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Stop-And-Frisk Police Tactic Spreading

July 2, 2012 by  

Stop-And-Frisk Police Tactic Spreading
NYPD's stop-and-frisk policy is spreading to other cities.

The New York City Police Department’s controversial stop-and-frisk police tactic is spreading.

In San Francisco, Mayor Ed Lee is considering “edgy” police tactics to increase pat-downs of people suspected of carrying firearms and other weapons, according to the San Francisco Examiner.

“The mayor is very frustrated with the level of gun violence, especially in the southeastern part of our city,” Lee’s spokesman told the newspaper. “We can’t keep doing the same thing. We need to get better results and the mayor has clearly stated to the community that he is willing to try something edgy, something controversial. However, he’s not willing to infringe on anyone’s civil rights.”

Lee is reportedly planning to work with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to discuss tactics that are being used to get firearms off of the streets in that city.

In New York City stop and frisk policies led to close to 700,000 stops in 2011 alone. From January through March 2012, the number of stops rose to 203,500 from 183,326 during the same quarter of 2011, according to The New York Times.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Robert Smith

    The problem isn’t guns.

    When are folks gonna figure out that being in hopeless poverty with the only way out being crime is bad for society? ]

    Education, health care, and hope need to be in these neighborhoods before the violence is going to decline.

    Sadly the solution from the extreme right is prohibition. Prohibition never works but they keep trying crushing human rights and hope.


    • rendarsmith

      I assume you mean provided by the government? Who is going to pay for this Robert? Where is the money going to come from? Shifting the debt to other people and spreading it around is only going to cause more poverty. These people need to learn how to take care of themselves (maybe our public schools should focus more on that instead of how to be good consumers). If the government keeps spoon feeding them, they’re just going to want to be spoon fed more and more.

      • Robert Smith

        Our schools DO need to teach life skills. Particularly in age appropriate sex education so they can avoid unwanted pregnancies and diseases.

        Schools should also teach how to change a tire, balance check book, and a hundred other things that are practical.

        But with no child’s behind left started by the right wing teachers are forced to teach to the test rather than stuff they know is practical and may actually help kids.


      • SJJolly

        Contrary to right-wing philosophy, most people get tired of being spoon fed about the time they start eating solid food. Similar for being spoon fed information.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Robert Smith, PARENTS are supposed to teach life skills! The reason things are so screwed up now is because everyone has left everything to the government!!! The government is INEFFECTIVE at everything!!! As far as sex education goes, the more they give, the bigger the problem! Every year sex education goes further and further! Now they are actually teaching kids to have sex and the many ways they can have it!!! Teen pregnancy has not gone down, neither have STDs. The more sex education they give, the more kids are having sex. Remember, the word “parent” is not just a noun. It is also a verb!

      • Robert Smith

        Nancy, Nancy, Nancy… Shucks, here are a few facts you might be curious about: “Gonorrhea: While reported rates are at historically low levels,”

        “Syphilis: The overall syphilis rate decreased for the first time in a decade,…”

        “When individual risk behaviors are combined with barriers to quality health information and STD prevention services, the risk of infection increases. ”

        I know that many around here just won’t believe the government no matter what but that’s where this came from:

        Education is still best for kids. The FACT is that there are a lot of bad parents out there and the cycle needs to be broken. We can’t as a society let ignorance prevail.


      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Robert Smith: Chlamydia, Hepatitus B, Herpes, HIV, AIDS, Human Papaloma Virus, Pelvic Inflamatoy Disease, Bacterial Vaginosis, Trichomoniasis, Cytomegalovirus, Genital Warts, Molluscum Contagiosum, Pubic Lice, Chancroid, Granuloma Inguinale, Candidiasis, Shigela

      • Rick

        Parents used to teach life-skills, then the government stepped in and said “We will relieve you of this burden”. The parents who abdicated their role have a share of blame for what has lead the children to this situation. Now they would have us believe that government rescued those children from the “parental-propaganda” to which they would be subjected.

      • vicki

        The government did one other little thing that effectively destroyed the ability of parents to efficiently raise children and teach them life skills. The government made it a crime to spank children. Humans respond to reward or punishment or both. Both is most effective. Reward only is least. No surprise that government left us with the least effective option.

    • phideaux

      “When are folks gonna figure out that being in hopeless poverty with the only way out being crime is bad for society?”

      Proven wrong each year for the last 15 years or so. The crime rate has fallen for all but possibly one year for the last 15 or 20 years. If poverty was the blame for most crime the crime rate should be increasing astronomicaly over the last 4-5 years and it IS NOT.

      • Robert Smith

        “The crime rate has fallen for all but possibly one year for the last 15 or 20 years.”

