes, in 1933 but Nixon completed it in 1971. For folks that don’t truly understand the implications, there was an article this year regarding a service station owner in Oregon who advertized that he would accept “real money” (90% silver coins)for gasoline at his station. The trade rate at the time was 20 cents in “real money” for a gallon of gas which was in the neighborhood of 4 dollars a gallon. I remember at the time I read the article I crunched the numbers and the guy was actually making a bonus at two silver dimes per gallon and the actual value of the silver compared to the gallon of gas was only 18 cents! Puts things in a true perspective when you see that gas prices haven’t gone up, it’s money that has become worthless.

      • jimmy the greek

        You got that right !

    • James

      FDR had the possession of gold oulawed. After Americans turned their gold in, for $25 per ounce, he then raised the exchange rate to $35 per ounce, which devalued the dollars in circulation by 40%. Nixon took the dollar off of the gold market. Foreigners were buying our gold for our low exchange rate, then selling the gold on the open market and making huge profits. Since then, our paper currency hasn’t been redeemable in gold or silver.

      • JC

        On a side note, has anyone ever wondered what happened to the two billion in gold bullion owned by Scotia Bank that was stored in vaults under the WTC? It that was removed the night of Sept 10.

        • JC
        • jimmy the greek

          (offensive words removed) made sure it was out before they hit the towers .

          • JC

            Get lost Geek!

        • James

          JC, I learned of that in one of David Ray Griffin’s books. I believe the fact that the gold was removed, the day before 9-11, indicates they had foreknowledge of the attack.

          • JC

            For sure they did James, it was an inside job.
            There was also on hell of a pile of activity in the stock market the day before. People were buying “puts” on airline stock like it was going out of style.
            The official story is exactly that…a story.

      • DaveH

        Good Comment, James.

  • Douglas

    Then there can be only one choice for President…RON PAUL !! Because every other candidate is in bed with the FED.

    • DaveH

      Except Gary Johnson.

  • Mike

    “Their solution to the crises caused by printing too much fiat money is to… print more fiat money. This is akin to the Democrats’ solution to our growing financial crisis here at home: Let’s borrow our way out of debt.”

    Don’t turn this into a republicans good, democrats bad, thing.
    They are -all- bad.
    The two administrations before this one were also “borrowing our way out of debt”. And by the way, the “USA impending financial collapse” was announced by George Bush in September-2008, which was 7.6 years into his presidency.

    The only way these financial shenanigans can be ended is if the people put aside their standard dem/repub party squabbles and work together for a change, mainly to “throw all the bums out”.

    • Gillysrooms

      Amen to you Mike. I agree.

  • Don

    Amen Mike, Amen !!!

  • DaveH

    Let this be a lessen to the Establishment Republicans who think they can just ignore the True Conservatives and get by on the “lesser of two evils” platform:

  • Alex

    Most of the readers here could two hoots about their, or anyone’s grandchildren.

    Print more money? Why not? Who cares? Capitalism is DEAD, folks! It just doesn’t know it yet.
    ALL money is merely an abstract, a suggestion. It is what you SAY it is. Gold is no different, not at all.

    Your grandchildren, and all the other young people soon to take charge of this Sad and Beautiful World, are set to inherit a planet whose life-sustaining qualities and incredible, natural beauty has been severely compromised by Capitalism. We have torn the earth up, diced her with fences and divisions, rather than binding her with bridges.

    Your grandchildren will face drastically reduced fresh water supplies while choking on air not fit to breathe. All for money. So print more; print lots and lots—who cares? Only the greedy, only those who see life as a power-grab, get-it-while-you-can Material Spree.

    Flat Earthers deny Climate Change, claiming that those who sound the alarm are looking to cash in on the fear and ignorance of the public. And what, industry does NOT stand to profit by its ruining of our only home?

    Stop hating your grandkids—love them—leave them a livable planet. Get off the money jones and live….

    • DaveH

      If you cared about the Grandchildren, you wouldn’t be supporting the Big Government policies that are indebting their futures and ruining the American Dream for them.
      Don’t pretend to be compassionate. We know better.

    • DaveH

      Liberals like Alex are only concerned about what next personal pet peeve they can force on others, or how much of other peoples’ money they can spend.

