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Stockpile Food to Prepare Against Dickensian Scenes of Destitution

June 12, 2009 by  

Stockpile Food to Prepare Against Dickensian Scenes of Destitution

Stroll down any aisle at the grocery store on an average day and you’ll probably see thousands of items of all kinds made by any number of producers. Many times there are six or eight brands of the same item. And they come in all sizes.

Although store shelves are currently full, there may soon come a time when that is not the case. As the U.S. Federal deficit grows beyond the current historic levels there will come a time when a correction comes. A devaluing of the dollar has already begun. It will be followed by inflation that could become so severe that food and other necessities become unaffordable or unattainable.

It is happening right now in Latvia, where the government’s current budget deficit is estimated to be about 12 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP), according to the International Heritage Tribune.

So as the Latvian government cuts wages and spending in order to bring down its deficit and qualify for a bailout from the International Monetary Fund, “Austerity is rippling down the social hierarchy, as the affluent cancel vacations, middle-class people fret about social descent, and Dickensian scenes of destitution multiply,” the Tribune says.

Many of the people there can simply no longer afford to feed themselves.

Currently, the U.S. is running a budget deficit of about 13 percent of GDP and spending almost $2 for every $1 it takes in. It doesn’t take a Pythagoras to understand that math like that doesn’t add up.

So if you want to prepare yourself for Latvian-type circumstances and ensure that your family has food to weather such a storm, you need to begin stockpiling food and water now. And even if you don’t believe things in the U.S. can get that bad, it’s a good idea to have some food and water stored in the event of a natural disaster that affects the food and water supply for a short time.

You should always keep on hand at least a three-day supply of food. It’s easy to stockpile a few cans of meats, soups and vegetables, as well some rice and grains, to get you through a short-term emergency. You can do this by buying a few extra things each time you go to the grocery store. Remember, canned foods have a shelf-life of about two years, so rotate your foods.

For longer-term situations, some planning in advance can save you from tremendous hardship when the catastrophe strikes. To prepare, you should have a good stockpile of both canned and freeze-dried foods. All canned soups, fruits, vegetables and meats should be kept in a dry, cool space.

Be smart with your planning and purchasing and you can accumulate food that will sustain you for a long time at very little cost. Just don’t gather things your family will not eat. Oatmeal, Ramen noodles and Bisquick are great things to have on hand in an emergency, and they don’t cost much. And, don’t forget to add commonly used spices, which help to make any food more palatable.

Freeze-dried foods and military style Meals Ready to Eat (MREs) are convenient types of foods to have on hand for emergencies. These are available from outdoor supply stores, survivalist stores and via the Internet. There are various types of MREs that can be purchased in kits with quantities to feed families for up to a year.

Warehouse stores like Costco sell freeze-dried emergency food kits in plastic buckets with as many as 275 servings for about $85. That would be enough to feed a family of four for three weeks.

When buying these pre-packaged meal kits, be sure you compare the packages for a list of meals and ingredients included before making your purchase. Some tend to scrimp on their offerings and provide just enough to survive but not enough for a hearty, filling meal.

How much food should I save?

You can never have too much food set aside for a crisis because you can’t know ahead of time what the crisis will be or how long it will last. Will a three-day supply be enough? One week? A month? Three? A year?

You hope it doesn’t last long but you never know. So it’s best to start small and work from there. And start with a definite plan.

There are several things to consider. How many are in your family?  How many additional people would you bring under your roof? What is the nature of the crisis—natural disaster, terrorist attack, economic collapse or fuel shortage?

Let’s start with a three-day supply. If you are feeding a family of four for three days you will need to plan on three breakfast meals, three lunches and three dinners.

The main idea is to prepare. That way, if the U.S. should turn into a Latvia—or a 19th century London—you won’t find yourself on a diet of meager meals, scraping to get by.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • WOTD

    Great tips Bob. We have been building up our food storage and find that seal tight containers are necessary to store boxes of pasta or bags of rice in order to keep the bugs out. You can buy restaurant-grade storage which can be expensive or, my personal favorite, seal-tight dog food containers such as can be found at PetSmart or Petco. They’re about $45 and hold a lot. Grab the one that has the round lid on top that spins and tightly seals.

    We always buy a little extra when we grocery shop on weekends – our local Giant Food always has “10 for $10″ offers which can be canned vegetables, fruit, pasta or beans. For an extra $10 – $20 a week you can really build up a nice stockpile quickly. Just don’t forget the toilet paper, toothpaste and soap too!

  • 13th Gen. American

    I had looked up several companies over the net that have freezied dried stuff in several different packages and ready to go.You can suppliment with some of your faves. One place had a years worth for 1 person for 1,200. Sounds like a lot but when you think of what you spend a year on food this isnt much at all. They are not going to have twinkies, which I hear last about 100 years, but it is an emergency kit. Im trying to get everyone I know to get one because sure enough if they dont they will be coming to you for food.

    • Natella

      Where do you find this?

      • 13th Gen. American

        If you google something like LDS food storage facility you get a choice to look at. I personally like the selection of foods and price at (Plesant Hill Grain) They give several different options. They also offer water purifiers. If worst comes to worse you can always get water out of the creek or river. I know some one who lives on a boat on the river and some people who live on an island and they put it through a swimming pool filter then the regular gravity ones. It all depends on where you live and the water. A regular water purifier will do well from a creek. I know. I camp alot. I also will get the stuff from the store when on sale like instant noodles and rice and potatoes and beans. Ya water is a big deal but it will be easier to go down to a creek and get water than go find food. Im not digging a hole and crawling in it but we must be responsible and save. Ya there will be robbers and stupid family and friends so I wouldnt be telling the neighbors you have a room full of stuff but it is better to be safe than sorry. Also Ive been getting all the stuff that can sit forever on sales too. Like shampoo and soap and TP and paper towles and, well you get it. A couple bucks here and there doesnt hurt. If you get that stuff now then later you might need what you have on food. We are so use to having everything you need in excess but when times get tough you can make a bottle of shampoo last 5x longer if need be. . Im also getting this guys book on surviving the crisis. Its advertised somewhere here in these letters 20 bucks for good info. I dont think a person has to be scared but smart. Try to get as many family members you love to get stuff to coz you know if that cousin you really love doesnt have anything youll be feeding them all too.

  • Jack Kinch(1uncle)

    Recommend any low-salt foods to store?

    • Judy

      Hi Jack,

      My Dad is on a low sodium diet. I will be storing rice, low sodium soups and no salt added canned vegetables. Hope this helps a little!

      • 13th Gen. American

        I like the noodles and other regular store food but the salt is to much for me. I just use a little of the flavor pack and add my favorite spices. Mrs dash or regular spices can make a big difference.

  • Four corners

    We may not have power either so it might be a good idea to think about something to heat food with. That could be a grill or some type of gas indoor grill. I keep thinking a generator might be nice also. Here again, one should stock some fuel for these items. It reminds me of the days a long time ago when we prepared bomb shelters and had emegency kits prepared.

    • 13th Gen. American

      It sounds silly but everyone will see and smell your grill. Those sterno cans do really well or things for camping and they are safe enough to use inside with a small vent.
      CANDLES! I had a list of stuff somewhere.I cant find from back in the day. I know times are tough but if they get worse you cant get shoes or sox. I even got 2 paies of good walking shoes and 5 packs of sox I put away. Think what you personally might need and just get it on sale. OH YA. how about a bike. Think and make a list.

    • Robyn

      You can make a solar oven out of heavy duty aluminum foil & cardboard. They work great. Needs nothing but a little sun light. People use them for camping all the time. Google solar ovens & learn how to make them or you can buy them.

    • Pooky

      A website I found actually has a solar powered generator, which will not exactly run a house when charged, will still be enough to run a pump, a lamp, charge a cell phone, etc.
      All we can do is try to be as prepared as possible, within our means…

  • RD

    Am not a morman but what is their food requirements per individual….


    • Annabelle

      You can find information on the Mormon’s requirements and also other available sites on the web. is one such site. Also Google ‘Food Storage’ and you will find many companies that can help you with your questions. There are many offered so it might not hurt to compare price. Hopefully, this will give you some resources to check out.

    • Rayme

      Mormons are required to have on hand a year’s supply.

      • Lynn

        I’m a “Mormon” and have been for 50 years……. I have never been “required” to have a year’s supply of food……..!!! We are encouraged to have food and other supplies on hand so that we can provided for ourselves and our families incase of an emergency or other disaster….. There are all kinds of “disasters”….. It can be something as simple as being out of work or the breadwinner being “sick” or “hurt”……… It is a good feeling to live within your means and to be able to take care of yourself………

        While you are “putting together” the things that you need…. don’t forget to add other simple things that might be needed incase of “whatever”…. happens…. like a needle and thread……… alcohol and peroxide and antibacterial creams….. femine hygene and “baby supplies”….. what ever your special circumstances warrant…… basic first aid supplies…….

        And if things get really tough and awful……. think about this…… who out there would not “share” with his neighbor???? Hollywood depects some pretty awful scenes in their movies of people killing and looting and all that….. but, in reality, Americans have always worked together and helped others…… and that is how I see it…… If it is awful, who could look into the eyes of their friends, family and neighbors and not share what they have????? All that I have saved would be shared with others……… until it was gone………

        And think about putting away some “seeds” to start a garden………. for the future………… We will all be in “it” together…. no matter what happens…… and we all will need to help each other…… Remember Joseph in the Bible…. and how he saved his people and his family by following the Lord and putting away for the years of famine….. something to think about!!!!!

        • Jeannie

          Lynn,I am not a Mormon but I agree with you, what person would turn another one away,when I was a very small girl my dad would set me down and tell me if it was one thing he wanted me to do for him was never turn a person away from my door hungery or cold, he said he knew the feeling when it happened to him back in the big depression when he went out trying to find work, he didn’t want people to just give him, he always ased them to let him ct wood or clean the barn and etc,but a lots of people would not give him water to drink,
          I have never fogotten,if someone needs something and I know I am there to give of what I have,My food supply has always been plenty and I always have plenty of clothes,I want throw away anything,I know somewhere there is someone that can use it,God has always made sure that I can do this,so I give him the glory(maybe my dad told him to keep me supply so I could do what he asked of me when he was with us) I have passed this on to my children ,grandchilder and their childern, this should be taught to everyone and it would cut down on proverty and welfare, The restaurants throws away enough food to feed the homeless. America has been so blessed it a pity things are gettting like they are,maybe it is timefor us to know how it feels in other countries,then maybe we would turn from our wicked way and learning who our sorce is GOD, Bless you Lynn and family may God hold you and yours to his heart.