        Yes, there are several theories for that. “Here is one I find particularly interesting: “”It’s a very simple theory. Unwanted children are a tremendous risk for growing up and having criminal lives,” said Levitt. “With the legalization of abortion, many fewer unwanted children were born, therefore, the children who were most at risk for being criminals — they were never born.”

        That’s from:

        There is also a lengthy discussion about that at freakonomics. Google it. Posting extra e-mails slows things down around here.

        Abortion should be a part of sex education.


      • phideaux

        RS. Either an increase in poverty causes more crime or it doesn’t. Since I proved you wrong you are using the typical liberal tactic of trying to divert the issue to something else namely abortion. That tactic don’t work around here son. Flashy and eddie have worn it out and almost everyone recognizes it for what it is. Namely you lost and have to divert the discussion to something else because you have nothing else to offer.

    • David

      It ain’t the “right” calling for prohibition… it has always been the looney left that wants to take firearms away from the people.

      • Robert Smith

        st as they say that abortion should be each woman’s decision.

        You want your rights and they want theirs.

        Why don’t you try respecting their point of view and they will respect yours?

        BTW, I qualified as an NRA instructor in several catigories. Many have called me “liberal” but I still enjoy shooting.


  • TIME

    This is a topic thats easy to prove that the “Alledged Gun Crimes” are not as plentiful as the 100% “totaly controled mass media” would like all of you to believe.

    If you will not fight this form of political thearter tyranny and give the FACTS as the FBI stats clear show. And use the Pham facts as they clearly stand with the vast ratio differance.
    Then you will find within the next 24 months the US Inc.s largest law enforcment units known as the US Army, US Marines, US Navy, And US Air Force will be knocking at your door if you own a gun.

    Look into the manuals given out to these people, it outlines all this and MORE in vivid detail what they are planning to do. You all have been classified as “Domestic Threats.” And that special ACT known as the NDAA is the very proof of that again in VIVID DETAIL, that even the brain dead moreoffs can read for themself!

    The OMEN has been not only cast but as well shown for its true value. If you care to just sit back on your fat butts and complain well then you will get what you deserve.

    OR – YOU can – find people in your LOCAL area who believe in FREEDOM and your rights based on the ORIGINAL Constitution and bill of Rights, Hey it may even be YOU!
    Get them in office and take your states back, Town by Town.

    If we as a nation can do this, – then within the next ten years no matter what the OMEN’S placed in Office in the City State of DC.
    Your home states will not be party to it anylonger.
    Then your states and Towns within said states will not need any FED Money, thus the Vampires will just have to go away.

    Then we can change the Government and really “PROGRESS” rather than what your being sold as PROGRESS, thats really nothing more than ENSLAVEMENT by your own -CONSENT.

    Your choice people.

    Peace and Love

  • Big John

    The only time government and law enforcement respond or back off a policy or issue, is when the pushback becomes more costly than the deed. THIS is their language of understanding. Only when enough police craniums get busted open for violation of the “Search and Seizure” amendment in the constitution, will they re-evaluate and back off. If everybody continues to bend over for them when they tap your driver’s side glass, demand you get out of the car, and start rousting you, then they become emboldened.
    Note; the locations of these “Shock & Awe” search procedures are in gun control states, where the CC (Conceal/Carry) priviliedges of the citizenry have already been compromised. Makes it easy for them. Government and law enforcement no longer respect you.
    They don’t pull that kind of enforcement muscle down here in Georgia, or in the general south. They know every second car has a CC proponent in it. They get abusive, and folks start going home in zip-up bags. Rightly so…… If cops shake you down south of the Dixon line, then chances are, you’ve warranted the attention.

    • Steve E

      That’s true. Those goofy unconstitutional search and seizure gun laws only happen in the North and liberal states, not in the South where more people adhere to the Constitution.

      • SJJolly

        You sure it’s not more a matter of a gun culture in Southern states, vice devotion to the US Constitution? About 150 years ago, a number of Southern states left the United States to form their own country. And 50 years ago, there was a big ruchus in Southern states over allowing those with pigmented skin the benefits of the Bill of Rights.

  • SKIP

    I have to wonder how many murdered police officers resulted from these stop and frisks. I admit that the tactic works if blacks and spanics are targeted though. Also wonder how many guns have actually be removed from criminals hands without the arresting officer being murdered by said criminal with a gun in a city that doesn’t allow guns! See where I’m going with that?

  • sabulaman

    Seeking advice from Bloomberg. Nothing can go wrong with that. Maybe if San Fran would do away with current safe haven policies, there problems would subside.

    • Nanna Gail

      SABULAMAN: The only problem I can see with that is, UNFORTUNATELY, I live in Oregon and that is where they would go next, because it is a LIBTARD haven.