      • Alex

        No, I just think that basing your life on acquisition and one-upsmanship is not good.

        While mankind has searched since crawling out of the muck, and maybe before that, for the “meaning of life”, a search that moves ever on, it only makes sense that we were blessed with an incredibly bountiful and beautiful Earth on which to live.

        The idea that any Creative Being would wish us to abuse the Earth, to slice it up and sell it off, to hoard the very foods and water meant for us all is absurd. That’s all I’m saying—well, a lot of other stuff, too, I guess…..

        • FreedomFighter

          Alex your socialist/Communist utopia will never work, has never worked, it has killed mor humans than all other types of goverment combined, hundreds of millions.

          Socialist or Communism requires a slave class, until we get really good robots to do the work as slaves it will continue to fail the people and as in every communist country now on earth.

          Thing is this: once the elites get the robots, wtf they need us for?

          Laus Deo
          Semper Fi

          • Gillysrooms

            You already have plenty of modern day $5 per hour slaves working in your country. People working for low wages and tips…that is still SLAVERY without communism or socialism in my book..

          • DaveH

            It’s not Slavery, Liberal, until those people are forced to work. They aren’t. The real slaves are those victims of Liberals who are using the force of Government to help themselves to their wealth.
            Read this article, Gilly, and see if your countryman Ben O’Neill (one with morals and common sense) isn’t describing you:

        • DaveH

          Who gets to decide what “abuse” is, Alex? You? I think the earth is doing just fine. Don’t force you ways on me, Alex.
          For those who think Alex is alone, read this:

          • DaveH

            That was a typo of course. I meant “your ways”.

  • TML

    “unbelievable truth that should get every member of Congress voting to hold some treason trials”

    I’m not sure I would agree that what is going on should be called “treason” as it is defined by the Constitution. Technically their actions could be considered “legal”. The most we should concern ourselves with is correcting the error we have allowed to germinate, rather than crucifying any scapegoat.

  • http://None Gene says

    One thing the constitution protects is your right to be an idiot. We have to many of them out there. !!

  • Terry

    Vote for Ron Paul the only Real American .!

  • Mark Dabney

    Actually we no more owe any of this so called debt than having stock in Madoff’s Ponzi scheme means the stockholder owes Madoff’s debt. Because the banksters control the issueance of currency – they also control the media – because they control the newspapers – magazines – newswires – TV, radio -

    If Hitler said 2 + 2 = 4 am I obliged to disagree just because Hitler said it? Hitler said “we do not owe this debt” and he was right – likewise now. If any of you are operating under the delusion that if McNuts had gotten into the Oval Office we woulda defeated the “terrists” balanced the budget and ice cream would have no calories yet still be delicious – get real – and stop pinning the blame on Obama – does he have his share of guilt? certainly! would things be significantly better had the OTHER puppet won – perhaps in your fantasy reality – but not in this one.

    Either the banksters will be prosecuted for fraud – have their stolen assets forfeited – or the world is headed for a plutocratic one world gov’t – we’ll see.

    • FreedomFighter

      Technocratic Totalitarian world goverment who’s leadership are Luciferian.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

    • James

      Mark, The national debt is now $15 trillion+ and grows about $4.17 billion per day. U.S. individuals and Institutions own 42.2% of it, and the Social Security Trust Fund owns 17.9%. If the national debt were liquidated, millions of Amricans would lose their retirement nest eggs.

  • Fletch


  • Gillysrooms

    In my opinion it will be better to lose the value of your dollar through inflation than to have no food or shelter. Your government and economists are in a very difficult if not fatal situation which is not being made easier by the ANTI- OBAMA and the ANTI-TAX crews I read about in these forums, [which incidently I enjoy greatly, thanks to Bob Livingston].