        • judi

          Lynn, I am glad that you posted this. You said exactly what I was thinking. I am not a mormon, but I grew up old school from parents who were raised even older school. You stock up when you can. We never know what tomorrow brings—ice storm, loss of a job, sickness, death of a spouse, or an outbreak of a nasty flu. Things in general that would cause us to not be financially stable where we would have to rely on a backup plan. I also would not be able to look a neighbor or friend in the eye and turn them away. We don’t have to have our goods on display, but we must be willing to share and help one another. I have to answer to God for my actions, and I don’t want to have to discuss greed.

          I also think that people need to think outside of the “lunch” box when considering stocking up–things need to be repaired verses replaced when money is a factor, so items to mend clothes, duct tape (our cure all), a few basic tools, thin rope for clothes line, etc. For those that do not have a washing machine, by a plunger! They work great for washing clothes in a tub.

          • texastwin827

            If you can find a mop bucket with a wringer on it, that works even better than the plunger!

    • Lori

      One site I found is: There is also an extensive listing of the lifespan of different kinds of foods, non-traditional ways of preserving foods, things you may not have considered, etc. on another site…if you search me out, I can find it for you…I am looking for where I stored it on my computer now…L

  • Bernard D Kimmel

    I have been storing for several years and trying to get others to do the same. The advice you give is good advice. It is sad that so many will be hungry in such a short time. One thing I will say about a generator is storage of fuel. There are so many laws that pretain to fuel storage now, farming, lawnmowers, yada yada yada that one must be careful about that too. Salt, NO SUGAR, spices etc etc and the more you get of course the more storage room one must have. Don’t forget water AND a water distiller, don’t store water in plastic (BPS). It gets to be a real headache after a while.

    • Natella

      What do you suggest storing water in, since we get water from a water company in 5 gallon tanks.

      • Robyn

        Plastic water barrels are fine as long as they are HDPE 2 You can find the # on the bottom of the barrels.

        • Bernard D Kimmel

          I did not know that and appreciate you sharing it.

      • Patriarch

        You can filter water through a Berkey or Aqua Rain Water Filter, which are gravilty water filters, and you can get this water from your Dehumidifier, in your basement.

        Simply take the water from the collection portion of your Dehumidifier, and pour it into the Berkey water filter. After it is filtered, you can either boil it, for coffee or tea, or to make soups, etc., or filter it again, through a Brita or Pur Water filter pitcher.

        It is a good idea to have plain Bleach, without any scent to it, to assist in water purification, as well as “Potable Aqua” water purification tablets.

        Setting up catch barrels by the gutter drain spouts is a good idea. You can filter this water for drinking, or use it for washing clothes, or watering your garden.

        I would suggest that people plant a garden of vegetables, regardless of the amount of property they have. Every Suburban home can grow a vegetable garden, to at least support their family’s diet, as was done wth the “Victory Gardens” that where grown during World War II.

        While planting vegetables, I would also recommend planting berry bushes, too, as well as some herbs, like basil, or mint leaves.

        Storing vitamins and minerals would be a good idea, as they are needed to supplement our diets, to ensure proper health.

        Of course, as someone had written here, purchasing extra toilet paper, paper towels, toothpaste, soap, and deodorant, as well as dish washing liquid, and laundry detergent, is a must.

        If there is no power for an extended period, a Wash board and tub will be needed to clean your clothes. Don’t forget to string a clothes line up in your back yard, as well as one in your Laundry Room, and pick up a bag of clothes pins.

        Don’t overlook buying plastic garbage bags, both the White trash can liners, and the large black plastic bags.

        To aid in personal and family sanitation, if the Sewer system is out, you may want to store extra Cat Litter, which will do for you, and your family, what it does for your cats.

        Since I mentioned cats, whether they are your pets, or ferrel cats in your Neigborhood, it would be a good idea to keep them around, since they are a natural pest control mechanism.

        Having three cats as pets, and feeding, and watering, a number of ferrel cats in the area, keeps my home, and yard, free of field mice, and other potential pests.

        That is one major reason why I would never de-claw a cat, aside from the fact that when it is de-clawed, its natural self defense capabilites are removed from it.

        Dogs are not only great pets, and friends, but also excellent protection. Even a small dog can be helpful in alerting you that someone is outside the house.

        To keep your family and provisons safe, takes planning, and resolve. That means doing what it takes to protect both family and food.

        No one will let a Neighbor do without, or even let a stanger pass without giving some aid, but when people who are desperate, or have a Criminal intent come to your home, you better have a way of relaying to them that any attempt on your home would be met with severe force.

        I suggest that people buy a gun, particularly a long gun, such as a Shotgun, or Rifle. If you can, purchase both right away, along with a good supply of ammunition, and a cleaning kit.

        Some food storage sources that are available for the purchase of de-hydrated foods are Emergency, and .

    • Denei

      (don’t store water in plastic (BPS). It gets to be a real headache after a while.)

      What are plastic BPS??
      I do stock water in plastic milk jugs. Does water go bad or what is problem with it?

      • Bernard D Kimmel

        BPA is cancer causing chemical and is transferred from the bottle to the water in high or low temps.

        I made a typo the Chemical is BPA not BPS. You can get BPA free plastic but at a much higher price.

      • Robyn

        That’s fine for washing hair etc., but drinking water needs to be stored in containers that have not had anything else stored in them due to dangerous bacterial contamination.

      • Midge

        Plastic milk jugs deteriorate too soon. Use 2 liter soda bottles (well washed, of course). Once a year pour that water on your garden, or wash your car with it, or some such that doesn’t include just pouring it down the drain, and replace it to keep your supply fairly fresh.

  • bert

    Other analysts say the same thing. Many see inflation and even hyperinflation. So any food you store now will be more to maybe prohibitively expensive later on. Projections on some crops seem pessimistic. National Geographic and others say the American West from Texas to California has experienced droughts of hundreds of years more often than not. Climatologists say we’re in a temporary wet period. Recall Joseph in the Bible and the 7 years of plenty and the 7 years of scarcity.

  • Daniel

    The advice about food is very important. However, I would add that freeze-dried or dehydrated food is in many ways not a very good choice. Most people tend to overlook water requirements as it is, and needing to use water to re-hydrate food will worsen the situation. It’s odd how people’s minds work–almost everybody thinks of food before water, even though one can go much longer without food than without water.

    • Judy


      That’s great advice on the water! Thanks for pointing this out.

    • Public Servant

      Daniel, very good point for people to think about. FD and dehyrdrated foods have a long shelf life, hence the excellent source of long-term storage. Also, other foods that are typically stored long term, such as beans, rice and grains are not cooked. But these will do you no good if you do not have a source of CONSUMABLE water.

      I live on land with a well with a generator and stored fuel, so a water source is not my top priority. But eventually I will be getting a water filtration system that I can store easily and break it out when the time comes. You can set up a system that will clean your rain water or ground/surface water so that you can drink/cook with it. For a few hundred bucks you can get a water purification set up that will clean several thousand gallons of water. Just get a few extra filters and you’ll be set.

    • Jeannie

      There are some bottles that can filter up to 3000gal from any kind of water,it comes out really clean, I got mind from Branson MO, from the Jim Bakker Ministries, you donate and he gives back,that way it is like giving to God and receiving a gift,you can look him up on the webit is The Jim Bakker Show, I also get freeze dried foods there two and other suvial things., I keep backpacks ready as well as supplies,I pack two exrra ones to give to other, we als have bikes for travel if it comes to that.
      This is really a good bloging place to find ideas Thanks to everyone and may God Bless each of you, don’t forget to share with other who don’t have God will bless you for it and your meal barrel willnever be empty

  • http://windows Rose

    Its fine and well to stock pile food for your family and yourself but if things get really bad, your stock pile will be taken from you. There are many robbers & thieves that are willing to bump you off and take everything you have.

    • Public Servant

      If you think that this scenario (what is commonly referred to as when TSHTF) is a possibility you definitely need to start preparing yourself mentally for what has to be done. Those who are unwilling to either; 1) defend to the death for you and yours or 2) join a group who is willing to help you defend for services you can provide for the group. are going to find there are those in the world who will take from you.

      In my case if they get through the fence, the dogs, my AR-15, my wife’s shotgun and whatever other surprises I may lay in store for them; well if they get through all of those then I guess they will get what I have stockpiled.

      This is also a reason that you need to network with those who are like minded.

      • AZmama

        Thanks for putting in plain black and white! That is how it is!! It is a scary thought to think we could get to this point, but it is looking that way. We need to be prepared, not panic.
        I wanted to ask how have you found “like minded” people?
        I am feeling like i dont want to reach out beyond my own small circle of friends, most are not on the same page,and our family of 3 kids. I know we should do this but not sure where to look….We have tried the church but found many were not in “reality” and the pastor seems to not want to step on toes to speak of the harsh reality… any suggestions??

        • Publice Servant


          Check out this website

          There is a large number of people on this website who are ‘like minded’. And as such, are very willing to give advice and help out with as much information as you’d like. And many of these people have been living the life for years. They have a VAST amount of knowledge AND experience in living self-sufficient, and are from every part of the united states.

          I would NOT look beyond your circle of friends at first. If your husband is onboard he may be able to find a few people where he works. It’s tough and takes a little bit of time. Like I said in another post here..sometimes the guys at work will joke about “the zombies coming” and that’s how we first got started talking about this issue. I’ve brought the topic up to my neighbor just in passing conversation, so don’t rush it. AND just like in Christianity, you can be a guiding light or a blinding light. It may take the situation getting a little worse for your friends to come around. But if you are there with good information, maybe you’ll be there just at the right time that you can give them a little guidance and encouragement when they’re ready.

