Stolen Bike Back After 15 Years


STOCKHOLM, Sweden, Aug. 24 (UPI) — A Swedish woman whose bicycle was stolen 15 years ago said she was shocked when police called her to report the bike had been found.

Agneta Wallen, 34, said the bike was stolen in 1996 after she parked it near the Galve business where she worked at the time and she reported the theft to police, but eventually gave up hope of ever seeing it again, The Local reported Wednesday.

However, Wallen said she recently received a call from police informing her the bike had been found in the city of Soderhamn, nearly 50 miles away. Police traced the bike back to her using the identification number she had carved into the frame.

“I laughed so much that the police eventually started laughing too. I was sure it was a prank my husband was playing on me,” Wallen said. “It wasn’t until I phoned the police back directly that I actually believed the bike was found.”

Wallen said the bike was still close to the same condition it was in when she last saw it.

Police said they do not know what happened to the bike during the years it was missing.

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