    Its only paper and its designed to keep industry afloat for as long as possible until the next financial miracle. Those with paper assets will obviously lose and those with land and property assets will win over time, so its up to the educated to use their own brains to work out how to survive with having enough to survive with food and shelter. So far, I have not heard any good ideas from bloggers to contribute to solving the problems at hand, just complaint after complaint…blaming everyone else and no real solutions. Surely with so many brain cells working overtime complaining can put their brains to some better use? STOP the complaints and the BLAME GAME and put your heads in positive mode and be more generous and not so greedy with your ideas. Thats one of the unusual things I notice with some bloggers who dont want anyone else to have anything without working if they are unemployed. Many of your politicians are very greedy to help their wealthy friends but not the ordinary folk who have no homes sleeping in parks and streets. This policy creates danger instead of better happinese. I believe some of your churches share some of the blame for your greedy nature …its not your fault.. you have grown up on fear of others enjoying better happiness. I,m not sure which version of your bibles teaches such backward views, but you need to think for yourselves more …think positive, think how can we improve the happinese of others…not just the wealthy bankers….. I suggest your forget about how the bankers are doing so well and think how can we co-operate with our governments to give more to the multitude ….

    • JC

      Your whole premise is unbelievably flawed. It presumes that Government is benevolent. It is not. Government is psychopathic and the only thing it wants is more power and more control.
      The Founders understood this and that is why they gave us the Constitution.

      • Gillysrooms

        Your Constitution is no longer applicable and mainly no longer relevant. It has been taken over by your members of your Congress & Senate over many elections and it can never be relied upon except as a piece of ancient history. Your few people who take the trouble to vote as electors have wanted your governments to give them this n that and your voters have taken, taken and taken in the full knowledge that someone has to be paying[ just like the Greeks...the the chickens are coming home to roost] and but now a few of you in this blog have awoken [suddenly?]and realised what has been happening all along. It much too late and your solutions will ONLY cause HYPER-DEFLATION, the solution MOST of your people DONT WANT. You may think it easy to stop printing paper money and have banks call up all their loans…including most of your debts I’d speculate and make everyone poor but a few smarties very wealthy. Your many government administrations have been very benevolent with budget funds and other credit instruments and it continues to employ many pgovernment workers it does not really need, it has spent money making guns and war material to use up in various wars, it has employed scientists going to the moon and beyond. Why did you need to go to the moon except to create work for your countries brightest scientists, your doctors in medical research and so forth. All these endeavours create employment and create new ideas. All these otherwise unemployed people spend their wages in your shops and on rentals or to buy houses, to pay for their childrens private school fees, to pay for your learned best teachers and lecturers in those private schools and universities…and so it goes on down the scale to jobs for janitors and communities, in which ALL of you benefit in some way or other…. NONE of you are prepared to pay the price of more bank failures, more job losses, ..imagine 80% unemployment with only the politicians, military, the police, the courts and the jail workers having jobs and houses? Will the doctors get paid? Where will you be living when your business can not longer pay for stock to resell? When you no longer have a job? Will you be begging so many do now in your poor areas, will you begin stealing food too? What are your plans?

        • JC

          I don’t see me having a problem with it.
          Nor do I see myself as alone in my thinking.
          Nor will I ever be a submissive sheep like yourself.

        • DaveH

          Better to keep your mouth shut, Gilly, and be thought a fool, then to open your mouth and remove all uncertainty.
          That “no longer applicable” document (the Constitution) is sworn to be upheld by all Politicians.
          Your Liberal views, Gilly, are “ancient history” and have been proven time after time to be failures. But that doesn’t stop your kind, does it? Proof? You don’t need no damn Proof! We should just ignore experience and morality and do what the Liberals say we should do. Sure.
          The chickens are coming home to roost in Greece, because your kind, Liberal Gilly, have been influential in Europe for many, many decades now. Many of the rest of the European countries are soon to follow because Big Government is the Problem, Not the Solution.
          You have no idea what makes a good economy, Gilly. It certainly isn’t taking from those who ARE productive and giving to those who AREN’T. That is what we get with Government make-work jobs. For example, the Government could pay people to catalog the rocks in the desert. It would be hard work. They would sweat. They would use their basic math skills and accounting skills. But who cares? Nobody would pay for such folly willingly with their own money. But Liberals, who have no economic sense whatever, would be happy to pay for such wasted effort as long as they got to pay with other peoples’ money.
          Every dollar taken from the private sector (the only way Government can raise money) is a dollar that could have been invested in capital equipment by a knowledgeable private employer to improve our economy.
          For those who are as ignorant as Gilly, but would like to change that:

    • DaveH

      I could read Gilly’s comment only as far as this sentence — “Its only paper and its designed to keep industry afloat for as long as possible until the next financial miracle”.
      Then I knew reading the rest was a waste of my time.