          Of course, there will be those who are never ready. Unfortunately, it may be a little old-fashioned, but I am responsible for 3 ladies in my life: my bride, my step-daughter and my mother. And I will be prepared to provide for them. Anyone else who fails to prepare and who dose not have any skills to contribute to a post TSHTF community will not be welcome. I will not endanger the welfare and safety of those ladies for anyone…and that includes draining the resources for survival that we have.

        • Robert

          Try Do not forget the “z” or you go to a porno site. The NRA is a real supporter of the people. Go to gun shops, sporting good departments,and shows of any sporting agenda. Good luck.

        • Jeannie

          Frist look to God and seek his wisdom,men will fail you but God will not’he will lead you to those that will help you in any kind of trouble, doing it with out gasking you for anything. Lots of our churches today have gone off in a different directionbut there are still good ones left ask God to send you to one that honor hi you will be suprise what God will do if you let him.
          There is a tv minister who we like that teach on intimes and how to suivie,it THE JIM Bakker Show look it uo on the web..
          God be with you and your family, just hold his hand he want let go if you don’t.

          • Sonia

            God Bless you for your reply. When I read that I might need male protection i got scared. i have no male to protect me and my two children (I am a single mom). I met a friend today at the grocery store who told me to stock pile, so I have started. You encouraged me, thank you!

    • Alsace

      I suppose that would be a concern for NOT preparing, because there might be someone who would steal from you?
      They are out there today. Have you checked the recent crime stats from the FBI? Crime is down as Top Gun Salesman sold! Seems our top gun salesman of the year has convinced criminals that most Americans like to keep their stuff and will defend themselves protecting it. The Top Gun Salesman of the Year is working with other incompetents to get those dangerously nasty scary things out of the hands of private citizens. When successful, it will be rape and pillage as usual.

  • Cy

    Where does one find a survivalist store? Is there such a thing? I have been looking for such a store and only find info on web sites, no physical store. I am in rural Illinois outside of Chicago. Any help? I am happy to drive.

    • Annabelle

      There are many survival stores. I live in Utah and there are a lot to pick from. Since I don’t know the availability of stores in Illinois, I would suggest you call someone who is a leader in the Mormon church in your area. They are listed under “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints”.

      • 13th Gen. American

        I am not a Mormon but they are smart and frugal people. They have lived outside of the normal society like the Amish and are very self sufcient. They have a different thought about Jesus but other than that Im all for getting good info from the people who know what they are talking about. Mostly Germans. They are all like that. Look Glenn Beck is a Mormon and he has more shit saved then any one.

    • Public Servant

      Try here…there is a HUGE wealth of info.

    • Alsace

      Cheap & easy Survival Store is buy a book, build a list, buy your list.
      Sporting goods, hardware, camping, hunting, farm & ranch, hiking, places us Bubbas like to go to have fun. Largest selection is online and makes shopping easier however, without knowing the brands you’re purchasing, you’ll be at a disadvantage. When I purchase stuff online from a company I don’t know or unknown product quality, I’ll run my own tests of a minimal order consisting of no more than a first bet in Vegas. If it’s good & still available, then stock up. Hazards are if you think it’s good, others will also. Advantages of buying from merchants you know. Ask your friends where they buy online. Your survival books will list a number of manufacturers and products. Don’t forget military survival books as they give lots of information but the information must be extrapolated to current condition and level of preparations/supplies.

      • Publice Servant

        Yes!! Knowledge, knowledge, knowledge…. do NOT just go a buy a ‘Year’s worth of food’ on one of these survivalist website or some super special bug-out bag before you actually look at what is inside the ‘kit’. Many of these kits are packaged with things you will NEVER use. Take the time to read up like Alsace suggests and make up your own list. You will 1) probably do it cheaper 2) will know EXACTLY what’s in your kit and 3) will only have to buy the stuff you’ll actually use.

        And ESPECIALLY when buying these big bulk food products…the cardinal rule…EAT WHAT YOU STORE AND STORE WHAT YOU EAT. Don’t buy these big packages that costs $1,000 and up thinking they will provide you a certain amount of food. Buy samples, read reviews….what happens if you are allergic to the FD process a certain company uses, or a certain veg. they have. Doesn’t do you any good to have food you can’t eat. And if you can’t STAND carrots, why do you want a kit that comes with 2 or 3 $20 cans of carrots. You’ve just wasted the money you ‘saved’ by buying that big bulk order. There is alot of information on long term food storage, so learn a little about it first. It will only take a week to really get some good info.

        I will admit that I just bought about $500 worth of long term storage food, but I did some research and only bought what I thought we would eat. Tomorrow I will be eating these for a month. I want to be prepared, but would prefer to not be miserable if I can avoid it. So once I’ve gotten the food that I like down, that will provide me a good emergency supply; then I’ll go back and buy more of that so we have a couple of years of food available.

        And remember this is also a hedge against inflation. If you buy 50lbs of rice for $20 today, what do you think it will be worth when hyper-inflation hits? And even if it doesn’t that rice will be worth $40 or $50 in the next several years.

  • http://Personellibertydigest Jeff Barker

    Possible social meltdown….worthless money….Hmmmm. Possible return to horse and buckboard, kerosene lamps, barter system, helping each other. A harder more simple way of life. The return of values and morals. (For the most part). Closer family ties. Sounds do able. Sounds intriguing and no doubt a better way of life.

    • 13th Gen. American

      Hell I love my creature comforts and excess of all things good just like the next American but I can be just as happy eating noodles for a year if I have my kids.

      • Judy

        Hey 13th General,

        I feel the same way about my children, too!

    • Sandra Parrott

      I’ve always though I was born a hundred years too late. The idea of returning to that life is like a dream come true. Yes, it will be hard, but we’ll be free.

      • L, USA

        I am with you on that, Sandra!

  • http://personalliberty Newell

    Even if this article is wrong, wouldn’t you rather be prepared than have it be right and you have only the food in your kitchen cupboards

    • Alsace

      Worked for me in Hurricane Ike. Didn’t go to the store to prep. Didn’t need or want anything during the storm. Did start to run low on cigars only because my order was shipped to POB rather than home. During an emergency you’ll “ciide activities civic organizer wanna bes” that will attempt to gather EVERYTHING up in their pile to distribute. Cool, I’ve seen this before. After it’s gathered up, they need to put it in a safe place so they can distribute it. After emergency is over … It never gets returned. Its expense is NEVER reimbursed. AND they quickly forget and will later claim you’re stingy. I didn’t ask or need anything of those around me. I informed two women, if something was unavailable, to see me. My expense cost loan of propane lantern, small propane bottle for their outside activities, 2 mantles & 4 pounds chicken I thawed before giving away, not knowing how well they’d cook it if frozen. I will give, but for waste.

  • Public Servant

    We are in the process of trying to prepare as well as we can. You won’t be able to buy enough supplies to live forever on. Start with a basic ‘survive on your own without any assistance’ kit. I would shoot for 2 weeks. The 72-hr thing ain’t gonna work. Ask the people in New Orleans post Katrina or Texas post Ike. Then start with the basics of shelter, water, food, health. Get a few months worth, and build up to a couple of years. As long as you have a year or so you’ll be able to make adjustments along the way. Remember this is just to ‘aid’ you in survival. For long-term survival, more than anything you will need to be mentally prepared for it.

  • Gideon

    Your disaster won’t take place in a vacuum, but will involve all the good and bad elements of society who live near you. The main problem I see is that – except for the first few days – there won’t be any cops to call when the gangs come and knock on your door. (Those cops who survive will be home with their families). There won’t be any firemen to call when the gang sets your house on fire. (ditto). The local hospital/doctor office/dentist office will quickly be overrun with other desperate people and out of supplies in a couple of days, and sorry, they won’t be available for you.
    You’ve got to deal with lawbreakers, fire and sickness all by yourself. If you are the only guy in the neighborhood with a generator and you fire it up, those who don’t have one will hear it and come to you. What will you tell them? If they are cold and hungry, will you let them in? Suppose that you do; will they voluntarily leave? No, they will stay, and finally, they will take you over while you sleep and put you and your loved ones out on the lawn (because their loved ones are more important to them than your loved ones!). Your locked door is power! Don’t give it up for nothing!
    Suppose that you don’t let them in – they may burn down your house for spite.
    The Bible says in such cases, “Be as wise as serpents, and harmless as doves!” This means, don’t be obvious about what you are doing! Don’t look prosperous! Don’t give them a reason to come to your door in the first place! Have an older car? Keep it (but in very good mechanical shape, full of gas and in a garage with covered windows). Plan, but don’t tell people your plans (especially don’t tell your kids – they will brag to their friends and when the balloon goes up, everyone will come to you for a free distribution of whatever they need, and in a couple of days, you will be as destitute as those who didn’t plan at all).
    Have a plan for what to do when the doorbell rings, and stick to it. When the local gang comes to the door and wants your stuff (“the new neighborhood sharing plan, Comrade!”), tell them that your kids are sick with something awful in another room. Look sick’ don’t look clean and well-fed. Think up a good story. Have some old stuff to give them if they insist. But have it clear in your mind that – If they do come in to take your stuff – that you are gonna start shooting – after all, you could get lucky, and if not, you’re no worse off than otherwise, because you are going to be outside and maybe, swinging from a telephone pole in a few minutes, if you’re not a good shot. Have plenty of ammunition and make sure that your wife can shoot as well.
    Go outside your house at night and look at it. Can you see lights? Smell cooking? Hear kids laughing? (All are “no-no’s” in a disaster!) Is your car locked and parked where you can protect it – or at least, see it being stolen? At night, if you have lights, and people can smell cooking and woodsmoke from the fireplace or BBQ- and other’s do not have those things – they will come and ask to share, and – sooner or later – they will take you over because they will have nothing, and you do. Therefore, eat cold food – at least for the first few days – and have means to cover the windows! Use black plastic garbage bags taped up with duct tape – securely! And what about your garbage? Flatten cans, make your garbage as minimal as possible. Don’t leave it outside where folks can see that you are eating and what you are eating. At night, take the garbage to a vacant lot (a night scope would be nice so that you aren’t seen walking around with a flashlight). Does the toilet still flush? If it does, it takes 3 gallons of water each flush. Where is the flush water coming from? How long can your township water supply operate “off the grid”? (generally a week to ten days on backup generators). Maybe you want to stop flushing and use a chemical toilet in the garage. Practice the soldier’s “whore’s bath” out of a helmet so that when the time comes, you won’t use much soap or water.
    If a family member dies, what will you do with the body? If you shoot a robber in your front yard, what will you do with the body? Do you have a radio? Can you recharge your cellphone if the grid is down? Maybe you want to lay in a few cellphone batteries along with the ammo.
    Good luck!