      No, I am NOT a LIBTARD myself, but because of a family property, I can not for the love of me, convince my husband to move.

  • firefight

    What they don’t tell us is that nothing Bloomberg has done to reduce crime has worked. This is a typical “knee jerk,” Liberal solutions to a problem that has been solved in other states like Arizona by allowing open and concealled carry without a permit. When You give “special priveleges” to one group while taking away the same privileges from other groups, you create a huge problem. In this case, taking away gun rights from law abiding citizens only leaves them defenseless against the criminal element who will NEVER obey the law. You can’t pass a law that a criminal will obey. When will we ever understand that one simple fact? You MUST level the playing field if you want to reduce crime. Once the criminal element enjoys the same threat against his life that the law abiding citizen enjoy against their lives, crime will go down. Arizona has proven this just as every state that has an open carry and a concealled carry law. It is only in those states and those cities where gun rights have been impeded by the mindless politicians, have we seen the highest crime levels persist. AND, now another mindless politician wants to follow the road to failure that had been paved by the award winning failure, Bloomberg. What is happening right now in New York is that the gang members have created “stash” places to hide their guns instead of carrying them. That means that now there are firearms placed in strategic places that these gang members know about where they can easily access a gun without having to carry the gun. This also means that it is now possible for some innocent kid to find one of these loaded guns and possibly injure or kill someone accidentally. Nice law Bloomberg. You have opened yet another can of worms with your moronic laws that continually fail to secure the safety of the people while giving free reign to the gangs and criminal element.

    Here’s another thought for you. What if I am carrying a gun and a police officer decides he wants to “pat me down” because he suspects I am carrying a gun and I don’t believe he is a real police officer? OR, I decide he has no business touching me for any reason what-so-ever? Many of us who do carry a firearm are doing so because we DON’T want to be messed with by anyone and that includes someone who purports to be “just following orders.” Anyone knows that for one person to touch another without that person’s permission can result in assault charges. To me, that would include a police officer. If he wants to know if I am carrying a gun, he can ask and then ask me to open my coat or whatever I am wearing that might conceal a gun. But then, I would not hesitate to tell him I am carrying a gun because I am an honest citizen WITH a carry permit. A criminal would probably try to draw his gun and shoot the officer. You see what I mean? You can’t have one law that applies to two different kinds of people. It has NEVER worked and it will NEVER work. There needs to be only ONE law that will work and that is one that will allow anyone who has been attacked by a criminal, gang member or gang members to deploy whatever weapon they have and begin firing at will. That law already exists under the second amendment of our Constitution and under our Constitutional and God given rights to defend ourselves, our family and our property. This is the law of the land that people like Bloomberg are infringing every day. It is the Bloombergs of the world that we need to get rid of.

  • Jimmy The Greek

    The police should not be permitted to search anyone until after they are arrested , In a lot of places if you are pulled over for a traffic ticket the police well cuff your hands behind your back as your car is being searched , [ they say it is for the cops safety ] I say if a cop is that scared they need to find a new line of work or should have stayed in the donut shop until there shift was over , or better yet should have never stopped the car in the first place .

    • Nanna Gail

      Jimmy The Geek: You have it right. The trouble is, these so called “law enforcement officers” are the ones who are just in the job for the POWER.

      I think there must be SOME GOOD LEO’s in every state, but these younger one and some of the older ones are using the force as a “POWER PLAY”.

      • Jimmy The Greek

        I run into a Yong one under 30 that was ok in Houston , I raced a boy on his motorcycle on a street off a red light and did not see the cop two cars back in the right lane , I got up two 105 mph in a 50 , He let me go after he asked how much money i had in my motor work , then went on to tell me about his bike . lol

  • Benjamin Fox

    The police state has arrived and used in the most evil cities on the planet, the lands of fruits and nuts, starting with the leadership, little brainless god men want to be’s.

  • 45caliber

    700,000 frisks. And how many of them ended up finding an illegal gun? How many of those with illegal guns arrested and punished? And where is a judge with the balls to stated that this is an illegal search?

    • CZ52

      How many guns ended up in a cops personal collection.

  • daniel

    San Francisco one of the most liberal places in the world in a state that caters to nearly every human need and yet something so coarse as gun violence is happening? A state and a city with restrictive gun laws and still gun violence. I guess there might be some truth to the old bumper sticker that when guns are illegal then only criminals will have guns. BTW stop and frisk? Just what we need more intrusive police tactics.

  • Nanna Gail

    So, when they start FRISKING people “They THINK” have guns, and I assume many do – with a concealed carry permit, are they going to do the same as those other cops did, when they took down and tazered a young man, who TOLD THEM HE HAD A CONCEALED CARRY PERMIT?

    Looking more like a NAZI POLICE FORCE than ever to me.

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