      • Gillysrooms

        I would thank your politicians who are still bothering to try managing your failed economy without any help from your Republicans who are only helping your economic demise as i view it. It seems I have a greater respect for your President than many of you who have little talent other than to blame others as if you know better. Talk is easy but actions speak louder…OBAMA stood for the office of President of America and won…have you ever tried to run for any political office? If you have then I might gain some respect for you however it seems those who continue to bleet revolution and anarchy are only showing a case of sour grapes because not many are listerning to your ideas for a cruel solution. There are no miracle cures, just more of the same printing money, creating more loans and more benevolence. you should thank your god for OBAMA.

        • DaveH

          Begone Liberal.

          • Gillysrooms

            DaveH, IM THINKING YOUR A SNAKE IN THE GRASS COMMUNIST JUST LIKE THE RUSSIAN PRESIDENT PUTIN… YOU WANT TO SILENCE ANYONE WHO DOES NOT AGREE WITH YOU. Only you know best and wish to peddle your propaganda to the exclusion of all other ideas. I’m into free competitive enterprise, but just like any group or association of Unions or Corporations, so are governments voted in by the people for the people. You should see what choices you might have in Russian since you dont like Liberals…lol. Im thinking that your Republicans are controlled by your largest corporations who dont wish to pay any taxes for the privilege of operating in your capatalist society…. Your Republicans are no better than the Communist Russian system of government…where only the rich communists win favours and dont need to pay taxes…only the poor serfs continue to support your your corporate giants…

  • BillF

    Nationalize the Fed! Make an entry to make payments to all the Foreign and Local Banks. The Fed should be part of our Government, not corrupt banks manipuating the economy of the world! America does not
    want to be part of the New World Order!



  • aj

    Ya Herman what’s his name said there’s nothing wrong with the Fed. If you want to know what they’re doing just call them. Ya right. He should be running for Saturday night Live rather than president. Nothing wrong with the Fed, what an ass.

  • Tim

    The Keynsian model has been totally shipped and thrown under the bus. What is necessary for a recovery is creation of wealth and feeding, cycling it through the economy. Employment is not wealth creation unless it means making of something by way of wealth. Unions have steadfastly refused to come to the table and the President panders to them.

    With Subprime still being enforced in CRA, the Democrat enforced mortgage rate extremely low, the construction industry lever broken there are really not many tools left. Wait the borrowing and spending tool has had particular relevance if used correctly. It wasn’t and burnt up trillions that are gone, leaving debt.

    Yet,, yet you can reduce real debt levels of banks and individuals. This can create turn over and if carefully managed kickstart an economy. The downside is that writing down of debt means that it is deferred or comes from other sources of wealth, including inflation.

    Hence printing money has a validity, but,,, but,,, but it subsidises the debt through offsetting from those with credit. Robbing Peter to pay Paul. This is swallowed as normal inflation because it allows turnover and those creditors taking the hits make it back elsewhere. When used with other Keynsian tools it is a moderate interim tool.

    The trouble comes when the Keynsian tools have been forfeited and the govt is trying to print it’s way out of problems (Hi there Zimbabwe) creating debt not wealth, doing it longer than short term. It becomes a vicious cycle that is easy to accelerate and hard to break.

    • Gillysrooms

      Try see if your Donald Trump candidate would really agree with promoting your policies of ruducing credit and debt when his empire is built on Peter robbing to pay Paul…thats how the house of real estate [cards]fortunes are being made, but your policies would see ppl like Trump go broke. Yet he pretends to be a Republican attacking OBAMA whose policies are making him even richer. Credit contraction will destroy Trump…. Cant you people see how fake many of your Republicans and Candidates real are?