    • debra

      you guys are scarring me. What do you think is going to happen? A nuke or what?

      • 13th Gen. American

        20-30 years ago when I was in bible study we did revelations. I thought this could NEVER happen in America in my lifetime. OH MY GOD!!! Every day there is something else . We were headed down that path but slowly but we are running toward it at 100 mph. I learned that the 666 isnt necessarily 666 but part of a bar code. first 6 that tells the scan to start. Then your ssi #. then another 6 ,then your city, state town ID. Then another 6 to tell the scan to stop. All in coded lines like on products. Only ours are on a microchip so small can be inserted under our skin. Your ssi is in the main computer so they have your banking info and medical info and probably the last time you peed.My dogs and cats have one. Someone stole a cat of mine. It ended up 25 miles away and got hit by a car. They scanned it and the police called me. Nice but all our everything will be on it and they can also GPS you. Sounds like I’m crazy but there are people who already have it done for themselves. Soon it will be mandatory. Then I will starve because I’m not getting it. Nothing is worth going to hell over. Not to be scary. It is a fact. We do not know when for sure but like some scientist say its not a matter of if a pandemic will happen but when. Best be prepared no matter when any thing happens.

        • http://Personellibertydigest Jeff Barker

          If you are right with God, and Jesus as Lord, You won’t be here when this goes down. I think we are pretty much in the beginning of the “End Times”. Just be ready when Jesus comes to remove His Church from the earth. (Rapture). This is not the second coming. That comes later when Jesus comes with a sword.

        • 13th Gen. American

          Ya but we dont know exactly when or what we will have to go through till then. Some say we will leave before, some say during, some say after. Only God knows for sure. He does tell us his general plan but we dont find out the details untill we are in it. therefore we dodnt loose anything if we save up and the people left behind will need our stuff. If we go in the middle or in the end we are prepared. Either way I do think we should do what we can so we are not dependant on the government if we can help it.

        • debra

          Hey General…they have my ss#,my medical info and bank stuff..who is “they”that you are talking about? And “they” have not inserted a chip that I know of..Who are “they”? And what can I do to help my 8 dogs when we go thru this? Please take me serious …my dogs are my children..Debra

          • Sandra Parrott

            Debra, do you watch the news? Yes, they, the government are using all manner of tracking devices to get us where they can control us when TSHTF. Your cell phone gives your location (unless you take the battery out when you are not using it) Even so, they can track where you were the last time you used it, and they can trace your pattern of calling to be right next to you in a minute if they want to. If you have GPS in your car, the only way to disable it is to take the battery out of your car.

            This my opinion only, I believe when we march on the Capitol on September 12th that they will use that opportunity to plant some thugs to start a confrontation, and Obama will declare martial law. And then, dear Debra, it will all be over as far as freedom goes.

            This all about the One World Order, and I don’t want to see it happen, but it’s happening right now, so I pray for the return of the Messiah, Yeshua soon.

            Peace and a Blessing to you, dear.

        • 13th Gen. American

          Debra, I really do take you serious. Seriously serious. I love my animals like children too. I pains me to think of what would happen if I die/leave, whatever. If I die my daughter will love and care for them but if we are raptured it will be like katrina for them x 1,000. I dont know where you live or how much space or money you have. I can only tell you what I am doing,going to do. So first off the “THEY” is the government. With your SSI# they already know everywhere you worked,everything you ever spent on your debit/credit cards, everywhere you ever lived every thing medical. Even if you dont have your SSI . Every bill you had etc, where you didnt use your SSI they can get from the company by where you lived. Now they want to digitize all medical records”for convenience and cost” After that they can access it all with your SSI# with a push of a button. The microchips in animals is bigger than the one that can be used in humans. It is so small its hard to hold it. There were some people,(it was in the news but cant remember when) that they volunteered to have one put in with a GPS “in case they got lost or had an accident of just plain forgot who they were I guess. Everything just about has a bar code on it already. Our SSI can be turned into part of a barcode because its all numbers any way. Those lines on a bar code represent numbers. This all sounds all super crazy but it is worse in Europe. They have facial recognition scans that when you pass in front of some of those millions of cameras a computer scans your face and its mathimatical points and it goes into a computer bank Just incase you commit a crime they can figure out who you are. Right. The government does all this for our own good you know.They can listen to your phone calls too. Someone pulled a conversation out of the air between The prince Charles and whats her face. Do remember hearing it? It was one of those personal ones no one should hear. So its all in the bible and it will all be here sooner or later. Christians sound crazy but if you look at all what already happened you will see its true and therefore the rest will come true also. None of us get out of here alive. Its were we go after that matters most. Jesus as your savior comes with a price. Jesus paid it on the cross for us but that is why the world hates and rejects everything God. If you dont have Jesus before you do anything I suggest you go to a nice non denomination church and talk to someone and learn what the bible says about it. Jesus loves the world. Only a few love him back. I hope you are one. So next. dont panic. Theres great advice here from folks. Also the first book you should have is a bible. Second how about the book from this site.”How to survive the collapse of a civilization by Bob Livingston” You can get it through this site somewhere. I already have a lot of survival ideas from all my camping days. There are some people who go all out and have a shelter to live in for years. Then there are some who have nothing. Im going for the happy medium. So for me. When I find a sale say on laundry soap if I want 4 I get 8 and stash the 4. If TP is on a great sale I get double. The drugstore had shampoo 75% off to get rid of them. I dont care kind it was. It was 50 cents. I got all on the shelf. Things that can sit on the shelf forever I just get extra here and there and stash it. A couple bucks here and there doesnt hurt.Trying to get it when times get tough will. So for me I hate hate hate sox with holes in them so last time Kmart had BOGO I got 6 and stashed 5 What do you like you dont want to do without. How about make up for women? when there is a BOGO get 4 instead of 2. Men need more shavers. next time you go to the dollar store buy extra. I think you get the idea. Im getting enough to last a yearish if Im frugal. I have been getting some extra food from the store when I see it like instant flavored noodles and rice and potatoes. I dont normally eat it but it lasts a long time. I will be getting the year supply from the company Pleasant hill Grain as soon as I save for that. I dont eat out or shop on frivolous stuff so I can spend it on things like this. Make a list of what YOU like or need that can sit and just get extra. Decide on the type of food you like. I prefer store stuff over those camping freezdried stuff.cost less taste better. Some books or sites have good lists for you like extra bandaids and meds and batteries and self winding radio. I have a self wind flashlight for camping and it works well. Go on some of the sites suggested here and check them out. Dont panic and just run out and get stuff. Think and talk with family as to what you might need. You get the point by now. Now as for my dogs. I figured out what they eat in a month and X 12. If you have space to store it. I then rotate the bags. I put the date I bought on them so I know what to use first. I date the cans of food too. My dogs eat dry and just get snax. If you feed them caned they will have to do without or cut back. They might not like it but they will live. Put mouse traps around too because they will be the first to try to break in and steal it. As for water. My dogs drink out of every puddle creek and river. ALL 3 rivers here in pittsburgh. I canoed the rivers and my one dog drank out of the river every day for 3 months. No problem so Im not worrying about them. Water collected from creek for them. Rain water collected from gutters for toilet and washing and bathing. Filter it for drinking. Big garbage cansunder the downspout will work great. I have a filter already for drinking. There is also bigger filters for more water. Iodine tabs from camping store. Im allergic to iodine so Ill do the 8 drops of bleach to 1 gal of water. Stalk up on bleach too. So what about the worst and we are raptured? My daughter and I are christians. My parents are old but not. I hope they will be. I think I will either leave an envelope taped to the wall or someplace someone will find it or give it to the vet and say it is for incase of emergency only(I trust them but dont know them personally). I personally would like my dogs put down rather than go into a shelter with thousands of others and starve and be afraid. Or to starve at home wondering where I went. Ive mentioned it to some friends and family that is what I would like but only God knows what is in the hearts of men and who will be left behind. Now There are all the bad things that could happen when people starve and go nuts but Ill be clinging to my God, maybe a gun too.
          I know this is really long and others have good Ideas. I do know a lot of us have a plan and knowledge but there are some here already that dont know where to start or what to do. I hope this has helped you debra and AZmama and others. The best thing Ive learned with planning things. Its good to have a plan but also be prepared if God has another one.
          May God be with you all. PS GEN. stands for generation but Im sure family might think your right.

        • debra

          Hey General…don`t you think God will take our dogs with us when He takes us Home? They are innocent like small children. They know right from wrong,most of the time like children..What do you think? Sure would make me feel better to know that I will see those that went before me and those that are with me now will go with me. DeBra

        • 13th Gen. American

          De Bra, I would like to think they go with us but we dont know.Have you heard of the rainbow bridge? Well its someones nice thought on the whole matter. Cute poem but I dont believe it. I do know this. My most beloved Rottie Rocky, had to be put down at 13 1/2 I could have made him last longer but he was getting bad. So I knew I would take it hard but…..But I was like one of those third world women wailing and heaving. It wasn’t pretty. There were five of us there and we all were a mess.The Vet came into the van because he was a big Guy, I dont know if he died because of the shot or I chocked him from hugging him so hard. Now in the midst of my agony weeping into his neck, God took me out of myself and I was in the heavens. Rocky looked young and running beside me. I saw the HUGE gate in the clouds. There waiting for me was ALL my other animals that went before me. I had such peace come over me there are no words for it and then my mind was back in my van but I didnt hear what the Vet was saying. I know what my imagination and fantasy’s are like. This was as real to me as anything I ever did. No rainbow bridge or any other stories. They are nice for some but I truly believe God took me there, even for a moment in time to give me peace. I hope it gives you some too. What will happen to the ones here? No one knows for sure. But the bible does tell us the lion will lay with the lamb, so theres animals, That he has mansions for us. So we have homes. That there is a banquet prepared for us. So we eat. There is the new Jerusalem, so there is a city. Everything we have here but so glorious we cant imagine. “Eye has not seen nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man the things God hath prepared for them that love him.” So what does dogs and cats going to heaven have to do with stalking up on food? Well in the event times get bad we want to be prepared but not scared. We want to take care of the ones we love. We want to make sure they go with us as Christians. I say do your best and let God take care of the rest. I do wonder what will happen to them. I will do my best to make plans but just as God showed me the ones that have already passed were there the ones we love now will eventually end up there too. Its People I think we must do the most praying for. Even the libs that get on here and spew their hate for anything that resembles God. Besides there is that saying…..”ALL DOGS GO HEAVEN.”

          • Sandra Parrott

            I would like to call you “General”, because I see such compassion, wisdom, and discipline required for great leaders. I have so enjoyed reading all your posts on this site today, but I must tell you that your beautiful story about your dog brought tears to my eyes, and I still have a lump in my throat.

            I had a dog that I got when I was 10 years old, and was able to keep him through all sorts of misadventures, for 13 years. When I had to take him to be put down, the vet asked if I wanted to stay with him, and I could not face the idea. The last sight of him, as I walked away, was a pleading look in his eyes that I see every day. I cried all the way home, and when there, called the vet to ask them not to do it until I could get back, but they had already done it. I was just as disconsolate as you were and had the guilt of leaving him to face that alone. That was 45 years ago, and I have grieved for my cowardice every day of it.

            Thank you for sharing your witness. I know that my dog is there too. He was a marvelous dog.

            Thank you so much.

          • Lori

            Thanks, 13th Gen. American…you just made my life!! I lost my beloved Yorkie this past Christmas, and I talk to him, still…only yesterday, I called out to him, and he said, not now mommy, I’m playing! And he ran off, happily, his long hair flowing and he was bouncing like a younger dog. So happy to know of your experience…God Bless you, too! I am putting food back, and rotating, dehydrating a few things for variation, and experimenting with solar heating and cooking techniques, as well. I am trying to teach my family and friends to do this, also. Don’t care if they think I have lost it. It’s peace of mind for me.

      • Gideon

        We don’t know what is coming, but we do know that we are in the Bible’s “End Times”. This is not speculation, but truth – I have knowledge that not everyone has, because the media has suppressed this information at the request of the government, so as to not cause panic and speculation.
        For many years I have been a member of “Gideons International” (look us up on the Web – we are based in Nashville TN). We began buying and passing out free Bibles beginning in Boscobel WI in the autumn of 1898 – you find Gideon Bibles in every Hotel room in the world, on most airliners, in doctor & dentist offices, schools, funeral homes etc. You probably got a little Gideon pocket Bible from us when you went into the military service. The famous “Gideon Bible” is simply the old King James Bible of 1611, without a single change. Over the years we became a worldwide operation, passing out free Bibles in 50+ languages in 170+ nations around the world. Now, here’s the reason for my story, and why I believe that we are in the End Times: As we Gideons got into the ‘nineties we found that we were handing out free Bibles around the World at a rate of one million Bibles every eight days (!). The total number, counting from 1898, approached one billion Bibles. We thought, “wouldn’t it be nice if we could hit the “One Billionth Bible” mark on the Year 2000, as a glory to God and Jesus Christ?” Well, we tried and tried, but couldn’t quite make that goal by exactly the Year 2000; however, we did make it shortly after the Year 2000; in fact, we handed out the “One Billionth Gideon Bible” to the President of the United States in the Oval Office on the afternoon of September 10, 2001! That’s right – the day before Islam declared war on Christianity and Judaism and the Twin Towers went down in New York City!
        Now, turn in your Bible to St. Matthew, Chapter 24, Verses 13 & 14 – what do these verses say to you?
        13:”But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.”
        14:”And this Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all Nations, and then shall the end come.”
        Now, here’s how I see things; we Gideons have distributed one billion free Bibles to 170+ Nations all around the world beginning in 1898 and ending on 9/10/2001 – approximately one hundred years, approximately all the Nations in the World, that’s an awful lot of copies of the Gospel! Perhaps – in God’s mathematics – a billion free Bibles, a hundred years of time, and most of the world’s population – is enough! “…and then” as the Bible promises, “… shall the end come.”

      • judi

        no one knows. This is not to scare anyone, it is to keep it real. No one knew that 9/11 would happen, and I can not imagine what was actually happening at ground zero, but I can assure you life as normal stopped as far as running to the grocery store and going out to eat. People were scared and locking themselves inside their homes. How long could you do that and survive it another attack happened close to you, or if a natural disaster occured, or a nasty contagious flu bug.

    • Publice Servant

      Hey Gideon,

      Hmmmm??!!! so maybe that whole humility thing ain’t such a bad idea after all :-) !! There are a few people that I know and trust with my life who will know how much I am prepping. Of course, we still make jokes about the zombies coming, etc. but I don’t talk specifics to a whole lot of people. I live with my bride in a 1100 sq. ft. house built in 1944. Yep, we have lots of toys, electronics, computers, surveillance cameras…but to look at our house from the road it looks cheap (of course, that’s actually pretty accurate). we have a couple of tractors and I have a paid for ’05 plain F150. Our yard is surrounded by an 7′ wooden fence that is solid (double planks) so what goes on at my house is not visible to the world. I don’t wear flashy jewelry and prefer to spend my money on things that 1) I enjoy rather to impress the world and 2) help my family and I be more secure rather than impress the neighbors.

      If you draw attention to yourself because of what you have you will be attracting the wrong people, if you draw attention to yourself because of the kind of person you are then like-minded people will see you.

  • Robert

    Just type in “survival food supply”. There are a lot of sites listed. Right now some are having sales.For our 49th annaversy my non-hunting, shooting or gun handler asked for a pump shotgun. I belong to a rifle and pistol club, so she is learning to shoot from the hip, rapidly pump in a second round and to reload rapidly. To me a pistol is better than an automatic as they do npt jam and can be unloaded by pushing the clipreleaes by mistake. Remember yo buy lots of ammo. If you are not a gun handler get trained. Join the NRA.

    • Chris

      I own 24 horses, most of which are broke to ride, these may come in handy someday! also raise some cattle, and butcher my own meat. I also own a 1982 ford pickup that is still in great running condition, it has a carberator, no fuel injection and a four wheeler with a small wagon, plus a tractor. According to some of the articles I have read on this site, anything run by computer chips will be ruined by an atomic bomb. I also own a lot of rifles and guns. I can see people without trying to take what I have worked so hard for if there comes a time when there is no government or goverment breaks down and chaos reigns. I never thought of myself as a survivalist, but have always lived this way because I am antisocial! Can heat my home with wood or coal. I also own a small generator that has come in handy many times.

  • Hockeymom

    Anyone who thinks that this is crazy talk, well that is their right (at least for now) but, after looking at charts and such, big inflation is comming. Even if you are “middle-class” right now, inflation will push the “Wage Czar” to demand that companies keep up salaries with double digit inflation rates.(He will be given power over all businesses for the good of the country of course) At first, everyone will like this idea until after two or three years the people with moderate incomes realize that they are now in the “rich catagory” and taxed at the new, higher, rates. Huge inflation is about the only way that the Country will be able to ever payoff the debt and keep from going belly-up. By increasing everyone’s income the Gov. increases thier tax base as inflation devalues the debt! Get ready, tough times are ahead.

  • JJ

    Don’t forget trash bags, lots of trash bags the size of your toilet seat….you know when you don’t have water to flush???

    Place the bag under the toilet seat with all water emptied from the bowl……and lower the toilet seat……dispose of when it’s time(you’ll know!!)…

    Also, cheap shampoo is great body wash…your water is drinkable within two hours of adding 10 drops of bleach……..use every empty juice, milk, cola container for storing water…limited storage space?? put it under the beds…find places ,,,,,,,water is the most important thing,,,don’t waste it flushing toilets.

    Don’t tell neighbors, they will come to you and your job is to tell friends, family, only long-distance…….God tells us to warn them, it is their responsibility to act.

    • debra

      I have 8 dogs…yes 8 big dogs. what do you suggest for feeding them? these are my children and could not stand to see them starve. someone please answer

      • 13th Gen. American

        I only have 4 dogs and 4 cats. They will have to go on servival mode too and probably loose a few pounds like the rest of us. I personally figured out what they eat in a month. I got 6 x ‘s that when I saw a sale at walmart and am up to 10 huge bags. I rotate the stock. They can eat what they want now but later Ill cut it back. No vet visits unless emergency. They have to have rabies so when time comes for that ill get just those and not the others. No snax or treats or anything. AND if times get to bad Ill shoot someone if they look at them and lick their lips. This is terrible. Truly truly terrible but if we are raptured as christians what will happen to the animals. If you ask someone to feed them or euthinase them that means your telling that person their going to hell. So Im thinking on what to do with that. Leave a note? To whom ever finds this, If Im gone with about a hundred million people at the same time will you please put my animals down rather than let them starve.” I could care less about the relatives I leave behind but the thought of my animals kills me. So if you can each month get an extra bag. This isnt going to happen tomorrow but the bible says it will and we dont know when so like I said better safe than sorry.

      • Publice Servant


        We have 5 big dogs. They are all mutts and all rescues. At one point we were at 7, but 2 succumbed to cancer this past year and await at the Rainbow Bridge. I have not begun to store long term for them, as I am still doing some research on that. So far I haven’t found a system to store the food longer than a couple of years. But that may be long enough. What I will probably do is lessen their ration and begin mixing in what we eat (especially rice) as filler. If necessary (and our economy doesn’t rebound within a year or so) then they’ll just end up eating what we eat.