  • Gillysrooms

    People like Trump want all the benefits of free and easy credit to make their fortunes but not contribute anything to taxation to pay for the government policies which are making them wealthy in the first place. They are seen to be so clever and so smart at creating wealth as DaveH espouses so often, yet the wealth is illusory and lost so easily if Republican policies were really implemented. Some people are so clever at using slave cheap asian labour to make and import goods to be sold at high prices to you americans paying in lost jobs and lost dollars to smarter Asians who then use those dollars to buy your lands at cheap prices when u are in depressions. You complain about Asian exporters under cutting locals when in fact it is your own smarties who are selling you out. The real patriots are those who invest their money in local industries employing local people and taking the risk that those same employyes will buy from local factories, yet in reality the wealthier ‘WHITE’ world has gone and lost by its own hand. Everyone wants and buys cheaper goods from imports while very few support local industry except your government, although I bet they also import cheaper components from foriegn lands?



    Quote Of The Day

    “A man’s real and deep feelings are surely those which he acts upon when challenged, not those which, mellow-eyed and soft-voiced, he spouts in easy times.”
    -Sarah Patton Boyle

  • duggy dugg

    Bank issued debt money sank the weimar.. Government issued debtless money restored their economy…bank issued money is sinking our econ and the world’s…
    the debt.  The debt is killing us. …appropriate the license to print money from the fed and restore it to treasury and stop the debt  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    worse than anything else is the loss of sovereignty by giving up the right to print our own currency…ditto e u …ditto most other nation states…we are bankrupt and will soon be insolvent too……why?  debt…15 trillion

    horsecrapologists yatt about jobs.  stimulus. wars. spending. retirement age.
    austerity…This tax.  That tax. obamacare..crap and trade… Fumble mumble bullspeak!

    The DEBT is the biggie. . The debt and how it grew by criminal gov’ t borrowing. ..unlike topsy. .it didn’t ”just grow”  !!!!!!! banksters arranged it to create permadebt!

    A criminal conspiracy has been in place since the beginning of the usa..alex hamilton worked for the european banksters,  the bauers. ..later aka red shields or roth schilds.  Alex levien,  later hamillton of the caribbean talked g  w into letting hamilton set up the first bankstard ownd central bank swindle
    to print the currency instead of the sovereign   nation state of amerca  printing its own currency un encumbered by debt!!!!!!!!

    Lincoln opposed the private   central bank and ordered u s notes printed..bang.. Mckinley and garfield opposed  private central banking. .bang. ..bang!!!!!!!

    jackson survived his assassin and in 1836    vetoed the  second central bank. ..printed united states notes. of debt to bankstards..paid off the then national
    debt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kennedy  opposed bankstard owned ”central” banks…printed u s notes. …bang. …

    Tom wilson signed the fed reserve act in 1913..he  later regretted    the act and remarked that he had unwittingly ruined the country. .he then  even campaigned for its repeal. .he soon died of. ….apoplexy… money is on poison…..

    Thomas woodrow wilsons campaign was funded by the  bankstards who, as the jakals of jekyll island,  crafted and drafted the bill that became the federal reserve banking act of 1913… our financial enslavement to the federal income tax !!!!!!!!!!!

    The fed is the biggie and the u s bonds that facilitate the robbery of you and me and the willing collusion of the treasury which should be printing the dollars not bonds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U s bonds are  bondage  !!!!!!!!!! To  the  payor.

    Bennie bankie prints bogus frn bux. .timmie treasury borrows them with bogus u s t ‘n  i go into debt! !!  uncle sam spends on war and other expenses on our credit card. ..our debt card. …we pay the debt principle and interest with income tax bux..irs is a pass thru agency. ..from your paycheck to bennie and other yyy of u s (universal scam) bonds

    The dying economy is a direct result of a major wealth leak in our government.. Tax  money is being used to service spurious debt.. Debt incurred  by selling bonds instead of printing money…most think the govt prints  money..not so. ..fed res bank prints money and loans it to congress to spend. ..the govt takes your taxes to repay the debt plus interest…not working well…we are being BORROWED into
    bankruptcy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    15 trillion debt and growing like kudzu..a parasite, a cancer on us…  the ngo “fed” has flim flammed the gov’t into letting the fed print the money and loan it to said gov’t. ….true..look it up,  the jakals of jekyll island led by warburg drafted the federal reserve bank act of 1913. .the  fed is no  more federal than fedex..lending us into bankrupcy. .treasury borrows,  you pay !!!  please play”how to abolish the fed”, the lender of mass indebtedness  !!!!!!!


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