        So for now, I would just get some 5 gallon plastic buckets and store their food in there. Just remember to use the FIFO method (first in first out) and rotate the food.

  • Joe Hooker

    Flour, Rice, Dry Beans, Sugar, Powdered Milk & Salt, along with some Baking Powder & Spices, are inexpensive enough right now. These can be store in 5 gallon plastic buckets, with some BAY LEAVES strewn in with them to keep bugs away.
    I’d recommend stockpiling open pollinated garden seeds; fishooks, with line sinkers etc.; hunting ammuntition; first aid supplies; and whatever else you & your family might need to become self suficient.

  • Charley

    I believe we need to make whatever preparations are possible for us, however, we will need more than food/water reserves, we will need faith that is so strong we can believe God to “multiply the loaves and fishes” until the famine is over. Our faith will be tested to a level we have never experienced; those who believe will live and perhaps, even prosper as Joseph in Egypt. The time to ask the question “how deep is our faith” is NOW, not when the crisis is upon us.

    • 13th Gen. American

      Amen to that. God said he would see us through things. Will the rapture come? when? No one knows but there are stories in the bible of how God fed his faithful. He has done it for me to many times for me to count already. Look at this all as an adventure that only a few of us humans have the privledge to go through. You who are looking at this site, Christian or not, are aware it could happen some time in the near future. I pray you all are blessed in the mist of it all. On a side note maybe being an American has great advantage for survival because most of us could live off our fat reserve for quite a while. The rest of the world makes fun of us but the skinny people will be the first to die off. ‘Only the strong,and the fat, survive.” The French and their skinny asses will be the first to go.
      OK thats not PC but its true.

      • cherishfreedom

        Gosh, I have been wondering why I have gained so much weight and am always hungry. And I look around me and see how fat America has become.
        Now I am thinking that it is possible that a sort of mass consciousness or a gestalt has formed in America. We are fat because we are preparing for the famine? Is that a cuckoo idea?

        • 13th Gen. American

          Well I think were just gluttons with a fast food place every block and our shelves stuffed with the best junk food known to man. We also have/had excess money to spend on it. God loves us all equally so unless its happening everywhere I dont think it its for a greater reason but it sure will help. Which reminds me…….Whats the shelf life for Oreo’s?

        • Alsace

          Use to call it a three month rule. If you could hold out in a city for three months, most of the people would be dead due to starvation or disease. Most stores would be stripped as well of any basic survival needs.

          Read the ingredients. MSG and its relatives mess with your head causing a weight gain as does a number of artificial sweeteners. Aspartame will mess with your brain and the rest of your nervous system. Splenda helped me install a belted tire around my gut.

  • Scott Brown

    Lots of good stuff here, particularly the fact that water is key. Plastic six gallon camper jerry cans are available from many places (like WalMart). They’re rectangular/flat and store side by side, so take up minimal space. About a week’s worth of water for one person per can in arid environments, longer in the cold.

    The Livingston article mentions “rice and grains.” That should be LEGUMES and grains, for complete protein complimentarity. If they were all you had to survive on, you’d have sufficient protein and carbs to live a long time. I recommend (and have stocked up on) 25 lb. bags of organic lentils and rice at a ratio of 1:2. Lentils do not require soaking (water and time issue, if you need to be on the move, or ready to), and both lentils and rice take equivalent time to cook: about half an hour at sea level, longer as altitude increases (cooking time is a fuel, water, and time issue). Various other beans are fine, mixed 1 to 2 dry weight with other grains, if 8 hrs soak time and an hour or more cooking time is not a problem, and if fuel is no object. (Another thing I like about lentils is that, in the absence of fresh vegetables, they are easy to sprout in about three days or so and provide scurvy-preventing vitamin C if eaten in sufficient quantity–two or three large salads per day, three to five cups–as well as iron and other vitamins and minerals).

    Why organic? Greater food value by volume, and fewer toxins means your immune system and liver can devote their health efforts to fighting off other problems. (Of course, all that fiber goes a long way to detoxing your system as well; the average American on this “subsistance” diet would probably start feeling surprisingly good after the first seven to ten Big Mac-free days.)

    Re: saving on cooking fuel, consider a good quality stainless stovetop pressure cooker. While they say not to use it over a campfire or propane stove, a heat source is a heat source, and if you’re careful to continually adjust the proximity of the pot to the flame to avoid boilover, you should be able to cut your cooking time to a third.

    Natural sea salt (the brown kind) contains many important trace minerals; pepper and other spices have various known medicinal properties, so you needn’t consider them merely a culinary luxury or antidote to blandness.

    Given sufficient clean water and fuel, a 25 lb bag of dried green lentils and two of brown rice should last you two to three months, possibly more if carefully rationed. Add multi-vites and minerals to your stash, perhaps additional sprout seed (clover, alphalfa, radish, etc.) and you’d have a fairly complete diet. Which, incidentally, would be far less attractive to marauders and two-legged scavengers, who would go for your canned goods first, rather than wait around for seeds to boil, much less sprout.

    Not saying you SHOULD live like this if you don’t have to, I am saying you COULD if you had to, and quite healthily. Try it for a few days, just as an experiment…so you’ll be ready for the real thing when it comes.

  • Scott Brown

    A few other random thoughts: Do you use drugstore cheater glasses? Pick up a couple extra pair, perhaps while stocking up on bulk packages of TP and other hygiene items you didn’t think of.

    Got fillings or crowns? What if one falls out? The temporary repair kits they sell in the toothcare aisle can actually be used to patch a cavity and can last for weeks (you can keep repatching or gluing indefinitely, so buy several–could be a long wait for the next dental apptmt.).

    Thinking of stocking up on kitchen matches? Why bother, when for a few bucks you can buy whole sixpacks of Bic lighters with thousands of lights? (Also a great trade item.) You really don’t have to relive that Jack London story just because the lights go out.

    Are you a caffeine head? Unlike coffee, even on the run you can make sun tea in a clear plastic bottle slung over your shoulder next to your backpack (in cold weather, under your coat or shirt…it isn’t the sun that makes the tea, it’s the warmth). Don’t let the naysayers knock it…caffeine keeps you going longer, and tea has numerous health benefits. Great change of pace from filtered water. Also, the tannin in wet tea leaves makes for a terrific compress for healing burns.

    Got peroxide? Hydrogen peroxide, used as a gargle, nasal spray, eardrops, and mouth rinse wards off coughs, colds, allergies, earaches, gum inflamation (brush with it), as well as being a great disinfectant for any type of wound.

    Just because you’ve no place to fish doesn’t mean fishing line shouldn’t be part of your survival kit. It serves as a great sewing thread which won’t wear out, it can be used to lash all manner of things to all manner of things (spear and arrowheads, game snares, emergency lean-tos, splints and bandages, etc.), and serves well as an invisible tripwire for a tin can alarm system. Heloise could have a ball with this one.

    No time for boiling lentils and rice? Store dried chia seed for emergencies. Stir in hot or cold water, add anything you want for flavor. They will gel up into a mush you can eat within minutes, loaded with protein, calcium, omega 3, and…well, Google chia. Once a staple of the southwestern and Mexican native Americans, considered an energy food for runners.

    • Alsace

      Guide for salt consumption in, “Your Body’s Many Cries For Water,” is suggested as being one tenth of a teaspoon sea salt per quart water consumed. This may be added during the day in food to replace salt and mineral losses through urine.

      Water consumption is suggested as one half ounce per pound body weight,
      Additional water required for caffeine beverages and perspiration. This level will hydrate, re-hydrate and flush your internals.

      Caution: It will also flush out all your water soluble supplements AND should you have problems with your balance, re-hydrating your cartilage will change your perceptions of stepping. Much like having that new pair of super squishy tennis or running shoes.

      Keep in mind also, should you do much running/jogging/walking, the innards of the shoes compress, loosing their shock absorbing abilities. Be aware if you’re wearing mostly the same pair, you will reach that worn-out point in about one year. New extras might be kept in mind upon completion of other stocks.

    • Publice Servant


      Good stuff here. Prep work is a long term strategy. Don’t try to go to the store and just buy everything you can think of, thinking that you will be through with it. Make a long term list of stuff you need, so when you go to the store, pick up a couple of extra things that you are already buying. And make sure that you do this throughout the year. How often do you think about sun tan lotion in the dead of winter??? Well, right now it’s prominent and in the aisle and you may be able to get decent deals with bulk products out. The same fall and winter. Pick up a couple of books on outdoors survival.


  • 13th Gen. American

    You know I camp a lot. There are people who go all out cooking. I ate peanut butter and jelly and food right out of the can for 3 months. Its nice to have a full cooked meal but why waste the cooking fuel on stuff you dont have to. Like tea over coffee, or minute rice over long grain. I even ate cold instant potatoes because I was to tired to wait to cook it. It still gets fluffy if it sits long enough. I know a lot of people who arnt going to make it because they are not flexable or willing to do without their creature comforts. Its all in the mind as to who of us will make it or not. Im not saying eat bugs but if worse came to worse would you do it? A little garlic salt and Ill have at it.

  • s c

    Congrats, people! I didn’t see any wacko, lib feedback on this topic. That tells me that survival and common sense are not priorities in that camp. Do what you think is right. Let the useful idiots be the first to see what happens when government completely fails, grocery stores don’t have any inventory and the true meaning of political ‘transparency and compassion’ hits home. Libs truly deserve themselves. If they prefer fantasy over reality, then let them deal with the downside of that insanity. They can NEVER say they weren’t warned.

    • 13th Gen. American

      Oh give it time and Roden will find it and then tell us were all crazy hateful bigots. Were also mean and selfish for not saving some to give to the masses. Then he’ll ask us were we live.

    • 13th Gen. American

      Maybe thats what God will do. Starve them this time. First a flood. Then fire and brimstone. Now this. HEY there really is a silver lining on every dark cloud. Oh I forgot their messiah will save them. But some one will. Its also in the bible of 10 tracts of land where the one world government grows food. But still there is that 666 thing again to get it.

    • Alsace

      Use to call it a three month rule. If you could hold out in a city for three months, most of the people would be dead due to starvation or disease. Most stores would be stripped as well of any basic survival needs.

  • http://none PSHovezak

    If you don’t believe all this, read Texe Marrs book “Days of Hunger, Days of Chaos”, The Coming Great Food Shortages In America. Copyright 1999. Published by RiverCrest Publishing, 1708 Patterson Road, Austin, Texas 78733. Library of Congress Catalog Card No. 98-68372. ISBN 0-9667421-0-9 Texe also has a CD “The Coming Great Thirst”, That Astonishing Day Just Ahead When Water Shall Be No More. 2008. His web site is I read the book several months ago.
    The information in this email is written by Bob Livingston in Alabama. I have just subscribed to his newsletter. It is a combo of economic news and health news. PH

  • glp

    If the grid is down, how are our cell phones going to work. Even with extra batteries they are not going to working. Walky talkies maybe a better way to go or a ham radio.

    • Alsace

      Batteries w/solar chargers. Be aware there are many different types with the latest chemistry having typically the highest Milli-Ampere rating. They also have differing charging requirements and abilities.
      NiMh is Nickel Metal Hydride
      Li is Lithium Ion
      Gel Acid
      I like both for differing reasons:
      Lithium disposable has the longest shelf life. Recent AA purchased, expiration date of year 2022.
      NiMH standard rechargeable drycell
      Gel Acid is typically similar to a sealed car battery filled with a gelled electrolite used positionable in most any position w/o leaking.

      Also some newer notebook computers have the ability to boot off differing portable devices allowing flexibility in components and information storage. has out of copyright texts, down loadable. (something in the range of three petabytes=3,000,000 Gigabytes)

  • Montana

    Other things to add to your list:
    At Costco or other discount stores:
    Large bottles of over the counter medicines – the full range
    Large bottles of detergent and soaps
    Rubbing alcohol and basic First Aid kit supplies
    Prescription medicine is the most difficult, but you can always pay the full price for the prescription if your insurance plan does not allow advance ordering in order to get a 30 day supply set aside. Make sure to replace this every year.
    Sewing supplies
    Since no one knows what the disaster might be, you may wish to store some large sheets of plywood and plastic sheeting in the garage or other storage area.
    Make sure your tools are in good working order and you have the basic hand tools that do not require power (hand drill) nails, screws, etc.
    Extra propane containers for the BarBeQue, and bags of charcoal
    And just the plain old basics of camping: matches, etc.

    • Alsace

      There are adapters to refill the smaller propane cylinders from the large 5gallon? BBQ cans. It is not D.O.T. approved, so …

      The plywood is available with a metallic R factor heat reflective layer that plays hell with electronics. It does play hell with cell phones and not confirmed, but might be a distraction to heat imaging equipment typically used in surveillance and weapons sighting. I see using sheets initially just set or tacked on/at the windows for effect.

      Montana has some interesting things going on that should act as a model for the other states to help break this NWO crap concerning firearm regulation and excessive Federal taxation.

  • Cygnet

    We have an RV parked along side the house. It has 850 miles of fuel, a months supply of propane, several days of washing water, 10 days of RO drinking water, food, clothes, firstaid supplies, blankets, pet food( don’t forget the dog), etc. The propane operates the furnace, hotwater heater, stove, refrigerator, and a 6.5 kw generator . If we stay home the generator can provide power to the house when needed. Like to keep the fridge and freezer going or power the gas furnace if needed. Don’t use lights, goto bed early, don’t use the furnace, bundle up. Conserve on use of everything. Practice good boyscout camping skills. You can last a long time. Fishing and hunting supplies may also be useful for longer term food and protection if things get worse.

  • http://aol Kathie Roberts

    Bob -This is a good article because I have long felt that a disaster may be coming our way soon whether it be natural –terrist attack or what-ever that we should be prepared . Also it would be a good way to help others . I am a World War two baby and we always had a surplus from growing things on our farm to give out to others in need. I think this make,s us good stewards of what God has given us .

  • Emily

    GSE, grapefruit seed extract, Citricidal purifies water, is an internal medicine (anti- viral, -bacterial, -anaerobic bacterial, -yeast, -mold, -fungul, and a topical (external) as well. It is inexpensive and easily available. You can even get a gallon of it pure at its own web site, if I remember. Very concentrated. Amazing stuff.

    Things to barter, based on the Depression: booze, cigarettes, canned meat (especially corned beef), chickens. A fishing boat is wealth. Toilet paper and related supplies also. And ammunition . . . if you’re friends? And common car supplies: batteries, belts, hoses, etc.

  • Scott Brown

    13th Gen, sc, Alsace, others who’ve considered the “people side” of the collapse equation (after all the msm-flavored noodle soup, Twinkies and aspartame colas are gone from the aisles), you’re onto it, the next phase:

    Like many here (and Mr. Livingston, obviously), I’ve been telling family, friends, and acquaintances for years to prepare for possible system crash scenarios: buy gold and land even in tiny amounts if that’s what you can afford, pay down debt, get out of the cities or have an evacuation route and procedures, weapons, water, food, and especially the right mindset. Mostly they smile and privately consider me a negative, paranoiac oddball. If that’s the correct “mindset,” they’d rather enjoy life as cheerful optimists because, well, in the unlikely event “something really bad” happens what can they do anyway?

    Duh. Adopt the adaptive mindset, stock up on water, food, weapons, tools… I suppose when any one or several of these apocalyptic scenarios do play out (which they have and will in future, and they’ll present a concatenated and/or multiplying effect) I would feel guilty had I not advised everyone whom I could. But I have done so, and I do not intend to provide much succor at my expense to those who would not listen, and if it all goes down abruptly I doubt many of us will be in a position to say “I told you so,” because there will probably be little time or opportunity. And within a matter of days or weeks, there may be many fewer left to say it to. Survivors may have to reaffirm their resolve that they and theirs continue to survive. On the other hand, after the initial culling of the sheeple, you will find yourself in somewhat exalted company: planners, doers, survivors. Not necessarily bad company; however…

    What we need to consider is that after a certain point there will essentially be three kinds of people left: People who read (or think like) Bob Livingston and authors with a similar message…and those who didn’t prepare but were tough enough to survive the first cut, and may now be after whatever it takes to survive the next…by whatever means necessary. And the third kind, a blend of both.

    Part of the “mindset” needed for survival of a long term disaster or systemic crash is habitual preparedness. Another part is willingness of initial plan execution. Get through those and the big one may be readiness to face the longer term outcome: your remaining neighbors. Not on day three, nor maybe even day thirty, but beyond. Knowing your survivor friends will be important, probably invaluable; recognizing and coping with your survivor enemies may become paramount. Who will be your police department? The military? Blackwater? Some self-elected vigilante group, “requisitioning” supplies to share amongst the community?

    Be ready to be your own police department. Acquire that mindset or it won’t matter how many cans of SpaghettiOs you hid under your bed.

    • 13th Gen. American

      Im sure alot of people think your a nut job. Most of my family and friends are of same mind set as we but havnt really done anything yet. My daughter thinks Im going to far but Im saving for her too anyway. I have bought a little gold. I dont have much extra cash but am trying to save.I think less and less people will be laughing as time goes on. We cant be scared or paranoid but prepared. There are so many worst case scenarios. I just pray God does take us out of here before then.

  • 13th Gen. American

    MAD MAX!!!All those shows. Remember them? Why is it it seems only the ugly,crazy,stupid people survive and there is one really smart guy who controls them? I’m not saying it will be mad max but I hope to have his mindset and survive on my own.

    • debra

      Hey general…im going to call you general because you seem wise like a a..if itOK. Thanks for your very detailed response about the dogs. I am a Christian .

      • 13th Gen. American

        Thanks thats sweet of you. Considering as soon as you go to another site the left nutjobs call us everything but wise. But as s c noted they are not here. There is a lot of good info here. I saw dude mention peroxide and was like OH YA! I forgot that. That simple thing. Im glad your a christian. Seems God is telling us this stuff for a reason. Mormons- Catholics and in between. It’s what all fits for you. Generator is good to have incase of storms and outages that last a while like the one last winter. People didnt have electric for weeks. Im sure people who had generators and fireplaces got to know neighbors well during that. The first thing my Dad plugged into his was the beer frig. Priorities in tough times :) This will be different. We will know the difference between a God made disaster and the anti-christ kind. I do pray you all and yours make it well through it all and see the glory of God on the other side.

        • 13th Gen. American

          Where did that little smillie guy come from?

  • Danny

    Excellent! There are not enough producers of food to meet the demands today. Foodstuffs presented are not grown by the industry with nutrition. Other modifications for profit, and control- have been stated to cause disease. Genetic, as- well as irradiation, or any other means is clearly a double standard. Those who cannot see the hand writing on the wall, don’t own themselves, but have allowed a compromise, and will reap a heavy penalty.

    • Publice Servant

      Danny, when people started making fun of those of us from Texas when some mentioned secession I read the comments from those on the east coast (NYC) and the left coast and couldn’t help but respond. Most of the comments were, “fine, leave, good riddens, see if we care…” kind of stuff. To which I responded NYC has about 26,000 people per square mile (even the state has 401). Texas has about 80 people per square mile, yet we provide 30% of the country’s oil, 18% of the country’s energy, we’re 4th in non-livestock agriculture and 1st in livestock agriculture. I don’t know, you tell me who will be more self-sufficient. I’m just about tired of everyone running this country looking down their noses at those of us in “fly-over” country, the bible-belt, the south, the midwest…I know it won’t make much of a difference, but fair warning…you guys on the coasts who like to tell everyone else how to live had best open your eyes.

      • JD

        When the Gov mentioned about TX seceding, I said yeah!!! I think that is fantastic and I may buy property in TX now.

      • Neal R Wooley

        Public Servant,
        There are many of us above the NYC which are the forgotten northeasterners.
        The media and the weather channels only go as far north as Boston.
        I was born in Mass., but it sucks!
        I’m a NH’erite for the most of my life. Recently a five year Mainer.
        I’m one of those “Right Wing Extremeists”, own guns, pray to our God, and will defie the Obamas’, Pelosies’, Reids’, and the rest of the “Left Wing Extremists” till the day I die..and yes, I’ll use what they refer to as, “Illegal Guns”.
        Charleton Heston and Ronald Reagan had it right.
        Obama is a radical Marxist, Socialist,Communist.
        Need I say more about where I stand?

        • Public Servant

          Hey Neal,

          Maybe everyone from Upstate NY, NH, VT, and ME can push down, we’ll push up and squeeze the morons out of power !!!

  • Dee Young

    One more commodity people should become aware of – Honey.
    The perfect food that will never spoil. It will turn into sugar, but heating it up in boiling water will restore it to its original form.( In the jars )
    The bees are dying and the scientists do not know why.
    We just don’t realize how much we need sugar and honey is the purest form.

  • AZTheresa

    I’m one of those Mormons : ) and we have been encouraged again, in the last year, since bailouts and all, to have a 3 month supply of food and supplies that we use on a daily basis. This is fairly new, since before this time, we have only been encouraged to store at a minimum, a year’s supply of basic food to sustain life: wheat, milk,sugar and salt, plus fuel, where possible. And then add to it when feasable, of course.
    One of our church leaders, a prophet we call him, Elder Boyd K. Packer, told us in our last General Conference in April, “We move from a generation of ease and entertainment to a generation of hard work and responsibility. We do not know how long that will last.”
    I guess that means to me, that things will not get back to what they were very soon. And just like the first great depression, things will be bad for awhile,so we had better get prepared, and get frugal and get used to it!

  • aman

    Without even having the need to read the complete bulletin I can tell you this for certain.
    The Chinese backed retail stores are planting their complete foothold in the U.S. Soon the common food stores will all be Wal-Mart connected! You can thank our so called politicians for that. They’ve sold out we Americans long ago! I can sum it up like this. Take the rediculous world of professional sports. By rediculous, I mean the outrageous cost of a day at the ballpark in order to pay the extremely high and sucker soaking salaries athletes make and fans foolishy pay. Now that isn’t enough to draw every dollar imaginable, so American sports are gradually reaching out over seas and this is already happening in professional football. Wake up America!!!either accept the new world order or prepare for the third American Revolution. I didn’t realize this until recently, but the fact that the South lost the civil war is the result of the government we’re faced with today. Ponder that!

  • Mike Greer

    I have been buying food items in long term storage units. These items are in hermeticly sealed 5 gl buckets, and if stored in a cool dry place have a shelf life of 20 years. It is a good form of food security at a reasonable cost.
    I buy these items at
    I encourage everyone who eats food to survive to have this form of food supply on hand sooner rather than later when it is to late.

  • http://adfasdf Realist

    Dont forget a years supply of your anti-psychotic medication.

    • 13th Gen. American

      Well I knew sooner or later some thing would find the place and chime in. Please do not save anything at all. No, do not do it. We are all joking. hehehe. Silly us. We’re just pretending. We dont have anything saved at all. No nothing in my house. Nope nothing but 1 pack of ramine noodles and a can of lima beans. Your right. Were crazy…………..For everyone else please see Alsace under # 2.

    • Robin, Arcadia, IN

      Lots of luck to you realist. You’re going to need it.

  • Suzanne

    I agree wholeheartedly. The difference between the times we are now in, and the Great Depression, is that the currency is tanking. I saw the sub-prime bubble coming a few years back after 9-11 when the car and house manufacturers were all running “0 down – 0% financing” type deals… I resisted. I’m certainly in a hurricane zone, having been through Ike last year, so I know what to stock.
    I’ve been buying silver round as I could afford it for the last several years, just in case it would be needed for barter.
    I got the urge to start stockpiling “Mormon style” back in March. Bags of rice, legumes of all sorts, multi-packs of Spam and Ro-Tel tomatoes with green chiles, and anything else to spice that stuff up.
    I have the victory garden started, though I am admittedly still blundering through that process.
    I tell people to do these things just to cover the bases… just a part of normal business… but never out of fear. Fear attracts things to fear.

  • maggi

    can any of you tell me where to find Bob’s book on tips for surviving the end of civilization? cant seem to find it!


  • Henry Northampton

    To store large amounts of water long term make certain your drums are (food grade) plastic. Drums, barrels that aren’t food grade have harmful chemicals in them. Don’t store food in buckets that are meant for paint. I have gotten good results from emergency essentials.

    I have a question about suggestions to store dry beans. Don’t dry beans require soaking and cooking for a long time? Where’s the water and fuel to do that going to come from?

    The day may come when a happy medium between doing nothing and using lethal force to protect yourself is necessary. Be in good health, good physical condition. Hone or acquire martial arts skills that emphasize self defense. No offense to anyone, but systems that depends on pads, rules and referees … when the SHTF there won’t be rules and referees.

    Many edged camping tools would make good hand to hand weapons in extreme circumstances. As yet the government doesn’t require us to get a license to carry a camping ax.

    If you don’t live within walking distance of a busload of your relatives it might be a good idea to “size up” your immediate neighbors in advance of the emergency. In a worst case situation expect roads to be blockaded and travelers to be ambushed. “Gramps has a farm … we’ll drive there and sit it out” is wishful thinking unless gramps is very close.

  • http://Netscape Neal R Wooley

    Long time survivalist. Own guns and reload my ammo.
    Started as a Boy Scout. My dad taught me a lot. Spent a combined 14 years military, 20 years in police work. (13 years as Police Chief).
    I’m always adding to my basic survival. All my immediate family are spread all over the country. Don’t know if they could make it up here to my out of the way place in Maine, but they would have to make the try. I certainly can’t get to all of them.
    My big plus is my generator. Water, heat, refridgeration, and even my computer! The TV is a plus if the satellites stay operational. Always radio.
    Yes, it may pay to be prepared. Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it!

  • Greg Danneels

    If you have never lived in Texas you just don’t know how a Texan thinks.
    There is no other State better to be in when desaster hits, some mayby just as good
    but only a few.

  • Midwest mom

    Rambling additions: duct-tape, motor oil, bug juice, fly repellent (see farm supplies), disinfectant spray like lysol.

    • 13th Gen. American

      I just found this great lamp/radio/phonecharger from Walmart. Hand crank. It works perfect. About 50 bucks but you dont need electric or batteries.

  • Freedom Marcher

    Thank you so much for all of your wisdom & insight…I have been working on getting stuff together for my family. Stockpiling some major food is next on my list. God is good & He will provide & take care of us! ;)Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be as prepared as we possibly can.

    Anyone have a list of the main staples you have in your stockpile? Appreciate any help/advice you have to offer.

    Thank you!

  • Frank

    Faith without works is dead!

  • Midge

    I’ve been building emergency storage for years. My advice, don’t buy most freeze dried, and don’t buy pre-planned packaged “year supplies”. Most freeze dried stuff tastes like tree bark. Your family (especially small children) won’t eat what they’re unaccustomed to day after day. The pre-planned deals are VERY expensive. Pay attention for a month- what do you eat, and how much of it do you eat? Buy that. Canned food makes a perfectly good emergency storage. If you don’t cook, learn to.
    Most pantry pest bugs don’t come from the outside, they are endemic already in the grain product! Anything kept for long must be kept oxygen free to keep them from hatching. Any amount of tight lids won’t keep Bisquick from getting weevils. Buy a Food Saver or Seal-a-meal.
    There are a lot of good sites on-line to teach you how to do this well, on a budget, nutritionally, and stress free. Look around.

  • Eric Ahearn

    Hi!.. thank you for the article. I was seeking the same exact information today and found out about your site from Yahoo. Really amazing to see how I was trying to find something and it just materialized.:-)

  • Gerald Sumstad

    Looking after your listening has to be one of the most critical matters you can do. Take it from me, somebody who sufferred listening damager early on. As a result, I in reality like taking care hearing and whilst I do agree with the above poster and I really hope I do not get shot down for stating this, but I guess it is essential to take all things in moderation.

  • Scout Mom

    Thanks to all for the interesting and helpful suggestions. I’ve been saving and storing items based upon where I have room to store the products. For instance, in the garage or storage room that is not heated in winter or A/C in summer, you can store all the Bleach, lamp oil, propane tanks, charcoal, …, you get my drift. Also don’t forget that you have a lot of drinking water stored in your hot water heater. I would like to know how I can get antibiotics to store in case they are needed. Look at the horrible situation in Haiti, and that makes you start thinking of what you need to prepare for.
    God Bless to all, and stay safe.

  • Shaneka Lamphier

    Go Saints! Become a fan of facebook page here: Colts Will Lose Super Bowl 2010!

  • L, USA

    Begin prepareing by eating nutritionaly and drinking lots of clean water. From there, you will begin to add the things you will take away when times get lean. First plan for safe location(s) to store food, materials and energy forms, then prepare the locations with fesible means so that you can use them as necessary. Be as ready as you can, given the means at your disposal and seek company with those you know and love. “To he which is faithful to the end; I will give him a crown of life”.

  • Jackie

    Hi, Thanks lots of great informaiton here I’ve been trying to stock up on food as well buts it really hard when you are having trouble just to put food on the table I have so far 2 1 liter bottles of water for each person and snack foods like enough for each person for 2 days maybe 3 if we manage it right and some can veggies and tuna same thing enough for each person in the house. I think I need to try and get more thanks for all the info everyone. I like the ideal about the solar oven.

  • Clyde Charette

    To all the Dog lovers. Keep in mind that Dogs can be eaten, Cats too. Maybe not by you but your neighbors. To thoes who think God will prevail and save their ass. God is an advisor not a delivery boy that will knock on your door and tell you there is 3 months supply of food and water on you steps. God is telling you through people that do see the writing on the wall and you better damn well listen.

  • ChristsMan

    Great tips, I have enough to last me and my family 7 years.

  • Karen

    Just a question/observation. Noticed that it’s getting harder to find grocery store food stuffs with expiration/best by dates of a year or longer. Some things (that I’ve gotten in past with a year or more to go till ‘by date’) are only being stocked with 6 months left to expiration? Anybody else notice this?

  • Independent Pune Escorts

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  • Pune Escorts

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